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Contacting Buick Customer Service Center

Buick is a division of General Motors. The car company sells a higher end lineup of cars and SUVs, but not necessarily along the same lines as Lexus or Infiniti. Buick models tend to cater to the older, more mature crowd that wants a mid-luxury vehicle that drives like a high-end model.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Buick customer service department is laden with phone numbers and many have completely unique customer service hours. We’ve listed the hours out from the customer service number. All call center hours are listed in eastern time.

  • Request Buick Literature: 1-800-422-8425 (8 AM to 9 PM Mon to Fri, 9 AM to 6 PM Sat)
  • Customer Relations: 1-800-521-7300 (8 AM to 9 PM Mon to Sat)
  • Disabilities Department: 1-800-323-9935 (8 AM to 8 PM Mon to Fri)
  • SmartLease: 1-800-327-6278 (8 AM to 9 PM Mon to Fri)
  • Apply for a GM Card: 1-800-846-2273 (24 hours)
  • Buick Owners: 1-866-694-6546 (8 AM to 9 PM Mon to Fri)

Mailing Address

We found two addresses for customers to send letters to the Buick customer service team. The first is for US customers and the second for Canadian customers.

Buick Customer Service Center USPO Box 33136Detroit, MI 48232


GM of Canada – Buick1908 Colonel SamOshawa, OntarioL1H 8P7, CanadaMail Code 163-055

Official Website

The official Buick customer service website is found at The site is not tailored just for customer service, so the first thing you’ll see is all the newest Buick models. Click the Contact Us link below the word Vehicles on the top of the page to find Buick customer service contact information.

There are also a few social media networks where Buick brags about new models and makes connections with customers.

Customer Service Email

We were able to find just one Buick customer service email form. It is always a good idea to place the work on the customer service department rather than the consumer. Too many companies offer multiple email addresses and forms, making contacting the company more of a job than anything else.

Our Experience

Attempting to reach Buick was better than expected. We called and spoke with a customer service agent in less than 2 minutes. When the customer service agent answered the call, we asked what is the proper protocol when customers have concerns with their vehicles and the customer service department is closed for the day.

The agent explained if the call is related to roadside assistance, this particular department is open 24/7. If not, customers can email the customer service department and an agent should contact the customer the following day. Did the customer service team answer all of your questions? Take a minute and share your story, both good and bad, with us below.

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12 Comments on “Contact Buick Customer Service
  1. Please delete my phone number and VIN numbers I thought this was a Buick website. This has been a nightmare day .

  2. we were side-struck by a de-licensed,habitual drunk driver,who in a drunken-stuper, fell asleep at the wheel,ran the red light.The impact pushed me into the driveway,off of the street.This was a MADD claim.I’m lucky to be alive.How is it that as a Blackman.I’m belittled.I’ve ordered after a lengthy wait,a Buick,Encore.On multiple occassions the dealers balked at delivering the vehicle,even after the AAA agency has paid.Paying the full amount due to GapCoverage and damages,that are compounding.We have to,now,sue the dealership.They have,embezzled,lied,stolen,threatened,an innocent man,a victim to the over-righteous of white-skin alone.We think a courtesy act is necessary.The consumer last contact was with ArtMoranBuick,and,LafountaineBuick.Perhaps it should be free,certainly freely given from manufacturer stock.


    This innocent victim,bystander has nothing to hide,but, scares.

  3. this is my buick file #71-1196022649. I don’t really have a comment, I just want to let your company know that we own a 1990 buick lesabre limited which we owned from new, and still drive, never had too many problems, but would love to own a new buick, but being on limited income and retired that probably won’t happen. I don’t know if you have a buick museum but our 1990 buick would certainly belong there. Hope the right person reads this. Thanks. Mary r kuhn.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Could you please let me know if there is another remote that I can get
    that I wouldn’t have to shell out for the same remote for the 1998 Buick
    Century which cost a lot of money for the same remote that I have. My
    mechanic just put another battery into the remote I have. It worked after he replace the battery but it didn’t work last night. Or do you want me to order
    just one remote since the other remote works for my car. If so can I set the new remote on my own when I get the new remote.
    Steven Schuman

    I took my 2010 Lucerne to above dealer for check traction control warning, check brake assist warning, cruise control stopped working, basically a computer problem. They said there was no code BUT that I had an oil leak and they wanted $2200.00 to fix it claiming that was what was causing the problem. They said I was very low on oil. I declined the repair and when I went out to get my car I checked the oil and it was full with a dark color. I have used Mobil One since day one and after a few miles it does get dark. I went back inside and t/t the manager and he said that I should not think that they would let me drive out low on oil, that as a courtesy they filled it up. The oil was NOT new. They charged me $5.50 for shop supplies (for what I do not know because they didn’t do anything) but didn’t charge me for oil????. come on, since when does a dealer do ANYTHING for free. I paid a total of 123.01 to get ripped off! I told them that the car stays in the garage with a painted floor and that no oil is on the floor. They said I was consuming it as I drove. My car does not smoke, and I know I did not consume 3 or 4 court of oil and it certainly did not leak out on my floor! This dealership was (and did) trying to rip me off and I am extremely dissatisfied with them lying to me. I understand that I have an intermittent problem and sometimes that is very hard to find, BUT what in the heck does oil have to do with a computer or sensor problem! I fully intend to contact the state with this issue. Respectfully,
    James Wood

  6. On October 12, 2002, my husband Thomas Graham and I purchased from the automotive dealer, Franklin Motors, located in the city of Jasper, Alabama, a new 2003 Buick Century. My husband died on March 7th 2007. Since that date, this wonderful old Buick has been wrecked, baptized in a flooded ravine, driven hard and put up wet. My once beautiful Century’s mileage gauge is totally off the chart and yet she continues to purr like a kitten. Thus far, Miss Sandy has been dependable and comfortable with replacement parts at a minimum. Indeed I have been left in capable hands regarding transportation. However, when my trusting Buick Century does bite the dust, I fear that me being at the age of 84 and dependent upon a low fixed income, I’m sorely disappointed that the purchase of a new model is hopeless. Nevertheless, I am proud to have been a long-term owner of the Desert Sand Buick Century 2003… Miss Sandy. Thank you for building a Buick extraordinaire.

  7. I own a 2009 buick lucerne. I was 80 miles from home and the car would not start. Had to have it towed and cost me $400.00. Found out that the fuel pump relay melted the fuse block. After researching this i found out that there have been hundreds of complaints about this. The fuse block is located under the rear seat and could be a fire hazard. Why has there not been a recall on this? I replaced the fuse block and do not know if the fuel pump is the problem. It is very sad that GM will not do anything about this. Does someone have to lose there life in order for something to be done. When it fails you lose your power steering and brakes.I guess money is more important than someones life. I have owned many GM cars and always have been happy with them. Please do the right thing and correct this issue.

  8. I purchased a brand buick regal 2015, since I have this car it has the the WORST car I have ever had in the snow. I live in northerast Pa. , and this is my 4th buick. The others were not nearly has bad as this car. I am just curious to know if there has been similar feedback on this issue for other customers. A friend of mine has the same car and year and also has the same compliant .If this is a issue you are familiar with it should be noted on the sticker –DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU LIVE ANYWHERE WHERE YOU MAY GET SNOW.

  9. Windshield fog and windshield wiper issues. I have replaced my wipers 3 times since Dec. 10, 2017 because they seem to scrub the windshield. I have cleaned the windshield multiple times with different products such as Windex, soapy water, watered down vinegar and Rainx. I have cleaned the wipers with different products, yet the product still exist almost immediately or shortly after using them for a few minutes. Also, my windshield front and back fogs up so easily. I constantly checking, adjusting the temperature & turning the defroster on. This takes away from enjoying the car. I live in Atlanta, GA so most of the time it’s not very cold. I almost do not want to drive when it rains. Any suggestion or advise? I would be interested in purchasing another Buick, but these issues really do concern me.

  10. 07 buick lacrosse: I have a problem with right side headlight….. the low beam will not come , I have checked all the fuses are good. the high beam is ok as well as all others. what can the problem be? thanks

  11. This isn’t a customer complaint but a complaint none the less. I’ve owned two Buick Enclaves 2011 and 2015. I was interested in a 2019 Avenir but found out that I could not get a 2nd row bench seat, nor could I order an interior other than the chestnut (yuk) . Bad mistake GM designers. I really liked my Enclave’s and wanted another, but when I could not get it the way I wanted I went and ordered a Lincoln Navigator last Friday Red with a cappuccino interior with a 2nd row 60-40 bench. It has the latest technology just like the Avenir.

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