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Contacting British Airways Customer Service Center

British Airways is a global airline. According to the company description, the airline specializes in helping customers reach major airports throughout the world. If you want to learn more about booking a flight, available flights, customer service or the company in general, you can access the official website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to contact British Airways, there are multiple contact numbers. The first number we’ve listed is the general customer service number. Your call can be directed to multiple departments using this main number.

  • Reservations and General Information: 1-800-247-9297
  • Change a Booking for Cars or Hotels: 1-877-4 A VACATION
  • TTY Contact: 1-866-393-0961
  • Online Support: 1-800-403-0882
  • Holiday Booking: 1-877-428-2228
  • Baggage Claims: 1-800-828-8144
  • Customer Relations (Fax): 1-212-251-6711
  • Ticket Refunds (Fax): 1-212-251-6753

Mailing Address

There are various addressees for customer relations depending on the type of support the customer needs.

British Airways Customer Relations USA
P.O. Box 300686
Jamaica, NY 11430-0686


British Airways Baggage Claims
P.O. Box 300686
Jamaica, NY 11430-0686


British Airways Ticket Refunds USA
P.O. Box 300745
Jamaica, NY 11430-0745


British Airways Ticket Unit
P.O. Box 300702
Jamaica, NY 11430-0702


British Airways Customer Relations
P.O. Box 5619 (S506)
Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2PG
United Kingdom

Official Website

You can visit the official website for British Airways at Customers can search for flights, sign up for rewards programs, book travel extras and plan entire London vacations all from the site. On the bottom of the page you can find the contacts and additional help if needed.

Customer Service Email

We looked for a dedicated customer service email on the British Airways website and we were unable to find one. We found a customer service email form The form did not require flight information so we asked for the direct customer service email address. We are currently waiting for a response to our request.

Our Experience

We called the customer service line for British Airways. The call was picked up by an automated service. We were given a series of options. We sorted through the maze of options before being connected to a customer service agent. The agent spoke with a British accent, which we thought was a great touch. Our call was accidentally disconnected before our question on travel was answered so we called back again. This time, the call volume was too high so the automated service told us the call was being directed to another agency for assistance.

An email inquiry to British Airways customer service department resulted in a response from a customer service representative. We expected an answer to our general question within a few hours, but unfortunately, British Airways responded in 4 days. Even when the representatvie responded, they simply provided us with another customer service link, see below:

Response Via Email (Revathy Kunder) 26/03/2012 02.51 PM (GMT)

Dear Mr Banks

I’m sorry we have been unable to reply to you sooner.

Our Customer Relations team can be contacted through the email address given below:

I hope this information is useful and thank you for your email.

British Airways

Customer By Web Form (Richard Banks) 22/03/2012 01.41 AM (GMT)
I was wondering if there was a direct email address for the customer service department.

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210 Comments on “Contact British Airways Customer Service
  1. The Flight from London a few days ago was a good experience – the staff was very helpful and friendly, however, of the 5 checked bags for our family of 3, only 4 arriived on our flight (227 from Heathrow to ATL).

    IT is extremely disappointing that 2 days after our arrival from Londay, that that bag has still not made it to us. Recent information from the automated recordng advised that the bag in enroute, that has been the messate for two consecutive days.

    Why would the airline be so cavalier about delaying a passenger’s luggage. Good customer service would dictate that a pssenger needs his luggage upon arrival, that is what one pays for.

    BA needs to do much better that this. I am extremely disappointed.

    Ermadine Thompson

  2. Could you please call British airways and complain about our trip from Tokyo to London. Could you please tell them that the male crew staff were quite unpleasant during that trip. Food was handed out with little effort to talk to us or anybody else about it. One guy didn’t even to speak to us as he handed the snack box to us. When you asked for something they said ” just wait I’ll be back in a minute”. They didn’t use their manners and when they handed out a drink you were just given what you were given without any option. They rarely smiled. There was no engagement with the passengers AT ALL. No effort was given to see
    If we needed anything and to top it off when we were landing we hit some turbulence and one of the male staff decided to make loud funny noises then laugh, then after hitting more turbulence he did the same thing because he is a tosser. A lady three rows up asked for something and the male staff member said ‘ it was on your seat if it’s not there now there’s nothin I can do about it’ and walked off. The same Male Staff member who made the stupid noises also had an argument with another member of staff where passengers could hear how cranky he was with the situation. It was Totally unprofessional and totally uncalled for. They lacked manners, common
    Curtesy and even decorum as people who are expected to provide a certain level of service. One male staff member stood at the door as we disembarked didn’t acknowledge the passendgers as we walked past not even a goodbye. Can you please tell them That we aren’t looking forward to comin home with them and they better upgrade us or something because it’s too much money for poor
    Service and Brittany was a
    Bit nervous about flying and that just made it 100x worse.

  3. Why did I not get a reply when it was promised that I would be contacted regarding the amount of refund in dispute. Please be assured we will be in contact in the near future was in the first email message. Not good service in my opinion I cannot believe that I got taken badly with no explanation a lousy 65 pounds credit was a disgrace.

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing you for an inquiry. I will be very grateful if you could inform me if it is possible to organize and give flowers to my fiance in the airplane. My fiance will be flying from Lebanon to London and I would like to organize a nice surprise for her. Naturally, I am ready to cover all the expenses. If it is possible please inform me about the steps that I should take and providing you the details about the passenger.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

  5. My daughter and new husband will be setting off on their honeymoon to Australia on Monday 6th August flying with BA. Is there anything you can do to make them feel special on this flight please.
    They are :- Mr & Mrs James Hughes on flight BA0011 to Singapore at 20:25 from terminal 3 on Mon 6th Aug 2012.
    Thank you for anything you might do.
    Claires dad.

  6. I have been trying to get BA’s email address for ages today, by phone and on line — and so far the answeer is NIL.
    Please may I have this address as I require information about fares to Cape Town and am weary of waiting on the phone while Spanish music pays for ever andf nobody comes to reply — all robotic and inhuman.

  7. Please i want to find out how many dollars do i need to travel from Uganda Entebbe to Quezon city Philippines


  8. Damn Lousy ‘information service’ Why don’t you employ native british speaking people, to instantly answer our telephoned questions instead of presenting us with a robotic jungle of buttons that drive us crazy and cause you to lose customers etc. in the fools believe that you are being profitable when in fact you are losing any faith in you in this 21st century

  9. Dear Sir, Madam
    I had been flight with British Airways: From DUBAI TO LONDON ON 01 APR( FLIGHT NO BA 106,TIME 01:35) AND LONDON TO BUDAPEST( flight no BA 866 TIME 09:45)
    Flight back from BUDAPEST TO LONDON on 21 APR (FLIGHT NO BA867, Time 14:00) And LONDON TO DUBAI (FLIGHT NO BA109, TIME 21:40)
    Could you send me the airplane tickets again because I had lost my previous one. Thank you very much!
    Lan Mei

  10. I was very exited about flying with british airways,on the website it said that there was free food and childrens warm food.Got on the airoplane and thay gave me a roll it was terrible so all i had was a little box of crisps and half a crunchie.The airoplane was dirty peolple were mean to me! I would never fly with this airline again!Not very pleased!Molly age:10

  11. freezing in the air our flight(Me and my family

    0 287 london SFO on 31/8/2012 was a nightmare airconditioning was out of control,on the maximum,for a while we thought we are in the north polE,YOU CAN IMAGINE 11 HOURS OF SUFERRING,THOUGH WE CHOOSE BA OUT OF MANY GOOD AIRLINES,BUT WE WERE TOTALY DISAPPOINTED AND THINKING TO REPEAT FLYING BA.Nael Kawar Blue 61848583 Habib Kawar Blue 61848861 and suhair snobar Blue 61848752

  12. I am still awaiting a reply to my letter of November 3rd, regarding Flights BA 216 Washington DC to Heathrow September 10 & BA 343 Heathrow to Nice, September 11 2012. Also BA 343 Nice to Heathrow October 4th. The treatment was disgraceful.
    We are currently planning our return to London & unless we receive satisfaction immediately, will seek alternative flights.

  13. i went to collect my daughter at Heathrow on 10/12/12 only to find her bag was damaged by british airlines staff.When i wanted the help desk i was sent from piller to post eventually told to call on a public phone. I didnt have cash so i made a call as soon as i got home left messsage as it was suggested . No one has contacted me since the 10th. How long does it tke for customer services to answer the call. My girl is on holiday so do you expect her to go back with that damaged bag

  14. I booked an online no show flight for my daughters on reservation number 7JQSID. I have been trying to reach 08002222557 Nigeria for a change in their travel dates for ages now. This is not coming through. I willl like their departure from UK date to change as follows:-

    edi to lhr 5Jul2013 1740hr BA1455
    lhr to abv 5ul2013 2250HR BA0083
    LOS TO LHR 6SEP2013 1055HR BA0074
    LHR TO EDI 7SEP2013 0935HR BA1438

    Please notify additional amounts to pay in Nigerian local currency by email so I ensure payment of same. I could be reached on +2348034053835 or +2348025012423 Many thanks DOMINIC MARIZU

  15. British Airways is an awful airline. They refused to wave the penalty charges when I asked to change the date of my ticket from London to Paris because I am not even in London due to a mechanical error on my outbound flight to London. According to the disrespectful, British Airways supervisor Deborah, “This isn’t their problem.” This was to be my first time flying British Airways, and they can be assured that I will never fly British Airways in the future. Additionally, I will advise everyone I currently know and will meet in the future to never fly British Airways.

  16. British Airways used to be top notch. I have written letters filed a complaint on their website and have done everything they have asked yet they continue to ignore me…with at least a dozen airlines to choose they have been moved to the bottom.

  17. I am at present on holiday in Sydney australia I wish to complain about the shoddy way that me & my partner were treated on flt BA15 on 1/12/12 although we had booked this flight in June 2012 there were no double seats available and we were offered two single which we refused on the plane,the panel between the two seats was broken the steward had to pass the food and drinks over the broken panel,hardly Club World was it?I have already complained on this site ,but have not received a reply.can you please arrange for me to have two seats together on my return flight,as I will not be using my computer while in Hong Kong.please restore my faith in BA.

  18. Dear Sir/Madam
    We had the most wonderful flight of our lives because of these two SPECIAL FLIGHT ATTENDANTS, Per Helsinghoff s/n 739224 and Mrs. Carol Morrison S/N 670309.
    Flight 239 London-Bombay Dec 5, 2012
    We are experienced travelers but these days you do not encounter service that was given by these two Flight Attendents. They made our trip so special that I tell anyone who cares to listen about the impeccable service on British Airways. We all have the opportunity to travel on just any airline but because of Mr. HELSINGHOFF AND MRS MORRISON., we will only book on British Airways. Kudos to these two!!!!!!

  19. My wife and I were celebrating our 1-yr wedding anniversary in Europe and unfortunately complications with British Airways (BA) airline soured the tail end of our vacation. We typically don’t take the time to write such a letter, but our entire experience with British Airways was incredibly disappointing that we hope such a letter can make a difference.
    On Sunday, October 14, 2012, we were concluding our travels to Europe and returning from Prague (PRG) to Los Angeles (LAX) via London Heathrow (LHR). Our layover in LHR was 2 scheduled for 2 hours, sufficient to go through security and catch our connecting flight to return to Los Angeles. Our flight from Prague to London appeared uneventful. However, upon landing as all the passengers stood up to gather their belongings, the pilot informed us that we had not landed at London Heathrow airport as planned, but actually at another airport further north (Luton).
    The pilot stated that we had been unable to land in London “due to fog.” This news came as a surprise considering fog is a natural weather pattern in London and most pilots are licensed to navigate a plane through fog. What’s more interesting is a few minutes following his first announcement the pilot came back on the PA and announced that the “fog” in London had actually lifted, however we had to wait to refuel. It’s important to note that throughout the day as we spoke to the BA flight crew and several airport personnel, they openly questioned that “fog” was the actual reason for this diversion. As we waited in the cabin for an update, the pilot would periodically announce that he was waiting for approval to refuel. We waited 2 hours at this alternate airport (which was less than a 15 minute flight away from London Heathrow) before we could refuel due to significant delays in obtaining the necessary approvals. Needless to say the 2 hour delay caused us to miss our connecting flight to Los Angeles. It’s extremely frustrating to learn that the proper measures were not in place to obtain fuel in a more timely manner.
    Upon landing at Heathrow, there was mass confusion at the airport and there were no representatives from BA giving any directions on how to proceed, despite the fact that a large number of passengers had all missed their connecting flights. There was no process set up to inform the passengers, either before exiting the plane, or once within the airport facilities. My wife and I were initially directed to terminal 5 to get assistance, only to be sent back to terminal 3. After over an hour of waiting in line at terminal 3, a British Airways personnel came and informed many of the passengers waiting in line that they could not book an international flight in terminal 3 and were sent back to terminal 5. We decided to continue waiting in line at terminal 3 given the misinformation we had experienced thus far. There were only 2 BA reps helping the line of frustrated and stranded passengers, and after 5 hours of waiting at the airport we were finally given our flight and lodging information. We were informed that there were no additional flights leaving that day and the earliest flight we could get was the next morning.
    During our entire ordeal at the airport, there were no efforts made by British Airways to take care of us or any of the passengers who waited in line for hours to get their flight information. No food or water was offered to the stranded passengers. Perhaps it was our mistake to expect more from such a well-known and respected airline. To exasperate the situation further, by the time we arrived at Renaissance Hotel near the airport, we were informed that lunch hours were over and the vouchers issues by BA would not be honored unless we waited another 3 hours until dinner. My wife (who was 2 months pregnant) and I decided to walk to a local pub just to have a late lunch.
    As you can imagine, the experience so far would be exhausting for anyone traveling, but it was especially tiring and trying for a woman who is 2 months pregnant.
    The change in flight added another stress to our travel: missing luggage. While at Heathrow airport that afternoon, we made a series of attempts to locate our luggage. After speaking with multiple individuals, being given variable and sometimes conflicting information, we finally received a call at 8:00 pm that our luggage was located and ready to be picked up. Leaving my wife at the hotel, I had to pay for a roundtrip shuttle to the airport and back to the hotel because the airline would not agree to deliver our luggage to our hotel. This is after informing the personal that my wife’s pregnancy medication was inside the luggage, hence the urgency to retrieve it.
    I wish I could say our challenges with British Airways were isolated to Sunday. The next day (Monday, Oct 15), we tried to check-in the same luggage we had checked-in from Prague to London, and were informed that one of our luggage was 2 kilograms over the limit and we would have to pay 40 £ for the overweight fee. We explained to the British Airways representative that we had not been told our luggage exceeded the weight requirement the first time we checked it in when departing Prague, and that the delayed BA flight the day before caused us to miss our connection and that was the reason we had to check our luggage back in a second time. After 20 minutes of waiting, and once the BA representative had shared this explanation with her manager, we were informed in an unpleasant and stern attitude that the fee would be waved. I was extremely disappointed, and quite flabbergasted, that your rep had the audacity to charge us for the luggage knowing we missed our flight because of your own failure to arrive to the airport on-time. I really hope you are just as disappointed in your team for the way they treated us.
    Finally, during the flight from London the Los Angeles, as the plane was flying over Greenland, the cabin lights and TV monitors turned off and the pilot stated “everyone stay in your seats and keep you seat belt on.” This announcement was followed by 10 horrendous minutes of extreme turbulence and what very clearly felt like a significant change in altitude. No information was given to the very frightened passengers during this time. After the plan appeared to have stabilized, the pilot informed us that we experienced a significant drop in altitude due to the high turbulence that we were experiencing at the higher altitude. We have flown across both Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean many times, and we have never had the experience of a pilot delaying informing passengers that the dramatic movements or changes in elevation are due to turbulence. This information is paramount in setting the minds of passengers at ease and not assuming other more catastrophic reasons are behind the disruptions. Flight attendants and passengers later expressed that the level of turbulence was more significant than anything they had ever experienced in the past. It was very poor judgment to withhold any and all information from passengers in the face of such an event.

  20. I had a major complaint on BA flight no 67 London to Philadelphia 4th Jan this year and made a complaint in writing on BA complaint form and now 3 weeks later no one had bothered to contact me .

    I was treated very well by crew and they agreed with my complaint and gave me the form to fill in but no in BA appears to care . Due to the Airlines negligence I was quite Sick and had to receive medical treatment

    Even at tis late stage can some one contact me or at least read my complaint.
    Thank you

    John grant

  21. Very disappointed I tried to phone Customer Relations in Sudbury Suffolk but they make it impossible to speak to a Human

    John Grant

  22. I flew on British Airways in November round trip to Zurich via London. The flight over was less than satisfying. The service on the flight was bare minimum and the attendants even refused to stop socializing with each other to attend to a very dirty restroom. They said that the problem was that passengers don’t know how to use the restroom correctly. Changing flights in Heathrow was a nightmare as it took 2 hrs. to get through security and I barely got to my next flight on time. I have NEVER experienced anything like it. On my way home the security check in Heathrow was much smoother. The problem is that I checked an extra bag and British Airways is double charging me. The tickets they provide as “PROOF” were numbered consecutely so I guess they must have put through 2 tickets for my 1 extra bag charge. I have diputed this charge with my credit card company but British Airways is standing firm. I have faxed my reciept and informed them that I flew alone and would not have had a reason to pay for another extra bag. Time will tell how it will all work out. What I know for sure is that I will NEVER fly British Airways again.

  23. i am travelling from PHOENIX – BANGALORE VIA LONDON heathrow.

    as i am travelling day after tomorrow and earlier i was said there is change in terminal i called ba usa and one ms. jasmine attended my call.

    i asked her the terminal information and she said terminal 5 and terminal d in london and in dallas.
    to speak the truth it was not clear ARRIVAL or DEPARTURE

    when i asked this she said terminal 5 and terminal d and was not clear again arrival or departure

    pl note my moms flight timings were changed and no information mailed to her regarding the change.the changed schedule had a misconnection in london.when she went to update meal plan she noticed it.

    the lady executive wanted me to cut the call and tried putting me on hold and not answerring.

    after repeatedly saying i want to talk to another executive she transferred the call after 20 minutes of hold.

    this is the service in customercare BA.
    even mr. eric who said he’s the supervisor supported the executive and not the passenger probably they want to run the airlines without passengers flying.

    very rude executive was she.

  24. Dear Madam, dear Sir, I had the worst travel experience of my life, although I’m flying since 30 years for my job. Last Thusday I had to fly from Manchester to Heathrow and then to Lux. Departure was 1 pm.( BA 1395 ) We departed with 45 mn delay. No information of connecting flights. Flight to Lux ( BA 418 ) missed. No other flight same day to Lux. Rebooked to…Germany, Frankfurt ( BA 914 ) for later Frankfurt Lux ( LG 9308 )…arrived at midnight….in Lux, and no suitcase, of course. Only 1 small conpensation was a 10 Pounds voucher for sandwich, I had no time to eat it as had to run from 1 terminal to the other, bought a sushi box, put in my bag, which at security check was thrown in rubbish….Suitcase arrived 1 day later. Up to you: no conpensation, I will never fly again with BA….Thanks for understanding. Patricola +352621238538

  25. Good Morning,
    May i ask you about my friend, his name is Dennis Brown? He tell me, he is work in here?
    So give me some information about him?
    Thanks you
    Anna (Indonesia)

  26. British Airways nearly killed me.

    I am lucky to be alive due to the complete negligence of British Airways.

    When I emigrated to America nearly 2 years I arrived at the airport 4 hours before the flight with a letter from my DR requesting that because of a medical condition I was given extra leg room space.

    I am 6’8 and have a history of getting DVT. So when I knew I had to fly long haul I spent time going for my necessary medical checks to see if I was Ok to fly. My specialist Doctors said that I was but that I need to have enough room.

    When I arrived at the London airport ready for departure the customer service duty manager Helen Campbell refused to allow me to sit in an extra leg room seat. Saying I had to wait 4 days for the next flight. I could not do this due to my American Visa.

    I have spent the 18 months in and out of hospital which as cost me over $6,000 as a direct effect of your complete and utter negligence for my human rights.

    I was not going to pursue this any further but now that you have been completely uncooperative with me in organizing a return flight I have no choice but to claim $6,000 from and use it to purchase a seat that fits me.

    I have spoken to Gareth at customer relations in the UK who was unable to help me and I have spoken the Tanya – Y2 in Florida. All that I asked was that I could reserve a leg room seat now when I booked my flight and that I was happy to pay for it.

    Her response was that it was pot luck and I had to apply on a first come first served basis.

    I will find it very hard to ever trust my National Airline again. You disgust me

  27. Nine months ago I made reservations for a flight to London. Since I am tall,6-3, and could use extra leg room, I paid the additional fee for bulk head seats. I was notified that the flight time had been changed, but NOWHERE was I notified that might seats had been changed from the front of the cabin to near the back, and in addition, I AM NOW IN A MIDDLE SEAT. Had they notified me I probably could have booked another seat with leg room, front row in this cabin , exit door, etc. But NO. The BA rep said she know how I felt and was sorry but the flight was full, almost and there were to seats available on an exit door or in front. WHY DID THEY NOT LET ME KNOW MONTHS AGO, I BOOKED 9 MONTHS AGO, so I could of at least have had a change to get a better seat. Knowing how I feel is of little comfort on a nine hour flight, I she may know my anger, certainly not my discomfort. Well, not that I expect anything to be done, but at least someone should know this. It would seem something could be done

  28. My wife & myself & two friends returned from a great cruise holiday on july 3rd , to a very disappointing flight with ba . After checking in well on time we were 45 mins late on taking off as the queue at check in never seemed to move. The choice of food & drink was very limited as they had run out of lots of thigs . On landing at heathrow we were held for a further 20 mins to final point to leave the plane.Once in the airport the trip from the plane to collect our cases was up & down three flights of stairs on a long long haul .Thanks ba for spoiling a great holiday, PS DONT GO WITH BA

  29. Due to an illness I,ve had to cancel my booking.
    Your web page states that I can get a refund for the extra baggage that I,ve paid for,however when I access the that page it is constantly offline.

    I Know that I booked my flight through an agent(asda) and that my contract is with them, but the extras that I booked were with B A.
    Why cant you sort this kind of problem out?

  30. On Dec 27,2013 I arrived in Houston, Tx (IAH). on BA flight 197

    At baggage claim I all the bags were off the carousel and lined on the floor . I walked around the baggage carousel many times before I found one bag but couldn’t find another. There was no representative to ask. I had to go through Customs to get to the ONE BA representative . Her name was Judy and she was very helpful.
    She took me back through Customs and located my bag. But then I had to go back through Customs and have all my bags, purse, and carry on bag X-rayed . I understand that, but all this made me an hour and a half late to meet the driver that I had engaged after I went going through Immigration.
    I suggest that BA have more than one agent to cover customer service in such large area. The agent can’t be there to answer questions about baggage inside Customs and at the desk to care for passengers outside Customs.
    The whole ordeal was very time consuming and frustrating for an older lady traveling alone. In the future, given a choice–I won’t choose British Airways

  31. we arrive from Dubai to heathrow on return trip.The plane was on time but the steps didn’t arrive for a while then we had to wait on plane for the second wave of buses which took us to arrivals hall taking longer than the train.We were fast tracked thro passport control after asking ba staff and showing our boarding cards they were very helpful.
    We arrived in the baggage inspection some people let us go forward but there was no one to ask to be sent thro as a priority.
    our bag was pulled for inspection and i asked the supervisor if we could go thro quickly,but they could not do this even after seeing the flight details.we now had 10 minutes left!!!!
    It took 10 minutes to process our bags and we ran to the gate to be told our luggage had been offloaded and we were 3 minutes late.
    We went to the b a desk and after a wait again the staff were very good and we were given a hotel etc
    and transport too and from the airport.
    However trying to find our way back thro to outside proved taxing and in the end we were let thro the area where staff go out. all went thro to collect our baggage.not having being told of the system
    when our luggage came off one bag was badly damaged so we reported to the iberia desk who gave us a report and details of web claim and phone number.
    I called the PREMIUM number 1st time was cut off after 1 minute,called again and held on for 8 minutes and then decided to try the web site.
    i completed all details but it came bouncing back saying you can’t claim this way for 1st claim?????
    I checked all details were entered in asterisks fields.
    SO TRIED TO CALL AGAIN it took 7 minutes to answer after giving details they put you on to an automated call telling you what you have to do to claim.
    It was so long winded that i decided its not worth doing which I suspect is what they want
    In future we will go with another company although there staff are good the company is not

  32. I have just had an appalling experience with BA. Having tried to check in on BA8763 7am flight to Zurich from London City all day with no success-check in not available-I used two phones to two numbers (including the Excecutive Club number as I am a member) to enquire as to the problem-someone finally spoke to me after 25 minutes waiting. She then gave me a woolly message about there being no online check in available because of “airport control” but could not tell me what that meant. She then hung up in the middle of my question as to whether the flight would be delayed if everyone had to personally check in at 6am tomorrow morning. So I am none the wiser about why I cannot check in online and as to whether the flight will depart on time. Why can’t the online check in information inform us when online check in is not available for a flight and why? I have wasted over an hour of my time today and run up a significant phone bill on two 0844 numbers. Customer service? I don’t think so.

  33. Dear BA,
    On 8 jauary we send you 2 letters (claim for luggage 8 days late and a claim for missing a holyday by arriving a day later in Dallas). We still have not heard from you. Did the letters arrived at you bureau?
    mrs A. Halberstadt

  34. =We (my wife and I) have booked a flight with BA, but we do not know are seats. Our flight(818 London-Copenhagen) is scheduled
    May-31-14 (afternoon). Our problem gets complicated since we will be in a “Cruise” that will arrive to London on May-31-14 around
    5:00 a/m. and we will not be able to get in touch with you within
    the 24/48 hrs. period that you suggest for boarding. Please help.
    =In addition, my wife will need a “whellchair” while at Heathrow
    and Copenhagen airports.I would like to hear from tou. Thank you.

  35. please I need to know, my booking Number of my fly 17 May 2014 in London with BA0633.
    Thanks d` advance
    Left. Gkiata. Athens 14March 2014

  36. Just as I was telling everyone how wonderful your airline was, I received the charge for checking my second bag. $109 is outrageous especially since it was of carry on size but being a senior I can’t lift it to put in overhead compartment. This was on your flight from Heathrow to Seattle at 3 pm on May 4th. The person at the check in had to look in her book for info on charging and I personally think she got the wrong page. Thanks for your help on this.

  37. Dear British Airways;
    I am in Saudi Arabia and have tried all day to book a BA flight on-line as I usually do.
    I have had no success. The on-line booking stops every time with a statement on the BA website saying that it is timed out due to a long BA script.

    This seems to be a new feature and is most frustrating.

    If I cant book with BA on-line at your official website…. what use is it?

    Do I have to go elsewhere?

  38. We flew on BA 193 May 8th London-DFW. We were given exemplary service by your (and our) flight attendant, Mehmet Mehmet.
    My husband Brian and I had been delighted when I arranged our flights to get seats 51HJ side by side. We discovered early on that our AV screens did not work. Mehmet repeatedly came to check, trying to resolve the problem. When attempts failed, he helped us move to vacant row 43, 3 seats together, and the problem was resolved. His kindness & attention spoke very well for BA and we look forward to our next flights with your fine service and attention to detail mainly due to this positive experience. Please thank Mr.Mehmet for us, and please continue to recruit such fine representatives for BA! Sincerely,
    Brian & Kristine Bennett

  39. I made a reservation via Executive Club on Friday June 13th for my niece and requested the itinerary to be sent to my e-mail address.The reference number is 7WBQCI but to date this has not been received. All BA online sites so far will not let me into get the computer to get this information. I called BA again and was advised I would have it sent to my e-mail later on Friday June 13th. To date this has not been received. Please help. The passenger last name is McEntee. Thank you.

  40. Recently flew on British Airway from Italy/Madrid/London/Dallas/Reno the leg from Madrid to London was 11 hours. Service excellent, free use of movies, music, and flight info. avail. Food good. Complaint is the seating. Even though I was on the asile, there was a three hundred lb. man in the middle seat. The poor man could “not fit” and I sat side saddle as he was on part of my seat and part of the window seat patron’s space. I spend several hours at the back of the plane standing. I hesitate to fly on this airline on a long flight in case this happens again. Judie B.

  41. I have never had such difficulty dealing with an airline. Customer service, reached after 3 calls and long (at least 20 minutes) waiting time, ended up being “outsourced” to India,and answered by a young lady who could barely speak English. Also, she could not answer my question…was that lack of knowledge, lack of English, or that the answer was not on the script before her? I am flying first class this week.. I will certainly look for a different carrier in the future. TERRIBLE Customer Service!!

  42. I have just had a very disappointing experience in the flight from Atlanta to Heathrow on 1st July BA 226 at 21 35 departure. My seat was in the very first row (best seat in Economy class) next to 2 females with a child. 3 seats in a row and four of us (including the child) was a congestion and I felt that females were not comfortable. I requested the crew to shift me any where in economy class to make the females comfortable. Later I was shifted behind and luckily 2 adjacent seats were vacant. after the flight took off I lied down on the 3 seats. All of a sudden Mrs Maureen tapped (kind of beating) on my knees and woke me up and said very rudely that I have paid for one seat and I cannot sleep on 3 seats. I said to her if no one is next to to me why am I not suppose to sleep. Than Maureen started asking all the passengers sitting in front and behind my seat —does any one want to shift to a window seat. no one responded as all passengers were confortable next to their families and friends.
    I am a gold skywards and Fursan member (Emirates and Saudia airlines) I work as a General Manager for a Int company. I swear I will never travel by British Airways and portray a very bad image of the airline to all my contacts, All the best British Airways—what a crew you have onboard—seems disaster

  43. I just wanted to write a note on behalf of Lola Lepile at your Johannesburg, South Africa office. When I called from Cape Town, Lola was professional and kind and went out of her way to try to help me with any questions or concerns that I had regarding my upcoming flight. It is not often that one is treated with respect and dignity when they call for help, and I wanted to acknowlege my appreciation for that. When I have called from the States, the customer service line had me on hold for over 20 minurtes each time and it was refreshing to be able to get a hold of a live person right away. 🙂 Thank you, Lola!

  44. I would like to book a flight to boston usa out ward then home ward from tampa usa the time I spend in the usa will be about 178 days how can I book this flight

  45. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE…..I have tried several times over the past month to reach British Air regarding the luggage problem at Heathrow from 6/26-6/29. Our luggage was delayed for 5 days. We lost precious vacation time and piece of mind during this time. I have not heard one word from British Air. Maybe they do not think it is important to reach out to customers. I believe it is important for the airline to at least show some level of empathy towards those people impacted by this problem. My next step will have to be social media or the media itself. I know I am one of many who had a problem and I would like to know what they plan to do…

  46. Yet another problem. After a terrible experience with luggage on Europe River Cruise Trip; took 8 days to get luggage, return trip nightmare too. After leaving Budapest, going through Heathrow (flying on an extremely old plane that offered no leg room and no air of any kind arrived in Chicago. Expected extremely long lines going through customs. Once through customs thought it would get easier only to meet another long line going through security. Okay, security is necessary. My plane from Heathrow was over hour late so tight connection. Finally make it to check only to be told since my name was not spelled out on boarding pass I had to go back to check-in to have pass reissued. I came from Missouri, flew to Amsterdam with a return from Budapest. Now this is a problem. The mistake was not mine as I had given my spelled out name for ticket purchase starting in Missouri. My connection was very tight due to the late flight out of Heathrow. I had to start completely over in the security line then once through literally run for my flight. This was ridiculous!

  47. I and my family would like to thank the flight staff on BA453 from Ibiza to Heathrow Terminal 5 on Thursday 21st August. I broke my foot whilst on holiday. The cabin crew were brilliant not only with looking after me but with my 2 sons aged 17 and 10. On boarding the plane we were asked if we wanted airport assistance at Heathrow which we declined as we felt it wasn’t needed, however during the flight my foot became quite painful and my husband asked one of the flight attendants if he could arrange assistance for us. It was no trouble at all the attendant was so helpful and kind. When the kids got up to use the toilet the other attendants were having a laugh and joke with the boys. When we arrived at Heathrow we were met by ground staff with a wheelchair and whisked through passport control and customs. Thanks BA for your great assistance both on and off the plane. I shall be booking again with BA next year with absolute confidence. Yours sincerely, The Pink family

  48. Having just read most of the above complaints, I realize that I am not on my own in believing how bad British Airways Customer Service are. I have been trying to get compensation for several problems that happened on flights between here and USA some months ago, including wrecked luggage. I am yet to receive the payment they offered for only 1/2 the value of the cost. Also I have refused to accept the Avios Points and e-vouchers they expect me to take. We paid for the flights in Pounds Sterling and do not legally have to accept anything other than Sterling in recompense. E-Vouchers have no real value in monetary terms anyway, because they will only be taken against full ticket prices and it is normally cheaper to buy tickets elsewhere than to use this Monopoly money. This Company permanently hides behind unmanned Telephone lines and any persons you eventually contact by email (if you are really lucky), then make promises the Company has no intention of keeping. The term ‘Customer Service’ is a phrase totally out of place. It’s about time that a ‘Watchdog’ report was done and force them to make a public appearance to answer all these complaints!
    Glad I’m not alone!

  49. I sent a message two days ago and have tried ti ring to no avail…..I am not able to use my flight today I Izard London ref 337L6E because a member of my family has had an accident and was unable to change this ticket……I bought another ticket online for 500 euros one way and then saw that this was hand baggage only so had to pay for the two bags I brought out with me…..I have never known British Irways charge for bags like this …is this a new policy ?

  50. I am a registered member of your British Airways Executive Club (Blue). I am interested in reactivating my account/ patronage of BA, but I am unable to remember my membership number.

    I would also rather reactivate / continue with my old account than register a new account.

    Kindly review & send me details of my old account details to enable me register current travels etc accordingly please.

    I look forward to your urgent response

    Idris Nyam

  51. My husband and I had a very disappointing European travel experience recently with British Air. It began on August 22 on a delayed flight from Baltimore to Heathrow. What was supposed to be a two hour layover in Heathrow turned into a six-hour delay because of mechanical problems on our flight to Berlin. After determining that the plane we were to fly on could not fly, we were put another plane whose crew was going into overtime. So we waited another two hours for a new crew to arrive before we could leave. On our way back from Prague on September 8, again there were mechanical difficulties on our plane, which after two hours were resolved, but we missed our connecting flight to Baltimore and had to stay over in London. In order to get home the next day we had to change our arrival destination from Baltimore to Dulles and incur an $80 cab ride home. We are hoping for a reimbursement from BA, but can’t seem to find a customer service number to resolve this issue. We also paid for our seats on the missed flight and would like reimbursement for this. Of all the BA flights we were scheduled to take, only one did not have technical difficulties and took off on time — the one we missed. Although I appreciated BA’s caution and attention to addressing mechanical issues, I have concern about your maintenance record. Even the crews seemed to take the issue in stride and were a bit to cavalier for my peace of mind.


  53. I want information on claiming for cancellation of fl717 Zurich to London Sept 21st.The plane had already had problems prior to landing in Zurich-after we took off from Zurich the problems reoccurred & after an hour flying low over mountains we returned to Zurich.
    Due to the limited number of BA staff the atmosphere & disorganisation could be likened to that of a third world country! From the time the plane landed we were herded together & finally at 10pm we were given a voucher for room,b’fast & 30 euros for dinner??!! (Zurich airport prices are very high!)
    Prior to leaving for the hotel we were put on to a flight the following morning at 10.10am approx
    15 hours after landing!!!
    There is no excuse for such a pitiable shortage of ground staff-it was a horrendous experience!
    I want to know how to obtain full compensation according to EU law..
    Joanne B Horton & Robert S Wilber

  54. My comment is regarding the British Airways flight from Athens to Heathrow on Tuesday 23rd September ( BA639) which was delayed for 24hrs due to a replacement part needing to be flown out as the steering of the aircraft was affected. After sitting on the aircraft, the fault was only found on last minute checks, for 2 hrs we were disembarked and taken by coach to hotels for the night. The next day saw further delays and it took several hours for the captain to be sure that the plane was safe to fly. While this was happeneing he and the 1st officer made visits to the area where we were waiting to explain what was goint on and even brought the part for us to see. Despite this several passengers got angry and abusive to them. I was travelling home with my son, his new wife and a 16mth old baby. I know there are probably more comments about complaints than praise but I would like to register my thanks and respect for the crew of that aircraft. The cabin crew were cheerful and helpful throughout and the 1st Officer who was in charge of the flight was surprised to hear cheering from the passengers as we landed at Heathrow. Yours sincerely Anne Mahon.

  55. RE:BA flight 1502/AA 135 Invoice 1270026 Booking Q2118023 D Emami-Saravi 1sep14
    Flight Center

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am getting in touch with you regarding the booking of flights for my wife and myself from London Heathrow to Los Angeles. The outward journey was on 1 September and we will return on 30 September 2014.

    I purchased the tickets through Flight Center and specifically asked to fly with British Airways due to my personal preference and loyalty to your airline. I was happy to pay extra to fly BA. The tickets cost £605.91, which was significantly more than flying with other airlines.

    We were only able to check in at Heathrow and on doing so realized that we would be flying with American Airlines on flight AA135! I expressed my disappointment to members of the flight crew who told me to take the matter up with British Airways. This is what I am now doing!

    I was put in a very difficult position. At the last minute my preferred carrier was not who I paid to fly with but I was taking a once in a lifetime holiday in the USA and could not refuse to fly! I had bought tickets for BA flight BA 1502 and this did not happen.

    This surely cannot be how you treat loyal customers.

    I invite you to propose how this unfortunate occurrence can be rectified and thank you in advance for your courtesy.

    With regards,
    D. Emami

  56. I applied for flight delay compensation 3months ago and after several e-mails I was told I would be sent a refund for myself and my partner provided I gave my bank details and my partner sent a letter of consent for the refund to go into my account.After several e-mails,fax and letters British airways have chosen to ignore me. I would like them to acknowledge my post and let me know what is going on.
    Their behaviour is very unprofessional, if I don’t hear very soon I’m afraid I will have to complain officialy.

  57. I cancelled a fight under reference 3UTR25 I require your confirmation that the flight was cancelled and I did not travel.
    This is necessary for insurance purposes, I reported it to you last week but to date have nor received a reply, could this be dealt with please,

    Michael Barnett

  58. BA check in ref z05z40

    Recently with my wife and I I booked with Trailfindes Nottingham , Aug 2014 . BA103 29 October Heathrow to Calgary return BA 103 12 nov Calgary to Heathrow. we in the past fly Air Canada…it proved to be a serious mistake to change carriers. We had bee npersuaded by friend s we were travelling with to try BA.
    The flight had been advertised as the new Dreamliner.. I think we flew on th emost ancient cramped plane that does a long haul!!!! On the flight my wife had to sit apart, the stewards refused to seat us together and not one single person offered to swap seats.. We have been married for 46 years my wife is recovering from major cancer surgery treatment(check oncology city hospital nottingham Mary Crosby)she needed reassurance.we were not even seated near our two friends even though we booked the flight the same time with the same consultant at Trailfinders.
    I have contacted Trailerfinders to complain…they place the blame directly at BA door. If I had your email I could send you my correspondence with the agent.
    According to them we should have read the small print …I am a regular flier being i n the offshore oil and gas .
    industry I have flown frequrently in Europe with Ryanair, Easy Jet. And Flybe…I have to say the ancient service we had on the BA flight was far inferior to that offered by those carriers. The leg room in the seating was poor. The onboard entertainment mounted on the seat backs was out of date and some options did not work. the Stewards were off hand…I wonder if they themselves had expected to be flying in a more modern
    we will not be flying BA again after we complete our return flight on the 12 nov. We will advise our friends and colleagues both in the UK and North America also frequent fliers in the oil and gas and research industries of
    our experience.
    Regards, Anthony Crosby

  59. Just flew into Newark with BA we had the best cabin crew ever especially Patrick and Andrew, made us feel very special many thanks

  60. A huge thank you to the woman in BA office in Toronto and to BA for the handling of our ipad and case which we left on a BA 747 flight from Heathrow to Toronto on Oct. 10, 2014. After trying to track down the ipad at Heathrow, where we thought it must have been left in security, a nice woman from the BA Toronto office called to say they had the ipad and carrying case. Because we live in Minneapolis in the States, it was too complicated to FedEX from Canada, so a couple of people with BA in Toronto who were flying to New York took it with them and mailed if from New York. BA paid the postage too. We were thrilled to receive it and we want to compliment all who took the effort to get this to us, which we were responsible for losing in the first place!

    And our experience in Business Class with the flight crew was very very enjoyable. Thanks to the crew, as well.

  61. I few on BA a few years back and found it to be a class operation. However, in that you sell packages to SeaWorld you will not be seeing me again!

  62. I flew home to England on Dec 21st and returned to Texas on Jan 6th.
    It was a super flight, and as I have health issues …really appreciated the kind words and support of the flight attendants.
    I usaully fly American airlines , never again . Your the best

  63. I flew to Israel on Dec 22 with a layover in Heathrow, and returned on Jan 6–same layover on the return.

    One word describes my flying experience: wonderful. I was treated with an outstanding display of courtesy and respect—I’m 80 and handicapped. The crews on all of my flights seemed to put themselves out to ensure my comfort and I was truly grateful. This was my first flight on British Airways, but be assured it will be my airline of choice from this day forward. I have shared my thoughts with my friends and felt it was time to share them with you.
    keep up the good work.
    Don Reid.

  64. How stupidly incompetent British Airways is.

    We live in Israel and travel frequently to New York to visit family. I can safely say that we will never, ever fly BA via London again.

    My wife was booked today January 27th, due to arrive in New York at the eight of what is supposed to be one of the biggest blizzards in years. It was clear from the day before that her connecting flight from London to Newark would be cancelled, but its status continued to be “scheduled” right up to and after the time of her departure from Tel Aviv this morning. Because the flight status was neither cancelled or delayed, she was forced to show up for her flight to London in spite of the virtual certainty of the cancellation of her connection; if not, she would have forfeited her ticket.

    Now she is going to have to spend who knows how many hours hanging around in London, rather than in the comfort of her home, until flights are again resumed to New York.

    BA must be the world’s stupidest airline. They actively promote long haul flights through London without giving a thought to the need to give people travelling into Heathrow for a connection a heads-up of any problems in time for them to change their plans before setting out.

  65. since 6th January, 2015 made a request with your agency concerning a ticket with points, as it heard that in 96 hours we are supposed to get an answer but unfortunately this not the case im still awaiting for an answer from your company which is not pleasant at all.

  66. Was overcharged for ski carriage and baggage on a flight to South America. The cosy for skis and and a 7 kilo ski boot nad came to £210.00. Will never travel with BA again. Ski carriage with eady jet is £40.00

  67. can you help me please?
    I am scared of flying and would like to know if there are any courses to help me get rid of this affliction?
    thank you.

  68. FLT 208 Miami/H/Row 04/02/2015
    please give a huge thank you to the following personnel on the above referenced flight.
    Hannah Moyes,Jack Woodhouse ad Jessica? who were most professional,extremely kind and attentive to my wife who fell ill in flight with likely gastroentiris and likely side effects from medication taken for an existing medical condition,
    They were both sympathetic and extereml caring whilst protecting my wifes dignity at all times.
    They also managed to produce not one but three doctors and a paramedic from ground services.Believe you me, the 10 hours in the air proved most difficult and they desrve nothing but praise.
    Looking forward (truly)to flying with BA Services again later this year,Kind rgds Hubert.J.O’Reilly

  69. Last month I called your office in USA, and reminded them several times by emails to send my emil itiniery for my travel on July 3rd,2015, fram SMF -DELHI.
    I need this asap because I have to line up my drop & pick up service and then do thTrain reservations in Delhi to Beas ASR.

    I wonder why it is taking long to send me the email, especially when I called their office in early February,They were giving me the details of the itiniery .
    I am a post spine surgery patient, need wheel chair, and vege meals. If every thing is done on atimely manner ,I will appretiate.

    Thanking you in advance,

    With regards,
    Mohini Khosla

  70. Price Discrimination HUGH.. Checked within two days for same flight and time and difference is £130 per economy ticket let alone 3 tickets! Never give my custom to BA AGAIN. NO INCENTIVES to fly WITH BA.

  71. I had a flight from Las Vegas to London, on 15 March 2015, 21:30 with a flight number BA 274.

    I would like to express my high appreciations to the Stewardess Sarah Sutton (I may have misspelled the name). I was having cough and a bad throat so it was very hard for me to speak. I wanted a water and she couldn’t hear me. But instead of making a face and demanding me to raise my voice higer, she bended on her knees and got close to me and focused directly to hear me more. That was just what i needed, she had an emphaty towards me and put herself into my shoes. That airplane was two floor airplane with lots of passengers but she trated that intimate and sensitive no matter how tired she might have been. And with a smile on her face.

    I will never forget her kind and understanding approach. Hope you can forward my thanks to her.

    Kind regards,
    Nursen Altunci

  72. I feel it is ridiculous how your staff consistently delivers poor service to travel agents. Travel agents have to call every number available in your phone book to get any answers and it has been this way for years. There is no respect for us nor your customers. I am more than sure this has been heard over and over and sure you really don’t care because you do show that. I cringe to have to call you and only get upset. The one time it takes to get through to speak to anyone is only diminished by your lack of customer service and request to call another number that only tell us to call someone else. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TO US IS HORRIFIC

  73. I recently travelled on a BA flight from Australia premium economy on the 18th March BA00016 I was ver disappointed in the service the food was basic and I travelled from Singapore to London with only one meal no offer of tea or coffee and just water or juice offered twice there were no in flight snacks in between meals and I had to request a cup of tea for 2000.00 more it definitely was not a
    There was no wine I could drink with my meal as only on offer was sav Blanc or red which I don’t drink.
    Certainly not on a par with Qantas.
    I was flying to be with my father who is very ill and thought at least I could depend on the flight being more comfortable this was not the case. I am travelling back on flight BA 00015 on Saturday 11th April at 21.35 and hope that this flight is somewhat better. I look forward to your response

    Anne Browning

  74. hi, 🙂 i need help please, i need to change my flight back to Israel, my flight is from Mexico city to Israel in the 21th of april, and i want to flight from Panama city to israel insted, and to change the date to the 10th of september. I will like to know how much it’s cost and if it’s possible. Thank’s so much, adi

  75. Recently flew back from Barcelona. Although the e.ticket had a British Airways heading I unfortunately did not notice it was with, what can only be described as a bucket airline. I like to fly BA because of the level of service is good. In this case refreshments were not included. In fact they sod very expensive items part of the way down the aisle and similarly from the back. When I asked for food it was made quite clear “we have asked you”. Utter rubbish. What probably was my main concern was that passengers were getting there hand luggage from overhead while in the air. Seats were left in any position. No-one seemed to care. Ryan Air looks good in comparisn

  76. I have a flight booked with B.A. which I’ve been trying to rebook because of a very serious problem I’m facing in my family, but you guys are making life really difficult.
    I’ve been calling to BA call center in UK, and BA are charging me a huge extra amount for rebooking, but checking the prices online this is just a few pounds up of the original price I’ve paid.
    Every time I call the call center they tell me a different changing fee and fare difference that I’ll have to pay.
    I’m waiting for a call back to give me a breakdown of that fare, it’s been more than 96 hours already and nobody called me.
    I just don’t understand why the price is different, when I add the changing fee + the fare difference online, it’s almost 150 pounds cheaper compared to what the call center told me.
    It seams very dodgy to me, cos I’ve paid the government taxes already on my first booking, and it shouldnt be anything extra apart from the changing fee + fare diference.
    Looks like you guys really don’t care about your customers and just want to make money out of our necessity. I’m still waiting for an answer, and I’m willing to share this experience on my blog, facebook and travel magazines…please do something asap!!

  77. We booked and paid for two return flights Gatwick to Orlando (on the 27/02/15). Thurs.23/04/15 BA2039…Thurs.07/05/15 BA2036. at Central Co-op Travel, King’s Lynn.
    At time of booking we requested either Exit Aisle, Bulkhead, or Extra Legroom Seats but the Co-op Travel Consultant was told not possible at the time , so try again 14 days prior to departure date Thurs.09/04/15. The Agent rang BA and was kept waiting for almost one hour before anyone answered. The BA person stated the Agent could not action the request. The Agent contacted us and we travelled to her Office. She then phoned BA again and was told there were no Extra Legroom or Exit Aisle seats available but to phone BA again four days prior to departure, and these if available, would cost £100.00 more than quoted originally.
    At the Thurs 9th.April telephone attempt the BA person was very abrupt and rude to the Travel Agent Lady (in our presence) and after 35 minutes of holding the line waiting for BA to come back with an answer, Our Agent then called BA on a second phone and got a second BA Lady who informed us we would have to phone four days prior to departure.
    We are obviously still hoping to get a positive answer but so far are extremely disappointed in BA’s service.

  78. I have been trying get the phone number of the Ghana office to make enquiries. Kindly provide the number as soon as possible

  79. I was forced to check two carry-on bags at the airport in Amsterdam on 4/21/15. The over zealous ticket agent said they were too big. I have flown many times with these bags and never had to check them. He charged me 76 Euros per bag.
    While on the British Air flight 423 I counted 24 people with over sized carry-ons larger than mine.
    British Air lost one of my checked carry-on bags. It has my medication in it.
    I want a refund of the 152 Euros you charged me!

  80. I am not happy that (1) my Gold member ststus was broght down to Sliver even when I still have an outstanding Abj/Lon/Lon/Abj.(2)Tha BA designed the membership issue to favour BA and work against the members who use their hard enerned money to buy very highly priced BA tickets.(3)All Avios gathered by any Household should be cerdited to the head of the household because he buys the tickets for the family. (4)My gold membreship status should be restored immediately.

  81. Recently took a trip on BA LHR to Hawaii and then the return leg Via LAX. At LAX my 91 year old father was flying alone to LHR. Being 91 he’s not very nibble. When I got to the desk to check in and ask for the wheel chair I had requested, the agent started telling me if he can’t walk he can’t fly. The agent a nasty little woman wanted my father brought over so he could demonstrate his mobility in front of everyone else checking in. A quick Bing of FAA rules (and basic common sense) states this is not allowed. When we got to the gate my father wanted to use the restroom requiring a wheelchair. I asked him if he could wait it would be good as British Airways appears to have a dislike for disabled people (especially 91 year old WW2 vets) and they might not let him on the flight if they see him having trouble going to the restroom. The year before, we had the same situation with UNITED AIRLINES. It went like this.
    Q: “My father’s flying alone to LHR can you get him on the plane please?”
    A: “Don’t you worry sir, we’ll take good care of Bert, we’ll bump him up to economy plus, he’ll have more room.”

  82. just returned from some very long BA flights; one from Johannesbergh to London, then from London to Seattle. They were each about nine to ten hours long. On the first flight, my husband’s TV monitor wouldn’t work, so he had ten hours of nothing to do. On the second leg, my audio was broken so no sound. We both mentioned these problems to the crew who tried to “reset” the monitors but it didn’t work. No other seats were available but business class was empty. We each sat for ten hours with no entertainment for over $2000,00. Do you ever check these things?
    It was pretty bad….

  83. Hi,
    My husband and I took a BA166 on April 22, 2015 from Tel Aviv to Heathrow airport in London.
    We were very impressed with your service in general, but I felt I had to write you to tell you about something specific and wonderful that occurred on our flight.
    The day we flew was a day of remembrance for Israelis. There is a nationwide siren accompanied by 2 minutes of silence at 11 am. I felt badly about missing the siren, but then your pilot came on the air and announced that he would be shutting the seat belt sign for exactly two minutes at 11 am so that those of us onboard who are Israeli, could stand up for the 2 minutes of silence. He also asked the rest of the passengers to please respect this time for us.
    Though we obviously heard no siren, it was a very moving experience.
    Please thank the pilot involved for giving us this time and making it one of the best parts of our trip.
    Thank you and keep up the good work,
    Debbie and Jack Diament

  84. I am so disappointed at British Airways executive Club Customer Service.
    I called from Ghana for assistance through the Executive club number and I stayed on the phone for 29mins listening to the same information over and over again and nobody picked the call till I had no more credit to stay on the line.This is ridiculous, why executive club then?
    At the end of the day, i lost all my credit and am still without a solution to my problem.

  85. Disappointed , as to the service I received from Flight 263 from Mauritius, — proves that BA has lost its way .

  86. A long delay at Rome airport on May 24 (12 hours for those flying from Catania) and NO accomodations were made for Business and First Class customers (or anyone else). The lounge at Rome airport was damaged by fire the week before and BA had plenty of time to make a temporary lounge accomodation. In addition, luggage was not ticketed resulting in passengers standing for hours with baggage. This is outrageous. The staff was rude and non-informative. Along with having to pay exhorbitant British taxes I will think long and hard before I fly with BA again.

  87. On the 6th June 2015 I had reason to change the date of my outgoing flight reference 5P2NXF from Denver to LHR from 29th September to the 15th Sept. I did not change my return flight. I understand that their is a fee for changing the date and the increase price of the ticket at that time, but what I do not understand is why I get charged the increase price on the return ticket that I did not change?
    My rebook reference is 7F3YTB I paid a fee of over $700.00 but never got a breakdown, is this company policy and can I have a breakdown.

  88. I am so very happy with the supervisor of your Phoenix British Airways office and I want to know to whom to write in order to properly thank him. The supervisor’s name is Austin Farr.
    Thank you.
    Candace Smith

  89. Good morning

    20042419 BA Ex Club

    I have been a BA member for many years always flying BA Club we have book a holiday to Maldives 2016 due to the high cost I was unable to use BA, because of the high cost and booking another company I will not retain my silver membership I am disappointed, I trust BA and the service I have had for the past 30 years.

    Kind regards.
    Mel Smith.

  90. i am writing this email to voice my dissapointmant whilst booking my wifes recent return to cyprus from lhr.l visited your site on tues 14th to get prices for the flight required{any day the following week}having got the prices l contacted my wife in the uk,l then revisted your site to book the said flight,to my amazment the price had gone up by £100.l had no choice but to book it at the inflated in Cyprus we do use your services a lot.could you please explane to me how you can justify this increase.Booking ref X25HWP.NOT A HAPPY FLYER.

  91. I am writing this e-mail to voice my disappointment with the way British Airways has treated me regarding a refund on seats that was booked, way back in March 2014. I have send several e-mails to your customer services dept Mr Anvesh Kumar regarding my refund of seats and all he could say is ring and e-mail the refund dept, to no avail it has been 9months since my trip and no one from British Airways has been in touch with me. What poor services you apply to customers who put there trust in British Airways. Is the way of holding on to customers monies when we can’t get through to BA and eventually we the customer get fed up and you keep our money so that BA can benefit from the middle class.

  92. I am sitting in Lyon, France waiting for a delayed British Airline flight except that it isn’t British Air but Vueling Airlines, an airline that I never heard of until today. We are supposed to be in Rome starting a week of vacation. Instead, we are watching a monitor with absolutely no information as to when or if we will have a flight. If you are going to market on behalf of other airlines, at least give full disclosure as to what airline you are putting us on with some sort of assurance that British Air offers the same guarantees on other airlines. I am a seasoned traveler and know that fights can be delayed but I have to say this is one of the worst experiences I have had and I am not booking on British Air again.

  93. I have made a decision to NEVER travel on BA ever again. And I intend to inform my travelling friends as well. I booked BA flight #0193 from LHR-DFW for October 5 in business class (Record Locator ZDFDAI)and I paid over $6,700 for the round trip. I wanted to get a seat assignment 12A next to my husband who was traveling on business and I was told that I had to pay an additional $113 for a seat assignment! This is SICK. You guys are worse than the LCC’s like Ryan Air and Easy Jet who at least publish their charges up front!

    This is without a doubt my last flight on “nickel and dime” BA!


  94. without a doubt, the worse customer service I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I have called 4 times and sent 3 follow up emails over the last 3 weeks to get a refund for a flight I cancelled within 24 hours of booking. I am now going to file a fraud claim with my credit card company in order to get the refund. I will never purchase or fly with british airways again.

  95. On the 10th Aug I was returning from holiday from Shanghai (Pudong Int ). Flight BA168. I had injured my leg ( pulled a ligament)and was uncomfortable at the prospect of an 11 1/2 journey to Heathrow. I commend u on the training of your staff who were friendly, professional and sympathetic. In particular I would like to mention Irene Corbett who made my journey as comfortable as possible even obtaining medical advice and administering ice packs and sympathy. If u operate an In-house reward system I would like to put her name forward as she is a great representative for your organisation.

    Many thanks

    Sheila Bentley

    P.s. I would like to send her a card, please let me know the address that will make this possible.

  96. My daughter age 17 flew British Airways for a student rountrip from San Francisco to Italy. The return flight from Rome to SF via London was delayed due to a disabled plane – hydraulic issues. As a result, due to mechanical failures, she missed the connector flight from London to SF and had to stay overnight in London. A flight was arranged the following day back to the states.

    Unfortunately, the delay caused our daughter to miss a pre-scheduled,pre-paid flight from SF to Hawaii for a family vacation. BA had an agent who arranged for her to book a BA flight from London to Hawaii with a stopover in LA the following day so she could connect with us in Hawaii which was a feasible alternative. The agent said she would have to pay for the segment from LA to Hawaii even though BA mechanical difficulties caused the delay, and that she would need to contact customer relations to receive a refund.

    As there would be no one to care or pick her up if she returned to home in SF, she had no alternatives but to pay for the flight with the hopes of receiving a refund. In Hawaii, we contacted a BA customer service agent who refused a refund and when we inquired who else we could speak to, she said the answer would be the same and gave us no other contact nor number. I indicated that I was so upset at their position of taking advantage of their poor service and earning additional revenues from a 17 year old that I would contact the executives of BA. She said it was of no use because the complaint would come back to her and she would render the same decision. Does this representative answer for all of BA?

    The segment from LA to Hawaii was a BA flight so there was hardly any incremental costs but BA managed to earn another $500 due mechanical difficulties related to their service

    The lengths that BA would go to preserve extra revenues is absolutely astounding. Stranding a 17 old year with few options but to pay extra airfare on their own airline and refusing to allow conversations past the customer service rep was truly disturbing. I hope some common sense prevails and we would receive a refund for the additional airfare we paid to BA to have our daughter fly to meet her family.

    BA – we’ve received great service in the past, but this is just wrong.

  97. We were on a group booking with Riviera Travel to the Danube 5-12th August 2015, flying out on BA 868 to Budapest from Heathrow, the flight and holiday were enjoyable. However, the flight with BA 867 back from Budapest to Heathrow was not enjoyable!! We arrived at Budapest airport and on checking in were told the flight was double booked and was “blocked” and there was some doubt as to whether we and others on the Riviera group would get on the plane. Evidently, we were told we should have checked in 2 days before the flight inorder to guarantee seats. By this time our luggage had gone through and the BA staff were dismissive.
    Our friends had gone through to security, having been given seats apart, We were driving in their car to our house and they were staying the night before driving home to Bristol the next morning. After some confrontation at the BA desk the girl made a phone call and we were given one seat in row 9 and one seat in row 25!! The majority of the Riviera group were also dotted around the plane..
    Not good enough! we await your reply

  98. Dear Customer Service,

    How should I begin to tell you how disappointed I am?
    Going to Istanbul August 12, Flight 172 9:20 pm.
    I was ready for adventure. I did not know (even though I was at the airport 5 hours prior to my flight, and had supplied my phone number for notifications), the flight was delayed 3 hours. Some passengers were rebooked on other flights and we were left sitting in the lounge with no contact or effort to be rebooked in order to make our connection in Heathrow. Only 65 passengers were on the delayed flight that ended up leaving at around 1 am. I guess everyone else was taken care of. So now I missed my August 13 10:30 am flight # 676 to Istanbul. When we finally got a flight later that day we ended up in Istanbul after midnight and that resulted in no one to pick us up at the airport. We had to find our way to the hotel on our own and thank God they still had our room. We finally got to bed at 2 am and had to be on a tour at 8 am the next morning. Okay we were tired but the added insult was not one apology from any British Airway employee.
    Okay the vacation continued and I had no further disappointment till I got on the flight to return home. Business Class? I think not. In fact it is no class to let someone purchase a business class ticket and provide no upfront info about plane. I specifically asked and was told I was laying down. This was a joke. My wife and I used 200,000 miles and over $2000. Not fair and unacceptable. I have a tumor
    in my sacrum that prohibits long periods of sitting. The two flights on my return AY956 and BA795 were horrible. Wheelchair not provided in Athens and no assistance when we arrived 5 hrs early for flight in Helsinki. No chair and no place open in the airport till 6 am. We spent 5 hours in a cold airport with not one person around to tell us what to do or where to go since the passport control was also closed.

    One very dissatisfied customer.

  99. Very frustrated with my experience with baggage claim today. Flight was on time, but my partner and I waited an hour and a half for our luggage to come down. The carousel was full of bags from our flights but none of the priority bags arrived until the end.

    As an Executive Platinum member of oneworld paying for a business class seat, I expect to move quickly through baggage claim. I’m extremely frustrated by the experience today.

  100. Dear Sir/Madam
    Good Morning and Greeting from Tour De Myanmar Travels in Yangon,Myanmar,Bumar.
    I would like to know your airlines policy about the Luggage check through with Bangkok Airways because My client already issued the ticket for LHR – BKK with BA009 1550 – 0935 on 13sep15 and BKK – RGN with PG707 140pm – 230pm on 14sep15 and so I’m already putted OSI message to your airline about my client continue connection flight and want get luggage check through for the hole sector.Your ground staff is not permit the luggage check through as reference difference.So, how I do continue for my client to get luggage check through and my client is very old and over 70olds.
    Thus , please suggest to me how I do for us.
    Best Regards;
    Mr.ZAW WIN

  101. Have just returned on a flight from Atlanta. Checked in and when going through security my hand luggage was taken. It contained a Snow Globe from Coca Cola, I genuinely didn’t think about the liquid content as l had put all other necessary items in a clear bag. It was a special item for my Son and very fragile hence why I carried it in my hand luggage. I was told I needed to leave it behind or check it into the hold. I had no option other than to check it in the hold as my 9 year old son was in tears. To my disgust a small little bag cost me 95 dollars! Which I consider extremely excessive . I did try to reason with the manager on the desk but she was quite rood and didn’t want to hear my explanation. I do think there should be different price ranges depending on size and weight. To add insult to injury as we were waiting to board it was announced that the flight was full therefore anyone with Large hand luggage should check it into the hold FREE OF CHARGE! Not a happy bunny!!!

  102. Hi

    I am a gold card holder booked onto the 1135 LUX-LHR service this morning (17 Sept). I have arrived at the airport to find a long queue and only two desks – one for Club Europe and the other general check-in. The queue barriers are laid out in such a way that you have to join the queue at the back of the line so you cannot get through to the premium desk without pushing past everyone in the line – and there is actually only one member of staff on the desks anyway. The general check-in desk is unmanned. I work in aviation and I cannot see how you can have a queue SLA requiring just two desks for a A320 aircraft. If you do a two tier service then you need to ensure your handlers provide both enough desks and access to the premium desk to those able to use it.

    The queues are long and transaction time is slow. I have decided to go to the café and wait – which adds cost to me when I should have smooth access to the departure area – and access to the lounge. Instead I have to pay for a drink while wait.

    My number is UK 07946 017115 – I would request a call asap

    Thank you

  103. I have lost a black Lowe Pro Camerabag with a Canon D30 Digital Camera, a Tamron Wideangle Lens, a Canon 300mm lens, a 500mm Mirror lens a Samsung Smartphone, an Olympus Binocular and A canon Camera flash between Nassau and Grand Cayman I boarded the flight in Londaon. I have sent at least three E Mail to different e mail addresses of your Company and never got anything then an automated acknowledgement. Please tell me at least that you will be looking for it.

    Johann Guschelbauer

  104. Please give me the email address to which I should send my letter concerning unsatisfactory treatment at Heathrow check-in, last Tuesday. Thank you.

  105. Please give me the email address to which I should send my complaint about treatment, last Tuesday, at a check-in at Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5. Thank you.

  106. purchased 2 r/t tickets to Milan from Phx. Az. in May 2015, noticed yesterday a huge price decrease from what we purchased, are we intitled to a refund for the difference? Our flight departs Sept. 30
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation

  107. On the 29th of September my wife and I were booked to fly from San Francisco to Heathrow on flight No BAO 286. Unfortunately we were not able to obtain seats in the same row-she being in row 37 and me being in 48. As they called the boarding starting from the rear I boarded first but took all the on board luggage so that I could stow hers as well and thus reduce the stress on her. We are both Old age pensioners and she is in fact 81 years old. Well when I boarded there was a Cabin Hostess by the name of Veronique Gratpanche on duty to assist and when I explained what I was attempting to do she was most concerned that we were seated so far apart and she would see what she could do about it. Well she managed to persuade the other passengers seated in my wife’s row to swap with other passengers resulting in my wife and I being able to sit together. For the balance of the flight it was almost as if she had adopted us and we received nothing but the very best of help and assistance for the full duration of the flight. I have flown with B.A. I guess hundreds of times but this must have been one of my most pleasant flights thanks especially to this delightful young lady Veronique. She is an absolute credit to the Airline and I sincerely hope that she will be commended for her outstanding Customer care ethics and rewarded accordingly.
    Thank you for the opportunity to express my grateful thanks.

    Tony and Verna Barlow
    Port Elizabeth
    South Africa

  108. We flew business class to Scotland going thru Heathrow on Sept 9th 2015
    We missed our connecting flight because it took two hours to get a wheel chair.
    Mind you a wheel chair is supposed to be waiting obviously it was not and we missed a family get together because of the disfunctionality of the party that runs the wheel chairs and BA tolerates it.
    Worse was on the way back when the wheel chair attendent who could barely speak english dumped my mother in a holding area although we agreed he would be taking her to the north lounge. When I got back from lost and found MY MOTHER WAS LOST and the staff at the north lounge were very unhelpful.
    I spent the next two hours trying to find her (fortunately we took an earlier flight from Scotland to Heathrow after our arrival experience so when she finally showed up it was just in time to board.
    The lesson is NEVER EVER go thru heathrow with BA if you have a travelling companion in a wheel chair.

  109. I travelled yesterday with my mother Frances Cleugh on BA 453 from Ibiza to LHR.
    I had booked wheelchair assistance for my 91 year old mother who whilst chair bound can stand or walk long distances.
    We arrived at the airport in Ibiza early having checked in on line and waited standing nearly an hour to check in then we were told that no wheel chair had been reserved .(I checked this morning and it is on the confirmation)
    One was eventually found but it resulted in a dash to catch the flight.
    she will travelling again on october 23 to Tel Aviv booking ref 51F6LD and ask that the whel chair assistance is in place for both legs
    many thanks
    John Cleugh

  110. My husband and I were traveling with friends to Budapest for a river Cruise from Heathrow. Our Flight number BA866 05/10/15 8.50am terminal 3.
    Our hand luggage bags consisted of rucksacks. We were given yellow tags to put on them. We assumed they were security checked, but when we got on the aircraft we found that we were instructed to put our bags under the seat in front and not in the overhead lockers. We were horrified at this, as there were people boarding the flight with two large bags that were being stowed in the overhead lockers. I do not think it is right that we have our bags (which were to large) to put under the seat in front restricting our leg room, when other people had two large bags put up in the lockers! I also think it is danger if one should need to exit the aircraft in an emergency as you could get caught up in the straps of the rucksacks. We paid our fair as everyone else and I do not see why we had no provision to stow our luggage in the overhead lockers. People were putting their luggage wherever they could find a space and as a consequence of this there was mayhem when the plane landed as people were moving up down the plane trying to find their luggage! I have experienced this on cheaper airlines but do not expect this on a BA flight!

  111. I would like to commend the business class cabin attendant, Pedro on my flight from Berlin to Heathrow, this afternoon, Saturday 17th October, departing at 16.50. He was a delight . There should be more like him. Thank you.

  112. I am flying to Las Vegas Tomorrow, as soon as the online booking opened, I went online, to view and change me seats.

    I wasn’t able to process both seats, as my friend hadn’t filled out all her passport details,
    I also wasn’t able to change my allocated seats. so I called your Customer Services Number, to see if I could change me seats, the guy I spoke to had to go talk to his manager, when he finally came back, all he told me was, im sorry the seats you wanted have already been taken.

    I’ve been assigned seats on the right hand side of the plane, as I sleep through most of the flight my preference ( which was listed) is to be on the Left hand side of the plane ( seat A) the seats I was trying to change to were an A and B seat, and as it happen behind some other friends i’m traveling with.

    Because the Online service wouldn’t work, and because the person I spoke to took over 10 mins I am now stuck in seats I don’t enjoy.

    As you can tell I am less then impressed

    I know you have a paid option for seats, but if I had been able to change my seats on line, Or if the person in your Customer Services team hadn’t taken 10 mins to talk to his manager, I would have been able to get the seat options I wanted, as they were available.

  113. on 10/27, returning on flight 229, my wife and I were seated in 1st class.We have never been more disappointed in the service we received. The two attendants did nothing to make our trip home enjoyable.
    I was awake the entire trip and not once did either one come by to offer even a glass of water. !
    We also observed the staff drinking wine during the flight.
    We have flown BA before,but will think twice before considering BA again.
    BA,you had a problem with this crew….look into it!

  114. Hello BA

    I was advised by Sam at BA Customer Services desk in Houston (Bush International) to confirm the following:-

    My wife and I flew BA ref 7FRSUN in Jun/July this year Houston/London return ticket number 125 853 1633578 and I again flew same journey ref 37H8A7 on 15th Oct last ticket number 125 8215445921


    Many Thanks
    Victor Ridley

  115. I took BA168 from Shanghai to London on the 29th of October arrived on the 30th. I was very dissapointed with the service level, specially with he fact that they did not carry the red wine on the menu, out of stock for green tea, ice cream, even one of the lunch menu, What a surprise, my seat is at the second raw (not all the way back) and cabin was almost half empty. I did not understand why they did not carry enough at the first place, even the menu specific food. It was not worth paying the full fare for the services. The service was not great, either… Very disappointed.

  116. On Wednesday evening, 29 October, in Dublin, Ireland, my husband spoke by phone with a British Airways customer service agent in the States named Tony. Our seating assignments had been mistakenly altered due to a change of aircraft so that the 3 of us were in middle seats rather than the aisles we booked 2 months earlier. The 3 of us are between 6′ and 6’5″. Tony corrected the situation. He was friendly, patient, and understanding. We appreciate the support he offered and slept better for it the evening before our flight.

  117. I will like to inform you that flight BA 1407 delay resulted in missing my connecting flight VS 651. I slept at the airport. Although I was given the option of refund if I lodge in hotel but the time of arrival at Heathrow, I could not go out of the hotel again. I believe the delay of getting to Lagos almost 24 hours later should be more important. This caused me economic loss because of important schedule I missed.
    I contacted customer services. It was after 3 weeks that my message was replied. I was given case number 14513572. But up till now nothing has been done . I had similar experience on other airlines and the case was resolved ASAP. Furthermore, the link that was sent to me to contact customer services has never been effective. It returns error message each time I try it. I want my full compensation according to EU legislation.Thanks and best wishes

  118. BA’s Executive Club customer service over the telephone is shocking. I plan to fly tomorrow but will arrive at the airport a long time after my guest who will fly with me. I called to ask that he be admitted to the lounge before I arrived (I am a silver card holder and he is not). The response was “computer says no” and completely unhelpful. Flying BA is a pleasure – the telephone service is awful and always leaves me completely frustrated when I hang up the phone. Please do something about it!!

  119. My husband and I had our holiday plans severely disrupted by the delay on flight BA 0632, LHR to Athens, on Monday, November 9, 2015.. We were placed on a much later flight.
    Swan Hellanic who booked our travel have advised us to claim compensation from you. Our booking reference is 1055495.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  120. On5 November we left George(south Africa) on flight mn902 at1700. my wife has a lung problem and ran out of air climbing the stairs to the plane. It took your stewardess seconds to come to her assistance and help her to her seat. Much appreciated!!!!!
    On 22 November we returned on flightMN925. on arrival in George ,a lady carrying an infant and another with toddler plus carry-on case needed help. I carried the case while the two Hostesses, stood at the door and chatted. Maybe if they were trained in customer care, and lost weight they would have c assisted the passengers. Disgusted!!!!

  121. I arrived in Dublin this morning for a 5 day stay. The flights from New York to London and from London to Dublin were far above average, especially for an elderly man needing assistance. Unfortunately, there is a difficult and unnecessary issue requiring your attention. My room is totally unsatisfactory and not at all what was described to me by your agent (a person who only identified himself as “John”) at the time I made the reservation. The room has no window, is smaller than the closet in my bedroom and is poorly appointed. Reference your reservation numberJCAP7690872. FAR BELOW STANDARD FOR A WORLD-WIDE HOTEL CHAIN, such as Best Western. Please contact me for suggestions on resolving this issue. My room number is 235.

  122. I fly business from Amman to points in US – 10-12 times year. Same plane. Same carry on piece of luggage. Today I was required to check my carry on. No explanation, a very rude young women. I fly for comfort and convenience. This delayed me in Boston for two hours (the flight was already late). Unless I hear from someone in the next 24 hours I wil be switching to another airline and encouraging others to do as well

  123. I am a frequent BA traveller; 90112953.
    I have had two bad baggage experiences with BA recently and I want to talk to someone in customer service in Houston . Please give me a contact and phone number.
    Chris Rivers.

  124. My booking reference 4RXTUA.Flew from LAX to GLA on 3 January 2016. I believed that by upgrading to Premium Economy I would enjoy superior service on my return flight. Extremely disappointed by the service. Served meal that was being offered to those in Economy. My original connecting flight on 4 January 2016 from London to Glasgow – BA1488 was cancelled. I accept that I had been notified of this several weeks beforehand. However, no offer of refreshments made despite having to wait for next flight BA1492 which was scheduled to take off at 17.55. This flight was delayed by 40 minutes. I did not reach Glasgow until 19.40.
    Other comments about my flight from LAX to London include passengers flying economy being advised prior to boarding that there were insufficient headsets for all passengers and that if

  125. My booking reference was 4RXTUA. Concerned about poor service offered on flight BA0268 from LAX to Heathrow on 3 January 2016. I paid for Premium Economy on this flight. Offered same meal as in economy. My connecting flight to Glasgow BA1488 on 4 January 2016 was cancelled. I accept I was notified of this several weeks beforehand. However, the next available flight was scheduled to depart at 17.55. I was not offered any form of refreshments while I waited for this flight. When I did board this flight it was delayed by 40 minutes. I reached Glasgow 1hour 40 minutes after the time I should have arrived had my first flight not been cancelled!
    In addition, passengers flying in economy from LAX to London were advised prior to boarding that there were insufficient headsets for all passengers and that if they wanted to use the in-flight entertainment system they would have to buy their own at the airport before boarding or use their own. To compound matters the rear bathroom on the upper deck had no running water so a large bottle of water was made available for passengers. Finally, a chap sitting in the same row as me had to endure the 9 and half flight sitting on a seat that was broken i.e. It was stuck in the full recline position.
    I paid £825.39 for my return ticket from Glasgow to LAX. Having paid this amount I expected to enjoy comfortable flights to and from LAX though this was not what I experienced.
    What has happened to the blue chip experience BA use to offer its passengers?
    I did have a chat with the Cabin Services Director on the flight and he highlighted that the issues U have mentioned were only some of the complaints he had received from other passengers. He indicated that he had a full report of issues to report back to the airline.
    This is second time I have had complain in the space of two months. My earlier complaint related to a two and half hour delay I experienced flying from London to Miami on 13 November 2015!! Your response to me at that time was to advise me that one of your senior managers regularly travelled on flights as a ‘ secret shopper’ to gauge the level of service being offered. Clearly,he must fly on the flights that have no problems.
    I would much prefer to receive good service in flight than have to complain about problems I have experienced.
    I would like to know what you are going to do in response to the foregoing?
    Thank you.

    Paul O’Neil

  126. To whom is care about

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Just a quick note to inform you that my first time first class flight experience with my partner were not great.

    Unfriendly and impatient staff at lounge
    Food served not hot, served as if have been prepared longer

    On the plane,
    Crew gave excuse that the plane is new and try to provide service
    Tray left on my seat while I used the loo
    No hot breakfast served.

    The bed is very comfortable.

    At last, I will have to think twice to fly with you in first class or recommend you to my friends.

    Thank you

    Best regards,

    Choon Wee Yap

  127. booking reference 695HRF my plane was unable to take off from LHR-JNB which was my connection from LA the flight no was 55 on the 26th of december. BA game us some coupon to spend the night but i didnt recieve the correct one and incured alot of expenses and ended up missing my wedding on the sunday, i was also assuered my connection to cape town was at 7am but this was not the case.

    please advise

  128. Hello! I want to know if it is ok if I bring candles on the plane. I bought candles for my wedding and I want to know if I can take it with me. Please get back to me.

  129. BA call centre must have a very high turnover of staff. Been trying to get through since Monday. Finally, Wednesday, I got through and was on the call for 34 minutes trying (unsuccessfully) to upgrade a room in Antigua. Thanks for your help Lauren, I would have been better asking for next weeks lottery numbers. That might have been more achievable.


  131. Here’s what I think: I need to change the address on my FF Account, but apparently, this is beyond your capabilities. I was given two different phone numbers to call for BA, and both numbers are picked up by a voice prompt saying “United.” That’s ok, I don’t want to fly your lousy airlines anyway. Now I’ve been on hold for over 9 minutes. Now I’ve hung up, you have wasted enough of my time, fie on you and worse.

  132. i brought a British airline ticket from Lagos to Houston Enroute to Canada airline that will take me to Houston., I have envelope containing my families immigrant packet for 1-155 green card as permanent resident of USA. I have a temporary stamp on my passport. . British airline manager at Lagos airport claimed I need a transit visa. is that true or can someone give me the Desk telephone to call the manager superior to resolve this confusion before my departure date. did I need a transit from Canada or Britain?

  133. Please could you get your customer services manger to email just got of a flight from Singapore to Heathrow absolute appalling flight

  134. My partner and I (Mr Michael Lover) were on flight BA009 from Heathrow to Bangkok. On the journey the cabin crew were very worried about the swelling on his feet and had a medical team waiting at Bangkok Airport.
    I must say the cabin crew were very concerned and very professional dealing with this situation.
    Myself and my partner cannot thank the cabin crew enough for their help.
    Angela (cabin crew) gave me her mobile number and asked me to ring her about how Michael was getting on, we both appreciated this. Thankfully he is fine now.
    Kind regards Mrs Spencer

  135. I booked a flight to London out of Pensacola I had flown BA one before and vowed after the first experience I would never fly with you again I wish I had kept my promise, got to Miami surposed to of been a 4 hour layover that turned out to be 8 hours we were lucky we had baulk had seats with leg room but to be constantly kicked in the back of my seat for 8 hours by a guy that was far to big to be siting in a seat that he could hardly sit in let alone get in .Why don’t to take a close look at just how much room there is in coach I would think if you just took out 2 or 3 rows and charged more per seat most people would gladly pay more for a little more room, after all 10 years ago you fly first class for what a coach seat is to day. The only way I can spend 1600 dollars an from the time I get to the airport I get treated like a second class citizen till the time I get off.
    So that was the trip there I Called costomer service to try and get the same seats as I had coming that took me 3 attempts each time THE MAN IN INDIA TOLD ME HIS COMPUTERS WERE DOWN when I did get hold of him the 4th time he told me I could not have those seats but could have the 2 seats next to them but when I checked in they had never heard for this costomer service guy there were no notes in the computer made me look a fool
    I just got the seats that were booked when we checked in in Pensacola right behind the seats we had going to London I so if you must out source your costomer service to another country they really need to know what they are doing because the guy I talked to did not !!!!!! I believe you probably wont take any action on what I have said but I can assure you, you will never see another penny of my money spent on your air line again and im English

    kind regards Edward Horton

  136. horrible horrible horrible. do not book B.A unless you want plenty of hassles and irritation. Customer service is a joke – long hold times, accents from people one cannot understand. They offer upgrades then put you thru hell to get the upgrade confirmed. We do Europe eveyr two years – no more British airways you can be sure!!

    Jerry Crabill

  137. Disgusting, disgusting and disgusting., flights forever delayed. No more British airways rest assured. As frequent flyers we endure frustration each time we use british airlines. Flights are old and always delayed. Same type of food morning and afternoon everyday. Improve or be grounded!!!!

  138. Please could you send me an email address for Customer Services.

    Thank you for your help.


  139. My wife and I are very disappointed at the treatment we have recieved from your airline and employees regarding our flight from boston london. And onward flight to cork ireland. Your company treated my wife and I with complete disregard on arriving at logan airport for our flight. We informed your employees of our onward flight which we were going to miss.They basically shrugged their shoulders and said what can we do sir. This was after informing them that we had nobody to collect our kids from school in ireland and were very worried about the situation which would have been no problem if we had made our scheduled flight from london. They then proceeded to insult us more by producing a (9) dollar voucher. Omg how embarrassing. That should do u sir get a bottle of water for yourself u will be fine then. Shame on u british airways and your so called customer service. We will consider hard to fly direct from ireland to boston in future. And I just pray nothing happens to our kids on arrival from school.

  140. I would like to say a very big thankyou to your member of staff who went above and beyond the call of duty by returning my coat to me
    after I had boarded and realised I had left it by Starbucks in terminal 5.This what I call service.It was flight 8UNBRW
    LHR to Larnaca.
    The service on this flight was very good,the crew were efficient, polite and helpful

    Thankyou BA
    Rita Reid

  141. Why isn’t there a 24/7 customer service number? Sometimes you desperately need to talk to a human being because your problem doesn’t fit the computer questions. I have a daughter stranded without luggage. She did what the airline told her, now I have two airlines pointing fingers at each other and a bag that is desperately needed after 4 days. The best one call center baggage guy could say was that she would need to go back to the airport and file a new claim…she is on a service trip and cannot go back just now. I know the bag has been left off of AA at Heathrow, but don’t know if BA picked it up or if it is now lost there. This has become a nightmare. I need to talk to someone and I need a 24/7 human being. I know which AA flight the bag is on, but AA was lacadasical about it, saying that BA ought to know it is coming and do something about it….It has been lost for days and no positive contact with it. And no 24/7 customer service.

  142. Why isn’t there a 24/7 customer service number? Sometimes you desperately need to talk to a human being because your problem doesn’t fit the computer questions. I have a daughter stranded without luggage. She did what the airline told her, now I have two airlines pointing fingers at each other and a bag that is desperately needed after 4 days. The best one call center baggage guy could say was that she would need to go back to the airport and file a new claim…she is on a service trip and cannot go back just now. I know the bag has been left off of AA at Heathrow, but don’t know if BA picked it up or if it is now lost there. This has become a nightmare. I need to talk to someone and I need a 24/7 human being. I know which AA flight the bag is on, but AA was lacadasical about it, saying that BA ought to know it is coming and do something about it….It has been lost for days and no positive contact with it. And no 24/7 customer service.

  143. As I sit here at the baggage claim I can not find anyone to talk to so I am writing an email to British airways. No one at at lost and found nor at the British airways desk and confirm where and when my bag will arrive. I arrived to Rome from heathrow on BA 560 and previous from Miami on BA208. I am in Rome for 1 night and you can imagine how frustrating it is because I don’t know what to do. I flew business class this time and thought that someone would at least communicate with me about what to do about my bags. Very frustrated with my experience.

  144. Worst business class experience ever! Arrived to my destination without my bags arriving. They told me to wait until the next flight because the bag is on the next flight (and it is on time). They also told me not to leave the airport because they will be unable to deliver the bag to my hotel.
    Now the flight that has my bag is delayed and I am stuck at the airport longer! There goes my single night I have in Rome!!!

  145. So people know… British airways, per the attendants, in Rome now operates as a low cost airlines with skeleton crew and no customer service.

  146. Please inform me where I can send a formal letter to praise the work of BA customer service representative Cheryl Laporte who went above and beyond for us recently in London when my teenaged daughter lost her passport on a flight out of Bilbao Spain into London. She was outstanding and never lost her patience in what looked to be a high stress environment. Cheryl was compassionate, creative and professional when others may have just said “Sorry, I can’t help you any further, next”. She doggedly pursued a solution for us with the American Embassy and Homeland Security and made our return trip home to the US possible. I sang her praises to her boss, Nayan Mehta, who was also extremely calm and compassionate. It is refreshing to see people like Cheryl Laporte in a world where many are detached and often rude. Thanks for getting us home on time–we owe it all to you Cheryl!!

  147. Dear Sir/Madam
    Re: 5FOC3G

    I wish to postpone the journey that was scheduled on 11th October 2016. NBO – LHL – Texas.
    Because the VISA is not yet issued
    Thank you David

  148. On a recent tour to America, we stayed overnight at a hotel near Terminal 5 to be ready for our flight. On trying to get to the airport the next morning, the traffic was gridlocked outside of the hotel and the shuttle buses just didn’t appear. We arranged with the hotel for a taxi to pick us up in an area with no traffic but that didn’t appear either. We simply stood there watching the time tick down towards the close of check in ( literally having allowed 3 hours) A passer by at a bus stop near by took pity on us and rang a friend who turned up and took us to the airport which is only about 3 miles from the hotel but is not walkable due to the lack of pavements for most of the way ( and believe me , we considered it!) We had missed check in and we thought the entire tour, however the check in desk sent us to another desk to see if they could help. Three cheery ladies here set to and booked us on to a direct flight to DC later in the day at no extra cost. They were helpful, bright and reassuring and made a disaster into “no problem”. They even checked our luggage earlier so that we
    would not have to drag it around all day. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a note of their names but thanks to all the staff on check in gate E on the morning of Oct 18th for all your help and kindness.

  149. My wifes father has a serious medical condition and looked to move the date of our flight to America. She contacted BA’s to ask and was told she would have to pay an additional €2k just to change her flight. Considering our flights only cost us €1,7k in the first place I was shocked. The had no consideration to the seriousness of this, when my partner asked could she fly out with another airline and return on her ticker she has already purchased the told her no, as she has to use tickets in order, I’m confused how customer service can be this bad. I for one will never use this airline again and will contact the local media outlets to highlight this really poor behaviour. All my wife wants to do is get home to see her father before, god forbid the worse happens. I totally understand the T&Cs and when we purchased these tickets months ago we never thought her Father would have a massive heart attack.

  150. Hola llegue de Londres -mexico el 31 de diciembre vuelo BA 243 y me rompieron mi maleta quedo muy mal, estaba nueva la compre para este viaje que hice, también me robaron unos aretes y collar de swaroski estoy muy enojada, soy funcionario publico en México, me abrieron mi maleta, la rompieron y me robaro, necesito ayuda

  151. Dear Mr Cruz,

    Back in 1997 I flew to Singapore with BA in a 747 – the appalling service and food, the broken seat and 2 broken overhead locker doors in my passenger section of the cabin alone convinced me to NEVER, EVER again fly with British Airways. For 20 years I avoided British Airways. I flew many times with Singapore Airlines on regular flights to the Far East, New Zealand – you should try flying with them and see how a really professional airline handles passenger service, in flight food and sets a bar BA could only ever dream of.

    This week I had to fly to Vienna from UK and the only flight that made any sense was a flight on a Monday afternoon from Heathrow with yourseloves, flying back on Tuesday evening – an outrageous £450 for this flight in economy class where it turns one is not consideredt even worth a single complimentary cup of coffee or a coke. No, you can pay with your credit card for a cup of coffee I was told. On completing my flight on the way back I expressed my candid view quite politely to your senior Stewardess, or “Customer Service Manager” as she styled herself, that I thought the above mentioned £450 economy London – Viennna was bad enough but to not even merit the couresy of a complimentary warm beverage or soft drink was really appalling and I would never again if humanly possible fly with you – to which she said that it was my choice and it would make no difference to BA whether I chose to fly with you or not. I am sure she is right and I am sure this letter will make no difference either. I think BA sums your airline up perfectly – it stands for Bloody Awful and accordingly I would advise my froiends and colleagues to always look for another option if possible

    Kind regards,

  152. we have been waiting 77 days for a bereavement refund and despite the travel agent emailing twice….still no response from BA…Original flight was April from Vcr to Leeds UK..This had to be changed as family member was dying. Death certificate went to travel agent 23JUNE….The additional expense incurred to 2 pensioners is over $1900.00 BA very quick to charge our credit cards yet it is taking 77 days and still no response. We find this heartless…..We were planning a holiday in May to the UK and had saved up so that no credit cards were charged. Travel agency is Travel Place in Campbell River BC Canada (flt #84 -10/4/17 f

  153. My husband is travelling with you today on flight #154 his name is Ahmed bassem Fathy
    His birthday is today I wish if u celebrate his birthday as he spending it with you cause I have no chance to do so
    Best regards ,
    His wife

  154. Hi everyone,
    Hope this massage finds you well
    My husband is travelling with you today on flight #154 and it is his birthday so I hope if you celebrate his birthday as I have no chance to do so
    His name is : Ahmed bassem Fathy
    Best regards,
    His wife

  155. British Airlines is advertising flights in the London Evening Standard flying to Los Angeles, telling tourists to drive up the coast road via Carmel, then flying out of San Francisco. This is impossible! Highway One is blocked in several places, and will not be opening for at least a year. A mountain of mud has pushed the road into the ocean, and a major bridge has collapsed. It has been this way for over 6 months .Wake up! Please stop misinforming your customers and cancel these adverts. You are not the worst airline in the nothing, eh guys.

  156. My flight was cancelled on morning of 22 Sept and was told the only available flight was 20:30 that evening. After very little work I found an Aer Lingus flight under the BA brand from the same airport Belfast city and at a time that would get me and my travelling partner into London in time for my meeting.
    I had to pay £130 for each of us £260 in total.

    I would like a full refund for the price of the BA Aer Lingus flights

  157. I must commend BA for the continual improvements and hospitality that I experienced on recent flights. On my flight from Houston on September 18, I had a less than a 24hour layover in London and my baggage was checked straight to Lagos. On arriving in Lagos on Sept 20, I discovered that my all my jewelry had been removed from my checked in bag. I proceeded to Owerri for a one-week funeral ceremony with little access to the outside world. I went to the BA office at the Airport on September 27 and reported the loss. I was advised the policy was to make a documented complaint through the website under the complaint section because the loss had to be documented. Efforts to navigate the website to determine how to make official complaint has been very difficult and somewhat confusing. The theft of items from baggage is something that Ba should be eager to hear about to preserve their reputation and I would like to suggest that the systems/processes to do this should be revisited. I will continue to explore how to make British Airways aware of my loss.

  158. I recently flew out of San Jose on Saturday September 23rd on a flight to London BA 0278. Once I checked in, I went to the gate staff to add my mileage number. At the gate I asked the gentleman helping me if there was a mailbox in the area. He said that they were back downstairs before security. He said he was not supposed to do it, but he agreed to take my mail and said he would mail them after work. I said they were bills to be paid and very important and he said not to worry. I have returned from my trip and have received late fees and notices because they have never received my checks. They have not been cashed. I saw him put my mail in his satchel. I am very upset that someone would do this to me as my credit has been compromised. Can you please check who was working at that desk and find out what happened to my mail. There were 5 checks. The gentleman was Asian. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

  159. I have booked many flights for my disabled son who travels with a support ski club each winter to Italy. This year trying to book his flights with BA has been the most frustrating and still unresolved experience I ever suffered.
    The BA ‘System’ strongly advises each traveller to have available for presentation at the check in, an itinerary of their flight/s. I cannot print a hard copy through ‘The System’, it simply will not allow?
    Following a phone call to BA I was told to contact customer services via e mail, there I will be able to obtain the itinerary. Following the completion of a lengthy form with many seemingly unrelated gobble goop, it was sent. Advised this will take up to 28 days to resolve!! Already completed a negative and detailed feedback to BA.No response. Now have to try phoning again………….

  160. What is the phone number I can call regarding my compensation claim, none of the links on the email work and I have been waiting since JULY 2017..They asked me to send an authorization letter signed by other travel companions and I faxed it and emailed it and still nothing has happened?
    Claim number is 16795432

  161. On October 6 2017 My wife and I were booked to fly to Verona, Italy from Gatwick on flight 2598. For unknown reason the flight was delayed over 3 hours. Because of that the flight could not land in Verona and we had to go to Venice. From Venice you arranged to take us to Verona by bus. We finally arrived to Verona around 2.30AM. The Airport was practically closed and no taxi available to go home. The car rental companies were obviously closed. I was lucky to find a Hotel closed by and I was picked up by the Hotel car service. I had to pay for the Hotel room and the car service. Do I get reimbursed? how can you drop off 150 people in a airport closed in the middle of the night???, Before leaving Gatwick I had asked to a BA representative to provide a car service from Venice to a Hotel in Verona but my request was ignored. I was flying business class mind you. This is not what I expected from British.
    I paid for the Hotel room Euro 102 and 20 for the car service.

  162. On October 6 2017 My wife and I were booked to fly to Verona, Italy from Gatwick on flight 2598. For unknown reason the flight was delayed over 3 hours. Because of that the flight could not land in Verona and we had to go to Venice. From Venice you arranged to take us to Verona by bus. We finally arrived to Verona around 2.30AM. The Airport was practically closed and no taxi available to go home. The car rental companies were obviously closed. I was lucky to find a Hotel closed by and I was picked up by the Hotel car service. I had to pay for the Hotel room and the car service. Do I get reimbursed? how can you drop off
    150 people in a airport closed in the middle of the night???, Before leaving Gatwick I had asked to a BA representative to provide a car service from Venice to a Hotel in Verona but my request was ignored. I was flying business class mind you. This is not what I expected from British.
    I paid for the Hotel room Euro 102 and 20 for the car service.

  163. unfortunately you’re probably here because you made the mistake of paying an inflated fare for an abysmal service. BA simply don’t care or respond in reasonable timescales / with anything more than the bare minimum of their legal liability (and only then after obfuscation and delays). If you want action, use the media, a 3rd party intermediary service or take legal action.
    Very sadly in 2018 they are simply a national embarrassment, registered in and traded from Madrid who bear virtually no resemblance to the airline that was the “worlds favourite” a few years ago. Seat pitch lower than Ryanair on shorthaul, abysmal food, unreliable flight timings, extremely variable “service” onboard, filthy planes often with bedbugs and virtually no service on the ground with hidden charges for almost everything from baggage to seat choice. Don’t be deceived by the allegedly low headline fare because BA are Bloomin Awful in 2018 so fly AnyoneButBritishAirways next time you’re booking and encourage everyone else to do the same. #flyABBA because only hitting excessive profits will force a change in their approach

  164. I did a customer service response to flights I was on and so far no one has bothered to respond to my comments and as a regular traveller I am very disappointed that I have not had a response soi am trying another comment. My case reference no is 17418026.
    Hopefully you will be able to view all my contact with you. I would like a response to my comments.

    Duncan Hay
    Executive club number 90785361

  165. This Company needs a change in management and needs to antiquate their whole company with the 2018. Very simply, If customers book first class tickets and need to make a change do not charge extra unless it is a further distance. Let customers make the changes so they do not cancel all together and go to a different airline. British speaking agents are much easier to understand then people from India.FYI.. The airline is named British Airlines. More helpful and flexible is always better customer service practice then Not being able to work with people. It should never be more expensive to change a flight with the booked airline then to cancel a flight with the booked airline. What idiot thought this one up? Customer Service is everything in any Great Well Run Company!! Hire less People that are intelligent and fast then more lazy people who cant think and work.

  166. I wish to recognize your flight attendant, Kerry Stanley for going above and beyond in assisting me and several other customers on January 7, 2018. She was of great help in showing me where the left luggage shop was as well as directing me to the subway at Heathrow. She was very informative and kind at a time I really needed help in navigating my way through the airport. She also helped another customer find the correct desk to get booked on another flight after hers was cancelled. I understand helping customers is the norm for her. That may be but it is not always the case in my travel experience. I wanted you to know you have a really terrific employee in Kerry and I would love to hear that she was recognized for her great service. Thanks

  167. Resceduled flight New Orleans to Heathrow from Sept of 2017 to Mar 2018 due to serious illness of family member. Was told rescheduling fee would be $300. Cancellation fee $997 so expected additional fee of $300. No one advised me otherwise but when I tried to change my seat reservation (for which I paid two weeks ago and have received confirmation)on Tues. Feb 27, 2018, the agent informed me a ticket would not be issued until I paid $997. After some discussion I realized I had no choice and provided him with my credit card number. He also told me a ticket would be issued within 48 hrs. Card has not been charged so no ticket. I’m scheduled to leave on Mar. 9. I’m a senior citizen and completely overwhelmed by fhese developments and by this outrageous charge.

  168. I had a family emergency yesterday and had a flight the next day. I tried managing my booking online but couldn’t reschedule it online, tried calling them but they were closed. So called the next morning, but talked to two agents who both hung up on me, called a third time and waited on the line for over 20 minutes. Finally talked to an agent to try to reschedule my flight for tomorrow, but they said they couldn’t do anything since my flight was leaving so soon. Tried to do everything I could to change the flight the day before and the day of had so many issues calling in that I could no longer change it. Quite disappointed, and now have to book another flight. I understand that it was last minute change and that is difficult but just disappointed that there isn’t a 24-hour service to manage the booking and talk to an agent. It was a last minute family emergency so it was just difficult.

  169. Our flight was 3 hrs late leaving Bengaluru so we missed our connection in London. We were given overnight lodging and free meals, but we were told that we would have to pick up our luggage and bring them back the next day. We had been gone for two months, so we had maximum luggage. We went to ticket connection to get our vouchers for lodging, transportation, and food. I asked at the desk if it could be possible for BA to forward our luggage. Mr. Snaz Chudasama took a lot of time and care with us in order to get our luggage forwarded without us picking it up. We are senior citizens and very thankful for the time he spent to help us.


    MY COMMENT AND COMPLAINT:—-I LAWRENCE ANIFAL:AJE( WCHR) was one of the Wheel Chair Passengers on BOARD Flight BA 74 LAGOS >LONDON on Sunday 29 APR.2018.

    A Hefty man in a T Shirt came to us ( about 12 Nos Wheel Chair Passengers )where we were assembled waiting to board the plane after all Immigration and Custom checks had been carried out to cunningly and forcibly remove from us each our Individual “Hand luggage” which the Airline allows us to carry. He said that there was an order from above that Wheel Chair Passengers luggages must be removed from them because the aeroplane was full to capacity. I queried Him why that should be so BECAUSE other Passengers kept and held on to theirs.He was did not bulge in spite of my protests that I have travelled by B.A for more than Two decades and a strange order like that has never been issued in my experience! He took away our Luggage amidst protest! On arrival at Heatrow terminal Five baggage reclaim,I discovered that my hand luggage had been tampered with and opened and some Valuables were removed from the Luggage. A sum of Sixty Pounds Sterling was removed from my wallet in the luggage. My two Telephones were stolen—– A Samsung Phone and A Microsoft Phone But my Credit cards were spared fortunately. It was very traumatic for me as an elderly person. I kept that money specially to pay for my Cab or Taxi home. A good Samaritan had to help me with funds to get to my destination. I am sure that some of the Wheel Chair Passengers might have suffered similar fate from the hands of these Unscrupulous employees. It would be a good idea to make an in depth enquiry as to the events of your ground staff who handled the affairs of the night of 29/04/2018 as employees of your airline . i shall make myself available to testify and identify the leader of the group! Many thanks for your thorough Investigation into the murky MM Airport in Lagos—BA Airlines.These bad eggs must not be allowed to tarnish the Unblemished Reputation of this Great Airline!! I await your findings PLEASE.!

  171. On Friday 18th May,I was booked to travel to Philadelphia on flight BA67 now I have been traveling to visit my daughter for 38 years and have always been satisfied with the service. This time my experience was exceptionally great. Previously I had noticed my passport was running out, so in March I renewed this, but whilst checking in for my flight, a problem became a nightmare, I had not realised that my Nesta visa also had to be renewed. Now I was taken to another member of staff her name was DOLITY AYEPAH this young lady was so helpful, without her help I would never have made my flight, she spent 2 hours filling out new forms for me and getting in touch with my daughter in Philadelphia for a correct address, which I had not previously needed to know, she should be highly commended for her help, I am 82 years old, and was treated with greatest respect from her, she needn’t have helped, but she out hersel out, please let her know how kind she was, and with her help I did get my flight. thank you. Mrs Brenda Simpson.

  172. I arrived at Washing Dulles (IAD) on May 25 at 8:10 PM on a BA flight from London Heathrow.

    I just could not find my suitcase and ask the British Airlines staff member at the baggage podium if my bag was unloaded from the plane using my baggage check number that was put on my ticket at the BA bag drop in Glasgow.

    The agent told me it was, and I continued to look for my luggage. but she asked me if I would recognize my luggage.

    I decided after finding my luggage (and I was not in a rush since I live 30 minutes from the airport) that I should have said, “I only recognize my luggage when it is standing alone in my basement, else it looks like every other black large suitcase.”

  173. My BA flight 68 from PHL to LHR on April 27 was canceled without any notice
    Raced to American airlines which fortunately was able to get me on an earlier flight by 20 minutes I had paid for a businessclass ticket but none were available
    No explanation from BA or AA (codeshare) as to why I was not advised that the flight was canceled Trying to get a refund on the class downgrade is difficult
    Neither airline will take ownership of the problem Hugely disappointed. Have flown both airlines for years

  174. Dear sir

    Our customer service number is # 17698007

    We have submitted our request with the info when we travelled to Bangalore recently. WE are seniors. My husband is 79 yrs and i am 72 years old. We had to change the ticket twice because of famly illness and we are old amd may not make trip soon again. we did pay money to change the date but wew re promised by customer service would do re celebrating 50th wedding Anniversary this Year. I am requesting to make it happen. We are coming to London after 47 years end of june this year flying American//british airways on june 27th from Kennedy Airport.We were living in London for 2 years from 1969 to 1971 in Streatham SW16 London. We wanted to visit and capture our memory of our living at London. Bet Lot of changes we can see now we are eagerly waiting our trip with our kids and grandchildren. Our request for you is to make it special.

    Uma Srinivas

  175. On May 29 our light 553 was late arriving at LHR and it looked as if we would miss our connection with flighr 279. However, upon deplaning, there was a sign showing our name, and we were met by two BA employees, Lesley Friel,and
    Tony Harman. They put us in a van and sped around the airport until delivering
    us to our flight 279 just in time.
    This was 5 star service by BA, and a super job by Leslley and Tony.
    Many thanks.

  176. I would like to thank BA for the upgrade that was provided to us during our return flight back to Toronto on June 25th.
    We are regular BA patrons and have always enjoyed your excellent service ,even your economy is far better than other airlines we have used in the past.
    REF PCUOEE BA 0099 and our membership no are 15274657 and 15284913.

  177. This is by no means a complaint about the flight or its crew , as both were great .
    My criticism is the length of time we waited for the refreshment trolley to arrive at our seats . It was 2 hours after take off , which I think is far to long . Nothing to do with bad weather or anything , but there was only one trolley doing the whole of the back section of the plane .
    Going out to Corfu the week before there was 2 carts , hope this is the norm and we were unlucky coming home.

  178. I made an international flight from Dublin-Santiago de Chile via Buenos Aires with lost baggage in Buenos Aires to Santiago. Either in BA or Santiago I had valuable property stolen from my lost case. My Flight was LA 464 July 12, passenger Declan Creighton and the code for my lost luggage was SCLLA 14082 given in Arturo Merino Benitez airport in Santiago. No recompense was offered for the more than 24 hr lost luggage. ON arriving home on July 27 I discover that employees either in Santiago or BA plundered my luggage, looked for valuable cufflinks and stole them. At least some notice has to be given at this airports where these THIEVEING …OPERATE.

  179. Hi,

    I have just returned from Chania, Flight 661 on 11th August. I was very disappointed at the lack of provision for coeliacs, only chocolate brownie was available, even crisps were not gluten free. I suggest you include a savoury option and plain crisps.

    I must say that the flight crew were very helpful.

  180. I recently booked two Business BA Tickets Gatwick – Faro (4-15 Sep 2018, Ref: K53YXA) and a BA Car Rental (4-15 Sep 2018, Ref: K6I2CL, Car Confirmation No. 19070596GB6, Group L Volvo V40 Automatic).

    The Business flights were excellent, however, I was very disappointed with BA’s AVIS Car Rental Agency at Faro Airport.

    I was informed that they did not have our requested Group L car of choice and could offer us alternative cars, e.g. Toyota/Ford, which we did not wish to drive. I was then offered a ‘prestige’ car (Volvo V90 Automatic) at additional Euro 75.00 per day and then informed that there was an additional excess of Euro 7,800 for which I was liable.

    The ‘pressure’ I received concerning the Euro 7,800 excess led me to take out further insurance coverage at Euro 600.00.

    The additional costs of Euro 900.00 (additional for rental of Volvo V90…approx 3x the initial payment to BA) plus Euro 600.00 (insurance waiver costs for excess of Euro 7,800) amount to Euro 1500.00. With the upfront costs of £333.00 paid online to BA, I have been charged £1667.85 for a 12 day car rental!!

    I am seriously concerned about these additional charges and as a valued, long-time member of the BA programme (currently Silver) would like BA to explain these unrealistic ‘hidden’ extra costs. Many other renting clients faced the exact same pressure to upgrade and/or pay the insurance waiver for excess charges on their car.

    Prof G.E. Mann

  181. I sent a complaint about the latest data breach in Aug.-Sept. and have not heard a thing back not even an acknowledgement of my issue. I booked a roundtrip flight from San Jose to London Dec. 16-23 through Expedia, but then had to choose seats through the British Airways sight so that I could sit with my 16 year old daughter on the 11 hour and 15 hour flights and that is when my card information got compromised through the British Airways site. I was already frustrated that I had to pay an additional $200 just to sit by my 16 year old daughter and now I have to go through all the trouble of getting a new card and changing all my accounts associated with it. It would have been nice to get some compensation for the seats or a seat upgrade for all the trouble some kind of “I’m sorry for the trouble” reply….

  182. My credit card, passport info was in your system which was stolen.
    Fortunately I was able to cancel my credit card but my passport information is out there thanks to BA.
    I flew into Toronto from Gatwick on September 14th but both my bags were left behind in the UK.
    I received 1 bag on the 18th and the other o the 19th.
    I was compelled to get a few items costing C$120.00 and I am trying to claim this amount on line but it does not get sent as one of the questions asked is for the bank Sort Code unfortunately in Canada there is a swift code which is not being accepted.
    I have tried 1 347 843 5794 for 2 days but only get a recording.

    How do I submit this claim to BA?

  183. I recently booked a flight through Travelgenio starting in London to Doha on British Airways Flight 123, 31 October 2018 at 21.00 hrs. This flight has been cancelled after I had paid for the confirmation of two seats together in World Traveller Plus totalling £ 70.00. I am requesting a refund on that amount please.

  184. Dear Sir/Madam: Ruby Thomas and I were supposed to travel from EWR to Milan, Italy. However, she got sick and unfortunately on October 3, 2018 she died. Here is a copy of our Itinerary. Please refund monies paid. My name is Gail Henry and my phone number is 973-558-6187. PLEASE REFUND MONIES ASAP and contact me. Thank you. Gail Henry Booking Confirmation
    Thank you! Your electronic tickets are ready.
    Justfly Booking: 051-964-172 Transaction Date: Sun. Apr 09, 2017
    View my reservation
    Your Itinerary
    For changes or cancellations, please call us immediately at: 1-800-717-5015
    Newark Milano Travel Time: 8h 55m
    British Airways
    Flight 188
    Terminal B

    9:30pm Wed. Oct 18 Newark, NJ (EWR)
    9:20am Thu. Oct 19 London (LHR)
    Aircraft: 787-9 – economy
    5h 45m layover in London
    Airline Confirmation: 64PFE8
    British Airways
    Flight 566
    Terminal 5

    3:05pm Thu. Oct 19 London (LHR)
    6:10pm Thu. Oct 19 Milano (MXP)
    Aircraft: A319 – economy
    Airline Confirmation: 64PFE8
    Milano Newark Travel Time: 10h 10m
    British Airways
    Flight 2143
    Terminal 1

    9:45pm Thu. Nov 02 Milano (MXP)
    11:15pm Thu. Nov 02 Dublin (DUB)
    Operated by Aer Lingus
    Aircraft: A320 – economy
    13h 45m layover in Dublin
    Airline Confirmation: 64PFE8
    British Airways
    Flight 6133
    Terminal 2

    1:00pm Fri. Nov 03 Dublin (DUB)
    4:40pm Fri. Nov 03 Newark, NJ (EWR)
    Operated by Aer Lingus
    Airline Confirmation: 64PFE8
    • View my reservation • Baggage Fees • Visa & Passport Info
    Passenger Information
    Name E-ticket Gender Date of Birth
    GAIL YVONNE HENRY British Airways:
    Female 02/26/49
    RUBY J THOMAS British Airways:
    Female 12/13/41
    Each traveler must have their itinerary and passport (or government-issued photo ID) for check-in and airport security. Please note that you did not opt in for travel insurance. If you change your mind, you can

  185. On October 15, 2018 I flew with my husband from Vancouver BC to Calgary Alberta (WS130) to connect with British Airways Flight BA 85 to London England. We handed our luggage to BA check in counter and flew BA 85 to Heathrow. Upon landng husband’s luggage arrived but not mine. We walked over to BA lost luggage counter and received a phone call from Westjet Calgary that they had my luggage for some reason. My husband handed the phone to the BA Agent who spoke to Westjet employee. BA Agent informed us that we would receive my luggage no later than 48 hours. In fact it was FIVE days until I received my luggage. Turns out my luggage sat in BA’s lost luggage for 4 days. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE…poor poor on BA’s behalf.

  186. Flew from Calgary to London via BA 86 on October 15 2018. Once at the Calgary Airport we checked into BA and handed our luggage to a BA Agent who tagged and placed our luggage on the belt. Arrived in Heathrow….my husband’s luggage arrived but not mine. Was at the BA Lost Luggage Counter Heathrow when WestJet Calgary called to say that for whatever reason they had my luggage. My husband handed the phone to your BA Agent who told the WestJet person to take the luggage to BA Calgary Lost Luggage and they would put in on the next available BA Flight (Oct.16/18). Luggage did not arrive the next day, nor the next etc. Many many phone calls on our behalf when frankly we would have preferred to have been sightseeing. Finally on Day 4 we contacted a West Jet Agent in Calgary (as we were getting nowhere insofar as progress in this matter when dealing with BA) who went over to the BA Luggage Counter and there sat my luggage (which we knew it would be there as on Oct.15/18 that is where it was handed to by WestJet Agent to BA Agent). BA promptly handed my luggage to WestJet and it was ultimately WestJet who dealt with the matter. So after the many many phone calls and all the run around we received from BA Agents I finally received my luggage FIVE (yes FIVE) days after it did not make our original BA 86 flight even with the knowledge of your people that it was sitting at your lost luggage counter in Calgary.
    I realize that luggage sometimes does not reach its destination as planned. I think it is reasonable (and we were told this by your BA Agent in Heathrow) to expect UP TO a 48 hour delay to be reconnected to your luggage but I believe it is unreasonable and frankly unprofessional on behalf of your company to take FIVE days for this to happen particularly given that all along it was known that my luggage was located at your lost luggage counter in Calgary (as your BA Agent in Heathrow had directed the WestJet Agent in Calgary to take it to).
    I would appreciate a response to my email.

  187. What I think is what I read, as I see how well you handle the flight out of Florida to London. and just seeing how you handled this and what you compensated these passenger I will make sure to never fly with your Airlines, seeing company first passenger second, good job you lost my business and I do fly out of the us 2-4 year. In joy your greed.

  188. BA Flight 0207(m5epyu)
    Just wanted to advise that stewardess Greta (189641) on our flight to Miami from LHR was outstanding with the level of service she gave to me and my wife during an uncomfortable flight experience has the entertainment system had failed for the duration of our long haul flight to Miami ,she couldn’t do enough for us and was very apologetic throughout the flight for the inconvenience we was experiencing as we were quite anxious and bored for the duration of the flight. she constantly kept coming to us and chatting and supplying drinks which we was truly grateful, I only thought it right to give her a mention she is an excellent stewardess if you could pass my comments on to her I would be grateful she is a credit to British Airways and a lovely girl!

  189. LHR – washington DC club class jan 28th.
    Congratulations on your new and greatly improved club class service. You have managed to slim down the services but achieve far greater efficiency and satisfaction than the very dated former product. Great attention from the crew, lovely lunch and greatly improved tea service. A huge leap forward, now the horrible seat configuration next?

  190. Dear BA,

    Since relocating to Canada I have switched mostly from Star Alliance to BA for my personal and work related travels. I have been recently disappointed that yet again when I visit my family back in Northern Ireland and connect to Heathrow via Aer Lingus I am still not able to check in online or select seats despite being on a BA ticket and a BA customer like everyone else on the flight.

    This time is particularly disappointing as I there was only a middle seat left. I also wasted long periods of time both 24hours before by Belfast flight and again for the Heathrow flight as the My Booking page check in count down advised me I would be able to check in but then the page kept refusing to load. I made repeated attempts both times as I assumed it was my internet connection.

    I do not understand why starting my journey from Belfast I should be disadvantaged this way?

    Many thanks in advance for your consideration and I do hope you are able to do something to rectify this situation.

  191. we three passengers travelled from Doha Qatar on 3/1/ 2019 to Edinburgh Scotland flight BA 2889 at 7.30 am.. individual luggage was under weight of allowance we had one very small golf bag, we were charged 700and forty QR which is about 174 pounds we had to pay as we were in big que.174 pounds for small golf bag in three times more only one way is un acceptable we want to know why so much would like to know or we will never fly by British airway or Qatar airway

  192. Hi I’m a BA silver card member and iv bought tickets from London to Shanghai and back with economy basics tickets. Iv been told that with my silver status, I can anyway be allowed check in luggage. Could you confirm ASAP?

  193. The emotional scenes are laughable even though there was one part which I found to be sad, but all of the other “sad” parts are like; “Oh he’s dead.

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