Contact Briggs And Stratton Customer Service

Contact Briggs and Stratton Customer Service

Contacting Briggs and Stratton Customer Service Center

Briggs and Stratton is an engine company that sells generators, mowers, water pumps, snow throwers and more. The company has been working with motors for more than 100 years and now employs upwards of 3,000 employees who build more than 10 million engines every year.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Briggs and Stratton customer service department is divided into smaller departments depending on the product the customer currently owns. There is an Answer Center available to all customers that is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday as well as an Engine Center and Generator/Pressure Washer Center. We’ve also included the corporate office phone number.

  • Engines: 1-800-444-7774
  • Generators and Pressure Washers: 1-800-743-4115
  • Corporate: 1-414-259-5333

For additional contact information visit and click on the picture of your product. Enter the model or product number to access support.

Mailing Address

Briggs and Stratton customer service may not have a dedicated mailing address, but there is a contact address for the media that will do just fine. Address your letter to:

Briggs and Stratton HeadquartersAttn: Customer ServiceP.O. Box 702Milwaukee, WI 53201

Official Website

The Briggs and Stratton official website is available at The website is packed with information about the company’s history, details about the current product line and product support. You can search for a copy of your Briggs and Stratton product manual at or read through the company blog at There’s even the option to purchase a new Briggs and Stratton product online.

Customer Service Email

After browsing through the contact information we realized there was more than one way to contact Briggs and Stratton customer service with a question. If you have a question you want to have answered, you can search for the question on the FAQs page at If the question has not already been answered, you can submit a new question. There is also a link listed for Online Store Support, but it takes the customer to the same customer service FAQs page.

Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form at and send a message to the customer service team. This option is better if you need to describe a problem or submit multiple questions.

Our Experience

Briggs and Stratton customer service is available in Spanish, English and French. Consumers must press 1 to hear consumer options. You must listen to the options as pressing 0 will not speed up the call. Press 1 for engine-specific questions or 2 for outdoor equipment. From there you must listen to a long list of products and choose your product – you can also press 5 to speak with a representative from this menu. It took nearly two minutes for the call to be answered by a customer service agent.

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19 Comments on “Contact Briggs And Stratton Customer Service
  1. Customer service personnel apparently have little interest in fully investigating a problem and simply take the standard easy approach. They keep insisting that my B&S motor has to have the parts illustrated in the current parts diagram. My unit is apparently an early model and is not shown in the current information. But, no one seems to want to bother with a more in depth search. And, none of the service technicians in Missouri or Iowa are of any help, also.

  2. All of the briggs and stratton posts, made me clean the float bowl on an old
    Murray 8hp riding mower . Sprayed float with carb cleaner and cleAned bowl
    , now purrs like a kitten , thanks for all the briggs and stratton

  3. I bought a John deere riding mower and thought I was getting the best. recently the engine started flooding{poring} gas and locking the motor up. it turned out the needle and seat and float are all plastic and no way to set them. john deere shop said they were getting a lot of them. it ended up costing me a new carburetor and fuel pump. the mower has 31 hours on it. is this the junk you are selling and calling it the best. I’m telling everyone I know not to buy any mower with a brigg and Stratton engine

  4. I am searching for a crank shaft and connecting rods for a Briggs & Stratton engine, Model No. 461707-0145-E3 Sears Craftsman riding lawn mower….20Hp.
    Could you please inform me as to where I may obtain same?
    Thanks and have a great day.
    Gerry Hall

  5. Always been a Briggs fan!..needed a snowblower, saw that Briggs makes one now and ordered a 1227MD27″, just assembled it and damn/!!, you talk about superb engineering! I am a retired contractor/mechanic, this machine is top quality, solid and well designed…Now I know why Briggs engines last for years….Great job Briggs, your designer must be a mechanic. Thanks Bob (even the packing and shipping were excellent)

  6. Purchased push mower; rod burst through engine within 4 months of owning it. Diagnostic testing does not show in my favor and the company will not honor any warranty for their product. I am swallowing a big bill of over $300.00 and I think it is very wrong that companies don’t stand by the products they make. How would you like to be out that amount of money. The previous lawnmower I purchased lasted over 22 years – I will go back to buying a TORO brand product , not Briggs and Stratton!!

  7. auger drive squeals like a pig ..cannot get a reply from mfgr and will not answer their phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF??

  8. Is there a place in Rock Springs or Green River Wyoming that sells Briggs and Stratton parts need a ignition coil for 5 ph engine it go in a old Boonie Bike

  9. appalling service ….in fact NO service at all ….!!! …cannot seem to make contact with a HUMAN BEING …nothing but ELEVATOR MUSIC…!! …if I can ever get this “SNAPPER” …to stop throwing deck belts ..i’ll pass it on to some other stooge ….!!!…local dealer is of no use either ….nothing wrong with the part of the lawn tractor (LT125) which I thought B&S built ..(the engine) …but …the distance between the electric clutch and the v belt pulleys on the mower deck are so far out of alignment, that when one attempts to mow at a “decent” grass height, upon engaging, or dis-engaging the clutch, the belt flies off and is usually cut in two the tune of approx. $60.00 each time ……HEELLLPPP …!!!!….

  10. i ordered an air filter,pre cleaner and 2 spark plugs from you. ups lost the shipment. they were supposed to reorder for me. i need to to know if they did. i don’t like paying for something and not get it.

  11. To whom it may concern ,
    I currently service many different small engines with briggs as my specialty. However most of my parts manuals are 2000 and older and dont cover newer engines like 10T802. Can you refer me to a supplier who can access newer parts manuals for me . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Daryl

  12. My customer service experience was horrible, the representative was hard to understand, and no knowledgeable about Briggs & Stratton products at all. After 20 minutes including hold time she basically just gave me a dealer phone number which was incorrect!! She then hung up because she claimed she had 22 others waiting.

  13. Bought a lawnmower, used it 5 times and it stopped working. Had it checked out to find that the hose from the carb to the primer fell off. Before this I had to replace the bolts that hold the handle on. Simply put I am very disappointed and will never buy another product from Briggs and Statton. Will also spread the word to other people not to waste their time.

  14. The circus is in town. It’s under the heading of B&S “customer service” (oxymoron). Absolutely the worst product service/follow-up/follow through I have ever seen. You can’t get a hold of anyone as they are all hiding behind their automated phone system. I would love to talk with someone at the corporate level about service after they have my money. Last time for that to ever happen.

  15. Recently I purchased a Craftsman lt 1000 equipped with a Briggs and Stratton 18 Hp engine. The mower ran OK at first however after a short time the engine lost power and I believe it is toast. I purchased another mower and specifically bought one without a Briggs and Stratton motor. I bought one with a Kawasaki motor. Its a pretty sad commentary that I had to get a Japanese product because the American product didn’t stand up. I would have liked to buy American however I need something that I can rely on. Reputation is everything

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