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Contacting BP Customer Service Center

BP, or British Petroleum, is an oil and fuel company widely recognized as the company responsible for dumping a huge amount of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The company has been investigated and, as of 2012, temporarily banned from signing new contracts with the US government. In an attempt to right the damage done during the oil spill, BP has established a $20 billion trust to cover individual and business costs associated with the spill.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

BP customer service is responsible for handling everything from calls about the Gulf coast spill to the price of gas at BP stations. The main customer service line is operated by an automated system that works to route callers to the correct department. There are also phone numbers listed for three offices in the US.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-333-3991
  • Houston: 1-281-366-2000
  • Naperville: 1-630-836-5000
  • Anchorage: 1-907-561-5111

Mailing Address

As we covered with the BP phone number support, there are multiple US offices where customers can send a customer service letter. We included the four addresses most commonly used.

BP Customer Service28301 Ferry RdWarrenville, IL 60555


BP Houston501 Westlake Park BlvdHouston, TX 77079


BP Naperville150 W Warrenville RdNaperville, IL 60563


BP Anchorage Exploration900 E Benson BlvdAnchorage, AK 99508


BP La Palma4 Centerpointe DrLa Palma, CA 90623

Official Website

The main official site for BP customer service is, but this is a huge site with tons more information than you’ll ever need as a customer. To find out more about how the company is responding to the Gulf incident, click on the Gulf of Mexico Restoration link under Useful Links at the bottom of the page.

Social Media

BP is a social company because it is a consumer company. There are two main social media pages, but we’ve also included the Public Relations Twitter page because this one is responsible for selling the BP name to the world.

Customer Service Email

Consumers will not find a contact form right away. It’s not that the form doesn’t exist; it’s that the form is likely hidden in the pages and pages of contact information. The email address we’ve listed is published as the main consumer email address.

Our Experience

Since the major disaster of 2011, the customer support team at BP has been ready to assist with questions and concerns. We wanted to know who was the best point of contact in the event customers needed to report damage as a result of the oil spill. We were able to speak with a live agent in less than 3 minutes and they explained the best point of contact is the media relations team and not the customer service department. The customer service department handles general questions and concerns.

This was great to know and we were glad the customer service agent explained this in detail. When you called the customer support team, did they answer your call in detail? Share your thoughts with us below.

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51 Comments on “Contact BP Customer Service
  1. I am deeply distressed about the conversion of many of the BP service outlets in our area to Exxon outlets. I have been a loyal BP customer for many years and hold A Chase BP credit card. This recent conversion has wiped out all of the conveniently located BP outlets for many miles. Accordingly I am being forced to seek a new gasoline provider and also a new credit card partner. What were yoy thinking ?

    • I live in a small town of Smithville,Missouri and go to Ambassador BP station,8787 Nw 112 St in Kansas City, MO, about 6 miles from where I live. Today being the 22nd, I went to buy BP gas because it is double rewards day. I noted at the station that the BP gas was priced at $3.39 a gallon, where as in Smithville gas is $3.27. Quite a difference in price. I got BP gas for fore $3.09 at the BP pump. Not much of a savings, I could have bought gas in Smithville without my BP Card and saved more. Last month I had now problem on the 22nd with the price of the gas. Now, is this station honoring your rewards program or raising the price for his benefit not mine.

  2. I am deeply concerned with the rudeness of the station employees at the Brar Oil BP at 506 Commonwealth Avenue in Erlanger KY.I have used this station for many years by paying at the pump with my BP credit card never having to go inside the station. Lately I have obtained a BP oil Rewards card that requires me to go into the station in order to use the rewards because the card must be swiped through a reader inside the store. The people in the store that are serving the customers are rude every time I have been inside. They speak to each other in there native language and can hardly speak English to a point where you can under stand them when they ask a question. I am through using this station and will find another station in my area. Sorry to say this is the most convenient for me but I will no longer be treated rudely just for convenience.

  3. im a lord customer to BP but the last month they have been so rude BP sent me a 50 dollars gift card for the inconvenience i tried to use it an there was no money on it is the the busy u are running am going to have to go the shells next week ill b cancling my money an my grand parent there cars as well if the can b fixed

  4. I live in a small town of Smithville,Missouri and go to BP station in Kansas City, MO, about 6 miles from where I live. Today being the 22nd, I went to buy BP gas because it is double rewards day. I noted at the station that the BP gas was priced at $3.99 a gallon, where as in Smithville gas is $3.29. Quite a difference in price. I got BP gas for fore $3.09 at the BP pump. Not much of a savings, I could have bought gas in smithville without my BP C

  5. I have been patient with your store at 3050 Graham Rd. Stow ,Ohio store# 36241 However, today’s experience has prompted me to send a message. The pump receipts have not worked for a year, and the car wash being open is spotty. I purchased a car wash today, and had to go inside to retrieve my receipt. I was greeted by a line of 3 people with no one at the counter. The first man in line said he had been there for a while and didn’t think any employee was in the store. I walked to the back of the store(still in the store) and saw someone handling a crate. I said excuse me and a loud startled scream was the response I received I apologized to the lady and said that there was a line forming. I turned to head back to my spot in line, and heard ” there’s only two of us you jerk”.
    I’ve been called worse in my life and I’m okay with a frustrated employee voicing that frustration. My issue is why was she so startled about a customer being in the store at 5:00 on a Sunday afternoon.
    I really like the location and (when operational ) the car wash. I hope you can send customer service and maintenance support to this location soon, otherwise the Circle K around the corner will win my weekly business.

  6. Hi my name is Raymond and I have a complaint about one of your cashier clerks in your Oakland, Nebraska BP gas station/ mini mart. Her name is Kristy Johnson. She has told other customers that I am a fag [her words exactly] and that I molest children. Oakland is a small town of 1,000 to 1,300 people. It has effected my job and my home life. I have three kids and have never molested anybody. I am in the process of reporting this to better business bureau and talking to an attorney for legal advise for compensation on defamation against me. If she is not immediately dismissed, you will be hearing from a attorney in a few days. Thank you for your time. One more thing I used to be a customer at your BP mini mart but not sense she started harassing me.

  7. I stopped in your BP Station at Huntoon & Lane St., Topeka, KS for fuel and when the machine ask for my zip code I punched it in as I have done hundreds of times and hit enter without looking at what was on the screen. Then appeared “See Attendant” so I walked inside and was horrified to see a case full of water pipes & etc. Then the attendant was smart mouthed, so I just walked out and said I’ll never be back as long as you are selling that drug stuff. This was 3:00 PM CST,
    Fri. 8-22-2014.

  8. I have been a BP customer from the time they bought out or changed from Gulf oil. Gulf Oil was my first credit wife and I drive 20 miles from our home to get BP fuel and use our BP credit /rewards card which says I have been member since 1984. we have been very happy with the rewards program. I use my card for everything. this I hope will not change. I am having problems with diesel fuel ruining my fuel tanks. four years ago I replaced the fuel tank in my F450 Ford truck at a cost of $1300.00 I have used only BP fuel in this truck. now I am replacing It again . this time I am using a poly tank which was not available last date BP fuels have ruined five fuel tanks for me at a cost of $3000.00 I’m not happy about it. going through the maze that is there customer service is a pain. I really think that BP should pay for this tank but would be shocked to even get a response to this. how about it does BP really care about one customer or just there global image .we stayed with BP through the Gulf oil spill don’t lose use over this.

  9. I have been a BP customer from the time they bought out or changed from Gulf oil. Gulf Oil was my first credit wife and I drive 20 miles from our home to get BP fuel and use our BP credit /rewards card which says I have been member since 1984. we have been very happy with the rewards program. I use my card for everything. this I hope will not change. I am having problems with diesel fuel ruining my fuel tanks. four years ago I replaced the fuel tank in my F450 Ford truck at a cost of $1300.00 I have used only BP fuel in this truck. now I am replacing It again . this time I am using a poly tank which was not available last date BP fuels have ruined five fuel tanks for me at a cost of $3000.00 I’m not happy about it. going through the maze that is there customer service is a pain. I really think that BP should pay for this tank but would be shocked to even get a response to this. how about it does BP really care about one customer or just there global image .we stayed with BP through the Gulf oil spill don’t lose use over this.

  10. Dear Bp official,

    I was at one of your gas stations at 4501 eastern Avenue, Mount Rainer, MD 20712. This I believe is close to queen chapels and varnum street. I was there at 6.37 am today. As I approached the window to pay for gas, I realized the attendant was asleep. I gently tapped on the window. He got up from the stool he was sleeping on and was very agitated. As he came to the window he screamed at me, saying “why did I tap on the window like that”, before I could respond he said I AM CRAZY. I said WHAT and he repeated it.
    I stood there in shock and then asked him why I was crazy. He said I’M CRAZY for knocking on the window like that.
    I repeated what he said and he said yes. I said okay and left the gas station.

    I have been a regular customer to Bp for years but after this I don’t think I will ever go to another Bp.

    My questions are;
    Why do you guys have an attendant sleeping on the job? With a lot of individuals looking for work, I think you guys can find a good worker and one that has SOME kind of customer service skills.
    Why do you have a person representing your company telling me that I’m crazy?

    I would really appreciate some action taken by Bp in this matter.

    Thank you,

    Very unhappy customer,
    Greg Okwodu

  11. Recently, BP Oil has changed its credit card carrier from Chase to Synchrony Bank. The changeover has been very rocky.
    1. Late fees have been assessed when NO direction where payment was to be made was given.
    2. Interest charges have been assessed.
    3. New credit cards have not been issued.
    4. Difficulty in contacting customer service.
    5. New terms have not been issued.
    6. When asked for a BP Representative phone number, the request was sidestepped with another number of a Synchrony Bank Rep.

    I will discontinue using BP Oil products until this situation is rectified.

  12. What a nice surprise today! I went to my normal BP station (Patterson Ave in Baltimore).I met with the new owner and let him know I noticed the cleanliness of the station (inside and out). Normally, there are people hanging around begging. Not today. The last time I was at the station, the person waiting on me was nasty and was charging everyone the higher price (I usually pay the cash price). I learned that this person has been fired. I go out of my way to use this particular station because of the lower price and the manager was always nice and knew me by name. I’m glad someone with the right attitude has taken over this location.

  13. I was a victim where I pumped gas at a BP station in McKees Rocks PA and the gas tanker incorrectly filled the pumps with diesel fuel and I filled up a full tank in my 2007 Toyota Highlander and my car had shut off in the middle of traffic but now Im submitting BP all my paper work to BP and this company is giving me the run around. I am becoming so frustrated because I am not satisfied with BP consumer satisfaction.

  14. I have a new BP credit card that you can not use at the pump.
    What is with that? I have had it since the first of July and have to go inside and pay for gas I pump. This Stinks.

    You better get this in sink or I am finding another gas company that helps me just use my card at the pump.

    The clerk at my BP station said a lot of people are coming in to pay because the new card is not working. This is ridiculious.

    Been a Customer for Years and Pay on time always. Unsatisfied Customer right now!!!!!!

  15. The new bank ( Synchrony?) managing the BP card is awful. Four times I have ben denied use of my card. Three times in the first month. Now three months later it has happened again. This at the same store where it all began. I have never ben late except when they changed hands (Chase to Sync.) but failed a proper turn over. Time for a new card and gas station.

  16. Received a new credit card. Used Saturday August 15, 2015 and had a problem. Called the number on the back of my credit card and was told “This number is not in service. On my card it states “24 hour customer service. What is your telephone number?

  17. I need to speak to someone in reference to discrimination against my daughter when trying to make a purchase at your station located on the corner of Nursery rd and hollinferry rd last night. I myself went there today to get the mans name and was told he is the owner. What a shock!!! The man working refused to give me his name so i went to my local pilice department and they were more than happy to give me all the info i need to boycott!!! I will also be contacting all local news station as well as family friends and neighbors. I am giving you the opportunity to handle this quietl please be assured that if i am not satisfied woth your responce the next steps will be put in place. In the meantime my daughter and her partner has made a public announcement. Of said discrimination on facebook. I am eagerly awaiting your response.

  18. I received nasty service from the guy. I asked for gas, and a car wash. Well he did not pay attention, and only rang me up for gas. Now I need to use my card for $5.00 car wash. I asked for my money back, and he got loud, and nasty and said that I’m on camera and its my word against his. I will never use BP gas again, and will spread the word of nasty service. I has just asked him to circle the car wash code since I did not have my glasses. Yes, I got a little upset after he started screaming at me. I guess since this station on 95th Roberts Road, in HIckory Hills is privately owned they can do this HUH????Last time going there. He threw my receipt, and pen at me in front of other customers. Was this racial or just plain nasty?

  19. I recently tried to use my BP card at a local station. After several attempts my card was refused. My wife called customer assistance to find out what the problem was. I knew I wasn’t over my limit or past due since there was a zero balance on the account. My wife was told that the card we were trying to use had the wrong expiration date. The customer service agent looked at the account and said that the new card had been mailed out the day before. Really! What a coincidence! Needless to say I was not happy. I have a card with a valid expiration date (not expired), no balance on the card, account in good standing and I can’t use it? I had to wait until the new card came in the mail. I requested a second card be sent so my daughter could use this account. I was told no problem, a duplicate card would be sent out. Then when I tried to use that card it was rejected because they said I had not activated the new card. I called and had it activated. Today my daughter tried to use the new card, and she had to see the attendant. When I called customer service they told me BP will have to send a new card with her name on it. I was not told this the first time. I staid on the line so I could take the customer survey and the connection was terminated. I am very unhappy with the level of service I have received from BP.

  20. I patronized the BP on Union Center Blvd. in West Chester, Ohio tonight. I purchased a pint of Edy’s Butter pecan ice cream. When I got home and opened it it was horribly freezer burned. I looked at the expiration date on the bottom of the container and it had expired on August 4, 2015. I called the store to inform the staff person on duty. He offered no apology and told me that I would have to come back in the morning for a refund. I then got back in my car and drove back to the store. I walked into the store to show the staff person the expired ice cream along with the receipt. He then, again offered no apology and told me that he was not authorized to do cash refunds and I would have to come back in the morning for that. He said I could exchange it. My spouse who was with me told me to check the expiration dates before choosing another product. The staff person then asserted that I should do that also. There was very poor customer service exhibited tonight and this was my first time patronizing that store. I WILL NOT BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. When attempting to purchase gas at the BP station in Madison Virginia this afternoon I encountered several issues that require attention. Highlights are as follows:

    – a large number of pumps were covered with yellow plastic bags indication those pumps were out of order
    – when attempting to use one of the “in-bagged” pumps, it would not acknowledge my rewards card or crtdit card
    – when I started walking towards the attendant, an elderly lady approached me and said she had issues with the same pump and the attendant told her that she could figure it out if she just took off her glasses ??? She said she ended up trying a second pump,but it also was Nottingham working.
    – when I spoke to the attendant she she could take my card at the register and after doing so, I went back to the pump… It still did not work so… Back to the attendant.
    – this time she said I needed to push the start button,. I told her I did but it still did not work. She then said I needed to push it harder… I told her I did and still nothing. She then got upset and said she could not,help it if people did not know how to pump gas or if they break the pumps.
    – I asked for my $35 back And ended up going to the local Exxon station where the pump worked and I did not have to put up with an arrogant, inconsiderate attendant.

    Bottom line, something needs to be done to ensure the pumps are working correctly and to teach your attendant some customer r Latinos skills. I will continue to use BP when available… But, not at the Madison Va location.

  22. I frequent the station on Buchanan in Edwardsville Illinois and have repeatedly asked them to empty the foul smelling washer fluid and provide washer wands as they had NONE the last time I was there.

  23. there is a bp gas station in long neck Delaware, between my house and my job. It’s a decent place, convenient location, and always has what I need. I’ve been on the fence about writing this email in the first place because I don’t care to complain but tonight, the cashier crossed the line. Almost every employee in that place, including the manager, is extremely rude, as if its an inconvenience that they have to do their jobs. Tonight there was a sign on the door that side “be right back” but the door was unlocked. When she came out of the back room she huffed and rolled her eyes at me. After she cashed me with a dirty look on her face I jokingly told the girl she should smile a little more and she caught an attitude with me about how smiling isn’t necessary with her job. So very put off but her I got a tone in my voice and I said “wow ok thanks have a nice great night” she then followed me out of the store and said “well if that’s how you feel then don’t come back.”
    This whole thing was just uncalled for, I shouldn’t have to go out of my way to another store to get what I need on the way to work but I don’t intend on spending a dime of my money here again if these are the employees you hire

  24. cloverville mi station, Hi I would like to share my experience 1/5/16 11 am. I am a 3/4 times a week reg. 3 times I had a hair in chicken bite breading and soup after the 3rd I mentoned it to a cashier that the cook wasn’t wearing a hair net/suggested she tell her boss. 3 weeks later1/5/16 I was in to get soup and I explained to the cook she needed a hair net as I had hair ect..then another worker interrupted and told me It wasn’t possible that I had hair that she always wore one I replied she isn’t even wearin one NOW! jeez I wasn’t trying to get anyone in trouble but to educate, I have 35 yrs in food service. she then attempted to throw me out for being rude/rude enough to tell her I had hair? I explained that I wanted a refund or a spoon to eat my soup with as I was being denied BOTH! eventually the other cashier gave me a refund now get this you had 2 soups for sale but NO SPOONS! ??? um take em off the shelf or go to dollar store? I have never made a complaint as I have never been treated so rudely by an employee anywhere EVER! I wasn’t trying to get anybody in trouble just explain how to reduce foreign substances from getting into food sources. IFA CUSTOMER TELLS YOUR EMPLOYEE WHAT I DID THEY SHOULD BE GRATEFULL NOT DEFENSIVE AMD ARGUMENTIVE! THIS EMPLOYEE NEEDS TO BE EDUCATED IN MANY AREAS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING! Thank you for your attention to this issue.

  25. I received an email telling me I could get 3 cents a gallon off my next gas up and when I got there, I got 1 cent – what am I not understanding??

  26. please do Somthing with the cashier at lex KY rich rd station,he is very mean hateful,an stolen our money by saying he gave us our item,we went to the car realized he did not,instead of using customer is right he will, handle it arguing with the customer,women he especially harasses,an will talk down to them,telling other customers he’s slept with them, an we know for a fact he has not,It is always kaoss when he wrks,he threatens customers that their not allowed to ever come back, in the store, as soon as a women comes in he laughs,an degrades them, this process has gone on for to long years.Im tired of being degraded daily on my way to from wrk.. they’ve even pumped up the gas pumps 6 cents before you put gas in. You tell him he calls people a liar, he bragged about having a gun behind the counter.who does that? ? This man is from Dehli India,an laughs about women being rapped, he has no regards for women in this town, Im an others are being discriminated against,at a American company.He has took credit cards an told customers to use machine under counter,his tone is always! ! Controlling an argumenetive,always. They call him chilli) Neal, he is his family or, just the manager. Neal is ok,quiet, but we have told Neal about chilli,an that he is a huge problem for customers, chilli,also will tell women to fill out lotto ticketts slippage for 1 # but in the same line any male.he takes their # without slpis filled out. He always is making women pissed off, I’ve seen a huge screaming match him laughing an calling a women names..This Station is a big target for a problem because of him.I see someone’s husband or boyfriend going off on him one day! ! Seriously, this represents the negative in the company.he NEEDS TO NOT EVER BE WORKING IN THE PUBLIC,IN THE US, he was not their for a while an it ran peaceful. It was so nice to stop in my BP.He recently came back an already he tells customer their wrong.even a customer standing in line said ” to him Haven’t you heard customers always right? All chili says. She lost it. I don’t know.why would someone stand firm.unless they were cheated,an talked to like garbage. I’d like to YouTube this pig an show why we shouldn’t have just anyone running a buisness with no customer,respect, HE SHOULDNT EVER BE ALLOWED TO WRK AT A BP SERVICE STATION. IF HE IS NOT GINE.MY CREW WILL BOYCOTT BP AN NOT FILL OUR COMPANY VEHICLES UP AT THEIR EVER AGAIN….AN THATS ALOT OF GAS..PLUS THE CRAP INSIDE AT LUNCH. SO MAKE SOME ADJUSTMENT S TODAY. THANK. LEX KY. richd

  27. Also, this station lex KY Richmond rd, this cashier is always on the phone ignoreing customers standing in line. If theirs a women he goes to the side an helps the man with lotto first.this has got to stop. They both chili&Neal sit on the phone an mess up orders, not paying attention to the customers. This entire daily absolutely stressfull.YESHUA we could go to Shell.but my money wants to go at BP. So if adjustment wont be made. THEN MAKE OUR OWN. FYI. THIS IS AMERICA WHY ARE WE WORKING HERE AN SPENDING HARD EARNED MONEY.WHILEBBEBEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, BY PEOPLE WE GAVE FREEDOM TOO, ANSWER THAT, our country is being pushed into their ways.making an angry country. I have looked into their home land an OMG, the women are treated as trash garbage. Killed an put in the trash. Im sickened. Is he one of them? Do you know. Because GE acts as if its second nature to treat women. ,public like trash. Fix it…I want change. Peace, were I were I shop.

  28. Thursday January 21 I went to the BP gas station at 1110 Princess Anne in Norfolk, Virginia. I made a terrible mistake when I reached for the green nozzle at a pump and placed it easily in my gas receptacle. I drive a diesel Mercedes and in a daze, began filling it with REGULAR BP fuel. Fortunately, a few gallons later, I realized my error, stopped pumping, and (90 minutes later) watched from m place in the station my car being placed on a flatbed tow truck to be taken to the Mercedes dealership to be flushed and its filters replaced.
    My error is obvious. I believe I will never again day dream en approaching green nozzles at a station. Why I am writing y, however, is that I believe some responsibility falls on BP for having nozzles which so easily fit into diesel tanks. I have not found any other nozzles in my experience which are compatible. I’ve always felt in fact that these nozzles are a sort of safety check for tired professionals like myself who often daydream at BP fillups!
    The whopping bill (I’m happy to provide a copy…530+ dollars) is indeed mine to pay. I am wondering whether BP, a company to which I’ve been loyal, could perhaps reimburse me for allowing one of its stations to have a pump consistent with diesel when it is not! I lost a day of work, 8 gallons of your gas, and a great deal of confidence in large part because this BP station failed to have appropriately scaled pumps.
    Finally, I write to commend the employee commanding the pumps that day. She was patient and kind throughout my ordeal in the 25 degree weather. Kudos to her!
    Please reply regarding my bill. I look forward to resolving this most unfortunate situation in which I believe we BOTH hold some responsibility.

    Nadia Toor

  29. I felt a need to sing the praises of a very good manager at the BP in Austell GA. I frequent this store often and the gentleman who is the manager ( Milan ) at this location is the reason I stop. He is very friendly and helpful not only to me but to everyone who enters the store. I witnessed a lady come in the store a week before Christmas and was VERY rude. She was obviously having a bad day and decided she was going to take it out on Milan. I would have probably lost my cool and told her where to go but he was polite and professional. She was way out of line with her comments and was using bad language. Milan was calm and tried to help the lady but she was mad and someone was going to pay! I just wanted someone to know they have a good employee at this location and he is the reason the store does a lot of its business. As for me, he is the reason they have mine!

  30. The BP Station 5955 Newark Rd, Nashport, Ohio sucks. Gas pumps never work with credit cards. Always have to go inside and can’t fill up because you have to know how much you need. Restroom has no hot water. Diesel pump has no card reader. Station run down. I would be ashamed to put my name on this place. Always something broken. Poor way to run a business. A lot of people I know go on 1/4 mile to Exxon and Sunoco due to issues. You really should check into this. It is so outdated for this day and age

  31. I was in ur Belmont Wisconsin store Saturday may 14th at 10:15 am with my 3 yr old granddaughter.. I asked the cashier for 4 1 dollar lottery tickets ..she proceeded to bring 4 2 dollar tickets ..when I said something she grabbed the tickets from the counter and said Jesus Christ ..I then picked my money up and said I don’t want any tickets and said you will not swear at me ..she was I. Shorts and a tye dyed shirt ….I am sorry but I was from iowa like a hr plus from there on my way to Madison ..and to stop at a station and be swore at .. don’t get me wrong bp …but I will never go in there again … and may just start going to a different station here in Iowa…..I have worked in a station and this is not how u treat ppl

  32. Universal colors for diesel gas pump is green. I live in Wyoming where there are no BP gas stations. I was visiting family in Woodbury MN and my daughter was using my diesel truck. It needed gas so I told her that she needed diesel fuel and to look for a green handle. She pulled into one of your stations and saw a green handle and started to fill the tank. Her boyfriend told her to stop cause he noticed the black handled pump was diesel. She put in 3.3 gallons of unleaded and I took the truck to a shop and had them drain the gas tank. My bill was $160.88. You should seriously consider a change for your pumps, very confusing!! Kevin Skates

  33. Today Oct 27,2016 at 11:49 am I entered the BP gas station store and showed the cashier a K-Mart discount receipt for 20 cent discount on gasoline up to 20 gallons.
    The clerk after calculating the price for 20 gallons was going to be $44.00 I asked if that was with the discount and she said no I needed to put in the special code and I did
    then I asked if I used my credit card at the pump or there. She state to swipe my card there inside. She asked me to sign the receipt and I told her I did not see the discount, she took the receipts and asked me to move to the side of the counter. The manager was in the beer coolers and she would get her. When the mgr came out she said it was all wrong and since I had pre-authorized it with the credit card there was nothing she could do for me. I asked if I could use the discount the next day she said it would be expired and no good. Again stating there was nothing she could do for me. I said I was not happy with that I had driven from the lake (13 miles) to come to the BP station. She got loud and stated there was nothing she could do but take money out of her pocket and pay me. I did not come into the BP station for a hand out, all I wanted was to use my coupon, and that I did not want her money. I asked the mgr 3 times for her name,
    she told me I could talk to her supervisor, handing me the phone. I

  34. I spoke to the supervisor and he helped by saying he would have her give me the refund of $4.00 but I declined he was very nice about helping he listed to me and offered a solution, which is more that the mgr Linda did. Oh she never told me her name I saw it on her shirt a name tag so I guess that was her name. I have been a long time BP customer but doubt if I will ever go back to that store, there is a CITGO across the street.

    I would like a response to my e-mail if you don’t mind.

    Cheryl Klaith

  35. Visted your Bp sam pit stop,on Monday cashiers there are very rude,and they begg men for money.they are very loud…and are nasty to customers…while i,visting..2 people walked out.its always something with the ladies in your store located on jefferson in whiteville,nc 28472…..if yall,dont do something about them ladies in that store yall,want,have a business.cause don’t want,stop,there cause,they,are rude.

  36. Thank you for raising gas prices I hope you continue to be the leader of raising prices for no reason. Just keep it up because every penny you raise prices there is another several thousand electric cars are sold. So PLEASE keep being STUPID, soon you won’t be able to give your overpriced gas away.

    Also the above complaints are very valid. Hire people that can speak good english, and NOT FROM A DIFFERENT CULTURE. In there country it may be ok to holler and scream and be rude to customers NOT IN THE USA so again like my comment above PLEASE keep being STUPID and go ahead and close your stores in the USA




  40. Stopped at bp on hwy 20 in sc at exit 54.
    It is the nastiest store ingsfe ever been in .
    Bathrooms were horrible !
    Store was dirty and selling used clothes and other things . No ice
    Please look into this because all I use ya bp gas

  41. GreenPeace, you know that to make synthetic Octane gasoline from limestone will both 1) decrease Carbon content from an average of 20, to 8 (only 40% as much Carbon!) 2) Liberate 3 Oxygen as Carbon (enough Oxygen to combust the Carbon + 50% extra)!
    To make gasoline from 8 limestone molecules, just …
    1) Chemically react 8 limestone, 8(CaCO3), with 8 Hydro-Chloric acid, 8(H2Cl) making 8(C)arbon and 3×8=24 (O)xygen!
    2) Electrolyse those 8 Methane into 4 Ethane!
    3) Electrolyse those 4 Ethane into 2 Butane!
    4) Electrolyse those 2 Butane into 1 Octane!
    5) Condence that Octane gas into Octane gasoline!
    6) I can do it! You’ll defeat OPEC and get 40% of shares in my patent controling corporation for your funding this experiament while I’ll get 60% of the shares in my patent controlling corporation since it was my idea! Have your receptionist contact William Smallwood

  42. When opening our BP card, it stated a 25 reduction per gallon on the first 90 days. I spent $33 at the pump, when I got my bill there was no reduction. What happened?

  43. My husband and I have had an account with BP since 1983. I called to authorize new cards over the weekend. At that time I reported that my husband had passed away in August of 2016. The rep immediately told me she had to close the account as it was in his name. Even though I had been making purchases and payments since his death, she made no suggestions to help me secure an account in my name. I felt as though our relationship with BP did not matter. Is this how you treat your customers

  44. i have a BP credit card and use it at the BP station on highway 25 in Williamsburg KY. The last time I tried to get gas the pump would not take my card. I have tried to check my account online but can’t get in to my account. Would you try to find out what is going on. Anna Ruth Senters Hc 73 Box 1040 Barbourville Ky

  45. I canceled our credit cards yesterday after being a cardholder since at least 1994. It was because of the rudest customer support conversation ever!!!!!
    I couldn’t activate our new cards via the phone number on the activation sticker so I called the main number. Since I am the spouse the rep wouldn’t activate the cards for me. I told her my husband was out of town fishing and she kept asking for him to be put on the line. Not a very good listener I guess. Didn’t care that I pay all the bills and know all the important account info.
    I know security is important but why could I just hang up call back and cancel the cards via the automated service. She said I would never be able to do that. Guess she was wrong!!!!
    I will never pull into a BP again and plan on selling our stock too.
    By the way the call was supposedly recorded. Bet it wasn’t——to protect this terrible rep.

  46. P.S. Our regular auto repairman says your gas is a combo of gases and ruins the filters. good riddance

  47. I have been a bp member for years I live in st.mary’s co. the bp’s that were in the co. closed I’ve been in the co. for twenty three years. I presently have to drive 45 mi away to use my card well I willbe paying off my account,and closing my card out because it isn’t worth having to drive that far.

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