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Contacting Bonanza Customer Service Center

Bonanza is a unique shopping website that claims to sell Everything But the Ordinary, according to the tag line under the website header. From the front page of the site you’ll immediately notice items you wouldn’t normally find for sale from the average gift shop. The shop is a collection of user sales, so you are not purchasing from Bonanza – you are purchasing from individual shop owners.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

The contact us page for Bonanza customer service is a little cluttered. We’ve sorted through all the information to ensure you have the contact details to reach customer service quickly.

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no contact phone number for Bonanza customer service. This is likely for the same reason eBay doesn’t list a contact number. With so many products for sale and so many user-generated shops, Bonanza cannot answer questions about products staff is not trained to answer questions about.

Mailing Address

There is a mailing address for Bonanza, which customers and shop owners can write with general questions and comments. You should not use the mailing address to contact Bonanza customer service about financial or billing issues. If there is a problem with the payment made for products listed on the site, contact customer service by email and wait for additional instructions.

Bonanza Inc400 E Pine St No. 215Seattle, WA 98122

Official Website

Go to http://www.bonanza.comto scour through the thousands of product listings. You will find tons of eclectic and unique products for sale from shop owners located all over the US. Each shop owner has the ability to set their own shop rules, which means you have to read through all the shop details before placing an order.

Bonanza is also available on social sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can use these sites to connect with Bonanza customer service.

Customer Service Email

There are huge gaps in Bonanza customer service information, but one of the few details the company is willing to share is the customer service email contact.

You can log in to your account to send a message directly to customer service. There is also the ability to chat with customer service if you have a Pro account. Support is available by private chat from 9 AM to 5 PM PST Monday to Friday.

Our Experience

It is unfortunate Bonanza does not have a customer service hotline. We had several questions relating to returns, considering the items are one-of-a-kind. We did send a message to the customer service department through the company email land the social media pages. When we receive a response, we will inform you. Have you had an opportunity to communicate with the customer service department? If you don’t mind, can you share your experiences with us below?

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188 Comments on “Contact Bonanza Customer Service
  1. is it bonanza or the seller’s fault? this is the 3rd time i want to buy an item from different seller at bonanza website.i email the last last 2 sellers about their’s product, one seller took 2 weeks to reply my email so i ended up buying a similar product through ebay. the other seller took about 10 days to reply my message and she told me that the product is no longer available..she sold it a while back….this time,its about 5days now and i have not get a response from the seller….is it bonanza not delivering the message or does it really take that long for seller to response on BOnanza website???

    • I have been at this for about 3 straight month I want to give up sooooo bad but I hate ebay and will never use them again…

    • I can not say but we answer our customers salesgiant on ebay within 24 hours or less we are also on bonanza if you would like to check out our store and send a message to us we can see together if it is the sellers or bonanza we can connect in here and set up a time when you will send and see if they send the message quick or delay the delivery

    • I cant say but we at salesgiant answer our customers on ebay within 24 hours or less we are also on bonanza if you would like to check out our store send a message and we will answer your inquiries and we can see together who is to blame sellers or bonanza we can connect in here and set up a time when you will send a message and see if they send the message quickly or delay delivery

  2. Trying to make business with you but it sounds like your payment site won’t let me complete my order. it is telling me that my billing address doesn’t have street address which is really wrong.

    So can what I do now? Help. I’m checking out with Amazon!!!!

  3. As with many other sellers on Bonanza, they are correct to state that Bonanza is like another eBay. They will place your store on “reserve” and once its there it stays there. They give you the runaround and give you cut and paste responses and they refuse to help you and just blow you off to someone else.

    They placed all our products on hold, when they said we they tried to charge my credit card for fees that where already paid for. They came up with excuses stating that our credit card company blocked their charges and the second we contacted our credit card company, they told us Bonanza never bothered to charge anything. Bonaza kept on sending us the same old email after email.

    It all started when we got an email from Bonanza_Mike, that sent us an email stating something about the credit card not being valid which was a lie. We paid for July fees not even 5 minutes after getting that email, trying to be a responsible seller, the second we paid for the fees, we went to add a product and then all of our products where gone. What they said would take 24 hours to restore is now a week. Luckily we have all our products saved on file, so we are going with a more reputable company and will be back in operation in about week.

    Stay away from Bonaza, every seller experience that you have heard from other sellers about getting screwed over by is true. Because everything they stated is happening to us right now.

  4. checking order make sure i get them and not get ripped off i cant get into mt email to check it to see if there on the way yet.

  5. i also have been trying to contact bonanza, trying to buy an item that doesnt have a size option for completion! Very frustrating! Never bought the item, noone to speak to for clarification.

  6. For some reason I cannot access Bonanza’s website today. I log in every day to check for questions or orders. Now I get a blank screen that says “THIS PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED”. It’s not my computer because I can’t access Bonanza with my ipad or my iphone either. My Mother & sister can access the website from their computers at a different location. I have two booths. I have an order to fill (I know because I received an email notifying me). There is no number to call Bonanza. I guess I will email them & have them delete my booths. When I joined Bonanzle (now Bonanza) they had a little over 10,000 members. Maybe others are having a problem with the website page & that is why the post above, van nguyen hasn’t been able to get his orders.

  7. I don’t know what to do. I cannot get into my bonanza account. I’m a seller, and a good one. I ship immediately. Give feedback. I don’t know what happened–its like I’m locked out. I tried at least 20 times to reset password. Once I get the link, bonanza login page tells me logout complete. Or I’ve gotten user name not recognized. tried to re-register and get error code 163, error code 167, and one more can’t remember. my credit card was just charged but I can’t use, list, see any part of my account. I’ve email support @bonanza 8 times with same message. this has been going on since Friday. Help me, someone. I even bought some stupid software (PC registry)thinking that would solve problem. NO. they tried selling me more–a 250.00 tune up. I’m glad I wasn’t a sucker. I took laptop to the my usual computer tech place–$50.00

    Can anyone relate? Any suggestions? I’m very frustrated and really don’t want them charging me for an account I can’t use.

  8. I am a hunt and peck typer and I believe for the money bonanza charges they could and should have a phone number sellers can use to contact the company on and I should be able to leave a no star customer service rating if that is how I perceive my experience with the lack of service provided to the sellers on bonanza

  9. I purchased a door handle for a 1995 Chevrolet C3500. I paid for the part with my credit card and was told that it would be delivered on 5/20/2014. To date I have received NOTHING but the money has been taken out of my bank account. I would appreciate a response whether it be the part or a refund immediately.

  10. I think Bonanza is just as bad if not worse than Ebay. You can at least call Ebay. They removed my products as well, I’m done with Ebay, now I’m done with Bonanza. But I’m not going back to ebay

  11. I have just recently order the fast shampoo and conditioner from this website and have yet to receive its been two weeks I’ve called the post office and tried everyway possible to contact this company I really think it fraud I just want my shampoo $28 is a lot to chuck up as a lost on shampoo

  12. I was sent a prouduct that is not what bonanza presented. I do not and CAN’T wear bifocals!!!
    Yet the sunglasses that arrived have built in bifocals!
    The fact that we can’t speak to someone live if there is a problem… Says it all about the company’s dishonesty and business ethics. It shows the sunglasses as polerized.
    I will report this to the better business bureau.
    You should be imbarressed that your co. Allows mistreatment to its customers!

  13. I am a very disappointed customer I placed an order on 8/07/14 and still have not received my order I am starting to believed I was scammed if i do not receive my order in the next week my lawyer will be investigating this website for fraud…

  14. I was in the middle of typing out a neg.response toward mbalavl and it cut me off, he took $120:10 FROM MY ACCOUNT AND N

  15. Hello,
    I want to buy a bedroom set “4 Piece Queen Bedroom Set Platform Bed 5,6 Drawer Dresser Nightstand Furniture”. Do I understand correctly that the Bedroom Set is not matte finish and lacquered ?
    Sincerely, Sergey Petrosyan

  16. I sold a phone Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Bonaza. 3 mons ago
    The Rep. Richard Perez for Banaza offered me $280, I accepted the offer.
    I still have not received the payment and when I email Richard! He does not return my emails
    Please help me Bonaza thank you

  17. Wow item I bought was boot legged and a joke can’t get any teplys from Bonanza. No phone number. warning Warning this site doesn’t care about customers.

  18. Im a seller on Bonanza and it seems as though my ads keep disappearing and no one ever replies to my troubleshooting emails. Paying for a service that does 5% of its job to support the sellers. NO help.

  19. Hi,
    From Atlas California Trading, we have been trying to contact Bonanza with out any luck.
    We have two account on Bonanza but we only need one and our C/C has been charged.
    Please get back to us as to how we can delete the extra account and get credited back.


    Mo. Bahadori

  20. I WANT A REFUND!!!!!!!
    This in itis the THIRD time I,ve written, so now I will be contacting Paypal for
    remuneration for a defective item purchased from Cecilia Nguyen….a Burberry Scarf with a Gaping HOLE in it!!!!
    Then I will contact the Attorney generwl of the State of Washington and file a complaint.
    Please HELP me (for the third time)!!!!!!!!!

  21. I never ever order any thing from this company. I never recive my parcel that order 2 weeks ago. No replay No phone numbers to contact nothing.

  22. Why is it so hard to contact Bonanza or Bikerbabe about their product and why is their not a phone number to call listed on the we site

  23. I will never use this Bonanza again! They say it is so much better than ebay but that is soooo untrue. At least ebay will give you a phone number to talk to someone. I tried sending an email & no response. I ordered a Christmas present for my son on black Friday. I see in my paypal account that the money is still sitting there & paypal says it is unclaimed. I thought I was going to be getting this for my son & it looks like they have no intentions of sending it. I believe I can get my money back through paypal since it is unclaimed, but if this item was out of stock it should have said that. Very disappointed with this whole process & of course I am getting no response from the seller or Bonanza! Looks like these people don’t wont to stay in business very long!!

  24. Your company sucks!!!! I have been ripped off by a seller……Mike Jenkins Beholder sportscards and you have done nothing!!!!

  25. I purchased a hoodie sweatshirt and it has not arrived and I did not receive a tracking number,so am unable to locate the package. Your customer service sucks since I amunable to contact you for help.

  26. Shut my store down as I was 79 cents over the limit that I owed, they hadn’t even invoiced me and the transaction just took place last wk, but they closed the store down. and Also, ebay does have a customer service phone number, as Bonanza doesn’t, after 5 emails, I still have not received a response.

  27. I recently purchased an item from a seller through your site. I have not received the item I paid for, nor have a gotten a reply from the seller about my item. After contacting you, I simply got an email saying my claim has been resolved. How can this be resolved? I haven’t received my item or a refund. You put your name on a sellers’ item, you claim to back them up;you are responsible for their actions. I want my refund. This is not a good first experience with your company; it will certainly be my last.
    Please respond back to me. Your company has made contacting an actual person quite difficult.

  28. Wow How beautiful no phone number You really know how to treat customers. Will not be using your services again. & BTW ebay does have a phone # to contact them !@!!!!

  29. I ordered some t shirts and have not yet to receive the t-shirt i ordered more than 17 days ago it was suppoed to be delivered a week ago. There is no body to ask ir a tracking number for order.

  30. Imorderedaventlessrasmusses insert from these people I do not haven’t and now they say they do not receive my emails. This is simple, send me the insert and the clear fire glass and I will be set. Must have delivery by sat 30 jan

  31. I am mad as hell that I ordered a Rasmussen alters, white fireglassfor operating on natural gas and I am hearing nothing from you. Please if and when I will receive my items

  32. You say that Ebay does not have a Customer Service phone number but you are wrong. They do have a Customer Service phone number, I use it all the time. When you can’t find an answer to your questions it is extremely helpful to have a phone number to call. I am very concerned regarding becoming a member of Bonanza because they do not offer a phone number for Customer Service. Sometime you can’t find answers to your questions and a phone number is necessary!

  33. I ordered Cards Against Humanity January 1st, it was shipped and received on the 7th. Only problem is, it was shipped to Monroe, NY. I live in Minnesota…..I went back and checked to make sure it wasn’t an error I made on the shipping address and it was the correct address I had typed for it to be sent to me here in Minnesota. I’ve attempted to contact thefloatingcouch twice through e-mail over a week ago. I still haven’t heard back. (They were the company I ordered the product from) I also have tried to contact Bonanza and same thing, still no reply. Then I decided to open an Order Resolution case 11 days ago. It STILL says “Awaiting Response From Bonanza Support Team”. At this point I don’t even care if I receive my package, I would do just fine with a refund, but it’s hard to get any sort of resolution when no one is returning your e-mails.

    • I ordered a nakamichi speaker from the website. I paid for the product the same i ordered it and i still did not receive anything!!! I tired emailing the seller and everytime i try its says that the email address is not valid. I feel like i got ripped off!!! I paid $70 for a speaker that i didn’t even get.i wanna know how do i get a refund and how do i repot this

  34. I made a purchase on February 11,2015. You took my payment but you have not provided me with any shipping information. Very disappointing

  35. no phone number no way to talk to then to solve issues i didn’t see such customer services ever cant solve any issues with bonanza, sure eBay have customer services number i was called already for some issue,

  36. We heard good things about Bonanza and decided to set up our business hoping to make some sales right away. Unfortunately it has been about a week and our items are still not even active! We tried e-mailing 3 or 4 times and have heard nothing back, even though it was stated that we would get a personal response in 24 hours. Maybe it was 240 hours?

    On top of that, the instant chat feature is always unavailable.

    Not a good introduction to a site that sounded promising upon reading about on the internet. How can we make sales when customers can’t even see our listings?!

    Extremely disappointed in this poor marketplace.

  37. To whom it may concern,

    I attempted to place an order in regards to a fallout vault tec hat for approx. $41.00. I entered all the required fields however I was unable to complete the order for some reason. I had already entered my credit card information. I want to know if the order went through or not. I was not happy to find that there is no contact phone number to speak with someone in customer service. Red flag to me. Any company which sells products online or offline should always have a contact number. It is supposed to be about the customer. No one should ever have to enter their personal credit card information especially if you can’t call anyone to check the status of your order. I would appreciate a phone call back from someone in customer service.
    Thank you,
    stephen Guilder

  38. I am having doubts about selling my items here on Bonanza. I HATE EBAY for charging so much. Please, if anybody out there could give me an honest answer, is it really worth selling on Bonanza? Do the aggravations of not having a customer support phone line to call etc. and other related problems really worth it? Please respond sellers, I need to make a decision. (I know every website has its negatives, but is this one really worth it if I sell on Ebay still?) Thanks

  39. Bonanza sucks balls and I didn’t get my order pissed off and want my money or my order can’t contact anyone no-one will get back to u and when u email the seller your email returns back to u

  40. There is No luck getting help with login issues asked repeatedly, fees paid and still cant log on, Bad service, They just say they are “ironing it out” ok its been 3 weeks still the same,

  41. I never received my little girl poster we order don’t have no way an tracking it do someone knows the number there or the email

  42. I ordered youth jersey (order # 28754684) on April 27, 2015 from ashsports23. I followed up by requesting my tracking information, but did not receive one until May 7, 2015. I looked up the tracking number on usps could not track the package. Then I looked up ashsports23 and could not communicate with them since the account no longer exists. I have not heard from Bonanza or ashsports23. I will attempt to contact Bananza and will post my situation until I recieve my package, since it was a gift for my son. I also expect that Bonanza can do something about this matter.

  43. I bought a polo shirt through bonanza but didn’t receive it. I’ll wrote Ups they didn’t do nothing, now I wrote the website bonanza but it’s like yall can’t write back to the email. I need a number or email that will help me get my money back.

    • This company bonanza keep removing my post. I have a lawyer in the family and I am going to find out what my rights are what happen to freedom of expression.Bonanza Order #22287644 I placed in order in April and never received it. Like so many others that are posting here they never received there’s either.

  44. Hi I m dawa sherpa
    I did ordered 2 items the amount of $34.99
    2 quantity. I got my packages on time thank you so much for your shipped.
    But on the packeges I got just one honey wax can.
    I hope you will shipping me again rest of my package.
    Thank you

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  45. I have made am orther before and it’s been along time and I haven’t resive yet you charge me for it already

  46. Hey I order a 3 stage cdi box for 400 ex in I have 2 of them in I only Order one and I got charge for both what should I do to send other back

  47. i placed an order back in April and never received it. According to a lot of these reviews this company bonanza take your money but does not fullfill there orders and then blames the seller. I reported them as fraudulent company.

  48. Bonanza Order #22287644 I reported this bonanza company of fraudulent acts. They took my money and never delivered the product. This was in April and I have been contacting them every since with no response.

  49. Bonanza Order #22287644 I think it time for this company bonanza to receive some bad press and to get a lawyer involved. I did report this company as fraud. There taking our money and not giving us the product we ordered.

  50. I ordered Slayer item #231164210 from bonanza web site. Money was taken out of the bank, recieved no email. Its been over a week now, since I ordered that shirt. Either I want a refund, or a response to when I’ll be receiving my Slayer shirt!

  51. I recently ordered a sweatshirt from bonanza about two days ago and yesterday I got an email saying it was shipped along with a tracking number. When I called the post office to give them the number to track my pack they told me that it was an invalid number. I’ve never ordered off of this website but now I’m extremely sketched out by it, especially if they gave me a bad tracking number. That’s annoying. What is this? I want my sweatshirt and reading all these negative responses makes me think I’m not gonna get it for a few weeks. And bonanza really needs a costumer service number because this is ridiculous. Very upset

  52. I purchased 2 dresses which were the same dress but two different sizes. I ordered them for a wedding and didn’t receive them in time so I didn’t want them. I sent the seller a message and one dress already shipped so I couldn’t cancel that one so I canceled the one that they never shipped and waited for the other dress so I could send it back. Now the seller won’t refund my money until they get the one dress back. I never received the 2nd dress and they should have refunded my money for that dress as soon as it was canceled. I have mailed the one dress back that I didn’t receive but how can they hold my keep my money on a product I never received? Horrible customer service and now I’m afraid that I will be out $190 for 2 dresses I don’t have. A phone number would be nice. I have emailed the seller 3 days ago and they won’t respond. I give this a 0 rating out of 5 because no one should have to be out $190 and be ignored. Why weren’t items shipped together? I just want this nightmare to end and have my money back.

  53. If you don’t want to invest in a basic pillar of your business….why be in business ? For that reason….I’m Out.

  54. I closed my booth on bonanza because I was a platinum member and it was not worth the cost. I would like to receive a refund for the membership fee but can I reopen my booth. Please let me know.

  55. I ordered chrome motorcycle grips. On 07/02/15. Today is 07/27/15 no grips! I sent the seller an email, no responce. Give back my money or send me my ordered grips!

  56. I havetried several,several times to reach Bonanza with my problem. I forgot my PASSWORD and claims to send me a code number to change. But it does not come thru my e-mail or phone.Please helpme solve this problem.

  57. I feel so bad for my 16 yr old he ordereda shirt for back to school and because of financial issues were having big time but not only did poor kid stay in house all summer he couldnt and didnt receive his allowance shirt he ordered for back to school. Its so sad and frustrating.!

  58. im trying to contact you all because the shoes that was ordered from your company were not real and I would like a refund. I need a response ASAP. Thank you

  59. I still have not recieved my package it was suppose to take 1-10 days buts its been about 15 days. I never recieved a tracking number i emailed the seller a week ago still havent heard back is this real like seriously the worst customer service ever! The seller is RONG ZHENG and my transaction id is 43N947698E594802C & order # is 35526661. My purchase was only $3.58 but i paid my money for the product that i still have not recieved or even gotten a response back!!!!!

  60. and if i dont get any informaton ill have to report this website because it seems y and that ppl are being scammed out of their money and thats definitely not fair

  61. I’m trying to log in but is not letting me. I’ve requested to reset my password but the link takes me to my account with out ever reseting my password

  62. I have been waiting over a month for my items I have ordered and no contact with anyone from this damn company. They tok my money and ran.. Time to open a case and report them

    There is no contact phone number for Bonanza customer service. This is likely for the same reason eBay doesn’t list a contact number. With so many products for sale and so many user-generated shops, Bonanza cannot answer questions about products staff is not trained to answer questions about.

  64. Bought a unisex belt on the 23/10/2015 I have not received my order and its gone passed 20 days now. please reply about my delivery or my refund. NOT HAPPY!!!!

  65. Bought a unisex belt on the 23/09/2015 I have not received my order and its gone passed 20 days now. please reply about my delivery or my refund. NOT HAPPY!!!!

  66. Received a response from you that my text to you about a defective instyler curling tool I bought from you was resolved. Said I would receive an email telling me where to contact seller because nothing in shipping box on how to return. Never received that email. Very unsatisfied! ! ! ! Thanks. PS Don’t you keep records of all your transactions

  67. Dear bonanza
    I am new on bonanza and I just listed on my account while currently, I still cannot find my product when I use the key words search on the index page of bonanza.
    And when I click my store dashboard on the left side of index page. It will show Your booth is partially activated. Click here to finish activating your booth and start making sales.
    I just did as bonanza told me, I clicked the link and the page will be turned to ADD AN ITEM page. And it shows that
    Lookin’ Good!

    The Bonanza elves will activate your account within 24 hours. In the meantime, feel free to keep adding items and getting your booth ready to launch once it’s been approved.
    Add or edit your items below, or import items from eBay, Etsy, Amazon, or an inventory file.

    It’s been more than 24 hours. Please tell me how can I activate my account or booth. Or when bonanza will help me to activate it. And when my listing will be showed to all visitors of bonanza?

    Waiting for your help
    Best Regards

  68. i really need to contact customer service. we ordered a part for tv because we are tv repair shop and when the part came in it wasn’t what we ordered!

  69. Waste of my time and money. Ordered a halloween costume two and a half weeks ago claiming it was shipped out but NO tracking number and NO response from the seller. Getting it resolved through this website is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. Never using this site again and I’d rather deal with ebay and amazon.

  70. I too have been waiting just about a mouth for my items which the seller said would be arriving shortly. However, when asking for a tracking number one was never provided. They took my money and now I can’t get anyone to respond.

  71. I saw some unique and one of kind light pendants on your website; but, before I can make a purchase I need to be able to reach your company by telephone. After many searches i came up with nothing. I’m looking forward to doing business with you but i need a valid toll free number first.
    I hope you can forward me a workable valid number via e-mail.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Shelby Scott

  72. My wife ordered some metal rings that have green diamonds in the in the rings and she receives her but I did not receive mines so if you don’t mind would you please send out a size 8 please

  73. I am a Platinum Pro Seller with Bonanza. The Chat support has never worked on the site. The hours are listed as 9am to 4 pm Pacific but the chat was never activated. It is never available no matter what time of day it is in any time zone. The Chat Support was one of the biggest reasons I upgraded to a Platinum Pro account for more money per month. I figured that being able to use the chat support instead of waiting sometimes a whole week for a response from Support through the messaging system. I am extremely disappointed in Bonanza.

  74. Please unsubscribe me from your web site my granddaughter signed up for this thinking is was a different web site she is 10 years old .Thanks M.Kelly

  75. I’ve already purchased a Bonanza ticket from NYC to Hyannis and wanted to confirm a bus leaving Port Authority NYC at 7am on Thursday 12Nov15, as once in the past that bus had been cancelled.
    I have just spent almost a half-hour going through endless cross references and ads, etal–none of which gave me any schedule information–even pages that claimed “click here for schedule info” either were non-operative or led to information for other transportation lines or hotel deals or group packages. Is there anyone who can confirm that there is indeed a 7am bus leaving Port Authority Terminal NYC on 12Nov15?

  76. Bonanza is crap it SUCKS. I ordered an item and payment was completed through Paypal meaning they have recieved money but a day later i got an email saying that they forgot to include a $151.00 shipping or i can have a refund so I chose a refund which now its been almost 2 WEEKS! And no reply! DO NOT USE BONANZA ITS A SCAM!

  77. This is my problem, I bought something off a person (lady), and now she has stopped using your account, the phone number they has posted is a google subscriber number which I have called left messages. And have gotten nothing back. The seller has told me the item would be shipped when it was shipped she would give me the information so I could track the item. Then I filed a claim because it never was delivered on the date that I was told. I receive an Email from the seller stating the item would be shipped back to the company and then reshipped to me when it was received back to them. While buying the item the seller did all the talking through her Bonanza account. Now she is sending through am email, but still giving me the run around. I do not like that you can not contact this Bonanza. And Ebay does have a number you can call. Very Mad At This Point.

  78. Sketchy company and the way they do business is questionable! My order isn’t showing up on my account. No one to contact, no response! Not the first time this has happened. Won’t shop on this website again!!

  79. DEAR BONANZA, What is the problem with your support staff? I have repeatedly been asking for assistance with a synchronizing problem with my Bonanza account your support staff has been INTENTIONALLY IGNORING ME FOR WEEKS NOW!!!

  80. I ordered perfume from seller (khrobert09) and never received the perfume. My order number is 36003964. I would like to be refunded the $68.99 I spent and never received the product.

  81. Yo realize una orden hace tres semanas y es la fecha en que mi producto no lo he recibido y ya me lo quitaron de mi cuenta esta es mi número de orden 36378321 espero pronto su respuesta gracias

  82. I have been trying to get my site activated for several days. The autoresponse states it should only take 24 hours. I have also left 2 previous messages with no response. Definitely feeling ignored.

  83. Is there any way you can contact Bonanza support team for me about my situation because I have e-mailed them four times already saying I want to close my account there because I don’t feel safe buying stuff on there, and the person you would purchase from would pretend to be you after you buy something from the seller, and so far bonanza has not contacted me back saying they will remove it or has been taken care of. Please notify them about this , I am not going back to complain a fifth time. This is not how customers are to be treated on bonanza. I would appreciate it if you could e-mail them telling them to e-mail me back letting me know my account will be removed.

  84. Please send my instructions for amending a negative feedback comment for the seller of the MSO VISIO 2013 software. I need to change my feedback so at to put the seller (Tech Smorgasbord) in a positive light… He did nothing wrong and my comments have harmed his business. Please allow me to correct this error.. He have graciously agree to work with me to correct any issues that I had with the software..

    Thanks in advance for your help
    Vernard Williams

  85. I bought a blackberry bold 9790 on the 15th November it won’t let me log into my account or send me tracking details, in now 90pound down and on the verge of contacting trade and standard! This is shocking! Won’t even let me contact them every time I try it say sorry something went wrong!

  86. sounds like a ship of fools, and i’m it too.
    cant log in cannot get a change password email and they just hit my card for
    290.00 for somethin unidentifiable.
    Please , if you are considering signing with this bunch of crooks.
    Think long and hard

  87. I haven’t received the Hope Solo #1 jersey I ordered for my granddaughter for Christmas. Could you PLEASE tell me when I’ll receive it

  88. This site is pure garbage. That’s why they don’t have a phone number. Thank god my purchase was very minimal because I bough what the picture said because it was cheaper. Then when I get the package it was the ones I already had. You get what you pay for people remember that and DO NOT EVER USE THIS CRAPPY SITE AGAIN. THEY ARE A TOTAL RIP OFF.

  89. I’m having a TERRIBLE experience with BONANZA and cannot get a response from my multiple emails to customer support. I have about $1000 in outstanding orders that I’ve been waiting for since Dec. 5.
    Since there is not a live person to speak with, I’m concerned that my issues will remain unresolved. I spend over $100,000 annually on line. I will not shop anymore on Bonanza if I am not contacted within one day.
    Deborah Lys

  90. Horrible service. I ordered a men’s watch and recieved a completely different females watch!!! So unhappy and frustrated and no1 to even help with returning it or getting money back.

  91. I tried to UNSUBSCRIBE but it said that there was an error. What can be the error! I simply requested to not receive any more contacts from you by hitting the UNSUBSCRIBE button!
    Please UNSUBSCRIBE me from all types of ads, follow-up requests, and any other messages!
    I will continue to trade with Bonanza, but not if you continue to contact me without my authorization.
    Thank you,
    Jon Rohrke

  92. My son ordered a hoverboard from EchoShark and then cancelled the order after paying almost $400. No money back and no hoverboard. Please help! I am very concerned!

  93. Started as a seller and sold a few items but their fees are even higher than Amazons. Went to their site and canceled our membership. They acknowledged it by saying it was terminated and would expire the next day. Well the next day, received and order from a buyer so we declined it. Then they charge us for another month of membership! No phone number, they don’t respond either.
    Not happy with them!

  94. On 12-31-15 my son Preston Rine ordered a shirt. Receipt order #37358058.
    You placed this order with Kereta_shop. As of this date we have not received the shirt or any follow-up information. I feel if this is not dealt with within the week, we will have to do a charge back thru Visa and issue a formal complaint with this companyl This was the first time using this website for a purchase. Please acknowledge in a timely manner.

  95. I’ve asked this seller Giveitashot8 to stop emailing me and she keeps sending me condescending emails. I gave her a bad review because I don’t believe the fragrances she sent me are real.

    • Notice how long this seller has been on Bonanza. This many repeat clients, I am going to have to say the fragrance is legit. You obviously don’t know your stuff.

  96. I have not received my Mt heart hellacopter t shirt. Order # 37394965. Please let me know the status of this order. Thanks

  97. i did not receive confirmation for my order or the dowload information

    Order #37799653 Seller: TNB_EDGE

    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional OEM 32/64-BIT (Download Delivery)

  98. Hi, this is Angela White, I have a account open but can not open it. I think I may be locked out of my account because I’ve tried several time to log in and it’s not letting me in. Can you please help with this? Thank You, Angela White

  99. I need some help trying to find out the status of my order from a shop. I have tried contacting them by emailing them and they are not being very helpful. I sent them an email with my receipt number asking what the status of my order was for a bridesmaid dress for a wedding. They sent me an email back asking when the event was. It shouldn’t matter when the event is…on their shop it said 2 to 3 weeks. I ordered the dress February 3rd. They should be able to give me some sort of update.
    The Receipt No: 3159-6066-5894-4662. Please let me know what you can find out. At this point I am ready to get my money back if they can not give me the status of my order. Thank you for your assistance.
    Lauren McKnight

  100. Placed one order with you. The order was for windows 7 from TNB_EDGE. The software was sent via e-mail with download info. I talked with them twice when the down load would not work. They sent it again and I still cannot get it to work. Tried to contact Bonanza with my account info and it is not recognized even after attemptidng to change my log on info. At any rate I have, after days of trying, beed able to get the software to work. I would just like to cancel the order and have credit of the $31.00 issued to my card.

  101. Have already registered. Can NOT log in. going in circles. tried to create new since I couldn’t be found but it says my email is taken. of course it is.. BY ME.
    New password can’t be done.

    at a loss .

  102. as u put u have no support Phone # for the reason ebay has none so i want nothing more to do with u for the same reasons i left ebay no SUPPORT i was just trying to pay my bill forget it !!

  103. Please help

    My grandson saw michigan state spartans hat on bonanza website – has spartans spelled out in middle of hat – knit hat w/ ball on top cannot find on bonanza website – only Spartans does not have spelled out

    Thank you

  104. I’ve contacted customer service twice. Never received confirmation of my order. Understand there are a lot of knock-offs (facial cleaner from Vivite) and wonder how Bonanza sells the product for 25% less than every other seller out there. No response after a week… Maybe I should cancel payment on my credit card?

  105. I ordered a solar elephant 2 months ago. It says that it was shipped to New Jersey. What I want to know is where is it

  106. I just bought image spf30 hydration cream , quantity of 3 for 68,97
    But the thing is the exparation is on 04/16
    Today is 17 of April
    That’s why I would like to return the products before shipping PLS
    Sorry for any inconvenience

  107. I just purchased the image spf cream by mistake
    Order number 39869903
    I would like to return the item
    Just bought it

    Do not charge me and don’t ship it PLS
    The cream is expiring this month and I don’t wana purchase this cream

  108. I ordered 2 chanel coco mademoiselle since March 26, 2016 and until now I never received them, and they withdrawn the money from my account. Please explain to me what could have happened. They never send me a tracking number.

  109. Your customer support is difficult to access!!!! I recently ordered a DVD set and nothing is on the discs….please help!!!!

  110. I order military decals for my jeep wrangler i receibe on the mail but was incompleted i try to contact them but i can’t i try so hard but no results, the seller name is Kristy Chin, please Kristy send my other part of my order!!!!!!!!

  111. Was very interested in the cammo boys bathrobe. Would have purchased- needed to know how robe runs- small or large? I messaged two times to seller. Waited 24 hours. Never heard back. Purchased a robe from another merchant. We loved the little cammo robe but since no one bothered to message me back about the sizing, we found another one somewhere else. Just thought you should know. I

  112. EBay does have a customer service toll free number.
    What I would like to know is, how can I change my user name. The one I have now was random picked. I did not choose. Please let me know how I can change it , so I can make a purchase on Bonanza.
    Thanks so much.

  113. Hi there my name is Mitchell Simpson and I run a gardening group for disabled children and adults alike recently they want to grow chillies as our community charity based gardening club Is a voluntary donations system the children have been wanting to ask if you could help them evolve into how gardening can become different and more we have on average 30 young and old so a few seeds would make a difference
    Many thanks mitch

  114. I purchased a pair of beats earphones from this web-site that were fake and dont work!!!!!!! I am VERY UPSET AND DISSATISFIED!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MY MONEY FULLY REFUNDED IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL ALSO BE REPORTING THIS WEB-SITE AND THE SELLER AS WELL!!!!!!!!

  115. Several times I have tried to set up a selling account, but was unable to as the Bonanza website kept giving me a message that my email had already been taken. I haven’t had a Bonanza account to sell or purchase. If there is another email the same as mine, it would seem two accounts would be getting the same emails. I doubt this is true as I’ve certainly never gotten an email addressed to another person or whatever.
    I’ll appreciate this problem being solved and an email sent to me as to how to open a selling account.
    Thank you,
    Jo Ann Morris

  116. Hi there,

    How are you?

    I was just poking around your social media, and think I can help generate a lot more new/repeating customers.

    Some companies have increased their sales by 40% to 180% by effectively using social media.

    If this sounds interesting to you, reply with the best time to briefly get in touch.

    Molly P.

  117. I did not receive a purchase (call of duty black ops 3 skin decal for xbox one s console and 2 controllers) on March 30, 2017.

  118. I ordered 92 degree coconut oil from Bonanza because Bulk Apothacary was out. I paid a lot more for it than I usually do, but I needed some. Then I get a bucket of 76 degree coconut oil straight from Bulk Apothacary (I could have ordered that straight from them for less) AND THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER TO CALL TO WORK IT OUT! How frustrating is that! You have to “log in” to do anything with the company, and I don’t want to log in. I don’t want everyone and their dog having my information and I don’t like spam. I understand they sell things from a lot of different sellers, but if you call in, can’t they get you in contact with the seller? I hope they change their business tactics. Unless they do, I will not order from them again. And I order a lot of product. They are missing out.

  119. I am looking for a piece of Jewelry I ordered on april 29. I have not received although the website said it has shipped and should be delivered on May 3rd. what can I do . I contacted the mail service and am waiting for a response.

    Please help

  120. I had placed an order n bonanza refunded me back and didn’t give me a reason.. Not happy with the customer service . I want to know why you issued a refund when I had paid in full.and was aware that you still have it in stock.

  121. Go to , its a much better site , not many sellers on it yet , but I sell on there and I am from USA , almost all my products are from the USA too , check it out

  122. I’m very frustrated, I ordered item from this website and have no way to find my order. I’m very upset. I ordered July 29th.

  123. Erroneous charge from Bonanza to my bank account with no explanation. No ability to contact them other than website contact form which did no good. Was promised a reply within 24 hours but its been 2 days with no reply and was forced to do a chargeback dispute with my bank. What a shameful outfit.

  124. After having much difficulty in logging into Bonanza app and trying to place an order for Crystal Tea, I decided to place an order with another company offering the same item which was easier done. I erased the original e-mail requesting that I finish placing my order with your company, so I’m hoping this will take care of my request to cancel said order.

  125. Cannot contact you says to create an account won’t accept my info left messages for a phone call back and that is not working. I want to return a cell phone case because it is to small for my phone. Order # 46711427.

  126. Hi,

    Hope this finds you well!

    I happened to be on, and felt the need to say something about recovery of pending invoices from your clients: I see us working together with you to get paid your business bad debts.

    We have reliable partners in collection company who are working to help such clients who are facing issues with their Debt. Collection. They are providing great help to recover account receivable and improve cash-flow. Theyve worked with a lot of companies who had issues with their account receivable on your industry. They can show you how theyve boosted revenue to other businesses by as much as 120%.

    Would it be OK for our partners to give you a call next week?

    Anaya S.

  127. hi i just bought a cell phone from this web site the phone is a Lenovo a588t i took it to my carrier and they could not connect the phone i would like to know how i can connect it please

  128. Bonanza sold me a vintage 1976 NASB bible, I never got it , then they reposted it for sale again. and you cant get thru to them, its a scam!!!

  129. Blocked from access to Bonanza. I would like to correct the problem. Problem with first sale,$ returned to customer using PayPal. Is there $ I owe Bonanza for this?

  130. Unable to log in, unable to reset password, unable to log in using facebook or google. Unable to get help with this. Would like help

  131. I was informed by email that the company ilan_shop has been suspended from and I need to file a claim in order to received the $26.99 I paid for a jersey shirt. Order number 50790060 and Item number ZL0082,

  132. Horrible!!

    I signed up with Bonanza because I was avoiding to continue to sell on eBay and to use PayPal as a payment service. However, I haven’t been able to speak to a customer service representative; so there was an option to purchase a Gold membership, which said a seller would get to “Speak” to a service representative. This is a big lie. What it is, is simply a way to send an email to them, so that they can reply by email.

  133. do not order Microsoft office professional 2013 from seller Quierok: the product is a sham and the seller is not contactable. The links are not valid, he sends you to other places to download things and to setup and never gets to the supposed code which is what you purchased. When asking for a refund your mail is returned…yet this seller has a 94% approval rate, how is that? if you don’t get a product let alone the right one, how do you have good ratings? Quierok is a sham seller!

  134. I placed an order 3 weeks ago did not receive anything sed emails and no replies back very quick to take my money.But no one has tried to contact me will like to get my purchase or money back

  135. I’ve contacted the seller of the decal I purchased off your website and they informed me they have no dealings with BONANZA
    So I would Appreciate someone contact me about my order that I got from yall order #53992960
    Thank You
    Shane Flanagan

  136. Same email response with “the run around” from this website over & over since I received a defective item in Jan., returned it, & never received my refund. I recommend NOT EVER ordering through this website. It’s suspicious to me that there is no phone # to contact a supervisor with concerns.

  137. There seems to be something wrong with your Bing search-engine… if you search the first family the search engine returns pictures of a Failed Anti-Americans group of people that Valerie Jarrett put together and they are paid to remain together by a Saudi prince…. These Assclowns are not the First Family…. Just note to enlighten you Donald Trump is the current president and therefore his family is the first Family… so you might want to fix the flaws in you search-engine…The TRUMP’s FAMILY Is The FIRST FAMILY…!

  138. I would like to place an order for supplements, but cannot find your phone number and I NEVER placed my credit card number online.

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