Contact BMW Financial Services Customer Service

Contacting BMW Financial Services Customer Service Center

BMW is one the premier luxury vehicles sold across the world. The cars are often considered the ultimate driving machine. In the past owning a BMW was considered virtually impossible. With the advent of BMW Financial Services, owning or leasing is now a possibility. The financial services arm of BMW allows customers to apply for financing, estimate a payment prior to purchase, make a payment on an existing account or change information on an existing account.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

BMW Financial Services provides a 24-hour automated customer service hotline where new and existing customers can apply for financial services or check the status of applications. When calling the customer care line, customers have the ability to check recall notifications, locate a dealer, receive details regarding fraud, request a test drive or simply receive a free brochure.

Customer Relations: 1-800-831-1117

Mailing Address

Customers can send correspondence to customer relations here:

BMW North America, LLC
300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677-7731

Official Website

The official BMW Financial Services at provides a multitude of information to the new and existing customer. The available information does not require customer have an account. The information includes a complete overview of all available financial services, information on financing, lease options and special financial programs. Customers can also apply for financial services on the website.

Customer Service Email

In the event customers do not want to wait to speak to a live customer service representative, the company allows customers to send messages via email. The Contact BMW Representative page requires a minimal amount of information in order to proceed. Customers do not need to own a BMW in order to send a message. We sent an email asking about specific car dealerships. Within an hour we received an automated response stating a customer care representative will answer our concern within an 24 hour period.

Our Experience

When we called the customer care line, we were pleased with the short wait time. After navigating through the automated prompts, a live representative answered our call. The total wait time was less than 3 minutes. We asked several questions concerning the insurance required when leasing a vehicles and the warranty information. The customer care agent did not hesitate or miss a beat when answering our concerns. They were polite and knowledgeable regarding the services.

BMW Financial Services has the customer care department running on all cylinders. Our experience was ideal. Do you share the same feeling? Let us know in the comments below.

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28 Comments on “Contact BMW Financial Services Customer Service
  1. With all the due respect sir/madam I am posting this comment for a greater concern and my knowledge about the BMW Industry. I am student, a Tanzanian by nationality. I came to notice that BMW are one of the greatest vehicle, motorbikes manufactures in t he entirely universe. This brought me close into searching for the way I could contact you and thr company in general closely so as to support me in advertising your brand starting locally from my country and the entirely Africa. I highly expect to hear from you soon so as to reach to negotiations on how to get BMW advert on in our local media while expanding broadly.
    Thank you for taking your time to read my comment please.

  2. Please Help me
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    How are you doing today? I am in receipt of your mail and i must say that you should count yourself extremely lucky to have emerged as one of our winners in this years 2012 BMW LOTTERY PROMO. As you already know your email address was randomly selected along with others from a database of over 250,000 email addresses drawn from all the continents of the world. Each email address was attached to a ticket number. Your email address ( with Reference Number BMW:2551256003/23 was selected along with others as winners of a cash prize of £450,000.00 (four hundred and fifty thousand Great British Pounds) and a brand new BMW 5 Series Car
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    GAC Logistics UK has been contracted as your delivery agent to send your winnings safely to you. Contact their delivery Agent with the contact information below for further instructions on how to send your winnings to you.
    Mr. Neil Waudby
    Its is imperative that you add your Reference Number BMW:2551256003/23 as the subject of any correspondence with the courier company to ensure they respond in a timely manner.
    I will require a concise update on the proceedings with the firm as soon as you are in contact with them.

  3. Bmw is an amazing brand the finacial services company is the worst company I have ever delt with. If you get finacing through any company make sure its not these guys. bmw finacial servies are unethical, rude, and will steal your money when given the oportunity.

  4. Dear Sirs:
    I love my new BMW X-1. I have had six BMWs over the past twenty years. I have never been dissatisfied with the cars, the price, payments, financial arrangements, notifications, ever.
    I have only filed one service complaint in all those years, in 2008, at BMW of Dallas, due to poor service, which they took care of promptly and very nicely.
    I leased an X-1 in late November 2013. I love the car and everything about it, including the amount of the monthly payment – No complaints.
    The only thing (it’s a small thing) that is wrong is that all correspondence to me from BMWF in the form of payment reminders, or other friendly notices, is addressed to my son David who cosigned (he is a BMW employee) on the lease. He gets notifications addressed to me. Recently I started getting notifications for his BMWF financed 328 (bought by David in early 2012) even though I am not a cosigner on the papers. How could this spontaneously occur?
    I have notified Classic BMW about the inverted name issue and they said they would notify you.
    My son’s wife called BMWF to report this anomaly. She was told all would be straightened out. It wasn’t, the notifications continued to err.
    Then I received a survey from BMWF about my experience, I answered that every part of my experience in this and every BMW purchase in the past has been nothing but perfect. The only complaint is AFTER the recent lease of the X-1, in regards to the inversion of the name.
    I received a call from a BMWF customer service agent named Amanda in regards to this issue that I mentioned on the online survey. She was bright and kind but notified me that the names could not be switched and that I would continue to receive correspondence in the name of my son David because he was a cosigner on the lease.
    I told her this was absurd and not acceptable. In this technologically advanced age your automated computers can be programmed to address the names on your emails properly. It is a very simple fix.
    But tacitly not addressing this issue is a bad reflection on a company that has such a grand history of technological perfection to not be able to correct this. It is inadequate customer relations.
    It is possible that somewhere along the line there was a policy shift, perhaps due to an ungodly number of defaults, and the decision was made to notify both parties in the order that the names were listed on the document. Well, it makes no sense to misname correspondence, don’t you think? – If I am disappointed in this issue, so must hundreds or even thousands of others lease holders receiving incorrectly titled emails. One simple programming change can turn the quizzical frowns into smiles.
    If your name is Robert and your bank sends you messages entitled Dear Samuel…
    Please look into this.
    I still love everything about BMW and always will.
    Thank you, George Bruce

  5. hi good morning i whant to really buy my x3 bmw but i don’t have son document. but i want one chance. this is my dream cars please help me . i try like 3 times en falls please help me. i am very disappointed because i have 20 years here on new york en waiting for my green car but have my wort permit only say because expires 2015 .

  6. I am a customer of BMW for at least 12 years. I recently traded I’m my 2012 750 LI for a 2014 model. The dealer assured me that I owed nothing on the trade-in.. I leased a new 2014. BMW Financial has been harassing me by mail and phone to collect $109.00. They are rude, unprofessional and uncaring..

  7. I received a loan though Bmw some years ago. I was off work sick and not able to pay my car note on time or an partial payment. BMW worked with me. they even repo my vehicle. No problem, I was not mad. They were very nice though it all. They refinanced my loan and I been on track since. My point is I have had some very low times. When talking to customer service, it like a breath of fresh air. thank you and KUDOS.

  8. We purchased bmw 535i on 2012 united bmw on duluth Georgia,lately we have financing problem, because we both out of jobs about 6 months, but right now we both working and can pay $1000.00 per month, somebody call me today for repossess take a bmw 5351, would you halp me out to keep the a car, we willing to keep and pay,you know we bought 2 bmw last 4 years.Can you refinance the vehicle for little longer term ?

  9. it is very difficlut to get ahold of you please can you atleast put a customer service number that i can use3

    thank you

  10. For an automobile of this quality & price I find it amazing that the hours are limited; no weekends or nights. When you are open, it is still extremely difficult to talk with a human!
    I’ve had better customer service from lesser, cheaper brands!

  11. I purchase along with my 2013 Mini Cooper S the extendet maintenance program for the amount of 2678$ .Two month ago I try too cancel this because I trade my mini for a BMW they told me that is going with the car but nobody acknowledged me that when I purchase at the bigin I had the worst experience of my entire life I suggest too everyone not to buy such a warranty it’s useless They lie to me start with finance manager from Princetown to general manager from Princetown . I contact headquarters an they ar worst they lie and they keep you with answer log time an they didn’t send me the dinail of cancelation but I will keep work on this and finally I gone contact a layer in this matter because like I said they are the worst in business

  12. I am customer for 4 years I had 3 mini and now a BMW the worst company I ever been with they take care of you until they take your money after that call me 100000 thausend time worst financial is Princetown Mini scumbags

  13. Regarding extended maintenance warranty i advise any one not to buy because if you change your mind to cancel you lose your money simply like that .In my case i didn’t use the warranty at all because i trade my car after 3 years so when i was trying to cancel the warranty they told me that the extended warranty stay with the car so i just lost 2600$ .The worst Dealership in finance Princetown NJ second the Headquarters of BMW division Mini Cooper which just rob me for 2678$ .So if you are stupid like me proceed.

  14. I purchase along with my 2013 Mini Cooper S the extendet maintenance program for the amount of 2678$ .Two month ago I try too cancel this because I trade my mini for a BMW they told me that is going with the car but nobody acknowledged me that when I purchase at the bigin I had the worst experience of my entire life I suggest too everyone not to buy such a warranty it’s useless They lie to me start with finance manager from Princetown to general manager from Princetown . I contact headquarters an they ar worst they lie and they keep you with answer log time an they didn’t send me the dinail of cancelation but I will keep work on this and finally I gone contact a layer in this matter because like I said they are the worst in business

  15. Hello; I just spoke with one of your customer services representatives, in order to close out my credit card, since it has been of little use to me. My call was prompted by a letter I received, informing me the account will expire in 30 days if I don’t use it for a transaction before then. Therefore, I decided to cancel it now. Someone, who identified herself as Juvay (I am spelling her name phonetically, since I’m not familiar with the name), answered my call and proceeded to pepper me we all sorts of questions, beyond my name, last four digits of my SSN and date of birth. She did s in machine-gun fashion as if she wasn’t interested in me or my case, as much as she was in moving on. It was totally off-putting to say the least. When I stopped her to explain I merely wanted to close my CC account, her tone of voice became dismissive and her words can be characterized as passive/aggressive. I suspect this is not the image BMW wants to set forth to customers and the general purchasing public. I was quite taken aback by this individual’s hectic and frenetic telephone style, which was unlike any I have ever experienced when speaking to a customer service representative of any industry. This incident has annoyed me so much you can rest assured the next vehicles, which I plan to purchase, for my wife and me next year, will not have the BMW badge. Some people just don’t get it. They think they work in a bubble and can behave in any fashion without accountability. You can let this person know her actions have cost BMW two sales and you can take that to the bank.

    Sincerely; Anthony LaRusso

  16. Hello, my name is Teah Mays, my mother, Frances Mays brought me a Toyata, that was financed through your company. I have suffered may illnesses, including a stroke, several heart attacks and open heart surgery. I fell behind in my payments and my car was repoed, back in September. I understand the reasoning in keeping up with payments. My problem is the company that repoed my car, Adesa, was storing some items for me, which I paid for. While in their storage a lot of my items were left out in the rain and ruined. The manager of the storage took responsibility for it and gave me the name of the recovery companies email to settle the damages with him. The manager of the company, Phil was very short and rude to me. I have tried for 2 months to settle this claim with him and he refuses to answer my emails and acknowledge that his company ruined my belongings. Can you help me with this situation? I don’t want to have to get a lawyer or the news involved in this simple matter. I appreciate any help you can give me.
    Teah Mays
    Amaysn Solutions
    Cc: Attorney Michael A. Baskin
    BC: I witness news

  17. Just got off the phone calling an emergency phone number getting interrupted 20 times and getting nothing done after waiting a half hour. Customer service people are arrogant retards.

  18. I am beyond frustrated.

    We paid off the remaining balance of our BMW, it turns out all the bank transfers failed on your end. I start getting calls from my bank and emails from you that we are in default of our payment . So after sitting on hold for 20 minutes my wife had to hang up because she was at work, and then I had to be on hold for 20 minutes… and was able to complete the transaction, but the customer service person never emailed me the confirmation. This is really been a unnecessary tasks for one of your customers.
    I’m not going to sit on hold again and waste another 20 minutes of my life what are you guys try to get your transaction straight. I need to know this is dealt with and I want my Lein release letter mailed to my address.

  19. This web site is mostly a stroll-by means of for the entire information you wished about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and also you’ll definitely uncover it.

  20. hi I try to get my title for my car . My last name is You. First name is GuoJuan. Yesterday I already call the bmw services they told me my title is hold in bmw bank so could u help me check it and shipping to me.

  21. Your interest charge of $84.64 for a $.10 cent mistaken underpayment, following monthly calls since December 2017 about poor accounting of payment credits, was the final straw. Your incredibly poor inflexible judgement just lost a customer that paid off his monthly $3000 to $5000 balance every month for over a decade and has financed over 8 BMWs. Every negative comment and on Yelp is WELL DESERVED.

  22. I have been trying for over 6 weeks to get a 1050 dollar refund and 2 and a half weeks ago that it was being processed on Wednesday I was told it was waiting to be approved. The car was returned September 13th The last representative Beye would not let me talk to anyone else said she was the only one I could talk to. This has been a aggravating time and does not make me happy with your organization. I have spaced calls a week to 2 weeks apart

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