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Contacting Blackberry Customer Service Center

Blackberry was once one of the leading cell phone producers, but changes in how people use cell phones has recently shifted interest away from the company and more toward touch-screen, multi-function devices with Android or iPhone operating systems. Cell phone companies continue to charge extra for data plans designed for Blackberry, which could be another reason why customers are moving away from the company. Customer complaints often include slow Internet processing, poor web viewing and phones that crash or freeze often.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers cannot contact the customer service department for Blackberry phones directly. Instead, Research in Motion diverts all customer service to the cell phone provider the Blackberry was purchased from. If you want to contact Blackberry, you have to deal with the corporate headquarters.

  • Research in Motion: 1-519-888-7465

Mailing Address

Blackberry headquarters is located in Canada. The mailing address is for the main company Research in Motion, also known as RIM.

Research in Motion295 Phillip StreetWaterloo, OntarioCanada N2L 3W8

Official Website

The main website for US-based Blackberry customers is This site gives the customer information on current products and new products currently in development. Some Blackberry products do not require cell phone data plans, like the Blackberry Playbook. These products can be purchased from major retailers like Office Depot and Walmart or you can choose to make the purchase directly through Blackberry.

Also available on the US website are contact links for social media pages Blackberry currently offers for customers. Among these are:

Customer Service Email

One thing Research in Motion does offer is a contact email for the main headquarters. This email will not help you service your Blackberry or manage your cellular account. All cell phone inquiries and problems should be addressed by your provider – not Research in Motion.

Our Experience

When we contacted Research in Motion, we were asked to enter the extension for the party we were calling. Our call was then transferred to a main switchboard. Customers can choose option 9 to be transferred to the Blackberry support line, but all services provided through this line are pay per use. Personal support tickets cost $49 and business support tickets cost $249, according to the customer service representative. You may be eligible for free support for the cell phone company where you purchased your phone. Blackberry suggests contacting that company before contacting the Pay Per Use team for support.

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6 Comments on “Contact Blackberry Customer Service
  1. I have problem with my blackberry ID someone changed everythng and i cant get password she even changed email plz help

  2. I will strongly advice that there should be an application that supports downloading facebook application on blackberry 8820 for more than 500,000 people are using this device and they are not find it enjoyingblem thanks

  3. how to use Blackberry protect for Z10 cause my sister have stolen, i want to find location for that phone.
    Can i get number phone to contact in Indonesia specially at Jakarta, thanks

  4. Wow first off it took forever to find a place that I could comment on my Blackberry. Seems unless you have a new blackberry you are like an unwanted step child.
    In any case I have had a blackberry bold for about 5 or so years now and up until recently I have been pretty happy with it.The charger barely connects to it but I still found a way to charge it anyway. I understand that it is an older version of phone and I am wanting to upgrade but being a single mother something more important comes up and my finances are then needed elsewhere putting the phone on hold. I am not a bells and whistles kind of woman I just need a phone that rings and that I can text on basically. I don’t email or use the internet on my phone. About 5-6 months ago I purchased a new battery at Source and they offered me a deal on 2 free batteries a year replaced for this one time low cost…great I purchased it. In the last 2 months alone I have had to use both. It seems that when the phone completely dies there is zero way to recharge it. I just got the new battery on August 14th and it died in my pocket and as of August 16th I am no longer able to recharge it. I just replaced the battery in July and while away on holiday’s THAT one died on me too. This is very upsetting and I am not sure I can swing a new phone at this time. I have no way of getting back my contacts without a new phone and truthfully I shouldn’t need one since I got the new battery.
    Please, if there is a way to get this phone going again please let me know ASAP. I am completely lost without it.
    Desperately seeking help

  5. I installed my whatsapp now when I try to put my number it loading oneway after that it giving me this report ”unexpeted iio.ioexception stream already open ”so now I don’t know what I must do help if u can plz

  6. I forgot my password for my blackberry account. When I continue with , I put my recovery answer and it tells me to log into my account and change my password. But the whole point is that I cannot log into my account since I don’t have the password. How should I proceed????? please help

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