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Contacting Bing Customer Service Center

Bing is the newcomer in the world of Internet search. The search engine is brought to you by Microsoft, the leading computer company in the world and the creator of the Windows operating system. Microsoft was created and is currently owned and operated by one of the world’s richest people, Bill Gates. Bing is a slightly deeper search engine than Yahoo! or Google because of the integrated rewards program.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no contact phone number for Bing customer service, because there is nothing sold by Bing. We found a website that listed a contact number, but the number was for MSN not Bing.

  • Customer Service 1: 1-800-386-5550

None of the options listed by the automated pertained to Bing. When we reached an agent, she could not answer any questions about the Bing search engine or rewards program.

No other customer service phone numbers were found, but you can call one of the Microsoft Local Officesin your area or the corporate office in Washington state.

  • Corporate: 1-425-882-8080

Mailing Address

The Microsoft Corporate address is the only one available for Bing customer service. The address for Microsoft is:

Microsoft CorporationAttn: Bing Customer ServiceOne Microsoft WayRedmond, WA 98052

Official Website

The official website for the search engine is, but the support page few customers know about is available at To find support information for your Bing problem, click on the link for the service you’re currently using. For instance, if you have an iPad with Bing on it and the search engine is not working properly, click on the Bing for iPad link. You’ll be taken to a contact form page with a link to the self-help page.

Customer Service Email

The same address we listed for Bing support is the URL you need to visit to email Bing customer service Choose your product and the contact form will appear. For faster emailing, we’ve listed links to all the forms below.

Our Experience

When we called the Bing customer service phone number we found, we reached MSN not Bing. Both are Microsoft companies, but Microsoft produces many products and services and not all can be reached using the same phone number. If you have a customer service phone number for Bing that’s not listed on the Internet, leave a comment below or contact us so we can test and include the number for other readers.

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410 Comments on “Contact Bing Customer Service
  1. I was at your columbia md store today and found out they are stating to use hand held registers. I do not like this way of making my purchases. I do not feel my information will be sercure in a device that can be left lying around for anyone to pick up. If someone tried hard enough they could get into this system. Plus I had to wait for my reciept to be printed somewhere other than where I was making my purchase. If this is how you plan to ring peoples sales I will have to plan to shop somewhere else.

  2. hijacking google/search was unfair and heavy-handed. the hijacking counts on people’s stupidity as such i go out of my way to not use bing. i request bing ceases and desist in the hijacking of google search.

  3. Your thoughtless company just sent a homepage Bing message that was about the gay pride parade to my 2 children. Not cool to send to kids. Bye bye Bing and hello Google! Have some respect for childhood innocence.

  4. Bing will give any search result as long as that result can be 100% unrelated to actual search phrase entered ! Bing is about as useless as any search engine can possibly be . Bing says it is programmed to give ONLY unrelated results but it doesn’t explain why ! Bing is a stupid search engine programmed by what seems to be stupid people !

  5. I search bing images for a 5dollar gift card after I complete 475 point’s I’m supposed to get a email with your conformation code for the past two times I have not received a confirmation code via email

  6. I updated my Bing home page and found I got NBC and MSN on the tool bar. I know you’re related under Microsoft but I don’t want these false news sources. I’ll be looking for a different search engine.

  7. THis is the worst site ever. They put wrong information up on the search engine and cannot get in touch with them to correct the problem.

    Google has there act together. If they put wrong information up, they have a support team and correct the problem immediately.

  8. My cousin went missing two days after christmas in 2013 without a trace. His name is Shannon Michael Naill can you please run his story it might help find him. Thank You

  9. I would like to file a complaint on one of your drivers. I have license plate number and there was a number also on the car. A horse got out of his fence and we got him and we politely asked your driver to wait til he got in the fence and he continued to drive, spooking the horse making it hard to get in his fenced area. The driver then yelled saying we shouldn’t let our horse out when he was obviously roped at the time. This was extremely unappreciated and rude of your services.

  10. I hate what you guys are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are taking over our computer! how do I change every thing back to google i like google alot better than stupid Bing!!!!!1

  11. I should be at silver status and with should have received 50 bonus points also. Can you tell me why I have joined the rewards program done the work but I have not yet been rewarded for my efforts. Please update my status and points ASAP. I came to Bing because Google had to many bugs in it. It was always crashing my computer and making it very slow. I enjoy using Bing and the rewards program is a plus if it would do what it says it would do.

  12. Im new to your service. But I have noticed that I have experienced a lot of frozen looped tabs. Can this be cleaned up. I am trying to be a good member, but if bugs persist, then Im afraid that I cant.

  13. I have several emails, but bing rewards is attached to Microsoft email. I have done a lot of searches on the bing sight even before the rewards program came out. I incurred multiple points way over 400 and all of a sudden my points disappear. I think this program is a rip off and just getting people to use their search engine in which I have before this. But you would expect them to honor what they are offering and think it is deception and fraud on their part for false advertisement. I love bing, but right is right and wrong is wrong and they are absolutely wrong with false advertisement regarding this reward program. On the feed back page I chose dislike and explained why and it would not let me send the comment another issue!@!!!! Bing Please live up to what you are offer to the customers that have made your company what it is today.

  14. Please stop posting photos of bananas and watermelons next to people of color. I saw bananas next to soccer player Andre Ayew.

  15. Due to the World Cup currently being played in Brazil Bing has decided to introduce a very annoying addition to Bing that opens in your face every time you open Bing, it is a tool that directs you to the football scores, not all of us are sports fans, get rid of it now please!

  16. Hi, I just want to say that I’ve always loved Bing and use it almost exclusively. However, the new yellow and orange icon is just ugly and I know this sounds silly, but I no longer use Bing nearly as much as I used to. Once I get past the new icon, Bing is just as beautiful as always. Why did y’all change the icon? Will it be revamped again in another beautiful icon befitting Bing? I really like the looks of my other icons on the pretty backgrounds I choose and the yellow and orange just isn’t doing it for me. I’m thinking about deleting icon, and that’s a shame because I really like Bing. I’m guessing that I’m not the only Bing user thinking the same thing. I’m sure that you – the person reading this – didn’t design it so I hope I haven’t offended you. lol

    Laura 🙂



  18. Why did you feel it was necessary to limit your comments to Ruth Bader Ginsburg re the Hobby Lobby Decision. For those of us who were pleased with the decision for a variety of reasons, why not print the comments of the FIVE justices who rendered the correct decision. Me thinks you have an agenda and I have considered dropping Bing as my search engine.

  19. bing shows my police booking photo front and center on its search results page, even though my case was dismissed and it involved a minor traffic violation. It’s an inactive link now. Google took down my mug shot image over a month ago, yet bing continues to display that photo first. I am a businesswoman with good standing in my community. bing’s use of my image in this way is libelous and has caused great harm to my reputation. I have contacted bing several times and tried to fill out the content removal form, which keeps giving me the same response. So I had no choice but to contact a law firm now to assist me. Microsoft may be a giant, but the story of David and Goliath reminds us that giants are not invulnerable.

  20. Why does BING continue to post annoying satisfaction survey popups after I have responded several times. Could lose you some patrons. If you are doing your very best – you don’t need feedback.

  21. This is ridiculous. I cannot remove ad’s from the bing home page. Also for children to be prompted to celebrate a gay pride parade only shows how shallow bing has become.
    At one time it was family friendly and now has become political by subtlety endorsing the gay movement.
    My children will now use google as a home page and not be indoctrinated without permission.
    What a stench bing has acquired, and they are proud too.

  22. Just wanted to officially protest your SLAMMING my MSN homepage. You’ll be pleased to know that I have responded to your aggressive and intrusive behavior in the most effective way I know–I have shifted my home page to Google. You people are irresponsible and ridiculous, and I have no use for you.

    Tom Fise

  23. The folks above posting lies about Bing and unrelated searches are talking about Google not Bing. Bing ALWAYS has what i need to find the very first line or 3. Not on the 3rd PAGE like Google.

    Thumbs up to Bing for changing the way we search with more defintion. Only thing is in the Sports section you should certainly ad NASCAR to the search. NASCAR in the USA is the #2 sport followed only by the NFL and NASCAR has the highest attendence every single week than any other sport anywhere. So please ad NASCAR to the search. Keep up the great work Bing. I switched from Google long ago.


  25. Regarding your expertly annoying Price Finder pop-up ad: Congratulations, you have achieved advertising’s most sought after goal, pure, perfect annoyance. However, I cannot be annoyed into using this product. In fact I am so annoyed I am done with Bing and am going back to Google.

  26. bing is a snake in the grass. It is a totally useless website that only exists to suck the life from the www. Oh, and to make a sleezy dollar at any cost.

  27. Your product is the most intrusive second rate garbage I’ve ever seen. Do you really think the way you force it on us will make us actually use it? DuckDuckGo is a reasonable search product. I highly recommend it if you can get Bing to go away.

  28. How do I give you a no star rating? The rating system above will only allow one or more, and, of course, you do not deserve one star.

  29. I read with interest the scathing comments posted by other Bing sufferers above. What is it like to work for someone like Bing? If someone from Bing reads this I have to ask why you are selling perhaps years of your life to work for people who force themselves on unwilling participants. Also if you buy advertising exposure from Bing to dump on us, don’t you realize you are poisoning us against you and your services or products?

  30. I am contacting you to report an issue that you need to address. The website offering the wallpaper image that you are using today (9-23-14) the army trucks has a virus/malware attached to its page. I visited the page to view background info on the photo and contracted a virus which cost me $150 to remove. You need to be responsible and look into this webpage so that others who use your Bing Wallpaper search does not have this happen to them. I have posted the problem on facebook, warning them and hope you do the responsible thing and check this out and correct it and report this website to FCC or whoever handles these violators. Thank you.

  31. Had a virus/malware issue yesterday with Bing. Had to pay to remove it, but paid Bing’s MSN to fix it. Is this some sort of scam to get money? Just asking…

  32. It looks like Google Earth maps looks more towards today than Bing’s Bird’s Eye View maps. Bing bird’s eye view maps looks more between 5 to 8 years ago. How often does bing change or update bing’s birds eye view maps so that it can look more towards today. Thank you very much.

  33. I have been using Bing and receiving reward points I had over 100 I just looked at my amount of Bing rewards, and now I have 47 you suck you just stole all the points I gathered up using your site and you just took them away I am posting it everywhere ///what a fraud you are, and will make sure none of my contacts, friends, and acquaintances will never use this site again (you are frauds)!!!!!!!.Google will be pleased by this I feel like a traitor when I pass them over ,,,to use Bing……never again will I stray from Google!!!!!!!again you guys suck I’m deleting now.phonies, fake, fraud, I hope you can be sued I’m going to look into it C anything for a buck you people make me sick I wasted a lot of time and I will never waste one more second of my lifeon your Ponzi scheme again you SUCK!!!!!!I’m sure this comment will never make it to be viewed by unsuspecting suckers like I was

  34. On worldwide search page I used to be able to enter Ireland for country specific info. Ireland has been removed from the list of countries. Why is this??
    All other countries have remained as far as I can see!!
    Appreciate your comment.
    Rgds, W. Jankowsky

  35. just like all the other search engines you haven’t got a clue . cut the adverts and only list what is asked for,..
    heres an example ,i searched for adult only holidays in caister and I got a site on your list headed –kids will love the excitement at…if you cat list what someone is looking for say so

  36. When searching for information and images on Hannah Graham, the missing U VA student, presumed to have been murdered, I saw links to “Hannah Graham Naked” and “Hannah Graham Nude.”

    This is wrong, don’t you think?

  37. I switched to Microsoft on Bing rewards they made it sound like it was a good deal wrong I lost all my lifetime points and my status went from gold to silver this they forgot to tell us and I am pissed all the time and effort wasted what a rip-off if anyone knows how to get them back let me know

  38. You hijacked my search engine. I DONT want to use bing to search for anything I want google back and I have no clue how to get it back I’ve tried everything. I would appreciate it if you stopped taking over peoples computers and restore google back to my computer thanks.

  39. ALL I’M TRYING TO DO IT FIND THE TEACHER’S EDITION OF MY TEXTBOOK. Why does bing false advertise. They are supposed to be a better search engine than google!!

    dont reply….

  40. I recently bought a new PC and it had windows 8 installed. I thought it was by far the worst operating system I had ever the misfortune to use, but it pales in comparison to just how bad Bing is. Google is so far superior as a search engine that they are not even worth mentioning in the same breadth. Bing is pathetic. Bing is filled with so much crap that prohibit you from doing simple things like finding information you want. Whoever developed this crap should never be allowed near a computer ever again

  41. It was supposed to be a 2x rewards weekend 11/15 to 11/17. So far… difference. Not a way to keep people using your search engine.

  42. When you type: java in bing I am getting as the top ad with that page being advertised by Bing which gives PC’s a virus. Remove that users ad as people I know are being infected with a fake java not realizing it. Thanks.


  43. Would REALLY prefer that “bing” does NOT translate ANYTHING. Everything translated from German to English and vice versa, is completely INCORRECT, WRONG and just plain STUPID. “IF” you’re going to continue to do this, please enlist the help of REAL German people. You’re getting this all WRONG.

  44. Please review your safe search. I noticed that kids can turn it off easily and is ineffective when they enter the right search. Thank You. (Plus as a bonus, you might want to put your replies out on the page because it makes people feel more like they are getting listened to.

  45. Bing, Google and some of the rest out of a handful companies who have control the internet need to be either broken up or legislated against (regulated)! They’re ruining the web with their monopolized ads, search results, etc.

  46. BING Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!!!! It blows!!!! I get more “This Page Can Not be Displayed” using BING than any other search engine. Get out of my computer!!! BING is S_ _ _!

  47. You have invaded my PC with your BING search engine and I cannot get it off my computer!! I will not forget this! In fact, I will tell everyone what you have done. I know people all over the world. Your aggressive tactics are poor judgement are a reflection of your management style. You will NEVER be on top or win with such an immature and low class business attitude as this.

    tell me how to remove your BING search engine off my laptop and we can start again and tell your management to grow up.

  48. Forget you Bing the reason why everyone votes for you stupid Bing crap because you confuse them! you don’t know which side Google and Bing is so wtf! I tried to vote for Google but you tricked me for thinking that Google was on one side then I tried the other side but Bing crap was on that side too. Are you switching them or is Google even on the crappy Bing vote site. Email me your phone number so I can have a little talk with you so you can change voting to a TRUE and FAIR way and see who really is the better site.So email me your phone number so I can contact you guys and have a conversation with me so I can make this fair because I want to change my vote! 🙁

  49. Somehow Bing has become my default search engine, and no matter what I do with my Safari preferences (they are set to default to Google!), I can’t get rid of your less than satisfactory Bing.

    Could you please help me get my Google back. I can’t state enough how inferior a search engine Bing is. When I use google to find friends (and myself) multiple hits come up, on Bing–nada!!!

  50. I absolutely hate BING. And I do not appreciate it’s intrusion on my computer. I have google chrome, but Bing just took over. I’ve been 2 days trying to get it off.Now, the only thing I know to do is download a tool to completely delete it.But I will get it off one way or the other.

  51. The Bing page search photo today 1/10/15 – European Otter,
    Lelystad, Netherlands. This photo looks contrived
    and not like the animal in its natural habitat at all.
    The otter looks unwell – possibly thrown in.
    Do not like this photo nor support its use.
    Was this shot the idea of one of your photographers,
    created by him/her? If so, animal cruelty.

  52. When I attempt to pull up Bing, I get “can’t open”. Only way to get to is to go thru Google. you have mean competition who may sink you if you don’t take action.

  53. Dear Ones at the bing Weather etc.

    There is no such geographic place name like Danzig(Poland). I would, and many others too, appreciate that you change permanently the city name to GDANSK. There was a lot of pain and challenging times of the last war and we are in peace now, so change it once and for all. There should be not these kind of mistakes on bing, Google of elswhere. May Peace Prevail on Earth and Europe should be the example of it. ir.Maria Kuiters-Krutikow

  54. sorry guy but I don’t like or want Bing. I want yahoo as my home page but ..I’m not sure why my lap top has Bing but how do I switch back ? bing also will not allow me to check my E-Mail. to much !

  55. You, guys, screwed my business for couple years from now. Just day ago I realised that in all of your sites (which I never asked to be in) my phone number insert wrong…

  56. 18 years I have my small business. Couple years it failed to 20% against 100%. Just now I realized that you wrongly put everywhere (which I never asked for) my phone number. It mixed with mylandline and cellphone. So, answer me immediately how and when you will fix it? You know my e-mail N.A.

  57. I’ve used the internet for years and loved it until I unwittingly signed up for Skype. Low and behold, I got my very worst experience online ever thanks to the Bing creature from hell. Appalling! Microsoft should be ashamed of its affiliation with Bing and should be sued by all who have to endure Bing for one second.

    CORPORATIONS ARE VULTURES THAT HAWK. We need to regulate them, revamp the charter system so they get privileges and not constitutional rights.


    You have a picture of the BRIGHTON LODGE as the weather page for POWDER MOUNTAIN.
    Yes they are both in Utah but that’s about it for similarity.
    Can you have one of your people get in touch with one of our people. Maybe we could set up a meeting to discuss the solution to this problem…..
    (laughing out loud)

  60. I used to use bing as a search engine. I have now stopped using bing period. I am totally disgusted in the advertisement inserts while watching documentaries on your site. As if they aren’t bad enough you have made it impossible to turn them off. This is one of the many reasons I turned off my TV years ago and refuse to watch it. Forced advertising is UNACCEPTABLE.

  61. have followed bing for some time, today was disappointing, of all the great women mentioned there was not one who is or was native to this country, land.
    very sad
    think I’m done with bing

  62. Why is my picture on your website!?!? And how did you get it when my profile is set to private and that picture isn’t even on my account anymore!?!?

  63. I started using Bing because I fell in love with the wallpaper and have spread the word. But today, a celebration of women’s international day, you choose to show to asses as the wallpaper. Obviously a man’s decision. Not sure at this point if I can keep you.

  64. If you are going to list phone numbers you should be sure they are correct or make it easy for us to correct them. Our office number is being used when everyone searches our county & state. This includes all state offices in our county also. We are not telephone operators and have other duties to preform.

  65. This evening I found an image of a mosque as my wallpaper. At first, I thought. yes, indeed, it was a beautiful image. Then I realized it was the inside of a mosque. At a time of great consternation in America regarding the worldwide upheaval caused by groups who claim this “religion of peace” as their own, I find this image to be offensive. I would expect to see pictures of synagogues and churches as well, if you wish to remain viewed as neutral. I may have to reconsider my loyalty to Bing if equal respect is not given to the other world religions. Not a good feeling here.

  66. I would like to know why your sports section does not include NHRA Drag Racing. I can’t even bring up anything searching on the sports section.

  67. Thanks for the picture of the Iranian mosque on the Bing browser main page. It seems really appropriate to show such a calming picture to represent the the country that is likely to soon become the launching pad for nuclear warfare. (This is besides the fact that Iran has been the source of a large portion of on-going, worldwide chaos in modern times.) Mosques serve as the training indoctrination facilities for the craziest of ideologies, also. Way to keep your heads in the sand! Good job, geniuses!

  68. Bing search engine has not re-set UK Time after setting day light saving time effective from March 29, 2015. Pls update your clock. thanks

  69. Your article on the People closing their Pizza business after being slammed by homosexual protesters was one sided and biased. Who has pizza at their wedding? These, so-called, news people ask these STUPID questions because they already know the answer. You need to report how these Christians are having their First Amendment right violated; And, if the homosexual agenda has its way, they will destroy them. This is NOT what our country or constitution are about. They want free? Then let Christians keep their right to NOT agree with them.

  70. I do not want Bing, I did not ask for it and I want to know how to remove it from my computer. I want Mozilla Firefox to return as my default web browser.

    If Bing relies on coercive methods to make people to use it in favour of free choice, then Bing clearly has little faith in its own product. What a weak bunch you are and what a weak product it must be.

  71. Bing is just like our goverment. You find a problem and try telling them its wrong and needs to be fixed. I go to the VA for medical problems. When I fill out travel vocher. They use Bing. I have lived at my address for 13 years. Its not on Bing. Another address comes up. They told me to prove it. I sent them a copy of my property taxes showing the right address. Didn’t help. So I went into Bing and found my house (birds eye view) and the address they used. Submitted to Bing for change several times. No help there. Printed map and wrote in explanation. Here not here. Mailed copy with vocher last 4 times. Didn’t help. Called again today only to have them tell me that their supervisor told them they have already been throw this with me and there is nothing they can do about it. Like my medical problem. First they got me strung out on pills. The whole time telling me there is nothing wrong with me. After a year I finally have an MRI done. Oh you’ve got a hernatate disc. Now 2 and a half years later I have 4. I’ve ran out of pills several times. Realized didn’t hurt any worse without pills so quit taking them back in Dec. So last year they passed the law if they can’t help you within 30 days they have to get you outside help. In October they requested outside help. Outside help couldn’t see me till Feb. 27. Only to tell me it’s gotten to bad for surgery. So they want to give me shots to help relieve pain. Can’t afford them. So back to VA. Still waiting. I love Bing almost as much as our government!!!

  72. I had no problem voting on the previous system but 3 days consecutively, BING states error occurred after I entered sex & sometimes lets me enter age. I don’t care for this BING

  73. This is the poorest search engine I have ever used. I am changing because of the worst search service I have ever had.

  74. I hate the way stinking Bing hijacked my search engine. I will never buy another alawar product and I will throw this computer in the trash before I use Bing. Thank you so much microsoft.

  75. hi!I have an idea for “BING” to be a bigger corporation,a beter search engine and more easily to use it,but i don’t know were to sent my idea,with who to contact with,where can my idea be safe,if you could give me an addres where i can find my way that would be great.(sorry for my bad english)


  77. Like bing for my home page and the search engine is great.

    I would like to see Bing introduce a set of jigsaw puzzles based on the home page screens. They all for most part are spectacular and would make great puzzles boxed jigsaw of digital jigsaw.

  78. I just caught a glimpse of one of the reviews regarding hand-held apparati laying around. With the thing about password recovery. It’s too much work for me. I’ll just stick with my surveys. God bless always.

  79. Bing sucks so much! Please cancel your company, Google is way better.
    This is the worst search engine ever.. Webcrawler is better. Just some constructive criticism.
    So please end your company because you guys are worthless, ask anyone who has access to the internet.

  80. I would prefer you remain a search engine and not become a political platform pushing any agenda. You could have easily posted the People Magazine heading about the Druggers.. whomever they are.. but you chose to be the judge, jury and executioner. Do you know the facts? I think your representation of them by the article you choose to headline is deplorable. I like your service but will not be a part of any political, personal assassination attempt.

  81. small typo. when you search “Andy Dufresne” you get the paragraph on the right that reads
    “Bank Merchant Andy Defrene(wrong) is convicted of the murder of his wife and her lover, and sentenced to life imprisonment at Shawshank…”

  82. Just STOP. Simply STOP. You, as a search engine, are pathetic enough, but you can’t even provide us with a system where you can delete history without several steps. You DON’T listen to your feedback, AND you SUCK. PERIOD! Let me know if you can be totally removed on my computer. Now, you have sent info to remove bing, but it is less than useful, and screwed up my computer.

  83. Bing maps need to update their aerial views and stop portraying that it was updated in 2015. Due to the fact that I had an appraisal done on a piece of land, the appraiser used bings aerial shot showing buildings on the land. The buildings that are shown were removed 2 years ago. Your failure to show the correct view almost cost me $6000. I am posting on every site I know of to NOT USE BING MAPS!!!! ITS A FRAUD! UPDATE YOUR SITE IF YOY WANT PEOPLE TO USE IT!!!!!!

  84. I, frankly, don’t understand all the negative reviews of BING. I appreciate the home page pictures and information. I look forward, every day, to bringing up the search engine to see the featured item!

  85. Until this morning, I would have given Bing five stars. I now give four. I love the change in background every day, especially your nature scenes. However, I think Bing should stay out of the political arena. There are many of us, especially in the Christian community, who are not happy with the Supreme Court’s ruling. Our religious beliefs, based on the Bible (the written Word of God), oppose gay relationships and are offended that it is now termed as a marriage. As Elton John said, marriage is between a man and a woman, but a gay relationship is a civil union. Of course, I paraphrase. It is beyond the realm of your service to your users to take a stand on this or other sensitive issues. You can’t do this without offending some of your users. So please do not use backgrounds that have political undertones or that advocate one or the other side’s position on a political issue. And I will be using Google today. Thank you for considering my comments.

  86. What a disgraceful display of homosexual cheer leading on your front page today. I do not care at all how these people choose to live but please stop pushing homosexuality on the rest of us. I am in the process of changing my search engine.
    With great sincerity, Dorothy Hamill


  87. Do not post political photos on your home screen. I do not appreciate pro-homosexual flag/photo on my computer.

  88. Dear Bing,
    The translation word for outlook is not Outlook in German, but it is Aussichten. 🙂

  89. I had to change my e-mail,to a Microsoft account.well my Bing rewards did not get changed,I had over 800,and have earned 60 and some since opening an outlook account,I worked hard for those Bing credits,I use to be able to use my facebook as a back up,I do not like Microsoft,I have earned 900 and some lifetime credits,I have an email that was sent to my windstream account all other personal info Is same,can I get help,PatG

  90. Elizabeth was not queen when, as a 7 year old, she was filmed copying her uncle in giving a Nazi salute. Undoubtedly she did not understand who or what the Nazis were. A little less hyperbole.

  91. Bing Translator needs to be updated to outdo the competition like google translator if it does a incorrect translation it let’s you fix it if it’s incorrect recently I’ve been reading alot of Alchemy that has alot of Latin your Translator would be better if it let you fix the translation who know’s with everybody translating little word’s here and there actual LATIN the dead language can be brought back because personally I would rather use Bing then Google and I’m pretty sure the loyal Microsoft users are the same.

  92. I have been redeeming my bing rewards for chances to win a surface pro. My redemptions are surely apart of my bing account. I have always been charged the face amount of credits as a gold rewards member. I believe I am due credit for face value charges of 10 %. Please review and advise. Thank you

  93. A company has high-jacked my trade name and domain name under .com, .info, .net, and .org, — are twice using it at one of their webpages — yet BING gives them #1 SEO and won’t even list me. I’ve tried to list my site with Bing more than once.

    • What I mean is that I have purchased the domain names under .com, .info, .net, and .org. Nonetheless, the organization is using my tradename/domain names at the webpage, so it’s bad for my business because although they write, they are an academic paper writing mill. I am not!

      • worse yet, they have bad reviews, while I do not. Even worse, they’re deliberately creating a likelihood of confusion between my organization (and services) and theirs.

  94. Hello – I like your rewards product. 4 comments:

    – I remember Bing used to have some beautiful pictures associated with it – it looked like some form of Bing branding to me. I don’t see them anymore.

    – for the rewards invite – it would be nice to have a place to put in a friend’s email address with a bing reward product information invitation attached to it.

    – I have trouble with the contact links – for some reason they don’t connect (for example, the feedback link, and the add a comment to suggestions)

    – what is going on with some form of transition (?) if someone has already earned rewards, it kindof looks a little peculiar to all of a sudden not be able to log in appropriately with MSN. Can some sort of transition be made there for someone that might want that (?)

    Thank you for your time and consideration. Happy searching!

  95. today my bing rewards were 1109. I closed out and shut down my computer to do other things. came back turned on laptop and now my bing rewards show 49 and I did some clicking to get it up to 68 but
    this is bogus as i worked everyday for a month to get my points up to 1009

    no one has time to fool with this and i’m concerned bc i don’t believe it is right that this happened to me

    will it happen again? how do I prevent it? how do I get my points back?

    can you please HELP me? thank you

  96. I do not want Bing to save my location, autocomplete anything, or give me any suggestions. I gave it 30 minutes trying to turn all that off and am now using Mozilla. I’m open to suggestions on how to turn everything you think I want off.

  97. Bing has recently installed its self on my computer as I have never requested Bing I would like to know how it has happened and would like it removing immediatley

  98. Used Bing Rewards for $5 Starbucks Reward. Was told I would receive Email within 24hrs after I went through redemption process.
    No email – no Reward. Where did it go?
    Please fix – thx

  99. Was told I would receive Email within 24hrs after I went through redemption process for a Starbuck $5 card
    No email – no Reward. Where did it go?
    Please fix – thx

  100. In the last couple of weeks we have been experiencing a “server not found at’ error message every time we try to access the bing home page. Happens with Internet explorer and Firefox on all 4 computers in the house. Doesn’t happen when the home page is set to google, which (heaven forbid) we have had to do. 2 of the computers run Avast anti-virus / Windows Vista and the others are running XP with the Charter Security suite. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

  101. We are full time travelers and I have been using Bing to locate places I need.
    But today is the last time. 90% of my searches end up being wrong. Wrong addresses, places moved, addresses incorrect. Just a very bad search engine. Get the information updated, at least yearly if not every 7 months.

  102. Once again I’m not getting my cell phone searches. I searched many times through out the day and evening and no cell points at all. Please credit and fix this. How can one maintain gold status when you don’t give the points for searches.

  103. I don’t want anything to do with Bing! Take me off of anything that has me connected in any way. I want off Rewards by Bing and also Bing Rewards. If there is anything else, TAKE ME OFF. I don’t like anything about it!

  104. I have tried and tried to get rid of you crap. This Bing is the worst thing I have ever tried to get rid of. Look at the comments and I do not think there is one good comment. I go out of my way to NOT BUY ANYTHINK BING PROMOTES.

  105. I use Bing mobile and since you have changed (improved) the site I have not ben overly thrilled. Your headlines are still relative to Labor Day and Kim Davis, they do nothing to draw me in to read and article or follow anything beyond the search engine and the daily pictures (which I still love). It seems as if you are now driving folks to CNN and huffiington Post. Hopingto see the flyover for headlines become more relavent

  106. When I first discovered Bing, especially your home page photos & etc, I thought I had found a friend. I started using Bing exclusively for searches and news. But, I have had about all of your attempts to change my view on life that I can stand. Specifically, this morning everything about Ben Carson is a reference to nothing but left wing blogs who would not recognize the truth if it hit them in the face like Cassius Clay’s fist. Just one misquote, mis-representation and lie after the other. If you can’t follow one negative short cut with the truth or a positive one, someone needs to put you out of business. I am 66 years old, a Vietnam veteran and I don’t need anyone to mold my beliefs or my thinking.

  107. Buena Vista Library, Burbank California — Bing has our hours listed wrong. It’s copied the hours for the Burbank Central library.
    Can verify with, but hours M – Th 10 – 9; F 10 -5; Sat 10-5; Sun 1-5

    We received a complaint from a library patron.
    Christine Rodriguez
    Buena Vista Library Supervisor

  108. After HOURS of trying to find a legitimate place to post a question or comment about Bling, I had just about given up. And now that I have finally found one, I realize, after reading the above posts, that it wouldn’t matter if I had posted anything anyway. I was going to ask, why my “Local News” in Mount Shasta, CA consisted almost entirely of stories about Minnesota? Oh well, you’ll never look at this anyway, so I’ll just tack this on to the rest of the painful lessons that I have learned this weekend about deceitful, misleading and hateful online companies. Guess I’ll just go back to my typewriter…

  109. Your Address for our Church in South Dakota is wrong….how does this corrected…How do have your customers get a hold of you!

  110. I was over 500 bing search points and it reset back to 0. Tonight it’s stuck at 40.
    What’s going on and how do I get this fixed?

  111. love your search engine page thing with all the info sites. what makes me mental is every time I x out of a web site I end up back at the top of your page.
    this means I have to continually scroll back down to the place where I last left off to continue to search for other interesting topics.
    why cant you make it return to where I left off instead of always returning me to the beginning at the top of the page?

  112. I much prefer your service to google, because of their unabated cooperation with the NSA and DHS. Severe violations of personal rights are commonly being accepted, and this is dangerous.
    Having said this, I find no means of contacting your offices to ask about why there is no listed winner for the 3g laptop in your now not-so-recent drawing. Did no one win? What constitutes eligibility? Was there something beyond being a US citizen, 18 years of age or older, having an account and using it? Please advise soon.

  113. It seems ironic that in your news banner at the bottom of my screen you show a headline regarding students winning a Knights of Columbus essay, but you spell “Knights” as “Knighs”. You should probably hire one of those students to proofread your banner texts! I hate people and companies who publish misspelled words for the whole world to see. There is no excuse for it in today’s world!

  114. I do NOT wish to see your Halloween Crap. Please make it so that it is NOT on my screen and that I would have to select it to get it. Please keep it off my screen.

  115. Sorry bout that please put the message about required fields somewhere else and word it differently. I thought it was telling me you would not listen because I did not fill out the required fields. Took it bad and called you names. Sorry again.

  116. Bing now sucks. Try to access a website only to get some microsoft game add trying to get you to buy their garbage. Bing is now gone, Google now in.

  117. I have been telephoned on numerous occasions by people trying to contact a company – Global Imports, who are advertising on Bing with my telephone number (01297 552024). I have written to the company and asked them to amend the number but they have disregarded my request. Can you please therefore remove this company from your listings.
    Many thanks.

  118. installed the newest update for Bing Rewards
    the app does not add in my mobile searches, improve area does not work either, when searching for Bing Rewards support, page comes up
    “this pages does not exsist”

  119. You have the number 434-973-4280 belonging to Charlottesville Postal Federal Credit Union listed as the number for the Charlottesville Main Post Office of Charlottesville VA. We receive calls concerning delivery, passports, express mail, postage, etc., etc. .We sometimes ask where did you get the number. Majority reply is “search results from using BING”. You’re giving BING a name for not be reliable. Will you delete the above phone number as the contact number for the Charlottesville Main Post Office.

  120. I have started using Bing and like the page but there is a problem. The stories at the bottom when you click on them to learn more about the headline many do not have any information as to the reference of the headline. For instance there is a headline of Jennifer Lawerence today that reads accidental smooch. When you click it on all there is is information about Jennifer Lawerence and nothing about the headline. This happens way too often with many Bing headlines and pictures. So I have to ask as a big corporation like Microsoft why is this occurring on a regualr basis. This will stop many from using your service so I would like to know what is and will be done to address the issue?

  121. Bing said that if I did not change my e-mail to a microsoft account or I would lose my bing points. I did comply and still and loosing my bing points because they
    started me at new status, which charges me 525 points to get the an Amazon gift card instead of 475. That is 50 points lost every time I redeem my points. I wrote and called them. No resolution. My letter was not even answered. At the very least this practice is deceptive.

  122. Every time I go to the bing search page I get a big yellow nag screen that covers the lower half of the screen. Goodbye bing hello google.

  123. Despite several reminders and expressed aversion to see anything other than SCENIC wallpapers on desktop, you continue to change as you like which is not acceptable to me. If you cannot comply with what I like, you may stop acting as you like but be kind enough to let me know that you are not capable of acceding to my desires so that I can take care of it myself. If my needs are not clear, make it a point to let one of your agents to call me on the telephone to find out and act accordingly.

  124. Your Trivia Challenge for the day has a glitch. The question asks, “What kind of a bear was Knut?” You click on all four of the answers and it doesn’t let you proceed. Polar Bear is the answer, but it says, “Nice try, but that’s not the right answer.”

    Can I get my point?

  125. I am a member of Bing Rewards and there is a question “What kind of bear was Knut?” and the answer is Polar Bear… I searched it on Bing and I can’t get credit for it. Please look into this. I think this is glitch in the system or something. I really enjoy your Rewards and like earning gift cards.

  126. Took a Monday Bing quiz and clicked on all of the possibles answers (“What kind of bear was Knut?”) and it told me none were right so I couldn’t continue. Please fix this error.

  127. can’t find a place to report Bing rewards trivia challenge issue…the correct answer(in fact all answers to the question) result in an incorrect response. Knut is a Polar bear…but clicking the correct answer does not register….

  128. I enjoy my BING dashboard and do a lot of news searching on it. My question is why no tab and news for Motor Sports? Please consider making a tab for it.
    Thank you in advance, Roger

  129. You have the most beautiful and amazing daily “screen savers” (not being au fait with IT language it’s the word that springs to mind) on my Lumia mobile (through Vodafone), but I would love to know where these places are. I think it would be fantastic if you could add a caption to each photo saying where they are as every day I suffer the frustration of wanting to know, and not knowing how to! I hasten to add that even getting to this comment box has, um, “enhanced” my navigational skills and even patience.
    I look forward to hearing from you about my suggestion of labelling those magnificent scenes.
    Yours happily,
    Teresa Cramer


    Tried bing search engine to get away from Google…..
    Ummm am going to find alternative, maybe I will come back in 6 mths. to see if you have resolve this problem:





  131. Love your search engine for the most part, but lately all Bings front page news links send me to Fox News and I’d rather yank my own eyeballs out and steep them in boiling water than read that garbage. Are they paying to be linked to EVERY SINGLE NEWS STORY?

  132. When I hit on a news subject on the strip you provide, it know skips back to the first line. If I hit on a news subject it come up but then goes back to the first line. It doesn’t stay on that strip.

  133. Why do you think it is important to tell the world that I have a crush on Transsexual Beauty Vaniity
    You being with Microsoft you have plenty of money and you recless disconsern for peoples feeling and representation should cost you for acting so.poorLy shoul cost you a by

  134. You are allowing YAHOO to “own” your opening page and it is set uu to take over from bing AND THEN REWRITE MY PREFERENCES DEFINING ITSELF AS MY DESIRED SEARCH ENGINE INSTEAD OF BING, which I chose. You really need to get those cheating off your website and out of my browser. If you don’t, I’m going to get a different search engine. I HATE the arrogant cheating jerks at YAHOO and want nothing to do with them. Your allowing them to invade my computer makes YOU just as guilty as they are!


  135. You should really give your users A CHOICE. I came to Bing because I could no longer stand that auto address window feature that google forces on you and after reading countless items about it online, I scraped it. Guess I traded the “Instant Result Address Window” at Google for the “People Now” problem at Bing. Don’t any of you guys just want a satisfied and happy customer?

  136. what i wanted to know is if you have a program where anyone can send in pics where bing might use them on the differant daily pics. if you do can you let me know. thank you for your time. .

  137. I AM FED UP! I have contacted you several times in relation to Bing points transferring to Microsoft or visa versa. I have followed all instructions and have yet to achieved the goal. Let’s get this fixed Thank You AND I am tired of people calling me from Microsoft stating they are available to help me, but cannot verify. I fell for this one time and will not again. Awaiting your rely, Lis

  138. I have over 100 bing rewards points and bing deletes these points every so often and starts me back at 0. This is highly inconvenient and unethical.

  139. I ended up with two Bing Accounts. I want to combine them into one and only one. I know it is only 62 points but I do not want to throw them away.

  140. You do know that Cleveland,WV and Cleveland OH are two totally different places. One is know where near postal code 26601. So there should be no news from Cleveland OH on the local news. Thank you.

  141. What the hell is going on with the bing/MS mail password reset. I have reset it 3 time and I KNOW what the password it yet it tells me it’s wrong. It auto fills a password in that works but I don’t know what the hell it is and if I try the PW I just reset it to it fails.

  142. Bing, you just made my day! I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see the white weasel popping up on my screen this morning!!!

  143. There is an issue with searching for Channel One Regional Food Bank via the Explorer browser, with the default search engine as Bing. When you type Channel One Food Bank, it comes up with search results, but our listing is missing the www. Prefix, so it is an error result when you click on the link and doesn’t go to our page.

    This doesn’t happen with Google/Chrome.

    Can we get this corrected, please?

    Channel One Regional Food Bank
    Rochester, MN

  144. I spent almost 5000 Bing rewards points on Xbox sweepstakes, saved points since they began, and didn’t win squat. What a joke, I guarantee nobody else spent close to points I did, never even heard back, calling customer support for third time Today

  145. Hi, I was doing the quiz today for Bing Rewards and one of the questions asked who the director was of Blade Runner. The director is Ridley Scott, who’s name was not on the choices of answers given. The correct answer the quiz gave was Harrison Foord, who starred in the movie but did not direct it.

  146. I receive an email that said if I purchased a movie on Microsoft Movies and TV and spend $10.00 or more that I would get 5000 Bing rewards. I haven’t received my rewards and I was wondering when the awards would be updated.

  147. Your images get worse every day. They are some of the worst on the internet. Silly, meaningless, trite, completely void of any talent, imagination, or creativity. And what’s up with all the women? Your exploitation of them borders on the rankest form of pornography. But hey, if Microsoft isn’t worried about its reputation, why should I be? I have seen your organization go from a great company to a poor corporation. I don’t know who is advising you, but somebody is selling you down the river. You completely botched the release of Windows 10; and although it still doesn’t work right, you have taken steps to FORCE people to install it. When enough people find out how poorly designed it is, it will flop just like Windows 8 did. I suspect that Microsoft will continue with its conceit and arrogance until you lose all relevance in the computer and software world.

  148. Bing posted the most sickest animal cruelty staged picture of a squirrel going down a hole.There is no accumulated dirt around the hole,and to top it off this species lives in trees.You can see the tail has been cut off,& clearly the front end of the body is gone,this animal is dead.The animal activists should shoot the photographer & stick his body upside down for everyone to see.

  149. I have tried several times to get information for Marco Rubio on Bing.
    I can find all the other candidates, but not Rubio. What is the problem?

  150. I am going to be removing bing from my computer. It is biased and I am sick of the media trying to “rule the world”. This hp computer is also the worst computer that I have ever used in my life and I will never buy windows again.

  151. Bing, your just as damaging as the kkk. African Americans, Spanish speaking Americans, Native Americans an Asian Americans always has to play second fidell to whites. We can design life saving procedures and we are never inclusive to the American way & dream. If we cry ouch we’re supposed to suck it up. Our children get murdered daily by the very people who are supposed to serve & protect us, suck it up neighbors your hand will get better. Modern day lynching is what you are doing to us an it is know different then those state sponsored by (U.S.,Israel, Saudi & Turkey) suppoerted lying-pigs in the middle east called ISIS, ISIL& DAESH. People of color always have been expendable their lives, character and cultures. You’ll imitate us all until you poison the world’s opinion of us.
    You poison American Indians, starve them feed them drugs an alcohol. Same for the poor in the ghettos, the Mississippi bayou and Puerto Rico. Central & South America. When will it end, when will it ever end. Give us our due RESPECT…… BING PUT AN END TO TYRANNY, WHITE PEOPLE MAKE THINK THEY OWN THE WORLD BUT YOU DO NOT. THERE IS A KING WAITING TO DEAL WITH US ALL, AN YOU ARE INCLUDED.

  152. Hello there we are interested in managed services support from Bing to run our business. Please call back at 9717393963

  153. Hi there,

    My name is Jae Jeng and my company Animato Strings (Trading as Design in Italy) is being misrepresented on Bing Search. Could you kindly remedy this? It says we are located in 3 places – Red Hill, Kelvin Grove, and Eagle Farm – however we have only 1 shop that has moved and is now located at 5/789 Kingsford Smith Drive, Eagle Farm 4009. Please update this ASAP as customers are using your search engine and turning up at the wrong location.

    Thank you,
    Animato Strings

  154. I had Bing on all 3 of my browsers. But I have removed you because of MSN’s biased reporting. Had enjoy Bing as my home page. But could no longer tolerate the biased ranting of MSN… sorry.

  155. When I first joined Bing I was shown a simple page where I could upload my art work. I cannot find that page again. It’s purpose was to display my work to those who searched the web and found my website. I do not like to spend money and get NO results. Why do you make it so difficult after you are paid?

  156. Have a belly full of Bing popup adds behind each World News
    Aritcle.I don’t understand how Bing maintains a costumer base with such huge
    indifferance and blatant greed. Well, good or bad, you have one less now…

  157. I have a local business in Colorado and I am going to have to ask Bing to please re-negotiate their contract with yelp reviews!!! They are absolutely HORIBLE AND BIASED towards yelp users and it’s hurting my business–a small business with one location! I have 8 reviews customers have placed on yelp and they keep removing them because of their stupid algorithams!! And only “yelpers” can be considered legitmate reviews—REALLY! Simply, It’s just WRONG! Wrong to me as a business and wrong to the customers who took the time to write a review. Please Bing, develop your own review option like Google! Disasociate from yelp as many business owners have issue with them. They are waaaaaaay too strict!

  158. my location is 40 miles from Memphis, Tn. My TV and newspaper for local news is Memphis TV and Memphis Commercial Appeal. On Bing my local is Little Rock, Ar and the state of Arkansas which does not have much northeast ARk or no Memphis. When I change to Memphis it is not permenant. could it be mande permanent Memphis, Tn….Northeast ARK

  159. i actively use bing rewards and bing because of it. I ordered a handful of amazon cards mid February so I could put them in my kids easter cards. Still no sign and in my rewards account, it says done???!!! Please advise or send two day/overnight mail as they leave for visitation with their dad on Friday. I have a time crunch now and did this way ahead of time to insure this didn’t happen. Am I just being ripped off? Respectfully, Brenda Carey MS MS LPCS

  160. The search result for links to a porno site instead of Dr. Joy Browne’s official website. The same thing happens in Google and Yahoo.

  161. Good morning,
    I was disheartened to see that you are unfairly dealing with political information. Today, 3/24/16, your search engine’s news feed highlights the CNN/ROXC poll. You have chosen to provide a nice picture of Hillary Clinton and an awful picture of Donald Trump. Obviously the person who is handling the online aspects of Bing is a democrat and isn’t afraid to disrespect at least half of the people who use your search engine. I would like to hear back from you about this problem, as I imagine you would like to be credible with all your viewers.

    Thank you, Bethea M. Sumey
    Albany, Oregon

  162. It is most annoying that your reporting of the Democratic Primary is so completely slanted on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Consistently. For example, Bernie wins 2 caucuses by huge margin and your report focuses not on his momentum but on the fact that she remains in the lead. You also report delegates with the presumed super-delegates she now has as part of her total but those are NOT pledged delegates. (Do you not recall 2008?) I know your parent corporation is in the tank for her because her policies are more to your liking than Senator Sanders but there would seem to be some sort of ethical value in reporting without this obvious bias. Your credibility is in the ditch.

  163. Download the tool as Bing suggests and all I get is a message saying I have already set Bing as my search engine/Browser. Trouble is its always comes up Google and I hate the non tax paying scum bags there.

  164. I have a family member that asked me to look up some AA meetings for her, so I looked them up and now I’m getting spam from rebabs and sobriety related stuff. Coincidence? It sure doubt it. I don’t appreciate my e-mail address being sold! I’m cashing in my rewards and going back to Google. That’s disgraceful that you’re selling our e-mail addresses for spammers!

  165. Thank you, for your, bing images page. It has been great for preliminary patent searches. I am working on 50-100 or more inventions and the other sites do not list a faster way to search for them. Please keep working on them and i’ll try to use your service more. I like the videos too.

    Ryan Long

  166. I was supposed to get a code for a month of Xbox live my points were taken but no code it was just the other day can you send me my code please thank you

  167. Where is my code for my Xbox live and it appears I’m not the only one this has happened to I won’t what you all said I would get or I’m done using this site

  168. You have a story on the bottom of your Bing page today titled “On This Day: 753 BCE”. The term BCE is incredibly insulting. It is and always will be BC for before Christ. Stop trying to change our traditions, and doing revisionist history. We have to understand our past so we dont make the same mistakes again and we need know our achievements to improve upon them. Political correctness is ruining countries across the globe.

  169. Hi,

    I have received Rs. 30 Freecharge code via bing rewards program, but when I m applying it, it’s showing “invalid”. Please do the needful.


  170. I enjoy the bing reward program but i am unable to get past a quiz… It will not accept my answer and actually says all are incorrect? It has been over a week now??

  171. “What is Popular Now on Bing” is always, always sorely lacking in stories focused on women. Today–not one. You lose. And please, do not merely add stories of women as celebrities. Please, something substantial and newsworthy.

  172. Recently, YouTube made some technical changes that reduced my ability to use it as,Windows 8 user. Might MS Bing consider offering an alternative. I watch most commercials fully ay least once, then sip if they interrupt in less than 15 minute increments or are the same commercial I just saw. Maybe yours could be called B-Vis or M-Cast, something easy to recall. I’d watch. YouTube has replaced cable for me.

  173. hi i signed up with bing but i don’t have mobile number right now to verify so i cant cash in for rewards please reply and let me know if there away we can work around this i have an account with you everything work fine till go to redeem rewards my son been signed up lot longer me loved the program but stopped using for same reason he would also like to start back up again i can leave u a number but im hooked up with magic jack again i hear u don’t accept consider it it VoIP o again ty for your help

  174. hi i have a bing account and want to use it but i don’t have a mobile phone and my land phone is through magic jack which I’m told can’t use cause you consider it be void is there a way we can work around this so i can redeem my points thanks for your time look forward to a reply

  175. I can’t get logged in to my bing account. I have tried everything. I can’t believe there isn’t a phone number that you can call to speak to someone. I even tried to fill out the customer service form but it’s not working either. Is Bill on vacation????

  176. It appears yall have baited me with Bing “reward” and I fell for it. Your promise of a I PHONE was nice just answer some question and we”ll send you a phone. Ok the it was just take a few call and we”ll send you a phone, then it was but a coupla of these items and we”ll send yo9u a phone. I did not buy nothing cause I am a disabled , I am a vet of the Vietnam era I have made my own living by the hardest
    and would like to have had a I Phone, but is not worth all the loop hold to get it. please let me know if it’s going to happen and if not take my name off your Bing rewards program .Randy Thomas

  177. Today is Memorial Day. I just wanted to tell the persons who designed the homepage display at Arlington, that the transition of the page is a brilliant and poignant presentation that actually causes the viewer/reader to pause and reflect. What a magnificent display of imaging prowess that nonverbally sends a clear picture/message. Thank you. Well done, that.

  178. On my windows phone I get a daily image from Bing. I really like them. They used to have little boxes with explanations about the photo but I stopped get them. How do I get these little boxes. Thanks for your help.

  179. I try with Bing every day, and I don’t find , most of the time. I always have to go back to Google, because they bring me a lot closer to my request. Your system don’t look logical to me. Or Québec provnce and Mtl don’t count for you ? I don’t knom… but it does work for me

  180. Public transport times, eg place to place web order of seeing.. May have been chance, order appeared wrong way round so caused near 1 hr delay. In Usa, if searcher was fleeing a scene its useful ploy to delay them, but was it ? Needs to be, and be kept hush hush gives

  181. I love Bing so much, it makes my day to use it. It’s my birthday today and I was really upset but when I opened up Bing and it had the birthday cake (and good wishes) it made my day. Bing is an important part of my daily routine and it does so much better than Google. I don’t know where I’d be without Bing. Thankyou

  182. i try to updated my company details from last 10-20 days but it is not updated we try to contact by mail so many times but till dont get postive response

  183. I had a business trip to Monterrey, Mexico. When I am back from Mexico trip, everything I google something at Bing, the results came in Spanish, even though I changed the language back to English. However, when I used “Google” to google, I received my result in English.

    That is one of the many reasons why I prefer “Google” than “Bing”, even tough MS makes it very hard for us to make Google our default search engine.

  184. Today, 6/27/2018, I attempted to complete my bing rewards searches on my iPhone. I searched 5-6 items on multiple occasions but there were no rewards point. It is approaching the midnight cutoff and I still cannot get any points for mobile searches that I am doing. Please address this issue at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks you,


  185. I am a winner of a 500$ gift card from target. But haven’t received it yet. It doesn’t say on dashboard,and i never got an email telling me I win.

  186. I can not get rid of google search! I download Bing default. Bing tells me they are already my default. I look. You are. Yet all of my searches go through google. The page with results boldly features a google search link. I put the search item in that link and searched. Nothing changed, so it was always google.

    The search item was “sheriff Clark says”, in relation to his comments made earlier this morning regarding the Dallas police situation, with 5 dead and 6 more with gunshot wounds. Google’s latest reference for sheriff Clarke is in May.

    Why would google want to keep that information from me? And why do you allow it?! Please give me an answer as to why this is and how do I get my searches through Bing?!

    Thank you!!

    Doug Irvine

  187. Please stop your pop up ad on my computer or e-mail me and tell me how to delete it . Do it before July 9 or else I will seuw your company $500.

  188. I have never done an SEO before. I have trouble navigating some sites, especially when technical things are involved. I encountered this with BING and had to surrender.

    Please send me instructions (step-by-step) on how to SEO a book (actually, I want to do this with four books, each separately plus my web site).

    Thanking you in advance for your help. If you can, please include a phone number for me to call if I get into trouble.

  189. I can not log into my bing rewards account. I changed my password
    Several times but I am unable to log unto my account. Please help me.
    Thank you
    Jerry Maddox

  190. I am tired of getting search results about news from liberal media outlets like msnbc and cnn. I hate those channels and would like them to be deleted from my searchs in bing. I watch fox news and rarely have any searches come up with their news media being in the results. Please fix this asap. I am very unsatisfied with bing because of this. Every search engine is all liberal and I am getting fed up. I have changed search engines because of this. I will delete bing also if this is not fixed.

    • I can’t find a way to put pictures onto my Peter Flannery Boston Bing Images sight. Can you put a picture of Actor Joshua Harnett and Mel Gibson on my images sight. I’m related to them. Wow !

  191. I WAS using bing as my primary search engine until I became aware of how “left” leaning the site is. News for all you lefty folks; your time of reckoning is fast approaching. I fail to understand why such media bias exists when one considers how this country achieved its great stature among all nations. It certainly was not because of the leftist loons so prevalent in today’s media.

    • Your lead in line “Pipeline Trial Victory” about the North Dakota Pipeline that some Indian nations are protesting shows us your true left liberal leanings.

      Instead it should have read “Pipeline Trial Decision”

      You are busted and I will now make it a point to let everyone know that you are just another liberal shill company and hopefully get a boycott as big as that against Target.


  193. Not for nothing but you guys do realize that your home page shows the draw bridge going up and traffic flying by any way…lol

  194. We are How can we promote usage of Bing Search Engine, on our website by posting your mini banner, installing your BIng search on our internal website search and other methods? We have google search as our internal website search now, yet we have learned over the years that google supports and promotes scammer, fraudulent, criminal, extortionist, defamatory etc. “websites” on their top ranking search results as part of so-called “free speech” and refuse to remove (European DMCA) or even to rank them down to much lower search result pages. FREE SPEECH which is great, and we support it, but “free speech” as in ANONYMOUS EXTORTIONIST CRIMINAL LIES ENDING IN DEFAMATION AND LIBEL and hurting absolutely innocent websites, individuals and businesses is not cool and gOOgle is doing it and we suspect they are profiteering from it as well. They refuse to rank-down extortionist criminal websites such as OUTSCAM.COM that don’t even provide space for rebuttals! We decided to promote one reasonable search engine. We chose Bing! We need HTML etc. for including Bing into our site search (internal) and as well as banners to promote Big on our website so millions of our visitors learn every day that gOOgle is not the best and supporting extortionist anonymous criminals hiding from justice is not promoted by honest businesses with spotless reputation like us, who are victims of Outscam.con with fake Whois, fake privacy screening companies in Hong Kong, Russia, Arizona and alikes like us who are committed to honesty and fighting anonymous criminals like that.

  195. Is there a credit, debit or secured card that earns Microsoft Rewards?

  196. Hello !
    In being search,there is no Gujarati please work for it fast as soon as because as SEO that is most important for me.
    Thank You.

  197. I’ve been using Bing for several years. Recently I’ve seen a very noticeable slant toward the left in the news highlights on Bing. If a democrat is mentioned, it is clearly in favor of whatever they are doing. If it’s a republican, it is quite opposite. I don’t know if you can control that, however, if it does not stop, I will change and NOT use Bing. I expect my news NOT to be slanted one way or another. I just simply want the news. Please stop this trend toward the liberal side. It is really getting tiring. Thank you.

  198. I tried to cash out my points for an amazon card over a week ago and I still haven’t received the email with the code. Why?

  199. I notice FOX “News” is on top and bottom of every news search. I know they have plenty of money to pay but consider the consequences of the obviously bias source.

  200. bing news insn’t news…it’s radical left wing donkey poo. complete propaganda. FYI, I hired trump to destroy you, protest all you want but i’ll make sure he doesn’t go anywhere. Microsoft sucks and your fake news is embarrassing. I won’t be caged by the progressive left agenda, political correctness or any other form of modern day slavery…and I don’t protest!

  201. I just got so tired of the misleading “news”. Just report the news and leave out the politics. I get enough of that. I now use “DuckDuckGo”. No news at all.

    • If there is a video icon, let me see the video. This is a one sided search engine and that fact will come back to bite you. The bias is so blatant that I could laugh but then I realize that your site is truly scary. I’m done.

  202. we are made to use bing as our search engine……….its like stepping back in time 20 years……….I think they have copied the very first version of yahoo and re-badged it!!!……………it terrible….

  203. I’m pretty much at my wits end – just continuously going round in circles trying to adjust SAFESEARCH settings, or simply to get rid of the damn thing altogether. I just cant surf the Net with the ease I used to. I WAS clear of SAFESEARCH but it has recently returned under the STRICT setting. No Preferences or settings point on my Bing desktop and I just don’t know what to do for the best. Any help would be very much appreciated and I thank all help in advance (with fingers crossed !!!)
    P.S. The 2nd User on the same home computer is not restricted in this way. Just thought I would mention that in case it clarified anything.

  204. Hello, I changed my search engine from G to Bing, but I wanted to let you know I am changing it back. The search aspect is fine, but your trending news stories list is so politically biased I can’t stand to look at it any loonger. So, I will find another search engine to fit my needs. Perhaps you should just let people find the stuff they want on their own without attempting to influence what they read. Suck it Microsoft.


  206. Bing customer service is as bad as it can get .Asked how to get Bing to give related search results , received no relevant answers ! Bing search should be entirely removed from the web .Might send message to other search engines to allow related search results instead of Bing like spam ! Bing search has hit rock bottom!

  207. I live in Concord, CA. But you consistently post news items under “local” news from Concord, NH. I have complained about this previously, but obviously you don’t care about accuracy, relevancy or meaningful information. Your “news” comes across as pretty deficient, written for people with little education and less intelligence.

  208. Why does my search history keep turning back on? I turn it off next thing I know its back on and showing my past searches. Why will it not stay off?

  209. I have had it with BING!!! I’ve had it with their negative story lines and what they choose to complain about! I have an undergraduate, college degree, that included an in depth year of print journalism. Now, that’s not much by most standards, but it makes BINGS trashy, shallow, slanted articles, and current event write-ups, look all the more foolish, slanted, a shame to accuracy, and independent thinking, all the more apparent to me! I have tried desperately to knock BING off my Windows 10 computer. NO SUCCESS !! My only comfort is to immediately click to Google News!

  210. For the past 2 days Bing has opened to “images” and Cheryl Burke. I have no interest in her or any of the other celebrities in images. If she doesn’t disappear from my Bing search engine soon I will stop using Bing.


  212. Interesting choice of color background on your sponsored ads, Purple background with blue or red script. Did you know that this combination makes your ads invisible to approximately 15% of males who have red/green color blindness? you’d better change the color mix promptly.

  213. When the Bing site is accessed to find out the contact tel number for Honiton Golf Club you WRONGLY state is as my home telephone number. YoU HAVE BEEN TOLD OF THIS BEFORE and the calls ceased for a few weeks. THEY HAVE NOW RETURNED – GET THE CORRECT CONTACT DETAILS FOR THIS SITE BEFORE I START TO LOOK AT THE LEGAL IMPLICATIONS..


  214. For the most part, I really like Bing, but I have to express my disappointment that the death of Barbara Cook, a great entertainer and an even greater lady, as well as a mainstay of the American theater for over 50 years, didn’t even rate a position in the news thumbnails at the bottom of your homepage. Shame on you!

  215. I am annoyed that there is not a password to Safe Search as any child could easily have access tp pornography. Also as it presently stands I have to reset it to Strict every time I start the computer. Would it not be possible to make this more child proof.
    Thank you

  216. Please can you change details on your search for Scarletts Residential Home, as you have all my details on there (Scarletts Cottage) and I am getting inundated with phone calls and emails

  217. Tonight, Aug. 15, 2017 (8:24p.m), I’ve noticed Bing Translator isn’t working. Translations are as follows: TranlateApi Exception Appld is over the quota ID=0727.V2. Just curious. Your comments.

  218. Did you know that in the beach picture on the screen has a penis drawn in the sand. Just thought you should know … incase you didn’t notice …

  219. I have requested that the photos of my home be removed from the Bing Search Engine. I have successfully gotten them removed from Redfin, Zillow and and was told as soon as Bing cleared their cache that the photos would no longer appear. it has been 8 months now and the photos are still there.
    I feel that no one seems to care about my request.

  220. Thank you for FINALLY providing a non-bashing title of article on the bottom of your screen about President Trump. Today was the first day I have seen anything kind and fair in regard to our President since he has been elected. Maybe I have missed some, but Bing has been horribly obvious about its’ political opinions and I have been very unhappy about it. I only hang in with you because of the daily pictures. But I appreciate today to see something positive “Trump in Texas.” Thank you.

  221. Bing has taken over my Google Chrome and i cant get rid of this crap.How the hell do i get rid of Bing and get my Chrome back

  222. Dear Bing,

    It would be good to have “Bing” search in Office Environment, where we have plain homepage, instead of full colorful background image and images of latest Celebs images.
    No matter how professionally we are involved in searching(for office related), our hierocracy immediately asks questions like “what happened to the task” or “what are you doing” such questions.. thinking that we are spending the time leisurely upon opening “Bing” homepage.

    We have should some aggressive look for office work.

    Jagadish M

  223. Dear Bing,
    On your site yesterday was a very unhelpful article, decreeing the Antifa. Considering the truth of the matter that like A Handful of the Left has caused havoc, the posting and promotion of negatively labeling ‘this group’ (most of the Nation) is ‘Fake News” and highly irresponsible. Please call it what it is, Being a Patriot and a decent person. The Antifa label is just ridiculous. If you are not anti-Fascist, then you are the problem! Just ask the six-million dead Jewish people and others murdered by the Nazi Party. Your parents and Grandparents would be ashamed of you! Get some spine.

  224. I use bing for my search engine every time I see a story on Donald Trump it is negative. I am not especially fond of President Trump but every thing that he does is not bad. Yet Bing never shows any of the good things that he has done. That shows an extreme bias. If you expect people to take you seriously and trust in what Bing reports than you MUST give credit where credit is due.

    • I haven’t noticed that he’s done anything especially good since he took office. If you know of anything, let me know.

  225. It took me seemingly forever (as one with many years of computer experience) to navigate your webpages ‘stuff ‘ and find this your ‘contact’ page.
    But I want to commend you for the outstanding technical advances you have made in the search engine part of your organization.
    I am a retired physics professor with unusual internet visibility, by way of what might be called the ‘peters-quasi-web’, which I started to work diligently about two decades ago. One of the things I regularly check after various of my publications become available online–is to see how long it takes for yours and Google’s search engine to find them. Of late you have been out-performing your competitor by ‘leaps and bounds’. In particular, I have posted some articles to which you found quickly; whereas Google has not a clue yet, even of their existence (even though scores of my publications appear in both engines as numero-uno out of millions, for non-literal key-words)..
    B.T..W. One of my papers on symcdc under ‘publications’, is titled “Model of the heart’s variable rate based on the Van der Pol oscillator’. My half-century career in complexity has given me unique skills with which to treat heart rate variability in ways that nobody else has ever thought about–some of which are indicated in this paper. HRV has become one of the hottest topics in the world of medicine, not to mention the sporting world. This article might become my ‘magnum opus’ (being now 75 yrs of age); and I would appreciate your giving it increased visibility via your search engine, if you see fit. To do so, just might be of considerable benefit to your company as well as myself.
    (I assume this note will be forwarded to the most appropriate ‘reader’ within your organization)–Thank you for so doing and honoring my request that it not be published for the world to read.


  227. Good Afternoon,

    I’m being police entrapped or something by being an easy target by the gay straight paranoid parents with a delusion it appears I’m involved with their adulthood and was made to sit here with an intent to establish what is going on with my personal wealth. I’m non religious and seek socializing through as well as marital intentions. My degree is based off your is and its major advent in the american business sector. I am being taught my credit and debit were manipulated as well as taxes and postal service law abiding relationship are being destroyed due to money and data mining, actually, while actually disguising the intent as education and gay straight alliance medical perceptions. The government of can, as, and, were, written, they continued to not respond but suggest, it appears, sit a d wait a while I’ve can convey travel plans and transport of people in your citizenship witness. I also am being harmed with medical prescription for death in California if this does not resolve. Are you able to respond or help in any way. Arguably on average, I created a very historic possibility in 2008 and at this point with as odd as things are might have been witness to one being created in 2000-2001, or not. The real concern is the lack of assets, and literally being made to live off an empty wallet for 3 years. I think its possible there really is criminal manipulation of my work and family intentions since 2006, actually truly 18 since visiting a management information system building. Itbis the semester I developed an interesting product in model for 3d art coursework, in my opinion, as simple as a golf club shaped solid burl wood oak type of idea for a mans desk. My education is a business administrations management information systems. Dies Microsoft ever protect arguably constitutional freedom and family planning due to the weird attack it seems of my natural kind intentions in a social america that naturally build career and family. Away from this company Microsoft and its marketing. A human question a little boring, but my personal legal affairs are really appearing to be misguided. I think I need to ask Microsoft to analyze the money I have been shown in self to pay as well. My bank accounts ate funny and I admit, I assume the araogance of a going attorney or legal practice, that is not really even legally involved or 3 or they are. In either case, it stems from the school of thought it appears. Are there any solutions. My life is on danger, I have written police, sought FBI, CIA, sea, in, presidential types in de, fr, UK ,it, au, real estate fraud experts, FDIC, in, coubserlate offices, banks, postal service, the money is turning on and off since speaking to a person on the phone, this is nuts, the corp was formed in Ca, then I sought tax shelter on nv, tax, cayman islands. I’m being literally put out on the street clearly politically and expect foreign help immediately. I continue to seek legalzoom and I am familiar with the employment module. I of course seek private property, all I created was an educational histogram module for self keeping of education records, and then it kept going. How do I get a payout if I have a new module, is it illegal to get advice from Microsoft, I really seek advice today and as soon as possible.j want to find legal recourse immediately.

  228. you are doing the same thing yahoo is doing with your so called “news feed”, You are politicizing all the nows, with such rags as the new York post and AP news , once respected is now a democratic agency outlet. I’m looking for a different browse now.

  229. don’t see a send, are you doing the same thing the cowardly ny times and others are doing? not letting the people respond to your trash news?

  230. This was a bit disturbing, right under the heading of her suicide it talks about Big Bang Theory leaks…as though it was part of the article…

    News about Rosie O’Donnell Ex Death

    Rosie O’Donnell’s ex Michelle Rounds dead in apparent suicide
    New York Daily News on · 23 hours ago
    Big Bang Theory: Leaked plot synopsis hint at Sheldon’s ‘struggles’ Grant Hart, drummer and co-lead singer of influential American indie band Husker Du, died Sept. 14. He was 56 and had been battling cancer. Veteran actor F…

  231. Your “Bing in a Classroom” was somehow automatically installed on my computer. I don’t want it. I have a home computer that is not connected with a school. I want control over the Safe Search. This should be easy. Let me know how I can do this.

  232. Bing was installed on my computer “WITHOUT MY PERMISSION” Bing cannot be uninstalled. we need to remove the shells from control panel. As to what we think about Bing? do not appreciate unauthorized installs on international investigative computers. on a personal note Bing sucks!

  233. TO ALL CONCERNED! contact FireStaff Investigations for inquiry to produce a federal evidence folder concerning illegal installs on computers.
    note! bing cannot be uninstalled from control panel.

  234. I resent the fact that Bing will not remove Tom Steyer from my search box. Do you do this because you support impeaching our President? Sickening. I will use another search engine from today forward. Bing is a disgrace!

  235. Integrity is still important in business and part of that integrity is showing respect for authority. Showing nothing but negative articles about our President shows a lack of respect. You may not like him or his policies but he is POTUS and deserves respect. You are adding to the decline in society with such disrespect. Many did not like Obama and his policies but he still deserved respect. Many kids don’t like parental policies but they still must give respect… when you don’t give that respect there is a breakdown which leads to chaos…and I believe Bing is adding to that. Be more balanced in your headlines and reporting regarding POTUS.

  236. I use the Zillow website often to look for houses, mostly out of state. Lately I have noticed there is no longer an option for the birdseye view. I contacted Zillow and they advised me to contact Bing regarding this problem. I would so appreciate your help in this matter.
    Thank you,
    Robin C.

  237. BIng! Your picture of the White House and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson next to a headline “Ethnic Cleasing” Is misleading! Show the true pictures of Rohingya in Myanmar!

  238. ya know, I was really wanting to get rid of Google and try Bing. Bing has got to be the most politically bias by a long shot. Just because you have a bunch of millennials running your company keep in mind, most Americans support our current President of the United States. I am sick to death of your “search engine” being an engine to try and further the agenda of those who hate the idea of loving Americans and bringing them together. It is businesses like yours that separate and destroy. Bless your hearts you must be as ignorant and asleep to the big picture; as you are with being in touch with reality. I don’t care what view point you have as a company, if my client wants beige I don’t give them purple.
    No one wants to see your hate.

  239. Dear Bing, why do you still refer to the Washington DC NFL team by their racist nickname? Many media outlets call the the Washington team and you should, too. The team nickname is higly offensive and should not be returned in NFL search results.

  240. Hey, love Bing but the problem with the news crawl at the bottom drives me crazy. The thing loses its place as you go thru the news items. Might be a problem with a counter getting cleared when it shouldn’t. Had to leave a comment here because I couldn’t find another way. So I have to say access to customer service poor.

  241. your answer on the weekly quiz was inaccurate. a fingerling is a german potato. always was. if you wish to invent another meaning, go ahead, but do not tell me I was wrong with my answer. I was not. snap out of it.

    • Dear Snap-Out-of It: I did not see the quiz; however, my Webster’s College Dictionary (printed in English) defines a “fingerling” as: “1. a young or small fish, esp. a very small salmon or trout. 2. something very small.” (like a German potato, perhaps).
      Enjoy the fish and the potato.

  242. I am frustrated trying to get an answer about Bing Rewards…on December I redeemed 91,000 points for $100.00 Microsoft Gift Card…after receiving my your email confirming the transaction. At the time of redemption I would have had a balance of 115,000+points remaining…however my point total showed only 26,000+points…in addition to the balance error I no longer see my actual points on the Bing page…it has been replaced with “Rewards” I’ve sent 3 emails with the following ticket #’s…12/25/170#1409277699…12/28/17#1409684039…12/28/17#1409687630…I received confirmations via email that they were received and I’d be contacted within 24hours…none of my attempts have received a reply. On 12/29/17…on 12/29/17 I tried to resolve this issue through technical support which resulted
    In a wait of over 30 minutes then disconnected..

  243. bing is going to get on my nerves soon they realy really need to stop abusing my photo .uk is the big dog of the house. .and just because money makes you feel like a person it really does not make and individual I will be requesting by law to take this photo down or jail time plus and if fines. this picture will become my property rights. abuse and misuse is disgusting bunch of losers with only spending power .[p.s you can take your gang up somewhere else message

  244. My Private Information is on search engine I want it taken off immediately, my name is holly.iverson.
    One is under “(PDF) Oberon School Board Special Meeting April 11, 2017 5:00”, I called my Union person Fern Porkony and she said this information can not legally be on the internet, which I want taken off immediately.
    Also, the DPI of North Dakota in Bismarck has taken off information that is know showing up on your Search Engine.. DIVISION OF STUDENT SUPPORT & INNOVATION my name is on this with incorrect district information and phone numbers which I want taken off Immediately.
    Thank you, Holly Iverson

  245. This morning I purchased a $5 Amazon gift card with my Bing rewards points. The points have been subtracted from my Bing account, but not applied to my Amazon account. No one I have spoken to at Microsoft has been helpful, though a few tried. I have been trying to get assistance for the past hour. The last rep I spoke to dropped the call.

  246. Love the Photos. However, I would like to see News also from FOX, One America News Network and Breitbart. I can see the propaganda from NBC and other MSM other places. Moderate or lose people please.

  247. Hi, I redid my web site (, which doesn’t show up in Bing search results, any longer. ??
    Thanks, Tom

  248. FYI: Before this week, I went to bing for searching because I could read about its news picture boxes at the bottom of its screen by clicking twice. But now, I no longer am going to bing because it takes more than 2 clicks to read about the image boxes at the end of the bing search screen unless someone tells me it is back to the way it was for years before this last weekend. I also not notice after I saw this change noted above, when I now click on the bing search box, the resulting screens how show a huge list of pick under the top line showing a search box named “search encrypt” instead of the bing search box repeated at the top. If this is the problem, how do I get rid of “search encrypt” showing up after I click on a bing search box on bings initial home screeen?

  249. Ive used BING for a long time and cannot understand why it is so biased against america.
    Supporting democrats,
    Supporting murderous muslims,
    Supporting hate groups like BLM,
    Anti trump. (trump loves america).
    Everyone knows you have never had a real job so its understandable you have a box car children (communist) view of life.
    BUT why mess up our country.
    Would you like it to be just like IRAN


    Think about it .

  250. Hi, I was wondering, what can I do if on a bing search I find false facts? Case in point…bing search of 2 amendment.. The first choice of info about it that i clicked on was completely wrong !! What can be done to rectify this problem? We truly need more knowledge, less ignorance!!!!!!

  251. Listing my book title and not showing anything related to my book is wrong. Why not at lest put my book up there. Sellers of used gun books have a whole section of books under the name of my book followed by gun photos. Each Gun Photo has a tie to someone selling or promoting something but no tie to my book. Your listing a tie to my book would be appreciated under the name of my book you are using “American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom

  252. I look forward to the new daily image on BING…however, I am offended by the image of the Roman Coliseum today with bold black figures on the image.

    Why would you crap up an enduring legend that has existed for 2000 years with figures that make no sense???

  253. What’s with the very surreal photo on the Bing search page today? Cartoon black octopus in Colosseum?
    I’ve been using Bing as my homepage. I usually love the photos. This is too weird. Someone playing a joke?

  254. Tired of you hiding mark zuckerberg s illegal activity type its gone or type look removed .Facebook data scandal .your friends is why .like right now its all gone some bs stocks it did.I was watching it just before it closed goes up .56 how impossible cellphone scandal .how it goes up from 155 to 160 from a .56 closed goes to .67.scandal cell phone people freaked out advertisers dropping fb.people closing there accounts.over reset my browser fake news from Zuckerberg.

  255. Bing is no longer a choice for me as a search engine as I am sick and tired of their left wing down the throat news pages. You don’t want conservatives, fine adios.

  256. Bing is HI JACKING my HOME PAGE ON Modzilla FIREFOX

    I consider BING search Engine HOSTILE

    I dont appreciate this ACITIVITY

    thank you

  257. BING is the greatest.
    I really like the news scroll.
    It offers the latest news without commercial interruption.
    Keep Bing strong and keep the news alerts like they are.
    Many thanks.

  258. My Bing total points credit has disappeared from the opening page. My laptop was dead for a few days… So I called the number listed as Bing customer service. She asked me my cage number. What is a cage number? I would like to know the total points I’ve accrued. Why is that so difficult?

  259. This is the fourth time In writing, and after 3 phone calls that were wrong. I need to contact someone about my points. Last Saturday I redeemed 5250 points for a Starbucks egift card. My account page says you shipped it, but I still haven’t gotten it yet. You subtracted points for it, but where is my egift card? This is ridiculous that I can’t talk to a live voice.
    At least email me please.

  260. Bing/Microsoft is never content to leave things the way they are! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You suck eggs! When attempting to clear history, it leaves the history on the homepage and tells you you have no recent searches – what a load of BS! It’s impossible to remove the history and, for some unexplained reason, when picking a topic to read an article, it becomes impossible to backspace to the home page. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? GET THE MORONS OFF YOUR PAYROLL. THEY DON’T KNOW THEIR ASSES FROM FIRST BASE! I’m sick to death of your stupidity/ignorance and incompetence, and being held hostage by it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A pox on all your houses!!!!!

  261. Did you not think it newsworthy that our president was awake at 3AM to greet the Americans who were released from North Korea ?

    e them! it is my mind you took my thoughts away from me. LAW SUIT!


  264. Good afternoon,

    I need to know how to fix a problem on bing for our Centre. I work at Centretown community Health centre in Ottawa and there are some errors when we click on it from bing.

  265. On 05/29/2018 at approximately 1:00AM, I received an email from thanking me for evaluating a business in Wilmington, OH. The name of the business is AWNS. The email was accidently moved to an unknown folder without being read. I had written the evaluation as a note to the Wilmington, OH city government informing them of the not-quite-legitimate business, AWNS, operating at an address located in Wilmington. This business is a spam generator and has sent spam that is nearly impossible to block. I have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission.

  266. I left bing do to it continuously loading pages (on it’s own) that are unrelated to my search.
    Also: before that started it was always giving me pages of wrong stuff when ever I do a search.
    If i search for the brake pad spring for a 1966 Chevy SS it would come up with things like Potatoes from Iowa.
    it’s just keeps getting worse every year.
    Some serous changes need to be made.
    Foe me, that change is finding another search page at least until this is fixed.

  267. You are reporting our business closed Fireworks Supermarket aka Sharky’s. This is hurting our business

  268. i am sick to death of continually having bing pushed in my face when I wish to use Google as my search engine. There is no way I will ever use your search engine, in fact I am tempted leave microsoft altogether.

  269. I thought you guys were different but now i know you’re just as political as the yahoo, google and the rest. Moving along to find another search engine that does not try and tell us how to think. sad

  270. I am kay luv got you back

    so far I have had no problems, have you thought about doing emails, uploading family pictures or hide and seek to find lost pictures over the years to shock a client. I would like to share with you. the LORD from the earth created man, and in his own image he made him. limited days of life he gives him and makes him return to earth again. god bless you

  271. Can you direct me to porn ‘destroyer ‘ WebSites that pop onto the attempt of knowing anothers hard drive… It seems there aren’t any in the search engine results—I am not entertained by the attachments that are coming to travel the internet with the WASTED videos and other file attempts to study certain country setup communications… PC to PC relations affecting cookie domains excuses too much!….”Not interested in watching another touch another for their sex reasons”–

  272. I didn’t choose to switch to Bing from Google & I am not sure if it is better with out
    hiring a computer repair man at $ 65.00 and asking his opinion. Change is always
    somewhat difficult, since I can’t switch back with out help a little info. from you people would be helpfull.

  273. This is about the 20 points you give sometimes, last time my answer was right and I did not get the 20 points and again this morning, right answer but not 20 points, s you owe me 40 points.

  274. Okay, so for your Puffin picture post, the question about using rabbit warrens is correct, but in selecting that you get a big X, with Prairie dogs (???) highlighted as the answer, but the text that follows explains how puffins do in fact use rabbit warrens. Get it right, please.

  275. I love the pics. I don’t like the doenload ad every time I pull up your search engine. I am thinking about switching to Google. That would be sad for you as I would change is on my laptop also.

  276. Solves nothing just another let’s waste their time until they give up handy reference to nowhere and go die page.

    Thanks Bill Gates you #turd

  277. Please give me a way to GET RID of the photo spreads. The single photo at the opening is enough…EGAD!!!

  278. am deleting to many tabloid new sites.they have the worst coverage of current events unless you want to know what kind of bikinis kim is wearing. let me know when you drop the tabloid stuff. thanx tom

  279. Bing’s only use is directing you to a different search engine .Bing search results are not available unless you want 100% redirected spam. Bing allows 0 related search results ! Microsoft has reprogrammed Bing to give absolutely NO related search results of any kind !

    • Bing is trying to be Google. We need an unbiased search engine that will provide more than the views of their employees. I switched to Bing when I couldn’t pull up the Paris Accord on Google. I could find opinion articles but I want to read it for myself and make my own decisions about a subject. Bing is doing the same thing as Google now. What’s up?

  280. I cannot login to my account. It says the account has been suspended and it will send a text to my phone. When I try to have a text sent, it says it cannot send to that phone number. I tried 2 phone numbers 5127672259 and 5123999330. What can I do to restore my account?

  281. I’ve used Bing for a long time, but it is just plain silly the way it is set up now. I click on something thinking i’m going to it and just go to another format. I will be changing.

  282. Don’t think , KNOW Bing results cant get any worse ! Millions of unrelated , redirected , spam results are given , 0 related results given !Bing needs to be removed from internet !

  283. On Bing’s predictions for the NFL winners for the 1st week, Pittsburgh is not spelled correctly. It is missing the “h” at the end.

  284. I’m not certain who to contact relating to Bing Business and waiting on a PIN that was suppose to be snail mailed to me. Meals on Wheels has been at the new address for over a year now in Fremont and the address is part of the Friendship Senior Center. Please respond to the email address listed in this post.

  285. I need someone from legal department to contact me immediately about photos and data being displayed on bing’s search engine. They do not hold copyright on the data and photos and original source has since deleted said data but bing continues to display old photos and data. BING NEEDS TO CLEAR ITS CACHE AND DELETE OLD DATA OR BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS AND DAMAGES CAUSED BY CONTINUED DISPLAY OF THIS INFORMATION. Please contact me immediately to verify the data has been removed. Thank you.

  286. When attempting to remove an irrelevant listing from search engine, horrified to learn that Bing demands photo ID documents Contrary to ICO legislation, personal identification documents including passports,driving licence is strictly confidential and private and Bing have no right to ask for such documents, so it can store them on its database. Pleasse be aware ICO will now be made aware of this issue.

  287. I’m glad you guys aren’t as liberal-leaning as google, but you could try harder to support search results for republicans. With so many conservatives boycotting google for thier clear violations of freespeach and respect for others political opinions, one would think Bing would try to outsource google as a search engine.

  288. I am so sick of searching Bing for subjects like “area rugs” and getting a dozen obscene photos of naked people having sex on “area rugs,” or, like today, searching for photos of relatives for a family tree, and getting pics of naked people orally copulating. It makes me suspect that Bing does business with pornography sites to lure in potential customers. Unfortunately, I use a device that only uses Bing as their browser, otherwise, I would have uninstalled Bing a long time ago.

  289. Bing used to have a varied amount of news sources when a BING search was initiated. The reason I switched to Bing is that Google evolved into tabloid news search-engine by directing one to news articles that promoted their views. I would appreciate it if BING stayed neutral on the news. I am growing weary of the spam, too.

  290. Every day you use different pictures (which are wonderful) that change at Midnight. Each day the Caption underneath stays wrong for some time. Can’t be difficult to get it right or I can help you if it’s a problem for you. It is most Annoying! PS I have texted this info before but to no avail!

  291. I just want the. BING news on the Bing search engine as well to search with Bing, that how it was before, now it has changed on this Apple iPhone.


  293. good afternoon, most of the time I use
    since yesterday when I put instrumental music,
    it coming and add said: Do you want remove adds and charge money,
    so now I can not listen, because this add.
    could you please help me thanks

  294. Bing is completely useless and should be removed from the Internet ! Gives ONLY 100% SPAM FOR every search entered ! It is programmed to do that by Microsoft !

  295. I don’t know why the search engine my laptop is defaulting to is Bing. Bing sucks ass. Everyone under the age of 80 knows that Google is 100 times better than Bing could ever be. So here’s what I think, Bing. Leave me the hell alone. Get off my computer. I don’t want you.

  296. In trying to improve the speed on my laptop, I have deleted over 150,000 bing points. Can you help with this and explain what I did wrong?

  297. I came to bing because I don’t want to use Google anymore. However bing is no better sub par , biased in searches so sad . I own 5000 shares msft time to sell. Gave bing a chance. You’ve disappointed me

  298. I tried to contact, didn’t get. Don’t like google but you’re no better, biased searches, blocked info. I own 2000 shares msft time to sell. Already sold google, & I was hoping Msft might have the guts to step forward into a void but n

  299. I use Bing and have for years. But you are so incredibly slanted to the Left on your politics. You seldom give any conservative views and it is so obvious. Even your placement of Fox news on the back pages and CNN on the Headlines of pages is beyond curious. It is a fact that you are politically involved in the news and much of it is FAKE. It is propaganda and my wish is that you be more fair to the silent majority of the country. People are fed up with leftist crap.

  300. I very much dislike the “Spotlight” news links which lead to “Perspective” results page with links to several different stories with obviously different slants.
    Are you asking people to vote on the “News” they want to read? The earlier comments about Google “violations of free speech” is telling. There are no liberal or conservative facts. It used to be you could trust stories from AP or UPI- ABC NBC CBS etc. Just return results based on search criteria instead of asking people do you want this-OR,- this -OR,- this -OR that. More data collection, Really?

  301. A website; Net Worth Times ( appears when I type in my name. Though the written information is basically correct the picture of me is represented by a young female and the website says I was married in 2018. I am 72 years of age and intensely object to this website. I am neither married nor my net worth is $800,000.
    I am a distinguished deer biologist in the latter days of my life. Please take this website down, it is both inaccurate and salacious.


    We are a school and someone has put the details of our school on your web browsers but unfortunately the postal address is wrong and instead of being the school address it is a residential address and they have been receiving our post.

  303. I had the unpleasant surprise of finding bing search usurping my default search this morning, and cannot remove it per usual means. I want it removed asap.

  304. Why don’t you have things like the Belgium Red Carpet flower show highlighted in the windows of news boxes at the bottom of the bing homepage? There are a lot more interesting things happening in they world then what you are showcasing to us with easy access mouse button push apparently.

    Your text box spell check tells me the correct word is not then it tehn.

    The e-mail address below is not accessible to me. No need to reply to that e-mail while it is not accessible to me. I’m already pissed off enough at that people who think that is acceptable. I have reported it to multiple police facilities, contacts, and online contacts that do not have the correct people behind them.

  305. Chevy Volt specs that pop up when doing a search for Chevy Volt are wrong.
    It lists the HP as 149 HP for the generator but not for the other motor that also propels the car. There are two electric motors that propel the Volt at the same time.
    one is 149 hp and the other is 74 hp for a total of 223 hp and it also has 294lb torque with is far more than you indicate.
    This false information you post misinterprets the Volt hp.

  306. I made Bing my homepage. Worked fine for years. Now when I open the internet Google tells me it cannot find Bing, it does not have the ip address.

  307. R.E Take our fun festive quiz
    Lazy Christmas quiz
    Walking in the air was sung by Peter Auty in the film The Snowman…..
    Do your research before posting!

    • Bing search and (bing youtube )is much safer than google or direct utube search which are violating people privacy in many different ways like many of the websites like fb.insta.Twitter etc… bing needs to remove the restrictions which cased by google or youtube or others for them.when we search some thing many different things on (utube bing) and many no relevant things comes up and when i want to return to the before vidoes which i was watching 10 second ago does not have option to return to the previously need only to expand and keep respecting people privacy which i believe hopefully they do.

  308. Your information concerning Zachariah and the Quran is false and misleading!! There is a big difference in respected or venerated and being a part of! Zachariah was never a part of the Quran as you folks strongly imply! Zackariah was born in the 1st century, 5 to 6 hundred years before the Quran was ever thought of, so how could Zachariah be figure in the Quran? Misleading and should be corrected!!

  309. bing….you used too have a plethora of jigsaw puzzles on hour bing homepage under a number of headings which made for wonderful and interesting play and information on a number of things… you have the same 5 headings with the same 5 puzzles….is there no way you can go back to the way things were back earlier this year….i truly enjoyed the puzzles and it was one of the things we could do in downtime at work but now i have nothing to do….can someone please fix this….thanking you in advance,

  310. hello,
    my friend is an old time breeder, breeding over 30 of Persian kittens/young cat and Persian adult cats that she sells.

    One breeder said that she pops up in searches on search engines like Bing, yahoo, google, msn, etc.

    is there a fee for here website to pop up first or in the beginning when someone is searching to buy a pedigree Persian kitty cat.


  311. I am getting tired of clicking on Fox news and getting NBC What’s the deal it just started happening you must be political

  312. My name is Bizet Antoine Cesar

    I have received a horrific report after an accident. The police officer plotted against me when the driver hit me and fled the scene. The officer wrote a false report by supporting the other driver. It took me 7 years to receive an Expunction and clean my name from the court system. Today, Mecklenburg Superior Court of North Carolina removes my horrific report the officer plotted against me.
    I do not have money, the State of North Carolina pays an attorney to do that for me, or the state uses its own attorney to do so.
    All I Would like to ask you, please remove , delete my records from your data. Even if you people say , they are not responsible for that; , arrest .org etc keep my records. I have been out of work for 7 years and 11 days.
    I do not have any contact from mugshot or As they plan to make money, I am a homeless, the officer puts me crates my homeless. I lost my house, my Honda Pilot and I cannot find job since those people mess me up.
    My name is everywhere on your website or your page. Please find a way to delete everything for me, this is awful, evil to do something to someone. Keep in mind I do not have money to pay for removing anything. The Expunction comes from some nice people who review the police report and find out the lie of the officer on that police report.

  313. In the Bing search engine….For the Australian Open page, why does a Bing search NOT include the Greek flag next to ATP Greek player Stephanos Tsitsipas and WTA player Maria Sakkari? Why is the Greek flag not shown next to their names respectively? Is there a reason as to why this is happening?
    Thank you.

  314. I have a store in Asheboro NC that is listed as closed permanently on the Bing search engine. This is incorrect. The name of the store is Sports Attic. How do we fix this?

  315. Just as bad as the other search engines. Only brings up paid websites and what they want to recommend. I still never found what i was looking for.

  316. I have a business in Pleasant Hill Ca and is not listed on Bing search. I notice that information is posted here so, please email me and I can further discuss
    Thank you

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