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Contacting Big Lots Customer Service Center

Big Lots is known for an over abundance of merchandise, especially wholesale items and overstock specials. The company specializes in a wide variety of merchandise to distinguish itself from mass retailers such as Walmart and Target. Being in business for more than 4 decades, Big Lots understands what it takes to succeed in business. This key element is customer service. With more than 1,400 stores across two countries, Canada and the United States, the company must place the focus on the customer in order to remain successful.

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Contact Info:

Customers can contact the customer service department by email, phone, traditional mail and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-800-877-1253

Mailing Address

Big Lots Corporate Headquarters300 Philippi Rd.Columbus, OH 43228

Official Website

The official Big Lots website the home for close-out deals and online promotions. Customers can search the weekly advertisements and red tag clearance. The website is divided into categories and departments in order to enhance the customer experience.

When customers land on the customer support page, they will find contact information, FAQs and information regarding the Rewards program and a store locator.

Customer Service Email

Visit order to send questions or concerns to the customer service department. This is not the direct email address, but the customer contact page. The form addresses concerns, including, merchandise, reward program, store experience, online purchases, career, real estate and general questions. The company recommends not including personal information when sending correspondence. We sent an email asking the hours of the customer service department. The only hours we found were relating to sending emails.

Customers can also contact the customer service department here:, as well as the Facebook page and the Twitter page.

Our Experience

When contacting the customer service department, customers will be pleased with the short wait time. We called the customer care line and were connected with the operator in less than 60 seconds. Simply call and press 0 and you are immediately connected with a customer service representative. We asked the agent for the phone number for the corporate offices, considering this information was not available on the main website. The agent provided the phone number, 1-614-278-6800, and asked if there was any additional way they could provide service.

After ending the call, we noticed the representative was not hesitant when providing information regarding the corporate offices. Typically, customer service departments are reluctant to provide information concerning the corporate offices. We called and the representative addressed our concerns. Did you have the same experience when you voiced your questions or concerns? Share them below in the comment section.

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47 Comments on “Contact Big Lots Customer Service
  1. I would like to compliment one of your employees. His name is “Rick” and he is manager of the furniture department in your store on Hwy 200 in Ocala Fl. I went into your store to buy a kitchen cart. The model I wanted was not on the floor any more, but Rick said they just recieved more of them. I asked if the store builds them and he said yes, but he was very busy now and couldn’t do it. (This was the week before Thanksgiving and he explained that he was swamped because of the upcoming holidays and everyone wanted it done NOW!). I asked if he could put one together for me by Christmas and he said definitely.

    He called me around the 10th of December, said it was done and I could pick it up. He helped me load it in my car, tie it down securely, and away I went, a very happy customer. He was always very pleasant, very professional, explained everything clearly and not “dumbing down” as some clerks do to elderly ladies. I would definitely deal with him again. Shirley Bower

  2. having trouble with the buzzclub rewards card on line cant look up my rewards points and planning on making a big purchase trying to find out on my account how many rewards points i have i had to reset my password and when i put card # in it says card has already been issued yea because its mine please help

  3. I am a UK resident who visits the US every year and a frequent customer of Big Lots when here. I have a store credit card which I tried to use in your Fort Lauderdale store on Marina Boulevard ( 84). The store told me that they were unable to read it and suggested that I contact head office.
    Would you kindly investigate.


    Chris Wood

  4. I have never been so humiliated in my life as I was today at your Guntersville, Alabama store and had my check disapproved. I have bought recliners, loves eat, matteress and box springs and paid by check and never had a problem. I write checks all the time and never have had any kind of problem. This is the poorest kind of service I have fever can surely bet I will not be in any of your stores again. Then to tell me that I need to chech with the state of Alabama license department. I THINK NOT ,YOU ALL JUST NEED TO LEARN HOW TO RUN A DECENT BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR NOTHING BIG LOTS

  5. I would like to you to forward this to Rita Rudy the manager of Johnson City, Tennessee, Big Lots. I would like to say that her associate Manager, Jonathan, has been a great service to her store. I notice that he is a hard worker and very polite to his customers. He greets every customer with a smile. You would think he was the store manager because he has great knowledge about the store. I hope she appreciates him as much as I appreciate being a customer of Big Lots. He is a great asset and to lose him would mean to lose many customers from Johnson City that know him.

  6. I overheard a store manager telling an employee what their task was for Easter Sunday. It prompted a conversation. I asked why the store would be open? He said most stores were and kiddingly said, “I guess we’re just heathens that way.” I take no offense at this comment. It was meant to be funny and I took it that way. What I do find absolutely disrespectful is the fact that Big Lots is making their employees work on such an important day to families and Christians. While you’re attempting to honor the few who may actually not care, you are ignoring the majority and setting a terrible example. By the way, corporations much larger and impact-full than Big Lots will be closed. That includes Target, Publix, and Walmart to name just a few. Your staying open sends a clear message that families and those who observe Easter do not matter. I will no longer be shopping at your business.

  7. I am happy that I finally found this page because I need to give a big thank you to the Jeff Cook who is the district manager of the store in Sioux Falls SD. I had some issues with the manager in the store and was not treated kindly. I made a complaint which is something I don’t do and thinking that it would go no where but to my surprise Jeff contacted me the same day! Not only did Jeff contact me back he also made a trip to Sioux Falls and met me personally! I was able to make my purchase, which was Paula Dean cookware! I had been waiting forever to purchase them! Jeff…thank you thank you thank you…I LOVE THEM! Not only did Jeff fix my situation but he also fixed the stores situation and had everyone in order, the store was clean, things were put where they should have been. I left out of the country right after this and the day after I returned home yes I went shopping at BIG LOTS!! I will be going back this Thursday so I can use my coupon! Thanks again for everything Jeff, you truly need to be recognized for an outstanding job!!

  8. I am very disappointed in a product I brought Lexar jump drive 16 GB on 4-23-14 at store #0358. After I put it into my computer it wasn’t 16 GB it was only 14 GB. I paid for and thought I was getting 16 GB but to see that I was misled was very disappointing to me. This is very misleading and I really did need 16 GB to finished my project!!!

  9. Why is it that every time We visit Big Lots, the Place is in disarray? Is it hard to keep the isles clean and orderly? And what about the presentation of the products? Products are not catching our eyes to say, “buy me”. We have to pass right over it not knowing what you have for sale because We feel like We shouldn’t have to dig around. What if someone trips in the isle and gets hurt? We would much rather go to the Dollar Tree store for a better experiance.

  10. Hi I live in CA,the temp today was 97′ After leaving my job in Bellflower I went directly to the Big Lots down the street to buy the 16″ fan on sale. I was happy to find them in stock, so after making my purchase I rushed home to put it together hoping to reduce the heat. I was very disappointed to find that not only were the screws missing but the remote control was missing as well. I called the store and spoke with the manager although she was nice the only option she had was to take it back to the store near my home. No luck they were out of stock. I called her back and she said she would hold one of the fans until Monday when I return to work. I was unable use my buzz points because my email change the clerk at the store said to go on line
    but you can’t logon without the email or password. What should I do?

  11. I had a great shopping experience at the Big Lots Sunrise, Florida store. My husband and I were looking around for a suitable table with chairs for an elderly relative. We were unsure of the size but “Evelyn” approached us and when we asked for a tape measure she immediately got “Dan” who did all the measurements. Dan (the manager) and his staff were all very pleasant and helpful. The Big Lots employees at this store are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The staff, atmosphere and layout of the store is worth commending. Although there are other Big Lots stores located closer to my home I will continue to support the Big Lots Sunrise location as a result of the service provided by Dan, Evelyn, Nery and the other associates whose names I do not recall but also are an asset to your organization.

  12. Wow!! have a got a story for you. I was at Big Lots on 7-22-14,when I witnessed the greatest act of human compassion, grace, patience, and unconditional kindness. I was at the opposite checkout stand when I couldn’t help but notice a woman who was about to check out and she was, to put it nicely, a complete mess. She brought a ton of items she wasn’t sure she wanted and knocked everything over she touched including the credit card machine. The checker had been called to check, as an employee was a no show and the line was backing up fast. Daniel Hidalgo, who I later found out was the checker never lost his cool, even when the disoriented woman asked him to read how many grams of sugar was in the juice she wanted to purchase. I caught his eye and smiled at him and gave him the thumbs up to let him see I knew what was going on as his line continued to grow. He kept smiling reassuring the woman that everything was okay as she kept knocking stuff over and putting things back she decided she no longer wanted eventhough she put them in her cart for checkout. I saw him continue to read labels, pick up dropped merchandise and treat her with the upmost dignity and respect. I was so preoccupied with what I was witnessing, I almost forgot about my own checkout situation. When I was finished checking out I walked over to him and shook the one hand he had free as he continued to check with a smile, and I let him know how he handled that woman was top notch and clearly a model for decent human compassion.In this fast paced world of technology, to witness such a kind selfless act was like seeing the president in person and lending that type of experience to such awe and wonderment. Could the world still care about humans and not just cart them away to some website and a rude comment or attitude? I’m a living example that people in the world like that do exist and his name is Daneil Hidalgo and he works at store 04555 in North Highlands California. I must say that was something I never thought I’d see this day in age and it’s changed my view about the choices we make in life. Who do I choose to be today? will it be the jerk who treats you like it seems everyone else in the world is headed or will you be like Mr. Hidalgo and realize that a person is still a valuable customer even when they are testing every bit of patience one can muster up? I say the latter, Mr. Hildalgo if I were your teacher you would get an “A+” with honors. You past the test!!!! I took time to write about this and if I knew how to work all the gadgets on my smartphone I would have posted this on youtube for sure! and made the world watch how it’s done and done right. Kudos to you and I hope someone will thank you from corporate personally, as you are a valuable employee. Sincerely, Meschelle White

  13. I would like to thank your manager Tim at the D’Iberville store in Mississippi. We were looking for a certain gazebo at his store, he did not have one and called several stores in Gulfport and found us one in Pasacagoula. He went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us find one. We really appreciated the customer service that we received from Tim the manager at store #1873. Thanks Tim!!! Sincerely, The Buie’s

  14. I am a frequent shopper at store #1801 – gulf gate shopping center, naples, florida.
    the merchandise selection is wonderful and i’m never disappointed with my shopping trip!
    special thanks and “kudos” to cashiers Dana and Candice – they are always so pleasant, efficient and professional!
    I really love “my big lots”!
    many thanks! sincerely, ruth Stockinger 🙂

  15. I would like to give compliments to Corey at the Auburn, NY store. He assisted me with a furniture purchase and made my experience seamless & hasslefree. Thank you!

  16. I would like to commend 2 of your employees at Store #4533 on Litchfield Rd in Avondale, AZ. Alba & Jeniese have both provided exemplary service to me on numerous occasions and go above and beyond the expectations of the consumer. Although new to this store, I have been a Big Lots customer for many years and prior to that a McFrugal’s shopper. This store is so friendly and helpful that I have told all my friends about it. Thank you for such good service.

  17. I would like to commend 2 of your employees at store #4533 on Litchfield Rd, Avondale, AZ. Alba & Jeniese provided exemplary service to me on several occasions and go above and beyond the expectations of the consumer. Although new to this store, I have been a Big Lots customer for many years and prior to that a McFrugal’s one. This store is full of friendly and helpful employees and I tell everyone I know to shop there. Thank you for such wonderful service.

  18. I would like to compliment two of your employees. Their names are Marynell Garcia and Gabriel at store #4610. In two different occasions I have gone into the store and have been greeted in a very professional and happy manner. These two persons have gone out of their way to make sure that my family had found what we were looking for. My son went in a couple of weeks ago looking for furniture and Gabriel help him. Gabriel took the time to check to make sure other pieces of furniture my son needed were in stock. All thru the process maintaining a very positive, pleasant and happy disposition. I went in again last week and was
    greeted with a very pleasant “Welcome to Big lots” by the ladies at the cash box. I was again looking at a piece of furniture and a very pleasant lady approached and greeted me. When she offered her assistance I asked her if they had a lay a way plan. She said no, but we do have another plan and she went on and explained what I needed to do to apply. I apply and within minutes was approved. The lady is Ms Marynell Garcia. I mentioned to her how impressed I was with her attentiveness. These employees are so friendly and it sure is nice to go into a store now a days and be greeted with a sincere “Welcome”.

  19. I just want to compliment the employees of the Big Lots, Airport Blvd. location in Mobile, Al. They are always caring, courteous, respectful and eager to help in every way, This is fast becoming a hard to find attitude in many,if not most retail venues in these days, but Big Lots employees are holding the line for customer care. This is the case in every location where I find your stores.

    Thank you,
    A very satisfied customer

  20. I would just like to express our gratitude. I visited the Luzerne store in Pennsylvania today. My husband and I received beyond excellent service. Dave the store manager and James the furniture manager. Both went out of their way to get us the items we were looking for. Very professional courteous and efficient.
    They made my shopping experience very enjoyable and stressless. A++++++ Michele Larksville pa.

  21. I recently visited a Big Lots store in Garland Texas at Northwest Highway and Centerville Road. The people working in their were just great! When I was checking out they said your store was staying open till midnight on Thanksgiving!!! I think this is terrible!!!! Let your hard working employees enjoy their holiday with their families. Shame on you!!!!!

  22. If your looking Great deals and a warm welcome go to the Biglots store in Covington Ga. ,you’ll love it there I know do every time I go there.

  23. I only wish I could find enough places to display my review! We shop at Big Lots (store #1381); and will normally deal with which ever associate we happen to find in the area we are at. But in the furniture dept. at Harrison AR, its Kent. This guy is awesome. Our daughter was the first to purchase furniture there and is the one that suggested we look at Big Lots before we pay a professional to build our kitchen island. I was lost!! they had so many I loved that it was hard to choose. Kent was not only very helpful but amazingly patient with me.
    My next choice purchase was new living room set. I finally found one I loved and from the few days of purchase & pick up, the doctors discovered a 10cm tumor (cancerous) on my kidney. Kent helped us quickly get the set to our house before my surgery so I could get all “things” in order. 3 days after returning home from the hospital I noticed a small pick/hole/tear which with me only being able to go from bed to couch it very quickly turned in to a large rip right at the seam. upon closer inspection we noticed 3 tears in the construction of the couch. our next visit to Big Lots I mentioned it to Kent, we were promptly told to bring it back! (naturally I was in no condition to attempt that) it was almost 6 months before we were able to haul that couch back to the store; but once we did & I picked out my new set it has be almost like heaven around here.
    Kent was so helpful as well as genuinely concerned. I am hooked on our BIG LOTS in Harrison and extremely pleased with Kent Decker…………..almost to the point I very rarely deal with other employees.
    DO NOT LOSE THIS GUY…he is totally the best employee you have

  24. On Saturday I went to your store on Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach to look for some new furniture. I had a very nice lady in the dept. help me. She was very helpful and really nice to me. She made a few suggestions as to what would go with what. I was able to purchase a chair and a bed.
    I went back Monday to look and there was no one who offered to help me. They told me the lady was off. I will go back when she is there.



  26. Just wanted to thank Angela and the folks at Store 1561 in Dover, DE for their help with my mattress. I wanted to get it last Saturday before the sale ended but we had a snowstorm and I didn’t want to drive. I called the store and they told me they would honor the sale price when I could get in. Got there Sunday afternoon and Angela had my name and wrote up the deal at the sale price. Also the very helpful, and strong, young man in the furniture department loaded it for. Great store with great people. Thanks!!

  27. We visited Big Lots yesterday because of the 20% off sale. It was so much better than our last visit due to the fact that the security system was no constantly going off. All the doors were open due to the volume of customers coming and going. One set of doors was now designated as entry doors and the other set as exit doors. The alarms system on our last visit was so loud it could be heard from the parking lot and make any conversation in the front half of the store impossible. I really felt for the clerks who could not converse with customers and had to have had headaches from the sheer volume and constant alarms. Thanks for making this better for the customers and the clerks.

  28. On Saturday I went to the Green belt store to purchase a recliner to match the furniture I purchased a few days earlier. The assistant manager, Dennis, went out of his way to locate what I was looking for and was very knowledgeable and friendly. Dealing with Dennis made the whole experience easy and enjoyable.

  29. I purchased a pantry from the Bridgeville PA Big Lots today —
    I was able to get the one I wanted, on sale — due to a very helpful manager, Beverly.
    My first visit on Friday, I was given wrong info by a different
    manager — to “come back on Saturday, the pantry was in stock” & I could get it at the sale price. Luckily on Saturday, Beverly was there–advised me that they didn’t have it in stock but it would be coming in on Monday–& it did! 🙂

  30. on february 5, 2015 we purchased a chair at the Huntinton Beach store… on Warner….4263… WE WERE SO VERY PLEASED WITH KIMBERLY… SHE WAS INCREDIBLY HELPFUL WITH EVERYTHING!!!! from purchase to delivery… also the delivery service was one of the best …we are pleased with the recliner by the way… lol

  31. I would like to comment on a great employee Ricardo #4220, i purchased a gas grill and he was so helpful to measure the box, the car and determine that it would fit if we took out of the box and put in the car. He was so kind and helpful that I would like everyone to know what a great employee you have. This was at the Missiouri Store in Clearwater, Fl. Please let him know how special he is.


  32. I would like to comment on 2 great employees, Azra and Ruth from the Big Lots store in Middletown,Ct. I received excellent service on my return. Let them know how well they took care of me.
    Mrs. Mary Maselli

  33. I was in store 5286 in naples florida today on 4/10/15 and they had a wonderful sale associate working. her name was heather. she was very kind and polite. She had great customer service. she made my shopping trip very pleasant. I look forward to going back and shopping there. thanks heather for a wonderful shopping experience.

  34. We went to the big lots located in Hudson n.y. the m.o.d. was Ronald. he was very helpful in accommodating us for our purchases he went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied. I have to say from being in the retail industry for years this is the kind of manager I would want to work for me. I cannot speak highly enough of how our experience was with Ronald, you should be proud to have him as a employee. thank you… Rod

  35. My husband & I recently bought an outdoor table & chairs & an umbrella from Big Lots on Merrill Rd. in Jacksonville, Fl. Stuart waited on us, answered all of our questions & carefully loaded it all into our pickup. Last year I bought a outdoor living room set, Stuart waited on me then, also. He is a very nice, knowledgeable & polite gentleman making him an asset to your store. He is always there to offer assistance & never to busy or in a hurry.

  36. Just wanted to comment on a fantastic salesperson who’s name is Anita Foster. She works in the Morrisville, Vermont Furniture Store. I’m new to the area from North Carolina so I needed help with purchasing new furniture and she has been helping me out with my purchases. I’ve made 3 trips to the store already, and she’s been there for me each time. Big Lots is very fortunate to have someone like her representing your store. I keep telling her, “this is my last time here” but because of her and the selection of furniture and accessories, I’ll definitely be back. Just hope she’ll be there to help me!

  37. We shop at the BigLots in Payson,AZ #4614 and would like to compliment the excellent service we always receive! In the furniture department Frank was very helpful when I needed information on a particular piece of furniture on sale on Sunday april 26, 2015 and in helping me get it into my car!! Carla in the same department has also been helpful when I shopped there. We just moved to the area and needed lots of furniture at a great price with great service and we found it at the Payson, Az #4614 store! Thank you, patricia and kevin jahnke

  38. I would like to thank April and Robin for excellent customer service they provide me last week . they went above and beyond to make my shopping experience were, I will tell other people of the way they handled my purchase

    store # 00200 Leechburg,Pa
    Two great employees
    Thank you

  39. I had been searching for a particular patio set for our new home and was coming up empty. I phoned several big lots in our area and finally found a display set left at the Big Lots in Hammond. The assistant manager Donna was incredibly helpful and went out of her way to personally make sure the set was exactly what I wanted for our home. She was the epitome of professional and I would go back there just to have the pleasure of dealing with her again. More sales reps need to learn from Donna!

  40. To Whom it may concern, I went to the three Big Lot Stores in my area.In each store the statememt was stock up on Pespi products. surprise there was not a bottle in each store.THis is why don’t shop like I did before.Each store said they never got any in.Every holiday you do the samething. Get people in an not have product. I know you will through thisin trash.Thankn you any way. Ricky Walden

  41. karl at store #1366 was very helpful. and I loved his service’s I hope to do more business with karl

  42. During a return visit to Big Lots shortly after 9:30 am on June 13, I encountered Pam who went above and beyond to assist me. I was looking for the saucer to a flower pot purchased at the store a week earlier. I had asked for the location of other Big Lots within a 50-mile radius and was planning to drive to locate the saucer, which never arrived at Store 5211. However, Pam offered to call the other stores to locate the saucer. Pam maintained a friendly smile, was very pleasant and had the demeanor of someone who sincerely wanted to help the customer. Pam, Thank you for excellent customer service!

  43. In the past I have stayed away from Big Lots mainly because the customer service was so poor. I have been to the Big Lots twice this week and had a pleasant shopping experience both times. The store is clean and neat. They have changed the staff and it made the world of difference. This is going to be one of my favorite stores to shop. Thank you

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