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Contacting BetterYou Customer Service Center

BetterYou is a UK-based nutritional company, specializing in health and wellness products as well as nutritional supplements. Products are available on the website as well as local drug stores and pharmacies. The company ships products worldwide and offers phone support, email support, support through social media and snail mail support.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: +44 (0)114 220 2229
  • Fax: +44 (0)114 220 2230

Mailing Address

BetterYou Ltd Unit 5, Chambers Way Newton Chambers Road Thorncliffe Park Chapeltown Sheffield S35 2PH United Kingdom

Official Website

Customers visiting the BetterYou website have the opportunity to purchase Vitamin D supplements, Magnesium supplements, nutritional aids; supplements design to assistance with energy and vitality, pregnancy aids as well as skin, hair and nail products. If you cannot reach a customer service agent, customers have the opportunity to connect with an expert on the website. In order to send a message to one of the experts, you will need to leave the BetterYou website and visit the websites of the experts. You will also notice the website features reviews of all of the products.

Social Media

When you reach out to the customer service department through social media, you will notice the customer service department replies to your concerns within two (2) hours. We posted a message and the customer service team replied to our message within 90 minutes.

Customer Service Email

In order to send a message to the customer service department, you will need to use the customer feedback form on the website. We sent a message asking about the hours of operation, considering this information was not available on the website. After waiting approximately 24 hours, the customer service team replied with an answer to our concerns.

Our Experience

Although we did not have the opportunity to connect with the customer service department by phone, we had the ability to connect through social media and email. The customer service department replied to our concerns in a timely manner and offered additional assistance, beyond our concerns. The overall experience was better than expected. Were you satisfied with the level of service? We want to hear from customers just like you. Take a moment to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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