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Best Buy is an electronics company that sells televisions, computers, iPods, stereos and much more. You can order cell phone service, upgrade your existing phone and more from the Best Buy website or store. In terms of customer service, customers can choose to visit the Best Buy customer service page for contact information. There is also a contact us link that offers additional customer service options.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department for Best Buy is available by phone, email and traditional mail. There are no hours listed for the phone support line.

  • Customer service: 1-888-237-8289

Mailing Address

The Best Buy website does not list a customer service mailing address under the customer service link, but the contact us link does list the corporate address for Best Buy customer service.

Best Buy Corporate Customer Service
P.O. Box 9312
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Official Website

The official address for the Best Buy website is Customers will notice the main purpose of the page is to sell products, but the customer service side of the website is quite detailed. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the customer service and contact us links.

Best Buy offers a 30-day price match promise, 30 day phone support and 30 day return policy for all purchases made through the website.

Customer Service Email

There is an online email form for contacting customer service here:

When we clicked on the link for instructions on how to “allow” emails from Best Buy, we found an email address: We are testing this email address to see if it is a reliable customer service email address or just the address responses will come from when sent by customer service.

Our Experience

The customer service phone number for Best Buy is automated. We pressed 1 to hear the automated responses in English. Then the call started sounding more like a sales pitch than a customer service call as individual products were being described with options to learn more as part of the available selections. We pressed 0 twice to be transferred to a customer service agent. The agent that answered the phone asked where she could direct our call. We asked for a customer service agent with experience with iPad. We were transferred and the call was picked up by a representative in about 30 seconds. The agent was able to answer our question about the iPad quickly.

Do you have experience calling Best Buy customer service about a product, order or service dispute? Tell us your story.

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416 Comments on “Contact Best Buy Customer Service

  2. Our most recent visit at the location in Fenton, MO was both good and bad. An associate was kind enough to help us with finding our product that we came to purchase. He even helped my son by suggesting a solution to a connectivity issue and saved him a lot of money in the process. That was the good.

    Now the bad. After we selected our items for purchase, we walked the store for a few minutes looking at the different products that Best Buy sold. (Simple window shopping.) It has been a few years since I have been into that store. I was impressed with the items that were for sale. The entire time that we went from department to department, we were “TAILED.” We were asked several times if we needed help by one associate in particular. We went into different departments, and still followed. I became aware as we walked through the store, that we were being watched. UNCONFORTABLE.

    Maybe I’m too old to expect good customer service from a store so that my son and I are not targeted like we are about to steal something. I suppose that I will have to find another place to purchase the electronics that I wantand need for my job.

    My son was even unconfortable in the store. He commented to me about what the problem was with that “guy constantly comming up to us.” He noticed that it was the same guy over and over. Other asssociates seemed to be following us as well. I’m not as much of a fan of electronics as my son. He now doesn’t want to go into Best Buy any more. He purchases game stuff like a “MAD MAN.” Now he too can find another store.

    The reason that we went there in the first place, was to game related hardware.

    Bummer! (With that ending, I guess that makes me about 42 years old.)

  3. i received a text that said i won 1000 gift card from last month entry the claim number 4787 but it would not complete throw the information. and keep sending me to other sites if i won why am i going to other site’s
    when i called your number it i was told that it is not from you and don’t fill out any information but it was to late now i need your help to report this thank for your help Don

    • I have shopped at Best Buy for years and I have a Ultimate Reward program. Best Buy has created 3 or 4 rewards accounts linked to my account. I have called for at least 3 years trying to straighten this out. Usually get a non English speaking representative that has no clue how to assist me. Heck they even have a rewards account for my Mother who passed 3 years ago and can’t explain that either. So I have purchased approximately $8000 worth of products from Best Buy and never have been able to use the rewards points.

  4. On or about Oct. 1 st. I received through the mail a new Premier Annual Benefit for Geek Squad Serevice in the mail.I called the number ( 1-866-797-7367 ) Oct. 3 rd. to ask for them to come out to my house and help me fix my internet. The person I spoke to did not seem to know anything about this new service. I spent some time on the phone explaining to her what I wanted ( which was to use this Free House Call to help me get my internet working so I could access lap top computers in my home.)After a few minuts, she told me she was going to transfer me to another representitive. After a few minuts I was told by a recording the call could not be put through. I houg up and called the Geek Squad. When I got a representitive on the phone, I told her I wanted to take advantage of thei Free service. She did not seem to understand. I finally told her to send a representitive out to my home. The appoint was set up for Oct. 4 @ 8:00. The representitive came out and did a fine job getting my computers to access the internet ane interface with the lap tops in the home. I then went to Merrillville, and talked to a representitive at the Geek Squad desk. He was polite ( and patient ) about my request.I again explained to him that I wanted to take advantage of this free annual service. AFTER 45 MINUTS ON THE PHONE AND TALKING TO 3 OR 4 PEOPLE ON THE PHONE,I FINALLY TOLD HIM TO FORGET IT. THE NET RESULTS IS I HAVE AN 89.00 BILL ON MY ACCOUNT. In closing I would like to say Best Buy sells quality products at fair prices. and your representitives are courteous and professional. BUT YOUR CUSTOMER PHONE SERVICE LEAVES MUCH TO BE DESIRED. Thank You F. Hall Premium card # 0217869544

  5. Sir,

    I had paid Rs399 towards buying Blackberry mobile phone my traction number – 6082322, But till now i have not received any communication from your side
    Kindly tell us the status
    TS SANKAR(9841737233)

  6. I get an email from bestbuy saying they are going to charge me 39.99 in a few days for kaspersky to be renewed.I cal their customer service and tell me that they could not do anything and I should contact my bank which I did and they tell me they couldnt do anything.Finally after an 1/2 on the phone I found out I got to cancell my membership and I never joined nothing.So I called bestbuy again and finally got through to some one to cancell my so called membership.Got a confirmation no but they would not send an email stating that so I called the bank back to give them the number.I WILL NOT STEP FOOT IN BEST BUY FOR NO REASON EVER AGAIN.This is rediculous and spent 45 minutes getting this straightened out.

  7. As a long time best buy customer, and very satisfied with the service i get from my local Best buy, i must write to celebrate great customer service in a Best Buy that i dont frequent, because its not where i live, its were i work. the best buy in princeton nj, the moble section, Anthony, Naomi, Beth, and Kevin went above and beyond there expectations for me and my phone crisis. They are keepers and would love to work with them again.
    I hope this reaches them and they should be awarded for the amazing customer service they provided me!

  8. I’ve complained about this before… You guys really need to do something about this scamming site The information the send is very misleading and looks bad for your company.customers are going to stop trusting your company if they start falling for these scams: Your entry last month has WON! Texts from +1 (310) 874-6626

  9. I am very upset due to the fact that on Friday, November 16 2012, I was not allowed to purchase a camera that I wanted, even thou there are 7 in stock, all due to the fact that they are being held for black Friday. I had/have no problem paying full price and was not about to order one because I wanted & needed it this past weekend.

  10. Leena G. Vernon Hills, IL. Said she was store manager. Doubtful! Rude, under qualified, poor judgment, poor personal skills and ineffective at best. Best Buy needs to do better!

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  12. Horrible service. Unable to leave the store with product after my stellar credit was discussed by sells reps. They kept waiting for sales card and you get card in mail not in store. They had all they needed to give me my product. Left for Korea next day without the product due to their ignorance.2) my computer I paid cash for previously from best buy is in need of repair in less than a year. I am without a computer for 2-3 weeks. 3) Sent email to Best Buy Got notice they received my email said I would have response in 3 days.A month later I am still waiting.4)called today to terminate card automated message said I had won a 100 certificate press 1. Pressed 1 then told I was next in line then told call back some other time and best buy disconnected me. I did not speak to anyone. They are starless!

  13. i am pissed!! you people didnt update your computer records when my laptop was fixed in April and you just charged me bank account for kaspersky renewal THAT I DONT OWE!! you have overdrawn my account and cost me an overdraft charge and YOU WONT DO ANYTHING TO FIX IT! your answer is i will have to wait a couple billing cycles to get it staightened out-I DONT HAVE A COUPLE BILLING CYCLES TO WAIT!! I need it fixed NOW!

  14. I was on hold for 40+ minutes just to have your rep disconnect the call. So I called back and held on for an hour (seriously an hour of your repeated and annoying music and ads) only to be cut off again – without an answer.

  15. You have someone sending text message that say,
    Attn. Best Buy shopper your entry has won go to ttp:// and etrer code 2012 to claim your $1000 gift card today!

    you need to watchdog this….

  16. Customer service is horrible. I placed an online order thanksgiving day to avoid the crowds. I got an email stating some of the order shipped the following day. Then the next day I got an email stating there was q billing problem and to contact them. Called got whole of an Indian lady that said there was no problem the next part of the order was at the warehouse ready to ship and they had no idea why I got the email.the next day I got the same email again stating to call or else my order would be canceled. I called again this time I could only get an opperator that transfered me somewhere – who knows after 45 min. On the phone listening to a crappy broken record sounding Xmas music I hung up tried calling back 2x I couldn’t even get an opperator at tis point. So the next day I called again getting more and more pissed I was able to get an opperator no supervisors they had no idea how to help me and really didn’t seem to care. So I checked my email and found where the rest of the order shipped. So I guess the billing problem took care of itself. So when this problem happens again how the hell do you get the problem Fixed the customer service phone number is Useless all you get are stupid Indians that cant help you.there is no way to contact corporate.why send emails stating there is a problem when the problem can’t be fixed screw this and best buy.

  17. i am pissed off by best buy i ordered a sharp tv at bestbuy i placed the order by phone i recived email coforming my order it was one day sale at 699 best buy caceled my order giving me so many stupid reason one of them is tv was not in stock tvs are available all most all best buy store for 999 they are not willing to sell the tv for 699 any more because one day sale is over i find that is not fair i have order conformation no for 699 i need experty advice thanks

  18. Hi I would like to file a complain with one of your store services mobile. I purchase a plan on 11/29 /2010 for my son Iphone for 14.99 a month. I was told by Ms .Denise that this plan would cover any problmes we have with the phone,that we would not go thru the hassel of getting a reforbuse phone and i would not have to spend additiinal money like $50.00 s,and sent off for a replacement that his phone would be replaced with a new phone. This is why i paid fot this services. My son and husbanb went in on Tuesday and was told their was no such plan. I am very dispointed that a sale person would di this to customers. I even went my credit card expired someone called me and told me the same thing when i had to cintinue paying the plan. I wont resolution that this sales person will nit take advantage if someone else times are hade and for people to be riped off is not right. I would have just went with the general plan that AT&T offered. Information is GSBTP# is 3588589480. My Son now has to wait until i can save uo to pay for a phone whic i could have saved up that money to get him one paying 14.99 for 2 years. VERY SAD Geek Squard Black Protectiin Plan

  19. I just concluded a conversation on the phone with a customer service representative (beginning around 1408PT) in which she sighed exasperatedly at my questions, raised her voice at me, and shouted me down while I tried to clarify answers with her. This was beyond a doubt the WORST customer service experience I have ever had. I am deeply hurt and unlikely to spend any money on Best Buy products in teh future, much less this coming holiday season.

  20. i purchased a note 2 phone,and didnt like it ,i returned it next day and i was told no no cash over 500 and i paid cash there is no where in the receipt said that best buy will issue a check over 500,the manger was rude and out of shape ,he told me to purchase somthing that over the 500 and he will gime the rest in cash and he told me to comback and return the rest next day ,all the cash returned to me in singles and fives and asked for hundreds bills and this young man was rude and told me if the atm machine will give hundreds and keep arguing with me ,it is shame that bet buy is loosing there toutch and dont care at all a bout there customer ,poor training and poor quality service .and your balck friday is wortless i was there for 4 hours to get a tv for my moyher in law ,i was on line to get a ticket and no luck and i end up buying 2 computers ,i came for one thing and endup diferent things ,plus they sold me open box tv that didnt have all the part and theey gave me hell to exchange it shame on you best buy .the word is speading regarding your nasty service for a loyal clients,banch of idiots that dont care about us more than taking our money

  21. Hello — I purchased two Ipads and chose “Pick-up In Store” in lieu of shipping based on a Best Buy offer to reward me with $25 gift cards by email with 5-7 days of purchase. The Ipads were ordered 11/26/2012 (10 days ago) and I had to write their Customer Service. Someone emailed me from Best Buy customer service two days ago and said they would issue me a $50 gift card as resolution to this matter. The person never said when or how they would issue the gift card. Two days later still don’t have it in my possession. From where I stand this promotion which I happened to notice is running again starting today. This promotion is flawed and shaky at Best —-that is Best Buy.

  22. I am writing in absolute anger and frustration over your company’s incompetent and incapable employees. Thanks to your talented staff my credit card was double charged for a $1330.27 purchase when I ordered online. I noticed this at approximately 6:30 am EST aon Friday, December 7th and began contacting your “customer service” department immediately. I spent the next 55 minutes being placed on hold, transferred to the “back office” and disconnected. One employee explained “we are handling calls from all over the world and that’s why no one can take your call”. Really?? So basically your business is so big that it can’t address a problem that is a mere clerical error on your end but has caused me a MAJOR inconvenience!

    The last person I spoke with named “Ray” assured me he would contact my bank and remove the second charge from my account. Four hours later he called me back to inform me the charge would be removed on Monday. He apologized for the error and “understood” my anger. In reality he accomplished nothing other than angering me more and wasting an hour and a half of my time. Please, please throw away the scripts that your “trained” supervisors are expected to recite to paying customers! They are patronizing and only infuriate people more!

    Your skilled staff has cost me over draft charges and I have $0 to spend on this holiday weekend for meals, gas and Christmas shopping! Better yet I am now $35 poorer because of the insufficient funds in my account.
    Rest assured I will never spend my hard earned money at any of your stores. I may have saved a couple of dollars on the items I purchased but your inept service has cost me more money, time, stress and inconvenience than any amount of money I could ever “save” at your business. “Best Buy”??? I think not!!

  23. My Viet Nam veteran senior husband and I went to our local BEST BUY on December 8th for a larger tv to replace the dying one we have. We waited for OVER 20 minutes for help and were NEVER even acknowledged or told that we would be helped shortly! One person I asked for help was a fellow customer with the same issue for almost as long as us: NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!! The next person I started to ask (an employee) turned around as I started to speak and nearly RAN back in the direction he came from! I started to ask an employee in the cell phone section for help and HE turned his back on me and spoke to a customer he had JUST left who said NO help was needed!!
    At THAT point, both my husband and I said “F___ THIS S**T!” and we left.
    This extremely rude, totally UNNECESSARY and blatantly callous disregard for customers is the primary reason you are going out of business! Your employees are the absolute RUDEST ones, in person, I have encountered in the last 2 or so months!
    It only takes 30 seconds to tell a waiting customer, “Sorry for the delay. We’ll be with you shortly.”
    As a result of this 100% unnecessary rudeness and refusal to acknowledge senior citizens (and others) to assist them in a purchase has PERMANENTLY LOST us as customers for your failing business!
    I bid you PERMANENT “Good riddance”!

    P.S. We found the same tv wanted at a local store a mile away at a great price….and had an employee helping us in less than a minute! We will be using THEM from now on and steer ALL friends/relatives as far away from you as possible!

  24. I am a BestBuy silver member and purchased a 3rd generation ipad for $549.99. A day later, Microcenter has the same item for $499.99 and I tried to price match. My wife used her credit card on my account to purchase the item. I spent 30 minutes on the phone fighting with customer service to establish that the account is my account given that my wife used her card to purchase the item and she was the pickup person. After all of that drama, customer service agreed to call her back for the price match. The worst part of all this is yet to come. I insisted on sharing the vendor information for the price match to ensure that they will not waste my wife’s time calling her. I gave customer service the microcenter sku number (371534) and after the rep talked to her manager, I was told that BestBuy does not price match Microcenter. Calling BestBuy is a huge waste of time and it is disappointing that they do not have an e-mail address for customer service inquiries. account records are a huge mess and the “Silver Rewards” program is not worth much. Moreover, BestBuy’s price matching policy is a joke and I will be taking a great deal of my business elsewhere in the future.

  25. I am not sure what to say, we recently purchased a home and needed to get some new appliances, such as a washer, a fridge and a microwave (over the stove style). After visiting the Best Buy store a couple days before Black Friday we placed a order. Everything but the microwave was to be delivered. The microwave was not in stock and would have to be delivered via mail. So the delivery of the applainces went off with no problems. The microwave arrived a couple days after, I was excited to open the box ( I believe it arrived on the October 26th). Was opened it was not what I opened it was a white microwave oven. We had all stainless steel. I called the bestbuy 800 number and was trying to get help. They told me to take it back to the store. I have a infant and two smaller cars, It was not going to fit. I explained this to the gentlemen and was told he could get another one delivered and pick up the wrong one. It was ordered properly but the warehouse must have a made a mistake. I asked how long will this take? He said December 6th was the best he could do….I pointed out that I have been waiting a long time. I asked for a supervisor and he said one was not available, but he would issue a 100 dollar gift card for all my troubles. I said fine and patiently awaited our deliver. The day before our Deliver was schedule I got some dishearting news that my wifes pregnancy may have a issue. We needed to go into the hospital to get more tests ran as this could be very serious issue. So I arranged for my mom to watch our baby and wait for the microware to arrive. After a long long day and no garantee that everything is okay with our child on the way. I came home to no microwave or anything…I thought wow that is strange and call the 800 number again. The response and service I got was horrible. The attitude was I can’t find anything about this….You will just have to go to the store. Do you have the order number….etc….round and round I went for about 30 minutes…until it was just enough. The guy went in circles and came back to the same point…take it back to the store. I finally gave up and hung up on the gentlemen. I still can’t believe this….I called the store and they did the best they could to help me…but I still got screwed over. I got a open box unit because no one had the right one. I was lied to and never got a gift card. I have been under a ton of stress and trying to make sure that someone was home to get this dumb thing. I went for almost a month without a microwave.

  26. I was in your Trussville,al store last weekend to purchase a Garmin GPS and a couple other items at an approx cost of $300 dollars. When I went to pay for the items I wrote out a personal check with proper ID and my check was denied.I told the lady that there was more than enough money in my account and I wondered why I was refused to make the purchase.She informed me to call your check cashing services as to the reason why. After about 20 minutes I was finally was able to talk to a human being.Well to make a long story short the reason my check was denied was because of excessive amount of activity with my checking account. Needles to say I was kind of upset for such a ridiculous reason. I inform this person that I write a lot of checks because that is how I pay my bills and buy things at Wal-mart,Lowes,Home Depot and yes Best Buys in Florence,al and I do not have a credit card. I could understand if it was denied because of insuffence funds or was on record for bad checks but excessive activity that is just plain ludicrous. All I can say I am glad I didn’t try an buy the $900 dollars gas range I was looking at or you would have been out over $1200 dollars instead of $300 dolars. Come to think about it I’ve written checks at the Trussville store in the past now go figure.

  27. WHAT A JOKE!! After spending what felt like forever, to purchase some Bose headphones. Someone finally rang me out. After getting home, i realized they didnt offer me a replacement plan on my headphones. When i spend any large amounts on anything i always purchase it. After talking to the chat, geek squad and being hung up on numerous times, im still waiting to purchase my replacement plan. My times about up to purchase it, if i cannot buy the plan i am going to be forced to return the headphones and get them else where.

  28. When below item was purchased, I was told that if the price is reduced at the time of pickup I would get the reduced price. I wasn’t told that it would take an entire day and speaking to three different store personnel.

    When I picked up the item, I was told that it would take two hours to get the $50 credit. I came back to the store (a 15 mile trip) in three hours. After waiting quite awhile I was told that I would only be getting a $30 credit. I showed the rep the sales receipt showing that
    I paid $349.00 and the unit is now selling for $299.

    There was also a $20 credit for opening a charge card, something that took some time and something that I had to tell my whole lifes story to get.

    The rep told me I had to go to another part of the store and another line. I finally got the credit that was due.

    I don’t fault the Bridgewater Store staff at all. In fact they were very polite. I do fault the policies and procedures that Best Buy uses and maybe some of them can be changed to be more customer friendly.

    A not so very happy customer

    — On Tue, 12/18/12, Best Buy wrote:

    From: Best Buy
    Subject: Order picked up
    Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2012, 12:32 PM

    View: Mobile | Web | Español

    Thanks again!

    Hi Louis,

    This confirms that the items below were picked up on Tuesday, December 18 at the Bridgewater Nj Best Buy store.

    See your order status.

    Thanks for shopping at Best Buy. We hope to see you again soon.


    Lisa Smith
    Vice President
    Best Buy Customer Care

    Need Help?

    Payment & Pricing

    Returns & Refunds

    Items Picked Up: Order date: 12/09/2012

    BEST BUY Order number: 1112344962353


    SKU: 5215429

    If you have any questions, call us at 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289) or contact your local store. For faster service, please have your order number ready when you contact us.

    Store Locator Customer Service

    Best Buy cares about the privacy of your personal information as much as you do. For more information on how Best Buy protects your privacy, steps you can take to protect your personal information, and alerts on current privacy risks facing consumers, please visit the Best Buy Privacy Hub.

  29. To whom it may concern:

    Your geek service at the queens center mall is not good. I have visited there yesterday with a problem and was told to bring proof of problem for which I have already paid for among other thing that transpired. I was not the only one there with the similar problem. the person seems like he did not want to work, this is not encouraging at all and I do not think I want to shop there again.

  30. I have always loved shopping at the Best Buy in Hickory, NC. I wouldn’t have considered buying a computer elsewhere, namely due to the Geek Squad. HOWEVER, in the past month the service at this store has gone from all smiles to all frowns. In Aug I purchased a Asus lap top & the 2 yr plan. I had to send it out for repair, got it back, still didn’t work. I went into the store & they said I would have to send it out again before they could exchange it. I do my business from home on my laptop & had already lost money the wk it was out & now they demanded I send it out again. FINALLY after an hr of going back & forth with the mgr of that dept they did exchange it for a new one but wanted me to repay the full cost of the 2 yr warranty plus pay 100.00 to transfer the data to the new computer. Again, back & forth. They agreed to prorate the charge for the new warranty & transfer my data.
    Following wk I went in to purchase a Samsung french door fridge which was over 3,0000. Sales person great. Delivery folks great but in installing they discovered one handle ( black ) was stripped. They went to the store to replace it with a stainless one & order a replacement one in black. I was told I would get a call by the end of the day, probably within the hr. Of course the call never came. I had to follow up, was told it was ordered. It comes in, they call & say not only is it the wrong one but also damaged & would order a new one asap & I would get a call back asap. Call never came. Next day I went into the store to purchase a TV but stopped by the appliance dept first. Talked with the gentleman who was in charge of getting the part, he stated he would ck to see if the Samsung rep had replied to the email. I told him I would be in TV’s & he said he would either come find me or call me & let me know the status. I went to get a tv, knew exactly what I wanted, but there was no sales help. I waited, waited, waited, walked looking for someone but was pretty much ignored. I decided to just leave & purchase it elsewhere. As I left, a man at the door asked if I found everything ok, I told him no, I couldnt find anyone to wait on me. He got permission to help me himself…that consisted of him putting it on a cart for me, as I said, I knew what I wanted. I basically just needed help getting it lifted. Of course in the process the man from appliances passes me & looks right past me. I never did get that promised call. So I sit, pretty unhappy about the service I got in computers, really not happy about having a 3,000 fridge that has 3 black handles & one unmatched stainless one with no answer on when I might expect it to be in or fixed. And of course, no one to wait on me in TVs, they are busy stocking. Nor do they care I did walk out 2 wks ago when looking for something in music, couldnt locate it but couldnt locate any help either. I went to Target next door, found it, bought it & was on my way.
    This store used to be joy to shop in, I had plenty of people willing to happily help me & never had an issue with customer service. Now they do not seem to value the business loyal customers give them. Truth is, this store could care less if I ever get the correct handle for the fridge. I DO care & I will gladly go elsewhere, buy another one & have Best Buy pick up & return this one & give me a refund. I have a choice in where I shop & I do not think it will be with them in the future. If they want my business they are going to have to earn it. REALLY? WOULD YOU BE HAPPY WITH A FRIDGE THAT COST MORE THAN 3 GRAND & LIVE WITH MISMATCHED HANDLES? I won’t.

  31. I am very disappointed with Best Buy. I purchased an Insignia tv on 11/28/12, $399.99 on sale for $369.99, was told I would get a $25 credit if I applied for a Best Buy/Capitol One that day, and also, the clincher of the deal was that I would get a $90 in-store rebate of $90 in the mail with the credit card bill. Never got ANY credit, called Best Buy, manager Denise, who told me they have no such promotions, that there was a “miscommunication” between me and the sales rep. BOGUS! The manager would not let me speak with the sales rep, Rob, and she (Denise) kept telling me she was sorry about the miscommunication. I could have gotten a comparable tv from another store for less than the $390 (billing price w/ taxes)that I will have to pay to Best Buy. This is not a reputable way to do business. I worked in Customer Service for 37 years and know that Customer Service is most important to a business. I will never step into a Best Buy store again. I have heard Best Buy is not in a good finalcial position and I can understand why. Trust in the store and product are very important for success. When I pay my bill I will return my brand new Best Buy/Capitol One credit card cutup in the envelope as I have no use for it. Lying to customers to get a sale is not good business. I am very frustrated and disappointed. I was going to purchase an LG dvd player to go with the tv for my mother’s Christmas present. Needless to say, I will be doing my business elsewhere. I will never recommend Best Buy. You guys used to be the best supposedly. Not any more.

  32. I just want to make sure that the powers to be know how amazing the people at the Los Feliz store, LA, are. I have a sone with autism as well as some other physical challenges. He goes through DVD players very couple of months because of his unconfined enthusiasm or because of his overwhelming frustration and he bites the corner of the player. This results in a broken screen eventually. The people I wrote a comment on about 6 weeks ago have all been so understanding and helpful and explained the warranties to me and helped with getting the proper product, etc. Yesterday I went back for DVD player #37! I also bought a flat screen TV with mounts and a tray to hold the cable box. A sales associate named Leasa saw that I needed some assistance as my son is in a wheelchair. She showed me everything I needed and listened rto me as I explained how I needed to mount the TV and then she made sure I had everything I needed. She brought everything to the front for me and made sure the people in the from knew whose merchandise was there. She wa so helpful and I was very appreciative. Then Edy helped with the purchase as well as the exchange for the DVD and then helped me get everything to my car. In my profession as a consulting teacher, I am used to going above and beyond to help teachers, students and parents. But I rarely find that willingness to be REALLY helpful in other service professions. Not so at this Best Buy. I have been to other Best Buys and NONE compare to the people who work at this store!! Thank you to all who make the trip to buy or exchange a non-stressful experience.
    Corky O’Rourke

  33. bought a laptop today including the office 2010 package for 100 bucks…. when I tried to install it… I had no number to do so…

    I have tried every phone number at the Best Buy where I bought the thing…. and NO one answers the phone for any service or pricing…much less service…….

    Should have gone to some outfit that cares…….

  34. Store employees were very disorganized! Manager tells my boyfriend to go to register to get a preorder confirmation and employee behind register said she cannot do it and told my boyfriend to go get the manager that told him. Then we were asked to go to customer service desk..then they could not get info…blamed computer for not working correctly…blablabla. Newdless to say…waste of gas and time. What happened to good customer service?? Employees should be trained better and be more educated on how to assist customers better!!

  35. Angry as hell— I bought a Nook on line, to be picked up in the Bangor Me store for my Nephew who is in the hospital in Bangor Me. His Dad went to pick it up the day before xmas (his name was on the order) (my name was on the order) he was told,we can not find the order without the order # or the phone # that the order was placed with. He had to walk out without the order,or a presant for his Son for Xmas. HOW STUPID IS THAT ? Does anyone in Best Buy care ?

  36. I do trust all the ideas you have offered in your post.
    They’re really convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are very short for newbies. Could you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  37. I am writing you to advise you that you have proven that American has become a second class nation. Since purchasing a computer from your store I have had nothing but problems from day one. So much so that my hard drive has crashed twice and although it is covered under manufacturer warranty and is being fixed at no cost it still has crashed twice. This has been major disruption in my business activities so we purchased a second low end computer to compensate from the down time which is three days old and I am receiving error messages already on this crap. Your company sucks and I assure you we / our company will never purchase another computer from your two bit second hand non-american store. I say non=american because I remember a time when it meant something to make things that lasted. Now you can’t even buy anything in this country that has the potential to last. No more, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  38. Comprei um celular “”unlock” Sansumg Galax S III, para uso no Brasil. Primeiramente a operadora daqui (TIM) disse que o aparelho nao estava desbloqueado. Em seguida, reconheceu que o aparelho apesar de ser desbloqueado NAO FUNCIONA.

    Procurei a autorizada Sansumg, que me informou que o aparelho está com defeito e que nao ha pecas de reposicao no Brasil, e que apesar de se tratar de uma MULTINACIONAL, a GARANTIA dada nos EUA nao se estende ao Brasil.

    E agora, como solucionar este problema? Aguardo contato para solucionar a questao.

    Os dados da Nota Fiscal sao os seguintes:

    Val # 000161-652394-141507-324248-964872-758

    0510 072 9726 12/14/12 11:36 00009707

    5771538 SANSUMG GA 799.99


    ITEM TAX 51.99

    Associate 9707

  39. I originally purchased a laptop through the bestbuy website with a delivery date before Christmas. On Christmas Eve I received an email saying shipman has been delayed. No reason to follow. I waited all day to see if I would receive another email saying it has arrived at my local Bestbuy…it did not. I went to BestBuy to see if maybe it showed up and I just wasn’t updated. No luck. BestBuy failed me. And I received nothing apologizing except the poor guys working the counter at the BestBuy in Rapid City, SD, which was by no means their fault that my gift I purchased for Christmas didn’t show up. I just wanted to say thank you to Anthony and Cody who went out of their way to make my bad situation better for me. I did not leave with the intended laptop but with another one, which the husband seems to like more then the one he originally picked out.

  40. As long as I have been a customer I have never been mislead on guarantee
    To install from geek squad
    To the store manager, and a supervisor promising me that they will delivery will be after 2:30pm, to me being there after work. Since that was the earliest I could meet them. I called the day before, again, promised they would be at the house after, 2:30pm. To accommodate me. That the geek squad agreed to my time, calling to verify the schedule time after 2:30pm. Guarantee
    Me they will come after 2:30pm. The day came I got home at 2:00pm. They came at 12:00noon, knowing I would not be there, per the writing on the order, per the conversation
    With the supervisor from geek squad. No wonder that corporations file chapter 11. No one does follow up and or no one really does their job, customer service isn’t their business priority, it is selling and let someone else take the problem. HHGregg we are coming

  41. We purchased 3 Toshiba laptops at the same time for different family members. In less than 6 months the screen went out on one of them. Toshiba said that the warranty would not cover it. I took it back to Best Buy and explained the situation to the manager (and the fact that we had purchased 3 at one time) and said “I hope you are able to provide better customer service than Toshiba”. He told me to talk to the Geek Squad. He did not walk me over there to explain the situation to the Geek Squad and did not follow up with me while I was over there. The Geek Squad guy said “the warranty does not cover it”. I told him that I found a screen online for less than $100, so was he telling me that for less than $100 they could not provide good customer service but instead leave a sour taste in the mouths of 3 people? I called the customer service number to get the contact info for the district manager and they would not give it to me. We will never step foot in Best Buy again and we are telling everyone we know about our experience.

  42. All I wanted to do was make sure your employee Justin Sur at your store in orange on Tustin ave. gets a lot of credit for how he handles his job and his interaction with your customers. First of all you understaff your floor. But he excelled in helping 3 customers with time consuming requests. He was very sweet and so patient with me. I’m apple 4 challenged. Justin took the time and explained everything I didn’t understand. He made me feel welcome and my stupid questions I was to embarrassed to ask at Apple stores I not only asked but understood the answere. I am retired now but worked at Nordstrom for over 10 years so I know customer service and you have a great young man working there. Because of him I’m bringing my friend in we all want iPod and apple 5 phones . Thank you please let him know he was so helpful and a great attitude. I hope u promote him . Sincerely Sally smith and Karen cox Member # 0020530150

  43. Called Best Buy because their coupon did not work and their customer service call was lousy. She told me that mistakes happen and there is nothing they can do. I asked if she competes with Amazon and she got angry at me. Forget Best Buy

  44. I,m on vacation . Brought my new cannon camera but forgot my manual. Card locked and i didn’t know how to fix it.I Bought it at best buy in Marlboro, decided to take it to your Naples,fl. store. Mike, the P C Supervisor took care of the problem in about one minute. Thanks to Mike, you have a very happy customer. –jg–

  45. Feb. 28 2013, Thursday, I purchased a Sony Speaker-dock boonbox at the price of $89.99 plus tax.
    March 2, 2013, Saturday (2 days later), while shopping at Sears in Palm Desert, Calif., I observed the same Sony boon box priced at $79.99 plus tax. There were 3 in stock. I didn’t buy one, as I figured Best Buy would match the price.
    March 3, 2013, Sunday, Sears had their sunday paper ad, advertising a “closeout” at $69.99 while supply lasts.
    March 4, 2013, I returned to Best Buy in La Quinta, Calif. with Sears ad, expecting to match the price. I was told that they do not match the cloeout price. I had no problem with that, but expected them to match the regular price I observed the previous day before the closeout sale. Even after discussing this with Dave, the Home Sales Mgr at this LaQuinta store, he refused to believe that there were 3 in stock when I was at Sears the day before, as he said he called Sears and they said they didn’t have any in stock. This was MONDAY when Dave called. I told Dave they had 3 in stock on Saturday, the day before the sale and at the price of $79.99. Dave said he had no way to prove that there was any in stock on Saturday.
    Best Buy advertises IN LARGE PRINT THAT THEY HAVE A “PRICE MATCH”. Dave, the mgr. tells me that there are “conditions” and was willing to get the paperwork (which was not in view with the “price Match” sign). He said it stated that the product much be “in stock” at the time of the “price match”. Well, IT WAS IN STOCK AT SEARS, and Sears regular price (not sale price) was $79.99. I know $10.00 won’t make me rich, but it’s the principal of “FALSE ADVERTISING” in addition to calling me a liar, not believing that there were 3 in stock at Sears BEFORE their ad was put out on Sunday. Had I known that Best Buy will pull any trick to get out of matching prices, I would have purchased the boon box at Sears Saturday, 2 days after I bought it at Best Buy for $10.00 more.

  46. I ordered 3 $800 laptops for a research project I just received funding for. I am a non-profit researcher into older worker advocacy and have two research assistants. I ordered three great laptops from Best Buy which were dispatched quickly and efficiently. While they were on the way to be delivered, I received a call from Best Buy. They asked me if I was a business. So I said, no I’m a non-profit researcher that just received a grant. The Best Buy rep said that I must be a business to order expensive laptops at once. I explained that there were 3 of us working on the project and that we were a non-profit freelance research project to help older workers. The Best Buy rep informed me that my laptops had been intercepted en route and that I would have to buy my laptops from the business side of Best Buy. They then sent me an e-mail with a link to their business machines. Interestingly all the laptops that were under $1000 and the processing size we needed were sold out. The only machines that met our processing needs were between $1200-1500 each. I called Best Buy and told them we didn’t have money put aside to afford 3 laptops at their ‘business prices’ and that would they rather lose the sale. They informed they would rather lose the sale. So I walked into Office Depot got 3 better laptops for $750 each. There is a reason Best Buy is not doing well, passing on large sales and poor customer service ensure your company goes under!

  47. I live in Belize and in Nov. 2012 bought a HP slim line desk top computer with Windows 8. It lasted less than 10 days and wouldn’t start up. Sent it back to Best Buy Store #526 at great postal cost to me. The geek squad checked it and concluded it was fine. Sent it back at my expense. It lasted 4 days this time and won’t start. I want HP or Best Buy to replace this computer at your expense. This is not acceptable service!

  48. I would like to relate my experience with the Muncie IN Best Buy store. I went in last night to buy a small laptop computer. The salesperson told me what I was looking at was junk and would probably break in 6 months. She then steered me to a Surface tablet, that started out at $499.00 but when was added with a keyboard, screen protector and fee for putting it on and also a mouse added up to over $700.00. I just wanted a small computer to do e-mail, facebook, pictures etc. My question is, if I was looking at junk why do you sell it in your stores. I left with nothing. I will not be back. I did not appreciate being pushed to spend more money than I had and then being told I could open up a best buy account. I had a bad experience in your store.

  49. I am writing this email with the expectation that you will probably never receive it as I’m sure you receive many emails a day. However, I think it’s important for you to understand the experience your customers are having in your stores. I’ve been a long time customer of Best Buy from TVs to lap tops to cell phones and games! Although that is not relevant in this email it should be noted.

    My wife and I came to your Irvine store last year and purchased $900 dollars of merchandise including an IPad, new cell phone, and a two year warranty for the phone. We had great service from your team in Irvine. I was even convinced by your sales person to purchase the warranty! I never purchase warranties based off my experience of them being a hassle when you need them. Your sales person explained that when purchasing the warranty that if anything is wrong with the phone within two years I could bring it to any best buy store and get a new phone exchanged with no questions asked! I thought that would be great so I agreed to purchase the two years in full!

    Unfortunately, the phone has stopped working! My wife and I took the phone in today to your location in Tracy, Ca as we have since moved. We went to the mobile department and the lady pulled our receipt and pointed us to the geek squad section. We were told there that the phone would be sent out for repair and wevwould be issued back a refurbished phone. This was not acceptable to us, as I agreed to purchase a $170 warranty, (which cost more than the phone) not a refurbished phone, rather a new phone in which I was told. I asked to speak to a manger. The mobile manager came down and said No and frankly was disrespectful to my wife. I was told the Store Manager was not at the store as well as no assistant manager. Who’s running the store? I stayed on the phone for two hours with your customer service department with no solution except refund me a prorated portion of the warranty I purchased. I only got a prorated portion because I used 13 months of the warranty? Used the warranty? I tried to but was declined for a refurbished phone.

    I myself am a manager of a retail store. I was told NO by 5 people in your store! In my retail vocabulary NO is not something you tell customers. It is not my fault the associate that sold me the warranty didn’t know protocol. If he did know then I never would have purchase it! All I want is a phone that works. I’m not asking for anything free I’m simply asking for what I purchased and what I purchased wasn’t people who work for you being rude to me and my family, telling me NO, waiting two hours on the phone to be told NO or standing in your store getting dirty looks. Like I said you probably won’t have the time to read this but ill end it with this. In a world where online business is more convenient and more often then not cheaper. The only thing your store can offer it’s customers is a customer experience that keeps them coming back! An email from you an a solution would keep me back but I doubt that will happen with the experience I had.

  50. Since a month ago I have ordered a product which has not been delivered till date despite of many calls to customer care.

  51. I am very disappointed in your finance department.
    I made a balloon payment of $500.00 thinking that would get me within $50.00 of paying off my account. I made a final payment after I got a late notice. If you look at my payment history I always paid more than my statement.
    My credit score is something I protect with due diligence and you turned me into the credit bureau and have greatly effected my credit score. I don’t like being treated like a dead beat and I will NEVER RETURN TO YOUR STORE. I have written to you and called you and did not receive any satisfaction. In these tough economic times your credit score is extremely important. You are to quick to ruin some ones finances over $25.00.

  52. And I will be going to the BBB.. Angie’s list and will let everyone i know how Best Buy does not Hornor what they say and what there Employee’s say ,,and how it is no big deal that you just lost all of the money Best Buy just does not care about their Customers satifation !!!!!Very Very Very Disapointed in Best Buy all i wanted was one to be replaced

  53. I want my email address removed so Best Buy doesn’t send me any type of advertisements. If this isn’t the proper place, please tell me where. Do you have a site to “unsubscribe”, or can you take care of it.
    Earl Linville

  54. I just bought a new laptop. It is not user friendly. It will not let me sent e-mails. Know it will not charge it’s own battery. I’ve had the computer for only 20 days. I want my money back. Best buy says NO. I need to find a computer that works for me , not some crappy TOSHIBA that doesn’t do a thing.

  55. October 28, 2013, I called the Davenport, Iowa store and spoke with one of the store managers that day, Bob, about some problems I was having with my operating system after GEEK SQUAD replaced the hard drive on an old laptop – I bought the repair service contract. The problems were that standard devices that came with this laptop were not working (DVD/CD drive, etc.) when I got it home – the drive was not being recognized; therefore, I could not load even the antivirus software. This and other inoperable items, I felt, should have been checked and been up and running, such as installing drivers, etc. At any rate, this manager, Bob, was very arrogant, rude, uncaring, and his very late, overdue offer to remediate was unethical at best. Bob was too interested in telling me all he knew, what he could sell me, how wrong I was, and if they were to remedy this I would have to wait for days with the laptop ultimately being rendered useless, as it was probably the mother board! I researched online and FIXED the problem myself. Guess I was right, GEEK SQUAD was lacsidaisical when fixing my used laptop. I did NOT get what I paid for, and was treated badly by management when reporting POOR “paid for” customer service.

  56. I think it’s disgusting that you are open on Thanksgiving, employees should at least have holidays off and spend it with family and friends. Black Friday is bad enough, now your taking away this! You doing it on Christmas? .!

  57. Today I went to your Westminster Mall location and wanted to Price Match something. Which I know is possible because my friend price matched this a day before. I went to the cashier and was standing there with my sister and my nephew of 7 months. We waited there for 15 minutes and she called all the Game Stops and then called a manager over by the name Rob. Then she told him a totally different story about how its not avaliable online and not in stock in stores and my sister looked at me and said ” She didn’t tell us that, if she did we would of left 15 minutes ago. ” And before she called Mike over I asked the girl in the front at the door who greets you and I asked her can you please call a manager over so I can leave please ? Nicely . She replied with attitude ” I did already ” . I said okay thank you politely. So when Mike said he can’t price match it for us I wasn’t even mad about the product, just the service that was provided by not just two employees but the manager. As I left the girl said with attitude Have a good one and gave me a smirk. I would of rather had her not say anything at all if its not polite especially with my nephew there. I am so upset with the customer service.

  58. On November 24th I purchased an iPad mini from you online website for $299.99. Today the same iPad mini went on sale for $299.99 with a $100.00 Best Buy Gift Card. I called to get a price match and was refused. I was told to buy one online today and return the one I have but mysteriously the iPad mini is sold out online today so it is not possible for me to do that. I have been a Best Buy customer for years and buy thousand of dollars worth of merchandise from you with my Best Buy card. I feel that it is horrible customer service to not honor this sale with the gift card. I would appreciate hearing from someone in your customer service department!!!

  59. I wanted to let someone know of the experience i had for Black Friday this year at the Best Buy White Marsh Md store 159 it was AMAZING. I have been doing Black Friday shopping for the past 14 years and out of 8 of those years it has been at a Best Buy and the past 2 years has been in White Marsh and as long as that store is open even if i move away i will still go to this store for my Black Friday shopping if i can help it.

    I was first in line as well as last year i got there on the 20th because i was getting a Xbox one for a Friend as soon as i walked in the door they remembered my Daughter and i from the pervious year wow what a welcoming from everyone from Derick the Manager Ashley in Appliances Amy behind the Customer service all the way down to John at the Door to name a few, it was like coming home and they were so excited to find out crazy us were camping out till Black Friday lol.

    All i can say is customer service customer service customer service they went above with it for us to charging my cell phone for me reminding us when they were getting ready to close if we need to use the restroom go or if we needed to charge are phones do it these are just the little things. Every morning they walked up to the door with a smile asking how are night was did we stay warm, what more as a customer could i ask for things like that is what has us coming back to that Best Buy.

    We did have a Glitch now and then from property Management telling me i could not have a tent out or my chairs till Thanksgiving but i refused to leave and the understanding i get Derick fought for me when he heard about it what a awesome Manager to step up and fight for just 2 customer in this busy time of year. he could have said oh well just 2 customers let them go there will be more he did not do that he valued us and things like that keep us coming back. on Tuesday 26th news reporters came out and interviwed me had me put my chairs out that night when i left to get Dinner and a shower my chairs were stolen that was the first lol but Derick when he heard was upset and was trying to find me other chairs like i told him not their fault i have more coming again he cared.

    Please someone let this store know what a amazing Job they are doing. I wish there is some kind of award they deserve it. I used to Manage Smalls Formal Wear i understand pressure and retail but if i had a staff like this i would cherish them. personally i would use this as a Training store.

    I live in Jarrettsville Md there is a Best Buy 8.11 miles but i choose to drive 16.33 miles and it is worth it.

    Thank You so much for your time and Merry Christmas,

    Mary Louise Hopp and Rebecca Walker

  60. Please pass this on to the Best Buy in Altoona, PA 16602. Their address is 1721 Osgood Drive.
    I had a very pleasant experience with the customer service department yesterday, December 4th, 2013.
    The cashier’s name was Sarah and the managers name was Corey. I called to explain an odd situation with some software I had purchased a few months ago that would not work. I spoke with Corey on the phone prior to bringing in the item, and he was very kind on the phone and was willing to make an exception to return the item because I had had so much trouble with it. He made sure I was taken care of and that I had the best experience possible with the situation. When I went to the store, Sarah, the cashier was very kind to me and was understanding of the situation and did everything she could to help me. It was nice to have such kind people to deal with the situation that seemed so willing to help in any way that they could.
    Thank you!

  61. We purchased a computer from Best Buy in Fair Lakes Shopping Center, VA last May instead of purchasing online. In November the operating system completely crashed without warning. We took it in and the manager told us he could service the computer. The next day he called to say that he would not repair the computer without us paying for labor and purchasing the recovery disks from Gateway. We were told by the employees at Best Buy that the operating system they sold us has this problem often and even though we were sold a defective product there seems to be no concern or willingness to make this right. Last year alone I personally spent over $1000 at Best Buy but now I will be purchasing everything online. Why go to a store when there is no customer service when the product is faulty?

  62. I purchased a laptop on December 2, 2013 online. The ad said that if I picked it up at the Best Buy store rather than have it shipped to my address, I would receive a $30.00 gift card through my email sometime around Dec.14.I picked the laptop up at our local Best Buy. It is now Dec. 23, 2013 and I have yet to receive anything. I made several attempts to call customer service only to be put on hold for twenty minutes and then be disconnected or told I had to enter a three digit transfer code, which makes no sense. I give up! I am very frustrated with their customer service!

  63. I called to see if I can get a receipt sent to me and was switched to three different departments. The gal I finally got to was mumbling really bad and I couldn’t understand her. It sounded like the girl who transferred me over was still on the line and that was why. After having to repeat myself twice and still couldn’t hear a word this girl was saying, she hung up on me.

  64. I am so dissatisfied with your local store and your accounting dept. I have given up getting the random power crashing of my asus fixed and of ever dealing with you again. I can understand why your company may be going under if the quality of service I have received is representative of your business.

  65. I purchased a Pioneer Radio DEH-P8400bh. It was an open box item and I didn’t purchase a 2 year replacement plan. I had never had an issue with any Pioneer before. Well I only had the radio for 8 months and the face plate stop lighting up. I called Best Buy in Peoria IL and told them and they said I could bring it back and get a replacement. After I got there and went to Geek Squad they looked at it and said they could send off to Pioneer but it would take a month or so before I could get it back. I very disappointed that I couldn’t get another radio. If it had been over a year when it broke I would have just not even worried about a replacement, but it was just 8 months and it stopped working. So my question is hw long is the warranties on these items?

  66. my wife and i went to best buy in shreveport la..saturday to purchase a new tv..we waited about 30 minutes for help before leaving…by the way we ask for help twice and never received any…observed two guys from that department bs-ing with each other knowing we needed halp…long story short we purchased our tv from sams club…got more help there in a warehouse type store..have been coustomer at best buy and purchased several thinngs there ….but no more…

  67. I tried to have a remote start security system installed in my 2013 vehicle. $8,200 Worth of damage (every electrical system blown) and I am still one month later, begging anyone at Best Buy to complete my claim by paying the car rental bill and the mileage i incurred. They are unethical and no one responds.

  68. Michael was a big help when we bought our new computer. We really do not know a lot about computers and he was very patient with us and explained everything so we could understand what we were getting.

  69. I had a very bad experience at the Telegraph Mich.location on Jan 21st the cashier names MICHELE ASKED ME (IN THE MIST OF HER WAITING ON ME)if I minded steping aside so that she could wait on the white couple which was behind me!!! I called for the manager and instead of him (Gabe was his name) apologizing he tried makeing excueses for her! My purchase was $900.00! I have not opened my computer but at this time I make take it all back and in addition I’ll take my future business elsewhere!. Employees of this caliber need special training and so does the Mgr,named Gabe. I am a very disappointed ex customer!.

  70. hace tres anos compre una laptot y le instalaron el antivirus y ano por ano he pagado por el servicio y de momento ya no pude habrir la aplicacion y mi computadora quedo sin antiviy mi orden dice que estoy protegida hasta 01/21/2015 como me pueden solucionar ese problema

  71. I went to the Florence, KY store to return a Whirlpool Cabrio Washer that wouldn’t wash on the hot water cycle. My Representative, Geoff, demonstrated all the different washers, let me make a decision, set up delivery, and made my life so much easier. I was expecting a hard time but instead Geoff made my delivery happen. Please consider and give Geoff a raise. He is hard working, pleasant, knows his products, and a pleasure t to deal with.
    Group A: 196718, Group B: 6138, Group C: 556543.

    Thank you,

    Penelope Kluesener, Best Buy Customer

  72. We have been very loyal customers. Your practice of automatically billing customers for virus software – year over year – is a way to cheat the customers. As I am retired I noticed the charge on my account. In calling it was for a computer I no longer had and the notification of my purchase was sent to an email that I no longer had for the last 5 years. If I researched this I have probably been unfairly billed for years. Too bad – as a large corporation you have to resort to this business practice to increase your revenue stream. This is a consumer scam. I have spent over an hour in two different phone conversations to get a refund — the first one never being processed meanwhile – I have a charge on my credit card and a late fee. I would like this matter looked into further and would appreciate a refund for the years – I never was aware I was being sent this software.

  73. I went in to this store (Waite Park, MN) to buy a TV, a Sharp LC-50LB150U. The TV is in stock at the store, they had 2 in stock and the price was $550. I came in with cash in hand ready to buy.

    On my first visit I could not find a person in TV and when paged nobody showed up. So I left and picked up my son from school.

    I came back (second visit) and finally got someone, I showed him where the TV was on the shelf, I found someone to pull it down and I measured the box and went out to my car. It looked close, but when I walked back into the store I could not get anyone to ring up the sale, NOBODY was available, blue shirted folks were all over the place but nobody would ring up the sale (most were chatting to each other and a few were selling connector wires to a single customer). So I went to customer service and tried to buy the TV there and they said I had to pay in the TV section. That was impossible so we bought a small item for my son and I walked out.

    I called them to try to buy it over the phone and I was told that was not possible if I needed it delivered. The rep was going to transfer me to another person and I got disconnected. So I called back and talked to Matthew (store manager) and he said I could have $50 off if I came right away so I said yes. He told me to ask for Carl, and when I got there I did just that (third visit). But, Carl was nowhere to be found so someone else said he’d sell me the TV. He however said I needed to re-measure my car, which I did for the 3rd time, and when I started writing the check he declared I could not get the $50 off Matthew promised. I asked why and he gave me some dumb ass answer that made no sense so when I asked to talk to Matthew, he gave me a run around, refusing to contact Matthew, so I left the store shortly there after.

    So, in the car, I called them one last time (4th attempt to buy the TV) and Nicole kept transferring me to dead lines and then refused to pick up calls at all.

    So, here’s what I want to know: Why won’t you sell me this TV?

    Is it my race, is because I am bald, is it because I’m a Catholic, is it because I wear glasses, is it because I am a man, is it because I am tall, is it because I came in with cash or tried to write a check, is it because I drive a Subaru, is it because of something else I cannot imagine?

    I made at least 4 attempts to buy this god damn TV from you in a single day. I made more calls to the store than that. I even called your 888 number and yet no TV. What the hell is wrong with me that you refuse to sell me this TV?

    So, if I sound angry you now know why. To help other avoid this sort of beating in the future, I am going to post this complaint EVERYWHERE, and I do mean everywhere. I will tell everyone the truth, I was crapped on today and I know who did it – Best Buy.

    I do not expect an answer to this letter. I now know that Best Buy does not care to fix these things. I will simply do what everyone else is doing, I will go to Amazon for my electronics.

  74. We recently purchased a 60″ Sharp Smart TV from the Best Buy Tinley Park Store. We were told it would be set up and functional upon delivery. The delivery service could not get it to connect to our Wi-Fi and told us to contact Best Buy and they would have someone walk us through the process. I called the Best Buy toll free number on Monday 4/7 and was told they would contact the store and have someone call back and run us through the process. No one ever called back and I had to go to work, so I called the store we purchased the product from and asked to have someone help me set this up. I was then instructed that this was not done by the store and given the Geek Squad number, which I called and was put on hold while they contacted the store. The operator then connected me with a technician who told me the delivery man made no note of my being able to get this done and if I wanted this done I would have to pay $129.00 for the service.I refuse to pay for something that was promised to me upon delivery and then again when the person delivering it was unable to do it. This is a ridiculous run around and needless to say with other options available I will do my purchases elsewhere. James Weger

  75. I purchase a lap top HP at west Hollywood store a year and a half.
    The laptop just give me problems : malfunction, freezes, go out of online all the time .I went to the store several times .
    Trying to fix the laptop once a month there at the geek saquad …they are really great people (Colin and Brione ) …. but who can help me
    I’m really ennoy with BB right now .

  76. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE I purchased a over-the-range microwave for a townhouse with installation. Best Buy said they would have installer bring it out. Microwave arrives via UPS, schedule install (a separate process, although it shouldn’t be). Installers find two large dents due to poor packaging. UPS scheduled to come back out, refuses to pick it up in same poor packaging.

    Subsequently speak to UPS who says they will make three attempts, can not guarantee a call before arriving, and give a huge window (maybe 8+ hours). So no guarantee of a microwave pickup unless it’s left in the yard, someone is home all day, and/or new packaging is purchased by me and used. Very dicey on whether I will get my money back.

    Second microwave shipped. Second installer comes, finds something wrong with the circuit. Electrician finds something wrong with the circuit. Ask to cancel order and install. Told UPS must pick up both microwaves with same crazy timeframe. Many hours later I am still trying to get them to come here and pick up the microwaves so I’m not stuck with appliances I can’t use and I CAN GET A REFUND. Now on hour-plus call that has involved speaking with 5 people, numerous lengthy unproductive calls that would bore/drive you to tears.


  77. Terrible Customer Service. Bought a big screen TV; Best Buy should have delivered, unpacked and taken old TV away. Delivery service did not even bring TV in from truck. Called customer service, they had local store come pick up old TV and packing materials over a week later and promised a $100 gift certificate. Never received gift certificate and when I called later, said there was no proof. Supervisor named Chris would give me nothing, no last name, no ID number. Best Buy has permanently lost good customer – I used to buy all large appliances through them. Also will lose customers because I will let everyone I know about the lying and poor customer service.

  78. I have had problems twice now with Best Buy, and I will not be back ever again. I cannot believe the level of rudeness and lack of respect your employees have for the customer. Your l5 day return policy is ridiculous. I purchased a Blue Ray player three weeks ago, it does not work, and you won’t take it back or do anything about it. Target would in a minute. Unbelieveable. I intend to go further with this if I do not hear back immediately.

  79. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when I visited your store in Murrieta, Calfornia. Upon entering the store today at 5:00 salesclerks were standing around talking amongst themselves, of course no one acknoledges you when you walk in that would be “good customer service” and that doesn’t exsist. I proceeded to your music dept. wanting to buy a few cd’s of course no help anywhere so I walk up to a cashier who is busy talking to another employee waited a couple of minutes so as not to interrupt their conversation, when he did ask if I needed help I asked if someone could please assist me with a cd. He called out to the gentleman that is standing at the entrance and I return to the music dept. After about 10 minutes and no one has come to assist me I return to the cashier thank him for his help but leave telling him I will order my purchase through Amazon. Being upset I also say “out loud” that this is exactly the reason why places like this are going out of business….VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

  80. Store employees are arrogant and don’t care about your problem. That usually starts from the management down. If you buy anything be careful about the protection plan. They will only be happy when you are instating it. After that your only a bother. The only time I seen the employees care is when they thought I was making a purchase, other than that they were to busy goofing around. Keep your money, find a different store!

  81. Store employees are arrogant and don’t care about your problem. That usually starts from the management down. If you buy anything be careful about the protection plan. They will only be happy when you are instating it. After that your only a bother. The only time I seen the employees care is when they thought I was making a purchase, other that they were to busy goofing around. Keep your money, find a different store!

  82. I had a horrible experience today with Best Buy. I have been a customer with BestBuy for years and have always charged and paid on time. I have a great credit record, yet today the store would not accept my credit card. I was on line to 20 minutes trying to figure out why I could not use my card. The lady I talked with talked on and on about verifying my credit. I answered all her questions. This went on and I was embarrassed trying to get my card to work. I was so mad, so I used my credit card from a bank, but I don’t get free interest on the card. Right now I don’t believe I will buy at Best Buy ever again. I can’t understand why I have a Best Buy card and I can’t use it.

  83. let me say i bought a BRAND new refrigerator from bestbuy,i took off from work to wait on it but of course they tell me a window of 12/6.they come in my house like they stay here putting there tools on my table and then bring the frig in and it has a big A— dent on it and hook it up and say here you go sir!!.plus two days before that someone from the store cancel my oder,my food had gone bad and i had to go back to the store and reorder the frig again.then they tell me that i cant get a new frig until next week wow!!!!!!!!

  84. My name is Luis A. and in the past 4 years I’ve probably spent about 60k at Best Buys throughout the US and so I’ve gotten to know exactly what to expect from Best Buy. Generally is bad customer service, sales people generally do not know much about the product and are generally interested in everything else but helping their customers. With that said, convenience and availability are king and since I know what I need, I simply walk in to Best Buys, point at what I want and pay at the register and even that sometime is challenging task for Best Buy.

    One time I purchased 5k worth of product using Best Buy for business in LA; worst mistake of my life, I waited for 7 hours at Best Buy to get the product from the warehouse. I missed my flight and my project was delayed.

    The Sale
    On 04.29.2013 I went to Best Buy to purchase security cameras to have them installed at my house; I went to the Northbrook IL, location # 1165. I was told that they could install the cameras and that it would be a simple process and so against all my intuition I decided to purchase the cameras and paid for the installation. The sales person also told me that if I opened a Best Buy credit card, I would also get a discount and so I did.

    The Installation Process
    The first time they came to my house they walked all over my house and spent 2 hours in my attic and told me that they could not install the cameras so I went back to Best Buy to get a refund; during my store visit I was told that they would make a second attempt. A week later another installer showed up and once again, the installer went to the addict and after 2 hours he came back down and told me that they could not install them. Only this time he somehow managed to disconnect my cable. I called the installer and he just simply dismissed what I was telling him. So I called my cable provider and had them come to my house and they confirmed that a cable had been unplugged in the attic. I went back to Best Buy to get a refund and once again was told that a “professional” would come to my house and make an assessment, the “professionals” show up a week later and said that they could install the cameras and that I needed to “simply” purchase longer cables since my ceilings are about 30 feet high. I purchased the cables and rescheduled another installation. The installers show up again and once again they spend a few hours in the attic, come back down and they tell me that it can’t be done. At this point I’ve waisted 4 days of work waiting around, purchased cables and have made several trips.
    On the last trip to Best Buy I returned the cameras at customer service and was told that they would also refund the install fees back to my Best Buy card.

    The Refund
    Today I pulled up my credit report and find that I have an overdue balance with Best Buy. They never refunded the installation fees, I called the customer service number and was told that they are unable to located the transaction an so they can’t help me.
    I called the Best Buy / Citi bank customer service and they told me that the balance is overdue. I’ve worked very hard my entire life to keep a perfect credit score and now I’ll have a late payment because someone at Best Buy did not do their job.

    Credit Card Error
    During my conversation with Citi / Best Buy credit card customer I was told the following; “your name in our system in incorrect, it’s spelled Roland and the mail that we sent you has been returned”. So I confirmed the following with the customer service agent: my name was entered wrong at the store when I applied for the credit card. How does that happen???. I filled out a credit app with the correct name and I handed the sales person my driver’s license. I’m not certain how it’s possible to make an error like this. I’ve always maintained a great credit and now I’m going to spend a long time trying to fix this error. The only reason I found out that I had a balance on the Best Buy credit card was because I checked my credit information on line and found out that I have a overdue balance…

    The Experience
    How does a company like this stay in business, who ever is reading this; I’ve travelled all over the US and have purchased product at about 50 stores including Puerto Rico and let me just say as an investor and as a consumer; there is no way Best Buy is going to survive at this rate. It’s common knowledge to the average consumer that speeding money at Best Buys is simply asking for problems. I can’t count the numbers of times at a store with my credit card in my hand looking and literally begging a sales person to simply take my money. It’s a very sad sad sad reality.

    Last Purchase At Best Buy
    Let me just add this, two week ago I went back to Best Buy and spent another $1000.00 in wireless cameras, I should have my head examined for doing this. But this is my last purchase at Best Buy.

    If any one cares about the people who are and have spent 10s of thousands of dollars in your business, call me back or call the store back and get this issue resolved.

  85. We currently purchased a HP TouchSmart 15.6″ laptop SKU number 5153008. The software and owners manual was not in the box. Should we send it back or could you send the items to us?

  86. When I tried to return a Microsoft office 2013 software to your store in Baxter, MN, the manager said I could exchange it, but couldn’t get my money back or they’d get sued! Never heard of such garbage. Called the St. Cloud store and they said no problem as long as it wasn’t opened. One of the clerks also told me that lots of Baxter people come to St. Cloud because of the service at the Baxter store. Now I see why. Will never recommend the Baxter store to anyone. That policy will turn people off and maybe this will be the next Best Buy that closes!

  87. We have been in 2 Best Buy stores lately and the service is terrible. The employees are all talking together and not helping customers. We seen an add for a dishwasher and I was very excited about possible]y buying it. My husband just called and stopped in the store waited awhile to get waited on and nobody came to help him so he left. Needless to say we will be looking somewhere else for the appliance and all the other appliances to buy in the future. Totally disappointed -no longer a customer.

  88. I typically don’t write reviews, but after having one of the worst customer service experiences ever with Best Buy, I want to warn others so that they might not have the experience my family did.

    We bought a Frigidaire Gallery on 3/29. After a couple of months we realized that the inside drawers were cheaply made and that they continued to come off of their hinges whenever we used them. We contacted best buy to see what our options were. They offered a floor model upgrade with a small scratch, which my Husband saw in the store, and would cost us an additional $800.00 more. We paid the additional money and scheduled a delivery. We asked that my Husband be there at time of delivery since he saw the floor model and knows better than me about getting everything hooked up appropriately.

    We received a message confirmation that the refrigerator would be delivered between 3-5 on Saturday, and my Husband made arrangements to be home at that time. The drivers arrived at 1:00. When I said my Husband wasn’t there ( I had my 7 and 9 year old girls and one of their friends in the house), they said would continue to come in. I told them that my Husband needed to be there and they began to get aggressive and honestly, I was not comfortable having these men in my home with 3 small girls. It made me wonder what type of background checks are done with this vendor. After asking them to come back they continued to sit in front of our house for 30 minutes, frightening my girls. They called my Husband and ended up hanging up on him because he wouldn’t have me let them in the house.

    We called customer service that day and spoke with a very nice woman who apologized for our experience and said that a customer service representative would call us within a week. She also contacted the delivery vendor, Penridge transportation, who claimed that they didn’t deliver the refrigerator due to an altercation with my husband, who wasn’t even there at time of delivery. She told us that they were also very rude with her. She arranged for the refrigerator to be delivered the following week. When it arrived, there was extensive damage done to the door of the refrigerator, and the handle was completely bent in. The drivers, who were not the initial drivers, asked if we even wanted to take it due to the recent additional damage. We said, ” no thanks”.

    After almost 2 weeks, no call from customer service, an additional $800 charge for a product we didn’t receive, we rec’d a message that a delivery was scheduled for the next morning. We stopped into best buy to see what was being delivered since we weren’t contacted prior, and we were told that a different refrigerator was found, they weren’t sure of the condition or brand, and that it was being delivered the next day. When we asked if we could have an undamaged refrigerator like the replacement we had originally selected, the supervisor, Dante, advised that, “it’s not gonna happen”. When we mentioned that they had our additional $800 and didn’t have the refrigerator he said, “well, you do have a refrigerator”.

    After paying nearly $2000, only receiving an $1100 refrigerator with poor quality, being bullied by delivery drivers, and having a store manager tell us in not so many words that he wasn’t going to do anything to fix it, I wonder how best buy stays in business with so many other appliance options out there.

    Best buy = bad buy

  89. Purchase business cards on May 6 that was to be delivered in 14 days, by May 26 still not being delivered. I got in contact with them on chat. They send a reorder and it is now June 27 and I still don’t have them.

  90. I just wanted to thank Best Buy employees who helped me with my issues with my LCD TV that was purchased 4 years ago. First, we do not usually buy extended coverage but this time we did being that this was our first HD LCD. As it would happen we went the entire 4 years without a hitch. And then ONE day after our warranty expired the TV decided to throw a fit. I contacted BB and talked with the Geek squad who directed me to call the Overland Park store where the original purchase was made. I talked to a manager named Emily. I explained about the problem and the expired warranty. We did not get the TV on the day we bought it because we were having it installed by the Geeks. I told Emily that since we did not take receipt of the TV for almost a week after we bought that we felt that it when the warranty should have started. Emily was so polite and courteous and told me she would look into the situation and see what could be done. True to her word she called me back and surprised (and relieved)me with extending my warranty that would allow the Geek squad to fix my TV under warranty. I felt like I won the lottery! The Geek squad was here today and these guys know their stuff! They treated us and our home( put on shoe covers)respectfully! Kurt and his partner analyzed the problem immediately and had me back in business ! Kurt also patiently explained to me how to access the internet through my Blue Ray player. I talked to several other folks during this ordeal and I wish I had gotten their names. But I want to commend you and your employees for this awesome customer service! Thanks You SO Much!



  92. on 7/6/14, I
    stopped at a competititors
    store and was impressed to be in and out of the store in about 15 minutes having purchased a featured sale item with delivery the following day. My oldest son, a Best Buy Platinum Plus customer, was dismayed at this news and set about to show me your superiority. We went to your Roosevelt Blvd. #589 My son pointed out a high end washer and dryer, he owns the same set, for my approval and said they were to be my upcoming birthday gift! The associate then proceeded to say they (actually all of the appliances) were unavailable due to a wharehouse fire and the delivery date given was way out of line. We then inquired about a few other even pricier sets, same deal. I taught my sons to be unfailingly polite BUT never accept No from someone without the authority to say Yes when in these circumstances. We asked for the manager, Jordan. My son explained the issue, told him he was quite frankly embarrassed at this point, having extolled the virtue of the place, that the purchase was my gift, that I was going back to the competitor with my business, and that he felt this was frankly unacceptable for anyone let alone a customer who spends thousands of dollars (usually electronics)regularly. Jordan totally agreed and proceeded to find comparable products, prompt delivery, and gave my son a “customer satisfaction” discount that I understand was beyond generous. I know customer service levels have fallen to an appalling level but in this case your manager saved the day, thousands of dollars on this and future sales and impressed a new customer. He and the young man who rung the sale Joe are to be commended. Bernadette Wlas (Brenden Burke )(pin05890085660070814 date of purchase 7/8/14

  93. I purchased an upgrade Iphone on the 25th of June and I have had difficulty with it. On July 8th we went to the store to exchange it and were there for at least an hour while they checked it out and decided to exchange it for us but they did not have one that was the same as what I had. On July 9th we went to a Best Buy mobil store and we were told it had been past 15 days. It took so long to get to that point and it was late so I took the ladies word and did not check it myself. They sent me to the Apple store across the way to get it taken care of under warranty. After I left and checked it, I realized it was not past the 15 days but the store was then closed. Now tomorrow will be the 16th day. Best Buy has now messed me around once again.
    I will warn anyone dealing with them to BEWARE. They somehow get out of coverage nearly every time.

  94. Since Citi has taken over your Best Buy Credit Cards I have had two instances in which I paid my payment early and also paid more than what was required.
    Since my payments were early and were before the statement closing dates they were posted the month previous resulting in a late payment.
    Citi chose to charge me a late fee even though payments were made early and more than required amount was paid.
    As a promise to Citi please see below online conversation between myself and Citi.
    A Best Buy Credit Card Customer Service Associate will help you in approximately 0 minutes 35 seconds.
    For your protection, we’ll never ask you for passwords, PINs, User IDs, security words or any part of your social security number during a chat. Other information may be required to help us verify your identity.

    You are now chatting with Kamron
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: Kamron,
    Kamron: Hello, welcome to Best Buy Credit Card Live Chat. My name is Kamron. How may I help you online today?
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: i am extremely disappointed with the way Citi handles your accounts.
    Kamron: I am really sorry to hear that.
    Kamron: How may I help you online today?
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: twice in the past I paid my account early. both times because the way the billing statement dates fall i was charged a late fee because my payment was made before the statement date so was posted the month before. Citi advised me that because they adjusted a late fee once before they will not do it again. No matter it is their fault because of posting dates. Please review and you will see that i actually pay my bill early. I have made payment today to bring account balance to 0.00.
    Kamron: Let me check that for you.
    Kamron: For security purposes only, please verify your full name listed on your account?
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: I have always appreciated the service i have received with Best Buy. But it is now my desire to close this account and intend to relationship with Best Buy John D Thompson
    Kamron: For security purposes only, please verify your full name listed on your account?
    Kamron: I have not heard from you. Do you still need assistance?
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: John D Thompson
    Kamron: Thank you, John.
    Kamron: Thank you for confirming. Please give me a minute orn two while I check this for you.
    Kamron: As you made the payment before statement generation date the payment has been applied for the previous statement and your account has been charged with the late fee.
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: thats correct. I paid early and paid 3 times more than what was due so your posistion is to punish me for this
    Kamron: I am really sorry for that. However if you make the payment before the statement date the payment will be automatically applied for the previous statement and your account will be automatically charge the late fee.
    Kamron: However we have not received any payment today on your account.
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: ok. Close the account as soon as the payment i made today is applied and account balance is brought to zero. I choose never to do busines with you again and intend on copying this converstation and posting on ever social media outlet i can find. I am very sorry that i am a good customer who pays early and pays more that the minimum amount due
    Kamron: I certainly understand you are concerned about the late fee.
    Kamron: How may I help you with this?
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: 6.13 statement date paymnet made on 6.13 How so you charge me a late fee because it is made early. So since the payment fell before the last statement closing date it gets applied to the previous month and you charge me a late fee. If this is the way you choose to do business I choose not to do business with you. When the account balance reaches zero (payment was submitted electronically today) close this account
    Kamron: In this case Please call us at 888-574-1301 and they will help you with this.
    Kamron: Hours of Operations: Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. local time , Saturday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. local time, Sunday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. local time.
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: Why should I call you. Your company has cost me quite enough frustration already. I want this account closed when the balance reaches a zero balance. I am trying to work and I do not have the patience to continue this conversation
    Kamron: I am really sorry for the inconvenience.
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: Are you employed by Best Buy or by Citi?
    Kamron: I completely understand your point of view, however as you have made the payment on the statement generation date the same will be considered as a payment for the previous month.
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: OK. So you punish customers with a late fee for paying early and paying extra because of internal dating issue within your company. Is this correct. Do you work for Citi or for Best Buy
    Kamron: We work for Citi.
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: OK. Please note account to be closed immediately after account balance reaches zero. I Will also be glad to let Best Buy know how you treat their customers. This conversation will be posted on ever social media outlet I can find to post it on
    Kamron: I am really sorry due to security reasons we do not have the access to close the account through this channel and in this case Please call us at 888-574-1301 and they will help you with this.
    Kamron: I’m sorry if you felt that way, I truely appologize for the trouble this has caused.
    Kamron: We would like to talk to you about this as you are our valued customer.
    Kamron: Please do call us on the above number or send us a secured message so that we can get in touch with you to resolve this issue at the earliest.
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: I need your employee id # and full name as well as your immediate supervisor and a mailing address and telephone number.
    Kamron: My Id is KN09432.
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: I need your full name I also need your direct supervisor’s name and id#. I also need a mailing address and a phone number. Thanks much, JOhn
    Kamron: I’m sorry we are not authorized to provide our details like full name. However my supervisor’s ID is VN09396
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: Makes it a little harder to file a greivence. 1) Customers who pay early and pay more than the amount due are penalized with a service charge. 2) Employees refuse to properly identify themselves or provide contact information.
    Kamron: Here is a contact number of our account specialists 888-574-1301./
    Kamron: They are available Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. local time , Saturday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. local time, Sunday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. local time.
    Kamron: I have not heard from you. Do you still need assistance?
    Kamron: I apologize, but due to no response I will need to end the chat. Have a great day!
    THOMPSON,JOHN D: All of your company’s polices aside. Do you understand my frustration? How would you feel if you were me.? I understand if you cannot answer. I am employed in the service/financial sector myself. I do not in any way want you to feel like I am purposely targeting you. I understand what your job must be like and I appreciate you as an individual. I hope you have a great day. Thanks much, John PS. i do not have any policies that require me not to give you my full name and contact info: John*****

  95. I purchased a Samsung Dishwasher to be delivered and installed on 7/16. I waited a total of twelve hours for the delivery to take place. I did call at 4:00 in the afternoon and spoke with a Best Buy associate who assured me my order was on the truck to be delivered and that they had until 8:00 p.m. I waited the full twelve hours and no delivery. i called back to Best Buy only to be told “oops your order was left off of the truck.” This was after being placed on hold repeatedly as I continued to request that the order be cancelled. As the associate tried to place me on hold again I explained that I had already wasted twelve hours and been put on hold at least four times on the same call I was on. I asked that the order be cancelled and the charges to be removed from my card. The associated responded by cutting me off while trying to give my phone number as she had requested and telling me that we will call if that is possible. I can not imagine a poorer example of customer service or professional behavior. The store in Hickory N.C. has steadily been going down hill and now has reached the point that even if you want to purchase there they will make it impossible to do so. Mistakes happen but the customer service is unacceptable.

  96. I was just in the Reston, VA store with my fitbit. I could not get the back off to see what type of battery to purchase. I asked a few employees in a blue shirt, the guy at the door in yellow shirt and no one really wanted to give me time. SO I stood in line at customer service to see if I was buying the correct battery, the young woman there was at least helpful and told me what to go back to aisle and buy. Very discouraging that you cannot get help on a weekday morning, seemed to be plenty of employess but not helpful, only 1 register open fully, and a long line!!! Guess a reason for ordering on Amazon and forgetting about going to a store

  97. I bought a laptop from you on 7-19-2014. Computer had virus on it and I was not able to load the free anti virus software that came with it. Also tried to upgrade windows and it would not allow me to. The same day I tried to return it and your manager would not take it back. The only thing he offered was an in house repair of 199.00 then I could return it. Huh??? I can not believe you would sell me a $400.00 product and not offer to help me in some way. Your manager was not rude but the attitude of “can’t help you” is unacceptable. I have bought all of my home appliances and computers from Best for decades. I will never do business with you again.

  98. I stopped buy your store, located in Texarkana Texas. The service was out standing! I had a couple of your team-mates helping me out. Due to them being on top of things, I bought more things, than what I went in for. Following my return that evening to purchase another computer, leaving the one I bought: out of your LA store…to be repaired. as well as buying a few more things. U have great salesman’s. Brandon Smith, Nicholas Pope. Evening shift…Quiona Wesley,& Shawn Rosendale, I like writing about the positive things people do. and I will return! Thanks Best Buy!

  99. A couple of years ago I purchased an IPad with Insurance and a couple of months ago I started having problems with it. I took it back to the store in Mansfield where I bought it and was told there was nothing wrong with it, well I came home and had the same problem, I have gone back the third time and the tech did some things to it and now it is worse, I told him I had insurance and wanted it replaced, he said they did not replace them, needless to say that is exactly why I purchased the insurance, today I called him and told him it was worse and was turning off on me, he said for me to bring it in, I did and he said they would have to order one. I told him that was bull and why could he not give me one out of the store, and he said he could not do that, now I have to make another trip which will make 5 to pick up the IPad. This has been the worst customer service I Have ever had at that store and I will not be purchasing anything else there. I have spent several hundred dollars at that store in the last couple of years, TV, Freezer, Washer/Dryer, IPad, Phone, movies, ITunes Cards, etc. but I will not purchase anything else there.

  100. what a scam! Best Buy (should be called Worst Buy) rewards system stinks. I should have about $200 in rewards and have received, after two months, absolutely no certificates. I keep getting turned down in the website no matter what information I enter. Call? That’s an even bigger joke. Just opened a credit card with them two months ago, and I’m cutting it up and going to talk w/ an attorney about a class action law suit. I don’t know how their policies and practices are legal. Go to HH Gregg instead. Biggest mistake! I’ll never set foot in a Worst Buy again.

  101. Anyone else detest the Geek Idiots Squad????? They are obnoxious, opinionated, very non helpful, and just downright BAD!!!!
    hubby’s phone screen broke, so they ordered a refurbished one to replace it (personally I think that stinks anyways) but just gave him an info sheet of how to back up his data calender contacts etc. THAT was joke, even I couldn’t figure it out and I’m VERY computer savvy!!! the new phone came in and it won’t charge, says the battery is too hot or some stupid thing. Tried to tell them that we couldn’t find the developers tool, that the sync program was telling us to use, THEY couldn’t even find it. Then I said well you then need to replace the Zagg screen we bought, and/or pay the fee we have to go to at ZAGG at Clackamas Town Center to put it on the next refurbished phone they’ll be sending us. They refused!! Again, absolutely totally screwed up customer service!!
    Oh, and you know we will be telling everyone about this, We’ve been buying from them for YEARS, All of our TV’s (at least 3 of their flat screened ones, our phones, printers, routers, modems, ink, movies etc….
    Geek Squad should be better known as Nerd Squad, but that wouldn’t be fair to the NERDS out there!!

  102. I am one of the 2000 customers (or so I was told by the customer service phone rep I was finally handed over to after four transfers)who had money deducted from a gift card on the evening of Wed. August 27, 2014, with no order actually going through.

    The sales rep at the Morgantown, WV store attempted to clarify the situation for me. She was repeatedly transferred before finally being told that it could take up to two days for the money to show up on my card again.

    I called your customer support, such as it is, the next day and had that time frame confirmed. (Interesting how to even be able to send an email I’ve had to utilize other websites besides your own.)

    More than 48 hours later, I again called customer support, to be told now that it would be at least Tuesday, due to the high volume of people whose gift cards were compromised. Incidentally, my “gift card” was a store credit for a computer that the Geek squad deemed unrepairable. Because I had full coverage, this was going to allow me to purchase a new laptop.

    I find it interesting, though disheartening, that a company that sells and repairs high speed computers has such a shabby system itself. Not once in this process has Best Buy ever contacted me. I have had to initiate the laborious process of talking to a human being every time.

    When I asked your customer service rep if Best Buy was going to do anything compensatory, even expedited shipping, I was told no. I’m sure you feel that your stores keep anything I would possibly want in stock. I’m in my 60’s and not looking forward to learning Windows 8 or navigating a touch screen. (Reading computer reviews online, hearing rumors of a new 8.2 int spring, and seeing a classic shell download, I’m clearly not the only person.)

    The news is full of Best Buy’s financial problems–sales down, stock down 49%. I’m sure you feel like you can’t do anything to compensate the customers you’ve inconvenienced. But here’s the other side of the equation. After thee weeks of waiting for a repair or replacement computer–even before this gift card debacle–I ordered a Lenovo all-in-one with Windows 7 on Amazon. It was here in two days. Determined not to return to Best Buy until the $614 deducted from my card was put back, went to Staples for Microsoft office and downloaded my my virus protection from Webroot online.

    A friend who was looking to replace her dead laptop was with me the night of the gift card fiasco. She bought a new laptop and all the accessories yesterday at Staples.

    So, directly or indirectly, the handling of this matter has cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $1600. Multiply that by 2000 customers and tell me a little more attention to customer service might not have been a wise move.

    I will probably replace my laptop at Best Buy. I’m not going to let you off the hook for a $742 credit. I may even think about a protection plan. But I wonder, if your customer service does not drastically improve, will you even be in business to honor it three years down the road?

  103. I ordered a Frigidaire 4.5 cu ft compact refrigerator this morning. The site would not take my rewards certificates, which totaled $20. We went to the store to find out A) if the refrigerator was frost free, and B) to find out why my rewards certificates could not be applied on line. To make a long and very frustrating story short, the store said the item had already been processed for shipping and I could not apply rewards due to that fact, and I could not cancel my order either. What a rip off. Trying to call the customer service number is a joke. I was on hold for 20 min. and when I did get to speak to someone (who barely spoke English) they said I had to call back on Sept. 6 and they could re-issue the rewards certificate. WHAT GOOD ARE REWARD CERTIFICATES IF YOU CAN NOT USE THEM, NOT EVEN ON LINE AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. I am done with buying anything from Best Buy. I never did get an answer to the question if it is frost free…a young man at the store told me “everything made now is frost free” Guess what, if that is not true, and we are shipped one that has to be defrosted, we then have to go to the trouble of taking it back (my husband can not handle the weight of this item let alone put in the car and take it back). There is no fair recourse with this company, it is a giant rip off and I will never use them again for any purchase what so ever.

  104. I ordered a Frigidaire 4.5 cu ft compact refrigerator this morning. The site would not take my rewards certificates, which totaled $20. We went to the store to find out A) if the refrigerator was frost free, and B) to find out why my rewards certificates could not be applied on line. To make a long and very frustrating story short, the store said the item had already been processed for shipping and I could not apply rewards due to that fact, and I could not cancel my order either. What a rip off. Trying to call the customer service number is a joke. I was on hold for 20 min. and when I did get to speak to someone (who barely spoke English) they said I had to call back on Sept. 6 and they could re-issue the rewards certificate. WHAT GOOD ARE REWARD CERTIFICATES IF YOU CAN NOT USE THEM, NOT EVEN ON LINE AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. I am done with buying anything from Best Buy. I never did get an answer to the question if it is frost free…a young man at the store told me “everything made now is frost free” Guess what, if that is not true, and we are shipped one that has to be defrosted, we then have to go to the trouble of taking it back (my husband can not handle the weight of this item let alone put in the car and take it back). There is no fair recourse with this company, it is a giant rip off and I will never use them again for any purchase what so ever. ANOTHER RIP OFF, I AM BEING TOLDI ALREADY SAID THIS, AND THAT IS A LIE.

  105. I recently had a very displeasing time trying to inform BestBuy of an area that was causing unneeded customer ill will and was seemingly transferred arbitrarily from one department to another.
    My initial complaint was concerning the fact that the online store was not synced to the actual products in the store. You are BestBuy not Jimmy Joe Bob’s Podunk appliance center. You are supposed to be the very cutting edge of technology, yet items that you have listed in the online store are not always factual. This is an irritant that you must be able fix. I can go to the former Soviet Union and get cash in 20 seconds, surely you can keep your sites updated. Secondly, I wanted to be able to share my frustration with someone from BestBuy so it would possibly help another to avoid the same frustration I had just gone through. I went onto the Best Buy site and started to look for a general complaint/suggestion email that I could tell my problem. I called the BestBuy number and told the first person my tale of woes. They then connected me with another person that wanted me to tell everything over, that person then connected me with another that wanted to hear it again. All the while I kept asking for a general email that I could send to that would be able to route it to the proper governing body. Each one told me that it didn’t exist. I finally asked to speak to the third persons manager and after 8 minutes, which seems like an eternity on the phone, they came back on and said that they would give me an address where I could send a letter. I told her to forget it and hung up.
    I hope that someone will actually take this seriously and start a new trend in the business world -Truly Good Customer Service-.
    Thank you for your time and attention.
    Timothy Gunby

  106. Yesterday I had a service call from Joey Meyer of your Geek Squad. Joey helped me install my printer properly, and he also solved some laptop and ipad problems which I was experiencing.BY
    ANY YARDSTICK JOEY WAS THE VERY BEST “CONSULTANT” I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! He was courteous, knowledgeable and very, very helpful. A real gem.

    I cannot imagine buying appliances and other sundry items anyplace else than Best Buy because of this young man’s abilities.

  107. Today I needed to cancel maintenance contract on a cell phone which had been lost. I started by calling Geek Squad. Was told I needed to go to the store where I purchased the maintenance contract. Drove over 20 miles and spent over 1 hour of my time to find out that all the information which was needed to cancel the contract was related to my home phone. The girl was kind enough to print out a copy of the sales receipt and told me all I had do do was call Geek Squad back and tell them to cancel one of the four contracts because they were not related to a specific phone. When I returned home I called Geek Squad and gave them a contract number and asked that they cancel it. I was told that they needed to determine which of the four contract numbers x related to the phone which was lost. They asked me to wait. Then they asked me to wait again. After 20 minutes they told me that there was no relationship between contract numbers and phones. Finally after spending over 2 hours of my time i accomplished what I started out to do. Cancel a maintenance contract. The staff in the overseas call centers need to be better trained.

  108. Fantastic Service Representative ….. Los Feliz, California Best Buy on Monday, September 22, 2014….. I recently bought a Surface Pro3 to replace a not so old laptop. When I went to swipe it, the screen was frozen, no movement whatsoever… the attached keyboard worked. As I am scheduled to travel, I needed the tablet to work. I took it first to my local best buy. They could not fix it and decided it needed to be replaced but they were out of stock. They said that Glendale had 11 and off I went. When I got to Glendale, they were polite and understanding. Then a Geek Squad member, Gisele (sp?) began to do her magic. She checked for updates and presto the screen worked perfectly. However, she was not satisfied and began checking the entire installation and found that some things were not done to her liking. I had Microsoft installed along with Kapershy and she found that some aspects of the programs were not there. By the time I left, Gisele had reconfigured the tablet and it is working better then advertised. She also showed me a few pointers on Windows 8.1 and I could not have been happier. She also told me she was an extremely happy employee and was attending more schools to enhance her skills. From what I saw she could work anywhere and has the people skills I find lacking in almost every business I deal with. Keep Her she is the face of the company. Sincerely Jon

  109. I wish to file a formal complaint on a recent purchase I made at your Perrysburg store. I went in to purchase a new phone and feel that I was intentionally mislead on my purchase?? I purchased a galaxy S-5 phone and was charged 599.99 for it. I told the sales rep several times that I was due for an upgrade? He insisted that this was the plan I needed? After I contacted Verizon I was informed that I should have been sold the phone at the upgrade price of $149.99? I feel that I was intentionally misled so that I could be charged an additional $350.00 for the phone which is certainly ridiculous and not the way to do business or retain loyal customers!!I have purchased many items from your stores such as a TV that very same day!!I also recently purchase a computer system from you for over $800.00 and at least 3 TV’s in the past. I would hope that you could help me to receive some form of consideration in this matter and would like to thank you in advance for “any” assistance you can provide me??? As of this moment I intend to “never” purchase anything from your business unless or until this matter is resolved. Your store manager informed me that she could or would not do anything to help me and refused to point me to anyone in charge above her!!!!

  110. I have purchased over $3000 in the past year and a half when my computer was
    affected by the explorer virus it changed my administer photo and name I took
    the computer that I purchased in January back to see if they would reset the
    computer back to factory installed software when I bought the computer the sales
    person gave me a set of recovery disc they do not work but when I talk to the
    Geek Squad located in your Altoona store he told me it would cost me $130 to
    reset my computer and basically called me a liar and said there was no way this
    sales person would have never gave me a disc well he did and I’ll be sure to let
    my family and friends know that your service is not worth the headache. I can
    get the same merchandise for the same price elsewhere and if your sales people
    and/or your store is that ignorant I will take my business elsewhere. One more
    thing I will post this email on my facebook, myspace and the other social sites
    that I use. I really don’t believe that I will get a response from you but if I
    do I can post it also just to be fair about my complaint.

    Keep treating your customers like you could care less about them and you
    will end up with no customers.

    I am putting my comments on here because I can not reply to your emails

  111. Purchased a Notebook today, 10/13/2014, at the BEST BUY #568 store located at the Hyannis, MA mall.
    Sean was “your” representative. Sean had initially come across with a matter-of-fact and contentious attitude. I immediately felt this unprofessional amateur and addressed it by letting him know that we, my friend and myself, were not dazzled by his motor-mouth presentation and asked that he speak more slowly because my friend is Greek and I knew he would have a problem following what self-important Sean was telling us. My friend is a local business man and has been successful here on the Cape for over 30 years. Sean was not dealing with “his ilk” and I seriously doubt that he would had been as “short” and as so “important” with friends he might(??) have. Nevertheless, we did buy the notebook because I have been a faithful customer for many years and have always bragged about the service and the Geek squad at B.B. My friend wanted to go to BJ’s, but at my insistence we chose Best Buy. I can seriously say that I have ALWAYS been treated respectfully and with a deference of polite humility which is the ABSOLUTE key to hospitality. I had “taught” this concept for many many years and had been in business ownership for more years than the age of your Sean. I will always patronize B.B. but I suggest that you take notice of the poor an arrogant attitude of this kid, Sean. “Kid” because that is the way I and my friend will always remember our experience there today, no thanks to him. I’m a Marine and my military background aches to have that “kid” under the Uniform Code of Military Justice; but then again, he wouldn’t qualify.
    Frank Serra
    PS: Looking forward to your reply. Thank you!

  112. Very bad experience with Bestbuy. I paid for a refrigerator, washer and dryer $2500. I scheduled delivery on 10/14/14 for 10/18/14. Representatives told me the delivery and install where scheduled. 10/18 came and I called to see what time they would be delivering. I was informed they would not be delivering because something happened at where house and the time was no longer available. Double checked no emails or phone calls were made to reschedule. Could not get items delivered until following Tuesday. Store manager said he would call to check if he could get emergency appointment because of the error made by bestbuy and the fact I had all of my refrigerator and freezer items in my car. He said they could not do it and the best he could do to make up for it was to give me $100. Went to whare house in tracy they said no one called them to try and schedule delivery because if they had being my home is in Tracy they would have been able to do it. They were great at where house and helped us load items. My father in law was hurt trying to move refrigerator upstairs. No hospital but I am furious because we felt we had no other option and bestbuy did not even try to help me. Terrible experience I hope someone reads this and tries to make it right otherwise I don’t think I can shop there again. I will check items out in your store then buy from Amazon.

  113. I needed a replacement battery for my laptop. I visited you Shreveport and they directed me to place across the strip mall called BatteryPlus. After inquiring about the battery, they quoted me a price of 104 dollars and 4 days to ship it in. I returned home and looked at your webpage. Found one for 35 dollars and received it in three days.
    I suggest you inform your employees at that store about your online

  114. I had a problem with the local store not answering their phone. I contacted customer service and was told that the manager would call me. That never happened. I then wrote to the CEO and received a letter informing me that the manager would call me. That also did not happen

  115. I joined the Geek Squad program when I bought my Asus laptop on06/23/2014. Yesterday 11/05/2014 I had problems with my printer and security program. I talked to Erika and she couldn’t gain control so she said I had a virus and then she scheduled an appt. for a home visit for 11/06/2014 between 12-4pm.No agent showed up and when I called Geek Squad on 11/06/2014 after waiting until 4pm, The agent Dakota said the appt. had been cancelled. I did not cancel this appt. The supervisor, Bethany said the earliest appt. I could get was 11/11/2014. No other help was offered. What a terrible way to run a service esp. since I needed to print something for an appt. on 11/07/2014

  116. Best Buy is money hungry!!!! They tell you one thing and then when its time for them to do what they advised they would its another story. Of course the turnover is so high that you can never get the same employee that advised you of the wrong information. I found 708 complaints related to this issue alone. They talked me into getting the protection plan through Best Buy instead of through Sprint saying that they would replace my phone on the same day if lost stolen or broken.Sprint can take up to a week to get you a new phone. My purse was taken with
    the cell phone and I went and tried to pay the 150.00 for a new phone. The rep says “sorry they gave you the wrong information it is only for a cracked screens” how do we know the phone is really stolen! Really?? How about the police report? Or the fact that Im using a temporary debit card? Why would I pay you 10.00 a month for over a year to cover a cracked screen when I can get that fixed at the local cell phone store for 25.00?? They say whatever they have to to get you to spend money with them and then figure out a way to keep your money. Then the rep at Corparate says no need to speak to a manager they will tell you the same thing. So No refund on the money I already paid so they just took my money and thats to bad for me. I tried to email then the list of the complaints and the rep says mail it to the store? I HATE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE WORST THAN COMCAST!!!

  117. Totally disappointed,and frustrated. A month and a half ago I did take a sound bar to Geek Skuad Best Buy in Murrieta, CA to be fix. The sound bar was sent to the factory Sony, since then I’m trying to get an answer about the date that it will be send back. After more than 6 phone calls, visits to the store of Best Buy, no one can tell me where my sound bar is, or when I’ll have it back. I spent over 40 minutes on hold on the phone, and no one has answered me. It is completely inexplicable, and unaseptable. How Best Buy can have such bad service. So far as today November 7th, I don’t have the sound bar that paid over $ 400.00 back, nor I have a real answer from customer service. The Service order number is 00115-995871258, the model number is: Sony HTCT260H, SKU 6694048, Serial : S018259328N, purchased on 12/22/2013.

  118. In response to the email I received about last evening’s GKsquad assistance, I’m trying to leave a wholly positive review of Rebecca’s help with a really bizarre problem with my new Samsung TV. I appreciated her logically walking me thru possibilities, AND she was able to do so in a friendly way, obviously not just mechanically following a flow chart like so many; she communicated clearly without computer jargon as well. I’m on this site because the review space with the emailed link keeps freezing up, not allowing me to explain that the odd problem with the TV is also happening with the 2nd, hence unresolved/in process, BUT I really appreciated Rebecca’s help.

  119. Dear Customer Service:
    On June 30, 2014, I bought LG 55LB7200 240HZ SMART 3D LED TV at Best Buy in Oxnard, CA. The associate who helped me has offered me to buy LG Premium Care Plan to protect my investment and to avoid unexpected repair bills. I agreed to purchase 2 year plan. When I reviewed my receipt, he charged me $169.99. One month later, I received a mail from LG Company, asking me to buy Premium Care plan and the cost for 3 year plan is only $161.07. I concluded that I got screwed, I wonder why? Can someone help?

  120. I am a frequent customer with $200k annual income. I am so disappointed that you are opening Thanksgiving. I will not be be shopping at best buy during the Xmas season. By the way I am I will be shopping for TV. Show some loyalty to your employees rather than selling out to stockholders. You may have lost a customer permanently.

  121. I called on their line and was told the wait would be a little more then 20 minutes it’s been 68 minutes and I am still waiting. This is not acceptable. Had I known this was how they did business I would not have purchased from them

  122. I purchased a tv in your best buy in strongsville on 12/1/14 and had the best salesman by the name of lawrence. this young man was so helpful and kind and made me realize that i would like to do more shopping at your store. you should hire more young men like this who was so courteous and kind to two older and handicapped persons. thank you lawrence.

  123. bought a computer which was sold to me as brand new,had problems with it and then I found out it was refurbished.Of course they claimed Best Buy never sells refurbished merchandise at the stores,was treated rudely.The serial number was checked a few times (understandable),finally they acknowledged it was their computer.bought a more expensive computer and was given a $50.00 discount after I showed them I had spent more than $300.00 installing software (2 days later the computer was on sale for a $100.00 less).Had to go to the store 3-4 times until the computer was ready.Was treated extremely bad by a so called Geek squad member called Bo and a manager Amanda.I called customer service a few times and after I started telling the operator what happened,the phone was conveniently hung up. The store is in San Diego (Mission Valley).
    I also purchased appliances at the same store(Pacific Sales) and the experience was completely different,the sales person (Chris) was professional and very helpful.

  124. Went to upgrade my cell phone on Sunday. Picked out Iphone 6 64gb with extended warranty for $10.99/mo. When they went on website to Sprint the line was down. Waited over an hour. Could not complete transaction until line was up so I left. Not their fault. Went back Monday night. Got phone, all set, went home. After I got home realized they gave me a 16gb in error. Called the store, was on hold for 33 minutes. Nobody EVER even picked up the phone. Drove 20 miles back to the store to exchange it. When they billed out the phone (just sales tax) they billed me sales tax for both transactions plus they billed me twice for the extended warranty. Called sprint who verified they were both sales tax bills. Then called Best Buy for them to issue credit, but they won’t. They said I have to call Sprint who actually billed it, even though it was Best Buy’s mistake. They will issue a credit for the extra warranty charged, however I have to go back to the store AGAIN for the fourth time in person to get that. Be careful with Best Buy. They always MISTAKINGLY bill you for extra things.

  125. Want to commend a very professional associate. His name is Austin who works in the cell phone sales area at the Best Buy/Wolf Ranch, Georgetown, Tx store. Austin is a very bright, intelligent young man. He was a pleasure to work with in regard to the purchase of our two LG phones. His customer service is outstanding! We hope that Austin can get some kind of corporate kudo’s as he is just awesome. We are spreading the word about this associate and this Best Buy location. Thanks for all of the advice and assistance Austin. The Cartier family, Florence, Tx.

  126. Where to begin? I purchased MacBook and Kitchen Aid mixer right after Thanksgiving. Mixer was shipped to my address since they didn’t have it in store.In the mean time I recevied offer from Khol’s ,of course for less. As a valued customer (I tend to believe that I am since I purchased washer,dryer,fridge,microwave,couple TV’s,DSL camera ,point andshoot camera,gaming consoles etc.,etc.) I hopped that they will match price. Well,I was wrong. Khols had 30% off and that part store agreed to match but Khol’s also had $60.00 Khol’s cash and $50.00 mail in rebate and that part they didn’t match. The manager answer was :”Ooooo,yeeeeah some things we don’t match”. Now Best Buy gift card would do it ,rebate comes from Kitchen Aid not from Best Buy but nobody cared. I returned mixer and I’m thinking to return MacBook. I have a bad taste after thousands of dollars spent in Best Buy. Now, ten minutes later I completed my purchase with Khols and they even honored my expired $10.00 Khols cash. Now ,that is customer service,simple gesture and happy customer.

  127. Normally can get a resolution but Best Buy is the winner in having so many levels you can get to a person 800 number who can resolve a price match guarantee as promised fro a large home theater purchase. Details are too lengthy to repeat here but safe to say my customer experience as a long time Best Buy customer has been the worst. I have had others state this but i had defended Best Buy but now I am realizing what they were telling me with this experience is true.

  128. I been with BestBuy as a customer since the beginning. And your company has lost Customer Service skills. Your no loner a nice friendly company. The last 8 years your instores are worst then walmart employees. You have to find people to help you so you can buy merchandise. And then when you find someone hell they don’t know nothing. Its all about the sale not helping the customers. Your Lees Summit Missouri store is Horrifying and then I went to the 1 in independence mo on 39th they were yelling at a very old man maybe late 80s. Blew him off. And I am very disappointed how my favorite store has gone to crap

  129. My wife and I were in your Tyler store 12-23-2014, and found the service very poor at the least. Went to the cashier for check out, and their was a line of 20 people, on big deal. That is until you notice only two check out were being used, one was training a new cashier,. The door greeter as singing or asking people about the red noise reindeer. When we said something to the cashier, he just looked off into the ceiling of the store. One of your comp. had that problem and is not around any. Lets here it for Amazon.

  130. Purchased a remote start for my sons SUV for Christmas we called for installation appt – no one answers phone, we went to store – Geek Squads response to our complaint was “yeah they are busy back there – he tried calling them – no answer – we were told to just keep trying to call. We asked if additional parts would be needed – we were told to ask the installers when we got in touch” We then asked for manager – he tried to be helpful soonest appt for install is January 17 – this item was purchased for winter use – so a 3 week wait is unacceptable – also additional cost for parts is almost $250 should have been advised at sale point on this – tweeted Best Buy and messaged on FB told yes we are busy and backed up sorry – I wanted a solution not an apology.

  131. I was purchasing an RCA 55″ LED TV the other day and applied for a card.
    I was denied, most likely due my income.
    I am disabled and currently unemployed flowing four shoulder surgeries.
    My credit rating, however, is 824.
    Best Buy obviously did not become such a large corporation by following such non-nonsensical business practices so why do they have this one?
    SI am not one to be dishonest but if I really want a Best Buy card, I will have to lie on my application. LK

  132. Horrible experience at Geek Squad in Palmdale Ca! Took my sons computer in because it was having issues connecting to the internet. After spending 40 minutes waiting for the rep to complete the paperwork to check it in she proceeds to tell me that the computer was no longer covered under the geek squad warranty that I paid for. We bought the computer in November 2013 to give to him at Christmas. Why would the Geek Squad protection start that day and no the day it was actually opened and registered???? Why didn’t she tell me upfront that the service warranty had expired up front? So I not only waisted an hour processing it but then was told I would have to pay. I took the computer and left! I have spent thousands of dollars at Best Buy but never again!!! Customer service is horrible!!!!!

  133. What customer service? We used the order online store pick up service. The extremely rude and unproffesional girl at the desk was literally dragging her feet to get the product we ordered. I asked for hdmi cables. I got “well…your going to have to go get them over there” Alrighty then…so I did. When I came back she went to the other side of the counter helped three other customers..looking directly at me in-between each. A customer that another sales associate was helping pointed out that this girl was flatly ignoring me. The sales guy turns to me apologizes and says he’ll be right over. I waited patiently for almost 30 minutes!!!!! Another sales girl walks through…asks me if I have a question…”no I just want to pick up my items right there behind you” she replies “ok they will be right with you. AND WALKS OFF TO THE OTHER TILLS WHERE THERE WAS NO ONE WAITING!!!! When the rude girl finally manages to drag herself to help me..I said”you know ..that was really rude ignoring me so flatly like that”..her response “umm…well sorry you feel that way” Wow!!!! it gets worse…she then refuses to ring in my purchase!!! finally I get a so called manager over …I told him the exact facts of the situation. All I asked for was an apology from the rude girl…the so called sales manager laughed and said ” well thats not going to happen.” I said thats fine Im calling your customer service line ..again he laughs and says “well that wont do you any good, they will just send it to me anyway”
    I worked in retail for 20 years…was a manager and team leader/trainer for a bunch of those years….no one would be working for me with attitudes and behaviours like this. Cancelling our tv order and will buy at any company not affiliated with best buy from now on. JUST DISGUSTING

  134. I am sorry Best Buy I cannot locate your BBE-123-WTF order number so I have to give you a failing grade in customer service. Perhaps when presented with a PayPal AND Ebay receipt you can determine that I paid you in good faith, did not receive the product, and you FAILED to resolve my request for a refund. And if you have a COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT (you should) please oh please give me there number I want to chat.

  135. I brought my laptop to geek squad to fix my burner and they made it worse I paid 200 dollars for a headache and lack of knowledge two trips to the store nobody at the store seems to know what they are doing , I did manage to get a 100 dollar gift card refund ,what I would like and is less than fair is a complete refund I never had any idea that this is the type of business that best buy do I would like to hear from your home office if possible I have already heard from the store my work order # 151072525

  136. I was in your Johnstown PA store yesterday for a billing priblem that was taken care of quite nicely by one of your service managers. In the meantime, I have been having a problem with the phone I purchased there. The manager had a person from geek squad to help me. What a disapointment! He basically did nothing but tell me my phone is broken! When I got home, I figured out how to fix it MYSELF! I have to say that before this, your customer service was excellent, but with this guy, I was VERY disappointed!

  137. on 1/6/15 I purchased a HP computer for 649.99 and when I was done I had spent $1,080.00. I am 79 years old and don’t know all of the components of the computer. The sales person did not inform me that there was no place to insert a disk. I had assumed all computers had one. So I had to buy a separate one. I also told him I had an up-dated version of Quicken and he told me it would not work. When I got home I checked it and it said it was compatible with windows 8.1. I immediately called and they told me they had already installed the one I had purchased for $104.99. Then the checkout person told me I could go on line and register my purchases to get points and when I went to do that I was informed I could not do that because I was not registered with you. I could have bought the computer at Wall Mart and hired a Geek to transfer all my files and help me set up the computer. But no, I went to Best Buy because I thought I would get the Best there. I am extremely disappointed and would not recommend Best Buy to anyone. The salesman who helped us was not knowledgeable and had to keep asking the sales associate next to him constantly. Thanks for letting me vend, but after spending all this money I am still not done having to call Net Gear and paying over $130.00 to them for my WiFI. Ingrid Howell

  138. Best Buy customer service is the absolute worst. They really do not care at all about your issues nor do they have any way to resolve any issues that you may have. This includes fraudulent charges on their credit card to ordering phones through them. They just want your money and you to go away. They lie about their protection plans and do not give you any support what so ever. I am done dealing with this company and their poor excuses.

  139. Best Buy customer service is the absolute worst. They really do not care at all about your issues nor do they have any way to resolve any issues that you may have. This includes fraudulent charges on their credit card to ordering phones through them. They just want your money and you to go away. They lie about their protection plans and do not give you any support what so ever. I am done dealing with this company and their poor excuses.

  140. we received a gift during Christmas, never has been opened, we have no use for it and tried to give it to our kids but they have no use for it also, when we tried to return for a credit we were told the returns for Christmas was over and plus with no receipt nothing could be done, we are customers that buy at the college station texas store but once our account is paid off we will shut it down don’t want to do business with that type of customer service

  141. Complimenting East 86th and Lexington Avenue store employee EBONY W. Bought new Panasonic cordless phone set for my home office and corded phone for the home bedroom. She walked me through the alternatives and answered my specific questions. Thank you. First rate. LD

  142. I purchased a Nikon coolpix600 Camera .I paid $400 for and I love it .When I purchased it I asked about the Price Match program and he told me that I had 15 days to check it out .
    I went on line and found the same camera at for $300. I figured that there was no way I could get $100 back.
    I went to the costumer service with a photo copy of the add and I talked to Mechele at the Destiny store in Syracuse New York.She was great and in 10 minutes I had my refund. That was the first time I did anything like that . I am very happy with the way Mechele treated me, and I plan to do most of my electronics business at Best But. Mark

  143. I like what you sell and your prices. I was in your Bossier City, La store yesterday and with one or two exceptions the store help were surly, strained facial features with poor attititudes. I dealt with about three managers and they were as bad if not worse in treating me. To make it worse I went to the men’s bathroom in the rear of the store and there was NO TOILET PAPER. In it!s place for use as toilet paper were the commode paper for the seat. It is much like wax paper and difficult to use. If it were not critical I would leave it without use. Apparently, they are aware of the issue. When I asked for the store manager I was informed she was in training in Minnesota and would not be back until the end of next week. If she is a new manager she needs to fire 100 per cent of the help except for a few in Geek squad which is the store’s only saving grace. I will not shop there anymore unless this deplorable situation is rectified. I may travel as far as Twenry-four miles to your Shreveport, LA STORE AS IT HAS TO BE BETTER. Col. McGann

  144. To whom it concerns,

    My wife Melissa Villagomez purchased a LG Dryer, wo#26693217 for a premium cost of about $700+ (and a washer) off of the best buy web site. On 26 Feb a “technician” came to install both dryer and washer at our recently purchased home. After a few minutes the technician informed my wife that the brand new dryer was either defective but most likely the Dryer vent was clogged up causing the unit not to heat up as advertised. He then just left, leaving my wife with no other option but to start looking for help on her recently purchased dryer. She had family member drive all the way from Florida to come “clean” the clogged vent. The vent seemed clear when they spent countless hours trying to clean it out. She then spent countless hours looking up information on her dryer and called LG customer service just to find out that the dryer was set on Energy saver and that the dryer would not heat up unless it had clothes in the dryer as it only uses enough energy to dry up the clothes inside. My wife and her family member then installed the dryer up and ran it in the normal settings.

    One of the reason why my wife went with BestBuy as suppose to other competitors was for the ease of the delivery and installation. I feel that the bestbuy representative did not provide the service and was not knowledgeable on the system. I feel that it was a lot easier for him to blame the clogged vent for not getting it to work and to not complete the task. My wife could have easily spent several hundreds of dollars by calling for professional help in cleaning the system out (for nothing).


    Ken & Melissa Villagomez

  145. Logan Smith at the Jackson TN. store went out of his way to help us find what we needed and was very knowledgeable on a variety of merchandise. He made the shopping experience worth the trip to Jackson an hour drive. We will be returning to the store to shop.

  146. I purchased a protection plan for my microwave oven which stopped working. after the geek squad sent a technician out he determined that only some parts were available and probably could not be repaired. After several phone calls it was stated that the cost to repair $600.00 and they would get approval for an exchange. I went in and picked a new one and stated that I had just donated the old one to a local charity. I also had to pay a difference for the cost of new one. The delivery was refused since they did want the old one which is not here.

  147. just learned how the customer is never right and not to buy anything from best buy in a package like an ink cartridge because if its bad when opened its the hp products fault and best buy is not responsible and I know it was past refund time but hey I geuss I was wrong for wanting to have black ink on hand for my printer instead of running out and then having to quit what I was printing to buy some. left standing there with over $40 in invested in 2 black hp cartridges and wanting them to replace the one that hadn’t worked was told to send it to hp cause they can’t replace stuff like that ask for manager told the same thing after employees chased him down twice. taught me to go to Walmart or somewhere that knows things don’t always work best buy told me how did they know it wasn’t empty when I had 2 packages and receipts right there. said to send it to hp right already out $23 so really want to spend more for shipping it haha

  148. To whom it may concern:
    I am calling to voice some complaints. I have purchased many items from best buy over the years and never have first hand had to utilize a warrenty product until this last year (fortunitaly). That was used on an iPad to which I had a protection plan. I phoned in to the protection plan phone number that was found on your website. Explained my problems, ie, cracked screen ect.. they mailed me a box to which I shipped my product back. I received notifications as to what was going on to find out it was not fixable. I was not given my iPad back with the option to fix it at a seperate vender, It just disappeared and I am sure it became a recent addition to your best buy market. I was told I would receive a gift card in the mail and several weeks later I had not so I phoned in for verification as to what happened. I was given a gift certificate number (no pin) which at that point I did not know I needed…and placed it on my refridgerator. I have been waiting for a sale to come up on iPad’s because the $300 voucher I was “given” did not even come close to touching the price of the iPad’s in your store and the gift cards cannot be used to purchased a refurbished one. I called in today as there was a four hour flash sale on the iPad airs only to find out that I did not have the pin number so the flash sale that was being offered, I can not now even use! I am so frustrated. I will NEVER purchase another protection plan nor will I recommend anyone purchasing a protection plan from you again. I seriously think you need to revamp whatever policies you have going on there because hard working people like me who have been loyal customers cannot even afford to continue shopping with you..
    A frustrated customer


  149. Devin at the Chula Vista store on Broadway really went out of the way to help me make a decision and purchase. Really appreciate his professionalism and knowledge. He is an exception to the usual crappy service. Thanks Devin! You made mt shopping experience pleasant.

  150. My son purchased a LG 55in for my birthday. I kept the television in the box until I was able to purchase a stand. My television has not been used 30 days. My son purchased a 3 year protection plan. The television is still under the manufacture’s warranty. My son was told that the extended plan would protect what ever the manufacture plan did not cover. I contacted tech and requested a replacement because they need to replace major parts and the television has not been used a month. The tech referred me to the customer service and customer service and customer service informed me that it was up to the technician to request a replacement.

    Upon being advised to contact the tech again, I requested a senior customer service representation. I spoke with her and she told me there was nothing that she could do. I asked to escalated to her manager, and was informed that he was not in. I ask for a contact number her manager and she told me that he did not have one.

    I then asked to be transferred to the CEO office and was told that he did not have a phone number and she refused to provide an email address I was told that ALL communication is done through emails.

    As a person that worked in Senior Escalations at Circuit City, I know that Best Buy should have and order of command. One of your previous CEO came over to Circuit City before the chain closed down. Now that’s another story but I digress, but he had a team just as the CEO before him that handled escalation when the CEO office was requested.

    I have a new television that is requiring major repair the replacement of the Main Board and Power Board. I was sold a defective item and now Best Buy is not standing behind the purchase.

    There is no one to help me, so I’m coming to you for help. I have been a loyal customer of Best Buy since Circuit City went out of business. My family and extended family shops at Best Buy. I would like to have my television replaced and hopefully see a better chain of command at Best Buy

  151. I was window shopping for a laptop or a pad. Not being clear the differences on the electronic devises, sales rep Deep walked me through different functions and what best suited my needs. The bottom line is I purchased an I pad mini only because the time given me.
    The purchase was a good choice after having the device for a few days. Thanks to Deep.


  153. I would like to commend agent Lund. He has 2 times fixed my computer in little as 1 day, He is always very knowledgeable at what he does. and he is always very polite. All the agents I have been to are the same way-polite- and they see me quite often– I am an older lady that doesn;t know much about computers- and they are very patient with me. I have also gone to the hwy 65 store, and they are the same disposition Be proud of all your agents= especially agent Lund!!! Nila Carpenter

  154. I just bought an unbranded tablet about a month ago and I love it. I just got a call from a scam artist saying that my computer sent him messages about errors and he wanted me to go to my error log. I tried to get his company name and he did not tell me it. I asked him if he knew my name and he just kept saying my husband’s name. So I asked for his phone number. Then I went to Best Buy and spoke to Jason in the Windows department. He was very helpful… Thank you!!!

  155. Done with Best Buy!
    Gave me the run around when turbo tax software would not run on my computer.
    Between them and Intuit, they got me to send in the CD and somehow I end up with $12.00!
    Not the $90.00 spent for it.
    They all sympathize, but no one will step up and fix it.
    I’ll shop somewhere else… should do the same

  156. To Whom it may concern,
    On Saturday the May 23,2015 I was in the Best buy Store 488 locate 2290 Gunbarrel Rd Ste 168 Chattanooga TN, 37421. I was greed. I in there buy a laptop and software because my lap top crash on that sat. A sale people help fine want I need and went to check out. He rang it up it was $638.00 gave him my credit card that was my mother card both my parents told me go pick up a new laptop and software to place the one that had crash on me. Now my parents knew I that the credit card they gave to me. The sale person was a complete ass he say he could take the card because I was not on the account. My last name is the same as my mother last. No different. I will not be back in that store any more I will take my business down the road. I will let my friend beware of what happen to me. I under stand the check id I was in retail for 25 year 17 of that was management I never treaded my customer the way I was done. Very unprofessional

  157. Very upset today. I purchased a laptop on April 2 in your Augusta, Maine store. Being a single mom, living an hour away, I was not able to get back to the store until today.. May 26. The laptop has never worked right, the curser would we shakey, then 3 weeks into having the laptop, the curser froze altogether.. My daughter was able to get it back to factory setting for me.. I purchased a different laptop. Trying to return this one to your store, explaining I don’t get to Augusta often.. I was willing to take a credit on my card, or even a gift card. $226. my not be much to your big company, but to a single mom of 4, that is a lot. I have help a Best Buy credit cards for years, enjoying your sales, getting things for me and my children.. After today, having a laptop for under 2 months, the last month not being able to use it at all… You have lost a customer… I will be paying off my card and not using it again.. I can’t afford this… Thank you for your time if this even gets read…. Gina Bailey

  158. first let me say atleast the geek squad don’t like. I bought asus laptop that doesn’t work hasn’t been sent off 2 days later took it back. as I stand there theres aperson on each side of me with same brand and they too had been send off. give us our money back best buy you didn’t make it but you damn sure should back it it was good enogh to put I nyour store .geek squad said worst brand store has .I want my money back not smart mouth remarks ..if it keeps up your business is gonna sink purely from not backing your products you seel/…

  159. In April,due to a lightening strike we had to buy a new comp.and tv.we bought them at best buy. the LG tv is great,the HP computer is JUNK!It has never worked correctly.I paid over $100 to attempt to get it running(yesterday)then I discovered the CD drawer is Not operational!What a cheesy product! I would like to take this back to Carbondale,il store and drop it on the floor!Im unable to get on websites,etc.what can I do to straighten this mess out!Sincerely,J.L.Birch

  160. Bought a Pioneer reciever 4 months ago for my office, didnt get it hooked up until about a month ago. I used it less than 10 times and it quit working so i took it and my reciept back to the store on McCain in No. Little Rock AR. Customer service tells me that they can not exchange it for a working one, that it has to be sent off and will take 3 -4 weeks, and thats theres nothing they can do, its Pioneers policy, well i didnt buy it from Pioneer I bouhgt it at Best Buy! As a business owner i understand policies but i dont understand not going out of your way to make your customer happy. After speaking with 2 managers all they could say is sorry. Again this is a 200.00 reciever and not a single offer to help, just sorry. Well , this “sorry” customer will take the 10k / yr he spends in that store somewhere else! What they didnt realize is that it wasnt about the $, i just wanted to ck their customer service. If the mgr would have said “sir im sorry but this our policy, but i all i can do is offer you a $5 instore credit, i would have accepted and went over and purchased a new one from that store. It would have atleast showed they gave a crap! Needless to say I shared by displeasure and left the pc of junk with them in pcs on the floor. What a world we live in!!!!!!!

  161. spent 20 min in Johnson City Tn store today trying to find item. At NO time did any clerk-associate-or whatever offer any help! The were all in small groups chatting and completely ignored me! I finally got tired and left-never to return!

  162. I am so upset right now! I purchased a tv and range on the 1st of July in the Springfield,IL store and was told they would deliver this Monday the 6th. They came stove was damaged no tv and left. I have been calling all week to find out different person each time! Now they tell me tv is on backorder and range will come Monday which is different what I was told yesterday! If this does not get resolved quick I wan’t a total refund on my credit card and I will never buy from you again! I have never had this happen with Best Buy!

  163. I have had a wonderful experiance at your Clarence NY store in the phones with a young man named Danny Kennedy. I came in with a phone issue, for the third time. Danny had helped me another time last winter so when I was told by another employee that I needed to contact Verizon to resolve my problem, I decided to wait for Danny. I waited two hours as he was assiting two other customers before me. WELL WORTH THE WAIT! he is able to do what others cannot. This guy is patient, incredibly knowledgable, and really knows his stuff. He is to be commended for his excellent customer service. i would hire and do anythiung to keep him!!!!
    Lauren Michalak

  164. Hi, I wanted to let you know that I had great customer service at the Tanasbourne in Hillsboro Oregon. Rebecca in the cell phone department was excellent and quick and efficient upgrading my cell phone. I tried to find a spot on the receipt to locate a place to do a survey, but I couldn’t . I just wanted to let you know that sometimes you can wait and it can take forever, but I was very happy with the service she provided. Thanks Rebecca!

  165. I visted the best buy #300 53 Boston post road orange ct and got the best service I could ever ask for. I was in the laptop department waiting on help the lady at the desk helped everyone else and never came over. I went over to Michel who wasn’t working in that department and he came over and helped me. Their was also and female I think her name was kysten that was also extramly helpful. She is a college student like myself and did a great job helping me pick the best laptop for school. I hope she enjoys the sun in FL she’s a wonderful person.They were both great people and helped me a lot I know I stressed them out but they answered all my questions with a smile. I am truly happy I stop by this bestbuy store.

  166. I want to rave about Natalie in customer service (Friday 7/8/15) She handled my issue in record time and was so delightful on the phone. Our brand new TV wasn’t working and I was very cranky! She arranged to send us a new one ASAP and called me back a few minutes after our conversation to let me know that my credit card would be credited due to a price drop. After this experience, I will definitely continue to shop at Bestbuy rather than online only retailers.

    Thanks, Natalie!!

  167. if its your policy to take people with appts ahead of people waiting in line then you should post it or have an extra person to take them was waiting in line and was next when one of your employees asked if anyone had an appointment and then they took that person should be a sign so other customers would know

  168. I just bought a Norelco razor the other day (Sunday, August 30) at my local Best Buy in Williston, Vermont. They would not / could not provide the $5.00 off this purchase with the Norelco coupon code noted on your BB on-line site of “5NORELCO.” Can you please process this $5.00 credit against my credit account and/or send me a $5.00 off BB voucher.

    I would appreciate it! Thank you very much.

    Richard Wolbach

  169. I just bought a Norelco razor the other day (Sunday, August 30) at my local Best Buy in Williston, Vermont. They would not / could not provide the $5.00 off this purchase with the Norelco coupon code noted on your BB on-line site of “5NORELCO.” Can you please process this $5.00 credit against my credit account and/or send me a $5.00 off BB voucher.

    I would appreciate it! Thank you very much.

    Richard Wolbach

    • was this the fort myers store on Cleveland ave. in fl. I bought an asus notebook which got so hot I thought it was going to burst into flames. Took it back to the store explained to them the situation, they wanted to charge me $50.00 for a diagnostic, and kept shoving a paper in my face for geek squad service $200.00. I left the store and called asus explained the problem and they agreed with me that this was a hardware problem, he even stayed on the phone with me so he could talk to store personnel, they refused, but said they would look at it then. I than refused, this computer was 2 months old and should have been replaced. I refused, I’m sure they would have told me it was software. I called the store the next day and asked for the d. m. phone #, they refused to give it to me, but than offered to replace or upgrade, needless to say they did not have 1 in stock and they will not give a refund, so I upgraded, cost me another 100.00. I’m sure they were aware they had none in stock. I am 60 years old and have never had an experience like this in my life. I have never dealt with a more obnoxious person than jose. When I went back in the store they wanted to know who I dealt with initially, I did not know his name at the time but when I explained how I was treated they seemed to know who he was. How do you know what is wrong with it without looking at it? All he wanted was money. I’m sure for every post here, there are probably another 100 people who are dissatisfied. There is more to this story but I’m sure you get the point. I believe a CLASS ACTION lawsuit should be filed against this co. If anyone is interested please respond to this post. No one should be disrespected or lied to, all of this could have been avoided had I been treated with respect, not made to feel like a liar or a moron. Once again I urge you to respond to this post, tell all companies they need to stand to stand behind the products they sell and treat their customers, the people who keep them in business fairly and with respect, make your voice heard and count. I am also still trying to contact the d. m. Thank You

  170. I came in to the Tustin location looking for any Labor Day deals knowing that you price match, as well. I found four appliances I was interested in and with the deal of getting a $400 gift card, this was a deal I thought would be worth it. However, the sales associate Jose S. had very poor customer service with us which made us think otherwise. We crunched numbers to make sure we could afford the purchases, discussed the Best Buy credit card, and the deals I was qualifying for which included the $400 gift card. Jose ran my credit to qualify me for the credit card (which I was approved for) and we were close to closing the deal when he dryly remarked, “Oh well you see there… (Showing me a calculator) you don’t qualify for the gift card after all. You’re just about $150 short so we will not be able to give that to you.” I was completely flabbergasted and annoyed that he wouldn’t try to work out a deal. He did nothing to earn our business back after we said, “We were under the impression that we qualified for the deal and that’s why we wanted to go through this.” He blankly stared at us, walked to the sign to read us what was printed (as if we didn’t know already) and we left. We ended up going to Home Depot to purchase the same four appliances due to his inability to provide us with the professionalism and customer service I know your company prides itself on.

  171. I went to the Best Buy on Rte 17 S in Paramus, N.J. this morning to purchase the Jam speaker that is on sale for $19.99. After I was told I could pair the original Jam with my Jam 2 speaker I purchased it. I got in the car and double checked the bottom of the speaker to make sure it has the left/right switch on the bottom but it didn’t. I wenr back into the store to exchange it for the Jam 2 speaker and was told that I would have to pay and extra $12 and change. The customer service employee told me that the Jam 2 costs more. I refused to purchase the speaker. I looked on Best Buy website and the Jam 2 original price is $39.99; the same price as the original Jam. If they are the same price why wasn’t the Jam 2 on sale or $19.99? I really don’t think I will ever shop at Best Buy again.

  172. I received poor service from the manager as I had spent 4@1/2 hours with the geek squad 4 trips to the store. The manager stated she would not supply a interface cable between the printer and laptop and I could return all items purchased that day. She also stated I could do what I had too and would not even split the cost of the cable.

  173. Best buy is great at taking your money, however when a credit is due plan on a HUGE run around.
    I will never shop a Best Buy and I plan on sharing this bad experience with everyone.

    Fred Redman

  174. Very dissatisfied!!!! I spoke with 5 customer service reps , sent 5 emails, and spoke with two supervisors and STILL waiting for my 50 dollar credit taken off of my balance on my best buy credit card. It has been over a month and was promised that it would be taken care of!

  175. Not sure but I bet most people consider a remote control to be an essential item in a TV purchase. Apparently Best Buy considers it to be an option. Spent $2000.00 but upon inspection before leaving the store I was told I should have noticed this. The Best Buy in Cincinnati on Waterstone Blvd. is nothing short of rude. I make approx.$245,000 and there are plenty of options out there. Not that anyone cares concerning the reviews I’ve seen. Everything is going back. Good luck with this business model.

  176. Please remove me from your spam mailing list. I have been receiving hundreds of emails from your address and can’t get unsubscribed.

    thank you

  177. I have never been treated as poorly as tonight from the management and geek squad at your Oxford Alabama Store. I will never return to that location and possibly another Best Buy!

  178. The signage at the Union Square Best Buy in Manhattan NYC is very deceptive. From a distance it appears the store is OPEN 24 HOURS, as there is huge lettering next to the main entrance. But next to that very large lettering is small lettering stating when the store is actually closed! To complicate things even more, on the two doors of the front entrance it reads “ALWAYS OPEN”. But, in that set of lettering they are referring to their website! Imagine putting gigantic lettering up that says open 24 hours and further lettering that states ‘always open’ when in fact the store does close for several hours. There has got to be a better way to advertise the hours of this store. Why not put the hours that it’s CLOSED in capital letters so as not to confuse people? And saying that a website is always open is downright idiotic. Even websites go through periods of maintenance so they are in fact NOT always open. Always means definite. For example the universe is always expanding. Or humans will always have a finite life span. But the word always has no business being on the front entrance of Best Buy. And certainly not next to giant lettering stating OPEN 24 HOURS.

  179. Ordered Fallout 4 Computer game a couple months ago with a guaranteed delivery date of Nov 10, the release date. On Friday the 6th it said it was ready to ship, it didn’t ship until Monday 9th, then instead of heading for Las Vegas from Fresno it heads the opposite direction to Sacramento, and we receive a notice the delivery date had changed to the 11th.
    I have purchased a number of big ticket items at Best buy and have had lousy deliveries each time, it seems they cant get a delivery date correct to save their lives.

  180. I ordered product from Best Buy in mechanicsburg. Product was in stock and should have been available on 11/16. I’ve been at the store for almost 45 minutes waiting for the item. This service is supposed to save time. Ridiculous!

  181. Hello my name is Dennis Rupp and I am writing to file a formal complaint..I recently purchased a gas oven order#-1115312593932..with Installation and haul away..They proceeded to deliver it on time and just drop it off in my kitchen and leave.After many many phone calls and conversations,i have had to do a self install and am still waiting for them to pick this item up..I am a very good customer and your customers do not deserve to be treated like this…Please have someone from corporate contact me ASAP about this matter(717-283-6280)..Thank you in advance….Dennis Rupp.

  182. On 11/23/2015 I contacted Customer Service. After a long wait, I talked with a rep concerning a purchase I had made on 10/19/2015. I had paid by check and had been contacted by Telecheck in early Nov. wanting me to provide them with my Bank Acct info. I declined to do so and was told that there had been an error in processing my check by Best Buy. On 11/07/15 i received another call from Telecheck. During one of the two calls I received I was threatened that they would fix it to where i could never write a check anywhere. I don’t know what happened when my check was processed. I went to Best Buy on 11/07/2015 and again provided them a copy of my check and receipt and requested help dealing with the problem. They took the information and said that they would contact me on Monday the 9th. Of course I never heard anything from them. On 11/10 I called BB and talked with Jessica and then the Asst Mgr Craig. Craig told me that aparantly my acct did not have the money in it when the check was run. That was not the case. Craig told me that I had to deal with Telecheck and he had nothing else to do with it. I got a letter from Telecheck and I sent them a new check and made it out to Best Buy as I had made the orig check out to. On 11/23 I contacted Telecheck and they said that they had not received my check. This has been a nightmare. When I contacted BB Cust Service, I was given a Case # 169546252. I was put on hold and hung up on. I called back and when I finally got through to Cust Ser I was put on hold and transferred somewhere else. My simple purchase has turned into a nightmare. You have treated me about as shabbily as I have ever been treated. If I ever get this straightened out, I will never ever set foot inside your store. I hope Best Buy goes broke. If it happens, you have no one to blame but yourselves. I feel sad for the decent employees at the stores, because there is nothing they can do.

  183. I purchased a 60 in Samsung 4k TV on Black Friday at the Davenport Iowa store. We paid for it and waited until our daughter brought the pickup to us to take it home. The one we had purchased was in a new box and was on the floor. About an hour later we returned to the store to pick it up and was told that the one we had paid for had been sold to someone else and that the only one we could get was one in a badly shaped box. We were told the Geek Squad would check it over. There was little or no apologies for the inconvenience plus the fact we had paid for the TV an hour earlier. We asked for a gift card or a discount for the mix up and was told No. I was told the manager was too busy. This whole process lasted over an hour and one half. The Geek squad checked it over and we took the TV home. I do not feel this is good business practice on the part of the Davenport Best Buy. We have bought numerous computers , TVs and other devices at Best Buy and until now have been pleased . This situation has left a bad taste in our mouths as far as Best Buy is concerned.

  184. I was in there December 3 2015 to upgrade my phone in the Martinsburg store I was treated very badly the man wasn’t trying to help or give me options he was more worries about his own phone and was texting as I was standing there in front of him . I work In Retail and I have never treated a customer the way I was today . They were talking about how big there pay checks were and trying to help me . I left the store and will never shop there again I have had outstanding customer service in your Hagerstown store but your Martinsburg locate as never been good in service . I don’t like to complain about service because I am a manager but the guy that helped me today was completely wrong

  185. The Good and the Horrible/Worst:
    Geek Squad Remote service is good. Service has fallen tho – wait times are 45min to a hour/half. My husband and I have had a contract service agreement with them for years and it has worked quite well – one exception was an agent confirmed my computer was good for Windows 10 which ultimately destroyed my working sys – had to have it completely restored to Windows 7.
    The Horrible/Worst:Calling In-store customer service: Does not exist. Have unsuccessfully attempted to speak with the Geek Squad Manager for over a half hour. Waited for a call back; listened; then put on hold and forced to listen to taped messages about upgrading to Windows 10 a few times – couple minutes each – no way to avoid it – listened to horrible scratchy christmas music for another five minutes; spoke to someone who does not speak fluent English; asked for a manager – on hold again until I had to hang up. Called again and asked to NOT be put on hold – same experience. Never spoke to anyone except the poor-English speaking person who was difficult to understand. Reason for call: Geek Squad agent damaged my laptop keyboard during a repair – they ordered me a new one – supposedly in October 2015. It is December 2015 and no word from Geek Squad. Terribly frustrating and disappointing service, to say the least.

  186. My name is Saxon Brause. I recently purchased a TV from a Best buy store in Murrieta, Ca. I was amazed at how great of a deal I got on it. I look to Best Buy first for any electronic needs I have especially now being that I am in the military and Best Buy to my knowledge is very supportive of the armed services. Over the last two weeks I have received some of the most inconsistent and bad service since I have been shopping at Best Buy. It started off when I brought my TV home and right out of the box the screen was completely broken. It was no big deal except for the fact that I’m stationed hours away from the Best Buy that I bought the TV from. So, with you guys being a corporation and all, I knew that other stores would take responsibly for another’s error. The people I talked to from the Victorville Best Buy were short with me, and told me that they couldn’t take responsibility for the other stores mistake and that I would have to deal with the Murrieta store. I told them that being that Best Buy is not a franchise, that doesn’t make sense and I got excuses but no real help. I called the Best Buy in Murrieta and they said that Victorville Best Buy was just being lazy and that they could deal with my damaged TV just fine. After numerous negotiations and hours on hold, I gave up on using the phone. I decided that I needed to do this in person to get results. I took my single day off to drive an hour and a half to a Best Buy in Apple Valley to test my luck. I went in and within 15 minutes I walked out with a new TV and a smile on my face. There was Great service there as I am used to with Best Buy. The only issue is that from the moment I plugged it in, this TV is also having issues with the screen. I am hoping to get a working TV in my house soon and I will be going back soon to get my TV exchanged again. I just wanted to bring that to your attention and I hope that this doesn’t become an issue for anyone else. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

  187. Hi,
    I rarely do customer surveys since I’m in customer service myself and I need to be very impressed to do one. A few months ago I visited one of your locations at the corner of Richmond Street and Fanshawe Park Rd, London, Ont. The service I received at the customer service desk was the best service I’ve ever received from anyone I’ve had to deal with. Not only did Kelsy and Kevin go out of their way to help my daughter and I but they were so understanding and kind. We left your store very impressed and I have told many people about the service I received that day in your store. You never know what people are going through when they walk into your store so thank you Kelsy and Kevin.

  188. Ms. Lovely,

    When speaking to Best Buy supervisor Kim #894016, and expressing not only my concerns but but also how unsatisfied I was in Best Buy’s customer service. I hoped that speaking to a supervisor would have solved the issue but it only made things worse. Ultimately I was told I should address my concerns with you.

    I ordered a television on 12/2/15 (BBY01-772342005821). On 12/6/15 my card was erroneously charged $255 by Best Buy (claim #170 858 643). This $255 charge was credited back to my account. However, because of this erroneous charge, my debit had been compromised by Best Buy and my bank turned off my card for my protection.

    On 12/16/15 I returned the previously bought tv (171 357 180). I was told in-store at the Pinole location that because the transaction was made on my card, the monies would be refunded to my card and I couldn’t receive cash (however the card is turned off). This is where my concern comes in…because that card is closed, and my refund hasn’t been posted to my account.

    Upon speaking to a Best Buy rep, she initially stated that I’d receive a check within weeks. When I told her that was unacceptable she spoke with supervisor Kim and returned to say I’d receive an email in 48 hours notifying me of of the decision. That also was unacceptable so I asked to speak to supervisor Kim. Supervisor Kim eventually stated that I needed to call the bank and inform them that I had a refund coming.

    So at this point, (1) I’ve had my card compromised by Best Buy, (2) which led to the inconvenience of me having my card shut off and having to wait a week for a replacement, (3) returning the item in-store and not receiving a cash refund due to circumstances and immediately receiving my refund, (4) and then inconvenienced again for almost 1 hour and 45 minutes explaining the situation to a Best Buy rep and supervisor.

    After all of that, with my refund still not credited and my money still displaced, I asked supervisor Kim what customer satisfaction gesture could be made on behalf of Best Buy for all of this inconvenience…she stood firmly and insulted me by saying I should be thankful for her offer to receive a $10 giftcard. Her offer was .03% of the total purchase of my initial order ($285) and doesn’t compare to the aggravation of this situation.

    I am truly disappointed in the customer service at Best Buy and the way in which I have been treated. I am positive that this is not the company’s creed on customer service. Keeping in mind that this whole situation was created by Best Buy erroneously charging my card…

    Hesitant to shop at Best Buy again,

    Cleveland McKinney

  189. The worse service ever in history of retail ! I purchased and window unit online for $1,200. It was sent damage from the warehouse since day one I’ve been fighting bestbuy to refund my money… Five months later beatbuy is still holding my funds and the damaged item is sitting on the floor in the box in one of my rental properties… I will take legal action once my money it returned to my card… The worse service I would never purchase anything from you guys ever not even if I was given a gift card to shop…

  190. I am very disappointed with the service experience I had with Best Buy the past couple days. I purchased I thought a iPhone 6 online for a promotional price of a $1. When I finally looked email receipt I seen it was a iPhone 6s plus. I am not sure how that happened since I have never seen the iPhone 6s plus for that price. I go to the store where I am to pick up the phone and explain to them I just want the iPhone 6 not the 6a plus. They say to wait a few minutes and it would see what they can do…. That turned into an hour and then they told me they couldn’t do anything that I would have to deal with the people online. As I leave the store I call the BB customer service and describe my situation again they tell me my only options are to take the phone I don’t want or to cancel the transaction. I asked the person to look at the past promotions to see if they ever had the 6s plus for the $1 and then the transferred me to someone else and that’s when I got disconnected. So I called back again and explain my situation again. So again they tell me there is nothing they can do. And they won’t look up past promotions on the phone I was looking for. All I wanted was the item I thought I was purchasing. Also how many times to people say I want to down grade from a $200 phone to a $100 phone for the promotion price of a $1. All of this had taking me 3 hrs between waiting in the store and talking on the phone to get nowhere. End of story I cancel the order and ordered a phone from somewhere else and I will never buy from you company again.

  191. Non-responsive, arrogant pricks. Keep getting email junk, tried to unsubscribe for weeks and keep getting ignored. I will never shop at best buy

  192. Ordered a $400 laptop yesterday. There was an offer for $20 off Microsoft Office 365 Personal with the purchase of the computer. I thought I had selected that, but did not see it reflected on the summary when reviewing the order today. Nope, nope, and nope. Never mind that I spent some major dollars, there is apparently no way they can give me the $20 off now. I will refuse delivery of the computer, as they advised they could not cancel, will dispute the charge on my credit card, and for $20 they will lose the entire sale. Good job Best Buy!

  193. I am really frustrated with Best Buy. I had a warranty of a washer machine and we had to replace it because they were not able to repair and thank you that I had a extended warranty however the washer machine that you replace me in April and now it turns out that is not working correctly Samsung 3000. This was not the washer that I got promise when they delivery this one and my husband did not want to waste anymore time. Now we have another lemon and tech has to come out to fix. I find this same washer has being giving people trouble. What I am so upset with I can’t go to any best buy if it does not get it fix because you have a elite best buy and regular customers. I have to driver 25 miles further away. I am not shopping at Best buy anymore. Looking at Fry’;s and Home depot because we have buy another washer machine for a gift.

  194. I made a purchase at the Atlantic Center store 1/25/2016, I was in a hurry cause I was on my way to work and wasn’t sure if I had sufficient time, fortunately for me a young lady named Talisse R. was on duty and she sped me thru the Customer Service section to pay for my purchase so quickly I had enough time to make a payment toward my BBY crediy card account. I would’ve thanked her myself, but in my haste I forgot my manners, Please thank her for me. The customer service pin is # 2518 040 0017 012516, Thank you sincerely, Mr James C. Elite Plus Member 2367693765



  196. I purchased a notebook computer on 12/24 with the maintence service contract however my adapter cord was not working and I could not charge my computer. I placed am order for a new one under the contract on 1/22/16 I was told I would get a new cord by 1/27/16. I called on 1/3116 because I never received the cord was placed on hold for a very long time. I called back and I ask why was I not told that the manufactor was out of the cord and another order had to be placed. I have not been able to charge my computer and now I had to purchase another cord of which I now have to wait another 3 or 4 days before a get another cord. I will not be purchasing anything else from Best Buy because this very bad service and my business is being affected,

  197. I purchased a Samsung phone on 1/29 and returned it on 1/30…I am expecting a refund, however, it has not shown on my bank account. When will that happen?

    Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Monica Foley

  198. This is just my last straw with the New Port Richey, FL Store. I joined gamers club and still have about 2 years left of it. While I agree it’s a great way to save money, it is POINTLESS if you never get the games in that I pre order on release dates. I preordered Dying Light The Following and it came out 2/9/16 and still is not at the store. I ended up going to Gamestop and buying it so I could have it. When I went back into Best Buy to cancel it they told me I couldn’t until I picked it up. When I finally got someone else, they refunded my DEBIT card… so now instead of my instant cash that I should have I have to wait up to 3 days to get my money back. This is completely poor care of your customers.

  199. Customer service is a total failure. Could not resolve my problem, nor could any intelligent response come from them.
    Problem with market place seller is the responsibility of Best Buy.
    When wrong products get shipped, it is up to Best Buy to deal with the market place seller, which in this case was Focus Camera.
    Will not buy anything from Best Buy again and will file a complaint with the BBB.

  200. I want you to know that your store in mobile Alabama has the nasty management they lost you a sale of eleven hundred dollars because they were not corcern enough to explain why I could not receive what I bought so I ask for a refund and I will not be back to shop there and I will let my friends don’t shop there

  201. I like Best Buy and expect to make additional purchases, but I am having a terrible problem getting my new (4-5 months) Sony XBR-55X850C television replaced. I have spoken to the warranty repair folks in El Salvador 4 or 5 times, get the run around and now they have requested a video of my TV failing. I’m at the end of my sanity. Can you help?

  202. Bought an xbox1 controller for my pc at a Best Buy in mount Vernon. Opened the box at home and it was busted. Tried to return it and

  203. my name is Robert I live at 5264 west 45th st parma oh my son recently purchased a home across the street from me 5263 we have a dumpster there to clean the place and best buy delivered some appliances to my next door neighbor the best buy delivery guys took upon there selfs to unload the boxes in there truck in my dumpster I mean not only my neighbors boxes of refrigerator stove dishwasher microwave but also what ever was in there truck dryer boxes washer boxes I hired guys to clean my sons house out but they can not work because I have boxes in the dumpster if u would see this u would b appauld I’m out 4 days of work my guys r pissed that they cant make any money Ive been battiling with best buy for 6 days they keep telling me they will have someone over tomorrow that tomorrow has not come for 6 days the time I lost the money I spent on dumpster who do I need to talk to to get this resolved the news the police the city the corporate who tell me if it is not gone by today I will post pictures on all the social media about best buy maybe tomorrow will come

  204. I bought an EPSON printer XP 420 from you..Can you help me to install ink cartridges,load paper,install software…

  205. Today I went in to Best Buy to pay credit card bill. Employee said I couldn’t pay because the card was not in my name. My husband was the one who had to come in to pay. Yours is the only store we have had such a problem and we have never heard of such a thing. It is actually stupid that you would not accept money from me. As I told your employee I will not be buying anything more from Best Buy and don’t intend to recommend you to any of my friends. Will mail payment from now on and maybe you will accept it. At this point don’t know if you accept payment by mail.

  206. NEVER BUYING ANYTHING FROM BESTBUY AGAIN! SOO MISLEADING! Define Customer service? Nope, definitely not BEST BUY! I called several times to get a price match because the MacBook I got went on sale for $300 less. Called in and first guy gave me a wrong reference number so when I called back, they couldn’t find my claim. Then this other agent I spoke with ensured me I will be getting my $300 back shortly. I got an email from her asking for me to call them back just to verify my address so they can send in the check. Called again, and this time I was put on hold and tranferred 3 FREAKING TIMES! And nope, still no answer! Last agent told me they will call me back. Weekend came by, nope no calls. I called in today and I addressed my issues. I was put on hold for the longest time then what do I get after all this? Oh you’re not getting $300 back! Are you freakin kidding me? This is not right! I feel like I’ve been robbed my money! Price match my ass! You guys are bunch of liars! Next time I will buy straight from Apple than suffer and be betrayed by stupid BEST BUY! I will be closing my account! I will no longer shop at Best Buy and will definitely share my experience to everyone I know so that they will know how misleading and a bunch of liars this company is!

  207. Hello, I want to comment about the Best Buy store in Morgantown, WV. The store needs more help, especially at the Geek Squad desk. It is the only store in the area with a lot of schools, from grade schools to universities, which means many potential customers. The personnel at the store try to wait on the customers as soon as possible; but one person can only do so much. Dianna


  209. My comment is about service and not pre-judging a person in my case the customer. In the last year after great customer service brought and paid for a 60inch Sony TV with all the bells and whistles in Emeryville California. This brings me to my experience today and with the staff of Best Buy return staff and the process-I’ve been a best buy customer for a number of years-staff did not know that. I brought a pair of JBL 700 headphones they never powered up nor did the pair with my phones. My first act is to thank Veronica,TJ and martin for making this a excellent customer (had delayed bring the headphones back)
    I brought back to the headphones to return and did not have my BB credit card no problem provided my SSI and a receipt was printed and manager(one of the three) informed me that I could do a exchange. The other staff members help me pick another set of headphones(Beats) that pair with my devices. I brought the headphones back to return got the news ones (more expensive) and put the balance on my card-out the door in 20min. Please give Veronica,TJ, and martin and the return department my highest recommendation my transaction #….0446632

  210. dear best buy jamal Maurice hill 2215potts road tallahasse florida 32308 do you ha ve jobs open for mostate or mn state fdic bank jamal Maurice hill and call number 18003224106 and other call number vriginia department of taxation office of tax processing po box 27264 Richmond va 23261 7264 call this number for not arrest 8043678037 and work 30460587868f001 loan bank of twin girl Switzerland and best buy hire jamal Maurice hill 2215potts road Tallahassee flroda 32308 and call this number for info 8043678037 and this number 18005553453 talk to this people federal reserve bank of Minneapolis po box 214 Minneapolis mn 554480 and bureau of the fiscal service po box 7012 parkersburg wa 26106 and jamal Maurice hil 2215potts road Tallahassee florida 32308 do not need help mitelife

  211. Re: Order BBY01-784509004295: I was cheated I bought a MacBook for pick up on same day as advertised I. Their website pick up. In 45 minutes but probably they didn’t hav irk stock and it was wrongly advertised that it is available but to my surprise they cancelled it stating they cud not get my info verified where as they were telling me before my payment us on hold I called m verified that payment went smoothly n was not on hold at all so they made it ion cancelled the orders I ended up without buying a birthday gift it was so upsetting I am regretting to come in Best Buy mistake where customers service is so poor

  212. On March 5, 2016 I ordered a refrigerator and a cooktop. These items were delivered on two different dates . I received the refrigerator on March 24 and the cooktop on May 5 , 2016. In between this time the order was cancelled, then I never received a phone about cooktop and went to the store and called at several times a week to fine out about the cooktop . The warehouse did not call to let me know that the cook top was not in warehouse. Finally I sent a complaint to the company about my experience. I worked with the manager and he got my cooktop and follow the process until I received the cook top.
    I would like to thank James , Day , Kim, and Anthony for their help with my order. Please try to make the process better for the customer by communicating with all concerned parties to get better service for all customers to get better results when ordering from Best Buy.
    I have several more items to purchase, but I think I will buy my order at another store .
    When things are totally messed up like my order was, I think the customer should be given a discount on something on their order for the error on the customer’ s order. Please try to have to get a better system to make this the purchase process run better in the each time you are dealing with this company.

  213. I tried to purchase a product with my $25 certificate and was told it had expired. I have purchase a lot of product over the years and just last year spent over a $1,000. My member ID # 2838841749 and the certificate #1466550276, I would appreciate have a restored certificate. Thank you for your time and trouble in this matter.

  214. I went to Best Buy here in Tucson AZ. Located in the Spectrum shopping center to buy a home security camera system . Waited 20 min. For someone to come help me no one showed up. Told greater at door I been waiting 20 min. No one showed . Told him my wife going to restroom when she returns if no one here by then I will have to leave and go some where’s else for my purchase . His response to me was DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO that’s all I can tell you I am short staff and really do not have any one at this present time to help you. So while waiting for my wife to come from the restroom he call for some one way in back to come to the front to help me. The man who came to help me had very little experience with home security system but he did what he could do to help me I appreciate that. He had to get someone else to help him that new a bit more about it then he did.

  215. I ordered ink online yesterday. I received it free – no charge for shipping. I am extremely pleased with the service.
    You requested my phone number with the order. Today, I rec’d a phone call from
    Omnipoint Communications 267-678-1783, which I didn’t answer. Checking online, I discovered they are scammers. Next time I order from you, I will give a fake phone number.

  216. Getting thru to a customer service associate is like trying to reach the Pentagon. Totally unbelievable.
    It is a joint account with my husband and when I go into the store to make a payment they tell me I cannot make the payment, that my husband has to make the payment. It is a joint account!!!! My husband was in the hospital getting chemo treatments. I was not buying anything, I was trying to give them money. Finally I screamed loud enough that I was able to talk to the manager and he took my money.
    We cannot wait to get this account paid in full so that we never ever have to deal with you people again. We have been married 50 years and have had many credit accounts and never have we dealt with any company like Best Buy.

  217. On May 6 I purchased a webcam for my computer, I got home and had to wait for my husband to hook it up to the computer. When he arrived on May 22, he looked at it and explained that my computer was an older Apple and that it would not be compatible. I returned it to the store (Portsmouth Blvd., Chesapeake, VA) and they told me I could not return it sine it was past 15 days. This is terrible customer service. I am canceling my Best Buy credit card and will NEVER shop there again. I will pass the word along to all my facebook friends about Best Buy.

  218. Hi,
    I just wanted to pass along a GIGANTIC SIZE KUDOS to the Missoula, MT Best Buy store. We’ve been shopping there for years and have always gotten outstanding service but my latest experience was a great example of Steve Higgins going the extra mile. I had purchased the buy one get one free Galaxy phone from Best Buy. Although it was still w/ Verison as was my Iphone 4, I just could not get good cell service at my home/office. God knows your team tried everything and honestly I LOVED the Galaxy but I just couldn’t do my job w/ it due to cell reception. I was past the 14 day trial, but again, had been in and out of the store 8 times w/ Michael and Zach trying everything to try to get me better service. Now at wits end, Steve Higgins truly stepped up to the plate , jumped thru all the hoops w/ Verison and corporate America, got me out of the GalaxyVerison Contract and although I’m back to an Iphone, I’ll certainly continue all my families electronic shopping at Best Buy due to their extreme customer service!
    Kathy Armstrong

  219. you need to hire staff! your employees are the worst attitude when it comes to helping other they forget that it is their job and they get paid to do this!

  220. The employees here will go out of there way to NOT HELP YOU. i didn’t know customer meant enemy because that is how i was treated!

  221. i am canceling my bestbuy card
    the employees here won’t help here refuse to be accommodating or resourceful

  222. I was in the store the other day and Buddy and Jackie (with Apple) were very helpful. They took plenty of time to explain and assist me in solving my problem. Kudos to both.

  223. dear Best buy people you guys suppose to deliver our tv how long to wait for you guys when you will deliver it how soon thanks Olga K

  224. On June 10, 2016 My wife and I purchased a 65″ OLED TV. The TV was supposed to be delivered on June 17. It never showed and I never received a call. I contacted Best Buy only to find out that it wouldn’t be delivered until June 24. Once again, my TV didn’t show up. After placing another call to Customer service, I was told that the TV would be shipped to the store and I could pick it up Saturday morning June 25. STILL NO TV!!! I called several stores and Best and no one has an explanation to why my TV has been in a transfer status for three weeks now. To make it worse, I gave away my old TV the night before the original delivery date, June 16. I’ve also taken two days off work to be home for delivery. this is ridiculous.

  225. I have been a loyal customer of Best Buy for many years. We have purchased computers, cameras, washers, dryers, stoves, Kindles, iPods, and much more over the years and have always gladly bought from Best Buy. NEVER AGAIN! My wife and I have been trying for weeks to buy $2500 worth of merchandise from your company, but for some reason you all have made it impossible to shop with you. We have wasted several hours of our lives trying to help you to get it right, but your incompetence and lack of customer service has thwarted us at every step. You just lost a customer. When I say that, I mean it. I used it be a Sears guy but quit shopping there ten years ago. You are the next Sears.

  226. I went to Best Buy to look at oven range microwave. The young women in that department was rude and not helpful. When we ask for her to look up something she claim she could not see the bar on box. I was done and leaving the store when we met supervisor Brendon of electronic department and told him what happen. He turn a bad experience to a great experience. He was helpful and kind and most of all he care. I did buy the microwave range there only because of Brendon and will keep on shopping there however as for the rude salesperson she needs to be as better salesperson or look for job where she does not deal with peoplel

  227. Having just left your Milton Ontario store it is not my habit to take the time to write and complain however in this case the service ,attitude and the indifference of your sales associates cannot be left without comment. I went in to purchase a speaker for my tablet which was bought at this store . I have also bought a flat screen and a surround sound system here. A repeat customer!! The shelves were half empty and the item I wanted was not available to try .The manager was to busy to come out on the floor to speak to me .No one was in charge of the sound department When I said I would be complaining to customer service the response I got was OK Kool. I don’t even expect a response from this email as corporate attitude is usually the same at the top as it is on the store floor I will not purchase from your store again and one customer becomes 10 becomes hundreds Perhaps the lesson which should have been learned from Target have not resinated to your staff

  228. We ordered a product in July. It was over $1000 purchase online. I received half of the product and not the other half. I have called into customer service seven times and have still not received the product and it is October. I keep getting told that the product will be shipped and we will receive a confirmation email….And we received neither. I just got off the phone again with another representative totaling over 65 hours spent on the phone trying to get what we have paid for. Now all I am expecting is a refund to show up on our credit card and I will purchase the product from some other store. Unfortunately, after purchasing refrigerators, washers and dryer’s, dishwashers, televisions, and many other purchases with Best Buy this experience will no longer allow me to purchase anything from Best Buy again since all I have been given is excuses and not results from a major business that should know you are not the only place to purchase what you sell! No “Best Buy” when you do not get what you pay for!

  229. I was on the Best Buy website and found an item I planned to go purchase this morning. Since the nearest store that had the item was an 45 min away I figured I would call first to make sure they had it. After getting through the stores automated system I waited 20min before someone answered. They put me on hold while they located the item which they never found. So they took my name and number to call me when they found it. Well 7 hours later and no call. I tried calling again was on hold 15min and hung up. Called corporate customer service and they could care less, I needed to talk to the store manager. I told them I wasn’t going to drive 45 min to complain they said that’s all I can do. I said fine i’ll just do my business with amazon from now on and they could care less. Bad enough the stores don’t stock half the items on their website but then the customer no service really shows they don’t care.

  230. Your delivery team doesn’t like to do any extra work. If they can’t get appliances in the way they think it’s easiest for themconvince you, their supervisor it can’t be don. That’s ok, I found some where that delivered and did all they had to do to set them up and get the apply embed I wanted. Your lose my gain less money spent and more brains used


    I spent over $4500 at Best Buy in the last year so when I needed a new computer for the company I work for I went there. Last Friday I found a co0mputer and monitor that was exactly what I wanted but I needed to get corporate approval. I received that today (Monday) and went to best buy in Eugene Or Monday evening. The computer is now $100 more….So I complained and explained, got nowhere. Sales run Saturday to Saturday; WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE IF SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TOLD ME THIS!!!

    So I called corporate…..Got the same response. Nice to see that their rules are so RIGID that they effect customer service and NO ONE CARES.

    A company works so hard and spends so much money to get customers only to be so STUPID as to let them walk out the door because they have no flexibility on their policies. I probably would have spent $5-700 tonight but instead they let me leave and lost a customer. While I am writing this I am on hold waiting to cancel my account.


  232. I bought a clock radio from you folks 12/20/2016 (model number
    NS-CLOPP2). It was supposed to contain a user’s guide — IT DID
    NOT! I called your customer service number on 12/21/2016 to
    see if you could provide me with a hard copy of the guide since I
    have to go outside my home to access the internet. Your rep took down some information and said you would send additional directions on obtaining the guide. I left my home, accessed my
    email and found nothing. Don’t expect me to buy anything else from

  233. don’t expect me to buy anything else from you people. And maybe
    they should relabel the box “May contain user’s manual?” Fortunately I only wanted it for the radio! God help me if I ever really want to know what time it is (no guide – can’t set the clock).

  234. Im going to begin by saying I was helped by a miserable person who expressed to me, they did not like their job and would go hide in the bathroom, so not to have to deal with customers.
    I returned a monitor I received as a Christmas gift because I got 2 from 2 different family members, and only need 1. I proceeded to ask for store credit since it was a gift, but accidentally was given the credit back on the original purchasers card. I was told by 2 employees that they could not void the return, since it had been purchased from .com, but that I would have to get the money from the purchaser. Fortunately for me it’s my mother, unfortunately for Best Buy, I did not have the credit to spend in the store since I was there. And, now, I didn’t have to spend it at Best Buy at All, since it was credited to her account. Sorry Best Buy, not a good way to do business.

  235. I am disappointed in your sales associates in 2 different locations in Appleton, Wi and Green Bay, WI. First of all we met with a sales associate for changing our cell phones. We thought our guy was great and he talked us into buying Samsung Galaxy instead of Iphone because of the $500 TV offer Samsung was a great deal. He specifically told us that EACH of our phones would qualify us for the $500 Tv offer–when in reality it was only one offer per account. In that case we would have stayed with our initial IPHONES over the galaxy. The sales associate got approval to discount any tv we found by $250. We went to Best Buy and found a television for $800 we liked. When we checked out, we were told the television was not in stock at this store but we could go to
    Green Bay store(about 40 minutes away). So we drove for 40 minutes and got to the Green Bay just to be told this television was not available and someone from Appleton store should have called first. We finally, after about an hour–got a manager over and they gave us a similar television that cost a bit more for the same price. The misinformation from 2 different sales associates was unacceptable–2 major mishaps on 1 transaction. I want to know how your associates are trained and why they do not follow through with something after promising a customer something? Yes Best Buy worked with us–but these 2 incidents should have NEVER HAPPENED in the first place.

  236. Why we ( my Bride & I ) always shop @ BestBuy is because of the great customer attn. we receive . Today we must have looked lost when Mr. Kevin Smith asked if he could help . He asked the right questions & we were able to buy the correct GPS . I was soo pleased with Mr. Smith’s help I bought another lap top I Didn’t really need ! Please let Mr. Kevin Smith know how much we appreciated his concern & help . Pas

  237. What a disappointment ! . . .
    I took my computer into Best Buy (Appleton Wisconsin), to getting computer tower fixed. In a “nutshell” they tilde “Yup, your computer’s broken.” I was looking to get my computer fixed, not ‘state the obvious’. Best Buy’s ‘Geek Squad was of no help what so ever. I’m taking my business elsewhere.

  238. I paid off my Best Buy card balance and for some reason they payment could not process. But instead of letting me know they let my balance go outstanding for 3 months and then emailed me that I have an outstanding balance and late due payment. I then pulled up my account that I thought was a 0 balance to see that in fact there was still my balance plus $100 in late fees. They said that they would only remove one late fee of $37 and that I was stuck for the rest. I asked them that they would rather lose a customer forever and have me transfer my balance and close my account than help me fix this issue that I wasn’t even aware existed? they said there was nothing that they could do about it. Then I called corporate Best Buy and all they did was say sorry and put me back through to Citi Bank which didn’t give two craps about helping either. F you very much Best Buy and Citi Bank. You lost an account and a customer forever and I was drag your name through the mud for the rest of my life.

  239. i wanted to email you to let you know about an employee at the sterling location. his name is marcelo castro. he really helped us, he had plenty of knowledge about all the refrigerators and made the decision easier. he’s a good employee

  240. Given how difficult it is to send a written message to Best Buy Customer Service, I can only assume they are aware of how bad their service is and would prefer to turn a deaf ear.
    Tonight we went to the Dedham store because the Framingham store Geek Squad had done such a pathetic job with a new computer set up. I was hopeful the Dedham store could do better. While I went to the Geek Squad desk my husband headed to the TV department. We had planned on making a purchase. Now we won’t – and if I could return the computer, I would.
    So Best Buy, if you care to prove me wrong, get in touch. I’m not holding my breath.

  241. I have done business with Best Buy for many years. I feel that there return policy is unfair. I bought a gift for my Dad , who is 90 years old, for his birthday on April 22.. I bought a mini laptop and lap desk to put it on. He did not like the lap desk. I tried to return it yesterday 6/14/2017. I was told the returns are only accepted 15 days after purchase. His birthday was not until June 4. This return policy is ridiculous. I shop in advance of birthdays and Christmas gifts. I am sure others do as well. I would understand if it is electronics or opened. But for a Lap desk.
    No. The manager was rather rude to me. He says you bought it in April and it is almost July. It is not almost July, we are not even half way thru June. It was June 13th. I will think twice before I shop at Best Buy again. Very disappointed.

  242. I had got a chromebook from BestBuy as a gift and now my chromebook keep showing the screen ‘chrome OS is missing or damaged’. I was wondering can I come in my local best buy and get them to fix it. Please let me know as soon as possibe.

  243. would like to know if you have a direct phone or email contact number which we can speak to a manager about an experience we had purchasing a tv recently. would like to give our details privately to a manager and let u know what transpired. thanks you.

  244. Can someone please contact me at my email address provided below to discuss details of a Samsung TV purchase and a variety of issues with customer service and a defective tv? My friend has all of the receipts and confirmation #’s and I am helping her with contacting Best Buy customer service to provide our experience with your store in Mays Landing, NJ.

  245. can someone please contact me regarding a recent tv purchase experience. thank Fifteen days ago my tv blacked out. Mind you, the tv was only two months old. I had the direct tv guy come out to make sure it wasn’t anything concerning them. He said it was the tv. I called Best Buy and they sent out the geek squad three days later. The guy said the whole panel was shot and they had to order a new one. Now, the panel is basically the whole tv except the wires inside. He came back Friday which was Day fourteen. After putting all the wires in the new panel he discovered it was cracked and bent. He took all the wires back out and put them back in my tv. After making a call they decided I needed to take the tv back to Best Buy to get a replacement. I figured they should have said that in the first place. Today I lugged this 48″ tv off the wall bracket and loaded it in the truck and off I went. It’s just awkward because it’s wider than my arm span. The guy in Best Buy did all the paperwork only to tell me they have no matching tv in stock and it would have to be delivered. Possibly the 28th which will be Day nineteen with no tv. Now I have to change a doctor app. to wait for delivery. What are the odds that it doesn’t come that day??? Just needed to get this off my chest. Thanks for listening. ??

  246. Several weeks ago I brought my Lenova laptop to the geek squad for repair. I had tapped the upper left corner of the screen and cracked it. One week later I get a call from the repair department and they tell me it will cost over $800 to fix my laptop. They told me a long list of items that needed to be replaced. This did not sound right. When I got the laptop back, I found that someone from Best Buy or whom ever you use to ship dropped the laptop on the bottom right side and destroyed the computer. I have been trying to reach the store manager in Flagstaff. This person will neither answer the phone nor call me back to discuss what can be done. Very poor customer service! I need someone to call me and discuss this.

  247. We received the best service ever from your employee, Richard, at the Skokie Illinois store. Richard took his time explaining all questions my daughter had about billing, purchasing a J3 Samsung Galaxy phone for me as I recently relocated to this area from Maine. In all he took at least 1/2 hour with us.
    I have seen great customer service but he was exceptional. My daughter was to sell my I-phone 5 online but he made her an offer not only to purchase it from us but also offered to transfer all my personal information on my new phone.
    He was the most informative individual representing a company I’ve ever seen! I did International Customer Service for LL Bean Maine so I know what great service is. He was more interested in doing what Best Buy could do for us, not the other way around. My daughter will definitely return to seek him out when she & her husband upgrade to the latest I-phone coming out in September. In fact, at some point I asked him if he was the store manager. He responded no and I quickly state “you should be!” Thank you for hiring such a wonderful young man to represent you. He’s certainly one in a million.

  248. I am caught in a situation where I bought a washer and dryer from you guys and was delivered on September 10th 2013. I bought an extended warranty. However the part was denied because it was still under LG’s warranty. Now I cant get anyone to fix it at all. This has been going on since July 4th and I am getting really tired of it.

  249. BB customer service is incompetent on the phone. Placed on hold and no one returned. Had to speak with a supervisor-but no luck. Will NEVER order anything online from Best Buy!

  250. The store failed to honor a Blu-ray disk price match. Cost them the sale of a $270. Sony 4k player, 2 other videos, and any other purchases I plan to make.

  251. Called customer service, was connected to another country, when I asked for assistance from the US, they hung up on me.

  252. My son and I for about the last 4 years go to the local Best Buy store every Sunday. Store is located in West Bloomfield Michigan. My son who is autistic likes to buy 2 or 3 CD’s or DVD. When we are checking out at the register I am always asked would I like a paper receipt and a bag. I always answer yes. I realize that some young people today do not want a receipt because they can access it on line and they like to care their purchase loose in their hands instead of in a bag.
    The question to me who is from the “old” generation makes no sense, since I was always taught to make sure I always leave a store with a receipt and a bag when purchasing. I still think it’s a good policy. Today however, when I answered that I would like a receipt and I told them that I think it’s a silly question along with asking about a bag; when I took twenty steps your door checker asked me to shew my receipt.
    I would not have been able to show a receipt if I would have answered in the negative at the register! The questions are a waste of time for everyone concerned. When I approached the store manager about this problem I was told that “some” people don’t want a receipt or a bag. I told her that they should not assume that about all people. The need to ask once again is a waste of time. I received no satisfaction from the store manager and asked for the general manager’s name. I had to ask her 4 times before she finally gave me a name of Ashley. At whish point I decided to take the time and write my complaint directly to you.
    I wanted my experience at Best Buy to be a pleasant one. I also wanted my autistic son to have a teachable moment that he needs to have a receipt and a bag with his purchases. Instead, I walked out of the store very upset. I DO wish your company would reconsider its policy and just give a paper receipt and bag with every purchase without the wasted questions.
    Thank you.
    George Losonci

  253. I was having trouble with a failed payment noticd. I called the bank and there was nothing wrong with my card and i did have the funds. I did contact customer service to get this resolved and am still waiting back on an email response. I would still like to purchase this item but would like it at the sale price when i tries to purchase it last time. Can i get some help on this?

  254. I am very upset – I purchased an LG Phone at Best Buy at 2:08PM (because I had purchased a previous LG phone at Best Buy and was happy with the purchase)..I took it to the phone Department after getting the phone and asked if the sim card would be able to be transferred, they told me yes….then upon them opening the phone found out that it was not compatible…I then called my phone company and they stated that it would cost over $80.00 to change the phone over and get a sim card so in a panic I went to Best Buy to return the phone at 3:17PM (after waiting for 20 minutes to be waited on). They then charged me a $35.00 restocking fee, in asking about the fee, was not given an explanation or anything….I have purchased my computer at Best Buy and other electronic items in my home and have informed others to purchase at your store and have never heard of this restocking fee…Very, Very upset at this service…..will have to explore other options in my future purchases…

    Thank you,

    Delores Walker

  255. On 8/19/2017 I order ed a new laptop through the Saginaw Mi store. On 8/252017 at 12:22pm I received an email stating my device was ready for pickup. I went to pickup this device on 8/27/2017 at 11:00am and was told it was not ready. Very disgusted!!!! I went back home (which is 60 mile round trip) only to find a new email sent to me at 12:21 saying the item had been picked up (which was false) I called customer service only to be disconnected 3 times before finally talking to some one and then transferred back to the Saginaw Mi store and was told these emails were automatically sent. After driving 60 miles and wasting 2 hours of my time I feel your communication system with your customers has some very disturbing issues.

  256. Price gouging during Harvey WOW!!! I and my family have purchased many items from you in the past but I will never step foot in a best buy store again. I am very sure that best buy will feel the affects of this unkind and anti American act.

  257. Purchased a new blue iPod Nano 8th generation from Best Buy online. Turned it on and it went right to the main screen not to the language set up. I swiped right and left. Did not work. I tapped every icon and nothing worked. Plugged it into computer and it was already named efvee’s iPod. Not only that there was the beginnings of a play list. Not new at all! Apparently someone brought it and tried to set it up. They found out it did not work and returned it. Somehow Best Buy thought it was acceptable to send it to me as new!

  258. Bought 2 phones last year in Virginia Beach. Was told that the Geek Squad plan covers the phones 100% even cracked screens.
    Cracked the screen and went to local store at 1045am today, 09/07/17. Informed that the plan does not cover and it would be $60. The Geek Squad clerk made appointment for 12:00 noon at the only store in Virginia that fixes the phones in Newport News about 45 miles away. I went to store and when I arrived I was advised that the appointment was no good because the other store was not supposed to schedule it and that they would not fix the phone because there was not a tech available. After some discussion was told that they could possibly get a tech in by1PM but not guaranteed. Also was first told that the fix was about 45 minutes. Later was told it would take 2 hours. Told me to either wait and hopefully get fixed today by 6 or so or leave and it would be shipped to me. Am a care given for my elderly father and cannot be without the phone for long periods.
    Contacted original store in Virginia Beach and the general manager contacted the Newport News store and informed me that there were 2 techs at the store when I was there. So I was lied to by one of the managers of the fix it store. Was told that they could make another appointment. Great, now I am back in the same boat.
    So I wasted 3 hours going from store to store and city to city. 90 miles of travel. Now I am supposed to do the same thing again, drive 90 miles round trip, waste 4 hours now because of the fix time when the phone should have been fixed or the appointment not even made by the first store.
    While at the fix it store the so called manager tried to make me happy by offering discounts on other items. Don’t need discounts, need phone fixed.
    So nothing was really resolved. Great customer service. Cant even call to complain because there is no customer service for complaints.

    • I tried to order a sharp tv on line on Sunday Nov. 12, 2017. The order was cancelled for no apparent reason. I called customer support and Danny tried to get this resolved (0ever number 805505593865 ). Danny said this would be resolved by a team that does this, case number 204795530. Please resolve this.
      Thank you, Gerry Maas

  259. I recently applied for and received my Best Buy Credit Card. I then received a 10% off coupon for my next single item purchase when using the Best Buy credit card. It was valid for a one-time in-store use only and valid through 9/30/17. I purchased a computer that was on sale and provided the 10% off coupon. I was told that since the computer was on sale, the 10% off coupon was not allowed.
    I said no where on this coupon does it indicate it doesn’t apply to sale items.
    If this is correct, you need to indicate such on the coupon. If this is not correct, I would like the 10% off. Please advise. The Best Buy store is in D’Ibervllle, MS.

  260. I took my Mac Book into repair for a virus under Best Buy’s warranty. When I purchased the Mac Book no one ever mention to me about Apple Care. My laptop was repaired way quicker than expected. I get my laptop and notice the laptop is still running slow. I didn’t call Best Buy immediately because other factors could be involved. I purchased a modem from Best Buy to stop paying for high cable cost modem. Therefore, I didn’t exactly know the reason why the laptop was soo slow. Now, since other electronics in our household is not running slow that tells me Best Buy didn’t quite repair my laptop to its value. Also, after they repaired my laptop, an expensive warranty from Best Buy popped up on my computer. I’m very disappointed as I am a doctoraly student and I’m behind in my work due to this obstacle. I need my laptop for work and school. This Mac is only 2 years old and I shouldn’t be having such issues. Someone needs to call me about this matter.

  261. I purchased a washer from Best Buy last week, it is scheduled to be delivered this afternoon. Since the phone number listed in my email confirmation is wrong (it was changed in the store) I called this morning to check on the delivery and to change the phone number again. I was transferred five times and on hold for 22 minutes! Is this what will happen should I need service in the future?? I’m tempted to cancel the sale at this point in time and purchase the washer from Lowe’s – same price!

  262. Wow found a good deal on a pioneer car stereo for 89 bucks went to order and in the time it took me to order it the price jumped to 149 bucks so guess I will get it from Amazon very dissapointed that it could change that fast that I could not even get the order through.

  263. I wanted to let you know that I had another difficult experience with your customer support when my daughters Dell laptop failed. We purchased a laptop last February from the Northgate store in Seattle. My daughter called and they knew who she was by her purchase. They made an appointment for today and told her to bring in her laptop. When we arrived they said she needed a receipt to send it back to Dell. They never told her that and the employee that spoke with her on the phone was there and apologized. We assumed they could look up her purchase but your employees were very reluctant to look up the purchase. I am a Best Buy rewards customer but they were unable to find my information. We gave the employee the date,serial number and product number and he said that they make thousands of transactions every day and that would be too difficult to try and find that transaction. My daughter was in that store when it was snowing outside and it was not very busy. I asked if he could just look up the serial number and he said that they do not collect that info on the purchase. I find that hard to believe. We then talked with another employee after the first one said he was going to try try to find our purchase in the back room somewhere. This employee tried walking away from my daughter and she said don’t walk away you are supposed to help us. He said we were yelling at him and shouldn’t have to help. There was no yelling but my daughter was upset because she needs her computer for school at the U of Washington. We gave him my e-mail address again and he was able to find all of the info on this purchase including the serial number and my name and address. I just went through this same attitude from your employees at the Issaquah store after purchasing a 75” Sony HDR tv for $2500.00. I had to go through Sony because your employees were unwilling to help me fix my tv and after 3 separate phone calls to Sony for over two hours each on the phone, SONY sent out a third party repairman to install a new motherboard. I have purchased several items from your store but I don’t think I will be doing so in the future. I have never been treated so bad and so disrespectful from any store ever after almost sixty years of age.

  264. My husband and I were going to BUY a 4K OLED tv yesterday, 10-15-17 at Best Buy in St. Peters, MO. This tv came with a sound bar, cable and subwoofer ($450 Value) for $200 in an advertised bundle. Best Buy could not obtain this particular soundbar and offered us a lower grade replacement soundbar that cost 1/2 the price of the advertised one in the bundle. However, Best Buy would offer no adjustment in price. Best Buy said that our price was basically the same. Well, yes, but with a lower grade soundbar. Does this make sense to you? We waked out.

  265. This is your third strike, Best Buy. This phone I bought FOUR MONTHS AGO already doesn’t work. I need it for my freelance work — yet I barely use it, just for email and some apps. I don’t drop it; I don’t get it wet. Four months? Seriously? This is the third phone in three years that has lasted less than a year. I’m tired of spending money at your company for unreliable products.

    I’m on my way to the store in Hyannis. They better fix this to my satisfaction.

  266. I recently purchased a computer at Best Buy and was told that if I applied for, and was accepted for a BB credit card, that 10% of the purchase would be credited to my account. I have not received that credit and have been told by people at the store and on the Customer Care phone that the 10% only applies to future purchases, that the salesperson made a mistake, or that the phone connection is so garbled that I have to use a landline which I do not have. I have been bounced back and forth between BestBuy and the Citi creditcard people with no one taking responsibility to honor the information that I was given, not once but twice, during the purchase process that the 10% would be applied to the computer purchase. I am now out approximately $90.

  267. took a survey on the 5th or 6th and after double checking when I purchased the computer I was off on the date of purchase it 10-10-17 and it did take almost a month to get my computer set up and now I was told by the geek squad agent to return the computer back to the store for a new one and as far as Anthony goes he was a lot of help and spent a lot of time helping me out. still not happy with the service I received at the store. guess I have to see what happens today when I bring the computer back

  268. I buy the iphone 8 a week ago,but cannot use it in china, when put the sim card into it,the phone indicate that the sim card is the phone cannot be activated

  269. I asked Geek Squad Agent Ramos to clean my computer of Viruses and he ended the chat. I just had a renewal in October. I’m considering asking for a refund. I’ve been a Customer for 3 years.

  270. Visited the Hartsdale, NY store on Wed., 11/22. I purchased a Samsung cell phone 13 months ago. It was not holding a charge. Since I did not purchase the warranty offered by Best Buy, the counter person refused to offer any assistance. Told me Best Buy did not sell batteries; the Geek Squad could not help & send it back to Samsung via mail. Went to Geek Squad (I have a yearly contract). The counter person used his charger to charge it & said it was the charger. Went back to “phones” & purchased a charger. The person on duty in the Cell Phone Dept. should not interact with customers. I was in the store at approx, 11am on the 22nd. He has dark hair & glasses & totally unresponsive. I have purchased a desk top HP PC and printer & a flat screen TV from Best Buy. I will rethink my next purchase, since the last one was memorable for an entirely unpleasant experience.

  271. I am writing you based on an unbelievably irritating and unprofessional experience I had and continue to have with the Best Buy in Westminster California. First off let me start with the fact that I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and going through a move that has brought me from Seattle Washington to Huntington Beach. I came into your store and purchased a Hisense television, a Frigidaire refrigerator and a Dyson cordless vacuum all accumulating to quite a lot of money. When I spoke with your sales representative, Michael, I told him that I did not have cable and all I needed from a TV is that it was 4k and compatible with Hulu and Netflix. I didn’t want to use Roku or Firestick, I just wanted one remote, clean and simple.

    So I bought the television that Michael recommended. I got it home. I set it up. I plugged it in. After speaking with Hisense directly, it turns out that Hulu is not a compatible app for this television.

    I called the day I got it to exchange it for the 50″ Insignia via delivery but they told me I would have to bring it in. Let me remind you of the 5 1/2 months pregnant part. So because your sales associate was misinformed, I have to pack up a 50″ television, carry it to my car and waddle it into your store in the hopes that someone with help me?! After pointing that out, they promised me a call back because all their associates were busy. No call.

    I called the next day and they promised me a call back because all their associates were busy again. No call.

    So I called the day after that and they promised me a call back because all their associates were busy again. No call.

    The next day was Thanksgiving so I left it alone.

    Here I called again today and I had to actually raise me voice to get anyones attention. Finally after chasing them down after unreturned call after unreturned call I am finally able to get this resolved but not until Tuesday.

    I am simply appalled by your customer service. A company as big as your should be able to hire more staff.

  272. Hi,

    I am very upset with my recent orders that are being cancelled by
    ORDER #BBY01-805512567437
    ORDER #BBY01-805512567437 (Re-attempt)

    Somehow my the order was being cancelled (twice) claiming BestBut were unable to verify your information. I suspect it is the credit card failing authorization (based on a note i saw) but I have used the same exact credit card in website like, on the same day and it went thru without any problem at all. My bank account is showing a debit amount which is Pending.

    Why can’t BestBuy accept my credit card while other online website can do that?
    FYI: I am in oversea while I am making this order.
    How come Customer service never approach me, or call/email about the issue before cancelling my order? I am very unhappy with this matter.

  273. Absolutely horrible customer service. Item was lost and hold time is over an hour to talk with someone. Will not go back here again. Better off purchasing from Amazon.

  274. I purchased over $3,300 in Samsung Appliance on Tuesday, Nov. 28, but did not received the $100 gift card. How do I get the gift card according to the Best Buy message below?

    “Offer Details
    Excludes prior purchases. Gift card will ship separately and is not available for store pickup. May not be valid in combination with other offers. Excludes LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Amana, Bosch and GE brands. Excludes Viking, Thermador, Jenn-Air, Miele, DCS, Monogram, Sub-Zero, Wolf, U-Line, Fisher & Paykel and Dacor products in Pacific Sales/Pacific Kitchen & Home locations.

    Savings will be reflected in your cart when all offer requirements are met. If you remove any of the qualifying items from your cart or cancel all or part of your order, you will not receive the promotional savings. Valid on in-stock items only. Limit 1. Gift card good toward future purchase. Offer subject to change. Best Buy’s Return Policy on Bundle or Promotional Discount Items applies to this purchase.”

    I will hate to think you don’t stand by your own rules.
    Thank you.

  275. I’ve recently had a bad experience in one of your stores that I will never step foot in that particular store again during the black Friday sales I purchased a Viper Smart Start Model: DS4. Store Location: Ames,IA 1220 S. Duff ave. 50010 order#1-8005510030225 when attempting to make an appointment for installation Matt the install specialist had told me that the product was not compatible with my 2016 Toyota Tacoma truck I said I’ll refund it and he tried to get me to spend more $$ mind you I already spent $969.00 on a stereo install W speakers and amps, subwoofer l I came the next day to refund the product which took up 2 hrs to find product which was sitting with Matt In the bay the whole time when finally refunding I turn the box over and it says compatible with my truck I asked the cashier why Matt told me this product wasn’t compatible the cashier told me “He has problems with installing these particular ones and messes with the rear view camera” so my question is do we have installers picking what they want to do? Does he hustle customers to spend more then they have to? because he doesn’t know how to do , how many other customers has he done this too as well? how can we resolve this issue keep in mind I will never return to this store location again and would rather drive to Des Moines<Iowa

  276. I called customer service to complain about my defective oven which I purchased from Best Buy and he hung up on me three times. The oven is defective, self clean filled my entire kitchen with chemical smoke and has ruined my new cupboards which now need replacement. I need someone NOW to contact me regarding this stove. Extremely angry.

  277. I went to your Store on Colonial in Orlando to purchase an Apple iPhoneX today. Much to my chagrin and disappointment, rather paying the suggested retail of $1000.00 Best Buy charges an additional $100 dollars for the phone because it is unregistered.
    I have purchased numerous items from Best Buy through the years including my and my wife’s iPhones, iPads, cameras, etc. Apparently it is so important to signup for a contract, in my case with Sprint that y’all are screwing the customer.
    I will now have to rethink future purchases from Best Buy. Too bad over a $100.

  278. Deceptive advertising complaint…. BAIT AND SWITCH. A Bing search shows Apple iPad advertised at Best Buy for $279.99 with a BB link. If you click in the link, it takes you to the item that is now priced at $329.99. I think that they should price match their own advertisement!

  279. how do we contact a live person to handle a issue with our range ? we purchased it in March and it was installed in April. oven not working

  280. Absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with EVER!!!!! Nothing resolved after hours of dispute! Never will we ever do business with Best Buy again…

  281. The store in Muskogee Oklahoma has the worst customer service of any Best Buy store I have never been in. I went into the store to purchase over $900 worth of products and as I walked in for customer service representatives were standing at the front door doing nothing except talking to each other, I was not greeted by any of them I went over to do my shopping and was ever ask if I needed any help. I finally went out to ask for help and they associate acted like he didn’t care whether he helped me or not! There were several sales associates doing nothing in the store what other customers were having the same problem as I was. It’s apparent that they do not care about their jobs nor do they care about your customers. I know my $900 that I was going to spend the other night is nothing to Best Buy and I’m sure nothing will be done. Just to let you know I spent $3500 in your store a few months back and getting this kind of service for a return customer is terrible! I do not like buying online due to the fact of when I want something I want it ASAP! But since I have no choice because I will not return to the Muskogee store I will still shop at Best Buy online if I can’t find it locally somewhere else. I will shop elsewhere first and use Best Buy as a last resort because of the poor customer service in Muskogee Oklahoma

  282. I visited the Beaumont Best Buy to pick up an online purchase. 5:00 pm Dec 21. Myself nor any of the 10 other waiting customers were greeted, acknowledged or eye contact made. It was as if we were invisible as they several employees focused on an issue and primarily with one another. This is standard during off peak periods as well. The staff acts as if we should approach them and give off a sense of entitlement and indifference. They need to walk outside and see the name on the store. Best Buy. Not their name in neon lights. When entering the store the manager was smoking and texting outside on his phone and 20 minutes later as I drove off he was in same spot smoking and texting on his phone while probably close to 250 customers were attempting to purchase product in his store.

  283. BEST BUY has the worst customer service. do not buy from them you will be like they did you a favor by let you in the store. I went to the Best but in las Vegas asked the sale person if they had a TV in Stock he left and never came back. I went to the manger after a 1/2 hour he said we are busy if had one I am sure he would of came back. this was on Rainbow and Lake mead in Las Vegas. GAVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE ORDER ONLINE for a Gift ffor My 80year Old Mom in California she received my Gift wanted to exchange it for a Bigger TV They Said she could not exchange it they took it she they were going to credit my account she said I just want to exchange it for a bigger TV this was at The Torrance Store in California. they my took the gift from her told she could do exchange they would credit my card. She left with nothing .I called was told they were to busy to deal with me and hung.

  284. Went to purchase a small TV today and while the store wasn’t all that busy Not one person except 1 who was helping a customer who didn’t even acknowledge me to wait or say something. I walked around the area and not a person to help me. I walked out and told the guard about it and he said I’ll get someone to help. I responded no thanks and left. Went home and purchased a TV on line. The point is I can understand why people shop online instead of brick and mortar stores with this experience. Will no longer come to this store. SERVICE IS KING AND THE SOONER YOU LEARN THIS THE BETTER YOU’LL BE!!

  285. 8 scheduled deliveries of a refrigerator and still not satisfied. 3 were delivered with bad condensers and 3 delivered with dents and 2 deliveries cancelled. I spoke with “Escalation” who only provide empathy and no action. I am through with wasting my time and my tenants time waiting for delivery men to show up (and twice rescheduling the delivery times adding 2 extra hours). I would like a FULL refund! I am willing to keep the bad refrigerator with the bad condenser just so I don’ t have to deal with Best Buy again and I would like my tenant reimbursed for their time.

  286. 2nd posting – no one has contacted me yet.

    8 scheduled deliveries of a refrigerator and still not satisfied. 3 were delivered with bad condensers and 3 delivered with dents and 2 deliveries cancelled. I spoke with “Escalation” who only provide empathy and no action. I am through with wasting my time and my tenants time waiting for delivery men to show up (and twice rescheduling the delivery times adding 2 extra hours). I would like a FULL refund! I am willing to keep the bad refrigerator with the bad condenser just so I don’ t have to deal with Best Buy again and I would like my tenant reimbursed for their time.

  287. We recently purchased an over the range microwave. The initial installation date was to be 1/16/18. We received a “prerecorded” call changing our installation date to 1/23/18. We are highly disappointed with the service we are to receive regarding this purchase. Best buy has always been our place to go for any type of appliance. We have purchased a 44″ Sony TV, a 55″ Samsung TV, a 75″ Samsung TV, 2 dyson vacuum cleaners, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, an HP computer and printer, a Sony Multichannel receiver and an upright freezer from Best Buy. We anticipate purchasing a 75″ 4K TV and Bose surround sound this spring. We also expect to need a new stove and dishwasher. After this experience, we will be checking at Spencers and Frys electronics for our purchases. To add insult to injury, you have already charged our credit card for the microwave before we received the appliance and service. That is not the way to do business. Cheryl Knight and Gary Barlow

  288. I found out today that BestBuy changes prices on the fly based on market price.

    Today, I was online ready buy an item. I placed multiple items in my cart. At that point. I needed to attend to a personal matter and when I came back I found that the price of one my selected items was costing $40 more.
    I used the chat feature to no avail. service rep was nice but said “Bestbuy pricing is based on market pricing and can change at any time.

    Based on this experience, I doubt anything will be done but I needed to let someone know that I will not buy anything from them unless I have to or I am already in the store.

  289. so far since we bought our refrigerator with extended warranty that has not worked since it was dropped off, we have received no response.
    our food and freezer goods are spoiled, we have small children and now no means of refrigerating food
    when we finally talked to someone, they suggested we contact Samsung directly, so we did. Samsung reported to us that the refrigerator was originally purchased by a previous owner who sent it back for not working.
    needless to say we are infuriated
    the store manager informed us that the matter would be expedited and we would hear back in an hour or less!
    me writing you now is to note it has been 7 hrs and is only the single step away from the call to the attorney general .
    we have been lied to, mistreated, and want our situation rectified now!
    the purchase was made by my wife Irene

  290. so far since we bought our refrigerator with extended warranty that has not worked since it was dropped off, we have received no response.
    our food and freezer goods are spoiled, we have small children and now no means of refrigerating food
    when we finally talked to someone, they suggested we contact Samsung directly, so we did. Samsung reported to us that the refrigerator was originally purchased by a previous owner who sent it back for not working.
    needless to say we are infuriated
    the store manager informed us that the matter would be expedited and we would hear back in an hour or less!
    me writing you now is to note it has been 7 hrs and is only the single step away from the call to the attorney general .
    we have been lied to, mistreated, and want our situation rectified now!
    the purchase was made by my wife

  291. I am an applicant who cannot contact you any other way.
    I am interested in working for you 2 days a week for 16 hours plus per week, Tuesday and Wednesday, starting next week if possible.
    Either at the Aurora Village store or Northgate store or both, depending.
    I am prepared to work as a Cashier or as an Assistant to a department / or general work for both places if needed — I only need to know in advance the location.
    I will work this way for approximately a year, then if we are good for each other and you offer a permanent position, I will be honored to work for you full time.
    Thank you for your time and opportunity to write.
    Yes, you should have an application on file already.

  292. I bought a Macbook air for my daughter, it crashed just after the waranty expired. I bought her another one. She made the purchase. They never told her about the rewards program We just went to buy a tv and use the rewards. THey not only didnt tell her about it they also didnt tell her they expired. Very poor information and customer experience.

  293. I took my desktop to be repaired, paid 159.00 plus tax, received a call telling me my hard drive and maybe something else is bad, there was no problem with any of that. Now they want me to spend more money to maybe fix the problem with that it might not. I don’t want another phone call for more money to fix it. I told your person who called me to take his hands off of it and don’t touch it. I will take it to someone who will get the job done. When I go and pick up my computer it will be the last time I ever step foot in your store, I will not purchase another thing from BestBuy, I am done with your store.

  294. IL have had a new computer for two weeks and in that time have had to use Geek services twice. Both issues were with Windows 10. I have been impressed with the gracious and friendly manner with all staff people but am disappointed that again I must disconnect and bring unit to shop or pay for another house call.
    In addition I purchased Print Artist and could not bring up Tutorial. I noted the copyright had expired 2015!! Knowing you want your products to satisfy your customers, I trust you will supply an updated version.

  295. I have had to call Best Buy in Lynchburg, VA to make and check on car instillation appointments. The phone service is HORRIBLE! The recording takes FOREVER to get you connected to a real person. It is a shame that I have had to wait 45 minutes just to ask a 10 second question. This makes me NEVER want to buy anything from them again!!!!!! I will be looking elsewhere when buying electronics, etc. This is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a happy customer!!!

  296. My most recent experience(yesterday), as a long time customer, was unmatched in customer service. My tablet earphone plug had broken off inside and I brought it in to see if it could be removed. Carli at the technician service counter was very polite and very willing to meet my needs. She was professional and courteous to exceed my expectations. After a short period of time the problem had been resolved. In this day and age customer service is a lost art and I would like to commend the service I received. I feel Carli went above and beyond my expectation with her service and the ability to make me feel important. It is my observation that Carli should be recognized as she is obviously an asset to Best Buy. Please take the time to ensure she is recognized for her outstanding efforts. She is a valued employee. My experience will continue to keep me as a valued customer moving forward. COODO’S.

    Thank You

  297. I purchased an Insignia 50″ television from Best Buy. While there, I went to the Geek Squad to request a relatively minor installation on a recently purchased lap top computer. I was told that Geek Squad cannot service me unless I had an appointment. Since I did not have an appointment the agent advised me that there was nothing he could do except schedule an appointment for me for a later date/time. This was approximately 10:30 am. He scheduled an appointment for me for 12:30 that same day, saying that “corporate” requires appointment only service for Geek Squad. This was I thought very rigid, and since I had just made a $300 purchase, and an additional $200 plus purchase a little over one month ago an allowance could be made. Also, I have been a registered Geek Squad Member for over 5 years. This agent insisted that there was nothing he could do. He was very pleasant, as was I, and we left it at that, with me telling him that I believed that this was not right, and I believed to be very poor customer service given the circumstances. I wish that I could speak to a manager or district manager, as I have done business with the Henrietta store, and they are much more accommodating and less rigid. Right after this conversation, my instinct was to return the $300 purchase and go to a competitor or the Henrietta Best Buy, however I decided against that. I have decided that in is highly unlikely that I will make any further purchases from the Best Buy in Greece. Also, I recently went to the Henrietta Geek Squad for a minor install and they took me right in. I believe I know where I will be going in the future…..Very disappointed with my friends at Greece Geek Squad….

  298. February 7, 2018
    I paid for a refrigerator that has a freezer and I purchased an upright freezer also. I was told January 8, 2018 I was getting the upright freezer. It was finally delivered January 23rd the day before delivery they called and said the refrigerator would come today. The installer couldn’t get the water dispenser to work. So now I have to wait for an exchange. I will have to unload the refrigerator again. The refrigerator I had in the kitchen they put in the garage. He took the door off before moving then could not put the door back on. Then he’s saying a plate is missing so the screws won’t stay in. I had snow blown the driveway before they got here so if something had fallen it would have been able to be seen. I also have cameras on my house that can show the part of the driveway they needed was clear. He said my refrigerator is old. I KNOW THAT. However, it was functioning and there was nothing wrong with the door. So I can’t use my refrigerator in the garage until the door which worked fine is put back on. He called his distribution center and the employee there told me I have to contact Best Buy to get a replacement. Best Buy says they will put the door on when the new frig is delivered. Why should I have to wait for more incompetence! I have had to make all the calls myself which has been time consuming and frustrating.

  299. Terrible
    Customer service #1 not in this country told me my credit card was used in other parts of the world and was rejected and would not be eligible.
    customer service #2 rep in India I think certainly not this country. Basically said I did not know what I was talking about and told me to go back to the store.

  300. I cancelled my service with the Geek Squad several months ago but today when I received my statement from the bank, I found a service charge of $42.89 to be paid to the Geek Squad. How do I get them to stoop this service?

  301. After today, at the Rochester, Mn store, I will never buy another thing from Best Buy. The manager, claiming to be a Veteran, was one of the worst I’ve ever met. Both as a Veteran and a so called manager. The manager I met before him was even worse. I’ve never been treated with less respect. I had a Vietnam Veteran hat on, and a USA jacket. This jerk said, I was wearing it just to show off. Having pride and showing off are two totally different things. I tried to tell him the truth about what had happened, he didn’t want to hear it, nor did he care. I told him I had been a good customer for many years, had bought several things from that store, and my family shopped there as well. He said, I don’t care how big your wallet is! He told me to get out! Get out now or I’m calling the Cops for you trespassing. I waited for the Policeman. I think to make my point, but maybe some just to piss him off. I was standing at the door going out when the Police came. He was also a Veteran, great guy, and did listen. He was what I expect from a Veteran, and a Policeman. I admire both. They truly protect our freedoms and safety. With the many, many ways, and places there are to shop these days, Best Buy has a valuable lesson to learn. I understand it’s very hard to get help, but if I had to work with that manager, I understand why no one would want to. I went there to buy a Fitbit, got kicked out instead. Hell, I was in the Marine Corps for 3 years, 4 months and 29 days, 2 years and 25 days overseas, proudly served, and proudly served in Vietnam, I’ve been thrown out of better places. Semper Fi to those who understand. Be smart when you buy, it does not have to be Best Buy.

  302. Please stop with the terrible movies on the front page of your flyers (for example, Thor Ragnarok). You should try putting up front and centre movies that are actually good and that people like for a change. Then you might actually get those people who are repelled by movies like Thor (which are many) to actually go to your store and buy something.

  303. Here we go again…..I quit buying from Best Buy because of customer service problems after spending 1000’s of dollars over the years. I recently decided to make a purchase and re-open my account. Well, I must say that things haven’t changed. I’ve spent nearly 3 hours today trying to get a simple question answered, on hold, transferred, hung up on….you name it!!! Your Customer Service reps can’t speak English so on top of ALL of that, I had to ask each one to repeat themselves nearly every sentence they uttered.

    I rec’d an email of a receipt of a purchase I didn’t make, with my information on it, and I haven’t been to a Best Buy store in months. That was the subject of my original call. I’ve been told I have two my best buy accounts and they need to be merged, but I still don’t know about the receipt from a purchase that I certainly didn’t make. Also one of the reps on the phone was telling me I purchased a tv from a store in Minnesota on Dec 21, 2017. I haven’t been to a best buy store since December 17th, 2017 when I purchases a AT&T phone, and a apple lap top. Those have been my only purchases since I started back up with your company.

    I need someone to contact me that can speak English and has the answers I need. Is someone using my my bestbuy account, are they using my points? There have been no charges on my best buy credit card account thankfully, but what is going on here? I need answers.

    What an absolute nightmare your Customer Service department is…..

  304. I ordered a very expensive camera and the day I was to pick it up I was told it was not available and had to be special ordered. I call customer service this morning and asked the status of the order. I was told it was on backorder and they didn’t know if would ever come in. I was told to either buy it so from another vendor or buy a different camera. the camera I want is a Canon 1DX Mark ii which is the top of the line pro camera from Canon and they have plenty for sale. I cant believe they don’t care about their customers and they don’t want my money. Amazon doesn’t do this and they know how to fulfill orders. its sad that a national consumer electronics store cant sell the one camera every pro photographer wants. buy BestBuy, my money goes to amazon.

  305. Tried to place an online order. Credit card declined. Contacted card issuer for a reason. Was told they consider the Best Buy website not secure. Called customer service and reported this. Instead of getting me to tech support or security, the idiot representative tried to run the card again. Naturally, it was declined again. Told the fool to just cancel the order. Don’t plan to shop Best Buy again anytime soon!

  306. Just spent 20 min. writing a detailed account of my experience at your Newnan Ga. store only to have it deleted as I was entering my e-mail address. I went to Newnan (42 miles ) rather than Douglasville because the Douglasville stores’ service really stinks. Here is the short version:
    Asked for amp./receiver that would serve two set of speakers.
    Bought a Yamaha for 300 plus dollars.
    When I unpacked it I could not get anything from the speakers.
    Returned toe store and watched 3 people trying to get it to work for a houer and then left.
    Later got a call from the manger saying they got it to work.
    returned to the store and was directed to an office where he showed me how it would work only on the aux. setting.
    when asked why only on aux. he replied he did not know.
    Returned home and could get only one set of speakers to work.
    Returned to the store and was told they could send it back to the factory.

    I explained I had just retired from the Univ. of West Ga. and had had a surprise reception with over 300 people attending – a possible record. I told the people at your store I would relate my experience on the facualty/staff list ser. and that I would write this off as a $300.00 mistake. That was several months ago- haven’t heard a word from the store.
    Today, in addition to numerous verbal comments I received my 11th e-mail reply thanking me for the warning.

    today,in addition to numerous

  307. I think your service stinks. I cannot log into my account. My ID is not my email address. The only option you offer is email address. So why are you asking for my email address????? Leave a message, this line is for Geek Squad, that’s what I got when I called you. I am POd.

  308. Made several attempts to sign into my BestBuy credit card account.
    Always use the option for text as well as email verification, but I NEVER get a verification by Text or email sent back to me.

    Your system is broken.

  309. We are in Rochester, MN for medical care. I purchased a computer power cord which was supposed to be compatible with my Dell Lap Top, which it was not. I paid with an American Express Gift Card, and since the purchase maxed the card, we disposed of the card at the store. When returning it, I was told the refund was put back on the card, which we no longer had. When told i could only get a gift certificate from Best Buy, I refused, and left the unused, unopened powercord at the store. I did not need anything at Best Buy. However, we could have used the refund for groceries, gas, or any other expense we are encountering while at Mayo. Will think twice before using
    Best Buy again. You received payment for the product. The lack of flexibility is not satisfactory.

  310. I recently had the Geek Squad at my home to install my new computer and transfer files that I had on my old computer. When he left he took my old computer which I told him that I wanted to give it to a friend, also he took my keyboard with him because he said my new one came with a keyboard. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my keyboard and I absolutely HATE the new one. I PAID for that keyboard and should have been able to keep my computer and the keyboard. also, None of my old files transferred over to the new computer (including the pictures that I had on the old one). I could have saved the nearly $200 and done it myself.
    Also, when I went in to Best Buy to purchase a new Kindle, I told the salesperson that I was looking for a new Kindle… He said “down that aisle where it says Kindle”. Great customer service. Of course I then had to find him again when I found what I was looking for only to find out I would need to order it as they had none in stock. If I had ordered thru Amazon I could have saved a trip.
    And because of the new keyboard, if I hadn’t gone back and corrected the errors you would NEVER have ben able to read this…

  311. I visited your store in #802 on 05/03/18 took about 20 minutes before anyone chose to assist me, However the sales associate Madeline was very informative and a great help. She showed great knowledge of the various products that I purchased. I attempted to make a call to customer service and come to find out your CS facility is located in the Philippines. This explains why I had to spell several words for your CS facility. With this said I could take or leave Best Buy. When I call a company to give good or bad news, I want to do it and get it done and move on with life. Just suggestion for the over paid CEO’S of this Country.

  312. I tried ordering the deal of the day and through a glitch at Best Buy 2 credit cards from 2 different institutions was denied and after speaking with 10 different Best Buy agents it’s obvious no one knows what the hell they’re doing. I’m through shopping at Best Buy

  313. My son purchased a new IPad for me and spent over $700.00 at the new Paramus, NJ store on 5/19/18. I went there to purchase a new cover, pencil and glass screen protector. My IPad is great however I returned the pencil and the glass screen cover, after purchasing it for 49.99, would not stick. I returned that and was going to purchase another but I wanted the tech to put it on in the event it also had a problem. I was told that there is a 7.00 fee to do that. I spoke to two managers and both said they would not waive the fee even after spending over 900.+ at their store. I therefore returned that item also and will purchase it elsewhere where they know what customer service is! I was appalled that they would not help a customer knowing what I had spent or just as a service when the one I purchased did not work. I would like someone to review this policy as it is not fair to your customers. I told them I would go elsewhere to purchase and they said OK. Good relationship with customers.

  314. I bought a Samsung LED 49″ TV on the 17th. Didn’t open till 28th, set it up and found out it doesn’t work. The right side of the screen is white approx. 15″ wide with the next> symbol in the upper right hand corner and the left side of the screen is totally black with some odd shapes on the lower left hand corner. I tried to return it and Best Buy said they couldn’t replace it . So, basically I am out $349.79 for a tv I never got to watch. I am here by myself and I didn’t even lift it out of the box. I took the box apart around the tv; didn’t bump it or drop it. So somewhere along the line it was damaged but not by me. I got no satisfaction from Best Buy and no one on line or phone can help me. I have had other Samsung products and never had a problem. Please help. I am a senior citizen and $349.79 is a lot of money to throw away.

  315. Hello, I called to inquire about a charge on my credit card from Best Buy for 32.84. The rep that I spoke with was named Alex, she explained to me that it will automatically renew every year because in the terms and conditions it states that. I tried explaining to her that every year that I will normally receive an e-mail notification prior to renewal. She instructed me to go website and put in contract number that she gave me, as I was trying to do that, I told her that it was not on the screen. She responded with “oh my God” (deep sigh) and proceeded to put me on hold. I waited a few minutes and realized that she put me hold and was not coming back. I called again and got a very nice customer service rep named Zadpy and he explained that I can opt out of auto renewal and they will send me a reminder every year for renewal. He also gave me a confirmation number and it was just that simple. Perhaps Alex should go into another line of work, since she was rude and impatient to me. That is unacceptable, and she should at least wait until the customer is not on the phone before she makes her remarks..

  316. I was trying to link my best buy card to my email. They send a verification number and I did this 3 times and none of the verification numbers worked. I was going to spend over $750 on a sound system. Now I am going over to Amazon to buy it. I go to your site to find an email to contact your company and there is nothing. You lost another customer.

  317. I am sending this note of appreciation for the good service I received at the Best Buy store (507) Augusta ga. on 1 JUN 18. Kudos to Diane, one of the managers; to Anna, the sales person who assisted us, for her expertise regarding the products and for her care and patient concern during the selling and buying process. Also to JR and Auston. Thanks to these individuals on 1 JUN 18, I left the store a satisfied customer, unlike the dissatisfied customer I was when I left the store on 31 MAY 18

  318. After having a decent time dealing with your Canton, OH store we tried again with your N. Fayette, Pa store and bought a clothes washer. It was to be delivered between noon and 4 pm. At about 510 the delivery person said he’d be here in 15 minutes. It is now 550 pm and there is no sign of him. I tried to offer him directions and was blown off. He wasn’t interested in being advised that our home is somewhat difficult to find. He has not called back or let us know if he needs help. I also tried to tell the individual that called to set up the delivery about the need for directions to find our place. He also blew me off and said I should tell it to their delivery person. We WILL NEVER PLACE ANOTHER ORDER WITH THIS STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Their definition of service is the pitts!!

  319. A simple request. Trying to contact customer service via E-Mail which doesn’t seem to exist. Wasting time being forwarded to their customer service forums and blogs where I spend forever looking for info to some very simple questions which are better explained within an email format. Here’s a suggestion, under “contact us” simply put an email address where we can “contact” you !!!!!

  320. The worst website. Then when I called, cs is closed?please CANCEL MY ORDER AND CANCEL MY NEW ACCOUNT. David N. Peterson, 140 Byington Dr, Reno NV 89509. (Account was set up 30min ago at 930pm PST)

  321. My problem wasn’t with visiting the store, my problem was with trying to get hold of the store in Granville WV. That recording is so confusing. It doesn’t give any clear choices if you just want to talk to a store employee. I had to call back 3 times to finally figure out how to get someone. It is the worse answering system I’ve gotten in a long time. It needs an up date badly. PLEASE UP DATE THIS QUICKLY!! I don’t want to go thru that if I need to call there for anything again. Thank you.

  322. pls i want to buy instant print camera,…
    pls bring it to olabinjo capenta or to his neighbor opposite engineer olabinjo workshop at enukuroyin by osademe

  323. I was scheduled for a delivery on 7/6/18 between the hours of 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM. I received a call from the delivery person and he told me that he could not make it because he did not have enough gas. How is that my problem? Best buy scheduled my delivery as stated in the time frame above. In preparation for this delivery I painted and cleaned out my current refrigerator. Now I will have to replace the food and beverages because Best Buy can not deliver. I have been told I can reschedule why was the schedule made if it cant be made?

  324. I bought batteries yesterday and they are dead batteries. Called customer service and they told me to return them. The store is over 40 miles from my business and we made a special trip yesterday to pick them up. Customer service said they could not mail them and I had to return them. I will spend more money in gas than the batteries are worth. It was a 6 pack of NS-CB6123A.

  325. I know that this will not be read or even addressed, but here goes. Have had terrible problems with customer service. Would call and go through the entire phone options and then get hung up on. Have gotten through this time, but someone that did not speak English well to assist me did not work out well. Was inquiring about my supposedly, Reward points. When we buy something at Best Buy, we are informed we do not have any. The recording stated “negative 361.” Whatever that means. On 09/21/17 we purchased 2 Samsung TVs, $1299.99 both returned due to problems, We then paid the difference and got a Sony, which has been fine. Some of the Geek Squad was really good, some not. On 09/01/17, we purchased a Soundbar for $213.62. On 06/27/18 a Samsung 7 Cell Phone $512.29. Plus several CDs and DVDs and small items we did not keep the receipts on. The person that attempting to assist me was attempting to “fix it.” But, we got disconnected. She did say something to the effect that the rewards points only worked if purchases were made on Best Buy credit card. We use a credit card and pay it when the bill comes in.or either pay cash for our purchases. Could someone give me some insight into this situation? My email is below, or my phone is 205-799-8557.

  326. I went to the 13238 northwest freeway in Houston ,tx.. asked to get 2 regular firesticks and 2 five tv I was told that its a 2 per house hold at this store. I told the employee who we went to the mgr on duty mark perez. mark also said that I could only get 2 I replied I go the 1960 willowbrook store and no problem..i told my wife lets go to the other store,but mgr did not say ill do it this time. I should have just said im going to target and that’s what I did… I just spent $292.22 on the 4 items and a phone blu tooth…. I don’t do not think I will be doing any business with you guys any longer..this is the 3 time this has happen at this location

  327. I purchased a Nintendo Switch eshop card, in which I had to give my email address to get a download code. Now I am on the Best Buy email list, which I specifically never volunteered for, in fact, do not want to be on. Did you also sell my email address to additional third parties? Please send me the terms and conditions that state that I agreed to recieve Best Buy rewards related emails, and prove to me that this was not a coincidence. The email address in question is in your requird field in this form, please remove it immediatwly from your sales email list in addition to your explaination to where Best Buy recieved my permission to be added to said list.

    • On May 18,2018 I used points to buy several items in Best Buy at Crossgates Mall in Albany,NY. I live 4 hours north and made it very clear at that time that I might return some of the items. On July 24th I was again in Albany and attempted to return 2 items. One a battery charger unopened and the other cleaner also unopened. I was then informed that I could not return them. I had not looked at the receipt. That says 15 day return policy on most items. I wonder what items would not fall in that category.To be honest I have enjoyed dealing with you until this point. If I am not able to return items I will have to reconsider dealing with you and will have to share with others I know that they should be careful when making purchases. I am hopeful that you can help me resolve this. Sarah Ellioott

  328. I am not very happy with my recent experience

    I stopped by the Coralville location to have a key fob reprogrammed for my security system i bought from Best Buy. I spoke with Scott there and he said it would take 10 minutes to do or less. I said great, he told me to just stop by whenever.

    So I stopped by on 7/24/18 around 3pm. Scott was not there and another guy was. I walked in and told him i needed my key fob reprogrammed. He looked at me said “I was expecting you hours ago”. Very rude, then he goes out to do it tries it 3 times, throws my fob on the seat and says its defective and walks back inside the garage.

    You don’t treat customers like that, especially ones that had you install the product. I asked for a simple task to do and he was rude about it. Scott is great, but this other guy has an attitude.

  329. Terrible(no) purchasing. Las Vegas, NV. my rental had the refrigerator break down.
    Contacted store in S.E. area of Las Vegas, Nv. I live 3000 miles away. Did the buying over the phone..realized I had to fix the order to pay extra to haul the old one away. I also needed the paper work in my name for ownership & extra warranty. Plus it was put in my renters name. I was asked to have the renter call. She didn’t want to. Cust. Service couldn’t figure out my dilemma. Hours more than one day & get the refrigerator there as soon as possible. Finally asked for a supervisor and a man named Billy reassured me it will be corrected. Delivery day – none.Called & was told there was no order or notes of calls in computer. 7/24/18 , 7-25-18. What a turmoil. Got another one from someplace else.I wonder how much lessons are given & tested for a spoke person for Best Buy. Good Bye

  330. Bad service. Not again. waited for delivery of a top freezer refrigerator. Tenant took day off. No refrigerator delivered. I am landlord and called Best Buy again. No notes of the corrected deal made with a supervisor (?) He said his name was Billy. I keep my rental in supreme condition. What is taught to a new customer service rep? & or Supervisor. I am a retired general manager of a L.V. casino. No way was different departments not know their job. HOW IMPRTANT IS YOUR PROFITS & SERVICE?

  331. Hi! I am writing in reference to order # BBY01-805550872034 , in which we ordered a new washing machine and dryer, as well as paid for delivery and installation. The delivery and installation was on Tuesday, 7/10/2018 at 917 W Roscoe.

    The two delivery guys were very pleasant and arrived within the scheduled window, as well as gave us a heads up when they were close, so we could be prepared. We had the closet cleared out and ready to go, doors off for ease of installation, etc. The two men worked swiftly to remove the old appliances and got the old ones out/new ones up very easily.

    However, they informed us at the time of installation that they could not put the washer and dryer back into the closet the way they had been in there, with the washer on the right and dryer on the left, because it would require a drain hose extension. The problem with this was that the dryer door would not open on the other side, but that was how they put it in (and also had the dryer door on the wrong side for opening, had it been in the configuration we requested). Therefore, the dryer was put in without being able to be used. They hooked up the dryer this way, but left the washing machine not completely set up, as the drain hose they brought not only wasn’t long enough to hook up, but didn’t fit in the hole where the prior drain hose was. So they just left it. They seemed to be in an incredible hurry and annoyed that we were trying to think of ways in which we could help to make the appliances work.

    We had to call a plumber to get the drain hose connected and extended. The plumbing company took more time on the phone with us to explain what we could need, so they could expedite their service, than the washing machine and dryer installation guys seemed to be willing to take. We had to also have a plumber disconnect and reconnect the gas to move the dryer to the side where the original dryer was. And my husband spent three hours taking apart the dryer door to have it open the way that we needed it to open. This ended up costing us nearly $200 additional for the plumber and the extra equipment. Also, my husband missed almost the Entire day of work that day, which is something we can’t possibly be compensated for, but was beyond frustrating, as we scheduled the delivery for 7-11am, and the issues wasn’t totally resolved until we paid a plumber time and a half to come in the afternoon to help fix the issue – which was completed at 4pm.

    This wasn’t what we expected in terms of service when we chose Best Buy for these appliances instead of our typical go-to, ABT. We decided to go with Best Buy this time because the prices were comparable, but moreso, because delivery and installation was promised in a very quick time frame. We’ve seen that the promise comes at the cost of patience and willingness to be creative with a slight problem to turn it into a solution.

    Ive already spoken on July 13 with Harry Q in Best BUy customer service regarding this matter and he has not followed up.

  332. I had been to the BestBuy Madison Height MI store on August 06 2018, to purchase LG Washer, Dryer, Pedestal’s and Refrigerator. I had the price from the competitor and ask them, if they can match the price, (before the rebate on LG), which they had on their Website … They agreed and when they did the price match … it was higher than competitor, again I spoke to the manager and requested him to deduct the rebate after the price match, which they had on their website … at that time he denied. so on the Aug 07, I called their corporate office and they transfer me to another Manager in the same store, when I spoke to her, she replied ” I do not have authority to match the price” , I will speak to another manager, who has authority to match the price and he will call you tomorrow … I did get the call on Aug 08 from another manager to say “if the previous manger did not match .. I also won’t match”. I sent the email to the district Manager, regarding this behavior … he did not even reply to my email … when they cannot match the prices … why do they put the same on their website … “PRICE MATCH GUARANTEED” … after this behavior, not only me but my extended family won’t buy anything from Best Buy … there are lots of other stores in Michigan, who sells the appliances

  333. Best Buy in Dubuque Iowa has very poor customer service!! We purchased a 55 inch Sharp TV for my mom who is in assisted living. She is 84 years old and on a fixed income. The TV was purchased July 21 2018. Today is Aug 15, 2018. The TV is not even 1 month old and the screen has turned pink. Best Buy refuses to take the TV back because they have a 15 day return policy. This is so stupid!!!!! The TV is less than one month old!!!!!!!!!! It cost $460.09. They offered to send the Geek Squad for free if we purchase the $60 extended warranty….again the TV is not even a month old yet!!!!!!!!! My husband called the Dubuque store and his call was passed around to several different people. I am on hold with the corporate office right now for the SECOND TIME because my call was cut off. DO NOT BUY FROM BEST BUY!!!!!!!! I WOULD LIKE SOMEONE TO CONTACT ME BUT I AM SURE THEY WON’T.

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  335. I purchased a new laptop on 8/20/2018, ticket # val: 000109-188716-378780-293734-055020-169. I also purchased a personal office 360. Serial# MSQQ2007101464432591. The activation code does not work, says not found. Could it be true and was never actuated. Please advise

  336. THIS MUST BE SOME NERD’S IDEA OF A JOKE! Best Buy did (they claim) respond to a request I made NOT to renew my Microsoft Office 365 subscription in September. INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ACCESS YOUR TOP SECRET REPLY ARE NOT POSSIBLE TO FOLLOW. (Specifically, HOT SPOT filters “deny” requests to access “

    Any chance we can skip the “Simon Says” and answer me directly???

  337. Hats off to Nicole Luna at the Pearl City, Hawaii Best Buy location. About a year ago I purchased ALL of our new home appliances along with extended warranty for each. Because one piece arrived damaged, it was returned and then resold and reordered. During that transaction someone inadvertently did not also re-sale the extended warranty. Flash forward 1.5 years and now I need service. When I called they said I didn’t have a warranty…hence my headache began.

    I called the store as soon as they opened, as directed, and thankfully I got Nicole. I explained all that had transpired and she jumped right in to help me resolve. After many phone calls back forth, scanning receipts, manifests and event completion forms, we pieced it together and found out what happened.

    Nicole spent HALF OF THE DAY resolving my warranty issue. With her detective skills and follow through, she fixed a very complicated problem which allowed me to schedule service for my appliance.

    THANK YOU NICOLE! You were so wonderful to work with and you should be commended for your outstanding service.

    Mahalo, Susan and family

  338. I have purchased five flat screen t vs Had the geek squad install and set up a Yamaha receiver few yrs back. Some how I hit the wrong button and now when I try to turn the volume up on zone 2 the screen reads “Zone 2 vol fix” Went to Midlothian store and no one working there has any clue or did they care. I will NEVER buy or enter a Best Buy Store again. Will buy on line can’t get support there but can’t get it from Best Buy either. After all the products I have purchase from B B what a way to treat your customers!!

  339. Your Geek Squad people are about the most unfriendly and rude people I’ve ever dealt with. We tried to renew our protection plan and they would not help us at all. The plan expired on 9/3/2018 we received a notice in the mail on 9/8/2018 5 days after it expired how can we take care of this when we were not notified till after the plan expired. Your store people at Store 1403 were of no help and the Geek Squad people were the biggest JERKS I’ve ever talked to. I thought BestBuy was in business to make money why then could they not renew my plan. I will never ever buy anything ever again from BestBuy.

  340. I’m am letting everyone know that I purchased a Nintendo e gift card for my daughter a 20.00 card and a 50.00 card the 20.00 card worked fine but unable to read numbers on the 50.00 card. Went back to the store and the general manager Ms. hill told me there was nothing they could do to help me because the card had been scratched off. So I then asked so what am I suppose to do about my 50.00.
    She told to just play around with the numbers then I asked what if that does not work she just looked at me and hunched her shoulders. I then ask for the cooperate number I called them and even they could not help me. What kind of customer service is that I spend a lot of money in this store and expected a little more help than I got its awful that this billion dollar company does not do better and refuse to help with this problem .I’m not asking for a refund just want another card they can check it and see that it still has the money on because they put it on and the register but again nothing, nothing nothing. Very upset.

  341. Hello I purchased two Call of Duty Black Ops games one PC and XboxOne versions and I never received the early release Beta codes for these two games, can you please help. I used paypal

  342. We are running a Skill Training Company Based in Hyderabad. We have similar net work across India and having 400 Partners with us for providing Man power Free of Cost. If you have any vacancy in any of the location, you can inform us, we will support you with good Trained Candidate for your requirements.

  343. Janet Gilmartin
    Service Order 02508-307216891
    Member ID: 2030032792 work order email:
    We have received no response to the above referenced work order. My college daughter has been without a computer for two weeks now. see below for timeline
    We have made multiple purchases from Best Buy as evident from our account (732-238-1570). I am extremely disappointed at the poor service we are currently experiencing from the Geek Squad.

    9/7/18 – My daughter dropped off her HP Pavilion X360 at Best Buy, College Park, MD 20740
    She called a few days later to find out the status. She was told it will be looked at in the order it came in.
    The estimated completion date was 9/17/18. We did not hear anything about the repair
    9/19/18 – I called customer service (spoke with Dawn). Was told there was no activity on it. I requested an escalation (case id #218013984). I was told I would receive a phone call within 48 hours.
    9/20/18 – I called customer service again. The agent said she cannot see anything on her screen and for me to call after the 48 hours are up.
    9/21/18 – I called customer service again. I spoke to a supervisor (Manny), who said he could escalate it again. Said to call back again and ask to talk to corporate if I don’t get a resolution. As of now, it is escalated via case # 21800-749.
    9/21/18 – I called customer service again and spoke to William. He was able to see the escalation from this morning, could not see the first one. Said I would not hear until Monday or Tuesday as the team does not work on the weekend (this is a contradiction from what I heard from Manny).

    This is extremely frustrating & annoying. My daughter is a college student out of state and has been without a computer for three weeks now.

    Based on this experience, I would never recommend geek squad. We have used geek squad in NJ and have never had an experience like this. I don’t understand why there is no movement on this workorder. I am beyond frustrated at the different responses I get from the customer service team. At this point, I think my daughter will need to purchase a replacement computer. We will be using PC Richard from now on.

  344. 9/23/18 830pm(ish)
    I needed some assistance from the Geek Squad this evening with my appliance and was fortunate to reach Tim in the appliance dept. in Georgia (I live in California) He was extraordinarily helpful and a pleasure to work with on my problem. He went out of his way to assist me in trying to also resolve my mother in laws appliance problem. Typically you receive minimal support from companies, so his positive and assistive customer service attitude was a real pleasure to encounter. I hope he receives the kudos he is due for the hard work he put into my issues! Thanks Tim for making working on resolving my problems such a positive experience

  345. I’ll make this real short and sweet. Do not take your business to 18053 Garland Groh Blvd. Hagerstown, MD 21740, Because you may encounter James, who works in the Geek department. He is very unprofessional and has an aggressive attitude. Perhaps Best Buy should re-educate their staff on the meaning of good customer Service and make it easier to file a complaint.

  346. About 3 years ago I had my computer desktop at The Geek Squad in Conroe they told me my hard drive was bad so I brought my computer home and at the time I bought a brand new hard drive the computer is still running on hard drive that they said was bad second problem is I ordered a CD burner internal and I was told by a text or email that the burner was available to pick up in Conroe when I got there they told me they had no part for me they checked and said that it was not even shipped to them yet so I said cancel that order and I will get one in your store so they sent me to a sales representative who I told I wanted an internal CD burner so he sold me an external CD burner and I believe that the quality in this store is not the same as a few years ago

  347. A washer and dryer were delivered to my house today. The delivery guys were fine. The salesman who answered my questions (NOT the young woman who sold to me).there was a man standing by the register when I asked if the dryer had the ability to be side vented. This man had a blue best buy shirt and certainly acted as though he knew everything. He told me that yes the dryer could be side vented and yes there was a knock out cover over the side vent. He absolutely lied to me. I could not see the dryer, because there no floor model..I HATE it when people like to me. I will have difficulty trusting any best buy employee.

  348. I had a $85.00 reward certificate which expired yesterday. They told me at the store I could request an extension since I am an Elite member and have purchased thousands of dollars of appliances, TV, washer, dryer, refrigerator, and stove in the past year. I am a caregiver and choose to do that instead of remember every date. Since I am a best buy best customer, I hope you will extend this request. Kay cell: 865-919-3323

  349. I was one day late to claim my $85.00 reward certificate. I am an Elite customer who has spent thousands in electronics, appliances including stove, refrigerator, microwave, washer, dryer, large television, etc. I also subscribe to Geek Squad services. I am also a full time care giver. I was hoping you could redeem my $85.00 reward.

  350. You need better communication with you people. I ordered a refrigerator. Told delivery time. The store could not locate the driver or the helper. They showed up 4 and 1/2 hours late. The handles on the frig were not on the side as listed on my purchase. The driver said if your not happy I will just take it back. They eventually changed the handles that was listed only my paperwork. NOT ON THEIRS. They also ripped the linoleum on my kitchen floor. As a long time customer, I will NEVER order anything that must be delivered by you.

  351. Best Buy, Soquel CA does not believe in customer service. Have several Best Buy products which do not function adequately. Paid for Tech Support and Geek Squad recently and wanted in-home support. Wrote out and read list of all my needs to someone not trained in taking notes. Repeated more than once. Person used excessive verbiage without ever getting to schedule me. Adding insult to injury, she hung up on me. This happened at about 1:30, yesterday, 10/29/18. I have 2 BB phones, laptop, TV, printer, I- phone. Currently lost access to 2 e-mail accounts. Customer service and technical support are not the same. I am outraged and would like to return all Best Buy purchases. Could not find a Manager’s name anywhere. Is there a corporate CEO? Name and address please.

  352. I placed an order online for a movie and by accident I marked the wrong shipping.
    I wanted the free shipping and my phone froze up mid process and the wrong box was checked. I called back immediately within 5 minutes and called customer service. He would not correct the shipping or let me soeak to a manager. I’m now paying $30 for an old movie. Please help me ..Single mother of 3 children.

  353. Never buy from Best Buy. I bought a Blue tooth MegaBlast. It failed after 5 months. I went back to the store to exchange and was told since I didn’t buy the extended warranty I had to deal with the supplier Logitech. Made several attempts via phone and email with no response. Returned to store and asked for Mgr. He gave me his direct contact to Logitech, but still no response. Called Best Buy customer service and was told “tough luck”. I’m going to get even. These miserable, worthless SOB’s will not get my money in exchange for their cheap Chinese crap. Never buy from Best Buy and buy American. Get their credit card and when something fails just send them back their chinese crap instead of paying. when Citibank starts getting stuck with all the junk they sell maybe things will change.

  354. Any notion of “customer service” from Best Buy would be more appropriately
    retitled as “customer abuse”. My home has several BB products, most of which do not operate as advertised. Recently I decided to pay for technical support to resolve this. No customer service appears anywhere. I called Geek Squad and read my well thought-out list to a person who seemed to have received little or not training in taking note or with any concept of customer service. Frustrating as this was, she then hung up on me. Unlikely that I will do business with BB again. Also I would like to return as many BB products as I can for a refund. This atrocious experience occurred on or about 10/29 at 1;30PM.

    What options can you offer me? This website called “Best Buy Customer Service is an example about how little you care about Customer Service

  355. I purchased a Samsung 65″ TV and a pair of Samsung washer and dryer on Nov 9. The TV was delivered the Monday afterwards but the washer and dryer was set up to deliver on the Thursday (11/15/18). It was the day that had snow in our area therefore the delivery was canceled. When I received the cancelation phone call from the warehouse, the warehouse person was unprofessional and unwilling to be accommodated, and rude. She refused to schedule my delivery to the next day or even the weekend (I had a international flight on Monday). She told me Friday is all booked and she can’t replace anyone’s delivery to accommodate my schedule because “that’s not how things worked”.

    When I asked her why the delivery is canceled first she told me because “we don’t want to risk our driver’s life and appliances to get on the street.” But then she told me it was driver couldn’t finish today’s route. Therefore, it impacted my delivery (between 12-3 PM, I received the phone call around 3 PM).

    First of all, if it is because driver cannot finish his route on the snowing day, I can understand. But I should have the priority to choose a day that is convenient to me not Best Buy. All other scheduled delivery schedule should be pushed back until your previous delivery is completed. But because your warehouse manager does not want to call everyone for the changes, so she took the easy route to force customers like me to change a date that I can’t be home.

    Second of all, If the delivery is not completed due to weather issue, then the warehouse should find other time to complete the delivery even that means they need to find additional drivers.

    My husband’s family has been a dealer for a very reputable Japanese medical supply company at Taiwan. They take orders from all sorts different medical supplies big and small. During summer, there are always the risk of typhoons and floods. Delivery schedules can be difficult especially when the streets are flooded or blocked. There is not a time the warehouse cannot accommodate the customers’s requests to redeliver at the time customers request. It is the number one priority for the company to ensure their delivery process is as easy and smooth for their customers so they will return for more purchase.

    The rule of thumb is they will hire additional drivers and pay their own drivers twice the pay to ensure the canceled deliveries have higher priorities because they are already late. If they have to call more customers to tell them their schedule got put off because of the weather, everyone will always understand but it seldom happens. Everyone in the company always understands to hold customer’s satisfaction to highest regard.

    I understand Best Buy is operating in a much different geographical region. But the survey only asks us about how your sales people do. The phone call of delivery only asks about how the delivery people do. The warehouse management, the logistic team has no consequences no responsibilities, no pressure to perform, to be efficient, to be courteous, to be accommodated. This is not the first time we have problem with your warehouse people. We are an elite plus member of Best Buy and whenever we complain, there is no response, no improvement, or simply give me a $50 gift card. If I can make a $6000 purchase in a day, do you think I’d care $50 gift card?

    If your management don’t look into your warehouse/logistic management issue, Best Buy deserves to get bankrupt and disappear from the earth. The arrogance of your warehouse tells me that customers don’t deserver their respect. Japanese companies don’t succeed for no reason. Their dedication on every step of the process to achieve customer satisfaction is something Best Buy should put all the efforts to study and learn.

    And now my washer and dryer can only deliver on next Tuesday (11/20) after I left for the trip. The warehouse people actually told the Best Buy sales people the reason it can only be done on Tuesday is because I “refused to let them help.” I am extremely disappointed with such shameful lie from your warehouse. Fortunately, my lawyer sister is able to take her valuable time drive 30 min to my house to have the washer and dryer delivered.

    Once again, the only company can be successful is to respect their customer’s need, to learn what customers want. Amazon is a great example for your executives. But maybe they don’t care because even if Best Buy bankrupts, they can still make millions. This is the arrogant culture of America business. If it is not change from the root, from the thinking, Best Buy don’t deserve to survive in US market.

  356. When I called, Customer Service, first I was on hold, then disconnected. I called back and wanted a call to my phone number. BB did not have my email address, so could not send me a 4-digit code. I could not reach anyone to resolve my issue. This does not bode well for a prospective computer purchase.

  357. I just sent a comment, but forgot to say that my questions is: What does an open box warranty on a laptop computer cover? Do I have to have Geek Squad install the computer, for the warranty to be in place? If I can’t get a clear, prompt answer to my question, I don’t think I will buy from BB.

  358. Got an offer today on a senior citizen web page. Some stuff at your store for $14.99 coffee maker, slow cooker and toaster oven. Prices are great. Called the 800 number and asked the contact if I had to purchase in store or on line. Did not know. Was unaware of this promo. All I want to know, is do I need to buy this stuff on line, or can I go to the store in Henderson, NV? ‘\
    You need to inform your staff at the call center, when business plans change.
    Let me know … I would like to purchase the items, but not inclined to do it without the promised discount. \

  359. I have tried 5 times to order an Apple Series 3 watch on line. I called customer service 1 times, I was on hold for over 20 minutes after being advised the wait was 2 minutes. Then I tried following up with the online chat. I was advised I would need to place the order by going in as a visitor to the site rather than an existing customer. I tried that two times and was not able to even place the order. I have attempted to place this order 5 times maybe even 6 using not only the Best Buy credit card but two other cards as well all to no avail. I tried calling a second time but hung up after a 40 minute wait. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced and if I will be posting this experience on social media. I have now gone to the Apple Store to make this purchase and very much resent that your system is totally useless and resulted in me having to spend an extra $50 to purchase this item. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEFINITELY LACKS.

  360. It’s 8:18 pm and we are still waiting for our dryer delivery and installation. The texted delivery time was between 12 Noon – 6 pm. The day before the delivery date we were told it would be 2:30 – 4:30 pm. The day of the delivery we received a call telling us it would be between 5 – 7:30 pm. I called at 7:25 pm and was on hold for about 15 minutes, the person who answered saild they needed to transfer me to another dept. I was on hold for about 15 minutes when Larry answered. He was very professional and tried to help, however, no one answered his calls to the shipping depot. He took my phone # and would call me if he heard back. It’s now 8:30 pm, no delivery, no calls, no response, no information. I should have gone to PC Richards instead of Best Buy.

  361. I rarely if ever get the answer that I need! When I think I have gotten an answer, I am not confident that the Best Buy person really understood the question. Today I asked about an AMD compatible motherboard with a DisplayPort if I choose to build my own gaming computer. I need the DisplayPort for my recent Best Buy purchased MSI monitor that has FreeSync capability. I am new at building a computer and expect Best Buy to be able to provide knowledgeable answers. Unfortunately, only someone local (45 minutes away) actually helps and they cannot be reached by phone! I believe that I confused the person I was speaking to and all she could do was search like I did on the Best Buy website.

  362. After waiting on the phone for 20 minutes and speaking with a representative who took my information and then returned to ask what my ordered item was I was suddenly disconnected. This is enough to let me know that customer care is not on their priority list. I do not plan to ever be a customer again. I ordered a Lenovo smart display 10 inch and chose to pick it up at Union Square. To make a long story short the item was not in stock. I cancelled the order. Next day the same item is on the website to be picked up at same location for $20 more this is why I called customer service. I have lost any trust in this company and will take my business elsewhere.

  363. I am writing this communication out of frustration and anger. I am what I would call a good Best Buy customer. I do most if not all of our electronic and appliance purchases at Best Buy. My in store experiences are always enjoyable and even fun at times. But your phone communications with pretty much anyone I have talked to is maddening. I just spent 15 minutes talking to three different reps and accomplished nothing what so ever. In the past I have spent in excess of 20 minutes on the phone waiting and getting no help. There was even the evening when I spent 15+ minutes on hold and finally hung up because I was frustrated and tired of waiting. If it was just one store that would be one thing, but I have had this experience at four different stores where I have made purchases. It appears that your floor staff is very well trained but the call staff not so much. My reason for a call today was an upgrade to an Office 365 program we purchased last month. We first called Microsoft to get the upgrade but we were told that Best Buy would need to process it and give us the same deal they were. Your rep said he could process it but not the same deal Microsoft was going to give us. Everyone I talked to today seemed that they had no clue on what to do. Like I said, we like shopping at your stores .. Hell I even own BBY. Please work on your call staff knowledge!

  364. Please forward this to the Walker store Management. We were on the chat for 30 minutes tonight and they gave us an email address to email the store and it was returned. So we are trying the one on your card.

    I got this email from the online chat because I was looking for a place to file a complaint against Best Buy. After typing all this online, I was given this email. It seems like more run around from Best Buy. We have been lied to and told so many different stories. This is not a trustworthy company.

    I am very tired of the customer service at Best Buy. We have been getting the run around for months. OUr order number is 1118294255699.

    First we ordered a stove on October 21st and we were told it would be delivered on November 23rd. On November 22nd we were told it was coming on the 23rd between 8 and noon. at 9:15 am on the 23rd we got a call from Adam Saunders and he said our stove was not coming that day and would not be in till January.
    This was not acceptable to us and we could not believe the systems at a store like Best Buy would not know our stove was not there until the delivery people could not find it.

    We had to return to the store and stand in line to talk to Adam because the extension he gave us he did not answer. Also when we talked to him in the morning he told us he would call us back by 10am which he did not. When we were back in the store he acted like we were lying that we called and then he checked his phone and saw there was a call from our number that he did not answer.

    The lies and poor customer service continues.
    when we were at the store, Adam magically found a stove like ours in Detroit. But the due to the Best Buy routes the stove had to go to Chicago first and then to GR.
    So the stove was set to be delivered today. The installers showed up and told my husband there was a gas leak. We then called DTE. They came to our house within 60 mins. The professional at DTE told us there was no leak and our gas line was fine. He also said the stove could be hooked up to this line.
    So we attempted to call Best Buy to see if the installers could come back since we had a new stove in our garage and no way to make food since the old stove was disconnected.

    Of course, it is almost impossible to get someone on the phone for Best Buy who knows what is going on. There is one person who answers the phone for multiple stores. She told us Adam the appliance manager was on his lunch. And he would call us back. We did not trust this since he has not called us back before. So we travel to the store once again.
    We had to talk to managers in the store for 45 minutes till they figured anything out. They told us several things that were not true. Like the installers would come back and try to reconnect the stove. When the installers returned we just asked them to take away the old stove and unpack the new one.
    The installers were nice and said that many people have these issues with Best Buy.
    So now we have to return to the store again to return the gas line and get our money back which will probably be an issue. We have to figure something out for dinner without a stove and no one in the Best Buy company offered to compensate us in any way even though this has been the worst experience we have ever had getting a new appliance.

    We have also never experienced a company that did nothing to compensate individuals for all the inconvenience Best Buy has caused us. We will remember this when it comes time to buy more appliances. We made at least 4 additional trips to the store since we cannot reach anyone online. We waited longer for our appliance and we have to eat out till we can get the stove hooked up. This is the worst customer service we have ever experienced form a chain store. We will definitely share this with our friends and the people we know.

    Once our stove was brought into our house tonight and we tried to level it, we found the leg on the stove is broken. So we had to call Best Buy on two different phones and after 35 minutes Jay answered the phone. He says he is calling us tomorrow to set up a time for someone to help get this fixed. The customer service has been awful if you continue this way you will be out of business soon. I would rather pay a higher price and have good customer service. For example, we got a dryer from Lowes and it had a problem and they had to order another dryer, but each time we called and waited no longer than 5 minutes for someone to help us and take care of the problem, not someone telling us to call another number.

    Sarah and Kevin Weber
    3431 Shady Place NE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49525

  365. Reference number:1811042765555 My wife and I visited your Augusta, Ga. store to purchase the LG OLED 55″ TV. We were going to pay cash for it, but the young man who assisted us said we could save another $180 by applying for the Best Buy Visa Platinum Card. We went ahead and applied, only to be told we were not approved. We then said we’d be back the next day with our Sun Trust Mastercard and buy the TV, as my MC has a cashback for purchases we make. I received a letter from you that stated the reason we were turned down was that Citibank couldn’t verify our identity, and used Experian in making their decision. That’s funny, since I have an Experian ID Notify account, I have a house mortgage on record, and I have a Lincoln SUV. So our identities are well known.That’s when we went to Costco to look at the same TV and discovered that they had the unit $50 cheaper than you, and I purchased a 5 year warranty for $99 while getting another $100 of the price. On top of that, the next week Costco dropped the price another $200, and since they have a 14 day price match, I got another $200 off of the purchase. Citibank has cost you a sale, and I won’t be going back to Best Buy again. I bought a UHD Samsung 40″ from the same store in 2015. Plus I had a Best Buy card when I lived in Missouri until I went to Germany for 5 1/2 years in 2010. I bought a PC, a laptop computer, and a Olympus digital camera. So, I’m known to you, I’ve bought plenty of stuff from you, and Citibank says they can’t verify my identity? Give me a break. You probably don’t care about losing a customer, but I’ll make sure to tell everyone that thinks about buying from Best Buy might want to reconsider.

  366. I purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera, which I picked up at the store, but how do I get the $25 Shutterfly certificate? At the store they told me I would receive an email with info…I have not received the email?

    Order #BBY01-805590516823

  367. i bought a printer in Mooresville NC and had it shipped to my home in Waynesburg pa. however I am having problems setting up the wireless and wish to return the item.1. can i return it to my nearest Best Buy and 2. i have requested a new code to reset my password 3 times and i still have yet to receive and email from Best Buy.

  368. its an absolutely chaos. I was ordering on Black Friday a J BL – LINK 20 Smart Portable Bluetooth Speaker and waiting since today for delivery. I was calling three times the customer service and verified two times the delivery adress because UPS wasnt able to deliver. Im wondering because I did place another order to the same adress and this order was delivered without any issues. Today I got a mail with a “successful” delivery. Unfortunately not to my home adress. I was told to request a refund and I should go to the next shop and buy my speaker there. Cmon guys, is this the way you are treatining customers? I cant stop shaking my head….

  369. Hello,
    I encountered a problem with an employee at the customer service desk today.
    Very bad customer service skills and unhelpful. I had to ask to see a manager to take care of my exchange. SHE should have known to do that. I have spent a lot of my money at Best Buy and whenever and whatever I have a problem with should be addressed to the fullest extent without ANY attitude from your staff.

    • My delivery date and installation time for today seems to be a no show. Here it is 6:22 and no one is here. No problem except my grandson at 7pm had his first concert. I’m not happy about.

  370. Hi, I’d like to file a complaint. I ordered 4 items on black Friday and only received 1 of them. I received an email saying that there was an error with payment but there was more then enough money on my Credit Card for the purchase, in fact they sent 1 of the 4 items. In the email it said it would try to reprocess for the next 5 days but I never heard anything back after that, or in regards to why the payment failed over the next 5 days (if it was even attempted which I highly doubt) so I assumed they would arrive eventually.
    I called today to check on the process of the order and was told that the items would not be coming as the order was cancelled. All they could tell me was that you didn’t receive money off my credit card, which I have no idea why. There was plenty of room on it, 1/4 items was able to send. Since I received one of the items I assumed the others were just stuck in the mail.
    On top of that the agent told me I couldn’t get the specials anymore on the items since the deals were over, advising me to try on boxing day. Real helpful considering there supposed to be xmas presents. Honor your prices, your a major company and your telling me you can’t give me the products I ordered for the price I ordered them at?
    So now its almost Xmas and I’m not going to have the gifts I expected for my gf. That should go over just great! Thank you best buy once again for a terrible experience and no help.

  371. I’ve gotten two letter from you concerning an overdue bill. I do not believe I have any bill with you. I bought a cell phone but it was unsatisfactory and I returned it within the necessary time frame. There, I believe, I owe you no money for this transaction. If there’s some other charge, please inform me. Thanks, Matthew Grass

    Acct.#6035 3513 2634 0943

  372. I tried a new cell phone at a BestBuy store but was not happy with it and returned with the necessary time period. I’ve been billed to months now and don’t believe I should have been. Please look into this and remove the charges. Thanks, Matthew Grass

    Acct.#–6035 3513 2634 0943

  373. I purchase a new Samsung tablet for my husband James Gorder for Christmas. When I purchased the tablet I did so from the store and the guy asked if we had an account and I said yes and gave him the phone number to look it up but told him I was paying with cash and wanted a paper receipt only stating it is a present. Low and behold a week before Christmas he got an email at asking about the purchase stating how much it cost and suggestions on what else to purchase. I had no idea Best Buy did this and wondered why come Christmas Day when he opened the present he was not a bit surprised and did not say much about it. He later told me he got an email about it a week before. Now I saved the over 600 dollars to purchase the new tablet just to have the surprise a bust. I cannot explain how much you ruined this particular Christmas exchange.

  374. Today I was helped by a very thoughtful and knowledgeable sales person at the Mission Valley San Diego store. I didn’t get his name, but I do have a Customer Service Pin 0438 022 7193 010619. Please let him know that all the parts, that he sold to me, connected into my Phonak Roger Pen base and my LG Smart TV successfully streaming the TV audio directly into my Med-El cochlear implant processor, i.e. my brain. This is a wonderful achievement. Thank you! I definitely needed a very competent sales person.

  375. Called about my order. On hold for less than 10 minutes, got hung up on. Called back. On hold again, over 20 minutes now, and still haven’t talked to an actual person. Horrible customer service!!!

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