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Contacting Bernina Customer Service Center

Bernina is a large sewing and embroidery company offering machines, software, support and classes for those crafty customers who buy Bernina products. The company first entered the world of sewing and embroidery in the late 1800s. We are always on the lookout for a truly transparent company with tons of contact information and no hidden forms or phone numbers. Bernina is customer-friendly in terms of contact information the company is willing to share, but there are some basic pieces missing.

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Contact Info:

Much of the contact information for Bernina customer service connects the customer with the corporate office, not a customer service call center.

Phone Contact Numbers

The phone is often the first place a customer will turn when something goes wrong or right. You can contact Bernina customer service by phone using the corporate phone number, but a dedicated customer service phone number is not listed on the site.

  • Customer Service: 1-630-978-2500

Mailing Address

The Bernina customer service site offers a contact address that happens to match the corporate address of the company. Customers can use this address for general communication, but technical issues need to be addressed by the customer service team directly, not corporate office. It is also important to contact customer service by phone if there is a billing, refund or warranty issue as these need to be addressed immediately and mail can take 10 to 14 business days for delivery and processing.

Bernina Corporate Office3702 Prairie Lake CtAurora, IL 60504

Official Website

The website for Bernina customer service and products is available at Product descriptions are available for each of the current machines in the line, but Bernina does not sell the machines directly. The suggested retail price for each of the machines is listed though retailers may charge less or more for the Bernina models.

Customer Service Email

You can contact Bernina customer service about products, purchases and general issues, but you should not use this email form for technical issues. Technical support, including software support, is available at

Our Experience

Unless you know your order number, you will have a difficualt time reaching the customer service department. We spent a minimum of three (3) minutes waiting on hold due to not having an order number. After waiting, we asked the agent what were the hours of the customer service department, in the event the retail location is closed for the day and customers needed assistance.

The agent explained the customer service department is available Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm CST. We feel as if the customer service department should be easier to reach for new customers. Do you have any thoughts to express? Share your story below.

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17 Comments on “Contact Bernina Customer Service
  1. I bought a Bernina 440qe about 2 years ago shortly after I bought the machine, the dealer I bought it from went out of business. I had no support for this machine. I am very discourage from using it as I got a very bad feeling about using the machine. Actually, I don’t know how to use it.

    I live in Miami Florida, the dealer was also in Miami.

    What do I do with no support or place to take my machine if I need repairs?

    • This happened to me in 2011 when I purchased the 830 LE. There is a Bernina dealer about an hour’s drive from my home. They will service my machine but I have to pay extra for everything because I did not purchase it from them. I am totally disappointed in Bernina for misleading me and all this added cost is prohibitive.

  2. My name is Rachel Herren. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I’ve been using a Bernina for about 15 years and love my machine. Earlier this year I traded my old model in for another used model and when I did the store here on Maple street said that they will change all my embroidering disk to an art format. Last month, August 18th, I had my husband take my disks in to get them in to the new art format. They said it will be done in a couple of week. My husband went back and they told him that they were not done because they are too busy and that someone has to sit with them the entire hour that it takes to do one. Ok, we can be patient. In a week he went in and it still wasn’t started. Now today I called and find they are still just sitting undone. They told me they would be able to get my disks done so I can use the machine but now since not even one was done I don’t believe they will ever be done. When I called the store today I told them that I want to have my disks returned and have one at a time done but my husband said no, I should have them done all together. What can I do? I am not getting customer service at all. I am putting the back burner with a machine that I paid 2000 for and can not use the embroidering section. and why would I ever want to buy another software if I’m never able to use them. For these months that I’ve had the machine I’ve yet have been able to embroider with it.

  3. My name is Gail Craig and I purchased my 440 qe and 1150 serger from lee sewing in Shelby NC.
    I have been totally dissatisfied with service from this dealer. I am unable to attend scheduled mastery classes due to hours and location and every time I have gone to the shop for assistance, it is poor training and not focused time. The only training I received on my sewing machine was when I asked to be shown how to do a blind hem. I went for training on my serger and the rep was unable to show me how to use the elasticator or the blind hem in the serger because she had never done it before. I purchased the bias binder and have made two trips to the shop for instructions. One trip she said it was only the other rep who knew how to use it and when I went back, the rep who did know how to use it just showed me an item she made with the binder. I called today to see when the trained rep would be available next week and she said next week is not good. Give her a couple of weeks and she referred me to you tube for training. I asked how to use the bias binder for unfolded binding which she had recommended and sold me and she said she does. to remember how to use it because it has been a while since she used it. I now have a very expensive attachment I cannot use.
    I regret. Asking any purchases from this dealer and will not make further purchases from the .

  4. You are withholding parts from my dealer. My 730 will not turn on. I’ve been a bernina client since 1980. I have been waiting 3 months for my machine. If you think this will force me to buy a new Bernina, it will not I will buy another brand where I can get service. I did this last summer re: my serger & have another dealer that is reliable. Rosemary

  5. A miracle has occurred. Immediately after I called to complain about no response from customer service-I get a response. Poor, Poor software support and customer service. Also when I call earlier the person who finally answered “I don’t know what you expect me to do.” This was after I complained about a 4 day wait for a response from Software Support. She didn’t say it with a bad tone; however, I hope you don’t think that is an appropriate response.
    She said she could transfer me to customer relations. Of course no one answered and I had to leave a message.

    Upon finally receiving the e-mail from technical support-I believe the problem has been resolved.

    I had downloaded that driver 4 times (after disabling security and firewall) and was never successful. The previous link I used must be corrupted or something-because when I downloaded this new link sent today it stated did I want to replace, skip or make another copy. This indicated that I had downloaded previously?

    During the time I could not access the software-I could open it by opening an embroidery file because then the software opened up and could be used. Back door entry-please send a message explaining that. That is if you respond at all.

    I have never experienced any technical or software support from a company that was this HORRIBLE. Do you not care? And far be it that I could actually talk with a live person.

    I do not fault the dealer because this obviously was not a problem they could solve. They encouraged me to call the 680 — —- number. Again what a coincidence that I got some action immediately after I made the call.

  6. Have had nothing but trouble with my Bernina Artista 200.including a cracked bobbin case. Was told the 200 was not a good machine and should trade it in for a newer model….more money. What customer service?

  7. I have sent 3 e-mail to technical support and do not get an answer.
    Please help.
    I had a Bernina 185 with and embroidery module.
    I no have a Bernina 560 with an embroidery module.
    I have several embroidery cards that I used with my 185. Is there a way to get the embroidery designs from the embroidery cards on to my computer or on to a thumb drive so that I can use them with my 560?

  8. I have a qmatic and I’m very frustrated with it!!!! And n one to call or help me ! 24-7. Your book is terrible it says nothing about faults or how to go to a middle of a row when you’ve lost your program. Help

  9. I called and emailed my problem with my 750 QE. When I press on the foot peddle, the stitch selection on rhe screen shows all selections with a grey circle with cross out on each stitch selection. Manual shows “stitch selection not possible in the combination mode”. Says make another selection. I hit another selection besides the straight stitch and same thing happens when I hit the foot peddle. Help!

  10. Until a couple of weeks ago I was very happy with my Bernina Aurora 440QE sewing computer which I bought ten years ago. Unfortunately, my stitch regulator foot stopped communicating with my sewing machine after I had quilted only 8 quilts. I had routine maintenance done on the machine by my dealer a month ago. The foot was updated at the same time and it worked for a short time afterwards.

    While I appreciate that Bernina has an honour program that allows me to purchase a refurbished pressure foot at a reduced cost, I fail to see why a Swiss company with a strong reputation for quality products like yours can’t make a BSR foot that only works for a year or so.

    If Bernina sewing machines are marketed as being reliable and the company takes pride in the durability of everything it manufacture why should there need to be an honour program for BSR feet? The quality and longevity of the products should speak for themselves, shouldn’t they?

    If BSR presser feet are meant to only work for a short time and must be used immediately after purchase, may I suggest that the company warn clients that electronic components from Bernina must be used right away, are very fragile and will need to be replaced frequently at great cost.

    When I bought my sewing computer and its accessories from my Bernina dealer I was looking forward to being able to sew and quilt for a long time. Having to replace my BSR foot after such a short use is upsetting and very disappointing. I expected better.

    I enjoy quilting and I am distressed that I can no longer quilt quilts until I can come up with the money for a refurbished foot. I can’t even reasonably expect to replace my BSR foot with a new one because of the cost even with your honour program.

    While I’m sure a refurbished foot will probably be okay I have no confidence that a replacement foot will last any longer than the one I originally purchased. If I start quilting how can I be sure the BSR foot last long enough to finish?

    If I am required to purchase a new or refurbished BSR foot every few years I wonder if it would be cheaper over the long term to trade in my Bernina for something that I can truly rely on over time.

    To compensate me for my disappointment and restore my confidence in the quality and reliability of your products I would appreciate receiving a new stitch regulator BSR presser foot that will work with my Bernina 440QE. Thank you.

  11. i brought a bernina embroidery machine on 11-22-2017 wanted to take it back but a no return policy its a B560 the lady told me out of her hands they got paid an y will learn to like call set up time we will teach y to like it I felt every upset with the lady for the way she talk to me all the way out the door so now will pay for it my fault but however I will learn this machine on line an what ever I need I will order on line not going back there ever bernina evansville

  12. I order a long arm machine and QMatic in Nov. the store I ordered from has been awesome .. my problem is which the company . I was to receive my shipment 9on Dec 15th . I received my qmatic from Fedex perfectly. The long arm and accessories a different story .. I just today received only the frame. The machine and accessories are lost and no one seems to know where they are at and my store can’t get any answers from the company . And Bernina doesn’t seem to care one way or another . Maybe it’s not slot of money to you but it is to me . Please notify me or at least let me know when I will received my equipment .. as it was a Christmas gift

  13. I purchased a Bernina 640 new in 2012. Now the computer system nis totally out and it will cost me quite a lot to have repaired. Is that all the longer a machine will last? I did not use it a lot for two of the years after I purchased it as I was working full time but now that I am retired want to sew more often but have to spend a bundle to get it fixed. Not pleased with the machine at all as I spent close to $5000 originally, Will never encourage anyone to buy Bernina.

  14. I have a Bernina 730 Artista with the embroidery module. I am embroidering a
    and I have gotten a message stating that “my machine has reached its memory limit”. and I can’t finish my designs. I don’t know what to do. Please help me.
    Thanks BJ

  15. We just ordered tickets for September 23 from Tirano to Chur for 2nd class coach 4 seats 45 and 46. I just want to make sure that are credit card information was accepted. Please inform me as soon as possible.

  16. I bought Bernina 770 and called for tech support and there is none, except through the store. I find this really awful and am going to stop recommending anyone to buy a Bernina.

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