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Contacting Bellagio Customer Service Center

The Bellagio is a hotel and casino in the heart of Las Vegas. The hotel is best known for the elaborate free water show that takes place outside the hotel entrance. The fountain show takes place Monday to Friday every 30 minutes between 3 PM and 7 PM and every 15 minutes between 7 PM and 12 AM. On weekends the show takes place every 30 minutes between 12 PM and 7 PM and every 15 minutes between 7 PM and 12 AM. The fountain schedule changes occasionally.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The fastest means of contacting customer service is by calling the Bellagio phone number associated with your customer service issue. The customer service department is open 24 hours a day. The employment office is open between 10 AM and 3 PM on Fridays.

  • Reservations: 1-888-987-6667
  • General Customer Service (toll): 1-702-693-7111
  • Employment Office (toll): 1-702-692-1888

Mailing Address

Customers and potential visitors can contact the Bellagio customer service department by mail at:

Bellagio3600 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109

If you need to contact Bellagio customer service about a job application write to:

MGM Resorts International Employment Center4886 Frank Sinatra Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89109

Official Website

The official website for the Bellagio is located at This page gives customers an inside look into the Bellagio hotel and casino. You can find the room you love, book your vacation or contact the Bellagio customer service department with any questions you have about your trip to Las Vegas.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email address is not listed on the Bellagio website, but there is an email form for the Guest Services department of the customer service team. If you need to contact another department within the Bellagio you can visit the customer service page and find the link for the department you’re looking for to the right of the page.

Our Experience

The Bellagio customer service phone number is answered by an automated message, but you don’t have to press 0 or any other number to reach a customer service agent. The agent will answer after the beginning message ends. Our call was answered in about 30 seconds. We asked about reserving a room for a family of six. The agent kindly walked us through the reservation process and let us know that two rooms would be needed for a family of that size.

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15 Comments on “Contact Bellagio Customer Service
  1. I made my reservation in November of 2012 for my Sister’s bachelorette in May 2013. I know that Vegas is notorious for Bachelorettes and I knew we would be 1 in a million and not get any kind of special treatment, but nonetheless my sister wanted to go so I booked it, thinking staying at The Bellagio would make it special!

    I decided to book our accommodations at the Bellagio because I thought it was a great Hotel and very famous. My Dad goes to Vegas very often and always stays at the Wynn, but I wanted something different and wanted to prove him wrong! I thought 6 months in advance would be fine and so I booked two rooms, with early check in because the only flight that got in from Seattle was a bit early (8:30am). When I made the reservation they reassured me several times that we would have early check and late check out with two connecting rooms. I figured this was perfect and was even more excited.

    When we arrived, we walked up to the front desk but was confused because every sign said “Check Out”. There was absolutely nowhere to check in. I stood in line and when I walked up to the counter I said I was checking in, they front desk agent quickly said “we have no rooms available”. I explained that I had early check in and she said, “unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. She said she would take off the early check in charge and said they would text us when the room was ready and said check in is at 3:00pm. She sounded as if it was hilarious that we were even offered early check in, when for 6 months I had thought that was what the charge was for. Despite the bitter taste in my mouth we took our swimsuits out of our bags and went to the pool, leaving our bags with the bellmen at the front entrance.

    I received a text at about 10:00am, which was perfect timing! We were so excited to finally check in, they provided our room keys (when we had checked in earlier) so we headed up to the room. I noticed that the keys only worked on one of the rooms so I called down to the front desk and explained that the keys did not work on the door next to ours. She said that we didn’t have connected rooms. I explained to her that we had requested connecting rooms and she put me on hold and said that they only had rooms that were across the hall from one another. I told her that we specifically requested connecting rooms and that we could go to the pool until they were ready. She said that I had to call the front desk at 1:00pm to find out if the rooms were ready. So we all went to the pool and continued to wait until the rooms were ready. At 1:00pm I went to the front desk and asked if they were ready and to pick up our concert tickets from the concierge.

    When I got to the front desk, of course it was a different front desk agent than I had dealt with each and every time so I had to explain the entire story only to be told that they had “no rooms available” and that they didn’t show that we requested connecting rooms and that I would have to come back at 3:00pm.

    I went back to the pool and explained everything to the rest of the group, who were all getting extremely impatient at that point because they could see how mad I was.

    At 3:00pm I called the front desk and someone else answered and said no rooms were ready and that they couldn’t find in the reservation notes that we had connecting rooms and that they did not have any available. At this point I was extremely frustrated, raised my voice and told him how frustrated I was! He placed me on hold and told me that they figured it out and that they would have connecting rooms available and that when we returned to the old room that was assigned to us (where we left our bags) that we needed to call the front desk and they would transfer our key cards to the new rooms.

    We all gathered our things and went to the old single room and called the front desk, of course someone else answered and they of course told me that they had no idea what I was talking about and said nothing was ready. At this point, I was completely livid and told her the entire story (trying not to be rude!) She then placed me on hold for about 5 minutes and I finally hung up and walked downstairs. At this point the other girls in the room received a call from the Manager while I was walking downstairs. The Manager promised $200 room service credit for the mistake and provided us with our new room numbers and I collected our new room keys.

    We finally got checked into the correct rooms at about 5:00pm. I just wanted to cry. It was by far the worst experience I have ever had and was so incredibly draining. At that point no part of me wanted to stay at the hotel, I wanted to pack my bags and leave.

    I went down to the concierge (who were fantastic) to pick up our concert tickets for Boys II Men. I had purchased these through the concierge Chris months ago and it was honestly the only part of the stay that went smoothly. The woman that printed them for me was so helpful and sweet, I was just wishing the rest of the staff at the hotel were capable of providing such quality service.

    Throughout the days staying at the hotel, we had to ask for drinks each and every time we wanted one. Every guest around us was complaining to a Manager or complaining about the service, it was almost like everyone was as miserable as I was. I just did not understand. We just assumed that because it was Vegas, the hotel didn’t feel like they had to try at all.

    We decided to order room service on both Friday and Saturday, using our $200 credit we were promised. Of course, when we called to order they said “we don’t show any credit on your account”. It would take about 20 minutes to call, order room service, get told we didn’t have credit, ask to speak with a manager, placed on hold, then take our order and use the credit. It became so incredibly exhausting to even ask for anything, by the time it was time to check out I did not even want to deal with the front desk because I knew it would be a giant headache. I was so incredibly stressed out the entire trip so we just left and headed straight to the airport.

    Sure enough, I received the bill and all of the in room dining is applied to the bill, along with random deposits and charges that are not even explained or clear.

    We had dinner at the Cosmopolitan on Saturday night and I was astounded by the service that we received at the restaurant in comparison to the hotel. I literally walked up to the server and said we received better quality of service in the 3 hours we spent dining than the 3 days we spent at the Bellagio.

    I am an overall nice person. Every time I got upset with a front desk agent, I said “I am sorry, I am not trying to be a bitch to you, I know it is not your fault but I am just very frustrated.” I tried SO very hard to be kind to every server, front desk agent and employee I came across. However, I can honestly say that I will go so far out of my way to make sure nobody I know stays at The Bellagio. I wish I took my fathers advice.

  2. This was my first trip to Vegas, and on the recommendation of a friend whose has gone several times and stayed at your fine establishment, we ate at the well known Buffet. We were a party of 10 and of the 10, 6 of my party became severely ill almost immediately at the completion of the meal. Needless to say. we were very upset and to add insult to injury was the cost associated with eating a meal that left you anything but satisfied. What a tremendous disappointment! I hope that this restaurant is not an indication of the other offerings at your facilities.

  3. We had a great trip to Las Vegas! One employee in particular was very helpful. Her name was Regina Anderson and she worked for EVS. She gave us super information on getting to the show KA at MGM. My mother is 78 years old and was on the trip with us. Regina went out of her way to tell us different ways that would help my mother get around (especially during the heat wave). If only everyone could be like Regina…so very kind and helpful!

  4. For several weeks I’ve been getting emails about a promotion on room rates for M Life members. I called the VIP services desk yesterday and the woman I spoke with was condescending and rude and implied that since I haven’t spent a lot of money in the casino then I wasn’t worth her time. The room rates I was quoted were no where near what the emails I received intimated they would be and that I misunderstood because the email said rates “starting at” that price but wouldn’t you know it, there are “black out” dates and my trip falls in that time frame. To me this is a bait and switch and I’m extremely disappointed in the Bellagio and some of it’s staff. I have stayed there many times and it’s my first (only really), choice when going to Vegas. Now either I’m too stupid to read the emails properly or the M Life rep was having a bad day. When I consistently receive an offer and then try to take advantage of said offer I feel that I’m being played when that offer is not available and I’ve been receiving the same rate information since May.

  5. Would just like to say, we stayed at the Bellagio for 4 knights
    There was a lady that cleaned our rooms every day on floor 20, I was in room 20106 And my friends was in 20116. The lady was called mary. She was the happiest lovelyest lady we met on the hole trip. She is a credit to the hotel, And made our stay so lovely.
    Please could you let mary know how much she welcomed us to the Bellagio hotel
    Regards mr and mrs Butlin

  6. I can’t say enough about the service I recieved this week at Bellagio. The reservation clerk Ruth Reyes was a pleasure to deal with. Concierge Becky helped me make my reservations. The check in was a joy thanks to a very wonderful young man named Preston. Our housekeeper Alma (Room 27630) couldn’t have been nicer. The room was lovely. We used the pool restaurant, had lunch at the Cafe, ate breakfast at the buffet and every person we dealt with was professional and extremely pleasant. I may have forgotten to mentio people by name but my friend and I came home ready to plan our next trip to Bellagio. I am not a gambler per se but your staff could not have treated any high roller better than me. Thanks to all that I mentioned. Please let them know about these comments. Thank you, Pat McCann

  7. I stay at Bellagio as much as 6 times a year and every visit gets worse. The saving grace are the restaurants LeCique & Michael Mina where I dine frequently and know the GM’s personally. The “Resort Fee” (now popular all over Vegas) charges all guests for services seldom or never used. Effectively charges for services not provided. My stay just last week was particularly annoying as mid-stay they removed the 20oz. bottles of soda in the mini bar and exchanged them with 9oz bottles and still charged the same $5. Are you kidding me ? $5 for 9oz soda.
    We only stay at Bellagio to dine there and other restaurants on the Strip and maintain a residence in Summerlin. Considering that Bellagio continues to overcharge for services and then mandates a Resort Fee for services not used we now will stay at home. Too bad, Bellagio was once the only place to consider.
    Regrettably, a former long time guest.

  8. Very nice rooms,was pleased on arrival. Front desk had upgraded our room. We dropped our luggage in room and returned late to find upgraded room has one bed. This was a getaway for me and my brother so I sleep on the couch. Next mourning we decided to stay one extra day and that we needed our room we purchased or a rollaway bed. We did get a bed however the day that was originally was to leave a lady came up to see if we had left. I explained front desk has made mistake we were staying extra night she said that was fine. 5:30 that night other lady came to the door and same story. I called front desk to learn we could stay but had to move rooms casino owned that room and was reserved. I walked down to speak in person and was told by manager I could stay in same room for double the cost. If I didn’t want that I would pay for a late check out. my brother is gone and I can not reach him to pack clothes. I have a paid for show to attend. I did not get to the show ,spent 3.5 hours of my last night dealing with this all from the nice up graded room. I can assure you I spoke to two managers will no help. The first man at counter agreed with me that he would be very angry if he was on my side of the counter. I have stayed in vegas approximate 15 times never at the bellagio. The service I seen was the worst I have ever had at any hotel. This was my brothers first and last trip to vegas. I really expected at one point someone in management to understand the problem and help in some way. At least a discount or help resolving this. So as it stands I will be staying the night in a cousins room on the couch again.

    Very disappointed guest
    Room # was 04001

  9. Annoyed that the apparent refund for our show tickets for ‘O’ would be refunded in 3 days, $100 spent on phone calls to bellagio to query refund & confirmed by the manager that I will receive a full refund of over $300 and it’s been 14 days & still no money received. I have sent 6 emails all of which have bounced back at their inbox account is too full, I’m not spending another $100 to phone them. Disappointed in their service.

  10. Can you please send me your contact email i have a guest coming in September for his 60th Birthday and would like to book something for him.Staying 7th September to 17th September Mr k Ward.

    Kind Regards,

    C Dann

  11. I have been staying five star hotel All over the world for 18 years , I never been treated so badly and rude by any staff of the hotel until I checked into Bellagio hotel in Vegas !!! The cleaning lady came into your room even we had the privacy card on the door ! The Buffett waitress roll her ugly eyes at you , and talk with you like you were a kids who did something wrong !!! I stayed here for ten days , and this is the worse ten days hotel experience I ever had !!! I could not believe how bellagio become five star hotel ???would like a explanation from the CEO of the MGM corporation …

  12. I recently visited the Bellagio. I though the hotel was exquisite and probably the best looking of all the casinos on the strip. However, the customer service left much to be desired. Here’s just one of the many disappointing and ridiculous experiences I had. I spent a considerable amount of money on the show O only to be deeply disappointed by the treatment meted out when I made a complaint about the seating after the show. When I bought tickets at the box office at the Bellagio, I was told the seats were full view and I would have a clear view of the complete stage. I was excited as I had heard such good things about the show. Anyway, I went for the show later that night. As soon as everyone was seated I realized I couldn’t see the front of the stage. I had to sit on the edge of my seat leaning forward for a considerable amount of time just to be able to look at the performers. One of the performers came down on a ring from the ceiling and I had to see her through gaps in the stairwell landing. After the show was over, I returned to the box office and met with the staff. I told the staff about the “limited view” I had throughout the show. I was appalled by their response. Without apologizing to me, they proceeded to make me feel like a complete idiot for bringing this issue up to them. They essentially started arguing with me. I was told no one had ever complained about those seats before and I should have talked to an usher during the show about how displeased I was with the seating and they would have placed me in to other seats. When I told them there was no usher around, they said it was impossible!! I told them that I didn’t know I had the option to change seats as I had looked around just before the performance began and there didn’t appear to be any empty seats. I was told the time to say something was during the show and not after. Is that printed somewhere in the brochure???? I didn’t realize I had a time limit! I was passed on to two what I assumed were supervisors and was essentially given the same spiel. No one apologized at any point. I finally left after an extremely frustrating experience. Does the staff not understand what “customer service” means??? This whole experience has left a very bitter taste in my mouth. I expected an establishment which depends on patrons for their business to ensure that all who visit have the best experience such that they would want to return. Unfortunately the grandeur that is Bellagio is poorly matched by the experience it provides.

  13. To whom it may concern,
    Thank you for a wonderful stay. The accommodations and service are beyond compare.

    During my visit however, I noticed that some if the United States flags in the atrium are mounted incorrectly.

    Please note:
    United States code title 4, chpt 1 the flag
    Par 7 manner of display h. When the flag of the US is displayed from
    A staff projecting from a building the union of the flag should be
    Placed at the peak of the staff.(the secured end of the staff is considered the bottom – when hung in this manner is denotes a sign of distress)

    Thank you for your attention to this manner.

    Donald F Pettit
    MSG USA retired


    We have some issue with the slot machine.Aug 15, 2015 3:20am. We call for help and waited for 30 mins. we didnt get help at all. and we even ask for help for the other staff member they didnt care at all and tone of her voice sounds irrate and impatience. they need to be trained the importance of having a good customer service.we will never go back again.

  15. Gotta say, the thought of Kabuki on the lake sounded great. You’re execution was terrible. I can’t tell you how many disappointed people were around us and walking along with back to the parking garage. Almost everyone 50 or more people all agreed that Bellagio royally messed up. A few video screen around the lake would have gone a long way. Bellagio already has the feeling of elitism and exclusivity, but the lake show is what the community looks forward to, and what allows common folk put up with arrogant attitude. I know Most of us do not fall into the Japanese mover and shaker crowd that your company is so hard to kiss as for…I know our opinions do not mean squat to your burgeoning Japanese market business. But I hope Japan does allow you to open a casino there…so you can move your whole operation out of Las vegas. Shame on you.

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