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Contacting Bell Canada Customer Service Center

Bell Canada is a cell phone, home phone, Internet and television provider in Canada. Just as companies work in the US, Bell Canada offers individual and bundled services. Bundled services come with a discount, but they also often come with a contract that requires the customer keep service for a set amount of time to maintain the discount. Terminating services early can result in an early termination fee, in some cases. Many bundles start out with a fantastic low price, but that price increases after the promotional period ends.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are four customer service departments for Bell Canada – Mobility, Internet, TV and Home Phone. The hours for all customer service lines are Monday to Friday from 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. or Saturday and Sunday from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. You can contact the technical support department 24/7 using the customer service phone number.

  • Bell Mobility Customer Service: 1-800-667-0123
  • Bell Internet Customer Service: 310-7873 (calls must be made from Bell Canada phones)
  • Bell TV Customer Service: 1-888-759-3474
  • Bell Home Phone Customer Service: 310-2355 (calls must be made from Bell Canada phones)

If you live outside of Canada and you need to contact customer service, using the abovementioned numbers may result in a fee charged to your phone bill.

Mailing Address

Contacting Bell Canada by mail is the most difficult of all choices. There are multiple addresses listed for the company, but we managed to whittle them down to two important contacts.

Bell Mobility Office – Montreal200 Boul. Bouchard Dorval, QC H9S 5X5

Bell Mobility Office – Toronto5099 Creekbank Road EastMain EntranceMississauga, ON L4W 5N2

Official Website

The official company website for Bell Canada customers is Here you will find all the deals and steals the company has to offer at any given time. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of all deals before signing up, because you could be signing up for a great price that doubles or triples in just a few months with a contract you cannot get out of.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email address or contact page. You can use the CHAT links located on the customer service page if desired. The CHAT links are located at Bell Canada chose to eliminate email customer service in 2011.

Our Experience

We called the customer service line for Bell Mobility. We pressed 0 three times to bypass the customer service automated system. The call was placed on hold for more than two minutes before an agent picked up. We asked if Bell Mobility services were available in the US and the agent said no. She was polite and answered our question without demanding additional personal information.

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43 Comments on “Contact Bell Canada Customer Service
  1. Arghhhh!!!!!!!!! I have been on hold for 73 minutes so far and another 44 minutes to go!!
    I need a new HDPVR, the tech has already been out to see problem PLUS he corrected ALL of the messy and improper work the last duo of technicians created. He was great, very professional.
    I called Bell customer service and waited 53 minutes before I could speak to anyone, she could not help so she transferred me to sales, the poor guy was confused as to why she transfered me to him, in sales. Now I am on hold for tech support, estimated 44 minute wait. There are no supervisors on but I could leave my number for someone to call me in the next 24 hours- I work, I take care of an ailing mother and I am in transit constantly between the two. I need help with this Bell problem- is there anyone there who even cares about customer service???

  2. Am very dissatisfied with Bell. Their service reps promise and absolutely guarantee things and it doesn’t mean a thing. I explained that neighbours on both sides tried and could not get Fibe TV. Their response was “Sir I guarantee that you can get it.” After several weeks and over 13 different tech guys in my home they gave up. I went for a complete package including cable and was once again “guaranteed there will be no increase in the price for as long as you have this contract.” Not true. My bill just went up! There should be a law! I will now get rid of Bell after being with them for my whole life. Over 70 years!

  3. I have never in my life had to deal with such arrogance. I cannot understand how Bell increased my satellite TV rates and failed to inform me over 24MONTHS. They choose not to mail me a monthly invoice unless I pay an additional $2 but they no issue sending me a collection notice 24 months after they increased my rates.

    As a result I immediately called to cancel my service after 20 minutes of their ” customer retention rep” insulted my intelligence by telling me that their service was far superior and the picture quality was unmatched by their competitors, I had to remind her that when the bell tech came to install my receiver, they only had a standard non HD receiver and how can you make such a statement that one provider has better quality on a non HD set ?

    As you guessed , that went unanswered. I asked to have the equipment picked up and here is where Ive decided never to use bell for anything.

    They told me to place the remote and the receiver in the pre-paid box they will send in the mail. I reply with a “yes ok” what about the satellite dish itself?

    I was told to leave the satellite dish where it was incase someone else moved in and wanted bell service.

    I said NO – this is my home I own it and you need to remove your equipment.
    They then advised they will send a tech to remove the dish at a service call cost to me for $75 … and again I said NO ..but to no avail, they will not come and pick up their equipment. I hope someone from Bell is reading this because I will never engage my self with Bell ever again and I will take every opportunity to explain this abysmal service I received hoping I convince anyone who will listen to never spend money at Bell , the most arrogant self serving organization I’ve ever dealt with.

  4. I have been a bell customer for over 30 years and have had fairly good customer service until this year. Since you have customer service that is “proudly Canadian” I have never spoken to as many rude customer service agents in my life. Perhaps they do not realize that their job is to provide SERVICE to Bell customers which means that they should listen and reply in a polite manner and not be so cut-and-dry in their comments.

  5. I contacted Bell Sept 1st regarding on demand and was told a kit would be sent to me to connect my pvr to the internet. Today I called again and was told the order was not done and if I did not have the promo code it would cost me 25.00. I said this was not right and I did not want to pay when it was not my fault. I was told too bad that was the cost.I again said I was not happy and was hung up on. Bell then called me back to ask if there was anything else I needed when I said just my problem to be solved, they hung up again. This is rude and very bad service. I am now looking into switching to Rogers after about 35 years with the Bell. Thanks for such poor customer satisfaction.

  6. My telephone number is 705 292-8606. Over one week ago, I called your offices and cancelled all Bell services at 942 Highland Road.. I now have a very large bill
    of over $130.00 That does not make sense.
    I am not in the country and you have the name of Stella Pulkinghorn in the file to be contacted with regard to this number.. She called your office and someone told her they could not speak to her. What is going on. She has had authorization on this account for several years and I would like that to continue.
    Please advize me that she will be able to communicate about this service when she calls. I want this taken care of immediately. If you have an issue that needs my attention, please call me at 925-461-3037 immediately. Thank you

  7. I believe the company is Bell Canada. Why do I have to speak to the Phillipines
    when I need help or receive calls from your company? Canadians are capable people and in need of jobs so why not hire Canadians. I realize money is the reason for off shore employment but how do you expect Canadians pay for your services if there are no jobs for them.

  8. IWe moved in mid July ,cancelled my Bell services in the beginning of July.Now its November and they are still sending me bills for internet.have to call every month to exlplain that its not normal.” We are sorry for the inconvenience ,we make sure that everything will be cancelled”. Next month back to square one all over again.
    How can you trust such a company? Maybe a little bit more competition on the market will be beneficiary for the customers?!

  9. I have a simple question, but am not willing to wait the estimated 90 minutes to talk to an agent via phone.

    Why is there an extra charge of $2.95 on my latest bill for something called LD network connection fee? What is this?

    Frankly, I suspect that a robot voice telling people that their will be a 90 minute wait to talk to someone is just another way to discourage people from questioning anything!

  10. I need to have my moms phone fixed,I don’t have a Bell phone and there is no number to call if you don’t have a Bell phone.

  11. Hate Bell,They have Screwed me, from the first time they lied to me about the service they promised me to switch my service from Rogers. They charged me for 11 months for what they said was HD service and after paying for HD SERVICE THAT I DIDN’T GET,BECAUSE THEIR STUPID INSTALLERS USED THE OLD Rogers cable instead of what they should have with an HDMI cable.,
    Not only that but when they talked me into switching from Rogers they said that their internet service was a a better speed and, and HBO access for a time, was free..Whitch I never got.When I tried to talk bell I I got was the run around and they offered me 1 month discount on my cable. but I told them that they could stick it up their ass. They screwed me for 11 months charging me for service that they didn’t provide.. I was so pissed that I DIDN’T WANT ANYTHING MORE TO DO WITH bELL AND TO SETTLE MY Complaint all I asked for was to be released from my contract.

    But they are like leeches and think that once they latch on you have no choice … Ok Bell has me under a contract until NOV of this year and as soon as I can cancel it without these a hole wanting a penalty I will cancel.
    In the mean time I have nothing good to say about Bell AND will DICOURAGE ANYONE FROM USING BELL service

  12. Refer to order # g54m37a2, check the tape I specifically asked I’d I would lose any channels to switch to your Better service, today I find out that to get OWN back I have to pay $4.00, I do not agree my enquiry was to save $$ as I’m not happy with h my bill going up every month now I have to give $4.00 back.
    Not a Happy customer.

  13. After more than 1 1/2 hour on the phone trying to ensure reliable phone service for my 81 year old mother in law who lives on her own and just returned home from her hospital stay, I was informed they could send out a technician (for the 3rd time) to fix the issue that previously we were told is an problem with an “old telephone line” that needs to be replaced. But wasn’t slated to be done anytime soon! My question to BELL is that what would happen if my mother in law needed to call 911 an was unable to get through. This problem with the phone line has been on going for a number of months and we have been “dealing” with it. Now due to health issues we need to be reassured that when she attempts to use the phone that it will work! I suggested that until they can garentee the phone will work that she is provided a cell phone, by BELL as a back up. Durning the conversation I as put through to 3 different people. The last was the Cell phone department after being told to maybe cancel the house phone and get a cell phone. Never was there any suggestion that BELL would offer a discount or refund her for faulty unreliable service which she is paying ” at full cost” or an offer to provide her a cell phone at their expense. ANOTHER DISGRUNTELED BELL CUSTOMER

  14. Your telephone service continues to be the worst experience I have ever had.
    We were on vacation with our phone on hold.
    We called April 4 to arrange to have our service re-started on the 8th and were told it was scheduled for 5pm on the 4th.
    We arrived home on the 11th to find no service and after 4 attempts to work with your people my cell phone battery died (this took over 2 1/2 hours) and I had to wait for it to charge in order to try again.
    After two more failures we finally made contact with someone who could deal with the problem
    Now to try to speak to someone in person to explain our frustration is a joke unto itself.

    This will be the topic of many patio parties in the coming months as we feel it is time to look around for better service and surely our friends will be able to assist us in this endeavor.

  15. As a share holder and someone who spends $700 a month for bell services I am concerned and dismayed at the treatment of a long standing customer for over 40 years. My car, my home and many other things that I get provide me with bundling etc. Bell on the other hand prefers to loose customers. Where is the loyalty for long standing customers? Where are the special incentives for more than one service. The promotion are for new customers. Why doesn’t Bell want loyalty?

  16. This company’s customer service is absolutely a disgrace . When you try and make payment arrangements and you never get to talk to anyone in Toronto. What happened to our country… They bully you to make arrangements that you might not be able to keep. Then tell you your phone will be suspended.. I have been a bell customer for a long long time..

  17. On April 25 2016 I stopped receiving my emails through Outlook When I contacted Bell I was told I could no longer get my emails through Outlook but had to go through Bell email. First of all the service stinks through Bell email and after calling once again, was talking to someone from a different country other than Canada and I am still not satisfied.
    Also my neighbour has been having a problem with their phone line for over a year and now they think they are putting line through our yard. I was told by contractor that they would be going a long curb but low and behold while we were away on friday they were here and started going through our yard…It is not me that needs the new phone lines so PLEASE PUT THE LINES THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THEIR YARD NOT MINE I HAVE CURRENTLY PULLED OUT THE PLASTIC THAT THEY WILL BE RUNNING THE LINE THROUGH SO PLKEASE TAKE CARE OF THIS BELL CANADA

  18. Bell is still the worst company in Canada when it comes to customer service. Whether it is my mobile phone or my bundle service of TV, internet, and home phone. As l write this email, BELL owes me 825 dollars in credit between my bundle service and my mobile phone. All amount are because of BELL. Even after l have called IN ADVANCE to inform bell of Their errors they still charged the full amount off my credit card. l am a senior on a FIXED INCOME. When bell charges these amounts on my credit card at 19 percent interest and l cannot afford to make the complete payment l am charged interest at 19 percent.

  19. I am trying unsuccessfully to cancel our Bell land line as of 15th September as we are moving. My husband is the account holder. As he is deaf and CANNOT HEAR on the phone I am trying to do this. My name is Jennie Maud
    I have arranged for a new account at the new address and want to cancel this one as of 15th September. Please help me, as I am getting nowhere with any of your representatives

  20. Bell Canada’s customer service is really bad and has been for years. Wanted to get a quote from Bell as Rogers billing is going up. East Indian representative who answered the telephone just now, refused to put me through to Retention and Customer Relations without first knowing what I wanted to discuss. This is because he did not want to lose his “commission”. I told him OK you are then losing a Bell Customer and he said “OK”!. I have told you about bad customer service, many times, over the last 20 years. Very bad customer service policies and procedures BELL CANADA! Your website does not allow the public to contact you, i.e. without an account number.



  22. I had a unpleasant issue with one of your associates at your MTS Ctre-St Vital Mall, Oct 24, around 14:40. I lost my cell phone, Oct 20, went to your location to acquire a new phone. I was not aware that my photo ID, my driver’s license had expired, the female assoc wouldn’t proceed further until I had proof who I was, I asked to speak to her Sup, the Sup OKed my expired ID. The female clerk wasn’t happy that she was told that this was Ok from which she disappeared to complain to the Office Manager from which all of a sudden, the Sup appeared and advised that the Mgr would not approve my expired ID! Her professionalism was not evident, toward me or her immediate Supervisor! I left, went to my Aotp Pac agent, obtained a temp ID, then acquired with a different assoc that was more friendly and appreciative then obviously the previously agent! As well, I find the process, cost of a lost phone rather expensive as why does a contract have to be canceled and the exact same contract written, rather than pay for the cost of a new phone? I did contact the loyalty dept and was able to receive a $100.00 credit but they would not cover the cost of the activation of the phone, I asked for a 2x $20.00 credit, but was flatly told NO ! I have been a MTS Customer for over 40 years, I found these 2 experiences rather distasteful! I feel that my loyal business is NOT appreciated to a point where I am having second thoughts on changing my business to a Company that wants me as a Customer going forward !!

  23. Bell co is not a reliable co .Their services are horrible they are sending invoices for paid up bills and harassing the customers.I closed the account 2014 and they are sending bill outstanding which I have already cleared in 2014. I don’t have any direct services from Bell. People should stop taking bell services.

  24. My Bell Fibe services have been down for days (TV, Internet, Phone) and Bell makes it impossible to get any action on it without a phone! Live Chat won’t give you the time of day unless you want to buy something from them, and all they tell you is to call customer support. But how am I supposed to do that without phone service?!?!?!

  25. I have had my satellite service shut off. I have asked Bell to have a dispute rep call me but just the collection dept keeps calling 6 times a day 6 days a week. If you want to keep me as a customer have someone reply to this comment with a direct number I can call. email me

  26. Hello Bell Media. Re: Local Radio in Victoria BC . CFAX 1070 News/ talk listeners/callers to shows are not teens and 20s therefore plugs for KOOL FM should be cut from programs on CFAX.Also plugs for music shows on CTV. If you have control of what stations advertise please order them to stop.Thanks

  27. BAD experience. I will be contacting the local newspapers and tell them my story of how Bell has ripped my fiancé and i off and will not fix the problem after more than one attempt, even though it was an obvious Bell Telephone mistake. If I do not receive a proper resolution to this problem before this Friday then I will tell the newspapers my story which I am sure they would publish. The bad publicity Bell will receive will cost them dearly and damage their image.

  28. I have a charge on my credit card from Bell Canada of $164.81 and pending 0.01.
    Since I don’t have a Bell account – How did this happen. Please correct this immediately
    Elizabeth Tapping

  29. About 2 months ago, or less, I called to see if I could get my data changed from 1gb with a bonus 2gb to 4 gb with 2gb bonus. I explained I did not want to add more data if I lost the 2gb. I was reassured I wouldn’t and so agreed to up my plan by $25 a month to have 4gb of shareable data with the 2gb bonus instead of the 1gb with 2gb. After getting the following bill. I noticed I lost the 2gb of data. I’ve called 4 times since then and had been reassured that the mistake would be rectified. Today is April 19th, and the mistake has still not be addressed. This is really unacceptable and hope this comment will be viewed and the problem taken seriously. Calling clearly hasn’t worked. I hope this will be addressed at a timely manner and look forward to a confirmation call or email in the near future. Sincere thanks, Adam Hubley

  30. Not ONE but TWO bellCanada service vehicles going wrong way on a One way street in Darras Court,Bramalea
    Lic. AK 32757 June 18 8:50 a.m Sevvice at 67 Darras Court
    AK 61801 June 19 3:40 p.m. service at 67 Darras Court

  31. Hello, I called your customer service department back on June 11, 2018 regarding the fact that I have two Bell poles on my property both of which are crooked. I was told that someone would call me back and I have yet to hear from your company! They are not Cogeco Cable’s poles, they are yours!

    I will forward your customer service a letter stating what my issue is but you should have a record of all the times I have called to complain about this issue! It’s been over 3 years!!!

    I want something resolved ASAP!

    My phone number is (905)315-8703

  32. I don’t understand why they do not have somewhere on their website where you can report a problem with your telephone and schedule a technician visit. The only option is to telephone them, which is pretty hard to do if your telephone is not working.

  33. We have been dealing with Bell for our Home service including phone, television and internet fo approximately 18 months. From day one we have been having constant problems from the shoddy installation to 16 visits by various technicians who solve the problems temporarily but the back to losing the signal, pixallating picture, screens going on and off constantly.
    The problem is is very frustrating and all customer service dept. does is send another tech. There have been many of my neighbors have been have very similar problems.
    It appears to my that these problems are more than a tech can handle. I am pleading for help to clear this problem once and for all

  34. I feel for all of the above the above complaints. I was paying $75.00/ mth for a loaded phone service. I then switched to Canquest — a local company in Chatham Ont that is expanding– for $20.00 / mth.i have everything that Bell gave plus some. This gives me charge free calls anytime anywhere in North America. GREAT!!!!!!

  35. Worst business I have dealt with in my life!!!!! Took 1 month to get someone out to set up new phones. Called 5 times to get address changed on our bills and still being sent to the wrong place!

  36. I am very disappointed with Bell . How dare they conducting business through telemarketing on Remembrance day. I was observing the ceremonies in Ottawa when I was interrupted by a call from their telemarketing staff. It was very upsetting to think that this special day meant nothing to them.

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