Contact Belkin Customer Service

Contacting Belkin Customer Service Center

Chances are, if you are connected to the Internet from the comfort of your home, you use a wired or wireless router. For the inception of the company in the early 1980’s Belkin has been one of the premier sources for consumer and computer electronics designed for use in the car and at home. The company continues to integrate technology in order to provide world-class products. With world-class products, comes an even larger responsibility to the customer.

The company is based in Southern California, but currently has offices across the globe, including, Hong Kong, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers can contact the customer service department or corporate headquarters here:

  • United States (customer service): 1-800-223-5546
  • United States (corporate): 1-310-751-5100
  • United Kingdom: +44 (0) 1933 35 2000
  • United Kingdom (customer service): 0845 607 7787
  • Canada: 1-800-223-5546
  • Australia: +61 (0) 4350 4600
  • Australia (technical): 1-800-235-546
  • Germany (customer service/support): +49 89 143405 0
  • Netherlands (sales) +31 (0)20 711 8000
  • Netherlands (sales/service): 0900 0400790
  • French: 0033 1 70064900
  • French (sales/service/technical): 08 25 54 00 26
  • Swedish: +46 8 510 630 00
  • Swedish (technical): 0771-400 453
  • New Zealand: +64 9 4152020
  • New Zealand (sales/support): 0500 235 546
  • Mexico: 001-866-231-0370
  • Danish: +45 3612 6000
  • Danish (technical): +45 70 12 24 03
  • Finland (technical): 97 2519123
  • Norway +47 815 00 287
  • Norway (technical): 815 00 287
  • South America: 54 11 46 62 11 28
  • South America (Argentina – technical): 08002220147
  • South America (Chile – technical): 12300208354
  • South America (Venezuela – technical): 8001009082
  • South America (Columbia – technical): 01800518607
  • South America (Peru – technical): 080052982
  • Brazil: 0800 888 8018
  • Singapore: +1 800 622 1130
  • Malaysia: +1 800 812 076
  • Philippines: +1 800 1441 0282
  • Thailand: +1 800 441 3318
  • Hong Kong: +852 3669 4000
  • Hong Kong (technical – Chinese): +852 3002 1318
  • Hong Kong (technical – English): +852 3071 3091
  • Japan: +81 120 532 372
  • Japan (mobile): +81 3 5767 6029
  • China: +86 21 6103 2000
  • China (Beijing): +86 10 8262 8960-203
  • China (technical): +1 800 819 0159

Mailing Address

Belkin International, Inc.
12045 E. Waterfront Dr.
Playa Vista, CA 90094

Official Website

The official Belkin website provides a wealth of information regarding the products and services. Customers, new and existing, can register products, locate new products and even check recalls. A new feature of the site allows customers to make purchases. As always, Belkin provides several ways to contact the customer service department.

Customer Service Email

Customers wanting to submit a question via email are required to have an account. New customers can sign up for an account for free with limited personal information needed. After signing up or logging into your account, you can send an email using this address: Since the hours were not readily available for the customer service department, we sent an email requesting the information. The anticipated response time is less than 24 hours. We are currently awaiting a response. Additional methods used to communicate with the customer service department include:

Our Experience

Calling the customer service department was a bit of a pleasure. This is in direct contrast to the online forums claiming wait times hours long. After we selected the appropriate option, we were speaking with a customer service representative in less than 2 minutes. Although is sounded as if the representative was in a call center, we had no trouble breaking down the communication barrier. We asked if the company had a Live Chat available for customers. The representative gladly provided the link and ended the call.

When you wanted to understand your products or services, did the customer service department fulfill your needs? We want to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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19 Comments on “Contact Belkin Customer Service
  1. Hello,

    I am Lee Bee Ghee from Penang who took part in
    the giveaway contest on Belkin website. On reading
    the website, I understand that I had won the gift,
    which is a charger. Please let me know when the item
    will be sent to my Penang address. Thanks very much

  2. I got connected to a call center in india, and was dicked around for over 40 minutes. The representitive flat out refused to help me unless I provided several bits of personal information. I refused, stating that I had purchased this with cash and would register the product in my own time. I was requesting help with their product — didn’t matter who I was. Thankfully, my son is computer savvy enough to get thing straightened out after about an hour or so, but if he had not — I would be returning the product and buying another brand. (One with friendly and helpful customer service). I will no longer spend a dime on belkin products, and will advise of my experience to anyone who asks my opinion on this company. I give Belkin 1 star. 0 for the customer service, and only a token rating for the product itself, since it is actually working well once my son got it set up.

  3. Customer service is terrible!!!

    Empty promises from Supervisor Calvin…Michelle at the front desk is rude and not helpful.

    Can I post a huge negative star rating?

    Please take your business elsewhere. Thanks.

  4. I was told directly that the surge protector connected equipment warranty was only for Belkin products. I am still working on it. I did speak with a “Customer Service Manager” who was of no help. I called corporate and asked to speak with legal. Guess what. I got connected to customer service again. I am not giving up.

  5. I have had an awful time ordering just a phone case from this site. The so-called support page just leads around in circles. When I finally did find a number to call they said I needed to call a different one. I called the next number and was then transferred somewhere else. I just wanted to cancel an accidental order- it should not be difficult. Nowhere on their page is there a cancel order of any kind. The people I spoke to spoke over me, were rude and not helpful in the slightest. It was a terrible experience that I am still trying to get worked out. Do not order from them.

  6. I have had a Belkin router for four years. I have had my problems with it during this time when my computer crashed. I had to reinstall my router. I had all the correct information to enter. But it would not work. I have called tech support…what a joke! All that they are interested in is sending you off to an advanced tech (charge). This last time was it! I ended up going out and buying a new router. I assure you it WAS NOT A BELKIN! The router wasn’t so bad…I had it for four years…but, the tech support and customer service was horrible!!!

  7. Sir/Madam:
    I purchased a Belkin Cooling Lounge (Model #5FL028) on the WEB a while ago and have found it to be the only platform that adequately supports a 17″ laptop both physically and cooling wise, while also keeping excess heat off my lap. I have tried other models and found nothing even close to this unit both Belkin and competitor models! I have lately searched the WEB to only find that most vendors are out of stock with no known fill date.
    Recently the cable to USB outlet has failed and I would like to purchase a new fan with its accompanying cable and USB connection. The fan itself has no manufacture’s information shown or other particulars, so I am not able to seek a replacement on the open market. Its measurements appear to be 80mm square by I believe 15mm in thickness. Obviously, its voltage requirement is 5 volts. I contacted customer support and was advised that this product was developed for use in Australia, however; there are over 113 customer reviews on Amazon alone. I have also talked to Customer Service to no avail. They initially told me that they would replace the entire unit and gave me a RMA number and was told to contact another department. Once I contacted that department I was told that since I didn’t have a receipt they could not be of help!
    If you can’t provide a replacement fan assembly, please provide the technical data necessary to obtain an aftermarket replacement. Surly someone in the company must know the details of this fan (RPMs, dimensions, amp, voltage, etc.).
    A timely response would be appreciated, since I am currently using then unit without the fan support, not an ideal approach!
    Fred McLeod

  8. I have had your Belkin router model F9K1007V1 for only about three months. It stopped working. I contacted one of your ” experts “,after tests he made, this was what the results were.
    I was told the reason was that there were too many too errors on the instruments I had going on my wireless. But he could sell me a program for $199 for a year that would correct this problem.
    Also he said that even if I acquired another router, I would still have this problem.
    I also told him that no lights were on it and he said this was the cause of no power. I tested the power cord and it was providing the 9 volts required.
    The store I bought it from would not accept it back for a replacement as I didn’t have the receipt. So I had to go out and buy a new one of a different make. Now, everything is working as it should.I have had Belkins in the past, but you have lost this customer. Thanks a lot.

  9. I am sure the customer service reps are great, HOWEVER I can’t get to anyone!!! When I go through all the prompts it eventually disconnects the call!

  10. We purchased a Belkin N450 several months ago and it stopped sending WiFi. I called the customer service department and the representative was only interested in up selling a “$99.00” fix for my computer. I called a second time and was being sold the same thing. I found out from my internet supplier that Belkin had issued a system change which caused their system to malfunction my supplieers systems.I was told by the Brighthouse rep. that many Belkin customers were calling in and some had already been scammed by Belkin customer support out of hundreds of dollars. We took our unit back and bought a Netgear router. I would not advise anyone to by a Belkin product due to the crooked customer service department. The Netgear router is working fine with my computer and my wife’s computer with Wifi.

  11. When I called for help with a router that stopped working I was told I had to pay for help or buy another router. I could not even understand the person on the phone. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT BECUASE OF SUCH POOR SERVICE.

  12. This is a waste of money and I would suggest everyone place on FACEBOOK and BOYCOTT so more aren’t having difficulties. I plan on starting a site for a list of companies you can just place the name and go so there is documentation of how many are unhappy. So look for the company coming soon. I

  13. I will never buy another Belkin product!!! I have called twice because of problems connecting my Ipad mini to WiFi. The second time I was told I could purchase a new warranty and pay to help with this one. NO WAY!!!! And the thing that burns me up is I could’nt understand the person on the other end of the line. I had to keep getting him to repeat himself. I speak very plainly and slow so I can be understood. If you are going to hire people to answer phones at least make sure they can be understood. I will continue to hang up and call back till I get someone I can understand. Never another Belkin product I dont care if I never have WiFi again!!!!

  14. with my printer which is called Canon printer it will not work and I need some-one to help me(WENDY SELLS)to help me with my Printer because i CAN NOT GET IT TO PRINT any think at all so could you please help me with my Printer. from Wendy Sells

  15. Rubbish service – no email address – no chat available. Purchased item with parts missing and stressed out

  16. You must be so embarrassed & ashamed of the service you offer. I’ve not had such poor internet service since I lived in the country & had to use dial-up more than 20 years ago. What’s wrong with your system & causes it to go out on the average of once a week?! I realize no one will respond (from the observations of other customers)and wish I could change carriers. Apparently your sad little company is all that’s offered in our area. So much for progressive technology.

  17. I attempted to purchase a WiFi range extender for two days. When I attempt to complete the order, I receive a message that indicates that the site is down for maintenance. I contacted customer service and although the were extremely friendly they were not able to assist in the completion of the order. They called me back three or four times after trying to work their problem in-house. I gave up and purchased a competitive product for less money from Amazon. Past dealings with customer service have been fantastic. Something must have happened for the worst. It is sad that in this day and age, there is no real time chat or a customer service number.

  18. You need to put up a signal for the drives to attach to so they work for the user with the purchase and not let the FBI steal it like they did netgear, because no one likes paying for something they have to pay to use it would boost your sales but be careful they stole three satellite already or just signals i don’t know.

  19. The options on recording did NOT meet my needs……to speak with a real/live person. The “password” on my Belkin router has changed? and I cannot set up my new i phone without a password!! HELP

    Options on recording did NOT fit my needs. Could not get /speak to a real person

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