Contact Bed Bath And Beyond Customer Service

Contacting Bed Bath and Beyond Customer Service Center

Bed Bath and Beyond started out as a small home goods retailer in the early 1970’s and has since blossomed into an international force in the home category. The company is based in New Jersey, but has more than 1,000 locations in such locations as Canada, New Zealand and Puerto Rico.

The company continues to grow due to the lack of competition and its ability to provide exceptional customer service. The company provides a multitude of ways to remain connected with the customer service department.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

The customer care department accepts correspondence by phone and fax, email through the customer contact form, traditional mail at the corporate headquarters and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service department: 1-800-462-3966
  • Customer service department (fax): 1-973-785-4255

Mailing Address

Bed Bath and Beyond650 Liberty Ave. #2Union, NJ 07083

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Bed Bath and Beyond website locate products by department and category. The site allows customers to shop for college values and sign-up for a wedding or gift registry. One component of the site is the 100% guarantee for returns.

We found the Bed Bath and Beyond FAQs useful to answer concerns prior to sending correspondence to the customer service department.

Customer Service Email

In order to contact the customer service department by email, customer must use the customer contact form Customers can choose the category, fill out relevant information and send the message. The company recommends not including personal information in your message. The message we sent related to the hours of operation. We hope to receive a response within the following business day.

We don’t know the response time, but customers can connect with the customer service department on the Facebook page, as well as the Twitter page.

Our Experience

When we attempted to contact the customer service department, we were pleased that one of the available options asked if we wanted to speak with a customer service representative. We didn’t have to endure minutes of unneeded options directing us to the incorrect department. The wait time was less than 2 minutes. The agent answered the phone in a polite manner with a pleasant demeanor. We asked for information regarding customer returns from online purchases. The entire process was explained to us. We asked if the agent could point us in the right direction on the website and they did.

The overall experience was more than expected, but a nice change of pace from other online retailers. This could be the company or just a well-trained representative. Customers such as you have contacted the customer service department before, what was the outcome? Leave us a comment below.

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30 Comments on “Contact Bed Bath And Beyond Customer Service
  1. Shopped at your Mississauga store today. At least 6 staff acknowledged me, very impressed. When I get to the checkouts there is a lineup. I ask a male staff person if they have any more cashiers. He says he’ll get someone, no one comes. I leave my merchandise and go to another store. Can’t see the point of having all that staff on the floor if you can’t checkout in a reasonable amount of time

  2. No comment…..A question
    I’ve been in the local store and looked online with no success. I own many flocked hangers and use the cascading hooks that fit over them to hang several garments. I know there are new hangers with hooks on them, but I have already spent a great deal of money to get the hangers. Did you discontinue the hooks ???

  3. i ordered this item but then said i didnot want iut but the orders went thru any. but there is no re turn lable in the paper work that came with the order?

  4. I want to praise the associate at The Bed Bath& Beyond at the 12035 Metcalf Ave. store. Stephanie was very helpful and made my shopping easy and fast. In this day of very little to no customer service I was very happy and appreciative of the good care and help which I received. Thank you to Stephanie and the the staff at the china department.
    Larry Quick

  5. live in Chicago. Visited friend in Scottsdale and went to Store #93.Could not find item and your customer service lady (Jessica) went above the call of duty to help me. She was successful and I was a happy camper. She mailed me the package and it arrived quickly. She is the nicest, most courteous person I have dealt with in a while. Very polite and hard worker. I would say your stores have nice personnel. It is a pleasure shopping there.

  6. Jake, at your Lake Worth, TX store went out of his way to initially ask if I needed help then persistently sought out a coffee maker tray, (Handy Caddy) I was looking for. He checked the computer, checked with his manager and actually was able to locate the exact item I wanted to purchase. He is a valuable, friendly and professional employee.
    Leticia at the same location has been there since the store opened and is friendly, calm and professional at the Register. She is easy to like and sets a good example of an exemplary employee.
    The store manager whose name I failed to note was also on the ready to assist me and give me the opportunity to write up my kudos as well as comment on line.
    Thanks BBB for all the good service and variety of quality items. Merry

  7. CUDOS to ROSIE NIERADKA at Store # 268, Asheville, NC. In the last week I have been to this store twice in the Drapery Dept. and was very fortunate to receive assistance from Rosie. Rosie was very professional and more than willing to help me. She really stepped up and even showed me how to put together drapery rods for the drapes I was buying and even how to put together an extension rod. She even laid the rods out on the floor and put them together. Not only was she helpful but really seemed to be happy she could satisfy me. Thank you Rosie!!

  8. I was very satisfied making a purchase on line for store pickup. However, I was annoyed when my bank statement showed a charge from Bed Bath & Beyond, Totowa, NJ for $1.00! Since I never set foot in Totowa, and my purchase was marked by BB&B as “pay at store”, I could not conclude why this charge was made. Called customer service who indicated that they always make a charge of minimal amount with on line orders to verify that the card is legitimate and that the order was not fraudulent. At NO TIME DID BB&B indicate on the order summary that this transaction was going to be made. It was an unauthorized charge. Even though the charge is going to be “reversed’ and would take “probable a week to show”, there is no excuse for charging a card any amount without the consent of the cardholder. The “probably a week to show” is also a big problem. BB&B had no “problem” immediately charging my account (without authorization).

  9. I want to thank Celly at store #192 in Midlothian, VA. She stopped what she was doing to help me order curtains. Celly was pleasant, smiling and very helpful making my shopping trip fast and efficient. I hope Bed Bath and Beyond keeps customer service stars like Celly. Thank you!!!

  10. My problem was not with anyone in my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My issue is with your online website. I had shopped online Sunday evening for something I needed this week. I specifically chose the option to see only what was available at my store. I chose items only through that filter. When I got the email that the most important item was not available in the store, I was irritated. IF your “available in store” items are only based on the early morning inventory, WHY IS THAT NOT NOTED ON YOUR WEBSITE???? All you would need is an asterisk to lead people to that valuable information. Secondly, when the email is sent to say a product isn’t available, offer at least one alternate product. THAT would be far more respectful that having your customer service rep say, “All I can say is, ‘I’m sorry.'” Not asking if you could ship it to me? Not offering to check for other similar products? REALLY???!!

  11. On March 17th, I visited your store at 18126 Yonge St, East Gwillimbury, Jenn went above and beyond to provide me exemplary customer service. What was pleasing is that she wasn’t feeling well, but was still bubbly and very pleasant. I really appreciated the excellent service she provided me.

    On same day, I called and spoke to Lou in the Brantford store, she was very receptive and courteous. She also provided a high level of customer service.
    I’m very pleased with the services of Jenn and Lou and all their efforts to assist with my purchases.

  12. Kudos Salesperson

    Letter of Recognition for Mr. Cornell, Sales Representative, Bed Bath & Beyond Store #174, Owings Mills, MD.

    Into day’s world we are quick to complain, but not willing to take the time to acknowledge a job well done.

    It’s always welcoming when you hear how one of your employees represents your establishment.

    I approach Mr. Cornell who was waiting on a Customer and asked him was there an additional section for Irons and he quickly acknowledged that he was waiting on a customer and would be with me shortly.

    Well, that alone deserves a big Kudos, because he did not direct me to the isle, but said he would show me once he’s assisted the customer he was waiting on.

    Into days world that’s very rare.

    Not only when he finished did he not take me to the isle, but also help me to purchase the better product, explaining the pros and cons.

    Kudos again, it’s truly rare to get someone who not only recognize your existence, but to actually know the Store merchandise and to take you directly to it.
    I would greatly appreciate it if you would personally share my sincere thanks with Mr. Cornell for helping me with my purchase and the World Class Customers Service that he provided to me.

    Please acknowledge receipt of this email. 

    Thanking you in advance. 

    Mrs. Vivian K. Riddick 

  13. My family is boycotting Bed, Bath & Beyond until you stop selling all Trump merchandise. You know why.

  14. Subject: HELP Bed Bath & Beyond Order BBB3230868879

    It did not come with any hardware.

    HELP. I can’t put it together and company will be here tomorrow


  15. Made a purchase at the Appleton, Wi. store today. The cashier rang up my order, then looked at me briefly as if she didn’t know what to do, then said’ I’ll put it in a bag for you”. Well, no kidding! After handing me the receipt, I waited and she said “your receipt is in the bag”. I told her, “no, I was waiting for a thank you” and I left. She stood there as if I were asking for the world. Aren’t new employees trained to be courteous to customers? If it weren’t for us, they wouldn’t have a job!

  16. Bed Bath and Beyond, you chat line doesn’t work, either does your email because you have to have an order # to email you. The chat line only has 119 characters available, but my name, and other required information eats all of those characters up, so there’s none left for telling you why I’m contacting you.

    I want a bottom of the oven mat to protect from overspills, but no where do you have them listed online, although we bought one in your St. George, UT store, but want to order online and not drive 150 miles to get one. TY

  17. What customer service experience, can’t use chat as your required info such as name etc, eats up the 119 characters allowed, therefore there’s no room to tell you what I want to chat about.

    Can’t use email, it’s says it’s expired, I have to log off and log back on and then it still doesn’t work. Worthless site.

    I want a matt to put in the bottom of my oven to collect spills, bought one in your store in St. George, UT but don’t want to drive 150 miles to buy one, so wanted to order online, but after spending 1/2 hour online trying to find one on your website, gave up and ordered from Might want to fix all these issues if you want customers to buy online.

  18. Recently purchased what thought to be two WHITE PILLOW CASES-after opening package at home to use-on them was written “NAMASTAY” which apparently is a Hindu expression-I am disappointed but did not keep the wrapper or receipt. How do you make good on this error?

  19. We recently visited your Turlock , CA store because of the Ad my mother received in the mail. She has been a customer there for over 9 years and has purchased quite a bit from that store. The ad showed the Cuisinart Coffee pot 14 cup programmable/ perfect temp originally $99 on sale for 69.99. No model # listed on the ad so when we got to the check out counter the girl said it was not on Sale. We showed her the ad and she called up the manager and he said that it was not on sale as well and that it was $99.00. We told him we drove 45 min from out of town because she wanted to purchase a new coffee maker. My mother is 83 years old and was very upset over the way they handled the situation in that store. What happened to customer service where you honor the ad and the product advertised. There were two other large items she wanted to purchase and they said they did not have them either. Bed Bath and Beyond it appears sends out an ad and then when the customer gets to the store doesnt have the item available and hope to sell you something at regular price. I am a loyal customer as well and have always had good luck at your store but after this last incident we will not be returning and will tell friends and family which all come from out of town as well to shop there. It was so disappointing to see how hurt and frustrating my mom was to see that they couldn’t be bothered to accommodate her and honor the item she wanted to purchase. I would hope that the CEO of your company starts focusing on customer service and stand behind your sales ads. It lures seniors in only to be misled.

  20. I was interested in ordering some knives and went to one of stores in Orlando to purchase. At the time, Calphalon had a promotion going on that if you purchased $299 worth of their product, you would received a $50 gift card. This why I chose BBB and not another retailer who had the product in stock. Unfortunately, the store did not have the knives and for some reason the sales associate was unable to order from store; but I was able to order from home (Strange?). Anyway, I ordered the knives, spent the $299 and I also used a Beyond member coupon. I then called customer service to inquire why I had not received any notification regarding the gift card. The call agent said the office got notification on 8/1 that if a coupon was used; which brings the total below $299 the consumer would not be able to take advantage of the promotion. Very misleading! The associates in-store did not provide this information and this information is not on your website. If this was the case, I would have gone to another retailer and had my knives sooner. I hope this can be resolved. If not, I will be returning all products back to the store.


  21. I would like to tell you about the service I received at BBB in Houston…Maison Demoll helped me get an item high up on the shelf then he assisted with my order of 3 boxes of Green Mountain Coconut Coffee pods…He was patient, friendly and only wanted to take care of my order and me…He is a very pleasant worker and I’ll look for him the next time I shop at the I-10 store in Houston…

  22. Confirmation e-mails contain more customer information than is necessary. Most companies do not do this. In case of breeches of e-mails, this is not desirable. I do not intend to order again.

  23. Bummer, we just placed an order with
    Could’ve bought from our local bb&b store, but your service, prices and more have gone downhill. Every time we want to make a purchase now, we think – can we buy it on amazon instead of bb&b.

    buh-bye bb&b. We are DONE with you!!!!!

  24. Since you thought it was cute to let a couple of bots cause you to cancel “my pillow” which I have purchased at your store; I canceling you due to you ignorance. Won’t darken your days again/

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