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Contacting Beachbody Customer Service Center

Beachbody is a fitness company which sells popular products such as P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, Body Beast and Slim in 6. The company is well known for its infomercials as well as its claims to improve the overall health and well being of its customer base.

Throughout the history of the company, it attempts to attract new customers by offering free trials of its more popular products. Although free trial is a great way to generate business, customers need to have the assurance a company will not leave them high and dry when the trial is over. When customers have questions, Beachbody has answers. The customer support team is available Monday through Friday, 6am to 6pm PST.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer relations: 1-800-470-7870
  • Sales: 1-800-998-1681

Mailing Address

Beachbody, LLC3301 Exposition Blvd., 3rd FloorSanta Monica, CA 90404Attn: Director of Online Operations

Official Website

Go to order to get insightful information relating to the cache of Beachbody products and services. Customers have the ability to learn about the products, see success stories, view videos and receive support from a community of like minded individuals.

Customers can also use the site to reach out the customer support team by calling the customer support line, emailing the customer support team, sending correspondence to the corporate headquarters and connecting with a customer care agent through social media.

Customer Service Email

Visit send an email to the customer support team. The topics vary, depending on whether or not you are a customer or a coach. We sent a message asking if customers need assistance with product care, is it better to seek out a Beachbody coach or contact the customer support team.

Additional ways to contact the customers support team include social media and the Live Chatfeature.

Our Experience

The customer relations team is on point relating to customer questions and concerns. We were on hold less than 1 minute before a customer care agent answered our call. We got straight to the point and asked how do customers stop their credit cards from being charged in the event they were taking advantage of a free trial. The representative explained customers must return the product AND call the company to avoid charges. A common misconception is customer can return the product with a post mark of the final day of the trial and a credit card will not be charged. The company must receive the product prior to the end of the trial.

We are happy the customer support team provided an honest answer. Our experience went well, how did yours go? Share your thoughts with us below.

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110 Comments on “Contact Beachbody Customer Service
  1. please cancel future charges $$$$$ to my checking account had no idea it was going to cost me almost 100$ more over what i already paid. when you have limited funds it hurts your pocket book please cancel beachbody club and activit vitamins

  2. I sent in my before and after pics for my asylum tshirt over a month ago and haven’t gotten any response it didn’t take this long for my insanity shirt like whats going on

  3. CANCEL the delivery of “pills” and charging me $34.29 every month!!! I have asked, called and now I am emailing. STOP charging me and sending the vitamins or pills each month. Jamie Ponzio

  4. I received credit for one charge on my card for 1 one bottle of vitamins but have returned 3 bottles in all. I am still due credit for the other 2 bottles I shipped back to you a month prior to the last shipment. Please issue credit due to my card

    thanks, Pam Baker

  5. Was on hold for 30 mins when I called. Recording said approx. wait time 5 mins. Tried live chat was kicked off of that. Have problem with my recent order. VERY FRUSTRATED!!

  6. I never ordered this but for some reason you keep charging my bank acct and I keep putting a stop so please quit charging my acct

  7. Please cancel the delivery of Shakeology.I called last month to cancel and send back the package but did not received the credit.
    thanks, Anouk Underwood

  8. I called the number given to me in order to cancel , before the 30 days after the first FREE bottle and I was charged for the FREE bottle and have since been sent another bottle and charged. Now I’m returning this second bottle . I am contacting the better business bureau. I know there has to be a way of stopping this company from taking funds after they have been told to stop the shipments and charges.

    • I DO NOT WANT YOUR PRODUCT!!!!!!! I cancelled the transaction the same day I purchased it! Sent an email and held the phone numerous times for customer service. REFUND MY MONEY ASAP!!!!

  9. I did not order beachbody activit,please do not sent it to me. i have one now having use it. now i have to that nor going to be use.

  10. I tried to place an order and it would not take my postal code and I could not get to cancel the order please cancel the orderso I don’t have to cancel my credit card

  11. Please cancel ALL subscription, vitamins, club membership immediately. Do not debt my account for any further transaction! This has cost me a fortune!!!.

  12. The only thing good about beachbody has been my coach. She should just run the company cause no one else knows what there doing. I have made numerous calls, e-mails, live chats and still havent received my refund. Im told without a tracking number they will not refund me. Pretty sure thats illegal. You send a product back they give you the money back. Simple as that. I thought I would be a great coach but I believe they make it much more complicated than it needs to be. Having so many websites to run and the way they want you to get the word out is ridiculous. And in the meantime there just gonna continue to charge you for a product that in my opinion is awful. There are many reports as well about the bad things in shakeology such as the lead content. They neglected to mention that to us as we were signing up to sell it. I wouldnt sell it to anyone. I sent back a full, unopened bag and just simple want my refund. Is that too much to ask?

  13. I would like a RA # to return products received on order # 49344543. They are unopened and unused. I was very disappointed when I saw what was received for the price that was charged.

  14. Ordered the 21 day fix for 3 payments of $19.99 and it is four times that amount. Have been trying all day to get to a customer service rep to cancel. Have called all their numbers over and over and reached NO ONE. They a a sleezy company and they have been reported to the Better Business Bureau. They SUCK!

  15. Company continued to make charges against my account after I had confirmation numbers on canellations. Tried to say I never sent vitamins back when I had signed receipt confirmation from their company. Had to argue to get promises for refunds. This company is a sham. Filed a complaint with our State Attorney General Office about deceptive trade practices.

  16. I order the beach body on Tv. paid the $82.36, and I don’t want no longer receiving anymore charges on my account. Now, you are billing me $60.07 for vitamins, that I do not want!! Please put the credit back into my account.

  17. Great customer Service! Called because I had a defected DVD, and the shipped me a replacement no hassle no problem in 3 business days

  18. Please Cancel my Beachbody membership, Slim in 6 and my monthly shakeology packages.I do not wish to continue at this time. Thankyou.

  19. I need to cancel my membership cause I have hip and knee pain from my job, and not sure how long it will take to heal. Plus I am 60yrs old and need a lower inpack routine. Customer # 15088070
    Thank you.

  20. please cancel activit vitamin.
    stop charging me monthly for vitamin. i don’t want them.
    I tried to call to cancel but my number and address changed it said do do not match our records. old adress 1060c hemlock hills dr. no more shipment i will be returning the pills and give me credit not used 8-5-14 i called last month bernice walker

  21. the customer service shouldnot be automated and voice prompt.
    if you have aquestion or information changed cut you off.

  22. I received a bag of vanilla shakeology with a hole in the bag. The shake mix was all through the box when I opened it. I called beach body immediately. I was told that another bag would be sent out right away, so I trashed the one with the hole. Days later I received an email saying I had to call a phone number. I called right away and the call went straight to an answering machine saying a beach body rep would call me back, so I left all my info clearly on the recording on Monday. It is now 1 hour before Friday and no return call has been made to me. So I just called beach body tonight and was on hold several times will poor English speaking people whom eventually gave me another number to call that was good English speaking woman whom also put me on hold several time and could not help me either??? She told me than her supervisor told her that I was given a number to call in an email and I had to call it. I explained than I did and nobody called me back and asked to talk to her supervisor. She said yes he is right here please hold on. After 17 minutes on hold I hung up. I’ll bet her supervisor was laughing while I was on hold.
    Regardless, this is very poor services. I have also placed several orders online for products and received order confirmation. Waited weeks for product delivery without notification of anything other than the order confirmation to find out than my credit card was refunded and the order was never sent. No email of an order cancelation from the company??? I also think that this is very poor service. Beach body service Has been increasingly sucking. Perhaps beach body is to big for there own good that they can’t take care of their customers??? I like shakeology but don’t like the poor service that is provided by the company. Perhaps I need to find another company to do business with as Beach Body no longer needs me as a customer.

  23. this ridiculousness that one has to go through so many hurdles to cancel an order and or get refund for an order. on the 800 phone number they give a link and this take you to nowhere……this says a lot about a company. I want to cancel future of on the club and the vitamins, I would like a refund on the my last order of which I have not even opened yet.

  24. Apparently, when I was placing this order for T25, asking the question, “WOW, with these extras it sounds like this will cost More Than 3 Payments of $39.95 + $14.95/Shipping & Handling.” AND BEING TOLD ‘NO, IT’S NOT’….Was a LIE! IT WAS WAAAY MORE!!!!
    – I also asked to that the 1 Time Trial on the Supplements be JUST THAT > 1 TIME ONLY….THAT TOO WAS IGNORED!
    – I have tried several Customer Service Numbers and Beach Body Links to CANCEL ANY REMAINING CHARGES AS I FEEL I AM BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. Contact with this Company is Outrageously Difficult.
    >> 1st Payment: $141. 08/05/2014
    >> 2nd Payment (s): $ 35.50 / $ 41.98 / $ 80.23

  25. Please discontinue PPL Activit Vitamins. I would like to return the ones sent, the box is unopened. Please send instructions to return and get credit card charge taken off. Thank You

  26. I ordered your product, back in September ,was charged for that , did not want any additional charges , they begin to charge me any ways . then received one bottle of vitamins . Called to inquire about them . I told the gentleman , to cancel any and all further products and charges and was assured this was done . I did not receive anymore products or bills to me via mail or email . I found out that your company has been charging my account without my permission since then five more times ( and no products sent). I want you to cancel any and all charges and refund all charges that were done since my previous cancellation. I will be going to the bank to stop any further any future charges being made and also will contact the BBB, to let them know of the type of business you have been given me . please contact me .

  27. i want to cancel any vitamins or anything else you had planned on sending me i will contact my bank and inform them to not except any charges from you all for anything. i ordered the 21 day fix and a month supply of vitamins but i do not want any more my order nymber was 54389242 i ordered this on january 1,2015
    please cancel my team beachbody club and all auto orders CANCEL EVERYTHING AT ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I told the phone person the day I ordered this stuff to not, don’t, never, send me the magazines and/or the pills. Today I got not one bottle of pills but two. I don’t want this ans I think it’s bad business to just send it. I live to far from your office or I’d drive and give them back in person. Never send me this crap again.


  30. I would like a RA reference number to return the 21 Day Fix product. I am within the 30 day return period.
    Customer #16119378 .

  31. Please cancel all future beach body shake ologies mailings to me. I do not want them! I want payments to stop immediately please do not charge me nor send me any more shakeologies

  32. Customer # 32580956 please cxl all future mailings of shakeology. I love the 21 day fix ..I don’t want any more charges for the shakes!!!!

  33. Please cancel my order. The total amount does not add up correctly. I spent 26 minutes tonight on the phone to talk to someone about the charges. Thank you

  34. I’m having a terrible experience ordering from Beachbody. I initially ordered Insanity Max 30. I received Hip Hops abs instead and it’s been a nightmare since. I called to correct the order. I was on the phone for 40 minutes at least talking to someone I could hardly understand. I was just wanting to get the order fixed and get off the phone. He kept trying to make really stupid small talk while he tried to fix the problem asking me the same stupid questions about my fitness goals over and over. Ii. Between the idiotic and awkward questions I was put on hold. It was so dam annoying. I was then emailed a label that 3 different fed ex stores wouldn’t except. After that I was sent Insanity Max 30 TWICE and of course billed twice. Now I just want to forget this whole thing. They haven’t credited my credit card for the hip hop abs and god only knows how long it’ll be for the two Insanity max 30 to be refunded. I paid 24.99 shipping for the hip hops abs which I didn’t even want. This company freaking sucks terrible. I want this merchandise returned with full refunds for absolutely everything including all the ridiculous and outrageous shipping charges ASAP. My negative comments willed be posted every day until this is resolved. Sorry Shaun T. You really shouldn’t be associated with this poor excuse for a company. I can see by all the negative posts that I’m not the only one with issues. Next is the better business bureau.

  35. No surprise I haven’t heard back from this pathetic excuse of a company. Sounds like the other negative reviews I’ve read had the same problem. I hope people wake up and stop ordering from them.

  36. Not impressed with the website confirmed an order before I wanted it to be confirmed and sent me products I didn’t want. also sent the wrong flavor of shakeology and never responded to my email as soon as the purchase was made and I realized it wasn’t the order I wanted!

  37. Hi, my name is Brenda Bossé and I would like to cancel my ShakeologyHD.

    Please, let me know if you received my e mail.

    Have a nice day !

  38. please cancel the PPLbeachbody Diet service for 53.00 that is on my master card every month. I do not use it thank-you. please contact me to comfirm this request

  39. I have tried to find out for over two weeks how to return my unused portion of shakology it made me really sick I tried it for three weeks and it just got worse. I text my coach called and left messages and went online to find out now I am on hold for over 20 minutes still no one to talk to need to send back the rest of my order and get credited back for the purchase I bought two other products from team beachbody and they work great just terrible experiance with this meal replacement.

  40. I request you cancel any and all orders of any of your products. I believe the methods and business practices your organization employs is illegal in most states and if not it is at the very least unethical. I believe each of the people who have posted complaints should contact the BBB and the Attorney General of their states to file complaints against your company. It is certainly my intention to do so. And if there is anyone out there interested in filing a class action law suit against your company I will be more than happy to add my name to the suit.

  41. I noticed you took money out of my account I returned it a while back and call and canceled could you please refund to my acct. I will call a lawyer if I have to

  42. please stop sending me the vitamins and charging my card. I have tried numerous times to call customer service and either get hung up on or on hold for over a half hour. These pills make me sick and I cannot take them. I now have two unopened boxes that I want to return!

  43. I have tried every way possible to talk with someone. I have been on the phone for 12 minutes, at the time and then get cut off. I want to cancel everything. I have two bottles of activit. (180 TABLETS EACH) I want to send back.

  44. Please cancel any further shipments to me…..I have paid for the first start up and only one more bottle of vitamins…this is all I want…… I will use my American Express Customer Service protection if I need to …..STOP ALL SHIPMENTS NOW!!!! April 13, 2015

  45. Please cancel my vitamins
    I have contact my bank not paid
    I send back my beach body program 3/16/15 and have not received a credit
    in my account

  46. Please stop calling me for payment . I have returned all merchandice and have asked to no longer be with your monthly or any other plan. regards, Sandra Hardy

  47. I would like to cancel any further shipments for the shakeology drink. I enjoy the workouts, but the drinks are to expensive. Please cancel my services for the drink

  48. Hi,
    My name is Caroline and I would like to cancel my
    Shakeology HD please. Could you please confirm that my
    Shakeology HD has been canceled and that my credit card won’t
    be charged anymore and I recently purchased a
    Challenge Pack. I don’t want to continue my Club Membership
    after my 30 day Trial. Therefore, I would like to cancel to avoid
    future charges. I wish to remain a FREE MEMBERSHIP after my
    free trial. Could you please confirm that my credit card will NOT
    be billed after my free trial? Thank you. Have a great day.

  49. Please cancel my teambeachbody membership and shakeology I do not want to have my credit card charged for any charges after this date of july 26 2015 ….. I like the shakeology .. just think its too exspensive for what im getting .. thanks ..

  50. I ordered a replacement cd for p90x in January, first it was sent to the wrong address, so 2 weeks later, I finally get the correct cd. Then I had to battle with them to remove the reshipping fee, which was their fault in the first place. I hadn’t started the program, yet, however, today, I finally get the willpower up to start the program. I plug in the newly purchase replacement cd, IT’S IN SPANISH!!! Seriously, what kind of service is Beachbody providing, I am very dissatisfied!!!!!

  51. rec’d 21 day fix for $160 yesterday. Very disappointed with the sample meal plans provided. I’m a diabetic vegetarian and the short eating plan doesn’t have enough options. I am also concerned about mixing up shakes like banana sunshine and I don’t tolerate ice cold drinks well. Went on line for more meal plans but now there’s an additional charge. Outrageous! I’ll touch base with my coach but for now this plan is not for me and I’d like to return it.

  52. Please cancel my orders that are posted to my account. If it is not cancelled, will be reporting you to the Better Business Bureau.

  53. I have left a comment about trying to book for PiYo course in UK.
    The online form is bad as it doesnt have all the information that it asks for i.e. blank boxes and nothing else so its ‘guess work’.
    I have managed to put my credit card details in but nothing else so now Im worried I will be chargedf £199 without confirmation that I can attend the training on Thurs 27th Aug! I have contacted them numerous times via dif. methods and still waiting to find out! Unimpressed as I cannot call their number due to the international charge I will have to pay!

  54. On hold waiting for 28 minutes before I gave in. You can do an entire beach body workout while your on hold, that’s how poor their customer service is.

  55. please contact me. i do not want the vitamin or shakeology offer.NO dvd`s in box. either send dvd’s or cancell order. 8-29.15 . 8;06 am jo

  56. Stop taking money out of my account! I don’t want this product anymore! My bank
    is going to stop payment on this. This is unauthorized. Do not send me anything!!

  57. Please cancel all my future orders ! I have tryed for 4 days to get ahold of someone at customer services and they won’t pick up the phone . I have been chargered for extra things and don’t know why . I need. Full refund .

  58. It’s been horrible, and although I’ve been directed to the website, that has not helped either. My order is being withheld because my credit union sent me a new debit card with the same account number but with a different expiration date and security code. Now I’m told my next shipment won’t be until Oct. 1st. This is not acceptable as we use the product almost daily.

  59. I am trying to email customer services to cancel any further anti ageing creams being sent as I am very disappointed with the product however I will have to telephone instead .

  60. Hi, my name is Caroline Foisy and I would like to cancel my Shakeology HD please. Could you please confirm that my Shakeology HD has been canceled and that my credit card won’t be charged anymore.
    Thank You

    Have a great day.

    Caroline Foisy

  61. CANCEL ORDER 10/8/2015. Cannot get a live person to get a return authorization. Called 1866 360 8282, 1 800 207 0420, 1800 470 7820. On hold for 20 min on each number. Tried Chat Live. Not working. Was supposed to be $49.95. Bill received $77.90.

    • Yes the same, they charged me way over what it came to be. The products might be good but there handling of hidden charges is a joke!

  62. Hi, my name is Caroline Foisy and I would like to cancel my command Shakeology HD please. I don’t want to continue my Club Membership after 30 days. Could you please confirm that my Shakeology HD has been canceled and that my credit card won’t be charged anymore. Could you please confirm that my Shakeology HD has been canceled..
    Thank You
    Have a great day

    Caroline Foisy

  63. Please cancel future charges from my checking account. I was a coach for one mth. I’m still getting charged for things I’m not with, or did not give an okay to do so. This is a joke!

  64. I’ve tried to get in touch with you and am having to get to the right person. On 10/19 you put a charge on my visa card for $88.49 and I had cancel the order and I want my refund. I took the survey and commented on it and I still have not heard anything from you. The ref# was 6268 on my statement. Is this another rip off? My phone number is 574 537 4412, Hope to hear from you soon.

  65. I have cancel the shakeology 2 times and you’ll are still taking my money . for the last time cancel this and send my money back

  66. Help, I just purchased piyo. I have 5 discs in my back that are crushed, a replacement knee and elbow, my wrist has tendonitis in it. What program can I do and how do I return the piyo dvd? Do you have any suggestions for losing lower belly fat?

  67. Customer 9743274 I ordered some dvd late November and I still haven’t gotten them. They shipped December 8, tracking not available. Please email me the status my credit card has been charged my phone number is 315-750-0636

  68. Hello and Good Morning, Please discontinue and cancel any future charges for vitamins attached to the shakeology weight loss method. I no longer wish to participate. I will followup, with a call confirmation in a few days.

    Thank you,


  69. I received a box today from you that I did not order and that I had cancelled all future shipments of vitamins to me last October. I had ordered the plan and a bottle of vitamins that then I ended up in the hospital and my doctor said I could not take any supplements or medications other than what she subscribed due to my new health issues. I have refused this shipment and it will come back to your warehouse and I would like to be refunded whatever amount you charged to my credit card. Being I knew I had cancelled any more shipments, as soon as I saw the return address I wrote on the package “refused” and would hope your establishment honors my request for NO further shipments.

  70. Please cancel my membership to Team Beach Body. I have returned the recent shipment of Shakeology. Cancel all future shipments and any other items that go with this membership. I no longer wish to participate. I have called your customer service # and formerly cancelled over the phone. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.
    RA # 48767247 Tracking # UPS 782449708321 done on 2/24/16

  71. When I ordered CIZE I made it abundantly clear to the CSA that I did not want anything except the DVD’s – no club, no vitamins, no supplements, no anything that would cost money. I made it clear again when I received the weekly email and called customer service service to make sure I wasn’t being charged for anything else, and was assured I would not be paying for anything else. Yet today I found a $40.93 charge on my credit card. This complaint will be forwarded to many sites on the internet, as well as my credit card company and the BBB in my city. And of course, I can’t get thru to Customer Service on the phone.

  72. Ordered Body Beast on February 3rd and was put off by having to say no for what seems like 14 times! The continuous insistence and pushing of add-ons is the worst part of dealing with Beachbody. I do offer a compliment, though, to Abel; I spoke with him the evening of March 12, and he promptly issued a credit for an unwanted and unordered Team Beachbody add-on. Frankly, I expect to have to argue for this refund, so I thank you and Abel for making it easier than I expected.

  73. I ordered these vitamins for only a couple of months, did receive the two bottles and the intro special bogo $1. Well I keep seeing a payment for these vitamins coming out of my account, no vitamins to support the payment. I had no idea that this was a scam. I cannot afford the amount taken out, almost twice a month. The price just went up. What gives? I have to budget my money being single and would much rather spend it on something I would enjoy more. The worse part is thinking I had money in my account and being declined at the register because it was not there- vitamins, paid for yet not received. If this does not get cancelled I will have to go to the bank and explain the situation and have them not pay. I will not pay any charges for non-sufficient funds towards vitamin vit. Cancel my order-CANCEL MY ORDER-CANCEL MY ORDER. I would ask for my money to be refunded for the months it was taken and no vitamins received but that is probably like wishing for snow in south Texas. But! If a refund for 3 months appears in my account I would be very happy.
    I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANOTHER PAYMENT OUT OF MY ACCOUNT, I do not want to have to research other options to stop this. I want my money back.
    03/17/2016-$65.18 02/15/2016-$59.90 The payment for 03/17/2016 was last week. no product!!

  74. I ordered the21fix and didn’t get the 30 day shakeology and I haven’t gotten any text from you guys

  75. They didn’t spell my name right in my oder this is how they spelled it anbelica,that’s not right

  76. Please cancel my Activit Vitamins. Was given a quota and my bill double or triple. Don’t understand the billing. Also I was told my 30 day will start when I receive my vitamins not true it started when I hung up the phone

  77. I called and spoke to a CS rep last week on Thursday and he said I didn’t need to cancel anything because I wasn’t on reoccurring payments for my shakeology, then TODAY I got charged $120!!!! NOT HAPPY. I CANNOT afford this every month.

  78. this company is a ripoff. I just called to order a piyo workout and instead was put into a club, sent vitamins and so on. I have contacted the company over the last two months to cancel everything and get my money refunded back to me: and although I was promised they would do so…I am still waiting on them to come through with the refunds. I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy.

  79. Please cancel automatic delivery of ActiVit vitamins. I have enough stock at home to keep me happy for awhile. Thanks.

  80. Please CANCEL the Activit !!!!! Pretty sure it’s illegal to charge 35.00 to cancel. I did not order it & do not want it

  81. Please cancel the automatic shipments of Activit. I received a 90 supply bottle I do not want. I have notified my card to no longer authorize payment for this product. I want a email confirmation of the cancellation of the Activit order within 24 hours. Thank you.

  82. Tried to cancel my autoship for vitavit quarterly shipments. Could not cancel with 800 # listed on statement nor could I do it on line.

  83. you took advantage of a customer charging me 35.00 for vitamins i did not order or even get…please cancel this product and return mymoney…elizabeth gunderman.4460 hikey st.dover,pa.17315…i am contacting the atterney general of pa. in…..i did not order any vitamins and connot find on your site any forms to fill out for returns…..and from looking at other comments i am not the only one you tried to rip have a lot of nerve charging me for stuff i never got…also contacting my bank!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Extremely disappointed!!!! Fraudulent charges to my credit card. I ordered Cize, and received it and was later charged for Acti-Vit (months later) WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!! I will be contacting my credit card company and reporting it.

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