Contact Bath And Body Works Customer Service

Contact Bath and Body Works Customer Service

Contacting Bath and Body Works Customer Service Center

Bath and Body Works is a personal beauty company specializing in perfumes, body sprays, soaps and other body products. The company operates both online and offline bricks and mortar stores, with most stores anchored in malls and shopping centers with major traffic. Bath and Body Works customer service can work with customers to work through product complaints and resolve online order issues.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

At first glance we were unable to find a phone number for Bath and Body Works customer service, but after looking more closely we found the number listed in tiny print under the form to contact customer service by email. The phone number was not listed with hours of operation.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-756-5005

Mailing Address

We did not find a mailing address for Bath and Body Works listed on the official website. We were able to find an address where customers could send returns, but no customer service address. We’ve listed the address for the corporate office of Bath and Body Works.

Bath and Body WorksAttn: Customer ServiceSeven Limited PkwyEast Reynoldsburg, OH 43068


Bath and Body WorksAttn: Returns7601 Trade Port Dr. Louisville, KY 40258

Official Website

Whether you want to order a product from Bath and Body Works, check on the status of your order or contact Bath and Body Works customer service you need to start at the official website at You’ll notice a My Account link at the top of the page. This is where you click to log in to your account, check the status of an order or contact customer service about a specific order.

Customer Service Email

Bath and Body Works clearly wants customers to contact an agent via email using the contact form as the form is the predominant figure on the Contact Us page. You must enter your name, email address and phone number before sending the form. You have the option of adding your order number if desired.

Our Experience

The Bath and Body works customer service center is answered by an automated message, but you do not have to listen to a thousand options to reach an agent. Simply say Customer Service when prompted and your call will be transferred to an available customer service agent. We tried pressing 0 to see if that would immediate take the call to an agent. There was a long pause and the call was transferred with an agent picking up the call within a few seconds of the transfer.

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85 Comments on “Contact Bath And Body Works Customer Service
  1. I have a survey i can take but not sure where to go to do it Its a 10.00 off your next purchase. Can someone let me know where i can do the survey at? Thank you once again

  2. GREATEST AND MOST KIND PROFESSIONAL FANTASTIC SERVICE FROM The Shops at Mission Viejo store in Calif. The girls are so nice and incredible customer service. I really had concern when the manager that was there forever left and these girls are A+++++

    Fausta Haley Jessica

    I hope Corporate will tell them how great they are!!!!

  3. Was in the store on Saturday -9/12/2015. store clerk would not except my coupon online nor would she except my coupon on my email. I have been on Bath&Body mailing for years she seen all my emails on my phone relating to Bath&Body. My question is could she have given me some type of coupon in the store? i will not go back to your store again. I have been a repeat customer and have been for years to get a discount every once in a while would be nice. this is not the first time concerning coupons or any other discounts. DONE shopping at your company.

  4. I placed a order on Sunday September 20,2015 and received my order on Wednesday, September 23rd. My order had my invoice and someone’s else’s invoice with the person contact information.I called the Bath and Body work customer service and spoke to Onfloor supervisor and I was told to shred the invoice. I think this was a major mistake that should have never happened. This was my first time ordering 0nline with Bath and Body works and I am not feeling very comfortable on placing an orders in the future. This is not very good business for something like this to happen.

    • Anita Johnston
      This happened to me as well on 1/18/2016, someone else’s invoice with all their contact info and some CREDIT card numbers listed. Makes you wonder how often this happens, barely 4 months between your order and mine. And they do not even seem to care. I will never order from them again. If this goes on with online orders then how careless are they with in-store security. Makes me wonder…..

  5. I shopped in your store (80383) today,trans: 8307, cashier 892431, Dominquie.
    She was very nice, however I was taken back by the fact she had curl rods in her hair. The long sponge rods used to set curls in your hair. They are usually worn in a private setting to set curls in your hair. To see the cashier with them in her hair was odd. out of place and only fitting for working in a salon. Is this something new that I am not aware of?
    Thank you

  6. I placed a order on 12-3-15 and still have not received my order and now they
    are telling me 12-14-15. It shouldn’t take that long! I can’t seem to find anyone to help me.

  7. I recently received two online orders from Bath and Body Works. Everything was fine except for one of my Sea Island Cotton foam soaps. It wasn’t closed properly & it wasted all over my baskets & bookcase.

  8. My daughter and I live together and we both are good customer s of Bath and Body Works.The problem is she gets all the lovely free coupons and goes in and gets cool stuff almost once a month. But I however get nothing!!!! I have spoken to sales ppl and filled out new paperwork and it doesn’t help.Please help I have been trying to fix this for two years! Thanks in advance.

  9. I tried to contact Bath&Body Works on the internet. Another company intercepted, left me on the phone 10 minutes, and then said I wasn’t talkingtoyou. If you want to make sale, I WISH TO ORDER THE CLOSET HANGARS YOU ADVERTISED ON tv.

  10. Recently went into the Marlton NJ store where Myke was there to ring us up. I had a coupon for the free fun size, however, I guess body sprays didn’t count. They were all under the fun size signage, causing confusion. He told me the coupon was good for lotions and creams, so I went to pick one out. At this time, he snaps at me and says “not those, the ones I’m trying to show you!” I roll my eyes in frustration, trying to keep that frustration at his tone in check. Then he proceeds to tell me “don’t get mad at me”. I tell him I’m not mad at him, but then he snaps again saying “well you rolled your eyes!”. Seriously poor customer service and I’m highly disappointed. I usually do a lot of my Christmas shopping at your stores, but I will have to change that. While I understand the customer isn’t always right, but Myke pretty much implied I’m a liar. Unprofessional and disrespectful.

  11. When I shop at b&bw I always give my email and home address but I never receive any coupons. I have several family members and friends that do. I just don’t understand why I never do.

  12. I’ve been using Dr. Wexler products since 2004 and love her products they are the best but I’ve noticed recently I’m having a hard time finding some of her products online when some of her products sell out it takes months for them to come back this is very frustrating I do not want to have to mix her products with another line when something sells out it should be replaced within a reasonable time and not months this is ridiculous when I ask about what is going on nobody can tell me I would appreciate if someone can take action to get this resolved.

  13. I am getting very frustrated! I ordered on December 2nd and here it is the 13th. Says my order is still processing. When I try to call at 8:43 Eastern the message says the office is currently closed. Your recording states that you are open from 6am until 2am Eastern 7 days a week! It feels to me like you are purposely ignoring the customer. Please email me ASAP as to when I can expect my order to ship!!! 08988724

  14. I placed an order on November 27 I did not receive all my merchandise a 20.00 gift card was missing, I contacted Bath and Body works about it and talked to Dezhaun with this order or confirmation #528989048 and said I would receive the gift card in 2 to 7 days. My email said on December 10 it was being processed. I have called Bath and Body works 2 days in a row and the first day I was on hold for 50 minutes and I had to hang up, I am currently on hold with them now and it’s already been 46 minutes. I need my 20.00 gift card I paid for and didn’t recieve

  15. I placed an order on November 27 I did not receive all my merchandise a 20.00 gift card was missing, I contacted Bath and Body works about it and talked to Dezhaun with this order or confirmation #528989048 and said I would receive the gift card in 2 to 7 days. My email said on December 10 it was being processed. I have called Bath and Body works 2 days in a row and the first day I was on hold for 50 minutes and I had to hang up, I am currently on hold with them now and it’s already been 46 minutes. I need my 20.00 gift card I paid for and didn’t recieve

  16. Hello.. My order number is 09947840. I placed the order on Monday, Dec. 11. I received an email on Wednesday, Dec 13 and another email on Friday, Dec. 15 – both stating that my order was being processed. I am a little confused because when I had ordered the products, I selected delivery by Dec. 17. I would like clarification about my order. My order should be processed by now and on its way to me. Please reply…. Thank you

  17. I received my order today with the correct product. unfortunately I have someone else’s invoice with all their information. I would like a copy of my invoice for my order. I feel the customer should be contacted by Bath and Body about their invoice being sent with someone else’s shipment. It is an uncomforting feeling knowing your information was packaged with an order that is not yours. Please contact me back with a solution. Thank you

  18. AMAZING!!!! I ordered gifts on 11/27/2017 and was told items ship in 2-5 business days. I contacted a representative 12/11/17 and still had not received 1 order.(order # 08220548) I was told I would receive this partial order on 12/18/17. I STILL have not received it. NO communication, no shipping info, NOTHING!!!
    I have called 7 times your 800 phone number and was on hold for over 20 minutes!! I will NEVER order on line with you again!

  19. I was at the South Hills Village on Saturday December 16. I asked one of the employees whether or not Vanilla Snowflake was available in a wall flower. She said that it wasn’t available this year. She told me that Vanilla Noel Bean would be comparable. I told her that I had used it but it was more of a softer scent and harder to smell. She told me that was my problem!!! I was livid and left the store. I have never been so appalled at one of your employees. It was not my fault that she had to stock shelves!!

  20. Order #10709575

    I’m very upset. I called and asked which item wasn’t available. I was told Vanilla Bean body cream. I received several emails. One has that my order will be sent another email indicates that Winter Candy Apple isn’t available. What is really going on with my order or should I say lack of order? Thank you

  21. I received my order #11719813 today and I’m very dissapointed as there are products missing and I was charged for them. The box is crushed and all wet. Two of the hand soaps were broken and half of the liquid was spilled. The products missing are the Limoncello fragace melt and the Lavender fragrance refill. I took pictures of this and if is necessary I can send them by e-mail to the contact taking care of this issue. I paid $18.36 for shipping expenses, which I consider unreasonable after the poor packing of my products.

  22. I have not shopped BBW for years since the stopped sending me coupons. I made an online purchase only because they offered free shipping. I really prefer going to store to see and smell products.Pleas start sending me coupons through the mail again. Thank you.

  23. I made a purchase on 5/9/2018 and when I got my order #14832299 I had a packing slip that belonged to another person. The name on the packing slip I received was from Michelle Williams order #14826118. What happened to my packing slip. I did receive what I had ordered.

  24. Hi I went into your Woodbury store today, and I bought a $1.75 Antibacterial Soap, then with the coupon (that was sent to my home) I was able to get a 3 Wick candle as well.
    The lady in front of me did the same thing.
    I commented on what a great deal this was, and I said “I bet you are really busy with that coupon huh?”
    The checkout woman said (very snotty and snippy) “Those coupons are only sent out to those who do not buy much in our store” I did not need snippy or snotty, just a better customer service attitude.
    Signed Dissapointed

  25. the last time I ordered some hand soap, they were really “stinky”….. not up to your usual standards….. the 2 that I really noticed was the warm vanilla sugar and the “take me away” papaya and mint…… I will not order these again……. they did not smell good……….in fact were horrible……….. I just threw them away and that is throwing away money……….. since none of these are cheap…… I bought my 3 wick candles elsewhere…….. same reason, were not good and too expensive.

  26. When I reciceived my order yesterday I had one of my candles broken to pieces. It was not packaged like the others and was placed in the middle of the box and was broken. What do I need to do to replace it?

  27. I love chamomile lavender. Amazon is selling the mist for $84.00. Will you all ever bring the scent back? I loved it. It is one of the best aromatherapy you have had. How can I order ir from you even though it is discontinued?

  28. I recently purchased Shea socks for Halloween I wore last night when I went to take off pieces fell out long pieces I didn’t notice right away my small dog was near me and I s noticed out the corner off my eye her picking something up with her mouth and begin choking I picked her up and pulled her mouth open and it was in there could have done real damage

  29. I recently received a shipment of the wallflower scented plug in oils. I love them, however (2)) of the cinnamon and clove buds leaked all over inside the pkg. The box smells great. Beside the mess, (2) bottles are about 1/3 less the amount of product.

  30. I went to the Bath and Body Works in Allen Park, Michigan on October 16. I went for the candle deal of the day $10.95 Fireside Marshmallow. I entered the store and about 10 minutes was greeted by a older lady with natural curly hair. She told me about the deal of the day with the candle. I proceeded to purchase the candle. I was waiting in line at the checkout. A young lady was ringing and a middle age man. I was up next with the middle age man who also, had a man bun. He never acknowledged me with a hello or anything. I placed my candle on the counter and I asked him if I need to show him my e-mail for the candle. He said yes. I got my phone out and showed him my Bath and Body Works coupon for the candle. I could not get the bar code up on my phone because of no WiFi in the store. I questioned why do I need the barcode when I was also told of the candle promotion after being in the store by the older curly haired lady. He said, ” I need to see your coupon”. Okay I got the number with the online or in store. Hahah then he just grabbed a sheet of paper with the barcode and scanned it on the register. No kidding. How rude can you be to a customer. That is not proper customer service at all. I made my purchase and left. Still upset over 8 hours later. Teach proper customer service. Respect customers. Make a purchase easy not hard. Just a few suggestions for this middle aged man. Maybe Bath and Body Works has a class in customer service for him.

  31. I received my order #20299205 today and the car scents evidently leaked during transport and are either empty or partially emptied. The packing box was stained and I could smell the scent before opening the box. I am disappointed and would like the Ocean scented item replaced.

  32. A bottle of Energy – Orange and Ginger Foaming Soap had completely spilled in the shipping box of order 20625549. Please replace.

  33. I ordered some products on order 21275641 which was delivered today. The packing inside was not good and on a fragrance mist spray the sprayer is broken as I had six bottles of fragrance mist spray and all the tops were off when received today. Can this broken bottle be returned to a store for replacement or do I have to return it to you? Am not in a town with a store and would be at least a month before I could exchange so wish to be told what to do. I also had received a notice of free shipping on orders of $40 or more but when I tried to use it, it changed my other specials from 3 purchased and receive 3 free to 2 purchase and one free and so did not receive the $5.99 free shipping. Would not order this way except one fragrance is only available online as it is a discontinued fragrance. Feel your free shipping is misleading.

  34. I made a purchase on 11/9/2018 (Order Number: 21981474) and I was trying to apply a retailmenot coupon to the order for a free In the Stars 8 oz body mist applicable with $10 qualifying purchase. The coupon code is CH6FBC. Can you include the product in my shipping order? Thank you.

  35. I received an order (order #21822854) today. Just one small issue….one of the bottles of cinnamon clove fragrance leaked and is almost empty. Could you please send me another one?

    Peggie Lawrentz

  36. I am a little upset. I live inDefiance Ohio and the asst. Manager at out B & B tells customers that you can’t use coupons when you purchase the daily deal, today was body cream-3.95. I’ve shopped in Toledo and Ft. Wayne and this is not the case. Please address this issue I did not purchase the items because of this woman, is this your policy or not?

  37. Received my order and I must say some of the worse packing ever!! I Ordered three 3 wick candles, lids off all three,glad none were broken, also 7 bottles of soap and pump was broken off one of the soaps and was leaking, just a mess!!!
    I have ordered off of the website for quite some time and I must say, I have never gotten a box where it looks as if everything was literally thrown in. So dissatisfied

  38. Hello. To whom it may concern, today at one of your locations I shopped at in Citrus Heights CA I was told I couldn’t use a second 10 off 30 coupon on my purchase however my purchase was 97.85 after the b3g3 free promotion but before taxes. The cashier also did not give me the coupon back or give me any new coupons however other customers with other cashiers were being given them. I understand there is no way to get my coupon back but I really hope that you can correct this situation by sending me coupons. Thank you.

  39. I understand that the amount is not substantial but was concerned that my invoice inside the box did not match what had been charged to my account. All the items ordered were accounted for so the two amounts should have been the same.
    Any explanations?
    Date 11/22/18 #23270500

  40. I love your product and I’m usually very pleased with the service provided, however I made a purchase on Thanksgiving day and spent $149. On black Friday sales we usually are able to stack all of your coupons well I was only able to use 2 of my coupons so the next day my daughter went there and was able to use all 4 of her coupons. I was going to leave the matter alone however when I aligned my items up for the buy three get three free I feel like I was shorted three items, I took my purchase back to the store and was told there was nothing they could do because it would make me loose the coupons that were already applied to my purchase. Now I have buy three get three free I purchased a Ocean & Bourbon Cologne, body cream and body wash so that’s six items then I bought three body washes and three body lotions these items are equivalent in price and that again is six items so one kind of cancels the other out now here is where I feel cheated I purchase two more shower gels and a body mist where are my three free item? usually the cashier catches that and will tell you to go get three more items well that didn’t happen and when I got home and paired them up I was short my items and I gave a coupon for a free item so actually I’m short 4 items. I was so upset with the situation I told them to refund it all and Ike the manager said “oh well” and that I couldn’t get my coupons back. I didn’t refund them but I’m truly not pleased at all that was the worst customer service from a manager I have ever experienced. The cashiers were trying so hard to please and satisfy me but I left displeased.

  41. I just did an online purchase .. it has the wrong shipping address and needs to be changed.. please contact me ASAP

  42. I just received my order #24274743. Several of wallflowers leaked all over the inside of box! Could smell it when I picked it up! I have never ordered form y’all just shop in the store! I can’t afford to spend this kind of money and have a mess due to leaking bottles. The spray was missing the sprayer but found it down inside the liquid mess!! Sorry, not happy!!
    Thank you,

  43. I received my order in record time, but I ordered 9 items and there were only 2 little bubbles in the box. Lids were off of my spray bottles and the inside of the box smelled like my Japanese Cherry Blossom….I thought they were supposed to be sealed……????????????????????????????????

  44. I placed an order on Cyber Monday and I was anticipating my order. When I received my order ( it was a $98.00 order) I opened the box and to my surprise it contained only 2 of the items that I ordered! I have tried to contact Bath and body works many different ways to no avail! I love their products but this is driving me insane now!!

  45. I need to contact customer service because the mailing address is wrong on my recent order #25856223.
    It should read the same as my billing address which is:

    2601 E. Ocean Blvd.
    Long Beach, Ca
    Please respond, thank you

  46. My order number is 24205561 and was received Sat Dec 8th. Package stuffing was not inflated and apparently box had been dropped. My 3 wick candle named Magic in the Air was all broken. Glass all over the box. I have tried calling your customer service line and can not get through. This is for Christmas and I need a new candle that is not broken!! My name is Ann Amiot, 234 Carrera Lane, Eunice LA 70535. Please send me another at no charge since I didn’t order a broken one. Thanks

  47. I ordered several small one wick candles awhile ago. I put them to the side for stocking stuffers. Today I discoverered that one was shattered. Can you replace it? It was Cinnamon spiced Vanella. It was wrapped in bubble wrap as the others were but this one didn’t make it.

  48. Ordered several one wick small candles awhile ago. Put them aside for stocking stuffers. All wrapped in bubble wrap. One however was shattered as I found tonight. Cinnamon spiced Venella. Will you please replace that candle.

  49. I do not live near a Bath & Body works store, and so I sometimes order online. However, I think it unfair to charge more for ordering online. (Where it says: Buy 3 get 4 free IN STORES ONLY.)

  50. I haven’t received any coupons through the mail in along time. I usually spend a few hundred dollars each Christmas and the coupons help a great deal. Please put me back on the mailing list.

    address: 8 Langley Ct
    Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

  51. Tried calling customer service about an order I received damaged and I can’t get through. Was on hold for 30 minutes yesterday and day before was the same. They suck!

  52. Customer Service???? What is that???? I have an order that was to be delivered Dec 12th and there is NO tracking info and no one that will take my call!!!!!!

  53. I purchased $140 of bath and body items in the Defiance , Ohio store on December 13 th, 2018. Forgot the coupons I had that yoi mailed to me. Is there any way I can get credit for the coupons that were good on Drcember 13 2013 for the items I putchased? I asked store and they said yes, bring the coupons in , unfortunately I cant fond coupond now spent a lot of money and would like the discounts

  54. I have been shopping B&BW for more years than I can count. Love the products and usually the service is really good. Last week I was having a conversation with the associate about a candle that just didn’t burn right. She said to bring it back. I told her I don’t like to bring back items and I told her how it was 3/4 gone and she said no no bring it back! So I brought it back and very loudly the mgr gave me a lecture at the register in front of everyone how B&BW doesn’t take back candles that are so low. I told her no its ok don’t worry about it…she kept going and making a big deal out of it. I did get an exchange but I was SO embarrassed about how she handled it. This was at the store in Fullerton at Amerige Heights Town Center and truthfully will wait before I go back in the location because of it. Im in there quite often and she really embarrassed me. I just thought you should know. Thank you 🙂

  55. Your Customer Service is terrible!
    Cannot reach you by phone. My order was short.
    Even your local store was so unorganized.
    Will never buy your products again.



  56. I had been on hold at the customer service phone line for over 27 mins. Same song playing over and over again very annoying and why are they not answering the phone? I have been charged incorrectly my packing slip does not match what they charged my credit card.

  57. My favorite body lotion – Aromatherapy Sensual Body Lotion Jasmine Vanilla was discontinued. PLEASE bring it back again. Thank you.

  58. I ordered 6 3 wick candles and one of them was broken when I received my order
    #25095774, the candle was Fresh Balsam. Could you send a replacement and I will return the broken candle if needed.

  59. I have been picking up items for friend. Finally got her in store and had bad help. They ignored her and only answered when directly asked. Did not take you to product just told you to look over by such and such. It was a big sale around December 3 the big 3 dallor soap sale. Normally I get great help no matter the crush but I have never been made to feel unwelcome till that time and by a manager. Only one blonde woman truly helped and they had her running all over.

  60. I spent $99.04 on Bath & Body Works today 12/28/2018 in the Grand Teton Mall in Idaho Falls, Idaho, looked for my phone in my purse but could not find it, it had the spend $40.00 get $10.00 off purchase on it. I was told she couldn’t give me the $10.00 off with out the coupon, so I would have to go back out to my car and get my phone, I am a 75 year old female and can hardly walk as it is so just took the loss. I would think that you would supply a coupon bar code for that in your stores. thank you trans,: 3539, reg: 05, cashier: 1195445, store 80033, till 1005

  61. I made a order on Dec 06, 2018 and it was suppose to be delivery by Dec 17, still NO order and NO tracking number. Still waiting, nothing. Customer Service???? What is that???? NO real person to talk to. SOMEONE TO EMAIL ME REGARDING MY ORDER!!!!!


  63. I purchase the Kroger/Fred Meyer HOME brand toilet paper and have for years. Until now, that is. Lately (last 2 doz rolls) the tissues are nearly impossible to pull apart with any ease. It requires two hands and even then generally pulls apart shredded.
    WHAT’S UP??
    I will purchase another brand from now on.

  64. I have a problem. I would LOVE to buy Brown Sugar Fig products but they are only sold online. That’s not the problem. I would like to use the spend 40.00 get 10.00 off but it is only for in store items. Can you help me? Also, I have a gift card and was wondering if I could use that to pay for shipping and handling? I have been a loyal customer for over 30 years, if that matters. Thank you!

  65. I do not get alerts to my phone any longer and want to know when aromatherapy is on sale – don’t know why?? Can you look into this for me please?

  66. I failed to add the cyber day promo code “Monday” for my order #83943970 placed on 11-30-20. Can this be corrected?
    Thank you
    Karan Box
    1296 Northpointe Bluff Dr
    Anchorage AK 99501

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