Contact Barnes & Noble Customer Service

Contacting Barnes & Noble Customer Service Center

Barnes & Noble is a major book store that managed to survive the move from paper books to virtual and eBooks. Today, Barnes & Noble sells eBooks directly from the main website and even offers the Nook eReader.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

As is the case with many retail websites, you have to go through a maze of FAQs and irrelevant information to reach the Barnes & Noble customer service contact information. The customer service phone center is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Customer Service Center: 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665)

International Customer Service: 1-201-559-3882

Corporate Headquarters: 1-800-962-6177

Corporate Fax: 1-201-559-6910

Mailing Address

The general address for inquiries to Barnes & Noble, Inc. can be addressed to:

Barnes & Noble, Inc.
PO Box 111
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

Official Website

From the front page of the Barnes & Noble website,, you will immediately notice the ease of access to all parts of the site. Customers can choose from traditional books, Nook books, textbooks, children’s books and even toys, games and DVDs. If you have an account with Barnes & Noble, you can access your account from the Sign In link at the top of the page.

Customer Service Email

Barnes & Noble is one of the few companies that publish a customer service email address. You can address your customer service email to:

If you need to contact customer service about your online Barnes & Noble transaction, address your email to:

There is also an email contact form from the Barnes & Noble retail site located here:

We chose to contact Barnes & Noble via email to find out more about how long it takes for customer service to respond to emails from concerned customers. We’ll update you on the time it takes for customer service to respond.

Our Experience

The customer service phone line starts with an automated service. You have to choose between orders, support, education, membership and other options. When we pressed 0 we were unable to make it straight to customer service. We chose information on Nook and again pressed 0 to pass through the service. We were transferred to a customer service representative on this attempt to bypass customer service. When the representative answered the call at 1 minute 30 seconds into the call, she appeared to have no accent and quickly answered our question on the Nook Color.

When we sent an email to Barnes 7 Noble customer service, we initially received an automated response stating a customer service representative would respond within 24 hours. We did receive an actual response within the timeframe provided and the representative answered our question regarding the NOOK. THe email provided an ample amount of information as well as additional information to contact customer service, see below:

Dear Richard Banks,

Thank you for contacting Barnes and Noble.

NOOK Simple Touch : “Best E-ink Reader” Perfect for book lovers

Our ultra-light, lowest priced reader. Easy-to use 6″ touchscreen with
breakthrough E Ink for crispest, just like paper reading-even in bright
sun. Longest battery life of any eReader-read for 2+ months and enjoy
built-in Wi-Fi.

Power / Speed: 600MHz single-core processor 256MB RAM

Battery LifeOver 2 months of reading on a single full charge.

Please follow the below link for features of NOOK Simple Touch:

NOOK Color : Best value in the tablet world” Brilliant color plus all
tablet essentials

Our do-everything tablet at an incredible value. Ideal for those who
love reading plus want tablet essentials like apps, email, music and web
with video. Now with movies and TV shows from Netflix. All on a
full-color 7″ VividView touchscreen.

Most advanced VividView Color Touchscreen (IPS)116 million colors for
remarkable clarity and reduced glare7″ diagonal display8 text sizes plus
6 font styles

Power / Speed: 800MHz single-core processor 512MB RAM

Apps / Music / TV / Movies : Netflix available for downloadPreloaded
Games (Chess, Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles)Pandora internet radioThousands
of must-have appsEmailMusic Player for MP3s

Please follow the below link for features of NOOK Color:

We hope you find this information was helpful.

If you have a more immediate need for help, or have questions that
require more than an email, we invite you to join us in our newly
launched NOOK Chat Room. To chat with one of our Digital
representatives, please click on this link:

We look forward to your next visit.


Sam Natos
Customer Service Representative – Digital Support
Barnes & Noble

Email From Richard Banks

Hello, I was wondering about the product specifications of the NOOK tablet. Thank you for any information regarding this product.

Tell us about your experience with Barnes & Noble.

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208 Comments on “Contact Barnes & Noble Customer Service
  1. been calling customer service… waited long hours and no one answerss… And how stupid you need to pay for a membership fee every year!!! im cancelling my membership!!!!

  2. been calling customer service… waited long hours and no one answerss… And how stupid you need to pay for a membership fee every year!!! im cancelling my membership!!!!stupid!!!!

  3. We’re a bunch of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with valuable info to work on. You have performed a formidable process and our whole group will likely be grateful to you.

  4. I was very sorry to hear that you are closing two Barnes and Nobles in San Jose, Ca. I am hoping the
    Barnes and Noble on Stevens Creek and San Tomas will remain open. I frequent this store and would very much like to have a book store in our area. Not everyone wants to read from a computer screen. I understand the nook and others like it are convenient but many people still prefer reading an actual book.

  5. Barnes & Noble has the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. I will NEVER shop there again….Amazon however is GREAT!!!

    • The absolute WORST customer service EVER!! I have worked in many customer related profession in my life and nothing is as inept as B&N customer service. They should instruct all of their foreign call center employees in English, efficiency, and concern for their customers. This is the 3rd time an order has been “lost in shipment”. This is pathetic because I can easily drive to New Jersey, where most of the shipments originate, from my home in Pennsylvania and back again in less than 1 day. Thank God the customer service representatives at my credit card company are located stateside, speak perfect English, and are efficient in filing disputes and credits for items not received from Barnes & Noble. GO AMAZON!!!!

  6. My husband, George, bought a Nook on 12/15/12 store 2072, register 001, transation 6185. I, Martine, bought a DVD on 12/18/12, store 2071, register 008, transation 7987.
    WE BOTH GOT A “ENTER A CHANCE to win a Nook HD…. visit: BN.COM/survey.
    I COULDN’T ENTER BN/COM/survey because it doesn’t show. This is very regrettable because I appreciated the advice and patience the associate gave me. I wish my positive experience could be reflected in the survey.

    I hope the access to the website will be fixed soon.
    Take care,
    Martine Fournier / Oakland, CA 94611

    • As with all of the previous comments regarding your survey(BN.COM/survey). I also was unable to find anywhere to access this survey to enter to win a NOOK or $300 B&N gift card. The sites that are listed when you enter this web site info are not correct for this survey. As the receipt states I have only 7 days to enter. I am extremely disappointed in Barnes & Noble to hand out information with the purchase receipt that does not have correct info. My family has been a customer for over 30 years and we are very disappointed that Barnes & Noble has become so poor at customer relations.

  7. Got great service at B&N 12/22/12; got a receipt for enter a survey online to register for a Nook HD” or a $300 B&N gift card. Upon going to the website, BN.COM/survey, was unable to find site for doing the survey. So, I now have 6 days to participate, BUT HOW?? Please help!

  8. So, where do I go to enter to win a ‘NOOK HD+ or a $300 B&N GIFT CARD’???
    I have a Purchase date: 12/22/2012
    Store: 2152
    Register: 009

    • I participate in surveys all the time to report excellent customer service. As the others stated, doesn’t state anything about completing a survey. Help please.

  9. I made several purchases this past week at Store 2951 Register 008 including Transaction # 5683.

    Went on-line as instructed to do the survey to participate in a drawing and was unable to find the correct website to complete the survey.

    Not a very user friendly website.

    Dave Wiyrick
    Spokane Valley, WA.

  10. Received a slip to do a BN.COM/survey to “win a NOOK HD+ or a $300 B&N Gift Card. I cannot find a link to the survey and it will expire 12/30. This is very disappointing as I have been a B&N member for many years.

  11. I want to take the BN.COM/survey but I cannot find this site. My friend and I visited the store, went to the Starbucks in the store and cannot use a Starbuck card. Crazy? So I would like to get a chance to win the Nook HD or the $300.00. Can you help?

  12. I went to the store this year and had no problem with my membership. Guess what? My membership was cancelled. Oh well. Nice store, great location and your merchandise is great. Keep up the good work. Peace

  13. The survey must be a hoax as I, too, was going to do the survey. It must be a “Come=on” to look at Books and Noble for items for the stores. That’s ashame as I truly am enjoying my Nook, (that, by the way, I bought at Books a Million due to the customer service at store 2961 from one of the workers (an elderly lady-grinch). The young lady there that knows the nook is wonderful, however.

  14. I, too, fell for your fake survey. I wasted a rediculous amount of time trying to find your survey to win a Nook or a gift card. I’ve been a member for years and spent a lot of money in your stores, but this bogus survey has left a sour taste in my mouth.

    Very poor PR for your stores.

  15. Tried to take the BN.COM/survey but after clicking into 12 websites that “looked like it could be it” – I gave up. What a trip off!

  16. Shopping at B & N is always a pleasure for me and my autistic son. Today, with my store receipt decided to fill out your survey about my visit but not able to complete the survey. You may be false advertizing because it would be impossible to ever win a nook hd or a $ 300. B&N gift card. So just remove the print on your receipt so as not to have customers waste their time.

  17. I want to enter for a chance to win a $300 B&N gift card by visiting BN.COM/survey. This website was not available to me.

  18. I also was given a receipt after I shopped at BN Fifth avenue on 12/30/12 to fill out a survey to receive a chance to win a NOOK or a $300 gift card. I am pretty digitally savvy and CANNOT find the survey anywhere on your website. Shame on you.

  19. Why should I spend my time trying to find your “survey site?”
    This is very aggravating and such a waste of time for customers.

  20. Was glad to know I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t find the survey, but very disappointed that you would offer something that I was unable to follow through. My purchase date was 1/12013.Store:2807. Register:005. Transaction:4625

  21. I went to BN.COM/survey and all these different things came up. None of them were conducive to my completing the survey for your contest. Can you offer any suggestions?

  22. I went to BN.COM/survey. Unfortunately, there is not a section for this survey. Please make clear how I can access this to enter the drawing. Also, please extend the time period I am allowed. Thank you.

  23. I too have tried to take the survey. I too can not locate the website. I emailed barnes and noble with no response. Have emailed again today. I guess they don/t want us to take the survey or it takes so ling that the reciept runs out. Bad pr

  24. Why is there a link for a survey on your receipts, when there is no BN.COM/survey link? Have you answered ANYONE about this often repeated question here?

    • I feel so much better that I am not alone. I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. But yes some answers would be nice. I am a Barnes and Noble junkie and love shopping there.

    • Also received a receipt for an online survey at BN.COM/survey which I could not find. I cannot find an answer anywhere on this page as to where it is. Is this a hoax?

  25. With a purchase in 12/12 I received a receipt with a request to complete a survey with the opportunity to win a Nook or $300; however, when I attempted to access the website it was not available, did not seem to exist at all. Very disappointing.

  26. I don’t get to the store often , but when I do I’ll buy something as a rule, the recite I get always has a chance to win if you take a survey and all the years I’ve been a member I’ve never found the site to do it. So eather make it easy to find or stop wasting paper! I don’t think you really want to let anyone win?

  27. I could not enter the survey because it was for ebooks. So I am not ale to enter for a chance to win a nook or gift card.

  28. I purchased a Nook HD+ in the B&N in Boise Idaho this week along with a cover spending a bit over $200.00. Was given the opportunity to enter a contest to win another HD+ or $300.00. Unfortunately I was unable to find the survey site from the address give to me at the time of sale.
    I am very satisfied with my Nook..this new one is so much faster and opportunity loaded and would have enjoyed seeing the questions on the survey. Would especially like the chance to compliment Michael, the salesperson who helped me. Being the winner would have been nice too.

  29. I am not happy about the fact that I can’t enter the survey (and it seems like lots of others can’t either. I sent you an e-mail and your response was the same worthless link and of course went nowhere. Not making me a happy BN customer.

  30. Well, It appears the problem trying to win a NOOK + or $300 is just a scam since for months people have been having the same problem I encountered…no link to to enter the “Win A Nook.” This speeks very poorly for your company. I should have purchased my book from Amazon and it would have been less expensive.

  31. I cannot find the survey site BN.COM/ survey which offered a free Nook or $300. Please do not waste my time when I am willing to give my honest opinion of your stores in return for a chance to win.

  32. well I made 3 purchases at the Lynchburg, VA store on Friday Jan 4 2013 and was given receipts to enter a survey to win a NOOKHD+ or $300 B&N gift card and guess what cant get to it on the website. no mention of a survey for this. wasted lot of time trying. Very bad business to offer something that is not real. Now Im glad I purchased at kindle thru amazon. Wanted to change over to a nook but this is not good business.

  33. Purchased merchandise at BN on 01052013 Store 2298
    Register 002 Transaction 5405
    I tried also to take to take the survey to Win a Nook or $300 Gift Card. I could not find the website anywhere. I opened tons of sites but was not what I wanted . Spent lots of time on the computer researching this . Does BN really want to give this away? Or are they just getting the customers in their store? It should be a little easier for customers to get on line and fill our the survey and not have to search for this . I hope BN doe something about this .

  34. Really? Get with it, BN! Either put up a real survey or pull it from the receipts. This is very deceptive practice policy that I had not anticipated from BN. Car dealerships, yes; BN, no. I’m cancelling my membership.

  35. I just one of the dozens of people who wasted their time trying to find Shame on you for the lack of response!!

  36. I tried to give a survey feedback. Unfortunately you can not because it does not show up. You ask for feed back. What a joke on behalf of BN. I try not to buy books on line, but after this farce I will seriously reconsider.
    Jeff Ritchie

  37. BN.COM/survey is impossible to find. This is what was provided on the receipt and I am unable to find this. Very disappointing. I will not waste my time in the future looking at your web site.

  38. You people are obviously looking in the wrong place or not hard enough for the survey. It IS there. It was NOT hard to find. Try again.

  39. How can I share my opinion with you if I cannot get on your survey? my purchase date was 1/5/13 store 2966 reg. 011trans 7696 . good Luck!

  40. I also cannot find the place to share my opinion & enter for a chance to win NOOK HD+ or a $300 B&N gift card!!! I also appreciated all the help I was given in Store #2308 on 1/8/13!!!

  41. Attempted to locate and enter but was unable to find the proper link. From what I’ve read at this particular site, I’m not alone in this.

    The Clerk at the store really encouraged me to follow-up and ocmplete the survey but unfortunately this is not possible.

    This kind of experience with Barnes & Noble is most upsetting. It’s my hope and wish that BN will either stop this survey nonsense or create a real,clear website that is capable of being acessed.

    Jerry Flakus, Jacksonville, FL

  42. I tried to complete your survey but unfortunately, couldn’t find it…most horrible time trying to find something that should pop up immediately….so guess you guys don’t really want folks to complete the survey despite your assertion that you do.

  43. There isn’t anyplace to enter your survey site because it doesn’t exist I have always enjoyed buying my books at your store or online this is not right that your give us receipts to go someplace that does not exist shame..

  44. What gives? I’m trying to do the survey after buying at your store in Springfield, IL, and can’t find it at all on the Internet or your site?

  45. I also could not locate the link for, i would really like to enter the drawing for the Nook and giftcard 🙁

  46. I tried also to take to take the survey to Win a Nook or $300 Gift Card. I could not find the website anywhere. I opened tons of sites but was not what I wanted . Spent lots of time on the computer researching this . Does BN really want to give this away? Or are they just wasting my time?! It should be a little easier for customers to get on line and fill our the survey and not have to search for this

  47. Your receipt from purchase is rather deceiving as it was impossible to find the entry form for the NOOK or $300.00 option to puchase books. Don’t think I’ll waste my time doing this “Survey” again or renewing my membership for the coming year.
    Thanks for the years when your service use to be good!

  48. It’s disturbing to experience this type of false advertising. You would think that with all these complaints Barnes and Noble would do something to rectify the situation. I am e-mailing their customer service department today and am forwarding them the link to this page so they can see for themselves what dissatisfaction they are creating. With the exception of this negligence, my overall experience with B&N has be exceptional.

  49. For all those who commented earlier: I went to the B&N website to the “Contact” page to express our frustration at the fake survey with a link to this page, so they could see for themselves the dissatisfaction they are creating. I told them I suspected, along with many others, that this survey is simply a bait and switch attempt to get people to do some more impulse buying. No one answered my chat comments. Therefore, I forwarded the information on to them via e-mail. I will let you know if I get any response.

  50. The information on the additional sheet of paper that I received along with my receipt asks me to complete a survey. Unfortunately, a survey can not be found on the web. What’s the point of suggesting that a customer could win something when there is no such website?

  51. I also tried to enter this survey but could not find the website. I also agree what is the point of offering a chance o win something and not being able to access it.

  52. This is what i just sent them. Maybe it’ll work. Maybe it will not.

    “Hi, as you can see on all the messages on the board/blog/comments section- people/B&N customers are being asked to complete a survey. None of these people including myself have been able to locate the survey section. And after all of those comments there has not been one soul with B &N who has been curtious enough to respond to sll of the questions or addrresses there concerns.
    Is there or not such a place to take survey? Is there even a contest going on at all??????
    Please respond.
    Thank you

    Samantha ochoa
    Purchase date 01/16/13
    Store: 2173
    Register: 002

  53. Ok, I see that the people here are STILL having problems for some reason. Let’s try something new. Why doesn’t everyone with a problem post what they did that did not work. Collectively I am sure you guys can find it.

    Restore my faith in humanity people,

  54. As of 01/15/13 they are still giving out the Enter a chance to win survey request. I was happy to find this site and see that it wasn’t just me but others have been having trouble and for a long time. I agree with the majority — love B&N and this sham is beneath them — it would be nice if someone would respond to let us know what is going on.
    As for the ONE person who said they found the site, I wonder what survey he DID complete — definitely wasn’t this one that’s for sure!

  55. I purchased a Barnes & Noble egift card for a minor,i.e.-no credit card type. Then received a message it could not be used without a credit card acc# Duh! It was for a minor-too young for a credit card. What gives?

  56. Tried to find BN.COM/survey to give an opinion and couldn’t find the sight. Apparently no one else couldv either from all the negative comments I read. Poor representation for such a large company of this type. I am disappointed you wasted my time.

  57. No way to enter the survey for a chance to win a nook hd or a $300. gift card when the site does not exist! Bad way to do business with your loyal customers.

  58. I have always liked and respected Barnes and Noble Book Stores. However, your offer of a contest to win a Nook or $300. gift card is simply a falsehood – it is not offered on your website. I’m disappointed in B&N.

  59. Looks like I’m #75 to tell you that your “win a nook” survey site does not exist…why not just put a link on your regular site, make it easy and I may even order something at the same time!

  60. Very difficult to get to the correct survey site and never did complete a survey – very disappointing – love Barnes & Noble and did a great deal of Christmas shopping at B&N, both on line and in the Maplewood store.

  61. Ok…so we are all having the same problem in trying to get to this survey….does B and N even read these comments? Sadly, it looks like they don’t.

  62. I wanted to complete the survey; however, it seems that one cannot access it. Why give it if it can’t be accessed ot why give it if it is so very difficult to access that most give up? I don’t understand!

  63. Tried to take the today but could not find it. First, someone needs to clean up your redundant websites. My purchase date was 01/22/13, store number 2131, register 9, transaction #1353………..just so you know, your store #2131 needs to have lunch ready no later than, 11AM daily. I observed several people ask about the chili and they were told it would not be ready until after Noon. They walked out and you lost revenue! Poor way to run a restaurant…You are misleading customers about the survey to win a $300 gift card or Nook HD. You need to get your heads out of your rectum and take the world seriously!

  64. Please DO NOT hand out receipts for a bogus site called BN.COM/suvey. It is huge waste of your customer’s time to chase down a chance to win a NOOK HD+ or gift card amd makes Barnes & Noble a disreputable company. Amazon is beginning to be a better alternative to your store. Shame on you for this and your poor customer service.

  65. Three purchases, three attempts to locate survey without success.
    Apparently company reputation is not important otherwise this
    would have been resolved by now.

  66. I,too,am unable to access the survey site stated on the receipt.
    This is a shame for the Customer Service department of B&N.
    Their home page is not helpful either, regarding this survey issue.
    Could this be a false promotion???

  67. I was invited to complete a survey with a chance to win a NOOK HD or $300.00 B&N Gift Card which was on my receipt. I am unable to access the survey site. This is very misleading as I normally don’t take the time to complete surveys, but I had a good
    experience with the sales rep. I would appreciate a response from the Customer Service Department. My Purchase Date: 01/30/2013; Store: 2942; Register: 004; Transaction: 6511.
    Judging from the comments of other customers above on this page, I would recommend that B&N Administration do some “customer recovery” soon or you loose additional revenue. Finally, when I am in this store again, I intend to address the manager about this frustration and insist something be done to correct it! Very Unhappy!

  68. Just like the other customers have commented, I do not own a Nook (however I have given them, 2 as gifts for others) and would love the chance to win one. However, there isn’t a survey site to enter the chance to win one. Why would this be given on a receipt to win a contest, but there’s no way to sign up? You should fix this, There would be many happy customers instead of those that are dissapointed like myself

  69. I purchased a Nook and was made to feel like a technology idiot. The service at the Duluth store is condescending to say the least. Very disappointed in their customer service. Plus I could not enter the survey. Probably due to my ineptness.

  70. why is it so hard to complete the survey? it seems like you would want to make this process as easy as you could. when i enter i get alot of other sites that dont mean a darn thing to me. im sure this is something you can control. as of now i still have not done the survey!

  71. AS ALL ABOVE COMMENTS-SURVEY SITE DOES NOT EXSIST!! What a waste of my time trying to find it. I made a large purchase on 2-8-13,store:2107,register:003,transaction:
    7023 but the slip they gave me to do the survey is worthless. This does nothing to promote your reputation which is slipping. I saw the rise of Borders in Ann Arbor and then it’s demise, sadly I fear BN is heading that way.

  72. could not find the survey my favorite store is 2157 go there biweekly and always buy book or movie or cd employees are usually great but not always as with any retail store dont care for your discount system it is very misleading but your promise of a chance to win a worthwhile gift is just awful when the site is not there but many useless ones are maybe you should dismiss a few gimmick promoters and hire one website builder

  73. I have been totally unable to access the survey mentioned on the receipt from a recent purchase made at B&N. Inoted that others have also had experienced similar difficul//customer service was t have sent a “link”,but it was never received !!

  74. You have just lost the ability to compete for 1600 tablet purchases because you would not allow for the installation of the Citrix receiver.


  75. Did not locate the site to enter to win a nook HD+. Store Number 2138. Reg. 008 Trans. 1835 I have made several purchases.. very disappointing…WHAT a waste if time trying to find this site… don’t advertise if it doesn’t exsist!!!!!false advertising…….Not a good way to win customers…..and I do love the store….

  76. could not find your BN.COM/survey site to enter .there were numerous sites listed with reference to the contest but none i tried took me to the correct place.. maby its just because i am old but the correct path is not clearly detailed … thanks gene

  77. What is wrong with canada? We aren’t good enough to qualify for the give away’s but we are good enough to waste 20 min. Of our time to fill out the survey? The only reason I filled out the survey was to qualify for the possible prize.

  78. I find that booksellers tend to be rude people like the bookstore Ingalls the Architecture store. I first asked them to look up a book and they did and said the ordered it. Two weeks have gone by and they did not have it according to another employee. I said don’t you employees work together? That is my most tizzy is not having employees work together in solving the patrons issues on buying trades or other things related to a book store. Kind of like the British-series of “Blackbook Series on BBC. Because I was so upset I came to Barnes and Noble and you as a Bookseller did not have this book again I was disappointed and then you are charging me almost $4.00 dollars for shipping. I really would liked to have the book at the store so I would not have to pay for the shipping price. I want to cancel my order immediately, I am sick of mistreatment by employees who serve the public, no excuse!

  79. I wanted to chat live with customer service and was unable to do so due to heavy traffic and everything I put into the chat box was deleted . . . no time frame for a wait or a spot in line. So I tried to send an email with my question and was told to set up an account in order to send email. This I didn’t choose to do. So,I tried the phone and the wait was unbearably long to customer service. I never spoke with anyone, and consequently I never did get any answers. In this technology age, you would think a company as large as B&N would have much better customer service. This truly is a frustrating experience and I will go to Amazon where they are available, informative, and courteous.

  80. I used the Barnes & Noble Customer Service email address to contact BN re my problem order. Within 24 hrs BN wrote back with an excellent problem solving solution. Thank you for the info.

  81. I will never buy another nook again I’ve had nothng but problems since I bought it! An customer service didn’t do any help what’s sl ever!!

  82. My wife and I went in there (Barnes and Noble)West Oaks in Houston, Tx. this past Saturday night 3/22/14 and my wife has been very upset ever since. We witnessed an ugly seen we were not suppose to witness. We witness this white man with a huge belly, dark haired who was the manager screaming at the top of his lungs insults and cursing out a customer. He had a nasty attitude to begin with and on top of that he made a huge scene for customers and children to witness! What kind of customer service are you all providing, scary traumatizing customer service. That store is barely pack when me and wife go in there and know we know why, because you have management in store 2670 according to my receipt that curses out customers calling them b**** and trash! That manager does not belong in the store!!! No manager should have the right to curse out customers and make a ridiculous scene for the whole store to watch. At the time we were so shocked we didn’t even think of recording what was going on, but I hope someone did. The customer was insulting the manager, but you should have seen the managers behavior to begin with. Barnes and Noble Corporate you need to train your management and employees better or you will continue to lose the few customers you already have. That could have been simply avoided if the manager could have simply walked away instead of making a big show and threating with calling the police just because he didn’t know how to deal with customer service. My wife and I ( probably the whole store) thought we were going to witness a physical confrontation. This matter needs to be dealt with or we are going to tell everyone we know not to shop there anymore!!!! A very angry customer!!!!!!!!

  83. I contacted customer service after the site would not accept my email/password combination. In order to contact them I need to put in my password but my password does not work – you see the problem. I finally locate a means to bypass their ridiculous system and their response is to send me a broken link in which to contact them further. I love my nook, but I have no patience for this form of “customer service.” I’ll be switching to Kindle.

  84. I partially used a gift card my son gave me as a Christmas present spending #15.86 with a balance credit of $34.14 I misplaced my gift card but still had the receipt from my purchase the store told me to fax a copy of the receipt with my name ph # and an explanation when I called customer service they would not give me the fax # w/o th order number 9 digits there was no such number on the receipt so iwas refused the fax # I will never shop at your petty store again and will facebook this to all my friends v.t

  85. Your order site is TOTALLY messed up this morning. I have tried for over half an hour to order four items. The totals are wrong, when edited it drops orders or doubles them, you need to fix this.

  86. My experience with Barnes & Noble online has been the Worst experience ever. Where do I start?…
    I am a nurse and order books often. I shopped around and found the book I needed (not at a better price, and not-instore) at BN. They offered free *Expedited shipping for ($25/yr Membership); free? So, I enrolled, payed, and by Wednesday nite, the book had not arrived. I called Thursday a.m. and the representative (Jay) said there was “some zipcode confusion on the backend”, (not my fault; use better vendors). Meanwhile, nothing else was offered other than, “it will be delivered by 5 p.m. guaranteed”. I “had to ask” for a customer service gesture for them-breaking their (free expedited, but later paid for shipping membership). He offered a $15 in-store coupon. Not convenient. When I asked to have it credited to the credit card, he stated the supervisor said it would be $5.00 back if on the credit card. What?! So I accepted the gift coupon reluctantly… and waited for the book to arrive that night. Mind you, when customers need expedited shipping it’s usually for a reason (bday, gift, work!). Again, they avoided it and treated it as a general mail situation…
    So Thursday night the book has not arrived still. I call again, speak with Molly. She too does the same thing, gives information on the status “its in transit” and does not offer any information or gesture. When I ask to speak with a Supervisor I waited on hold (twice) 5-minutes once and 8 minutes the second time. At this point this phone call itself has been 32 minutes. When the Supervisor (Arelen White) greets me, she asks me to “tell her the story”. When I asked if there were any previous notes in the system or if the reps had advised her (and why I sat on hold 13 minutes waiting for the transfer) she said, “no”. Once I told her all this, she started pushing-back “giving facts”, not offering anything or options. It was like pulling teeth! She reiterated and acted if I was lucky to have received the $15 “we failed to deliver on our promise” gift coupon. I swear at times I was having a discussion with a zombie. She did not care, did not offer options and finally after a 30 minute discussion she says, “we can just consider it lost and refund your money, but if it arrives you agree to do us a favor and send it back”. Really?!! At this point I am asking her first and last name and reference number to this call because I just can not believe everything. She flat out refused to tell me for a while. Finally once I had it she stated I’d get a refund in 5-10 business days. Really!!!??… You offer a service, the customer pays up front, if the company fails, I get my money back 2 weeks *later AND its my job to return your book if it ever finds its way here since you don’t have diligent customer service or vendors? NOT AGAIN BARNES & NOBLE.
    p.s. When I searched online to find the corporate address to mail an actual letter about this, even that is a wild goose chase!! I’m still looking! NOT AGAIN BARNES & NOBLE.


    SG R.N.

  87. I rented a book, returned it by UPS and they received it, yet they keep billing me. They have ignored and not answered 4 separate emails and I have filed a BBB complaint. This is perhaps the worst online company I have ever seen – no service at all.

  88. Barnes and Nobel sent me a book that I did not order and charged me for it. I cannot find any way to complain as their customer service does not give me the option of telling them what happened.

    • You should dispute it with your credit card company because that is considered a forced charge without authorization. They will charge the money back to BN and you will at least get your money back.

  89. BN is the worst company for online orders and they do not care about you, the order or their own company. I canceled my membership and will never order from them again and I hope they go out of business.

  90. I have called the customer service line twice and both times was very dissatisfied with the service. My daughter ordered a book online and paid extra to have shipped in 2 to 3 days and didn’t get it until 4 business days. Now apparently from the customer service rep you don’t count the first day. Since when? My daughter pays for everything herself for college and every penny counts. She needed the book this weekend to study and finally got it this afternoon. She ordered it on Wednesday, April 8th at 10:00am. She should of had it by Friday. But the fact is the customer service rep doesn’t really want to help just make noises like they are trying to help you. I just want my daughters money back. Very rude service and absolutely no help at all.

  91. I order two products on April 7,2015. Website states delivery occurs between 3-7 business. Almost 20 days later I’ve yet to receive my order. When I chatted with a representative I was told that since I chose to have my products shipped separately I would not receive my order UNTIL SEPTEMBER, 2015!!! However, when I “chatted” with a rep. about the problem, he informed me my order would be sent within the 3-7 shipping days. How is it that an order can now be delivered in the 3-7 business days, when 5 minutes before I was informed I would not received my order until September? Also, I’ve chatted with other companies before and the customer ends the chat. The representative closed the chat as I was still typing a response. Rude! I will never order any products from your company online. And will warn others about the problem I experienced and to beware of online shopping/shipping with Barnes and Noble. I’m very disappointed. I enjoy going to your store. Won’t anymore.

  92. Received the worst customer service last night at a store. The cashier was rude and got mad when I didn’t want an overpriced B&N card. I won’t be back. I will use Amazon. I have spent a lot of money at my local B&N store. I could not find a survey.

  93. Very helpful service. Loaded a more updated software, then turned off Nook for awhile. When powered back up the fast forward and reversal of pages had stopped. Happy Again.

  94. What the hell is up with B&N website; it is no longer totally secure, there is NO way to access Nook magazine subscriptions to cancel, there is NO way to contact customer service.
    I am NOT happy at all with whatever changes that are going on with B&N. IF I could get in touch with someone/anyone from there I would cancel all subscriptions, my membership AND shop from now on at Amazon.
    Am wondering if this comment will even get thru.

  95. Your site on Nicollet mall in downtown Minneapolis MN is the most worse and unprofessional staff members and ethics.your management system and employees are the most self centered and management skills,poorly excuse of your staff.experience with your department manager who was rude and condescending,poorly trained.will never forget about this issue and will continue not to visit or spend money in this lousy store in Minneapolis MN!
    better training is necessary and sufficient staff!

  96. I purchased something for my son 16 days ago, but it wasn’t as good as it was described in the box. As soon as I got in they told me in a very mean way all the reasons why I couldn’t return it, not even for store credit. The policy is not written on the front of the receipt, but rather is on the back…how convenient !!! They were very unhelpful and very mean at the time of the return.

  97. your internet order sys ten I have never had a
    good experience and have been unable to use .
    I called your customer service and was put on hold .After ten minutes I hung up.
    I suggest you do something it might improve your business!!

  98. Customer service in store is excellent. Over the phone they don’t speak english, they can’t understand the problem and then disconnect you when you ask to speak with a manager — three times. Customer Service Training is a most for their .com service or you will lose more customers.

  99. your service is just awful. on 08.19.2015 i rented the book on-line. the order number was :2294492505. they emailed me tracking number for my package. unfortunately i never received my order . i have called quite few times to the customer service and every time i was told that my item was shipped out, but it was not true. so today i finally called ups and they told me that barnes and nobles never gave my package to ups.horrible service

  100. On Saturday, September 19, at about 10:00 AM, I was standing in line waiting to check out at the Sioux Falls, SD location. There were six of us waiting for one checkout person. We were approached by an employee who TOLD us to make a line on the tile, not on the carpet and walked away. She did not offer to assist anyone with purchasing our items, only to get us ‘in the proper order’ to check out. The gentleman behind me left his selections on the nearest table and walked out. I was purchasing books for use in a classroom, and had no choice but to wait in line for the one person who was assisting customers with purchases. She was polite, kind and moved quickly through each person, but imagine if instead of making sure we were lined up correctly, the second employee would have offered to check someone out. Customer Service takes many forms. I will not forget the ‘Line up lady’.

  101. Tonight was the worst customer service experience of my life. I am using Amazon from here on out. Barnes and Noble and Nook has lost my business. I was treated rudely. Waited on hold for total time of almost one hour after being bounced from one person to another. Each person told me a different answer. The only reason I had used B&N was because I had a gift card. On Sept 8th, I mistakenly ordered a Nook book rather than a paperback. When I realized my mistake, I called customer service that night and was told that the money would be refunded to my account, only to be told tonight that it would be refunded to the gift card, which I no longer had because I had added the money to my B&N account. So, I’ve lost that $20. I went ahead and ordered three paperback books on Sept 9th. I still have not received these books. Was told by some customer service reps that it was on back order and had not shipped. Then later told it was in transit and if it isn’t here by Sept 25 we will consider it lost in transit. If it takes over 2 weeks for a product to arrive, that is just too long in this day.

  102. Hi
    I live in the UK, I ordered a wine book, Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine, my order number is: 2396196512
    my account states, that the book has been shipped, however I am unable to find any tracking information, in fact no package can be found. The reference is: 00417090113488190978. Could you confirm the package has been sent please.
    Many thanks
    Paul Ellis.

  103. Went to your southlands store in aurora colorado. I was going to buy several books including the new release on bob crane. It was said to be in stock…GUESS WHAT?..It WASNT…..So I bought it and a billy the kid book and a Kennedy biography all online…Still cannot stand this store.No wonder online is better.Thanks for making this easier.Will never buy here again.:)

  104. I spoke to Riley at the Peoria, IL store. She was fantastic. I genuinely hope her Manager recognizes what a valuable person he/she has on his team. I had received $100.00 in gift cards from my family. Over the time period of approximately two weeks, I had made several attempts to place my order online. I spoke to a Customer Service Rep. The information she gave me was not helpful. I called the number on the back of the giftcard. The customer Service Rep on the other end of the line informed me she could not help me. I received from her another phone number. She suggested that I call that number, but she didn’t inform me of their hours or that no one was available at that particular hour. It was quite frustrating to have $100.00 in gift cards and a list of books I wanted to order and was not able to complete the task. A $100.00 order may not have of much importance to the Customer Service Rep, , but it was important to Riley. I was important to Riley. She was eager to assist me and our phone conversation did not endI was completely satisfied.. Riley

  105. hello
    I actually wanted to place an order. But, I could not figure out how to do so. can you help me?
    my name and contact info is below
    below that is my debit card info
    Ronald parker
    303 maple street
    corbin ky 40701
    5332 480243780501
    ex 7/2018
    code from back of card is 923
    if there any issues or problems,
    thank you
    Ronald parker
    303 maple street
    corbin ky 40701
    thank you
    Ronald parker

  106. Dear Barnes and Noble,

    Once upon a time I believed you were a fair and honest bookstore, one of the few remaining in this new digital age.

    I was excited to purchase a cook book that retails for 30.00 on your website, and decided I would make my trip easier by reserving it online. I was baffled that the price mysteriously showed as 49.95!! I believed this was an error and decided to go to the store a few blocks away from my private practice.

    Upon scanning the book, the price was listed at 49.95, I was not imagining things. I informed the cashier that this could not be possible as the book is listed at 30.00 on the website. His answer- “Oh, the website runs their own promotions”. I promptly left the store!

    As a consumer, I call foul! Why is it acceptable business practice to charge HARDWORKING consumers 20 dollars more to buy an item in store than online. It is the same company is it not? Reserve online takes you directly to the nearest store, so it is the same company and prices online should reflect what’s in store and vice versa. It is unacceptable to charge almost double for a book in your store than it is online. It is extremely insulting that Barnes and Noble believes that they have the right to blatantly over charge consumers because “oh, the store and the website run different promotions” . I will no longer be a customer of this store as your business practices are questionable.


    Ex Barnes and Noble customer

  107. Extremely poor. I ordered textsbooks to rent and they never came. Then I got an email that thanked me for returning my books. But I never got them. I adressed this for you and you answered that it could not be delievered for some reason. As i needed and still need the textbooks as midterms are coming up I asked for your help. I was told that you were sorry for the inconvience and gave me my money back. Which still did not help me with my problem. I asked if it was possible to get the books in ebooks for the same price and that was not possible. Without any other offer to compensate for that I had not recieved my books. I was told to reorder them, which woulf take another 3 weeks or so. I then wrote you telling you how dissapointed I was with your customer service, and that i do understand mistakes happen, but I need the books. I said I had no problems with paying for te actual rental as long as you can express ship it to me. And we also checked the adress I provided and there was nothing wrong. This email you chose NOT to answer. Then a few days later I get a note in the mail saying you missent the package to Norway ( which was my BILLING adress). I again emailed you and explained the situation because now we knew why it could not be delievered. And a hope you could help me get the books. And still no answer. I did think a well known company would take better care of their customers, this is why I am very dissapointed

  108. This is the first, and probably the last time I will order from Barnes and Noble on line. I ordered books on Oct 14th and it is now Nov2nd!! I know one of the books was on back order but the others should have arrived . Yes, there is a bigger discount on line but if I knew I had to wait this long, I would have gone into a store. It’s ridiculous. I just called customer support. Wow…so they are starting to release the available books. I will definitely try to get a blurb in the United Federation of Teachers newspaper. This is disappointing. It’s back TO AMAZON

  109. unfortunately i am deaf! while your reps were polite and trird to help, i asked them to slow down their words, iust could not understand them , why does’t this co have a special person or phone to accomadate the deaf? ther are millions of us! iwas trying to getmy new password accepted andit never was! oh well back to my kindle, put my nook away.

  110. This is not a comment about Customer Service per se about the Manager of your B&N store at 555 12th Street, NW in Washington, DC. I have been told that this store will close at the end of the year. I would like to caution you about placing the current manager of that store at another location. She has always struck me as generally incompetent and certainly unfriendly. On occasion she has been downright rude. I know that the store closing is a result of the changing ways in wich the public buys books. The employees in the store keep moaning about how the building won’t renegotiate the lease. But the manager in that store never helped the situation. I almost didn’t want to buy anything there because of her.

  111. On November30 I had technical issues the no customer service rep was able to resolve.I was not able to take advantage of certain offers and lost out on being able to make purchases for the holidays.I have a membership and have spent lots at your brick and motar stores.I was so disappointed that I will nerver do business with you guys again because of the ineptitude and lack of concern of your service reps.

  112. I am a devoted Amazon shopper but thought I would give your reserve service a try. I reserved two of the same item ( Moleskine Volant Extra Small Ruled Notebook, Pink/Magenta Set of 2, EAN: 9788883708688, Confirmed Price: $5.95). Received my email it was filled and to pick up. I DROVE 40 MILES ROUND TRIP TO FIND THERE WERE NOT TWO UNITS, JUST ONE AND NO MORE IN STORE. WASTE OF MY TIME AND GAS. OM BACK TO THE AMAZONG AMAZON EXPERIENCE.

  113. I have been a longtime customer, love your stores.
    Have you ever thought of renting books? Maybe per week? New York best sellers.
    Then sell them as used for 1/2 after you have made some money.
    How about have organizing school outings at your stores,Some grammer school kids will never see the inside of a book store unless they are taken. How about having some books lent out for free, this will get more customers in your stores.

  114. Purchased and cancelled order for Nook glow light 12/3. Visa was charged 12/7. Returned to New Jersey via ups label provided have never received credit of $105.99. Please advise

  115. I am so angry! They automatically withdrew a renewal fee, that I DIDN’T authorize, from an acct that I rarely use. It is now overdrawn! My membership doesn’t expire for another month. We are all busy and forget things. I dont even remember signing up for any membership. They never reminded me either. Garbage!!

  116. I have tried repeatedly over the last three days to access your website but have had no success, I keep getting the same message, this page is unavailable at this time due to geographic restrictions. I called your customer service department and was told that they had never heard of this problem.,which seems unlikely as I have googledthis issue and have seen that numerous other people have had this issue, but no one seems to have an answer on how to fix it, so I will have to take my business elsewhere. Regrettable since I have been a Barnes and Noble customer for years.

  117. Due to language barrier, I could not make the agent understand that order#4011144844 is being charged some $13, due to the mistake of the male who took the original order. The credit card belongs to ME Deborrah Kraimer, NOT Susan Moletti, who is the recipient!! The man who took the order took 2 separate gift cards, for this order, over the phone, which was to be delivered last Friday! Now I am told there was only 1 gift card and gift cards cannot be taken over the phone, so I am being charged! If you take 1 gift card over the phone, explain why you do not take 2?? I am going to take this to a higher level because this is the most messed up order I have ever had!

  118. Im real upset right now. You guys took all the games out of the Nook Stores! I accidentally deleted my game and now, because you people have to ruin everything, I CANT GET IT BACK! FIX THIS AND VERRRRY SOON!!!!!!
    I want my games back and NOW. I want to redownload my games Fashion Icon by Gameloft and my choice stories by Delight Games. FIX NOW!!!!!!!!!

  119. I suspect you to care about your customers and listen to what we ALL HAVE TO SAY!!! FIX OUR PROBLEMS! YOUR PRODUCT YOU HAVE TO MAKE CUSTOMERS HAPPY!!!!

  120. first time I ever worked with customer service and was happy the call was answered timely and they where able to direct me on how to correct the problem.
    Thank you

  121. I went to the shop on 5th avenue (store: 2234) where I had bought books on Tuesday to return some of them since my children already had them. My husband had bought books as well that they had and I took advantage to return as well but unfortunately did not have the receipt so they were not accepted. Then I went to look for the book replacements. One of the cashiers followed me and then sent security behind me as I shopped. It was really degrading and unnecessary. When I went to pay, I asked her why she sent security and she denied it! It was a complete lie. I have been a loyal customer because I cherish book stores and know they are threatened by the Internet but I guess I will never go back and will purchase from Amazon from now on! No need to receive such customer service! I have never been treated so poorly.

  122. I recently have been trying for weeks to get in touch with you to cancel country magazine before the automatic resubscribe date of april 25 to no avail now I have to pay for something I don,t want! Is there anyway to fix this? Very unhappy

  123. I bought my Glo-lite Nook 18 months ago and love it. However, about 6 months ago,the wake up button started recessing and will not respond when I press it. I took it to the nearest B&N and the manager called customer service, only to be told there was nothing I could do except buy a new one (at full price).

  124. Your website is a study in frustration. I tried to log in, it didn’t recognize my password. I requested a link to change the password, and it sent me the same idiotic page that kept telling me that my password needed changed. This vicious circle is maddening and makes it obvious that few there pay attention or care. How does this build value in getting me to do business with B&N?
    So I return to the website and click on contact. I get choices of email, ‘chat’ or call. I try email, it wants me to “log in” the problem that I am having in the first place. So, I try ‘chat’; that takes me to the same page and same problem, I look at ‘phone call’ and think “how stone-age”. If this gets to anyone there it will be because I had to ask for a backdoor.
    You folks are not placing very highly on my value list.

  125. wow, use to love BN but in my opinion this company has the worst customer service department I have EVER and I mean EVER had to deal with!, Makes me want to never shop at Barnes and Noble again…..

  126. I am looking for a weekly planner with moleskin or leather (vinyl) zippered jacket approximately 5 x 7. Have searched your websites, called customer service without success. I have an old jacket from about 2011 in red. I believe this was an advertised special at the time. It’s important that the Jacket has a three sided zipper. Any help? On another note, your customer service rep has a strong accent and is difficult to understand.

  127. My grandmother was a Barnes. I am one of your authors so I am looking out for you. Please make it o one person buying one ebook can buy more than one of the same book and tell your CEO this was my idea as I want the credit.
    If you do this it would make millions for you and Amazon plans to do this soon.

  128. I have a Barnes and Noble membership. In June of this year, I went to the customer service desk of my local store and requested that they order a book (The Jefferson Bible) and ship it as a gift to some friends of mine. The book I wanted was not in the store, but was in your warehouse. I paid for the order that day, using both my membership card and a 20% coupon. I requested that the book be sent to my friends’ P.O. box in Kennesaw GA. My friends did not receive the book…but I did receive a refund check from your company for $26.84. What surprised me was that there was NO explanation as to the refund. Obviously the book never showed up to my friends’ P.O. box, but why not?

    Today I found out. I stopped at my local store again. The lady at the customer service desk was kind enough to pull up the slip of paper the stores keep when they place orders such as this one. She was able to confirm that the post office in Kennesaw received the package, but sent it back to Barnes & Noble’s shipping center. Again, I was baffled as to WHY. At my request, she printed out the BookMaster sheet, with the postal tracking number on it.

    I didn’t look at the BookMaster sheet carefully until I got home. NO WONDER the book was never delivered! Your store put MY name as the recipient, along with my friends’ address! Of course the post office would think it was a mistake!

    Please make sure that your people know to verify that they have the name correct for recipients of gifts from now on! I had to buy that book from another merchant at a higher cost and pay shipping, as I assumed that the Barnes and Noble warehouse didn’t have it after all (since there was NO explanation with my refund check from Barnes and Nobel). I did get a copy to my friends, so they DO now have the book I tried to buy for them from Barnes and Noble. But I am NOT happy that I had to go to all that extra trouble and spend more money when I pay for my Barnes and Noble membership. I know it was a mistake; that no one intended this, but please make sure your people are more careful in the future. And if it is the computer system’s fault, rather than whoever took my order that day, then that needs to be checked out.

    I thought you should know about this, so that hopefully, this can be avoided for all of your customers in the future.

    Oh, and please, when giving a refund through the mail, could your company tell people why the order couldn’t go through?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope someone from Barnes and Noble acknowledges me.

  129. The absolute WORST customer service EVER!! I have worked in many customer related profession in my life and nothing is as inept as B&N customer service. They should instruct all of their foreign call center employees in English, efficiency, and concern for their customers. This is the 3rd time an order has been “lost in shipment”. This is pathetic because I can easily drive to New Jersey, where most of the shipments originate, from my home in Pennsylvania and back again in less than 1 day. Thank God the customer service representatives at my credit card company are located stateside, speak perfect English, and are efficient in filing disputes and credits for items not received from Barnes & Noble. GO AMAZON!!!!

  130. Hello,
    I purchased 2 books however I cannot remove them from my bag. There are 3 in my bag and I have purchased a couple of them before

  131. i can not locate your department for internet order secuty
    the chat site sends me to a main menu

    someone has hacked your records and sent me (a former purchaser) a request for my credit card number

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  135. I have tried to get online to order a new book and the website looks hacked it won’t let me order and the page looks totally different. What is going on?

  136. I tried to order a book online and the website looks totally different. It is acting strange like it has been hacked. What is going on?

  137. The customer service email link was broken and I just spent 20 minutes trying to search to find it posted somewhere so I can send a darn email about my order. It’s honestly ridiculous. It is not listed one place on the site, only on the link for the form, so when that link is broken you cannot get to it any other way. It’s ridiculous a company that has been around for this long and is so online-oriented (meaning a lot of sales and customers shop online now-a-days), you would think they would have multiple links for the form, the email listed (like typed out for people to email), etc. So frustrated.

  138. I have been, and continue to be, a happy Barnes and Noble customer. I prefer the ambiance of a bookstore over Amazon. I also have an Educator’s Discount card. Last Friday, while shopping in one of your outlets, I attempted to renew my card. When asked for a verification of employment I used an ID from my summer employment, which is at a college. I was subsequently told that the discount only applies to K-12 educators.

    Your restriction does not pose a problem for me but I would think that you would allow this discount for all legitimately employed educators irrespective of their level of teaching. Not only is this good business for your corporation but it can also serve as a social good.

    Thank you for considering this concern.


    Bob Urzillo

  139. Hi,
    I wanted to say that I’m a huge fan of your company. I’ve been a long time customer of Barnes and Noble and can’t imagine taking my daughter(who is an avid 10 year old reader) anywhere else. I know a lot of other people probably email to complain and it can be tough responding to those, so I thought I’d add a little positivity. She lights up every time we walk in or even if I tell her we are coming in. You’re doing great work in keeping children excited about reading, it’s appreciated in our house, and I wanted to say thanks. I don’t know if you have any samples or coupons you could send my way but I’d be most appreciative.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  140. I would love for someone to tell me why purchasing Nook books isn’t any less expensive than buying the hard/soft cover book. Where is the advantage?! With the hard/soft cover book I can at least resell.

  141. Tonight at 8.30 I went to customer service at B&N 5th Avenue and 46 th street.
    How was this experience so unhelpful. On the way out I mentioned to security man at door – nobody else was available – he got a sales agent however I just left the store. Why put somebody at customer service who ignores and skipped the over 55 ‘s .
    My book purchase will take place tomorrow in The Strand where I hope they will be more helpful

  142. I had the worst customer service experience tonight in Barnes & Noble 5 th Avenue
    However I will buy the book tomorrow in The Strand .
    I cannot understand how unhelpful the staff member was at customer help desk
    Help no way !

  143. Customer Service is too complicated. All I want to do is change my expired credit card info so I can order a book and your system, over and over, just told me it was expired and would not let me change to new credit card information so I could order.

  144. I do not know why I have to have an account or password to contact customer service. It is aggravating but you have to establish this in order to even do a live chat. That is really bad customert service as far as I am concerned.

  145. I purchased five nook Glowlights last December and they were the worst investment I ever made. Soon after purchasing, I was told that There was a problem downloading library books because it was not supported by Adobe Digital. In late May, I was told the problem was addressed. I have been trying to download library books uncle and there is a problem each time, whether it be downloading Adobe or having my Mac recognize the. Nook. I love the Barnes and Noble store but I will warn anyone against purchasing a Nook!!! My grandchildren are stuck purchasing books from Barnes and Noble which can be expensive!!!

  146. A very good retail experience with the bowels of hell in the background called customer support more appropriately hellacious support or to be clear the most pitiful excuse for support it has been my displeasure to be connected. Not certain who handles Barns and Nobel customer service but it has to be one of the worst services I have encountered in a very long time.
    The story begins:
    I was asking for simple product dimensional differences between two models. One model I physical had and the other I did not. Well what followed was at best a total distortion of the facts and at worst lying to complete the call. I was first given dimensions I knew were incorrect for the item I was holding in my hand. I was also given dimensions for the product I did not have which turned out to also be false.
    I finally looked on Wikipedia and got the dimensions for the product I did not have. I gave these dimensions to the Barnes & Nobile representative. After about 15 minutes of waiting on hold for the second time she came back and gave me the dimensions I had just given her 15 minutes prior and acted like she had discovered them on her own.
    After several rude interruptions from this representative I gave up on her and asked to speak to a supervisor. After about 5 or 6 minutes I was transferred to a supervisor, who was very respectful but was unable to find the dimensions of the BNTV450 (without the V2). She said she would explain my issue to another supervisor in the digital area so I would not have to explain my question yet another time.. During yet another transfer I was sent to a digital support supervisor that is responsible for the tablets. You guessed it. No one explained my informational request to her. So for the 15th time I give her the two model numbers that I wish to compare dimensions. She asks me for a serial number. I respond, at this point, why is a serial number required for product dimensions? On hold again without supplying a serial number. She returns and provides, once again, the dimensions of the unit I have. In true disbelief I ask her if she is giving me the dimensions of the BNTV450 or the BNTV450V2. She again asks for the serial number. I know, crazy insane. I finally give her the serial number and she informs me I have the new version 2 model. Ever feel like there is no intelligent life on the other end of the phone? Well after all this I finally got some information regarding the first tablet version. Remember I have version 2.
    If you have been following this novel the ending should not be much of a surprise. The crack Barnes & Noble “support?” team provided me with information available on Wikipedia. Sad but true. At the end of this most unpleasant, bazar, frustrating, surreal, and life draining experience the supervisor asks if I needed anything else. I said no and she hangs up. THE END.

  147. This company is not worth a crap at getting things delivered on time. I have contacted customer service & UPS. Neither can tell me where the book I ordered a WEEK AGO is.. but they can charge my card..I don’t think so! The credit card will be contacting you for a FULL refund..

  148. I would like to cancel membership and or account that was inadvertently started on line Jan. 31, 2018. I received a welcome email saying an online account was set up. I called Customer Service and they found nothing, so this email
    Is to get a definitive answer. If an online or other account is set up please cancel.
    I was looking for a good reader for my iBooks that I could transfer my library into without using a secondary app like an ICloud file manager.. I did not realize I was asking for a membership / account number, just wanted an app….
    I never found an answer, if you’ve got one let me know….Thanks, S Lewis

  149. Enjoyed our visit to Barnes and Noble One Loudoun but very upset by rest room policy of joint male and female use. There is plenty of room for single sex rest rooms.
    Not all of us feel comfortable with mixed use. We enjoy browsing and buying books but the problem with the Rest Rooms slightly marred an otherwise good experience.

  150. I do wish I was not writing this. I have had to call the B&N help line three times in the last week. Now I have another issue, don’t want to call and the email given says it can’t respond in my format, it is their format but never mind.
    My last call I got a gentleman who told me he had no record of me. He then told me my credit card was incorrect. In fairness he did apologize when he found the information. Then we went round and round about my address being incorrect, according to him. I assured him I have lived here 32 years and I do know my address. He kept telling me that he was sorry I made a mistake.
    Now I have a notice that a pre-order I made for my nook is now in and I should log on and get the book I have already paid for. They didn’t tell me the title of the book. I purchase lots of books from these folks. I have over 800 titles in my Nook. Now the idea of calling again to get the name of the book has me breaking out in hives. I have been a member for years with no calls or problems. What the heck is going on?

  151. I’m an avid reader and was looking forward to purchasing several books at the Barnes and Noble in Marina del Rey, California. Perhaps even buy a couple of books that I could recommend to my Mocha Girls Read book club members. There are over 6,000 members and we are in four different states.After perusing the fiction and bestseller sections, I decided to check out the romance novel shelves. To say that I was disappointed in the selection of romance novels written by African American authors is an understatement. Out of the hundreds of titles available, I could only find only one romance paperback written by an African American woman. If your brick and mortar store is struggling to exist, perhaps you should take this one lesson from Amazon, in at least having a more inclusive selection of romance authors. According to Pew Research, black women with college degrees are more likely to read books than any other group. If you want to disregard our buying power, it’s your loss, not ours. It’s unfortunate, because spending time browsing and buying books that speak to me, at my local book store, is something that I treasure. If my needs are not your priority, I definitely have other places to shop.

  152. Every time we visit the Barnes and Noble in Cheyenne, Wyoming and buy a pastry, the pastries are always stale. They keep the pastries on display for days! I guess we won’t be buying them any more.

    • CUSTOMER could not address my concern it appears they are not interested
      in keeping members. We have been regular customers and the store we visited
      was in the Hawthorn Mall. The store moved and when we visited the new store and
      stated we did not receive the monthly coupon they stated wait till next month. When
      I spoke with corporate customer service they stated the promotion ended in october
      however the store was obviously not informed. I have been told that a new book
      store will open in the same place in the mall as Barnes and Noble. If this is the
      way Barnes and Noble treats customers it may be time to stop going to the store
      and find membership opportunity another book store.

      The customer service person I spoke to was very cold and careless if we maintained our membership.

  153. Tonight, July 12th, I updated my acct. I’ve been a member for many yrs. Tonight I was unable to purchase 4 books from kids club & the book for Aug. Book club. I purchased the books from Walmart. Your site would not allow me to finish entering my address, etc. I tried 6+ times.

  154. 7/14/18 was the first time I used the online ordering to a store for pickup where I will be traveling to next week. I purchased books to distract me from an upcoming new treatment at the TTU Cancer Center in Lubbock, TX. I did not notice how to allow someone else to pick up the books for me. i also was unhappy to see that if I did mot have a federally recognized ID and print out of the email receipt, AND complete the purchase pickup before the end of 5 days, my order would be canceled.

    I live in another city and travel 3 hours to Lubbock. I would not be able to personally complete the pick up in the allotted time. I found that Online Help Chat was no help as they can’t change the order any more than I can. Please refer to 180714-001628 to view a copy of our conversation.The repeated suggestion was to let the order lapse in 5 days and order again. Means no books for me on the treatment date which was the reason for the order. No supervisor at Chat to talk with either. The lien placed on my account would not be released until after the 5 days. I was not about to purchase twice.

    I called the Lubbock B&N and spoke with Veronica in Customer Service Mgmt.
    I explained my dilemma and she offered to assist me. My books where picked up within the hour with no issue by another in my stead. This is fabulous customer service!!! Thank YOU so much Veronica and I sincerely hope corporate sees this comment and somehow they can also compliment you.I an complain with the best; I also believe in being quick to compliment too. I shop at the store every chance I get and will be back soon.

    In summation, a positive transaction, saved by this one staff member. I will be a customer for life. Kudos and my deepest and sincere appreciation.

  155. It’s too bad. I was in ur Manchester store and they couldn’t match the Amazon price nor your online price without membership. They were happy to put the book away for me. Not a good business move. Bye bye. Hello Amazon Prime.

  156. O have a replacement book 7″ was told I would receive a posting to put on my old book to take to ups. I have not received this postage. I was also told i had 14 days to respond before they would charge me for it. What should I do?

  157. I asked for a teacher discount two days ago and was turned down because I taught in a local daycare.
    What exactly is your definition of teacher? I am curious to know.
    I have a B.S. degree from an accredited university and therefore I am a teacher. I am very disappointed I n your policy and will now buy books on Amazon not at B & N.

  158. I keep getting emails fromservice@ about a barnes and noble issue.I am not requesting any info or do I have any what is this from gethuman asking me questios

  159. I ordered and paid for 3 e-books to be sent to a friend for his Nook, order # 4070672536 on 12/4/18, to be delivered to him by email to on 12/10/18. Immediately after I placed the order I received confirmation of my purchases and payment by Pay Pal. He has not received the books nor have I received a notice that they would be delivered to him. When I look at the order status online is says that the order is “processing”. I’m wondering what is happening?

  160. I just ordered a book from you.
    It started that it qualifies for free shipping.
    The next thing you know, I was forced to pay $5 shipping charge because there was no free shipping option.
    Then, after I purchased the book and paid for the purchase, the same book came up with a 20% off offer?

    What’s the problem?
    Free shipping?

    Not very nice treatment

  161. Horrible return policy! You only have 15 minutes to cancel an order! My textbook is not even available and they won’t let me cancel my order! This is an extremely horrible policy. I already bought an ebook. I can’t wait for them to get the hard copy in. I get an email from them every day slipping the date by one day. My class started Jan 4 and they don’t anticipate receiving the book until Jan 18th. That is not going to help me in my graduate studies. I asked them to overnight it to me once they got it and they said no. Wow…… OK……. REALLY???? And you are Barnes & Noble? LAME !!!!! Save yourself some time and frustration; use Amazon instead of this company who can’t seem to put the customer first. I’m being transferred to “management” and I am on eternal hold…….

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