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Contacting Barnes and Noble Nook Customer Service Center

Barnes and Noble is a book company that once had quite the hold the paper book market, but as eBooks took over the market and several book companies started going bankrupt, Barnes and Noble moved into the eBook market with the the Nook reader. The first Nook wasn’t the greatest in terms of functionality and some users complained of eye strain, but technology advances quickly and soon the Nook took on new life in color and HD varieties. Barnes and Noble Nook customer service is there to help owners access every capability of the Nook and to address concerns from potential buyers about the product.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Barnes and Noble Nook customer service department is open from 8 AM to 11 PM (ET) Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 11PM (ET) Saturday and Sunday.

  • Customer Support Call Center: 1-800-843-2665
  • International Callers: 1-201-559-3882

Mailing Address

If you want to send your comments or complaints to Barnes and Noble Nook customer service by mail, you have multiple choices. First you can visit the Contact Uspage and Find a Store using the Store Locator at the bottom of the page. This will give you the specific address of the Barnes and Noble Nook provider in your area. Many stores offer limited Nook customer service, so corporate may be a better choice. To send your letter to corporate, address the letter to:

Barnes and Noble CorporateAttn: Nook Customer Service122 5th AveNew York, NY 10011

Official Website

The official website for Barnes and Noble is located at, but Nook customer service is available at Here you will find dedicated FAQs for each of the Nook models. There have been a LOT of questions asked, so many customers find the answer they’re looking for before contacting customer service.

Other means of contacting Barnes and Noble Nook customer service include:

Customer Service Email

Barnes and Noble Nook customer service is available at Email the support team with technical or other consumer questions any time, day or night. Your communication will be answered as soon as a customer service representative reads the email.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, the first thing we encountered while listening to the automated system was a long list of options. This many options could easily confuse the average customer. We finally selected the appropriate department relating to general questions. After waiting on hold for approximately 3 minutes, we spoke with a live agent.

We asked the agent if the older models of the Nook could handle the new operating systems from Android. The agent explained that select models could, but the upgrades were limited. Newer operating systems such as Ice Cream Sandwich are not available on all products. The overall experience was delightful and the agent was knowledgeable about the product and the operating system. We want to hear from customers just like you with you good and not so good stories of customer service.

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22 Comments on “Contact Barnes And Noble Nook Customer Service
  1. My nook color had charge terminal problems after 14 months of use I contacted barnes and noble on several occasions with no results. I purchased as
    Samsung galaxy as a result and haven’t vused my barns and noble account since neither has my wife Camilla.


  2. Dear Customer-Service,unfortuneately I did not receive my ordered Blue Ray “Charulata” up to now(UPC 0715515109116).Can I get this item or is it lost?Thanks for any information in advance Peter Berger

  3. Dear Customer service,

    I bought Nook HD July 2013 at Oregaon US during my visit. After my return till last week it was functioning properly. Now I found It was not charging and am not able to open and use the tablet. Will you kindly suggest if any service centre is available in India especially in Chennai so that the same can be made alright. Any other suggestion will be appreciated.



    • I have buy my nook on Jan.
      now my nook is able to open there is no profile icon for me to side it up to open can you help?

  4. It has been so long since I have used my Nook that I don’t have any idea what my user ID or password.. I have changed them a few different times so I sure would like your help. Thanks Joyce
    I can’t get in my account to order books….

  5. My husband and I have nook tablets. They are no longer under warrenty and we have a recouring problem with the charger cords.
    It is not such a great pricing product when every 3 or 4 months we have to pay 10.00 for a new one & wait for it to come in the mail as we do not live near a store. It is most up setting and costly!!!

  6. To be honest, it is very uncomfortable dealing with the barnes & noble website. I have asked for a nook support telephone number and the words come up…nook helpline number…but I have yet to get the number. It’s like a deadend trap. Even dealing with b& is very annoying. Amazon is so much more user friendly. Still don’t have nook helpline number. HELP!

  7. I have had a nook for several years. In now have an I pad as well., and a kindle app. I find many more books are available for Kindle than for Nook and they are consistently less expensive. Perhaps you would be in sounder shape financially if you were more . I am certain I am not the only one buying my e books ar Amazon.

  8. I think the nook has many problems and this company will not respond to them, I am very upset. the money it cost and added books purchased is a waste.

  9. I would like to give you a new credit card. I am having trouble. Your rep on the phone could not help me

  10. If you have lots of time or you are in prison, I recommend the NOOK buying experience. Otherwise, forget it. I just tried to purchase a magazine and all I’m doing now is contacting customer support. They charged my credit car and no product. A complete waste of time. I should have just bought the magazine at the airport. Now I’ve wasted over an hour trying to get this resolved. I’m going to contact my credit card company and dispute the $4.32 charge for product not delivered. No wonder B&N and NOOK are losing money.

  11. First: On your “Contact Us Page”, there no Internet address.

    Your membership proceedure is frought wuth errors. I mean, for European Union Members, you ask many questions inappropriate to selling your merchandise.
    In the E.U., we use a universal banking system. Whereby any E.U. country member is able to sign in to his PayPal account (without the use of a credit card or a credit card number). This is done directly through through PayPal which has its members identification; that is varifyed when the member logs in to PayPal.
    Please advise.
    In lieu of a satisfactory response, I will go to a seller who is in a positon
    to render adequate service.
    R.T. Thomes

  12. I would recommend make a call to Nook tech support service. It is simple way to rid off your tech issues. Guys Toll Free number 1- 855-856-2653.

  13. Call Barnes and noble customer service about my nook glow, have had it just over a year, had my original one for 4 years no problems, dropped this one once one the entire thing is falling apart. Spoke to woman in customer service, spoke to a “supervisor”, their response is to call tomorrow when upper management is at work and try again.

  14. My nook HD+ gets hot on the back corner, it will reboot itself, and the screen has went crazy, the charger also gets really hot! Anyone else have these issues? Thinking class action might be better than calling customer service.

  15. My nook hd worked fine yesterday. Today, it will power up to 99% but won’t actually turn on. I’ve turned it off and on several times. Even tried plugging it in although I know it’s pretty much charged up. I cannot get it to come on. Is there something I can try.

    • I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with a customer service representative & then her supervisor. Neither of these women could speak clear English or understand it. My issue remains unresolved because I had to leave for a previously scheduled appointment (for which I was then late). I would like someone to contact me at your earliest opportunity. My Samsung Nook device “died” while I was in Kenya working for 3 weeks. It will no longer power on despite being fully charged. After providing all the requested information to the “customer service” individual, including Model # & Serial # of the device, she asked me for the third time if I was using a Nook application or a Samsung device???? At that point I asked for a supervisor. Over 15 minutes later a person who said her name was Chris (I had to ask her to spell it because her accent was unintelligible) assured me “she knew exactly how I felt” b/c I ran out of time & could not get the previous rep to even understand the problem. She said she would get back to me in 1-5 business days & reminded me a weekend was coming so it might actually take longer to get back to my issue. This is absolutely absurd. No wonder Barnes & Noble is in financial trouble. You can’t run a business without customer service! I am a longstanding Nook owner but this is the last straw. I would appreciate a contact from someone whose native language is English so they can at least comprehend the issues! This is my third Nook device but will be my last if this nonsense continues. My local store in St. Augustine no longer provides Nook service & told me I have to drive to another city??? Seriously?

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