Contact Bank Of America Customer Service

Contact Bank of America Customer Service

Contacting Bank of America Customer Service Center

Bank of America is one of the leading financial institutions in the United States. Along with personal and business banking, Bank of America provides online bill pay, credit cards, mortgage loans, auto loans and more. New customers can apply for a Bank of America account, loan or credit card online – in most cases.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

When account holders contact Bank of America customer service they call the main number. There is an automated system that routes calls to the appropriate department. Customer service hours are from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Automated account support is available 24 hours a day.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-432-1000
  • International Customer Service: 1-315-724-4022
  • Spanish Customer Service: 1-800-688-6086
  • TTY: 1-800-288-4408

If you need help with specific areas of the Bank of America online website like Bill Pay, SiteKey or Technical Support, contact the technical department between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. EST Monday to Friday or 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

  • Technical Support: 1-800-933-6262

Mailing Address

Customers who wish to contact Bank of America customer service by mail can address the letter to:

Bank of AmericaP.O. Box 25118Tampa, FL 33622-5118

Official Website

The Bank of America customer service website is located at The website works as a portal for current customers to access online accounts and bill pay and an informative website for potential Bank of America customers. If you have an account with Bank of America with online banking, visit to log in to your account. You will need to enter your online ID, verify your sitekey and enter your password to access your account.

Customer Service Email

Bank of America customers have access to an online contact form once they log in to their bank account online. There is no dedicated customer service email for non-customers.

Our Experience

When we called the Bank of America customer service line the first thing we were asked for was a telephone access key or bank card number. You can press 1 for other options if you have neither of these numbers. The system is voice activated, but there are a few options to press numbers to route the call. We were unable to press 0 to skip the automated system and without entering an account number we could not reach customer service on our first try. The second try was a little more advantageous. We listened to all of the options and chose to talk with someone to open an account. It took more than two minutes to reach the point in the call where we were transferred to a customer service agent. We waited on hold for another four minutes before the call was answered by a customer service representative.

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13 Comments on “Contact Bank Of America Customer Service
  1. Many thanks Bank of America, you are wonderful. I have 2 questions for you.
    The first one is the Site Key is not the one I had for a long time< I have nothing to do with the Site Key, Beaautiful River.
    My second questions is what I can do with the good things you gave me, thanks to my Bank Americard Travel rewards.
    Many thanks for the email you will send to me and best regards, Catherine d'Aulnois

  2. In China, p.r.c., where my family, and, I make our home ‘on line’ is not at this time ‘on line’, and, I need the eMail address of BoA in Manahwakin, NJ, for routeen, however, personalized customer service as I would like a Visa debit, rather than credit card on the account that I keep with you there. In the future I am going to need specialized ‘business’ services through Lakewood, NJ, where a team of professionals would be built to do investigation, and, audit were u.s. government to need that to be done. However, I digress only to point out that this situation is duressing. R.S.V.P. best wishes, Joseph

  3. A [n.y.c.] situation has developed, there might be a [DC] situation beyond that, the coast to coast situation is the one(1) to watch, as, transboundry we are in flux. BoA Manahawkin, NJ administers an account through which I tythe, that I hope to make available to an accountant, and, obtain a Visa debit, or, credit card at the convience of the bank, whereas, eMail banking from Manahawkin, NJ, might not be convient for BoA. I live in China, p.r.c., now. Disordering religion, His Story, capitalism, and, State is providing for Change. Please advise,Jos.Brazill

  4. Because my family, and, I reside here in China, p.r.c., and, I intend to bank with BoA in the future, as, in the past I have in order to service the tythe, and, am going to need an eMail secure connection to BoA to pay a u.s. accountant, &, etcetera(s), plus a Visa debit, otherwise credit card if that goes more smoothly for BoA, we understand, huge capital holdings await, as they must, what could be generations in the planning, nevertheless, change we look at skepticly, u.s., p.r.c., u.s.s.r., etceteras, first words come hard. Our future wide open, as is not as well pure possibility because already, Murders of girls have occured, thereby inhibiting future possibilities, and, constructing us to few words. The u.s.Sen.Banking Committee said that because I tythe this relation is not abusive, u.n.i.c.e.f. Jos. Petr

  5. Dellema, computer communications to the far east, togetherwith computer linguistics makes messaging disfunctional because if I cannot bank from where I am from, Manahawkin, NJ, relocation of my BoA account(s) to wheresoever pleases BoA has to stay in NJ so as not to dislodge u.s. government feed into account. Jos. P. Brazill The account is primairily used to tythe, however, now I would like a BoA Visa debt card, and, to be statmented via eMail. Thanks

  6. I need help with
    is there anyway I can prove it is me???
    or do I have to buy ticket and be in The States to prove I am me?

  7. This Amazon order that I herein describe is intended to teach the, “Information Society”, that while they might obstruct Justice, and, interfere with the Law, that government backing does licence transboundry communication within legal limits that are the same at home as abroad. Seditious matters, trials in one’s own language, equity in exchange, these are known by heart. Those discontent, distemper, paranoid animals God did not breed, and, God instructed not to inflate the population(s) of species, however, species are greedy, even greedy for species. Beyond transparent is thermocline, temperature difference that needs itself be objectified. Without live communication to the specific BoA, i.e., Manahawkin, NJ, u.s.a. I have no idea where this begins. Previous e-mail is related to this. Spanish says, “negotios”, knowing that every word does cause some change. Welcome to The Bank of America, Sir, can I help you to find something? Right? Joseph, as known.

  8. I am on the, “up, and, up”, not wanting to trouble anyone, particularly you, whereas, I live in China, p.r.c. where it is impossible to visit my BoA, Manahawkin, NJ, and, need others to bring about a transaction including an exchange. BoA, Amazon, Western Union, and, the global Postal Service, whose regulations define what is legally possible, ought to be related in order that the good guys do not suffer a season without one(1) victory, whereas, to contend that one(1) does not know, God is the generic term, not me, look in government if you refuse to be satisfied, or, mentally, or, both. Western Union as not to incur credit, or, debit, from BoA, Manahawkin, NJ, to Amazon, however, how do I ask for the paperwork from Thou??

  9. Because I teach from it, my life is an open book. An individual’s relation with God is personal, private, privileged, and, confidential, whereas, I do teach from my own. Taking God out was not the right thing to do, it had been done, and, Law(s) badly understood. The, “Information Society”, might prevent e-mail. Angry, yes, whereas, any future without God is a future without any real true past.

  10. Hi, I have the bank of America membership, and now i have a question related my transaction fee in my account. Since i can’t make international phone call, and I didn’t find any customer service email from the website for Bank of America, if you can contact me with email and help me solve my concern, I would be appreciate!

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