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Contacting Banana Republic Customer Service Center

Banana Republic is a online and offline clothing store that sells men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. Banana Republic is operated by the same company that operates Gap, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta. The online website is more dedicated to selling the customer merchandise than customer service, but there are links for customer service and contact information at the bottom of the page.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers who wish to contact Banana Republic customer service can do so by phone or fax. If you have a BananaCard and need help with your credit account, use the credit card customer service line instead of the main customer service phone number.

  • General customer service: 1-888-277-8953
  • TDD: 1-888-906-1345
  • Fax: 1-888-906-2465
  • BananaCard: 1-800-234-7455

There are no hours listed for Banana Republic customer service phone support. Most retail companies offer customer support during normal or extended business hours, but others offer 24 hour support.

Mailing Address

On the contact page of the Banana Republic website, there is a mailing address dedicated to customer service. Customers should not include personal information in the letter to customer service for personal protection.

Banana Republic Customer Services
5900 North Meadows Drive
Grove City, OH 43123-8476

Official Website

As Banana Republic is part of the Gap company, the main address to the website is You can browse clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories and order items for home delivery. You can also access the other store websites operated by Gap from the Banana Republic website. If you have ordered in the past, you can log in to your account, access past orders and even request returns. There is a good chance additional contact information is available from within your online account.

Customer Service Email

Customers who wish to contact a service representative via email can send a message to The same email address is used for contact about the BananaCard, but customers should not share personal information via email.

Our Experience

Banana Republic customer service line asks customers to choose from a variety of options, but you must speak your answers. There is no option to choose the option with your touchpad. We pressed 0 three times before the call was transferred to the customer service line. We were placed on hold to wait for the next available agent. We waited a total of two minutes before the call was answered. The agent was easy to understand and she answered our question about how to request a return without demanding additional information.

What’s your Banana Republic experience?

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39 Comments on “Contact Banana Republic Customer Service
  1. While shopping at a Banana Republic store located in the shopping mall on Peachtree road in Atlanta Georgia I was followed throughout the store by a sales clerk. He initially asked me if I needed assistance, at which point I responded with a courteous no thank you. He then proceeded to act as if he was fixing clothing in each of the areas I traveled through in the men’s department;
    this took place on September 29th 2012 at 11:53am.
    Upon leaving the department to purchase an item I explained to the sales associate that I was offended by the fact that he had felt the need to repond in this manner to a man of color. He responded that he was only trying to offer customer service. To which I replied that at what point did I not communicate effectively. I am appalled that this type of store culture would actually take exist. This simply fuels the misconceptions that diversity is actually accepted-in Banana Republic stores.The irony exists from several perspectives. First, my wife and I are both 6 figure income professionals. I supervise nearly 2000 individuals and I maintain a Banana Lux card. We have both been avid Banana shoppers for decades. I have to say that this experience has left us with no other choice but to reconsider our preference to this clothier. Obviously your written response to us will dictate our decision.
    Thank you,
    Gil Traverso

  2. I love to shop at banana republic store, but when ever me and my friend or families goes there, there are some of workers are not nice and never asked if we need some help or not, never say hi or thank you, for so many times, today I went to the store in baton rouge Louisiana at Towne center (70809),that lady always gave me such a hard time, she was over charge me for those items that I was purchase , I keep asked her : are u sure that’s right amount , she sure and yes I have to pay for it. But when I go back to my shop , do the math, yes , she is over charge. I
    Have to go back to the store again to get my money back, last time she done the same thing, happen more than 2 times, . Making us thinking we are not welcome there, don’t want to help when we need some different sizes, but we love to shop at banana republic, we hoping that some body can do something to fix that, if it’s happen with more than just me and my friends – families, u guys gonna miss alots of customer , thanks a lot for your time, hope can hear something fr u guys, thank u.

  3. I love Banana Republic! When will you open in Stockholm, Sweden? The only store where I can find the right size for me.

  4. I am sorry but this is the worst customer service I have EVER had. There is NEVER a live person at the phone number. There are countless questions and I never have help from anyone.

  5. My husband and I are currently on vacation in Florida. We went to Banana Republic and spent $ 150. There is an option to get a Banana card and receive an additional 15 % off the purchase. Since we aren’t Florida residents (although we have a Florida address)…we couldn’t get a card and thus couldn’t get the additional 15 % off. That would have amounted to almost $23 in additional savings. I was kind of ticked that I was excluded from this promo. Is there a way we can get this amount reimbersed on our cc ?

  6. I am a loyal customer from BR for 7 years. Today I experienced an excellence service at the store located in Mall at Millernia in Orlando, FL. I would like to recognize two ladies named: Dawn and Porcia. This ladies went above and beyond to help me. For employees like this is that always go back to BR. I want to make sure that you recognized this ladies, please!

  7. I have been a customer of Banana Republic since it opened. Love it! Only thing
    missing is the old Safari Vest. Have looked everywhere. They sell for big$$$ onE Bay, but I would really like to get them from the source. Good old Banana Republic.
    Is there any chance you will reissue them? My twenty-five year old pair of vests
    are in tatters, and I can’t find anything of that style and quality anywhere.
    I’ll bet there are lots of us out there that would love to see them again.
    hank you.
    Barbara Flicker

  8. You make it impossible tomail in a payment. I sent one to address given and it came back. KTried to pay with credit card and you want a debit card which I do not use. Am sending in the payment again including address sent it to first. Please put a mailing address to pay a bill.

  9. need address t

    Need address to send in bill paid in full. I am In Carlsbad, NM and have sent in check to address on this sight and it came back from ElPaso Tx. address. PLEASE send address so I can pay tho bill.

  10. I shopped at your store in NORTH BEND, WA. ELYSSA was there to help my friend and I. She was amazing in the fitting room. She showed us new ways to wear clothing. She knew colors and what we needed before we did! She knew how sizes should fit and was on the run to get another size. My friend and I were very impressed with her and returned a few days later to shop some more because of ELYSSA! I live in EDMONDS, and will return to shop at B.R. because of the expertise of ELYSSA. She is an asset to your company!!

  11. I really don’t know who to contact about this issue, but my husband is an avid shopper at Banana Republic. He mostly buys your non iron shirts and loves them, but lately they have been ripping just below the elbow after wearing them only a couple of times. Now i must say some of his shirts are old and some are new but he rotates them and maybe wears each shirt 1-2 times before it rips like that. I wanted to explain to somebody that this has got to be a defective issue, not wear and tear. Its really hard these days to purchase shirts he loves at a reasonable price, and lets be honest your prices are pretty high, but we do it because we love them, which is why we are so upset. We are told we can’t return them because we don’t have a receipt or its over the 60 day purchase. Some of them are over 2 years old but again only have been worn 1-2 times before ripping. If you guys cannot do something or fix this issue i will never buy from yo guys again. Who wants to spend 89.50 for a shirt that rips after 1-2 wears?? Nobody!

  12. The Banana Republic in Woodcliff Lake, NJ Is horrible… Horrible.
    The sales help is on top of you. And the manager Maria, is just nasty.

  13. I had purchased a Banana Republic Jacket from NY i want a bigger size of jacket of XL instead of L size if it is possible to change the size i would be thankfull I have spend 118 us Dollars
    please revert regards

  14. I’m a 30 year old, average white male and I’ve been shopping at Banana Republic for about 7 years now. I use to really like the store and most of my wardrobe. The men’s section use to be aimed at the average upper middle class man but, now the store has openly decided to change there look to a goofy hipster / pro-gay look.
    NEW FLASH !!! Hipsters shop at thrift stores and only about 2-3% of the population is gay… Why would you take a successful brand and try to ruin it only to be “politically correct” or whatever your company’s political motivations are ???
    I’d just like to see the store sell nice clothing again… I was just in the store the other day and couldn’t find one thing that I’d want to wear because it ALL looks like something a gay guy would wear.

  15. I’m a regular customer @ banana republic factory store in Ontario California store 7983 My most recent visit at this location was very disappointed, and for the first time One of youre employees named Cynthia was absolutely rude I understand it was couple minutes before you close you’re store I was about to enter the fitting room when she look at me so upset telling me I can’t try anything because she wasn’t going to keep folding clothes No more since the store was about to close , I told her may I please ask you’re manager of she can let me try couple of outfits, as soon as I said that she gave me her attitude and said Ok go ahead and she let me go in, to be honest I was so uncomfortable . She seems pretty upset, now I’m not sure how I’m going to feel next time I go to this store even tho I love this place to shop.

  16. I am a regular customer at Banana Republic stores all across the USA. I travel regularly with work to the U.S. and have become a fan of your stores since your recent change in direction.

    Your clothing range has become far more in trend, many friends & family complimenting my purchases back in London.

    But the reason I am posting my review is to acknowledge the great work the sales assistant ‘Brody’ does for your store in the Chandler Mall Arizona. Brody has a great knowledge of his product and engages in great Customer Service. I felt very valued when I visited this particular store, which was reflected in buying far more than I usually do. Great work Brody.

  17. banana republic card is owned by synchrony bank i had a credit card with no bad history for 12 months i had a returned check due to loss of job but covered immediately they shut my card right down if you read blogs and all complaints against synchrony you will see they are not about the customer why support any store that this banks holds card to if they dont care about the consumer they are ruining consumers credit just google synchrony bank to see all the complaints

  18. I am a regular Banana Republic customer and recently have had a really bad experience trying to pay off the Banana Republic credit card that I was talked into signing up for at the store.

    In person at the store i was talked into signing up for the card in order to get a discount on my purchase. So I did and eventually when I tried to activate the card in order to pay the bill online, your system informed me that my birthdate was incorrect, and it would not let me activate the card, which in turn, prevented me from making a payment on the card online.

    I called the automated payment line and tried to make a debit card payment with a customer service rep, but found out that there is a $10 service fee to make a payment by this method. In order to make a payment without incurring such a fee I would have to make an electronic payment using my checking account. So I attempted to do this. I made a payment on December 7th for $160.21 and got the confirmation number for the payment: 969405658.

    After making this payment, I checked my checking account every few days to make sure it went through. after a week and a half it still had not gone through. So I suffered through your kafkaesque automated telephone system and finally got through to a human who told me my payment was denied because of incorrect information from the checking account number. This is really weird because 1) the payment went through and i rec’d a confirmation number, and 2) i wasn’t notified in any way and presumably never would have been notified had I not called.

    So, okay, I asked the customer service rep if i could just make a payment right there on the phone. She said ‘yes’, however i would have to pay a $10 fee to make a payment through her on the phone. Let me just say that again: I would be charged a $10 fee to MAKE A PAYMENT, unless I called back and used the automated system. This hurts my brain even typing this.

    Here is the result: I was a regular Banana Republic customer for years. I’ve spent thousands of dollars at Banana Republic. It was my primary place to buy clothes. This experience will make it very hard to continue shopping at BR in good faith. I would be willing to put up with a ridiculous automated customer service system, it’s a reality that we’ve all had to deal with in the modern world. But to top that off with charging me a fee to make a payment to a human who I’M ALREADY ON THE PHONE WITH? That is too much, Banana Republic.

    I wrote to you guys a couple of weeks ago right after the initial difficulty started. No one tried to help at all. I got a form message stating that a third party company handles the credit services, so it basically isn’t your fault. And the message also denied that there is a $10 fee, which is offensive now that I’ve been victimized by the fee twice.

    I’d really love to hear an actual response to this. Does anyone in your company understand the importance of basic customer service? Would these policies be acceptable to you personally, whoever is reading this?

  19. Please bring back the Martin Fit Black Skinny Pant in cotton/rayon stretch fabric with side zip pockets and no back pockets. I LOVED these pants and you discontinued. Please consider bringing them back. They are my go-to pants for evenings and weekends and casual Fridays. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!

  20. I’m so disappointed in your serve, this morning at 1AM your site had 40% off BR40 on the lowest price which is an extra 50%. All your sale prices where showing 50% off plus 40% BR40 on top of that. When I tried to purchase this morning at 1AM it would not allow me to. But it kept saying 40% off BR 40 plus your lowest price on the sale price.
    After trying at 1AM I waited until I woke up this morning just to see that the 40% BR40 disappeared then you guys decided To put 50% off sale prices.
    It’s not my fault that your site was not honoring what was on there at 1AM.
    You should honor your website prices and that’s at it lowest price plus the extra 40% BR40. It’s your mistake not mine.
    Please honor the prices you had at 1am which was the lowest sale price now plus 40% BR40 on top of that.
    Honor your prices !!!!!!!! That’s called customer service!!!!!!!

  21. I’ve been waiting for response after contacting BR by phone needing a answer in regards having my apr/interest rate on my card lowered. Can someone please contact me on a response to my concern or direct me on who to contact regarding this matter?

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  24. Hello,
    At a recent visit at Banana Republic Outlet in Carlsbad, Ca., I was very impressed by a wonderful Associate Gray (please forgive my spelling if incorrect). She was very pleasant, knowledgeable, helpful finding what I was looking for. What most stood out for me was her professional wit, a unique personality which a lot of times we miss in a store experience in this day and age. She not only reinforced my decisions on what I was going to buy but suggested a Graphic Tee which had the retro cool camera on it. She said I love this one because I am a photographer…..that simple personal share of hers was an instant connect and an inspiration. She also mentioned the great marketing/sale promotion that was going on that day. She was clearly looking out for me in regards to style and value and most importantly her individual personality made Banana Republic a very special place to shop. Thank you, Gray!

    Qadir Hamidi

  25. I am a frequent customer at the Lenox Mall BR. I love BANANA REPUBLIC!
    AND I want to thank Janet and the manager LaDena for their excellent customer
    service. Janet is amazing and soooo helpful and very attentive and patient. If an item doesn’t work she goes back and forth several times with other suggestive idea items. I love her and look forward to her always helping me.The manager LaDena is very friendly and he assists and is there if I need another size with an item. Great place and terrific Customer Service !

  26. I was in your store at kenwood tc on Montgomery road on October 2. there were 3 clerks behind the counter. they totally ignored me. I had a list in my hand which I had printed out from the internet and was looking for that particular merchandise. I walked through the entire store looking and finally found a few items on my list. I went towards the dressing room with the items passing by the counter they were at and again no one acknowledged me. I did find a dressing room where I tried on the items but needed different sizes. no one came to check on me. I left. I went back on Thursday 10/5 and there again were 3 clerks at the counter. one was waiting on a customer. the other 2 were chatting with each other. again, no one spoke to me the whole time I was there. when I left, the 2 that were chatting looked up at me and then continued talking. neither spoke to me. I have never had such a terrible experience in a store. last year I bought almost my entire winter wardrobe at BR. Obviously, this will not be the case this year.

  27. Dear Customer Service, I ordered the double breasted navy jacket and pants for my husband this past December; order #TLSJ9VP; the pants that went with it were on back order so I took a chance and ordered them and I received them a day after you said they would be available; I could not afford this suit when it was full price; I had been obsessed with it for some months but could not afford to buy both pieces; we are on fixed income and in our seventies; but on sale I was able to buy the suit and I also had some gift money and your extra percentage off which you put towards the end price; I was stunned and I have to say the suit is exquisite in its fit, color and quality; having only see it online I took a chance and the suit looks as if it was tailored to fit my husband; I have to say I needed to return the first jacket for a larger size; your representative was lovely and so gracious; she really is a credit to her job; I received the larger jacket and even though I had to order a long it still fits beautifully; I have a Banana Republic store very close to me in the Willowbrook Shopping Center but they do not carry nearly what I found online; I returned the first jacket there with no trouble; I have read some of the other comments and I have had very good experience with online shopping as well as in the store; my 3 grown sons are Banana Republic devotees for many many years and now you have the 4th man in the family as another; thank you for your incredible sales and the extra discounts you offer and also the extra money given when you purchase merchandise; as I said fixed income does not allow us to shop at stores such as yours for the clothing that is made for slim men and all my family are very tall and slim; my husband lost a lot of weight due to illness and now he has a whole wardrobe from you; his lovely plaid fitted shirts and your jeans make him look as if he is a brother to our sons; well not exactly but the fit of the clothes does make the man; of all the suits my husband has had over 50 years now this is the suit that has people sitting up and taking a look at the man who walked in with the stunning suit; I have been going on and on but I had to write and tell you that you made our Christmas this past year; Santa did have the best gift for my husband; well thank you again for your wonderful sales and your wonderful customer service; and the suit is the most beautiful one ever; my husband has been very sick for some years and lost so much weight and my 3 sons who are Banana Republic devotees said that dad had to go to your store; thank you for a dream come true for my husband and me; I had to write and tell you this; the suit fits as if it was tailored for his build; your company is a pleasure to do business with online and also in the store; thank you once again; you have the 4th man in the family as your forever customer; Sincerely, Marilyn Sokoli P.S. I did customer service for mall management for over 30 years in one of the largest malls in New Jersey and also for Macy’s Dept Store; many people wrote in who appreciated my service and this is why I felt I wanted someone at Banana Republic to receive my overwhelming appreciation;

  28. Do not have Pay Pal account. Did not order items in order # Tmoyf6w. My e-mail account was used illegally. Please do not send out order

  29. Need to return kimono and sleveless shirt my companion bought, Did not fit.
    Can she return it in your Puerto Rico branch??

  30. I just spent 450$ at Nordstrom, my son told me that customer service at your stores at La Cabrera and North Star Mall sucks. However Nortstrom and other stores were more helpful and less condescending. Very disappointed, if the goal was to pay off the Old Navy , Banana Rebublic card sooner, you succeeded ! I will no longer shop at either !

  31. I was logging in to your www/ to claim 20% discount on next purchase and attempted several times. I completed a survey which produced “NO 20% discount”. I attempted a few other times with NO 20% DISCOUNTS RESULTS. I am a frequent customer of Banana Republic and not a “happy customer”………

  32. I bought the Tanner Lug Sole Chelsea Boot as a gift to my son and had it shipped to him in Ct. Sept.27, 2018. He works front desk at a Hotel and only wears them while there. He keeps them in his locker there along with his suit. He has never worn them outside. The sole of the shoe is separating from the shoe. He has had them such a short time and loves them. Can he get them replaced since they are defective? I am an employee and live in San Diego (store 08143). We do not have shoes, so I bought them on line. He is unable to get to a BR store where he lives. (Mystic) since he has no car. What is the best way to handle this?

  33. This morning I went to banana republic in Bayview Village as they had a sale. I chose several pair of socks as well as another item. When I went to check out they could not find a scanning code for 2 pairs of socks although the price was marked on them. I was told I couldn’t purchase the socks! Perhaps they’ll find the code when they are not on sale!!!

  34. Boycott all of Banana Rrpublic and stores….they support hater organizations like the ACLU, etc with your money. Stop the hate…stop the theft of freedom!!!

  35. I have been attempting to speak to a customer service representative for the last 37 minutes. Had a question regarding a bill on my monthly bill. I have entered the requested info several times on several different occasions and calls only to be told that I can not be connected. I went on line to find a different number and reached someone who was not part of the credit customer service department. He was nice but could not help me and transferred me to customer service at which point I got the recording that I could not be connected AGAIN. I honestly have never had such a poor experience trying to reach customer service ANYWHERE. I don’t know where to laugh or be angry. This is kind of crazy. I love the items sold at this store but customer service at the 1 800 234-7455 line is abymsmal. My payment is due in 2 days, I am leaving the country on business tonight and was hoping to resolve the issue. My time is honestly worth more than the bill.Yikes. I am pretty disappointed in my experience trying to resolve an issue.

  36. I have been attempting to speak to a customer service representative for the last 37 minutes. Had a question regarding a bill on my monthly bill. I have entered the requested info several times on several different occasions and calls only to be told that I can not be connected. I went on line to find a different number and reached someone who was not part of the credit customer service department. He was nice but could not help me and transferred me to customer service at which point I got the recording that I could not be connected AGAIN. I honestly have never had such a poor experience trying to reach customer service ANYWHERE. I don’t know where to laugh or be angry. This is kind of crazy. I love the items sold at this store but customer service at the 1 800 234-7455 line is crazy horrible.

    My payment is due in 2 days, I am leaving the country on business tonight and was hoping to resolve the issue. My time is honestly worth more than the bill.Yikes. I am pretty disappointed in my experience trying to resolve an issue.

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