Contact Baby Lock Customer Service

Contact Baby Lock Customer Service

Contacting Baby Lock Customer Service Center

Baby Lock is a Tacony company that sells sewing machines, embroidery machines and quilting machines. These high-end machines often require software downloads and updates for optimal function. Software downloads are available on the official website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We were able to find a corporate office phone number and corporate fax. We called the corporate office after 6 p.m. EST and our call was immediately answered. The company headquarters is in CST, so we suggest calling between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST.

  • Corporate Office: 1-636-349-3000
  • Corporate Fax: 1-636-349-2333

Mailing Address

You cannot write directly to Baby Lock customer service, but you can reach out to the corporate office for Tacony, the company responsible for Baby Lock machines. If there is an issue that needs a fast response, you may want to try the contact form rather than writing a standard letter.

Tacony Corporate Attn: Baby Lock Customer Service 1760 Gilsinn Ln. Fenton, MO 63026

Official Website

We found the official Baby Lock website online at The website serves two main purposes, provide creative project information for customers and support Baby Lock machines with software downloads, product registration and customer support. If you are looking to learn more about the newest Baby Lock models, visit the products page at

Social Media

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the fastest means of connecting with customer support. Baby Lock customer service is available on Twitter. Customers can also find a Baby Lock page on Facebook. The Pinterest page is more for connecting with crafters in a creative manner – not as a means of contacting Baby Lock customer service.

Customer Service Email

With no true customer service phone number, customers are left with a contact form to reach customer service. The contact form allows customers to choose a topic from the dropdown menu, including software problems, hardware problems and I don’t know for general questions.

Our Experience

The Baby Lock customer service phone number is a direct link to the corporate office. There is no automated system, just an operator ready to direct your call. You can ask to speak with a specific department within the corporate office, but we were told there was no customer service department. All customer service issues need to be addresses online via the Contact Page and Customer Support page.

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11 Comments on “Contact Baby Lock Customer Service
  1. I just received my Destiny 3 days ago and I so love this machine. Have not had a lesson on it but had an Elleganti before this. This machine is so simple to operate and the manual is so well done that I think a child could pick this up easy. It sews so quiet and smooth. I have even embroidered with it already. Not one hitch. Now for reason I am writing, I am just floored to find out there is NO case for the Embroidery Unit and Hoops. I have always been told I had to really careful with that unit and that’s one reason it came with the “suit case” to carry them in. How can I now take a class and take it? How do I take it to the store for it’s service? I am very dissatisfied. I don’t even know where I will store when not using. The case with Elleganti could just sit up on floor next to my sewing/cutting table or slide under bed. And I really don’t want to be told there is this great case I can buy for another $600.00 to $800.00 after what I should spent for this amazing machine. I’m really sorry for the decision that was made by someone to do this. The people at the top need to know this was a very bad decision. You need to change this…..Thank you for your time.

  2. I have purchased a crown jewwll lll and a destiny. My destiny wouldn,t sew a strait line and it was found to have internal problems so baby lock gave me a new one and it works great. my crown jewell III the plate it sits on to roll a spring broke and popped out so I was given a new one and a call from the baby lock dealer told me how to put it on and said if I tore up anything he would replace it Now my quilter pops and jumps and I am afraid to use it and just keep getting instructions on the phone. He finally gives me a phone number to call and I am told he is no baby lock dealer and he cannot tell me how to fix the problem because it will void my warranty now why did he do this he tells me I cannot return the machine because I have used it. What can do with a month old tore up quilting machine that baby lock apparently doesn’t care to fix my ellageo works great and my enlighten works great. this is the only reason I chose to buy the 2 new machines. But I rue the day I bought them and will never buy another baby lock product.

  3. My vista computer crash. I bought a window 10 I can’t find the code to install Studio Plus help please

  4. Miss TERESA you are a true treasure. I love my baby lock EMP6. thank you for the SUPER CUSTOMER SERVICE. Betty David

  5. I have six Babylock machines and am happy with five of them. I have had trouble with my Sashiko almost from the beginning. I have had it repaired but it still is doing the same thing but to late for the warranty. I may go some period of time before I use it. I think this has been a lemon since the very beginning. I would not recommend anyone buy a Sashiko — that is way too much money for the machine. I really wanted this machine and I am retired and have to be careful how I spend this money so it was a real disappointment and damage to my budget. Any advice would be appreciated. I am going to go on the help line and see if it will do any good. Thank you for listening.

  6. I bought a Destiny machine from a Baby lock dealer which was supposed to be new. Only later did I find out it was a demo/used machine. I have tried to work with this dealer, only to be mal-treated by the dealer time and time again. I am now fed up and I want to return the machine and get my money back. I have not heard from the dealer so I am going to start filing fraud complaints against her.

  7. I purchased a WONDERFUL Baby Lock Unity sewing/embroidery machine from Sew Special Quilts in San Antonio, Texas. With the literature accompanying my new machine were coupons to purchase Madiera embroidery thread. The best deal was the huge case of, I think it was 50 spools which included some pretty awesome software. The store did not have it in stock, so I pre-paid and they ordered it. It has now been over 9 weeks and I still have not received my order. In the meantime, I have several projects to complete, but do not have thread with which to complete and due to the expense of what I already paid for, I cannot purchase more thread. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new machine and my Baby Lock retailer, but I felt you should know about the problems with the special coupon for Madiera thread. I understand that there are other orders from the company making the offer that also have not been filled, so perhaps the special offer should be substituted since this one is leaving us unable to play with our machines or satisfy embroidery requests, causing either great inconvenience and/or expense after spending several thousand dollars for your wonderful machine…now left out in the cold as far as projects are concerned….Christmas draws near and I fear my learning curve may not afford me to complete desired projects … a big part of the reason for the purchase to start with.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter….it seems that it should not be so difficult to get my order as Madiera certainly produces plenty of thread to fill the order, so I do not understand.

  8. I just picked up my baby lock at SANDYS SEWING CENTER.

    I gave approval for a $200 repair part and was billed for $556.26 in parts and $120 labor. I feel like I was taken advantage of. I paid the total bill as it took five weeks to get repaired and I wanted my machine back. I LOVE my machine. I feel they should have alerted me to the need for more parts with such a significant price change. I will never walk in that store again. I feel the repair service was disappointing. I would NEVER recommend their repair service to anyone. It is deceptive to tell you $200 and then charge $556.

  9. I purchased a Solaris from one of the Hawaii distributors Creating Sewing at the time on my purchase it was my understanding I was receiving everything they were telling me about, a four year Plan Of Love of Sewing and warranty, IQ designer, Palette. I have had problems, receiving The software for Love of Sewing, the warranty and Palette. It has been months since, October I am extremely frustrated point

  10. HELP. I own Pallette 10 software and have struggled with it for too long. I cannot find a way to show the sewing order panel. The sewing simulator shows/hides but not the sewing order pane (PAIN). I have been thru the book page by page asnd it is no help!

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