Contact Avid Customer Service

Contacting Avid Customer Service Center

Avid is an audio-video company with several brand names working under the mother brand. Each of the individual product lines comes with unique contact information. Products include Pinnacle, Avid Audio, M-Audio and Sibelius. Some Avid customer service options are only available on a paid basis. Customers have to contact the sales department to purchase customer service.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Avid customer service phone numbers listed here are for each of the main Avid products. We listed the customer service hours and time zones after each phone number. Some Avid customer service is free and other service is available as a paid service only.

  • Sales Department: 1-877-582-6735 US or 0800-376-9272 UK
  • Pinnacle: 1-877-582-6735

Pinnacle customers must purchase paid support to receive technical support from Avid customer service.

  • Avid Audio: 1-650-731-6100

Customer service is available from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Thursday and 8 AM to 4 PM Friday, PST.

  • M-Audio: 1-401-658-5765

Avid customer service is available from 9 AM to 6:30 PM Monday to Friday, EST.

  • Sibelius: 1-650-731-6106

Call Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 4:30 PM PST.

  • Avid Video: 1-800-800-2843

No Avid customer service hours are listed for this number.

Mailing Address

There is so much information on the Avid customer service website that we believe your best means of contacting the company by mail is to write to:

Avid Corporate Headquarters 75 Network Dr Burlington, MA 01803

Official Website

Check out for all the newest Avid products and services. Each of the products sold by Avid is listed on this main site. Some also have external sites where product support and customer service contact information is listed. At the bottom of the main page you’ll notice a Contact Us tab. Under that tab are links to all the customer service pages.

Customer Service Email

If you want to contact Avid customer service by email you have to submit a support case via the Avid Support Center at The contact information if minimal at best, but there could be additional information available to registered users.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer support team, we wanted answers relating to technical support. After waiting through the automated system, we were able to communicate with a live agent. We immediately asked the agent if there was a place on the website where we could read about common technical issues, similar to a FAQs page. The agent gave us the following page which discuss the most common technical concerns with resolutions.

Question was resolved in no time. Was your question resolved? Let us know your experience with the customer service team.

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19 Comments on “Contact Avid Customer Service
  1. WHY is it so DIFFICULT to get in contact with you people???? Are you, or are you NOT in the software business? I have written, asking a simple question, only to be ignored! That makes me only about 5% as interested in protools, then I was just 3 days ago.
    I want a valid email address, or 800 # so I can talk to someone who knows something. Does Protools in any way, end up v being incompatible with songs mixed on a tascam mixer, down to a .wav file, by ADDING immense amounts of REVERB to what USED to be the original mix????? The original mix contained NO REVERB, and NO other processing mumbo jumbo.

  2. I ordered a crossgrade over two weeks ago from a Guitar Center. No word so far.

    Meanwhile, having an issue with Express, try and purchase an incident code and their web site rejects me. I call my credit union and am assured there is nothing wrong with my card. There have been no transactions fromAvid. Their sales number is to coral in Canada that can’t help with Pro Tools. Trying to contact them is painful.

    Is Avid still in business?

  3. I have not accessed my account for 3-4 years since my last Pro Tools upgrade, and in the mean time I’ve lost access to the email account/user ID associated with my Avid account, and I have forgotten the password to that account. Why doesn’t Avid have password hints built into the online account login system so that one can easily recall one’s forgotten password and then update one’s email address/User ID in one’s account? Also, why not allow users who have lost access to an account into which PT has been installed to download and install it in a new account if one has to have a dongle to use the software? That’s the whole point of the stupid dongle. Arrrrrrrrg!

    If Avid is not going to have any unlimited free phone tech support for installation issues – let alone free 24/7 phone tech support for such issues, at least make it self-help doable and user-friendly! I am very frustrated with Avid after spending $700 on Pro Tools 11 and not being able to access my account to download and install it.

    Tick, tock, I’m still waiting for tech support to respond to my emailed ASC claim. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

  4. I purchase a m-track plus but its not working fine, whenever am play back it will suddenly bring a loud noise like water shore sond. What am I going to do with it pls.

  5. I have a problem with my Win 7 ultimate and m-audio 2626.I downloaded last drivers,but it cant recognize 2626.What can I do to make it work correct?

  6. I have a problem with my Win 7 ultimate and m-audio 2626.I downloaded last drivers,but it cant recognize 2626.What can I do to make it work correct???

  7. I purchased a simple upgrade from PT8 M-powered to PT11 MP. When I attempted to input my authorization code after I made the purchase from a 3rd party site I was told I had to upgrade my billing address. When I did that I hit a brick wall with the site as it just said sorry, contact customer support. I did get a reply from some regional director since that was the only other email I could find but she obviously did not read my email and just replied with “what are you trying to purchase and you shouldnt complain if you dont tell me”. I gave all the details I had and they seem to not even be in business. Its pretty sad but it seems that Avid is only concerned with big production companies and the home studio people are put on the back burner. Avid has a downright, horrible business model.

  8. This company has great products,but damn white people are rude ass people. Need more love in their culture. Oops sorry THEY DONT HAVE CULTURE

  9. Why can’t I download Pro Tools 1st when i get this email… I signed up a lounge time ago… When i hit download it just loops me back to the original sign up sheet…

    Pro Tools | First is here—a completely free version of the industry-standard audio production powerhouse. Pro Tools | First is simple enough for beginners, yet sophisticated for experienced musicians, enabling you to quickly compose, record, edit, and mix music.

    Click the button below to begin a short download and activation process. Then, check out the Get Started Fast videos so you can start creating right away. And if you have any questions, log into the new Avid Artist Community to get feedback from the Avid Customer Care team and other Pro Tools users.


    Download Now



  11. I wanted to check an see if my invs. Have been paid and sent out ? a total of 4 .
    INV. #
    4133. 9/15/15 $ 2,185.00
    4135. 9/16/15. $ 1,930.00
    4136. 9/16/15. $ 295.00
    4137. 9/22/15. $. 395.00

  12. Hello, I have purchased Protools – 4 years free upgrade student plan on 26th Aug, 2014 and I want to upgrade to Protools 12.
    Since I am still within the 4 years, I can’t find the upgrade verison of Protools 12 in “My Product and Subscriptions”. May I know how to achieve this?

    Thank you!

  13. Avid

    I haven’t received my Avid software I purchased from you December 28, 2016. It was an upgrade of my academic version. I would like for someone to contact me and see that I get my Avid software CD. I paid $199.00 for it. I expected better service. Thank you.

  14. How do i switch my broken ilok out ?? I have brought a new one already bt can not switch the contents

  15. For such an expensive software you should have a better and simpler way of activating software and a better customer service system!
    I have spent over 7 hours trying to figure out how to re-install my EDU Pro Tools 11 software from a Mac to a PC. I followed all the information I could find from my subscriptions and iLok licences and still I cant download Pro tools 11 on my PC. I also sent several service requests and went on forums…so confusing! It<s funny how I have spent over 25 years working and installing computer components and software and your product always makes me feel like a computer rookie! I hope I can get someone to help me once and for all!

  16. The customer service system is awful, I advise using another software option rather than Sibelius if you want an easy life. Avid id difficult to het help from even when you are customer.

  17. hey I hope ya can help me I got pro tools 12 hp computer windows 8 and the Yamaha Hs7 I can get no audio he says pug in the speakers,haedset or headphones the peripheral does not appear to be plugged in ,check the conection proceed to nex step to finish help me plz thank you!

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