Contact Avast Customer Service

Contact Avast Customer Service

Contacting Avast Customer Service Center

Avast is an anti-virus company started in 1988. When two researchers came in contact with a computer virus they set out to create a program to protect computers against the virus and others to come. The result was Avast software. The company has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, but with only 200 employees Avast takes pride in the fact that more than 150 million computers, including Macs and Android devices are safer thanks to the software. Avast offers free and paid anti-virus software.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Avast offers technical and sales support for customers in the United States and international customers. United States customer service is available 24 hours a day from Sunday at 6 p.m. to Friday at 8 p.m. EST. Between Friday at 8:01 p.m. and Sunday at 5:59 p.m., the customer service department is closed.

  • Technical Customer Service: 1-866-951-7679
  • Sales Customer Service: 1-800-581-1081
  • Avast Headquarters: 00-420-274-005-777
  • Avast Germany: 00-49 (0) 7541-9530490

Mailing Address

The main mailing address for Avast customer service (United States customers) is available for non-priority communication. If there are problems with your Avast software or payment issues, you need to contact Avast customer service by phone.

Avast Software USAttn: Customer Service255 Shoreline Dr. Ste. 515Redwood City, CA 94065


Avast Software HeadquartersTrianon Office BuildingBudejovicka 1518/13a140 00 Prague 4Czech Republic

Official Website

You can learn more about the free and paid Avast anti-virus software and contact Avast customer service on the official website at Contacts are listed on the contact page at There is also a page to report a new virus so Avast can modify software to accommodate, recognize and eliminate the virus threat on future updates. If you need support for your Avast product, visit the support page at to submit a ticket or search the FAQs.

Customer Service Email

In order to contact Avast customer service for technical or sales issues, visit the support page and submit a question.

Technical Questions:

The direct link to submit a ticket is

Our Experience

When we called the Avast technical customer service line we were given multiple options. Press 1 for technical issues and 2 for billing issues. We pressed 2 for the billing department and a new list of options started. When we did not press an option we were told all billing support was handled on the official website via the support page. We called back to choose option 1 for technical issues in hopes of reaching a customer service agent. We were immediately placed on hold for a technician. The call was answered in less than one minute. The agent had a strong accent making it difficult to understand his answers to our questions.

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388 Comments on “Contact Avast Customer Service
  1. A few days ago I renewed my Avast virus protection for $31.86 for 2 years. However, I’m barraged by messages from Avast that my virus protection will terminate in 8 days — tomorrow it’ll say 7 days — if I don’t immediately renew. As I said, I did renew. I looked at my credit card account and you have processed the charge. Why then am I getting continual messages to again renew. Is this just carelessness on yoor part or is it consumer fraud?

    • I signed up for renewal and got a notice to download, but do not know if I have downloaded or not. Now I think I need to install, but do not know how to install. I need help.

      I also want to know if the second computer in our house will be protected under the same agreement.

    • My Chase Credit card acct. indicates that I am charged $20.93 for DR’AVAST SOFTWARE yet I do not have it in my computer.
      HOW COME?

    • I had the same experience except I renewed mine two more times. Now I have three subscriptions and although I finally found a human to talk to all he could tell me to do was to post a ticket (At 77 I’m not sure what that is) and I have become very frustrated. Got a notice of something being cancelled so now I don’t know what I have. Oh, for the days when you could talk to a person and work problems out.

    • I get messages telling me my trial has run out, and yet on Oct. 8, 2017 I just ordered this protection. Not happy, try to go to the link and says not found. I have paid 59.99 for 2 years, now your are saying I have no protection.

  2. Nothing ggod to say regarding this experience with this company from the Czech Republic. Unable to communicate with them,more problems with this computer since talking with them. Quite rude technicians to deal with since we do not speak the same “lingo”.
    Now I receive notices that they will automatically renew my license for another year. I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE AVAST! Find the only way to D/C is to D/C the credit card, and I am angry!

  3. The automatic renewal did not work, I have tried to get customer service several times and they just keep telling me to go to a website that does not respond. I called customer support tec line and she said I had 5 licenses and could not help me. I went to the billing web site and again no response. I have had many bad experience’s with avast, they referred me to I yogi and that was the worst experience ever.

  4. My Avast antivirus is out off date and need to update it with the current version and register in.

  5. I am finding difficult to update my avast antivirus with the current version because my avast antivirus is out of date.

  6. my annual renewal is due on june19th. i am getting a pop-up that says i have only six days left to renew. i tied to speak to someone in technical support and the back ground noise was so loud i could not hear myself think. very annoying! i called again and spoke to someone i could understand. she told me to go to and click on support and submit a ticket. no help at all!

  7. you people billed my bank account $39.99 on may 12 2014
    i did not authorize this charge !!!
    i want my money back now!!! your unauthorized charge caused an overdraft fee to be charged.if you do not contact me within 24 hours i am going to file formal complaints with the california dept of consumer afairs and the united states federal trade comission.i no longer use avast ,i now use vipre internet security.

    • I had subscribed to Internet Security Antivirus in Sept 2014 for one year, and it was automatically renewed on Sept of this year with a charge on my credit card. Because I have had nothing but problems with Avast, either because I was getting viruses and malware too often and tech. support just asks to take over my computer, then they tell me my problems are so bad that I need them to fix it for hundreds of dollars, but never help me get the virus off, or other programs like Grimefighter tell me to take things off my computer that are supposed to be there, I was not going to use them another year. But now I can’t get a refund even though I have filled out a support ticket twice in the last month. They never get back to you and no one will talk to you over the phone. Their customer service is so bad, that I had to open a dispute with my credit care company.

      • I called what looked like a legitimate AVAST support number, which I found online, but ended up talking to a “Microsoft technician” who wanted access to my computer. It was a scam. I wasn’t talking to AVAST at all. Unfortunately, when I finally did get the right number, it was not much better. Customer support does not exist when it comes to billing and accounts. I have had fairly good luck when it comes to technical support. It appears that AVAST outsources its sales and you may not be talking to the same “store” twice. I upgraded to Premier, now I have two subscriptions. I think I have at least discontinued the auto-renewal for one, but I have not found a way to manage my subscriptions.

      • Kathy Same thing happened to me I had my new computer hooked up
        and the nex day the told me they found 1000 viruses and it would be
        $150.00 to repair.


  9. I purchased Grimefighter. I had no idea it would make my use of the computer so difficult. I have limited skills as it is and it took me the better part of 2 hours just to get to Google to get my gmail with your address. In other words I hate this Grimefighter program and want it removed ASAP. Please credit my account for the money I paid.

  10. I purchased Grimefighter, I hate it. I had no idea that what it thought was grime was things I wanted to keep. I have limited skills on the computer as is now. It took me 2 hours to get back to google just to get my gmail to find how to get to you. I would like this program removed immediately and a refund to my account please. thank you benita briggs

  11. This is the 3rd time I have typed this message. Remove Advast Grimefighter from my computer. I hate it. I do not want it. It complicates my computer experience. refund my money please.

  12. I’m sorry I didn’t realise it had actually gotten posted. Now you know how limited my skills truly are.

  13. how long does it take for someone to say yes received notice and will not debit your account.
    ticket id HHR-392-61040
    thank you

  14. Signed up. Got a license number. Then nothing! No email. Nothing. I want my money back. I will be going to the bank in the morning for a formal complaint. Sad that this was a scam.

  15. I have been pleased with Avast free version and upgraded to next level. Order #14972816742 on June 19th. However my computer has crashed and I no longer will need the program. Please credit my card back for the full amount of $29.95 plus tax.
    Please notify me by email and I will check on another computer to see if this is done..

  16. this product sucks I bought the premier and it quit working so customer support said for 295$ they could make it work I said no thanks a hard drive is cheaper. I then went on line and got someone that told me to delete and reinstall I deleted and could not get it to run because I did not have the key. I spent a few days last week giving a rep access to my computer which did nothing. today I gave him access again and he installed a 30 day trial on computer then disappeared after a hour and no reply I clicked run on the program and it ran 30 min and 0% complete. I called customer service and got the same song and dance said maybe it was just slow I told him at times I left it over night and nothing so stay away from this product

  17. Your failure to post a simple E-Mail address on your on-line site to make it possible to correct a billing error, deliberate or otherwise, amounts to a consumer fraud. Your customer service is worthless if you cannot be contacted and my hope of getting a response to this comment, so that I can correct an error of YOUR making, is even more aggravating and will come back to haunt you.Should I really have to ask my credit card company to refuse payment before I get a satisfactory response from you?

    • O.K. I’ll settle for an E-Mail address from someone who can respond to my effort to correct a billing error.

  18. It would be a terrific improvement to your customer relations if you posted a simple E-Mail address so that billing errors can be corrected.

  19. I called 11 times and never got any help talking to idiots
    like lisa, Ian, John, Vilne, Liza, Vonda, Damien and Alex.
    Why should I renew?

  20. Receiving notices that anti-virus has expired. Service renewed on 6/2 and credit card billed for $29.99. How come this is stating my service has expired.Someone needs to check this out. Have tried to call via telephone but NO RESULTS. Please check it out & E-mail me a response.

  21. I have a 3 computer subscription, my main computer was saying that the subscription had expired so i renewed all 3, it wouldn’t accept the activation code so i checked one of the other computers, my subscription was actually good until 11/10/14, i’d like to get a refund until that time.
    Under the name: Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa. Order ID: 15313444742
    but I’m unable to submit a ticket or get anyone to answer the phone. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Tom Russell

  22. I placed an order for Avast on my computer, and downloaded it.
    When I went to print the order, my computer would not print, and Explorer would not come up.
    I called them back and spent a long time trying to understand or hear the support people.
    They assured me that they would contact Microsoft engineers to fix the problem.
    They were so persistent and difficult to hear that I called my son for assistance.
    He told me not to order anything that would cost more money and just request that they cancel the initial order.
    They refused to agree and would not end the conversation, so my son told me to just hang up.
    I received my Visa bill today and Avast has charged me $119.99, $99.98, $99.98 , $29.99 for a total of almost $350.00.
    I have called support and cannot get a direct line to contact billing. I really have been scammed!

  23. You charge out of this world,first I get charged 39.95 then got charge AGAIN 69.99 WHAT IN SAM HELL IS GOING ON.I get one check a month and you take that much.You people are not very nice.How often do you take my money?

  24. You charge out of this world,first I get charged 39.95 then got charge AGAIN 69.99 WHAT IN SAM HELL IS GOING ON.I get one check a month and you take that much.You people are not very nice.How often do you take my money? AFRAID OF THE TRUTH.

  25. I was charged $49.99 for something I did not order.
    Also, charged $19.99 2 times for the 1 yr.l renewal
    I want a refund for this fraudulent business practice
    Order # 14965997442 #15327909242 #15343014342
    Please cancel all automatic renewals!!!!!!

  26. I have the most difficulty I have ever had with Avast. Trying to get a refund after getting billed twice and also getting no service after first week. I have followed all directions and got nowhere. Austrailia Avast software tried for me also and got nowhere. The closest to me is Redwood City California and no answer from despite a ticket number.

  27. Despite submitting a ticket number and trying to cancel for billing twice and getting no service I cannot get a response despite following all steps given to me.

  28. trying to undue duplicate billing for 1 product. shame on you people for making it so complicated to deal with issues. should be a much simpler way to do this

  29. trying to undue duplicate billing for 1 product, SHAME ON YOUR COMPANY for making it so complicated. such an easy task it would seem

  30. I have been waiting for my refund for 2 mos.Can’t talk to anyone to get a refund, but someone was available to talk to me when I went to purchase !!?? I have submitted 3 tickets! Ridiculous

  31. I, like every one before me who have submitted a review, am somewhat disturbed because my account is not updated after upgrading. Not a very good start for folks who expect something for something. I have decided I will not upgrade and call the credit card company to remove this charge

    I don’t know if the software is all that great or not. But if this is any indication of suspected problems in the future, I just don’t need it.


  32. Worst service ever! I’ll recommend to everyone I know NOT to use your product! I tried to remove your (so-called) free anti-virus and will not uninstall! I called customer support and was informed that you could uninstall, but it would cost me to do so. How is this product then FREE? I am a disabled person with limited income but unlimited time. I will spread this information on ALL sites that I visit(facebook,gaming sites,etc…) as well as be contacting the Better Business, my congresswoman and anyone else that will listen until this issue is resolved!

    • In Australia it is like a plague, I have written to all retirement villages never ever to Use Avast and have pasted all these little stories of horror in every media available to me.
      I have also informed the Minister of Consumer Affairs in Canberra, I have been told;
      “You and one hundred thousands”
      we are looking into their predatory thieving manarisam

  33. The Avast Customer Support Web Site was a little Confusing and NOT easy for a person like me who knows enough about Computers “TO BE DANGEROUS”, until I called and talked with Lisa. She walked me through the process and I was able to submit a Support Ticket.

    Job well done “Lisa”
    Thanks for your Help!

    Phillip C. Olson Sr.

  34. Charged me for the service, and after 2 hours on the phone with tec h support, still can’t download the anti virus I paid for and they won’t refund my purchase price…never do this one again

  35. Avast is impossible to work with! I have been trying to contact you for days…….without a response to leave a message (or nastygram) I signed up and got charged $9.99. I got a response that I needed to secure my antivirus, so I did it again and got charged $19.99. I have upgraded my services with a new computer; therefore, I do not need your service. Please cancel me and send me my refund! If I do not hear from you I will contact my credit card company and yell…fraud! Thank you!

  36. Here is our experience. My hubby ordered 2 services from them, but paid not via paypal but with a credit card. We kept getting email after email saying we ordered their product and were given a payment reference number to use to pay for the product. THERE WERE NO INSTRUCTIONS **WHERE** TO PAY FOR SAID PRODUCT. We were so furious after a couple months of all these emails. I submitted a ticket asking where we were supposed to pay and they responded to look online at your status. I did and it just said what the freaking emails stated.

    Ok so my hubby call tech service to ask why the payments haven’t gone through and he said it was because something was wrong with our computer. He then hopped on and “cleaned up” my husband’s computer. My hubby thought this was related to our non-delivered products we tried to order. When all was done, the tech logged off and then the next day we were charged over $179!!!!! At no time was my husband informed of this nor would he ever have agreed to this.

    So again, I’m forced to submit a ticket which I did over a month ago and we have heard no word from them. I have never been so upset with a company in my life. I would never recommend them EVER to anyone. STAY AWAY! I wish I had looked more into Avast before we agreed to them, but when we took our computers into our local IT store they installed the free version of Avast so we assumed it was a good company.

  37. I submitted a ticket to get my refund of $99.99 and that was over a month ago. On September 21st, 2014 I went through Avast be free on line and paid for the company to clean out my computer.Then I decided to go back on line and I paid for the company to clean it out and put an antivirus {both} and Im very happy with the results.So when I tryed to get my refund of $99.99 I have been struggling since then to get my refune. I’ve gone through all kinds of changes!So I did as they asked me to do submit a ticket and the ID# is IAU-987-90308 date id 09-24-14 at 11:45am. They said it would take up to 7 too 10 buisness working days to get the refund back to my credit card and like I said it has been over a month and NOTHING!I:am very disappointed in this stansaction, that is not the way a person does buisness.I would never recommend them to any one!!

  38. Renewed my subscription for 5 machines on August 15, 2104. still showing I have not renewed. Trying to contact someone in billing and Customer service and getting the run around. I just want to talk to someone in billing to look at my account to matchup my payment with the renewal subscription. Cannot believe there is no one in your company that can handle this.

  39. downloaded avast for $99.00 my brand new computer wouldn’t come back on after restart this product sucks big time tech support was as helpful as my dog DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM PLEASE POST ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA.

  40. An advert for Avast security appeared in my in box, November special offer for R122.00. I ordered the product.Order No.10956659. The cost on the order was R199.99 not R122.00 as advertised. Also included was Avast Easy Pass for an additional R199.00 Total cost R398.00. I did not order the Avast Easy Pass, and I do not want it. I would appreciate it if you would adjust the amount charged to my account.
    Thank you;
    Audrey Haamann

  41. I would like a reply and refund as per complaint of 5 December 2014. I am a old age pensioner and only budgeted for R122.00 and not R398. as you charged me. What you did was unethical.

  42. I don’t know where this is going or who will read it but I need to call everyones attention to some spectacularly poor Customer /Tech Suport provided by Avast/Bomgar. Ijust signed up today and have been introduced to a series of rude and apathetic employees who seem to view customers as an annoyance. They don’t seem to be listening and possibly don’t understand what is said to them.
    I signed today and will more than likely cancel the service tomaorrow as soon as I can find someone rto talk with.I cannot begin to describe the frustration and dissatisfaction I am feeling right now!

  43. I have been waiting over a month for a response about a double charge to my credit card in November for Avast Internet Security.
    I have submitted support tickets on Nov. 19 and again on Dec. 4th
    Still nor response by e-mail or phone and my credit card was charged on Nov. 11th. I am very happy with the programs of Avast and particularly the internet security program for use anywhere on any device, Waiting for a live person to call

    • I will NEVER!!!!! use AVAST again as they have scammed me out of double charges again. Their phone numbers are fake and you can not get a reply. I am very frustrated and empathetic to these other complainers.

  44. I had 3 withdraws from my account,2 of them need to be re-deposited back in my account please,cannont get ticket refund to work,need to talk to someone directly for refunds

  45. PISS POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE- after installing avast on my computer the whole thing locked up- i spent 4.5 hrs on the phone with Dell tech support as they remotely went in and fixed and removed this program – i submitted a refund ticket on 12-12-14 and to this date have heard nothing from anyone- Today is 12-28-14- i have went to my bank and disputed the charge since it was done with my Visa. NEVER AGAIN.

  46. Advast not having a viable customer service representative who a person can speak to help a person with billing issues is almost insane especially when a customer’s money is concern. This Advast on line billing solution they instituted is inferior and causes one to think this is a ploy to make uncorrectable errors to get extra cash from customers. Frustration is an understatement to say the least when you can reach a technician as easy as calling a friend but billing issues where money (your money)is involved becomes almost impossible to communicate on with a company that claims to be on point as far as their product is concerned. As I type this comment my anger is at high level but I’m helpless to stop them from taking more money from me after I trusted them with my financial information in order to purchase a product. I was promised in two occasions that I would be contacted on our billing issues in two days but it never happened. I would advise friends family or foe to avoid Advast until they get reliable phone customer service dealing with billing, dealing with ones money.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am waiting on my response from billing and my refund. AVAST, get a real customer service dept.!!!! I gave my laptop I used at home away last year. Yet, AVAST, still took $ from my account this week for internet security. I no longer use the email address from that computer either. However, I will provide that old address below so AVAST knows who typed this message.


  48. Avast sucks their people suck they lie to you the cheat you out of your money and they think its funny. Mary the last rep I talked to laughed and said you won’t get your monies back. Really guess what filing a class action lawsuit to shut you all down !!

    • I agree with every comment made on this page and have experanced everyone of them I would like to express my feelings about Avast But, there is no way I can without useing Vauglar Language Avast is a Scam Rip off Company and needs to be Shut Down !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I took another anti-virus provider a few years ago and Avast keeps trying to take money from my credit card for the last few years. Here I go again in 2015 with a notice that they will debit my card again and I’m on the phone trying to stop it. My credit card hooks me up to Avast and I wait for about a half hour only be told I must cancel on their web site. Yea! try and find a cancel service. They got by me a couple of times last year so I guess they must figure the percentage is in doing it on a mass scale. I DO NOT WANT AVAST SERVICES!!!!! HOW CLEAR CAN I MAKE IT!!!!

  50. tried the free version,worked well. bought the product,installed it and it will not go online.called support,they told me for 99 dollars they would clean my computer,it was working well before i installed the paid version. cant find a phone # to ask for a refund,they just hang up on me. think they are a scam company,they need to prove me wrong

  51. I origionaly called because when I first turn on my pc two blank pages pop up I paid the night before for avast-antivirus $30.00 . Went to my email got the phone number to complain or see how to fix it . You people have the most rude customer service reps I have ever spoken to . Now it”s going to be a runnaround to get my money back . I am reporting Avast to the BBB.

  52. I am completely frustrated. I, too, am getting the runaround from Avast. Last year I signed up for the $39 Avast for 60 free trial. The charge was discounted to 19. Then I found out they charged me for Avast Total. Well, I had a problem with a pop up saying I was not protected. Because it was not time to renew, I went to my account on the pop up and it was not my email address. I called tech support, he said it was okay that I was covered but he could not remove the pop up. I called again and the tech completely crashed my internet and windows. It cost me $150 for a tech to come and fix it. He put on his bill that it was caused by an Avast program and possibly a tech. Then the run around. They renewed the total program, then when I tried to get a refund, they said (after many phone transfers) that I had used it and I could not get my money back. I had to used the renewed Total Avast. I guess I will have to cut off my credit card also. BBB here I come. I will also let others know.

  53. I purchased 3 licenses few days ago to be used in three different computer. I have use two of them. I want to use the third one on this computer but the program insist in a new purchase. Why?

  54. Avast Antivirus Program Lords

    My name is Jose Gilberto Longas. For now I’m not interested in renewing the full amount of the Order 13341771600 antivirus program; I am unemployed and have no economic capacity to make this payment. Therefore I wish I am returned the money withdrawn from my account. Makes approximately told them I had no intention of renewing the program and yet perform banking operation, which seems in bad taste.

    Thank You

    Jose Gilberto Longas

  55. On March 3, 2015 Avast took $49.99 out of my checking account without telling me. I happened to check my account for another reason and discovered the withdrawal. I have sent two emails requesting a refund. I called customer service and tech support because my subscription was allowed to expire on March 9, 2015, which was the original expiration date. I was told that they did renew my subscription and I now needed to pay $119.99 to have them repair my computer. All I want is a refund as I have completely removed this program from my computer! I can’t even get a response!!

  56. Tried to find out from Avast what I had paid for back in Dec 2014 for $43.47. Never did get that answered. By the time we got through, the tec was telling me & showing me who was getting into my computer. I couldn’t tell you if that was true what he was telling me. Then he wanted me to spend $299.99 for each computer to get them fixed. Told him him I would have to think about it. Looking for another security company.

  57. I was sure that avast antivirus security was great to deal with, but I.m now upset with them and are now going to go the B.B.B. because they have taken money from my account to give me their services for my PC. But haven’t gotten any service or contact reguarding this.But they have been sending me notices about my 30- day trial has expired.I have sent them messages to cancel my order many times and also gotten a ticket and now I’m being told that I have no protection and haven’t gotten a refund neither.I cancelled my order because i found out that I have PC problems that i cannot afford right now.I will be sending a letter to their mailing office and contacting the B.B.B. to see what they have say or what they can do about this situation.Avast is full of it don’t waste your time with them other THAN getting their 30-day free trial that’s all they are worth.I want my cancellation and my refund.I don’t have time for this mess,if anyone has made an recovery please post it so i can do the same. Thanks.

  58. You have charged another year of support with avast software that I did not authorize and I expect a full refund. Have already contacted my Charge Account. If this is the way you do business then you shouldn’t be doing any. I had also unsubscribed from your site.

  59. I need someone from your customer care department to email me! I spoke with a Sinchin I.T. technician about a month ago, and he was helping me with my computer. He was browsing through my computer telling me that he could fix everything that was slowing down my speed of my computer. He also told me that the automatic payment method was check to bill every year. I asked him if he could take that off because I never asked for it to automatically take it out of my account. He said he did and I just saw on my account that $43.29 was taken out for Avast..DON’T WANT YOUR SERVICE!!!! I WANT MY MONEY PUT BACK INTO MY ACCOUNT! SOMEONE PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK! WE NEED TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM NOW!

  60. On 3-26-2015 I attempted to purchase your antivirus protection using my PayPal account. I tried twice, both times receiving a “can not process” message. You still withdrew $34.95 from my PayPal account for the two “non processed” transactions. I am requesting that you return a total of $69.90 to my PayPal account.


  62. Avast has too large a presence on one’s computer and customer service does not exist. I am having to jump through loop after loop to preclude my renewal scheduled for May. I would not recommend Avast to my worse enemy.

  63. TOTAL SCAM. I received an e:mail message saying they were going to automatically renew the software and charge my credit card company.

    If you want to cancel the renewal it is impossible to find a phone number to call. The two URL options they give you do not work!

    I called my credit card company and they are telling me to call them when I see the charge hit my bill. Activate a DISPUTE and their security department will investigate! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Total SCAM!

  64. asked for refund and they do not have a phone number to contact a human did not tell them to renew and they did it any way do not have a computer any more do not need it

  65. I got your email listing your $49.99 charges listed to my bank Account. It does look stupid to charge Customer for Software Installation that has not been used or call whatsoever for the past 4 year. How did you get the Bank Account?
    I have been sick, hospitalized, unable to type, on the walker, out of Computer for the past 2 years. I want you to stop Billing my Bank Account, this is just a fraud…. I would suggest to get a refund right now. This is the only way to get in touch to Customer Service….

  66. I have tried unsuccessfully to get to the right person with no luck I got an e-mail stating that my Avast subscription was going to be renewed in June I want to cancel that subscription .I tried every thing with the person I spoke that tried to help me but I could not under please get this to the right person and please email me back .if not I will contact my bank and let them no not to except any more bills from Avast.
    Darnell Farr

  67. I renewed my one contract for anti-virus, then Avast auto renewed, thus, two charges on my credit card, I have tried for three months to resolve this and there is no way to contact their billing dept…you get passed around until I guess you finally give up, went finally to my credit card co and filed dispute, Avast disputed it so charge remains…horrible co…once this contract is up, I will never do business with them again

  68. I purchased the three year avast protection plan in February of 2015, now I am getting notices that my plan is going to run out in 4 days! What kind of rip off plan is this ???

  69. this company needs to get their head together. Indeed, i am
    glad did not suscribe, and they keep on coming to my email

    and freeze my navigation in my computer. Who do they think
    they are? playing juvenile behavior with customers.

  70. I purchased Avast Internet security Jan 14, 2015 and it was working fine. I got an invitation to update to Avast Prem

  71. I’m unable to activate link requesting a ticket to be submitted canceling upgrade choice I made in error. I thought I was renewing my current FREE AVAST coverage I’ve had for years! I’ve gotten notice that I’ve left a charge “in my cart”! Please cancel .(refund) request for additional service! Thank you!

  72. soft w orderfind took 42.79 from my debut card I didn’t know what it was for, I thought it was my renew anti virus protection I purchased it thinking I was protected and they double billed me.

  73. I sent a “ticket request” , your system replied YOUR REQUEST HAS BEEN RECEIVED, log in now : WHERE DO I LOG IN ????????????????????????

    my summary : #HXZ-635-73746

    please help

  74. i purchased secureline vpn from avast in march of 2014. it has never worked. when i call customer support they tell me my computer isnt configuered right so i need to purchase total customer support. the free trial version worked fine. i am unable to get any answers from customer support including a way to get refunded. this is customer fraud and today i am reporting this issue to the bbb. beware of purchased software from avast.

  75. I have repeatedly asked to discontinue your service but you still scammed me out of my money. I told you not to renew but you did anyway.I have contacted my senator, representative and the governor of my state to start an investigation in your practices. I will go to any lenghth, even contact our president,to shut your scamming business down. You are nothing but a bunch of foreign thieves.

  76. Called and told them I had another anti-virus program, wanted my money back….they are taking their own sweet time, this is ridiculous, Us working people need our money. Poor customer service

  77. I’d used the free Avast for several years and was happy with the product. I ignored all the ads offering the “better” protection for $49.99. Then I got an offer for $19.95 and took it. Grime Fighter and the other extras didn’t work and when I called customer support I went through the same menu several times because when I’d click on 1 the menu started all over again. I waited for 30 minutes and didn’t get a person to talk to. Meanwhile Grime Fighter has put the computer to sleep for over 24 hours without accomplishing anything. So, I’m glad that I only wasted half an hour of my time and $19.99. Then I get a renewal notice (automatic) telling me a couple of weeks before the paid program runs out that automatically Avast is going to take $39.99 from my checking account. I went to the Web site, selected the box that said it would cancel the automatic renewal. And just to be sure I cancelled the paid anti-virus protection and then signed up for the free product. I’m a little confused at this point because the paid protection I’d originally signed up for in May Avast is telling me that it runs out on September 7 and that they were telling me in plenty of time to to cancel the automatic renewal if I wanted to. I wanted to and thought I did–went to their site, followed the directions there, and received a message that the automatic renewal was cancelled. Hah! The money was taken out of my checking account weeks after I was told that the automatic renewal was cancelled. I searched around on the Internet trying to find an email or a mailing address for Avast. Settled for calling the 1-866-951-7670 number and listening to the menu repeat several times despite punching in #1. Finally, a woman answered and I explained my problem and told her I expected a refund because 1) apparently, Avast had given me TWO paid subscriptions instead of the one I’d ordered for $19.99, and 2) I had cancelled the renewal for the $39.99 paid subscription I HADN’T ORDERED. She sort of understand, and cancelled the automatic renewal for the $39.99 product, but only in effect on September 7, 2016. She chose not to understand that I wanted a refund for the product I hadn’t ordered. But she gave me a key (spelled phonetically for me) that was supposed to solve all my problems. Maybe it would, but I have no idea what to do with the key–suspect that it is to activate another paid subscription. I have recommended the free product to numerous persons in the past, but I’ll have nothing good to say about the company in the future and will be happy to explain why.

  78. I just received a bill on my visa credit card in the amount of $59.99.
    I did not authorize this charge, and ask that you credit my visa card
    in said amount.
    Thank you
    David rooney

  79. Hi Avast!
    Your free Avast scan and reboot scan saved me today! I had downloaded the 32 win malware without realizing it, thinking it was a helpful program! ha
    I teach two online courses and could not get my computer to work right, it was awful.
    Then I utilized the free avast scan and reboot scan and had to quarantine a lot of stuff in the chest. It took a few hours but it worked!!!
    Thanks, from a teacher. Karena Locklear

  80. Every time I call the 800 number, I get a foreign language which repeats and then disconnects. I discovered I had two accounts and wanted to cancel one but so far, it’s been impossible to talk to a person. Like one of the other comments, I kept getting cancellation notices and renewed, then discovered I had already renewed. I’m beginning to wonder about this company.


  82. So far, I’ve been 3 or 4 phone #s and a couple e-mail addresses with no help. I’ve uninstalled Avast Cleanup (purchased 9/9/15) and Avast EasyPass $9.95) for one year. No matter what Avast support told me to do, I’ve been unable to use either one. They said to email this address to start the refund process. The order # is 12174557262. I have used upp any patience I have and will not use these two additions. Please respond, as I was told I would receive a full refund within 5-7 days. Thank you

  83. Telephone service is terrible! Started trying to contact Avast! @ 10:15 a.m, still on hold @ 11:21 a.m.

    Getting anyone to answer the phone was nightmare, one DID answer in a foreign

    Finished the call @ 11:28!

  84. I want my monew back for being charged for charges I’m not aware of. You need a number I can contac. Your website sucks. How hard is it to give a number that I don’t get disconnected from and one that actually helps? I want my money back for all of the extras you took from me from my account without my ok!!! All I need is a phone number to contac you instead of a complete run around!! Pist!!!

  85. Your service is horrible! I want my money back that you charged for twice along with 2 other charges that I’m not sure what they are! A phone number would be nice to have!! I should not need a computer to access your company and to file a complaint against you!!

  86. What is wrong with you morons? I cancelled after being billed, twice for the same product, I called and cancelled with your agent! Now you bill me again!!!! You are thieves, when I specifically tell you, “do NOT take another nickel from my account” you do it again? Are you all stupid? YES, I BELIEVE SO!!! You caused an overdraft in my account costing me almost $100 you idiots! I am so sick of your company and product it isn’t funny! Not only this, you have billed me three times in less than 6 months! You cannot possibly know how much I HATE your company! You’re stupidity is taking hard earned money from my family! I have a disabled son to care for, he requires medication, NOW I’M SHORT OF MONEY BECAUSE OF YOU FREAKIN FOOLS! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! Your company is nothing but a pack of losers who steal from trusting consumers. One other thing, your product sucks!

  87. your customer service sucks I purchased cleanup instead of antivirus buy mistake want to cancel service and get refund talked to six different people and took two surveys all sent me to same site where there is no way to request refund did I just waste 3 hrs on a scam

  88. On 10/22/2015 I purchased Avast grime fighter and it did not help my computer at all. I purchased Avast total support today 11/01/2015 because the girl I talked to said I needed more done and I asked her if I could get a refund on the grime fighter, she said I would have to contact . Since the grimefighter didn’t help my situation, I would like to have to have a refund. Could you please contact me about the situation. Thank you Debbie Strickland

  89. Why am I getting signals to up date because of a threat when I paid for this with a Capital One Card. several months ago. Also I checked several times and Avast is not my security. I have to keep downloading it.

  90. Have no problem with the Avast, just can’t keep it downloaded on my computer. Norton knocks it out . Have deleted the Norton program but it still gets on here.

  91. I am not satisfied and I want you to remove the software that you installed, and I want my old avast back. I have a lot of problems . Assmaa Borham

  92. I upgraded your protection and paid £19.99. I do not seem to have this upgrade on my computer.
    it would be appreciated if you could check this for me.
    Thank you
    Linda Proctor

  93. I had problems with Paypal on the site and only got part way through ordering and had to restart the process because the invoice for the order had “frozen” and I couldn’t get it to do anything or give me a conformation number. So I went through the whole process again and this time it went through and gave me a conformation number. I get emails saying everything’s cool and think no more about it UNTL………Come Friday the 13th (of course) I find I’ve been charged TWICE. I only have one laptop so I don’t need 2 licenses. The order form should ask how many devices you want the AVAST! for. Perhaps this would cut down the mistakes and refunds! Anyway I have looked for phone #’s for Customer Service and emails and websites but so far billing eludes me. So I will attempt to get a refund and if that fails I’ll make a trip to The Rip-Off Report site and complain there. That ALWAYS gets a reaction. I’ve been with Avast! for a long time and don’t really want to change but GUYS! You really need to deal with Customer Support Billing issues in a more efficient manner!

  94. A few weeks ago I purchased an Avast antivirus programme, I was sent an 18 letter code to use, since then I used it once on my windows, Ultra premium 7, now I cannot get into it, it asks for a password and as far as I know I don’t have one, it tells me that the Win 7 is now not genuine, bit it is, I have a bit of information on it I do now want to lose, it is on my apple parallels system and has been working fine up to the time I put in the code to register it, and now i cannot even open it.

  95. Like many people I have found it impossible to contact Avast to cancel the auto-renew on my subscription. Having followed instructions from the email i received from them, i can find my invoice but when it comes to managing my subscription nothing – it doesn’t even recognise my email address!!!! Avast is a company to avoid at all costs. No contact email address, no telephone number for those of us in Europe NOTHING!!!! Have complained on Facebook the next thing will be Twitter and any other way I can think of to warn people off using them!!!

  96. Order ID: 15592064800 // Price Charged : $39.99 This year summer, I joined army, so, I don’t need to use my desktop computer anymore, Please refund my money. like Avast , one of biggest good company usually must has good customer service as taking care of customer’s request well. I believe so strongly.

  97. In August I upgraded through Avast for a program called Grimefighter. The product was debited from my bank account, but, after numerous calls I still do not have the product, nor was it credited. Where I come from this is theft!!! My next step is legal.

  98. I decided not to install Avastsecureline VPN . Of course I was charged and I have spent two days trying to speak to SOMEONE about crediting my account.
    The telephone numbers don’t reach anyone. The phone hours are different on this page than one hears on the phone. Can’t seem to email them either. I’m very frustrated but am not giving up.

  99. I cannot log onto my account as states email address not recognised. My contract expires 31st December. I want to add another device and delete one. 3 devices permitted. Please help. Urgent

  100. Paid for anti virus protection by credit card this morning and was informed that an acknowledgment of ;this transaction would be sent to my email address. This email has not come to hand so would like an explanation in this regard. It is extremely disapppointing that I am unable to speak directly with a representative of this company. Unfortunately I have renewed my subscription but would advise others to look elsewhere for satisfaction.

  101. i want to renew with avast security , but do not want to put it on
    my credit card. I want to know if I can write a check for th 1 yr $29.99
    I need the address to sent it to
    I keep getting message that my avast has expired and I do want to keep it
    thank you

  102. want to renew with you for 1 yr at $29.99 but do not have credit card to use
    can I send you check for this? I need address to mail it to you
    thank you- I ythink this was under jay modglin name, he has passed away
    and I think I put it under ny name now. I am a senior and it is very hard
    for me at this time
    thank you

  103. On Nov 16, 2015 my Credit Card was charged $53.61. I do not recall having authorized any transaction. I am wondering how you got my credit card number. I would like for you to credit me account in the amount of $53.61.

  104. Avast has charged me three(3) times in one(1) week for services!!! I want my money back for two(2) billings!!! This is ridiculous!! and totally unfair.

  105. I received your Avast Anti Virus software of which I never ordered. I can not use this software since I am going to change to an Apple Computer. Could you please give me a full refund of $64.99 Canadian on my MasterCard account. The order numbers are: Avast No.29476288 and Nexway No. 23681009. I am a Sales Manager for computer software and if I do not get satisfaction concerning this issue I certainly will not be recommending your products in the near future. I did not receive my MasterCard statement until yesterday so unfortunately I could not notify you of this situation earlier because I only became aware of it now. I will await your reply.

  106. In March 2015 I contacted your people and indicated that because of interferance with my tax software I was discontinueing my use of your software. Because of your software I spent $200.00+ with you for support with no resolution to the problem just there was no problem it was the tax software.. My tax progam support had to find a work around to get it to work. I have finally got the automoatic renewal canceled, but they still insist on billing me for the coming year. Your advertising indicates that you have a very liberal return policy, but when you try to jump through the hoops it is very dificult. Your people could not speak the English language well.
    I am still disputing this years charge and will continue as I have e-Mails stating that the current suscriptio would remain active until December 2, 2015 and I have not try to renew it. Order # 15666669442.
    This probably will fall on deaf ears.
    Doyle G Rindlisbacher

  107. I’m trying for few weeks to cancel my subscription to Avast Internet Security, which I am very UNSATISFY with it. My susbcription will end on Dec. 12,2015
    I have being charge for it more than a week before the dec. 12, 2015
    I’m trying to contact them and I’m getting the runaround.
    My order # 15775041400. I will be calling my Mastercard credit card to put a stop to it.
    Unhappy customer

  108. I am trying to change my email address.
    Why is it so difficult to email you?
    My subscription will not be renewed if I cannot contact you.

  109. Your product customer service issue resolution policies and procedures
    are the most non- customer service oriented I have ever experienced.
    Be assured that I will never ever purchase any Avast product again.
    I hope that I am able to obtain a refund for the 2016 Avast Premier product
    that I just purchased using the unfriendly customer service refund method I was given by the poor unfortunate refund representative who works for you.

  110. I paid for my Avast service $29.99 on 12/13/15 and keep getting sent a reminder to pay saying my service will be discontinued. I tried calling you billing support number and got no answer~~foreign language

  111. They charged me for plans I did not order. I had to fight to get a credit. They charged me for a plan they could not download to me I had to fight to get a credit and now they charged me for a renewal without my permission and they keep returning my email and say they have no such email in their files.Then ,I wonder how did they charge my bank account and is that not illegal when you renew something without permission. My advice stay away from this company.

  112. About subscription and money back
    Good afternoon! I have been a subscriber to the program Avast antivirus from 8/24/2014. Passed 2015, it is time to renew your subscription. I switched to company Kaspersky and bought a new program. You take from my account with $ 39-99 and renew subscription Software. I wrote you a letter and asked to return the money, because you did not serve me. 11/24/2015 you money come back. But 12/29/2015 my M & T Bank this money sent to back to you. When I asked why they did it? They answer me need your letter of refusal from the money and promised to bring them back on my account. Please provide confirmation of your renunciation of $ 39.99. I did not buy a subscription, and did not service in your company. Sincerely, Oleg Yurganov

  113. Looks like I’m not the only one who has been charged by Avast! without being authorized. I cancelled my Avast account in 2014 when I still got a virus on my computer. I called them personally to do this, because I couldn’t get my computer to UNinstall their virus protection. Now..a week ago, on 12/25/2015, AVAST charged my bank account $38.18! NO…why keep charging people when they have cancelled? How long will you continue to bill me AVAST? Will I have to use my lawyer brother to file a class action lawsuit? Because, it looks like lots of us are experiencing a scam……yes, I called the customer service. She told me she was not personally able to help me, but gave me a website address, that didn’t work. She has such a strong accent that I insisted that she repeat the address several times, and I told her that I was really frustrated for her to send me somewhere else for help, when she is supposed to be my customer service, and when this isn’t my fault to begin with? Is anyone willing to help me, AVAST!? All I want is my money back that you took, knowing I had cancelled your service.

  114. I have been having a good experience with Advast until lately. I am being charged without my knowledge not once but twice even after I renewed my account. Not good

  115. I just want to get my 2 Avast Subscription Renewals cancelled immediately! I will be billed for $64.99 for renewal on 1-21-16! Your Costumer Service Sucks and gave me the run around! Please take care of this immedately

  116. I can’t get customer service because my email address and password are
    not accepted. My order #24902696 confirmation shows my login as above
    and they gave me the password. How do I get
    to my account to deal with the billing. I find AVAST impossible to deal with.

  117. I was charged $42.79 for a security service that I did not order. I have contacted my credit card company. They have responded saying the charge is legitimate. I will never recommend Avast again. I enjoy the free antivirus but I don’t. Want to pay for something that I didn’t order.

  118. I have the free download and when I got my creditcard bill, Capital One I was charged $25.73 without my permission. I intend on contacting Capital One today. I do not like someone doing this. I am very angry. Who gives them the right to do this? I check my computer and I only have the free download and nothing else.

  119. Way back in Aug or Sept 2015 my grandson, I am 69, did me the favor of trying to install two of your programs. Neither was successfully downloaded, and /neither worked, maybe cause we have an old computer using windows 7.

    In any event I sent 3 e-mails within hours of him using my discover account to charge over $110.00 TWO TRANSACTIONS.

    I asked to cancel the service and not charge my account. I forgot about it until Discover ending 4372 sent me late notices. I then filed a dispute with Discover. who Re charged me Jan 2016 saying it was a valid charge. I tried to find a phone number on Avast Web site to no avail. Please help me get the credit now. thanks, dale Lewis

  120. Hey guys, its next to impossible to get in touch with the Customer Services by phone. I did cancel my order. So, I need you guy to reimburse my money. i do like your produce, but I can’t afford it now. So, will you please send my money.

  121. I have been trying since 12/28/2015 to get a refund on the Avast Cleanup I ordered because i cannot install it. I submitted a ticket 19 days ago—#113240, and have followed up repeatedly to no avail. No one has ever contacted me. I have also gone to your support site to ask for a refund, but have been unable to do so. You seem to male it virtually impossible to get a refund. In addition, your customer service is extremely poor, as I have received NO responses whatsoever from you. I am very dissatisfied. PLEASE RESPOND TO ME!!!

  122. Your phone is busy on several attempts. I tried to cancel my subscriptions a few weeks ago. apparently that didn’t work and now my credit card shows two charges. Please cancel and refund both subscriptions:
    Order ID:

    Price Charged:
    Subtotal: $49.99
    Tax: $3.81
    Total: $53.80
    Order ID:

    Price Charged:
    Subtotal: $59.99
    Tax: $4.57
    Total: $64.56

  123. Called because I was charged twice for advast services. Talked with a rep for Two hours with no help to fix my computer. Ver dissatisfied Want an answer about my double charge. Refuse to pay it

  124. I submitted a ticket on 1/27 to request a refund of my money. I was unable to install the program. The service dept. was very rude. He said that there is something blocking the effort to install. They offered to “fix it” but, it would cost me $186.00 He was very rude, I said that was outrageous, & I wanted my money returned. He said that I would have to submit a “ticket”. It was very difficult to figure out how to do that. I finally was able to submit a ticket #161992 So far I haven’t heard anything. I have informed my credit card company! It is really strange that I had the free year & it was installed without any problem. I want my refund! Never would I ever have Avast or recommend it to anyone.

  125. Avast has the worst customer account service which I have ever encountered anywhere. This company has wasted hours of my time on what should be a simple, routine transaction.

    Avast owes me a refund of $100.98 for two duplicate purchases which I was assured would not be charged. Nowhere can I find a website or telephone number that enables me to submit my refund request. I am referred to “” and find no way to contact anyone. If I cannot solve this problem soon I shall file a complaint with my State’s Dept. of Consumer Affairs.

  126. I recently submitted a renewal of my Avast Antivirus subscription which is expiring on 24 Feb 2015. However, I have changed my mind and would now like to cancel the subscription as it deactivates the Window Defender. As a result I cannot use the photo gallery.

  127. I have called about a refund and none of the phone numbers work.I was told I needed all kinds of repair done on my computer,which I said,no and was disconnected from Advast.I had upgraded 1-1-16.Since you disconnected me and removed the icon from my computer.I’m requesting a refund of $25.31.I have done my best to contact the billing dept.without success.Please refund my$25.31. Thank you.

  128. I have been trying or many weeks to reach someone at Avast and get a product refunded (Avast Cleanup) that removed after it was being installed. The installer said he could not give me a number to cancel charge on my Discover Card. This all happened on 1/10/16 and I have yet to find a phone number or web site to do the refund. I have called Discover card as charge came thru on 1/16/16. I can only hope they have an easier time than me getting in touch with you people. It’s not the $29.99 it’s the principle!! I deleted the Avast produce on 1/10/16.

  129. I notice that a deduction was charge from my bank without you calling or texting me. I want this anti-vise cancel and refund my money.
    please call me at 956-638-0977

  130. 15.2.2016
    Last year I cancelled the renewal of the Avast and this year they renewed it automatically without my permission and to get hold of them to get a refund is impossible any ideas please would be welcome

  131. We have been billed on our credit card account for DRI*Avast Software on January 27, 2016. We have not order anything as such. Number on credit card GC1607304500 55343 We have been trying to contact you and have not been able to find how to get through to talk to some one about this billing. We are using your FREE Avast protection only.

    • Additional information on our comment yesterday February 22, 2016 for the billing of DRI*Avast Software in the amount of $39.99 which we did not order.
      I had hoped for a reply by this time.

      Norm Steiner

      • Same problem as shown before … we did not order the software you have dumped on us. We received no email giving us the confirmation number. We don’t want the software. Our next step will be to let the credit card company deal with the problem. After that, we will cancel out Avast, both free and the bogus software you say we purchased.

  132. hi I have downloaded windows 10 ok, and my avast said I had to renew it so I payed for a new one it cost £9,99 now its saying I have no protection and I have to pay again can someone sort this out for me I have spent all day on it and I am getting very annoyed can someone call me or email asap I am waiting thankyou

  133. Customer Service! What Customer Service? I ordered Avast service 5 days ago and was informed I would receive an email telling me how to upload the service. That email never arrived. I called 2 days later and was told an email was being sent as a result of my phone call – still no email. To top it all off, I ordered the $29 dollars service and my credit card was billed $39. Amazingly enough my credit card was billed immediately. However, I am still waiting on the service I paid for BUT, i no longer want! What I do want is a FULL $39 REFUND. Since I can’t reach your office by phone I will be contacting my credit card company to reverse the charge for service not rendered.

    Yvette Brown

  134. My E-mail is not working for me due to cancelled password and I do not have texting on my phone to get another at the moment. Please cancel the $51.99 billing for the antivirus protection that you billed on my card 2/14. I did not approve that. If not I will have to cancel my credit card to stop this. My phone @ home is 334-222-2899. If no answer please leave message.
    P.S I approve the protection in Nov.of 2015 but that was all.

  135. I cancelled this service a month ago and am still being billed for it. My cancellation no. is 14928023100. Please discontinue billing my credit card. E-mail to advise that this has been taken care of.

    Barbara McNeely

  136. Reactivated yesterday somehow it went thru twice and charges are pending for 2 transactions. Please only renew for 1 yr. at 39.99. You need better and easier way for billing errors.

  137. I have been trying to contact Avast for over a month to ask if the unused portion of my licence can bw refunded as Avast has been removed from the computer. All I get is the web question page which refuses to comment. Please contact me personally at the above email address and tell me what I am supposed to do. i find the impenetrability of Avast very annoying
    Yours Raewyn Bluck
    PS I have no loved ones to share the licence with

    Did you know you can use your license on two more PCs?

    You purchased a 3-PC license, but we’ve noticed that you’re only using your Avast license on one.

    Protect your friends and family

    Since you can use your Avast protection on up to 3 PCs, why not share your license code with friends and family? Protect those you care about, for free.

    Your activation code

    If you don’t have 3 PCs, simply share this with your loved ones. They’ll get to enjoy the same reliable, powerful protection as you.


  138. When we were unable to access the Pro Antivirus nor the Cleanup screens your technical agent advised me to request a new license at the “Submit a Ticket” screen. But when the fill-in form asked me to indicate the relevant department, I knew I was going nowhere. My order number is 10912633047. My payment for your service is current and although I’ve contacted your technical department your antivirus and Cleanup are still unavailable to me. Can I not get the help I need!.

  139. My order umber: 15905224262
    Order Date:4/6/16
    Order Total: EUR 29,99
    Product name: Avast Pro Antivirus 1 PC, 1 Vuosi
    Renewal Type: Manual
    Expiration: 04/06/2017
    I want cancel that exist order and can you send back my payment EUR 29,99? , because I have already order number 16359382200, Thank you beforehand Ritva

  140. 3/16/16 charge to my account and I don’t use this product… and have not used it for over a year… reported FRAUD to my bank….I have even changed computers since …..Request to stop was sent over a year ago…

  141. We,my wife Tina and i, were charged twice last fall for our avast anti virus, please credit a payment to our account…also, we would like to know how to upgrade for another computer in our household…

  142. Desperately trying to cancel this auto renewal, but I cannot log onto my account, it just sticks on loading, nobody to e-mail to just asks for ticket numbers whatever that is and a very complicated system that is totally designed for taking money off you and giving you absolutely no customer support or help. I am very worried that I have conned in some way when I thought this company was customer friendly

  143. I called customer support to cancell my avast. The renewal is on the 11th. I am having major computer problems, and untill I can afford a new computer – need to cancel my avast subscription. We were unable to get a ticket to submit the cancellation. The order number is 14824390400. WOULD YOU PLEASE CANCEL MY AVAST BEFOR THE RENEWAL DATE. I am calling my bank to tell them not to let you automatically take it out. Please email me and let me know that is is handled. When I get my new computer – I will be putting Avast back on. It is a great anitvirus. Thank you for your prompt attention on this. Judi

  144. Hello, I see that Avast has renewed my license but I did not want it renewed.
    I got several emails from you that my credit card was expiring and since I did not wish to renew I did not supply you with a new date. But I see now that you have gone ahead and charged me anyway. Please reverse this charge on my Discover card

    I have not used Avast and already have another security software.

  145. software never worked properly on my computer, wouldn’t even download. Three emails were never replied to. Then they renewed my subscription without permission. The phone number listed is in India or somewhere, my phone can’t call there. The other number I tried, I couldn’t understand the agent. Terrible customer service.

  146. I keep trying to find the right department to get back my $34.99 charge (for auto billing) back with no success. Hope this can help. Helen Panebianco

  147. Dear DRI*AVAST

    I spoke with Avast’s online tech support on or about 5/24/16 when I had difficulty installing the versions I purchased to renew.

    Online support did a remote scan of my pc, and informed me I had somehow corrupted my Avast files and should not be running a concurrent Malwarebytes program.

    In any event, the new versions cannot be installed cleanly until I can have all traces or remnants of previous Avast programs removed.

    Online support COULD NOT or WOULD NOT remove any previous or corrupted Avast programs or remnants, except for a $180 payment by me for some remote HD cleanup. NO THANKS!

    Avast’s online tech support said it was my fault, but I still do not know what installation actions I may have accidentally did, or failed to do taht caused this mess. I do know this: I’m going to have to locally, have surgery on my HD to get rid of expiring Avast software, so that I can reinstall the upgraded Avast versions. I won’t spend $180 for a pig-in-a-poke, that is your tech support.

    I’m asking again, that you, Digital River, refund my full purchase price of the renewals ($74.53). I cannot uninstall expiring Avast, and I cannot install renewal versions without this relief.

    Please cancel the the product keys and activation codes of those referred to in my Order and return my $74.53!

    Thank you, Regis Maley

  148. I called Avast customer service. I had purchased Avast premier for 3 years. I paid $88.82 on June 6, 2016. The lady could not find my order. I never got a product key, order ID nothing. When I installed I only got the 30 days free antivirus. I am so angry at this point I don’t know what else to do. Am I out that money or is there a number to call in Ohio?

    Dawn Ferstler

  149. I have spent nearly an hour trying to find a way to change the credit card number listed on my account. The avast web site has to be the most user-unfriendly web site on this planet. I gave up trying and will wait until I receive your notice that you can’t bill to my former credit card number and hopefully will give directions to enter the current number. When I click on “account” I get a notice that there is no device connected to my account. Entering my question on your help service is futile.

  150. This product is not working for me and seems to be slowing my computer down. I would like a refund and no more charges as it has been removed from my computer. Thank you!

  151. I have you antivus which I have had for years with no trouble all of a sudden I have be stopped from getting into my email account why

  152. Hi:

    I got a new computer and am having a terrible time re-installing Avast Clean-up. All the system does is giving me a chance to buy the program again.

    What is an uncomplicated way to re-install Clean-up????????????????????????I

    I am finding out that I may need a license. Is that necessary?

  153. please cancel the anti virus coming up for renewal in august 2016
    Dorothy hofmann papafred@persona,ca

  154. Yes I need to cancel out my subscription to avast virus protection today 07/20/2016

    Jimmy Carney

  155. I need to cancel out of Avast internet security. I paid 40.00 dollars on it with my credit card on 07/20/2016 and now I need to cancel it out and get credit back on my credit card.



  157. Thief’s stole my money with auto magic renewal scam with Digital river. Will not refund money called 5 people sent back and forth. This is a CRIME And should be known to all.

  158. Worst ever experience, just need to talk to someone about their tech support team selling me a product license for three years on a product I couldn’t use on my server. We have used Avast for years and it has worked well for us, but after this I will be shopping around again.

  159. The cust service number is a bad number, as are multiple others I found online. I want to CANCEL my auto-renewal. Have spent over an hour on line, and another 1/2 hr on the phone. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

  160. I have had issues with avast protection. emails are not solving the problem I NEED TO SPEAK WITH SOMEONE!! I paid $59 for something which I thought was virus protection after having seen virus protection was free. I am getting so much junk smut mail daily I am trying to get rid of it and there are options to do that. so I keep getting and getting it. I NEED TO SPEAK WITH SOMEONE SO I CAN GET MY QUESTIONSANSWERED AS TO WHAT MY ISSUE IS


  161. They renewed my Premium Protect at the ridiculous price of 74.19. Twice!! I’m still waiting for the original amount, and the amount they double dipped for. Be very vary of this company, I don’t even want the free antiv-virus anymore. Be very careful of what you purchase, and don’t ever go for Auto-renewal or check to make sure you haven’t. They use your accounts to rip you off.

  162. Dear Sirs
    I am totally confused about my services and the continued charges coming thru to my account. I would like a full breakdown of what services I currently have, the expiration dates and the charges. This has been requested twice before and I am not getting any satisfaction. If this comment ends with no response, I plan to cancel all services and notify my bank accordingly not to process any auto renewals. I am now getting a comment indicating unable to start firewall and no explanation. I records indicate I have Premier, Passwords, Cleanup and Secure VPN line.

  163. I am very annoyed with Avast for taking it upon themselves to charge me on my Visa $74.71 for a product that I did not order. My Avast software does not expire until March 29, 2017 and I am very much aware of that.
    I sent a message on line to be contact and no response. I am demanding that the amount be credited to my Visa immediately and I have already contact my bank about the fraud from Avast. This not legal and this company will be held liable.
    Rod McColm

  164. I paid 19.99 for one year for performance problems then after checking my avast scan it showed that I was protected every where but on performance so you asked me for another 19.99 to get rid of my old pc files so my performance would not have a red check on it when I scanned my virus ect. I asked you to reimburse back to my visa credit card the 19.99 because I had paid for performance protection for one year 4 months prior. The first 19.99 did not even expire. I spoke to your tech and he said I should e-mail to you this problem I did 3 weeks ago and still no reply???Please send me my money back to my credit card.

  165. On 3/2017 I paid 35.88 for a year of AVAST Cleanup by credit card. The card has been charged, but I don’t have the program. I have been unable to contact the company in any way to rectify this error. I want the software or a refund.Your software I have used for a year, and it is good. Your service is beyond awful, and now, after taking my money, borderline criminal. jb

  166. you took money from my account to pay for a service that I have not received.please either give me what I paid for our refund my money

  167. I am tired of being billed for Avast Software when I don’t have the internet at my house. I have not downloaded it and will never purchase Avast Software. This company is nothing but a scam to take your money. This is the 3rd time I have been billed for something I have not ordered or downloaded. It would be nice if someone would reply to my email.

  168. \I asked this company to cancel my renewal two weeks ahead of the renewal date. May 1st and they are still not complying with my request. I demand a refund! I will never use their software again.

  169. I think this company needs to revamp their customer service division. It is impossible to speak to a live person.
    If I had realized how badly the company has gone down just since last year I would have chose another company.
    Some of us older customers need a little more help to fulfil a renewal process. Like an actual link to enter the license number as it is I have a licenses number and a charge on my credit card but no way to actually activate my renewal.

  170. Worst experience I ever had. I can’t get into my account. Don’t waste your time trying to get any kind of help. You will get an Indian that you can’t understand. They try to get you so confused you just give up and don’t know if you have coverage or not.Several tel. numbers listed are dead ends. I’m going to have to go back to McAfee.

  171. Avast stinks. I’ve used them for years and now the one time I need to actually get help, I can’t.

    They auto-renewed my subscription and then they keep sending cancellation notices. I finally though I had it fixed but no, today I log on and find out the customer service rep just signed me up for a “30 day trial” instead of fixing the problem. I do NOT have time for this craziness.

    Looking for a new vendor, give my money back!!!!!

  172. I have founf it impossible to find Customer Service ergo obviously Avast is about sales, oh by the way could not find a sales number either, Of course no problem sifning up online.

  173. Signed up an hour or so ago. Ran scan, got the hustle for more money, should have stopped when they hustled extra money as I was signing up. Am trying to find a way to cancel.

  174. On November 28, 2016 I attempted to download Avast Cleanup. When I received my credit card statement I noticed I had been charged three times. I have contacted you several times but have not received a reply.

  175. I cant got a response from Avast I have paid for a service I cant use and they keep auto billing on an account that has a different email I need them to update my emails and merge bothe my paid subscription,I am going to the Navy Jag center tomorrow to get and attorney

  176. I have somehow ordered two cleanup premiers on 30 day trial. I have activated neither as yet. I have avast premier already but the instructions want me to download it again. Why? Also don’t need/want two. How can I correct this. I can’t seem to be able to contact an actual person and am getting frustrated. I don’t like texting and would prefer to speak with a real person. This kind of support SUCKS.
    Please help!

  177. I ordered a one year plan for 25 dollar and change on the 12th of june, today is july1st and it says im not covered?

  178. Terrible, terrible, terrible!
    No way to reach a live person concerning billing. I wasn’t notified that my free trial was ending until after they charged my card. Got an email with an order number and no password that was needed to look up the order. Logged in and cannot even access anything. Called two different numbers, nothing. That’s $50 out of my bank account. Called my bank to dispute it.


  180. If you find out how to cancel, please let me know, my Mom who is 92, no longer owns a computer, and she is being billed for the service. I cancelled the payment through credit care, then got a credit, but to my amazement, the charge was back on the credit card, again, her credit card was charge another $39.00. I need help. She doesnt have the money to keep paying for a service she can’t use.

  181. I checked my credit card account t and found a duplicate payment request for my downloaded account. Please review my account and correct the charges for your protection.

  182. I am 85 years of age and have tried to contact you regarding cancelling my Avast Premier when it expires in September 2017 as I cannot afford the cost with my small State pension, I would be very grateful oif you could help me as I am not very clever on my computer. Thank you

  183. I have emailed you twice with no response. I have tried to call, but none of the published numbers are good. From years of comments above, I see this is your business plan. I want to cancel my Avast Cleanup

    • Ridiculous, who is the CEO, they need to be aware that their service to clients needs an a good makeover. I manage a tech support team and the value clients put into good English speaking easy to reach service is paramount.

  184. I went on holiday in my motor home on Sunday 18th June came home on Sunday 9th July.When I received my Monthly credit card account from R.B.S.I find you took £29 99 from my account 24th June.As my computers were both turned off and electricity also,how did you manage to down load any thing.Both computers operating systems are Linux.Could you tell me what you did down load

  185. After paying 39.99 plus 4.99…….when clicked to download….my computer locked
    up and had to pay a tech to clean and re-install Windows 7…….when I called Avast I got some guy that wanted access to my computer…what a rip off

  186. I received an email that auto renewal was turned off. however while on holidays you have added to my subscription list the full product of secure line which was on a trial basis # 40903408200 and Avast premium a product that I am now using and will not activate because there is no need – why should I pay for a subscription good till feb 2018 and do not need. please cancel these two subscriptions and refund account my account.

  187. Avast premium and Secure VPN not ordered auto renewal was turned off by you by request please refund these two products to my account.

  188. Augus1 14, 2017

    I have read most of the comments and this one really made me think, for a moment, that I was that person ‘ pasted at bottom of my message’.
    I have used the computer since 1984 and I learned how from the manual and loved it and applied what I learned to a small mom and pop business and when computers got on the internet about 1997 I joined and got my first virus checker. I am now 86 and I find I have lost a lot of my ability to use W 10 and many other things that are used today without, it would seem, checking to see if they are better and find they aren’t but we are the ginny pigs and suffer all the problems and , in my case, it has caused me to feel like I am suffering from Altsheimers as I don’t understand what the techs are talking about and because they don’t, anymore, give a manual so you can learn, by reading and flipping pages and marking important things to remember them and how to re-find them when needed, you really begin to believe you have gone mentally and so you suffer and wonder if it is you and are no longer able to do things you once done very well. I signed up from what turned out to be a scam from a scaming oufit suggesting I use Avast and go to the site and signing up. From then on I found I had company on my computer and I got a tech to try to get rid of him and he didn’ t, couldn’t and from that moment on I was getting messages that everyone could read my email . I solved it, somewhat, by getting a new computer but still have this little one but only check it now and then to see if I have mail. I changed my CC and still talked to my Bank agent, but still Avast charged me for upgrading automaticallly. My situation applies too as similar to the one of the 85 year old. You must make a lot of money by hooking up people and leaving them no way to get loose. Please, I do not and cannot, use Avast and it keeps me from using the little travelling computer when I go on trips because I think it is invading my privacy, not protecting it. I too am not very clever on the computer. I have lived too long. Please set me free.

    August 1, 2017 at 12:45 pm
    I am 85 years of age and have tried to contact you regarding cancelling my Avast Premier when it expires in September 2017 as I cannot afford the cost with my small State pension, I would be very grateful oif you could help me as I am not very clever on my computer. Thank you

    • On my Discover account $87.39 was billed for Avast Software. I did not order
      this. Also, I see you can download it free? Why is this on my Discover card
      account? I don’t even have it on downloaded on my computer. Please

  189. I am trying to update my Avast account credit card information in order to renew.
    The order number and/or password given me to do is consistently rejected as invalid. How can I complete the updating of my credit card information (the card number on file with you has expired)?

  190. Want a refund for charge on my credit card for a software DRI*Avast that I did not order. I can’t access a person to talk to in order to obtain my money back.
    I spoke to someone on phone years ago that I could not understand. Wish they would use people from the states to interact with on phone. Although now they make it impossible to get anyone on phone. So frustrated with this company!

  191. I have been trying to cancel my free trial usage of Avast. I removed it from my pc as soon as I discovered the auto renewal with costs. I do not have the info needed to cancel. I am 84 yrs. and need your help. Thanks so much.

  192. Unfortunately, due to my recent hospitalization for over a month my Avast subscription expired during that time and was automatically renewed on 8/27/17.
    Prior to the hospitalization I had been very ill and unable to be on-line and see the notifications that my subscription was about to expire. I had not planned to renew my subscription and wish to cancel it at this time. Please comply with this request and refund the $85.99 as soon as possible.

  193. I was just charged for a renewal for avast and I have not had avast for several
    years. I do not want to be renewed for something I do not have and do not want.

  194. I received a bill on my credit on August 22, 2017 for $83.99 for DRI*AVAST SOFTWARE. I cannot find out if I purchased anything from Avast or not but I do not need your services. I see where I had a computer covered before but the license was expired. I deleted the device and now the account shows no devices. When I try to cancel any orders with DRI there is no order found. With this correspondence I am expecting that I will no longer be billed. If there is anything else I must do to assure that I will not be billed again, I expect to be notified.

    Thank you

  195. Avast let me contract a virus, Now Avast has become a virus, I can NOT cancel my service. 1. there is no live help 2. the site is not clear

  196. billed my account twice without my authorization. Actually got a new debit card to prevent further charges. Unable to contact anyone from sales. Horrible!!!

  197. Purchased Avast cleanup 5th May 2017 for £29.99.Still showing as Avast trial not full version.What needs to be done.

  198. Avast is blocking my e-mail from transporting from g-mail to Outlook Express. I have spoken with Microsoft and they have tried to help me but Avast is blocking the operation. I recently changed my internet provider from Centurylink to Xfinity and since the I don’t get my e-mail transported to Outlook. Please unblock my computer. Thank you.

  199. Please cancel my Avast Software. On 08/23/2017 I was charged @59.99.without my permission
    Please cancel my Avast Software.

  200. I think you are spam. I have 2 charges on my credit card, and did not order anyhing. The dates were during the night when I am sleeping.

  201. Please do not charge my credit card for any Avast Software anymore. As you see above I was charged $59.99 on 8/23/2017 without my permission.

  202. I renewed contract to /Avast virus protection 9/16/17 . Tried to contact company, got tome foreign person said my virus protection was sent to another state. That My computer had been hacked. Requested that my account be closed and money be credited back to my credit card, Did not get any satisfaction, si I turned it over to the fraud unit for my card. They are crediting my account for the amount I was charged by you. I will no longer be needing your services.
    S. Peck

  203. I paid for 3 pc to have avast anti virus. I contacted technical support to put the activation code on my 2nd computer but they said I had driver problems. They could fix this for a fee. They also said that because it was windows 8 I would need a different activation code and had to pay again. Then they would refund my original payment. No I am not paying twice and no I don’t want technical support. I took my computer to a technician and there were no driver problems. I just want a refund for the 2 pc not being serviced by the anti virus. I can get this if I pay $79 for a $60 refund. I am going to Dept of Fair Trading.

  204. I renew my Avast protection and $43.89 was deducted from my checking account on Sept 4, 2017 and again on Sept 6, 2017. Why two deductions? I also have been receiving a barrage of emails counting down the days for it to expire. I have gone ahead and sign up for the free version.
    Please contact me to explain what is going on!


  205. I have not had the computer we had AVAST on for 2 years and they just auto charged my bank account. To get in touch with someone is impossible and can’t stand companies that do this. Back your product with English speaking service agents. Surprise me with good service.

  206. your customer service stinks!!!I have been trying to call someone for two days and all I get is this service number does not answer calls
    I need help. maybeeea real person will return a call

  207. you took my money for two yrs.for a secure line.i mistakenly deleated you want to charge me .their no virus your own scan says so.

  208. Please, i have not credit card to bank!!! i can not take charge bank!
    If you have another sistem to take my money, tell me: Tankyou.


  210. With my experience of being double charged and not being to contact anyone because you have Phony Telephone on your site. the number 800-581-1081 gets a customer a recording stating “The customer has not set up a mail box.”
    And if a customer goes to your so called support group site as directed from my online email from avast, they tell the customer to go to Avast>com/support. And all they want is more money just to settle the fact that Avast double billed me for some software. Is there anyone in the Avast net work that could contact me about your double billing my charge account? Or should I just write to Attorney General of Michigan for help? Just read some of the hundreds of complaints about your company which appears to be nothing but a scam co. STEALING MONEY>>>>>>>>>My Letter to the Attorney General of Mich. will be sent tomorrow. YOU SCUM BAGS ARE NOTHING BUT CROOKS!

  211. This company is worst than Verizon. You cant get anybody in the US for customer service. Beware, they slam you with a subscription you don’t want & then you can’t get rid of it unless you talk to some A-Hole in the Philippines!!!!!!!!!

  212. Have been really happy w/Avast until today when support was turned into a big sales pitch and the issue unresolved. Very unhappy and looking for new company.

    • Hi my Account was charge $59.99 On Capital One Credit Card…..But i did not give you the right to charge my Account …i do not want to renew my contract with you so please refund my money Please …

  213. I have been trying to cancel my subscription for 2 days and the website will not take the ID order number and password. What kind of scam is this so you can just keep charging my credit card. I am notifying them immediately NOT to pay if you charge me. No one answers the phone number and you make it impossible to stop the renewals. the ID order number is 10476498106 I want it stopped Asap! AND a confirmation to my email

  214. I think it would be a great idea if when you are selling your service that you inform the customer of the entire cost of your service instead of signing them up for protection only to find there is a myriad of avenues and costs for protection. Since I recently signed on with your service I have received constant pop ups telling me of other services that you recommend and the cost for each of them…..just be up front and put the whole offer of protection on one page and let the customer decide if he/she can afford it. Either I’m protected or not……not a little bit protected and the ransomed by your advice to buy more….just be honest….thanks.

  215. Almost impossible to contact

    This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.
    Try clearing your cookies.
    All Browsers even with Avast Firewall off
    Have Links for you and a snap of large memory useage by avast on Task

  216. This company is brain dead.They do not listen to instructions.I have sent them 4 e-mails and filled in the order id and password for the last 2 years but today, I get another auto renewal e-mail.How many times do I have to tell them NO I DID NOT LIKE YOUR PRODUCT!! I don’t want renewal under any circumstances. Maybe an harassment lawsuit might get their attention….

    • Avast is going down the tubes if they keep up this shabby treatment of their customers. A company I once respected has become nothing more than a money grubbing establishment. No one can be trusted in this world anymore. Honesty and integrity have been traded in for MUNNNEEE, MUNNEE and more MUNNNEEE. Is there no one who can be trusted anymore?

  217. Not happy with this whatever you want to call it. I have canvelled services with them a couple times but for whatever reason they still are able to acess my vise and bill me. Then when I try to contact them, there is no answer.

  218. Please cancel my order renewal 11/30/2018 in the amount of $79.99 and refund this total amount – I no longer use AVAST … and please discontinue auto renewal in the future. Call me to confirm.

  219. Have tried three times to cancel the free trial period of Avast, but cannot access it on my account. I would be really pleased if you would cancel this as it expires and I will be charged the full price on 1st January 2018. I do not need or cannot afford this, so your help would be very much appreciated. Regards, Hilary

  220. $99.99 was deducted from my bank account on Nov. 8, 2017
    $89.99 was deducted from my bank account on Nov. 8, 2016
    My Virus protection is furnished by my employer and it’s not Avast, so why is this amount being deducted from my bank account? I called the number listed on my statement many times, but can’t get through.

  221. Can not get subscription canceled for over a year or more. Can not talk to a person on the phone to the cancellation accomplished. Call the numbers listed get recording then hang up. Very frustrating as I am getting billed for something I’m not using. I would like this product cancelled and a refund. I’m not expecting a refund as I have not been able to verify if this subscription has been canceled. CANCEL AVAST.


  223. Looking at my bank statement I find Avast Software have taken £39.99 out of my bank account. As far as I am concerned I have not asked for this. Did not even have it before.How could this happen and how do I go about having are fund?

  224. I cancelled product back in Aug-Sept of 2017. Received email that auto was on for Premier. Went to site to make sure not there. But it said not found. So to make sure I don’t get charged.I went to other page. As for calling. It’s a lost answer of phone and other said he was just tech and not AVAST. Yet goggle had that as a #.



  227. just received email stating you have billed my credit card for a renewal; I did not permit you to renew this service and I will not pay for this renewal, if I receive a charge on any credit card I will take this matter farther. You should not have my credit card information and if you have; this was stolen by you and that is illegal and I will contact my lawyer,

  228. I ordered Avast Cleanup Premium and Avast Driver Updates and found out it will not install on Mac Pro. I tried several times but no result. Please refund me back on my Credit card and please do not renew any avast product without informing me first, thank you

  229. Towards the end of 2017, I paid an extra $49.99 and a smaller amount for additional Avast protection. I TRUSTED and ADMIRED your company, It has been wonderful up until THE PAST COUPLE OF WEEKS. How am I supposed to trust your company when you seem not capable (or willing) to get your records straight?? I will send another email when I can find the pertinent payment information. I am so sick and tired of being disappointed and angered by companies who offer the world in order to secure clients, then behave like spoiled brats who make my on line experience less than acceptable when they (AVAST in this case) want more MUNNEEE. YOU check your records; it is not MY job to do your accounting for you. On a good note, I have found Avast to be excellent – UP UNTIL NOW! PLEASE .. CHECK .. YOUR .. RECORDS.

  230. I contacted avast to inform them that I did not require there services and to cancel an order that I did not require. the person that I spoke to was extremly difficult to understand; I think this is a practice that avast uses to avoid any cacelations

  231. Thanks for your services, but I am very confused and disappointed regarding the printer use, I can not use it when I need to do so, can you get the printer free in order to to be used when I need it? Thanks

  232. Please respond to my previous comment. I am beginning to think that Avast has boarded the GREED EXPRESS, judging from the MANY NEGATIVE comments I am reading, submitted by other Avast customers. WHY would you show such disrespect ??? Below is my email address. I want a response from the company (Avast) to whom I paid $199.00 in JANUARY 2017 for upgraded Avast online protection!!! As well as the amount paid, as indicated in my last comment

  233. Avast: the most horrific customer service ever–cant cancel a trial license and deactivate the renewal–outrageous!

  234. I have been trying to contact customer service for a week ,3-18-18, and have not been able to get any one to answer the phone. It is very important. It concerns my renewal and if I do not talk to someone 3-10-18 I will cancel the subscription.

  235. customer service is non existant with Avast. No one answers the phone numbers you have on your website. Asked for return call and an still waiting.

  236. Hi,
    I get a e-mail telling me that my subscription has expired.
    I received a e-mail some weeks ago saying it was auto renewed for $59.99. on
    March 20, 2018
    Order ID 45669067800.
    I’m confused because the renewal order ID:16875450700

  237. I cancelled my trial period of this software. But I was charged on my debit card for the purchase of AVAST SOFTWARE, when I DID NOT order or want your product. Please reimburse my debit card the amount of $54.11. I am very sorry if there is some sort of misunderstanding. I can not afford this type of mistake financially. I live on a very tight budget. Please, please please reimburse my debit card with the amount. I do not know how I will be able to overcome a mistake such as this.

  238. Avast Spyware System

    I was charged $79.99 in March for your Avast System that Icancelled in February. It was a free offer I received in January 2018 at which time I told the representative I had a spyware program and I also did not like anything with a free offer as it was almost impossible to cancel (and I was right). I cancelled this offer February 5 2018 and you still charged me. Avast was never installed on my computer system so I could not have used it if I had wanted too. I called the 800 I was giving to cancel the order. After talking with a representatative and explaining my problem he asked if he could put me on hold while he transferred me to the billing department. I was on hold for 35 minute and then they was hung up on me. I called back the representative I spoke with again told me he would place me on hold while he contacted the billing department. This time the same representative came back on line and told me the billing department said I would have to send them a letter on line stating my problem. That is impossible to do since I didn’t have an account with them everything I tried could not be submitted.
    I contacted my bank and was told the would look into the matter and also told me in the mean time to contact the Attorney General’s office to report a fraud alert. I was told Had I been giving a trial service I would have been able to contact you on line especially if you had charged me $79.99. They said they would look into this and get back to me and in the mean time call the 800 number I was giving and ask how many times I used their services.
    I wanted you to know the reason for this letter was in accordance to your billing department.
    If Avast is a free spyware program why would I have to purchase it anyway
    Lynda Holland

  239. Please cancel my renewal on avast. I have a new card . I haven’t request you charge on this card. Please take off that card

  240. I could not get a hold of anybody on the phone. My concern is I was charged a fee I had no knowledge of and that was the reason for my call. I need to clear this up.

    • last year i canceled and recieved my money back for your automatic subscription renewal.that was 2017.this year i am being informed that in 30 days i will be charged for a 2018 renewal.i wish to be removed from this auto renewal the digital river email i recieived. it gives me a password which cannot access the support site so i can cancel the up coming renewal.fix this or i will do it through visa protection.

    • I did not renew my AVAST in March because I took my computer for service and they changed it to another company. I just checked charges on my Bank of America credit card and I have a $49.00 charge from DRI*AVAST.
      Please refund this as I do not want double coverage.

    • i was charged for software i do not want 49.99. please take this off my charge. i have reported to the bank and when i try to contact by phone no one answers. please email to clear up matter.

  241. On 19 Mar 2018, your company debitted my bank account with £49.99 for a service I have not requested or desire. I have not had any contact with your company. This is definitely a fraudulent use of my account and the necessary authorities have been advised.
    I request that my card be re-Imbursed immediately with the sum illegally taken by your company.

  242. Have been trying to call your 800# for over an hour and a half – just rings and rings. Am very upset as I did not order anything from you. Please delete the $ amount you charged to me.

  243. I have mistakenly sighed up twice for Avast Internet Security which has been charged to my charge card, then I get email saying my subscription has been automatically renewed. I need help with this immediately

  244. It is so difficult to reach anyone at your company for any reason that I am totally frustrated. I received an email today saing that my avast coverage would be continued until June 4 2008. I DO NOT WANT THIS COVERAGE. If you continue to renew my order, I will contact the Better Business Bureau.

  245. I need for someone to call me and allow me to discuss purchase details. I may have paid for services twice and need to see if this is correct. I need this done as soon as possible.

  246. I just received an email saying my avast had been updated and I just want to make it clear that I do not wish to renew.

  247. Hello Avast,

    I had signed up for your service several months ago.
    However you continue to ask me to sign up.
    Please let me know if you did sign me up for the lower fee of $19.something.
    Thank you and let me know ASAP
    lovingly lynne

    • Dear Avast,
      I have just signed up again and am concerned that it was not your company. Please help me and let me know if I already had a confirmed account with you and this one is not real and I should cancel my card.

  248. Avast is the biggest and most unethical predator of the elderly here in Australia.
    They are forever bombarding our inboxes with threats that do not exist, merely to frighten folks into more money, that as evil as a Facebook scandal .
    I have informed all Retirement villages to immediately get rid of the Avast as it is in it self a greater “Phishing” agent.then any adds seen on PC browsers.
    I have been robbed 8 times in 7 years, But with the help of my Son I finally seen the truth


  250. I would like a refund for my Avast protection plan. I have recently found out I do not need anymore protection as my computer has protection built in. my order no. is. thank you.

  251. My issue was critical relating to the operations of my business as was explained within an email (since that is the only way to deal with tech support – Ridiculous)! After supplying them with the required information, I never heard back. This was about a week ago now. The frustration of dealing with your company is beyond words! There are choices out there – so I have CHOSEN to cancel your service. I have purchased McAfee and have already spoken to a LIVE PERSON who answered my questions…a little thing called customer service. I will never, EVER use your company again! I also, expect to have issues with getting refunded seeing how your business operates.

  252. why do you charge $19.00 to reinstall avast? had to reformat the hard drive and you charged to reinstall what I had already paid for..

  253. There Is No Email Address That My Legal Team Can Get Hold Of Or A Us Address To write To so Now Steps Are Being Taken Against Avast For There Refusal To deal With This Matter You Can Contact Me On 07517369530 Mr Brian Cane

  254. I’m furious about getting charge 29.99 on my credit card that I did not authorize. I have already called my credit card company to have them dispute the charge.
    Stop charging my credit card without my authorization!!!!!! I see where other people in the comment section has had similar experiences plus Avast doesn’t have a legitimate customer service number to call for help.

  255. I have had avast free anti virus for 2-3 years-just recently it stopped working and a notice comes up that the UI failed to load—-AV serviceis not responding–I would appreciate you e-mailing me as to how to fix the problem—thanks

  256. Hi I renewed my security software on the 17th April 2018 ,I keep getting emails saying I need to renew, I still have not received my software on my device ,I have tried emailing 5/6 times with no reply ,you’ve taken my 39.99 from my card, so since April I have no security , if for some reason I don’t received what I have paid for ,I would like a refund and why I haven’t received the software .

  257. I just lately seen you are charging on my credit card. I no longer have your services of Avast Software.Please delete what you have charged me.

  258. Please stop payments from from my credit card. I no longer have your services. It been over a year in March. Please stop!

    • Will someone tell me what is going on.I have just realized that someone added software value 79-99 to my account on 30th. July. At no time have I made any approach for any fact I have no idea what it is or what it is for.I certainly do not appreciate someone including this or where you got my bank details from.Please look into this ASAP because I will definitely take it up with Consumer Affairs

  259. an amount of 999 was twice deducted instead of only once for the purchase of avast internet security for 1 year


  261. Your company withdrew an unauthorized amount of money from my checking account. I can’t even find an account on your web site. My email address is not recognized by your account help online. I don’t have Avast software on my computer. I would like my $59.99 back.

  262. absolute rubbish,even the phone number given for cc does not work i seem to have been charged more than double the agreed amount,nothing good to say as even the vpn doesnt work on my forum the only reason for purchase!steer clear

  263. AVAST just charged me $74 and another $25 charge on my Pay Pal credit cards and I did not authorize either charge. Renewal was automatic!


    • Avast billed more then double in seconds. I called them on it, and I have gotten no satisfaction. I view them as thieves. They hide behind re wall and ignore you and keep the money.

  264. hi my names is james covyaw I ordered Avast 2 days ago and I was suppose to receive a refund due to me over payment. id like to have all my money back the guy was very rude to me and told me I couldn’t have a refund if you could contact me @ 352 344 2371 id appreciate it. ive been trying to call the customer service number and it goes to a voicemail thank you
    sincerely, james covyaw

  265. I was charged $ 64.34 for software for which i didn’t authorize !!!! I put windows 10 on comp. it has an antivirus so don’t need avast !! please refund my $64.34 I don’t like paying for something i don’t have !!!!

  266. why do you keep on about paying, paying for your extra services,
    as a disabled oap, I’m struggling now, without you asking for money

  267. I own one laptop and one desktop using Windows 10. Since March 2018, Avast has charged my credit card as follows: 4/12 – Anti-Track Premium $19.99,
    7/8 – Internet Security $64.79, 7/9 – Clean Up $53.99, 7/10 Passwords $21.59, and 8/7 – Clean Up $53.99. $214.35 seems rather steep for this timeframe. Is there any duplication of services here? Are there reasonable ways in which I can reduce these charges?

  268. I have called two different numbers listed for customer service and Ikeep getting a recorded message that a voice mail box is not set up yet.

    After 3 calls I have gotten nothing done to settle a questions why I am being billed for service that is not on my computer

    I had this problem last year and finally gave up.

  269. Glad to know that my comment is awaiting moderation. When might I expect a response? The phone numbers listed on your website for Customer Service are no longer valid. What a disappointment!!!

  270. On July 22 I sent Avast $54.24
    On July 22 I sent Avast $32.54
    I still get pop-ups saying my subscription is running out.
    What did I purchase for the $86.78 you’ve already recieved?


  272. I have sent 3 emails complaining that I am not able to enter my account and they have all been ignored I am not happy at all with the service so request a refund I paid £39.99 on the27/6/18 for nothing

  273. You stole $64.00 from my account. I only installed the “free” version of Avast and had no problems untill I checked my bank account recently and found out $64.00 had been siphoned from my account by you. I was not notified that this had happened, nor did I authorise this! Your “customer service” might as well not exist since you can never get anyone on the phone! I have had to cancel my debit account and get a new one because of this! I am advising anyone asking about antivirus programs to not get Avast because it will go behind your back and rob you blind if it gets the chance! Looking through various peoples comments and recent history with you it seems I am not the only one to have similar or worse incidents. You used to have a decent product but it seems recently you have turned into a gang of cutpurse-theives! Your current “antivirus” program should be officially classified as malware!

  274. You stole $64.00 from my bank account. I only installed the “free” version of Avast and had no problems untill I checked my bank account recently and found out $64.00 had been siphoned from my account by you. I was not notified that this had happened, nor did I authorise this! Your “customer service” might as well not exist since you can never get anyone on the phone! I have had to cancel my debit account and get a new one because of this! I am advising anyone asking about antivirus programs to not get Avast because it will go behind your back and rob you blind if it gets the chance! Looking through various peoples’ comments and recent history with you it seems I am not the only one to have similar or worse incidents. You used to have a decent product but it seems recently you have turned into a gang of cutpurse-thieves! Your current “antivirus” program should be officially classified as malware!

  275. I only agreed to one step up from the free program I am getting “Premier” off my computer and anything other than the two That I did ask for. Number one is your basic Avast FREE which I PAID for because you did an awesome job, so I paid when I didn’t have too. The next step up was in the range of $30 which I again could afford and I knew it would be up to Avast standards. Any other charges are going straight to the Chase Fraud Dept

  276. I just paid for one year & I am constantly being told that my License has expired & I am being hustled to get more & more services I already paid & just need the Services I paid for, If there is protection that is needed provide the protection & dont confuse the situation, I cannot let my other Family members get Avast as I am not satisfied with the service I paid for & what a regret using Avast

  277. I just paid for one year & I am constantly being told that my License has expired & I am being hustled to get more & more services I already paid & just need the Services I paid for, If there is protection that is needed provide the protection & dont confuse the situation, I cannot let my other Family members get Avast as I am not satisfied with the service I paid for & what a regret using Avast

  278. I first bought Avast in May 2017 paying £24.99
    I frequently have had to use the service as a ‘free trial
    I paid another £39.99 in July. You now want me to purchase driver support.
    Funny thing is ,I cannot get my secure browser to connect.


  279. Avast is charging my bank card monthly $86.59 times three since my initial one time payment installment Charge. I did not give permission for these charges.
    Cancel my subscription NOW!!!

  280. I purchased avast services earlier this year and it has caused me no end of trouble. At the moment it will not allow me access my gmail account. I writing this here in an effort to get some help from this company as I cannot access my email. I wish I never trusted this company to keep my computer free of whatever .

  281. I’ve had all kinds of problems with my computer since applying AVAST and so I am cancelling any future service. No more billing please! I have enough coverage from other places. DO NOT CHARGE ME AGAIN!

  282. Yesterday I got Avast Total support for two years at a cost of $318. I noticed on the receipt it says I is for only one year. It should expire in 2 years. I paid$ 318.

  283. Acct ID: 108232581

    Last evening, I contacted Avast to upgrade my cover to a 1 year “Total Care”
    package for three computers:
    a. Mac Desktop
    b. MacAir Laptop
    c. Windows PC
    Having agreed the purchase of the “Total Care” package your representative completed a cleanup of my MacAir laptop and Windows PC. As its was late I did not have my Mac desktop checked and cleaned as the previous two computers. But, was told to contact Avast today to avail myself of this service.
    This morning I contacted Avast to have this service carried out but was informed by your representative that the “Total Care” package was only applicable to Windows Pcs and did not cover Macs. I am somewhat confused as what level of “Total Care” I am to receive from Avast and would appreciate some clarification of my cover.

  284. No good at all. it’s a big scam. I paid for a year subscribtion and the next month they took out 56 dollars on the 30th and 72 dollars on the 31.

  285. I cancelled my account 14 days ago and got a conformation back . Now I find out you withdrew the money and has bounced my checking g account . So now I am overdrawn and also charged double the amount you took when I cancelled it . If the money is not put back into my account by the end of tomorrow Monday Nov 5 th 2018 my lawyer will be contacting you . Your company seems to do this with many customers . Guess I should of really checked out Avast anti virus . You say you will cancel if told before 30 days . I did in 15 days of usage .

  286. Just had Avast Premium install on this pc. Have been asked to verify my avast email since something timed out. Have tried for three (3) hours to get help but seem that I was in a “do” loop. Very frustrated!! How do I solve this problem since Premium is to be installed on my two other devices ??

  287. Not sure why I just got charged 75.45 when my subscription should not be renewed until April 2019 This seems to be a ongoing issue.

  288. These people at Avast are crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They try to force you into purchasing their security system, and if you elect not to, you can’t get rid of their dialog box.

    What a bunch of a$$holes you all are!!!!!!!!!!!

  289. I am so sick of this first of all I didn’t buy anything an you people took money out my acct the first time then I complain you put it back in then dec 2 you people took it out again I told you leave my money alone I cancel you guys already I don’t have you an I don’t want you im a handicap person who needs his money now so put it back an don’t do it again


  291. Not happy with Avast today. I need to talk with someone in billing and cannot get a number. I am 80 years old and it is very frustrating not to be able to contact someone to whom you pay money, yes a customer.

  292. you took £39-99 from my account yesterday for an automatic renewal that I cancelled last year, please return the money to my account immediately ,and do not take it again as I am paying for a service that I do not get as you are not providing. please comply with my request.

  293. This is Rita Miller, I have contacted my bank and informed them not to take any money out of my acct for anything from your company. I am canceling my order, Do NOT WANT ANYTHING! TAKEN OUT OF MY ACCT!! This is on the acct for Rita Miller

  294. I did not order this and I didn’t tell you to take it from my bank so please take it off or I will call the BBB and channel 8 I TEAM and let them deal with you, I have already contacted my bank and told them I did not order it so take it off THANKS jane Gardner

    • I have not heard any from you people nor do I think I every will, all I want it for you to put back in my bank the money you took out that was $63.89 form bank on 12/19/2018. I did not give you permission to do so, my bank is doing a check on this on this matter and I will call BBB and CHANNEL 8 I TEAM, I,m giving you a week to put it back in my bank JANE GARDNER

  295. During first 10 days December 2018 Avast e-mailed me a number of times regarding a subscription I had already cancelled 3 times. They took £49.99 from my Paypal credit card.

    There has been no response to an e-mail I sent ! How doi get my refund?


  296. Yesterday, after Avast was upgraded on two of my notebooks, the printer Brother MFC-825DW was reported as offline (on wi-fi). On the third computer, without Avast everything was Ok.
    I uninstalled Avast on one of my notebooks, and the printer was reported as OK.
    I wanted to tell them about this, but it looks to be too complicated. Or they are not interested. Can we really contact Avast in a simple way, by email ?.
    Thank you,

  297. After Avast told me they would Auto renew my subscriptions I wrote to inform them that I did not want to renew with them, this was on the 14th of January 2019 this was acknowledged as being successful, yesterday I received notification that my Auto Renewal was successful, and between these dates I had a mail from them stating “We want you back”, I am of the opinion that they do not know what they are doing or Auto renewing in the hope that you will accept this.

  298. March 15, 2019
    Almost every day Avast ransome ware shield and Behaviour shield are off on starting my laptop. ExpressVpn is on and gives no trouble at all.
    I’m afraid I will not extend my Premier license this year.

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