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Contacting Audi Customer Service Center

Audi is a precision automobile company with high-end models and prices far higher than your average car companies like Dodge, Jeep and Ford. When you get into that upper class buying experience the customer service attitude changes. Fewer people own Audis so the company can afford to offer stellar customer service to keep customers happy and coming back for purchases in the future.

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Contact Info

Audi offers more customer service options than most automobile giants. You can choose to contact several different departments by phone, email or snail mail. There is even a Live Chat option if you want to talk with someone right now.

Phone Contact Numbers

Audi customer service answers calls between 8 A.M. and 9 P.M. Monday to Friday (EST). The customer service department is not open on the weekends, including phone and Live Chat services.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-822-2834
  • Audi Product Specialists: 1-800-367-2834
  • Audi Incentive Center: 1-800-367-2834
  • Financial Services: 1-888-237-2834

Mailing Address

Audi Customer Experience Center
3800 Hamlin Rd.
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Audi Financial Services
P.O. Box 3
Hillsboro, OR 97123-0003

Official Website

Whether you’re looking for a new Audi or information on your old Audi, the official website at has all the information you need. Audi is a high-performance company that charges a higher price tag for ownership. Customers expect more and the Audi website delivers. There is a ton of customer contact information, including a Live Chat option.

If you’d like to get a hold of Audi in real time, but you don’t want to call the customer service department, you can contact Audi via Twitter or Facebook.

Customer Service Email

While an email address for the customer service department is not listed on the official website, you can contact the Audi customer care department using the contact form at If your question is in regards to an Audi product or part, customers can use the dedicated product contact form. The forms look identical, but they have information attached that delivers the communication to two different departments.

Our Experience

The first thing we noticed when we called the Audi customer service department was the impressive automated recording. The voice was clear and easy to understand and our options were clearly stated. All you have to do is wait for the brief recording to complete and you’ll be connected with a Customer Care Advocate. Our call was literally answered within seconds of the recording ending. We asked the customer service representative for the mailing address for Audi customer service. There was no hesitation in her voice and we were not placed on hold. She slowly read the address and asked us if there was anything else we needed. The call was a pleasure from start to finish.

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13 Comments on “Contact Audi Customer Service
  1. Bought a car and was told I had run flat tires. When I got a flat tire 27 months later, the GM says he cannot give me run flat tires. He said I should have come in within a month of buying the car to resolve the issue. However it is not my fault I was lied to and that it took 27 months to get a flat tire and determine Laurel Audi in Westmont, Illinois lied to me. Further, the Finance Manager at the time said I should buy the tire and wheel insurance policy for $750 as the run flat tires and wheels run $1000 each. I bought the tire and wheel insurance policy based on a lie and I am not pleased with their handling of the situation.

  2. We’ve had the WORST car buying experience ever at Molle Audi in Kansas City, MO. It began when we arrived on the lot. As it turns out, I guess it can’t be 20 degrees outside to be greeted in the lot while looking at different models. After 10 minutes, we decided we had to go inside if we were to be helped. We walked through the doors not to be greeted by the lady at the desk who was too busy talking on her cellular phone, but by some casual guy whom I wasn’t quite sure if he was wanting to ask us a question or answer some of ours. After filling him in on what we wanted to do he got the keys to an A5, led us outside, gave my husband the keys, squeezed into the backseat to have the car not start. So, we went back inside, he found another A5 and went out and started first, what a concept. I might add, when we visited the Volvo dealership across the street, the wonderful salesman there not only started the car for us but drove it to the service drive where it was warm and wouldn’t even have to go outside, brilliant! Unfortunately for them and fortunate for Audi, the cars are what in the end make the sale, otherwise we would definitely be driving another Volvo.

    This was just the beginning of the worst car buying experience I could ever imagine.

  3. I dropped off my 2013 Audi A4 for a transmission concern that has been looked at more than once. The Audi dealership had my car for 2 months because they had to order a transmission which was coming from Germany. I continued to pay for my payments even though I wasn’t driving my car. I asked Audi of America for a reimbursement for the 2 months I had to wait for the transmission but I was denied. I use to be the warranty admin for Audi and I saw payments being offered to customers before for far less problems. My husband and I were almost in 2 separate wrecks because of the transmission not going into gear when accelerating. I now work for Mercedes as a warranty admin and I see lease payments coming through for special order parts that take awhile to come in from Germany. It is called good customer service. I’m very unhappy with the outcome from Audi. I’ll NEVER purchase another car from Audi if this is how customers get treated.

  4. I called today to make an appt., the sunroof on my audi is not closing all the way, it stays open about 4 inches. I was told by Nick the service agent they can’t look at something like that on a Saturday, thats the only day i can take my audi in. this was in Abq. new mexico. you advertise your open on Saturdays, but you don’t say your limited. I will have to find another shop that will be able to help me, unless you can get me in at the Audi dealer on Saturday March 14, 2015

  5. Booked in A7 for Service with Audi Langley. The worst customer service I have ever received in my entire life! The Service Manager was absolutely useless. I gave a number of items that needed to be looked into and he straight away said that is standard for Audi cars and nothing can be done. This is an excuse dealers give when they do not want to do something or fix something! The car was booked in for a 56K service by their service agent after checking with various people. The service manager then said he can only do a 40K service as the system does not look like it has been updated and told me to go and verify this with the Audi dealer in downtown who I bought the car from and had my last service from. I could not believe it. The Service Manager had actually wasted over an hour of my time just checking in my car and then to tell me that I need to do his job which I am paying him for. I cancelled my service with him and left the dealer. The Service Manager name was Sylvan Greig – do not use this dealer they are crap!

  6. I have been a Audi owner now for some 15 years having purchased TT, A4, A6, A6 TDI all quartos From Solitaire Audi Adelaide Australia. The product and Sevice has been absolutely the best experience.
    I love Audi… however
    I Just purchase a Q5 from Audi Dealer Bangkok Thailand, even if the car is great the Service pre sale and after sale has been and remains absolutely disgustingly bad and disappointing that I am unlikely to purchase another Audi in Thailand.

    I can not express enough my disappointment with your dealer, starting from the sales representative and upward.

    Sorry I loved Audi.
    Mark Comber

  7. Dear Sirs. I am a new owner of two new 2015 Audis, a Q5 and a Q7. Both of them are diesel versions. I have been made aware that my Q5 is involved with the emisions falsification by VW. Recently I have been having trouble with the Q5 brakes making excessive niose. Loud screaks. I call the local dealer and spoke to the service manager and was told this is a recurrent for the Q5. I was told to contact Audi which I did at 800-822-2834. I spoke with Lauren who told me they are aware of the problem but do not have a solution yet and I will just have to live with it. SHe was rude and of no help. This is a almost $60,000 vehicle with two MAJOR problems which I should not have to live with. Please take care of me. I have owned many high end cars in my life and have never had a problem with the BMWs, Porsches, or Mecedes I have owned like these. Certainly I never was tolf to live with it. I deserve better. Please make it write otherwise you are going to lose a customer for life and I’m afraid I will have to pass the word on on how terrible my Audi experience was. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Dr Ed Vomastek Traverse City , MI. You have my E-mail address. Please follow up with me.

  8. Stay away from Audi Westwood mass drive prime. There 6 hours – don’t show options of the car, didn’t run credit until the last half hour lying and said it was already run, paid the wrong payee on trade so getting a returned check back bc Taylor ford can’t follow directions.
    Td finance who i am supposed to be paying told me that they are waiting on the dealership to give them the info so they can plug it in. Rob the sales manager there lied and said it takes 30 days. The guy At that bank laughed. Dmv shows I own two cars bc they did plates wrong in the transfer – stay away!

  9. I called Audi of El Paso to schedule regular maintenance of My A7. A loaner was requested since the dealer is across town and it has been normal procedure in the past. The rep told me loaner were not supplied for maintenance now. This is contrary to my understanding when the A7 was purchased. My previous auto was a Lexus and a loaner was never a question when requested even when I had the Lexus in another city. If this is the case it will impact the brand of the next vehicle purchased. To date I’ve been very pleased with the performance of the A7 but realize there are numerous other luxury car choices.

  10. I have a 2011 Audi Q5 which has been in the shop more than all the cars together I have owned 38 years. It took 1 1/2 months to fix the oil issue recall (burning too much). The little things broken since were a nuisance (even the $2000 brake job) but now it appears the timing chain broke, which is a known issue for my model year and part of a class action suit. (Btw- it broke down out of state and I had to have it towed.) It was in for a regular maintenance check this year- isn’t the timing chain suppose to be part of the inspection? In speaking with the nearest Audi dealer, they said I had to prove I used the correct oil. I sent them the documents and did not hear from them for several days. When I finally got in touch, they said they did not know where the documents were. (I faxed them twice and I checked the report- both went through.) Last time I talked to the manager, I was told they would look at the documents and see if maybe Audi would help with this extremely pricey repair. My vehicle is just over 100,000 miles. Being that this is a known problem for these vehicles and for being a car company that is suppose to have a higher standard of customer car, I would think Audi would help with this repair. Who do I have to talk to? Would a letter to the chairman help?

  11. From: Jacquelyn & Garth Samuels
    We own a 2013 Q7 and a 2015 Q5. Both TDI Quattro. Both vehicles purchased in Owings Mills, MD. Both vehicles have audicare contracts. As of 2016 we have relocated to Williamsburg, VA. We have been having both vehicles routinely serviced at Tysinger AUDI in Hampton, VA and we have become totally displeased with the functionability of our vehicles. On a recent road trip from VA to MD (10/21) the oil warning came on the (2013). We were nowhere near an AUDI dealership and the car computer system indicated we were 4,500 miles before next service due. Upon checking the dipstick it was indicated that indeed we had a minimum amount of oil in the reservoir. I bought oil added it and proceeded on our journey. After about 10 miles the add blue light came on. This was the third time since servicing that the add blue has come on. We had enough add blue mileage to get to Owings Mills Maryland. The dealership there was able to complete a servicing of the vehicle for us. We will not return to Tysinger for any service. A motor without oil will burn out. No add Blue and the vehicle will shut down. We do not believe that we were receiving proper maintenance from the VA dealer. and yes, we had the upgrades for emissions completed as directed. We like our vehicles and want to continue driving them. We should not have a need to complain, we never have before.

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