Contact Atlantic Broadband Customer Service

Contacting Atlantic Broadband Customer Service Center

Atlantic Broadband was founded in the early 21stcentury and subsequently became one of the largest regional telecommunications companies in the Unites States. The company provides television, Internet and traditional phone services to tens of thousands of customers in South Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Florida. With an extensive customer base, Atlantic Broadband is fouces on one thing, the customer.

The company provides several ways, all available 24/7, so customers can communicate with the customer service department in order to voice concerns or ask questions.

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Contact Info:

Customers have the ability to contact the customer service department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, email or by traditional mail.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-888-536-9600

Mailing Address

Atlantic Broadband120 Southmont BlvdJohnstown, PA 15905

Atlantic Broadband2201 Beale Avenue Altoona, PA 16601

Additional payment centers are located throughout the region The hours of operation for the payment centers are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm; Saturday 9am to 1pm EST.

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Atlantic Broadband website have the ability to learn about the applicable services, including phone, Internet, digital video as well as bundled packages. New customers and military families who sign up for service can save money by signing up for promotional deals. We found the Atlantic Broadband FAQS useful to answer concerns not covered by a live agent.

Customer Service Email

We sent an email to the customer service department using the following customer feedback form ask questions relating to canceling instillation. The question related to being charged for instillation services in the event customer needed to cancel. The response we received stated a customer care agent would respond within 24 hours.

Our Experience

The automated system from Atlantic Broadband provides a wealth of information, but is confusing. After selecting the option for the customer service department, the system went to another list of options. None of the options being the customer service department. We went back and forth until finally we were able to connect with the customer service department.

We asked the representative for information regarding transferring service. In particular the amount customers are charged. The representative explained the charges depend on the credit assessed to your account. At times, customers pay more than their bill and no charges are assessed to your account. The agent also explained the charges also depend on where customers move and the subsequent services. The agent provided a ton of information. We just would have liked to have spoken to the customer service department sooner. Do you have story of customer service you want to share? Comment below.

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8 Comments on “Contact Atlantic Broadband Customer Service
  1. If it true that you are dropping channels 16 and 716 we will soon be dropping you and going to satellite. Very ticked off steeler fan

  2. I have been on my cell phone for several minutes, waiting for a service personal. The only thing I could hear at all was a recording. I am disgusted at the wait time and for some reason unable to hear. Priscilla Shank

  3. Went from to Broadband and have always had trouble getting online at the computer and when I have called to try to get help I was just gave the run around from one person to another. Most times I couldn’t get online and continued paying in hopes things would change after calling several times with the same complaint but nothing happened so it was time I saved my money every month and do something different. Thank you, have a great day.

  4. The vast majority of alarm systems are compatible. However, some alarm systems, particularly older ones that do not support tone dialing, may not work properly without changes. We suggest you test your alarm system before and after installation of Atlantic Broadband Business Phone service.

  5. I have had no phone service since 6 pm 9/15/2015 and it is now 9/16 and still no phone service. Called customer service and was on hold for 4 hrs. With no help . Someone needs to answer the customer service lines . This is not customer service support !

  6. It is imposible to speak with your customer service; not available.
    I hope you didn’t dropped Mundomax (11)!
    you will be loosing a customer as well.

  7. I have had trouble receiving email, the password is absolutely correct. It contd. to be rejected. I need a phone no. to call that will be answered instead of a message saying how busy they are. , and waiting to long to be connected with personal.

  8. ii am so disappointed in atlantic broadband. my next step is to contact my lawyer if I do not receive an answer from this email. I paid the bill I had with your company—have receipts marked paid after several moths it is still on my credit account. I have called and have been told there is nothing they can do because it is marked paid and they have sent that info in to you head office. I want this removed from my credit immediately. thank you joy detwiler

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