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Contacting Asurion Customer Service Center

Asurion is a phone insurance company that partners with some major mobile phone service providers like AT&T. Asurion is the underwriter and claims processor for the insurance policy, though the payment is made to your cell phone company for the coverage. When your phone is damaged or lost, you contact your cell phone company to report the problem and then contact Asurion to file a claim. You can order a replacement phone from Asurion, if that is part of the coverage plan you’ve selected. The price of the replacement phone depends on the age and style of the phone.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Asurion customer service phone numbers are listed for each provider the company works with as of November 2012.

  • Verizon: 1-888-881-2622
  • Sprint: 1-800-584-3666
  • AT&T: 1-888-562-8662
  • T-Mobile: 1-866-268-7221
  • Boost Mobile: 1-877-880-6221
  • Cellular One: 1-866-281-0858
  • Clear: 1-866-419-5477
  • Clearwire: 1-866-419-5477
  • Comcast: 1-877-262-4390
  • Cricket: 1-800-274-2538
  • Fido: 1-888-481-3436
  • MetroPCS: 1-866-862-3397
  • NTelos: 1-877-868-8775
  • Rogers: 1-888-764-3771
  • Telus: 1-866-281-4537
  • Time Warner Cable: 1-866-280-8336
  • Virgin: 1-888-562-8662
  • Walmart: 1-866-653-4202

Mailing Address

When choosing to send a letter to Asurion customer service you have multiple addresses to choose from. There are regional offices and a main headquarters located in Nashville, Tennessee. The global headquarters address is listed here. If you’d like to write to a regional office you can find the address on the Contact Uspage.

Asurion Global Headquarters648 Grassmere ParkNashville, TN 37211

Official Website

Details about Asurion coverage and insurance plans are available on the official website at It does not matter what company you currently use for your cell phone service, you will use the same Asurion customer service website.

Customer Service Email

No matter whom you have cell phone service with you can use the same email address to contact Asurion customer service. Simply visit and fill out the contact form. There is also a help section on the right side of the page. You can choose from the drop down menu of phone issues. Issues include lost, damaged and defective phone problems.

Our Experience

We called the Asurion customer service line for Walmart. All customer service lines should offer the same general options. The automated system includes a long introductory message about how to best access insurance coverage from Asurion, but if you press 0 you will be asked for your wireless number. The number is used to pull up your Asurion insurance policy. Once you’ve reached customer service, the agent will give you the available options for replacement or repairing your phone.

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38 Comments on “Contact Asurion Customer Service
  1. I am not happy, the company told me to fax them a copy of my recipt. They gave me the PHONE number not the fax number, and I am unable to find it online and am not calling again, because it took me a long time to get ahold of an actual person last time.

  2. I lost my contact on the program on the computer. Now I can’t get pass anything. I have had my phone at gun point taken from me. I have filled out a form for the police #14-03617 B# 1632. Please let me no what to do.
    I know I have to pay up front and will do so, Just need the phone to get to work on time and when they call me early.
    Thank you
    Nadine Porter

  3. I have been very upset and find I can’t get a number to call.
    I hate the computor. But I find when I can talk to someone I am able to get things done without confusion.
    Thank you

  4. Terrible customer service. I filed a claim for my daughter’s stolen phone. The police located and returned the phone before the new one arrived. We returned the unopened, new phone but the process to refund my deposit has been almost two months. The customer service reps provide different stories about the timeframe of when the item was received into their warehouse and when the accounts department received notice to begin process of issuing a refund. I’m asked to call back each week for an update. I’ve cancelled this horrible service provider and gone with my privagte insurance company.

  5. The Company should not disconet the line from the existing phone (even if is broken) until the customer receives the replacement. To be connected is a need , not a luxury.
    I am having a hard time without connection since early morning

  6. I recently received my second “defective” cell phone from asurion in less than two weeks. Counting the last time I was with Verizon this is 5 bad phones out of 5 occurrences. I will not likely renew my contract with Verizon for this reason. After my most recent bad experience I was told by Apple that the so called refurbished phones use sub standard parts in their restoration process. This explains the 5 out of 5 bad experiences.

  7. I feel the statement that Asurion makes claiming that “you can receive a replacement device as soon as the next business day (where available)” is very misleading. I have a business phone insured by Asurion. I lost my phone and placed a claim. I was informed that because I have a Note 3 that they have to do additional verifications and that I will not be able to get my phone by the next business day. How misleading!!! the statement should read (in most cases), then maybe I wouldn’t be an unsatisfied customer right now.

  8. This one of the STUPIDEST COMPANIES I ever dealt with. NO help no compassion no sympathy for a customer who has been trying to replace a phone since Dec 4, 2014 and I still have not received my phone that I’m paying 100.00 every month for. Their service is so bad I’m done.

  9. After waiting an absurd amount of time for a replacement device, they sent it to my old address I have not lived at for more than 6 years. Not to mention after I completed the conversion, file transfer, re-set, re-activation, factory reset, setting rest, call and speak with another person reset, let me get you to another department re-set. Then I get the RUDEST guy on the phone “Rodney”… Saying to me “What are you talking about?” As a business owner and customer of Asurion for more than 6 years, I am disgusted with my treatment from this company. As soon as I am able, I will be canceling any further dealings with them or Verizon (with the most unreliable billing service every month a different number). Then after asking me the same questions 2 or 3 times they tell me they cannot get a new phone out until Monday, then they say we need a card on file just to ensure the device is returned, etc. I’m disgusted. It would be better to just fork up the money and buy a replacement phone that is unlocked.

  10. I have been trying to get a refund for a phone that was returned in December 2014, it is not going into March. They said I would receive a credit within 2 billing cycles, they charged my account in December and it has been on my bill for 3 billing cycles. My phone service was suspended because of the outstanding amount on my AT&T bill. This insurance company does not have a single live person to speak to. I have called and all I get is the automated system. And I continue to get cut off when I do call them. I want my money back!!! I will be cancelling this service.

  11. After 3 days of speaking to customer service, made payment, received tracking info by email. There was NO APT #!!! Now my only option would be to take off another day and go to ups 45 minutes away to pick up or have it sent back and have them try to send again. Very disappointed. More of my time wasted, another day off work. The online phone claim only does part of the claim but still need to call to complete. Sad and all mobile phone companies use this place. Bummer

  12. I have been an at&T customer for 12years ive lived at the same address for 12 years.Why then does asurion put me thru the ringer every time I use my mobile insurance .Asurion doesn’t ask me any questions when they accept my insurance premium every month.Asurion doesn’t question my identity when they bill me.HOWEVER WHEN FILING A CLAIM to identify me they ask me what is the age of my brothers wife,hell my brother doesn’t even know that and hes married to the bitch.SO because I cant identify myself I have the go through the affadavid,scan upload,etc.ASURION customer reps are very unprofessional.I do not believe you need a HS diploma to be a CS REP.The last time I wrote asurion and told them about there screw ups they cancelled my insurance,if they pull that again my lawyers already been retained.

  13. I am very upset that boost mobile switched over yo eSECURITEL insurance. I loved having you as my insurance cause wen i lost my phone you responded quickly with your service. Now that they are with eSECURITEL it has been over a week and the only thing they keep telling that i have to wait 24 to 48 hours for a claim to go through from boost mobile. Boost Mobile filed the claim and i have been sitting here for over a week for them to replace my phone. I called today and now i have to wait again another 24 to 48 hours. I like this insurance company and i would like to know if there is any way that i can get my insurance back with you for the same price that i was paying before Boost Mobile cut you loose. I am at my wits end with eSECURITEL !!! eSECURITEL has bad reviews all across the board on the internet. I was paying $7 a month for my insurance. i still hope you have that same price !!! Please contact me through my email or via Facebook !!!

  14. I do not recommend this product replacement plan I bought a tablet for my son as a Christmas gift and a two year replacement plan he cracked the screen which was supost to be covered through the plan I first called to get it replaced on june 24th I was told I would get a prepaid label thru ups I waited called back they kept saying I’ll get it in 7 days I finally got tired of waiting never got the label shipped to us so had to go buy a printer to print the label we finally got it shipped back them. Then got an email saying they ordered the parts a few days later got another email saying they got the parts and would ship the product back next thing I know got another email on august 17 saying the tablet could not be fixed that they would send an ecard with a full refund called today early august 21st was told if I didn’t get the ecard by tonight to call back I called back only to be told they was sending our damaged product back with no refund I am very upset and finally talked to a supervisor he said I’ll get my refund in 3 day this is the second super visor I’ve spoken to and spoke to a number of other people about this was spoken to hateful been hung up on and everything else there even trying to send our damaged product back still no refund almost two months later keep getting the run around I’ll leave a second comment and let you know how this turns out but as of right now my advise is this plan is nothing but a headache me myself I’ll never buy it again or advise anyone else to either

  15. I had recently purchased a phone from metro pcs and because I had received my first computer, I decided to change phone my company and bundle everything with at&t, since metro pcs did not sell or cover services on/about computers, including insurance. I then asked metro pcs about porting my phone number and was told sure I could, though the representative nor I was aware of the 74 day hold on the new purchased phone for me to obtain a code to get back into my phone: And not being able to afford another mobile phone at this time, I am stuck with non active brand-new metro pcs cell phone and a number lost that I wanted to keep by porting my metro pcs phone number to my house phone and another number ported on hold to wait till the 74 days are up enough to code back into my phone, to have my mobile phone active (though with a bundle billing at at&t). Meanwhile I would still like to continue my insurance coverage on the phone. Therefore how would I go about this is my question to Assurion Customer Service, until I resume mobile service, though through at&t next in about 2 1/2 months from now (and Metro PCS sometime in the future per my deciding to go prepaid phone service another time)?
    I needed to let my metro pcs service go because I could not afford multiple phone services + at&t also. Sincerely I Thank You
    Assurion for getting back
    to me at your earliest
    convenience before my
    next Assurion coverage
    amount is Due. Thanks

  16. Horrible experience. My daughter’s cell phone was stolen and It took me no more than 3 hours to process the claim with Asurion. First, Asurion had the wrong cellphone information for my daughter’s phone line (iphone 6, rather than 6 plus).Then when I went online to complete the process – I tried to enter shipping information for the replacement phone but the address of my daughter’s college was not recognized. I had to get assistance using online chat and I was told to log out so a representative could enter the address, and to log back in to provide payment. When I signed in to complete the process I was told my identity had to be verified. So I started another chat, answered all requested information but was still unable to complete the payment process. When I called Asurion I was told that because there are a lot of fraudulent claims in Florida, I would have to wait 24 hours to verify the information. When I explained that I needed the phone replaced immediately because my daughter drives alone at night – the “hold” placed on the claim was cleared. The representative had me hold for 10 minutes before referring me to another representative because her computer was not functioning. So I had to answer the same questions for the 5 or 6th time and finally got someone to accept payment. Unfortunately this representative did not have a record of the shipping information I provided previously and I had to provide that information again. I gave the rep. the address and she recited it back to me. I thought it was finally over. Then it get an email from Asurion and see that the shipping address is incorrect (7th Avenue, instead of 2nd Avenue). I called again and a rep. said the label has just been prepared and that she did not know if she could cancel the order with UPS. She said she would sent out a new order to the correct address and told me to call UPS later in the day to cancel the first order with the incorrect address. I told her that was not my responsibility to cancel the order with UPS since it was Asurion’s error – the representative hung up on me.

  17. Terrible. Ive been trying to get a replacement phone seems like forever. Even having insurance in my husbands name, they require his ID, affidavit, etc. after I already provided all information before. Last time this happened, they sent me three phones that were used and did not work.
    Now, a week later, I faxed over more correspondence and have not heard back from Asurion and now my husband wants to cancel the policy and is sick about him (he really never gets as upset as I saw him when I told him about this problem). Its really sad.

  18. I believe I deserve to get my phone without paying a deductible for all the grief of the past experience getting another phone and now the same is happening with your company!

  19. Very unhappy with my expierience with your company following the instructions to the point then receiving a notice to send in my license and completed forms which I did

  20. Customer service is very unprofessional. I told the rep that I didn’t have a printer that worked and could they send me the forms and without hesitation the rep told me to go to a library or kinkos then she hung up

  21. bunch of crap. screen cracked while on charge, they want to upgrade my phone and chg me 168.00 even tho it is under warranty. can’t talk to a person just the web-site. this is awful service.

  22. Cancelled cellphone replacement less than 24 hours of fiing claim; informed the cell was already sent; cancelled delivery with USPS as I was informed – they delivered it anyway and left it at my door – they should have requested at least my signature. Called Asurion to say I received it and did not want it – I was told to retrieve return label and drop in mailbox. I gave it to my mailman and he scanned it and took it – that was May 31, 2017, and the package is lost in space…. No answer at Asurion, no assistance from USPS, too many people fall on this scam and it is still going on… does anyone have Asurion’s address headquarters?

  23. It starts out gor me with the people at Metro doesn’t provide anything nut sales
    They’ve written down the right number # both claim id and phone number.your an insurance company with a online apt that is redundent
    and full of mistakes, love automation
    I believe I would never purchase insurance or continue this imsurance for my phone this has become a constant burden to recover a 100.00 dollr phone. You have definitely left me with a bad opinion of both you and my metro. i wouldn’t be so mad,but I need my phone. Try staying with live persos to this type of business their more accountable. enough is enough, for now on ,no more insurance, automated insurance and other

  24. its hard to file a claim if you dont have computer and printer the asking doucments are confusing i,m just having hard time back and forth i dont own computer i feel like better off if just buy a phone

  25. I have been trying unsuccessfully to have a manager call me back. I left a message to have my issue escalated on the 17th and then again on the 22nd. A manager has yet to call. I called today to ask for the physical address needed to file a comlaint with the BBB but was told there is no address. And they want money to complete my claim? Sadly, I sense this is a scam operation at this point.

  26. Monday 12/03/2018 I purchased a white Echo dot Alexa device from Fingerhut in December 2,2017 Amazon did not honour their year warranty on the device was told to file claim with Assurion I purchased the 2 year extend d warranty on it wants to file a claim for this item Thanks

  27. I have been paying insurance on my cell phone and last week i dropped my phone and the screen shattered and could not be repaired I was told i had to pay 225 dollars to get a new phone and they would not bill me I had to pay up front.

  28. Terrible service. IPhone had discrepancies; unable to call, no pics or vids. Filed a claim; no verification on site whether claim is filed, so went to live chat. Person said I had to call 866-406-5154. Called that number, rep said this number is for disabled people. Forwarded me to another tech coach; they claim since the Verizon store rep did not indicate whether he/she completed the steps to fix iPhone, had to go through steps again. Had to explain my problem 3 times to get to the correct individual. This should have been easier; that’s why we pay for the insurance. It seems the process is in place to discourage people from filing and receiving a new phone.

  29. I purchased tablets through WalMart online. I have been going back and forth trying to get them to replace the tablet which is damaged. They are declining the service AND I have Paid for the warranty. This is sooo bad business!! My only other option is Atty General or CEO contact of Asurion/WalMart.

  30. This Company is a scam you buy a protection plan your TV breaks and they tell you that you bought a service plan. I had my TV fixed to times and it is doing the same my screen is getting to hot and now there is a burn mark on it. I am waiting for the TV to catch fire.

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