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Contacting Asiana Airlines Customer Service Center

Asiana Airlines is an international airline which takes pride in tow main commitments, customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expectation. Although air travel is ever evolving, customer service is not. When question and concerns arise, the company has a team of customer service experts prepared to handle any situation.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The company provides several contact phone numbers for offices around the world. The majority are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Reservations (China): 400-650-8000
  • Sydney: 61-2-9767-4343
  • Saipan: 1-670-288-2625
  • Almaty: 7-727-270-3234-6
  • Tashkent: 998-71-140-0900
  • Khabarovsk: 7-42-12-334-567
  • Sakhalinsk: 7-4242-722000
  • London: 44-20-7304-9900
  • Frankfurt: 49-69-9210-190
  • Paris: 33-1-53-43-7907
  • Istanbul: (90) 212-256 -4144
  • Switzerland: 41 (044) 286 99 42
  • Hungary: 36 1 411 3888
  • Czech Republic: 420 296 368 273
  • Austria: 43 (01) 585 3630 0
  • Belgium: 32 (0) 2 7120 584
  • Netherlands: 31 (0) 20 654 79 20
  • Italy: 39 (02) 4345 8387
  • Turkey: 90 (212) 334 2931
  • Slovakia: 421 (2) 5263 1807
  • Bangkok: 66-2-263-8333
  • Singapore: 65-6225-3866
  • Manila: 63-2-793-6888
  • Clark Field: 63-45-599-6657
  • Cebu: 63-32-342-8066
  • Ho Chi Minh City: 84-8-3822-2622
  • Hanoi: 84-4-771-4094
  • New Delhi: 91-11-2331-5631
  • Taipei: 886-2-2581-4000
  • Siem Reap: 855-63-965206
  • Kotakinabalu: 60-88-268-677
  • Phnom Penh: 855-23-890441
  • DaNang: 84-511-3826-826
  • Vietnam: 84-511-3539-031
  • Phnom Penh: 855-23-890441
  • Japan (reservations): 81-3-5812-6600
  • Japan (Business and First Class): 81-3-3834-9500
  • Japan (mileage): 81-3-3836-2692
  • Osaka: 81-6-6282-1883
  • Nagoya: 81-52-222-7799
  • Fukuoka: 81-92-283-4043
  • Sendai: 81-22-265-0222
  • Hiroshima: 81-82-246-9919
  • Takamatsu: 81-87-826-3040
  • Okinawa: 81-98-852-0555
  • Toyama: 1-76-441-6101
  • Matsuyama: 81-89-934-0889
  • Yonago: 81-859-38-3371
  • Miyazaki: 81-985-35-0011
  • Kumamoto: 81-96-312-8808
  • Shizuoka: 81-54-653-1192
  • China (reservations): 86-10-8451-0101
  • Beijing: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Shanghai: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Guangzhou: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Hangzhou: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Tianjin: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Harbin: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Shenyang: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Changchun: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Dalian: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Yanji: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Nanjing: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Xian: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Guilin: 86-773-284-4263
  • Chengdu: 028-6557-2333
  • Chongqing: 86-23-6715-3115
  • Yantai: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Weihai: 86-631-533-4005
  • Qingdao: 86-10-8451-0101
  • Shenzhen: 86-755-2777-2357/2358
  • HongKong: 852-2523-8585
  • Changsha: 86-731-8823-9966
  • Tunxi: 0559-2934-407
  • Los Angeles: 1-213-365-4500
  • San Francisco: 1-415-267-4200
  • Seattle: 1-206-516-0300
  • New York: 1-212-318-9200
  • Chicago: 1-847-228-1600
  • Honolulu: 1-808-744-7378
  • Korea (reservations): 82-2-2669-8000
  • Suwon: 82-31-216-4000
  • Daejeon: 82-42-224-3503
  • Gangneung: 82-33-643-9568
  • Chuncheon: 82-33-242-6701
  • Gwangju: 82-62-221-6310
  • Cheongju: 82-43-213-0500
  • Jeonju: 82-63-284-2800
  • Yeosu: 82-61-682-2626
  • Muan: 82-61-453-8811
  • Daegu: 82-53-720-6700
  • Pohang: 82-54-286-2603
  • Busan: 82-51-792-6100
  • Ulsan: 82-52-289-7625
  • Changwon: 82-55-266-2653
  • Jeju: 82-64-743-6000

Mailing Address

Asiana Town (Corporate Headquarters)Kangseo P.O. Box 98 #47Osae-Dong, Kangseo-Ku Seoul, Korea

Asiana AirlinesUS Customer Center3530 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1700Los Angeles, CA 90010

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Asiana Airlines website have the ability to book and check into flights, locate package deals and promotions, book hotels and rent cars. Aside from planning a vacation, customers can learn more about the products and services provided by the company as well as review the company FAQs. The company recommends frequent flyers visit the Asiana Club to find details relating to bonus points and miles.

Customer Service Email

Go to in order to fill out the customer contact form or visit customerus@flyasiana.comin order to send an email directly to the customer support team. Considering not every customer service department is open 24 hours, we requested the hours of operations for the U.S. customer support team.

Customers can attempt to contact the customer service department through the following social media channels:

Our Experience

We anticipated a longer than average wait time, but to our surprise, we were speaking with a customer service agent in less than 2 minutes. We asked for information relating to canceling a reservation. The representative explained customers are charged an additional fee when canceling.

The overall experience was delightful considering the short wait time. Tell us your story. Leave a comment below.

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40 Comments on “Contact Asiana Airlines Customer Service
  1. I have tried to your website to disciver how to use my accumulated air miles for a flights. I am having lots of problems getting the website to work.
    I would very much appreciate the ability to confer with somebody who can help me via the email above noting I am working 7 days a week in Azerbaijan so its difficult to phone. My FF number is 36 638 6444 …please call me soon as the flights I need to book are 5 weeks away
    Paul Wilson

  2. i always fly to philippines w/ asiana air…i really like the service. i recommended your service to everyone all the time even those who never been to asia. thank u.

  3. Hello there, simply become aware of your blog via Google, and found that it is really informative. I am going to be careful for brussels. I’ll be grateful when you continue this in future. Many folks might be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  4. Hi. am inquiring about missionary air ticket to southern korea, do u guys offer missionary tickets?

  5. My family and relatives( a group of 14 members ) booked e-tickets for travel from SFO-DEL in the month of May 2013 and got confirmed seats. The meal option was confirmed as 3 Hindu and 1 Veg Hindu during the whole trip. 4 members traveled to India on 11/18/2013 to against tickets to All things went well from SFO – DEL and back DEL-ICN segment on 01/16/2014. But problem started when we boarded from ICN to SFO on 01/17/2014. WE were extremely shocked to learn when we refused food on the ground that our names did not appear in the meal list. On our enquiry , the concerned staff expressed ignorance about how it happened and their helplessness. On our insistence, they were able to provide us a tray of pineapple, grapes and apple during flight of about 12 hours. This also happened with the other group who flew on 01/02/2014 Viz. Singh Satinder, Singh Mohan and others. This was really a sorry state of affairs. It is not expected from an airline which claims to be a STAR ALLIANCE. I need an immediate appology from the Company and also to ensure that it never happens with any passenger in future.

  6. I agree with Paul!!!
    I CAN NOT get my milegae accrual to work on the site. Please contact me immediately as I would very much like these miles to be accrued.
    Thank You!

  7. Very disappointed with our flight, we got charge extra $100.00 for the second luggage that is supposed to be free according to your baggage information, and $200.00 each 2nd luggage on our way back home. Although Clark is so convenient for us to use since it is only few minutes away to my home in the Philippines I would think twice the next time I fly which I fly every year along with my family ,

  8. It’s so difficult to find the Asiana customer service contact email to file a complaint, what is that e-address?

    the one I found on the link is no longer working, so frustrating

  9. I just received assistance from Jenny (she said she was in LA USA) making business class Asiana Airline reservations for my wife and me. Jenny was spectacular. Very knowledgeable, helpful and just the right amount of humor and keep the conversation professional. With Jenny’s help we save quite a bit of money than if I would have booked on line. Jenny is a treasure!

  10. I didn’t know that I am holding a promo ticket. Before I got this they said I can rebook my return ticket. But what is going on?, Why dont you allow me to fly since I have to return to korea as soon as possible

  11. I like to travel oversea with Asiana Airlines, I don’t have any complaint, please advice how to receive the club card from Asiana
    they forgot to sent to me the club card with my account, the silver

  12. I travelled Asiana OZ 751 returned from Seoul to Singapore on 7 Dec 14. When I claimed my luggages, one of my luggage cover was removed and lost. I was very disappointed. This was the new luggage accompanied by cover was bought from seoul. Being an international airport, this shouldn’t happened. May i know why there was a need to remove my luggage cover? Can pls well train your staff on the customer service on take good care of customers belonging.

  13. Thank you so much for an outstanding trip to Japan. Your staff is a credit to your company. They are very polite and are
    interested in the passengers needs as they fly. Thank you again
    for excellent service. I would not hesitate to fly with your
    airline again.

  14. I would like to compliment one of your Chicago O’hare’s reservationist,namely Dure Shaikh for her personal attention that was rendered to my wife and I. It is not often you receive a personal service now days like Ms Shaikh’s provides. Her friendly smiles and kind words made our trip very ease one. Our mistakes were taken care, ie Asiana Club membership acknowledge-ment, seating assignments and carry-on requirements. She made our trip enjoyable and smoothly. Thank you Asiana!

  15. I booked my trip to the Philippines 8 months ahead of time to take advantage of the cut on fares. I am however disappointed when 2 months later after I’ve booked , Asian Airlines changed the lay over time from 6 hours wait time to 16 hours wait in Seoul and providing only one way of hotel accommodation. I can not believe the airline can do this. Next time I will travel back to the Philippines which I do every year, I will see to it that Asian Airline is out of my list of airline to travel with. My record locator # is 5MLQNO.

  16. I am outrageous!!! I am scheduled to fly out from JFK to South Korea with my 4 year old on July 26th. I was supposed to go on-line and grab a seat, starting 47 hours prior my departure time. (That’s what the customer service people have been telling me on the phone, and that’s what it’s saying on their website.) I went on it as soon as it started and there are ONLY two seats available in different rows. If there are no seats saved for this type of system, why do they offer this kind of methods? I am having separate seats in different rows from my 4 year old!

  17. Hi . My name is Sukhdip singh. I bought a round trip ticket and flew on September 2nd and came back on October 2nd. Now our agent booked our meal but for some reason our name wasn’t on the list. So going and coming back, we had no meals. We got left overs . It was 7 of us. It was my first time flying with your airline. My question is , should airlines should be fully stocked on food knowing the number of passengers flying on certain flight? We got horrible service. We are unhappy and won’t recommend this airline. I would like to personally speak to the person in charge . We desire an answer and so accommodation . Thank you .

  18. i bought a round trip ticket from Lees Tours and Travel last July 28, from Las Vegas to the Philippines and back. they send me electronic ticket receipt only
    not the ticket then i called them for the ticket but they don’t answer anymore so i went to their office i was closed. i think they are out of business.
    This is the E-ticket number 9887649588280-281 and this is the Asiana Airlines Confirmation number also YPNKX2
    my question is, how can i get a ticket? thank you…..

  19. Flew Asiana from SF to Clark, Phil on Aug 27, 2015. Arrived in Clark Aug 27 with one missing luggage. Filed discrepancy report at the airport, followed it up till I returned to US on Oct 22, 2015 with promises they would look into it. Was told an Asiana employee from Clark would get in touch with me but heard nothing. I just need an official letter from Asiana of their findings/decision so I could get on with my life. I am frustrated that I am being pointed to one office after another and nobody seem to take my case seriously.

  20. Dear Sir
    I have a ticket No 9882471971618, a reservation No 5NQCAE and Gold frequent flier No OZ 389593822 for a return ticket from Seoul to Manila. The first leg has been used and the return leg back to Seoul is dated for the 6th January 2016. I am currently in Kuwait which has no Asiana agent and the hotel has no international line and I have no roaming feature on my phone. I wish to amend my return date to Seoul to Saturday the 28th Nov 2105 at around 12 noon to arrive in Seoul around 17:30 0n the 28th. Could you please confirm if this is available and I will check with your staff at Manila airport when I arrive on the afternoon of the 27th. Your help would be appreciated. Regards Peter James Byrnes

  21. To whom it may concern,

    I’m writing to show my compliment for two of your ground staffs,Yang Ji Q and Jwa Hui Hwa.
    I’m an airline staff and I was taking your flight back to HK by CJU-GMP and ICN-HKG. When I went to check-in at CJU, I don’t realize that the check-in staff didn’t put me on my booking flight, instead put me on another flight which departure time is an hour later.

    When I arrived boarding gate, I find that time is not enough for transit as need to take train from GMP to ICN airport. So, I asked for help from staff at boarding gate. There’s only 20mins to departure, but they still tried very hard to arrange me to my original booking flight as they understand I won’t be able to catch my connecting flight. Finally, I get aboard and arrive HK as scheduled. Please allow me to express my appreciation of the effort of Yang & Jwa again.

    Warm regards,

  22. Asiana Fraud Dept & Investigation & Enforcement & Membership,

    Yesterday I was on the phone with your representatives and with a ticket purchased from ChunChu Travel at Galleria on Vermont in Koreatown in LA, CA on the 6th I was given a wrong information that I cannot board and return home without a Korean Passport by Debbie Kim and your supervisors Jennifer and her supervisor. This is incorrect and I had to return to Ms. Julie Kim at the travel agency and had a $100.00 charged for a refund fee. I am expecting her to give me the money at about noon for $629.00 since yesterday she could not visit the bank and take the money out. This is fraud. She also tells me that I can deposit from San Francisco to her Chase account if I need to purchase from there. This is ID theft and ID fraud. All accounts in fraud must close at Asiana for Membership club as Sung Duck Kim (SS#:623038022) & all others in account fraud & ID theft and ID fraud. From March 2006 I put a restraining order on Sung Duck Kim a defendant for a restraining order. He kidnapped me as a baby and brought me to USA from Seoul.

    Korean Consulate in LA, CA is not giving me a temporary Korean Passport to leave this week. The correct law is that I do not need an ID to return home as a Korean citizen.

    Please contact me.

  23. I traveled on this date 05/1/16. When i came to Clombus I payed once for my bags and i payed again at the LAX airport. I was charged twice and I need a refund

  24. Hi! I have Miles & More reward points- a Star Alliance member. I am taking a flight in Asiana next month. Can I use my Miles & More number to get reward points on this upcoming Asiana Flights? TNX

  25. Hello,

    I would like to inquire you about an upgrade to first classfor my flight on July 28th at 7:15 AM and a travel voucher for future travels because of the awful experience I had with Asiana Airlines. This flight was June 24th at 1:25PM, not only did I wait there for over 12 hours, I also had to endure the endless re-scheduling. In the end the flight ended up getting cancelled anyway. I would like a compensation for the horrible experience that I have gone through with this airline. Not to mention, after I got off the flight to Seoul I saw that the engine was on fire and people had to put it out. It was definitely a traumatic experience for me and I think it would only be fair if I got a compensation out of it. I know that this airline accommodates customers very well and I hope that you will accept my request.

    Thank you!

    -Christina Lau

  26. Savvy blog post , I Appreciate the details ! Does someone know if I might acquire a sample Dd form 93 document to work with ?

  27. Asiana customer service is a joke. I wrote a feedback to them about a very rude ground staff. They replied my email with a totally out of content topic about my mother. I think they may have reply some other people feedback to me instead. What a ridiculous mistake!

  28. Hi my name is Harry Durrant, my wife and I recently returned from Australia on the 1st of May 2017,flight 0Z 0521,unfortunately I contracted food poisoning from our afternoon meal,as I realise this is down to your food suppliers, however apart from this,the flights,service and staff are a credit to the company,I am going to be a yearly flyer to Australia,and would definitely use this Airline again,thank you.

  29. Called on a Sunday. Reservations people were indeed answering. I wanted to add both my wife’s and my own Air Canada Aeroplan numbers to our reservation.(The flight is still months away.) I was told by the 2nd agent I spoke to that it could not be done— not because it CAN’T be done, but because she was unable. I spoke to this 2nd agent after the 1st agent got me precisely nowhere. After waiting for a Tuesday, following a Monday holiday, I spoke to another agent who insisted on constantly interrupting me, so I yelled at her out of rage and frustration, after she did everything in her power to induce rage and frustration. I hung up. I tried again. A FOURTH agent told me that my own Aeroplan number was indeed entered. (When was anyone going to tell me that, so that I’m not on a wild goose chase?) But she told me that she was unable to enter my wife’s Aeroplan number. I was told to TRUST them to enter the Aeroplan number at the time of check-in on the day of the flight. In fact, I was told that PERHAPS the reason my wife’s number could not be entered is because it was incorrect. Communication is not something this airline is good at.

  30. Hi Hello and Good Day just a quick question how many time we can re book our return ticket.. thank youin advance if you can reply right away. have a great day.joann manzon

  31. Our flight oz703 suppose to leaving Seoul last night 12/24/17 at 19:20 and now it’s 00:01am 12/25/17 and we still haven’t boarded our plane. I took extra measures to get my last work day off so that I can be at my destination before midnight Christmas Eve.. but I feel that effort just went to waste. We should have some kind of compensation for this. Please contact me back. Thank you.

  32. Our flight OZ202 – 08-Mar-2018 : Soeul/ICN – Loas Angeles/LAX.

    I lost my Motorola HP 1st Gen XT101- Tosca Green
    Very difficult to find Asiana Airlines Contact Person/Officer to make a report.

    Please contact me:-)

  33. It’s impossible to talk to an agent at your Paris office.

    All the lines are busy; followed by a few beeps and then cut off. This has been over several hours this afternoon.

    Terrible service.

  34. Hello,
    I am writing from Vietnam. My friends and I plan to fly from Jeju to Seoul on 27th September via Asiana airline. We already booked and paid tickets for 4 people on 13th May 2018 with booking No.33144064. However, the emailed tickets now shows unavailable to find, and the ticket numbers are incorrect. I’ve also checked on the website but it said the same, while my account was deducted for those tickets.
    We look forward to your search and reissue these e-tickets for our further information amd action.
    Hope to see your reply soonest, or at least a redirection to responsible team.

    Warm regards,
    Hanh Dung, Le

  35. Dear Team

    Could you assist us in changing the date for our flight OZ704 and 541? We did book with kissandfly and are really unhappy with the service!

    I hope you can help us. I am Loopings forward for your reply!

    Best regstes
    Elena Bucher

  36. So, I call the Chicago office and ask for an email address or fax number of your headquarters in Seoul. I tell the representative that I wanted to send a letter to Kim Soo-Cheon to introduce my company. This representative says that the company is not interested, yet did not know what my company did. How rude this is! She hangs up on me. What is so secret about an email address to your headquarters? Do you think you know everything? I am shocked by this rudeness.

  37. I traveled from Gimpo to Gimahe Airport on 28.08.2018 & back on 02.09.2018, with ticket no 0982868890842. I wish to have air miles to be credited in my Frequent Flyer No 134284591, Air India Ltd. At airports, customer care representatives were not able to do the same. Kindly do the needful.

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