Contact Ashley Furniture Customer Service

Contacting Ashley Furniture Customer Service Center

Ashley Furniture is one of the leading home furnishing companies in the world. The company sells to millions of customers in countries, including, Japan, Central America, Mexico, Canada and the United States as well as online. The focus of the company is to provide value to the customer as well as a quality product. Each of the products is hand-crafted to ensure customers have the best product their money can buy.

When customers have questions and concerns relating to products and services, you can contact the customer service department or the corporate headquarters for assistance.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

The customer service department is available to connect with the customer by mail, phone and social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

The company does not have a direct number for the customer service department. Customers must contact the corporate headquarters in order to speak with a customer service representative.

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-608-323-3377

Mailing Address

Customers can remain connected with the Ashley Furniture customer service department by sending correspondence to the corporate headquarters.

Ashley Furniture IndustriesAttn: Consumer AffairsOne Ashley WayArcadia, WI 54612

Official Website

The official Ashley Furniture website a superstore for your home. Customers can utilize the room planner to customize a room prior to making a purchase. You can even locate promotional items as well as search for a particular collection or style. In the event customers do not want to shop online, the website features a store locator.

Typically, buying furniture is a major purchase and customers have several questions. If you are one of those customers, the company recommends visiting the Ashley Furniture FAQs prior to making a purchase.

Customer Service Email

Ashley Furniture does not have a direct email address, only a customer contact form Customers can send messages relating to store experience, issues with products as well as emails asking for additional information and general questions and concerns. Considering the company doesn’t provide hours for the customer service department, we sent a message requesting the hours.

Customers wanting a faster response from the company can contact the customer service department through the following social media channels:

Our Experience

Typically, calling a customer service hotline presents its own set of challenges. Calling a corporate headquarters is something new all onto itself. When we called, we were immediately connected with the switchboard, but attempting to connect with the customer service team was a challenge. We were consistently placed on hold for more than 10 minutes. After several attempts, the operator connected us with a customer service representative.

We asked if calling was the most efficient method to contact a customer service representative. The agent explained the company recommends using social media or the customer contact forms for a faster response. The level of customer service was nothing to write home about, but atleast the representative was honest. We want to know if your call to the customer service department ended different. Share your story with us.

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95 Comments on “Contact Ashley Furniture Customer Service
  1. Hello,

    I was in Ashley Furniture on Saturday, March 9. I purchased a floral arrangement. When I got home, the flowers looked purple in my lighting. I went back to the store on Monday (as I live 50 miles away), and tried to return it.

    The first person I spoke to told me the store doesn’t take returns (no one told me this when I purchased the arrangement. I asked how I was supposed to know that, and I was referred to the back of my receipt.

    Everything written on the receipt, is specific to furniture purchases, however. For instance, it says “Once furniture is delivered all sales are considered final.” It goes on to say, “Due to the nature of special order process, we do not allow any returns or reselection of merchandise after furniture has been delivered.” The first lady I spoke to said, “You’re right.” She asked why I was returning, and I explained that the arrangement looks purple at home. She said, “I know, I hate the lighting here; it makes everything look red.” I was actually looking for red in an arrangement. She referred me to someone else because she said she couldn’t do anything for me.

    The next person’s name is Melissa. She also informed me that Ashley doesn’t allow returns because items are special ordered. Again, from the back of the receipt under Customer Pickup Policy, it says, “All furniture will be specially ordered for you from the manufacturer at the time of sale.” I pointed out is is a flower arrangement that I picked up off of the floor; it is not furniture, and it was not special ordered.

    I was informed that my request would be submitted, and that the process would take up to 10 days before I would know whether Ashley would take back the arrangement, and whether I would be charged a 25% restocking fee. Again, referring to the receipt, under cancellation policy, it says, “All furniture is specially ordered for you from the manufacturer at the time of purchase. As such, we do not allow refunds. Any changes to your order after completion of the sale and acknowledgement of the terms will result in a cancellation fee of 25% of the total invoice…” Again, this is a flower arrangement, not furniture, and it came off the showroom floor. Melissa even said that maybe the policies should be rewritten (because they are specific to furniture).

    I would also like to mention that I paid cash for the flower arrangement. Melissa noted that if I had paid with a card, it could’ve gone back on my card, but because I paid in cash, I would have to be issued a check. Now, I could see that if I had written a check, that the store would wait 10 days to make sure my check cleared, but to have to wait 10 days on a cash purchase to be refunded seems ridiculous! At that, I to think that I could lose 25% seems even more ridiculous, and worst of all, that I may not be able to even return the merchandise.

    I really do not feel that any of this is fair. I was not informed at the poi
    t of sale that I would not be able to make a return (and I was informed that Joni, who sold me the floral arrangement is no longer with Ashley); the policy is not posted in the store, and the language on the receipt is specific to furniture, not all purchases.

    I am very upset at this point, and I am not being permitted to speak with anyone else. Can someone please help regarding this matter?


    Jo Beth Nichols
    Sundown, Texas

  2. I ordered furniture from the HWY 67 store in Saint Louis,Mo.
    I was told that my order would take about two weeks for delivery.Two weeks later,I did not hear anything from the store.I took a drive to the store to speak with anyone concerning my order.I was told my order would take a additional two weeks,someone would contact me to schedule my delivery date. I was disappointed but I understood,things happen. My delivery date came I was called and told that my delivery was on it’s way. When my furniture arrived,I was asked by one of the workers if I needed the bed that I order to be assembled. I explained to him I felt I could assemble the bed myself. After seeing the several pieces to the bed,I asked one of the guys if it was possible that they could assemble the bed.I had misjudged my ability to assemble the bed myself.He in turn told me it would not be a problem.He walked out to the truck to retrieved more of the additional furniture I’d purchased.He returned and said there was a problem with the bed.When I asked what was the problem,if there was maybe pieces missing he stated he would let the other driver tell me the problem.The other driver came in my home and stated the problem was that he was being asked to do double work,I did not understand what he meant because the only work at that point they had completed was bringing the furniture into my house. He stated the fact that they placed the rails to the bed in my living room instead of in the bed room.I replied ,if it was a problem then that okay I would put it together myself. The delivery driver stated he would do it. Both proceeded to walk the 10 steps the bed room and asked, were to position the bed. I was floored by the consent complains and disrespectful way hone of the workers reacted.I told him to place the peaces where they where I would have the bed assembled myself.I just wanted him out of my house.I called the store that I purchased the furniture from and made a complaint.I was told from a supervisor it would be handled and some one would be to my home and assemble the bed.I was called a few moments later by a customer serve worker. She expressed that the delivery workers had mistakenly delivered a chair to my home that was meant for another customer.I could not believe that this was happening.I told her that I thought the set that I ordered came with a chair also.I asked if I kept my purchase receipt. I explained that I did not have the purchase receipt on hand and I was not given a delivery receipt from the workers.It had been over a month since I ordered the furniture. She stated they would have the delivery worker that just left my house to return to pick up the chair.I explained to her that there was no way that would allow them to return to my home after the experience that I has just had with them. Moments later,the disrespectful delivery worker called my phone to plead his case.I explained to him that I had spoken with this supervisor and I would not discuss anything further with him.I told him to never call my phone again.After having spoke with him,one of the customer service workers called again. She advised me to place the chair outside of my home so the disrespectful delivery worker could complete his delivery to the correct customer. I explained to her there was no way that I would pick up the chair and place it outside.I was not responsible for there mix up and if they wanted the chair they were responsible for the delivery and pick-up.Finally I was contacted and told that a different delivery team would come to my home,pickup the chair that were not suppose to be delivered in the first place and put the bed together that should have been assembled as I asked. When the second team arrived,they were very pleasant and quickly removed the chair and assembled the bed in no time. They were great. I will Never purchase anything else from ASHLEY FURNITURE.This was my first purchase and my last. I had recommended the store to many of my friends because of the great prices and the quality furniture.However now I warn them and suggest they make there purchases elsewhere.I hope this dose not fall on deaf hears.Please reconsider who you allow to be your last point of contact .It may determine if you will have return customers.

    • I spent nearly $4,000.00 on two power sofas only to find after receiving them they are poorly designed. After sitting just a short time you can feel where the cushions are breaking down. Sitting on these couches were actually hurting us! After dealing with corporate and the store manager, we finally got a technician to come out. We asked him to feel the couch so he could feel the breakdown of the cushions. He refused to do so but did say it was a bad design and the sofa provided no support. Yet on his report he indicated our dissatisfaction was due to customer preference!

      Bottom line we are stuck with these sofas and because they are so comfortable we have them protected and stored in our garage. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy from this store. I am now going to sue them in court!

  3. I wish i never bought from here… worst customer service, damaged furniture upon delivery and now its taking forever to get the new items….. what a F nightmare.

  4. I will never purchase from Ashley Furniture again. Cheaply made furniture that is clearly overpriced for the quality. Customer service is even worse. It is pretty bad that they don’t return your call, but when you call back they tell you they don’t care that you are unhappy. Wow – this company sucks. I would lose my job if I behaved this way. How about a little accountability!? This kind of attitude will lead to closure…

  5. Wow, i never in my life dealt with a shady company as ashley. My wife and i bought a couch and why we were there looked at the beds. We saw they. had. A mattress in a box .We have old house so hard to get anything up our stairs.Anyway we spoke with sales men and he told us this is brand new item no one else sales mattress in a box. We spoke of. Our concerns. Told him we want to do research on it before we buy it and make sure it wasnt cheaper anywhere else.He swore up and down we would not find it cheaper and told us if we buy it today he could get us free delivery. We asked. Him what if we change our mind and we were aware. Of a 10% restocking fee he said no worriesd wewill not charge u the fee if u change your mind.Made us feel. He was trying to help us by getting it on the free dilvery deal and if we changed our mind we wouldnt be charged and had nothing to lose. So we paid them 1500 dollars. The next day i was in costco and saw they had. Matress in a box so made me wonder why he said they were the only company who made that product.So did some research and read all the bad reviews on Ashley. And found out they charged me 500 more than another store for the same exact bed same sku#s same everthing.So went back very next day told them i was lied to and cond, so want to stop the order and. want my money back. Thats when i was told they dont give refunds they charge u 150 dollars. To re-stock witch the saleman said they wouldnt charge and give u instore credit. Please what a scam, If that salesman would have said we cant give money refunds and youll be charged to stop order. No way in hell we would have bought the bed that night would have waited and did our resaerch like we wanted to.Bit he nade it seem he was helping us by getting the bed get the free dilivery and if u change your mind he wouldnt charge us a restocking fee and never once mentioned the in store credit deal. Now going to battle and calling everyone i can think of to get our money back that they pretty much commited fraud and stole our money just get the run around i have no bed and they still have my 1500 dollars.Going to do all i can to make sure this buisness changes its scam sneaky tactics. There is the web, word of mouth and the courts will fight for my rights tell they own up and. Pay me my money they stole from. Us.shame on you and this company u can scam only for so long by the reviews the words getting out the store in spokane closed down at one point. Huge red flag we over looked.what happend to trust and honesty? U would have kept my buisness instead you lie and con me out of our money just to nake that one deal.stupid.How long do u think a clothing store would stay open if u told them if u buy those 80 dollar jeans and if u get home and change your mind u can bring them back but will keep 20 bucks ofyour cash and give u in store credit. Soundd stupid dont u think ot would close in a day noboby thatwasnt lied to and was aware of the stupidty. Would pass and. To a real store who has. Respect.

  6. I will never buy from Ashley Furniture again!!
    After paying $5000 for a BACKORDERED couch on March 1st
    we inquired about canceling the order. (Still don’t have couch)
    We were told we could cancel but would have to pay a
    20% restocking fee. $1000. This is a popular couch
    obviously, since it’s BACKORDERED WHY is there a restocking
    fee. Completely rediculous! I will never shop at Ashley
    and I will discourage family and friend from shopping there.

  7. Never Again, Keep Away from this company.
    Ordered on 02/26/14 we are now 03/21/14 and still no furniture.
    They only accommodate themself not the customer and remind you that you only have 48 hours to cancel order. Even though they change delivery dates and let you know it’s for thier convenience per Hazel at Customer Care. Do not buy from this store!!

  8. We purchased a leather sofa set, (love seat, chair-ottoman, sofa). The sofa is still under warranty. All the sofa pieces are sinking down on us. Please help guide me who can help.
    Thank you.

  9. We purchased a leather blue sofa set (ottoman w/ chair, love seat and sofa). The entire sofa pieces are sinking down on us. It is under warranty. I need help from you.

  10. The delivery warehouse policies stink and are not customer friendly. If we pay money to have something delivered and have to pay extra to get it delivered and then have to wait two weeks for it to come from the warehouse, then the least they could do is come at the time that is suitable for the customer. If you are at work and can’t come at the time they tell you then that is just too bad. They make you reschedule for another day and then they still pick the time for that day and too bad if it is a time you will be at work. Then they tell you if you can’t be there when they can come that you will have to come get it from the warehouse at your convenience. First of all, we should have gotten a discount because the store didn’t have it in stock and for having to wait two weeks to get it and secondly if they want the customer to be happy and shop with them again then they should try to accomodate the customer. We have three furniture stores in our hometown but we chose to get it from Ashley which is a 45 minute drive because we really liked what they had. But never ever ever again and won’t recommend them to a soul. I wouldn’t send my dog to them.

  11. In march we went to the Shiloh,IL location to purchase a wooden bed frame and dresser. Was told it wasn’t in stock and would have to pick it up in South County in 2weeks. Drove out there from Belleville IL to pick it up and got home to find out the bed frame was broken.. Call the store to report it was broken and was told it would be another 2 weeks for another one to come in… Was upset and asked if they could deliver it this time but they told me they would have to charge for delivery. I refused to pay more for their mistake and so we went back 2 weeks later to pick up the 2nd bed frame got home and yet again it was broken in the same spot.. Now I’m pissed! Call back again upset and told them that we are giving them one last chance to get his right and fought to get it delivered for free and that they take it out of the box and make sure it wasn’t broken again. So waited another 3 weeks for it to come in hey delivered it and yet again it was broken asked the delivery guys if they looked at it before bringing it over and they told us the their supervisor saw it was damaged but told us to deliver it anyways…. Really??? I’m beyond pissed at this point refused the frame and sent it back. Call the store and told them what happened and that we were done we want our money back on frame and protection plan and that they should do more for our troubles was told we had to call customer service to do the refund called and it took weeks for hem to call us back finally got ahold I them and they would refund is the money for frame but they would have to call is back about he protection plan…. Been 3 weeks haven’t heard from anyone.. Called again left a message another week goes by nothing! Finally called the store in Shiloh and they said hey would send a check out in the mail!!! So today is May 15 and we’ve been dealing with a headache since the end of March! I will never ever purchase anything from Ashley’s again! There customer service is horrible and I plan on spreading the word to friends about them!

  12. salesmen sell protection plans to get bonus- the company Montag does not cover anything- when you call to put in a claim, they immediately tell you that it’s not covered- now when I call Ashley “Customer Service” they tell me that they can’t look up any of my information- How are you a “Customer Service” rep when you can’t look up any info???
    This company will find any way to rip you off.

  13. We purchased a living room set and it is falling apart and it has not even been a year. I don’t think I will ever purchase anything else from Ashley ever again. I work hard to save my money and pay for things in full so that I don’t have to finance anything and I paid 800 for a living room suit from Bishop furniture that lasted me 5 years and I paid double that for the one I bought from Ashley and it looks awful. The wood is chipping, the fabric is coming apart around the wood frame.

  14. Customer service waiting time is about 2hours plus ridiculous no one answer so I called the headquarters and they transfer me again no one answer please don’t buy from ashley furniture. My table came out broken and After one year a I’m waiting for a new one.

  15. The most unorganized and un-cooperative company I have ever dealt with. They messed up my order twice and after 1.5 months of delay, they would not schedule delivery for when I am home even though I called and requested early delivery. All they had to offer was that our computer is messed up and we cannot help you. Hell of way to treat customer. I suggest you take your board down in your manager’s office on your work ethics. No wonder customers were one before last .

  16. Worse coustomer service ever. Went to pick up order and it was incomplete. when i went back to pick up the rest, i was missing a piece of furniture and they said that i’ve picked it up before. This was a billing error on their part and is yet to be resolved 2 months later. I’m currently on hold on the phone with a customber rep and she tells me that she doesn’t think there’s a store in Houston. WOW! just WOW!!! I will never, ever buy anything from Ashley again.

  17. Buying from Ashley Furniture was the WORST decision I’ve ever made. It has been over a month since I placed my order, and it’s yet to be completed. My three attempts to contact the delivery department, including leaving them 3 voicemails in the past 9 days, have priced ineffective. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM

  18. I waited for 3 week to get my order delivered. when it came in it had missing cushions. it has now been over a month and I can get no response from anyone. these people do nothing after the sale.

  19. I waited for 3 week to get my order delivered. when it came in it had missing cushions. it has now been over a month and I can get no response from anyone. these people do nothing after the sale. I am ready for them to come pick this crap up.

  20. The furniture is overpriced and cheaply made. Adding insurance is a joke. I would never advise another human to deal with Ashley Furniture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The furniture is overpriced and cheaply made. Adding insurance is a joke. I would never advise another human to deal with Ashley Furniture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t want comments, do not make it hard to give one or don’t ask for comments. Think I will ask legal advice on a class action suit. Am sure I can get enough people to easily join in.

  22. I am very disappointed with Ashley Furniture. I purchases several items from them and being having problem with my dining room set. This happen last year (2013). They wouldn’t even try to match the same table, try to give me a table on display several time. Just gave up on them. Very Very unhappy with them.

  23. We bought a table and chairs.When delivered, one of the chairs had a bad cushion and parts missing. Delivery people said the parts coud be picked up at the store,WRONG. It has been a nightmare dealing with customer care. We will NEVER buy from them again and I would tell anybody else to not go to ASHLEY furniture.

  24. In August 2014, I purchased living,dining, and bedroom furniture. What a nightmare!! I still haven’t received all the pieces. They are all liars from the Galleria Store and the Delivery deptartment. They even called to confirm my delivery and didnt show up. Keep in mind this all went to my 2nd home,so each time I had to take off work or arrange to change my schedule. They cannot go out of the BOX! Even when Susan the manager cancelled my order. You would think customer service is key,and would have sent a truck at their expense that day with my missing pieces to just please the customer. BUT NO I have to reschedule another time.
    The only people that have been of any help are my sales person Gary and Ethel Ivory from the Sugar Land store.

  25. We purchased living furniture and it was promised on December 8, 2014, the delivery people brought some of our order, but said the othe couch wasn’t in, however, when we contacted Ashley’s they said they don’t know why it wasn’t delivered because it is in the warehouse, and it would be delivered today, we get a call today, and it’s not in, and nobody knows why someone would say it was in the warehouse last week. So, now you’re telling me I have to wait until next Monday because that’s when you deliver to my town. We were also told a manager would be calling within a half hour, it’s been close to 2 hours, and no call. I will never again order furniture from Ashley again, and I will make sure everyone I know, and everyone they know, knows what a poor run company you run.

  26. Do Not Buy from this company . You will be sorry. I bought a dining rm set. I am 65 and my husband is 72. We cannot open the butterfly table by ourselves. The top of the table is completely scratched , the entire table, just from dusting and salt? This is a set for up to 10 people . Don’t you think it would be durable. We have to put 2 place mats and hot pads to put a warm plate from the microwave and still the table on the two ends where we sit is raised from the heat. I took pics. and they said it was normal wear . Really !! the Buffet is worthless. you cannot even put a small place mat in the drawer or the cabinet. What is it for then. I have a 30yr. table in better shape than this . So disappointed I saved so long to get this. Now it is just a daily aggravation to look at. Wish I had read these reviews before purchasing.

  27. So far my experience hasnt been great. I asked for a delivery on a specific day they cant deliver all pieces that day. So I said I could wait an extra week so all pieces could be delivered together. They call me and say they still can’t deliver all pieces even a week later. They sent an e-mail confirming first delivery. And it’s wrong. I can’t get anything but a busy tone on the call back number.

  28. So far my experience hasnt been great. I asked for a delivery on a specific day they cant deliver all pieces that day. So I said I could wait an extra week so all pieces could be delivered together. They call me and say they still can’t deliver all pieces even a week later. They sent an e-mail confirming first delivery. And it’s wrong. I can’t get anything but a busy tone on the call back number.

  29. I have been trying to get in touch with customer service for two weeks now, you wait on hold and you wait and you wait and you wait, and never did a person answer the phone. I purchased a recliner in the Patchogue store and while a service man from Jennifer was here, I mentioned that the chair looked crooked, he called your service department and was given the OK to order a new piece, a few days later I received a package with a new leather slip cover, this is not going to correct the problem of my crooked chair. I cannot reach anyone to help me with this issue. Please respond and et me know what I am to do.

  30. Wish I had read these before purchasing. I,also, will never purchase from this company again & will encourage friends & family to follow. My saga began months ago. In 2011 we purchased a Leather recliner. . .it came with a complementary Leather cleaning kit’. EXCEPT that upon delivery as I removed tags, I noted that it was a ‘leather blend’ and never to be ‘represented’ as leather. Perhaps some employee training is needed. I should have returned it then but decided it would be o.k.
    So, 1 day I notice that the fabric on the back of the chair was literally separating. I called customer service & after a few calls they decided to send a new back out. What arrived was basically a slip cover. Before that part arrived, I noticed the same problem was taking place on the arms. I called & was told they would send out arms. I asked that they replace the chair. I was told that the only reason they were ‘fixing’ the chair was as a ‘courtesy’ to me because they had known for awhile that the fabric was flawed. Really? And they hadn’t recalled it? It is a Courtesy? Really?? I bought an extended warranty. I was told it didn’t cover the fabric because it was a manufacturer’s error, not theirs. Really? Listen to their message as they put you on hold. It states specifically that they cut out the middle man by designing, manufacturing & marketing. So how is it again that it isn’t covered by the warranty that they sold.
    So the nightmare continues & I will save you the time. When the tech finished the repairs, I did not sign the slip as three separate employees said that if we did not sign, it would generate a call from management. It has been weeks & no one has contacted us. When the tech repaired the arms, he put a hole on the fabric and did NOT attach the face of the arm.
    Now, I can also guarantee you that it will give me great pleasure to continue to call, e-mail & snail mail them until I have resolution to this. I will also have no problem going in person to their stores to complain in front of potential customers. I am not good at accepting crappy service!!

  31. The entire process has been a nightmare I took me 4 trip to the store to complete my purchase , and I had a sale rep that lack experience, he messed up my order, Then I had to go back to make the purchase he left off, and then when it was time to deliver, I got several delivery dates in which no one showed up nor did they cancel. Some of my items were discontinued I found out on the date of delivery, The store never contacted me, I still don’t have my refund for those item, I took off work for one delivery date this is the one where no one showed up I also founded out some of my items had got broken, I called the store several times, and asked for a Manager to call me, ( John was supposed to call of course he hasn’t I’m still waiting on my refund and final delivery, in which I told them they would be on my schedule I will not take another day off work, I can say without a doubt I will never purchase anything else form Ashley

  32. i bought a sofa and love seat and i need to buy a seat cover for my loveseat and i cant get a number or person to help me i was on ths-e phone waiting over 2 hours is this how you do your cusmters all i need is a phone number please

  33. Ashley Furniture at Stone Crest, dose not live up to their word. My mom ordered a bed two weeks ago and they reassured her it would be delivered on April 15,2015. That day came and no bed, my sister called the store only for them to tell her, “We have April 17th” my sister then told them “No you guys were to deliver today” to make my story short they agreed to deliver the next day which was Thursday the 16th as of this day still no bed. My sister did contact corporate, and they as well reassured us the bed would be out on Thursday. I would say Ashley Furniture dose not live up to their words.

  34. Buenas Tardes:

    Desde diciembre del 2014 estoy esperando una reparacion de un mueble en garantia servicio # ( 8803 ) y lo que e recibido a este momento es que me pasen de telefono en telofono y nadie me a resuerto el problema , ademas son telefonos que nadie contesta y se le a dejado mensajes y no contestan. Quiero dejarles saber que estaba contento con sus muebles ,precios y servicios pero desde mi ultima compra el servicio al cliente a sido PESIMO , espernado una respuesta a mi situacion

  35. Oh, I wish I would have read these comments before I purchased from Ashley Furniture. I will never buy from them again. They are not customer friendly. The sales people are good; however, after you buy from the store..well, you’re on your own. It has been impossible to get to talk with anyone other than the receptionist on the phone. I went over to the store to speak with the manager and still no satisfaction. The manager told me she would call me back with a deliver time. Still no phone call. I will never recommend this store. I advise anyone not to purchase from Ashley. How do they stay is business? I purchased from the store in Lexington, KY.

  36. I Order baby Furniture on 20 April 2015, and my delivery date was May 2nd,I was called by store and was inform that my new delivery date will be May 15th. On May 15th they did not bring all of my furniture, the problem we are having is we need the bed and it wasn’t on the truck right now my grand child is sleeping on the floor, because we sold her old furniture to make room for new furniture she will sleep on the floor until Ashley Furniture get my order right. Our next delivery date is May 28 2015. I hope Ashely furniture can get my order right,


    You will REGRET of purchasing anything from ASHLEY!

  38. I don’t have the furniture but you have my money and I am more discusted than I have been in my life.After reading these commits I can see why even the store manager acts like an idiot.I was told my furniture would be here in 2-3 weeks it has been 5 I can’t find out where it is because the sales person is on sick leave.Never buy anything from Asley rip off joint.

  39. Very unhappy with quality of products and quality of customer service as well. It takes them forever to answer phone call. No dough, they are busy to talk to beast customers. In 5 month my barely used recliner get broken. Something wrong with engine. It takes forever to get it fixed. Next time I will choose different furniture store. Top prices, but low quality. Very disappointed. Vill share with my experience.

  40. I bought two reclining sofas with warrantees and picked them up from the store. NO ONE told me that by picking them up I voided any kind of responsibility they had to make sure I had quality pieces. $2000 later and a month of discomfort I called their customer service only to find out that I had to prepay a trip fee for a technician to come out and look at the sofas. Let’s even back track further to say when we paid for the sofas we were told 4 weeks to get them, when we looked later at the receipt it was showing a deliver 8 weeks out. So I didn’t get the sofa that the store has on the floor, apparently I was supposed to have the warehouse open the boxes remove all the plastic and try them out before I ever loaded them into the trailer. And get this, customer service says she can call the owner about my problem but he won’t do anything about it.

  41. I don’t know anyone who has purchased furniture from Ashley’s that is satisfied with any part of their experience. I also bought a recliner that was defective and after months of phone calls I feel we will probably just have to live with it. Worst customer service ever. If you buy something from WalMart and return it you get your money back. Not with Ashley!! My husband was even injured because of the defect in the chair and they still argue over every little penny. I am seriously thinking about getting an attorney. Worst company ever. DON’T BUY FROM ASHLEY’S!!

  42. This store is a nightmare for mi I’m still waiting for my refund because I cancel my Oder is been 3 months calling customer serv and they are sooooo stupid

  43. I cannot get over the horrible service I just received from your company.
    1. My Father drove 1.5 hours away to pick p a TV stand (his choice) to find out the stand was NOT assembled. Why would the sales person at the store not tell my 69 year old father that the 200 lb.TV stand would have to be assembles.
    2. After my Father drove 1.5 hrs back home we discovered that the TV stand was damaged (the surface was not dry when the packed it causing indentations)3. I called Customer Service and the first thing out of the woman’s mouth was , “you need to call the store.” Not, I’m sorry for your inconvenience or anything, just rude.
    4. After I called the store they told me that I should have “inspected” the box before I took it home. The box was covered it duct tape and weighed 200 pounds; how do you even do that? Your company should inspect it.
    5. After the man said he would exchange it he said we STILL have to PAY for SHIPPING?! He’s charging us only $60 but it’s the principle. The whole point of driving was to avoid that charge.
    I am just appalled. My Mom and Dad are so worked up about this and I hate seeing them like this. This whole thing has been a disaster. Can you please help us in anyway?
    Order #1410579650

  44. I purchased a bed 1 month ago was promised the bed in 2 weeks. still waiting for the bed. I will never ever buy anything from this place again. Customer service sucks. You cant get any one on the phone and when you do they bounce you around from person to person. Im reporting them to the BBB

  45. Very disappointed !After buying a 3000$ leather sofa from AF,that came with a scratches and rip,somebody from AF was supposed to come and look at it -either they will replace it or fix it.This guy,scheduled to come to our house about 3 weeks ago,apperantly could not find our house-exuse-something with his GPS!!!After making like a four phone calls with my husband back and fort-last one was at 6.30 pm!,he never showed up or called again!When my husband called AF customer service,what is going on,they told him that the person did came to our house at like 8pm.Very interesting,since being home and waiting for him ,nobody came ,but he claims otherwise!Since then,nobody has ever contact us again from AF!Will never buy from them again and will never recommend it to nobody.Still waiting what they are to do with our sofa.

  46. We just had our new furniture delivered less than7 and its damaged. We tried talking with our sale rep in person and she said the is final and there is nothing she can help with . 512 508 3576

  47. I purchased a furniture set from Ashley Furniture this year for my new apartment and from the beginning I have had problems. Today, topped it off. I recently scheduled a repair for my threading on my furniture and called in September for someone to come out to repair the furniture and was told on the phone that they would be out today, 10/15/15 in order to repair my furniture. After being on hold and hung up on since 7:30 AM this morning and it is now 1:04 PM while I’m at work as well, trying to figure out if they were coming to fix the furniture or not since I did not receive my call like the lady told me on the phone, I am highly frustrated. To sum it up- The fact of the situation is, I do not like being lied to especially when I am spending good money on good quality furniture. I would expect good quality services in return. I will not purchase again from Ashley Furniture in the future due to my experiences. I have tried to give them multiple chances, but it every time something else happens.

  48. I purchased a bedroom suit (heirloom I was told) from the local store here in town. After being ultimately disappointed at the lack of delivery free of charge (spent over $4,000) we had to go to the distribution center and pick up the furniture. We get it home and the corner foot board was busted and shattered. It looked like someone had dropped it. We had to have another one ordered only after I refused to let them try to repair my NEW furniture. When the footboard arrived we had to disassemble the bed. Jack the mattress up with car jacks in my home. Take the old footboard to the distribution center. Retrieve the new footboard and replace it ourselves. NO apology, no assistance, no regard to the inconvenience. After having sold furniture myself, I was appalled at the lack of customer service.
    A few months later I decided to purchase the matching tall boy dresser. Similar situation. This is a heavy piece. I get it home and the left side of the dresser has drawers that do not align to the right side creating areas so large that sunlight can be seen through both the side or the drawer and the top left corner of the drawer for a good four inches across the entire dresser on all the drawers. I have, however, literally been trying to convince myself that this huge gap is ok simply because I know when I call today they will tell me that I have to bring it back and trade it in or they will send someone out to my home to “rig” something up and “fix” it for me.

    Heirloom, huh.
    And what happened to customer service that provides free delivery and assistance? What happened to standing behind your product – and let’s forget made in America apparently that is unheard of..

  49. My name is Diana Goodman and on June 29,2015 I purchased a Sleeper Sofa and Love seat from you Ontario, Oregon Store. This was a $1600+ plus purchase. The sleeper sofa had to be ordered and I was told it would be 2 to 4 weeks. I was charged $150.00 to have it delivered because we live 70+ miles from the store. I was also told that the furniture would be delivered to their store on a Wed and then we would get it on a Thursday. 2 weeks pass,3weeks pass, 4th week . I called the store to see if my furniture had come in and they said they had not be notified as yet. I as them to check on the status and I was told that they didn’t have conformation of Sleeper being manufactured. I as for the manager and told him I wanted to cancel my order, he told be that I couldn’t because they didn’t have a warehouse that they could store it for future sale. Finally I am notified that the furniture had arrived at their store ( this was a Wed.) to which I said so I will have it the next day. No they said , they didn’t have anyone coming our way that day and they couldn’t deliver it till the following Monday. This the end of July at this point and I have lived without furniture in my living room all this time. I ask for the Manager again and the lady on the phone said He is in the warehouse can I have him call you. He called back that afternoon. I said to him I thought you didn’t have a warehouse. He said who told you that. I hope you can understand my frustration at this point. I told him Monday delivery was not an option and I had a house full of company coming and I needed that furniture. He said they might be able to get here by Sat. I was very upset and just wanted it over with. Then low and behold he would bring the furniture the next day. Finally the furniture arrives and the guys delivering it were very nice and got everything set up. That is nightmare #1. Nightmare #2. After having the furniture for a few weeks I notice that the back cushions of the loveseat that I sit on there was no bounce back to the filling, and after having people sit on the sofa you could see right where the had leaned against the back cushions. The most noticeable was the love seat. So once again I called the store and ask for the manager. They as what it was concerning and I told them. The transferred me and I talk to the manager and explained the problem. He said they would send new cushions and there would be someone to come replace them(they would call before they came to do the work) that should take care of the problem. Several weeks went by and we came home one day and here are these two large packages on my front porch. I left the bags unopened waiting for someone to call. No one called and another week or so went by. I opened one of the packages and realize they had sent the bottom cushions for the sofa. Another call to the store, this time I got the customer service guy and once again explained the problem. He said he didn’t understand why they would send the bottom cushions.09/30/15 He said he would send a bag of poly fill to stuff into the back cushion and that should take care of the problem . That as of today has not shown 10/30/15.

    As you might guess I am not a happy customer of the Ashely people. This was suppose to be top of your line furniture (or so I was told). At this point I just want this furniture gone and my money back. I have been lied to so many time I am done.

    I think it is unfortunate that people send good money to be treated in this manner.

    Some kind of timely response would be nice.

  50. My husband and I purchased multiple furniture from Ashley furniture and we have received the worst customer service ever. First, the storage bed we got, the drawer was not put in right. Have to call service center to come out, won’t come out until 20 Nov. Second, sectional couch was a partial delivery, also the chaise came with the wrong legs, it’s sitting in our living room on plastic without legs, had to call service center to come fix it, won’t come until 20 Nov, we are still waiting on the love seat, no delivery date yet, purchased on October 13. Next was a dining room set, 4 out of 6 chairs are wobbly, now need to call service center again to come and fix chairs. To top it off, delivery did not come until 5:30pm, my husband waited all day. Another issue was out of 3 deliveries, they went to the wrong house twice. It’s so upsetting to know that we paid for all of it in full and still don’t have all of everything we paid for. We need some type of compensation for enduring such painful service dealing with your company. We have purchased a lot of our furniture from Ashley’s and will never go back again. There is something wrong with your system. FIX IT!

  51. Yes I purchased a Lenoris leather sofa, love seat and recliner on September 9, 2015. I was using the left side of couch recliner when I noticed that there was a half circle cut back behind arm. I realize tha I’ve had it for a month, however, I’m really disappointed. Mainly because it’s obvious that someone tried to fix it. This furniture is a once in a lifetime for me. I even bought extended premium protection plan. Is there anything I can do? Thank you for your help in this matter. Sincerely Terri D Malesky

  52. Purchased sleeper sofa, 2 recliners, Sealy mattress and box springs and expensive pillow on 11/7. Put down $850, financed remaining. Changed mind immediately about furniture and canceled next day. All to be delivered on 10th, per invoice and verbal at time of purchase. Nothing delivered. New invoice indicates delivery on 18th. Have stopped payment on check. Bed model number is generic and does not indicate which specific model or texture. Will likely refuse bed when delivered based on these reviews. Had a funny feeling almost immediately.

  53. I don’t even know where to start. I have always loved Ashely furniture and have been using them for a long time. Up until recently I’ve never had a problem or issue with anything or anyone. Ill start with my sofa and love seat. I purchased them in Sept 2013. Two weeks later the love seat broke. When I opened it to recline, it was extremely crooked. I went through all the customer service channels and they sent a repairman. He arrived two weeks later and said we needed a part. Two weeks after that he came back and replaced it. One month after that, it broke again. After arguing with customer service about replacing it, they reluctantly did. It broke again one year later. I didnt even bother because the warranty was up and I didnt feel like getting into it again with customer service. Lets move to one year later, which would be Aug of 2015. I needed a bed set and wall unit. I decided to give Ashley another shot. So my mother in law and I headed out to the store. She purchased a sofa, love seat and numerous miscellaneous items. I purchased a wall unit, a 7 piece bed set, mattress, box spring and numerous miscellaneous items. The grand total was roughly $10,000. Not a bad sale!!! Right!? All the furniture came around two weeks later. Still not bad. My mother in laws furniture was a little damaged but the driver fixed it on spot. My bed set came damaged as did my wall unit but the mattress and box spring was fine. At least i thought it was. They sent service for bed set and sent a replacement pier for the wall unit. Without going into every service call, it took 5 tries to get the pier correct. IT NEVER HAPPENED!. I spoke to Bibi in customer service, who was the only one who was nice and patient with me because I am a straight up a@#hole. Bibi was great!!! She ended up giving me $400.00 back on my Ashley card because they couldn’t get the pier correct. Now let’s move to 3 months later. I’m sleeping on my “new” mattress and I noticed it was sinking. I felt like I was sleeping in a hole. My fiance felt the same way. BACK TO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! OH DEAR GOD!!! Apparently, the divots or holes have to be 1 1/2 inches deep for them to replace it. SERIOUSLY !!!!!!! A mattress that’s 3 months old gets divots!!!!! I am not overweight nor is my fiance. I honestly feel that this is ludicrous. Just my opinion…

  54. About 3-4 years we purchased for cash the love seat with console, from a store here that has very recently gone out of business. At first the recliners were okay, looked nice, etc. I am the main user of one of the recliners. I have a cat whose claws did some damage, but my complaint is that the back rest of “my” chair and other areas have flat worn out! The webbing that the “leather like” material was attached to is very evident. I bought some slip covers, but they don’t well and look awful! I feel that the chair should last longer and be pleasing to the eye! I wish I would receive some kind of payment to have the chair reupholstered.

  55. I came in with my partner, greeted by Raul “spelling” eating. not a ta ta gal so, no biggie. Said hello, think we will just look a bit if thats ok. k he says, the left side is contemp, the right a little nicer. 😉 ty.. we walk. look, & decide what we like, surprisingly,first stop on what would be a month journey. Little does the man know what all I would like. Here because of back issues, Had a new microfiber. Sold it for 300 6 months ago. sat a leather futon in the center of my living room.cute. New home, hoa.. yada yada.. we know the story. don’t really mind. I work 85 % of my life like most of us. I have an amazing bed ha. BUT, my thought process. Ill purchase whenever & watch tv in the living area. kinda nice. 🙂 no rush obviously as its been months. today, I get up, grab a marriage license like we do everyday, renew the tags on the car, go by bank. I think.. furniture. Naturally, I live close so i take business to my little community. Find what i would like & go on a matching table accessories adventure. FIND IT! I grab it “Not to be lifting, little end table, no biggie. Raul LOOKS AT ME.. I would like to see how this looks. he immediately “nothing on the floor is for sale. me.. just want to check if its a match. would you mind toting for me. He says no. Calls for young boy that has been there about 3 weeks, the greatest in this store I might ad.I thought it rather shallow Raul did not carry it. learning he was equal. eating a cookie I never knew was there. we get there “cld work.. will pick something different maybe. older guy married 45 years, sold jewelry. here 3 years yada..knowledgeable & ok. he begins journeys to & fro with his bottom dollar not making a dime condescending speech.haven’t even asked for a deal. he leads me to check it out online which leads to a better price. Could I maybe get a bottled water? been here a while “its a lot to ask” I feel as Im buying a car. Brazilian Leather, cows, bob wire 5 year etc.bumper 2 bumper. Larry not sure didn’t have a card. Brass tag mentor tells me waters in the spicket. can’t drink cold water, stomach. he tells me, it will warm up. Nice. I think.Keep in mind we have agreed to 2300 deal on apron antique sofa & love. not feeling ok now with 100 delivery across the street. 3200 tax title & license suddenly. I look at another table. open the drawers. shake my head, there sits peoples ss #, credit apps, receipts. addresses, CC numbers a pen & a measuring tape. definitely paying cash. Love the table, “all running through my mind. SECURITY!? oh .. the Blue bridge, Ill paint it red! & the lil basket I saw with aqua balls! finished! how much? online 50% off the lil trinkets. Great! ill put it on th new table. Water is still warming up, I ask why online says 1 thing. he explains, he doesn’t have to be like them. “Corporate” he’s off tomorrow. its 8:30 ugh BAD EXPERIENCE. Store, Alliance town center Fort worth, TX 9100 N Freeway. I get you are independently owned… I checked. It still reflects a whole… Sad. ty

  56. We purchased a double recliner sofa in Dec. 2014 for our son for Christmas. We had it delivered to our house along with two recliners we bought for ourselves. We moved the recliner sofa to his apartment in Aberdeen the day after Christmas. But the thing fell apart in less than six months. One of the recliners broke and then the upholstery started coming apart. He has to put a sheet over it to sit on it. It looks horrible. I called the Fayetteville store where we bought it to complain and they told me since we had moved it, the warranty was no good. That is hogwash. We moved it on a truck while it was still in the factory packaging. We are terribly disappointed in the recliner sofa and the store’s response. I’ve waited this long to complain again but I can’t take it any more. I want a new recliner sofa or my money back. Let me know how you plan to resolve this.

  57. This company just sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!There is not much more you can say about it. I have been dealing with a couch – yes 1 couch for one year now. Unbelieveable!!
    I purchased in November – they wrote up the wrong couch – wrong couch delivered – I went back and paid the difference for the couch it should have been. after the 3rd delivery attempt they finally sent one that was not damaged. NOw understand with it being their fault for sending damaged furniture – it became our fault and each time I had to take time from work as their schedule was what was important – not mine. I have now been using the couch for 1 year
    and have a bad spot that has come up on it. I took out the extra protection that they told me they would even cover if the dog tore a hole in it – sounded great. Paid extra. I callled in this problem the other day -thinking all I would need to do it line up appointment to fix the couch. Now I am not exactly sure what happend to the couch and that seemst to be my mistake that I did not make something up. This is what the customer service told me – I do not think we will be covering your problem because it was not an incident or accident. I asked for her to tell me this again and she did. I said what are you talking about – this was clearly an incident or accident – she said oh not – not from what you are telling me – it sounds like bad material………………seriously???????????????
    She was to send me over paperwork to fill out as she explained this is a lengthy process……………why?????????????????? Well guess what – I am still waiting on the paperwork.

  58. I bought furniture in November very dissatisfied with it, looks cheap and warn. Called Customer Service a month later because my NEW furniture started to look old. Ashley sent out a person that stated he could add filler to my pillows and order new cushions, I stated that I would rather chose something different, did NOT happen and NO one cared or returned my calls. I called customer service again and nothing happened.
    I was referred to Ashley by a friend, I will NEVER refer anyone to Ashley nor will I ever give a positive comment to anyone at any time about the furniture sold in this store.

    Once you make your purchase for thousands of dollars the furniture they then add all that they can to your bill and you are history!!!! My sales person was Bobby, he was pleasant however never communicated with me after the sale. He told me that he would take good care of me after opening a line of credit for thousands of dollars, not in this life!

    Regretful Cathy

  59. To whom it may Concern:

    Over the past two weeks my new fiancĂ© and I have experienced the worst buying experience of any retailer in our lives. Let me preface this with the fact that my family gets all their furniture from Ashley. I will include my mother’s name and you can look up the amount of money she has spent with Ashley Furniture over the years. (Virginia Kay Dent) Now that my fiancĂ© and I have to furnish a brand new single family home we too went to Ashley Furniture. After the past two weeks I am sad to say that we regret that decision. From the very start of the process to the end, we thought that was finally today 4-15-16, but again yet another mishap, we have experienced poor customer service, miss information about prices, negligence, lies, the list goes on and on. Now let me get to the details. On Monday April 4th my fiancĂ© and I went to Ashley after work and saw a bedroom set that we really liked. A gentleman named Joe helped us and he was very nice. The set that we were interested in was the Marsilona set. We wanted to purchase the king bed, two night stands the dresser with mirror, the 5 drawer dresser and the extra chest door dresser. I say extra because at the time we were only going to purchase that extra piece if the price was reasonable. Joe crunched some numbers and gave us 10 percent off and before making a decision we wanted to shop around town and make sure that we were getting the best deal and that we didn’t find anything else that we loved. This is the furniture going into our new house so it was very important. We left and shopped around and the next day at work I went online to look at various furniture from other stores as well as Ashley. I went on the Ashley online store and found everything we wanted the previous night and I also was able to add it to cart and get 15 percent off instead of the 10 percent the sales representative offered me. After talking to my fiancĂ© she met me back at the Ashley home store in Woodbridge, Virginia. I had with me print outs of the furniture and the prices online. My reason for going to the store and not ordering online was simple, we wanted to test out some of the mattresses for the set and get it all together. Easy, simple one stop shopping. After speaking to a sales rep at the store about mattresses we both decided on a king mattress and the last decision to be made was if we were going to purchase the Marsilona Chest of Drawers Item number B712-48. I asked the sales rep to come up with the final price for everything so that we could make this decision. He came back with a final price of $4,628.85. We both agreed that was a great price so we started the process of applying for financing. Everything went really smooth, we got approved and then we get to the checkout counter and Mustafa the sales rep did not include two Marsilona night stands on the sales order (B712-93). This was a simple mistake so we added the second night stand and it brought our total to 4953.96 plus tax. We put 1000 dollars down. We were then giving a receipt that had hand written item description numbers on it. My fiancĂ© and I were told their systems were down and that they had no printer or fax machine or anything working so in good faith we went through the order and the sales rep had me initial the items. We were then told we would get an email the next day with more detailed descriptions and the financing information. We never received any email or any correspondence about our purchase. I called Ashley and they told me that the systems were still down but not to worry that we could come in and sign later. We then received confirmation that our furniture was going to be delivered on Saturday April 9th. My finance and her parents were at the house while I was at work and I get a call after the delivery that everything had been delivered except our Marsilona Chest of Drawers (B712-46) This is the item that somehow got left off of our invoice. Oh not to mention the matress protector that the sales representative Mustafa told my fiancĂ© and I he was going to give to us for the large purchase that we were making, was billed to our account and not given to us at all. She could have gotten that item cheaper at another store. Another lie. I called Ashley Furniture immediately and spoke with Manager David Williams. He assured me that he would handle the situation. My fiancĂ© was crying and upset and I was at work and trying to get to the bottom of the situation. I did not hear back from David until he left me a voice mail the following day to call him. I made numerous attempts to contact Mr. Brown. On Monday I had taken off work to get a moving company to move my other furniture into my new house. I finally got in touch with Mr. Brown and he tells me that I have to come into the store. After I finished with the movers I drove all the way from Stafford to Woodbridge to meet him. He was in a meeting and I waited for 45 minutes at the store. After talking with Mr. Brown he says that there was a mistake and that the sales rep left another item off my ticket and also charged me for something he flat out told me I was getting for free. Mr. Brown assured me that he would add the Marsilona Chest of Drawers (B712-46) to our order at cost, the lowest possible price for our inconvenience at this point I just wanted to get out of the store. I agreed and we added it to the financing. Then he tells me that my fiancĂ© has to come back up to the store again sometime this week to sign for the financing all because the previous week their systems were down. We still had not received the e-mail from them that they had promised to send the week prior. My fiancĂ© went in last night to sign the papers, again tired and depleted at this point and just wanting this process over with came home and thought that everything was finalized and we would receive the dresser that we were missing, scheduled to be delivered Friday 04-15-16. This morning the delivery shows up and it’s the Marsilona Chest of Drawers (B712-48) that we already have! The same piece that we would not have purchased had Ashely Furniture been transparent and upfront with its pricing and item description. I called the dispatch for delivery and explained that they sent the wrong chest of drawers and that we already had that piece of furniture. She did some digging and called me back and found that there was a manufacturer’s error and that the pieces had been labeled wrong from the factory. So two weeks later we still don’t have our dresser. I will attach the original copy of what I was given as a receipt. I am not the kind of person who complains and I realize that mistakes happen, but this has been over and over and over. I also do not appreciate a sales associate telling me one thing, showing me one price and then being charged another. Nor do I think a sales associate should tell someone that they are getting something for appreciation for spending a large sum of money with a company only to then turn around and add it to the bill.
    My fiancé and I are very unsatisfied with the service, treatment and overall lack of skills all around during this transaction. We felt used, and not treated well, especially for the amount of money that we have spent on this bedroom furniture. I personally feel that the Ashley team did not have me or my fiancés best interest at heart. We considered ourselves part of the Ashley family. This is not the customer service that I expected from Ashley when we started this process.
    Derrick Dent and Lorie Jones

  60. We bought two vinyl recliner’s three years ago and with a little bit of dampness to The head area they crinkled up and tore, in other words the chairs are trash I have called three different Ashley customer service lines and get nothing more than sorry the warranty is to state my advice to anyone out there dude not by Ashley furniture’s junk

  61. Sorry my last comment was a little mixed up all I want to say to people out there is don’t buy Ashley furniture’s junk!!!

  62. Anyone that would like to know if Ashley Furniture is a good buy, I would reply by saying are you stupid. If you want to buy junk then yes it the furniture for you. If you like to be lie too then yes Ashley is for you. If you want customer service to treat you like a dog then buy from Ashley. But for anyone that want to buy a great piece of furniture that will last then fine another furniture store

  63. I ordered a bedroom set. After waiting over 2 weeks for delivery the day finally came for it to be delivered. I’ve been sleeping on a floor for those two weeks. Yesterday, when delivery men can they didn’t have the right bolts to set up the bed so I was given the only option of refusing the order. Now I have to wait for a phone call to reschedule the delivery for a couple weeks later. Ashley’s furniture should be setting it up to rede liver, WITH THE RIGHT PARTS TO ASSEMBLE, for the best day. I shouldn’t have to wait even longer for my bed to be delivered because of Ashley’s furniture messing up. Yet another night sleeping in the floor. Thanks Ashley’s. I am expecting to be contacted shortly to fix this problem and have my bed delivered promptly. If not, then I won’t be shopping at Ashley’s furniture in the future.

  64. I was interested in the Marsolina bedroom set for my daughter but am scared to buy furniture from
    Ashley with all the terrible reviews

  65. I purchasers a bed with Ashley furniture that was ordered. I had the worst experience I can possibly have this is the 4 th attempt of delivery and every time it’s a problem. Last delivery they were missing the railings and we’re trying to deliver the bed with no phone call advising that rails were missing. I didn’t accept delivery now they found the rails and called me to have delivery tomorrow and now they noticed footboard got damaged. I will never buy any furniture from Ashley again the worst experience ever

    • I ordered 2 bedroom sets on June 25, 2016 in Ashley Furniture Store in Lakeland, Florida w/delivery set up for July 9, 2016. Wrong nightstands delivered (2 for one bedroom set, none for the other) as well as one bed being broken and unusable (bent rails). Additionally, they did not put any of the knobs on the dressers, and left wood parts on the floor, to which I don’t know what they belong to, or should be used for, if anything. Called about error within minutes of delivery staff leaving, but were told they could not do anything until the images of everything delivered were uploaded to the main server and they would call us back. We also asked where our pillows were, as they were not delivered. Were told that we should have been given pillows at the store, that they were a store item, and that we could come pick them up. We live 60 miles from the store, and were in there purchasing for two hours, which was ample time for someone to have given us pillows while we waited. We received no call back on 7/9/16, so we called again on 7/10/16 and asked for a status update and were told someone would call us back. We called again at the close of the business day on 7/10/16 and were told the photos were on the server and confirmed we were delivered the wrong nightstand, and that they could not deliver the correct furniture or address the bed issue until the following Monday (7/18/16).

      Again, we took off work and waited for the delivery of the correct night stand and to deal with the broken bed issue. The delivery did come, and they swapped out the night stand and confirmed the bed was broken and took photos and stated we should call customer service immediately to get the issue resolved (which we had done the day it was delivered initially). We were told that again, they could not schedule anything until the photos of the broken bed were uploaded, and someone would call us. We again received no return phone call, but had to call back ourselves the next day (7/19/16). Once again, we were told there were no delivery spots available for a week. We took off work AGAIN for delivery between 3 pm and 7 pm on 7/25/16, and when we had not heard anything at 7 PM, we called again. We spoke to both Alicia and Rebecca at the Lakeland store, multiple times about this order/delivery. We were told there was one delivery in front of us and they would be out. At 8:58 PM we called AGAIN, and were told they were at the delivery prior to us. At this point, a furniture delivery after 9 PM is unacceptable, especially with no prior arrangement. No one ever showed up and no one ever called us on 7/25/16 for any updates – all phone calls were initiated by ourselves as the customer. Of course, at 10 PM, no one at Ashley Furniture anywhere is answering any phone calls.

      I called customer service on 7/26/16 at 9 AM and was only offered to re-set up the delivery for the following week, at which point I noted that was unacceptable, and the CS rep stated that was all he could do other than sending an email to the warehouse to see if they could do it sooner. No apology that no one showed up, no attempt to escalate and make this right, just “we’ll give you the next available appointment.” I told him at that time that if that was the extent of him being able to help me, I wanted to be transferred or have this escalated to someone who could make something happen, and was told that anyone I was transferred to would only be able to do the same thing. I also asked to be included on the email he was sending out, so I could confirm it was being done, and was told he could not do that.

      I called the local store where the furniture was purchased and spoke to Yarima, who stated she was the customer service manager there, and she would look into it. I expressly told her that if the situation could not be resolved by the end of the business day on 7/27/16, I wanted to set up a time for pick up of the entire bedroom set because I was not willing to wait any longer, and had been patient enough with all the issues up to this point, especially the poor communication about late/no show delivery. I also asked her when she thought she would have some information, and she told me that she could not give me an exact time, but that she should know something by 12:30 or 1 pm. At 4:58 pm, when I had not heard anything back, I called and spoke to Yarima again, and this time was told that the truck that was supposed to have delivered my furniture had not checked back into the warehouse, and that they did not know where my furniture was at the moment, therefore, could not tell me anything. She indicated she was leaving at 5 PM for the day, but worked from home and would contact me if she heard anything, otherwise she would be in at 11 AM the next day and would follow up. At 11:30 am on 7/27/16, I once again called the Lakeland store since no one had contacted me, and was told at that time that Yarima does not come in at 11, she comes in at 1 PM. Clearly, since I have received no phone call with any arrangements, the furniture will not be delivered today,nor have I been able to speak to anyone regarding the issue.

      At this point, I just want someone to come pick up the damaged bedroom set that no one seemed to care about making sure was replaced appropriately and timely. My daughter has not had a bed to sleep on for 3 weeks now, and I have missed 2 days of work waiting for an issue to be resolved that still sits the same as the day the broken bed was delivered. Please have someone contact me regarding pick up of the defective furniture and a full credit back to my account for this bedroom set so I may purchase something functional immediately. I did not receive the functional and intact merchandise I paid for, it is my right as the consumer to return such goods for a full refund of the purchase price of the bedroom set, with no re-stocking fee.

  66. 9:04 pm on a Saturday still waiting for a 3-6 pm delivery that I purchased two months ago and paid $ 100 delivery charge. Had to cancel diner reservations Was lied to by sales rep. Got to luv ur service!!

    • File a complaint with your local BBB, tell them of the issue and what you would like for a resolution. Ashley Furniture has reps that deal with BBB complaints and can offer you better service than the regular customer support representatives.

  67. File a complaint with your local BBB, tell them of the issue and what you would like for a resolution. Ashley Furniture has reps that deal with BBB complaints and can offer you better service than the regular customer support representatives.

  68. In regard to Sales Order # 0012639864

    I would like to praise Jessica Hernandez, for the amazing help I just received from her. I have made 4 prior phone calls to resolve my problem, each putting me on hold & returning to say there is nothing that can be done OR that the sales rep would contact me. Jessica also put me on hold & I was expecting her to come back with another dead end. I was totally surprised when she returned saying, “I have taken care of it.” In fact, I asked her to repeat what all she had “taken care of”. Everything! She took care of EVERYTHING!! So, if y’all are looking for an Employee of the Week or someone deserving of a bonus, I highly recommend the award go to Jessica.

    FYI, your employees that I also had contact with are Dana at Customer Care & Sammie/Tammy at the Pflugerville store. Kim is the sales rep that did not contact me but I’m not 100% sure she was given my contact info.

    I deeply appreciate your time!
    Denise Starnes

  69. I think that Ashley”s have a lot of personnel employed who need training in handling complaints.
    I went to an Ashley Store in Memphis ,Tn.November 10,2017.I purchased a queen mattress and foundation.I also purchased a queen frame.After order was purchased the salesman advised that the order would be a split delivery.
    The mattress would be delivered on the 16th of November and the frame on the
    21st of November.A text was sent to me prior to delivery asking me to confirm.I received mattress date and delivery time ok.However I have yet to receive the frame.
    When I called the store to ask where was the frame the young lady with an attitude said ” it was not loaded on the truck”.As I ask more question she went on to say “well according to my paper work ,the delivery date is the 30th of November.I beg to differ ,but the paper work I have states the information I gave to you.
    Abruptly she tell me to call Customer Response Team,well that was a joke.
    I have yet to receive any other calls or communications from anyone.
    One thing is sure this was the second time I purchased from Ashley ,the first furniture a sectional sofa over eight years ago went well.
    Ashley’s Corporate this sale has left a real bad taste in my mouth.

    Not a customer anymore,

  70. We are cancelling a $7,000’mattress order from the Greenbrook NJ store. We paid for but only received one of two temperpedic. Many lies and deception involved from all involved.
    Ed Jasko is store manager.
    We need immediate help since we already gave our bedding to family.

    Please call ASAP
    Bob Morris

  71. Just letting you know how disappointed I am in Ashley Furniture I ordered two Ashley Recliners thru the AAFES store over a month ago and have not received them and was in formed today that your company had them on back order can not believe it takes you that long to produce two chairs order aafes order #3281445124 and can not believe that you treat veterans so bad May you all have a Very Merry Christmas

    Joe, Retired Master Sergeant, US Army

  72. me and my fiancĂ© went to look at and maybe purchase some home furnishings ,and when we went in there was man sitting in a both in front of the door , and others at a counter just feet ways back . as we entered he got up out his seat , and one of the guys at the counter took his seat while he went around the back of the of the store to cut us off. we both notice this taking place , and it annoyed us, it was appalling. we felt like prey being stalked , he approached us and stopped our viewing,, with a spill after acting like he was fixing pillows on couches, he was pushy ,persistent ,and began too question us about what we were doing there ,which is obvious we replied to look at furniture, he asked if there was anything he could assist us with, once again we replied we are just looking he continued on speaking until we both just looked at him, until he stopped ,then we proceeded to view , about 6 minutes he came back explaining prices which we already knew about , and asked us if we found anything yet, we harden gotten even half way through the store viewing ,we reluctantly replied, no we are trying to look ,he gave us another spill and left us . then when we were nearing the door he approached us with a manager who gave us another spill trying to persuaded us to buy because of there great sale , at this time we just wanted out . this was a nightmare, horrible ,furniture sells it self you look at it you decide you like it then you get help after you have looked ,you will approach someone you fell comfortable with at the time you need help, it shouldn’t be this pressurized forced, pushed no one wants to feel like they are prey or being stalked ?/pushed, this was a horrific experience, and I took the time to write this in hopes that the company might change there practices , and stop treating people this way , let people look quit questioning them, invading there enjoyment factor of looking

  73. I ordered a sectional over 4 weeks ago told i would get it in 2 weeks. Its now going on 5 weeks I’ve had no one calling me with reason for delay. I called manager who told me if i can’t be patient i could always cancel the order after waiting five weeks.

    Thats like him telling me my time means nothing to your company. I demand an explanation with your bad service.

  74. If you have to buy furniture from Ashely Furniture, Rent your own truck. I order my furniture in February, 2018 and as of today 3/26/18 I still can’t have my furniture deliver. I have taken off work twice and lost money because Ashely furniture delivery services is incapable of doing their job.

  75. I recently purchased a reclining sofa and chair the sofa has a problem when it’s reclined you have to fight with it to get it closed both ends are the same I’m am very disappointed with this recent purchase . Customer service says they will send parts in 10 days I have to call them to fix it in the main time it is very dangerous if you stand in front of it will pop up hit one in the back of your leg I have to tell everyone not to stand in front when you fight with it to get it closed . I think it should be replaced as I reported this 3 days after delivery it was delivered on Friday 3/21 and reported on Monday 3/23/18. I have always been happy with Ashley Furniture but my last 2 purchase had to be repaired or returned. I may think twice now before purchasing at Ashley Furniture in the future. Disappointed longtime Customer.

  76. We were to have our furniture delivered March 2nd, 2018 couch, chair and 2 end tables. Took off of work unpaid on 3/2 waiting for delivery. No one showed, when I called, they had taken me off the schedule and put us on for March 16th. We specifically told themspecifically at the store that we couldn’t do that date as we were out of town. The note in file said we called and cancelled and reschedule the 16th. Obviously, wrong file. I was told they would call back that day to reschedule. I had to call back, the manager on duty said they would set an emergency delivery for Sunday and call us the next day….no call again. When I called I was told Sunday request was denied, they will deliver Monday, the 5th between 5 and 8 pm….at 8:40 they called and cancelled as it was getting too late and they would call back to reschedule AGAIN!

    So they set us up for March 13th. Took off of work again. They delivered the couch and a ripped chair and NO end tables….OMG –ARE YOU KIDDING ME! They called us that day to tell us they would make arrangements to switch out the chair and deliver the end tables and that they would call us…..finally almost 1 week and 1/2 go by and we get a call. They will deliver today on April 6th, switch out the chair and deliver the end tables.

    My husband just called, the chair delivered—Can you guess??….Just Guess—–NO END TABLES!!!!! i am so fed up with this place. 6 weeks, 4 pieces of furniture, multiple delivery dates and I still do not have my furniture. All I can say is they better give us those end tables for free.

    They cost us 8 hours of unpaid time from work, many, many phone calls and a HUGE inconvenience.

    Susan Vandgenachte

  77. Delivery scheduled for 5/20 between the hours of 11-3…they showed up at 4:15 ordered Bedroom furniture and on my invoice it clearly states REMOVE OLD BEDDING-after the delivery”boys” were finished assembling the furniture I asked them to take the old Mattress and box spring as stated on the invoice -their response was”we don’t do that”…WTF !!!! From now on I’ll be staying with RAYMOUR&FLANIGAN- I NEVER had a problem with them!

  78. I live in the UK but own a holiday home in Orlando. I have tried to buy a sofa from your store in Davenport but have found the process extremely difficult and frustrating. We wanted to use money from our Escrow account held by our management company. We were told that as a company you do not take card payments over the phone so we asked to pay by cheque. The manager checked with head office and this was agreed. Everything was sorted (or so we thought), cheque handed over (signed by management company), delivery sorted for Friday 22nd by a phonecall from the delivery section but then we find an email telling us that you will not accept a cheque (with no follow up phonecall). Had we not have found the e mail in spam folder we would have waited in all Friday afternoon waiting for the delivery. I give up!! I will buy a sofa from a different store, my experience of trying to buy from yourselves has been poor.
    We have also sent an e mail to the office manager requesting that she return the cheque to the Management company and to let us know when she has done it. No surprise that we have nt heard anything, again so poor and frustrating!

  79. My salesperson was very attentive and professional. The problem was when I was at the check out desk. the only person there continued to answer their phone and place callers on hold. then she needed to contact another associate to see what the issue was when confirming my new credit line to make the bedding purchase.I waited at the register for over 20 minutes because of all of the distractions and interruptions. No paperwork provided to me, as the transaction was incomplete. I explained that I could no longer wait as I had to return to work. I asked for someone to contact me…
    I am now on hold with customer service having requested that the delivery fee be waved. WILL NOT waive fee!!

  80. I bought bar stools and was told they would be ready for pick up in two weeks. That was a month ago.The run around by their service department was terrible. I won’t buy anything again unless I can walk out the door with it. 9/17,10/16

  81. To Whom It May Concern:

    I visited the Ashley furniture outlet store in South County Missouri. I had the best experience and I had to inform you of my experience. My salesperson Jeffrey Williams was so awesome. It wasn’t badgering experience and I was given time to make my decision and he took the time to show me everything I’d might like. He was so caring about my purchase and he wanted me to make the correct decision. Once I made my decision we went up to the front for payment and his manager was there who was also just an awesome person. We spoke about things like cartoons and I left the store feeling good about my purchase. You definitely need Jeffrey and his manager in all locations or at least providing training.

  82. To Whom It May Concern:

    I visited the Ashley furniture outlet store in South County Missouri. I had the best experience and I had to inform you of my experience. My salesperson Jeffrey Williams was so awesome. It wasn’t badgering experience and I was given time to make my decision and he took the time to show me everything I’d might like. He was so caring about my purchase and he wanted me to make the correct decision. Once I made my decision we went up to the front for payment and his manager was there who was also just an awesome person. We spoke about things like cartoons and I left the store feeling good about my purchase. You definitely need Jeffrey and his manager in all locations or at least providing training.

  83. I want to thank your sales clerk Ms. Linda Perez, for such phenomenal customer service. When I look at my dining room set and realized she helped me tremendously with which one that would be best for my place. Its looks better than what was expected.

    Again thank you and Ms. Perez and enjoy the holidays because eating on this dining room set, my family and I will.

  84. I purchased furniture 2 months ago at Ashley furniture and now I’m experiencing a problem with one of the pieces and I haven’t been able to get a response from anyone! I’M VERY DISAPPOINTED AND TOTALLY FRUSTRATED!!!


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