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Contacting Android Customer Service Center

Android is a cell phone operating system owned and developed by Google. The operating system took the cell phone market by storm and is now considered a possible iPhone operating system killer. Before Android there was no operating system on the cell phone market that could compete with the flexibility between calls, text and data/online usage that iPhone provided. Today, Android is developing and releasing updates and advanced technologies faster than Apple. With success comes angst – there is a clear divide between cell phone users. Some are devout Apple lovers and others would rather give up their cell phone than choose Apple over Android.

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Contact Info:

There are two sets of contact information for Android – developer and open source. Choose the contact information you need to reach the customer service department that can answer your question.

Phone Contact Numbers

There are lots of phone numbers listed for Android customer service, but most are actually phone numbers for companies selling Android devices like Motorola or HTC. Android is a Google product, so if you truly have questions about the product, contact Google.

  • Android Customer Service via Google: 1-650-253-0000

This number is for the corporate office. The agent who answers your call will be more than happy to move your call to the proper Android support line.

Mailing Address

Google Inc1600 Amphitheatre PkwyMountain View, CA 94043

Official Website

The Open Source website for Android is available at and the Develop website is available at These sites are not for the average customer interested in the Android operating system; the sites are for customers interested in Android development. Support for your Android operating system is available from your phone manufacturer. There are often programs customers can download onto a personal computer to check the Android operating system for a system upgrade.

Customer Service Email

Android customer service emails are limited to the development and open source aspects of the business. We’ve also listed the Twitter and Google Plus pages for the Android app. You can use these pages to ask general questions about Android.

Our Experience

The Android customer service phone number is the Google corporate. The automated system lists the available choices for routing your call. You can press 5 to reach the customer service department. Google claims they don’t currently offer live customer support, which could make it hard to reach a representative, but if you know the extension for the Google employee you can enter it at the beginning of the call. You may have luck contacting an Android agent if you first contact them via Google Plus.

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127 Comments on “Contact Android Customer Service
  1. i am trying to reach android customer service, please help me.
    my android account deleted most my important contacts, beyond disappointed from this system. i hope u guys will help me restore it so i will continue with the system that im so used to and love.
    please HELP.

  2. April 20, 2013 both my cell phone and my Kindle Fire lost the email service. Multiple (x5) calls to AT&T were not help. Multiple trips to a Verizon store with them using their “best” tech to help, was not helpful. AT&T says it is not their problem as it is a Droid 3 phone by Motorola using the Google/Android system. Verizon states that it is not their problem as everything else on the phone works. The bottom line solution was to change my email over to Gmail and start all over again with all of my email clients.

  3. receive message me “install blocked for security your phone is set to block installation of application not obtained from android market” so how to unblocked installation please tell me

  4. My android device had screen problem such that I tried drawing the password I was using it failed many times and it requested an email address and a password,i tried putting a gmail adress am it failed.i need your help please.

  5. I cannot on my Wi-Fi. If I try to turn it on, it takes much to respond to me that “error”. The phone I currently use is HTC Sensation with android 4.0.

  6. Help me alot.pls help me to open again my play store. Because I delete. Sorry if I message like dis. Thks

  7. Help me alot.thks. but can u please help me to open again my play store. Because I delete. Thks

    • If u have android phn its not ur carriers fault. Android put droid blocks on all their phns. My android is the 2.0 ascend its 4yrs old. Ive always been able to access youtube frm phn icon or internet until few months ago. A tech f google who is a friend of mine told me about the Droid block. Frnd said adnriid is supposedlt chexking out the issue.

  8. My 7″ android mid A13 tablet pc is screen lock. It do not accept the user and password I’ve entered. Please help

  9. This morning a plugged my android phone in for about half an hour 45 minutes prehaps. I took it off the charger to text my friend. Suddenly, my phone turns off by itself. After a long time, the usual little jingle to show the phone is on rings, but when I tried to slide the lock open to access the home screen, the phone wouldnt respond and shut off. I tried to turn it back on, but the light stayed black. No matter what I tried, holding the power button down, charging it again, nothing would happen. The strange thing is, I’ll still receive texts and calls, but it cant answer. Please answer to your earliest convenience because thats my only way of contact to anyone and Im starting to panic.Also, I dont think my phone has an SD card. I checked the entire device. And please, give me the FASTEST method you have

  10. Some applications from android market are not working in my Android phone and the same app works in my friends device even both of our device having android version 2.3.6.
    please suggest me what to do?

  11. I did not get a manual for my Android Ematic tablet and I was wondering if you could mail me a manual for it. I need to know how to download or sync music or pictures to it. Thank you Ann McAlister

  12. Hey, I you do have great products but am having a problem with my android tablet 4.0.4 The camera version 1 is no longer working kindly help???

  13. I have a pandigital android tablet I have owned for a year and a half. I only use it for watching videos on YouTube and email and surfing the web. Now it won’t turn on. I am great with working with electronics but I have a problem with this tablet, I have tried everything I know and it stays on the start up screen. If it even goes past the start up screen it stays black and responds only to the power and volume buttons. I have tried to reset it in various ways and nothing works. I would like to get my tablet to work again because I would be upset to by a new tablet. I read that pandigital company gave up so you can’t call them for warranty. If I can’t get this checked out or use the warranty I will be upset. This product should not be used if it doesn’t work. It will waste your money. I might get an iPad if this isn’t fixed. I would not recommend using nonworking stuff.

  14. Is there a way to remove the photo ID on Gallexy s 3 text screen after kit Kat update? It shrank the text box and ruins the wonderful advantage of having this large screen. changing the font just makes it too large. at least remove my photo as I already know who I am.

  15. i cant upload pics from my android browser or chrome to facebook , google+ or any other site. im using android tablet v4.2.1
    plz help urgently…

  16. I was going to ask if there is anyway possible to make the app
    “Quizup” available to android users? You should really make this happen! 🙂 please!!

  17. my grandson got a brilliant pad 7026c android tablet for christmas,and he drew a pattern for passcode and can’t remember it. can some one tell me how to unlock it? please.

  18. I just updated my Galaxy S3 to Android 4.3, and now the Mobile Data button is gone from the drop down list! Why did you do that? I use that multiple times a day when I’m not in a wifi area and it was so easy to just flick down the menu and turn it on. You’ve turned us into Apple iPhone users now by having to dig through the menus to find this feature. Thanks a lot!

  19. My android system says an error on downloading an app 406 support and I can’t download apps off google play please help ASAP

  20. wen eva I want to download apps using bluestacks it tells me dt de android is nt connected 2 data services. so i want 2 gt a solution 2 dt problem

  21. I want the customer service number for an 8″ Android Tablet I had purchased for a friend. I also purchased a warranty. My friend did not like the 8″ Android Tablet, so he returned it to me. I am told I need a password, but neither he nor I have a clue as to what the password might be. When I request customer service, I am told I have to pay either $38 or $28 to get help. I think VERY LITTLE OF YOUR “SERVICE”!

  22. Is there a problem with the Android Launcher. It stopped on me and now when i reboot my tablet, it takes forever to get to main page or does get to main page. What is the problem? It was working fine last night.

  23. I got a notice from android to down load up dates to my tablet so I did now I have nothing .call Motorola we tried everything but no use.what did you send to my it is us less.this sucks.

  24. I got a notice from android to down load updates to my tablet so I did now I have nothing no power no any thing my tablet is now junk called Motorola but no help to get it up and running
    Why did this happen to my tablet THIS SUCKS!!!

  25. Hi,
    I lost my phone. I need to factory reset remotely. Please help me as all my data is available in my phone. I just found out in the device manager that you can do that. But I cannot locate my phone. please help. Urgent

  26. Hi i have an android midnight tv box that won’t go pass the loading screen
    it’s been stuck on the android slash screen for about 3 weeks i have pressed the reset botton inside but still nothing can someone please help?

  27. well my kids have a min tablet android but can not find the Bluetooth at all so place help me find it.. asp for school work we need them to start working as fast as you can place answer my email …..

  28. I have recently purchased a andriod kyocerna and foud out how big of a peice of crap it Iwount download any mp3 files and Ibought a song on another song on a different website and it wouldn’t download Ishould have bouught an iphone at least apple knows how to make good products

  29. Dear Sir,

    I cant assess my gmail acount in my phone. may be there is some android error will be there. My market is also configure with Gmail because of that I am not able to open that. I tried a lot to your contact no but its not workout.
    Please help me so that I can use my android service as before.

    Mob – 099740 40890

  30. By mistake I have deleted Location History from Google Setting.
    So some of the applications were not able to find my current location especially Google Map.
    Galaxy star with android 4.1.
    Please reply
    Thank you.

  31. I did a factory reset now im trying to log in using my backup account and it says cant connect to a reliable connection my wifi is connected and everything else is working what should i do ?

  32. I have been a Droid X and then Droid Maxx user ever since I started using a mobile phone several years ago. During the time I have used Android I have been more than satisfied with my experience – until lately. All of a sudden I am getting ads either full page or partial page come up almost constantly. It has changed my opinion of the Android OS to the point that when my mobile device contract is up I am now seriously considering getting a Microsoft device rather than the Droid devices I currently use. If you need the revenue why not give the user the option of paying a reasonable fee to have an ad free experience. Many of the apps give that option and it’s worth it for those apps where the adds are a true annoyance as they are now when using the Android OS. If this is something that Google can’t work out, I and I’m sure many other users will be leaving Android in favor of an OS that doesn’t feel the need to really annoy the user. I hope you give this some serious thought. I would hate to change since I have found the Android system to be such a pleasure to use.

    Your former fan,

    Bert Horn

  33. I am trying to create an expense retort on my Tab3. It is called docs to go. Can anyone tell me how I perform an auto sum at the e end. I have tried everything. Thanks

  34. I have done some research about a crash/error message I keep getting on my Android phones (droid.process.core has crashed or has stopped working) and in speaking with 2 different Android techs I was informed me that this is an ongoing problem and has been, since 2009! WTH are you friggen kidding me??! Why cant you guys fix these issues INSTEAD of coming out with newer, supposedly better, versions of the same CRAPPY system??! I have had this problem on 3 different phones and I am fed up! As a result of these crashes I have lost ALL my contacts, pics, notes, music, events, apps, etc on my phone. Apparently the error also interferes with the Gmail sync/backup process, so nothing ends up being saved or gets wiped the 1st time the sync/backup kicks off after the error messages start popping up or whatever it is (which by the way is stupid that when I have tried to disable that or turn it off, it does not work).

  35. my android phone cant open my account, it keeps on telling me to connect to WI-FI even when i have enough bundles to surf the internet….displaying this the message ” This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. Please try again when connected to mobile network or connect to WI-FI network. If the problem continues,call customer care.” I have done all these but in vain…please advice

  36. I made the unfortunate decision to purchase an Android Razr a couple years ago. I’ve never really liked it, but managed to get by until the update which was forced upon us a couple weeks ago. Now the phone is totally screwed up and 10 times worse than before. Thanks a lot Android, you totally suck and I will never buy any of your products again. Hope you crash and burn.

  37. sir i have a problem about line.when i register my phone no then show me it is an anvalid no.several times i try but no response

  38. When developers send an update, they should advise customers beforehand of any changes that cannot be reversed, or better yet, make changes that can be reversed if customers don’t like them. After all, it is the person USING the device that should be able to choose what works best for their individual needs. The recent change in the text background from blue/gray to black/white is ridiculous. Who would pick colors that make reading so extremely difficult? You can’t differentiate between speakers. Such a poorly thought out decision. How do I change back so I can read!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Phone upgraded this morning and the battery indicator turned white. May not seem like a big deal to some but it is hard to see for my old eyes.

    I seriously doubt that Google will do anything about it.
    My concern is I did not ask for this change I do not want this change and there is nothing I can do about it. Good news is I get to pay for this privilege.

    • My android device had screen problem such that I tried drawing the password I was using it failed many times and it requested an email address and a password,i tried putting a gmail adress am it failed.i need your help please.

  40. I have problem in adding my gmail for play store it shows me that my device is temporary problem or your android device may not be provisioned for data services

  41. SO many problems. My Android tablet does not charge properly, runs slow even with only one app on it, and refuses to turn on. I found several other owners of Android products and found that I am not the only with this type of issue. Please help!

  42. SO many problems. My Android tablet does not charge properly, runs slow even with only one app on it, and refuses to turn on. I found several other owners of Android products and found that I am not the only with this type of issue. Please help!

  43. multiple issues with my android tablet. it resets itself back to factory settings out of the blue! freezes up constantly! the sunmicro inc. licensing info says there is no warranty of any kind. you get what u paid for pretty much. also the tablet says the updates are current. dont know what to do, so far iam very dissatisfied

  44. My android talk to text does not work. I have gone on line for help but that did not work. I would like to know how to fix this problem.

  45. I have an Acer 500 Android tablet and am currently on vacation. My tablet will not go past the Acer start up screen and I am unable to utilize the tablet at all. Have tried using the reset to no avail. Please let me know how to use my Acer 500 tablet again.

  46. I have an android phone and whenever I try to dowload an app from the google play store whenever it gets to 100% I get an error message EVERYTIME, what do I do?

  47. Multiple problems, why does my phone delete my photos , my personal info , it turns itself off , the only way to get it to come back on is to remove it from its case to remove the battery , sometimes daily. it deleted all my Facebook info friends contacts. This is the most expensive phone I’ve ever owned , and i’m going to be nice about how i feel about this aggravating piece of crap. I have a server disability. This is my lifeline. What is your suggestion to this issue ?

  48. My phone Samsung 4G LTE will not let me use the internet anymore. Verizon is claiming ignorance and says it is not fixable. When I google the issue, I am apparently not the only one with this issue. How can the internet just stop working when I am still paying for it?

  49. Hi I am look for information abut the android, I would like to know how Android targets its customers and also how did they decided to segment it this way?

    Anybody can help me with those question please, I need them as soon as possible.

    I will appreciate.


  50. When call for customer help I do not have 15 to 20 minutes being told you are busy. I also am busy. If you are that busy HIRE MORE HELP. Your phone is only as good as the backup. So far your backup is 0.

    my question will take your tec about 30seconds to answer.

  51. I would like to express my displeasure for your latest Droid commercial depicting a gay couple where one man proposes to another. Please keep politics out or your advertisements! This ad was very offensive and I am strongly considering changing to another product. I know I’m not the only person that noticed this ad as people at my place of business expressed anger over the ad as well.


  52. I would like to express my displeasure for your latest Droid commercial depicting a gay couple where one man proposes to another. Please keep politics out or your advertisements! This ad was very offensive and I am strongly considering changing to another product. I know I’m not the only person that noticed this ad as people at my place of business expressed anger over the ad as well.

  53. please help me … i dont know how but my google play store got deleted …so,due to this i cant update or download anything
    please if you can help me to sort this issue..
    any suggestions how can i get back google play store

  54. I purchased a Galaxy 3S android phone last year. I enjoyed it until you televised
    During the World Series a commercia thatl aired several times.
    The commercial is offensive to my family. Your marketing of “Together but Different”is so offensive to the American family that I have just purchased a Iphone even though it cost me several hundred dollars more than an Android I felt i could not support your companys American business. Extreme shame on you for your marketing department for such a disgrace to the American families way of Life.

    • I totally agree with you. My days of dealing with Android are over. Its a shame because I always enjoyed their products, however I put values above entertainment.

  55. Totally DISGUSTED at the android commercial showing a male proposing to a male! TOTALLY OFFENDED!
    So you try to play to the less than 2% while offending the 98%???
    Bad business dude! I will never buy an android product and recommend any of my friends and coworkers not to buy your products!

  56. Just wanted you to know that I will never buy an Android device or any other product your company produces due to the offensive commercial you are currently airing. It is hard when you have young children who ask questions such as why two men are together. Im very disappointed in your sales tactics and now understand that morals and values mean nothing to you; only the almighty dollar.

  57. why does my google android tablet emit a light flash as part of the booting up/starting up process? Is it taking a photo?

  58. I love Android phones, I have purchased them for the past 10 years. I watched a tv commercial(Android) where it showed a man proposing to another man. I was deeply upset. I WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER ANDROID PHONE AGAIN. NOR WILL MY WIFE OR MY 3 KIDS(whom all have cell phones). I will miss them but i have MORALS, AND I STAND FOR GOD OF CREATION.
    Thomas Ward

  59. I upgrade my nexus 5 to androide l but the issue my email not opening error show EMAIL HAS STOP WORKING …SO PLEASR HELP ME OUT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT EMAIL.THANX

  60. Ever since the 5.0 update my nexus 7 tablet runs terrible.(multiple apps crashing). Can I expect to have the issues I’m having to be fixed.

  61. hi,

    i have a new eelo slatetablet with android 4.4.2.
    I can´t download any apps, i guess its because the device is in “safe mode”. How can i get rid of the safe mode?I treid every single youtube tutorial but nothing is working….Could u help me?Any idea???

    Looking forward to hear from you,

  62. First, please DO NOT give, rent or sell any of my info to any other source.
    Your ad with the unlikely animal pairs is such a grrrrreat ad. It made me and my friends LOL. I DO wish we had more ads of this nature instead of ads such as the Taco Bell ad where the old lady shows her boobs to the old man! Lordeeee! They can’t even advertise tacos w/o having SEX in it. Told them I would never go to another Taco Bell.

    Keep up the great work and I hope you do more ads such as this one!!!!!

  63. I have an Android Tablet and all of the sudden when I took it off charge I lost connection to the WiFi and haven’t been able to connect in two days. When I go into the WiFi settings it shows “Off” and when I swipe it on it shows a greyed out “On” but no networks pull up or anything. I have factory reset it twice and I’ve called RCA customer service and they couldn’t give me any info because I didn’t have the correct Model Num. The Model Num. listed is Q8H there is no sticker or anything on my tablet. It’s one of those pearl white $60 tablets where the camera is in the top middle turned horizontal. PLEASE HELP!!!

  64. I have the Samsung galaxy s5 and ever since I got the download update for lollipop 5.0 it made my phone run really slow. I want the old software back or a fix because this is rediculous!

  65. Just wanted to thank you for putting out the best advertisement on television. The one with all the different animals. Every time I see it it makes me smile. It can actually turn a day around. So Thank you!

  66. Early this morning, April 29, I got notice that Android was updating the OS on my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone. That’s great, I thought, so proceeded to OK the update immediately. It finished, and I shut down for the night.

    This morning I went into my Google Calendar to check on a particular date I had set for a meeting—and..nothing. The updated (different appearance) was there, but no meetings, no tasks, no nothing. Fortunately, if I go in via my laptop to my Google calendar everything is there–but not so on my phone. Please tell me this is a simple fix and Google or Android was not that bone-headed to have an update that wiped out calendars among other things.

    Dennis Self


  68. Sir, my android Samsung galaxy s duos2 phone has switched off when I install a application from Google play store. And after few days later Google play store was automatically uninstall from my phone. What to do

  69. Could you simplify the android operating system for those of us who do not use the navigation system, the internet search system, the email system, the gaming systems, the music systems OR is there a way I can disable/delete these systems without damaging my phone? I use the phone, the contact list, the camera (although don’t know how to get my photos off the phone), the text message feature, the calendar and calculator are optional, and I have downloaded the app for my local news and weather channel. I do like the ability to see how many minutes I have talked, how many messages I have sent, and how much data I have used. I am concerned because during severe weather, I want my weather app to work and I nearly broke my data limit – I can only assume that the unwanted/unused systems are using that data. Could you simplify the system for those of us who prefer to use it mainly as a phone with only a few extras? Thank you!

  70. I need your help urgently.I can receive call on my phone.Attempt to pick calls,a dialog box will be sent – unfortunately the .phone has stopped will be displayed.PLEASE HELP OUT URGENTLY.THANKS

  71. I want to know how all these apps on my phone have the ability to invade my privacy like they do. How do I get all that crap off and still be able to use my phone to call? This will be the last month I will pay my cell phone bill.

  72. Why do random apps from the Google play store or other ads pop up while I try and use my phone? Android is getting ridiculous. If this keeps up, I’m going to iPhone simply because they don’t have pop up ads. You have til the end of the month to respond Android. I don’t have a contract so I’m not bluffing.

  73. I bought my Granddaughter a 7inch tablet for her 7th Birthday April the 5th and she absolutely loved it. My daughter is a single parent works hard at a nursing home. I was an EMT-B an fell out of an Ambulance and disabled now anyway my Granddaugters tablet started getting hot and shutting off just wondering if we can get some help fixing it for her Please thank you for your time.

  74. I am soooo disappointed that there is no AMERICAN FLAG emoji on these Android phones. IPhones have them. Android phones have soooo many emojis that will never be used, yet you can’t put anything AMERICAN on it. I love my Galaxy S4, but I’m also having big time issues with storage being eaten up when it doesn’t look like it is. I’m losing pics, etc. It’s crazy.

  75. I have had over a dozen android phones over a period of time and they always have the same problems the music always skips or just flat out stops and my apps constantly close down unexpectedly my phone also seems to be delayed whenever I press something from time to time my keyboard will not show up when I have to type I have never experienced any problem with an iPhone like this and have had multiple of those as well everything transitions smoothly and works how it should almost always the only thing you guys have is a better battery maybe instead of trying to make so many features make sure the damn thing works correctly first this will be my last android ever.

    Sincerely I very displeased customer

  76. Hello there sorry to bother you I don’t know if you are the right ppl I need to contact if not so so sorry but can you help me with this problem I’m having I have a android touch pad that dissent seem to keep its battery charge I wanted to find out if the battery can be replaced and if so how much would that cost please can someone email me back please as I don’t k ow WHO else could help me thank you from Eileen byee

  77. Couch tuner, shoebox , playbox all illegal apps that stream porn, movies before they are released, and tv shows before they are released all need to be stopped. They are illegal. And kids can get in these and get porn streamed to their phone. Is this right?? We need to ban together as a humanity and careing parents and get this stopped

  78. I have a Verizon LG G2 and was very happy with it until the forced “upgrade” to Lollipop which basically ruined the phone. The battery life went from 2 days to a few hours; recharge went from a couple hours to 8 hours, and the phone would overheat. According to the Android forums, I was not alone and many unhappy users were dumping their phones, anxiously awaiting for an update that is nowhere in sight, or hacked into the phone and flashed the Kitkat firmware. I explained my scenario to LG customer support and since the phone was out of warranty they recommended sending it in for “repair”. Since the phone was essentially unusuable without a charging source nearby, I took the risk and spent hours learning how to reflash the ROM and re-installed Kitkat and the phone works great! However, after all that work, it keeps trying to re-update to Lollipop. I learned that I could root the phone and install an app which would stop the update, which I did. So in summary, you had a great phone which you broke with a terrible firmware upgrade, and refused to acknowledge and support the product. I had to figure out on my own and download tons of files from questionable sources to make it a great phone again. I don’t know who is responsible: Google, LG, Verizon, or all of the above. You should be ashamed at the way you managed an obvious error. You could have at least given customers the option to go back to Kitkat. Possibly you hoped we would just move to the G3 or G4. Going forward, I don’t know what I will do when this phone dies because I have no intention in doing business with Google, LG, or Verizon again. FYI, this note is going to Google, LG, and Verizon.
    Michael Stamm, MD

  79. I have a moto e and it won’t let me use emojis on anything else besides messaging, and on the Google keyboard when swiping the space bar doesn’t work like it did before.

  80. So finally got a chance to finally update my moto G….lollipop?? Right word for it because it sucks.. Facebook deletes itself..its just slow..wished I kept the previous version.. I have a 3G phone..but now it responds like a 1G.. #headache

  81. Sean Robinson. U right..lollipop do sucks…wish I saw this before I downloaded it.. Tell me android in the world can I get the previous version back?? Because Like T.I. said I’m straight..!! Frfr

  82. I am trying to access my gmail email and every time I put in my password it says trouble connecting and it might be that my phone does not have data connection required to contact customer service

  83. hi there please can you help me I have a android note book
    but it doedrnt keep its charge I thought it was the charger so I went
    and bought a new one but its still the same
    can you please advice me on what’s wrong with it
    going mad. Eileen thanks

  84. I’m very very angry about trying to get any answers from android why I sent there a streaght forward email addressfor customer sservice or even a UK phone numbers for UK customers so I can phone discusting

  85. I want someone to give me a UK phone number or email address for customer services to help me with a problem

  86. My Galaxy S6 just updated to 6.0 Marshmallow & I HATE IT!!!!!!! It’s all white & bright & lame & too much like an iPhone. IF WE WANTED AN IPHONE, WE WOULD BUY AN IPHONE!!!! Stop trying to be like Apple, that’s clearly NOT what Android users want!!! My phone is now super laggy, takes forever to load things & I HATE ALL THE WHITE BACKGROUNDS!!! I prefer everything being black, like how everything used to be. It’s confusing when it’s all white too. I also hate how the status bar at the top is now gray??? WHY!?? It’s so tacky looking. Why do you all screw everything up with updates!!?!?! I want you to send me instructions on how to reverse my upgrade back to my previous version. This Marshmallow is crap. I hate it. UGH!!!! I shouldn’t have updated & I HATE how the phone basically forces you to. I WANT MY OLD VERSION BACK!! Without losing any of my pictures, music, etc. We should have the OPTION to upgrade or not & have the OPTION to REVERT ANY UPGRADE WE’RE NOT HAPPY WITH!!!! I am NOT at all happy with the 6.0 Marshmallow upgrade. I don’t want it.

  87. Are you going to support DHCP version 6?

    If not I may have to consider going away from Android. I was just at my brother’s place and could not use my Android tablet on his new ipv6 modem. Our apple and Linux products work. At my brother’s my Android device was rendered useless. I have an Acer Iconia one 7. I could easily get a 10 inch laptop and put Linux on it and use it as my mobile device. like Android, but not if won’t won’t work. I won’t hesitate to drop Android. Are you planning and update for this issue? I have Linux on my laptop and it works fine. I’m an above intermediate computer person who won’t hesitate to drop Android. I dropped windows for Linux and was the best thing g I ever did. Hope you plan on resolving this issue. You can potentially lose many Android users.

  88. Thanks for the unsolicited and caustic android system update. Dont think your company cares about the user. Must need to pay your mortgages. Better buy apple because thats my next phone. Guess you dont care who paid for the hardware, firmware, and software package in MY phone. Better be careful. You dont want Congress involved. Bet Google doesn’t respond to this.

  89. Android SUCKS. Google SUCKS. My mom deserves to get me a Windows Phone from Verizon Wireless because that is the only choice for my 33rd birthday. With Windows Phone, I’d probably download the apps from the Windows store (American Girl, Barbie, Twitter, YouTube, Minecraft, Justice Catalog, Disney Infinity, etc). I’d probably send text messages also.

  90. My Android Tablet Pro 12 has STOPPED working! Will NOT turn on,.. Every effort I have made to contact customer service by phone has been UNSUCCESSFUL!
    I need HELP!! PLEASE do not make me regret buying an Android instead an Ipad!

  91. Recently transferred old data/information to new phone, however, I had to reinstall the Pandora app. I would like my old Pandora account back. Please help, thanks.

  92. I need help to re-install WhatsApp messenger on my J120 Samsung phone. I installed it once before with no problem. Tried several times now to re-install it. Message “Beta program for this app is full”
    I have plenty of room for more apps on this phone.
    Can you advise? What can I do, need this installed soon before I go to Europe.

  93. I can not use my device because it is connected to my google account. I keep getting a message say that I have to wait 24 hours before login into my account due to me changing my password. Now, it has been several months an I still can’t get into my device. Can someone please help me.

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