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Contacting Amica Customer Service Center

Amica is an insurance company offering life, home and auto coverage. All 50 states are listed under the drop down menu to start an insurance quote and it appears that Amica is licensed to provide at least some type of insurance in all states. Online quotes are not available for some customers, so calling customer service will be required in some cases.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

All Amica customer service phone numbers are open 24 hours a day. Amica claims it is this dedication to customer service that sets this company apart from the competition.

  • Home, Auto, Marine and Personal Insurance Sales/Quotes: 1-800-242-6422
  • Home, Auto, Marine and Personal Insurance Automated Billing: 1-800-492-6422
  • Retirement or Life Insurance Sales/Quotes: 1-800-619-6077
  • Retirement or Life Insurance Claims/Customer Support: 1-800-234-5433
  • Long-Term or Disability Insurance Sales/Quotes: 1-800-234-5433
  • Health Insurance Sales/Quotes: 1-800-331-0268
  • Corporate Office: 1-800-652-6422

Mailing Address

We found one Amica customer service address. Do not send payments to this communication address. We have included the two payment addresses below for customers who want to contact customer service and make payments at the same time.

Amica Corporate Office100 Amica WayLincoln, RI 02865


Amica Mutual Insurance Company PO Box 9128Providence, RI 02940Attn: Home, Auto, Marine and Personal Insurance Payments


Amica Life Insurance CompanyPO Box 9700Providence, RI 02940Attn: Retirement or Life Insurance Payments

Official Website

There is a simple website for Amica business and customer service at The site is typical for a business of this sort; sales pitch with a little customer service thrown in to please the customers. The company appears to be more transparent than most; publishing licenses, awards and customer testimonials to give customers a well-rounded look at the company.

Customer Service Email

There is one large email form for Amica customer service. The form is located on the Contact Us page here You need to fill in quite a bit of personal information to send the form, which is not exactly user friendly. We sent an email to the customer service team – twice. The first time we were unsure the email sent. It wasn’t until the second time we noticed a small message confirming the email was sent that appeared inside the form just below the Contacting Amica by Email.

Our Experience

The Amica customer service department is open 24 hours a day, according to the website. We tested the Life Insurance customer service line. You can press 0 to skip the automated message, but you will just be taken to another list of options. You have to listen to the entire list or press 4 for a customer service agent. You then have to press 1 for claims or 2 for existing policies. Another lists starts – press 1 for billing or 2 for account changes. From here you can press 0 to talk with a representative, but it took two minutes just to make it that point. Bridgette was helpful, bright and friendly.

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3 Comments on “Contact Amica Customer Service
  1. Assume you mean regarding Amica. I too tried to send an email message from their “customer service” page of the website. I filled in all of the information, name address, zip code and problem (which I’m attaching). The submit button required non-robo puzzle choices, I did that. However, could not send because according to Amica’s site, they could not identify my zip code; re-entered with same result–it’s where I live. Maybe I should have put in AMICA’s zip code . . . ?

  2. Oops, forgot the attachment of my Amica complaint:
    7.24.2018 @ 6PM–Hello–I recently received a homeowners insurance billing for that included some policy changes. The billing is for $664.00; the declarations page includes a $48.00 charge for which I cannot account. I have sent two emails to Ashana Driscoll requesting an explanation for this “special” $48.00 charge and have not had a response.
    I am going to use by usual bill pay account to send Amica payment-in-full of $616 (i.e., $664.00 minus the unaccounted for $48.00). And trust I will be informed should the $48.00 amount have a cogent explanation.
    Thank you, Clare

  3. I’ve called at least a dozen times. Your automated answering service is the worst. I keep pressing or saying “three” and a stupid voice keeps coming on saying “I didn’t understand you.” Please call ME at 401 315 0350 now!
    Thank you

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