Contact Amerigroup Customer Service

Contacting Amerigroup Customer Service Center

Amerigroup is an insurance management company that works with health program that are publicly funded, like Medicaid and Medicare. Currently residents in New York, new Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, New Mexico, Nevada and Washington work with Amerigroup if they currently receive public insurance.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to contact Amerigroup about your insurance coverage, feel free to contact the department that supports your current insurance program.

  • Medicaid or CHIP: 1-800-600-4441
  • Medicare (Amerivantage): 1-866-805-4589
  • Medicare (Health Plus): 1-888-493-5390
  • TTY: 1-800-855-2880

Mailing Address

There is one mailing address listed for Amerigroup, but this address should not be used for claims or important customer service issues unless you have been instructed to send communication to this address. To maintain your privacy, don’t include any personal information in the letter you wouldn’t want read by multiple people.

Amerigroup 4425 Corporation Ln. Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Official Website

The Amerigroup official website is located This is where you can find out more about the program, what states are covered and how to contact customer service or member services in your state. If your Medicare insurance is handled by Amerigroup, use the alternative website for more customer service options and contact information.

Customer Service Email

You can choose to contact Amerigroup customer service by email, but emails for Medicare complaints, appeals or requests for service will not be processed by the email department. All Medicare issues should be address to the Medicare site listed above not this email address.

Our Experience

We tried the main phone number for the Amerigroup company to test customer service for the company, but that line is just a operator that directs your call to a specific department. Due to the fact that Amerigroup works with Medicaid and Medicare coverage we could not ask a detailed question, but the operator was more than happy to transfer us to an agent who told us the mailing address for the company.

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8 Comments on “Contact Amerigroup Customer Service
  1. I was thinking about making a case against Amerigroup because false information was provided to me & things aren’t in place as they should be because Amerigroup decided not to do the right thing & i do not like that at all.

    • I have repeatedly tried to contact a dentist in N.Y.C. in the 10011 area code and either they have moved; can’t find one or the one I did see said fillings would be $58.00 a piece. When I had ‘straight’ Medicare/Medicaid there was no charge. I anyone recieves this at Amerigroup please call me and provide me with information!

  2. cant get into the web site to get any info for my tenn care. Can some one please help me… Don’t have my card yet so I don’t my number..

  3. My children got switched to Amerigroup without our knowledge. Now that they have been switched I have had no luck of switching them back to their previous insurance. The reason we were told they were switched was because it was supposed to be more local for this area. Well it is not even close. I can not find an Eye doctor within a 100 miles of us that takes the insurance and has no interest in taking Amerigroup. I have made several attempts to have them switched back to prior insurance but everyone keeps transferring me to someone else or I wait for over an hour for no one to ever come on the phone. I am very dissatisfied with this and would not recommend anyone to come to this company.

  4. Hi, my name is Pablo Barba, and I am my mother’s legal guardian. I need to know the providers that have contract with medicaid in order to receive the milk that she needs for her nutrition. Her live depends on the administration via feeding tube of milk and medicines. She has Medicaid with Amerigroup and free Medicare.
    Please, I need your help with this very important information.
    Pablo Barba.

  5. Just want to inform YOU ALL that my group have a cure for homosexual males, which is about to be set in motion, all over the nation. AND it has nothing to do with what your group, or any other, may feel is appropriate, and is NOT based on ANY religion on the earth. AND we will NOT be discussing it with any of you, because you all, nor others, have the solution, and are not even trying to come up with one. AND we are close to a real solution for female homosexuals as well. AND concerning your health care, which you keep loading up my mailbox with regularly, you can cease sending it, because you, like most all others, are simply WORSHIPERS OF MONEY, while your medical plans continue to lack REAL cures. — Rev. George Brooks of Murfreesboro, TN. (615) 494-9056

  6. Concern: Information on lost Medicaid cards for my children when we moved from address: 880 church way, Clarkston, GA 30021, to my new address: 5400 memorial Dr, apt17F, stone mountain, GA 30083. Whose:
    1.ROZA BILALI, born the November,12, 2007. sex: (F). 2.NYOTA BILALI, born the April, 22, 2010. sex: (F)
    3.PELESHIKA BILALI, born the, August, 29, 2012 sex: (F).
    Please, I need your help with this very important information, because, I’m afraid among them can be sick, how can she be treat. I hope that by your good will, you will send me other health cards on this address for the health of my children. Thank you very much,

  7. Need to know if my Medicaid is active. Been waiting on my amarigroup card and I missed a important dr. Appointment because I haven’t recieved my card

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