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American Idol is a United States singing competition modeled after the UK singing competition Pop Idol. As one of the longest running singing competitions in the industry, American Idol has become a mainstay of pop culture and launched successful careers of superstars such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jordan Sparks.

Each year, American Idol conducts auditions across the United States with hopefuls securing a spot in the competition for the ultimate prize, a performance contract. Since the show follows a stringent set of rules, individuals potentially have questions and concerns prior to auditioning. This is where the customer service team at parent company Fox comes into play. The support team is available to answer your questions and concerns relating to every thing Idol.

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Individuals can contact the customer service team of American Idol through social media, by phone, email and traditional mail.

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  • Fox Broadcasting Company: 1-310-369-3553

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AmericanIdol.comc/o Fox Broadcasting CompanyP.O. Box 900Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Fox Broadcasting Companyc/o American Idol10201 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035

Official Website

Visit the official American Idol website in order to location an audition site, purchase tickets for the tour, view past and current contestants, view photos and videos as well as keep the conversation going in the American Idol community forums. Individuals can also purchase performances on iTunes through the link on the site.

Customer Service Email

Individuals wanting to send questions and concerns to the customer service team can do so by using the following email address We sent an email asking about the application process and how are potential contestants notified after being selected. We noticed an additional email address for individuals wanting to voice concerns relating to website experience located here:

Individuals can keep the conversation moving forward by contacting a customer service representative through the various social media channels:

Our Experience

Customers cannot contact American Idol directly; instead, they can contact the parent company Fox. Wait time is not a concern, considering we called and a customer service agent answered. We asked for the hours of operation of the customer service department. The agent explained the customer service department is open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST. The agent explained individuals can utilize social media and email to contact the customer service team, 24/7, but a response will occur during regular business hours.

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  1. To whom it may concern,

    Randy Jackson is the only ICON left on the show. This show is a great show and it allows Americans to show case their talents and there are some great talents. Everyone on the judges panel has honest positive and or negative comments that are good. Nicki Menaj is the down fall of this season, she continuously tries to banter with Mariah, who in her own, is a true ICON to most of the participants. Nicki contnually tries to domonate the decision and comments to the participants. It is my personal feeling that if she is not gone or removed from next year, I am done with Idol and many will suffer, it is a great show, she is just a pompous ass.

    • Hi my name is Megan Bomgaars and I love the show
      America idol it is my favorite show and I know it is located to
      Hollywood and it is my long time dream and I really what to be on
      tv and being star and wanted to be a America idol judge with
      The other judges like Keith and mariah so I hope you have a open
      job for me and to sit on those chairs and those cups on that table and thanks

    • We have been watching the show for awhile now! For the judges to say the talent was good this year is so WRONG! The talent is not good! For the judges to save SAM tonight was totally and completely WRONG! He should have been gone long before now along with Alex. Are you kidding me! The talent really stinks this year. The girls that went home! NOT! PLEASE! We can not believe that the judges used their save on SAM! Are you kidding me! Are you for real! PLEASE! This is OUTRAGEOUS! We have been so discouraged with the show! Last year it was NICKI! This year it is the lack of talent! Talent SUCKS! Come on you guys! BE REAL! Sam and Alex should have been gone LONG before now! So weak, lack of confidence! Don’t you see that! COME ON! PLEASE! I was pleased with the judges but their lack of integrity is Oh MY Gosh! PLEASE!
      Please respond to my issues and concerns in this matter.

  2. HI My Name Is Alan Burks and I would love to sing on American idol im 13 right now 3 more months I will be 14 and I would love to audition need information thank you so much……

  3. Dear Producers:
    I used to enjoy watching American Idol each season on FOX8 here in Australia, but since you introduced the talentless Muppet Nicki Menaj as a judge, you’re rating took a nosedive! GET RID OF THIS MORON! before your ratings plummet like the Niagara Falls. Nobody likes her, she doesn’t even look Human! What the Hell is wrong with you People??

  4. I’m not sure what is going on this year, this is the worst judging season I’ve ever watched. I’ve followed American Idol every year and was even a contestant the very 1st season. But I’m seriously about to stop watching it after the seeing how they have turned it into a spoof this year. It’s like if you are not the most outrageous or worst singer then they are booting you out of the competition. It’s so frustrating watching talented people being booted off to people who make my 4th grade son sound like Ricky Martin compared to them. Very disapointed!! If they want crap talent then they should change the name of the show to American Idol Spoof Edition!

  5. We have been die hard Idol fans from it’s begining…but Nicki Menaj is simply unbearable to listen to. She does not add to the Idol panel but rather detracts from it. She has nothing of value to offer in her comments and has really made us question whether we will continue to watch the show.

  6. We wholehardedly agree with Austin’s and George’s comments above. We have NEVER missed a single broadcast of American Idol since the very first season AND HAVE BOUGHT MANY, MANY, MANY of the cd’s recorded by AI contestants/finalists over the years but that awful Nicki is about to send us running to other channels in that time slot. PLEASE GET RID OF HER!!!!! She is NOT a good role model for the young contestants…or for other young people watching. Our daughters are not letting their children (ages 13 – 7) watch the show this season because of this horrible “role model.” BTW, Keith, Randy, and Mariah are great!!! Floridians

    • Hi my name is Qwontavious Moses which is pronounced by my stage name “Kemo” and I love the show American Idol it is my favorite show and I want to tell you something about my audition because I won’t be able to make it in Savannah and I don’t have nobody to ride with and I don’t have a car, riding on a bus when it cost too much money and I won’t be able to walk. But I will make a video about me not auditioning at The Savannah Civic Center by singing a cover song while making my way to Savannah. And I will recently send you a video that I sing this morning at my house. Thanks for the message!

  7. I have never give an opinion on a show basically I didn’t think it would make a difference. However I have to say that the judges this year 2013 are the worst ever and that goes back a long time. They give bad criticism and do it without style

  8. I feel Mariah,s dresses are too low cut for the show. There are young people watching. We all know she has boobs, but why flaunt them on tv!

  9. Something has to be done with Nicki. She thinks she’s the end all and believe me she is NOT. She scowls when any of the judges don’t agree with her, she is either MEAN to the contestants or wants to have their babies and very bias. Please…She needs to apologize for last night’s attitude…

  10. I have lost all interest in watching American Idol this year. Don’t know what the Producers are thinking—-worse Judges possible—-Miriah thinks she is a Goddess and she’s sickning and Nicki is just sick—period.————–the ONLY one who is good is Ryan and I hear he may not be back next year. If that is the case no one will be watching——sad cause it used to be a really great show. Fox——–get some good Judges or you won’t have an audience next year. 🙁

  11. I’m a huge fan. Have watched every season starting with season 2. I have enjoyed the contestants as well as the judges…..BUT when Nicki Minaj opens up her mouth(just to hear herself talk) I want to reach inside the TV and yank whatever she has on her head off!!! I’ll most likely change the channel. She insults the viewers, the contestants,and Fox Nrtwork. Get rid of her.

  12. Nicki Menaj is the worst thing to ever happen to AI. All she wants is camera time and monopolizes the time that is supposed to be constructive criticism to help these amazing and wonderfully talented young people. I have been a devoted fan, but will no longer watch the program. Perhaps in the future if the judges are better I will return to the show.

  13. To retain an American Idol viewer-LOSE YOUR LOSER, NIKI. She is foul, rude, immoral, loud and nuts.
    Niki M. is hurting all the good American Idol has accomplished. There are other competing productions now with judges with intelligence, morals etc., good for all in the family.
    Your advertisers never spend money to tarnish their image to the American public. The public associates with who you support and hire.

  14. I have to agree — Mariah needs to keep her boobs covered up. We have young family members watching the show. Mariah is a lovely women and when dressed appropriately, she sets an example. Nikki on the other hand can be very nice but has been very mean and wicked and frankly it is not called for. It serves not purpose to destroy. She really ripped on the young man who was brought back with another girl to join the tour. His demeanor shows he has been picked on all his life and he has endured much. To have Nikki publicly ridicule him the way she did showed kids it is all right to continue the same kind of bullying.

  15. hi my name is joshua and i have down syndrome i am a brother to lander and i have a wanderful sister and she is amazine gril that she always been with me when she was little boys and grils. i wanted to tell you that she can sing wanderful thats why i wanted her to be on that show she is in new york and she just trying to be on broadway i hope you can consider her she can sing like a beauful gril
    love from joshua the brother

  16. I have a problem with Jimmy. Its not up to him to choose who should get voted off every week. He is there to get every contestant to be the best they can be, not to down play one over the other just because he may not like that person. That is his personal opinion, so keep it to yourself, I am pretty offenden that he is downing Lazaro for all to hear. The voting is up to us now. The judges are also telling us “this is the one to vote for.” They are there, as in the past years, tell the contestants how to improve, there is more said about how they are dressed. Also Nicki is horrible in eevery way, get somone else to replace her. Randy is and will alway be the best.

  17. I have been an avid Idol fan ever since the beginning BUT something is not right this season …
    First of all for the judges to keep pushing Kree who for the most part does not have the personality of many of the others who ALSO have very good voices.
    Please stop singling her out..
    I am very insulted with the RUDE behavior shown to Lazaro this week.. Telling him he needs to improve is one thing or that he is not as good as the girls in aPolite way is one thing but to be so rude not to even show him the courtesy of speaking to the young man was horrible.. Think about it judges and you need to publically apologize to him as well as the whole durance in the studio and the home viewers…

    I also wish for the old judges to be back.. I’m sorry I do not think Nicki nor Mariah are the right mix.. Keith is doing good and Randy I am very disappointed in your attitude this year.. I have always respected your opinions but there is a force of reckoning to be met..
    I love music and live for music and have all my life.. I am 72 years young and I surely hope some changes are made for next season or I am afraid with as many people who are unhappy this year the Idol may sink..
    Sincerely Marietta


  19. We have been watching Idol all this season and we are so sick of Nicki and her rude mouth and always playing with her hair. Randy and his dog talk and I love me attitude. As far as Mariah she needs to wear turtle neck clothes as her boobs are getting sickening to look at and her hands playing with her hair also. Keith is the only judge that should be back next year or you are going to lose viewers. Thank You and hope you listens to the comments. Phyllis

  20. I am a hug fan of American Idol. However, last night’s show (4/18/2013) showed the ladies in the Ford car having a little too much fun while driving – going on a “hunt.”

    At one point one of the idol ladies is reading a text message. There was too much preoccupation with the GPS and overall they were obviously distracted with finding what they were sent to look for on their “hunt” and not driving.

    Now what if a group of girls (apart from the show – fans) decided to do a “hunt,” become distracted and are seriously hurt or fatally injured while on “their” hunt.

    The focus of this ride in a instrumentality capable of causing harm or death was obviously not on the car, but rather on their end destination (“the hunt.”)

    These young ladies are now heroes to tens of thousands of people and there are probably thousands who want to be just like them, copying the moves they make.

    For this reason, I am asking you to give a disclaimer of sorts that while this “hunt” was fun for the idol ladies any duplication by fans should be done with full attention to the road while driving. The number one priority is safety.

    And if this was filmed in California it is illegal to drive and talk or text.

  21. All the judges are horrible, I thought with Keith on the show the country singer would have a chane but he sent hon janelle and that show that no country singer on american has a chane amber should have go home or the judges shou have used the save on janelle but they didn’t get rid of all judges or american idol will not be back next year as for this year I will not watch it anymore it sucks that they have their faviote and make sure they are thier and send the wrong one homes.

  22. Please don’t ask Nicki Minaj back next year. She is rude and mean. She obviously does not know how bring constructive critism to our contestants. Minaj has no class and probably feels inferior to the classy Mirah Carey. So disappointed in your selection of her as a judge. Screen your judges much more carefully.

  23. Been a fan since day one. Year after year good shows! I read today that your ratings were third place. Gee I wonder why! If you can’t see it I will gladly tell you why. There are contestants who much better than the trash that is judging them. Specifically Nicky who is a trash talking bad example for Americans. And mr. YO DUDE has becomr a Nicky mirror! Keith and Mariah are redeeming the whole show. Get rid of the lead thats sinking the ratings!

  24. Ryan Secrest you did a terrible think to Fantasia last week.
    Fantasia was not giving a chance to promote her new CD which hit store 4/23/2013.You wasted time with Clay who had nothing to promote. You should mention Fantasia #1 new release on the show you owe her that much.
    Thank you.

  25. Have always been a fan of Idol because it showcases some very talented young people. However, I have a problem with the judges, they should endeavor to be impartial at no time should they show favoritism such a standing ovations.
    Nicki should not be a judge at a hog grunting contest. It is very obvious she knows nothing about talent and to disguise that fact she can only make nasty, rude and unnecessarily tear the young singers down. Get rid of her.
    Randy is also being influenced by Nicki, If that kind of person is what he admires then he is less than what a judge should be

  26. I want to preface this by saying I love Mariah Carey and her new song but really, would she really want the young women in the show or the young women of america posing as a B porno star? After hearing the comments about how girls suffer with body image and the encouragement that you don’t have to be perfect how could you show that video in family hour? Mariah could have done a wonderful video without being the stereotypic “sex kitten”. There were just so many tasteful ways she could have gone.
    Thanks for listening.

  27. Was delighted about the final two gals going to the finals. Well deserved. Angie tried to be to sexy and mouth open all the time. Surprised she lasted that long. Go CANDICE!!!!!!!

  28. I have been watching Idol since Season 1. I am really disappointed in the judge’s this year that I would tune in to hear the singers and then turn the channel when the judge’s spoke. And then I heard the other day that you are planning on having them back for next season. I have never really been a Randy fan so him leaving does not upset me at all. The only problem I have with Keith Urban is that this is “American” Idol and he is Australian. If you are willing to pay millions of dollars to the judges, I’m sure you could find better ones than Mariah and Nikki. Those 2 were jokes this year with their little “cat fights”. Bottom line, if these judges are coming back next year, I will NOT be tuning in. Thank you.

  29. Last night may 19 the 2013 billboard music awards was on tv. One of the judges on Idol performed, “NICKI,”, she was acting like having SEX with a man on stage, how disgusting to watch. I hope she does not come back on Idol, she is no roll modle for anyone, she shouldn’t get air time at all.

  30. I am 54 Years Old and Do Not get into Todays Music Alot but there are some Artist Out there that are Good But there is Not much I cannot tell about Music. I Managed The Oldest Record Store in The United States in Augusta, Georgia back in The 1980,s. I Managed Home Folks News and Record Store when went back to The 1930,s

  31. If you want to improve the ratings of Aamerican Idol, you need Puff Diddy, Tina Turner, Micey Minaj and Quincey Jones. Pay them whatever they want and see what these proven artists will do with these aspiring singers. You also need to shorten the show. No one is truly interested in the humiliating preliminaries but the end results.

  32. I went on the official American Idol Website and realized that New York was not one of the cities listed for audition locations. Are they just not having auditions in New York? Or are they just late in posting the city on their official website?

  33. Hello, Have good judges,1 country,1 R&B,1 gospel,and 1 rock & roll,you already have keith urban, a country singer. Peace, sherrie bohler

  34. hi my name is mikeysha and i can not do my intro i have tried calling but the number was busy i only have 12 hrs to finish my on line audition and i have tried to do it from my phone and it wont work please someone help

  35. Also how do I help him get set up to audition for American idol. Please help me further my friend dream of being a singer. He just recently lost a aunt and his niece in a tragic shooting in his home town which was really hard on him please help make his dream come true believe me when i say he has an amazing voice if u have listened to k c jo jo he sounds the same…..

  36. Hi Ryan,
    You knew me my name is Katie bealer I’m your star
    Of your show I love to watch American idol you can put me in your show please I will be in it I wrote my own songs . I am in a magazine and book and I am be a famous have tour I wrote my lyrics Popstars Photographer all the my tour of United states what first states in here a Denver Colorado or Phoenix .
    What number at over there American idol watch on these week
    Your fan,
    Katie bealer

  37. The first auditions of 2014 in Boston, Ma. were absolutely awful. I heard only one contestant who could almost carry a tune. It is my opinion that none of today’s applicants should have been put through to the Hollywood tryouts.
    Can’t any of today’s youth sing any song that has a harmony and a melody, more than 4 chords, and individual notes? There really is very little being written today that could actually be considered “music”. A better description would be “aboriginal chantings”.
    Good luck to you all. You will all need it

  38. I used to like American Idol and I was happy to hear Harry Connick, jr would be a judge.
    I could not be more disappointed in him with his saying “fricken” this and that. I think he needs to clean up his language.This is a family show. I work as a nanny for two little boys ages 6 and 8. One of them used that word and I told them it’s not nice to say that.
    He does not sound very classy.
    Wash his potty mouth with soap.
    Thank You

    • Me too what would you like your daughter to see when they were 7

      This season sucks where is the funny stuff before it becomes serious. This is boring remember pants on the ground. Get real or get lost

  39. Hi American Idol crew,
    I am an eleven year girl from Hopedale, Massachusetts. I am writing to you all because a teenage girl named Emily Lambert auditioned for your show and did not make it. She had an incredible voice but I guess her looks didn’t make the cut. I heard that your show had too many blondes with blue eyes, so you did not except her. I disagree with all of you because it is not about the looks it is about the voice, right? All of you were remodels to me, but now I am not sure because you judged a book by it’s cover. I am a huge fan of your show, but when I heard the news I was shocked. Please think about your decision and email me back.

  40. Love this season!The comedy that flows this season is so much better than the clash of last years judges. Loved Harry putting the joker in his place!! It’s about time. For these young adults to put everything on the line for a chance at a dream is why we fell in love with American Idol. Keep up the great work, and thank you for entertaining America again. Sincerely, Cynthia Ehlers

  41. Bravo!!!! Great choice of Judges. The Producers brought back a great show lead with a focus on the contestants supported by very talented judges. A pleasure to watch. Congrats judges.

  42. Hello, My question has to do with sheet music. My daughter wants to sing a song Haley Reinhart sang for a school show. She needs sheet music for House of the Rising Sun. Where can I get this music? Thanks for your help

  43. Dear American Idol:
    Thank you for reinventing yourself!

    I am a 55 year old woman who watches only two reality shows (Idol and Any Project Runway version). I find that. for the most part, these shows do not seek to humiliate their contestants. I appreciate that. It links me both to the contestants and the judges. And they don’t make the judges the stars.

    I love the new set of judges! they are about the singers and not about the industry!

    They are personable. They are people.

    You have gotten rid of the huge robot cgi!
    I will watch you religiously. Even when you’re in conflict with some of my favorite shows. THANKS!!!!!!!

    • My sentiments exactly. 🙂 This show is about the performers . . . not the ego of the judges.

      I’m also gratified that they’ve changed the voting procedure. Many of the people who would have been voted off in the past (because they weren’t (fill in the blank) enough, have remained. It almost brought tears to my eyes to see the talented individuals who got to stay. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

  44. I’ve been American Idol since season one. I love the show because it makes millionairs out of cow girls. Honestly, this is the worst season ever. At first I thought it was because of Connik Jr,and I still do, but now I’m thinking some of the problem is the producers. Where’s the comedy? Where’s the fun? I didn’t finish watching last week and if this week hasn’t improved I won’t watch the rest of the season and probably never again. It used to be fun a funny. What happened?

    • I 100% agree, there were several people that didn’t make it this year that surpassed several in the top 12.

      Well I see there are 2 people that see it the correct way. Take the blinders off America.

    • I couldn’t agree more!!! These 3 Judges are by far the BEST American Idol has EVER put together. I can only hope they keep it that way! With these 3 I would never miss a show!
      I love each of them in their own way.
      I wouldn’t change a thing!!!

  45. How on earth did the contestant Jessica Bassett age 22 on Wed. night Jan. 29 not make it to Hollywood. Her voice was one of the best we heard.

  46. This is the best season EVER! The reason: THE JUDGES!!!
    I used to fast forward during their comments, but this year, I wouldn’t miss a word. It’s the best blend of personalities, knowledge and humor the show has ever had.
    Keep it up…you’ve got me hooked!

  47. We wanted to THANK YOU! This season has us smiling and laughing. It is such a relief compared to last season. We no longer have to cringe when we watch A.I. You have finally put the entertainment back in American Idol and we couldn’t be more pleased. Great job, guys. P.S. The addition of Harry Conick Jr. is inspired. He is genuine–he is funny–and he is a great fit with J-Lo and Keith. And he really knows his music!

    • What are you smoking? You must have a dry of sense of humor as Harry has, or he has payer you to write a good review. The show hasn’t been the same since Simon has been on the show.

  48. Morning
    Great show this year. Judges are all about Beauty Brains and Talent…And I love Harry and Keith too..kidding! I do have a segment suggestion…I would think that the Judges either individually or collectively may have at some point rethought some of their votes. Why not have one of them (Harry would seem a great choice) go through the short list of those second thoughts and why looking back he may have made a different call given a second chance….and then at the end of that short segment, have him fly to that one person’s house, knock on their door, and surprise them with a yellow ticket ( great theme of the idol can make a mistake but dont want to crush a dream)..Second thought is that one other person can be saved by viewers who vote to save that one other person they thought should have been picked (Telephone votes equals money and fan interest) and other judges or judge knocks on that door…. what do you think???

  49. Hello!
    I am a retired RN Supervisor. And have been a fan from the beginning.
    I have wondered over the years why the judges have not been inclined to teach the youngsters about TONE deafness! I have noticed many cases and the result is that the person can’t understand why their singing is described as off. These folks must understand that singing is not for them as they are tone deaf….and explain to them what this condition is. A sign at the entry door should be posted for all the contestants to read.
    Carry on the good work.

  50. I want to let the judges know i have no idea who he is but the first kid that came on tonight 2/5/2014 was amazing im from NY and really dnt know him but you guys made a huge mistake by sending him home hes the definition of potential the judges are totaly wrong about him

  51. Just finished watching your program ( 2-5-14 ), and must say
    that it was..
    Shocking, Disgusting, Grossly inhuman,Animalistic..

    And here is why..instantly it reminded me of the process,
    and procedure that the Nazis used when sorting their
    victims into the Ovens.. No need to go into details.
    You should be prosecuted not for mental cruelty , but for
    mantel Savagery.

    How dare you. ??!!

    Edward A. Wagschal
    NY. NY.

  52. Hello,

    I would like to let you know that both, my nine-year old daughter and I, feel that the manner in which you sent away those poor contestants off to their unknown destinations in two separate buses was not only extremely cruel and distasteful, but unacceptable. Do these contestants not deserve to be treated equally with some level of dignity and respect? Isn’t it already bad enough that they lost? The least you could have done was to at least wish them well and say good bye in a dignifying manner; they are people, not toys…

    I am truly disappointed in this unpleasant twist that your producers have chosen as it is absolutely unnecessary; in my opinion, it ruins the show…
    md & td

  53. I feel the director’s of IDOL should be ashamed of what they just did to the contestants on bus #1. It was like you had kidnapped them..or worse yet a replay of the holocost without the ovens..Hearding them onto buses and not knowing where they are going..just like the trains in Germany. I think you owe an apology to the contestants that were just cut and also the AMERICAN public…You have crossed the line tonight

  54. Hol arching tonight, I feel the judges are either playing favorites or just plain tone deaf. Or maybe we can hear the contestants differently. Example the first group was awesome and they cut one pf them, thenextvwere just ok, but they kept all of them. What is up with that ? I have always watched this show but itseemscto be getting worse and worse each year. The people they choose are no where as talented as they use to be, but the judges put them through anyway

  55. The judges are the best you’ve ever had. Cowell was an ass. Jackson and his rap and hip hop references was not much better, Minage, et al, sucked. The three you have now are knowledgeable, intelligent, collegial in making effective decisions, practical and believable. Much, much superior. Best you’ve ever had.


  56. booting Paisley Van Patten off the show was the worst thing you could’ve done to the show this season. She would have made it to the top. that was the producers fault. you did not advertise her during group singing. you need to have a redo because that IS NOT FAIR.

  57. Your contestant, introduced as a nurse is not a nurse, repeat, is not a nurse but a nurse technician. A technician is a glorified certified nurses aid. She has not taken a state board and is not licensed. The nurses of America are offended. Nurses have spent many hours to obtain their license. This contestant cannot legally introduce herself as a nurse and her introduction should be clarified. She is falsely representing herself as a professional and is liable to her state board.

  58. Your contestant, introduced as a nurse is not a nurse, repeat, is not a nurse but a nurse technician. A technician is a glorified certified nurses aid. She has not taken a state board and is not licensed. The nurses of America are offended. Nurses have spent many hours to obtain their license. This contestant cannot legally introduce herself as a nurse and her introduction should be clarified. She is falsely representing herself as a professional and is liable to her state board.

  59. I was appalled at the dress Jennifer Lopez wore last night. What a terrible example for the thousands of young girls watching. This is supposed to be a family friendly show.

  60. All of the Top 30 should have been able to perform and the public should have been able to vote for the Top 12. The judges got it wrong on some of the guys and more than half of the girls. The girls that did not sing were better then half of the girls that did sing. I have watched from Season 1 and this is the first year I am not impressed with the way they handled this Top 30. The judges talk about people that are marketable instead of keeping the people with true talent. They let some great talent slip away!

  61. To Harry Connick, Jr.

    THANK YOU for acting like a responsible father! I appreciate your question, “Is that something you want to be singing about at 18?”
    Keep up the good work!”

  62. THE ANXIETY YOUR SUBJECTING THE CONSTENTANTS IS TOO MUCH. The HANGER, The BUS, THE (10) NOT GOING FORWARD thinking they are. TOO MUCH I’m not watchin your show anymore BYE

  63. American Idol needs a “viewer judge” on the set. I’ve been watching Idol for about 13 years (since the beginning) when my children were teenagers. They’re now late 20’s, early 30’s. They’ve moved on, and I’m still watching with hubby. Every time we turn it on, we pause between singers and judge the contestants. I’m either right on point with the judges or shocked at the difference in our views. But I, for one, always have an interesting point as a listener from a non-professional (fan) point of view. Although the judges are professionally more advanced that lil ol’ me, I feel I’m equally qualified as a listener to determine who should move to the next level. With that said, I think it would be interesting to have a “viewer judge” in the fourth seat.

  64. On Feb 20, 2014 The judges picked the last 3 singers to be added to the top ten. Why not let the voters pick the 3 for we already picked the top ten. I believe this was an injustice to the process of letting the people vote. It was also an injustice to Spencer, for he has the whole package as the judges mentioned, beautiful gifted voice, a voice I could lisson to all day. The judges picked a girl that yelled as loud as she can, thats not singing, who can lisson to that all day! I don’t recall Jennifer Lopez or Keith Urban sing by belting it out loud! I would like Spencer to be brought back for the peoples vote making the choice. I believe he will go farther then most of them, I believe he is an equil to Dexter both will TRUE gifted talent!!!!! Thank you!

  65. Love the judges, but the contestants just can’t sing. Listen to the contestants on The Voice, several if them are far better than Idol contestants.

  66. My friend and I were disappointed and have lost interest of watching this season of American Idol. The reason is b/c our idol Spencer Lloyd did not make it to the top 13. I am sure a lot of teenage girls feel the same way. Spencer is a complete package for American Idol and he will be marketable in the industry especially on the American Idol tour. It was a wow factor when he came out on stage and then people start screaming his name and they even made a poster for him. American Idol did not see that? We thought he would be picked during the wild card unfortunately the judges chose CJ over Spencer. Spencer is such an adorable human being and has many talents to offer. We wish that the American Idol management will bring Spence Lloyd back.

  67. thank you for bringing back our real American Idol, the 3 judges are great Ryan is as good as he has always been the only problem I had was I could not hear Randy’s comments, thank you for bringing 3 great judges!!

  68. How can you not call it a popularity contest when NOW you vote before everyone sings. How Fair does it sound to you…Also is Henry Drunk every show he seems to be that or high

  69. The judges this season complement each other well and are of great benefit to the contestants. Though I really like Keith and JLO, Harry Connick Jr. is my favorite. It is disconcerting to me that the audience keeps booing him when he is giving very honest and useful criticism to the contestants. He really knows music and the music business, and he obviously cares about the performers. I hope that he continues to give straightforward advice on musicality; it will help the contestants to grow and survive in the music world. They all impart such wisdom to these young people (performers and viewers). Keith and JLO have strengths in different areas. Thanks for putting together such an amicable team

  70. I refuse to watch American Idol this year due to the way Keith Urban dresses. He should be ashamed to look like that on at TV. And Jennifer is so stunning, she should protest sitting next to him. Ryan dresses so well, Keith is an embarrassment.

  71. Love the show!! But this year the acoustics are off or something !!can barely hear the contestants singing. And we can hear the crowd more than anything, which is annoying. I don’t really know how to contact you but hopefully this gets to someone!

  72. Randy Jackson is wasting his words before the contestants take the stage. The split screen has the crowd noise soooo loud his words are drowned out. Maybe he has something we would like to hear????

  73. I have watched Idol for years, this year not thrilled with the contestant pick this time around, love Jennifer and Keith, but Harry is too weird, and too many negative comments just dissapointing all around, I find that fast forwarding through the show helps, losing my interest , seen better seasons in the past!
    This year will lose viewers, the voting not cool when 50 votes can be submitted at time each person, how is that even fair!

    • Harry is not weird. He is cool. Not only is he a judge, but he is also one of my new favorite actors. If you knew what was best you would like him too. Keep on making me happy Harry.

  74. I love the show,but I find that the constructive criticism from the judges is a little overwhelming and it makes me question the choices that were made by the judges on who they are criticizing .I don’t want to sound mean,but a little confused about this years competion

  75. i want to see an American Idol for music and a separate American Idol for country. They have music awards and country music awards. They are not combined and American Idol should not combine them. It is very wrong! Please chang

  76. Worst singers I have heard on this season. I will watch one more time. If not any better I will not watch again. Love the judges and Ryan but the contestants are awful. Can’t even sing. Don’t understand why. Very disappointed this season

  77. Hey Guys, Your sound is not coming across very well over the air. Not fair to the contestants that we can’t hear a good mix.
    And. . .the musicians need to come across with the same passion that is expected from the contestants.

    Make a great show sound great.

    Thanks, Mike

  78. this season is so disappointing and difficult to watch. This show pales in comparison to the Voice. There is absolutely no chemistry among the judges. They all look like it is just a job and have very little interaction with each other. On previous seasons, the judges were as compelling as the talent–not any more. Harry comes across like a perfectionistic accountant–not realizing that all talent does not have to be a dog and pony show. Sam, who has a wonderful presentation, was criticized for not reving up his performance. He reminds me very much of Ricky Nelson, heartthrob of the 50’s, and should be encouraged to develop his own style. Linda Ronstadt didn’t jump around either. It is not who he is to be jumping up and down. Even Jennifer has lost her glow and has been placed in between two incredibly boring men. The Voice is so entertaining in the judge line up and they truly appear to be enjoying. Idol has now become the Ryan Seacrest Show and he should take a page from Nick Cannon’s book. On the whole, the talent is minimal, the judges are dull and I will not be watching any longer.

  79. I watched american idol last week. Not impressive. I am watching it tonight. watched 4 contestants. Nobody is belting out any songs. They are all blah. I will watch it in a couple of weeks to see if anybody is better. There is no range in their voices and very poor song choices. There is nobody outstanding at all.

  80. I realize that we have little or no control over our appearance, but sometimes our appearance DOES make a difference. On American Idol, for instance. We seem to be more lenient in the case of females, but I have NEVER seen an unattractive male win. One of our best male voices of this season belongs to a young man who looks like he smells something unpleasant. I hope his voice will overcome his appearance.

  81. Coupla points ditected to present or future budges
    1/ safeguard fine artist musician/singer’s personal vision
    2/foster;nurture;develop THEIR personal vision
    3/ avoid educating or teaching person to stay inside the already music industries’
    packhaged box
    This has not been done since it began; do not allow
    themselves to be trapped. This is what the conservative social imagination always tries to do.

    I have taught art and culture

  82. Conservative social imagination (behavior) has been evident since the beginning of this show.
    Nurturing,educating and developing the artists’ natural phenomena has never been a real performance objective.
    The design of the show entraps the singer,songwriter,musician has been led to believe
    their personal vision of whom the fine artists
    natural abilities have been safeguarded.
    Realistically the participating individuals learn how
    to stay within the limited commercial standard.
    I do not see creative imagination being honestly developed. That natural phenomena of voice has been taught to be packhaged in a box.

  83. Worst contestants ever. A bunch of teeny bopper no talents. Unprofessional, barely singers-in-training. No Carrie Underwood, no Jennifer Hudson, no Kelly Clarkson. Instead, you get someone who acts like a crazy hyped up fool, i.e., Malaya. You get others who just don’t have enough talent to record anything. I don’t get it. The only time I watch now, is to see who is getting kicked off. The ratings are sinking. X-Factor went down because they had a bunch of young no talents. Idol is following suit. Sure, I like the judges, but they are already Idols. What is wrong with them, coddling these kids? I’m done and so are all of my friends. We are all in agreement.

  84. We are from Missouri and planned a trip to the LA area. My daughter received a notice from On Camera Audiences that she was on a list and they emailed her the tickets. We followed all the silly rules on dress code and such (apparently the dress code is not a requirement for everyone in attendance) and arrived at noon to stand in the hot sun for hours. Finally we got our ticket numbers 25,26, and 27. We thought that seemed pretty good so we were excited and then it happened….the bus kids arrived, and arrived, and arrived, and arrived, and let me add they came hours after we had stood in the hot sun. Apparently these high school kids were VIPs (go figure???). So after being treated like cattle and move from one hot area to another we again waited and waited. Finally they start to take us in at 4:45 for the 5pm show. Our seats were in the very back and you could see nothing and I mean absolutely nothing. We were not just in the back row we were in the back row to the back row. We offered to split up but still we were given nothing. I really think there must be a better way to do this. All total we spent 9 hours waiting to see the nothing. A huge disappointment.

  85. The judges keep saying this year’s contestants are the best of all the seasons. I’m not getting that at all! Each week I am more and more disappointed. I keep watching only because I can’t imagine not watching but I am very disheartened over the quality of singing by the majority of the top 10.

  86. Please do not have Harry Connick Jr.. return as a judge next year. He is very annoying, rude, overly judgmental, unintelligent, and unlikable. Several of my friends agree with me and he makes American idol unpleasant to watch.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  87. for Harry Connick, You are one of the last torch bearers for Jazz
    Shave;don’t look like such a “smutch”. The older Jazz cats were very clean…why shouldn’t you be instead of looking like the dumb musicians around today. Also you are the hippest on the panel…they don’t hear what you do so don’t take their put downs personally but it makes the program more saleable, I guess.
    Listen to early Lester Young 30’s and 40’s and sing his solos with him It will help your vibrato and make you more saleable I am in your corner and would like you to make jazz more palatable to the people. Jazz always was an “ebb and flow’ thing but you can promote it with your talent. Wishing you well. BW

  88. Just wanted to suggest to someone on the show that Sam very much resembles a pop star from the 50’s and 60’s Ricky Nelson. Look at old video of Ricky Nelson performing and look at Sam. The comparison, especially in his eyes, is amazing.

  89. How could AI have gotten so bad? The talent pool is astoundingly mediocre and the judges act as if they’re critiquing a high-school tryout. Production format is glitzy and contrived, the band seems off-key (or is it the talent stable?) and the contestant ‘insights’ are affected and hokey. I was a fan for years….too bad success made Simon detach from keeping his eye from what was going on with the show.

  90. I have watched idol faithfully from the beginning. This seasons contestants are the worst ever. You can eliminate them all at once and start over ! Bring back jimmy to coach them or do something now. This is a pathetic season

  91. I’m a longtime fan of American Idol. This season I feel compelled to contact Idol to say that this year is a disappointment. First I want to say that talent is undeniable but the show feels geared very much to a teen audience. The set is to busy but has improved from the beginning of the season. hip hoppy, lacking any class, and there is too much talking from and about the participants.

  92. sirs…….please tell the two guys either shave or grow a beard…..and look a little more human…. slovenly !!!!
    otherwise get new judges who have some self respect…and care how they look….]]

  93. This is probably the worst top 12 and now 9 that I’ve ever seen in the past ten years. Why did they pick 8 contestants that play the guitar it’s so repetitive. I really don’t care who they eliminate each week where in the past I was anxious each week as to who would be eliminated. Caleb is the only one and he’ll probably win. The judges mix very well together and it’s fun to watch them.

  94. I just watched the American Idol show on 3-26-14. I am an older person and I am sure many of the crowd and even the judges may not remember RICKY NELSON. But I will tell you when I watched Sam Wolf perform on this day, I swear it was Ricky Nelson reincarnated. His sound, the way he sang into the microphone, the way he looked at the crowd and most importantly, he LOOKS like Ricky.


  95. You should have saved Majesty. There were at least 3 others
    appearing tonight who were not good singers, for instance
    CJ. Your show is not a true talent show.
    Your show disappoints me. I don’t think for a minute
    America votes the way you say they do(for shame).

  96. I love the show. My students got me watching it in the second year. This is a very entertaining year. I love Harry and Keith. Thank you for all you do to make this show happen.

  97. You’ve got to be kidding me. Out of 7,000 contestants this is who you end up with? Half these people can’t sing. It’s Karaoke! C’mon.Wake up judges. Open your eyes and clean out the wax in your ears. I cannot believe these are who you end up with. I can sing better and I suck.

  98. Harry said Kaleb needs to sing a ballad

    He needs to sing “Color My World in memory of Chicago’s Terry Seth!!!!!!

  99. Sorry to have to watch this season’s high school talent show quality… Even the audio mix is off, the in-ear monitors are not working…! These kid’s are riding an ego wave, setting them up for lots of disappointment later in life, cuz they’re mostly just not that great. The judges are finally a really good mixture, but the only thing I look forward to now is Jenn’s smile… You are blowing it..! These kids are mostly not-ready-for-prime-time players, singing folk songs on the corner for tips… The producers should watch just one show of “The Voice” to experience real vocals and high energy performance… and take notes..

  100. It is obvious that JLo is being show cased more in the past few weeks. No doubt her people demanded that Harry take a back seat. Harry is a better judge and more personable. That is why the judge panel is popular (and Keith). Harry should not be taking a back seat to her.

  101. Please get rid of Harry Connack Jr
    He is terrible, his need for attention takes away from the show and the contestants. Awful.

  102. Harry Connick is not a good judge at all. Always negative and looks for ways to embarrass Keith and put him down. Tonight he acted like he wanted allll the attention I think something is wrong with him!

  103. Harry Connick Jr is being ridiculous on the shows. His attempt at humour is not good. He was creepy tonight when he joined the young girls and carried one on his shoulders. The show is supposed to be about the contestants and he tries to make it about him.

  104. I must add that Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban are refreshing. They are mature and really care about the kids. They are impressive!

  105. I dont know if anybody from american idol actually watches it on TV because the audio levers are very bad. When some artist sing their voice is swallowed by the background music especially Jena and its hard to hear them sing!!

  106. Hi, I have been watching American Idol for many many seasons now. I love the show. I would like to mention that I was very very disapointed last night and I don’t find it fair or right that Malaya Watson was kicked off :((((. She has the most wonderful voice and talent. Also, she has the capacity and ability to sing all kinds of songs. Some of the other performers don’t have that talent and they are still in the show. I would like her to come back because I know she could say longer and become the next American Idiol. It’s not fair because the other singers don’t have a better voice they just have popularity and more votes because of the beauty or looks not because they are singing better then Malaya. I am asking the producers of the show or the juges to bring her back or the ratings of the show will start going down. I hope the message will be served for the good reasons. Thank you and have a great day. Mary

  107. The show is very entertaining but would someone please tell Harry that it’s not about him. It obvious that the other two judges are becoming annoyed with him.

  108. The show is very entertaining but would someone please tell Harry that it’s not about him. It’s clearly obvious that the other judges are becoming annoyed with him and so are we.


    All our family and friends have loved A I from the beginning but the last several years there hasn’t been more than one contestant worthy of our time.

    We hate to see the demise of this formerly great show just because the judges can’t judge quality talent.



  111. Alex and Sam could be the next Simon & Garfunkel. The judges were way off on their comment related to “Let it Go”. It was fantastic, as was their other duet they also sang.

  112. Please stop the curse words on the show. We DVR and watch with our children and have recently needed to turn it off due to the language.

    Thank you.
    Jon Sinnett

  113. I am very upset with the elimination of Dexter. I have not watched this show in 9 years and was only watching it because Dexter was a family member. I will never watch it again. I think Harry is a scumbag and a lot of people will not be watching this again as well like the older generation. Dexter is a well mannered true gentleman unlike many of the other contestants.

  114. would you please have JOLO dress more for a family show and cover herself up, the real short skirts and dresses and open backs need to be covered up. Ryan needs to not feed her ego and comment about her discussing dress attire. If she wants to express the sexy body then do it someplace else.

  115. Who is doing the sound mixing this year? WORST THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD! CAN’T HEAR RYAN OR THE CONTESTANTS OVER THE AUDIENCE OR THE BAND. HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO MISS CUES OR LEAVE MICS OPEN! Get it fixed AI it’s really annoying when you can’t hear the singing over the audience and band!!!

  116. Harry Connick, JR. Is not good for the show. He is always putting someone down, smarting off trying to get attention which is why he still carries Jr in his name because he acts like a child. He is jealous of Ryan and Keith because they are men.

  117. When will Harry Conick Jr be replaced? He is a horrible judge, very seldom has anything positive to say and definitely plays favoritism as a judge shouldn’t do. He can’t sing and his songs are boring. Most of the contestants perform and carry a tune better them him. Look at his face on live t.v he has a yellow stain around his mouth that looks discusting. I have lost all interest in American idol as have most people I know. Please replace him ASAP. The voice is kicking American idols behind. Wake up and smell the coffee America.

    Very disappointed viewer in Indiana.

  118. I am outraged and upset at your voting process I’ve tried four hour and a half to vote and nothing has been made clear is this a fixed competition or what do our vote really count . what is going on why is it so hard to make a simple vote on any of your systems text email or phone .

  119. I have watched your shows from the start but this will be the last.
    When a black man that can’t carry a tune is in the top five you have a serious problem and I’m sure you know it.
    Everyone I talk to including some good friends that are black agree this is WRONG.
    How sad this has to be.


  120. With Alex Preston in the top five on American Idol, many NH people are very upset to learn that the Top 10 Tour will not be coming his home state. We are praying that producers will reconsider and schedule a show at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH.

  121. With Alex Preston making TOP FIVE on American Idol, many NH residents are upset with the fact that American Idol Top 10 will not be coming to NH this year. We are asking producers to reconsider and schedule a show at the Verizon Wireless Arena so we can show our support and bring our home town boy back to NH.

  122. I have watched American Idol every year. This is my favorite. I think Harry Connick, the reason. He has all of the celebrities meeting and greeting the audience and being more personal with the candidates. The judges and Ryan actually touch people and are not snobby. Great show this year!

  123. I have watched American Idol every year. This is my favorite. I think Harry Connick, the reason. He has all of the celebrities meeting and greeting the audience and being more personal with the candidates. The judges and Ryan actually touch people and are not snobby. Great show this year!

  124. What the hell was the purpose of putting those young people on the spot tonight? It served no purpose and violates the spirit of the show. These kinds of stunts wil eliminate me from watching next year. Fire the person responsible.

  125. Dear American Idol, I hate that you ALWAYS have the camera on Jennifer Lopez! I am a fan of hers, but why are you more interesting in showing your viewers her face, instead of the contestants???

  126. I can not get through on the phone to vote for Jena-marie. This is BS. The reason for not being able to get through and vote for Gina is “Line is BUSY, try later”

  127. While I love watching American Idol I am so disgusted with the way the judges act at times. Especially Jennifer Lopez! I am getting so tired of the the favoritism, I always thought they were suppose to judge each contestant on what they sing, maybe I thought wrong. I was so appalled they way Jessica was treated and the way Jena Irene was put on a pedestal.They say tell Jessica that not moving around and connecting with people is wrong well the heck do they think Alex does, he looks like he doing the peepee dance every week.I for one will not be watching the rest of the season, I am so sick of the way Jennifer is. So maybe another year the judges can do the judging the right way and keep their their favorites to themselves and not try to cram them down out throats.

  128. Harry Connick Jr’s throwing (Benies) to the audiance was offensive. You throw food to DOGS, not to people. It was not funny at all. He could have passed a tray to the audiance as a gentleman! This happened at the result show on May 8,2014. How he would like to have food thrown at him??? I was very disappointed in his behavior.

  129. I really enjoy American Idol but if Jennifer is a judge next year I will refuse to watch in the future.
    She is so in love with herself and does not really add anything to the show.
    She never know when to stop talking.
    Thank You

  130. I don’t think I can watch when Jennifer Lopez performs. I also look away when the judges are introduced. She usually wears something very unbecoming. Hasn’t anyone told her her body needs more covering. She isn’t thin enough to wear what the younger gals wear.

  131. I like the show and think these are the best group of judges. It needs to be remember that this is a family show and has lured many teenagers to watch. Jennifer Lopez need for attention with her attire and body motions should never be the focus. Maybe its in her contract to be seen a certain amount, but its your job to keep it clean. Very disappointed. What a bad example for our young girls. Maybe your time slot for the show should move to ten.

  132. Jena Irene really disappointed many fans by posting on facebook referencing her friend as her “Bitch!” I am so embarrassed for her. I am a mom and I and my 11 year old son are huge American Idol fans, And rallied for Jena! I am addressing my concerns to you aren’t they counseled on how to behave when they become famous? Such a shame to be teaching our children that this language is okay! No woman or girl or human should be addressed in such foul language, especially on social media. Jena has been blessed with this platform to reach the masses, please help guide her before she looses all her fans. I had to block her on our facebook, my children will not look up to such filthy language and be brainwashed that it is okay! Please help Sincerely, Concerned mom

  133. We have been viewers of American Idol since inception. We like to see people with talent develop their skills and attain recognition. It is fun! Suggestions for improvement: Because this is an “American Idol” show, the female judge should use discretion in her clothing and performances. Jennifer Lopez may not realize that selection of beauty is not beautiful when it becomes sleezy….thereby distorting what most Americans view as beautiful. The judges have a great opportunity to be mentors/examples. I would encourage them to set an example before the contestants and audience that the focus is on real American beauty that doesn’t need to display all the body, but reveals the spirit of beauty. Thank you!

  134. I love love love this show, there is no better. And you know that is saying alot.

  135. I watched the first show of the seasons last night. The judges were laughing at (not with) the young lady from Mississippi. They were rude and condescending. They treat those who are on AI for attention only with more respect that they treated this young lady who is at a very tender age and obviously serious about her singing career. Jlo was making fun of her as were the others because of her accent, talking among themselves when she was performing, and laughing at her when she left. Jlo says “la ya poppi” (really, just awful and dumb)- one is from Australia with an accent and the other from Louisiana with an obvious accent. I think a lawsuit would ensue quickly if some of the contestants made fun of them. Tell them they cannot sing but don’t degrade them because of where they are from. I have watched AI every year from the beginning and have just loved it, but I can’t watch it anymore with judges who have no manners and laugh at these kids who are so precious. That was my last AI until the judges are changed.

  136. Why not just call it the Jennifer Lopez show. Seriously, next time you watch, take note of the time in between Jennifer and anything else. I’m not watching anymore because it’s just disgusting.

  137. I just wanted to say that I think it is so rude of J. Loe and Harry Conick Jr. to talk while a contestant is singing for them. They need to be quiet and listen to them and give them the respect they deserve. It is so rude to talk, laugh and or make faces while they are singing. I am going to quit watching this show. Be sure they get this message. That is all.

  138. I just wanted to say that I think it is so rude of J. Loe and Harry Conick Jr. to talk while a contestant is singing for them. They need to be quiet and listen to them and give them the respect they deserve. It is so rude to talk, laugh and or make faces while they are singing. I am going to quit watching this show. Be sure they get this message. That is all.

  139. All of my friends luv watching American Idol from the inception.
    If you do not get rid of Harry Connie jr. we will stop watching. He is pretentious, not funny, has no taste, hurtful, rude, egotistical, boorish, obnoxious, boring and painful to watch. We even started to watch the Voice because of him. There is a reason why your ratings continue to drop.
    Get rid of him!

  140. I only watch when Adam Lambert is on. He is the most talented contestant from the show with Kelly Clarkson 2nd. The show peaked with Adam and has gone down since. I quit watching with Mariah/Nicki which was painful. I do like the current judges but not enough to watch twice a week. Adam was such a smart thoughtful judge. So bring back Adam and I’ll be watching.

  141. Nicki Minaj was a fresh addition to Idol. Jennifer Lopez is 45 and continuously tries to act like a teen. The show should be about the people there trying out to sing. Not about Lopez and her latest album or video. The camera is on Lopez 90% of the time and on the new young singers 10% or less of the time on Idol. Isn’t this American Idol? Not The Jennifer Lopez Idol show? If you replaced Lopez and Connick Jr with younger judges A. Idol might survive.
    This is the first year I’m not watching American Idol. I just can’t stomach what the show has turned into with these older lame judges.
    More fresh additions for judges, please!!

  142. Dear producers,
    Harry Connick Jr is good. I hope you keep him in the future. The people who talk bad about him are just jealous of his movie character. I will stop watching Idol if he quits

  143. How about a little more of the “good” singers and less of the B.S. What is going on with you guys? What happened to putting the focus on the contestants? I thought you had finally gotten the message when you got rid of Mariah and Niki and their silly behavior. I used to love Harry Connick; not so much anymore.

  144. Hello AIdol, please get this message to someone that can do something, as a big fan and loyal watcher of AIdol, I was completely disappointed when the tryouts in NYC 2014 (which aired early January 2015) for a young man named Tyler Toliver from Manassas, Virginia did NOT get a fair chance at “going to Hollywood”. He has written and recorded (in Nashville)and sang on stage, opened for big stars, sang National Anthem at NASCAR races, on and on…..Is there anyway he could be put back in line in another city. The Judges that night already were “burned out” with Country singers apparently. Keith was not there that day and he would definitely voted Tyler through.
    Yes your probably saying not all can make it to hollywood but some of the “untalented” people that got put thru was a joke alongside Tyler Toliver. Go onto his web site and facebook. He should of gone to Hollywood. His audition didn’t even make it on the show. Oh did I mention he was a U.S. Marine and served 4 years. thanks for the time. Dean in Virginia.

  145. We thought that last years selections by the judges were the worst we had ever seen BUT we were wrong because they are even worst this year. Harry Conick Jr. is very talented but is the worst judge of talent we have ever seen. All three judges should spend time watching The Voice and see how to really evaluate talent.
    The show is no longer on our Must Watch list.

  146. Very disappointed in the show, especially Harry Connick’s behavior. The limelight should be on the contestants’ and not on Harry. He detracts from the show with his silliness. Keith does great as a judge, Jennifer is eye candy and Harry gives good advice but acts too ridiculous and we’re getting tired of the show. The Voice is much better.

  147. I am curious why the sound always goes off in the middle of watching American Idol on Fox5 in San Diego. This happens every single episode. I then asked other friends if they experience this too and they all have said yes. Some of them said they stopped watching the show becuase it is very frustrating when you are in the middle of listening to someone sing and the sounds cuts off. Can anyone tell me why this happens all the time? I love the show but I am considering watching another show instead because this is a constant issue.

    Wow !! Talk about no competition !!!
    It’s no wonder The Voice has blasted past American Idol in the ratings !
    They would never, ever come up with the insane concept of putting
    their contestants into groups. Idol loses so many singers who are, plain and simply, dragged down by members of the group that they are stuck with.

    • The reason they put the singers into groups is because they need to learn how to sing with other people. When you spend your entire time just singing by yourself, you never learn important skills such as harmonies and team skills. So I’m very sorry that you don’t understand why American Idol does that, but I agree with it.

  149. I truly dislike the rounds of ‘group singing’ and the sleeplessness imposed on the contestants. There seem to be many talented singers who get passed over because they are forced to sing in a group. I could only watch 1/3 of tonight’s show and out of frustration and boredom switched channels.

    Love Keith, Jen and Harry. They are keepers!

  150. I have watched America Idol for many years but I must say with the judges they seem to keep the ones that can’t sing and sends the great singers home…for that reason I have decided to watch the Voice its 100 percent better than America idol.

  151. Seriously, disappointed with the sing off they did in the top 24. Booooooo. Welcome to picking someone with a slander body versus someone with talent. Letting talent go because of looks. Bad decision. Rachael rocked!!! I use to love how down to earth jlo was. Hummmmmm. Really makes me think twice about thinking highly of someone who is truly only skin deep. That decision sucked.Pressured decisions isn’t these judges greatest attributes. Just saying…

  152. I commend you for the awesome talent you have this season. I have thoroughly enjoyed the show until tonight’s fiasco occurred. It’s unbelievable how the situation unfolded regarding whether Maddie or Rachel would move forward. I was most disappointed that Jennifer gave Rachel the “stank eye”, eyeballing her from foot-to-head, BEFORE Rachel even had a chance to sit down:( Everyone knows that Jennifer is a beautiful woman, however, we also know it takes a lot more than physical beauty to become successful. Though Maddie did have a good look, she also had already been eliminated. My entire household believes that Rachel had the the better performance, more personality, and far better stage presence than did Maddie. We are very disappointed that you even suggested a singoff between the two, and adding insult to injury, selected Maddie over Rachel. YOU WERE WRONG FOR THAT!!! Harry, you were harsh and unkind in critiquing Rachel, and Keith really shocked us all by agreeing with you. Come on guys, rethink the unfairness of it all, not to mention the heartbreak, coupled with needless embarrassment that was given this young lady. Please make this right…please bring back Rachel and give her the opportunity she deserves. Thank you for listening.

  153. At a time when women are under constant scrutiny about their looks, body type, and size…….. I find it personally appalling that all three judges on your current panel are behaving in a way that is completely biased to physical appearance. The issue last night with Rachel having been told the spot was hers until they noted the other smaller, shorter/tighter, dress wearing female walked out after her rejection……. Was a devastating blow to Rachel when her spot was taken away after a “sing off” which had clearly occurred the previous night. What this show fails to realize is that issues like this have broader effects than to this one female and that this is instead another epic fail toward women in general. These celebrities have no concept of reality…….. They are wealthy, their pathways of life paved for eternity. Yet, they sit and judge people based solely upon appearance. Tell you what, Rachel is beautiful and talented also and this show lost out tonight as did its viewers.

    I tried to post on the idol facebook page, however, your show clearly does not accept negative criticisms as my comments were deleted. Seeing that this show is nothing more than a beauty pageant, you clearly need to hand out tiaras instead of record contracts……. Furthermore, because this is now anothet pageant…… I will no longer watch your show.

  154. OMG what horrible sound!!! Who is mixing the sound? It is so bad I cannot believe it is professionally done! This is why I switched to The Voice. These theaters you’ve switched too are absolutely terrible. Even the judges sound muted and the echo is untenable. I hate missing this show but it’s about the singing and THAT IS BARELY AUDIBLE! Your loosing me not because of the judges the sound gentlemen the sound!

  155. im keep repeating myself because people don’t get it,i don’t have to be famous and rich to make a album cd or audiobooks,
    I just make my cd ! I don’t need fame and money,this is not about fame and money,this is about respect and reputation,might or fact ! you don’t need fame and money to have success.

  156. my talent is to do audiobooks,i record history and biography on cd’s and I don’t need to be famous and rich to make my album,i just go ahead with my album,make five copies and donate it to diferent libraris,and then call a radiostation to ask how much they charge to play my cd,and i don’t need,madonna ,I don’t need celine dion, and I don’t need ozzy ozbourne.

  157. the only reason im not doing my recording is because Im goin to the dentist for my dental restoration and I been spending couple of thousands,it affect my speech a bit,dental restorations is a process by step is worth time and money and the results are,quality and a nite decent smile.

  158. Please, please, please stop focusing the camera on Jennifer Lopez!!! It’s so overdone that it’s actually disgusting. My husband and I are so sick of seeing her continually posing. The show should be about the contestants while they perform rather than Ms Lopez. And if you can’t stop focusing on the judges, how about showing close ups of the other two who appear to be much more natural and less self absorbed. Thank you

  159. I think you guys should go a hip hop version with the judges like Rev run,a couple well known hip hop judges. Artists write there own tracks no cursing just lyrics stage presence. And you can offer not a major deal but a total exsposure deal with videos maybe a feature FROM a famous artist radio spins and a big interview wit sway in the morning and 100k cash. Free CD cover an studio time. Trust me the hip hop world is loaded from all over the world. You can get the same viewers. Just and idea I been a fan since day one but I Dnt song I rap wish I could cause man I know I would win I know what it takes. Please consider it reach out make a quick tv blast of internet blast watch the feed back make ya host cube idk just and idea my name is Shannon, thank you God bless

  160. I have been watching american idol from the very beginning,But I am wondering why you have judges. They like everybody. Now as an avid watcher I think I will have to switch. Thanks for the years of wonderful judging jobs now simon is gone and not the same.

  161. My wife and I have been avid watchers of your show for years, but we have never been more disappointed in the so called talent of this year. They SUCK…. and SHAME on the JUDGES for not telling them they suck. The selection process was biased from the start. Hell you got rid of the good talent early, and the program is VERY RACIAL LEANING!!!! WHAT A SHAM!! Who runs the show, The Department of Justice? Why not have REV. SHARPTON for a JUDGE next year? The only GOOD singer that is there is CLARK. The rest couldn’t even win KARAOKE. We refuse to watch anymore. Ya’ll SUCK. Good luck to Clark.

  162. We turned you guys off – finally. Whew. One: Choices and productions was rediculous. Two: the BUTT shot of the dude singin.. Really? On national TV? If a woman did that would it work out the same? No, you lost viewers tonight.

  163. Could you send so message to contestant JAX and tell her to sing adel’s song “One and only”! It would be perfect for her raspy bluesy voice sure to be so winner for her, thanks

  164. For the last ten years, our entire family has sat in the living room excited to watch each and every night of American Idol. Tonight, I found myself looking at my children with such amazement that the one judge we have the most faith in, Keith Urban, continually “espresses the greatness of each of the contestents”. Frankly, I think this is by far the least talented group of singers there has been on American Idol. The judges must be paid this year to try to build up the show for FOX by trying to tell the viewers that this is the best group that we have all seen. When Randy Jackson was there, or SImon, they gave an honest opinion of what they were watching. I honestly turned the channel tonight. Something has to change folks. You are reaching…..

  165. Omg amercian idol sucks. It’s not even good.. First of all you all need to look at your judges!!!! Get someone on there that has hit albums in today generation. You need someone who’s successful and someone who don’t care to be honest.. None of these contestants are good not one. The VOICE is the best and it makes this show look horrible.. And you all have change the routines!!! Why?? If it’s worked in the past 10yrs why change it now? Next year you all need to rethink everything and go back to the way where the show was ran back when it was successful..

  166. I have been a fan of American Idol from the beginning. In past years, however, my interest has waned after Hollywood week. This season though I can’t wait to watch these amazing people perform. Their talent, as a collective is remarkable. What blows my mind even more though is their sense of support for each other. These are truly good humans and their humility and goodness etches into my mind each episode. They are truly gifted and good, quality people. That is the part that “gives me goosies”. They are each vying to win, yet if I didn’t know better I would think they are all members of a team. I can only hope for the best for each of them on Idol and beyond. Way to be humans first and for most. Peace.

  167. For the past 13 years my husband, Ronnie, and I have gotten together to watch American Idol with 3 other couples. We rotate homes and the host has dinner for everyone. It has been an amazing 13 years. We even had a local magazine take pictures and write an article about our American Idol journey. The crazy thing is we are all in our 60’s. We would love to come to the finale. Is there a chance that American Idol would invite its biggest fans to the finale? I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Debbie Rhodes

  168. I have been watching American Idol since it’s inception, but no more. This year there are mabe three people with any kind of vocal ability. The cannot understand the judges putting some of these people on the stage. They keep commenting that they have done a good job. Does the sound change that much from the live performance to my house, as some of them sound horrible! I can understand why viewership has fallen off. I am now watching The Voice, which showcases really talent vocalists.

  169. You have got to be kidding me Mr. Connick, Jr., “the best performance of the night…”??? LMAO. I’ve lost all respect for you Harry. You need to get your ears checke.

  170. Have watched from the very beginning, but after tonight I don’t know if I will watch again. Very disappointed in the judges using their save. I don’t think he deserved it. Last week was twice the singer he is and they didn’t save her. Was very disappointed in the performances and still don’t think these singers stand up to recent years. I always thought Harry was the most honest with performances and doesn’t let it show that he might have a favorite. Just over all disappointed in the show so far this year. It will take a lot to get me to watch again after tonight.

  171. The show tonight was unbelievably dull, hard to believe these kids are this year’s contestants . Kind of pathetic actually.. Most of the performances tonight were extremely weak and unpracticed/unprofessional. Most of them, with the exception of Nick and Clark and Tyanna were very weak, very immature performances- very unemotional and non interesting. They are all struggling to find out who they are, no one is consistent at allll!!!! !!!! So sorry to say, it is a horrible season !!! They seem at best hi school choir voices and not even as good…YUK !!! What happened to the contestant pool. These kids are not ready for IDOL

  172. I know you are trying to update your show, but really it’s still very stale. The voice is really hard to contend with. You need better judges. The ones you have are good, but not relavent. Harry is so into himself I think he thinks he is so special. The age group you are aiming for for is not Harry. Judges not interesting. Show has lost it’s shine along time ago. You might make it another season. You need help. Always take the first offer you get on your house. Try and apply that to your judges and show. The first was the best. If you need help let me know.!

  173. That save was really sad. It’s all about the hipe. Jennifer copied the dress from Carey Underwoods dress. People open you eyes. You need a better format. Upgrade the show. I’m sure you have lost ratings. Look at the voices judges. Very relevant. Harry, really, jennifer looks good, Keith all great people, but not worth watching. It’s all all about relevance. Okay, why should I care anymore not worth watching the show. Good luck! Need help let me know,

  174. Look at your demographics. I’m sure it doesn’t include your judges. I’m sorry, but you need to fix that ‘first. They are all good, but they need to be something we want to watch. Sorry to be so blunt.

  175. Your last show really was bad. The music they picked was bad-bad-bad. I really have to fight myself to keep watching the show. So glad the judges stop trying to act like the voice judges. Please do not let Jen sing anymore. Tell Ryan to shave he does not look cool. As a lot of kids watch you show Jens dress last week was in bad taste. I am 77 years old and I know what I have to say will not mean a hill of beans, but thanks for reading this.

  176. 3/22/15

    Heard a great song that would be ideal for the contestant ‘JAX’ to sing: FANTASY BY ALINA BARAZ
    Sounds just like her.

  177. I just love the chemistry between all 3 judges on American Idol. Keep up the good work. My number one reason for watching the show is because of the 3 of you. No backstabbing. A sincere friendship and respect of each other’s comments and the humor. I appreciate the constructive comments made to the contestants, especially you Harry. I hope they keep the 3 of you on for future seasons. Thanks.

  178. i want to suggest someone to American Idol and would like for them to surprise her and have her try out. She sings theatrical in the Peace Center of Greenville and is SOOOOOOO good. I am a singer but too old for the show but in going to some theatrical events there she is so ready. Her stage presents and singing will take her far if i could convince her to step out to American Idol.. Her name is TAYLOR MARLATT. You can find her 3/4 of the time at the PEACE CENTER in Greenville SC ..Tell her JINX sent ya.

  179. I have been a fan since AI started, haven’t been able to watch for a few weeks, I am real disappointed so far with contestants a real group of “interesting people” not what I relate to when I think of an “american Idol”!!!

  180. LOVE the show but although the young kid is swet clearly he cannot sing and has no business being on stage with such talent. Clearly he was chosen to appeal to the young girl voters .

    It’s supposed to be a SINGING competition ..

    Also J LO .. Beautiful but really the outfits are more for a doll not a 45 year old woman especially on a family show and please all the judges need SO much attention ..It’s getting sickening. Stay in your seats and leave the attention for the Idols…

  181. Your show March 26,2015 was the most uninspiring, offensive drivel ever. After a somewhat promising start(mostly male talent) this show was mediocrity personified. “Icon” Boy George” offended my senses with a Nazi style hat (with no insignia), made no intelligible words come out of his mouth, his other “adviser didn’t either. Fortunately they were ignored by the contestants. The stupid “games ” were idiot filler. You have 3 maybe 4 singers worth anything(all male) The women screech or are just quirky. Your judges have lapsed into mediocrity and JLO is becoming an aging would be pole dancer not a legitimate artist that she had some talent for. This show definitely should be cancelled if you can’t find quality writers,singers or a reinvigorate a host that has lost his inspiration for a stupid, seteriorating waste of time.

  182. My family are huge fans of american idol for the past 10 years (if that’s possible). I feel that I must share my feeling about this season. I love this show because it shows the progression of how a star is born. I love the judges, mentors, and Ryan. I must admit that I am not feeling a connection with the contestants this year. The short videos are rather annoying and the short takes with the contestants after they perform is unneeded. They always say the same thing anyway. My children are losing interest which makes me sad to think this show is on its way out. The stage is even a little too much. I certainly hope this will make a difference because this show really has created stars. Wednesdays will not be the same without my friends Keith, Jlo, and Harry. Producers wake up! You’re losing your audience!

    • I agree….hate the short videos I am sad to see the direction they are taking… I’ve been a fan for all 14 years and even though I love the judges and Ryan and the band I really dislike the production approach and the gimmicks this season with twitter stuff

  183. I am so disappointed with American Idol. I watch every year and last year wasn’t able to finish because it was just terrible. I decided to give it another try this year and some of the auditions were really good. But, when Ellen Petersen came out with her banjo I loved it, finally someone different with a great voice, pretty and played the banjo. I kept watching and she was not shown on TV for any of her performances. I did see on her Facebook page that she made it pretty far, but I never saw her after her audition. I do not personally know her in anyway. I am shocked especially at Keith urban for not putting her through to the top.
    I really wished that she had auditioned for the voice
    There are no more country singers left and to pick Maddie (nothing personal) but she’s no different than other country singers and the audience agreed.
    Can you please show some of Ellen’s performances on YouTube
    Thank You

  184. It used to be my favorite show … I stopped watching! In the past few years, judges get paid millions and millions of dollars (= insane amount of money) to pick TRUE talents but they just don’t. It’s awful. I can do a better job finding true talents than those 3. Jennifer can’t hear and is annoyingly bubbly with everybody … she made enough money to sit there and annoy me so enough is enough. Keith is just too nice, I love him but he is not a good judge. And Harry … well, Harry is Harry 🙂 gotta love Harry 🙂 but no judge qualities there either…Their picks are nowhere near Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. Simon and Randy were the best .. they knew what they were doing! Bring them back otherwise this show is just a waste of everybody’s time.

  185. No longer a fan of Kelly Clarkson after her 2 blatantly sexual comments to 2 of the Idol guys on national TV. Her husband has to be furious about this. Glad her baby couldn’t hear her mother!! This shows her total lack of any character. What a disappointment!!

  186. J lo did a big no no. She made a comment on the wrong person that the saved. I know they are both black. But damm think before you open your mouth.

  187. Your voting tonight…the fans to use Twitter…..totally unfair to us west coast fans. Come on…think it through!!!–

  188. Voting has been a problem for the last 2 weeks. Last week the phone would not let me vote for Daniel and this week, I can’t vote for Joey.

    Also, the elimination vote was not doable unless you already had a Twitter account. Twitter is not set up to get an account in the 5 minute time period given to vote. Therefore, I was blocked from voting again and given the fact that I could not vote for Daniel last week, and I assume others had the same problem, how do you even know if Daniel was one of the bottom two contestants.

    This is not the first time there have been issues with voting like the time that the Chicago area had a black out and Jennifer Hudson got voted off. Not good.

  189. I hate the viewer save. Since the west coast viewers are not able to vote, it’s not a true representation of everyone. I hated it when The Voice started using it & stopped watching. I’ll stop watching American Idol also.

  190. This Season the fans have voted off the contestant so far. That part is okay. What I feel is not fair is that only the Eastern and Central Times votes are counted. The fan voting is closed by the time the West Coast sees American Idol at 8 pm Pacific Time. This is not true demographics of voting. This needs to be re-evaluated. Furthermore, not everyone has a Twitter account.
    Disappointed is my final answer.

  191. I’m quite upset over the comments given to Clark last night. He is an exceptionally gifted and talented musician. What’s wrong with dressing in your comfort zone, basic and clean cut? Why do you need piercings, tattoos, weird colored hair, unusual outfits to attract attention to your music? I think he deserves an apology from the judges regarding his “look” and it was an unfair criticism. Many star musicians have made it based on their own personage.

  192. Hi.Why dont’ you do something good- better, much better.?
    Why dont’ you allow for two Idols each year.. Male , and Female.
    It is good enough for the Oscars, and and all the other entertainments, why not …The American ‘Idols’??? This situation
    is crying out for fairness, and justice. This program is already a monumental achievement in the American Way.. an opportunity for every one, from every way of life, why not complete it?
    Men , and Women.

  193. I live on the west coast, and I personally get tired of always seeing at the end of the show VOTING NOW CLOSED stated on the screen!!!

    Why don’t you EVER close the voting for the EAST COAST instead of the west coast?

    The program takes place on the west coast, but yet the west coast gets shut out, but not the east coast.

    Is their any fairness!!??

  194. Not at all happy with the only those with Twitter accounts being allowed to choose who is eliminated. Most viewers of my generation don’t do social media. Can’t you figure out a more equitable way?

  195. Quintines comments tonite that things are wack. Was uncalled for he needs to go home as harry said he is disrespectful. That is what is wrong with the young people they think they can say and do whatever they want with no consequences. If the media bashes Harry tomoorrow and fox doesntt back him I will never watch the show ever again!,!,,,,,,I have watched every seasoned. I think Harry and Keith are true artist and great critics and judges. Quintines is getting ready to perform again he is disgusting!!! Give black Africans a bad name.
    I hope you stop the drama…..

  196. I am highly upset with this show. The idol fan save is not fair to the contestants. Believe it or not, not everybody has a twitter. Each contestant has different types of people as fans. And the contestant that got off most likely their fans don’t have twitter such as me. I did my vote through texting during last weeks vote. That’s the only way I can. If your going to have this idol save (which you shouldn’t) you should make it to where everybody can vote. Not just a certain group of people.

  197. I am angry, discusted and very perturbed that mr.Connic jr. Would insult quinten Alexander on national television!! The nerve of thinking and acting as though he is better than everyone. We the viewers new exactly what he ment when he said this whole thing is wack. Mr Harry he did not have the right to humiliate him I wish he would sue the pants off mr jr. Get his old ass off the show he is untalented and mean!!

  198. Disappointed in the contestants this year… or lack of talent thereof… unlike the “Voice”….Tonight.. Quinton was a time bomb waiting to burst… a really looking stoner & liability for the network!!
    Harry Connick is the only really professional judge with regard to talent and does not fail to “tell the talented ‘truth'”… and is not afraid too! This is, after all, a talent show, not kindergarten stage production…. the producers need to stop promoting .. stroking the untalented ones!

  199. I thought Harry Connick’s Jr. comment on the contestant was very disrespectful to the contestant and the viewer’s. Harry should be removed from the panel and replaced for next years Idol. Thanks for your time and great show you produce for America.

  200. Harry has seriously abused his role as a judge tonight and treated a contestant with utter disrespect. His behavior is unbecoming a judge.
    Quentin was asked for his feelings and he said what happens next really sucks. No judge should try to humiliate him publicly because he felt that way.
    It is my opinion that Harry should not be allowed to move on to next week and Quentin should be guaranteed a pass.

  201. Airdate 4-15-15
    If a contestant can’t or is considered insubordinate for expressing his feelings in front of an audience then this show is whacked and I don’t care to watch it again. I hope that the millions of people that watch this show let Harry Connick Jr. know that he is a judge and not the best at that. He has no right, in our books, to tell someone to go home over a comment that the contestant made. It nay be true, that the show is spending millions for this program–is it Harry’s money and when does the 1st amendment right go away to become a star? The performer wasn’t judged by J blow on his second song and she had to bring the confrontation up again. Ryan Seacrest also had to mention the incident by saying he thought that the contestant was going to hit Harry. I’m sorry, but I would have knocked Harry out of his chair because he has probably ruin this mans chances on Idol. By the way–I am white, judgmental, and try to see both sides before opening my mouth. The judges should probably do the same. Don’t worry about the money and your thoughts==judge the performer.
    Thank you for letting a former viewer a chance to rant

  202. Quentin was WRONG last night – He has an attitude and he should have been the one to go home last night. Good for you Harry for saying what you mean and meaning what you say and Jennifer for kind of backing him up. Your are right it is a competition and someone has to go home! What the heck was he thinking. I think he was mad that he was the last to be called and he did not like some of the comments so he used what he said as an excuse. Send Quentin home next week! He needs and attitude adjustment. He doesn’t deserve to be here! Rayvon keep fighting.

  203. I was really horrified and fearful for Harry last night with that disrespectful Quentin. He should be kicked off the show for THREATENING Harry in front of millions of people. It was very uncomfortable to watch. I hope idol doesn’t blow another opportunity to show the younger generation how to behave in this world. I sure hope that kid doesn’t hurt someone.
    Letting this pass gives a green light to act this way to him and others watching.

  204. I love the show American Idol. There is so many talented young men & women. How every as far as the judges go I really feel JLo needs to calm down her wardrobe I feel as she is trying to be the center of attention. She has had her spotlight in the music business & she need to let the spotlight be on all the talented contestants—NOT HER!

  205. On Kieth Urban’s right sleeve of his denim jacket, is an Official Military Code – Subdued “Flag Forward” worn on the Uniform of Combat Warriors,and being displayed by a person who has not earned the right to wear the Patch is disrespectful to our Men and Women in Uniform, they have paid a heavy price to wear the patch…

  206. Not impressed with the clothes you allow Jennifer to wear, specifically April 22, 2014, although there have been a number of other times this season, but I though enough was enough!!! I thought this was a FAMILY show??? No one is impressed with her showing off her breasts and having them hanging out of her dress for the whole world to see?? Do you think this will increase your ratings?? Pretty sad…. I have to screen this show and send the kids out of the room.

    Will you please stop having her stop dress like a slut, no need for it, what kind of role model is that?

    Thanks for your consideration, it’s my only complaint about the show, I actually do love all the judges and the new changes, they have been great, but if the pornography continues, my family and I will stop watching this show, which is sad because we love it.

    Please help!!

  207. I am a mother of 4 and we watch American Idol as a family and love the show…however, when Jlo shows her cleavage like she did last night…I cringe!! As a wife with my husband sitting next to me and as a mother of teen boys – I feel violated right in my own living room!– it is such a distraction and unnecessary for this family show! Jlo is so very beautiful and does not have to show her cleavage like that for the world to see to prove her beauty! Now I always dread the next show and how much skin Jlo is going to show!! Please–can some one talk to her and make her realize she is a role model for young girls; they look up to her! and American Idol is a family show with young children watching.

  208. As much as I like most of the candidates on the show, I truly believe that Quentin go unjustly booted, based on manipulative moves on the show’s part. Unfortunately, Quentin is a victim of manipulative editing and I feel should be allowed to stay on as a performer for the tour. You know he brings interest to the show and he brings a specialness to his performances. I think that he has a sweet spirit, a loving heart and he was happy for all his co-contestants. That’s a true performer and good sport. I think he brings a certain kind of spirituality to the show that has now been doused. Unfortunately, though good, we are left with just singers and the performer who makes us hear and feel a song again, for the very first time is gone. I don’t know if the contestants can gain access to these messages, but it’s not the end of the road for him. I see him in performances on Broadway, on TV and in movies. I also see him selling music in the future. Two words – Jennifer Hudson. God bless all on the show and may they all go on to wonderful new things and experience great journeys.

  209. Can someone tell Jennifer Lopez to please close her blouse because there are younger kids watching America Idol for the talent and not to see her titts-less body?

  210. As beautiful as Jennifer is I don’t think American Idol is the appropriate place to wear some of the very revealing outfits I have seen her in, #1, it is a family show, #2, it takes away from the contestants and #3, it is not the red carpet! Dress appropriately Jennifer.

  211. After watching the show since inception, this show is dead to me after what Harry did to Quentin. He went from favorite judge to self possessed prima Donna. Will not watch another show as long as this narcissistic, pompous prick is on the show. Wish it was different but this can not stand!

    • Are you kidding someone had to let him know where his place is on the show is, not to degrade show that is giving him a chance he never would have gotten!!!

  212. Watching Idol tonight, it is obvious that the show is bias toward Jax and wants her to win. Although she is great be fair to all the contestants. Watched this every year and never saw this type of hype for one contestant

  213. I have watched Idol for the last time. It is obvious 12 year olds have no idea what real talent is. As good as Rayvon is, the real talent on the show was Tyanna. I can see why “The Voice is a better show. Bye, Bye.

  214. Thank you so much Jennifer Lopez for wearing a modest blouse tonight! It is so sad when I have to turn off the show and my family can’t watch because of inappropriate clothing that is chosen by Ms. Lopez. It’s so unnecessary! Please continue to dress appropriately for this family show!

  215. Good afternoon,

    I have attached a Facebook post that I take as instructions to cheat !!!
    We have till Tuesday morning to get all the votes in we possibly can to help Clark go on through to the final show!! PLEASE, all my friends and all their friends, vote in every way you possibly can!!! (You can even set up additional gmail accounts and vote on google search to american idol vote 20 times for each account.) LET’S HELP MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!! — with Clark Beckham and Terri Clark Beckham.
    Johnna Landreth Phillips’s photo.
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  216. Seriously, Clark can’t do anything right in these judges eyes. Not to obvious they are pushing Jax.

  217. Martina Mcbride is washed up -sorry Martina…not really good at all, pretty bad, she looks old and sounds old.
    Harry Connick is awesome in everything he does. Harry is very talented musically, his performance on thurs May 7th was fantastic and beautiful..Thank you Harry!! Harry is very smart and very wise as a judge as he KNOWS music and KNOws what is good and real. Keith is pretty good as well smart !!!!
    GEES… Rayvon hit the ceiling with perfection and expertise with his performance, he was seriously true, skilled and expressive

  218. Keith is absolutely a master music performance and theory and popular music judge of talent and ability …Keith you are the bomb

    Jen is doing well, so well (also) AS A QUALIFIED JUDGE . Jen is getting better and/as a truthful specifically skilled at identifying a good performnce/ real talent…etc…in terms of dynamics, good song choice and ability/expression

  219. You guys really did it for Nick…he did that last song better than he has ever expressed himself in any song thus far… WOW, WOW, WOW go NICK !!! FINALLY !!!!! It WAs exciting to watch…absolutely what keith said !!!!

  220. Rayvon is amazing, his ability to control his dynamics and emotions associated with the ups and downs of the verses- its amazing !!! judges are quite wonderful, they are like “home base” for all of everything IDOL. hope they return season after season. KEITH, GET UP AND PERFROM !!!

  221. Jena Irene from 2014 is so awesome and probably one of the best contestant u ever had. Hope they bring her back for the 2015 finale!!!!
    (She should have won)

  222. Last week I DVR’d American Idol. I went to watch it 1hr after it had ended and my recording had failed. I notified Comcast. I usually vote by phone and on line. Because of this I could only vote online. Jax should have been in final two. Now I’m wondering if this happened to anyone else? If so this wouldn’t be fair. So very disappointed. She clearly was the best performer. Thank-you

  223. I know next year it is your last season but I wish you would get judges that would just judge and not make it so obvious who they like and who they don’t. It was so obvious that they wanted Nick and should not be picking winners and losers the night before voting. They just appear so unprofessional.


  225. Yes, I am a grandma – but I’m guessing I am still in the majority of people pretty disgusted with Jlo’s outfits. Doesn’t American Idol want to appeal to the masses? Jlo’s personality, talent and beauty is great for American Idol, but can’t you rein her wardrobe in? So frustrating.

  226. I have watched Amer Idol since the 3rd season and I want to say that the finale last night was the worst one that I have seen! The part when the final winner is announced was just as good, but the performances and the bands were pathetic! First off, they didn’t have any of the previous winners come back and perform at all! Secondly, the Jackson 3 (used to be 5) and the Nile Rodgers and the NKOTB were so outdated and not good. Heck most of the people watching probably don’t even know who those people are, much less having the contestants sing with them, when most of those performers are old enough to be the parents and even grandparents of the contestants! Also, what was the idea of having mostly black performers and Chris Brown is not someone that I want my kids to be listening to or looking up to! In the past they have brought in some older groups like Kiss and Smokey Robinson, but seriously, this was the most pathetic finale ever! I hope for the final season that they will be bringing in a lot more better bands and performers and I am sure they will bring in as many of the past winners and/or successful contestants from the past! There is a reason that this show is ending. On a good note, I have really enjoyed having Keith, Harry and Jennifer as the judges. Harry was a great mentor when he did that first and I believe he has been one of the best mentors and judges!

  227. I think that it was unfair that they gave Clark a song that did not showcase his voice. Nick’s song was perfect for him. I think it was an unfair advantage. Even Harry made a comment that Nick’s song was tailored for him and it was so obvious that Scott did not like Clark after he did not want to do the song the way Scott wanted a couple of episode earlier. Clark has a remarkable voice and he should have had a soulful song written for him to sing. Plus the judges kept complimenting Nick so much over Clark the last couple of weeks that people on TV hear that and it sways their vote. Harry was the only judge that didn’t gush all over Nick every time he sang. Granted I love Nick and think he is awesome. I just didn’t think it was fair with the song choice. I truly think that if Clark was given a better song to suit his voice he might have beaten Nick. Just Sayin!

  228. I feel like I wasted my time watching American Idol this year as there were many better people like Jax or Clark that should have won. I have watched your show since day 1 for years but this year was so bad I am glad you are ending the show next year as it hss become boring.

  229. Last night’s show was terrific! Steven Tyler and Jax steal the show as they were the best In my opinion Jax should have won anyway she is going to be a star! Next act was the three judges, terrific, next Michael McDonald, and then the Jacksons! Great job!!!!

  230. i have liked the last two years of American Idol. I have really liked how in the initial shows of the past two years they have focused on positive or good performances. It seemed in the past, that the show like to show people who didn’t perform well. In the past, they spent too much time on the second night reviewing the previous nights performances which got boring. I am finding the the Voice is now getting boring with the repeated comments from the judges….all saying how good someone was and not having comments on how the contestants can improve.
    I feel like American Idol has gotten so much better with the current judges and the initial more positive performances. Please don’t stop American idol now. You have just gotten it better. I have started watching it again and like it better than the Voice.

  231. Hello, I have been watching american idol since day 1. I love it !!
    I have never posted a comment before in my life, however i feel that it’s important to. This season’s winner is obviously nick, the 2015 american idol winner, “Lied” to american idol at his audition. You “american idol” asked at the time contestant nick fradiani, have you auditioned before, and he replied, “no” !! why would you let that go ? he lied to you. he should not have this title because he is an adult and he knows better NOT to lie. he is the oldest contestant, meaning old enough (an adult) 29 yrs old, to know better than to intentionally lie to american idol.

  232. I dont think its fair that felons can not audition for American idol… who are we to judge and say that because of a criminal background that are not qualified to be American idols… thats not right. there are millions of people in this world trying to make it and the fact that they cant because we are looked down on because of the things we have done in life… its not fair at all we too have a struggle thats how we ended up with criminal backgrounds.. trying to make it so we can have a good life. But yet the people we look up to and see how they have made are just as judgmental like the ones who dont want to give jobs who dont want to place you in an apartment and now American idol cant even help others leave the past behinde and grab ahold of something better smh.. just sad everyone is judging criminals but not one of you are God nor the Son of God…

  233. I have been an American Idol fan from the beginning. I love the show and hate that it has run it’s course in TV history. I would love to see all of the winners and those that have made it big and not won such as Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson, along with some runners up providing the entertainment for the show during it’s final season. Give us some updates on how Idol has impacted their lives and where they are now. I have always enjoyed returning Idols entertaining better than even the best pop hit artist. Thanks for 15 great years of fabulous entertainment. I am looking forward to 2016.

  234. “American Idol” has always been my most favorite show on television. However, last night, July 9th, was the most boring and ridiculous two hours that I have ever spent looking at television.
    I must say that last segment of kissing topped it all for stupidity.
    Let’s have more acts and less judges participation.

  235. I love American Idol, but thought that the program last night, July 7th, was the worse two hours that I have spoent before the television set. How could anyone waste such time as the kissing scene?
    There was too much time wasted instead of viewing the acts,

  236. American Got Talent bring back a loser. Alondra, the Mexican was disapproved and then, what they bring her tonight to the Radio Musical City, What’s happened, what’s wrong?

  237. I don’t believe that American Idol should end this season. I mean sure they had a few rough seasons, but this show lives in many families homes, the show can make it out of it’s rut. Also they probably didn’t think of all the people who are 13 or 14 right now who have dreamt of being on the show since they were kids and will never get the opportunity because the show has been cancelled before they hit the age limit. It is very unfair and they should wait a few more years till it gets out of it’s rut.
    A big fan

  238. I just returned home from taking my daughter to the final seasons open auditions in San Francisco. Honestly, as excited and hopeful I was for her, I was not looking forward to it. But after my experience, I just have to say I had an amazing time. I am truly and utterly in awe of what the production staff goes through to put this show together. If I wasn’t already 45, this experience definitely would have inspired me to look into production as a career path. I would just like to thank each of them for all that they do. I would also like to thank them for their friendly and welcoming attitudes towards myself, my friend and our daughters. This experience is ultimately meant to be for my daughter who in spite of her beautiful singing abilities, did not make it past her first audition, but really, I think the whole experience affected me as much if not more than it did her. So thank you for the view into that world and again, thank you all for making our entertainment look effortless!! She by the way had a great attitude about being eliminated, enjoyed her experience and is currently practicing her songs for church this weekend. Thank you so very much for your time.

  239. I would love to be on American Idol – I have a glorious musical gift, and love
    to sing in front of thousands of people. Please contact me at your earliest

    Best Regards,

    Patrick Hanley Sing Halleluah!

  240. I wish to be on American Idol – above is my e-mail address – I have a glorious
    musical gift – I was on a piano scholarship for ten years – played Bach Preludes
    and Fugues, Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetic, Panis Angelicus by Cesar Frank,
    Scarlatti, and studied the Pipe Oregon. It is a gift from our great lord above,
    and I share it with people. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
    My favorite star is Mariah Carey – she is divinely gifted. I love to sing in front
    of large groups of people.

    Best Regards,

    Patrick Hanley

    Sing Halleluah!

  241. Hello , just wanted to give a pat on the back for the recent commercial . It is SO inspiring !! Love the idea of showing the winners expressions . I’m 19 I live in Sacramento, California and I aspire to be on the show one day and this commercial was just the way to make that happen because inspiration is always key. Hope my opinion was useful !
    Thank you ,

  242. I wish I could go on American idol my family thinks that I have a beautiful voice and I have been singing since I was 6 years old, I live in Jacksonville, North Carolina. and i think the more people inspire will take you long ways in life 🙂

  243. Hello!
    My name is Zac Garfinkel and I work with the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills California. We booked Blake Lewis, the runner up of Season 6 to play at our venue. We are trying to bring him back and showcase his talents. We would love some help in our promotion for this show. Just a tweet or an instagram picture would help increase our ticket sales and promotion.
    Thank you!


  244. I thought the way the iudges coducted themselves on the first evening was very unprofessional. By acting immature and interrupting the contestants they were rud and made some of them unable to concentrate on doing their best. I thought they made fun of some of the contestants because they thought it would be funny. If this was not the last show I would never watch it again because of the way some were allowed to be humiliated.

  245. I finally see why Idol is going off the air. The judges can’t see real talent. That guy Billy Bob was good. You need to bring him back. You guys really got it wrong. As a matter of fact you guys get most of it wrong. I always thought that Idol should change it up by letting the public vote on 1 per week during auditions to send through even if the judges didn’t like it.

  246. I know things are already on the go for the last season. I’m currently on active duty and stationed at Fort Bragg NC. The last 10 out of 13 years, I have spent off and on over seas. I have a daughter that is 16 going on 17 next year. Me and her mom are divorced, and we didn’t have the money to get her into the competition at all. She leaves in Kansas right now. I know it is very out of the way and probably won’t happen, but I have to ask for her. Is there any way that you could go and listen to her? It would mean a lot to me, and no one knows that I’m doing this. It has been great having you guys as part of our family for the last 16 years. I wish you all the best.

    Thank you, SFC Catron

  247. To whom this may concern

    Hi my name is Samantha Lind and I am disabled I have been wanting to interview or go on the show for years but have not been able to I was wondering if you guys would do either a FaceTime or a video interview… I have a feeling I’m the next idol please write me back asap Thanks sammie May

  248. Those three incompetent judges are the reason American Idol is canceled. Many of those auditioning are off-key but get praise and are passed through to the next round. It is a disgrace! Simon Cowell would never have done this. When he was there, there was a high standard and everyone respected him, even those that had been booted off had a respect for his opinion. It proves that a situation does not survive with millions of dollars thrown at them.

  249. I Wish there was someway that Fox and the Executives of American Idol would realize how much Good this show does for the younger generation life keeping them out of trouble and giving them a chance to have a future to look forward to. Idol is like a school that helps So many to fulfill a life for so many..Once Idol is gone there will be nothing like it to teach and help so many youngsters and that leads to nothing for them to look forward to then start going down the wrong path in life. Idol has kept so many out of trouble because it catches their interest and teaches them what they are looking for. . No other show has helped out like idol has. The Voice doesn’t even come close to helping youngsters like idol does. This is trhe 2nd show from Fox that should have Not gopne off the air. First show that did So Muchg Good was Americas Most Wanted. Now Idol Follows.

  250. I Wish there was someway that Fox and the Executives of American Idol would realize how much Good this show does for the younger generation life keeping them out of trouble and giving them a chance to have a future to look forward to. Idol is like a school that helps So many to fulfill a life for so many..Once Idol is gone there will be nothing like it to teach and help so many youngsters and that leads to nothing for them to look forward to then start going down the wrong path in life. Idol has kept so many out of trouble because it catches their interest and teaches them what they are looking for. . No other show has helped out like idol has. The Voice doesn’t even come close to helping youngsters like idol does. This is the 2nd show from Fox that should have Not gone off the air. First show that did So Much Good was Americas Most Wanted. Now Idol Follows. Why does a show get cancelled that does So Much for Sop Many???? Hoping for a miracle I suppose that it will NOT be the last season.I’m hoping this letter does some good. Sincerely Joe

  251. Good Judges make the show. What went wrong with finding good judges like it used to have???? Wouldn’t be cancelled with right crew!!!

  252. What were you just thinking Judges!!!! We were moved to tears with the performance of the blind man who poured his heart and soul out and he was way better than several others who were on the fence and you chose them. I think and hope others feel the same way and you owe it to him to bring him back. Like he has not had enough problems in his life and you kick him to the curb.

  253. Please let the idol judges know that I will never watch the show again after that horrible treatment of the blind singer on1/20/16. He won our hearts when he sang. Not only did the judges have complete disrespect for his really good performance but the poor guy begged them for another chance while he started to cry. Are they really that callouse that they could not even let him try another song? Is it because he was blind? It must have been because there behavior towards him in front of millions of people was completely awful. It is probably a good thing the Idol show is now over this year as we would have needed to get some judges with a heart.

  254. Harry Connick has no gig after AMIdol, understand why, he’s lost his appeal and his concert fan base has declined. That’s why he tries to outdo JLo and Keith, to prove to himself he still has it but he doesn’t. Time for him and his Nola yat dat talk to go.

  255. Harry Connick has no gig after Idol, his appeal and concert fan base has declined. He tries so hard to out talk JLo and Keith who sell out tickets wherever they perform. He obviously knows they still have it going on, he doesn’t. Enough of his Nola yat dat talk, he needs to move on.

  256. It’s an institution! !! I hate to see it end. Why not have a two or four year school. Have a graduation recital. Give the kids a chance, please.From a 66 year old grandmother,

  257. I am 62 and have watched AI from the beginning. Now I am done. The best Ever audition, Melanie, is now out after the first day in Hollywood. I am done. Will not watch the rest of the final season. What a joke.

  258. screwed up judges.would not know talent if it bit you in the all got rid of the best one, that you have had on your show in a while.what does his dancing have to do with his singing.Josiah Siska would have been a draw card for your seems that you can’t remember what got your fan base.know wonder you are loosing your ratings and will be your last year on the air.i like every one else tune in to hear these kids sing ,not to watch them dance.he already knows how to sing,he could learn to dance after he need to find an excuse to bring him back.he is more talented than the clown piano player judge on the end.

  259. I feel this show is very prejudice and this last season was geared to make sure no blacks was in the competition. No problem I want be watching. Glad the show is going off the air.

  260. To whom it may concern,

    I have been a huge fan of the show and although I have disagreed with some decisions the judges have made I have never been left feeling so shocked as when I watched the recording that Jessica Cabral got knocked out. Really?!!! Why? This gal has so much natural raw talent. Soooo super upset. Any chance the show would consider giving the viewers more of a call with those last 51? Just a thought!!! Not sure if this is even the right place to address this concern, but wow!!! Still in shock!!!

  261. Very disappointed that tonight’s Idol (2016-2-10) stated the song “All by Myself” is a Celine Dion song. No no no no no! This song is an Eric Carmen song. Why would you credit this song to Dion?

  262. The show is coming in with constant technical interruptions. It is ruining the experience to watch. The songs get disrupted, and so do the comments, we miss statements and comments. Can you please fix this? Frustrating! It only happens on this show. I have Directtv. None of the other shows do this. Please fix it!

  263. Hi, i am deaf half hearing and i can singer music and i try find my been singer as become famous plus i want stronger best myself singer so, how i accept after america idol talent… How tell me this explain?

  264. Idol has always been a show that the whole family can watch together. However, the commercials being shown are not appropriate for all ages. Please consider the younger viewing audience when choosing the commercials.

  265. Idea for magical final season moment before it’s too late. Jeneve Rose Mitchell playing Harp and performing ‘If it’s magic’ with Stevie Wonder. Girl from off the grid performs with guy from out of this world in magical duet. Could be wicked awesome. The original harpist recently passed away and the all aspects of this song are simply sublime!

  266. I had applied for tickets for American Idol and was THRILLED when I got the message that follows (below) after originally being on a wait list for the February 11th show. I went to LA to accompany my husband on a business trip MOSTLY in hopes of seeing American Idol. I was over the moon and my reason for flying from the East coast to see American Idol was just a click away….THEN I read the fine print….must be between 16 and 35 years old. Talk about taking the wind out of my sails!!!! I have been a faithful watcher for years, it is something my daughter and I had bonded over. I am from North Carolina and we have been blessed with many idol hopefuls from our wonderful state. Since when does being over 35 disqualify someone from enjoying life and what fulfills them? I can not tell you how disappointed I was when I got that message and my hopes of seeing Idol were gone. This is what my email read: We’ve released last minute tickets to attend American Idol tomorrow… ADMISSION GUARANTEED!
    You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for special contests, promotions, and pictures at all your favorite shows!
    Join J. Lo, Keith Urban, Harry Connick, Jr. and Ryan Seacrest in a private audience as this season’s TOP 24 contestants perform solos and duets with former contestants!
    We are giving away a limited number of PRIORITY tickets that guarantee admission! THIS IS A CASTED EVENT and you and everyone in your party MUST be 16-35 years old and have a valid government I.D. This invitation and the ticket vouchers are NON-TRANSFERABLE and may not be forwarded to 3rd parties.
    Also, due to the nature of the taping and the set, anyone participating must possess the physical ability to stand for extended periods, walk up and down stairs as needed, follow verbal and visual instructions without assistance, and be in general good health without any conditions that would restrict or limit any of the above activities. By presenting yourselves for check-in you and your group members certify that you meet these requirements.
    To print a free voucher, please CLICK HERE.
    Thanks and we hope to see you at the show!

  267. Harry’s song tonight was just awful. It was as bad as JLo’s Poppi song from last year. It was boring, dull and offered nothing other than some illusion to a sex act. Really don’t know what the appeal was to sing this—new audience perhaps? I hope Harry looks at the tape and can see his performance—-I doubt he will find it gratifying or worthy of his talent.
    Awful, awful, and more awful

  268. I have found it impossible to request a song…mainly because you want me
    to sign up for face book or twitter…all that crap that I don’t want to do…….
    I would just like to hear LaPortia sing an old Alison Moyet song called
    “Invisible”….I think she could carry this song as well as Alison did in the
    early 70’s………She has the chops to do it justice…………
    If you can pass this on, I would appreciate it…..
    Thank You,
    Carolyn Thornburg

  269. I wish you would enlarge the phone numbers to Vote, I personally can not see them from my chair, and, it is not that far away!!! Just a suggestion:)

  270. Some of the singers on American Idol in 2016 continually sing below the band. They don’t have the vocal ability chops and dynamics to be in the same house. This is when their volume should be increased slightly so that they sing above the band. It’s really not that complicated. Bob

  271. American Idol is a family show and I see no reason Jennifer needs to dress so revealing. American Idol needs to have some class. This is about finding a new Idol, not Jennifer letting her breast hang out. Disappointed!!!!!

  272. My family/I would like to know why the FINAL season of American Idol has been cut by at least 6 weeks/Y everybody involved with this show has done so.
    You figure that since it’s the LAST SEASON that they’d stick to the same format/length of time in which the show has aired over the last 14 years with this season being the same length.
    But after watching Idol last night/”finally” realizing that the show has been cut by at least this amount of time has blown our family away. Y the rush to end such a fantastic, wonderful, very successful show for all those who’ve won over the years/to all the launched careers of those that have won, placed second/all the very many contestants that have appeared on the show/they too have gone on to successful careers of their own.
    We’d very much would appreciate it/since we know about the millions of E-mails that you get…that we could possibly receive a reply back.
    Thank you very much for your time.

  273. I have totally lost interest in this years competition. I feel the producers have already decided they want LaPorsha to win. If you’ve ever watched The Voice, these singers are all amateurs. It’s painful to listen to. There’s no one that seems really talented and creative to be someone different and original.

  274. Seeing as this is the last few weeks of this wonderful show I have a great solution.
    I thought that Keith, Jennifer and Harry could become judges on The Voice next year replacing Christina, Blake and Ferrell. Yeah!!!

  275. Wonder if you could get Dalton to sing ‘phantom of the opera’ again for one of his peformances before the end of the show this season
    That was absolutely one of his best. His emotion in that audition was pure and expressive, unique

  276. I have great hope that the black girl with the braids will win American Idol

    My question is why cancel American Idol? Everyone enjoys the show. I mean. Everyone else has his or her chances.
    Young boys and girls have dreams.
    I dreamt that one day I could be on A. Idol
    I think American Idol should go on and continue. No matter who is or will be judging those who have talent. Keep American Idol going. Don’t cancel. I want to have the chance myself to be on American Idol. I don’t care if you have to wait until 2020. I want my first chance. So should everyone else who hasn’t had theirs.

  277. Why is American idol hurrying through this final season–it seems as if they want to get it over with so fast–always in the past they reduced the contestants one by one and now they are doing it by twos and this final season is not half as good as in seasons past and I don’t know why they are doing away with the show. You should have done the final season they way it has always been done and it seems you want it over with ASAP. It seems like the fans love the show but you want to end quickly. Sad you have done the final season so quickly instead of the way it was done in the past.

  278. The other thing is that L’Porsha is the only one that you want to win he show this year and rushing through the show doesn’t help. This Last year has been ruined but doing it so quickly and saying you want L’Porsha to win each week

  279. One great show. All the idols represented the south. Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The south really needed this come together everyone no matter who, what or how you sing your songs. Much love to Fox and Idol. The south loves you and is going to miss it all.

  280. Thank you even tho everyone sounded great tonite people should give credit that the real Idol winner tonite was Keith Urban with his new song Wasted Time. Just saying.

  281. Thank u American Idol for having a way to post our opions. Go. Keith Urban. U were the real Idol winner tonite.

  282. Thank you Keith Urban, Greatest performance ever on American Idol, beautiful voice, great orignal instrumentation and performance much talent and intelligence.
    Very impressed with your ability and creativity

  283. Why not end American Idol’s final season in an epic and unforgettable way with TWO American Idols??? After announcing the top two tonight (Trent & L’ Porsha), tell voters the show is NOT going to put them in the position of deciding between 2 amazing talents. That there will be no voting to decide #1 because Trent & L’Porsha are BOTH consummately talented, unique and deserving in their own ways.

    This would be the most fair outcome, the most memorable, and not least, most in keeping with L’Porsha’s comment about what a town might accomplish by putting its energies together to advance a cause rather than a single person. Think about it: 2 poised, gracious, deserving human beings, one black, one white, both from the South and BOTH of them named American Idols. Now that’s the stuff Legends are made of!

  284. I was pissed. I looked at the show last night and J Lo stated that the young man deserved to win. Was she telling people who to vote for before the finale tonight? Your show should be sued for a judge to make a statement like that before the final vote. A cheap car should make it go away. J Lo did you tell the young lady she deserve to win. A sorry way for Idol to end. I’m not your mother but didn’t you know better. Both contestants were fantastic. La Portia knows by now you made that statement. I know she was crushed. I wish her success and J Lo I hope she will forgive your ignorance and selfishness.

  285. Hate to see him go, but somebody needs to get a hold of Dalton and get him to sing the song in the right key. he’s a phenomenal performer. he is so unique. he makes you happy just waiting to see what he will !! so many of his songs had too much of a range which required him to have to sing beginning of song in too low a register. pick songs that have range but not so much that he has to sing such low notes to start. not necessary to choose songs with such wide range FOr him ! Love ya’ Dalton !!!

  286. After watching the last show of American idol, I could not help get nostalgic. Ryan said something so true, It was a show that not only was interactive but brought families together. It meant more to my family. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on the night of American idol, I believe it was its first season. This was extremely scary for my young daughter because 6 years before the same disease took my mother, her grandmother’s life. She was inconsolable until we decided to watch our favorite show together. It was a godsend because OLIVIA Newton John happened to be a guest judge and for the first time my daughter realized, after explaination, that there are survivors of this disease, and beautiful talented ones at that. . She had no reference before in her young years. That is what idol did for us! We thank you. Just thought I’ d share. All my best, Patti

  287. Regarding Idol canceling of the show.. I am not a child my age is 65. Am sad angry, this was done ??? have several children have watched IDOL…So much trash on everyday to take this off is the most stupid thing I have ever seen ?????

  288. why did Trent harmon win in last nights show La porsha was supposed to win because she put everything on the table and that is just messed up because an african american person has not won in years that competition is riged and you all need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  289. I’ve watched EVERY episode. I record the program series thru ATT Uverse.
    Guess what?? Got home late last night, dying to know the finale, and
    it wasn’t there. Carrie Underwood for 10 minutes and 20 commercials, and the finale was cut. OMG!!!!!
    Whomever let the show go 6 minutes over screwed your own audience.
    I was horrified …..I heard it thru the news and I was VERY UPSET.
    Yea, I did download your app to vote, but the last episode was not listed until
    this morning.
    What a nice ending…….just so angry, could NOT enjoy it at all. BUMMER!!!

  290. I have filed complaints with the FCC, FAA, FBI and police department. I have made them aware of my abilities and my non participation, without dutiful employment, god and angels don’t count. I do not have to label what they are for you, I am not for sale or rent, lease, borrow, pray to for resolve or any damn thing otherwise. My name is Echo L. Badewitz, AKA Echo L. Pompilius AKA Echo L Hall, legally not fictitious created names, there are no human being that have any authority over me in any way, no loop holes that will give allowances, from any standpoint including any ongoing investigation of any one else in this world or afterlife IE there pasts. I have durable power of attorney over my parents Gertha O Badewitz, Erich E. Badewitz and Heidi G. Badewitz and deceased as they all are, the afterlife force, spirit etc, not yours not to be tampered with by anyone else, all photos and belongings are mine. We are Lutheran and not for you, I did not sign off an any, historical authorities in any type of format earthly possible to anyone human or any other form lifeforms or mechanical, robotic or stationary objects. You will understand what my stand point is, I have had deathly painful interaction and I will not tolerate stupidity or excuses of ignorance to justify any such terrorist activity not just hear but in any country and they are contactable.

    Echo L. Badewitz

  291. Dear Idol,
    My name is Cullen Muir. Today I am contacting you about american idol. I can not tell you how excited I am it is coming back. I a 19 year old male living in Southern California. I love reality TV, and it all started with american idol. Now, I am not a singer by any means, but I know a good voice when I see one. I would like you to consider bringing me on as a Judge for idols come back. I know I am a nobody, but think about it there is beauty in that. Special in reality TV.

  292. My name is Cullen Muir. Today I am contacting you about american idol. I can not tell you how excited I am it is coming back. I a 19 year old male living in Southern California. I love reality TV, and it all started with american idol. Now, I am not a singer by any means, but I know a good voice when I see one. I would like you to consider bringing me on as a Judge for idols come back. I know I am a nobody, but think about it there is beauty in that. Special in reality TV.

  293. I would like you to hire me as a judge on your show. Just a regular person, not famous, but has watched every season. You can pay me $100,000. You will be saving your budget. Please contact me for more information.
    Sonia Hughes

  294. How do I know what time my audition is? And how do I complete my registration without submitting a video link. Though I have sent a Facebook page.

  295. Is there an age limit im 31 n a very great rnb pop singer n music video was on mtv jams before ? Thousands of people mad cus of the age limit

  296. What do you plan to do regarding American Idol Reboot? The public is waiting for you to tell us what you plan to do about this!

  297. Because my name has been smeared lets have receive the truth no rape no molestation no prostitution no abuse of any kind took place in my life thank you
    Oscar winner Rashida Tamara West

  298. Hello, I love the show but WHY do you prefer to pay the judges millions to judge a contestant instead of paying a struggling person like myself so much less money? WHY? It is ridiculous and so unfair to not offer the judging job to regular ordinary people as myself! You’re only making the rich, richer and leaving the poor, poor. That’s ridiculous, big time! Heck, I’m a musician, playing drums with studio experience for over 20 years. I know how to judge music. “Making the rich, richer!” Ridiculous!

  299. Hello, my name is Judy I have a niece that auditioned in Louisville Kentucky this year for a chance at stardom. Her name is Kayla Griffen 5 years ago she auditioned in Chicago unfortunately she didn’t go through. She has been singing since she was 2 years old , this has been a dream of hers as long as she’s been singing. She has written several songs, and still performs at different places. I my self have been watching the show since the beginning. My mother was a great singer which would be Kayla’s grandmother, she had a chance to go on the road I believe with Porter Waggner, but she had 5 children and choose to raise her children. I know my mother is looking down from Heaven as Kayla spreads her talent and knowing that she could be the one in the family to shine, and touch everyone with her music. Please please give her a second chance I promise she will not let you down. Thank you for your time. Judy

  300. I tried to vote during the AMA Award show tonight. I voted for my choice, which led to the confirm page for my e-mail and password info in order to confirm my vote. The hateful, horrible, lies on the page regarding President Obama and some bizarre information about his daughters car? I am sooo disappointed as a long-time fan from the very beginning of Idol. Please take your hateful posts off the site; not acceptable to a nation trying to pull back together due to hateful, fake, and irresponsible information about great people.

    • I was very dismayed that Katy Perry kissed a 19 year old contestant without permission. That is considered sexual assault ori n the least sexual harrassment. She should be held accountable for this action. She took away his right and value to save his first kiss for someone he cared about. Has she learned nothing from the me too movement. Comments such as all the girls will love him rather then comments on their performance. I thought this was a vocal contest not a beauty pageant. I have watched American idol from the beginning and if you can’t make a good show without objectifying the performers some of who are underage, maybe you should have let it end. Hope you can be a better role model for the youth.

  301. Hi. My name is Chyler Leimbach and I have been wanting to sign up for American Idol but reading the website, I read you have to be 16-30 years of age to audition. Then my friend helped me out and showed me a post on twitter from someone, and it said 15-28. I am currently 14 years old and I live in Denver Colorado and I read there will be an audition on August 28. The thing is, I do not know the deadline that I have to turn in my audition form, and I am wondering because I will be turning 15 July 9th.

    If you could please tell me what the age limit and deadline is that would be greatly appreciated.

  302. NOT A CHANCE! !!
    American Idol used to be a favorite show…but Katie Perry is a liberal, evil, lying, divisive, hateful, DUMBOCRAT!!!!!!
    She is a DISGUSTING person….who has spread lies & hatred across this country!!!!
    You need to put people on the show who are NON-POLITICAL!!!!…..or at least NOT EVIL LIBERAL STUPID IDIOTS!!!!!

  303. This show should be re casted. Ryan Seacrest was accused of sexual misconduct and nothing happens!. Katie Perry is trying to take away some old nuns former home from her and Sister Rose died in the courtroom due to all the stress. Katie Perry is EVIL and we will all boycott this show

  304. Yikes I am a ex fan of American Idol and I am very disappointed in your choice of Katy Perry. Besides her latest endeavors ( the nun died of a heart attack after testifying) I am one the Americans she has ranted against politically. It’s a great shame how some one who’s voiced such negative opinions about at least half the country would be your choice to host the New American Idol!!!! We will definitely not be watching ?!

  305. Katy Perry is ridiculous! Embarrassing to watch her act
    Like a child. Cannot continue to watch this show if she remains a judge.

  306. On American idol tonight as the bus was going through the USA at the end of the opening the bus pulled up to a light house on the coast. Could you tell me the location. It was so beautiful. Thank you for the info. MG

  307. These judges are terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have loved American idol for 16 years.. Bring back Ellen or Steven Tyler, anyone is better than Katie aperry! She is trying too hard, she is way too corny!!! Get her off! This Luke Bryan is too inexperienced! Bad choices ABC! YOU SHOULD HAVE LET ME PICK THEM!!! Ellie from Anaheim HILLS

  308. Sunday night was absolutely great, but Monday’s night was equally as good. I am so happy to see you back on the air. It is a great show. The judges are absolutely great. Chemistry is wonderful. Love it, love it, love it.

  309. we have watched idol for years but some of the judges have been awful. like this year we think you could have found someone better than Kelly Clarkson she is nerve wrecking!!!!she never shuts up! she tries to be funny and she is not my husband tell me to change the channel because he has heard enough of her!!! we hope it gets better.

  310. Shame on you and your organization for not dealing with Katy Perry after her display of force when kissing the 19 year old man. If the roles were reversed, and a male judge in a position of power put a young contestant in a must kiss situation, that person would be fired.

    The behavior is inexcusable. I for one household will not be watching Idol while these Judges remain. Shame on you.

  311. Why isn’t Katy Perry apologizing to the kid she kissed on the lips? this was sexual harassment!! If one of the male judges did that to a female people would have been in an uproar. There is no difference here.

  312. As an Animal Activist i have been sent shocking barbaric images of total lack of respect for a life pictures of your judge Luke Bryan…
    I will not be watching any further Pop Idol episodes plus i have shared with 2000 people I find him to be a person who lacks compassion for a life…
    His hunting pictures have gone viral and I hope you lose reviews on your show ..
    Its time for the human race to start acting like mankind which i find they are not.Shame on American Idols who only think of the money and WHO allow this person to be part of your team….
    You have to wonder why you have a gun problem in your country..because you teach your kids to hunt from an early age..hence they end up being killers of the innocent kids of today…

  313. Lionel Richie is the only one on the show who is professional. Katie and Luke embarrass contestants, aren’t serious and play and talk too much! I’m embarrassed for the people who are already nervous and hopeful to get somewhere with their music.

    Worst season yet!

  314. I wish to amend my previous comment as it may have been too harsh. My point I wanted to make is that I felt the behavior of Katy Perry was inappropriate and took away the contestant’s choice. I still feel that the emphasis should be on the vocal and performance of the contestants.

  315. Hi my name is Louie I like to a song I am from Minnesota I live on a lake with my mother and my dad. My dad never miss A show o. Luke Bryan I like your music
    sink it for me girl is my favorite song.
    My mother is not listening very good my mother read lips when you’re look at her and then you talk to her.
    I was in a coma when I was a baby along time go In my life story. Have a nice day

  316. Lionel Richie I am so disappointed in you I have followed you for years and when you turned away Brittany Holmes from some Little Big Town in Dallas Texas a suburb I could not believe it! Because she sounded outstanding! And you put through some pretty sour sounding people and you let her go shame on you I am so disappointed in American Idol because of that I don’t know her personally but she gave it her all and I’m American Idol follower and I’m thinking of turning the channel sorry goodbye

  317. I have watched American Idol since it’s inception. Luke Bryan and Lionel Ritchie are by far the worse judges ever on this show. I am a musican and spent some time in the music industry. When those two judges are gone, I will watch the show again. Thank you..

  318. American idol judges are letting good talent slip away. Just now saw thadeus let go and he had the crowed going. All the judges are fooling around.And not taking it seriously.Doubt I’m seeing show next season.Already had to bring back someone due to bad judging.

  319. Need to change the judges or have them make better decisions on the talent. A lot of talent is being dismissed and the ones that are staying are not very good. Judges are making bad decisions and there’s a lot of good talent that is being dismissed instead of putting them through for example the girl that was brought back that was a vocal teacher she had to be brought back because they dismissed her and said she didn’t have talent. American Idol is not the same or as good as it was in previous years doubt very much that I’ll be watching the show if it continues to be this way. So sorry that I expected more from your show after coming back from its final show. I hope the people in charge are paying attention to the viewers that have to watch the show and used to love to watch the show.

  320. Hi, my name is Theodore, and I’m 74 and I love to sing. I sing on two or three choirs I’m a resident of Philadelphia, St Ignatius Church is where I sing on the choir, I’m a cancer survivor. I watch American Idol, and I Think maybe in your future, you should have an older group competition. I would Love to compete. Put that on my bucket list. L.O.L.

  321. Katie Perry serving as a judge is imploding AI. She gas to go or the show will be gone. She is an embarrassment.

    The talent this season is very weak. Song choice is very poor. They have no audience appeal. There are exception to both of these concerns, but very few.

  322. What in the hell are you paying these dumb ass judges for? They suck! Effie Passero SHOULD HAVE WON! Y’all are crazy letting that goofy ass boy Jonny go on. Y’all may as well cancel the show again. I would rather watch family guy over this. YALL RETARTED.
    Yours truley, Danny Giles.

  323. The show lookes disgrace every year the girls looks like worse they look like street woman there clothes show too much for little girls to watch even the judges too cover your self up

  324. Last nights show was terrible. The thing that was terrible was the back ground music well the singers were performing. The back ground music was so load that you couldn’t really hear the or understand the words of the singers. All the other previous episodes were fine, except for last night. I’ve been watching American Idol form the beginning and I really like the show. Hopefully you’ll be able to do something about the back ground music.

  325. Hi: I started watching Idol again this year because of the three judges. I like all of them and they have done a great job. Their personalities are wonderful and add a lot to the show. I think they are fair and have a very hard job. I quit watching idol for several years as I did not like the way judging was being held.
    I do not think the public should be judging the contestants because they are not qualified. Too many young people get crushed because of their actions. Maybe let the public vote, but let the qualified judges make the final decisions. Thanks


  327. Can u please have Lionel sing lady to dedicate the song lady to Kenny Rogers please I thought this would cheer Kenny up and Lionel if he could bring my name up asking him to sing this for him and have all kinds of lights and streams through the song I beg u please do this for me on sun maybe on mon. He can do the same thing singing sing the gambler

  328. I don’t ever understand why you would put Jonny brenns on the show. I became madly in love with him, and truth be told I celebrated when he got sent home. Watching him WAS TORTURE. It was such a tease. I hate you American idol never EVER put him on the show ever ever again, don’t put any look alikes or him, don’t mention his name on the show, because I’m trying so hard to forget about him. Thanks.

  329. This past Monday night to me has completely turned my wife and I off from every watching this show again. It is supposed to be American Idol, not Venusuela night or drag queen night. it is supposed to be about America voting who stays and who goes and not the judges overriding America’s choices. Both Adda Vox and Michelle Sussett had good voices but American chose not to have them and that was good. Adda Vox would do really really well in VEGAs. But they are not American Idols. If I am wrong and Michelle Susset is an American than good for her. But Adda Vox should not have been overriden by the judges… SO DISAPPOINTED.

  330. My husband and I really enjoyed American Idol when it first came on. However, over the years the show has ceased to be family friendly. This year is the worst ever. It is obvious that the program has already decided who they want on the top ten list, and not the voting public as you said it would be. When Katie Perry made a big scene and decided that a transvestite could be the next American Idol – we are done with American Idol. America needs to get back to it’s Biblical roots.

    As grandparents of three innocent little children, American Idol is no longer a program that can be watched with children. Our Biblical values are assaulted at every level these days. If America does not repent, I fear God’s judgment will soon come down on our beautiful America. Jesus paid the penalty for our sins with his blood on the cross over 2,000 years ago. I am 71 years old and became a born again Christian when I was 32. I had made a big mess out of my life and hated my life. I was filled with shame, guilt and sin. When I searched for God with all my heart He came to me. I called out to Jesus and He changed me. I became a new creature in Christ. Old things passed away and all things became new. I was translated from the things of this sin filled world into the Kingdom of God. America, get back to reading the Bible and learn what God had in mind for our lives. Love, joy, peace, holiness, family, goodness, joy, forgiveness – because of His mercy and grace this life is available to all who will receive Jesus as the Savior.

    Our TV will not be tuning into America Idol again.


    Susan Decuir

  331. American Idol has degenerated into a freak show with contestants to defy biological science by denying the sex into which they were born. And with judges who promote such perverted conclusions.


  333. I just started watching American Idol again after 7 years, it seem like you are rushing the end, elilimanating 3 at once did not like that, you atr rushing the end same thing with Dancing with the Stars. Need to stop . I will not be watching anymore. Disgusted with both shows

  334. Great job gang, best idol so far after all these years. The judges this year are the best, giving contestants insight to the music business. All three have a wealth of knowledge. Good going ABC. Nice to hear a 2nd season announcement. Me and my wife love the show!!

  335. Please change the format of the show. It is unfair to have these contestants work their butts off and it is clear that everyone loves them, including the Judges because they are TALENTED (hint, hint…Michael J. Woodard) only to put their possible advancement in the hands of the part of America who votes strictly based on Popularity of a contestant over pure Talent and Performance. This is so unfair, both to the Contestant and to the People who love to see them perform. All of America doesn’t vote obviously, but the part of it that does for the less talented, but popular contestants should be overruled! Please.

  336. I agree with the above post; Michael J. Woodard should not have been voted out! He is the most versatile, talented one of them all. The format needs to change; a contestant should not win because of popularity especially if they are less talented! I was thoroughly disgusted last night! I only wish I could have voted, but since I am an American living abroad, I couldn’t; maybe that should change too!

  337. I would love to Talk to someone from America idol about a suggestion and concern to help make American idol better.

  338. I have a great suggestion to make American idol better but will only share it with some one through American idol. I think it would improve the votes and help people vote better.

  339. Please , please, please tone down the orchestra—–the point of the show
    is to broadcast the singer’s voice, to hear and enjoy it, and NOT be overpowered
    by the orchestra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  340. I think it was not fair when gabby sang journeys song to have her meet one .it put a spot light on her when there are two more big mistake

  341. Have they ever came up with a Variety show with the Two Finalist on the American idol Caleb Hutchison And Madde Poppe on the variety show and call it The Caleb and Madde Variety Show with entertainer and comedy skits for the whole family to watch. would this be a good idea for the future?

  342. Please fix Monday nights finale so I can watch it without signing in! THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS! Please Fix it!

  343. I received tickets for my birthday for American Idol Live in Albany NY. I had commented asking if there was going to be a meet and greet as I would love to meet the contestants I was informed the only way I could meet them was to purchase a “VIP” seat which so happens to be the rows right in front of and behind the seats I currently have for $200 more than my tickets are now. This is outrageous that you choose random seats to be “VIP” to meet the contestants and want to charge that much. You should be able to buy a meet and greet ticket separately from your regular seats. I don’t know whose crazy rules these are but all I want to do is meet them this was a birthday gift I shouldn’t have to spend another $200 just to get a picture and say hi.

  344. I was very disappointed when I found out that a rated G TV program wiich is made for young people was featuring, and in my opinion, pushing an agenda for a male transgender on the Tv show.There was a time when America would never of stooped so low. it wasn’t that long ago that we had shows like the Dick Van Dike show who would not even show a married couple sleeping in the same bed which I applaud, and NO I am not as old as you might think.I am late 30’s. You see I was raised up with Principles and the bible which should supercede any one persons slanted personal offenses. Especially disturbing was the overkill way this transgender was dressing, in tight mini skirts and overly bloated hair like a dragqueen bar. it was scary for me and I can only imagine how scary it could be for a kid. Sending scary messages which go against our creators instructions. You should be Ashamed of yourself airing such trash.I urge you to read your scriptures of what the creator yahovah says about these people which include gays and transgender.And one was not enough because you also had a lesbian woman on the show who openly talked about her perverted lifestyle which included her sexual orientation, first off, I fail to see what that smut has to do with the show or anything else I mean who talks to strangers about things like other than sicko’s trying to push an agenda. Among other things and written in many verses, he says they are an ABOMINATION, and of the most VILE and hateful people.And an abomination is not something to be pushed nor accepted. and I urge you to think twice before airing such filth in the future, by an unhappy viewer in Ga.

  345. American Idol was in Buffalo New York a while back.I am a singer songwriter guitarist I am also 58 years old and because of the age limit I could not audition This is BS please change that policy.

  346. Hi first of all I love the show! I noticed Katie”s heart earrings she was wearing on the first show. Could you please find out who makes them. The designer, where purchased. I have to have them. Love HEARTS!!! Thank you

  347. Please tell Luke Bryan I am on my cell Phone right now and I am his online girlfriend he know me by online and I am Hiding From him right now and I am Watching Tonight Show yes I am my name is Elizabeth Golder

  348. Katy Perry constantly disrespects Lionel Richie to the point I don’t even want to watch the show. Lionel is a legend and Katy should be made to show the man a little honor. She acts like he isn’t even there most the time and it’s a real injustice to the show.

  349. Tomorrow is my birthday please talk to Luke Bryan please and I want him to Singing For me on my birthday for tomorrow march 24th 1979 I am going be 40 year old for tomorrow thank you so much my name is Elizabeth Golder

  350. America idol should not do the stand off cause they are sending some of the contents that are really good home. Singing solo they are really good. Not go to do stand off wrong people are going and there are good by them selfs

  351. I am Luke Bryan girlfriend ok hey girls don’t look at him ok he is my man ok and don’t look at him ok I love him so much ok thank you so much

  352. I have watched the show semi faithfully for years. I will be brief. Luke Bryant , in particular recognizes the unique and a long time coming talent of Alejandro. This individual is the real deal and truly authentic , there is no artifice, no professional training, no ridiculous acrobatics. He will win in a landslide if you introduce him to Ben Howard’s music. There are also several videos where you can actually see Ben’s unique style with the guitar. Has a lot in common with Alejandro’s fledgling style. Ben Howard is no pop star but he is world renowned. First saw him on Letterman and even Dave was blown away.The video of that session is on you tube. Ben is young , has a huge following . If Alejandro
    covers one of his songs he will win. No doubts whatsoever.

  353. Introduce “Instant Contract” into the Top 10. One person gets plucked out of the Top 10 and gets signed immediately. Then the open spot is re-filled with one of the Top 20. I think America can vote for the Top 2, but final decision by the judges, or complete one choice entirely by the judges. The talent is simply exceptional.

    I”m juggling 6 choices.

  354. I am happy to hear that the american idol is doing great by looking out for singing stars out there. I only had a different view though. Can it provide some financial aid. Thank you.

  355. You should start a series just for instrumental players like bands and singers lol just thinking not every one can sing but they can play

  356. You should start a series just for instrumental players like bands and singers lol just thinking not every one can sing but they can play just saying

  357. I don’t like the way Katie Perry thru the Hollywood ticket to the 1st young lady on the show 3-2-20. She threw the on the floor.That was demeaning.

  358. What has happened to American Idol? I watch to see the singers not the judges and stupid antics that are demeaning to them and participates!
    The first show of the season only had 3 singers in the first 30+ minutes. Basically
    2 hours of the judges playing (roller skating) and a psychic tonight ! If I was a sponsor I would keep my money !!

    • There are three singers whose performances the producers are REFUSING to air: Vivian Hicks, Layla Spring, and Chloe Channell!!! What is going ON with the producers?!?!?! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?!?!?!

  359. I think it is unfair that only one person gets the prize, there should be prizes for three final winners, why not ?? there are many who deserve it really ! Please break the tradition 👍❤

  360. To whom it may concern;

    This season of Idol is starting to suck. Why? Because you producers won’t show Vivian Hicks, Layla Spring, and Chloe Channell’s respective performances (be it auditions or Hollywood Week)! Why won’t you let us see and hear their performances?! I don’t even know if they made it to the next round or not on tonight’s episode, and it’s all ’cause YOU wouldn’t show it or mention it!!! WHY ARE YOU OUTSHINING THEM?!?!?!

  361. The sound onAmerican Idol has been awful last week and tonight. It is loud for the judges and advertising and barely audible on the contestants.

  362. Creative solution for stay at home – enjoyed the program more than I anticipated.

    Background music during Ryan’s intos and dialog with judges was very distracting.

  363. I just watched the 2020 season. How in the hell does someone forget the lyrics, get a pass, and then win. I feel it’s set up. He should not have got a pass! Bring Simon back now!!! This would not happen.

  364. you should do a remake of We are the World with your top 10 contestants. You already have the guy that was the first singer in the initial version of the song in Lionel.

  365. I think it is unfair that those who live in Mountain & central time cannot vote during the finale
    Thought it was American idol not East coast west coast idol
    Since the idol winner is already decided why should inwarch

  366. Last nights idol was wrong in many levels . Have been watching the show since the beginning in March with a group of friends . Tonight’s voting didn’t allow any of us to vote. It angered all of us. Don’t hv seacrest Announce after America has voted … just the east & west coast was able to vote. We were shout out in NM & Colorado . Another problem is it’s called American Idol. Kids from Canada shouldn’t be allowed to be in the program . Only AMERICAN CITIZENS PLEASE.

  367. Hi American Idol,
    Took survey audition couple a weeks ago. Do still need do virtual video call by the producer? Is it option one or other not doing Virtual call just did survey last week. Please let me know what think?
    Thomas DeAngelis

  368. I’m trying to register for the virtual auditions which mine are on the 12th, but its having me sign the agreement. The thing is though it won’t let me sign it on my computer or phone so I don’t know whats wrong.

  369. Hi, I’m an American idol contestant, I’m auditioning in Massachusetts at 6:00 p.m., I was wondering do I supposed to get a plane ticket there and a hotel? or do I have to drive there to see? Please contact me back as soon as possible.

  370. I really what to be able to be a woman kids would want to look up to to be a role model and to let kids know that they are not alone in this world and my dream is to win American idol..

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