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Contacting Amazon Prime Customer Service Center is the world’s leading online retailer, providing products and services to millions across the globe. One of the more popular services is Amazon Prime. This service features free two-day shipping and reduced pricing on one-day shipping. Another feature of the service includes access to Amazon Instant Video service and access to Kindle books. Amazon Prime is a subscription-based service with a free trial.

A key feature of the service is the customer service. Not every Amazon customer is aware of Amazon Prime and could have questions and concerns. In the event they do, the customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Typically, customers wanting to contact the customer service department by phone will need to sign into their account. We found phone numbers listed in an obscure on the site and listed them below. All of the numbers are tested and direct customers to the customer service team.

  • Customer service (U.S.): 1-866-216-1072
  • Customer service (UK): 0800-2796620
  • Customer service (International): 1-206-266-2992

Mailing Address

Amazon Prime1200 12th Ave. SouthSte. 1200Seattle, WA 98144-2734

Official Website

The official Amazon Prime website*Version*=1&*entries*=0 provides details relating to the service, including, free two-day shipping, unlimited streaming moves and television shows and access to Kindle books. Customers can also sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Customer Service Email

Customers can contact the customer service department with questions and concerns relating to Amazon Prime here In order to send a message to the customer service team, you will need to have an account or create an account. Since we currently are an Amazon member, we sent a message asking about the free trial.

Customers can also attempt to contact the customer support team on the website and through social media, including:

Our Experience

Contacting Amazon Prime was a pure delight. We didn’t have to wait through a lengthy automated system; just a few options one being the customer support team. When the customer service agent answered the call, they were cheerful and ready to assist. We asked the representative to explain the process of canceling an Amazon Prime membership prior to the end of the free trial.

The agent explained the most efficient option is for customers to contact the customer service department a minimum of one business day prior to the end of the free trial to cancel the service. This way, there is no lag and the customer’s credit card will not be charged. We were pleased with the call and the overall result. We want to hear if your experience resembled our experience. Share your store with us in the comment section below.

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628 Comments on “Contact Amazon Prime Customer Service
  1. money has been taken from my account i did not give my credit card details to your company how did you get money from my account micheal o connell cork city sourthern ireland i can not find no for you

    • on the 4th july 2016 a sum of £79.00 was taken out of my bank account..Shown on the account as “amazon prime cd 1312” I cant recall making an order for this amount ..
      The only phone number i can find is NOT conected ???
      please help

    • I did not subscribe to Amazon Prime, Continuity/Subscription Merchants –,WA. WHY YOU HAVE BEEN BILLING ME FOR 4 MONTHS??? I NEVER SIGNED UP ABOUT AMAZON PRIME, WHY CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD FOR 4 MONTHS?
      6/21/18 – Ref # 0039 – $ 14.22, 7/21/18 – Ref # 2517 – 14.22,
      8/21/18 – Ref # 0174 – $ 14.22, 9/21/18 – Ref # 5646 – 14.22
      Please, refund all purchases and take me off this service. Thank you…

  2. I received an email on Jan.15,2014 saying I am not an amazon prime member only to notice on bank statement in amount of $79.00 was deducted from my account on 1/9/2014@3:56:01pm. Did not authorize this please refund

    • You have taken £79 out of my bank on the 4/4/16 I did not authorise this & I would like you to refund it back in but by the sounds of it you do it all the time to your customs . Surprise surprise can’t find a phone number so if I don’t get any reply I will be take in legal advise

    • I have received same kind of email n they want to deduct £179 I can’t understand no information was given. I’m trying to call n there is no connection this people are fraud.

    • I tried amazon prime trial and was told I can cancel anytime but can’t find any area on the website for this. I don’t want amazon prime.

  3. News your asistente,I`m truncado yo enrol on prime ,but unable yo do so ,I`m diversas,in Panama Republic 9F Panama And will like yo Jokin Prime ,patente will be true a visa crediticia Carod.


  5. How do you get away with steeling people’s money. Right…. Free trial, you can cancel anytime!! The only problem is that there’s no way you can cancel !!! What a scam you have going.

  6. Did not Authorize a $99 charge for Merchandise-DIRECT MARKETING-CONTINUITY SUBSCRIPTION. CANCEL any service that I supposedly have with you and REFUND my account! I was never issued any notification from you at all.

  7. Today I have received an SMS (at 1.17 AM) informing me that an amount of Rs.6578.92 has been withdrawn from my SB Account no. 015472 at AmazonPrime on 25.06.2014 22.08(SAF). In this regard I wish to state that I have not authorized Amazon to automatically debit my card account for any membership or for buying any goods or services against my debit card from Amazon. This automatic debit has not been authorized by us. Hence I request you to cancel the debit and re credit my account with a sum of Rs. 6578.92 immediately.

  8. Have been trying to get a verification of my prime cancellation before money gone from my account. Not easy

  9. I am not a memeber I have called before about a refund and not to use my credit card number and you keep charging me for the fees!!! I want a refund and It’s extremely hard to reach you people

  10. Money was taken from my account on 08/08/14 and I gave no one permission to take any money from my account !!!!!! This is very unprofessional and down right wrong if you guys feel as though taking money out of innocent hard working people accounts!!!!! I won’t both of my refunds back!!!!!!!

    A Anger Single Mother

    • I don’t appreciate being charged 99dollars for prime when I did not order it. But after calling prime it was easy to cancel.

  11. I am watching Endevaour and it reloads every two minutes.
    What is the problem. It is 8:30 on wednesday , august 20th, 2014.

  12. My order #00263592764347436 I told UPS to return it to you. They had me waiting two days for that package and they never came. I made a formal complaint to UPS and now one to you.i shop a lot on Amazon but if my packages continue to come via UPS and I have this problem I’m going to have to stop shopping Amazon. I am waiting for my account to be credited 27.76 but I also hope Amazon will look into this problem and get back to me. Thankyou. , JoAnn Gizze

  13. Hello all… I was charged a prime time membership fee deducting $107.17 from my bank account when I did not sign up for such… I called Amazon to ask them to return my money to my account and dont do it again… Technology… smh!!

  14. I see as to reading other comments as to money being taken from a checking acct I Do Not Use For This Type of purchase REFUND REQUESTED!! This is an illegal action I never authorized this payment . And seeing the other comments this is a reoccurring issue on ur company and had better be corrected and not happen again!!!!!!

  15. Sep. 04, 2014
    To Whom It May Concern:
    I recently joined Amazon Prime, and for a while everything went as I expected. Orders arrived within the 2 day limit, ad pricing was shown upfront. However, I seem to be running into headwinds with recent orders, for instance; I am at my wits end when trying to use your site because it’s become so convoluted.
    -Wade Hampton

  16. I think my 30 day free trail should start after i get to use the amazon prime movies i cant even watch any i download silver scropt i still cant watch any movies on the amazon prime it keeps telling me to download silver script

  17. How in the world do you have the audacity to charge my debit card $99.00 for a $45.00 item I bought a month ago online and then say I authorized the charge when I bought the item? That is down right theft. If I bounce checks what am I to do? Just pay them? Non english speaking phone operator said would be returned in 3 to 5 days, Sure didn’t give me any warning when you took it.

  18. I am a college student who took advantage of the trial when ordering books. Today they deducted $108.00 from my account WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION. Need to credit it back ASAP.

  19. I do not want to join this program. And this is the second time I complaint about that. You made a charge my money 107.17$ and 35$ for OVERDRAFT FEE FOR TRANSACTION POSTED ON 10/20. Please return this fee for me.

  20. Nunca abrí ni pedí nada a su empresa, me hicieron un fraude cargando a mi tarjeta de crédito $1, 448.00, 104.00 dls., veo que esto es recurrente, procederé a denunciar a las autoridades, nunca he dado los datos de mi tarjeta, que pasa, que clase de gente son ustedes, dejen de robar.

    • Deje que su banco los llame..Asi fue que me devolvieron mi denero para tras en me account. No los llame otra ves llame mi banco y esplique que me sacaron dinero y no le di permiso. En unos 10 dias me volvieron el dinero para tras. Perdone mis errores. No escribo espanol muy bien pero trato, que no??


  21. I am trying to get to my Amazon Prime membership info and it is telling me I am not an Amazon Prime Member. That is strange as you took the $99 fee from my credit card after the 30 day trial. If you took my money then why does it tell me I am not a member??

  22. You charged me 99 dollar membership for some thing that I have no Idea what it is for. Last months credit card you took out 99
    dollars and I want iot back. I don’t know how you get by with this.

  23. I didn’t know amazon prime took any money from my account until the fraud squad from my bank called asking if I had made an authorized purchase from amazon prime which I did not.

    There was no notice E-mail, or even a dialog letting me know that my 30 day free trial had expired or that they would automatically withdraw any fees from my account.

    This is fraud and illegal we should have the option to say no to any automatic withdrawal.

  24. I need instant action with regard to the email I sent to Amazon prime yesterday (04/12/14) regarding the £79 taken from my bank account on 26/11/14. At NO TIME have I given consent for this membership to be actioned and therefore. this is a fraudulent action by Amazon and therefore expect this money to be reimbursed. I will require an email TODAY to confirm that this has happen

  25. I was charged 102.77 for membership that I did not authorize I am not a member call them and they said that it will be removed but call my credit card and changed number to be sure that it doesn’t happen again

  26. I purchased a Joola Indoor Table Tennis Table (Order# 113-37226098-9490642). The table is great. It arrived on time. It was placed where I wanted it, unpacked, and checked to see if all the parts were shipped. They were and the table was put together in less than 20 minutes. Our extended family has use the table for three plus weeks. It is superior to the other two I purchased for other family members the last two Christmas seasons.

    If asked, I would be very happy to recommend this table to others.


    Bob Pivec

  27. Hello,

    This is the Olsen family. We just spent 50 minutes on the phone with Christine, a customer service representative. We just wanted to let you know that she did a phenomenal job helping us with our complicated problem. She spoke to multiple members of our family, was extremely friendly and patient, and represented your company in a very positive way! This seems to be rare with customer service nowadays, and we just wanted to share our appreciation. You have a very talented employee on your team! 🙂

    Thank you and happy holidays!

    The Olsen Family

  28. I am very disillusioned with your service. I was very excited to see that you had the TV series “Justified” (one of my favorites and an instant classic) available for streaming. Based upon this, I started the month free subscription. Thankfully you offered that, because other than “Justified”, I see nothing else that Amazon Prime offers over Netflix that I would be interested in, therefore, I would’ve flushed $99 down the drain!

    I also just started my DVD by mail subscription in addition to my streaming subscription from Netflix. All 8 of the movies I have put in my Netflix queue so far, that I will receive for FREE as part of my subscription, would cost me extra money, MUCH EXTRA MONEY through Amazon Prime………..ALL 8! You have none of them as part of my subscription! Titles such as “Gravity”, “We’re the Millers”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, one that’s 13 years old “The Last Castle”, and even one that’s 23 years old “Nothing but Trouble”, that’s pretty pitiful!

    I do realize there are other perks through Amazon Prime such as: free shipping, books, music, etc, but those perks are of little consolation to me as I don’t make very many purchases, nor listen to much music, nor read many books. I am an avid TV and movie buff. Other than “Justified”, which caught my eye instantly, I don’t see much else that will retain me as a customer.

    If I am missing something, could you please point it out to me? For example: movies that you get before, or instead of Netflix? Or perhaps TV shows, other than “Justified” you have that Netflix doesn’t?

    I don’t understand how Netflix can offer every single movie I have chosen so far for free, yet you charge for every single one! I don’t know how you expect to retain customers when you charge for practically everything!

    When my free trial is up, please don’t charge my credit card anything unless you have pointed out something I have missed.

    Robert M. Lacy Jr.

  29. why did you take $99.00 from my account I please want you to end membership and put my money back in my account

  30. I notice £63.54 has been taken from my account without my authorization, I would be grateful if you refund the money to my account. I am a pensioner and cannot afford for money to be taken without my knowing. I am not aware of signing for prime membership. Up until now I have always found the service from Amazon excellent. I would like to know what this money was taken for. Thank you Marion Dempster

  31. I received a letter from you dated 1-10-15 saying I have an Amazon Prime account with you as of August 16, 2014. I do not remember signing up for the account and sincerely request you refund the balance of the account of $41.00 plus cents in addition to the $58.00 plus account you are refunding because I to my American Express account ending in ****4009

  32. Same here I never authorized funds to be taken out of my checking and when I called was told it would be refunded in 2-3 business days it has been 2 months and still no refund and still trying to get my 99.00 back.

  33. I have not signed up to amazon prime and on the 8th December 2014 you have charged me £79.00. Please refund and make sure this does next year. As my bank says this is happening to many of their customers. I await your reply to

  34. Well I have some really mixed emotions about this service. Not being able to pay with a gift card for the yearly membership I do not understand at all. I know no company likes being paid with a gift card. To me the only thing I see from this is that the company has no faith in its own product when I do have a card on file but wish to only pay the subscription fee for the account with a card someone purchased with money. The only thing I see is a greed filled have to set up an automated payment regardless if that is what is wanted or not. I do like Amazon for the services I do use with them, this to me only puts a small smudge on the company profile. but it does ask what kind of company is this? I thought it was a major retailer with very strong assets. All I am seeing is a scared company with no responsibility to their own credit or product. I do also see this a stopping millions of memberships to the prime membership since it makes it impossible to actually give this as a gift, because I wont offer a prime membership for a friend with my CC information on it. I do see that I could purchase a 100 dollar gift card and offer the prime membership to then and them actually able to pay with the gift card once they have put a CC on file but not forced to set up an auto renewal. Please tell me Amazon has finally grown big enough to support their own product.

  35. trying to follow instructions to download FREE Amazon Prime Videos. Followed instructions to point of getting 5 digit registration code. Was interrupted for a few hours, now the code is not being accepted. How do I get Downton Abbey on my Vizio TV for free?

  36. I have had the same experience as the other respondents – I never gave you an account number on which to charge the prime service. I signed up for the free trial on November 26. When we went to cancel the service at the end of the month, there was no record of an account for me. My credit card has now been charged $99. I will call the credit card company to protest the charge and have it removed from my bill. My past experience with Amazon has been positive and cooperative. The experience with Prime has been totally unsatisfactory.

  37. I have no amazon account yet I have had an unauthorised amount taken from my bank account how did this happen?..i did not give my bank details to amazon prime..i only viewed the site and NO PURCHASE WAS MADE..i will be in touch with my bank for refund first thing in morning..very cross with amazon..

  38. Amazon prime is great my only regret is that annual instead of monthly does not fit my budget.I am on disability and 99.00 dollars instead of 8 or 9 dollars a month I can not do.Sorry my 1 month is up 2/7/2015….I have enjoyed watching amazon prime.

  39. Amazon prime,
    I am disappoint with Amazon Prime
    Because ya didnt ask me without my
    permisson take my money out $99
    and pls refund back me $99.. Also
    please make sure close my acct
    Amazon Prime.. pls leave my money
    alone… Thanks, Kelli

  40. I am thoroughly flabbergasted by the audacity Amazon Prime has in regards to stealing my money. Simply by ordering a product through Amazon, Amazon has access to my personal banking information,takes advantage to deduct $99.00 for a membership I did not ask for. I will do my best never to use Amazon again.

  41. Please cancel membership for Amazon Prime, which I did not order or authorize. I spoke with your representive Jamie on Sunday, May 24, 2015. She was very professional and nice. She advised me that full cost of $105.68 will be refunded to my A/E credit card. Thank You

  42. I was charged $99.00 on my bank account for Amazon Prime Membership that I did not authorize. What kind of Scam is this place running? Deposit the money back in to my account today!

  43. I was charged $99.00 on my bank account for Amazon Prime Membership that I did not authorize. What kind of Scam is this place running? Deposit the money back in to my account today!

  44. I want my 106.43 dollars back into my account I never agreed to sign up Cancel me please and give me my money back.

  45. Hi

    I did not buy anythings from your website. I can not understand why there is a deposit from my account, and it is a huge number 106.92.

    Thank you.

    Weiwen Xiao


  46. Please refund my money 106.92, that was charged from my credit card on May 26. Actually, I did not buy anythings from your website.


  47. we use amazon all the time and are very well pleased. when I got my credit card statement this week I had been charged 99.00 dollars for amazon prime. I don’t know how this happened I didn’t even know what this was until I called my daughter and she explained it to me . I would like it canceled and reimburse me my money. please send me a response in an email. thank you

  48. ROCKS!!!!!!! After searching EVERYWHERE for an Amazon customer service phone number to stop a fraudulent charge I found the number here. Thanks!!!

  49. I was inquiring about signing up to PRIME but was very dismayed and troubled when I checked on the movie selection and the first thing I see is Amazon promoting White genocide with an interracial couple. You do know the agenda driven Liberals are heavily invested in promoting interracial relationships as opposed to White women with men of their own race. I found it very interesting that HULU did the very same thing I didn’t support their efforts to fundamentally transform America either. What you did wasn’t necessary it was putting a political agenda before good business sense. I doubt very much if I’ll ever sign up.

  50. I really like Amazon Prime, but my only issue is that they will have a television series and have a few of the seasons on prime and then I can’t watch anymore because I have to buy it. This makes me very upset, I understand y’all have to have a way to make money, but this just seems unfair. I would really appreciate if you could have all the television series finished so I could further enjoy my watching experience.
    Thank You.

  51. I don’t recall how I ever got involved with Amazon Prime. I get no advantage from it. In Feb. 2014 I was charged £49. In Feb 2015 the sum deducted from my account was £79.

    I would like to know how you justify this huge increase in cost and I would like to discontinue Amazon Prime altogether.

  52. The UK telephone number that you advertise is not recognized. I do not want to have anything to do with Amazon Prime. The charge has gone up from £49 to £79 with no explanation. Please reply to my email address.
    Janet Tait

  53. Ordered a textbook from amazon prime, promised that I would receive a textbook and access code for connect plus. I did not receive the access code and called customer service. All they could do was offer a refund and a $5 credit. This seems great except for the fact that their negligence will cost me over $100 to now try to find the same book bundle this late in the game. Super frustrating, when all I did was purchase a textbook early and expect to be given what I asked for, now I will have to foot the bill of trying to redo all of this with all the good offers already taken.

  54. Amazon is a joke. I ordered a $12 t-shirt for my daughter. A month later Amazon took it upon themself to deduct $99 from my bank account without my authorization for a Prime Membership. I have called 3 times to get a refund. Each time I have called they have told me they have no record of me calling. I am furious! This is such a scam! First they told me someone in Germany ordered it. Second story was I signed up for it. All lies. I have yet to get a refund!

  55. Order Placed on Monday, July 20, 2015

    Poldark is presented as season 1 and 2 but after ordering season 2 / episode 1, I discovered that season 2 is an entirely different version and cast––not stated in the pre-purchase description. VERY MISLEADING. It was not viewed.

  56. some ass hole keeps calling our home and speaking in Hispanic and then hangs up. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH AMAZON PRIME. I NOW HAVE MY ATTORNEY LOOKING IN TO THIS.


  58. I was charged a membership fee of 107.17 that I did not authorize as soon as I saw I contacted Amazon Prime and they took care of it right, and also offered to remove my payment information. The customer service rep was very understanding and helpful. Thank you for the prompt service!

  59. Amazon did the right thing for me. They did deduct money from my debit account. After calling them they said they would replace it. We will see. If they do they are the one of only 2 companies that I consider reputable. The other is Avast anti-virus. The other 10 or so will earn themselves a place in all of the scam sites I can find (26 so far). If Amazon doesn’t do as they promised I will be back.


  61. everyone be aware this is happened to to many to trust them they charge your card without ever realizing it tell later..99$

  62. I am getting a lawyer and you can pay my bank fees I never talked or gave permission for you to take out money out of my account this is the way you do business you are not going to last if my bills dont get paid because the ‘refund still has not been done tomorrow i am on tuscon.s radio ,news ; what ever it takes to get out the truth on you shades tactics

  63. Wanted to congratulate you guys for the best commercial this year. Your advertisement with the injured white pup dog, and playing the Paint Your Wagon movie theme song with Lee Marvin. Who thinks of these…? Awesome.

  64. Subject: HP PC need the product number for Windows 8 on the PC

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am in need of the Product Number for Windows 8 that came on the PC from the order below. I have moved to Windows 10 and have to enter the Windows 8 product number to activate the system.

    Thanks for the support.

    Sam Searcy

    Ordered on November 4, 2014 Order# 113-9197981-2155405
    View or Print invoice
    Shipping Address
    • Joan M. Searcy
    • 6272 S Blackhawk Ct
    • Centennial, CO 80111-6072
    • United States
    Payment Method
    **** 7581
    Apply gift card balance

    Order Summary
    Item(s) Subtotal:
    Shipping & Handling:
    Total before tax:
    Estimated tax to be collected:
    Grand Total:
    Items shipped: November 5, 2014 – Visa ending in 7581: $66.47
    Items shipped: November 5, 2014 – Visa ending in 7581: $705.99



  67. I did not authorize this account. Money has been taken from credit card. Discontinue inmediately my credit card charge. Please refund my money.

  68. Good morning. I was just charged 99.00 for a new amazon prime membership and I don’t even have amazon prime. So I would like to have this fixed and my money back really soon. I can’t afford to lose that money. Thank you

  69. $99 was taken from my account on my debit card this was not authorized did not know how much membership was going to be so cancel membership and return my $99 immediately I don’t want this membership I’M a disabled Veteran and can’t afford this so Please put my money back on my card you have the card number this needs to be done today

  70. I contacted Amazon Prime to cancel membership before the deadline; however I’ve now been charged $99. Please credit my account immediately and AGAIN cancel the membership. I do not want PRIME, but I will continue to order from

  71. i cannot get through to customer service. My card was charged after I cancelled my account. Your website doesn’t work. It won’t let me send an email. I get hung up on when I call. You cannot rob people! This is unfair. Thanks to you, I couldn’t pay my bills

  72. In August of this year I ordered 3 pounds of beeswax and 3 pounds of sulfur powder through Amazon. Then in September you automatically filed a claim of $99.00 against my account. I never authorized anything of the sort and when I notified my bank of the matter, they paid you anyway. Then they seized the remaindered of my money in the account and froze it. As of today my balance reads $0.00. In total I have been ripped off for $183.28 between you and Green Dot Bank.
    So I have made an appointment with Federal Prosecutors in downtown Omaha. I’m just giving you the heads up as a good Christian man that I’m going to filing criminal charges of theft against you and Green Dot Bank.
    You may want to notify your company lawyers of the future forthcoming events. Not to mention the negative publicity you’re about to acquire.

  73. Amazon filed an unauthorized claim against my account and ripped me off for $99.00. When I notified Green Dot Bank of this, they not only paid this claim anyway but they also deactivated my card, froze my account and reduced my remaining balance to $0.00. Someone is going to face criminal charges and go to prison for these thefts.

  74. Live chat is a real big joke. All I want to know is how to create a watch list for FREE PRIME MOVIES only, so I can select one to watch in the future. This is the most complex convoluted app ever. I am going back to Netflix. It appears I have wasted my money on Amazon Prime. When you can figure out how to make this more user friendly, let me know.
    Frustrated and seriously disappointed,
    Jude Kirby

  75. this has got to be the worst service it iis impossible to get a phone number the site wont let me get any usefull information

  76. £79.00 has been taken from my account without autherisation i paid postage so as to avoid this and yet thy still took it

  77. I only wanted to purchase a video rental, not sign up for a years membership.
    You can do better than that.

  78. Please u will pay back to my cbs bank soon it was 108.41 . 43140 post dda preauth 025663 I want to cancel Amazon prime membership

  79. I have been paying my amazon prime membership to watch the films and have not been able to log into my account for months. Can’t get hold of anyone to sort the problem out. This company is a con. Shop somewhere else and pay a few extra quid.

  80. Good day I purchased a doc mcstuffins doll with the doc mobile and give it today for her birthday but doc doll does speak as it should pressing the button on her chest. She was sorely disappointed..Order#109-4370403-0252231

  81. Hi,
    I’ve tried out Amazon Prime for 1 month,and cancels it after they’ve charged me 99$,I got all the money back,but now my prime is cancelled and they still charged me 49€,I haven’t ordered anything so why did that happen?,how can I get my money back?

  82. I was just charged $99 for Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime gave me free 30 days. I want $99 credited back to my charge card. I did not authorize the $99 charge.

  83. I revived an email from your self’s telling me you were going to put £79 back in my bank as I cancelled amazon prime as yet this as not yet come threw and was 5 days ago

  84. What/where is my account log in info? Sadly I didn’t cancel this prior to the end of the trial, but I have no idea how to access as it was never sent to me. Please advise. I’m going to give this a year and we’ll see…..

  85. I am so cross to discover £79.00 has been charged to my bank account for something I know nothing about! How can this happen? It has caused me so much stress that I have had to cancel arrangements for today!

  86. I placed an hour on 10-15-2015 for a fla gator mancave banner & a camo flag!!!!!!
    The banner was supposed to be shipped free 2day delivery??? and the flag to be delivered by 10-19-2015 . Again Amazon you have disappointed me again for the 3rd or the 5th plus ( TIME ) It is 9:22pm Saturday night and I still haven’t gotten my order!!! The banner has yet to be delivered???? Amazon, you offer these different delivery options but you can’t back it up??? My son and his family came down from Tn. And I was going to give them the banner but it did not arrive at ALL!!!! Thanks Again Amazon!!!! Disappointed Customer Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. I have a major problem with multiple Google accounts I cannot access&there are 2 or 3 Google Play accounts who have my debit card# &are id theft illegitimate accounts. Also, Google drafted my checking 4times in Sept 015 & I would like for Google 2find out what devices accessed the google play account

  88. I do not appreciate being charged 99dollars for prime when I did not order it. After calling customer service it was canceled. What a bother.

  89. I sign up some time ago but don’t have any information. I don’t even have no knowledge of what my account number is. Please respond
    Linda Jonesa

  90. What is the mater with you people ?? You’ve got a good company, why can’t you post your phone number like any one else? Do you really need the money that bad ?

  91. amazon prime took £79 out of my bank account which I did not know if I had know I would not have order anythink as I am a hard worker and you take money without telling I would like it back as it was a one of purchase I will not be using it again

  92. Someone has fraudulently registered me for Amazon Prime Membership. I did not sign up for this membership. I have had to block the original debit card from my bank. The membership amount was $106.93. This amount must be refunded to me. Please let me know immediately when that transaction can be completed.

  93. I have been a longtime customer of Amazon, accnts XX/XX Amazon is now my go-to source for everything and why I signed up for Prime at the cost of $99 – and I’m not even working. I wanted to try Fire and other innovative things plus have a laundry list of things we need but hadn’t gotten around to ordering.

    Yesterday I looked at a battery for my husbands Prius this is something we need now. Today, the $147. price went up to 152 as I was ordering. Then, it went up officially. The 147 battery I could “request” and it would be sent “when available”. The prices for all choices got higher and higher and only like one or two accepted Prime. I got it somewhere else for the same price but took me all day. And having to hunt for the things we need will be agreat inconvenience but I wish to sever using Amazon as my store.

    Amazon made my life difficult when I needed something the most. Since you are unreliable and I can never know when this may happen again, I wish to end using Amazon account as primary vendor it will only be used as a last resort and I’m willing to pay another vendor more to be rid of your deceptive practices.

    When you game your customers to exact the highest possible amount it is so over afaic. I greatly resent horse-trading gamesmanship. Thrill is gone and you now join the junk heap of crappy services I refuse to tolerate as a regular customer. I do not want offers or anything to stay. This was one of the worst days I have had in a very long time.

    All I want is my Prime membership refunded, this is the only way it can be made whole. Please don’t blame your hardworking employees who have suffered enough this is Amazon’s problem as you clearly have a policy which is preset to screw your customers as much as possible. -sc

  94. I purchased some items from you and at the end it asked if I would like to received a month free membership to Amazon Prime and I replied yes. Well, the next day you took $100.20 from my account! This has happened to me three times this year! Please replace this money ASAP! I am not calling the better business bureau about this! (I was told that my money would be in my account within 2-3 business days). This is money that I had in my account to pay a bill and now that it is due, I don’t have it. This has been the 3rd time you have done this to me!!!

  95. Please cancel my membership NOW! When I joined I was unaware of the price
    The amount of $107.17 was charged to my visa card ending with digits 3457.
    Please refund my money on this card asap.
    Thank you
    Frances Rushing

  96. Please cancel my membership Prime. I was unaware of the price of the membership Prime. ($107.17). Please refund this amount to my visa card

    Thank you
    Frances Rushing

  97. I called Amazon prime service. The first call taker could not understand that I needed technical support because my TV which was receiving Amazon Prime TV service stopped working. I finally got to a tech support guy. I asked him for a direct number to Amazon Prime Tech support and he disregarded my question. He then asked me one question and disconnected me. So far no call back. No one gives you their name or asks for a call back number if you are disconnected. This company needs some Customer Service help quick!

  98. You guys need to compete against netflix better then what you guys are doing with movies. their product is giving lot of problems and im thinkin that is not worth to having them.

  99. Tonight I was trying to place an order with Amazon that said that is qualified for free shipping, but when I went to check out…it read $8.31 for shipping. Then I noticed that the “free” amazon prime trial was there. I had done the free trial in the past, but I thought it would direct me to a place to sign up for my daughter. Instead it charged my credit card for the Prime membership immediately. Now I am down the $99 plus an additional $1 for something (I have no idea what) plus the cost of the things that I ordered. I cancelled the membership, but it says I have to wait for it to process and then 2-3 days more for refund. All this…and the order stated “Congratulations your order qualifies for FREE shipping”! I shop with Amazon a lot, but this has me frustrated.

  100. I was charge $100 on my card even though I canceled my membership can I have my refund back in full I do not want to be charged I did not agree to anything yearly

  101. Still haven’t seen the refund you promised for the membership I never used. Never ordered anything and canceled my membership, was told I would receive the refund on my Credit Card. Haven’t gotten it yet. THanks, Jimmy

  102. Money was taken from my banking account. As a student, I am given a free subscription. Apparently, at some time, I am back charged the amount of the student membership. Without any notification, money was drafted from my account. I notified my banking institution, who informed me that this is your standard practice. As a result, I have not only incurred your fee, but additional banking fees. their should at least be some form of notification prior to drafting from my account to give me an option of continuing this service. I was automatically enrolled as a student into the free subscription. Had I known this was going to happen, I would have declined it then. You live and you learn, but I fault Amazon for their immoral business practices in tryin to trick people into a subscription. If your product is that great, you should have to use trickery.

  103. 79 pound has been taken out my account!! I am not even a prime member I want my money back or ill take this matter further as this is theft , and this is now the second time!

  104. Dear Amazon,

    Thanks for your 30 days free trying Amazon Prime service. Prime service is great, but for know, I do not need it. So please cancel it, and return the membership fee 106.92USD that you charged me today. I know that I have to cancel the membership within 30 days, but I was so busy and forgot to cancel it. Today I got bank alert that you charge me the member fee, so I am writing this email for you. Hope that it can help to cancel the membership and get back the the fee. Thank you!

  105. Please cancel my Amazon Prime membership. I was unaware of the price of the membership Prime. ($106.92). Please refund this amount to my master card.

    Thanks you,
    Tam Di

  106. I have two packages that were suppose to be delivered by 8pm today, at least that was on the tracking line, but NO SHOW. So a few minutes ago I get on the computer to check on the status and this is what I found SHIPMENT UPDATE DEC. 6 9:47 SHIPPMENT ARREIVED AT AMAZON FACILITY NEWARK, CALIFORNIA US Carrier: USPS, Tracking #: 9361289878108411559889
    So why in the world would you send me the wrong information (arriving today Dec. 6 by 8pm) when it arrived in Newark 9:47 I’ve been expecting my items all day. Not a happy customer.

  107. I would like to cancel my subscription to Amazonprime!I regestered for free trial theother day and did not even get my full 2 days free shipping.I have an android phone and followed instructions and prompts mentioned by Instructions to watch vidios but was unable to make it work.please note that I realize some vidios are syreamed ans some arnt.sooo dissapointeded will I still get items orderd if I cancel now?

  108. Dec.8,2015 I ordered on amazon prime I wish to cancel membership ,you advised me to cotact customer service,can I have a phone number please,or directions on how to reach them ie link

  109. Please refund my account with £79 I have not set up this account I wanted a 30 day trial not to submit this payment please refund me thanks

  110. I never agreed to pay $100 for Amazon Prime. It was taken from my bank account without my knowledge or consent, causing balance to drop below zero and now I owe the bank $35 in bounced check charges in addition to the $100 you stole. I trusted you with my bank account information and this is what I get. You steal $100 from a grandmother raising her granddaughter on Food Stamps since they laid off 15 people Sept. 4. You ought to be ashamed.

  111. I never agreed to pay $100 for Amazon Prime. It was taken from my bank account without my knowledge or consent, causing balance to drop below zero and now I owe the bank $35 in bounced check charges in addition to the $100 you stole. I trusted you with my bank account information and this is what I get. You steal $100 from a grandmother raising her granddaughter on Food Stamps since they laid off 15 people Sept. 4. You ought to be ashamed. You can make it right by returning the $135 to my account.

  112. I have prime. I order acure cleansing creme with two day shipping and it was supposed to arrive yesterday. Still has not arrived today, and now expected to arrive on the 16th. What is the point of two day shipping if it does not arrive on time. This gift will now be late. Should I just cancel my membership if this is what happens.

  113. I cancelled my Amazon Prime trial on the 29th of November, one day prior to expiration and was charge the one year membership fee anyway.

  114. I did not apply to be an amazon prime member, you have taken money out of my account I want an instant refund now £79, was going to join after free trial which I haven’t applied for yet and now wont be doing so

  115. I was charges $100 dollars for Amazon Prime and I am not an Amazon Prime subscriber. How do I get this charge off my account?

  116. I have been charged twice for my Amazon Prime Membership. Please fix this ASAP!!!!! I was charged through my bank account as a withdraw for $105.56 and also charged on my Barclay credit card the same amount. If not fixed by Tuesday 1-5-2016, I will report it to my bank AND my credit card! This is a BAD error and shady at best! You have my number and I will expect to hear from you or I WILL proceed!
    Thank you

    • P.S. AS everyone else seems to state above, the Prime was suppose to be free for 30 days. I didn’t get that either. I was charged before 30 days but decided to keep it as I order a lot of things. However, if this problem I listed in my first comment to you is not rectified by the date I gave you, you will lose ALL the charges and a customer. I am not low in my bank account or having to worry about reversing charges. I’m a 20 year customer of my bank and their going to take my word over yours and the same with the CC, so FIX IT!!

  117. I just received my credit card statement and see that I have an Amazon Prime membership, etc. for a total of $105.19. If I did (and I certainly don’t recall signing up) it was in error. I would like it cancelled and my credit card credited.
    Also, I placed an order one day and IMMEDIATELY tried to cancel. Was told it had already gone to shipping or somewhere so I received all that and will pay for it…..just make cure my prime membership is cancelled. thanks, Joyce Hathcock

  118. After looking over other “comments” it looks like you have charged several customers for the prime membership without permission.

    NOT A GOOD WAY TO DO BUSINESS…..I doubt I’ll ever feel comfortable ordering from you again. CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP

  119. WOW I did NOT order amazon prime and they took 106.92 from my checking account> How is that possible I didn’t even know what it is. I have had netflix and hulu for several years. I too want my money back. I let go from a job of 13 years. so I have no income coming in so please return my money . You are literally taking the food out of my children’s mouth.I am going to contact better business bureau along with others.

  120. I ordered some stuff from Amazon and was charged shipping and I’m not receiving it within 2 days. Please credit my $99 back into my checking account I don’t want prime Sandy Johnson

  121. I have been charged 79.99 from my account for Amazon prime which I do not want, and need this money refunded as soon as possible

  122. ooops! I see that $104.00 ( for Prime) was deducted from my checking account without notifying me without notifying me first. I wish you hadn’t done that because at this moment in time, as much as I love your one click service, I cant afford it for another couple of months.

    Please put it back into my checking account so I don’t incur and overdraft and its associated fees. thanks so much
    Elizabeth zanowiak

  123. I have never signed up for amazon prime and was charged over 100. On my card. This really aggravates me. I have a new home and children to provid for I would never spend that,kind of money just to sign up for something. I contacted my attorney and he’s looking into all this. I just want my dang,money back.

  124. Have been watching “The Tudors” on Amazon Prime – into Season 1, the 7th episode and am now being told we need to pay to continue. Why???? Finding it frustrating that we are now going to be charged to continue watching something that we have been watching for free!!! Why the change in this show right in the middle of watching???

  125. Am totally disgusted with amazon prime u took 79pound worth of my muni out of my bank account without permission, then promised me 5days ago it would be refunded, I want it back asap or going to my solicitors about theft.

  126. Money was taken from my acct, for a subscription for Amazon Prime, which I didn’t sign up for,,,, I will never use Amazon again for any reason

  127. Amazon took money from my acct for an amazon prime subscription without my ordering this,,, I wont ever use amazon again and will tell my family not to use it either

  128. I would like to speak to someone about refunding me the full amount of Prime as I did not requested it and I have certainly not used it. It has proved impossible to have a response or to be able to speak with someone. Would you please act upon this as as matter of urgency. Thank you

  129. I see that you charged me $99.00 for membership to Amazon Prime. I DID NOT sign up for Amazon Prime nor do I want Amazon Prime. I expect a full refund immediately! I also expect a email confirming that the refund has been refunded.

  130. Can I have phone no to call customer service please the one u print don’t work need my 79 pounds back please I did not join Amazon prime

  131. £79 has been taken out of my account. I looked at a book on Amazon but did not order it and have never used the service and now I have been charged for Amazon Prime. I am FURIOUS and the money had better be paid back into my account.

  132. From Lynn Garner
    Please return @108.41 to my credit card. I did not order Amazon Primetime.
    It is against the law to take money form credit card without authorization from the coustermer.
    I have not setup amazon primetime with you. Please return money to my credit today.

  133. I have just look at my bank statement and see amazon prime have taken £79 from my account. I did not sign up for this, what are you doing taking money. please can someone give me their number so i can phone them and complain.they cant do that.

  134. I never ordered amazon prime, have never used it, and I want the charge of $108.41 removed from my account immediately!

  135. You just charged my Bank Account $99.00, M last order is still in Middleton DE that should haved Friday 010*22*2016.. I feel you “Blew” this and I shouldn’t be Charged and due a refund. This is Unacceptable !
    Cancel my subscription please , Even if this weather related?.. This Item didn’t delver as promised!

  136. I have been charged $105 for a service I do not wish to use, amazon prime.

    I was mislead into thinking my free membership ended after 30 days. Instead, I was charged in full for a service I do not use.

    I would like to request a full refund and cancellation of Amazon prime as I have not and do not plan to use these services.

    Thank you

  137. I noticed a charge on my credit card for amazon prime. I did not sign up for it. So, please refund my my $104 to my account. thanks!

  138. I am completely outraged and I want my money back. I NEVER agreed to sign up for prime membership and I had NO idea I even had it. I never even wanted a 30 day trial so I have no idea how they got onto my account. There was never any information or warnings sent to me, but I was charged all this year and I have multiple strange charges from WA.

    • There isn’t even a proper way to contact amazon. I want my $99 or whatever it is that you charged me without my consent and anything else that has been charged onto my account this year.

  139. I’m am really disappointed with the service I’ve been getting re amozin prime I want someone to talk to me immediately!

  140. I have received my bank statement and have been charged 99.00 for AmazonPrimeMembership NV. I never authorized this and do not want this and want it cancelled and a full refund credited to my account ASAP.

  141. Why has Avoderm Natural Chicken and Rice Formula Weight Control Dry dog food 28 pound bag gone up $10 in the last 2 weeks? I’m going to look elsewhere if this is the real price. I always pay $39.99

  142. i did not purchase anything to amazonprime i did not give any permission to take any money off my card i need it back so i can pay my light bill before i be in the dark.

  143. What is going on at Amazon billing services???!!?? Last week I noticed a 9.98 charge, only to find out that I’ve been being billed this amount for a year on various credit cards for Kindle. That money was returned, but should have never been taken in the first place. Today, I’ve been charged $104.94 for Amazon Prime, and I do not want it; I have been trying to cancel this membership for 3 years!! Buyers beware!! Check every credit card and or bank statement each and every month. Amazon is a rip-off!!!! I better get this money back too. I only wish I knew how they can take money from accounts with no permission. This has to stop!!!

  144. This site is a SCAM! They tried to get into my computer to “fix” the problem. no one does that. Dont fall for this. I contacted amazon

  145. I purchased amazon prime and I am concerned about prime movies asking if my ISP is going to contact me for watching your movies.I have been thru it before in fact going thru it as we speak, Can you please help me?





  147. Pl cancel my membership I was not aware how did you get my account no information I don’t need this pl reverse my 99$ to my account and take me if you membership. I want my money ASAP thank you

  148. I did not enroll for a membership. Please cancel and refund my money. I am 85
    years old and I can not afford to pay $117.00

  149. I just want to say thank you very much for taking money from my checking account without telling me ahead of time. Now I am overdrawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am being billed 10.99 per month for amazon prime which I did not ask for.
      When I sign on to my account the first thing it says is that I am NOT a prime member. Then why am I being charged ?
      I want my money back & this account cancelled.

  150. I have spent over an hour trying to cancel membership in Amazon Prime which I do not remember signing up for….nor giving permission to bill me automatically. At this time I have not received any help and am considering calling my lawyer in order to take care of this . Phone numbers are not available for help…at least none that were given to me. I do not remember using this service. Please advise.

  151. I do not remember giving a number to identify my e mail address and have not been able to get help with it. I DO NOT need a new ID number…just a cancellation as I am sure I will not get involved in this again. I cannot afford the price of the membership!

  152. I called to upgrade my payment plan, and was treated badly.
    This is the 2nd time this has happened, I am very digruntled. I try to do the right thing and get treated this way.

  153. Is this charge for Amazon Prime or for something else?
    February 01, 2016
    I have not received any billing or description of what is covered in the charge, Amazon Prime? Is that a yearly fee – what is it? Please cancel Amazon Prime and refund any prorated amount due me.
    Have enjoyed Amazon Prime but can not afford this and don’t feel comfortable doing business with a company that bills and collects without notice.

    • I am also wondering about a charge marked “AMAZON PRIME CONS SEATTLE WA” for $108.41 under my Amazon Prime credit card. If it is just the continuation of my subscription to Amazon Prime, then there is no problem. I think it would be best to more clearly articulate just what this charge is for – in order to avoid confusion in the future. Alternatively, if this is not a charge for the subscription to Prime I would like to know immediately. Thank you.

  154. I did not sign up for Amazon Prime. You have charged my bank account 99.00 without my permission. I do not know who gave you permission but it was not I.
    Please cancel this membership and refund my money.
    I would sign in to the account and stop the subscription but I have none of that information since someone else must have created it.
    Thank you,
    Mary Ann

  155. I did not sign up for Amazon prime. I called customer service and naturally I’m getting someone from outside the country that’s put me on hold for numerous minutes that I can’t understand.
    I was charged $104.00 for a membership. Please cancel my account immediately.

    Thank you,


  156. amazon prime has taken $99 out of my bank account causing me to go negative in my bank account and then was charged an overdraft fee of 27.50 because of that. did not sign up for amazon prime so why was money taken out of my account without my knowledge? please refund me the $99 plus cover my overdraft fee immediately.

  157. I cant find a # to call and cancel,i cannot afford to take a hundred dollar hit,and wait for its return.Someone help please,they wont reply to me online.I signed up on the word of a friend then, the first thing I tried to order wanted shipping.I signed up for the no shipping costs.IT FEELS LIKE A SCAM, and I want out

  158. The last items that I ordered from Amazon Prime were not only worth the money I spent but also not worth the membership fee thst I have to pay. I will not be ordering anything from Amazon Prime again.

  159. Please cancel Amazon Prime. I do not want to subscribe to it. Thank you for a 30 day trial. I can’t afford the fee. Henni

  160. you charged my credit card for this service which I never requested (or had even heard of). My credit card company called you and took care of it. I canceled “that” credit card and opened a new one with the same company. You AGAIN have charged me 99.98 and I want it refunded or I will report it to the BBB. I want to see this refund very soon.

  161. I did not sign up for amazon prime / did not go on your site / did not order any thing from your site. Please give my money back .

  162. Trying to cancel my membership but no luck in contacting customer services.
    Not a happy customer

  163. Amazon should have a warning in big letters stating Amazon Prime will be charged against your card. Since I don’t shop Amazon, I was at a loss on where this charge is added, but my daughter does purchase school books from Amazon. Apparently the charge for Amazon prime is automatic at the shipping area, we did not realize and had two charges go thru for Prime, and one of those against a debit card, which Prime said it would not do. Now that we know it was added at the shipping area we will not make the same mistake again. Customer service (Alex) was able to take the charge off.

  164. You have removed £79 from my bank account , when checking for a prime account no such account exists, please reimburse my £79.
    I have tried contacting you by phone uk no the number doen’t exist.
    One angry customer
    Geoff Hamilton

  165. Dear sir. I received your information about charging me for membership. How can it be possible. I am not a recident of USA. I live in Curacao(Netherlands Antilles).
    I have an addrressee in USA only for shipping addrressee and getting the order here via our post office in Curacao. I am not interesting and cannot have a membership.Please investigate the case for me. Hoping you understand. And please get in touch with me. Thank you – Very truly.

  166. By the way if you have already charged my bank account please credit my account ASAP.. It’s a pity getting such service of Amazon.

  167. I canceled my amazon prime membership on Mar 23 and still have not received my refund. I received email l it would be sent in 3-5 working days Please respond.

  168. I had a month trial, was unable to use do to not being able to sign in EVER.
    I have now been charged 99.00$
    I would like to cancel and have this money refunded back to my card asap.

  169. I phoned customer service today because I was surprised to see a Prime renewal was charged to my account. I did not currently have Prime to “renew” it. I had Prime for one year in the past, but could not afford to continue it. It was explained to me that some trial period must have ended. I am not aware of what trial that was being referenced. Clearly my having Prime for a year in the past means I don’t need a trial for it. I liked it, I just could not afford to continue it. Now Prime is going to take my money whether I can afford it or not? That’s low. So, now I have $33 in my account to last until Wednesday because of the auto renew for a subscription I did not have or a trial that I was not aware of. It is like charging for seven Pizza’s because I ordered some two years ago. It makes no sense. It is personally effecting my funds and decisions about my life that I must make now. That is wrong.

    The money wrongfully deducted is not automatically refunded. I was told it could be 3 days before it is put back. By the time it gets refunded, I will have paycheck from my job. In the meantime I have $33 for gas and food for me and my kid until Wednesday. Please investigate this process. It is very wrong to do this to people. I love Amazon. I rent at least one movie a week. But I know better than to think I can afford a $100 Prime membership all in one hit. Please have mercy and fix this process.

  170. I was charged for amozon prime an never ordered I called on april 8 they told me the would credit the account and never did will ..can u please fix asap

  171. They charged me 107 and $0.17 and my account I want to know what is it and how come you taken from my account without call or email

  172. Just got off the phone with an guy who has an heavy east india accent. When I asked him to transfer me to someone I could understand he said “It’s not that you can’t understand me, it’s I can’t understand you” that was a very rude statement so I asked to speak to a Supervisor and he said no and hung up. This is what we get for farming out work to people who can’t speak fluent English.

  173. I signed my daughter up for a shared account. However, when she placed an order she was charged $99 for a prime account. Why?

  174. They charged me over a $100 for a membership that I did not agree to.
    Unfortunate for a large company.
    They provide no contact info on their page.
    I would not recommend purchasing anything through this company. This is a scam, misleading, and a terrible way to respect consumers. You lost a customer- clearly others.

  175. If you buy Amazon Prime TV, do not expect any customer service. All thought the advertisements claim 24/7 customer support. The fact is… it is a lie. There is zero support and that is a fact. Beyond the standard FAQ section there is not direct phone number as claimed. Nor is there an email support. I am so angry that I been duped into purchase this product. Beware!!!!

  176. Received notice an order was left in mailbox. Went to mailbox within 5 minutes. No package. Other mail was there.

  177. i do not have an account but there was a charge of $106.92 on my direct express card how do i get that back and cancel any account that somebody opened using my card

  178. Please could you help me, I havent asked for or used amazon prime, but have seen that £79 has left my bank account, could you please credit my account back, I am more than happy to shop on amazon and have always been happy with the service, but honestly believe a mistake has occurred.

    I would be so grateful for your urgent attention,

    With thanks, Denise Nicholls

  179. I am trying to find out why I have a recurring draft from my bank account for 107.00 ? I never signed up for a membership … I have purchased items from y’all but never agreed to a membership!

  180. I have never had your service nor did I want them I received my bank statement today only to notice I have charges from u starting on 4-3-2016 until 4-28-2016 hate to see next month’s .bank statement don’t know who up for this but would like my money refunded ASAP so far total amount is $181.66 is this even possible for 1 month? I don’t know how this happened but I’m on a fixed income and need a total refund

  181. Got charged for Prime without ordering or wanting. Difficult to even call in. When I did get a number that worked, the gentleman was very calm and efficient. He promised to reverse the unauthorized charges. Thank you for that. Although since some pinhead within Amazon Prime Management seems to think trickery or outright theft of credit card numbers to produce Prime memberships is acceptable, he or she is an unethical moron. I will probably never order anything again via Amazon or any other company that is stupid enough to try to steal from the people who use it’s services, rather than excel in quality of experience.

  182. I didnt know i signed up for the free two day shipping and I would like to be taken off of that service I dont want it

  183. We cancelled amazon prime and had an emai to say the £79.00 would be refunded
    to card no ending 9300 – as of Friday no refund has yet been received

  184. I have had £79. deducted from my credit card without my authorisation.I demand a full refund immediately.

  185. I have never been asked to be a member or told of the charge involved.This is a scam to defraud.customers and will take legal advice if I am not given a refund immediately.

  186. Your contact phone number is not available Will you please send a currrent telephone number?
    Edna Ginno

  187. hi I have never signed up for amazon prime and I just realized on my bank statement that I got charged for amazon prime I would like to be refunded for all the times you have charged my credit card without permission this will also be turned into my bank.

  188. 6/1/2016

    Amazon accounting and or legal dept
    Decatur bank association
    Federal Communication Bar association

    Be advised of fraudulent credit card charges.

    On May 05 2016 an unauthorized charge was made to my banking system for a Amazon Prime membership a second time in two years.
    I am asking Amazon to return $99.00 imediately and refrain from any future charges not authorized.

    Thank you in advance

    W H Moses

  189. Received an email advising me I had accrued $28+ in Prime Credits that would be automatically applied to my next purchase. Tried to make purchases twice tonight. No credit applied at checkout.

  190. I try very hard not to complain about things like languages used in the U.S. or over the phone while talking with different companies, however, I do need to understand the voice on the other end when I call customer service. I need someone who can help me connect my wife’s Kindle Fire to my prime account without changing everything on the Kindle itself. i.e. name of the Kindle, having the account show up on her Kindle with my name, when my wife is showing as an adult family member sharing my Prime account. Please contact via phone and please have someone who speaks fluent English.

  191. i do not know who authorized to take 106.92 from my visa card for some membership, but it was not me or my wife. you have made a big mistake and my money best get back on my card immediately or my lawyer when be contacting amazon prime asap. I hope this is made clear. This is illegal when I did not authorize this

    mr. Robert Corbett

  192. Until now I have never heard of Amazon Prime, yet on the 24th June 16 £79 was deducted from my Lloyds bank account, without my authorisation. I am current living on a pension, l can ill afford to have this amount stolen from my bank account. I demand a full refund immediately.

  193. I used a 30 day free prime time you took £79 pounds out of my bank account I do not want this service I want to cancel as it was took out without my consent I hope for a quick reply on my e-mail address with your response.alan swift.

  194. Re-Email of June 25 2016
    Would refund my money instantly which was taken from my account without my authourisation. I have previously stated that I am pensioner and need these funds.

  195. I have been trying to cancel PRIME, which I never wanted. It has been difficult, all I get is that my account number is not updated. Good thing, because I do not want it ……….

  196. from reading review history Amazon has been running this scam for quite awhile.
    I will not ever order on Amazon. You lost me as a customer

  197. I had tried the Amazon Prime because I had just bought a house and needed quite a few little things I wanted to purchase. I ended up not using Amazon Prime and had forgotten to cancel this. I was looking on my online banking and noticed the $99 charge for it pending. I called the costumer service number and told them I was needing cancel this and wasn’t wanting this service because I did not find it helpful. I could hardly understand the person on the phone and had to continually repeat myself. He put me on hold for a few minutes and then hung up the phone. I called back thinking it was just a connection error. A little frustrated at this time I repeated my information again and said I had just called a few minutes ago to cancel my Amazon Prime. The lady said she’ll try and find the problem and put me on hold. She got back on the phone and told me there were no errors on her side so it was not her problem it was mine. She was very rude. I told her again, I just wanted to cancel my Amazon Prime because I never used it and I don’t want to be charged for this and it was pending in my account. She continued to tell me it was my problem and not hers and hung up on me. At this time I was extremely frustrated and called a third time. I told the guy who answered the phone that I had just called and been hung up twice on now and that all I needed was to cancel my Amazon Prime and not to be charged for this. He was more kind and said ok we’ll get this taken care of. I repeated my name and email address for him. I had to repeat myself 5 times and he continually called me the wrong name, even after I tried to correct him each time. He asked me why I was wanted to cancel this and I told him what I told the others, that I never used it and it was not any help to me. He said ok and ask to put me on hold, I said yes you may. A few minutes later he got back on the phone and asked if I knew anyone from Germany. I said no, why? He told me someone was trying to hack into my account from there, then asked me 3 more times if I was sure I did not know anyone from there. I told him I just want my account completely canceled and not to charge me for Amazon Prime. He then told me ok, I’ll have to give you a number to call to do that. I said ok what is the number that I call. He then proceeds to tell me I have to pay 200 dollars for that number!! I will never use Amazon again and do not recommend this site for anyone to use. I have never had such poor service and being scammed all at the same time!

  198. Amazon Prime deducted $99.00 from my checking account without my authorization, this borders on criminal. Don’t want the membership, just my money backwards!

  199. I am very, very disappointed in Amazon for commiting such a vulgar act on taking $106 out of my account WITHOUT my consent!!!! If you keep it up you will be loosing a lot of business from me and others from what I have also read on other reviews. PAY ME MY MONEY BACK ASAP!!!!!!!

  200. In reviewing my bank statement, I see I was charged twice on 6/19/2016. The $59 was correct for item purchased. The $104 was not asked for. I DO NOT want or understand Amazon Prime. The info when I ordered stated that I would receive $50 off my first purchase but I did not qualify. ??? Please cancel this membership and deposit the amt into my credit union acct. Thank you.

  201. I tried customer service number to contact you to be told it was not recognised.
    the information I was looking for was why when I try to watch a movie on amazon prime there is a rental charge. I still cant find contact details to find this out any help from you would be good

  202. I have both netflix and amazon prime. I have enjoyed a number of shows streamed from prime but Netflix is always my first choice just for the ease of navigating their system. A prime example is searching for a show. Netflix accepts anything close (like a web search,) while prime requires a perfect match. (No typos allowed.) It is difficult to get to the next episode of a series,while Netflix takes you there unless you decline.
    I know you can do better.

  203. I did not order Amazon Prime and was charged for it. I am not satisfied with the process Amazon uses to confirm orders.

  204. I am already an Amazon. Prime customer previously. Last evening I let my daughter use my kindle fire to watch a movie and I was charged with a new contract with Amazon prime. I would like to cancel this second service. Thanks much.
    Karen Boelter

  205. I am also very cross that an unauthorised payment of £69 has been taken from my account. I have spent nearly 30 minutes speaking to Amazon Prime Customer Services who were as much help as a ‘chocolate teapot’. The card number used was not recognised by me or them. I consider this fraud & subject to legal action. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MAKE DEDUCTIONS FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT & RETURN PAYMENT IMMEDIATELY.

  206. A big shout out to Tanya who helped track down a TV antennae. The information was not easy — no tracking info on the site. She was able to find the info and returned a call quickly. She certainly turned was was going to be a cancellation and Radio Shack visit into a happier afternoon.

    Best Regards,

  207. I am very disappointed to see $110.00 taken off my bank account for Amazon Prime. something I have no interest in. I need my money. PLEASE CREDIT MY BANK ACCOUNT IMMEDIATLY AND DO NOT MAKE ANY DEDUCTION IN FUTURE.

    • You withdrew money but did not deliver product. No phone number to talk to a human being. I am VERY upset. I have confirmation number. Will not give to you until you contact me………..

  208. Can you return to a more user-friendly menu for Amazon Prime Video? The new interface used on the Roku channel for Amazon Prime is slow, difficult to use, and almost indecipherable when seeking a particular movie or genre.

    For now, I’ve basically stopped using it because Netflix is sooooooo convenient to use.

    Best of luck.
    Rodney Zeibig

  209. I was charged for Amazon Prime which apparently I ordered, but do not need and would not use. I called the number on this page and they answered right away. Were very nice and helpful. Hopefully the credit will post as soon as they said it will. Surprised and happy with the great customer service.

  210. I had opened a Chase Amazon card in December of 2014. I bought my wife a pair of boots with the card then I cancelled the card and the Amazon membership afterwards. Two years go by and I get charged on the cancelled CC a membership fee. It has been three months and I am still waiting on Chase to refund the money. I am very frustrated that you all charged me for a membership that I cancelled, and that was inactive for two years..

  211. I used Amazon prime one time and did not get a notification about free time ending and was charge $99.00 to my account. I have since cancelled and want a refund.

  212. Got a $49 charge on my credit card for a membership we didn’t ask for. Representative asked for names on account. After exhausting list of names, was told nothing matched. Feel like l am being jerked around and not being helped.

  213. Cancel and refund back amazon prime membership. We never authorized for this!

    David & Tina Haggard
    Lexington, KY

  214. I just look at my bank accout and $100 have been taken out from Amazon Prime membership…..who gave the authorization???
    I’m sending this message to all to check your checking accounts in detail to avoid this charges….

  215. To Macey: I’m sorry. We got disconnected. I did what you told me to and loged in just fine. Thanks you so much.

  216. I live in Port Orchard, WA. My cable company is Wave Broadband. The cable TV is getting so expensive that I am trying out some streaming options and just keep the internet thru them. However, I have a TiVo DVR with minis in other rooms to be able to watch some of the apps on any TV. I currently only subscribe to Netflix streaming. According to Wave, they have no contract with Amazon Prime so I cannot watch streaming movies on my TV’s. They told me they are working on it but I would like to see more apps available. I am currently paying over $200 a month for cable, internet and free phone. I pay for expanded cable channels twice. Once with a expanded cable fee and then again for bundles of certain channels. Please help expedite service with them. They said a lot of customers are asking for Amazon Prime app to be included on TiVo just like Netflix and some others already are.

  217. What is going on here??? Why are so many people being charged for Amazon prime services in which they did not request. This situation happened to my mother. I suggest EVERYONE contact the Better Business Bureau and report Amazon Prime!!!

  218. Hello,
    Now I just found out that the company did charged 2 times on 02/08/17 and yesterday 05/02/17 and I did not order the books that I did not receive any of those. That charged twice $107.02 so I need to confirm that cancel the membership of mine (S307039000473636 and 10327171015) . I needed to know that they will refund the amounts. I really appreciate that they will correct those. Have a nice day.

  219. I am already an Amazon Prime customer and tried to watch a movie Thursday evening (5/4/17). I used my email & password (which I use for for my Prime Account) and then was sent an email saying that I just opened a second Prime account and would be charged again for it. I do not want or need 2 Amazon Prime accounts. I want to keep my initial Prime, but PLEASE cancel the second one and the charges associated with it!
    It looks like this happened before as I look at the comments listed above:
    “Karen Boelter says:
    July 15, 2016 at 9:08 am
    I am already an Amazon. Prime customer previously. Last evening I let my daughter use my kindle fire to watch a movie and I was charged with a new contract with Amazon prime. I would like to cancel this second service. Thanks much.
    Karen Boelter”

  220. I had 4 deliveries attempted but I can’t figure out if they are trying again. What do I do to find out when they are coming? I already signed up for email notice. I bought them on April 4, April 16, and April 20.

  221. I’m getting a monthly fee for Amazon prime and don’t recall signing up for it and it is charged monthly payments against my bank account. I’ve been charged for several months now and really don’t utilize Amazon often, so I would like to discontinue being charged monthly. I can be contacted at (570)878-2276. Thank you for your prompt attention in the matter stated above. Eileen Riedinger

  222. Could you please tell me why subscriptions are still coming out of my bank account when my amazon prime membership is cancelled
    Thank you

  223. I did not order amazon prime could you please please takes this off of my credit card.
    Thank you Betty Benedict

  224. Money was taken from my bank account without my permission for Amazon Prime membership that I did not want. I am very unhappy.

  225. I never enrolled for the prime, they deducted money from my account I cancelled it to get my money back but I never got it

  226. I have had £79 taken from my credit card by yourselves on the 15th june 2017. I have bought nothing and filled nothing in. can I have an explanation and my money back

  227. I contacted Amazon and was assured my membership for
    prime would be taken off my bill. Also another order I requested was not delivered.
    This too was refunded. It was a very pleasant transaction procedure. Absolutely no hassle and my blood pressure remained normal. Great experience.

  228. did your survey picked a gift ended up costing me approximately 208.00 what a sham. also Wesley and Beverly totally awful. I will never take another survey. BAD BUSINESS TO ME.

  229. I was billed for things I did not authorize. I called, was told they needed to have access from their end to go into my computer. I was called dumb and hung up on. That’s the short version. Worst customer service ever

  230. Can you please let me know why I am paying £7.99 per month
    To Amazon through my credit account with Marks & Spencer.
    I have paid this for a few months but cannot trace now what it his for.
    I would appreciate your help here,
    Thank you
    Diana Berry

  231. My account was debited a sum of $279.03 for prime membership. I wish to unsubscribe immediately as i never signed up for prime membership and do not wish to subscribe in the near future.

    I will be monitoring my account, hoping that the sum of $279.00 will be sent back to my account ASAP.
    Thanks much.

  232. Rented a movie on amazon. Sound was so low I could not hear up with the sound turned all the way up. I turned it off. Can I get a refund?

    • Subtitled movies should be identified in the description as subtitled. Or the all be under the heading of subtitled. I’m tried of sitting thru the start o f movies only to see that they are subtitled.

  233. I have found a $106.67 charge on my credit card. I have not made a purchase nor signed up for membership. Please remove charge. Thank you

  234. Hello.
    My boyfriend and I broke up. He had given me his passcode to use his account and I entered my credit card information into his site. He has since changed his passcode so I’m unable to get in and take out my credit card information. What are my options to have my financial information disassociated with his account?

  235. On 26th July money was taken from my husband’s credit card which I cannot even use for £7.99. I have never given or asked for Amazon prime please refund immediately or going to take action. Seems this is happening a lot! Please send response.

    • So far, so good. Stephany in Tucson was very pleasant and easy to talk to. Obtaining a phone number to reach her at customer service was a virtual obstacle course, since every attempt to reach Amazon begins with an email address. Every time I entered my email address, I was informed that Amazon did not recognize it, so , ergo, I was unable to contact Amazon. Finally, in frustration, I Googled my problem and was given a phone number which resulted in–surprise– a real person, Stephany who promised me I will be contacted sometime by Amazon and in the meantime my payment method would be cancelled. I await contact, meantime I haven;t yet tried my Firestick, but soon will.

      Paul Dees

    • On Aug7, a charge for 11.97 was put on my charge card and then again two weeks later/ paying my bill I am informed another charge for 11.97pending/ I never gave my ok and the card in question has not been used in two years and suddenly these charges are coming up,I want to know why and cancel those charges or I will cancel prime which is on a totally different card

  236. Please, oh please bring The Collection back for more seasons! Amazon Prime’s series are superior to Netflix’s – The Collection and Man in the High Castle are to die for! Please bring them back and keep the series coming!

  237. I wish to cancel my membership. Reason I am still waiting for a refund issued 21 July 2017. I find no other to reach anyone

  238. I did Not authorize any payment to Amazon Prime Membership in the amount of $107.17.. This amount I want back in my card account now.. I am contacting the New York State Attorney Generals Office and The Better Business Office. I also tried contacting you by phone but your representative I could not understand and he hung the phone up on me.. Tried for over a hour to contact this phone number
    again with NO response. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL….

  239. Prime is supposed to be for items to be delivered NEXT DAY! When Amazon uses Royal Mail it is NEVER Next Day!!! It is NEXT DAY when using private companies and they never fail even delivering on sundays!. So please stop using Royal Mail for Prime articles.
    Thank you

  240. Hello everyone , my account was charged 107.17 on 8/31/2017 .. I made a phone call to the number I saw listed online. I spoke with Laura R. She apologized and immediately started the process for my refund of the full amount. So far, I am satisfied with the customer service I received today. I was told that I should be receiving my refund within 1-3 business days! If you guys are having trouble reaching them, here is the number!


  241. Charges on credit card for membership that was not authorized. I need phone number of customer service to straighten the problem out.

  242. I just got charged 105.68 on my card never gave permission unless Amazon tricked me! I tried finding a Customer Service number to call…No luck yet!

  243. I don’t understand how prime movie works and no customers service can give me information about it. Hope you not Gonna take any money of my account. Please get back to me and let me know. Not happy…

  244. My husband started subscribing to prime but I’m usually the one doing the ordering from you. Can I use his prime benefits too and if so how?

  245. Amazon Prime

  246. Hello
    On the 14 August an amount of R152.64 was taken out of my credit card. I have never requested an Amazonprime membership. Please cancel it and refund me immediately. Please send me a response.

  247. Unable to sign in or change or update pass words. Got code to change and it was wrong .I have tried 3 times to no avail. Please help,

  248. You people took money out of my account and I am not a prime customer. As the others wrote you do not answer the and someone actually answered and hung up on me when I told them what I wanted.

  249. I have received a charge from amazon prime when Ive never even been on amazon except to buy my daughter a shirt a month ago. Ive called my credit card to dispute the charge but it said to contact you as well

  250. I did not authorize your automatic deduction on my MC credit card for prime membership of 100,71 on 9/9/17. I expect your reimbursement of my account immediately. I will be notifying my provider following this posting and shall be wary of using amazon for any purchases in the future.

  251. Check Your Credit Card Statements!!!
    I just discovered I’ve been charged for a Amazon Prime Membership fee for $10.99 for the past 6+ months that I did not authorize!! First….shame on me for not catching it sooner. Second….I DID NOT authorize Amazon to charge my CC and after inquiring how I was charged I get this line of BS (in broken English, which I could barely understand) of how it happened. Either way this is borderline fraud in my opinion and I’m sure there are other unaware, hard working Americans that are getting screwed out of $10.99/month (or more) by Amazon!
    After reading other comments towards Amazon, I’m not alone. There are hundreds of other with similar posts about funds being wrongfully charged to accounts. You have just lost a customer..,…AMAZON!! I am anxiously awaiting my CC to be refunded the full amount. If it doesn’t happen I will be filing charges!!

  252. I have Prime and made an order on Sept. 24, 2017. Received confirmation and the date of Sept. 26 for receiving my order. It is now Sept. 26 and I don’t have my item. Since Amazon went to using the post office, the service is very poor and was before Amazon. Go back to Fed EX or UPS, but not the mail. I would get the same service by not having Prime, but pay more to have faster service. Very disappointed with this transaction.

  253. I was told I needed Fire stick to make my TV compatible with Prime Video. I cant get Fire Stick to respond at all. When I call you customer support team which is supposed to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It runs me thru the phone tree and when I get to the right sub menu it says “call back later” and hangs up.
    Your 24 hr support appears to be a bad joke.

    • I did not order Amazon Prime but I am being charged for it. I can`t unsubscribe without signing on as when I try to contact customer services i am asked to sign up and I have no wish to do this

  254. Delivery of my Amazon Prime packages via USPS is unacceptable. We have a locked USPS mailbox at the street with a slot for incoming letters. When a package arrives, like last Sunday, the USPS person did not leave it on top of the mailbox (good), but he did not leave it at all! The solution is for him to bring it to our porch like Fedex does. Our post office here in Zip 95076 is 8 miles away, and having to go there for packages defeats the Prime service.

  255. I have had an amount of £7.99 taken out of my account for Amazon Prime of which I have not signed up for, this is the second time it’s happened to me and I’m very upset about it.
    Apart from this, the few occasions I have bought from Amazon I have been very satisfied.
    I would like to see this amount repaid into my account as soon as possible please

  256. amazon prime , wow you don’t have to even sign up for it they do it automatically , hows that for stealing you money right out of you bank account ! then try and get it back that’s even better adventure 1 GOOD LUCK with ALL THAT !

  257. Why you charge money $12.08 from my checking account. Some mamber ship. This some thing wrong. I am not never. I will ask my bank manenger. Please return money back to my bank account.

  258. I contacted via phone your team re a payment of £7.99 that is being taken out of my account illegally …. I was told this would stop and all monies refunded …. it’s a streaming service and if you check your records you will see I have never used it as I did not want it in the first place . If this case of misleading is not dealt with promptly I can assure you I will take it further .
    David Livermore

  259. I had the opportunity to speak to the customer service department, and I found the to be very helpful with the miss understanding for delivering my package. I was reassured that my package will arrive the very next day. Thank you for giving me great service regarding this matter.

  260. i simply order stove parts, and they offer free shipping, i did not know that it enrolled me into amazon prime, which charges me 10 dollars a month, unless i cancel, i think its deceitful, because i did not see in plain view the fine print much money is enough to make, cause i see alot greed in these big companies.

  261. Hi I just ordered 2 team 10 sweatshirts and I would like to pay at the doorsteps when they are deliverd. Thankyou

  262. made a mistake on an order. Found the mistake on my CC bill. Contacted Prime and talked to Nhie. She resolved my problem by canceling a subscription I didn’t know I’d signed up for, and refunded my money.
    Mission complete with no problems!
    This is the way to run a business!

  263. I have not authorized you to take money from my account for a Amazon Prime membership. I protested this earlier and thought it was taken care of, but the charges are still showing up. Stop this immediately and return the money.

  264. Srs Amazon Prime, solicito me reversen el cargo realizado a mi Tarjeta Visa de Wells Fargo Bank, realizado el dia 13 de Octubre 2017,
    por el Monto de 105.19 USD, cuyo cargo no he autorizado ni aprobado, desconozco como lograron tener mis datos.
    Favor eliminar mis datos de Cuentas y Tarjeta de Credito, para que no se repitan estos cargos inconsultos.
    attentamente. Fernando Salazar Vizcaino.

    Srs Amazon Prime, requested me to reverse the charge made to my Visa Card from Wells Fargo Bank, made the day 13 of October 2017,
    in the amount of $105.19 USD, which I have not authorized or approved, I don’t know how you managed to have my data.
    Please delete my data and Credit Card, which will prevent the recurrence of these charges inconsultos.
    Included image of the charge made.
    Sincerely. Fernando Salazar Vizcaíno.

  265. Money was taken from my account last week I don’t want amazon prime I made order which I received but may have clicked wrong button on low income need money refunded to my account Mrs June Weller 12 Paton road Bexhill on sea tn39 5dj

  266. Iv emailed few times need £79 put back in my account don’t want it was taken by mistake on low income and your numbers are to expensive for me to ring or even complain other people told me this happened to them and never got money back which is wrong I wont be buying from amazon again until this matter is resolved

  267. I am having a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE getting the Book, The Nasty Case of Donald Trump. First it was taking FOREVER to get here on Oct. 23….NO BOOK ARRIVED. Now they’re saying 24-????

  268. Order # 111-6196529-0440241
    Where is my Order and who lost it? No happy, can not drive at night without lights,
    I payed for……………………….?

  269. October 30 AM


    CANCEL ME NOW! AND RSVP MY email address to CONFIRM!

  270. i am disgusted that ,,despite my clicking on close account (on october 4th) money was taken from another account of mine because the card i had been using was no longer viable . no wonder bill gates is so rich . can make fools of us all . should be able to close account if i want , i too need contact number to sort this out .as i am almost housebound this is my only way to shop .cannot use joint account my husband does not want to . cannot change card as cannot access account details .

  271. I have not signed up for
    Amazon Prime – don’t even know what it actually is – took money out twice out of my
    American Express – they put the money back in my account – now you have taken it out of my account again. Man on phone cannot be heard – heavy accent and talking and noise in the background. All these comments here about Amazon taking money out of accounts without authorization !!

  272. On November 1st of 2017 amazon took $99.00 from my bank account and I did not authorize this. This is very frustrating, and I feel stolen from and demand a refund as soon as possible.

  273. A contact # is: 866-216-1072. I also received a charge $ 10.99 on my cc, monthly. Never signed up for this service. The rep. I spoke with was excellent with quick service. Membership was cancelled, funds returned. Unexpected.

  274. I never signed up with Amazon Prime and have been being billed to that account, which has at times caused overdraft fees. I would like a refund and to speak with someone regarding all of the overdraft fees that have occurred due to the unauthorized monthly withdrawals from the account. I will be contact the better business bureau immediately! I would like to speak to someone in leadership regarding the unethical business practices of the corporation. I am saddened, because I enjoyed making purchases with Amazon. I will no longer make purchases with this company.

  275. I am a 70 year old woman who did not sign up for Amazon Prime. I can’t sign onto account to send message because I don’t have a password or account number. My husband and I live on a very limited social security check and absolutely cannot afford to join. On 11/8/17 you deducted $99.00 from my checking account. I have to have this money back. My husband has been in the hospital for 3 weeks and after you took this from our account it left me a $51.21 balance. It costs me $10.00 a day to get to the hospital and back. Please Please Please put the $99,00 back in my account asap. I just don’t know what I will do if you don’t return it immediately

  276. I had ordered a screen, but before the money came out i cancelled it, 20 minutes later the money got taken out anyways. I never received a refund of the money that was taken out which was $30.56 and I would like for someone to contact me about this issue because my screen is broken, the card wasn’t working at first that’s why i cancelled the order then all of a sudden it decided to work? I spoke to someone with Amazon over the phone and it was just a big mess. I would like for someone who is in the head tables to contact me about the issue and see what we can do because I am extremely angry.

  277. Why was there a withdrawal from my account for amazon prime (12.03) during the trial period which haven’t expired, and I never used amazon prime.

  278. I order to items and needed them by a certain date. I have prime and they were suppose to arrive. I got a message saying the company I work for was not open and we were then I got another message about another package that they delivered it to somewhere and it wasnt here I now have to go out in the cold wet weather and buy it on top of already buying it with you guys. I am pissed i want my packages and I hope they are received and because one was taken somewhere else. I am very frustrated and I need you guys to do something about it.

  279. I did not sign up for any membership of any kind, money was taken out of my account and I disputed it , now I see that you have tried yet again, to take money out of my account, I do NOT want in ANY MEMBERSHIP that requires a monthly fee , this is unlawful and I am going to stop dealing with Amazon

  280. I Did NOT sigh up for any kind of member ship , several months ago money was taken out of my account, I disputed the charges and have a lock on my banking account, this is unlawful , I do NOT want to be in any kind of membership that requires a monthly fee

  281. jose goyco on the 16 2017 the amount of $11.97 was taken out my chase card for reasons i dont know why . i have never requested an Amazonprime membership. Please cancel it and refund me immediately. Please send me a response..

  282. on monday ,NOVEBER 27 2017 I JOSE GOYCO will go to my bank & have them cancel this Amazonprime membership that i did not sign for, why are u guys taken money out my acount so rme & remove that fake membership that i did not ask for ok . Please response back to me…

  283. My name is Priscilla Coleman Reece I don’t have A AMAZONE PRIME account and I called to get refunded for the charges you keep removing from my account and was told that this will be done and I would be refunded and also refunded the extra $99 I’m in process of getting to reach out to you because I never set this up,

  284. worst experience EVER with delivery – Been waiting 4.5 hours only to find out that the driver was “unable to deliver” – WTF??? Order was cancelled for no reason. Not EVER using again.

  285. ordered 2 pair of shoes . Same except for size. One being delivered today, 11-04 -2017. Wanted to send back before I even opened them. Was told they would be cancelled before delivery. So no charge. size I want being delivered tomorrow. Hope my contact,who was very efficient an spoke English and very easy to understand.Reassured me twice all will be taken care of. Lois

  286. Amazon Customer Service is TERRIBLE! Spent 1 hour on phone transferred between 3-4 ppl and still didn’t get an answer to my question!

  287. I want my amazon prime membership canceled and refunded, I ordered 2 prime items on 12/02/2017, that was suppose to be at my house today, and the shipping information stated I wouldn’t receive the items until 12/12/17, this is totally unacceptable, and one hell of an inconvenience to me and my family, I could of ordered the same items from another vender and already received the items, you have misrepresented the items I ordered, or do not really care about the customers expectations, Frank mato ,

  288. RNA ACS 200 Extra Strength Silver Gel, 8 Ounce – I order the last one and now it switch to the 2 oz. size. I can’t afford this size and really need to know if you will have 8 Ounce size again and how soon it will be available. It not can I order it direct from the manufacturer?

  289. December 5, 2017 at 11:47 pm
    RNA ACS 200 Extra Strength Silver Gel, 8 Ounce – I order the last one and now it switch to the 2 oz. size. I can’t afford this size and really need to know if you will have 8 Ounce size again and how soon it will be available. It not, can I order it direct from the manufacturer?

  290. My daughters Birthday was December 5, 2017. The reason I bought items with Amazon Prime to surprise her for her 29th Birthday. What a disappointment, I checked at 5:30PM and it stated the item was on its way and was in the truck and would be at the residence by 8:00PM. I just checked and now I find out it never was delivered. What a huge disappointment. Amazon is becoming a big let down. I was so excited for her to get this gift and I decided to buy on Amazon instead of Costco or Walmart. Never again will I use Amazon Prime. I have Amazon Prime and your company has let me down tremendously. Amazon is getting too big and customer service is non existent anymore.

  291. I would like to conrgratul Amazon for present I me Whitten Most important and wonderful product I have EVER been able to Purchase i my 72years of living !!! It it truly Wonderful!! I have an HEX Fire 10 and it is SUPERBE !! Which I knew where to send this revue, I would do it a heartbeat.

  292. Hello I tried to call your amazon prime # 1-866-216-1072 and it just hangs up I attempted to call several times and it does not allow me to get through. Please let me know when # is working. Thanks!

    A.J. STEEN
    611 HARRIMAN AVE S, APT 206, AMERY, WI 54001

  294. I recently purchased an item for my son and daughter in law. It was to be delivered today. My daughter in law was home all day, instead of the item being delivered they had a note in their mailbox and I received an email saying it could not be delivered. It was the right address and someone was home so I don’t understand why it wasn’t delivered.

  295. My credit card was charged $99 on December 7, 2017 and I did not sign up for amazon prime I thought I was getting a free trial to use prime , today I checked my account and I realized I was charged for something I never agreed to. I just canceled and now I’m told I will not get back my $99.

  296. Dear Amazon Prime membership customer service,
    I regret to inform you to cancel my membership trial service. I have cancelled the trial service offer before the term was expired because I didn’t get what I was looking for. I have been charged on my account for three months consecutively. Please DO NOT in any circumstances make any deductions on my account in the future and return the charges to my account immediately and effectively. Thank you for your assistance

  297. I have a amazon prime account and it is locked . You never sent me the email on how to open the account or you need to rerun my money on what left of that prime account and let me or give me anew account. So I can still buy from you.. your company has always done me right.

  298. I keep getting video orders I am not ordering. I thought my boyfriend was mistakenly ordering movies. Elf was the last movie that was ordered. Neither me or my boyfriend ordered this movie. Neither of us watched this. Obviously someone did, because I was unable to cancel it. I tried numerous times, with no luck at all. I changed my password, but would like a refund, or some resolve. PLEASE contact me with a solution.

  299. recently i noticed a charge for 9.47 euros on my account however, i never gave my card number or authorized amazon prime to debit my bank account. i do not have a membership account and want this fee refunded immediately. i am a U.S. citizen living in Italy and cannot figure out who used my card. i will seek police help if these fees are not returned. i am appalled that they set up and stole money in my account. please look into this situation promptly.

  300. Contacted PRIME customer service rep (Bryan) on 12/27/17 to complain that a pkg dropped off at local KOHL’s store (new service) on 12/11/17 still does not show in Amazon’s online returns center. KOHL’s says they can’t track and no way for customer to track on Amazon account. Bryan says still shows ‘in transit’ so he immediately refunded my money to a gift card I have on file with Amazon. I won’t select the KOHL’s option again — no way to track, delayed refund. UPS issued a refund on another return with a couple hours after scanning into UPS facility. I will use this option in future.

  301. I received a Prime membership charge from amazon prime in which I’m not aware of it on 12/28/2017. How can you take $99 without any notification and without my consent? It is really unethical. I’m not a member of the Amazone prime except buying one single tie. Please refund my balance.

  302. I DID NOT ORDER Amazon prime but it shows up on my Visa as follows:

    Dec 23, 2017 Prime Member $88.48

    I DID NOT sign up for this and I DEMAND a refund. I have absolutely no use for Amazon prime. What is going on here?

    If you want a legal fight, my sons are Lawyers and Judges. Please let me know when that deduction has been credit back to my account.

    Thank you. I hope to never hear from you again once the transaction has been completed.

  303. Glad KTLA streamed the Rose Parade, the ‘hosts’ on your stream were the most un-funny, disrespectful jerks I could imagine.

  304. I have become a Prime member in November, when I filled up the offer for obtaining a men’s watch made by Centurion Time of CA.

    It did not arrive for several weeks and the company charged for the value of the watch. Since it was not arrived I got the charge reversed. But now the watch ahs arrived. I agreed for the Prime membership as I was getting a gift. If I have to pay for the Watch I will send it back

  305. hello I have had an email saying that my music unlimited account has been cancelled due my payment method not being suitable, as you can see from your records that I made a purchase yesterday with no problems using the payment details that was stored on my account. I have tried to use different valid methods of payment; putting in the correct details and every time it comes back saying that it will not work, suggesting that the expiry date my be invalid. I have now removed all of my payment methods just in case.. can you confirm that the e mail was genuine and how can we resolve this matter as I have got two echo’s that are currently redundant.. regards jeremy

  306. colin blundel
    I did not give amazon my bank details but money was taken out of my account
    each month, when I phoned amazon they said that I opened up a prime parcel
    account ? the only thing I bought via amazon was a tv fire stick which I used my bank card to pay at argos . how did amazon get my card details and who give them permission to use it – not me.
    taking this matter up with my bank reporting it as fraud.

  307. What an insidious and underhanded practice, I don’t remember signing up for “Amazon Prime” and can’t find any record of it . Is this some type of negative option scam like the old record clubs. They were a pain and so is this. I’m retired on a fixed income and my bank account balance gets a little close to the bone before my monthly S.S. check is deposited. This charge came out two days before it clears the bank. If I have any checks bounce I lay the blame on Amazon and will never buy another thing through you service.
    Michael Clinton

  308. I know what you all mean I had a problem with them taking money out of my account with out my permission. Bust you know what I got it back.

  309. I was told by Raafael that I would get my account canceled today and would have my funds refunded back to my account. and that I would be notified by email of the matter.

  310. I have ordered an item from you and I did receive it within 2 days but since I dont order many things I dont want to be a prime customer. I do hope that i will not be billed for a membership since this was offered as a free trial.

  311. Before Christmas I received a shipment of 3 dresses. Two were black, definitely one was a duplicate. I would like to return the duplicate, but I no longer have the return slip. Would you please send a return slip as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your prompt attention to this request.
    Carter Hunter Hopkins, Ph.D.

  312. I didn’t realize that I had Amazon Prime. Please give me all the info of History where I’m I sign up for the service.

  313. I did not tell any one to charge my account for a membership. I would like for my account to be credited with the 106.92 back into my account. Thank You Doris Nail

  314. when making a customer complaint about an order the rep. put me on hold for 20 minutes. finally came back on line. was kinda satisfied with end results

  315. Dear Sir,

    Each month I am receiving debit card of Rs 739.63 linked to my ICICI account XXXX O269. I have already requested to close. However, deduction is still continued. How do I get refund. Please stop direct deduction. Last message 4th Dec 2017 & repeated 4th Jan 2018

    Please advise

    Thanks & Regards

  316. Hello I have never signed up for Amazon Prime and now I have a charge on my account for $11.68 and I need to be refunded my money and cancel the membership cuz I never signed up for that.

  317. I ordered a movie American sniper a couple days ago they said I can watch it for 29 days i watched half of it when I went back to finish in 1 21 it asked me to give another 3.99 don’t i get the movie for at least two weeks

  318. Do you people seriously not know how bad your interface sucks? People everywhere are talking about it. The fact that Netflix is an extreme pleasure to navigate while Amazon is a nightmare seems to be eluding you. Is that because you don’t have smart enough people to make it more like Netflix, or is it just that you don’t care? I mean really, compare the two. Netflix gets a gold star and Amazon gets a rusty nail. Even though you have a good line-up, I’m going to cancel because the aggravation is not worth it.

  319. Months after my last purchase, I began being charged for amazonprime.
    As my account shows, I am not and never have been a member of Prime.
    My monthly e-mails and phone queries are ignored. One operator did say
    that I could not cancel, because I am not a member! Cancel immediately and
    refund all of your bogus charges.

    • Dear Amazon Prime,

      I never agreed to be an Amazon Prime subscriber, therefore please refund all subs taken by you, from my bank account.

      Thank you,

      John Feore

  320. I want to cancel my AmazonPrime Membership immediately. I do not have a card and I was charged $11.65 which I want refunded. I cannot tell you a number.

  321. I see I’m not the only one who has been getting charged membership fees for the last few months even though I never signed up for it. I’ve been trying for some time to stop these payments from being taken out of my account but run into brick walls Then I actually tried to place an order and it says my account is locked. So I’m paying membership fees for nothing. I called the customer service line and it was no help at all. The person had such a thick foreign accent I couldn’t understand a word she said. Very frustrated. I will be going to my bank tomorrow and put a stop to the payments. I will never use amazon again. As a customer as well as being a former employee of amazon, I am very disappointed.

  322. I cancelled my amazon prime account in december 2017, I was charged $105.81 on my checking account on december 13, 2017. I have been unable to get a hold of anyone from amazon prime. I would like to have this money returned to my checki ng account and be notified when this is done. This is amount is sitting in limbo on chase cc which I do not unerstand. can you please help to get this rectified and money returned to my account. thank you john darrah

  323. O paid twice for the movie American sniper i tried to watch it again and was asked to pay again it was my understanding that I Had 30 Days To finish Can You Take The 3.99 Off My Site So That I Msy Watch


  325. It seems you Amazon are taking people’s money out of their acct. without their knowing, I am just reading all this , wow!! how dishonest.

  326. I just tried to post a very positive product review on my current order for several Flash Drives and it told me I was denied due to previous negetive comments. I very seldom have enter an comments or ratings below a rating of four and don’t thing I made a negative comment on my previous Order# 113-7470067-6899421.
    If I had posted such a comment, I surely would be placing another order for th same product. Please look into this fault reported statement and get back with me.

  327. HI customer services
    I do not want become a membership of prime, but some once added my name to prime membership, and they charge on my credit $ 107.66
    I have called to talk to customer services about my situation she said. she will remove my name out the prime membership, but today I checked my credit it is still there
    Please remove my name out the prime membership

    Rosalie Nguyen

  328. I have a Amazon member ship, but, unfortunately I hardly use it. I would like to cancel my Amazon member ship.
    I wait an answer.
    Best regards

  329. Having asked for a 7 day trial it took 24 hours to get email. Then more hours of waiting. And I won’t sit endlessly tap tap tapping to download something called Microsoft Silverlight. No no no. Now I want all traces of prime GONE. Take this as notice to never, ever again email me with anything to do with prime, and you will get no thanks for wasting HOURS of my time. Life’s too short.
    Geraldine Bird

  330. I am an 85 year old disabled woman. My only income is a small Social Security retired check once a month. Yesterday I opened my on line bank statement and discovered that $99 had been deducted from mu account. It was identified as being from Prime.
    I did not authorize a payment from my account for this charge. Last year I had signed on to Prime for shipping. The credit card I used was not my checking account but was from my Amazon card. I never approved the use of that card nor have I ordered anything from Prime for $99. I never received any notification that the withdrawal was being made. By doing that you have placed my account in jeopardy and I am informing you now that I expect you to return that money to my account immediately. It is difficult for a person my age and in my circumstances to surrvive on the very small income I receive. I have been a good customer of Amazon and made many purchases. I have always received good services. However, if this transaction is not replaced in my account I shall never do nay business with them again and will do anything in my power to bring this to the attention of everyone I know. A giant company like Amazon surely does not need to steal the little I have and desperately need. Because of that withdrawal my balance is less than $100 for my needs to be met until the next check comes in and will not have money for food or other essentials. If I had not discovered that withdrawal my account could easily have been overdrawn and I would have incurred charges from my bank. I sincerely hope that Amazon will live up to it’s reputation as a great company and the problem will be corrected with expedience. I am anxiously awaiting your response.

  331. I have received an email from a Hal Lee which is a receipt for $374.43 and the email shows the Amazon Prime logo.
    This is a purchase neither my wife or myself have made. I suspect it is a scam but would like to be assured that is so.
    Is there anyone I can phone in Australia or an email address I can forward the offending email to ?

  332. Sam was very helpful with in dealing with my request that Amazon stop supporting I tried to phone the PR dept. but that number is now mysteriously out-of-order.

  333. In January 2018 I was billed my normal $99/yr ($100.82) toward my Chase Visa account. I was also billed for AmazonPrime Membership of $11.19 on February 17? What was this for?

  334. I want to say that customer service was friendly and pleasant.
    However your prime membership sucks.
    I paid for prime membership which imcludes unlimited movie streaming but you limit us as to WHAT we can stream.
    The few movies ive tried to watch turn out to not be included in the prime membership. Guardians of the Galaxy for example i wanted to watch but its not included with Prime Membership and to buy the movie you want 20$ when i can buy it at Walmart for 5 bucks. Prime membership turns out to be a waste. Im sorry i purchased it and will take the loss. But ill stick with Netflix. My children cant even watch Paw Patrol without us having to rent it because its not included in Prime either. So i am going to warn people not to waste their money as i have. THIS SUCKS !

  335. For the prime membership i had no recolection of ever joining I bought some dog tablets for 7pounds 99 pence and that is the only way you could have had my card number ihave spoken to the bank and i have said i will contact you first. I have never wanted to stream films .can you please sort this out thank you GJ Treffers

  336. I have not applied for the membership of amazon prime. please do not charge me this membership that I don’t want .Luz irenePadilla

  337. I ordered two plugs from Electric Fireplaces Resolutions in Florence Alabama. When I received them I was charged $5.25 for postage. My mailman told me to call and report them because they taped one to the other and only paid for one. I’ve been trying to call and I’m either put on hold or transferred to another number. This is horrible customer service …..the mailman told me some of these companies do this. Can you help me get my $5.25 back. I know it isn’t much but it’s the principle of the thing. 🙁 Thank you, Sandy Aune

  338. I have been completely satisfied with my Amazon Prime account and look forward to many more years of my association with this top flight organization. I am currently paying $99 per year at @10.95 per month for my subscription. I am now 65 years old and saw an advertisement that offers senior citizens a discount prime subscription. How do I change my account which renews on the 24th of this month (March)? Thank you for your assistance.

  339. I use Amazon in Sept of last years for Wedding presents. I did not sign up for this no tax
    service and have been billed on my Discover Card ever since for 11.90 monthly. I do not
    use Amazon and only did as the couple register for wedding gifts with you. Big mistake on my part to order. Want to cancel this service of 11.90 immediately. Please inform this will be done and send conformation of this by mail or email.
    I would appreciate a call from Customer Service. Thanks Sandra

  340. I placed an order for 2 items with prime delivery on 3/9/2018 and it is not delivered. Had I known it was not going to be delivered I would have stopped by a store and make a purchase. I was out of town and expected my package to be delivered when I got home because I needed 1 item on 3/9/2018. one of the items is a medical handicap item. You should never use USPS. Very unhappy. Is this going to be the future for Amazon Prime Members.

  341. I canceled my amazon and was charged 35 dollars…this month they put another payment on my credit card of $13 for a monthly fee.. talk about a scam..

  342. This Company or should I say Con artists took money from my bank account & i never even gave them this information.. I’m totally baffled.. I don’t check the details of my bank every month though I should & now will but when I did I saw that i had been charged for some “phantom” membership for many months bank.. to deal with this thru the bank is an inconvenient process so I chose to call their “customer (which I am not) service ( which they don’t give) & dealt with someone that had me so frustrated with her cycling around the truth routine by the end of the call I was furious. Needless to say I am very pissed off this is just another scam and I hate that they’re getting away with it I’m going to stop now because I don’t want them to get any more of my time.. but the principle of this makes me so angry that I am considering legal action!!
    My warning ⚠️ would be.. don’t sign up for anything with Amazon Prime ❗️

  343. My credit card was charged $105.93 on Feb. 5, 2018 and i did not sign up for Amazon Prime. Thought I was getting a free trial to use prime. I was charged for something I did not agree to. Please cancel prime and return the $105.93 that was charged to my credit card which I never authorized.

  344. My credit card was charged for a year of prime….I had cancel this around the first part of this month…well in time of the thirty date free trial….. I would like a refund for the full amount asap please.

  345. Money was taken from my account for a Prime membership….I don’t know how it occurred…. but I don’t need it. Please let me know how to undo this.
    Thank you Darryl Graves


  347. I typed in a search for Abandship watches. and got a horrible porn image along with the watch results. A male device for women. I have a print of this garbage. Bezo and wife donated 2.5 million to the gay movement, so I guess its no surprise for another moral issue. Thanks for your junk.

  348. If you care to notice, I’ve been ordering LESS due to these independent drivers you are using instead of the reliable ups/USPS fedex,etc. How is it this morning it showed my $100 + orders were out for delivery and at 8 p.m.,”SORRY ITS now another two days” A driver didn’t show up or it was never out for a delivery to begin with. First of all it should have been a one day delivery, it’s over $35. I WAS spending around $20,000 a yr and have been with Amazon for 10 yr? Also I don’t appreciate having my doorbell rang at 10 p.m. With a late delivery.

  349. I like amazon! BUT…when I order it is not listed on the bill. The bill comes with no indication of what I ordered. And I’ve forgotten . Couldn’t you just name the item I ordered so I am not the one to have to recall.??Please! Catherine

  350. I need to talk to PERSON about getting my Amazon acct set up on auto-pay through my bank. Each times I try, I am told to try later and then the phone disconnects Please help.

  351. Tired of receiving bills from you with no explanation. Of what it’s for. My acc. Has a charge of 1.07 due in 2 weeks. For what? Late payment warning in same box if not paid by due date $35.00 late fee. FOR WHAT.

  352. I tried your prime service and found it to be pretty much a rip off for me. most everything I purchased, or tried to, was either not prime shippable (with a huge shipping fee) or it showed up in the nearly same time as the “free” shipping.
    I have also been doing more business on EBay because of better pricing.
    And to have to pay a $35.00 fee to cancel after 10 days I think is flat ass ridiculous.
    not a way to keep people happy.

  353. $12.99 was taken from my bank account on March 27, 2018. I did not
    authorize this. I am not a customer of Amazon. I have never ordered from
    them and I never plan to. I called their number and the hard to understand
    guy that answered, did not help me and I became very upset, because most of what he said I could not understand him. I want the $12.99 put back into

  354. You have charged me for Amazon Prime I have no card no number and I tried to place an order and had to use my credit card still hasn’t confirmed And I need my hazelnut coffee beans!!!! If you do not do something about this I will order from Walmart.

  355. Buyer Beware! If you not pay for your Amazon Prime membership in full ($99.00)on the day you subscribe and you allow monthly billing, you will end up paying 13.77 per month totaling 165.24 per year! When I signed up for Amazon Prime, it was not explained that if you spread your membership fees out over 12 months rather in full at the time of agreement, it would cost you almost double the membership fee! I don’t shop frequently so I noticed that on two different credit cards on or about the same date every month a fee charged to my accounts, realizing that I hadn’t purchased anything for those amounts, I checked the statements and it stated ” Membership”. Remembering that the membership was only supposed to be $99, I called Amazon to question it. Turns out they were charging me 13.77 per month which comes out to $165.24 per year! I explained that to the representative over the phone, who by the way was very rude. End result, I cancelled the membership and would like those charges on my accounts refunded!
    #1 on the principal that the membership fees were not explained to me that way(I would have paid $99. in full at the time I joined).
    #2 The representative was rude!
    Amazon, at a time when you are under the public spotlight, you can’t afford to have rude customer service reps! Thanks but no thanks… I’ll go back to supporting the brick and mortar stores!

  356. My Amazon Prime Video stopped loading the page yesterday. I can’t contact Help or Contact Us as the page won’t stay loaded. It flickers and gives a scrambled version whenever I try to load it.

  357. I have never been so disappointed, Last month I call Amazon to correct an account I never opened. The man from another country seemed nice and pretended to help. I am now talking to Omar and he wants all my credit info again. Since I didn’t make thus purchase I cant give it to him. I have never felt so cheated in my life. No wonder you are so large stealing money from people. I am on social security and very limited funds Please make sure I am refunded 3 months of monies I did not charge.

  358. I am extremely disappointed that I ask a question (that indicates I am in no way trying to ‘cheat’ Amazon Prime), only to have you slufe me off to a “not associated with Amazon” service that wants $36.00 to answer my question.

  359. I never joined Amazon Prime and I have called numerous times to get it off credit card bill each monyh. I am told by customer service i am not a member but the AmazonPrime Charge of $12.99each month says i am. I want thisremoved from my charge account and I a notifying my credit card this charge is fraud and have called you many times.

  360. Want Amazon prime off my credit card…I never ordered this…..don,t use it and can,t afford this as on senior fixed in come. Please this is not mine to pay for the passed year. Feel like paying for someone else

  361. I did not authorize anyone at your company to charge me for amazon prime membership, I do not want to be a member, I have not used your service, please refund the money you took from my account, and remove me from your service. thank you . William Hackney

  362. Hi. Please refund my £79.00 as I haven’t given anyone permission to take this out of my account. I’m a single mother that seriously can not afford such a big payment for something I do not need. Thank you

  363. I received a box of glass bowls today.. unfortunately one of the bowls was broken into small pieces.. how do I return the broken pack to Amazon?

  364. Can you please help me,,,,,,My Cousin purchased a Movie on my Amazon Prime not knowing I already owned that movie, may I please get a refund or a credit….the movie was called Guardians of the Galaxy 1…..if you see my Movie list it will confirm it was bought twice…..Please help me

  365. I am not happy with Amazon Prime membership. Every time I place an order and it says in blue “Prime” two day free shipping, after I complete my order the estimated delivery is always at least two or three days (sometimes more) later! I as well as many other people I know are getting ready to cancel their Amazon Prime memberships because of this. What’s the point in paying almost $130 a year for services they don’t promise? I think Amazon is a complete scam lately. I wonder how the local news channels would like to see all my orders that I have placed that were supposed to be “Prime” shipping???

  366. Hello,

    is it possible that i am paying two prime memberships – one connected to my german account and one to my english account? because when i check my bank statements i see two charges: 1 for &.99 Euro (german) and one for 10.57 Euro (UK)? I am currently only living in germany so i could deactivate my english account – please let me know if this is the case.

  367. Amazon is a disgrace and i’ll never use or recommend this service again. I’ve been paying for Prime every month for over a year and never signed up to it and had no idea it was coming out my account. I don’t even know what the thing is!! I am fuming! I will be seeking a full refund.

  368. My credit card was charged $49.00 for Amazon Prime; I did not authorize nor sign up for this service. Please remove it from my credit card ASAP.

  369. Very frustrated when trying to cancel my Prime membership free trial on the web site, went round and round with sending cancelation code to my e-mail address and then entering code into amazon box and having code denied. Customer service rep said that was because of free 30-day subscription. Wish it had said this code would not work to cancel the 30-day trial. I give the rep a 5 star rating.

  370. I’m bummed, The lady REY on tech support thinks I was Hacked. Then we got cut off and couldn’t finish conversation.
    A Pop up from? Amazon said I had a chance to win a $1000 Amazon gift card or a I phone or a Samsung phone.
    The 3 Question were, who started Amazon (Jeff Bezos) where is Amazon based (USA) when was it started (1994). Then I picked from 3 selections A-B-C. I picked A. It then said I’d Won $1000 Amazon gift card. I have screen shots of all pages. How do I send photos to you of this event, so you can verify for me ?

  371. i want to stop all charges on my credit card,i more membership charges,i never asked for them in the first place.

  372. I just heard that Prime charges are going up to $120. We don’t use the service enough to justify that kind of expense. When does my year run out? I don’t want it auto-deducted.

  373. Goodday.
    I have been debited an amount of R 169.42 by your organization, who I am not a member of.
    Please can you immediately stop the debit order forthwith.
    This is considered as fraud!!

  374. Amazon Prime is a good source if you want something within 2 days. I never had any problems with the deliveries. Then only thing that I had problems with is they charge you without your consent and then I found out that you have to call and cancel, I had to do it at least three times. But they have always refunded my money within 24 hours.

  375. I did not order Amazon Prime and you mailed me for it.. Please cancel it at once. Otherwise I will be reporting this to The BBB. This is a disgrace.

  376. This company is crap! I do not have an account with you and I have had to close my account twice now due to funds being taken out. It has now happened again! And you cannot talk to anyone without an account???? Bull! I want a response from someone immediately please!!

  377. My name is Princess Benn-Coker
    Trying to cancel this script for months each time I was told it was cancel. Now they are taking it out twice a month I can not afford these deduction it is costing me 35.00 twice s month overdraft on my account please stop.

  378. Amazon sent me concerning a book I never received. Environmental Science 5th edition. I never got the book. I thought I was kicked out the system, so I rented digital on Vital Source. The money that was took off the card should be immediately refunded.

  379. I spoke with a very helpful gentleman named warren this evening from customer service in reference to my account being hacked. He was wonderful!! Warren was calm and assisted me a great deal. It was difficult finding the number for customer service and I was locked out of my email account and so I couldn’t access my email to correct the problem. Thank goodness for Warren!!

  380. I love my Amazon prime. But I don’t know what you are doing to
    The website. I tried yesterday and it took forever to get to my acct
    Today is no different. So please fix it. What ever you are doing

    Thank you fort PAST. Experience with a great company

  381. Hello,Please there is an unauthorized transaction on my account with Amazon of $12.99 please i need that transaction cancelled and this is the second time this is happening on my card, i never registered as a member of Amazon, i only used my card to make purchases from Amazon.
    Please i will like a letter or mail telling me that the transaction has been canceled so i can send same to my bank so they can open my card cause right now its been blocked and i don’t have access to it and that is really inconvenient.
    I await your very urgent response,Thamks

  382. Hello,
    Please there is an unauthorized transaction on my account with Amazon Prime of $12.99 please i need that transaction cancelled and this is the third time this is happening on my card, i never registered as a member of Amazon, i only used my card to make purchases from Amazon. I might be forced to take action if this is not reversed and cancelled.
    Please i will like a letter or mail telling me that the transaction has been canceled so i can send same to my bank so they can open my card cause right now its been blocked and i don’t have access to it and that is really inconvenient.
    I await your very urgent response, This is really inconvenient.

  383. Stop billing me for membership. I did not sign up for amazon prime. I will have to cancel my credit card. Please stop billing me for $13. something. You don”t want to know what I think.

  384. I DID NOT order Amazon Prime. Please cancel ASAP and provide a FULL refund of all payments made to you to date.

  385. I cancelled my membership on May 18 and was told I would receive a credit in 3-5 days and its been 12 days and still no refund, why?

  386. Nice post. I learn something more challenging on different blogs everyday. It will always be stimulating to read content from other writers and practice a little something from their store. Id prefer to use some with the content on my blog whether you don?t mind. Natually Ill give you a link on your web blog. Thanks for sharing.

  387. I would like to cancel my prime enriolment plam and also the free HBO offer that I recently agreed to. Please tell me the best way to get this done for both transactions.

  388. It has been the worst experience trying to cancel trial membership . I tried on line but it keep saying I was using the wrong password. Then tried calling but had trouble understanding the representative. So frustrating. I am loosing my eyesight and need to take care of business now. Please help

  389. abousolutly riducoulous to say the least sine i do not remeber my password and my email is not up and running i cant spend money with you i have had it thisreally is bad i will cancel my prime and that will be that .

  390. I cant get the customer services people to quit taking out money from my account unless I give them all the information on the card. How did you get the information on the card in the first place? Did not authorize this monthly fee. STOP

  391. Appears I have been been granted unwanted Prime membership on 17/1/18 when i last made a purchase hovever membership fees have been taken monthly since from my bank account. I have recently checked that I am not a member but the fee has been been taken for May this year. Could you please rectify this ASAP and recompence me for loss of income

  392. I have been charged for Amazon prime twice. Yet Amazon Prime say I do not have a subscription. I do NOT want Amazon Prime

  393. I cancelled my amazon prime account about two months and I notice I am still being charged every month. I wish to cancel this immediately.

  394. Hello there,
    I am a member of the Amazon Prime service and I have noticed that to have the privilege to be one of the members there is money you have to pay to be able to use it. So what I am talking about is that I have to pay 7.99 a month, however as far as I can see in this month the money taken are twice of the amount of money required.

  395. I m very disappointed with amazon prime, I did not sign up for this services, please adjust my account by putting the 12.99 back in my account, taking money without authorization. I have been trying to contact customer service to fix this problem and have been unsuccessful.

  396. I don’t want to continue amazon Prime video please cancel my membership. please returned back my debited amount Rs.999/- to my credit card

  397. Order 112-3201483-2101849
    I have made 60+ contacts to Amazon over past 6+ months trying to obtain a $549.95 Amazon refund due to me. AMazon is not able to understand that the charge back did NOT refund my money. CitiCard processed the $549.95 payment back to Amazon AFTER the charge back and that is the $549.95 refund due to me, I am 78 years old – not very tech savvy and urgently in need of help. Please help me get my $549.95 refund.

  398. I too wish to cancel my amazon Prime account.and my payments of two months at. 7.99 refunded immediately .I am 83 y.o.a and demand to know how this charge came to be levied against my account.In addition I request a contact telephone No.that works failing this,I shall consider talking the matter further.I have purchased a number of items through Amazon successfully over the years but it appears i just look elsewhere in future

    • I received my monthly bank statement and I have been charged 13.77 for amazon prime. I don’t even know what that is please cancel this immediately! Also I do not have an amazon membership, I don’t want one.

  399. My daughter has been checking my bank statements and found taken from my account. 1.15/1/18 £7.99 , 13/2/18 , £7.99 13/3/18 , £7.99 .
    16/4/18 ,£7.99
    I don’t know what these payments have been taken for They total £31.96
    I am 84 and can’t remember buying anything of that amount.
    I know I have bought a couple of things from Amazon one being from a chemist but that was very recently. PLEASE CAN YOU SEND ME DETAILS

  400. I HAVE BEEN CHARGED £7.99 4 times by AMAZON PRIME
    15/1/18 , 13/2/18 , 13/3/18 , 16/4/18.

  401. On 07/10/18 I called Amazon to dispute a billing issue after going through my account to reconcile it, I found that I had been getting double charged for my Amazon Prime account of $14.10 and $14.02 monthly. I did not initially noticed the issue until last month when my account was $56.08 cents off at the end of the month and I could not understand why. When I went back thru my accounts from the months of January 2018 to present I finally found the problem. I work as a school teacher and I used my Amazon Prime account to order several educational movies for my class. Somehow, when I logged in from the school and using my same billing information they began to charge me for two Amazon Prime accounts instead of one. Tonight I was told they will close my amazon prime account and refund me only June and July payments. Then I was placed on hold and several moments later I was disconnected. When I called back, I tried to explain the information to another customer service agent and I became so frustrated at having to repeat the information that when I was placed on hold I became infuriated. I thought I muted my phone as I cursed several times about the service. I was hung up on again.
    I would rate the customer service as a ,01 percent. That is only because he was courteous when he initially spoke to me but completely down hill after that. Also, when I tried to explain to the service agent the first time that he did not have all the information, he corrected me saying he did have all the information. Then when I asked him about the second email address, he said that he did not have a second email to the account and I told him that I was trying to give him that information, but he corrected me saying he already had all the information. Wow I am totally mortified and beyond disappointed with Amazon and the customer service I received.

  402. I also have a complaint about AmazonPrime. I have not heard of this company and never signed up for it but have monthly withdrawals from my checking account.

    I want this to stop.


  404. I made a special trip to Whole Foods to take part in your Prime Day promotion. When I checked out I was not asked if I had a Prime account. I asked how I got my $10. Amazon Prime award. The cashier said I had to use an app–either Whole Foods app or Amazon Prime app–which I did not have. I thought I could set up a 30-day free trial after my shopping trip. She said no–that the award would be sent through my email and I said “How will you know my email?” Then I was sent to speak with a “more techy” cashier who said I needed the app too, but, I could return my goods and rebuy after I got my app, so they could use it or I could download the app real fast and he would do the above scenario. I tried but could not remember my password. I went home with my goods and set up my free trial at home, but found no way of entering my receipt # on the website–even though I had called the store to complain and they suggested they try my phone # (they did and it said customer not found) and to try to find a site where I could enter my receipt #. At this point, I am just angry that you made this so difficult–of course, I tried several times to do some shopping for information purposes and the site crashed (but saw a lot of pretty dogs!). I feel ridiculous that I played your game! I had heard good things about amazon prime–too bad! I am busy and don’t have time to play around–that’s how it felt!

  405. i tried to order something on price day the first night and the site would not work… so i waited till in the morning and the idea was no longer available ,,, very frustrating , nothing worked right on the prime day,,, seems like a scam

  406. my Prime Day Purchases of July 17, 2018, 15% off with card, deal of the day, are wrong. There is no place to “easily” contact Prime. As a member I feel this is Highly unprofessional. I started out in retail when i was 11 years old in America. where is the Valued customer? WHERE IS BASIC RETAIL ONE? Make it simply, I want one total receipt sent to my email to check my “quoted so call” prices. i have been researching for away to reach u since my purchases yesterday.
    “HOW MUCH REDUDENESS do u expect ‘YOUR VALUED CUSTOMER’ to take before they move elsewhere?” RSVP today……

  407. I have cancelled my Amazon Prime account. My account has been charged for next year. Please refund the $119.

    Thank you.

  408. SIR,


  409. I am being charged Euros 19.95 per month for Prime but when I check it says that I am NOT a member.
    How do I get my money back. I have never knowingly signed up for, or need, prime
    Many thanks for any help.

  410. I do not subscribe to Amazon Prime. You have been billing me for this for months now. I would like you to take me off this service and refund me my money please.

  411. why do I pay for Amazon prime when I wait for my important package and then at 9pm get told it will be an additional 2 days on top of Guarunteed 2 day shipping. I am so upset that these pricks leave my family without our camping equipment and some very unhappy people.

  412. I cannot connect my Amazon Tap to a recently changed network. I have tried the 2 ways that Amazon made available for help. First I tried calling, it went through the ring cycle 4or 5 times. I never got an answer. For some reason there is no hold or line after the phone rings 10 times or so it just hangs up.

    When I tried the chat I typed in my issue for a person to introduce themselves and than nothing. # to 4 minutes go by and than she reads my message verbatim and this say correct. To which I immediately respond yes and than shes gone gain for 5 minutes. I asked why it take so long and she says I looking for answers. Which means all she is going to do is read the same thing I just did which didn’t solve my problem. I end the conversation because it was a tremendous waste of time.

  413. why am being told i am a amazon prime membership and i never agreed to be a member i don’t know anything about it.i need imformation

  414. I did not subscribe to Amazon Prime. You have been billing me for this for months now. I would like you to take me off this service and refund me my money please. I make this comment before and have not heard from you.

  415. My name is Kathleen Dagg. I have a prime account which I have ordered books for my Kindle. My husband Bill Dagg also has an Amazon acct. It seems that my account has disappeared and only my husband has an account. Can you please help me find my account.

  416. My credit card has been charged $12.99 for each month starting April 2018 to July 2018 for the Amazon prime membership. I never joined this membership and have not authorized the charges on my credit card.

    I am demanding that my credit card be charged back for the unauthorized charges.

  417. hi I have a problem which is I have a account in my other device and I am triying in this device I necer brought the device that had a account so pls help

    • I have called three times to correct an issue with not being able to sign in due to someone gaining access to my account. I cannot change my password and start over any longer because emails from Amazon connected to that account will not come through to my email. It appears that somehow my email was blocked also. I am very very frustrated because I cannot utilize my prime account and I need to speak to someone with more authority and understanding to correct this issue. I have been told someone would be in touch with me over three weeks ago and no one has contacted me despite three phone calls from me.

  418. Again….I did NOT subscribe to Amazon Prime! I would like for you to take me OFF of this service.

    Reference #: 350956780
    (I’m NOT sure regarding the Reference #, but I am saying that I will CANCEL my Prime Membership number. All of my income is Social Security!)

  419. Amazon prime membership. I never joined membership and have not authorized the charges $12.99 to be taken out of my credit card.
    Please refund my credit card with the the unauthorized charges.

  420. ok last night i ordered my daughter a pokemon luxio in a 7 to0 8 inch.big this morning we received time a very small 2 inch i have been orderiing them a long

  421. I like amazon, and being a member, however, I am having a problem trying to watch my prime member series, the player is doing something, because I have to keep waiting for it to rebuff. I know it is, or I hope it does not have a virus, being that I just downloaded an anti-virus. please tell me what else I can do.

  422. I feel rape. I do not want to have Amazon Prime. I nee to cancel it immediately. I do not find a way. Don’t you dare to charge me!!!!!!

  423. I m trying to get rid of several notifications but every time I try for the past 3 weeks I get this dialog box:

    Something went wrong. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.
    Errors while executing operation “NotificationOptionAction”: At Mutation.notif_option_a

    Are you really working on it????

  424. Hi I was thinking of joining the 30 day free trial for tv programs .I live in Spain
    but I speak English each time I go to sigh up it take Me to Spanish sigh in
    is their away to sigh in in English

  425. I’ve been being charged with Amazon Prime from my account without my knowledge for nine mos. This is the second time I’ve gone thru this. How can they use your bank account without permission. They’re only willing to give me 3 months credit back. I don’t order very often but will now never order again!! Something needs to be done as I’m obviously not the only one this has happened too!

  426. I have been charged $96.39 for the past 9 most of Amazon Prime which I did not sign up for!! This is the second time I’ve had to ask for a refund. This time I was told I would only be refunded for three months. I did not sign up for Amazon Prime. I feel as If my bank account has been hacked! And talking to the customer service is like talking to a brick wall as I couldn’t understand half of what was being said. I’m DONE with Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  428. Order# 112-5349952-5811442 was supposedly out for delivery from the Amazon West Sacramento Facility and it vanished. You then made me wait several days before being permitted to file for the refund. Now, I have placed other orders, primarily Order # 112-8821062-6741845, that is supposed to be delivered today. It arrived yesterday at your West Sacramento Facility and is still not out for delivery. Why am I paying for Prime service to only have my orders stolen, then being forced to wait several days for a refund, and then have to still go and buy something similar but not exactly what I wanted? I am not paying you to inconvenience me and to cost me more.

    Get you act together, please.

  429. I am not an amazon prime member only to notice on bank statement in Purchase Continuity/Subsciption Merchants. amount of $14.22 was deducted from my account on 6/21/2018 Ref # 0039.
    7/21/18 Ref # 2517 —– $14.22,WA
    8/21/18 Ref # 0174 —- $ 14.22 WA
    9/21/18 Ref # 5646 —- $ 14.22 WA

    Total Amounts: $ 56.88
    Did not authorize this Continuity/Subscription Merchants, Amazon Prime. .I don’t know how it occurred…. but I don’t need it. Please let me know how Stop this.. and please refund all the amounts . Thanks you

  430. For the last 2 months $11 and change has been charged to me for amazon prime…you sent an email saying my account has ben closed after a trial subscription,,,why am I being bi;lls when I didn’t subscribe????please write to my email with an answer

  431. My deliveries continue to be thrown over my back fence instead of my front porch. Please make sure that they get delivered to the proper place!

  432. Amazon Prime just started charging my bank account on 10/5/2018 without an authorization and I do not even have an account. When I tried the customer service line I got a Filipino who does not speak English and can’t answer anything. Buyer beware

  433. iam ao angry at the evasiveness of amazon customer service,isigned up for prime for my tv,iam a many year customer,20+i struggled to get a picture then i never got sound ,and no way amazon helped me,but endess merrygoround of fixed thst didnot work, iam 88 fcc lic cert engrtech lic engr my opinion mazon will falter and go down the drain rhey got my money i got nothing

  434. iam disgusted with amazon customer servicei signed up for primr got a nice picture on tv but nosound,no help on and on ,iam a 20yt+ customer a fcc lic ret engr very angry

  435. When ordering some items from Amazon USA, I clicked the box for a free one month trial for Amazon Prime. I attempted to experiment with it but was unable to do anything because it seems my computer is too old and has IOS 9.3.5 and I need IOS 10.0. I did not sign up for prime membership, only the trial, to see if it would work, which it did not. You are now sending me emails calling me a Prime Member and my bank account indicates you have charged me $12.99 for something on Oct. 1, 2018. Can you please refund that amount as I did not order anything else from you and am assuming you are charging me for Prime membership, which I do not want. You never indicated you would sign me up automatically after my trial period, having never asked me if I wanted to join or not. In my opinion a company as large as yours with a reputation to uphold should not stoop to policies of entrapment.

  436. Very dissatisfied with amazon. I ordered the firestick remote control for firestick, unknowingly that firestick was a seperate purchase. When I spoke with the supervisor, was told that amazon could send me a sticker to return the remote. I am a prime member and feel that I should be treated with respect! This whole incident has left me with negativity towards amazon!

  437. This is my first time using Amazon. I created an account and associated my phone number with that account. I did so trying to make a purchase of one 12 month PlayStation Membership Digital Code. I was informed that the purchase of the code would take 2 hours to verify or something like that. But now I am unable to access the account due to the fact that the phone number somehow is incorrect as I try to Login. Yet I have created a second account and as I attempted to associate my phone number with the account I am informed that the number is already associated with the other account. And cannot be used. I would appreciate the cancellation of my purchase made from the initial account as well as the termination of that initial account. So that I may associate my phone number with this current account and perhaps in the future make purchases.

  438. NEVER received book, but, you deposited my funds.

    17:20 Point-of-sale Purchase
    [amzn Mktp Us*mt83x2rx1 15oct18 At 16:20 Card# 3505] -10.04

  439. Hello,
    I received two emails regarding reviews that could not be posted and I would like to know why. There are no derogatory words and seller got 5 stars. I just join Amazon Prime so if there is something new
    because of this please let me know so I can do corrective action immediately.

  440. I am being charged for delivery and purchase of sandals I purchased on line from you
    Over and over again and I don’t know why. Will you please sort this out for me. I live in Israel and I am getting rather angry and upset about it. Will you please sort this out for me. I really do not want to persue this legally. Please attend to this problem immediately.
    Lawrence Benjamin.

  441. Good afternoon,
    I wish to cancel my Amazon Prime as from now.

    Could you please let me know when this have been activated.
    Thank you. Kind regards, Trisha

  442. Hello My name is Mary Attaway. in Question to my account for the last 3 months I have being charged $14.22 for others services. In the past I place many orders with your company but I don’t recall ordering anything for $14.22 , and months later this amount still appears on my statement card # ending 8225. Please explain to me, what’s going? or Is this a monthly fee?

  443. My credit card has been charged for a membership on Monday that I didn’t sign up for. I have looked everywhere for a number to call in Sydney Australia and I can’t find one – so I guess it’s back to the bank to block this company from my Credit Card. Totally disgusted that this has happened!

  444. Hi I was billed by Amazon Prime 11/13/18 where I did not finalized my transactions in my surprise! This is so shocking to me!! Please cancel the amount billed to me today!

  445. My first shipment from Amazon Prime Pantry contained several damaged items- including some edible products. Customer service representatives did not question my claim, and simply refunded the purchase price for the damaged items. No hassle whatsoever. Most of the transactions I’ve had with Amazon have been seamless. This purchase was slightly problematic, but was handled expeditiously and courteously. Most of the shipped items arrived in good condition. I can certainly find no flaws in Amazon Prime Pantry customer service representatives.

  446. hello my first time ordering from amazon i won a gift card from work i ordered a magic bullet blender ….on november 6th 2018 it said itll be delivered on my porch on the 7th to the 9th so when i didnt see it i assumed it wasnt delivered i took off work for the 7th to see my package nothing the 8th and the 9th nothing i get an email with a picture stating my package was delivered on the back side of the house ….i rent out the front half …..they drove it to the back of the house passing my vehicle they didnt call or text or email the day of ….. i would like my blender ot ther credit back on my gift card



  448. We are enjoying amazon prime video very much, however my bluetooth devices will no longer play even though they are paired with the tv. Is there any setting
    I can adjust to fix this problem? I get sound over them in you tube videos and over the air tv. Thank you.

  449. You will note that we purchased a Sennheiser head set #6 in the last 3 years. It was delivered outside one of 2 main gates to house. It remained there during a 1/2 inch of rain during the night and we found it this morning. This is an ongoing problem and we never know who delivers (UPS, USPS or some other entity. They need to come in our driveway and leave the packages at our 4′ tall metal walk gate, no matter which entrance they use. If you can’t solve this problem, we will have to quit using Amazon, which will not be a good thing for us or Amazon. You will note that we order a lot of stuff every yearl

  450. Hi please how can i contact your customer care service, because i just order for some item and i want to know when it gonna be deliver

  451. It is very much regretted that you have withdrawn
    £7.99 and on 02.11.2018 and £7.99 on 01.12.2018 as membership subscription
    Amazon Prime MT1EZ46W4 from my Bank without my consent and information
    unauthorised. I never apply for membership.Therefore,please refund my amount
    immediately and oblige. I hope you will do it instantly and will not give me further
    any chance to take further any step.

  452. absolutely fuming that money was taken out of my account without my consent and I can never get through on the phones as all the numbers are wrong I have now blocked all future payments from coming out of my bank this company is a complete disgrace I ended my contract with them and they still took the money out of my bank my advice to people would be to block them through your bank

  453. I sent a gift through amazon prime and Im having a bad experience. the delivery was sent usps rather then ups and it is a larger Item and Im still waiting on a hour wait to talk to someone from usps about the delivery that wouldn’t fit in the mailbox. Why would you send a Toaster Oven in the Mail. My tracking number is 9374889683090355159112. Im trying to resend the item.

  454. I was told I would get a credit for Amazon Prime cancelled in September and taken out this month. I have not received it and am very unhappy! I want my credit of $12.99

  455. I ordered a gift on Monday, December 17th and was just informed I would not receive it until the 24th, possibly later. I thought you were more efficient that this! Now I have to come home from the party on the 24th and pray the gift arrives, then possibly go back to the party with no gift. I doubt I will order from you again.

  456. my last purchase was for $50. 08 and I did not request prime shipping but it was my understanding it was a 30 day free trial but I did not get a email giving me a choice to quit so I was charged a months fee. I have done a lot of business with Amazon but no more. Eric Kilbey

  457. I have been on the phone for 45 min. trying to get through to customer service. After 15 min. of waiting I get good bye. This sucks!!!!! I ordered a gift and paid the extra shipping and handling money only to now be told it won’t be here until Friday. I do not understand why. Please explain

  458. Your Rose Parade show was the most disgusting, idiotic, performance ever done. You ruined a beautiful experience I have enjoyed for 65 years! Your program was embarrassing and stupid and you should be apologizing to the public.

  459. I purchased some children clothes on another person account with you , I use my debt card to pay for the items in full. Afterward , my card got charge $14.22 on the months of October 12,2018, November 12, 2018, and December 12,2018 I never authorize anyone to take money out of my account for those three purchases and I want my money refunded back to me.

  460. I have Amazon Prime and i downloaded Comixology app to my ipad and iPhone , I logged in as a Amazon user on the Comixology app and it let me in. Now i used it for a couple of days with no problems but now i can not get any comic books for free. I would just like to know maybe I am doing something wrong as i am using the app.

  461. HAI Sir, i am purchased prime video member ship….unfortunatly…not store in prime member ship number ….so..please..send member ship code or number…thanking you.

  462. I placed an order for shredder cleaning sheets that supposedly were delivered to my home today at 12:39. I was not home and when I returned at 2:00 PM, they were not there. Please re-send them but require a signature. I do not know where the package wound up but it is not here with me.

    Please advise as to procedure to get this solved. Very difficult to contact anyone for help – disappointing to me.

  463. You charged my bank card ending in 6175 instead of my prime card ending in 3174please fix this and reimburse my bank account

  464. re: tba075746663000

    Package was left in front of my garage, not on the porch. Anyone could see it and take it.

  465. I am an Amazon prime(, but I forget my password, unfortunately my cell phone number has also changed. i cannot log in. what i can do?

  466. I am an Amazon Prime(, but I forget my password, both of my email address and cell phone have changed. who can help me to reset my password? Thanks.

  467. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m not the Prime member of Amazon and even I never know what it is. But I was chanrged $8.95 last month! and don’t know if I was charged more. I don’t think I ever used Prime member service. Could you please check it and stop charge me. Thanks!

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