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Contacting Ally Customer Service Center

Ally is a bank that stepped into the spotlight when other traditional banks were raising fees and charging customers for the most mundane of normal banking tasks. The premise behind Ally is to take out the physical banks and replace them with a virtual network of financial services. You pay less for fees and get better customer service because there are no employees standing around counting your money.

Contact Info

Ally gives customers quite a few contact options, because there are no physical banks that customers can walk into to have questions answered. You have to use the phone, email or mailing address to contact anyone about your accounts.

Phone Contact Numbers

The banking customer service line is available 24/7, but the auto customer service line is only available 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Monday to Friday and 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. on Saturday. There are no customer service hours on Sunday.

  • Customer Service (Bank): 1-877-247-2559
  • Customer Service (Auto): 1-888-925-2559
  • TDD Customer Service: 1-877-320-2559
  • Fraud Hotline (24/7): 1-800-971-6037
  • Outside the US: 1-757-247-2559

Mailing Address

Alli Bank (Bank Slips and Deposits)
P.O. Box 13625
Philadelphia, PA 19101

Ally Bank Customer Care
P.O. Box 951
Horsham, PA 19044

Official Website

You can find everything you need to know about your bank or auto account on the official website for Ally at Ally is different from other banking institutions as they are dedicated to making your experience affordable, but it also means there is no physical bank to visit so you have to be familiar with the website, your account and contact information for the bank if the need arises.

Customer Service Email

We are learning that few companies actually offer an email address, but contact pages are all over the place. For Ally Bank, you can contact a representative with a general question using the Contact Us page, but this form is NOT to be used for specific information about your account or to send personal or account information. There is a secure contact form that can be access from within your account.

We sent communication to the customer service team to test response time and quality of the answer.

Our Experience

The Ally customer service line is the best we’ve used. The call was answered by an automated response that told us the customer service hours (24/7) and gave us the immediate option to hit 0 to bypass the system. We were asked to press 1 for auto or wait for a banking representative. At 40 seconds the call was answered by Tom, a well-spoken man. We asked Tom if he knew of a customer service email address for the Ally customer service team. He said he did not have an email address, but we could contact the team by using the contact page on the Ally website.

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Contact Info
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10 Comments on “Contact Ally Customer Service
  1. Customer service is terrible asked about why my mail billing invoice wasn’t coming i called the customer service line a woman answered and I gave her my account number and she was saying what is my physical address twice but in a high volume felt like I was being yelled at made me feel uncomfortable so I hung up on the phone I was thinking i rather talk to the electronic voices that the customer rep. They know how to drive customers away will not call customer reps. :p

  2. I’m a retired General Motors employee and I’ve been a customer of Ally for many years as have many of my family members; however at this point I’m not sure I would ever recommend any one start a financial relationship with Ally. My leased vehicle was totaled due to the rain storms in Michigan on 08/10/14. I’m a senior citizen and believe in paying by bills early up to three months early. I learned I would not be able to get that money back and I accepted that, it was my mistake. The problem I have is my insurance company paid the vehicle off and after my insurance deductible I was to be refunded $371.70; that has not happened. However I did receive a letter. My most urgent concern is I made a payment of $400.00 on 08/15/24,after the vehicle was totaled on 08/11/14. I’ve been lied to by many of your representatives. I was told by one of your manager’s a month ago that I would receive the $400.00 in two weeks. When I’ve call to inquire about my money, I’m told it is being documented and elevated up. Up to where? Why is Ally stealing my money? Why am I constantly being lied to? Is this how you treat a senior citizen or do you treat all of your customers this way. I’m writing you first before I write all my contacts, my Congressman, Senator, the Better Business Bureau and then someone at the White House. Someone need to explain why the Ally Organization is telling a different lie every time I call, it appears in an effort to steal my money. Please call or email me your answer.

  3. My name is Patrick Lee I call 5 times to report on Ray Brandt Dodge 1660 West Bank Expressway in Harvey,La 70058. Please Ally DO NOT FINANCE THIS TRUCK I am bring this truck back to them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CANCEL THIS LOAD. Thanks Patrick Lee

  4. I submitted an application weeks ago to open a substantial account. During that time I have opened 5 other accounts and still waiting for Ally to give me an account number to fund the account. I have called many times and get answering machines asking me to leave my number. The last person I spoke to was very rude and made me feel that she was doing my a favor by speaking to me. This probably the most unprofessional bank I have ever delt with.

  5. For two days we have been trying to get payoff amounts for our two
    Cars. For two days we have received nothing but circle talk. Our
    Next step is to contact the attorney General and the insurance. We are very disappointed in customer,customer care as well as not being
    Able to find a fax number. It’s quite apparent that you can only make contact through a none professional. Two just about payed
    for and cannot get competent service

  6. For two days we have been trying to get payoff amounts for our two
    Cars. For two days we have received nothing but circle talk. Our
    Next step is to contact the attorney General and the insurance.commission We are very disappointed in customer service,customer care as well as not being
    Able to find a fax number. It’s quite apparent that you can only make contact through a none professional. Two cars just about payed
    for and cannot get competent service

  7. Worst customer service I’ve ever seen. It took me several phone calls (twice disconnected in the middle of talking to them) and over an hour just to NOT be able to get an answer about an account question. This is what happens when a U.S. company has their customer service based in a foreign country. They SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I HAVE TRIED TO OPEN A 11 MONTH CD FOR $30,000 AT 1.5% and spent 20 minutes or more when I was told again and again we are putting you on a brief hold
    – how brief are 20 minutes.
    will you please advise me by email whether or not you can accept these $30000 which are to be in the same names/signatures as on my online savings account

  9. Why doesn’t your fax number work????? Have been trying for hours to fax paperwork for a new account. GGGGRRRRR

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