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Contacting Alltel Customer Service Center

Alltel or Alltel Wireless is a cellular phone provider offering cell phones and voice/text/data plans in portions of the United States. We could not find a coverage map on the official website, but there is a zip code search at the top left of every page where customers can enter a zip code to find out if coverage is available.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Alltel customer service is available by phone, but there are no hours listed for the customer service call center.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-255-8351
  • Customer Service (from your Alltel phone): *611
  • Order New Services: 1-866-255-8357

Mailing Address

We found two mailing addresses for Alltel customer service. The first is designated as the main customer service address for account communication. The second is the address for the corporate office in Arkansas. When we looked again, the two addresses are the same aside from the Attention Line.

Allied Wireless Communications Corporation
1001 Technology Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72223
Attn: CS Office

If you want to send your payment to Alltel Wireless by mail, you need to use the payment address on the back of your payment coupon or:

Alltel Wireless
P.O. Box 6546
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6546

Official Website

The Alltel Wireless company official website is located at Potential customers can search using the zip code box at the upper right corner of the page to see if Alltel provides coverage in a given area. The website also allows current customers to upgrade, downgrade, purchase new equipment and change rate plans all from within the My Account section.

Customer Service Email

Alltel Wireless does provide a contact us form on the website if customers want to contact support by email. You will receive an email back from the customer service department so you need to include a viable and current email address. We contacted Alltel to see if there was a coverage map located on the website that we simply could not find.

Our Experience

The Alltel customer service line is answered by an automated system. We pressed 0 to bypass the system. If you keep pressing 0 every time the automated system talks you will be patched in to the customer service agent in the Alltel call center. The agent told us the company did not have a coverage map, but she informed us she could check our zip code to verify coverage or let us know if coverage is planned. There is no planned coverage in our area.

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  1. I won a federal settlement personal injury claim against alltel corporate and communication where’s the claim office at

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