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Contacting ALDI Customer Service Center

In 1960 two brothers had a dream of carrying on the family business dedicated to selling high quality merchandise at a low price. From this dream, ALDI was born. The concept of the store is designed to fit the needs of the customer and to reduce the overall costs. Customers bring in their own bags and only the best merchandise is stocked on the shelves.

Through the course of history, ALDI has become a household name in Germany and throughout the world. With such a vast customer base, ALDI must maintain a high level of customer service. In order to put the customer first, the company offers several ways to connect with the customer support team.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Customers can reach the customer service department Monday through Friday 8am to 4:30pm CST. The available ways to connect with a representative include calling the corporate headquarters, sending correspondence by traditional mail, send an email and sending a message through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • International: 0871 223 2305

Mailing Address

ALDIHolly Lane, AtherstoneWarwickshireCV9 2SQ

Customer ServiceALDI Inc.1200 N. Kirk Rd.Batavia, IL 60510

Official Website

The official ALDI website features the company’s weekly advertisement, information relating to the available products and services and information relating to the company. Customers wanting to find the nearest ALDI will need to visit the store locatorand input their zip code.

Customers wanting to better understand the company should visit the FAQs page prior to connecting with the customer service department.

Customer Service Email

Go to order to send an email to the customer service department. The internal link takes customers to a customer feedback form where you can send a message relating to a product or service as well as overall customer experience.

We sent a message asking for the customer service phone number for the U.S. stores. The only information we found relating to a customer service phone number was for a store in the Germany.

Facebook (ALDI U.S.):

Our Experience

Considering the phone number we found was an international number, we were not able to contact the customer service department. Instead, we sent a message on the customer feedback form. In the event we do receive an answer relating to the U.S. customer service department, we will contact and inform you of our experience.

Have you had better luck contacting the customer service department? Share your story with us in the comment section below.

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70 Comments on “Contact ALDI Customer Service
  1. I would to ordercheese Fit&active snack pack baked cheese crackers made with cheddar cheese at brick NJ store 08724. Thanks Peter Lusardi

  2. I have written how much I like Aldi but it the last three weeks or so I am starting to maybe rethink. After Christmas I was charged 99cents for napkins that were suppose to be 25cents, Then on Jan 23 I purchased rye bread that had mold on the back (I didn’t notice until I got home) ref #246660 and #246661, I wrote to you and received a nice reply. Then today Jan 31 (again, I didn’t notice until I got home) I was charged for 28.82lbs for banana which should have been 2.82 cost me $12.68. I live an hour away and I cannot run right back. I forgot to bring the bread back so I didn’t tell them today and now I have another CHARGE $12.68 and 99cents I called and the lady was nice and told me to go back to the store, and that is nice but I now have to remember to bring back moldy bread and the wrong price for bananas. I truly hope the is the last for me because I like aldi and do not like Walmart that is why I shop at aldi.
    Patricia Williamson
    Customer of Yours
    PS: I do like your store and it is always clean the everyone always seems to work hard and you don’t hire people to just sit around.

  3. I tried to email my complaint about a product but could not submit it because I was told the date(s) were wrong, even if they were entered correctly. The product is Fusia Orange Chicken. The rice pouch preparation is potentially hazardous, as it causes the pouch to explode. I would suggest the rice be removed to a bowl or plate and then heated.

  4. How do I contact the store #36, Muskego, Wi 53150. There is no phone # on the receipt. I was over charged today when I went shopping. I got charged for two Stawberries, when I cought only one. Also charged for three cucumbers, when I only bought two.

  5. In the UK on sale from Thursday, 23rd January 2014 are a number of items relating to the forthcoming RBS 6 Nations (Rugby) Shown in the brochure are products for both ENGLAND and WALES. On visiting two stores today plenty of items available for England, NOTHING for Wales. On phoning the helpline I was told you can only buy these goods in the relevant country. This is absurd. There are millions of Welsh living in England and for English living in Wales Also, if this is the case why are illustrations for both country’s hoodies, cap/beanie, t-shirt and top in the brochure. Very misleading and totally incompetent!

  6. What a fantastic store, it took a while to convert me from another leading supermarket! I have to say the quality and prices of food, drink, toiletries is great. I have calculated that each week I save around £35. I can’t recommend to enough people how great the savings are.

  7. I am disappointed that your stores in my area are no longer handling any of the Lume products. why is that when you are to be the distributor of this product. Love the volume spray. As I viewed I am not the only one with this problem they also like this product. Where else can we purchase this. The stores I visited told me Aldi wants to handle more name brands….. Thanks

  8. On your Crist Rice Cereal box I noticedA 100% satisfation guarantee statement.On 3-20-14 I purchased A box of Millville Crist Rice cereal from ALDI on 2481 Okeechobee blvd West Palm Beach Fl. Store #80. When eating this cereal I seen a blue plastic little cap. I could have choked on it.It scared the living daylights out of me. What recourse do I have?

  9. My wife and I enjoyed visiting your store in Frankfurt while I was stationed nearby while I was in the Air Force and we have visited several of your stores here in the USA. We now live close to your store in Thomasville, NC 27360.
    Suggestion for Aldi: You should stock your Clancy Corn Puffs snacks in your stores the year around, not sporadically.

  10. I live in the North Hilla section of Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania 15214 and I shop at the ALDI store there. I purchase many things at your store and never have a problem with any of them. One item I really like is the Benton’s Best Key Lime Cookie Straws, Raspberry Cookie Straws, and Lemon Cookie Straws. The problem is that they only have these cookies once or twice a year and I would like to be able to purchase them year round. I would appreciate hearing back from you as to why you only have them a few times a year….

  11. My comment is to request the ADLI store to come to midland,Texas. We have no low cost grocery stores here, and we as a whole really need it! These grocery stores here charge very high prices for every item that is needed just on a daily basic need. Here in Midland we have a lot of elderly and low income families that are in need of your type of grocery store prices, so please take this request to heart and help our community deal with the high cost of providing a low cost grocery bill and be able to provide more food at lower prices for their family’s.. Thank You & God Bless


  13. Today, at ALDI (Receipt:4709 0059/001/181 08/27/14 10:56am A00) there was a large 2 shelve, metal cart loaded with mostly brown and bone dry mum flower plants in pots that were dying from dehydration. I found an ALDI employee and asked her to water the dry mums, and she said no because she had to go to the sink for water (I believe she was busy stocking shelves). I offered to go to the sink and water them, she said no. She informed me that was why they were selling them as they were for $1 and then they would be thrown out and not be watered.

    I found this so wasteful and insenstive that I bought a case of water bottles and proceeded to open them one after the other and water each of the bone dry plants. With a little water most of these poor plants could have survived and have all been sold to customers for more than a dollar each.

  14. there should be a number to contact the local stores. I can not find any number for any of them regarding a product of theirs. This has been the only store that has no phone number listed and its hard to just drive to each store in regaurds to this product.

  15. The Aldi store located on 2505 Fort Worth Ave. The store Manager (Rudy),and 1 of the in store Dallas police officer C.Sewerd on 10/15/2014 and prior to this particular day follow my family and I around the store (Rudy) not only make it known of his presence, but on this day he also waited until we were exiting the store and walked very fast toward us from behind as the sliding door was opening I looked back, and to my surprise (Rudy) came within arms reach very uncomfortably close brushing past my fiancé! At this particular point we stopped in front of the exit door were “Rudy” had also stopped (as if waiting) to go further with his harassing behavior! My fiancé asked him;”What is your name?” Rudy turned toward us and walked again, very uncomfortably close up on me (female). He then pretended not to be harassing is by stating; ” Why? What’s wrong? At this point we had decided the best we could do at that moment was to just exit the store, and contact Corporate office to filre a complaint! On the following day 10/16/14 I did contact the Complaint line for Aldi store and filed a complaint, BUT…NO ONE HAS FOLLOWED UP WITH MY COMPLAINT (2) WEEKS AGO! 🙁 Today is 10/31/2014 I am calling again right now, wish me luck!

  16. Today Nov/29/2014 my son and myself headed to the store on Broadway Salem, NH never had any type of problem in that store usually go there at least 2 times a week, which I think a fateful customer. Had the most embarrassing moment of my life my cart was full and the manager approached us and told my son to open up his jacket because he had saw something in the camera as other customers where going up and down the aisle we where on spotlight in the most embarrassing way. My son is disable and he didn’t understand what was going on, needles to say you have lost a customer and retail is word of mouth from know on I will make sure that none of my family members, friends coworkers or anybody I have contact with will enter one of your stores. I believe there is a policy in place of how to proceed if you think somebody is shop lifting in a store but one thing for sure it wasn’t the way they preceded with us. Would like for somebody to contact me from headquarters.

  17. Your Hopkinsville,KY store is great and I buy most of my grocery items at this store. I have an issue with your Savoritz saltines The last box I bought was so salty I threw them out, also they were so crumbly. You should advise the maker of the saltines to check the salt machine that sprinkles the salt on top of saltines

  18. I wish to draw your attention to the Potatoes your stores are selling I returned a 4kl bag afew weeks back which were bad all the way through. At the time I told the lady at the front not to worry but to make sure the manager was aware of the quality of the Potatoes. I have now purchased another bag which has gone up in price thinking they were better but to my annoyance I have had to throw most of them away. If I was going to the store I would have put the whole lot in a bag and stood outside showing customers what we are being asked to pay extra for. Please get onto whoever your supplier is.
    Regards Liz Taylor

  19. I and my mother shopped at store #72 at 330 Airport Rd at 12:43 pm today. Our cashier was Kelly and I have my receipt. The lady in front of us didn’t realize she needed cash or a debit card and apologized to the cashier, who rolled her eyes, grabbed the woman’s buggy and slung it into the aisle behind her. She then proceeded to ring and throw my groceries into my buggy. After I paid, she started ringing up my Mother’s groceries and I was trying to bag them and she screamed at me, get out of the way before I hit you with something. I did and when my Mother who has had a stroke paid her, she snapped “get your groceries and give me that buggy”. I bagged my Mother’s groceries quickly and gave her the buggy and said, “you’re welcome”. She turned and snarled at me “THANK YOU” and then as we were leaving she said in a very snide voice, “Have a blessed day.” My Mother was very upset and I am livid. We shop there every week but we will not be shopping there if Kelly is the cashier. Thank you, Victoria Whitlock

  20. Your store and staff in Cullompton are very good ,but the entrance to the store is dirty ie paper and general dirt

  21. I am a very local aldis customer but I have one request that would help my family out when I go shopping. Can you guys please start selling a whole case of grape N2 low calorie infuse at your stores. I visit the plainwell westmain and westnedge stores in Michigan and I usually find one or two bottles at the most. All of the staff tells me this sells the minute they get any because it is the most popular flavor.

    If you could please offer this in your stores it would really make our family happy and much as we go through this.

    Thanks for your time Marcie

  22. I just CANNOT believe you carry the minimum LaCura line. Their dry skin body 500 ml/ lotion is the very best I have EVER found. The Lacura products are all over the internet and Europe, but The stores in Europe do not ship to the US. Check out the prices on the internet for the product and SHIPPING that is OUTRAGEOUS. Aldis in the US really dropped the ball on this one!!!! Thanks ALOT!!!!!!!

  23. Sweet Harvest Chunky Peach Applesauce — Please sell it in a plain jar instead of the one currently in use that has the whole container designed with ribs! You can’t scoop out the sides to get all the applesauce out! You need to use a jar that doesn’t have the ridges design. It’s a delicious applesauce, and I hope the Aldi tore on Rt. 301 in Zephyrhills, Florida is built soon.

  24. Would you please reopen your Aldi store in Wheeling, Illinois near the corner of Dundee Road, also known as route 68 and Elmhurst road, also known as route 83 in the Dunhurst mall. You closed this store a few years ago and opened a Aldi store in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. I believe if you did a survey at the Buffalo GFrove store and ask the zip code they live in you will find about 90% live in zip code 60090 which is Wheeling, Illinois zip code. It would be very helpful to residents of Wheeling if you would reopen Aldi store in the Dunhurst mall. Aldi appears to be the same unoccupied building. It does not appear it would take much to reopen Aldi in Wheeling, Illinois. I pray reopening Aldi in Wheeling, Illinois will happen in the next couple of months. Thank you, Sonja Polony

  25. Would you pleae reopen your Aldi store in Wheeling, Illinois located in the Dunhurst shopping mall at Dundee Road and Elmhurst Road. It was closed a few years ago and a store opened in Buffalo Grove. If you did a survey you would find most people that shop in Buffalo Grove store live in Wheeling zip code 60090, about 90% from Wheeling. The Wheeling Aldi remains vacant and it may not take much to reopen the store. It would be great to have Aldi back in Wheeling and convient to all that support Aldi. I pray aldi will be back in wheeling, Illinois in the next couple of Months. Thank you, sonja POlony

  26. Lets support aldi supermarkets that offers affordable groceries without the hassle of dealing with coupons.Glad to package my own groceries and return my shopping cart to it’s proper spot.THANKS ALDI, Retired senior

  27. In Torrington, CT store (USA) purchased a can of Happy Harvest Cream Style Sweet Corn with ingredient list of corn, water, sugar, modified corn starch, salt. This can contained mostly “filler ingredients” – thickening agents and very little actual corn. Took the can contents and washed away all of the filler material. What was left was mostly the skins of the corn kernels – about half a can. The supplier of this item is not supplying anything like real cream style corm. HELP!!!!

  28. The practices employed by Baiadaâ??, which produces the Lilydale Select and Steggles brands for Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Aldi, McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Red Rooster, Nando’s and Subway, are the subject of scathing fresh criticism in a new Fair Work Ombudsman report.

    Why don’t management also do spot checks on suppliers. I belong to a library and it dominates conversation and concern.

    The Fair Work Ombudsman will now try to enlist major buyers of processed chicken including Coles, Woolworths, KFC and Aldiâ?? to help promote more ethical supply chains.

    “I am deeply concerned by the findings of this inquiry, particularly the behaviour of Baiadaâ?? and its contractors who failed to engage with us about serious concerns about compliance with workplace laws on the company’s sites,” Ombudsman Natalie James said in a statement.
    Why don’t spot checks on suppliers occur???

  29. I have been going to Sandusky Ohio Store With resumermas since May they have 10 on there desk they keep saying end of month. Then Aug first Manager called said “I’m going on vacation” I will call you in two weeks!!!!!! I went back five times more said she is not in she will call me left number and name. went back today a nasty young lady said she is fired and have to do a new ruserma I said you have about 12 now ! she say just fill it out real nasty!!!!! I have Manegment and Regional had 64 stores I’m retired just want 25 hours . but with their attitiudes your place needs help!!!!!!!! Whats up with YOUR STORE ?????? Its clean busy but help sucks not even friendly!!!!!!!

  30. Twice I have been overcharged at your blue springs Missouri store the first time I caught the error and the manager quickly made the correction. I continued to shop at the store over the months and now once again I was overcharged by a wrong ring up . I purchased many items and one was a bag of onions that was to cost 99 cents I was charged $5.99 am I going to stop after each item and see if I was charged the correct amount as the register does not show what I am being charged. Please let me now.
    yours truly.

  31. Received SUPERIOR HELP! Called your customer service number to try and find a “special buy” item in my area. The rep went out of his way to look up the item and tell me what stores in my area may have it. I was able to get it. They were professional and went out of their way to help me.


  32. I’ve had the worst experience ever at the Aldi in Decatur Ga. I was there on 01/07/2016. I’m a resident of Decatur have been for over 30yrs. I shop at this store because its convient for me and my family. I live maybe 2miles from this store and have been shopping at this store for some years now. Since this store was opened in this area quite a few years back. The store manager at this store has a very nast disposition and have always been nasty and rude everytime i have came in this store and she was there. I have just had it! I spend my money in this store, i pay taxes in Dekalb county and again I’m a resident. My daughter and i was in the store on 01/07/2015 to pick up a few items. As i came in the store i saw an employee, in the dairy area throwing boxes into a metal item that is used to transport items in the store i figure she wold stop being that people were walking and trying to shop and that could be a hazard as well. She proceeded to do what she was doing and i was really in disbelief. I noticed a woman asking her about an item, she didn’t look up at the woman to respond and just shook her head no. I proceeded to shop. As i was coming up an isle in the store, i was getting ready to turn to my left and out of nowhere i saw this silver item coming towards me and i ihad to jump out the way. it scared my daughter and after i was able to gain my composure, it was the lady pushing this siler equipment like she wwas insane didn’t say anything and kept doing what she was doing. After this, i had had it! i asked the security guard ho was the manager, and he pointed to her. I said, i won’t be talking to her about anything and she is very rude and very nasty! She responded, saying whatever, I’m the manager and that’s that! I told her i will not deal with her and i will put my complaint in writing. She said, do what you have to do, but i am the manager. I will never shop there again and i have warned eveybody about this store location. The store address is: 3480 Memorial Dr. Decatur Ga. 30032 Store # 59

  33. your halogen lightbulbs are of very poor quality bought 6 a few weeks ago only 2 are still working, the others quickly “died”1 of them after a few minutes!
    now onto the praise your widnes store is my favourite in the uk!
    and it’s now even better thanks to aldi’s no pesticide no gmo initiative well done!
    you can not be beaten on quality nor price,
    (except of course for the aforementioned bulbs!) which I consider to be a mere blip
    I first used aldi 30 years ago in germany and was glad to see them open here in the UK,
    your success is well deserved, I am and shall remain a satisfied customer.

  34. Love your store, clerks and prices. Most varieties of items are very good. One comment is the LiveGFree snack crackers with Rosemary & Olive Oil – so salty we could not eat them. Please be kind to health of others and use Less SALT in everything and less poisonous sugars – promote good eating habits. Thank you.

    We wiped off the salt with paper towels but still so full of seasoning that they are inedible.

  35. Love….Deutsche Kuche “Mild Mustard with Herbs, but you no longer have it in any of your Milwaukee, WI. stores. I love this product and so do my friends who are also disappointed. Wonderful taste and very unique with addition of herbs. Please let us have it again.
    Love…Panda toilet paper – Great price and really does the job without shredding.
    Hate…Willow toilet paper – Shreds immediately, even when dry. Wet, it shreds in little pieces and sticks on both sides where the sun doesn’t shine. Awful stuff!

  36. I have your brochure in front of me as I was interested in purchasing a mobile phone. No where can I find the price? After getting the run around on your phone line for more than ½ an hour and not being able to talk to anyone, I’ve decided to buy one from Kogan, where I know I will get proper service and information

    A regular customer at Aldi????

    Ray Jackson

  37. I shop at your Columbia TN store. I would highly suggest that you all open a store in Lawrenceburg TN. They have Kroger and Wal-Mart, but in my opinion your prices are better than either of these stores. Your store would do well there. Thanks.

  38. Hello,

    I live in San Diego and have been to both your Vista and Escondido store.

    I love your Aldi Finds; my husband not so much because he thinks I buy too many of them. I buy anyway, knowing I can always return any items if I change my mind or there should be a problem with any of them.

    This is great customer care!

    Have one request, though: That it should be possible to phone a specific store, inquiring whether they still have a particular item.

    Couldn’t find a single no. on your website. Only your customer care no. And that is now closed.

    BUT I live in a society where people work hard and with long hours. Europeans would never put up with this. I know because I’m a native Dane.

    So we really need to shop at all times of the day. And this is where my problem comes in:

    I purchased a rug in Finds in my home store but wanted to find out whether they perhaps had the design and color combination I really wanted in the Vista store.

    And now at 5:26 PM I find out that I can’t check in advance whether it’s worth it to drive the long road in rush hour traffic.

    I’m tired after a exhausting day day and THIS is really not acceptable to Am. customers who are used to better service, i.e., to alway being able to reach somebody on the phone re. a particular purchase.

    I truly believe you need to the extra distance in this specific matter. Set up telephone lines and hire more operators. It’s not science, I’m takling about!

    I know and understand that customers can’t do for instance rain checks. Realize that Finds are loss leaders. But still! You do so well and much better in terms of energy usage and awareness of energy issues than most Am. companies. And you treat your staff welll; pay them well and offer only full time work. That is something most Am. cooperations also could learn a lot from.

    Yet, still here is something lacking. It would be in everybody’s interest if you fix the loss!

    I look forward to your reply.

    Best wishes,

    Margit Bøjstrup

  39. To Whom It May Concern:
    Store employees of your Harlem store need to wear name tags, which is why they may find it so easy to disrespect your customers with no remorse. This is an ongoing situation with one in particular, I would be surprised if you’ve never gotten a complaint about this one. Arguing with customers, looking at us like we stink or something. She has no customer service skills (I mean NONE)!…Very haughty and rude, can’t ask her a simple question rolling her eyes and looking as if nothing even matters. Needs an attitude adjustment and maybe some ANGER MANAGEMENT HELP. As hard as jobs are to come by for most people she needs feel blessed that she has a job. She always seems to be so angry all the time (Never Smile). I really did not want to write this review, trust me I would have written it sooner. This young lady is just not good at working with the public. Too bad they seem to not be required to wear name tags, because I would have given you her name. She is African American not dark skinned, but not so light. She wears her hair in long thick braided extensions and most of the time it is pinned up away from her face. Your personal problems should not follow you to your place of employment. I started to stop shopping there, but thought maybe this letter could make a difference. And please consider those name tags, this may be the reason she feels so free to be so NASTY WITH CUSTOMERS. The time of day may be a little off, but I would never write anything untrue. I love people and I really love ALDI’s prices.
    Thank you,
    Respectfully yours,
    Ms. EJ Brooks

  40. I love Aldi’s. The store in Rockaway was renovated but now you do not carry the energy drink for 69 cents. Can you please get that back? Please……

  41. Please!!!! Are you going to be carrying your gluten free bread in the Warren PA store? I was told by your customer service dept that you were not a couple of months ago. BUT, My cousin gets your gluten free bread in Ashtabula Ohio Aldis and I can’t drive that far! I can drive to Warren PA!

  42. Why would you be selling Lemon Juice on Nov 18th that expired on Oct 3rd ? I bought two bottles and would like to know what Aldis will do about it. “Two brothers started Aldis with the intent of selling top notch food items inexpensively ” I guess the public should know that means selling outdated items.

    Shame on you Aldis. That is called a scam.

  43. Why would you be selling Lemon Juice on Nov 18th that expired on Oct 3rd ? I bought two bottles and would like to know what Aldis will do about it. “Two brothers started Aldis with the intent of selling top notch food items inexpensively ” I guess the public should know that means selling outdated items. Any real store would have pulled the juice off the shelf before the expiration date.

    Shame on you Aldis. That is called a scam.

  44. This is the second time I’ve complained about the fresh green beans. I bought Southern Valley Farm Fresh green beans – $1.59 per package. When I opened them, they were way to old, in that they were left on the vine too long and the beans inside the bean were huge. They just were sub-standard in my opinion. Also, the ice cream bars with chocolate covering look like a mess when you open them. Apparently, the chocolate was not spread thick enough to cover the ice cream adequately. Other than that, I do like shopping at Aldi’s.

    • Hi, Would you be interested in selling groceries etc. to me as a small town grocery? . Town of about 500 people with 5 different camprounds consisting of at least 7500 campsites. As you know it is hard to have suppliers delivers to us. We keep a clean store and would like to stay in business. Could we talk about this ? I await your answer and any possibilities

  45. The last time I was in a store in Chesapeake va, there were no one walking around to help the customers find what they were looking for. Since my foodstamps have been reduced, I need to know if you sell tea bags. years ago, use to go in a store and find a box of tea bags (over 100 tea bags in each box) for a very low price. do you have such an item at your store on executive blvd Chesapeake va?

  46. Great store, I wish however that you would make available items such as caned kale, German style pinkelwurst, tilsitter, harzer hand cheese, tea wurst, German bread etc. By the way your Bavarien bratwurst and liver wurst are a success!
    I had called you a while back with the same request and was told that they would get back to me on this matter, never heard from them!
    Hope to see these items on your shelf soon, yours truly Karl Boecker

  47. I am trying to reach customer service but everything I click on the given email address it informs me that it is no longer available. I have been buying the coconut spread to use instead of butter – because it tastes great and has zero cholesterol. My local Aldi’s store quit carrying it. I cannot remember the brand name. Could you please inform me of the brand name and/or tell me what Aldi’s store in the St. Louis, MO. metro area still carries it? Thanks!

  48. I would love it if you opened a store in Waterloo, IL. I have many friends in town who agree with me – we have to drive to St. Louis, MO. or Fairview Heights, IL. to get to an Aldi’s store. Please bring one to Waterloo!


  50. I have shopped at Aldi’s quite often and take it in stride when they are usually out of the items advertised in the sale brochure. Last week I went in to buy a de-humidifier & guess what they were out of them. They also had one advertised in March but were out of them. I called customer service & was told the same thing they tell me at the store-they must have been out even tho I went to the store early.
    Obviously the corporation isn’t interested that I will or others will not shop there again. This is certainly not the customer service one receives at Trader JOE’S.

  51. I love the fit & active 40 calorie multigrain bread.It keeps longer than other brands.Only thing, I wonder why half the loaf has big holes in it.

  52. I try to shop, weekly at ALDI in Burton Mi. Sure do wish you guys would come to Davison Twp! Check is out when you get a chance? Anyway several times now, I have had the pleasure of JESSY or JESSIE help me check out. He is positively the best cashier Aldi has ever had! He is courtious, fast, and unbelievably anxious to help in any way. I picked up a SEEDED watermelon instead a SEEDLESS one. He asked which kind do you have? I told him a SERDLESS. No, Mam, you have one with seeds. “I’ll go get the kind you want. And off he went, and in a flash he was back! Who does that, anymore? He always asks, “is there anything you didn’t get because you couldn’t find it”, “Have a great day, see ya soon” , is not a common thing just any cashier says! He’s a great addition to your good name. Well now, I think that’s all I have to say! Thanks! You have a great day too! ?

  53. I try to shop, weekly at ALDI in Burton Mi. Sure do wish you guys would come to Davison Twp! Check us out when you get a chance? Anyway several times now, I have had the pleasure of JESSY or JESSIE help me check out. He is positively the best cashier Aldi has ever had! He is courtious, fast, and unbelievably anxious to help in any way. I picked up a SEEDED watermelon instead a SEEDLESS one. He asked which kind do you have? I told him a SERDLESS. No, Mam, you have one with seeds. “I’ll go get the kind you want. And off he went, and in a flash he was back! Who does that, anymore? He always asks, “is there anything you didn’t get because you couldn’t find it”, “Have a great day, see ya soon” , is not a common thing just any cashier says! He’s a great addition to your good name. Well now, I think that’s all I have to say! Thanks! You have a great day too! ?

  54. I buy the Savoritz Crackers, love them, but the last 4 boxes, 2/3s of the crackers are broken up! Aldi’s Store in Port St. Lucie, FL on US 1. Code bar # G41498 187453. Please find the source and correct!
    Thank you in advance!

  55. My customer service is better than excellent because of an employee at your Huntington WV store.Her name is Amanda Kizziah and as a former manager of a hardware store I think this young lady,28 years old is management quality.Her personal appearance,being more than willing to help,courtesy and intelligence are better than any I have found in other venues of retailing.She will soon be moving to Somerset,Ky.where she will be working in another Aldi’s store.I am NOT related to her in any way but I do know a quality employee when I see one.

  56. Ref. the Waterford, Connecticut , USA , store.

    The one and only handicap cart has been out of order for a month, I know because it broke down when I got on it in the parking lot and was headed into the store and it suddenly started going backwards at a fast rate. I had to shut off the on switch to stop it in fear of being hit by an auto. Since then I can only manage to walk to get a gallon of milk and have to go else where to shop where they have many handicap carts. You really should consider putting more in a store if you expect to increase your customer base and our satisfaction.

  57. I’m very upset.My boyfriend got ripped off by your store in Wilmington Ohio.He spent 5.21.He is owed 10 dollars.I bet this drawer will be over this amount.

  58. I live in Phila zip 19124. I shop the the Aldi’s at Castor and Erie. It has been open for only a couple of weeks. The shelves are never stocked the freeze is also sparse on product. The food merchandise is spread all over the store and the middle aisles are full of needless products for home and personal use.
    Do You think you can improve on this location? If not there is a Save a Lot across the street I will take my business there. Thank you for considering this request.

  59. Poor quality food at Aldi’s Bakersfield. Shelf products taste aged and were in edible. Best quality I’ve found is at our local Winco on Panama Lane.

    Will not shop at Aldi’s in the future.

  60. We live on the Kansas side of the state line, work on the Missouri side. Your Kansas stores do not sell alcohol, went to work several of us went to buy your Advent Wine Calendars and they were sold out at all of the stores five minutes after opening. I do not know how many were stocked at your stores but it is very unfortunate that those of us that have to work and not able to take advantage of the sales. Plus we had to have the store associates to check to let us know that all of the stores in the Kansas City area were sold out. There is not a phone number listed where you could call the store to save yourself a trip. It would be very thoughtful for you to consider putting out half in the morning and maybe have in the evening when people are getting off from work. It was very poorly managed, after seeing how well it did last year and then not to expect it to sell out here.

  61. I am on my phone ans I cant check emails…
    I like so many of your products
    Please yse mirw healrhy aalr in thibgs ….esp organic turkey bone broth
    Not sidium chloride!
    Thank you

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