Contact Alaska Airlines Customer Service

Contacting Alaska Airline Customer Service Center

Alaska Airline was founded in the early 1930’s and since grown into a major company servicing more than 17 million customers per year; spanning several cities in the United States and three countries abroad. The rich history of the company resembles the community it serves. The company stands behind the motto of neighbor helping neighbor. Customers should be confident that the customer support team will handle questions and concerns, regardless of the size of the problem.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Monday through Sunday 8am to 3am EST.

  • Reservations: 1-800-252-7522

Monday through Sunday 8am to 3am EST.

  • TDD: 1-800-682-2221

Monday through Sunday 8am to 3am EST.

  • Partner Award Reservations: 1-800-307-6912

Monday through Friday 9am to 9pm; Saturday 10:30am to 9pm EST.

  • Group Reservations (10 or more): 1-800-445-4435

Monday through Sunday 9:00 am to 3am EST.

  • EasyBiz Reservations: 1-888-280-8929
  • Antigua: 011-800-25275200
  • Argentina: 00-800-25275200
  • Australia: 0011-800-25275200
  • Belgium: 00-800-25275200
  • Bermuda: 011-800-25275200
  • Canada: 1-800-252-7522
  • China: 00-800-25275200
  • Colombia: 005-800-25275200
  • Costa Rica: 00-800-25275200
  • Denmark: 00-800-25275200
  • France: 00-800-25275200
  • Germany: 00-800-25275200
  • Hong Kong: 001-800-25275200
  • Hungary: 00-800-25275200
  • Iceland: 00-800-252-75200
  • India: 000-800-1001051
  • Ireland: 00-800-25275200
  • Israel: 014-800-25275200
  • Italy: 00-800-25275200
  • Japan: 0061-010-800-25275200
  • Korea: 002-800-25275200
  • Malaysia: 00-800-25275200
  • Mexico (reservations): 001-800-252-7522
  • Mexico (customer service): 001-800-654-5669
  • The Netherlands: 00-800-25275200
  • New Zealand: 00-800-25275200
  • Norway: 00-800-25275200
  • Philippines: 00-800-25275200
  • Portugal: 00-800-25275200
  • Singapore: 001-800-25275200
  • Spain: 00-800-25275200
  • Sweden: 00-800-25275200
  • Switzerland: 00-800-25275200
  • Taiwan: 00-800-25275200
  • Thailand: 001-800-25275200
  • United Kingdom: 00-800-25275200
  • Other international countries: 001-206-244-0751

Mailing Address

Alaska AirlinesP.O. Box 24948 – SEAGTSeattle, WA 98124-0948

Official Website

Customers can choose the way they fly when visiting the official Air Alaska website Customers can book travel arrangements, check flights and find deals and promotions. The website also features FAQs page and a place where customers can find international contact information. When making flight arrangements, customers can do more than book flights; they can book hotels, rent car as well as cruises.

Customer Service Email

Go to contact the customer service department. We sent a message asking for information relating to traveling with passengers with severe food allergies. We hope to receive a response within the 24 to 48 hour time frame. We have not received a response as of yet.

Customers can also contact the customer support department on social media.

Our Experience

Typically contacting an airline customer service department is difficult and confusing. Contacting Alaska Airlines was rather simple, in essence. We called, pressed 0 twice and were connected to the customer service line. The downside was the wait time. We were placed on hold for more than 15 minutes. When we finally connected with the representative, we asked for information relating to the hours of operation. The only information on the website was for the reservations department. The agent explained the customer service department was open the same time as the reservations department.

The answer was straight and to the point. We wish the overall experience was similar. When you called the customer support team, did you have better luck? Let us know.

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18 Comments on “Contact Alaska Airlines Customer Service
  1. i want to change my flight on line…..since your phone number will not work from Colombia…. please help…..thank you….

  2. I love Alaska and fly only other airline if you do not fly to my destination for more than 15 years. Oct 1, 2015 flight 11 from EWR to SEA my seat mates 23 A and B were “snorting” mood altering substances thru the entire flight. You will be receiving a letter from me with the details. A new norm? “I paid for my seat I can f… what I want. Mind your f…” Where do I mail my letter.
    Susan McDonald RN
    I was very concerned to report this activity during the flight for my own safety.

  3. Hi, I left my iPad on our flight yesterday and I am trying to get in touch with the airline. Since we are in Mexico we don’t have cell service just email. We flew alskain airlines lax to ixtapa on the 9:50 am flight on nov 15th we were row 10 a, b and c.
    My number is 949 283-3127.
    Thank you!

  4. I purchased 4 tickets for my grandchildren for a flight which was canceled 3 weeks before departure date. They were rebooked by me on another flight. 4 days ago via email, I received 4 coupon codes such as: ECSR100CSFDC307134. Can these be applied retrospectively to the second set of tickets? Who can use these codes? The ticket holder only? The purchaser (me) only? Anyone?

  5. I filed a claim with AlaskaAir in December for delayed bag. Never received a reply or check which is stated in the claim that 6 to 8 weeks I should receive it. Then In April I emailed them. Got reply. Sent the items in again certified mail. Haven’t heard back from them. Tried for 2 days to fax the information in again for the 3rd time and kept getting busy signal. I don’t know what is going on with these people, but I would like to get some answers. I am not happy with this airline. I feel like they don’t care.

  6. On my recent return flight
    SFM SEA YVR 14 Jan boarding in SFM and SEA required the use of many stairs.
    I had the standard carry on and found doing all those stairs challenging.
    In cases of boarding with stairs involved I think it is appropriate for you
    to check cabin luggage for free .
    Your competition does not charge for luggage, and they will be my choice the next time…

  7. I work for an Idaho non profit organization. Recently, we had a Team Member that could not attend a training conference and I was asked to call and cancel his airfare. I cringed, thinking that we MAY get a partial refund. Your employee, Rachael Stevens (Boise, ID) was simply amazing! She was professional, caring, knew our Organization, and expressed a true love for her job with Alaska.
    You can BET I’ll be an Alaska Airline customer from now on! Thank you, Rachael!

  8. Greetings- I travelled with Alaskan Air from Petersburg to Washington on November 25th- my flight caused an inconvenience as it was delayed in Petersburg 6 hours- I can provide more detail if needed- is there any way My son Hunter Gaylord, can get some sort of credit towards this?

    He and my other son Blake are frequent flyers and I hope to be in the near future

  9. My name is Brandon Boothe and I have been an solid Alaska Airlines customer for 8 years. I travel down to CA once a month and visa versa my daughter come here to visit. This is the first time I haven’t been a MVP and it bothered me when I call Customer Service to see how I could maintain my status. The young lady on the other end was abrupt and to the point and that was the end of the conversation. It has bothered me that their was no compassion or care from the other end on the phone, and wanted to share this. My wife and I have decided that once we have paid off my card we will be looking to close both our Alaska accounts. We are finding that customer care and seeing our business as value statement and treated with respect being a reason of staying with a company. Thank You For Listening.

  10. I recently flew from Boston to Seattle (May 16). My Osprey luggage was damaged- a cut to the exterior. I traveled throughout Europe and within the USA with that luggage and it was never previously damaged. Disappointing experience.

  11. I recently led a group of 11 on a trip from Houston to Seattle. (Flight 347 on 5-23-19). Since we had a group of 11, I wasn’t sure if I should use the kiosk or go to the desk. I asked an employee, Katrina, and she said that she would help us. She took us all to the counter, and she handled our group in a very timely manner, checking in our baggage and giving me the boarding passes. Houston Airport has not allocated much space to Alaska Airlines, so it was a little confusing with our large group. Katrina made us feel important as customers.

    We checked our baggage and walked to our gate. In a few minutes, Katrina appeared at the gate counter, helping handle passenger’s questions. She was very friendly to us there also, and she told us to have a wonderful trip. When we landed back in Houston, five days later, Katrina was standing at the door of the plane and remembered us. It was like seeing an old friend.

    Thank you for employing people at Alaska Airlines that seem to truly care about customer service. Too often, service industries don’t see to realize that the customer is important. Katrina went beyond and above!

    As a side note, we loved the plane that we flew. It was newer, very clean, and we so appreciated what seemed to us as extra leg room.

  12. Guys, you lost my gate-checked luggage between Dallas and San Jose, and had it for a month (I got it back last week).
    I had to continually chase down your baggage claim folks to get responses, in very sharp contrast to your stated policy of getting a call every 24 hours until my luggage was found. I also spent an unbelievable amount of time on hold waiting for your central baggage claim to respond, and now I’m wondering how long you plan on making me wait for a final resolution to this, and to make me whole since I had to buy new clothes while on vacation (this was MY time and MY money out the door!).
    At this point I’m not looking for points or miles, as I’m gun-shy of your airline. When will you call me back, and when will you make me whole?

  13. Confirmation # DQSZKQ Richard and Barbara Gordon
    Our flight from SAN to Medford, OR AS209 to AS2221 on 08/17/18 was delayed leaving SAN resulting in missing flight 2221 to Medford, OR at 11:00 AM — Alaska Airlines put us on the next “available flight” at 7:00 PM connecting through Portland to Medford! As that departure time approached the departure time was delayed to 7:14 PM then to 7:40 PM which would make us miss the connection to Medford. The agent then put us on a flight to Medford at 11:00 PM that would have arrived after the rental car counter would have closed. I asked the agent to pull our bags and I made a reservation on Delta to Medford at 9:00 PM. I am requesting a refund of the cost of the portion of the AA flight that you did not provide.

  14. Please, remove the ‘pillow’ from the seat in coach! The pillow does not creste comfort but pushes your head forward.
    Virgin seats and planes need modification to remove the pillow. It does not suit all heights.

  15. I’m a little confused. You lowered your baggage sizes yet you don’t follow your own guidelines. I flew from EWR to Seattle on 3 October 18, flight 11 and there were several bags that wouldn’t fit in your baggage prop. Yet no airline rep. noticed or said anything. Why bother downsizing. You’re losing a hell of a lot of money not checking bags in. Most passengers are afraid of lost luggage which can be remedied by color coding baggage tags. Red tags go north, white goes south etc. it might also stop the mad rush to get on board first rather than worry about bag room on board. It’s getting almost stressful to fly nowadays.

  16. I am attempting to purchase a Flight from Bellingham, Wa. to Las Vegas on February 24 and return on February 28
    I have completed, I thought, on Internet all necessary information.
    I have been unable to complete the Reservation. My Mileage Plan 186261633
    Password: Theilade9
    Can you lead me through this to a successful conclusion?

  17. . I had an interesting customer service experience with Alaska Airlines this morning.

    My flight to San Francisco was set to leave at 6AM – they asked that I arrive at the airport and be prepared to board at 5:20 AM. I was at the airport and through security by 4:50 AM.
    When I went to gate C1, there was a message posted that my flight had been canceled. Not postponed, but canceled. And that I was to find an Alaska Airlines Customer Service Agent to assist me. Well, let me tell you, Alaska was not about to pay superfluous agents to hand around their gates at the Portland International Airport just to look nice. So I walked several terminals before I found a CS agent at B1. They could not tell me why my flight had been cancelled, just that it had and that I was so lucky – there was one seat left to get me to San Francisco. In retrospect I never heard him say what time he would get me there. Keep in mind I needed to attend a mediation that started at 10 AM. After perhaps 5 minutes of him running around to several computers, he proudly showed me my new boarding pass – for a flight that left PDX at 1PM and arrived at 3 PM. Well, needless to say this would not help me in the slightest so I advised the agent he could cancel my flight and let some other SFO-bound flier access that that last seat.

    It was after all of this that I received the text from Alaska confirming my flight had been cancelled.

    As dumb as the morning had already been, it just got dumber. He told me he was “not comfortable” cancelling my ticket since it was the last one available and I still might need it. Despite my multiple pleadings he would not cancel the ticket. So, in essence, I had an expensive ticket that I did not need and could not use in my hands. He asked me to call a toll-free number if I wanted to cancel the flight. So I dialed and was told my wait time would be between 22 and 31 minutes and did I want someone to call me back. It is now 5:20 AM. So I called and waited. The only bright spot of the morning was the Alaska Corporate guy who apologized for the cancellation and helpfully refunded my purchase price directly to my credit card.
    I never did find out why my flight had been cancelled – no one would tell me.

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