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Contacting Alamo Customer Service Center

Alamo is one of the largest car rental agencies in the United States. The company is a subsidiary of parent company Enterprise, which also owns National Car Rental. The company was founded in the early 1970’s and has since grown into an international player in the car rental business. Alamo has offices in North America, Australia, Europe, Africa, Central America and Mexico.

The main focus of the company is complete customer satisfaction. The goal is to have happy customers and repeat customers. In order to make this happen, the company provides several ways for customers to provide feedback on their experiences, including calling the customer service department, contacting the corporate headquarters, emailing the customer service department or visiting the Facebook page.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Reservations: 1-877-222 9075
  • Alamo Insiders (reservations): 1-800-906-5555
  • Alamo Insiders (customer service): 1-800-882-5266
  • Roadside assistance (U.S.): 1-800-803-4444
  • Roadside assistance (Canada): 1-800-407-4411
  • Special needs customers: 1-800-651-1223
  • TTY: 1-800-522-9292
  • Customer service (billing): 1-800-445-5664

Mailing Address

Alamo Corporate Headquarters600 Corporate Park Dr.St. Louis, MO 63105

Official Website

Customers visit the official Alamo website have the ability to rent vehicles, sign up for the Alamo Insiders rewards program, as well as check out last minute deals and promotions. The company recommends reviewing the Alamo FAQsprior to contacting the customer service department.

Although provides several ways to communicate with the customer service department, customers may want to contact the local branch. Customers can visit the search locations page in order to find the nearest Alamo.

Customer Service Email

Alamo did not have an email address, so we had to attempt to contact the customer service department on the Facebook page. We asked if the company had a dedicated email address for customer issues and concerns. We are still awaiting a response.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, customers are inundated with options. Unfortunately, none of the options are for the customer service department. We had to select another option and request to speak with a customer service representative. After waiting approximately 90 seconds, we were speaking with a live agent. We asked questions relating to insurance, specifically if customers had to purchase insurance when renting cars.

The agent assured us we didn’t need to purchase insurance, but to ensure our current car insurance could cover the cost in the event we were involved in an accident. The call was short and to the point. Were you able to speak with a live agent immediately or did you have a long wait. Let us know your Alamo customer experience in the comment section below.

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26 Comments on “Contact Alamo Customer Service
  1. I rented a car in Panama in your offices in the Tocumen Airport. I wanted to report that one of the personal that work for Alamo for Panama, Mr. Alejandro Mendoza, had such a bad customer service during our pick up of the car – an actitud that affects the image of Alamo. I think in the future wherever I decide to rent a car a will stick back to Hertz or Avis.
    I would like to know how to get this comment to the headquarters that should supervise the quality of the service any Alamo Rent a car provides around the world.

  2. I recently used Alamo to hire a car in America for my honeymoon now when we returned the car with a full tank of petrol because we were advised to by a Alamo staff member we were actually meant to return it back empty. Now we have been trying to get an refund of the money we have used to put petrol in that car and it has been impossibly to get any answers from any staff members. We have been passed from person to person from America to england and still have not got anywhere. The customer service we have received is appalling its does not state anywhere in your policies that Alamo in America can not deal with enquirers from alamo in England and vice versa! You are meant to be one company but yet it does not function!!

    All we want is our refund on the money we spent on petrol.

    We would be grateful if someone could help us rather than pass us on.

    I would also advise your staff need more training in what your company can and cannot do.

    It is not our fault that your staff member in America told us to bring the car back full we should not have to pay for his incompetence.

  3. I have spent the better part of an hour trying to log in as an insider and rent a car for two weeks. I just keep going in circles. I also tried to reserve a car without logging in with the same results. This is probably the worst site for car rentals. I have had much better success with AAA.

  4. Fabulous experience with Alamo at the Baltimore Washington International Airport. My companion is wheelchair bound and upon arrival at Alamo the service could not have been better. Bryan helped me with selecting a car that would accommodate a wheelchair which ended up as a free upgrade. He was polite and extended his service helping me with my luggage as well as the wheelchair. Upon our return, Jermaine helped me as well with the luggage to the airport transportation bus. He was also polite and helpful. Well done Alamo, I can’t thank you enough for the great service!

  5. This week I had a confirmed reservation to pick up a full size car in Lubbock Texas. When I arrived the staff was flustered and got another manager out to let me know they had run out of cars and I just had no other options. Crazy! No notice, no call, no options. I will never be using Alamo again as they left me stranded and really had no options for help. I contacted their agent that evening after an hour and a half delay and expenses to get to my hotel. They said they would escalate this to their manager and I would get a call back. That never happened. Well at least Alamo is consistent in not worrying about leaving someone without a car, and not worrying about any kind of follow up. Terrible experience, that I would never wish on anyone!

  6. We rented a car from Alamo in Phoenix, AZ in December 2014. This was the first time I have had an Agent ask to see my passport. I have been renting from Alamo for many years and this has never been requested before. I was made to feel as if he thought I would take the car and not return it. I do not like this and hope that someone can explain this. My sister rented a car prior to us in November at the same airport under the same conditions and was not requested to produce her passport.

    Can someone explain the difference.

  7. I wanted to send you a comment/compliment about an awesome experience I had while traveling to Jacksonville, Fla Airport and picking up my rental car there. The Manager Eric was very attentive and friendly. He expedited our rental through a previous booking with Hotwire. I can’t say enough about this manager. He was very helpful and kind. We in a hurry to get on the road because of the storms coming into the area and having a long drive ahead into the night. He gave me easy and clear driving instructions because our GPS stopped working. He also upgraded us to a bigger, more comfortable car and did not charge us.
    I want you to know that my experience with him has made me step back and look at your company in a different way. There are so many big and small car rental companies out there to choose from, but i will definitely consider Alamo in the future because of his rare kindness and ability to help, along with expediting quickly so we could get on the road.
    I am an Operating Room Manager and know that good customer service is an important business practice. Our CEO says that when a patient has a good experience, they tell 3-4 people, but if they have a bad experience they tell 20, which is unfortunate. That is why it makes good business sense to keep them coming back.
    My RA # was 328807012 with rental date June 22, 2015
    Please relay this message to whomever is appropriate in order to recognize your wonderful manager.
    Thank you again

  8. My son in law rented a car from july 29,2015 to aug 4 2015 it showed the return time as 10am on aug 4, he called in and talked with someone and told them we would not be returning the vehicle till around 6pm as our flight left later that day, the person told him that would not be a problem. When my wife and i picked the vehicle up we noticed it still had the return time as 10 am. We brought this to the young mans attention behind the counter in st.louis and he became very rude and said if we want it till 6pm thats another day and charged us $96 for the extra time between 10am and 6pm. The rate that was paid for the previous days was around $29. I believe that this is almost criminal to stick a customer when they know you need the vehicle. we have always used alamo but will reconsider after this blatant price gouging. Customer service I don’t think so …

  9. My experience with Alamo (Las Vegas airport) started with great customer service from the guy at the reservation counter to the young lady who brought me my car to the guy when I returned the vehicle all awesome, I even complimented him on how awesome my experience was with Alamo… Until I went into customer service to pay my bill, that’s where I meet Jenni, who was VERY rude and nasty, as I was trying to explain my to her, she keep cutting me off with her rudeness. I had to speak with her supervisor to get my issue resolved…

  10. We ordered a car in A class module on the 03.11.2015 – 13.11.2015 in Milan Italy airport. (Order number:1802117373COUNT)
    when we got there , they didn’t have the ordered car (we were told that no such a car in their branch?!) , they suggested us to get a Mini model car or to wait about three hours maybe they will have a car in our module ,even that we paid more.
    we asked to get a better car that we saw they had , and the manager didn’t agree , and behaved In an inappropriate manner , He told us that we will have to pay more in order to get that car.
    After an hour an a half a W Golf car returned , we took that car even that it was less then the car we ordered.
    We look forward to receiving adequate compensation from you, due that it’s harmed our holiday.

  11. At about 2:30pm ET, I spoke with one of your male CS agents at the MIA location (I didn’t get a name) and he answered several questions about your service from MIA to the Port of Miami. He was very nice, very professional, and very helpful. We will be using your service next month as a result of this experience. Thank you.

  12. HI,

    I met Kidanny Pagan at the AlamoDallas-FtWorthTX, and I’ve never experienced such a lovely, helpful, enthusiastic level of service with a car rental. Kidanny was busy with another customer when I approached, but he greeted me, let me know he’d be right with me, and then brought a high-level of energy with him when he came back. He assisted me with finding a car I was comfortable with, and answered the questions I had about the vehicle with a clear interest in cars. It’s really cool to meet someone who enjoys cars so much, because it makes what could be a ho-hum experience of renting a car something that has a positive impact on my entire day.

    Thanks for the smarts of hiring Kidanny. I’m grateful I ran into him when my coworker and I rented a car at DFW on January 10th.


  13. Since most of the Alamo bad reviews cover the incompetent, unprofessional way this rental car business does business I will only say that if my son or daughter talked to me the way Marilyn from Fort Myers Airport talked to me there would be serious consequences. Maybe Marilyn needs to be “grounded” from answering phones for awhile with a cut in pay until she understands the importance of customer service through some training programs. Choices in how we speak to someone has consequences for the bottom line of a business.

  14. Service is terrible. Customer service is terrible.
    I rented a car, paid for it and they tripled my charges without my knowledge or any paper work. They will not answer their phone and give little recourse to solve the problem but to take them to court and attempt to get my money back.

  15. Dear sirs
    I’ve just made a resrvation for Frankfurt airport (1158021227COUNT) for one of your cars.
    Can you verify please that
    1)the final price will be $243?
    2)that you accept debit card with visa sign, as you mention in your policies & rules
    3)the total amount of the deposit for this car
    4)when is the deposit amount deblocked
    Thank you for your quick reply

  16. Hello. I rented a car in Orlando international airport. RES#1257496803. On that Saturday the car was reading it had low oil and needed to add. I called your service dept and they said I maybe charged with towing and that it was still drivable. I than called the airport and talked to a lady there and she told me that the oil needs changed and I can take it to a near by firestone to do this. I asked why does the oil need changed when the car is saying add oil its very low. I asked should the car of been maintenance before I picked it up. She said yes but it wasn’t. I am very upset of the inconvenience that this caused since we were there on vacation and needed the car to go to ESPN for competitions. I took the car to the Alamo near Magic Kingdom and they were great. You need more employees like them. Please thank them for me. The airport in Orlando is horrible customer service over the phone. This was my first time going thru Alamo and very disappointed. Still upset that Orlando would not help me/very rude. Also they man at the counter told me my insurance was no good to use on rentals so I purchased. Found out that he lied. Thanks to the Magic Kingdom sight they let me return it. Do no take advantage of people. That’s what people remember. My husband and I travel a lot and rent cars. We never complain because I work in retail and know what it is like. However this lady over the phone was not the nicest and the car should of been maintenance before I got it.

  17. Just wanted to say thank you for cutting ties with NRA. I booked a car in April today with your company when I heard the news.


  19. Our founders understood that we might one day have a need to own a gun for self protection. Millions of Americans join the NRA for the educational programs, training, and advocacy of our second amendment rights. For the most part, we are law abiding, patriotic citizens. And yet you have chosen to punish us over an illogical and emotional debate that is taking place over gun control. We will not be using your services going forward.

  20. It appears like your two star rating deserves an even lower rating. How can you in good conscious break contract with the NRA and “weaponize” a tragedy as in Florida for a political agenda against another organization which had nothing to with the incident. This utterly shameful, you don’t even know the facts and make this unwarranted announcement. I will walk to my destination before I use any of you rental car agencies, you can all got to… you know where before I use your service whereas all of my Patriot American associates feel the same way. We’ll Uber it or Cab it for our travels. Shame on you for using this a political agenda item. We hope this makes your low rated company even lower rated and bankrupt for turning away law abiding citizens. Good riddance!

  21. We rented a car in Phoenix Sky Harbour 4/20-24 and used Alamo. Everyone that helped us was wonderful, especially Manny who checked us back in on 4/24.
    Employees make a company. I hope you give them kudos for their hard work.
    Thank you,

  22. I had the pleasure of having Alamo employee Dondra Johnson assist me at the Newark location. He was extremely helpful. He found out what was important in a car rental for me and then gave me the best car for my trip. He also retrieved the car quickly and helped me with my seat and making sure I knew the features of the car.

  23. On July 14, 2018, I arrived from SFO to PHX airport to rent a car. I was helped by Naima. She happened to notice that my California driver’s license had expired a short time back. To help me resolve this, she suggested that I apply for an updated license online. I tried doing it on my phone without success. She even got permission to let me use one of the employee Windows devices to make it easier. I struggled with the DMV site, and was unable to make it work (I later learned that it wasn’t working for many others).

    Anyway, we decided to let my wife be the sole driver, and all was resolved. Throughout this ordeal of about an hour, Naima offered to get us drinks, and was amazingly attentive and supportive. You’re very lucky to have such a dedicated individual working at our Phoenix airport office. She’s a real jewel. We’re never renting from another company again!

    James and Marcia Chase

  24. I rented a mini van on 8/9/2017 from the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport location. Upon check in, I asked that my 31 year old son by added as an additional driver. He showed his driver license and it had the word Restricted on it. On the back of the license it showed that the restriction was for his motorcycle riding and that the license was restricted to temporary riding of a motorcycle upon completion of a physical riding test. It had nothing to do with operating a vehicle. Since the staff had not been trained to read different scenarios of what might be on a driver license, he was not able to be added because the word Restricted appeared on his D.L. This was a huge inconvenience for us and caused our vacation weekend to have to be changed completely. Thank goodness he wasn’t by himself and then turned down! I asked that maybe at the next company meeting, they bring this up to be reported to the corporate office so this doesn’t happen again. They advised that they had no way to get information to the corporate office. I find this hard to believe and at that time was done talking to them. The drivers license was very clear as to what was restricted and there are many different vehicles that can be operated with the same D.L. Many different vehicles may have restrictions and noting it on a person’s D.L. is standard procedure. I do not find turning down a D.L. for having the word Restricted on it, due to some other restriction other than a vehicle, acceptable practice. What if I had a restricted fork lift statement on my D.L. or a restricted anything else vehicle statement on my D.L.? There is no way to get around this because this is how DMV operates. Please educate your employees or put a statement on your web site so we will know not to rent at your location again. This could have been a real disaster if he had been traveling alone. Thank you!

  25. this email is to complain about being charge $1100.00 dollars for car insurance which we had already paid for with our Thomas cook holiday. in July 2018.
    we flew in to Florida airport on 15th July on flight MT2654 arrival time local time, 14.35.

    we had pre booked a car hire and fully paid gold cover insurance which covered us for driving in the usa.

    Having raised a complaint with regards to this on our return to Scotland to be told as you signed a form consenting to the insurance we will not be liable to a refund.

    This is a fraudulent transaction as the man who handled our booking assured us that unless we took out additional insurance then we wouldn’t be eligible to take out the car.

    I am outraged that this is the way that you treat people who have paid almost $10,000.00 dollars on a family holiday that you feel the need to extort more money from us.

    I would like to here from you as to what you are going to do about this as I feel that your company have blackmailed us into paying twice for insurance that we had already taken out with Thomas cook.

    I look forward to your response


    Joanne Warner

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