Contact AirTran Customer Service

Contacting AirTran Customer Service Center

Through the hard work and dedication of its seasoned staff, AirTran formed in order to fill a void when Eastern Airline went under. The company began from executive and staff of Sothern Airways as well as former employees of Eastern Airlines. The original name of the company was ValuJet and then subsequently changes to its current name. Throughout the company’s relatively short history, it began to transform the air travel through innovation, including the ticketless travel and low cost travel.

In the early years of the 21st century, AirTran began its next stage of growth by being acquired by perennial low-cost airline Southwest Airlines. This not only created a larger fleet, but allowed for a better customer experience.

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Contact Info:

Customers wanting to connect with the customer service department will need to during regular business hours. The customer service department is open Monday through Friday 8am to 10pm; Saturday and Sunday 8am to 8pm EST.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Reservations: 1-800-247-8726, 678-254-7999 or 407-318-5600
  • Customer Relations: 1-866-247-2428
  • Refunds: 1-866-573-3863
  • Group Sales: 1-888-419-6109
  • A+ Rewards: 1-888-327-5878
  • System Baggage Service: 1-800-965-2107 ext. 8900
  • TDD: 1-800-868-8833
  • Travel Agent Desk: 1-800-799-5401
  • A2B Corporate Program: 1-888-301-5809
  • Government and Military: 1-877-468-4492

Mailing Address

AirTran AirwaysCustomer Relations1800 Phoenix BlvdSuite 104Atlanta, GA 30349

Official Website

Visit the official AirTran website order to reserve a flight, check into an existing reserved flight or check the status of a flight. The company recommends frequent flyers sign up for the A+ rewards program in order to save money while traveling. The company also allows customers to reserve hotel accommodations and rent cars.

When customers visit the customer care page, they have the ability to locate contact information, email the company using the contact us form as well as read the General FAQs and A+ Rewards FAQs.

Customer Service Email

Go to the Contact Us page order to send a message to the customer service department. We sent a message asking the procedure relating to traveling with someone with a life threatening food allergy. We also asked if the company could not serve peanut-based snacks. The automated response state a customer care agent should respond within 48 hours.

Customers can also connect with the customer support team using the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Our Experience

Although we connected with the customer support team rather quickly, the automated system was confusing. After we selected the option to speak with a customer service representative, the system provided a laundry list of information not related to our call. When the customer service agent answered the call, we asked if the company charged a fee if we canceled our reservation.

The agent explained that in the event a customer cancels a reservation, they are charged $75. Not what any customer wants to hear, but this is the policy of the company. Did you have a better experience when contacting AirTran? Share your comments below.

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One comment on “Contact AirTran Customer Service
  1. Dear AirTran,

    While I have flown you in the passed this is my husbands first time. It took much convincing to have him drive to Philadelphia to utilize AirTran over Spirit out of ACY which is 5 minutes from our home in Egg Harbor Two NJ compared to the hour drive to Philadelphia. We were raving about our flight- the service, our wonderful experience in business class, how much happier we were and how from now on we were going to fly AirTran due to the amazing exprience we had. We are Disney annual pass holders and travelers by nature. We make ait least four trips to Disney a year at the very least and one other trip. We considered ditching Spirit all together and utilizing AirTran from here on out- that was until our flight was cancelled tonight. We were to fly flight 401 out of Orlando to Philadelphia. Now believe me when I say my husband and I understand weather- hell we didn’t even know if we could take this vacation – you see we both work in Emergency Medical Services- he is a Paramedic and I am a 911 dispatcher. We haven spent every day since Hurricane Sandy devoting our lives to help those in our communities affected by the hurricane. We felt like the trip was our get away from all that is wrong on our coast in NJ. So we understand you have no control over weather. My anger and frustration comes from when our friends in travel advised us our flight was no longer on te board at gate 101- it was replaced with another flight. Our friend walked up to ask what was going on to find out our flight was cancelled. Your staff should have a responsiity to their customer. Prior to erasing that board of all the people on flight 401 they should have made us aware. When they did make us aware and that was not int at least twenty minutes later- members of the flight shouted out to the female thank you for finally letting us know- she had the audacity to shout back that she did let us know! We were never made aware. Even if we were wouldn’t the proper response be to comfort an assure us they would help us get back home?! What kind of customer service is being yelled back at? We came from ground zero in NJ to escape Hurricane Sandy to enjoy a weekend of escape only to be treated like we are wrong to be upset is not customer service at all. To top that we were only offers discounted rooms due to the weather- no other assistance in the situation. Last year when Spirit cancelled they made us all aware- they helped l of us and then they offered us air fare for another trip. We decide to try AirTran because your flight times were better but if you aren’t willing to assist customers or at the very least treat us with respect and utilize customer service standards than how will you ever get return customers? We come back to Disney is March for my husbands birthday and were planning our Food and Wine trip in the fall. Both of which we were going to utilize AirTran due to the wonderful exprience on the way down- please help me change my husbands mind. He says that Spirit treated us and took much better care of us on our last escapade with a cancelled flight and I have to agree. Please address these issues. Please discuss with your staff the customer service standard. Please convince my husband that you do have the customer service values that we abide by at our work. We follow STIR- Service, Truth, Integrity, Repsect.. Never do we yell and tell someone they are wrong and never do we treat someone without repse t or understanding – I expect the same when I travel as does my husband. Show us we should chose you over Spirit. Fix this.

    Yours a avid traveler,

    Mrs Kasey Attianese
    Mr Robert Attianese
    Flight 401
    MCO- PHL – cancelled

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