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Contacting Air France Customer Service Center

For nearly 80 years, Air France has serviced the residents of France and customers around the world. The company currently flies to more than 90 countries, which translates to more than 150 destinations. As one of the largest regional and international airlines, Air France carries approximately 60 million passengers per year.

With this many passengers, a main focus of the company is customer relations. When customers have questions and concerns relating to travel plans, Air France provides several ways to remain in constant contact with the customer support team.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The online customer service department is available Monday through Sunday, 8am to 7:30pm EST.

  • Online customer service: 1-800-992-3932

Customers wanting to contact the customer support team relating to reservation concerns can call Monday through Sunday, 8am to 11:59pm EST.

  • Reservations: 1-800-237-2747

Customers using the Flying Blue frequent flyer account can contact the customer service department Monday through Friday, 8am to 9pm; Saturday 8am to 5pm; Sunday 9am to5pm local time.

  • Fly Blue (France or Monaco): 3272
  • Fly Blue (International): (+33 1) 58 68 68 68
  • Germany: +49 180 5 007 772
  • Austria: +43 179 576 066
  • Belgium: Tel: (+ 32) 070 707 9 84
  • Luxembourg: Tel: + 352 34 20 80 80 88
  • Denmark: (+ 45) 70 10 00 73
  • Spain: +34 902 02 14 67
  • Finland: + 358 969379770
  • Great Britain: + 44 0870 24 29 242
  • Hungary: + 06 80 180 537
  • Ireland: + 353 0818 200018
  • Italy/San Marino: 199 30 90 92
  • Norway: + 47 81 53 51 51
  • Netherlands: + 31 09 00 040 02 52
  • Czech Republic: 800 100 370
  • Portugal: + 351 707 200 556
  • Russia: (+ 7) 499 922 39 36
  • Sweden: (+ 46) 0771 719900
  • Switzerland (French/English German): (+ 41) 0 84 800 00 23
  • Ukraine: (+ 380) 44 496 35 77
  • Israel: (+ 972) 180 944 1800
  • USA – Canada – Bermuda: (+1) 800 375 8723
  • Argentina: (+54) 1153542344
  • Belize, The Bahamas, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, El Salvador: (+1) 519 772 3570
  • Brazil: (+55) 1155826528
  • Bolivia: (+1) 519 772 3570
  • Chile: (+1) 800 53 00 93
  • Colombia: 01 800 012 75 87
  • Ecuador: 1 800 35 9464
  • Mexico: (+52) 5547387048
  • Paraguay: (+1) 519 772 3570
  • Peru: 0 800 52 440
  • Uruguay: 00040190577
  • Venezuela: 0 800 100 34 64
  • Hong Kong: (+852) 2501 9488
  • India / Nepal / Bangladesh / Sri Lanka / Maldives and Bhutan: 1-800-1800-077
  • Australia: 02) 8223 9835
  • New Zealand: (09) 918 4408
  • French Polynesia: +689 47 47 48
  • Mainland China: 4008 808 909
  • Japan: (03) 5767 6010
  • Indonesia: (021) 2927 2233
  • South Korea: 02 3483 1231
  • Thailand: 00 1 800 441 273
  • Singapore: (+65) 6622 1097
  • The Philippines: 1 800 1441 0275
  • Malaysia: (03) 6207 4021

Mailing Address

Flying BlueF-94 852 Ivry sur Seine CedexFrance

Flying Blue35 King Street EastKitchener, ONN2G 4N5Canada

Flying Blue PB155 135Xin Gang Xi Road Hai Zhu District Guangzhou China

Flying BlueGPO Box 3944Sydney NSW 2001Australia

Flying Blue Customer Service Centre8th Floor, Tower No. 8C,Cyber City, DLF Phase II,NH8, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122002

Official Website

Visit the official Air France website|5601652|65168155|242331511|1091628 in order to locate ticketing information and check into a flight. Customers can also find out additional information relating to their destination airport as well as ways to prepare for a business or personal trip.

Customer Service Email

When we attempted to contact the customer service department by email, we noticed the links on the website did not work. What we did find was the customer support team could be reached through social media. We sent a message asking for the dedicated email address.



Google Plus:



Our Experience

We connected to the customer service department rather quickly. In less than 90 seconds, we were speaking with an agent, asking how customers can notify the airline when traveling with a passenger with a severe food allergy. The agent recommended calling the reservation line and speaking with a representative instead of making reservations online. They stated there was less of a chance for error.

We liked the resolution and the attention detail. How thorough was the Air France customer support team? Can you share your experiences with us? We would appreciate the comments.

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13 Comments on “Contact Air France Customer Service
  1. This is what I posted on FB: II will NEVER EVER fly AIR FRANCE again. They cancelled my return flight to Italy since I didn’t get on the departure flight of a roundtrip I booked months in advance. I had to book an earlier emergency flight since my mom got ill, and fortunately is doing better. After almost 18 years of flying with them, no exception was made to their rules and explained with such discourtesy and rudeness. The only option they gave me to try to “resolve” this problem in the airport with only 2 hours till departure, was to call customer service. There are no public phones at Dulles airport and toll free numbers do not work with an Italian mobile phone. A kind soul from Saudi airlines lent me his IPhone, where I spent one hour and 15 min to try and speak to an Air France representative….no luck, it was too late anyway to check in. To top it all off, I lost my passport. I have NEVER received such disservice in my life !!!!! Please pass this on and remember this when booking your flights !!! AVOID AIR FRANCE At ALL COSTS !!

  2. I am unable to find information on a flight I would like to book.
    london to tampa 5 to 17 december i need the flight times and layover times before booking
    its online for 423 uk pounds

  3. We travelled on Air France from Paris to San Francisco the end of March and had the worst meal ever served on an airplane! What happened to you Air France? You were always known for fine food. This was inedible and the whole row of people I was near returned the food uneaten to the steward. When you sit in an airline seat for 12-13 hours, all you have to look forward to is the meal. What a disappointment. This is unacceptable from the French. Have some pride!

  4. FYI…just thought you should rethink having your Air France logo as a supporter of the Gear Up Foundation Inc…this guy Vincent Forras is a scam artist collecting donations from people and companies saying he helps dying and dead 1st responders from 9/11…check NYC Firew Wire on FB…Village Voice article from 2009?…ask him where the money goes…ask him where he bought that bogus uniform and medals he wears…ask him why he got kicked out of his volunteer FD in Salem,NY over this scam…don’t hold your breath…good luck.

  5. Air France changed planes on a flight we were about to take. But they did not have a plane with the same number of seats, so me and my parter and 4 other people could not travel in that plane from Charles de Gaulle in Paris to Bologna in Italy. So they put us in a really terrible hotel (not so ) close to the airport and they told us we would get 250 euro’s of compensation for what happened. The money would be transferred to my account immediately. After a couple of days we had still not received our money. We went to a Air France counter at Charles the Gaulle. The representatieve saw that a mistake had been made by her colleague who was responsible for the money transfer, which was why the money had never been actually transferred. (Hoe difficult can it be to transfer money , Air France?) Unfortuntaley the office where the mistake was made was closed, so making a call at that time was not possible, but we could be assured that the representative would do everything needed to make sure we would receive the compensation we were entitled to the next day. If the money would not be there the following day, she would call us and otherwise we could call her ├ínytime’ the next day. Well, she didn’t call, the money has never arrived on my account and the Air France representative never picked up her phone when we called. My advise: Demand cash or immediate payment at the counter on the airport when this ever happens to you!

  6. Flying from Paris to Boston oct 19th –had 1hr 25min to change terminals coming from Athens. I preordered a wheelchair -getting off plane the person had difficulties on where to go–and finally got us to an area marked reserved–sat there for 30min + –4 employees there talking on phone and not too interested in helping–a small mini bus arrived —but even though we were there first we had to wait for another 5 buses to pass–one bus had 1 person on it –when our bus came he parked 4or5 bus lengths away from door–everyone here had problems with mobility ?? Then we get to another area and employee takes my boarding pass and refused to give back and became very rude and abnoxious–no wheelchair in sight ; Final a young gentleman came down on elevator and got us to plane–within minutes of plane leaving—WHY did it take 1hr +25min to change terminals with someone in wheelchair ?? and would have taken 10minutes to walk ?? PLEASE avoid Airport in Paris if you have any Disabilities–This how they treated a Disabled Veteran–Shame on Air France !!!

  7. On Sept. 28, I flew Air France to Paris DeGaulle. After a 3 hour delay in San Francisco, we finally tppk off. I was scheduled to make connections to Sofia, Bulgaria but due to the delay of tke off, I missed the flight and was booked on a much later flight to Milan and then to Sofia. Upon my arrival to Sofia, My luggage was not there. After many calls to Air France by the Tour Director , the luggage was discovered & was suppose to be sent to the Hilton hotel in Bucharest. It was there for a while but then sent back to the airport in Bucharest. I personally had to go to the airport to find it. After a lengthy search it was found. I was without my luggage for a period of 10 days. I had to go out and buy clothes and toiletries. The inconvinence of having to do laundry nightly and do WITHOUT MY PERSONAL ITEMS was not acceptable.
    I expect to be highly reimbursed for this inconvinience . Please address your plan of action regarding this issue .

  8. I would like to thanks the pilot and crew on flight AF830 for a safe return back to CDG airport, after they incurred mechanical problem in flight. My wife was on your flight. Once again thank you and God Bless you and the crew of flight AF830.

  9. My flying blue number is 1150966805. When I try to log in to claim miles for a flight that is not posted I am continually asked to create an account. Yet when I try to create an account I am told there was an error and to try again. I have been doing this for 3 days. Can someone help me?

  10. My wife and I flew from Cairo to Washington Dulles, by way of Paris, on Air France on Oct 30, 2018. We had an additional checked bag. We tried repeatedly to pay for this extra bag online ahead of time because we knew it would cost more to pay for it when checking in for our flight. Despite trying many times, we were unable to do so and had to pay the full price when checking in.
    It wasn’t our fault that we were unable to pay online, and wish to be reimbursed for the additional cost of having to pay the full price.

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