Contacting Air Canada Customer Service Center

Air Canada is one of Canada’s largest passenger and commercial airlines. The company flies more than 33 million customers across the country, internationally and to regional locations. The goal of Air Canada is to enhance the customer experience whenever possible. Within the organization, the focus points include:

  • Safety
  • Customer Value
  • Collaborative Relationships
  • Integrity
  • Employee Value
  • Excellence in all facets of the business

When customers feel the need to ask questions, no matter the size or importance, they can turn to the customer support team for assistance.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Online Assistance: 1-888-247-2262
  • Antigua: +1 800 744 2472
  • Argentina: 0800 444 2007
  • Aruba: +1 800 744 2472
  • Australia: 1300 655 767
  • Austria: +49 69 27 115 111
  • Bahamas: +1 800 389 0653
  • Bahrain: +973 17 828772
  • Barbados: 1-246-428-5077
  • Belgium: 070-220 100
  • Bermuda: 1-888-247-2262
  • Botswana: +27 11 4420822
  • Brazil: +55-11-3254-6600
  • Canada: 1-888-247-2262
  • Chile: 800 400 142
  • China: +86 400 811 2001
  • Columbia: +01 800-952-0337
  • Costa Rica: +0 800-052-1988
  • Cuba: 537 8363226
  • Curacao: 866 247 2262
  • Cyprus/Greece: 00800 39 12 91 998
  • Czech Republic/Hungary/Jordan/Qatar/St. Thomas/Ukraine/Vietnam: 1-514-393-3333
  • Dominican Republic: 1-888-760-0020
  • Ecuador: 1 800-010135
  • Egypt: +20 2 2579 2980
  • Denmark/Estonia/Finland/Latvia/Lithuania/Norway: +45 3311 4555
  • Ethopia: +254 20-2105348
  • France: 0825 880 881
  • Germany: +49 69 27115-111
  • Grand Cayman: 1 866 931 2021
  • Grenada: 800 744 2472
  • Guadeloupe: 590 590 211277
  • Haiti: 509 2810-5857
  • HongKong: +852 2867 8111
  • India: +91-11-4717-2900
  • Indonesia: +61 21 350 9507
  • Ireland: 1 800 709900
  • Israel: 972 3 607 2111
  • Italy: +39 06 835 14 955
  • Jamaica: 1 800 677 2485
  • Japan: 0570 014 787
  • Kenya: 254 20-3755646
  • South Korea: 82 2 3788 0100
  • Lebanon: 961 1 811690
  • Lesotho/Namibia: 27 11 4420822
  • Luxemburg: 32 70 220 100
  • malaysia: 60 3 2715 2053
  • Malta: 39 06 6501 1462
  • Martinique: 596 21 12 77
  • Mexico: 1-800-719-2827
  • Netherlands: 0800 0229 769
  • New Zealand: 64 9 969 7470
  • Pakistan: 92-21-356-77395
  • Panama: 00 800 052 1215
  • Paraguay: 595 21 448917
  • Peru: 0800 52 073
  • Philippines: 63 2 840 4626
  • Poland: (48) 22 696 85 21
  • Puerto Rico: 1-877-321-0173
  • Russia: 7 495 771 6471
  • Saudi Arabia: 966 3 8356000
  • Singapore: 65 6737 3166
  • South Africa: 27 11 4420822
  • Spain: 34 91 344 1726
  • Sri Lanka: 94 11 254 2875
  • St. Kitt’s/St. Lucia: 800 744 2472
  • St. Maarten: 52 55 9138 0280
  • Sudan: 254 20-2105348
  • Swaziland: 27 11 4420822
  • Sweden: 45 3311 4555
  • Switzerland: 0848 247 226
  • Taiwan: 886 2 2511 7799
  • Tanzania/Uganda: 254 20-2105348
  • Thailand: 66 2 718 1839
  • Trinidad & Tobago: 868 669 4279
  • Turks & Caicos: 1 866 931 2012
  • UAE: 971 4 2112 537
  • UK: 0871 220 1111
  • Uruguay: 54 11 4393 9090
  • Venezuela: 0 800 100 4918

Mailing Address

Corporate CommunicationsAir Canada Centre 1235P.O. Box 14,000Dorval, QuébecCANADA H4Y 1H4

Official Website

Visit the official Air Canada website in order to plan your next vacation or business trip. The company assists customers manage flight arrangements, while offering deals and promotions on car and hotel rentals. Customers can also learn about the various services provided by the company as well as sign up for the rewards program.

Customer Service Email

Send an email the customer service department using the customer contact form. We reached out the customer service team and asked for information regarding passengers with severe food allergies.

Additional ways to connect with a customer service agent include:

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, we were connected immediately. Typically, we have to endure a long automated system, but this was not the case. The customer service representative was calm and pleasant. We asked for the hours of the United States customer service department, considering the customer service team handled calls from across the globe.

The agent explained the U.S. customer support team is available 24 hours a days, 7 days a week. Quick and easy calls are the best. How did the customer support team assist you? Let us know in the comment section.

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20 Comments on “Contact Air Canada Customer Service
  1. I have been looking on line as well as calling published numbers to give me flight information between Boston and Charlottetown, PEI to no avail. Any help will be much appreciated.

  2. Flight from JFK to Toronto on Tuesday May 27,2014 did not have business class or lounge access.
    Flight from Toronto to Hong Kong on Tuesday Tuesday May 27, 2014 was delayed due to a sick passenger. Passenger was not removed from the plane.
    Flight from Shanghai to Toronto with connection to final destination in New York on June 7, 3014 was delayed 2+ hours due to mechanical issues with the plane. Airline did not notify passengers in advance, secure booking with partner airlines, delay connecting flights, provide connection and hotel information. Customer service email address is not available or offered. Customer Service email link does not function. Call wait time was 56 to 125 minutes. Customer service representative (Steven with no last name given due to security purposes?) had access to limited information and was less helpful than the airline desk.
    Why would an airline have passengers handle a hotel reservation once they arrive in Toronto after a 14 hour flight and not provide this information in advance?
    Overall very disappointing and will likely never fly Air Canada again.

  3. I just recently travel with air canada and it was upsetting right from the start when I went online to purchase a ticket last minute because of a death in the family and went into your website only to find out once I booked my flight it had gone into a broker which cost me an extra $60.00 and than coming home no tv so was given a gester of goodwill coupon and went in to website and not be able to get in.I hope your crew is more organized than your websites.

  4. My claim for delayed baggage was received by Air Canada 27th March (acknowledged by yourselves). Still waiting to receive any settlement for what I have already paid out!

    Tried to use the on line chat facility. Was told by Sharon to hold for 2 -3 minutes and she then got really shirty with me, when 20 minutes later she had still not got back to me – saying she needed more time. This is not a service – it’s a joke and Sharon needs to go on a customer care course!!

    Paula Yates

  5. Air Canada has the worst baggage claim department and customer service! Seriously they suck! Air Canada Lost my bag and when I asked where it was and how I would retrieve my belongings the Rep Bob….who lied about his name tells me that that SAS has it and will send it to me! When I asked what does SAS stand for the Rep Bob…. said I can’t tell you that information!! I ask Bob the Rep for the phone number of SAS and address . Rep Bob who lied about is name said he can;t give me that information!! So I call the Customer service department for help in retaining me bag? Good idea right! Wrong! They are just as bad if not worst! Costumer Service depart is really a sales team designed in selling ticket for Air Canada! And the saga continues !!! I will never fly air Canada again! I will also make it my mission to tell everyone what a horrible company air is!

    Air Canada Suck!

  6. I just read about your Pilot that diverted his plane to save the life of Simba, the Dog. I think it was the most selfless act any one can do. Thank him and Thank You Air Canada!
    I’ve never flied on Air Canada before but any chance I get, I will!

  7. I have been in contact with your Social media team and they have invited me to write to you.

    My 92 yr-old mother (who is an amputee of less than 12 months) recently travelled Kelowna – Calgary return and at the time of booking, requested wheelchair assistance and paid extra for a front seat.

    She was instructed to be at the check-in 2 hours before the flight, but the printout of her ticket did not show the extra cost of the requested seat.

    The day prior to travel her carer rang Air Canada re the seat and was told that booking it was unnecessary as she would be given the front seat.

    At Kelowna airport the staff saw no reason to give her a wheelchair as she had her (necessary) walker with her, and worse, in the snow and ice, insisted she WALK UP A RAMP to the aircraft, saying that the wheelchair would not fit on the ramp! She found this VERY difficult, exhausting, and was extremely nervous that she would fall.

    Once on the plane, the walker was removed and she had to make her way almost to the back of the plane ……. NOT the front seat!

    Her return journey was marginally better as there were three passengers requiring wheelchair assistance, however again she was nowhere near the front seat.

    Amazingly, Kelowna staff were able to produce an emergency liftable seat out of the aircraft, to a waiting wheelchair.

    My mother has travelled by plane regularly since 1947 …… many times across both Atlantic and Pacific. As the saying goes …. she’s probably clocked up more air miles than most of your staff have “had hot dinners”. She is a gracious and uncomplaining lady which probably explains her not insisting that she could not walk to the aircraft.

    I am most disappointed and angry that she should have been treated as she was especially at Kelowna on the outward journey.

    I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

    Berenice Ritchie

    Sent from my iPad

  8. I just received your “form” letter informing me I do not qualify for a bereavement refund. It’s unfortunate you can’t even take the time to give people individual responses. This is good information for a loyal Air Canada customer like myself or anyone else to know that if they’re looking for a company to reward customer loyalty probably best to try WestJet or someone with a bit more compassion for individual circumstances. You have the worst customer service I have ever encountered and your attempt at a response was pathetic. Sincerely, a disillusioned Air Canada/Aeroplan member who has been loyal to Air Canada even when others said they don’t give a rip about you. I should have listened long ago.

  9. Hi,
    I got a promotion code last year because the flight was delayed a day. And i have used it for my parents flights. But they changed their schedule. and i phone the air Canada. They help me changed the flights into credits within the booking reference of LNWJBA( my parents name are Bei Wang and Qiang Miao). And an agent told me that i can email you to get another promotion code because it isn’t used. so what is to do next?? who should i contact??

  10. Hello,
    This is going back a ways…
    I wanted to mention some composed & caring customer service that I received from Lora Maleolm at Sault Ste. Marie Airport (YAM), between Christmas 2016 & New Year 2017.
    My Air Canada flight was oversold/overbooked, and I got bumped. This was over the holidays, when travel time is tight, and personal schedules are all-important (as they pertain to seeing family).
    When Lora said that I was not going to make it on board the flight I had booked and paid for – months previous – my reaction was not in any way cordial or understanding — to say the least…
    Lora was gracious & understanding. She did everything she could to get me on the next plane, and made certain I understood that I would be compensated. I thanked her at the time, and hereby wish to commend her for her exceptional customer service and grace under fire!
    All of that said, regardless of whether or not I was compensated financially, it is poor company policy for airlines to overbook flights in this way; moreover, it puts your frontline employees in very difficult & awkward situations having to deal with understandably frustrated, legitimately unsatisfied, and extremely put-out paying customers. For my part, I had subsequent connecting travel, and family-related holiday travel plans that were significantly compromised by this course of action on the part of Air Canada.
    Employees like Lora Maleolm are a credit to your organization; notwithstanding, poor business practices that leave paying airline passengers unable to attend time-sensitive personal or family business are not acceptable.
    Jason Nelson

  11. I talked to a nice operator April 20 about6;55 pm eastern standard time. I didn!t get her name but she was very nice and helpful Charles Voytek

  12. Hello,

    On Thursday 26th July I was booked to fly from Montreal to Ottawa and then connect to the evening flight back to London.
    We boarded the flight to Ottawa and then were asked to go back to the terminal because of a problem. No one was given any information and after about an hour we were told that the flight was cancelled and to go and retrieve our luggage. There was absolute chaos with no information.

    After a couple of hours I decided not to wait but to try and resolve the issue myself. I managed to get back to departures where again there seemed to be confusion and a lack of management taking any accountability or offering assistance.

    At this point I was fortunate enough to meet Anna who was working on check in .
    She not only helped explain what was happening but took the time to take me to an area and phoned an Air Canada team who were able to re book me on a flight to London the following evening. Anna then arranged my hotel , provided meal vouchers and did not leave me till I was shown exactly where I need to go.

    The reason I am writing to you is not to complain about the lack of information when my flight was cancelled as I understand these things happen. But if you do have some kind of employee recognition programme I hope you will mention Anna. She was most helpful and compassionate and turned a bad experience around .
    The following day I saw Anna displaying the same patience helping people at the self check in .

    Thank you Anna.

  13. Please note I flew in from Phoenix AZ to Van in the 3hour flight the flight att. did one drink service and then proceeded to be very unavaible sitting in the seats by the washroom and ensuring to not make eye contact etc. I wasn’t feeling good and couldn’t even get a tea, didn’t dare ask. Flight 8229 the crew in a short time ensured to do as little as possible (in the economie section). My flight from Van to Phoenix on the 13th however was great and the crew was wonderful. Thank you for reading.

  14. I am “Appalled” regarding the Service Provided to me By Air Canada. The goal of Air Canada is to enhance the customer experience… But this has not happened.! Air Canada states” When customers feel the need to ask questions, no matter the size or importance, they can turn to the customer support team for assistance whom do read or look into any information that you the consumer provides”, total harassment..! They do not provide any resolution!
    It wont matter if you provide a case number, or a lost & found ID: number. Air Canada will only respond with a Generic email telling you hoe sorry they are and that they will not be contacting you unless your item is found. But the real truth behind this is the Items were deliberately left behind in Vancouver airport, by AIR CANADA. It was confirmed between the air line stuart’s of the 2 flights that the electrical equipment was in deed in hand, and in fact purposely left at Vancouver Airport instead of porting over to the adjoining plane to travel further to Toronto.! Then Toronto gives you a web address only for charger, who charges you to send the item, which would be great if FedEx would only deliver it to the correct address!!! And furthermore, now out $$$$ major money as my new Electronics were deliberately left behind by A/C whom would not permit to leave the plane to retrieve it. Then does not insure the package correctly, and more A/C only “now verifies that only partially returning, partially the equipment that was not a whole as it was defined in hand in Vancouver Airport.
    Air Canada needs to step nup to the plate.! Totally dis-satisfied with the whole ordeal..!!!! Air Canada does not take the Consumer or our stress Related issues of not being contacted on a personal basis, in the End Air Canada leaves you out in the COLD!. Just keep passing the PUCK, let someone else deal with it..! oh, I mean you.. The consumer!

  15. Just wanted to thank you for an excellent job of repairing our luggage DPR No.. 11405 – YVR Ac8357 – October of this year). Our luggage was repaired and returned to our doorstep in a very timely manner. We were very pleased and very impressed. Thank you again.

    Pat and Hank Shaver

  16. My husband and I have booked a flight from Toronto to Cuzco via Lima in early Dec. No business class is offered on the flight, so we have booked Premium Economy.
    We not unreasonably I believe, have asked that we are given complimentary passes to the Maple Leaf Lounges, as we would have flown business class (as we are on our return) if it was available.
    We have phoned CS and spent a nightmarish half an hour being put on hold and finally cut off at the AC end. During the call the concept of the flight actually not having a business class seemed problematic to the rep.
    Can/will anyone help us please.

    Imogen Best

  17. The credit card option was not working when I tried to select my seats for reference # LGKVNI last night. Kudos to Robert who listened to my problem, made the necessary changes to my passenger information, and stayed on line to make sure everything worked correctly. Loved the EXCELLENT service.

  18. I only fly with Air Canada now. Best airline with very pleasant flight attendants and operators/pilots. After flying with westjet a couple times over the past few years, it’s always going to be Air Canada from now on. I’ve passed my preference on to many family and friends and know they’ll take my advice and fly Air Canada in their future endeavors also. Thank you Air Canada!

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