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Contacting AIG Customer Service Center

AIG or American International Group is an insurance provider offering health, life, accident and annuity insurance policies. The company website explains the different insurance options for both personal and business accounts.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are several customer service phone numbers listed for AIG customer service. Below each phone number we’ve listed the customer service hours of operation.

  • American General Life and Accident: 1-800-888-2452

Open from 7 AM to 5 PM (CST) daily.

  • American General Life: 1-800-763-8851
  • Franklin Life: 1-800-763-8851
  • Old Line Life: 1-800-763-8851
  • All American Life: 1-800-763-8851

Open from 7 AM to 6 PM (CST) Monday to Friday.

  • United States Life: 1-800-346-7692

Open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM (EST) Monday to Friday.

  • Alternative Life Insurance Policies: 1-800-442-2936

Open from 7 AM to 6 PM (CST) daily.

  • Western National Annuities: 1-800-424-4990

Open from 7 AM to 6 PM (CST) daily.

  • Sun America Annuities: 1-800-445-7862

Open from 5 AM to 5 PM (PST) Monday to Friday.

  • VALIC Annuities: 1-800-448-2542

Open from 7 AM to 8 PM (CST) Monday to Friday.

  • Claims Processing: 1-866-960-0772

Open from 7 AM to 10 PM (EST) Monday to Friday and 7 AM to 3 PM (EST) Saturday.

  • Accident and Health Customer Service: 1-877-867-3783

Open from 9 AM to 5:30 PM (EST) Monday to Friday.

Mailing Address

Your letter to AIG can be addressed to the corporate office. The office does not handle claims processing or monetary/financial issues of any kind. For security purposes and your protection, don’t include any personal financial information, including your social security number, in the letter.

American International GroupCustomer Relations180 Maiden LnNew York, NY 10038

Official Website

The official site for AIG is located at If you have an AIG account, you should log in before contacting customer service. Some companies offer different contact information from within your account to speed up the customer service response.

For social media contact, visit:

There are other social media pages listed on the social news portion of the site located at

Customer Service Email

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, we encountered a strong warning regarding the use of the automated system. Unless you or other customers are policy holders of AIG, you could potentially be breaking state of federal laws. Considering we are policyholders, we proceeded. We asked the customer service agent if the company provides payment assistance programs for customers who fall on tough financial times. The agent explained that the customer would contact the customer service department and they could work through the details in order top keep the account current. Due to certain privacy laws, the agent couldn’t disclose an additional details.

The agent provides a detailed answer in a professional manner. What was your take the AIG customer support team? Comment below.

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29 Comments on “Contact AIG Customer Service
  1. I don’t know her last name, but just want to commend a telephone representative named Cathy (or Kathy)who was extremely helpful and patient in helping me sort out a problem with my account and who later phoned me back to confirm the steps she had taken to resolve the issue. She is an exceptionally good representative of your company. THANK YOU, CATHY!

  2. This is Mailyn M. Angeles from San Nicolas 2nd Lubao Pasbul Pampanga. Ms. Annabel Guan Customer Service Representative from AIG Insurance Company she called me last March 10, 2014. She discussed about the policy in insurance. and she give there contact number but the number na binigay nya,number not in use or your number not complately in dialled check the number and dialled again. I want to cancelled my aplication in AIG Insurance. When I called the truckline number of AIG the nice girl I dont know is name and tnx sa kanya she tansferred me to the customer service and I talk to the customer service I told my name, my contact number for my cancellation. but the conversation namen ay naputol no more load n kasi pampanga pa kase ako.Nagload me ulet to continue the complate detailed and tumawag ulet ako sa truckline number nila and tintranferred ulet ako sa customer service but the customer servise of AIG hindi n sinagot ang tawag ko. Sana kahit pangalan lang at cell number ung nabigay ko sana maicancelled na ung application ko. I expecting the respose to The AIG Insurance Company. Thank you.

  3. I have never had anyone to be so rude in all my life on a phone I wont go into detail when I tried to report him I was given the run around he refused to give me his name I think his name is tony out of the greenwood office I have been with this company for years I am very disappointed .if anyone knows who this guy is please let me know I will get in touch the right pearson thank allowing me to vent.

  4. I have been calling since 12-16-2014 regarding a claim for my mother and I have sent in the requested information yet no will call or communicate with me or my siblings regarding my mothers claim. Whether it is good or bad news we at least need to have I questions answered do to time limits.
    Thank you
    p.s. hope to hear from someone soon.

  5. We started withdrawing from an annuity with your company last
    year. Was supposed to start in 2013, but you screwed up. Than
    with one payment due in 2014, you saw fit to send two payments.
    This will now cost us better than $4000 in additional income taxes, if not corrected. Again all your mistakes.
    All your people need to do is send us a corrected 1099, we will send them the amount of the wrong check and all should be all right.
    The people in Texas we talked to seem to think this is their money. It isn’t. A cost of about three to ten dollars to correct your screw-ups will enable us to save $4000 plus in income taxes for last year. All YOUR FAULT. We have already been promised one date for resolution of your mess, with no response. Do the right thing and resolve your mistakes now.

  6. My letter is number 6, sent on February 25, 2015. It was
    received and they were that it was awaiting moderation.
    Two weeks now and nothing from them. MY wife has contacted
    someone since than and prior to that and nothing’
    Hoping someone can point toward someone who can resolve this
    problem shortly, as income tax time is now only a month away.

  7. Well, called AIG to see about Clam that was turned in a little over 2 weeks ago. So far nothing still working on clam WOW!!! Pete, the guy I talked to seen not to know anything other than they were still working on clam. I know it takes a while to get things together but seem to me a Company would let you know something at some point. Pete seem to be a nice person, but clueless on answering my questions. I will be calling back again & again till someone gives me a straight answer 🙂 on the clam. Thanks and have a great day AIG

  8. Maybe a class action must take place. It is been agonizing for me to be dealing with this horrible customer service. I could never, ever imagine I could be be treated so horrible. Dealing with the customer service is like been last in the space. Each agent is from a different planet. I’m in the process of filing a complaint with the apropriate authorities.

  9. I have been sending e mails, making calls about my claim since 2006 and without success. I am told the agent moved out from their address so I cannot reach them by phone or e mail.
    This is urgent business and AIG customer services have to take up the matter to management

  10. I have been looking for someone to help me get a copies of my coverage.Account 0000091930. It is taken out of my checking account. I haven’t got a copies of what I have. I been paying on this for years. Can someone at your company help me PLEASE.

  11. good morning to whom it may concern at the processing dept.

    it sadden me, after being a paying customer since 1996, I have spoken to Ms. Angie this morning, and after a long discussion regarding my hardship AIG can’t help me after going to a HARDSHIP for a few years, which let to my RETIREMENT, and now living on ONE INCOME. it’s very clear to me this morning I have no other choice but to have my contract number 500D34298C TERMANTED ASAP….it’s also very clear to me AIG, has no room for human hardship case like mine….it’s UNAMERICAN not to give a person a chance to set up a payment plan, living on ONE INCOME. HENRY DELGADO December 9th, 2015

  12. I am on a policy headed by Mildred Beatrice Slater then by Frances Mae Slater.I want the Death Claim inheritance for Gail Slater and I want to cancel out to collect all inheritances of my death.I want the inheritances sent to 620 Fallsway,Baltimore,MD.21202 and I want to be informed by email of the transfer.I can be contacted by email
    Can you forward this to the right office if I have the wrong office or send me the email address for the office I need to contact?I just tried to email American General on another page and it did not let me send.


  14. After 35 minutes on the phone listening to an automated system tell me how important my call was and encouraging to wait on the line, I was abruptly disconnected. A second call resulted in the same scenario. If my call is so important, why don’t they hire enough people to service the contracts they sell. If they took just a small percentage of the bonuses paid undeserving executives and board members, they could afford a few people on the service line.

  15. one of worst company to contact that I have ever seen. If was not already ending
    policy that I have had for over 30 years, I will never do business with this co again

  16. It is sad that you can never get a customer service rep on the phone. I’ve been trying since May 13, 2016 calling the phone number of 800 -888-2452 to speak with someone in ref to my policy. When you call during normal business hours, no one answers, the message states the call volume is high or when you call after hours you cant even leave a message. They will not answer the phone after being put on hold several times at at least 30 min before I hang it up out of frustration. I recently sent a payment in for my 88 year old mother and had to send it certified mail to make sure it was received because they refuse to send receipts. Thanks to the USPS tracking, I do know that her payment was received because I have confirmation through sending it certified. AIG does not send out bills nor payment receipts which I think is very unprofessional for a company this large. This is ridiculous and very poor customer service.

  17. I BEEN TRYING TO REACH A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP.FOR 3 days. Holding for hours at a time.Been a loyal customer since 1980,expected better service. Can someone contact me as soon as possible.

  18. I wanted to withdraw some money from my annuity account.
    Nobody told me they left the Clearfield office. I was told if
    I ever need money for emergency I could get it quite easily.
    I asked to get 1000 dollars out my account in late April. They
    told me to fax a form, and I did it. They stated they did not get it
    I called again, and I was force to mail another form. I called I asked
    when I I could expect recieve my money. I am geting fed up with AIG.
    I am call my State Senator and he can do anything. I do not lik having to
    write to New York to get anything done. I think ask for all the money available
    in my AIG life insurance account. I getting tired of not having my money available in short period of time.

  19. Piss poor sevice can’t get a get duplicate of life insurance ,but they sure take my money every month,they are suppose to provide a sevice and not make less work for them selves

  20. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. After more than 1 hr on hold – they transferred me to someone who said they couldn’t help me – and then put me back on hold. I would not recommend this company to anyone!!

  21. Locked out of the website. Want to contact some one to have it reset. Can’t find a phone no. or any other contact information


  23. I need help my dad was receiving payments from AIG Corp that was being direct deposit into a checking account . I need to notify AIG about his death but no one can tell me who to call.

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