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Contacting AEP Customer Service Center

AEP, also known as American Electric Power, is an energy company that operates several individual electric companies, including AEP Ohio, AEP Texas, Appalachian Power, Indiana Michigan Power and Kentucky Power. From the main AEP website, customers can log in to their account and make payments or contact customer service.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Phone contact numbers for AEP are listed for each individual company, but from the main website, all contact numbers are for general customer service and concern. If you need the contact information for your local AEP customer service department, it is best to look at the back of your bill for your contact phone number.

  • AEP corporate office: 1-614-716-1000
  • AEP safety hotline: 1-800-277-2177

The safety hotline is available 24 hours a day for emergency reports.

Mailing Address

If you need to contact the corporate office for any reason, you can call or write. There is no dedicated mailing address for customer service inquiries, but there is a main address for the corporate office.

AEP Corporate Headquarters
1 Riverside Plaza
Columbus, OH 43215-2372

Official Website

There is a ton of information on the AEP website at You can learn more about investing in the AEP company, AEP in the news and how the company works with local communities. Job opportunities and links to companies operating under the AEP umbrella are also available from the official website.

Customer Service Email

As is the case with far too many companies, no contact email address is available for the customer service department. You can, however, use the general inquiry form from the official website. The form is located here:

We sent an email to AEP corporate asking for a general email address that we could use for communication. The form requested a lot of personal information, including full address and phone number. We’re not sure all consumers will want to reveal this much personal information. We’ll see if there is an address not listed on the AEP customer service page.

Our Experience

When we called corporate headquarters the call was answered by a recorded response. We pressed 1 to be transferred to customer solutions. After the call was transferred, another automated response began. This time we pressed 0 to bypass the automation and we were immediately connected with customer service. Representative Amy was quick to inform us that customer service does not have an in box email address, but that all communication sent via the main website form would be answered promptly.

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21 Comments on “Contact AEP Customer Service
  1. I have called every day twice a day since Saturday re an unsafe condition at my home and my daughter’s power still being out. She is on the same line as me; there is a switch that is visibly tripped on the pole leading to her house. ALL SOMEONE HAS TO DO IS FLIP THE SWITCH TO RESTORE HER POWER. My unsafe condition will get worse if the dangling power line comes all the way down. I talk to people in LA, in OH, in WV – with a different story (made up I presume because no one has the same tale) every time I call. I know this is a monopoly and we have no choice but really??


    PLEASE CALL ME AT 614 584-5748

  3. I don’t understand why everyone around us have power it’s seems like it’s based on income so not fair. 127 apple grove Ave Beckley WV 25801

  4. Why does everyone around us have power & we don’t it’s always like that seems likei its based on income 127 apple grove Beckley wv 25701

  5. Appliachain hides behind email and WEB reports for outages. Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Customers remeber this when they ask for another rate increase! Hey Nick Atkins how would you like spending several cold nights with no heat?
    From the looks of the other comments – looks like it is a rampant problem throughout the company! Hey Nick Atkins – are you listening?

  6. I been sending payments to your company that i need to make copies to show that I have paid this old bill with the copies with the money orders.

  7. What a backward company you are. Today Sunday March 9th 2014, I tried to report a street light being out as the result of a fire in the electric box located in the ground at the front of my property. This week the electric box caught on fire and the folks from AEP came out and replaced the electrical box and rewired the electrial connections. But for some reason they did not reconnect the the street light. When I call your company today to get the street light working, I was informed that could not send someone out today and they would not set up for someone to come out next week. And that I would have to call back next week to set up for someone to fix the street light. Is your system so for behind the times or was the person just to lazy to schedule a work order? Either way, I am not very happy with your company.

  8. I think its bad last 2 storms my electric has went out a half hour before storm hits and the one tonight i set outside whole time and it lightly rain for about fifteen min and it wasnt enough to get up and go inside. So here my familey is roasting hot trying to sleep cause it rain not even enough to turn wipers on in a car . So far for 2 an a half hours and still aint on .

  9. Called corp. because i had trouble with their so called supervisor.and had a question about my bill., He acted like some little spoiled college BRAT, you know the type. The type that most likely wined, like BOO, AHOO, AHOO, when he didnt get what he wanted for Christmas. or if mommy didnt take him to MC.Donalds. Talked to corp.about my bill and that looney toon sup. got a ‘ I will pass the info off. Dont call here, wont do you any good. Received two bills within two days of each other.

  10. With all the money we pay for electric, one would think you would be able to hire people to actually talk to you! Every single phone number I try to call about my issue gets put on hold or transferred or disconnected. I am getting very frustrated!

  11. I need to disconnect my services and can not get a human on the line to save my life. I know this is how life is or may be, but actually talking to someone is the best customer service ever.

  12. I am trying to get electric and b/c my soon to be ex sister in law lived in the house before me and didn’t pay her bill and I have the same last name…I having to jump hoops. I have to give them the owner name…fine did that. My brother’s phone number but he had phone stopped until finances are straightened out and they have to call my ex sister in law….umm I have no clue how to get hold of her and neither does my brother…she left! Ran off, said goodbye. I paid my connection fee a week ago and I still have no service! Really sucks

  13. My October bill was $85.07 & my November bill is$172.36 I have had no Hot water nor A/C after being without power for 3 days after Hurricane Harvey, My November bill was estimated, AEP said they are sending someone to read my meter. The $172.36 is due on 11/20/17 & so far I haven’t anything regarding giving me credit for the extra amount I have been charged. The Estimation happened because your worker who was supposed to read meter is saying that he didn’t have access to my back yard due to our dog . But, My son left gate open for AEP worker to enter.with instructions of how to close gate when worker completed changing out meter.

  14. Do you realize the number (800)-617-2344) is a porno number! I have called it to report outage in our area zanesville, ohio and this woman comes on the line.

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