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Contacting A&E Customer Service Center

A&E is a cable television show responsible for reality, educational and dramatic shows, among many others. In addition to the A&E network, the company is also responsible for other networks like Lifetime, Bio and the History Channel. You can browse through the different show pages or visit the A&E shop for show-themed merchandise.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Choosing the right contact information is important when calling or writing to a television network. We’ve included contact information for the store and the network. Of course, the shop A&E customer service information is more abundant than the network.

Phone Contact Numbers

From 9 AM to 11 PM daily, the customer service team at shop A&E is available to answer your product and order questions.

  • Shop A&E: 1-800-933-6249

Finding a phone number for A&E customer service was a little harder until we discovered A&E is a Hearst Television company. Hearst is the parent company behind the network, so you can give them a call with a problem, concern or compliment about A&E customer service.

  • A&E Corporate: 1-212-210-1400

Mailing Address

Grab a piece of paper, pen and envelope and jot down the most important things you want to discuss with A&E customer service. Whether your letter is about a show or series or a product you ordered from the A&E shop, you can contact A&E customer service by mail. If your problem is WITH A&E customer service, choose the Hearst address; Hearst is the parent company for A&E Networks.

Hearst Television300 W 57th StNew York, NY 10019


A&E Television Networks235 E 45th StNew York, NY 10017

Official Website

When it comes to a vast network of channels and companies like the one A&E is associated with, you can bet there are multiple websites. The A&E site is located at and the shop for the network is located at There’s also a site for A&E Networks at

Customer Service Email

There is a support page on the A&E site where you can Submit a Ticket for customer support. We were surprised to find out you don’t have to register for an online account to submit the ticket. Simply fill in your name, email address, issue, summary and details and send the message along. We chose to ask about Duck Dynasty to find out if the duck calls are available for sale online.

Our Experience

When we called the customer service department, we wanted to know the return policy for purchases made at the online store. We didn’t find the return policy on the site. The agent explained the return policy for the majority of the items is one year. According to the agent, the only thing which could not be returned are DVD’s, due to copyright laws. In the event the customer receives a  damaged copy, the customer service department will replace the same copy.

The communication with the customer service department was easy and painless. Did you have a similar experience? Share your story with us below.

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840 Comments on “Contact A&E Customer Service
  1. I am trying to contact anyone regarding a autographed picture from Duck Dynasty for my son. He is a vet-had to get out because he had cancer. Sept. we are celebrating his 30 birthday-cancer free. He is a big fan of the show-even has his little ones wearing t-shirts. Has grown a beard just like the guys. Thank you. brenda power

    • What hatred. Homosexuality use to be politically incorrect, but they were free to say whatever they wanted(some downright vulgar) . People who believe it is a sin, unnatural, or repulsive have the right to say what they want. Freedom of speech.

      • Amen, barbie walters gets no discipline for thinking nobama is the messiah. Personally, I choose not to support any a&e advertisers, or watch any a&e programming if they can Phil Robertson in support of freedom of our first ammendment.

      • Why is A&E a “champion”of what is immoral?
        We are all free to live our lives , it’s just a disappointment that Hearst doesn’t”champion” what is good and wholesome.
        Showing your love for a person of the same sex shouldn’t involve ejaculating human embryo fertilizer into the other persons rectum, the ultimate act of disrespect.

      • It sickens me that after all the exploiting of human activity that ur company goes after to find something, anything that will make u money regardless of ratings, u finally find a family program that is so down to earth with such great people who care about their family, their well being and respect for their elders and don’t have to swear, and show nudity or rudeness towards one another for ratings that YOUR PRESIDENT OF A&E has a knee jerk reaction because phill may not of been POLITICALLY correct( which most people are sick of having shoved in their face)!!! If A&E ‘s board had any common sense, DIGNITY or balls, they would replace that idiot president with PHIL ROBERTSON. I think PHIL could actually make A&E more money with higher ratings than they have ever seen!

    • A&E are unbeleivable. Finally a show without gay being thrown in your face. Do they not beleive in freedom of speech? When were we not allowed to have an opinion. I myself will not have A&E on my tv. Cowards. I am pissed. GLAD is a small percentage of the gay community opinion. Screw you a&e.

  2. I just read an article about Duck Dynasty’s Phil, and I can tell you right now A&E will be blocked on all 4 of my televisions until Duck Dynasty is off the air. I do not support and will not watch a TV channel that supports hatred, intolerance and ignorance especially when it’s disguised in the name of God.

    • Not sure you read the same article I did LJ. Hatred? Intolerance? I’m not sure where you get this from. I read the article and Phil simply stated that homosexuality, like bestiality is a sin and he didn’t think it was logical to be gay. He isn’t attacking people, just a particular behavior Scripture calls an abomination. I think more folks want to see Duck Dynasty, with Phil, remain on A&E than those feigning being offended.

    • Excuse me?? Intolerance?? That is exactly what kicking someone of of their own show is for sharing their belief. 1st amendment to the constitution. Ever heard of it? If homes want to have gay sex then they can do it. If Phil wants to share his beliefs then that should be every bit as allowed. Get your facts straight “LJ”

    • I saw no hatred remarks, I choose to block any network that does not support freedom in America. Socialistic control of freedom is unaceptable

    • For real we have to put up with the crap you support all the time! One good show with Christan values come on tv and you don’t want to watch it. Then don’t but don’t stop us from getting to!

    • Just as you can say what ever the hell you want to so can he so can any of us! Hope you get that into your thick scull! He never said don’t be or don’t do! He simply stated the scripture from the Bible and his opinion on it! As far as you being offended by every mens right to free speech maybe you need to reconsider the country that will or is suppressing free speech! Mr. Robertson way to stand up for your beliefs!

      • What is funniest about this is that A&E has tried to silence Phil, but the have awakened millions and their beliefs as well. A&E=UnAmerican. A&E motto is “be original” , but it comes at their discretion. What a joke. Don’t ban Phil, BAN A&E!

    • go watch a gay pride parade and then tell my which is more vulgar. gays have a right to permorm “in your face” vulgar acts, but no one is aloud to comment? typical liberal thinking.

    • I may not watch Duck Dynasty but I agree with Phil and taking him off the air is the dumbest move that A&E could make.I hope he sues your network for taking away his freedom of speech.Gays of all kinds don’t belong God doesn’t believe in them and I don’t either.If they want to go to hell then that their choice.Phil didn’t say anything about hating anyone.

    • He is entitled to his opinion just as you are. Last time I checked we live in America. He quoted the Bible, and it does say it is a sin!

    • The sad thing is, it’s always ok to allow gays and lesbians to thrust their beliefs in everyone else’s face and it’s ok. But, let a Christian stand behind their beliefs and suddenly everyone is offended. It would be interesting to know just how many out their in the homosexual community have actually read the Bible,especially the parts that deal with homosexuality. The Bible is not a book of fiction. It has been handed down through generations as fact. It is afterall the number one selling book in the world and has been for years and years. Christians need to stay united. We don’t go around blasting hateful comments on how others live their lives. No one is perfect – God knows that. Rock on Phil Robertson for not being afraid to voice your beliefs in your God and your Faith. A&E apparently doesn’t realize that without him, they have no show. Without him they wouldn’t have a show – it is afterall his business and his family.

    • I was hurt to see Duck Dynasty pulled from your channel. A&E is so two sided. I guess it is ok to show a show that has a family that has a background as being murderers. I respect the Robertsons and their beliefs. I also believe homosexuality to be a sin but so is lying and murder. Therefore we are all sinners. If you know Phil’s background he states drunkeness as one of the sins. Therefore he is calling himself a sinner as well. However he like myself has been saved by gods grace. Thank you Robertsons for your testimony and don’t waver from your beliefs. Merry CHRISTmas y’all and a happy happy happy New Year.

    • L.J. Phil Robertson was not hating on anyone. He simply stated what he believes along with a passage from the bible. This is one of the things tha makes America great freedom of speech! My suggestion is if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Simple as that.

  3. How can you allow this Duck Dynasty stay on the air? Its boring, stupid and full of hate. To prove my fact read , listen to Phil Robertson comments on something he knows nothing about.
    Why do you show this show every hour on the hour?
    Btw, enough of the Duck Dynasty ads.

    I am going to contact the cable company and see about getting your station drop from its line up.

    • Steven, when did free speech & personal opinion become hate speech. Phil is not inciting to riot or saying to hate people. He is saying sin is sin. The last time I read the Constitution of the United States it says he has every right to speak his opinion. The most intolerant people in the this country are those on the left. Free speech is okay as long as it agrees w/the left. The only thing Phil did wrong was allowing himself to be interviewed by a left leaning magazine. I am proud of Phil for standing up & calling sin, sin & stating it is a choice of the individual.

    • Well Steven Duck Dynasty is the number 1 rated show on all networks. And nothing Phil Robertson said was intolerant he just paraphrased a quote from the Bible. If you really want to end intolerance I’d suggest you start with you.

    • earlier this year, i was an hour late to work because a bunch of homosexuals decided to have a parade down main street in my city. i was disgusted, offended, and quite frankly very upset. however i realize that in this country, everyone has the right to freedom of speech and expression. we dont have the right to not be offended. grow up steven. he said something you dont agree with. i didnt call for the firing of all of the homos marching in that parade.

    • How can you let Steven say the mean spirited stuff he just said on here! He is stupid, boring and full of hate. To prove my fact just read his comment about Phil Robertson which is something he knows nothing about!

      BTW enough of those that have the same world view as Steven voicing their opinions. I am going to contact the WORLD WIDE WEB and make sure Steven is never allowed to post comments again.

    • Change the channel Steve. You probably watch shows I have blocked you have the right to watch or not. I happen to like the show and so do millions of others. I am not fond of A&E right now because they are taking the rights of one group over the rights of another. It is a REALITY show, not a news broadcast.

  4. Phil Robertson of the Duck Dynasty clan is an honest Christian man and he just speaks the truth. You at A&E that make the big decisions, you need to stand up for him and not be swayed by these special interest groups. You put him out there to make you money but you put him out there because of who he is. He and his family stand for real family values. It is past time for that in TV shows. We need more people standing up for family and morals, not less! Thank you.

  5. I support Phil Robertson 101% He was asked a question, He told it like it is! Keep the show on the air!!

    Duck Dynasty is #1

  6. This program has kicked Phil Robertson off of Duck Dynasty for making anti gay comments. You people have been looking for any excuse to stop this family from praying, telling them to cuss, bleeping when it is not needed, etc. You should be ashamed of these actions. If we cannot watch Duck Dynasty and ALL of the cast, we will stop watching completely and contact all advertising associated with this program. No threat, a promise…

  7. I am beyond angry over the decision to suspend Phil Robertson from the Duck Dynasty show!! The man gave his opinion which is his right in the U.S.!! This family has made you a lot of money and this is what you do to them if they have an opinion!! I will be boycotting your channel and will also make sure everyone I know does the same!!

  8. Suspending Phil Robertson for voicing his opinion is ludicrous. He’s entitled to it. Should he not have a value system? If it had been reversed and a homosexual had said the same thing, A&E wouldn’t dare peep a word, but because Phil is a Christian they don’t have a problem with a suspension. I think I’m going out to buy duck calls for my whole family.

  9. shame on you! thank God for men like phil who stand for God and the bible no matter what !all bible believing Christians believe being gay is a sin but we do not hate them jesus tells us to love and pray for those who are chained by sin so when u take them off the air my family and I will not watch anything on this channel ps get a backbone!!!

  10. I will not be watching anymore A&E shows after the announcement of Phil Robertson being suspended! Where is his religious rights?

  11. We STILL have our 1st Amendment Rights! And our God and His word is the TRUTH. So if those who chose to be deceived by their decisions don’t like what Phil Robertson said they don’t have to watch him or read GQ. I don’t like gays and lesbians SHOVING their beliefs down my throat BUT that does not stop them.
    A&E will only be hurting the network by trying to stifle Phil’s freedom of speech or Duck Dynasty. We will continue to watch Duck Dynasty but we will not support your network in any other way as long as you try to infringe on Phils 1st Amendment Rights. This is not about hate speech or the people it is about the actions.
    PS Being politically correct is nothing more than lying.

  12. Due to your network suspending Phil Robertson for his freedom of speech views on gays I will be boycotting your channel until such time as he is reinstated. The majority of Americans stand behind Mr. ROBERTSON not for his views but for his right to express them freely in this country. As a Christian I do agree with his views and am disgusted with your action. If you do not want to broadcast a family show with Christian values then I’m sure there will be plenty of other networks who will. Stop and think why this show is so popular and its not because it’s on A&E. Here’s another point you need to consider, all your shows will be boycotted and will affect your ratings. This man did not get drunk or arrested for a DWI nor did he violate the law in any manner. He answered a question honestly based on his beliefs and for this he is punished. Shame on your network. Here’s another free point….someone will lose their job over this absurd decision. Also all my friends and family as well as fellow military members are spreading the word and boycotting your channel. Wrong decision A&E.
    Tommy Day
    San Antonio, TX

  13. My husband and I watch a&e all of the time. Our tv stays on that channel. We’ll not anymore! After seeing how your network discriminates against Christian values, I’m disgusted and will no longer be tuning in.

    • A&E will be blocked from my channel lineup unless they drop this nonsense and let him comeback on the show my hopes are that they will stick together and leave and another network will gladly pick them up,its amazing how the majority of america has turned in to the minority,the minority of people can speak there minds and push there agendas down normal straight americas throat but when we speak our beliefs or minds were not allowed to freedom of speech is for everybody not just the minority if muslims and homosexuals can speak there mind ,everybodyelse is entitled this country is turning into a communist place where only liberals are allowed to speak there minds while the rest of america is told to just be quiet!

  14. I am very upset with A&E for firing Phil Robertson. He was asked his opinion and he gave it in a respectful manner. Sadly my family and I (there are 40+) that watch Duck Dynasty among other programs you offer will no longer watch nor support A&E or their sponsers. You seem to have a very one sided stance and I should have known when you asked them to quit praying what that stance was.
    Chanda Engle

  15. I do believe a mistake was made by suspending Phil off of Duck Dynasty. I believe his cival rights were violated. It is such a sad day in this country when you get suspended from your owne show for speaking what you believe. If Phil is not reinstated I will call my cable company and have A&E removed from my package. Thank you Phil for standing up for your religion and beliefs we need more people like you.

  16. I have blocked your station from our television. My family has done the same. Phil had a right a 2nd ammendment right!!!! I will stand by my country rules for they where fault and died for!! I stand by Jesus Christ also!

    • A&E is now blocked on my TV, now that I find out you are against free speech. Phil only stated his views and it only brought our what kind of company you are.

      SO LONG

      • I think a&e should be sued big time as well as the duck dynasty bigots letting vile phil Robertson back on the air on that creepy show is despicable..because of phil robertsons hateful church sermons across the suicides and gay bashings are on the rise as well as intolerance to a group of people that already don’t have social acceptance..mostly only bigoted self hating gay men watch this show..they are fundamentalists..extremists views very similar to the Taliban and want to do away with the constition and have bible law..that is their eventual goal.already we have a homophobe and other republicans in office self hating gay men are the most dangerous..they hate themselves therefore want to deny gay people their rights and make people kill them is fundamentalist goals as well as republicans whether they admit it or not

  17. Sorry to see you fell under pressure from gay groups about Phil on duck, I will never watch your channel again, and I will do what ever possible to spread the word and boycott your channel

  18. I will be boycotting your network & asking others to do the same. To reprimand a man of God for standing up for his belief’s and tell him he can’t be on his own show is ridiculous. You started this show knowing where they stand so either you believe in them or not. God bless the Robertson’s for standing up for God in a world that is so full of the devil. I really pray you change your minds but until or unless you do I will no longer be watching your network.

  19. I can’t believe what your doing because the comment Phil made. What happened to FREEDOM OF SPEACH! I may not watch A&E anymore! I watch A&E a lot.

  20. A&E Censorship of Phil Robertson – Let the man speak!

    We watch Duck Dynasty for the clean comedy and Christian message at the end. You have used it to your financial good so far; don’t be surprised when the full Christian view is given. Everyone knows the The Bible and Christianity view homosexuality as wrong. Your attempt to silence Mr. Robertson is foolish and can only hurt A&E – don’t mess with success.

    Lift the suspension or let them take the show to another channel; we will watch them there.

    Not real Happy, Happy, Happy with you right now,
    Tom Graves

  21. I am sorely disgusted by your lack of guts to back Phil Robertson. I guess free speech only applies if you are not a Christian. As a network, you have a disclaimer that states things shared on your network are not necessarily the beliefs of the network – why is this any different. I hope you know the number of people that support Phil far outweigh the gay and lesbian community. You have lost me and I hope Duck Dynasty creates their on you-tube show and leave you for good. So very disappointing to see such a big company with no backbone.

  22. I am DONE with A&E network after the firing of Phil Robertson. He was asked a question and he gave his answer and he is fired because the group was angry… Big flipping deal they need to deal with it. I don’t see people like A&E standing up for the Christian community. I can honestly say I hope this is A&E downfall. What a HUGE disappointment… This is one show that has good clean morals for families… Phil I support you and your family all the way. May God Bless you always.

  23. You suspend Phil Robinson, our family will block the A&E channel and advise DirectTV and everybody I know to do the same. 10:00 PM EST 12-18-13 jt

  24. I support every Americans right to say exactly what they think, and I support Phil Robertson!!! That right is given to us by our Constitution and Our Creator. If you don’t agree with his take on life, don’t watch his show. A&E has shown its true colors by bowing down to a group that doesn’t even represent 2% of the American population. I realize I represent far less than that, but this action is not going to end well for your network…. Today is the last day I will EVER watch, DVR, Tivo or record any show or series on the A&E network. And just for the record, the list in my home is extensive. Storage Wars, American Hoggers, The First 48, Storage Wars Texas, Flip this house, and Sell this house.

  25. I rate this network 0 for taking Phil off the air because of talking about gays. Yes it is a sin and this network has lost a vewer i hope others will stand up on for Phil.

  26. You guys are stupid for putting Phil Robertson on probation. Don’t you realize they can walk away from you and be totally content. I hope they do. You are lost and in the dark!!! Read between the lines and not what media cut and paste or reports. I really hope the family puts their foot down and kicks you to the curb. The name Jesus must scare you. I hope it does. You are the worst media company and I don’t see why they tolerate your company’s strong arm position. Find your next stupid reality and leave this real American family alone. I am sure they will be just fine without you. If you think you are going to shut Phil’s mouth or change his opinion you are stupid. Get a life and try reading the Bible. Would you censor Billy Graham or the Pope for that matter? Go away A&E. I am done watching you guys and will boycott all your shows forever. You just lost a customer.

  27. I am disgusted that A&E would ban Phil Robertson for what is clearly free speach! If A&E does not reverse this I will not watch any show except Duck Dynasty on A&E! Free speach should be applauded not muffled. If what he says offends anyone the maybe they should consider not watching Duck Dynasty.

  28. Come on people, haven’t you been watching the news? Phil Robinson has a right to say what he believes in off the show, as he does every Wednesday, on the show. W/O Phil, A&E might as well take Duck Dynasty off the air….got to be a huge revenue loss for A&E. jt

  29. You should be ashamed of what you did to Phil!! All he does is teach his faith and you kick him off for him following and discussing his beliefs?? You are the ones who need to be dealt with!! Because of what you have done, I will no longer watch your channel. If someone can’t have freedom of speech for what was asked, you don’t have my respect!!!! Shame on all of you at A&E!!!

  30. I want to say that im ashamed of A&E for the Phil Robertson anti gay remarks. You people know how the family feels about religion and it is expressed on every show. Who cares what he said or who’s feelings he hurt. Thats how he feels and its his personal opinion. I will NEVER watch A&E again and willriends and strive to get my friends and coworkers to do the same. Maybe the 2% the america that are gay can pay your bills. What a shame A&E

  31. I want it known that my family will NEVER watch A&E again. You must Apologize to Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. He has the right to speak his views – it’s called freedom of speech! If he is not reinstated fully I will be sure your channel is blocked in my home on all tv’s and computers. This is UN-exceptable. good bye A&E!!!!

  32. I think your knee jerk reaction to Phil Robertson’s comments about homosexuals is appalling. Once again you corporate types will get this wrong just like they did with Paula Dean. Phil Robertson made his statements to GQ magazine, he is entitled to his religious views regardless of your imposed political correctness.

    I personally hope the entire cast of Duck Dynasty pull the plug on your network and refuse to do the show and let a&e loose that revenue. Hopefully they can move to another network. You guys suck.

  33. Phil Robertson has the right to view his opinion about his beliefs. He was not speaking for A&E and you don’t own his views. Stop the insanity please and apologize to the whole Robertson family.

  34. We were greatly disappointed to see that A&E caved to the pressure of GLAAD regarding the Phil Robertson interview in GQ. Apparently A&E’s idea of freedom of speech is that it is a right reserved for just certain groups or individuals. Shame on you as a network that you have elected to put so much credence to the cries of one group while ignoring the mass populace who believes in the Duck Dynasty casts beliefs, and have opted to punish an individual who is unafraid to use his constitutional right to voice his personal beliefs and convictions.
    We as a family will no longer support any A&E network programming if you allow this decision to stand. We also will be very vocal in our sharing of your network decision with all our friends and any and all persons we come in contact with.

  35. I am utterly disappointed in your response to Phil Robertson call me I am publicly testing my voice to boycott a&e network. I do hope feelin his family does not continue earning you guys money.

  36. A&E, SHAME ON YOU! What you have done to Phil Robertson is a disgrace. If your network is that upset about his comments then terminate there contracts. This is reality. This is his opinion. I have had it with your network and will never watch it again.

  37. My household will no longer support A&E until you apologize to Phil. The amount of crap on TV is at an all time high, it is refreshing to see a show that has such a positive effect on families. I hope you enjoy losing 8 million viewers.

  38. Due to your suspension of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty over his second amendment right to voice his opinion in a publication I have suspended as well as many others of viewing any program on your channel until you lift your suspension of Mr. Robertson! Shame on you all for trying to play both sides of the fence!

  39. WHAT HAPPENED TO FREE SPEECH? Phil Robertson is entitled to his opinion. I don’t agree with him, but to boot him off of his show. You are just hurting your network, Phil is his own man and more than likely couldn’t care less about how you feel about his thoughts. He may not be PC for 2013, but it is his right to free speech. We bend too much not to offend this group or that. You blew it, I realize you have to appear PC to gay groups but do you not realize how much you are pissing off the millions of fans of “Duck Dynasty”?

  40. Are you seriously suspending Phil from Duck Dynasty for speaking his mind? You should seriously think about this. This will be the straw that breaks the camels back and you have no idea the recusions you will receive for doing this. I guess the 1st amendment is obsolete when it comes to religious views. Phil is loved by millions and we will support him and boycott this channel and every company that this company supports.

  41. Regarding the recent ban of Phil Robersonf from his tv series. I strongly disagree with your decision to suspend him. All are entiltled to their personal opinion and Mr. Roberson gave just that. His PERSONAL opinion. He never claimed to represent the views of A&E.

    I will not watch the shoe without him, as I know many of my fellow viewers will do the same. We watch this family and love them because of the great values they reflect in their show.

    I imagine they will cease to work with A&E after this, as it should be. I’m sure other networks would support them.

  42. I am outraged and I want the world to know it. The world can’t just insult Phil Robertson for what he really said, you have to make things up as well. If you continue this I will discontinue watching A&e and I have many faithful viewers who will follow me. Don’t take away our rights and then not expect us to fight back. I have lost such respect for your network.

  43. If you place Phil Robertson on “hiatus” for stating his opinion when asked and exercising his 1st Amendment right to free speech, I’ll exercise mine by not watching A&E and wait for another network to pick up the DD family. How dare you attempt to silence someone over their opinion. The 1st Amendment is for EVERYONE not just those who you agree with!

    Disgusted in TX
    Brad Wolfe

  44. Phil said in the interview it was His Opinion!! He has the right to feel the way he does about homosexuality!! You only want diversity when it fits your agenda. I think homosexuality is a sin too. Only God can judge, but I don’t have to approve. You have overstepped your bounds. Laughs are on you when Duck Dynasty ends up on another Network!!!!!!

  45. Please leave Phil Robertson alone. Why is it that anytime someone with beliefs takes a stand, it is bad, but when someone who is not a Christian they can say and do whatever makes them happy but Christians are not allowed to because it might offend someone. Why can people offend Christians and it’s ok?

  46. I understand that you have suspended Duck Dynasty because they believe in what the bible says about homosexuality. If this is true I will not ever watch this channel again and I will voice my opinion to friends and Facebook. What ever happened to freedom of speech? There are millions of Christians that believe this. The constitution gives us these freedoms and you cave in to those that want to take away this freedom. If this is the kind of weak mindedness that runs this show then I refuse to watch any more shows on this channel.

  47. A&E is wrong in reference to the situation with Phil Robertson! I regularly watch the channel. If Phil is not good enough for A&E I am not either!! There are many across the country that feel the same way. He has a right to his beliefs just as you belive he was wrong! I agree with everything he said, and the bible agrees with him too!! You need Phil more than he needs you! God bless you!

  48. Can’t believe that a&e folded to the pressure of glaad. All family, friends,and Facebook friends will not be watching a&e if you pull Phill. My message throught the internet will be to let everyone know a&e does no support family values. A sad day America !!!

  49. Put Phil back on Duck Dynasty. A boycott of your network would be an interesting turn of events, wouldn’t it? He has a right to his opinions. He was targeted because they knew what his opinions were and wanted to destroy the show. What cowards you guys are. You had an ace in the hole and you blew it. Apologize to America and return Phil to the show.

  50. Suspending Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. BIG MISTAKE. Have you ever heard of freedom of speech? How about freedom of religion? I can only hope the family leaves your network and goes to another. Seems those who preach tolerance the loudest are usually the least tolerant.

  51. You may want to reconsider your recent decision regarding banning Phil Robinson’s appearance on the show that has put your station at the top with a great number of viewers.
    I plan to not only boycott your station but all if your advertisers as well.
    But, not just boycott; I will be contacting them and informing them of my decision AND telling them my reason for doing so.
    It’s too bad that an opinion asked and answered is only tolerated when it agrees with your own.
    Disappointed and saddened at your intolerance of ones right to have and express said opinion.
    This is about more than good vs. evil. This is bullying on a whole new level.
    I truly hope ALL the Robinsons take their morals, Christian beliefs, family values and their right to bear arms to another network.

  52. Do not destroy Duck Dynasty by cutting out Phil. He is the most important part of the show for many reasons I won’t go into, but I will tell you the show won’t be as good without him. You might think you can get by without him but we will notice and you will piss off a lot of fans. He’s entitled to his opinion and no one is going to stop watching because he voiced it. GET OVER IT!!!

  53. I am disgusted by A&E’s handling of the comments made by Phil Robertson. I will no longer be watching A&E. The man was asked his opinion about something and simply gave his opinion as a Christian it was not in any way hate speech.

  54. You really need to reconsider you’re decision on Phil about his opinion about Gays he was asked a question and he gave a honest answer from his beliefs just because his views are different from others doesn’t mean he is or was wrong my family really enjoys this show and so do ALOT OF OTHER VIEWERS

  55. Does A&E support Freedom of speech? I think not. Phil ( Duck Dynasty)simply gave his opinion , he never said anything hateful about LGBT lifestyle. He simply said why he does not approve. Big deal, we all have things we do not approve of. Doesn’t matter of we agree or not agree, everyone has their opinion. George Orwell was a Prophet. Only Government approved opinions at A&E. I am finished, Never watch it again,


  57. A&E just cut their own throat by pandering to the gay community while turning their backs on Christians, Duck Dynasty fans, etc. I hope your network goes under. Phil Robertson has as much right to state his opinion (which is shared by the overwhelming majority of Americans) and to quote the Bible as this minute minority of spoiled gay brats have to constantly, unceasingly cram their opinions down everyone else’s throats. Do you idiots really believe that your major fan base are gay? Good ridance A&E.

    • When u get to be famous like phil and say one thing that people dont like they want to beat u down. No one is perfect we all say thing and do thing we regret oh well life go on get over. A&e knew when they sign phil on and what he believe in. My hat off to you phil dont give in to none believers.

  58. To Whom This May Concern

    It is totally unfair that your network has removed Phil from Duck Show. He has his own way of looking at gay people because of his view of the bible like 95% of everyone else that thinks the same way as him. Your Channel will be deleted off my 5 tv’s until he is back to work. Your network should be ashamed that they are the judges on what you think is okay that gays are not sinning according to the bible.


  59. Hi, I am a huge fan of A&E and a HUGE fan of Duck Dynasty. I understand why people do not like what Phil had to say but i’m pretty sure banning him is not only against freedom of speech…but you will lose a lot of viewers. If you do not change this I will personally see to it that you bring him back. Thanks…

  60. I think its a crying shame a person cannot in this day and age have an opinion unless it goes along with all the liberal viewpoints. It seems as if Christians in the US are now being criticized for their beliefs. Its also a shame a group of people like the LGBT control your station and because of an honest opinion said by one of the Duck Dynasty he is thrown off the program. There is too much liberal political correctness in the US of late. its beginning to be a matter of no freedom of speech. I have a feeling the LGBT won’t be happy until the entire show is thrown off your station. I am sickened you would take up for those people.

  61. You are despicable for what you did to Mr Robertson. He spoke his opinion. It’s called free speech. When I see something on your channel that I don’t like I just turn it off. Your bible revelation series could be offensive to me I don’t have to watch it so I change the channel. He must have touched a nerve with someone at A&e who is in the lgbt community and knows he s right. You have no bacbone.

  62. Your actions regarding Phil Robertson, is insane! You are looking at a small minority and letting them make decisions for You! You had best listen to the silent Majority. for Hell sakes grow a pair and support your money makers!!!

  63. I think you are foolish for supporting homosexuality, but that does not stop me from viewing your channel. Why would you take Phil Robinson, who quoted the very book this country use to follow and get rid of him. There are worse things in this world, country actually to worry about than one man’s beliefs. I frown upon all of you and your thoughts about his opinion which wasn’t even on his show. He had every right by law to say it and nothing is going to change his mind. I work with homosexuals all day and even help them on their work but I know what is waiting for them in the end and pity their souls unless they repent. Good bless all of you.

  64. Can someone please clear up is Phil Robertson suspended or he’s fired..Him having a right to speak his mind on whatever his beliefs are.Is nothing wrong with that all the positive he have put out there should out weigh a comment about what he believes..I know it’s consequences behind every action and fired shouldn’t be it.A lot of people’s needs a little of Phil Robertson in there home sometimes please please keep him on..Thank You

  65. Getting ready for bed and reading some articles when I see Phil is no longer a part of duck dynasty due to an anti gay remark? ARE YOU SERIOUS A&E??? You guys have gone nuts… I serve in the military to fight for every ones rights only to watch someone get asked a question in an interview and give an honest answer of what his opinion is and all of a sudden since he is an honest man answering a question he no longer has a job? Nice job supporting the rights of America A&E. No one stops people from living the homosexual life style, but if someone does not like it their life is changed for the worse? I have no problem with gay and lesbian people, but I have a huge problem with people being penalized for having an opinion or answering a question with honesty. You guys are wrong for this action and I will no longer be watching this network. If this comment some how offended anyone I apologize as it was not meant to, but people should still be aloud an opinion and voice…

  66. It is the intention of Duck Dynasty, and Phil Robertson (an individual), supporters to ban A&E and it’s affiliated networks, as well hoping said ban will go viral. I specifically fully intend to ban A&E and it’s affiliated networks.

  67. Scary stuff about the duck dynasty guy NOT being able to express his personal opinion without an uprising from the gay community. They do not hold back about their disdain for the Christian community and no one complains. Are we as a nation now being forced to give up on the that pesky freedom of speech or can we all just GROW UP and stop wining. The man did NOT threaten. He just stated his opinion. It does not bother me or make me change my opinion about the gay community. I have never ever watched the show, but because this guy had the audacity to stand up for his own beliefs, I will start watching now. If the show is canceled, I will NEVER watch A&E again and I will make sure I bring as many of my friends and family with me as is humanly possible.

  68. Putting Phil Robertson on “hiatus” from Duck Dynasty because of comments he made to a journalist about his feelings about homosexuality is proposterous. He is a published author. Published long before A&E invited him and his family to have their own show. He wrote a book about family, Duck Commander and his faith (keyword “faith”). You give them the freedom to pray on their show, I’m sure because it’s what they do in real life, but not the freedom of speech when they are not filming. Why do networks assume the role of watchdog for someone’s opinon on minorities, gay rights, religion, etc. This matter of publcally calling out and banning someone from their program just draws more attention to the matter than if it were just ignored all together. The general public is not ignorant as to how Phill, or any christian man for that matter, feels about gays because the bible speaks of it unfavorably. So honestly, were you surprised by the comment? He also does not like yuppies and their high tech devices. Shouldn’t you take offense to his constant negative “yuppie” references? I think not. Do you realize you are offending more people with your remedy than the actual number of people who are offended by his comments. Duh!

  69. Suspending Phil from the DD show for what he believes when you will put on the air other trash that is far more offending than what he said he believes. I heard no malice towards gays, only what our Christian beliefs are and what our God says. I am sorry for those who don’t like what we believe, but we don’t like what they believe either. If the sponsors side with A&E they might just learn there are more Christians that watch the show than gays. Like my family we buy those products because we thought the sponsors would support a clean family show with Christian values. That will come to a halt in my family.

  70. Letting Phil at duck dynasty go is a bad mistake. The man has an opinion. He did not hate anyone. George Orwell was right. Political Correctness abounds. Sad

  71. You shouldn’t suspend Phil Robertson due to his beliefs. American is founded on sharing your beliefs. It is also founded on respecting others beliefs by not taking any action upon them for their beliefs. A&e… You’re helping to tear down freedom of speech. Let people turn off the tv if they get offended. That’s what I will be doing to your network if you continue with Mr Robertson’s suspension.

  72. I would think twice before removing Phil from your Duck Dyansty show. When someone was asked a question and just told interviewer the way he feels and now he is being punished. I hope they all quit and move to another network. I think A&E should reconsider, since the backlash will be more than you are anticipating.

  73. You need to restore Phil Robertson to Duck Dynasty. If you feel the need to be so politically correct in your network you should not have allowed Duck Dynasty to tape one segment. This show is a show that reflects great family values that have gone missing in recent decades. Until you restore Phil Robertson, I will not nor will any of my family members be able to tune into any of your networks. One more thing, grow a spine!

  74. If this network persists in the persecution of freedom of speech and freedom of religous beliefs. (The Phil Robertson persecution) I will block the A&E channel from all my televisons and ask every friend and family to do the same.

  75. I think it’s a shame that you outcast a member of a tv show that has morals and values. Duck Dynasty is a good clean family show where you are not seeing boobs, bellies and butts. There is also no sex. Shame on you. I was a loyal fan of A&E because of shows like CSI Miami and Duck Dynasty. I hope I can keep being a fan, but I won’t if Duck Dynasty is cancel by you.

  76. I am permanently boycotting this network for their bgotted persecution against a man for simply stating his beliefs. I am so sick ant tired of the fascist homosexual radicals destroying anime with an opinion they don’t agree with.

    I will ban this network until they apologize and recognize FREE SPEECH.

  77. So banning Phil is your position? Good luck with that! His right of Freedom of speach is no different than interest groups, to bad you now down to them! Brainless on your part! WE SUPPORT PHIL!

  78. I’m sorry to see that you have suspended Phil Robertson from his family’s show. He is the patriarch. He is known for speaking what he thinks whether it is popular with everyone or not. He didn’t say anything that wasn’t truth. He is a strong believer in the Word of God which he quoted. He made his statement in an interview and not on your network. It wasn’t hateful. It was factual even though parts of it was crude. If you want to ban everything and everyone on your channel that is offensive then it will be fair but this is not and I believe you are making a mistake. I am offended by your new rodeo show with the half naked girls and the naked guy in your commercial. I choose not to watch the show. I would like to choose not to watch the commercial. Wish that was possible. I recommend that the gay community not watch Phil on Duck Dynasty. I don’t doubt that the 14 million who do watch DD will still be tuned in next week. Please reconsider your action against Phil Robertson. You might find yourself left behind when another network picks them up!

  79. if a&a is having people on reality shows they should not suspended
    anyone over their own opinion or is it untrue about reality shows like duck dynasty. or are you hypocrites

  80. It is unfortunate that A&E believes that only those with a pro gay attitude should enjoy freedom of speech. Phil Robertson has been suspended from the show Duck Dynasty after a knee jerk reaction by the A&E executives. Threats from homosexual agenda groups has demonstrated they have no backbone. They turned so quickly on the show that has made them millions and I for one will avoid any programming of theirs in the future and I hope the Duck Dynasty contract is not too long from expiring so the whole family can move it to another network. Whether you agree with Phil’s comments or not, he surely has a right to make them.

  81. I am offended by your reaction to Phil Robertson’s comments. You’ve lost a viewer. Just because opposition voices their opinions more than christian value groups…..

  82. You guys are unfair to Duck man Phil Roberson, and taking him off the air!!!
    I will never watch a&e anymore if don’t reinstate him back on the show. If you
    Ever read the bible you would know GOD is not in favor of gay men or woman!
    It is a sin, pure and plane! And if they don’t repent of their sins they will never inter into
    the kingdom of GOD!!

    From a very unsatisfied customer!!

  83. To Whom This May Concern,

    While I don’t agree with what he said, it was cowardly and nonsensical to fire Phil. Rest assured, I will not be watching A&E, nor will I do business with any of A&E’s sponsors. Mark Grissom

  84. If you are going to suspend Phil Roberson for having an opionion and the testicle fortitude to stand behind his beliefs, then I am going to suspend ALL A&E programs/shows from my livingroom! Way to treat your #1 rated TV show…Why don’t you show a openly gay family and their excapades and see how far THAT gets you. SMH..

  85. Free speech allows duck dynasty people to talk, just like other actors who openly support gay rights, obamacare, animal rights etc.

    A & E start being true Americans and leave the duck people alone

  86. If you don’t get Phil back on Duck Dynasty I won’t be watching any shows on A&E. This country was founded on the right to free speech but you obviously have forgotten that!

  87. I support Phil – It is a disgrace to punish someone for expressing their beliefs. The one who has made this decision needs to be fired!!

  88. I can’t believe that this station is firing a man for stating his beliefs. The last I checked we all still lived in AMERICA… not some communist nation. Oh wait maybe we do. When we take away our freedom of speech… freedom of religion….freedom to fly our American flag without offending someone…this is exactly the nation we have become. It is a shame that we can’t agree to disagree without shunning someone for what they are or believe. Grow a flipping back bone.

  89. A&E, you have lost me to your channel and I would imagine a lot of people will stop watching your channel. I can’t believe that you suspended Phil from DD. He gave his opinion which a majority of Americans also believe. He didn’t spew hate, he spoke his beliefs. As believers in Christ, we are supposed to sit back and let the gay community say what they want and we are supposed to accept it. That is their opinion! My opinion is the same as Phil Robertson. Why doesn’t the gays and lesbians have to listen to our opinion? People need to read their history books and see why all great nations fell. We are too politically correct and we allow the minority to dictate what happens in America. It is shameful.

  90. You want to know what I think. Well here goes but I know you won’t publish this. I will never watch you station again because of what you are doing to Phil Robertson. Since when are people not aloud to have opinions. I thought we lived in a free country. He did not say anything wrong or bad about them just that he didn’t think it was right but who is he to judge he will let GOD handle. You should be ashamed of yourselves for persicuting a GOD fearing man. I looked forward to the show every week because even if Phil was not in the show, he was always at the end to give Grace before they ate. Now mind you I am not a very religious person, that is not why I am writing this. But I do believe in GOD above and what you are doing is wrong on so many levels. Why can’t you put a disclaimer at the end of the show stating that the cast on the show does not have the same views that the station does on and off air. Well enough said. I hope when the cast walks out they get picked up by another station. Do the right thing!

  91. I want Phil back ! If you don’t bring him back you shouldn’t even show any Duck Dynasty reruns, why should you cash in on a person you don’t agree with?

  92. I’m not understanding how your network can choose to suspend a person who is using their Constitutional right. After all, don’t you get to use this same right when choosing your programs? To protect everyone’s feelings and to reduce lawsuits most networks have a disclaimer. I respect your right to choose your programming and to protect the opinions of all involved by using a disclaimer but to be intolerable of his right to his opinion and to place a highly viewed/popular show in jeopardy shows your fear and ignorance. The show must go on with your network or not.

  93. Due to your removal of Phil from the show, I am not only boycotting your channel a&e but also all your sister networks I will not purchase any of your series, and I will make my own shorts to wear everywhere voicing the boycott of your company. Proud Heartland citizen and proud supporter of Phil and his freedom of speech, we the public are disappointed with your actions, and you will feel the recourse of such blind and rushed actions.

  94. I cannot believe what A&E has done to Phil. First off, this is America and the man simply stated his opinion. Gays can say whatever they want and if I don’t like it too bad. But one man makes a remark about them and he’s made into a villain. All it takes is one viewing of Duck Dynasty and you can realize the way the Robertson family feels about religion etc. What did A&E think Phil was going to say? I for one am furious with the way this situation was handled and will no longer be watching A&E or any of its sister channels which I frequently view (every single night). It’s a shame our country has come to this point where free speech is only allowed if you are “not offending anybody” how about this-GLAAD and Cruz offended me. Can we get him suspended?

  95. What are you people CRAZY. Phil from Duck Dynasty had every right to give his opinion about gays since you asked him about it. Did you want him to lie like you liberal idiots? I respect him and his family for something that the public does not have now which is Christian, moral values in a TV show, how refreshing. I am so done with A&E. I believe you just cut your throat to spite your face….happy low ratings you fools……..

  96. No A&E ever for this family
    Sick and tired of the bias and having their perspective shoved down your throat.
    Contacting any company that advertises on A&E and letting them know our family will not buy any product they produce until they no longer advertise on A&E.
    First ammendment is being shoved aside until everyone marches along with mouth shut.
    Sounds like 18th century new amaerica doesn’t it.
    The Lordship tells the subjects how to think and speak.

  97. Phil Robertson is entitled to his opinion. I will be contacting my cable company to suspen A&E service to my home. I will also be contacting every advertiser on your network and inform them I will be boycotting their products and /or services

  98. I cant believe a station is firing a man for stating his beliefs. We do live in America right???? beginning to think we no longer do. I will NEVER watch your station again IF Phil Robertson is no longer allowed on Duck Dynasty. You know this mans belief’s so you really are shocked by his response? He is a very honest man who states his beliefs and never covers it up and what did the magazine company expect? I mean really folks? looks like he is being attacked on his Christian beliefs but EVERYONE else can voice their beliefs and opinions. This world is so messed up. always attacking the Christians! well if Phil goes, you will loose sooooo many viewers and I hope and PRAY you loose sooooo many if that be the case! I would sure hate to be some people when they stand before God one day! I hope and PRAY the entire cast walks out on A&E!!!!!!!!! very very disappointed in A&E!…..this family has brought so much to A&E and you would think that A&E would support Phil NOT remove him.. do the right thing A&E!!!!!!

  99. A & E yall are terrible for taking Phil off the show!!! Who the hell do you think you are for shaming a Christian Guy of his beliefs!!?? You knew how much of a Christian he is and how Godly he is when you put him on the show in the first place. I am done watching your channel and just know karma is a B–ch!!

  100. I will not watch Duck Dynasty or another show on your network again. Getting rid of Phil for expressing his views is concerning, this is a violation of his freedom of speech. This is a Christian bases show with Christian values and that is a major contributing factor to the shows success.

  101. As you can see from the comments – you blew it for suspending Phil Robertson. He was asked a question and provided an answer. If you are smart – end this now or A&E, Lifetime and other related networks are dead meat. They will be picked up by another network, while A&E will tank. Good luck you idiots.

  102. A & E yall are terrible for taking Phil off the show!!! Who the hell do you think you are for shaming a Christian Guy of his beliefs!!?? You knew how much of a Christian he is and how Godly he is when you put him on the show in the first place. I am done watching your channel until Phil come back.

  103. A&E has made a big mistake when it comes to Phil Robertson and taking him off the air. Freedom of speech is a basic fundamental for all and you have taken it away from him but not some others. I will exercise my right not to watch A&E network anymore.

  104. So no Freedom of Religion or Freedom of Speech for Phil Robertson!! WOW I am so Disappointed in your network right now. Couple of things I would like you to think about. You guys are trying to please one group of people; why if this show is canceled you will lose a lot of viewers. Duck dynasty was the only reason I started watching your network. Now I am Boycotting your network until Phil is no longer suspended and you bring Duck Dynasty back. I believe Duck Dynasty is what made your network so popular. Think about that. So much for Family Friendly television and being able to say what you believe without being suspended. Very Disappointing!!

  105. WOW!!! PHIL AND HIS FAMILY WERE YOUR NETWORKS #1 show because of his beliefs,you don’t really think it was the duck calls do you?! And as soon as somebody starts in your network put Phil out the curb..But u put crap on your network like Rodeo Girls,really? Hmm,Godly family or”TNA( and if u don’t know what that means look it up,it’s what that new crap they are airing now that’s what it’s all about..SMH

  106. I just wanted you to know that I am very disappointed in the way you are treating Phil Robertson. I watch a lot of your shows, but the way you are treating Phil I will not be watching anymore A&E, unless you make this right. We live in a free country with FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Have you ever stopped to think why the show is so popular??? It is because it is a good family show that you can actually watch with your family (no cussing, teaching good morals/values, praying as a family, it’s funny, etc…) I really hope that you do the right thing here and change the way you are treating Phil. That is what is wrong with our Country now, for whatever reason Freedom of Speech only applies to some groups and not everyone (if the media doesn’t agree with their views) that is just wrong… Again I hope you change your point of view because I really do enjoy some of your shows and I hate that I am now going to have to stop watching them.

  107. My husband and I are upset Phil Robertson is no longer on Duck Dynasty.
    We still live in America, where freedom of speech is not a crime, but we feel he is being punished for expressing his comments.
    We have always enjoyed your network and programs, but feel you may be making a mistake in this action.
    I hope they are picked up by another network.
    My family enjoyed DD because we could watch as a wholesome family show.

  108. Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Religion are part of what makes this country Great. I will remove A&E from my play list if you don’t keep Phil on the show. We are tired of these groups pushing their agendas on us, having control over everything we watch and believe in. We are told that Bullying is horrible, yet we are constantly bullied by these organizations. Put a stop to it. I watch Duck Dynasty because of Phil’s Family Values. Support Phil Robertson.

  109. Phil Roberson comments
    a&e you let a few queers steer your ship, i am just the same a Phil Roberson , i don’t like queers and do not want one around me it is against Gods law for men to lay together and women to lay with women
    i hope duck dynasty goes to another channel such as fox
    you have lost a viewer, believe in the few as you are doing and your channel will fail

  110. I have a comment concerning your networks decision to remove Phil Robertson from one of the most popular shows on cable ( Duck Dynasty ). I am extremely disappointed in whoever made this decision. Your network and others like your network continue to support and endorse shows like Rodeo Girls which is filled with profanity, nudity, and violence, but you choose to remove a man like Phil Robertson from a show with an excellent moral compass and family values for standing up in support of the written word of God. We need a lot more people like Phil Robertson and a lot less immoral thinkers in positions to determine what this country sees and hears on Television and radio. I truly feel for the kids of this generation who are subject to the kinds of things that they see and hear on Television and radio today. This country needs to check it’s moral values and start realizing freedom of speech also applies to people who believe in God and his son Jesus Christ.

  111. I will never watch your channel again. You have made alot of money off this family and now turn your back on them. Bring him back or loose a die hard fan of your channel. I believe that as humans we have a right to have our own beliefs. It use to be that the LBGT community was shun over theirs. That is not the case anymore. They have plenty of media platforms to express their beliefs and so should Phil Robertson.

  112. I will no longer support anything on your network due to your reaction of Phil Robertson exercising his first amendment rights. I will also encourage many more people do so until he is allowed back on air. I think you need them (The Robertsons) more than they need you, you have more offensive things on your network that should be taken off the air.

    Good day

  113. My family is very upset that A&E has chosen to suspend Phil from Duck Dynasty. I believe we have the right to freedom of speech in this country (at least for now). Whether we agree with his beliefs or not, he has the right to voice them. Everyday, we are being told by our government, groups and organizations, what is acceptable and what we should allow as “normal”; and we wonder why our country is the way it is! I am tired of how these organizations like GLAAD have such control over our society. There are many shows on tv that I will not watch because they are trying to force a belief down my throat. If people don’t like what Phil Robertson said then don’t watch the show. Obviously, there are many people in this country who enjoy watching Duck Dynasty and it would not be the same without Phil. A&E needs to stop being bullied by these type of organizations.

  114. Are you saying that Phil Robertson does not have the same rights of free expression as everyone else in this country? I think it is in the Bill of Rights that we have the right to freedom of speech! Just because you do not agree with his viewpoint or it is not a politically correct statement does not give you the right to sensor him. This is America! He did not even say anything on the show! He said it in an interview for a magazine!

    The Duck Dynasty show is wholesome family entertainment unlike many of your other shows like the new “Cowgirl” show which promotes promiscuity. Other shows promote vulgarity,violence and more sexual promiscuity. And you find it necessary to sensor one of the members of the cast for speaking his mind.

    I personally do not agree with Phil but that is my right. He has the right to his opinions and has the right voice them.

  115. Here is the real deal folks. You take Phil off the show, and people will stop watching, me included. If Phil is removed from the show, A&E will “FOREVER” be banned in my household and I will tell every person I know to do the same. A&E will suffer great economic loss because of this bigotry. Yes, bigotry. Phil treats all people as precious souls. His statement concerns people’s eternity, and I can assure you, he will not change or retract what he said and he shouldn’t.

    I am a Christian and love this show, but at every turn A&E has tried to stiffle the outward beliefs of the Robertson family! You asked them not to pray, but without a prayer, Phil refused to do the show. So in your greed, you allow it. Now Phil is interviewed by an unaffiliated magazine and makes a scriptural statement concering homosexuals and you remove him? Really? Who are you trying to appease? A&E executives, you have the #1 viewed TV show for a reason. More people in this country actually believe the Bible than the “Hollywierd” crowd think.

    Think this thru! There are millions just like me out there.

  116. Why is it ok for the homosexual community to SHOVE their agenda down our throats and yet when a conservative voices their opinion it is wrong? I thought America provided free speech for all! I think Duck Dynasty is a terrific family show….in fact, it is one of the shows our family can watch together. I am so tired of watching t.v. Shows that include homosexuality and sex outside of marriage. Conservative Christians better start defending our freedom or it will ALL be gone and it is too hard and painful to get it back. Way to go Phil! Let me also express that I do not hate homosexuals. I just dont agree with the lack of freedom in our great country.

  117. I think you drop contracts with the robertsons. Let them free to leave and start with another network. Some people still believe in god ,country ,and free speach. We are god fearing but after turning the other cheek we will fight and fight you we will.

  118. I will not watch A&E again. You are a company that has bought into all the PC crap, yet turn your back on the Ist amendment of the country. I will no longer buy any product that is on your network.

  119. How pathetic is this network to suspend a person for their opinion and was not even said on the show. Look at Oprah W and what she said about wishing death to people and mr Alec Baldwin about gays. Why don’t A&E call out these networks then and tell them to suspend these other people. I will not watch any programming on this network until the my put him back on the show. I am gay and am not offended at all by his comments. People are allowed having their own beliefs and opinions in the USA. Boycot A&E!!!

  120. I seriously thought A&E was standing up for individual’s rights by allowing Mr Robertson and his family to state their beliefs over and over again in their show. He did not encourage anyone to hate or harm people who believe differently – in fact he has repeatedly expressed that we should all love one another. Stand up and have a backbone A&E, GLAAD does not rule the world. Until you stop catering to a small portion of our society you will continue to lose more viewers across the board on all of your associated channels (A&E, Crime & Investigation Network, History, H2, History en Espanol, Lifetime, LMN, Lifetime Real Women & Military History). Yes, I did say a small portion of our society. Free speech is still a right we have in this awesome country, even when it’s speech you disagree with – shame on you GLAAD, you are behaving like bullies.

  121. I am boycotting A@E and all their advitisers until Phil Roberton is reinstated. The bigotry is not coming from christians but all the special interest groups. No Phil Robertson, No A&E or their sponsors!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Suspending Duck Dynasty was the worse move A&E could have made!! Not only because this show is one of the top shows that is watched and is making A&E very popular, but also taking a man off HIS show because he was stating his beliefs! If one can voice their opinions and flaunt alcoholism, sex, drugs and homosexuality…there should be a group that can have their beliefs and openly express them! I support Phil Robertson, but A&E will not be played for anything in my home!

  123. I have nothing wrong with same sex marriage just as I see nothing wrong with Phil being asked his belief, you asked him his points of views ! You set him up, not every same sex couple will be outraged but should also understand some people don’t see it threw everyone’s perspective it is respecting someone or going about your own way ! Their is plenty if crap on T.V now adays he didn’t tell everyone to shun same sex couple he simply was being him self ! If society can’t be them selves and if what a&e has to offer is their own point of view with out allowing the people you air to be themselves I think America can call your net work fake and we shouldn’t support you by watching you !! So people stop watching a&e till phil is back if it that much go for a net work strike !

  124. Apparently free speech is only allowed if you are a liberal. While I may not agree with what Phil said, I stand behind his right to say it and I find it appalling that your network would kowtow to the liberal agenda and suspend this man simply for stating his beliefs. You make a lot of money off of this family and you knew what you were getting when you signed them to this show.

    A&E is now blocked from our channel selection and will not be watched again until you issue an apology to Phil and the viewers.

    I dare say that if Phil was a Muslim and stated his beliefs not one thing would have been said about this so called controversy.

  125. Disappointed in your actions A&E, in regards to Phil Robertson. This man spoke his opinion based off of his beliefs and constitution rights. How dare you disregard those rights! Your network and it’s affiliates will not be seen on any television in my home. I will spread my opinion of your actions, and encourage all to do the same.

  126. If Phil is not reinstated on Duck Dynasty my family will block your channel on all of our TVs.
    We will never watch your channel again and will campaign against your channel. You new Phil’s beliefs all along. He is right to say what he believes when asked a question. You are wrong and if you choose to do this, your channel will lose big

  127. All TV’s in our home have A&E block as of today. We will also be contacting all of your advertisers and informing them that if they continue to deal with you, we will stop dealing with them. Free Speech is still allowed in the US… you crossed the line with this one.

  128. Wtf is wrong with you guys spending duck commander for what he said you guys either stand with or you guys will loose a lot of viewers there is nothing wrong with what he said its the truth u guys don’t like it well to bad let me tell you gays every boddy is standing up for tyem but what about the straight people well guess what I’m standing up for them and family since there’s so much cowards like a&e so back up your show and the star of it or me and every one I know will no longer watch you channel

  129. From the Bible:

    Leviticus 18:22
    “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.” (NLT)

  130. Phil Is the head of the family and he shares his knowledge of the Bible…but most important?..freedom of speech. If you really think of free speech, it doesn’t count for Christians, tea party members. Pro life advocates,and Caucasians.
    If you drop Duck Dynasty you drop your rating. I for one will buy their tapes and thoroughly enjoy each and every minute of this wholesome viewing.

  131. I have been a viewer of your channel for years. I currently watch First 48, Shipping Wars, Storage Wars, Duck Dynasty and Barter Kings. You can be assured I have discontinued watching ALL shows on your channel due to removing Phil Robertson due to his religious views. I hope he sues your company and wins due to your discrimination of his religious beliefs.

  132. Iv will no longer be allowing my home to watch your networks . You have shown me that you don’t allow people to be free to speak their mind. We are not going to wall mart and have wrote them a letter also. Long live Phil and duck commander.

  133. Phil Robertson was simply answering interview questions. He was giving his honest opinion, nothing more, nothing less. Last time I checked this was America and we have the right to freedom of speech. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think its refreshing to have a family like the Robertsons on TV these days. With all the ridiculous reality TV shows that show people fighting or getting tore up all the time I think we need a show that shows a family that has some real values. Yes, I support the gay community and think they should be allowed to get married. But I do not think that a man should be banned from TV for not agreeing. This just goes to show that America is becoming less and less free. We have to censor everything we say and do to make everyone happy. Well, you will never please everyone. Put Phil back on the show. He is a good man with real morals and their are so few people like this on air for others to look up to.

  134. Just wondering if since you suspended Phillip Robinson if your are worries about the others quitting or sueing for dont so and if your worried that people will stop watching and buying merchandise because of you dont so what happen to freedom of speech and mist of all are you worried at all about going to help yourselves for suspending him for speaking the truth of GODS word I for one am shocked at how you can do something like this ti a god beileving family man I really hope you all think twice before you’d really go ahead and do this AMEN

  135. My brother in law is gay and my oldest childs godfater, my next door neighbors are gay, and my dear, dear friends.
    Miley Cyrus offends EVERYONE, Yet she is in the running for one of Barbara Walters most fascinating people if 2013??
    It’s called FREE SPEECH.
    I am done with A&E until Phil Robertson is back.
    Steve Rees, MD

  136. “We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series ‘Duck Dynasty,'” the company said. “His personal views in no way reflect those of A+E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely.”

    He has a right to speak in America, ONLY if it agrees with popular opinion?

  137. Regarding your actions toward Phil Robertson – do you think freedom of speech only applies to certain people? That LBGT people or atheists can say whatever they want but a Christian can not? How dare you, A&E, for what you did to Phil Robertson. Until I find out he will be back my family and I will no longer be watching any of your programs.

    • I don’t know what you read, but there was no gay bashing. He stated his opinion which he is untitled to do. Why is it when a comment made against homosexuality it is bashing, but when a comment made against Christianity it is only free speech? We are no longer a free nation.

  138. Everyone I know love the The Robertsons and Duck Dynasty!!! If you take the show off for freedom of speech, then we all said we are blocking A&E from our tV!!!
    No one takes off Saturday night live and they make fun of everyone and say things ugly about people all the time!!!!

  139. Big Mistake. Freedom of Speech is an American right. Listen to the radio and the ethnic words being broadcast everyday!

    If they didn’t pray at the end of every show would you be so selective in your censorship.

    Lost a loyal viewer!

  140. A&E, you have offended me. Can I somehow file a complaint to have your network removed from cable TV? Of course not – you are just suspending Phil Robertson because he you feel he has offended someone. What is the difference in Phil’s views and your views? If you continue with this, I hope the Robertsons leave your network – they surely will be picked up by someone else. Then A&E will no longer be welcome in my home. As a Christian and citizen of this country, I feel you have offended me by limiting free speech. I have gays in my immediate family and love them totally, and feel if this is wrong, God will judge them, not me. Phil Robertson leaves it up to God, also. But you have taken it upon yourselves to judge Phil. WRONG!!!

  141. Due to A&E suspending Phil Robertson, I will no longer be watching this channel. I feel A&E has no respect for freedon of religion, or freedom of speech. I will tell every fan of Duck Dynasty that A&E is against christian values. Say good bye to your ratings! There is a reason Americans love the show, and part of it is that an American family still shows good family values. They close every show eating together and praying together “in Jesus name”. If you do not agree with the word of god that is between you and him. Phil was just quoting the word of god. He never said anything hateful towards anyone. Rather that sinners will not enherit the kingdom of god. We all should love one another and avoid all forms of sin. Until this is reversed this netowrk is blocked!

    • Phil was just a messenger of our lord and to attack him shows the separating of the wheat from the weeds and thank Yahweh that he gave Jesus the power of judging john 5:22 as he died for us that we may be forgiven 3:16 so it is not Phil but rather Jesus they r attacking are they not?

    • Really they are attacking Jesus Christ is this so surprising as the wheat and weeds are being separated? Phil is but a messenger is he not?

  142. YOU have made a VERY bad decision


    What…… You know where his views come from
    Was he to lie??
    He has a right to answer with truth. And GOD bless
    Him for it.

    YOU don’t have to agree with him but IF this is still America
    ALLOW him his freedom of opinion !
    If not. No more A&e

  143. Just to let you know NONE of your channels will be viewed in my home. I don’t tolerate anyone denying others the right to free speech……

  144. We will no longer support your programs or your advertisers. Mr. Robertson, as an American, has the right to practice freedom of speech and his religious believes.

  145. Looks like A&E wants to promote Filth over Faith. Shame on you!! I believe everyone is entitiled to an opinion. I know people who are gay or have loved ones that are gay, but I don’t have to condone or accept it bc the bible does state that relationship is between a MAN and WOMAN. So, NO A&E til there is an apology and resintatement to Phil for his right to say what he wants regardless who he offends. I am offended on a daily basis but I am not out running to have everyone bashed because of it. So if you were one offended, then don’t watch the show and go on with yourselves to some other network that appeals to you non offensively. Oh by the way, hope I dont offend anyone with this MERRY CHRISTMAS to all (yep CHRIST belongs in CHRISTMAS)!!

  146. No more A& E for my family!!!! Get real folks…where is freedom of speech for EVERYBODY…gay, straight, Christian, non christian,,,,no you want to persecute Christians for their belief but everything can be crammed down our throat!!! I hope they go to another channel…

  147. Isn’t is odd that during the Christmas Season, Christians are once again being persecuted for standing by their beliefs. Although, Freedom of Speech & Religion is granted in the First Amendment. A&E if you check, your ratings were down before the Duck Dynasty series. A&E has made a great deal of money from this show. Has anyone there ever stopped to wonder why… maybe because the American public is tired of the nudity, sex, and foul language. This show promotes family values, and that their faith has helped them overcome issues. You can keep your Rodeo Girls, and what it stands for, because the A&E Channel will not be watched in our house, nor most of my co-workers. Oh yes, I have several friend in the gay community, and they do not approve of your decision either.

  148. My entire household, 8 years of age through 51, watch A&E programming faithfully. We enjoy many of your programs with Duck Dynasty being a household favorite. The fun they have, as a family, is inspirational to all of us. They are clean living, law abiding, family value oriented people. They also happen to be Christian. Anyone who chooses to watch this show knows what they are tuning in to. First there was an outcry of people offended at the references to Jesus and the closing prayer and the guns they use for hunting. Now, an outcry because Phil spoke openly about his belief in biblical principle and how homosexuality makes no sense to him. A & E have in to the outraged cry of the LGTB community and suspended Phil indefinitely. While my household of three families may be tiny fish in the pond, I can assure you A & E programming will be off the air in our home until this injustice done to Mr. Robertson has been corrected. We are Christians and we also have several extended family members who are gay, so I’m not able to 100% have a closed or open mind on the subject of homosexuality. I do, however, have a 100% clear mind on the right of individuals to express their freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I ask that A & E consider immediately reinstating Mr. Robertson to his rightful place at the head of his family table so those who sit at our table may continue enjoying the family programming your network has previously provided

  149. Phil Robertson is an American citizen. He is (was) entitled to his opinion, just like the rest of us would like to believe we are entitled to our opinion. To suspend a man for practicing his right to freedom of speach is as unamerican as you can get. I believe you (A&E) are cowards, and I don’t think I want anything to do with your programming anymore.

  150. This is pretty sad. Phil was asked a question. He answerwd the question. His answer is his belief. He has that right in America. If A&e wants to support the gay and lesbo group this is there right and I do not have to take part. For removing Phil from the show for answering a question he was asked and answering in his opinion, I will no longer support or watch any programs that a&e supports or airs on any channel. Tired and fed up with the liberal bs generated from the worthless media we have today……

  151. I support Phil Robertson and all the brave people who have enough love for God and one another that they speak the truth in hopes that people will look into God’s Word for themselves and learn more about our loving Maker.

  152. I am totally disgusted by the fact that in this free society we no longer have the right to be free. Phil Robertson should have the right to exercise his free speech especially when it comes to his religious beliefs. I am horrified that we have come to firing people for speaking their beliefs. I guess I will follow your standard and stop watching your channel until you rectify your situation and see fit and apologize to the Robertson Family. Because this is the best show you have on.

  153. It’s a topsy turvy world when outcry from a very small segment of the population can result in a network pulling a very successful person from a show because of his legitimate beliefs. Beliefs that are held by the vast majority of the world’s population, and have been for centuries, if not millenium. I too, will be taking steps to rid my programming of all of A&E’s product. What a shame, because much of it is some of the more promising material on television today.

  154. You “people” really dropped the ball on this, didnt ya? I hope you guys had a really long night last night. Not to mention the morning meeting that all of you had this morning. I bet someone is really having to kiss some major tail this morning to try to get out of this dilema!
    Personally I hope that your company can not recover from this decision that you made. You did not realize the support that a “CHRISTIAN PREACHER DUCK HUNTING AMERICAN FAMILY MAN FROM THE SWAMP” could have. Well just go to Facebook and check out the support that The Phil Robertson and his Family have from all over this Country that we call THE UNITED STATES!!!
    I will no longer support your company. If anyone bought anyone in my FAMILY a CHRISTMAS present with duck dynasty (since your company see $ from those sales) on it, I will encourage them to take it back for a refund. As for me and mine, we will no longer support your company.
    Has anyone every heard of FREEDOM OF SPEACH? Maybe your company hasnt heard of this term before. But maybe you have heard of it by the time anyone sees this message.

  155. I will no longer be watching anything from A&E in my home. The rest of my family from Florida to Pennsylvania will be blocking your channels as well. Your actions go against the rights of this nation. You are contributing to what’s wrong with this country and we will not support your disregard for the freedoms I swore to defend.

  156. I support Phil Robertson….He said nothing “hateful” He even expressed love for sinners, of all sorts. Suspending him was just wrong, and I will be done with A&E advertisers, if he is not reinstated.
    Thank You,

  157. If you think for a minute Phil is the only one on that show has those beliefs, your wrong. They are ALL Christian, tell me do you have a problem with that?? The only reason everyone and myself watch this show is they pray to GOD. I myself thinks A&E has a problem with GOD. If you people have a problem with Phil cancel the show, you A&E don’t have the balls, because deep down your all cowards. Their no first amendment for Phil, I hope another network picks them up at your loss.

  158. Sad that the people who are crying about intolerance has turned a new definition of intolerance. It always amazes me when people become offended. If you are offended, YOU choose to be offended. Your choice shows a lack of maturity. Why do you care so much? A&E, you choose either to side with the intolerant or choose our constitutional right to have free speech. Whatever the choice , let the chips fall where they may.

  159. Tolerance is reserved for what the liberal agenda says we all must tolerate. GQ has done you a great disservice, making you appear intolerant and cowardly. Why not STARCH YOUR BACKBONE A&E and just say this was an interview with him personally where he expressed personal beliefs he has a right to verbalize, and those statements do not reflect the beliefs of A&E and will not appear in any DD episodes? Seems like folks would get over that a lot faster than they will over you caving like a house of cards and “suspending” him. Whatever that means.

  160. Really… This show has brought A&E to the light , you knew they were Christians and the believes in the bible . What are thinking GQ .. 14M viewers and you support who .. Sponsors will drop …

  161. In America it is a persons right to slander this country and to burn our flag. Although, it is very offensive to most American’s, it’s the person’s right according to our laws. Also, its Phil Robertson’s right to express his beliefs. Any belief will offend someone. I believe rape is wrong, although in some countries it is widely accepted and legal. I’m sure that statement offends rapist..

  162. 12/18/2013. I have VERY UNHAPPY on your recent suspension of the Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson, and his comments he made within a magazine article. You guys knew of his Godly beliefs and what he stands behind, on and off the television screen before he was hired to do the show. After all, that is mainly what the show is based on and is what draws the HUGE fan base that watches. It is my opinion that a person can mention his beliefs as an opinion as long as he doesn’t state it is the Network’s belief. It is my understanding that this is what he did within this article. He strongly believes as I believe, that the continued homosexual lifestyle will not be tolerated by God. Now this in no way means that myself, Phil Robertson, and other Christians don’t pray for these folks and the sinful lifestyle they live in, however, it does mean that we strongly believe this lifestyle is a chosen lifestyle, along with other sinful acts by others, and needs prayers in this regard. He just paraphrased what is stated within the Corinthians of the HOLY BIBLE. PLEASE REVERSE YOUR DECISION AND LET OTHERS STATE OPINIONS THEY BELIEVE IN FREELY. I feel if it were a comment in a non-Christian manner, this would have never been addressed the same way. So, one has to treat others equal upon their opinions/beliefs. REMEMBER! Everyone has an opinion. It is what he says it is. It is just their opinion/belief.

  163. I’m DISGUSTED with your network for suspending Phil Robertson!!! What…. only gay’s are allowed to their opinion and lifestyle????
    This is why America is in a fast downward spiral! Do you realize that gay’s are in the minority????? The majority of the American people believe in the sanctity of traditional marriage!! I will totally ban A&E if you continue with the suspension and I will encourage everyone I know to do so!!! You people make me sick!! It’s ok to support gay’s but not the belief of the majority of Americans!!!

  164. Freedom of speech. Why is it that everyone can say what they want except for Christians. You asked the man a question and got his response. You knew going into the show what his beliefs were, and now you suspend him for it. REALLY!

  165. We are done with you A&E everyone I know will block you.with what you are doing to Phil Robertson we are setting up petitions for the world to sign every person each is friends with on Facebook will sign against you unless you reinstate Phil. People are serious you need to listen to your x viewers if you want to go further with your television station bring Phil back ….

  166. Concerning the uproar over Phil Robertson’s comment on his beliefs. What has happened to our country’s free speech? He should be able to make a statement without fear of retaliation from anyone. This is America where free speech is allowed. He follows the Bible’s teaching. That is his choice and should be free of persecution. I have always been proud of our country. I question those who want to centure free speach. Politically correct is out of control. He is being bullied by groups that want to control what goes on in this country. I am questioning why A & E is willing to be bullied by certain groups?

  167. It saddens me to know that your network has been bullied into taking Phil off the air. Shame on you grow some balls! Stand up for one of the only none crappy shows on cable. My 10 year old son told me about the show a year ago, and we’ve been watching as a family ever since, and we took a trip out of state to the Duck Commander ware house. I strongly suggest you look at your fan base. There is plenty of crud to watch on other channels. So my suggestion to those against a good, clean, twerk free show,with Christian family values,change the damn channel! A&E, we both know Phil was not coming from a hateful place. Grow a pair and stand up for what is right.

  168. Duck dynasty is the only reason I still have cable it’s the only good REAL show on TV full of god fearing family first people!!!! If we had more Poole like this in our country we would be much better off
    I will be very disappointed in A&E if they hold to this suspension of Phil and would expect the Robertson’s to stop making the show if this is held up his interview he was asked his beliefs of problems with america and most churches believe the same thing The Pope has the same view on gays is anyone suspending him ????
    JUDGING THATS ITS THE #1 show on cable looks like it’s not much of a problem
    Love the show Robertson’s please hold strong and keep Phil or walk from the network they will be begging you back

  169. GOD gave us the freedom of speech. Who are you to take it away. I will nor my family will watch AE. YOU are hypocrites at AE. Good for Phil and whoever want to speak their minds. Why us it okay for gays and blAcks to express their views but not a white Christian or white in general. Media makes too many decisions for people anymore. The US and AE are turning into s communist nation. I hope they pull their show from your network. But regardless unless Phil gets apology from AE – that channel no longer exists to me or my family.

  170. What some people have forgotten,is that our country was based on God period. Phil and his family are christian. You knew this when you decided to produce this show. You asked the Phil his thoughts and he told you. Knowing this family is christian you expected a different answer? I would like to know what A&E’s real agenda is. I’m glad this family has beliefs and sticks to them regardless. You might want to remember A&E this family doesn’t need you. Looks like it’s time for Willie to find another channel to carry the show.

  171. Consider me another viewer that will never watch A&E because of the Phil Robertson decision. Have fun with your 1000 viewers watching some 60 year old women’s hoarding habits. Think the pro gay crowd will stick around to support your channel? NOPE (see chik fil a) — you effectively just committed ratings suicide, congrats!!

  172. Phil of Duck Dynasty has the right to say what he believes just as gay people have the right to say what they believe. I am tired of people getting mad and judgemental when what is being said they don’t agree with. Too bad! You don’t like it! I’m sure people don’t like everything you say either. Does that mean you should be fired or punished for it? Have some balls A & E and leave the Robertson family alone. Don’t fall to pressure of a certain few who lately have to have it all their way or no way.

  173. Due to the suspension of Phil Robertson I will not longer be watching your chanel! I do not personally agree with his words, but I will not stand for him to be punished for freedom of speech. You have commited TV suicide by attaching this to one of your most popular shows.
    Lori Fox

  174. Let me start off by saying A&E is a American Channel,Since its a American Channel i guess you forgot about the first Amendment.Phil didn’t put anyone down just saying his beliefs.I watch almost all the shows you air.I believe in this saying to a eye for a eye since you removed that man for being a American i will no longer watch anything that’s air on your Channels or buy the DVDS and will be blocking all your Channels like Disney ABC ESPN etc.Take a sec to think when ppl started taking God out of this country we have been going through hell since then but anyways if you want me to watch and buy again i think bring him back and telling him and his family your that your sorry where we can see it would work.

  175. I just want to say I love the show walking dead and I hope you sell the rights to another channel cause for firing a man for speaking his beliefs I’m firing A&E from my cable box I’m blocking this Channel.Gay people have a right to be guy and believe what they want so do Straight people and Christians.So long A&E!!!!!

  176. You too have the right to intolerance of another views, and I have the right to contact all the sponsers of Duck Dynasty and inform them I will not be purchasing any of their items as long as you are intolerant of Phil’s views. As for me, nothing in nature supports a lifestyle that can’t reproduce itself.

  177. I believe that your suspension of Phil from Duck Dynasty is a huge mistake. Duck Dynasty is the only decent show on your network and the only show we watch because of their faith. We never have to worry about our children seeing anything inappropriate. And now you have suspended him for an honest belief regarding his faith in an interview for a magazine. What happened to free speech? Please bring Phil back, or we will quit watching your network and watch your ratings drop. And we will be happy, happy, happy about it.

  178. I have called my carrier and have indefinitely cancelled your network. You are out of touch with family values, and this is why this show is so popular. It takes us back to simple times with wholesome core values. No violence, no profanity, no nudity. You guys are idiots and need to check yourselves and the reasons this is the #1 show on television. In this country we have something called the Constitution, it GUARANTEES, WE THE PEOPLE freedom of speech, even if it offends certain people. If people at A&E are offended by what Phil said or worried about special interest groups, then they need to grow up and get over it!! The Gay populous is approximately 1% of this country. Glad you stand up for what the majority would rather have(sarcasm)!!

  179. The freedom of speech, the freedom of religion! Where have they gone? Whether we agree or disagree with Phil is not the point here! He was asked a question and gave his personal belief on the situation, he is now being punished!!!! He was not even on the network at the time! This family is clean fun and they love their Lord! It is sad because just yesterday morning I taught my kids about the great freedoms we enjoy in this country – religions, speech, press- yet today I am going to teach my children about how these freedoms are being taken from us. No the gov’t may not have been the one to punish phil but he is still having his right taken away. Gays and lesbians have their rights to say what they believe but Christians in this country do not anymore. If I were the Robertson family I would get off of A&E all together. They are a station. With an agenda to glorify people with issues so they do not for on the station anyway . A&E you really botched this one up!!!!

  180. To disgrace a man who bases his beliefs from the Bible by removing him from television is ridiculous. When you place a family who is known for their religious beliefs on tv, you should know that they are going to stand by their beliefs which is what a true Christian would do. So shame on you A&E for removing Phil from television when you hired him to do exactly what he did and what he stands by!

  181. Dear A&E yuppies,

    There are millions of people in America that support and believe what Phil Robertson stated. Being a Conservative Christian, I forgive you for your rush of judgment toward Mr. Robertson. I ask that you do the right thing, and to reinstate him back on the show.

    In Christ name,

    Rob, from Oregon

  182. Wake up Americans! This injustice the beginning! Don’t just turn off A&E, turn off The History Channel, Lifetime, etc. I just got done deleting every and all Timers associated with A&E! I don’t even watch Duck Dynasty but I am so tired of a minority pushing around these companies because they’re more damaging to them than losing regular Americans and Christians! We have been pounded since this Administration, and just like everybody else, when is enough just enough? There is our right to speech and anyone or anything taking that right from anyone is very UnAmerican! Thank God I’m a Homophobe! Have a great day and God Bless America! HATE the Sin, Love the Sinner! But don’t let anyone hijack our rights let alone a few that hate everyone and anything that don’t support their wrong beliefs! And how did this minority become so strong, they joined forces and used their wallets! Now count, we out number them 1000s times and how much money do we spend? Stop, delete all timers associated with A&E, and continue to contact them, by phone and Emails, I called the Hearst number and they deny any association with A&E? The other number that ends 1400 don’t answer. Don’t stop, keep up the fight and even when they change their mind keep it up! And eventually Duck Dynasty will be whole again, maybe not on this channel but on a better channel! I have deleted timers for Undercover America, The First 48, Ancient Aliens, Civil War Journal, and other’s on other channels too! And yes contact their Ads and commercial programming too! Eventually they will get the picture that Americans don’t want the nasty from California and New York to rule everybody else! We are not the minority but the majority and whether your a Christian or not, this attempt at silencing Americans won’t stand! Have a great day and God Bless America!

    • I am happy to see so many Christians posting their views here. This is how Christians can send a strong message that we won’t be silenced. I hope everyone follows through and doesn’t watch A&E anymore, I won’t watch another program they air. They pander to 20% of the population and tick off 80%, not wise A&E. You woke a sleeping giant.

  183. Hello,
    I am writing in regards to the termination of Phil from Duck Dynasty. Your response to his comments are inexcusable. He is a Christian and it should be no surprise that he believes what is written in the Bible. This show is loved and watched by so many because of their family values and beliefs. It is so unlike anything I’ve seen on television my entire adult life. My family and I are joining the boycott against you’d company until you retract your comment about Phil’s comments and restore him yo the show. Clearly his comments reflect the show; he is the show! This is what they believe! He was not hateful about it but loving. You are standing with the wrong group! Your companies integrity is questionable at best. What a disappointment this is.
    Please restore Phil Robertson to Duck Dynasty.
    Nicole Marvin

  184. For what happen to Phil Robertson, A&E is not allowed in my house, along with all the other networks that be long to A&E’s parent company.

  185. A&E you a disgrace to my family! Bring Phil back! Duck Dynasty is the best show ever! We will never watch ur shows again! A&E is evil!!!

  186. Thank you to Phil fir showing Anericans that Christanity is no longer supported. I’m sad to see this day come! I stand by Phil and his family but most importantly I stand by the Word of God. America dies a little more each day as we take God further and further out of our country. It’s sad that someone can no longer have an opinion that lines up with the Bible. Just because someone thinks being gay is a sin doesn’t mean they hate the sinner. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Prayers for this country!!! A&E you lost my support of your network. You ban Phil, I ban you…

    • I totally agree. Like Phil and you, I stand by the Word of God. People wonder why there is so much violence in our schools – Answer – God has been kicked out of the schools but when something happens certain ones ask – where was God, duh, hello, you kicked him out of school. You can’t pick when you want him and when you don’t. It’s all or nothing. I believe A&E will suffers greatly for this action.

  187. I just heard about Phil being suspended because he stated his point of view. How dare you suspend him for speaking about homosexuality! We have a God given right to say however we feel just as homosexuals do. Many people want him back on air!!! Bring Phil back!

  188. The United States Constitution does not guarantee that people won’t be offended by freedom of speech, so why are these homosexuals wining? It is an American right to say how you feel, even if it hurts someone’s feelings. I promise to never watch your channel again if you do not put Phil Robertson back on the show. I do not watch his show, but I believe that he has a right to freedom of speech and religion. A&E, be open-minded and promote diversity by allowing Christians to speak to their beliefs.

  189. A&E is the big looser by suspending Phil. We watch the show because of who Phil and family are, not because of what A&E is as a network. When you can not quote the Bible without this type of reaction it is a sad day. A&E you will be the looser if you don’t bring Phil back very very soon.

  190. Wow! What a sad day in America… The right to freedom of speech seems to only be allowed to those that are liberal. Today’s media “creates” news and continues to run rampant in hyper-focusing on someone’s statements to perpetuate a liberal agenda. Phil Robertson is entitled to the freedoms in which these liberals live and thrive. Mr. Robertson’s beliefs are his beliefs and because of the freedoms in this country, he has the right to believe what he wants to believe.

    Shame on you A & E, GQ magazine, and the rest of the media conglomerates!!!

    What is completely inexcusable is the media’s choice to determine what is acceptable or unacceptable! A & E Network (The Hearst Corporation and the Walt Disney Company) has had no qualms about high ratings and financial gains by broadcasting Duck Dynasty.

    I, for one, do not need or want anyone to force their values on me because I value my right to choose my own!

    My household as well as households of my extended family are done with anything connected to A & E, Hearst, Disney and Conde Nast Media Group.

    You are the hypocrites!

  191. My wife and I very upset too hear that A and E network has put Phil Robertson on hiatus.Due to this decision we are putting the A and E network on hiatus at our home until you decide too bring Phil back. We are also going too tell everyone we know to do the same. Than you

  192. Bring Phil back. i have blocked your network from all my tvs. i will not watch a liberal channel that is trying to take away an individuals first amendment rights.

  193. How dare you fire Phil Robertson when he expresses his views. He is entiled to his beliefs just as you are. I will no longer watch A & E for any reason because of your actions. I have many gay friends, and many devote christian friends, but you are part of the media that thinks everyone needs to think the same as you, although you have earned a lot of money with the show Phil Robertson is on, and he has always been consistant with his Christian views, you fire him. Not the show, no you still want the income, but just him. Hope the family quits you, they don’t need you. May God bless you and I hope one of these days you see that the United States has room and supports people of all beliefs, not just your liberal garbage.

  194. I am boycotting your channel and blocking it on my Dish Network programming due to your decision to suspend Phil Robertson. I will be informing Dish Network of this decision as well.

  195. I’m sorry you (A & E) feel justified in kicking off Phil Robertson from DD. As much as I love your channel and many of the shows on it, I must inform you that you have offended me by showing discrimination against Christians and America’s constitutional FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH!

    Phil was NOT bashing gays. He was pointing out the behavior goes against the bible and the Word of God. You ARE discriminating against Christian beliefs! Those beliefs have made you very VERY rich by profiting from Duck Dynasty. So now, Phil voices his belief in an interview (NOT EVEN ON A&E)….and you pull the plug on him and ban him from the show?!!!

    Well, I’m sorry to inform you, I am banning/blocking A&E from all of my tv’s. As well as from my dad’s (who asked me to come block the channel)…. Unless, you reinstate Phil and stop discriminating against Christians and our First Amendment rights of free speech!

    I will be watching closely and hope you do the right thing. But as for now, your channel is blocked on 7 tv’s.

    Thank you for considering Christians rights and the rights of EVERY American to hold and use their first amendment right of free speech.

  196. Just wanted to let you know that I will no longer watch any a & e network channel because of your attack on freedom of speech. My friends and I are planning a boycott of you and anyone who advertises on your station.


  197. I’m another person who will no longer watch your network. You all should be ashamed of your actions against this man. You bascially spit in your Creator’s face. I feel sorry for you all and will pray for you. Good luck

  198. I am very disappointed about your decision to X the star-Phil Roberts from Duck Dynasty for his beliefs and rite to FREEDOM of SPEECH !! That is our constitutional rite and he is entitled to it. You have made a terrible mistake and I will stop watching A&E. We are turning into a Communist state !! What about all the awful statements by the far left,such as the Sarah Palin remark, that get passes until the public outrage.? What had happened to Paula Deen was unjust as is your decision regarding Phil Roberts.What was right and just that came to pass for Paula will also come to p[ass for Phil!! BIG MISTAKE on your part!! Annette Dimesky

  199. You need to get Phil back on Duck Dynasty. We live in what is suppose to be a Free Country and we have Freedom of speech. However, you have taken it upon yourselves to punish him and the entire Duck Dynasty fans. All the poeple he mentioned are allowed to speak their minds with no ridicule and so should he. He was only speaking the truth – and has the Bible to back him up. I’m on his side because God will prevail and you will be punished more than you could imagine. Sure, you may feel like you’re on top of the world and have the support of certain sinners but that will be short lived. I encourage you to re-think your decision.

  200. A&E what are you thinking suspending Phil. In this country we have freedom of speech and you have taken away Phil’s freedom. If people don’t like the show turn the channel. I will not watch Glee because of things about the show I do not like. I think we all know what I’m talking about. I change the channel. So if people don’t like Phil turn the channel and quit complaining. I like Phil and his belief and that’s why I watch the show. Take him away and the prayers they say and I’ll find another show to watch that Prays and has family values. My family enjoys TV time together and I will not allow them to watch garbage television. Way to go Phil. They knew your answer before they ask you. IT was a set up from why down A&E.

  201. Damn shame people cant have their own beliefs any more! Bring Phil back! Oh and A&E you should be a supporter and a champion of all your viewers STRAIGHT or GAY!

  202. What happened to free speech and personal convictions? I hope the Robinsons withdraw from the show and go on with their loves. They don’t need A&E or the grief that such an “open and inclusive” group as GLADD is spewing. And if Duck Dynasty goes, A&E is going off all our TV’s and I will encourage my friends to do the same.

  203. I am blocking all your channels and will be contacting DirecTV to drop your stations from my package plan. You all at A&E are as intolerant and hypocritical as all the homosexual groups out there are, that claim to be offended by someone’s 1st amendment right to free speech. I hope all the duck folks, as I do, tell you to kiss off.

  204. I think the whole show should end. This show is about the Robertson family. How can you suspend the father, the person who first built the first duck call? I would not want to continue a show that my father could not be a part of because he gave his opinion. Regardless of what my beliefs are or not, everyone in this country has the “God given right” to speak their mind. That is the basis of our country people. I can’t tell you who to love and you can’t tell me who to love. Live and let live. Seriously. A&E execs, you are crazy. Enough is enough. You’ve lost my respect of your network.

  205. I support Phil Robinson. This is America and we have freedom of speech here. He should not be removed from his own program for stating his opinion. It’s amazing how closed minded the tolerance movement is…and how much power they have.

  206. I am appalled that Phil Robertson was taken off Duck Dynasty for saying what he believes and is in the Bible. I am a veteran and these are rights we fought and died for. I ask that you reasses your decision and stay a network that represents the things this country was founded on.

  207. Suspending Phil is a mistake. I will not allow A&E to be watched at my house until this mistake is corrected. There are not enough honest, Christian values oriented, wholesome shows out there for folks like us to watch that do not promote sex or violence. I would think that you would notice the ratings and realize that this is why they are high.

  208. poor judgment on duck dynasty decision.phil was right and he has the right to express his beliefs.the people raising hell about it are the intolerant ones.

  209. Shame on A&E. time to boycott them for Phil. Since when do minorities RUN the second amendment!! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Get your panties out of the wad and terminate Nancy Duboc for this STUPID decision. This is pure PC pandering and it needs to stop.

  210. A&E will be blocked from my channel list. Just because he disagrees with gay’s doesn’t mean he is bad, he just believes what the bible says. Therefore, A&E is out and suspended from my TV’s!

  211. Really they are attacking Jesus Christ is this so surprising as the wheat and weeds are being separated? Phil is but a messenger is he not?

  212. Sorry to hear Phil is being suspended from your network. I am a christian and a big fan of this show that actually shows morals and unity in family and faith. Standing on what God has to say about certain behaviors is not hate. We are taught to love the sinners but not the sin. I will not be watching A&E any longer or supporting the companies that advertise on that network. I am sure another station will be glad to adopt the show. Looking forward to watching Duck Dynasty on it’s new station,

  213. I will be boycotting A&E and all its sponsors, to include Jeep, Nexium, Intel, Reeses, Farmers Insurance, Zappos, Tamiflu and KMart. Tonight I will block the A&E owned channels in my home until it apologizes to Phil Robertson for infringing on his freedom of speech. If the roll was reversed and a gay said something about the Christian community I firmly believe that no action would have been taken. I call on all Americans to stand up for what is right and do the same.

  214. I think it is a disgrace to remove Phil Robertson from A&E.. That’s what’s wrong with the world today they need a little more Christ in there lives but they don’t want to hear the truth. Can’t help that God calls sin a sin..sorry you got ” offended”..

  215. It doesn’t matter what Phil said, under the 1st amendment, he has the right to express his opinions and beliefs without fear of retaliation.

  216. because phil Robertson is a Christian man you know he will not sue a&e into the stone age. americans better get busy standing for something or we will fall for anything. the media is just one branch of the tyrannical government. this is just more proof of that. I will not be watching any of a&e’s programs ever again, even if phil is reinstated. too little too late. they have shown their cards, called gin. now lets show them to the door!

  217. A & E you suck. Phil has a right to state his beliefs, your a disgrace to the American way and violation of our 1st amendment. This show is loved by millions, way to go Phil

  218. This is still America, isn’t it??? Yes it is!! And the American constitution states we have the right to Speak our opinion!! Phil Roberson stated his opinion on homosexuality and it did Not saying in a hateful manner!
    I applaud him for not rolling over like a cowled dog and saying what the supporters of homosexuality want to hear. It is Not ok and it never will be! No matter who you are.
    A&E needs to release Phil from his suspension now today. I wouldn’t blame if they dropped A&E and went with a network that supports Christian beliefs!!

  219. I am disturbed that A&E feels it must suspend Phil from Duck Dynasty, he was just stating his believes and what the Bible says, without malice or hate involved at all. He is the one who is being discriminated against!! Reinstate him!!

  220. Wow! What a sad day in America… The right to freedom of speech seems to only be allowed to those that are liberal. Today’s media “creates” news and continues to run rampant in hyper-focusing on someone’s statements to perpetuate a liberal agenda.

    Phil Robertson is entitled to the freedoms in which these liberals live and thrive. Mr. Robertson’s beliefs are his beliefs and because of the freedoms in this country, he has the right to believe what he wants to believe.

    Shame on you A & E, GQ magazine, and the rest of the media conglomerates!!!

    • What is completely inexcusable is the media’s choice to determine what is acceptable or unacceptable! A & E Network (The Hearst Corporation and the Walt Disney Company) have had no qualms about high ratings and financial gains by broadcasting Duck Dynasty.

      I, for one, do not need or want anyone to force their values on me because I value my right to choose my own!

      My household as well as households of my extended family are done with anything connected to A & E, Hearst, Disney and Conde Nast Media Group.

      You are the hypocrites!

    • No one is stepping on his freedom of speech. He can and did say what he wanted. Now , it seems he doesn’t want to live with the consequences of his words. He can say it but by the same reasoning, anyone can disagree with it and say that too. His rights and freedom were and are perfectly intact. Just because people have another opinion (and can state that opinion through the freedom speech – like Robertson did) does not mean Mr. Robertson’s rights have been tread on. You’re just twisting words to make him look like the victim that he definitely is NOT. He’s just startlingly ignorant.

  221. maybe the board of directors at a&e are gay? because they sure are not americans. maybe gay foreigners. the last time here in pa someone messed with the hunting community we ran them out of the country. just look up “eastern sports and outdoor show in Harrisburg boycotted.” lets run these idiots out of here.

  222. Shame on you A&E! Duck Dynasty portrays a wonderful family & you are so intolerant of their Christian beliefs that you suspend the show. In the end we all answer to God, not to the gay & lesbian community. It’s easy enough to avoid A&E & you can be sure our family will do that.

  223. Do we still live in America? Last I checked, people had the freedom to have an opinion and to voice that opinion. Phil Robertson was asked for his opinion on something and gave a truthful answer as to how he felt. If you do not agree with how he feels, that is your right, just as it is his to disagree with you. He said nothing hateful, nor did he attack someone, he simply stated how he felt about homosexuality. I don’t necessarily agree with his opinion, but I respect it. Duck Dynasty is a wonderful show and I urge A&E to keep Phil on the air

  224. hey a&e, honey boo boo is up for grabs I hear!!!!! im sure you will sign her as long as those disgusting people do not have an opinion!!!! open a new office in china or north korea and get out of a country I served!!!!

  225. GO Phil!!! A & E Pull your heads out, put Phil back on the show, I am positive there are a lot more people who feel the same way about free speech. He can say what he wants and personally I agree with him. Maybe they should move their show to another network!!!!!

  226. Dear A&E,

    I am so sick of company’s like yours deciding what’s right and wrong. May I remind you of two things you may have overlooked about the duck dynasty actors rights.

    He has the right to express HIS believes as he sees fit. Called the 1st amendment.
    He has the right to express HIS religions believes also. Also the 1st amendment.

    Now I know you don’t care that I will not watch another A&E show again until you undo the suspension of Phil Robertson. But let me remind you of another fact that you have overlooked.

    There are many,many more of us that believe what he said, then there are people that are offended by it.

    So you can take your channel and root for all I care. It time for the many to stand up for themselves. You have kick a sleeping dog. I hope your happy…..

    Keith Moreno

  227. There is one more thing we need to do.

    Everyone needs to call their cable providers and demand that A&E removed from their programming. Time to make them hurt. I will be calling ASAP.

  228. To the A&E executives,
    You may think you’ve made a financially beneficia decision, but I, a Duck Dynasty fan will gladly set my DVRs and change my channel to watch the new Duck Dynasty on whatever new home network with which they may sign. I…a Bible Believing Christian, am more than
    willing to take a stand for wholesome living regardless the lengths media whores sell themselves out for ‘political correctness’..and monetary advantage. Shame on you! Your loss will be another channel’s gain. and remember this…God is a HOLY GOD..YOU SHALL NOT ESCAPE HIS THRONE OF JUDGMENT once you die..

  229. Why are people of faith not able to have free speech? My husband served 21 years in the military to keep our rights and freedoms. Phil Robertson used his right to free speech and now we are being told by a small group of people that Phil does not have the right to free speech. Where is this country heading? Our great nation was founded on Biblical principles lets us not forget that. A&E you need to support free speech, remove the restrictions on the Robertson family!

  230. You all should be ashamed of yourself AETV, concerning Duck Dynasty. What a poor, ignorant move on your part, you guys don’t seem very smart in this regard! Ay all. Regulating Christian views, what about our right to free thinking and freedom of speech. I’m sorry, but I’m not willing to support your ignorant views? Keep following orders instead of doing the right thing. You’ve lost our support and we will no longer watch your shows.

  231. I will no longer watch A&E until Phil Robertson back on the air. He answered a question honestly. Was he supposed to lie. What happened to freedom of speech? I want A&E removed from my channel line up completely. SHAME ON YOU A&E!!!!!

  232. My household will no longer be watching A&E,or any if your other channels.
    Which amounts to about 90% of the programs we watch.
    We will no longer purchase Duck Dynasty merchandise or anything from your sponsors.
    Phil Robertson has the right to express his beliefs based on his faith.
    Last I knew we still live in the USA and have that freedom.
    The man stated that he loves all people. That doesn’t mean he has to approve.
    It’s been clear that A&E is against Christian beliefs for quite some time.
    I have blocked every channel and am compiling a list of sponsors to share in social media.
    Bye the way why is it you have no problem airing a show like Rodeo Girls!
    I have been around rodeo my entire life and I can assure you this is not accurate.
    It is selling sex and poor values but they probably don’t mention God or pray on the show.
    Just like you want it!!

  233. You’ve managed to alienate 80%+ of the population(Christians,Jews, and almost everyone over the age of 50) currying favor with 3% of it with the Robertson suspension. Being bigoted against Christians has a price. I intend to boycott your network until you apologize to Mr. Robertson and all Christians.

  234. You should be ashamed of yourselves(All involved in decision) for your actions concerning Phil Robinson. To try to ban Jesus and then suspend him for stating what the bible makes clear. I hope GOD forgives you. WHO DO YOU THINK WATCHES YOUR STATION AND GIVES YOU YOUR RATINGS. Is it a special interest group or God fearing patriotic Americans. I will no longer be watching any show on any station associated with your network except Duck Dynasty until an apology is given to Phil and a separate one to all Christians and patriotic Americans.

  235. You all should be ashamed of yourself AETV, concerning Duck Dynasty. What a poor, ignorant move on your part, you guys don’t seem very smart in this regard! Ay all. Regulating Christian views, what about our right to free thinking and freedom of speech. I’m sorry, but I’m not willing to support your ignorant views? Keep following orders instead of doing the right thing. You’ve lost our support and we will no longer watch your shows.

  236. I am appalled at the decision to suspend Phil Robertson! This is from a organization that supposedly celebrates DIVERSITY and TOLERANCE ?!? If a concept or beliefs have merit, then it will survive in a free intellectual marketplace. This decision is a form of policing thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. This suspension shows only intolerance for opposing views, particularly traditional Christian beliefs.

  237. Can Phil Robertson? It will be can a&e for me. Support of a socialistic organization such as glaad is unacceptable for free Americans, we choose what to watch, let the ratings speak for themselves.

  238. I guess A&E supports freedom of speech as long as they agree with the person speaking. You know, it always strikes me as funny when folks ask a Christian if they believe a particular part of the Bible is true and when they say they do, there is a huge uproar. Oh well, this was the only show I watched on A&E anyway. I will DVR a few random shows just to figure out who their sponsors are and do my best not patronize them.

  239. A&E you really blew it this time. Whatever happened to freedom of speech. Phil was speaking his beliefs. Go Phil! As a Duck Dynasty fan I trust that the family will do the right thing and dump A&E. Maybe another network would enjoy hosting Duck Dynasty. I know I won’t be watching A&E again.

  240. RIDICULOUS!! A&E needs to retract this craziness! Fear of being sued by the gay community? Really? Why do people / organizations / companies CAVE to this kind of NONSENSE!! I thought we all had a right to our opinion! I say PHIL ROBERTSON FOR PRESIDENT!!!

  241. That’s it for A&E in our household after the suspension of Duck Dynasty. Free speech not allowed on that network. We are beginning an official boycott of the network and its sponsors in the state of Georgia.

  242. I am with Phil 100%. I won’t be watching anything on A&E anymore. I hope they go to another channel they are what makes A&E. Shame on A&E for not believing in the bible. This was the only show on A&E that I watch I sure hope they move to cmt or a country channel. So I can get rid of this sucky channel all together. America is freedom of speech and what he said wasn’t even bad. Those are his beliefs and he has every right to express them. Way to go Phil!!! We are behind you all the way. Your a great Christian guy. Don’t bring him back let em go to a better channel. A&E SUCKS!!!!!!

  243. Shame on you for listening to and defending one groups (gays) freedom of speech and taking away another persons freedom (Phil). We are boycotting your network in every way, shape, or form until the people responsible for suspending Phil are permanently removed from the company. Congratulations A&E you made a huge mistake. Bring Back Phil.

  244. The one television show that a family could watch without sex and drugs being encouraged!! You knew what Phil stood for and what he believed in so why remove him now? So because he said what your network considers “politically incorrect”, you removed him from the only reality show that a family could actually watch?!? We try to teach our kids about standing up for what they believe in and but as soon as he stood up for what he believed in, you removed him! What you did is against what we as parents try to teach our children! To stand up for what is right and for what you believe in. It is because of your viewers that you all have a job! We don’t have to watch your channels or have you forgotten? you too could be replaced or removed just as you did to Phil.

  245. The reason this show is so popular is because there are millions of Christains watching.This show is Bible-based.Taking Phil off the show because he stated the Biblical point of view on Homosexuality is a joke!If you are a true follower of Christ, you will speak what you know as the truth, according to the Bible. The Christians in America are the ones who are hated.Our free speech is being taken away from us, little by little. A&E, our family will not be watching ANY of your shows from now on.The Christians of America need to stand together. We believe what we believe and other non-Christains can believe what they believe.Better bring Phil back, or it’s all down hill from here!

  246. Where is our Freedom of speech???? Do you also want to state that you stand by us, the Christian Community? Too much PC in this Country. A and E will not be one of our channels from now on. We will pray for you………….In God We Trust!!

  247. I watch lot of your programs like them what you did to Phil Robertson is WRONG! He was asked questions, he answered them Merry Christmas! Please rethink your decision.

  248. You guys have gone to far. Your actions regarding Phil Robertson and his family have crossed the line. You are official off my TV. I never get behind boycotts due to the fact that I feel free speech and the right to express ideas that may or may not offend others; is a God given right and the backbone of our Country. I would never advocate being unkind to people based on their beliefs; however I can get behind boycotting your network over your “actions”. You are whats wrong with our society; not the Robertson’s. If these were a group of homosexual red necks; talking against Biblical beliefs; you would run their show 24-7 on all your channels. You are the bigots.
    So long…your channels have been blocked from our home.

  249. Wow! I hope the whole Robertson family tells A&E to go take a flying leap. A man was asked his opinion and he gave it. Now you have a well funded and politicaly connected group that does not agree with what he said and you throw Phil under the bus, incredible!!! I think the executives at A&E need to grow a pair and stand behind Phil. Thinking back, you tried to get him to stop the dinner prayers on air and he refused. That should have raised a flag for Phil that A&E is more concearned about being politically correct rather than airing a good holesome family show.

  250. I think it is completely out of line and unconstitutional to suspend Phil Robertson for his comment. Sure it was blunt, but the fact of the matter is this, he was exercising his first amendment rights. I’ll say the same thing but in nicer terms. The Bible says homosexuality is sin and will be judged. I have a right based on the first amendment to say that. I also have a right based on the first amendment to believe it because I am too a Christian. Just because you believe homosexuality is okay does not make it okay. What do you base your truth on anyway? Your intellect? Your governments Laws? Without God and the Bible, you have no standard of truth so it shouldn’t even bother you that people don’t agree with homosexuality. So here is your choices – lift his suspension and let people exercise their first amendment rights or be consistent in your worldview by allowing each person to determine his own truth and say what he wants. Quit being hypocrites.

  251. What a double standard. You have shows on your network that promote all kinds of immorality. You have made milions off of the Robertson family and you run at the first sign of trouble. One person has the guts to take a stand and you suspend him. I don’t see you suspending your other stars for questiionable behavior. You would rather reward someone for being adulterous, sleazy, or corrupt instead of applauding Phil for taking a stand. You finally put a quality show on your network and then make a uneducated decision based on one groups opinion. Our family loved Duck Dynasty because of their values. Sorry, you lost a family of six viewers.

  252. Freedom of speech !!! A&E your wrong ! Phil is entitled to his own opinion & say what he believes. This is America. Everyone should stop watching A&E .

  253. This is still the United States of America!!! We have the right to speak our opinions! What is happening to this Country!?
    Bring back Phil Robertson or i will cancel A&E!

  254. I stand with Phil! He has the right to his own beliefs. What he said wasn’t threatening or hate-filled, it was an opinion that EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW about! A&E missed it here!

  255. I am extremely disappointed in your decision to deny free speech to Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. The right to free speech should be held much higher than the whining of a special interest group, especially in the USA. At this time I will exercise my right to no longer support anything that is on A&E until the rights of this individual are reinstated and you make a public apology for your bad decision.


    Steve Thiel

  256. You really don’t want to know what I, my family and friends think about A&E right now! You have made the biggest mistake by removing Phil Robertson! You have absolutely no problem with putting half naked women, drug abusers or any other type of negative person on your network, yet you remove a family man of God from your network just because of question that was asked and he gave an honest answer??? What does that really say about you? Now, I know that I am not the only person sending in a complaint, and I am sure that this email will not get read, but by the Grace of God, Phil needs to be brought back! In JESUS name, I pray for you!!!

  257. Until Phil is reinstated. A&E will be indefinitely suspended in our house. He never said he hated anyone. The people saying it was hate are getting their information from the wrong sources. If he was promoting some deviant behavior they would have thought that was edgy and applauded Phil. But when he is edgy in the opposite and correct the other way they condemn him. I say you go Phil.

  258. Freedom of speech only applies if you are part of the LBGT community eh? Great job A&E! Way to penalize someone for exercising their freedom of speech while awarding those that want to express their freedom of sexual orientation. Gee, which of those did our founding fathers value more?

  259. Hey A&E I watch many of your channels…well may just quit, why because Phil Robertson was ask a question and he gave the answer he believes in…you pull the show. How narrow minded are you ppl….what now ppl that do not conform to the “vogue” way of thinking cannot say what they believe. Y’all ever heard of FREEDOM OF SPEECH…or does that just apply to what you “want to be heard”.
    What a narrow view you have, just one and if it is not said well then you fire ppl, if I was him I would just quit…in fact they showed complete disrespect of HIS views. WE ALL have a right to say what we believe and should not be punished for it. Get real and stop being so “politically correct!”

  260. I support Phil Robertson 100% ! I don’t feel that anything he said was hateful and intolerant. He answered a direct question about his personal opinion on homosexuality. The question was not directed about A&E and Phil should never have been asked to leave the show. A&E is discriminating against Phil’s religious freedom. God Bless you Phil and Kay! Keep on standing up for the Lord.

  261. Did anyone at A&E actually read the article Phil did in GQ? I’ll probably never watch your channel again. How could you ban a man for staying his opinion? And it’s not like he was bashing anyone. Your channel is obviously run by a bunch of ignorant people. These people and their show have made you millions. I think you should drop the show so another channel with a backbone can pick them up and make millions on a family many many many people love

  262. Sorry guys. I have to stand by Phil-or anyone else who wants to exercise their First Amendment Rights and base their value system on Biblical Principles- on this one.

    I won’t be watching A&E.

  263. Go Trish, A&E is discriminating against Phil Robertson and his religious freedom. We have freedom of speech, that is what makes America Great. Phil didn’t say anything about A&E and they are wrong for kicking him off the show. It was his personal opinion. Homosexuals are say that people should be tolerant, but they are not, they hate on Christians and anyone who doesn’t agree with them and their agenda. Shame on them!
    God Bless you Phil, we love the show and your family!

  264. I would like you to know I am offended! Not by the words of Phil Robertson, but by your actions to censor him. I spent the last ten years making sacrifices, the first eight when I wore the uniform, and the last two supporting my husband who still wears it. We have been to foreign lands to ensure people like Mr. Robertson have the freedom of speech and religion that you are assisting in taking away from Americans, because you are afraid of offending anyone who doesn’t share these views. The only show on your network that has NOT been offensive has been Duck Dynasty, and I hope this wholesome God-fearing family now leaves your network for another one. In that situation, every Christian or potential future Christian would follow them. I hope you realize that all your money and political correctness doesn’t ensure your eternal salvation, as only Jesus can do that. The only thing you are doing is ensuring the loss of God-fearing people from watching your network. Remember it is easy to follow in the devil’s work, because the devil has no reason to stop you. Doing the work of Christ might be harder, but the rewards are worth the sacrifice. If you would like an example ask the Robertson family how their faith has rewarded them. By the way, Christianity may be considered by society to be a religion, but anyone who really understands our faith knows it is not a religion; it’s a relationship. As a Christian and a Veteran, I am ashamed by the lack of religious values, and the censoring of constitutional rights left in this country. By removing Phil Robertson from this show you are not showing political correctness and toleration for others. You are showing the American people that you don’t appreciate two-hundred-years of sacrifices from soldiers, or tolerate your largest fan base. As always, I will continue to pray for those who do not yet understand the difference between good and evil.

  265. i hope A&E network dries ups and goes way forever. i am telling everyone i know and contact to boycott your network!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  266. I am very offended at how this network treated Phil Robertson. I will not be watching this network anymore, until there is a public apology to the Robertsons and to us!!!

  267. our country was founded on the freedom of religion not on freedom from religion,ifwe became the greatest nation by following the teaching of the Bible why caint we see how far we have gone in the wrong direction with having everything it teaches just be take to be offencive to some group.what a wonderful world we would live in if we just followed ALL the Bible teaches.You are just wrong too try to controle a persons feelings and speech will your rights be next?

  268. What happened to freedom of speech. Wake up he was quoting from the Bible. It is a sin. Way to go Phil Robertson.. I applaud you from my heart. We must stand up for God. ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

  269. I applaud Phil for his remarks, I don’t applaud how it has been perceived by A&E. GOD’S WORD IS TRUE AND SHOULD BE SPOKEN AND STOOD BY! You will lose lots of support by what you have done unless of course, you retract what you’ve done and reinstate Phil back to the show.

  270. A&E has used intimidation to stifle free speech. Their suspension of Phil Robertson for expressing his beliefs is wrong . I am a fan of the Duck Dynasty show as well as Longmire but if this suspension of Phil Robertson continues I will no longer subscribe to A&E. Let A&E try to maintain their ratings without Christians and constitional conservatives.

  271. A&E did not help Phil one bit become a millionaire. He sold duck calls; plain and simple and you ask a Christian man what he thinks about the Bible and you get upset about the answer, now that’s stupid, they pray at the end of each episode. I sincerely dont think he is hurting financially one bit; in fact I would not be surprised to see his company make even more money from this. I live in the south and I have never seen a gay duck hunter; most you “hater” people live up north where hunting is not as important. If you hate this redneck, there are millions more just like him in the south. As for me, we will not watch anymore A&E, I hope when the contract ends the Robertsons finds another network that does NOT support “that” agenda.

  272. What you are doing to Phil is disgraceful. The man speaks his mind and hurts no one! It’s an OPINION. We are entitled to freedom of speech. You forget, without fans, you have no one. I will not watch A&E any longer. You have made a bad decision.


  273. Since you “suspended” the Duck guy for expressing his opinion, I am deleating A&E from my Direct TV favoriates list as I think that this “suspension” was inappropriate and poor business judgement. I hope the family quits A&E.

  274. A&E needs to quickly reconsider the decision to ban Phil. He just stated his beliefs and now he is being persecuted for it. Seems the left is not very tolerant of opinions that differ from their own.

  275. 10% of the radicals are transforming America. Phil and his family deserve better than A&E. This 10% never made the team and are pissed at the rest of us that did. Phil made the team and is playing for god……

  276. I’m feel personally insulted by the channels treatment of Phil Robertson. I feel they stomp on my values and spit me in the face.

  277. i cannot believe you are pulling phil from duck dynasty! i guess a&e is anti freedom of speech? phil is among the few who are willing to state his opinion without regard to what anyone else thinks. you pulling him off of the show is leading to me and many others i know, to blocking your channel on all of my tv’s until he is back on.

  278. An avid viewer of A&E for quite some time however, based on your recent move regarding Mr. Robertson on Duck Dynasty I can no longer support your being in my home. How dare you attempt to silence those who support your very existence? How dare you turn your back on Christianity for the sake of a few wackos? I hope that many who share my opinion do as I am and block your channel from my home. God bless the Robertson’s. God bless the United States.

  279. You have told us all we need to know about your station. Allowing someone to be pro gay and not anti gay, this is a double edge sword that I believe you will lose with. It doesn’t matter if Phil is put back on the show or not, when you support one side and not allow anything from the other is forcing beliefs down our throat. Have fun with your few viewers that will say with this station. I for one am out!!

  280. My family and I enjoy watching Duck Dynasty. It is one of the last wholesome family programs left on television. I appreciate that the family stands for truth and moral conviction and am disappointed that A&E would sensor Phil. There is no reason for the network to even get involved. We will do everything we can to support the Robertsons, but no longer A&E, if they continue the hiatus for filming Phil. Do the right thing, not the politically correct thing!

  281. I am blown away at the response of A&E to the opinion of Phil Robertson! At no point did he say this was the opinion of A&E, he simply said this is his beliefs. You can’t pull people in with the prayer at the end of your show and then show your intolerance of his beliefs. My family and community, who have been a big supporter of your network, are outraged and unapolagetic when WE say that we will not support your network until he is back and your apology has been put in writing.

    We have not complained to networks because they support homosexuality or alcohol consumption or sleeping around, we have just chose not to watch those showes. But when you critize someone because they do stand and simply answer a question that was asked to them, it shows your small mindedness and lack of accepting others.

    The ones that made this decision, will ultimately be fired once the greatest show that you have put on the air, decides they would rather quit then stay apart of your network.

  282. I am apauled by the actions your network has taken against Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. The last time I checked, freedom of religion and speach are still rights we have as citizens. His comments were not made on your network or show so you shouldn’t have done a thing about it. I will not be watching the upcoming season or anything else on your network EVER. I have blocked it from even being seen on my guide. You should be ashamed

  283. One more thing, would you folks mind posting every station that falls under the A&E umbrella ? I would like to stop watching those as well.

  284. With some of the trash that your channels show is ok but its not proper for a christian to tell the truth when ask what his beliefs are. Your going loose a lot of viewers and also because of your loss of audience you will loose your sponsors. I think some back peddling might come to mind for the idiot or idiots that made the desision to drop Phil. I will to bet that none of his family and friends that are on the show will do the show for A&E.


  285. To whomever it may concern.
    EVERY man has a right to his opinion. The human race is always having opinions shoved down our throats that we DO NOT necessarily agree with. BUT…. they are just another mans opinions based on what they believe. A&E who are yo afraid of?? Why can’t this man speak about what he feels passionate about? Everyone else does!!!! You have a show that people LOVE, and for once we aren’t having to be annoyed by all the stupid fighting and inappropriate language and humor that is ramped on our TV screens! You are making a TON of money on this family. They should pull out of A&E and put there show on another network. I hope the Duck Dynasty family doesn’t tolerate your poor behavior….. It seems as though, if someone is a Christian… than they are the ones being discriminated against ….. I’m boycotting your channel. Wake up and look at the ratings.

  286. I hope that Duck Dynasty is eventually dropped from A&E AND that it is picked up by a network that is hopefully a little more wholesome than A&E. I am tired of the commercials during Duck Dynasty advertising the other trashy, vile, disgusting, smutty, A&E shows. I do not want to see these commercials let alone letting my children see them. I pray that Duck Dynasty has even greater success at a new network.

    I agree sin is sin and Phil has a right to express it in this country. If you do not like what he has to say, don’t listen. It seems that the only “hate” speech that is acceptable is that which is critical of Christians.

    Good luck Phil and God Bless!

  287. Make sure if you purchase items that have to do with this family it’s from Duck Commander and that it doesn’t say Duck Dynasty. Support them not A&E

  288. BRING BACK PHIL what happened to freedom of speech, i think this is a bunch of CRAP that your so called company took phil robertson off duck dynasty there is nothing in the bible supporting gays ” READ IT ” i used to like a&e but now your company can KISS MY REDNECK ASS!!!! LONG LIVE PHIL ,BRING HIM BACK

  289. I will not watch A&E as long as you sensor Phil Robertson from his lawful free speech. Please restore him to the program.

  290. I will be boycotting duck dynasty because you don’t support FREE speech. I watched the show because Phil reminded me of my grandfather. His ideas and values are what made the show. I’ve deleted my TiVo auto recordings and will be blocking your channel from all of our tv’s. Jon Holzwarth


  292. I hope A&E goes ahead and pulls “Duck Dynasty”. A&E doesn’t deserve the program because it does not understand the reason “Duck Dynasty” is popular and very successful. I don’t have another reason to tune into A&E. I want “Duck Dynasty” on a network that understands and supports it values along with other programs with historical American values. A&E doesn’t want me or my values and I don’t want A&E or its sort of values.

    With networks like A&E, no wonder the world thinks America is sick and void of the values that made it once the most loved and respected republic in the history of the planet.

  293. Very disappointed in your judgement of Phil Robertson. I believe he should have that right to have his own opinion following the views of the Bible just as your are able to have your own opinion. The statement that I read from Phil simply stated the Bible did not approve therefore he did not either or understand from his perspective. In my opinion all you needed to do was release a statement that his views are not that of the network. It’s seems pretty childish and petty to suspend or punish an individual because they don’t have the same opinion as you. If you didn’t want Christianity portrayed on your network, you should have thought about that before you started making money off this family. I doubt their beliefs changed after they signed your contract.

  294. Shame on you A&e for suspending Phil Robertson!!!! Nothing else needs to be said. You lost 10 viewers in this family!!!!

  295. “This page is to show support for the freedom of speech of Americans. Unless Phil is reinstated to the show, we refuse to watch the A&E Channel!”

  296. I’ve blocked all A&E affiliated channels due to their actions against Phil Robertson.

    Since A&E has deemed it not acceptable for a Christian to express his Christian beliefs, I will no longer watch any of their programming.

  297. In today’s society it’s ok to stand on an stage and pretty much have sex with a foam finger and that’s ok. But speak about your Christian beliefs and society wants to stone you to death. I will cancell my cable if they get rid of duck dynasty.

  298. I’m suspending our watching of A&E, no more History Channel, no more H2. When they suspend Phil, they suspend me from watching their programming. I think I’ll go order a duck call, even though I don’t hunt. perhaps that may become the new American fife & drum.

  299. A&E will be blocked from our home because of the recent suspension of Mr. Robertson and if Direct T.V. continues its relationship with A&E, we will eliminate their service as well. Every individual has a right to express their beliefs and no person, company or government can take this away.

  300. My FAMILY will block A&E from our t.v. line up. Phil was asked how he felt about same sex couples and gave them an answer they didn’t want to hear. Phil and all americans have what is called FREEDOM of SPEECH. Shame on you A&E, GLAAD, and LGBT.

  301. I will not watch anything on A&E until Phil is back. You allow Christian bashing but when a Christian tells the truth, you flock to the one percent and throw us under the bus – the 99 percent. I don’t care what you air, until Phil is back I will NOT watch even a commercial…Merry CHRISTmas you pompous liberals!!!


  303. I just want you to know that if it wasn’t for the fact that I cannot cancel just one channel from my provider and because I’m not willing to hurt the provider for your actions, I did not cancel your channel. BUT I WILL NOT WATCH YOUR CHANNEL NOR ANY OF YOUR AFILIATES! You have gone to far and want you to understand one more thing even if you bring Phill ROBERTSON back, if you do not apologize to him and all of us I will not return as a costumer!
    Your actions offended me and my family!

  304. I am angry about the action that A&E has taken against Phil for speaking his God given right to say that homosexuality is a sin and making other biblical comparisons to the sin of homosexuality. He expressed his deeply held religious belief, and used his constitutionally given right, under the bill of rights, to speak publically about his faith and his concerns for the decadence of homosexuality.

    HE IS RIGHT and A&E is horribly wrong for taking action against him. I will be joining the millions, before this is all over, that will be boycotting your network for trying to destroy this outstanding, God fearing man.

    Your network would spend every dime you have to protect your right to support homosexuality, but you try to muzzle someone that opposes your views, which are very flawed in the situation.

    Stop the bullying, stop the intolerance, and stop trying to muzzle this righteous man from speaking truthfully. Let him speak as God has laid on his heart and call sin, sin without this network’s persecution.

  305. A&E caved to the LGBT folks. How sad that a small minority of people can put this much pressure on a channel. MOST Americans are not enamored with the LGBT lifestyle choices and Phil has the right to his opinions. Does his contract with you void his Constitutional rights? A&E needs Duck Dynasty a lot more than the Robertson family needs A&E!! Wise up and bring Phil back from “hiatus”!!!

  306. I do not watch Duck Dynasty but I absolutely support them! It’s about time a show is on that is not afraid to talk about God. Christians have become unable to publicly state their beliefs because others don’t think they are politically correct. I applauded A&E for allowing Duck Dynasty to continue sharing their faith. I will not be watching A&E again until they allow Phil back on the show. I may even start watching the show when he comes back. Shame on you A&E! Keep the faith Phil!

  307. I am a supporter of duck dynasty and your intolerance for his beliefs as a Christian is amazing . I will not be watching the channel .

  308. I as well as my friends and family will boycott A&E, it is a shame that when a normal person voices his opinion in a non-violent or hateful way that you kick them to the curb. How dare you suspend this man for exercising his 1st amendment as a LEGAL, TAX PAYING US Citizen. We need more people that believe in good Christian values such as Mr. Robertson and his family, we need a lot less of the people that are to afraid to stand up for the simple foundation that this country was founded, and used to be run on. Clearly the people in charge at your headquarters don’t have the backbone needed to stand behind someone that has brought their channel to the top. God, Guns, and Ducks!

  309. I totally disagree with you taking Phil off of Duck Dynasty, just because he answered a question. I’m getting tired of people getting in trouble for giving their opinion, especially when asked. If you continue to keep Phil off the show, I, as well as many friends, are going to quit watching and supporting A & E.

  310. To whom it may concern for what it’s worth my family and I will no longer be watching a&e until a public apology is made to Phil Robertson his family and all of GODS people who are not afraid to stand up for our rights and religious beliefs

  311. After encountering some of the pure crap America sees as entertainment, it is great to see a man that isn’t afraid to express his love of God and and His teachings. America’s morals are headed down the tubes. Every day we are asked to accept as “normal” what is considered as depravity by God himself. When will we say NO even when acceptance is politically correct? I support Phil Robertson. I wish I could tell him personally.

  312. I don’t understand what Phil done wrong he used his 1st amendment rights and spoke how he and all other true Christian people should think it states in Leviticus 20:13
    “‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.” if that’s not clear enough as to how we should think we have no hope left

  313. The duck Dynasty show is good clean fun and is a show that the whole family can watch without swearing, adultery, sexual innuendoes and scantily dressed girls. Phil Robertson has as much right to express his opinion as the gays and lesbians. Why can’t the gays and lesbians be as tolerant of conservative Christians as they want us to be of them.

  314. Thank you for making my T.V. watching choices easier. Now that you have taken your stand against Phil, I am taking mine. I will no longer watch anything that is associated with A & E. It’s about time that someone had the GUTS to take a stand about the fate of our society. It is O.K. for those who choose “alternate lifestyles” to cram their beliefs down our throats, but is not O.K. for us to have our opinions. All I can say is that there will be a day when we all have to face GOD all alone, and I can with good conscience that I have tried to live a GODLY life. This is the reason that I have no use for the whole Disney organization. One day you will need GOD fearing people like us to make your living. I am joining a group who is contacting my T.V. provider and demanding them to remove A & E from my programming or they too will lose a loyal customer. You all are in my prayers.

  315. I don’t even watch Duck Dynasty, but your out right condemnation of Phil’s First Amendment rights to voice his opinion, will keep me from watching your network. You knew his beliefs and the bible quoting and thumping is what the man is all about… how greedy of you to use him for the ratings then toss him. out! MANY religious scriptures oppose homosexuality,(not just Christian) the act, NOT the people.


  317. I support Mr. Robertsons right to publicly express his opinion. Every where christians turn
    We are bombatded with insistance that we be tolerant of other cultures, religions, behaviors, violence against our families, abusive lyrics, and an increasingly insistant demand that we do not show pur beliefs in public. Now , apparently, we are also to follow the indecisive herd to be politically correct in order to please all of those who belief differently than we do. I have rights in this FREE country and if you dont like my opinion then ignore it but DO NOT expect me to not express it or to change my opinion to please someone else, no matter how many they number. I will not only boycott A&E, but their sister channels bio, lifetime and the history channel as well!

  318. So Miley Cyrus and Madonna can do all sorts of vile disgusting things on air. But Phil Robertson is not allowed to voice his opinion or beliefs. Looks like censorship with a double standard. A&E will loose millions of viewers over this including me.

  319. My family and friends will no longer watch any programming on your network and will not purchase any products advertised on your network. Phil Robertson spoke his mind not the mindless drivel that the PC police want him to say. I will do all in my powers to make sure no one I know watches your channel again.

  320. Fire Phil because he spoke his mind? Speaking your mind is what America is all about. If he is not returned to the show I will cancel my cable, and let the cable company know it’s because of your choice in this matter!!! Reality tv ? not when the network is watching!!! I’m going to miss Mike and Frank on History too! People have a voice,and all sides should be heard ,and not filtered by the network! Ben Taylor

  321. I cannot comprehend why Phil from duck dynasty was suspended from the show. A lot of famous people have views that or ideas that others do not like. Famous rappers talk of killing people and the police as well as doing illicit drugs. I don’t see MTV or radio stations dropping all of them. Kids finally have decent roll models to look up to on television who aren’t a mess with doing narcotics or drinking and they are being taken off because of an interview….. crazy. This just shows us all the continuing downward spiral this country is in…

  322. Well I guess I am offended by all the movie that portray sleeping around , cussing on normal cable but wait that is normal. But Phil can’t express his god given right if it goes along with the bible. If he were to say abortions was good I guess that is fine in your eyes. Not happy with A&E!

  323. We want an early Christmas present – Phil back on the show and an apology from A&E to Phil, his family and the vast majority of viewers. Boycott A&E till this madness is stopped!!!

  324. A&E you are wrong in removing Phil. Let Phil be Phil and bring him back. He has a right to state his God given convictions just like those opposed do also. Too many people get offended so easily today. Bring Phil back please.

  325. You suspended the star of your top rated program because you and a handful of other anti-Christians disagree with his religious beliefs. You are incredibly disgusting and totally anti-American. My family will not watch another program on A&E!

  326. I applaud Phil Robertson for standing firm in his beliefs. Shame on A & E for punishing him for taking a stand for what is right. Duck Dynasty is my favorite show: one that I can watch with my children without worrying about inappropriate content. The Robertsons are a great family who uphold Christian values. Bring Phil back!

  327. Hello,
    I’m not one to write a letter about the entertainment world but I feel that Phil Robertson speaking his own opinions and then being suspended from your channel is horribly unjust. This country is founded on freedom and you are taking one of his away. I don’t agree with what he said but I think he has the right to say it without consequence.
    Thank you for your time.

  328. Dear A & E
    I’m contacting you in regards to the comments made by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. It appears that the first amendment right of free speech is very selective depending on political correctness. Phil had a right to respond as he believes when questioned by GQ magazine. He made it quite clear how God saved him from a lifestyle that brought him to rock bottom. He also made it clear that he does not approve with the homosexual lifestyle. Society today has redefined what an expectable relationship is supposed to look like between men and women. That’s what Phil was trying to point out. I know that some will brand Christians and Phil for what he said, but we are taught to love the sinner, for we all are, but not to approve or condone the lifestyle. I hope you’ll think twice about this and allow Phil to return. Thank you.

  329. So A&E attempts to censor Phil because he quoted from the Bible and expressed his opinion on the verse? And this comes from the media which espouses freedom and equality for all? Oxymoron, or just plain moron!!!!!!

  330. I have watched positive, pro references to homosexuality, vaginas, pro-jokes about sex with an animal,
    Pro-jokes about Christians and the bible believers and demeaning references and pro-jokes of scriptural principles ON YOUR NETWORK. If you do not reinstate Phil Robertson to Duck Dynasty to demonstrate a fair and balanced, attitude with lack of favoritism and acceptance toward both sides of opinions regarding the above mentioned subjects, not only will I ban A&E in my very large household FOREVER, I will go all out in supporting EVERY boycott effort of A&E AND ALL ITS sponsors PERMANENTLY and I will encourage every large group and organization to join me if for no other reason of fairness to both sides of beliefs. FYI: I live in the Bible Belt and there are hundreds of groups and organizations who love this kind of cause.
    Is A&E truly that AFRAID of the threats and power of homosexuals?

  331. I live in a Great Country where our fore fathers fought,died & developed the Constitution, Amendments, & Bill of Rights. The 1st amendment gives us the Right of Free Speech. I know A&E will be removed from my favorites channels-removed all the way. I don’t like someone controlling what I watch. If you’re gay. that your business and not mine.I don’t care. Phil has his own thoughts and concerns, it’s his business. As far as I’m concerned, Phil makes the show. If he goes, so do I. If he comes back-so do I. But one thing for sure, I know I
    don’t like A&E as a channel anymore.

  332. I am disheartened to hear that A&E has made such a bone-head move. Phil Robertson is the leader of the Robertson dynasty. It is sad that GLAAD can make a complaint and have Phil removed. A&E should grow a pair and stand up for everyone’s rights. Phil has a right to believe what he wants and I scoff at the fact that GLAAD stated his ways were not Christian. We are force fed what we should accept and are not allowed to speak our opinion because it might hurt someone’s feelings. Now I am explaining to my son that Phil was fired for standing behind his beliefs. I think you owe Phil an apology and I think Duck Dynasty should find a new network. Please note that there 11 million viewers they gave are because of their family values and Christian ways. Its refreshing to see morals and values instead of shows that I am embarrassed to watch with my children. I will boycott A&E for this mistake. The executives at A&E are exactly what this world doesn’t need. We should stand behind our beliefs no matter what the person next to us believes. STAND PROUD PHIL ROBERTSON!!!! I am behind you. I hope the Robertson will take their number 1 rated show somewhere else.

  333. I am sitting here watching Charlie Brown on ABC network own by the Disney network.. what stands out is how many times Linus quotes from passages in the Bible. I never hear people complain about that show, so why is it Mr. Roberson responds to a direct question about his opinion on certain issues and he it chastised and removed from our network. The network that glorifies Bonnie and Clyde or Radio Girls that is all about sex. Every body is entitled to an opinion and it is a constitutional right that is defended by people like my self. That is why people can burn our flag and as much as I might disagree it is their right .I support Mr. Robinson and disagree with your network. My family and i will no longer be watching your network until you can your views.

  334. I support gays but DO NOT support your decision to banish someone for having a differing opinion. Ignorance at its finest!
    It was nice knowing you, but I can’t support ignorance.
    Funny part is… I have never even seen the show, nor do I care who these people are. You made a mistake

  335. you have just lost millions of viewers just to be politically correct. some other station will pick up duck dynasty and your numbers will suffer.

  336. Myself along with a lot of my friends all watched A&E for Duck Dynasty. To suspend a person for stating his religious beliefs is wrong. If you did not want to air a Christians beliefs because you may offend someone then why is it ok for you air their television show and make millions. I believe that is being a hypocrite! Thank God someone stood up and wasn’t afraid to offend anyone with the truth. If more Christians would do the same maybe this world wouldn’t be in the state it is.

  337. Your inhumane and hypocritical tv network will NEVER COME ACROSS MY TELEVISION EVER AGAIN!!! I wish Duck Dynasty the very BEST and for you all??? Well I am pretty sure you know where you belong!! I can promise you one thing…..DUCK DYNASTY HAS BEEN THE ONLY…LET ME REPEAT…THE ONLY TELEVISION SHOW THAT IS WORTH WATCHING AND IT IS THE SOLE POSITIVE TELEVISION SHOW YOUR NETWORK OFFERS. So good job on turning what little bit of positive your network had into nothing and getting rid of the one and only show i would ever allow my young son to watch…the only show that doesnt constantly show graphic blood and brain matter from murderous acts, the only show that is based off of good ole southern values and the only show that there is that a&e had going for them. GOOD JOB!! The bible is what it is and this is the usa for goodness sake….its called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! ALL OF THE FAGOTS YALL SUPPORT FOR SOME ODD REASON FEEL THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO DESERVE THIS RIGHT…..oh yea maybe the reason they feel this way is because of IDIOTS like yall that bow down to them and give them their every want or sick need. Guess what? I can guarantee you they dont watch your network….unless you offer the logo channel as part of your network. Then you want to release a statement saying “our network has always been based off of good character and positive material” and that is FAR FROM THE TRUTH!!! Since when does someone living in a rat infested (hoarders) home and eating feces good character? Since when is your network only showing graphic murder scenes “good character”? Since when is anything you and your network offer “positive material”? NEVER…..well once upon a time you did have one single show on your side to back your very strong statement…but guess what? You screwed that up too!!! The bible says it is wrong to be gay and it is in plain english!! Apparently you dont believe in the bible….so you will be in not only my prayers but also in the robertson familys’ prayers tonight and every night until you accept jesus christ in your life. It really doesnt matter if he said he “hated gay people”….whats the difference in this and your camera crew deciding to include the brain matter from someones head after it was blown off with a shotgun? He has the right to speak on his feelings. It is freedom of speech and I HOPE HE HIRES THE BEST ATTORNEY MONEY CAN BUY AND SUES YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE MADE BY PUTTING ALL OF YOUR SICK AND TWISTED TELEVISION SHOWS ON THE AIR!!! He has god on his side and that alone is enough to get you. You should rest assured and sleep peacefully tonight knowing you ripped the one and only television show that parents can feel secure about watching and not have to be looking for their small children every 5 seconds to make sure they dont see or hear the material you put on air!! YOU ARE RIDICULOUS AND WILL SOON BE BANKRUPT because the public doesnt take it too well when someone that they pay to air television shows decides to “indefinitely suspend” the only true, good moral, christian family you had to offer. What do you have to offer the public now with your “positive material and good character” based television network?? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! I am done now. No time for a bunch of uneducated and hypocritical people!!! They deserve better than your network anyday of the week!!! BEST WISHES IN YOUR COURT PROCEEDINGS WHEN HE SUES YOU FOR VIOLATING HIS 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS OF THE US CONSTITUTION!!!
    Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws. The freedom of speech is not absolute; the Supreme Court of the United States has recognized several categories of speech that are excluded from the freedom, and it has recognized that governments may enact reasonable time, place, or manner restrictions on speech.

    Criticism of the government and advocacy of unpopular ideas that people may find distasteful or against public policy are almost always permitted. There are exceptions to these general protections, including the Miller test for obscenity, child pornography laws, speech that incites imminent lawless action, and regulation of commercial speech such as advertising. Within these limited areas, other limitations on free speech balance rights to free speech and other rights, such as rights for authors and inventors over their works and discoveries (copyright and patent), protection from imminent or potential violence against particular persons (restrictions on fighting words), or the use of untruths to harm others (slander). Distinctions are often made between speech and other acts which may have symbolic significance.

    Despite the exceptions, the legal protections of the First Amendment are some of the broadest of any industrialized nation, and remain a critical, and occasionally controversial, component of American jurisprudence

  338. Ok. It was so considerate of the corporation to allow Phil to speak his belief. Maybe another network will offer a deal to the Robertson family & they give A&E an indefinite hiatus. A sin is a sin & there are many as he so tried to explain. God has your back Robertson family & as for you A&E we’ll as Christians will pray for you.

  339. You dumbasses can dump whatever you choose to on us, your paycheck….all under the guise of your first amendment rights.
    Fortunately, MOST of what you rogram is pretty decent.
    That said, wh is it that when someone OTHER THAN YOU wants to voice their opinion or express their religeous views, you feel you need to tAKE THE POLITICALLY CORRECT ROAD?
    wE HATE THAT AND AS A RESULT, WE HOPE YOU DUMP THE ENTIRE Duck Dynasty show and let some other MORE RESPONSIBLE channel pick it up so we don’t ever have to watch you again?

    It would not surprise us if Duck Dynasty dumped your network, at which point we’d simply block you totally until you went away?

    BTW, we don’t think homosexuality is right either….and we’re sick and tired of not getting our side expressed.

    We hope you have a rotten Christmas and your network crashes and burns quickly next year, but as Si would say, “Hey! Yo folks ain’t religious anyway so why celebrate Christmas”

    Dumb asses!


  340. Some people in my family watch duck dynasty. I however am not one of those people. I just don’t relate to “the redneck” aspect of the show. However I never minded when my 14 and 6 year old sons sat and watched it with their father. I was comforted in the fact that they actually SAW prayer on tv and were asking me questions about it and about God. My 8 year old nephew (who has NO religious background whatsoever) has started saying prayer at dinner and so forth. (In my opinion it’s because of watching this show). What Phil said to GQ magazine was strictly an opinion and anyone who took offense to it should be looking in their own closets as to why they were offended. He has a right to feel the way he does. And when asked directly on the subject he answered the way his bible taught him to. But AS a Christian man he also knows that God does the judging and not himself. Although I may not have watched the show myself, I am HORRIBLY upset with the decision that A&E made to let Phil go. I DO watch other shows on this channel such as The Walking Dead. But I am not willing to watch anything on a channel that is ran by apparent idiots who could fire a man for his beliefs that the show itself promotes. So regretfully I will also be blocking this station on all of my TVs as well, until the “powers that be” at A&E come to their heads and reinstate Phil Robertson. I do this based on my CHRISTIAN beliefs!! If we as Christians don’t take a stand now on this issue then we will be completely pushed out of this country for good!!

  341. You should be ashamed. Disagreeing with someone else does not equal hatred! I do not understand why it is that tolerance only works one way with you. My family and I will no longer be supporting your channel! You decided to stand against free speech… We’re standing against you!

  342. It’s a shame that a Christian man is being crucified for standing up for morality and what he believes in. He answered a question the only way he knows how with honesty and based on Biblical principles. He didn’t single out any specific group. He spoke of sinful actions people do which are sins.A&E is punishing a good Christian man, preferring to offend its millions of Christian viewers than potentially upsetting some special interest groups.

  343. Just who in the hell do u think u are? You have no right passing judgement on anyone. Is anyone limiting your freedom of speech? You should be aware that it isn’t the gay community who is making A&E what it is, it’s the majority of people who aren’t gay!! How much sense does that make to you? My question is -Are You Gay!!!

  344. I cannot believe that he quotes scripture and gets persecuted. He expressed his belief. Why is it ok for other people to express their belief in gay marriage but don’t let anyone oppose it.

  345. It is a sad day in America when people can’t speak their beliefs. There are many Christians in this country that follow the bible. According to the bible, homosexuality is wrong. This country was founded on Christianity. I will no longer watch a&e for your decision to ban your star because of his beliefs. Shame on a&e.

  346. this comes down to freedom of speech! when we as citizens of the USA can’t give our personal opinion this country is doomed – if you don’t like Phil or someone else’s view or opinions turn the channel or don’t listen that’s your right. A&E bad move! you have lost my household till Phil is back!!!

  347. This message is directed to CEO of A&E Abbe Raven and Nancy Dubuc. Needless to say A&E has over reacted on this issue over what Phil Robertson was ask in what he believes. When the A&E speech police start interfering with our beliefs, it is time to say GOOD BYE A&E. We won’t be watching A&E until they retract what they did to Phil and Duck Dynasty. Waiting to see what happens to your bottom line in this boycott!

  348. I support Phil in the fact that this is a free country, I don’t know how much longer. What he said is true based on the bible. All you people better wake up to what the bible says or you will lift your eyes one day and beg for just a drop of water on your tongue. A&E why do you think it is the most watched, highly rated on your station. We watch every show and if they are not there than neither will I. Just watch your ratings fall.

  349. I just have to speak out to you regarding your position on your suspension of Mr. Robertson. I am so shocked that you as a business would put yourself in a ridiculous PC situation that had nothing to do with your program – you were only responding to one group of people who demand that everybody has to think and want life as they want it. Mr. Robertson was speaking on his own personal feelings, thoughts and beliefs. You choose to act out irrationally in favor of “PC” instead of respecting the US Constitution and each and every person’s right to freedom of speech. You were my most favorite channel to watch, but until you bring back Mr. Robertson onto Duck Dynasty I will no longer watch your programs – only one will be “Duck Dynasty” – then zero. You have lost me as a viewer. I guess if you want to think about, it perhaps I’m doing exactly what you did – I’m boycotting you because of I don’t like what you have said and have projected in your statement – YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO WHAT YOU DID – why don’t you block everybody from your programs that don’t follow you’re views and beliefs – huh, why don’t you do that instead of suspending Mr. Robertson. Oh, you think you have rights – Constitutional Rights! Bah humbug!!! NO YOU DON’T – and your business is going to go down the tubes because of your stupidity. Why oh why would you do such a thing other than to pander politically – you’re in no position to do that as a business and it will reveal in your stats. You lost your number one fan – me, as what you have done to Mr. Robertson – indefinite suspension – that’s exactly what I’m doing towards you. But see, the thing is I have friends who have friends and they have friends and so on and so forth. You get the picture I’m giving you? Huh??? Well, word of mouth gets around about boycotting your programs – all of your channels and programs. You and the PC demand tolerance of your stupidity, but you sure are not tolerant of someone else’s beliefs, thoughts, and views.

    I am so very disappointed in your stupidity decision that was obviously jumping to the PC way than being a believer in the U.S. Constitution and our “Freedom of Speech”. Your PC way has cost you dearly!!!

  350. You liberals & fence sitters of the country need to understand
    That the average American does not agree with homosexual behavior and do believe it is a sin
    Furthermore my household will no longer watch any A&E programing , nor buy any products or services we recall seeing on your programs. I am sick and tired of the double-standard and political correctness crap being exhibited in my country. A lot of us still and always will not have a problem calling a “queer ” a Queer!

  351. I really like quite a few shows on this network. I thought it was refreshing to have a family friendly show that holds to a set of morals and values. Anyone that says he was speaking hate has not really read the article. As far as all the judgments people are making it just reveals your heart and your motive if you were to make those statements. You and I are not God so we would never know the intent of someone’s heart. So to say he’s a hater means you’ve decided to make yourself god.

    Everyone has a right to their belief and there opinion and A&E has a right to fire Phil.

    With that being said, I have a right to not watch anything else from this network and the right to influence all of my family and friends who hold the same values and beliefs to do the same. As far as that goes, I am exercising my right and removing the aps from my iPad and phone.

    I pray for you that God richly bless you in JESUS Name Amen.

  352. Since A&E is choosing to cater and baby the gay community and punish Phil because he made a Christian comment, I choose to boycott A&E. Why is every opinion okay except a Christian opinion? The Bible clearly states that homosexuals will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. God decreed this not Phil. Phil was just being a bold Christian, which the world could use more of. If don’t like it take it up with God not Phil Robertson. Good job Phil dont back done!

  353. A&E you are cowards. Don’t worry. I’m sure another network will gladly pick up the quacks, and I will gladly change to another network to watch them. Along with millions of other viewers.

  354. I will no longer be watching any programs on A&E due to your intolerance for someone voicing “THEIR” religious beliefs. You allow all sorts of other trash to be spewed on various other programs but you ban PHIL?!! I am done with A&E!!

  355. I am sorry to hear that you are suspending Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty for his personal beliefs and freedom of speech. As a Christian we dislike the sin not the sinner. We are all sinners and all need a savior. Phil is quoting from the Bible what God’s commands are. Just because GLADD and LGBT don’t like to hear his opinion doesn’t mean you should ban Phil from your network. I am truly sick over how this country is throwing away everything our forefathers stood for and it has become so wordly. Seems to me, prophesy is being fullfilled as we speak and- maybe we will be hearing the trumpet soon! My family will not be watching A&E anymore, unless Phil is brought back.

  356. Hope the 4% that made you suspend Phil will keep you network going after this backfire I expect the whole Robertson family tells A&E to pound sand and walk from the show as much as my family loves the show would not blame them to walk from a network that screwed over a family member like this
    I am sure shows like rodeo sluts ,bates motel / insest , hardcore pawn , ect will continue to help Americas values !!!
    A&E you have disappointed me and my family

  357. A&E you have just made the worst decisions by suspending Phil. I’m glad Phil said what he said. You have no right suspending him for his Christan values and beliefs!

  358. I believe your action on Phil in duck dynasty is nothing short of censorship. Also as usual his words were taken out of context on how he felt toward the homosexual community. If someone doesn’t agree with the show or a person than we have the freedom to not watch it. Simple as that. There are so much garbage I could name on tv that I find offensive but I just don’ t watch it. I will boycott A&E if Phil and duck dynasty continues this censorship toward them. Enough is enough.

  359. I am happy happy happy the Robertson clan standing behind Phil and not recording unless Phil is present…I mean he is the one that started it all “Duck Calls”And I repeat I will not watch a&e I am getting it taken off my channel line up until I see and hear otherwise. .There was no leverage between the good book and “men” as for as ddecision making. .A&E did not take the appropriate actions and maybe after a decline and viewers..A&E will get it right next time..JUST PUT PHIL ROBERTSON BACK ON..

  360. You guys owe Phil a huge apology. He has every right to speak to speak the truth. It should be a public apology too~

  361. As a society, we don’t know how to define “morals” (the distinction between right and wrong) any more. We’ve turned our back on God and His Word as our standard. I’m thankful that Phil spoke about his belief and that he cited God’s Word for his basis. A&E made it very clear where they stand. I’m very happy that others are expressing their concerns. I would encourage “DD” to leave A&E as fast as they can!

  362. A&E’s parent company is ABC! So this makes total sense to me now! ABC is a huge Obama supporter and guess who’s big time Obama supporters? Remember when during Obama’s first election, he stood by the DMA, Defense of Marriage Act, when he needed to change things up during the second election he needed his base and Obama turned to Gay Marriage! This is just another attempt by this group to take your eyes off the actual problems of the Obama Administration! Don’t fall for it! Remove all A & E timers, and include every channel that is associated with A&E to include ABC History, History International, BIO, Lifetime etc. Also tag their sponsors and you have the same tactics used by these very groups destroying our Faith! Remember after the calls, and Emails get right back to the National News, don’t let the President and his Democratic minions narrate and get more lies past you and your family. Obamacare isn’t the only issue, or Scandal, going on in Washington tied to this President and his Administration! Just today a Federal judge came down hard on President Obama and his border policies, blaming children’s deaths at the very feet of Obama’s Administration! This was today, last week it was him trying to get his people into our Church’s and their leadership positions? Check it out, this isn’t the only problems with our president and his groups? Have a great day and God Bless America!

  363. You have awaken a sleeping giant Christians will not stand for this! We should be able to speak our opinions just like every other group and not be discriminated against. Who do you really think was watching the show? Dumb move A&E hope the family walks and your ratings drop back down to almost nothing!

  364. Phil was asked a question, he answered it honestly. I don’t see a problem. I hope Duck Dynasty takes their show to another network because I will never watch your network again. To Phil: Thank you. If we had more people in our country like you, America would be a better place.

  365. A&E really? As a A&E viewer of more than Duck Dynasty your decision to remove Phil was wrong. If you are going to do this to Phil please apply to all your shows you air and soon you won’t have to worry about any of your viewers, more especially in my house hold. Or simply, review why the show is so popular (data points = revenue) you may find a lot of us believe in the same things Phil and his family believe in. The Robertson’s have been refreshing to see prayer at the end of each segment. My religion matches Phil’s family and his comments were crude I still agree. Its an opinion, and the news networks are blowing this up with theirs. So again, we the individuals have the right to change the channel if we like or don’t like something. It’s not a judgement, imposed view, its an opinion.

  366. Stopped watching your programming today. Sorry…..but, Duck Dynasty was one of those programs that had a long bright future. I hope they go to a different station. I also won’t be buying any of the “Duck Dynasty” things…..I’ll get DUCK COMMANDER INSTEAD…I’ll also be telling everyone I can. Anyway, Merry Christmas!!!!!

  367. Thank you A&E for the decision to not tolerate hate and ignorance. I am not a fan of the show and would be even more pleased to see it removed from your line-up. I do appreciate there are many who enjoy the show and respect them and their rights to watch it.

    I will continue to watch A&E regardless of your decision. I wish you the best in trying to find the balance.

  368. U put Phil and duck dynasty back on we have freedom of speech and we don’t go complain about some of the disgraceful offensive stuff u put on and demand u take it off we just don’t watch it so why do u go take a show off for exercising the constitutional amendment rights of freedom of religious beliefs and speech and u taking him off for stating his beliefs is a violation of his rights and proves how stupid you really are and that all u care about is your selfish selves u are a disgrace to this country for violating his right to freedow of speech put him back on or i will have not watch shows I like and boycott u a d I know a ton of people who are going to do the same

  369. I can not believe that you guys have ban Phil! You placed a family rooted in Christian beliefs on TV made them an everyday name in peoples homes and then ban one of them for speaking his beliefs when he was not even on the show. That sickens me. I will no longer watch A&E, any of your sister channels, buy your merchandise or support you at all and I have many friends joining me in this boycott. You fell under pressure from gay right groups, well if they want to be gay that’s their rights but its Phil’s rights to be a man of God and say what his creator says. You guys have messed up this time. You are running series that talk messages from a false profit and Phil can’t exercise his rights? How many gays put pressure on y’all to ban him? How many viewers do you think are going to stand behind the father of Duck Dynasty? I loved you channels but until Phil is brought back and allowed to be Phil my friends who feel how I do, my family, and myself are completely boycotting your station, your sister stations, and all the merchandise from all of the channels.

  370. We, as AMERICANS, have a right to free speech. For the indefinite suspension of Phil Robertson, my family along with countless other families will no longer watch A&E or any other station affiliated with them. Your ratings are going to go down tremendously! I hope you realize what you have done. Duck Dynasty is the best show on television today. They do not curse, have their religious beliefs known, an all around good old fashioned, down to earth family. That was a very dumb move on your part A&E!!

  371. I am both disappointed and appalled by your suspension of Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. He has a God-given right as well as a Constitutionally protected right to his religious beliefs and his right to speak them in public. Considering the moral and religious content of the show each week, it should be no great surprise that he would share his beliefs. He also stated that he will not be disrespectful of homosexuals. He simply stated what is in the Bible. I did some research this morning and found that not only Christians, including Catholics, believe that homosexuality is a sin. The Jewish faith states in the Torah that it is a sin. Islam considers it a sin and a punishable crime. Buddhists seem to have differing views, but many consider it sexual misconduct. Of course many people in these religions may have more liberal personal opinions. But I think many of these more liberal views have been caused by a very liberal media. Any time you see someone on T.V. with the opposing view, that homosexuality is fine and everyone should except it, it is glorified by the media. But those who stand up for their religious beliefs against homosexuality are immediately vilified and now even fired from their job. Mr. Robertson and most others are not hating, but showing concern for the person’s soul, which is love. From my research I also found that approximately 88 percent of the citizens of our country belong to one of the religions listed above. So it seems that the majority of the country and most likely the majority of the viewers of Duck Dynasty have at least heard this idea of homosexuality being a sin. It is not a new or shocking idea. It is only shocking that someone stood up and said it in public, recently. Many people agree. Many probably disagree. If you disagree simply don’t watch the show. That is what I do when I get tired of seeing the constant blatant sexuality, glorification of homosexuality, graphic violence, fowl language and genuinely horrible behavior that is prevalent in so many shows, commercials and movies that the T.V. networks show every day. I was so happy to find a show on T.V. that was clean, moral and funny. We need more of them. Please don’t ruin it because of a small minority. Remember, the right to free speech applies whether you agree with what is said or not.

  372. WOW…a man is asked an obviously loaded question in an interview, he gives his honest unfiltered answer and you throw him under the bus. I hope the whole Robertson family tells A&E to take a flying leap and stick it. I think the executives at A&E need to step back and take a look at exactly what is going on here and think long and hard about their future if they do not change course and have the balls to stand behind Phil. It is amazing how a well funded politically connected group can have so much influence on what you do and how you react. Shame on you A&E for not standing behind Phil. The Robertsons will laugh all the way to the bank when they sue you…..

  373. We will not be watching A&E at our home anymore as well. Other shows have such vulgar sexual content and that’s ok. He speaks from the heart. We all pay the price for out sins. He only hopes that what he shares will change someone else’s life, the way Jesus has changed his.

  374. politically correct in fear of someone telling the truth is what it should be called. if my kids do something wrong i tell them there wrong but that dosnt mean i hate them it means i care that there goin the wrong way but librals are like kids so spoiled that cant stand tobe told the truth they scream kick and try to hurt everone around till they get therway

  375. Bring Phil back! This is the kind of issue that may finally have Americas stand up and fight back against the machine that believes that the only views that are proper is what they believe. It may come as a shock to many that some people actually hold god and family in high regard.
    God bless America and Merry Christmas!

  376. Until A&E reinstates Phil to Duck Dynasty ME OR MY FAMILY WILL NOT WATCH YOUR CHANNEL, Phil has a right to say what he said you may not agree with it but tough. gay people cant have it both ways go on TV say how proud they are to be gay but when other people have a different view to be silenced what a shame. SUPPORT PHIL he is a Christian man AND WE SUPPORT HIM.

  377. Phil Robertson has a right to his opinion on gay marriage. He stated that he would never treat anyone ‘different’ with non respect but, just did not believe in man on man marriage. My husband and I will no longer support your sponsors or watch your channel until Phil Robertson is reinstated. What is wrong with this country that we all have to be politically correct . Gay people can have their say on T.V. but straight people cannot?This is suppose to be a free country but your actions are just the opposite. You should be ashamed and support freedom of speech. Phil Robertson did not state was he said in a vicious way and he was only stating his beliefs. Is there something wrong with someone following his or her beliefs? You over reacted and you are wrong. Thank you.

  378. Another sad day for America. People speak their mind and offend someone and are punished for it.
    I’m sure West Monroe is flooded with Network exec’s saying that is ok if A&E does not want Phil we will take him. Did you think about that when you suspended him? Would not surprise me if you lose your biggest show ever.
    By the way, I’m offended by the comment your Storage Wars New Yorker’s made about a womens vagina! What are you gonna do about them???

  379. Me and my family will no longer watch A&E until Phil Robertson is reinstated. It a sad day when honesty and integrity is punished in America. Per our constitution we all have the right of free speech and we all should be able say what we believe. Those who disagree also have the right to disagree. It is time for all US citizens to stand up and say enough to the politically correct few that that hold there views as the only ones and that no one else has a right to express their views without retribution. A&E and GQ SHAME ON YOU BOTH. Merry Christmas and goodbye.

  380. I would like to know why A&E continues to run reruns of Duck Dynasty if Phil has been suspended from filming? Is it because A&E continues to make money off the show? Talk about hypocritical!

  381. Due to the fact A&E does not respect all our fallen Vets whom fought for our US Constitution specifically Amendment 1 for Freedom of Speach, I would like to know how to block A&e’s channel from our cable box. How do I block A&E’s channel? We are with Comcast

  382. Ok, that’s it … no more A&E for me. I will not watch them again or patronize their advertisers. A&E now thinks they are the “thought police” and want to tell Christians how they should think. If we want to have free speech, and be able to think the way we wat to, then we don’t need to give any support to A&E at all because they are emerging Nazi’s who want to control our speech and thoughts.

  383. You are done! Your choosing to position yourself with GLAAD on the comments made by Phil Robertson has destined you for the dust bin of history. You think this will pass, but it will not and will forever define you as a biased network. I hope you lose all your viewers!

  384. This is absolutely insane!!! Is this really all because of what he compared homosexuality to???? The truth is, according to the bible, all of the things he did compare it to are also stated in the bible and considered sins. It is not Mr. Phil Robertsons, the viewers of the amazing show duck dynasty nor the public’s fault that people are making decisions to engage in the activities that we as christians believe, through our bible, to be sinful. All he did was compare it to other sins that are in our bible. If it is so offensive to them that another human speaks freely and is proud of his religion and beliefs then I guess they have something to be offended about. I dont necessarily enjoy seeing, nor my son seeing, a man to man relationship as we walk down the street either. That is my opinion and by belief and he did nothing more than state his. So now this one tiny tiny group and this very small percentage of american society gets offended and thinks they are the only ones who have freedom of speech??? Wrong!! They feel this way because of you and your network and all of the others who have allowed them this power. Basically what he was saying is the same exact way billions of americans feel too. Gays like to be gay and we like to be heterosexual. Here is a tip….if you want to be accepted and if you desire to share a marital bed with one of the same sex as you then this is not the way you will get acceptance from anyone. A&E may have your back but that is not saying a whole lot considering the staff at a&e only makes up for a very small portion of society. How dare you write a letter to a&e requesting they “do something about this man” when he is only speaking on his faith and religious beliefs. Like I said if what he said offended you then you that is no one but your own fault that you are offended. Maybe you are doing something to get offended about. I would suggest you get ready for comments like these because most of america is composed of christians who dont agree with what you are doing. If you have the right to hold hands and kiss your same sex partner in public for my son or myself to see with our own eyes then you shall be prepared for any feedback. You think you are the only ones with rights. You think only you can do as you please and go around knit picking at others who disagree with you. Well obviously you disagree with our lifestyle as well because we have a different sex partner. Are we mad because you dont agree with us? Are we calling your place of employement and requesting they immediately fire you because I saw you kissing your same sex partner? Absolutely not! What we do do is pray for those who are lost and those who do not know the bible and jesus christ. A&E, do you really feel as if it is mr. robertson’s fault as to why this particular group was so “offended” by his statements? Guess what? You knew who he was before you asked him to be on your network and you knew of his strong faith in jesus. Now, all because one small group of people who are making the decision to not follow the bible requested you do something like fire him you go with them and just fulfill their every sick want or need? Even though your network was so full of nothing but murderous acts, nasty living conditions (hoarders) and all of the other disturbing behavior your network shows on a daily basis I made one exception to your network and allowing my family to watch duck dynasty. I did not have to worry about every 5 seconds looking around to make sure my young son did not see or hear what you just aired on television that would/could disturb him. Duck Dynasty was the one and only show and from your past it will be the only show that you ever had that I did not have to worry about. My son could come into the room at any time and watch duck dynasty. What is it? Do you need more air time for your disturbing shows or what? Because what you are saying is the reason isnt making sense to me or millions of other americans.

  385. I would like to direct this comment towards the Duck Dynasty “hiatus”:
    Shame on all of you, in today’s society, for thinking such cruel things about one man and believing he should be fired. What he said affects no one. You all are just caught up in your own messed up world. I am Catholic, although many of us may not support gays/etc., because it’s our belief, doesn’t mean we don’t respect them. Be who you want to be. Whether anyone likes it or not, be true to who you are. Phil Robertson was speaking his opinion on the subject from what he’s been taught throughout his life in his own belief. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect anyone any less. Rap artists and “gangsters” go around saying the “N” word and nothing happens to them! They get paid for it for crying out lied! Now does that make sense to you? If it does, then you need a lot of help in your life. Just because someone says something that you don’t agree with or believe in, doesn’t make them a bad person. I don’t necessarily follow the Catholic belief on everything. I have a lot of homosexual friends from where I work. And they are the absolute happiest people I have ever met in my life. And so help me if I have a child and he/she turns out any different then what I believe/am suppose to believe in, I don’t care. Some of my friends from work weren’t even offended by what Phil said. They even praised him for it because he spoke his belief. And we ALL have that right. Phil shouldn’t have been fired. You think what he said was a hiatus? Wait to see what happens if you cancel the show along with firing Phil Robertson. THAT will cause a hiatus! On A&E’s Customer Service Email (which I couldn’t actually get too) the top of the website page says “Be Original”. That means be yourself and it won’t matter. You should probably take off that logo now. I take everything to heart because I have a family similar to the Robertson’s. Some even have the same belief as Phil! It does attract a little bitterness, but in the end it doesn’t matter because it’s their belief. It is our constitutional right to the freedom of speech in any format. Don’t make one man’s religious belief a political dispute. Focus more on what really is politically important that’s going wrong thanks to the man in charge of our country. Many people won’t like this comment but I can assure you that there are more who will. You thought what Phil said was a big “hiatus”… No, what you did about the non-existent problem formed a “hiatus”. Me, my family, and my friends all support the Robertson Family and we pray that God grants you all a miracle and being Phil back into the show. Duck Dynasty is truly original. Everyone has his/her right to their own belief and may speak it at will no matter what the circumstances. Free country? You just fired an innocent, Christian man for being free.

  386. Oh, yeah. I will be blocking A & E until they wake up and reinstate the Duck Dynasty show and the Robertsons. Get it, A & E? You need us WE DON’T NEED YOU!

  387. Hello,

    Duck Dynasty is one of my favorite shows and I watch it all the time. It is very entertaining. They are such a great family. I want A & E to know that I do not agree with your decision to suspend it Phil Robertson from the show solely due to his Christian belief on what the Bible teaches about homosexuality. I know Phil loves all people, including homosexuals. He is not a homosexual bigot. He was just answering GQ’s question on what he believes per the Bible. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As is A&E is entitled to suspend Phil from the show. I just disagree with your decision because I think it is wrong. Thus, I am seriously thinking about not watching A&E anymore solely based on your unfair decision to fire Phil.


    Dave Engelken

  388. Your network was nothing before Duck Dynasty and now it will burn right back down to the ground. Hope you guys saved some of that money they earned you because they will be doing the same for another network while you guys sit in denile. #neverWatchingA&eAgain

  389. Phil Robertson tells the truth of God from the Gospels and is banned from A&E. He is much better off and A&E is shown for the immorality it endorses. The Lord watches!!!

  390. Very disappointed at your decision to penalize Phil Robertson for professing is constitutionally protected right to free speech as well as professing his protected right to practice his religion. I hope Duck Dynasty leaves your network and makes a statement about the ridiculous culture of politically correct speech that is pervasive in mainstream media today. You ought to be ashamed for not making a stand for speech that you may not agree with, but is none the less a protected right to be expressed. Shame on you.

  391. Very disappointed at your decision to penalize Phil Robertson for professing is constitutionally protected right to free speech as well as professing his protected right to practice his religion. I hope Duck Dynasty leaves your network and makes a statement about the ridiculous culture of politically correct speech that is pervasive in mainstream media today. You ought to be ashamed for not making a stand for speech that you may not agree with, but is none the less a protected right to be expressed. Shame on you.

  392. As a Christian & Combat Vietnam Veteran, having shed blood for other’s freedom, I truly believe Phil on Duck Dynasty has the same right of speech as the extreme Liberal and Gay/Lesbian community. I started watching A&E when Duck Dynasty only after it first started airing. I got interested in storage wars, and other programs on the network as well. If Phil isn’t afforded his right to free speech, and expression of his religious beliefs on your network, I will certainly stop watching A&E as a matter of principle, and encourage everyone I know to do the same.

  393. Phill is the one who created duck commander! Your suspending him from the show for believing the bible. Hope they choose a new tv station. A&E sucks

  394. i think you judgement on duck dynasty is wrong. we listen and hear what everyone else has to say but let a white man bring up what is in the BIBLE and then you want to stop the press. maybe you should get in it and read it yourselfs. it might do you some good. as a white man i myself am sick of media shoving black men and white women down our throats that its the cool thing to do. maybe this country needs to get back to the BIBLE and get your lives in line i know i do. if we as arericans are having what we say judged all the time maybe we dont have the rights that this country was founded on and if the media is judging who can say what then why do you uphold all that is said by the lgbt’s knowing its against what is in the BIBLE and punish someone who has said what is in the BIBLE. i my self and my extended family are very upset by your ruling on mr phil. so we will not be watching A&E TV anymore and may GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!

  395. While growing up, I recall fighting bullies who picked on defense-less kids. Some of those kids whom I protected were gay and I still protected them. What a person elects to do in the privacy of their home among two consenting adults, they have a right to do.
    Today, I would still protect a gay person, or a straight one. I still dislike bullies !! However, I disagree with a gay person wanting to impose their values or lifestyle on my family and I. A&E you are bullie and I will respond to your actions by cancelling your channel and not viewing you or anything by you. A&E has forgotten that this nation is based on religious values Catholics, Muslims, and Jews all believe in one GOD and his teachings. So now that gays have come out of the closet, it is ok to force their values and life style on the rest of us?

  396. SHAME on You Ruthless Tyrants.I am blocking your channel & your network channels what a stupid decision someone made about Phil Robertson. YEE YEE

  397. Just another example of the liberals trying to silence those who oppose their morally corrupt practices. You have idiots like Wilson Cruz (from GLAAD) making comments on “Christian values”. I would doubt that he ever read the Bible but he speaks as though he has a grasp of God’s word while supporting a lifestyle diametrically opposed to it. Well I have had enough of my beliefs being battered by a bunch of morally corrupt leftists. I am done with A&E and their sponsors. In my view the CEO should be fired! I will share my thoughts with many and will pray against this station and the evil they promote through their actions.

  398. well you did it to yourself A&E you are blocked at my house along with your advertisers whom I’ve contacted & will not support if they choose to still advertise on your channel.I’ll be keeping up with this & informing the public on the net. I will make it a full time job if I have too.

  399. Our family has always been big fans of A&E. No more… We are officially boycotting this channel and have contacted our cable company to have A&E removed. First of all, what were you thinking putting Phil in front of GQ? I know… You wanted him to “tone down” that Christian stuff and all the killing. I saw this coming as earlier in the year you made these statements. What a sly snake in the grass you have at the helm of your organization to find a way to set Phil up. Shame on you…
    Merry Christmas! Not Happy Holidays… but Merry Christ…mas!

  400. I bet if one of the homosexuals were to get fired because they BELIEVE IT IS OK TO BE HOMOSEXUAL OR WERE FIRED FOR SHOWING WHAT THEY BELIEVE THEY WOULD SUE THE HECK OUT OF SOMEONE. Yet because he doesnt believe the same thing as homosexuals do he is fired? Now how is that being fair? It isnt and you know it a&e. You should be totally ashamed of yourselves. Have you not read all of the comments on here that are saying they are no longer allowing your network to be shown in their homes??? By you not reversing your decision you are only saying one thing to the viewers……we dont care if you watch or not….we have decided to go along and make those happy who dont even watch our network… only took a few different emails or letters from the anti gay groups and you took immediate and extreme action against a good christian man who is only trying to reach people and spread the word of god….WOW!!!! This is what this world has come to???? SAD SAD SAD!!!

  401. I see nothing bigoted or hateful in the comments Phil made. He quoted scripture. If he has to pay a price for his free speech, then A&E will pay a price with me for this hiatus.

  402. It seems A&E talks out of both sides of their mouth, hypocrites from the beginning! Phil Robertson has every right to voice his opinion, especially if he is publicly asked. A&E is gone at our house, they are a prime example of what is wrong with this country. “Love your country, Fear your government”

  403. A&E- Why did you ban Phil? Just because some gay supporters got their tail feathers riled up, you ban him? What about the first amendment? It clearly states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Obviously you are not Congress making a law prohibiting free speech, but you are a company prohibiting Phil’s freedom of speech. I get that you, being his “boss”, get to hire and fire, but what you did was totally uncalled for. I do not support the gay lifestyle and believe it is wrong, but I am entitled to my opinion just like people who support gays are. I have seen gays and gay supporters comment on other sites saying that Phil’s comments were not offensive or hateful to them. They instead said A&E was wrong for doing what they did, and should let Phil back on the show. He is entitled to his beliefs and can say what he pleases. If someone was interviewed on A&E and said they do not agree with normal marriages (1 man & 1 woman), would you ban them? I think not. People get offended way to easily these days. BRING PHIL BACK! He did NOTHING wrong. Do not be afraid of the threats a few gay supporters. Phil did nothing wrong. Why punish a guy for doing nothing wrong. As an early Christmas present, please bring back Phil and apologize for what you did. I STAND WITH PHIL!

  404. If you put all the gay men on a island and all the lesbian women on an island by themselves for a 100 – 120 years they would become extinct. If you put a man and a woman together on and island for a 100- 120 years they would start repopulating the earth!!!! It’s a no brainer. Being gay is a sexual preference, a choice that someone makes because how it makes them feel. Everybody has a right to there opinion, oh yeah except for Christians. Mr Robertson has a right to his opinion just like everyone else. Me family and friends will not support any of your sponsors or company! You do not deserve to live in this great country. Phil Robertson for President,

  405. Yesterday Phil Robertson was outed for being anti-gay. Today his is outed for be ignorant of the lives and feelings of black people. I’m sure he never asked any of the blacks that were hoeing cotton with him how they felt and what they really thought about their lives as a black person. I wonder what prejudices he instilled in his all his sons’ hearts and minds. There has to be some hidden prejudices lurking in their hearts and minds. I also wonder how many black people work for them making duck calls and what their jobs are. We need to do a 20/20 or 60 minutes undercover on the Duck Dynasty.

  406. In many ways I am excited to see how the horrible decision A & E has made regarding Phil Robertson will play out. My money is on the Robertson family!!!!! Just like the situation with the owner of Chick-fil-a, this is an opportunity for the good people of America to stand and raise our voice in support of what is right and good!!! I do respect the right A & E has to make the decision they did…but in the end, I give my whole-hearted support to Phil and the entire Robertson family!!!! Whether with A & E or another network or even with a different name for the show, the show will go on!!!!! Thanks to Phil Robertson for standing up for what he believes. If he had backed down from that question and delivered a politically correct answer, he would have been denying his belief in Christ. I stand with Phil!!!!!!!!

  407. I will boycott anything to do with any affiliation of A&E if they do not apologize and reinstate Phil with Duck Dynasty!!! He spoke his religion and did not slander anyone!!! He is an admiration and a testimony of his Faith and should be commented for plassing GOD first in his life in lieu of abandoning his Faith for Fame!!!

  408. Screw you A&E I will not watch your show until Phil is back on! He was asked his opinion and he gave it. Screw every single one of you all!

  409. Bring Mr. Robertson back or potentially fail. Its that simple. A&E, you completely violated a U.S. citizen’s civil rights and went against the Constitution of the United States by banning Phil for his right to freedom of speech. Maybe the FCC and our Congress should begin hearings and bring in either Ms. Abbie Raven (A&E Chairman) or Ms. Nancy Dubuc (A&E CEO) to try to “explain away” your actions which, in a small way, violated every U.S. citizens rights…setting prescedence.

    Again and again, the media tries to cram it’s view points about the rights of homosexuals, (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, etc.) towards the U.S. population without regard and now this…trying to silence a citizen’s right to free religious speech because you don’t agree with his free speech about the sins of sex outside matrimony. Shameful!

    I encourage all cable and satellite providers to pull the plug on A&E until they bring Mr. Robertson back. He did nothing wrong and and lest you forgot, we are ALL afforded the right to free speech under the constitution. Political Correctness in our country has got to stop! This is a direct link to the nonsense of what political correctness has (and is doing) to America! This smells…

    I support Mr. Robertson! Hang in there Phil! A&E blew it.

    Tolerance…Remember it! Its what makes our country great!

  410. Christian’s don’t have to be politically correct. They just have to believe and live by the principals of the Holy Bible. Anger and hatred towards Christians and their Biblical principals is totally expected. Until your eyes are opened by the love of Christ and His word, you will never understand His scripture. Homosexually is a sin according to the Bible. All Sinner will go to Hell unless they accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Accepting Him means turning from your sin and being covered by His love and grace. Phil is a godly man and is only standing with the truths of the Bible.

  411. If Phil Robertson is not on Duck Dynasty…I am boycotting A&E and I know MANY others who will do the same! We all have a right to our opinions! A&E is not just stabbing Phil Robertson in the back, they are stabbing Christianity in the back!

  412. GOD help you and all your affiliates for your ignorance in suspending Phil Robertson from the families Duck Dynasty show for quoting the words in the Bible..By suspending Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty show, you are denouncing GOD and all GOD stands for. Phil Robertson has the right to his own opinions and beliefs..Who are you to tell him that his belief in GOD and the words written in the Bible are inappropriate??? Why dont you get over yourselves and post a notice prior to the shows airing saying that the opinions of this show may or may not be the opinion of this Television station or its affiliates, like other stations do?? There are more people in this World who believe in the words written in the Bible than you think.Least you forget, the money printed in this Country has the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” printed on it.You better re think your decision, apologize to that man and put him back on the air or you are going to lose a lot of viewers who take GOD and the Bible to heart.

  413. Phill Robertson is protected under the US Constitution. Freedom of Speech, freedom of religion. You or your educated staff have a flaw… You were and are misdirected in you education by what you were taught! College is about growth in values and not bending to pressure to get a grade subject to your professor. The concepts of the Constitution are being trodden upon by a socialist ideal and doing away with family values. You shouldn’t expect everyone has your expectations. Freedom of Religion is why we, including you are here! A&E wake up! You are backing a Trojen horse, by trapping these values! Get a back bone and allow citizens, like Phil Robertson his Constitutional Rights! I will boycott your programs until you get it and defend the guaranteed rights in this country! Come into our Freedoms of religion and Speech!

  414. SHAME on you for Christian bashing, and telling us that we have no freedom of speech. The gay and lesbian community are allowed to speak out and hold rallies for what America has never believed to be proper, but let a Christian man speak of his beliefs and everyone wants to get offended. I AM OFFENDED. If I don’t agree with it I have a right to say so. I will never tune in to any of your broadcasts anymore, and I will pray for your soul. May God bless you, and thank you Phil for your public acknowledgement of God.

  415. Hi my name is jake you guys mad a big mistake
    Bye fireing phil off duck dynesty he did ent
    Say that he was Gono kill the gays or somting
    I bet you never herd this right here he side that he is
    Not Gono kick them out of his house so if y’all
    Don’t put Phil back on a&e will be off the air

  416. Rather appalling how liberals with their destructive behavior and comments can voice their ill conceived ideas, but a conservative with facts and integrity and common sense can not stand up for what is right and moral. Absolutely appalling and I’m extremely disappointed with a&e they showcase what is wrong with the media, completely intolerant and bias!

  417. I think it is wrong for kicking phil off of duck dynasty. You cant have duck dynasty without phil, he was only speaking his mine,and.i feel the same way.he does

  418. Here is a question did you contact the Robertsons for the duck dynasty show or did they contact you? Also maybe you have shows other than duck dynasty that offend people did you ever think about that? Phil has every right for freedom of speech he should not be fired from a show that you probably ask them to do anyways. So by you firing him I am taking it that you are saying nothing but gays have rights. So here is another question do straight people have rights anymore? You guys have opened a can of worms that you need to leave alone remember people don’t need A&E you need people. Heck theres plenty of T.V stations that have a lot worse things on there stations that don’t need to be on the air like sports channel they have atheletes that do drugs.I have seen shows that pretty much show you how to kill people or do drugs. That is worse to me than somebody saying something about gays.

  419. Sad that you refuse to allow Phil Robwrtson to quote scripture from the bible and allow him to believe it is true. A&E is part of the totalitarian movement in this country and I will not watch your network again. Your sponsors will be boycotted and you will rue the day you did not stand support this Christian man. Shame on you!!

  420. I loved the duck dynasty show. I wont watch anything a&e ever again unless someone within the company takes responsibility for taking sides against Christians and then resigns or is fired.

  421. So it’s okay for Miley to go and twerk her little butt off, and then you ask a preacher in a small town in Louisiana about his opinion on gay people. What did you expect him to say? That he is all for gay rights and marriage. Think about who you ask questions to and who they are as a person. I will not watch anything on A&E until Phil is put back on the show!!!!

  422. A&E should be ashamed of themselves and so should their parent companies, Disney I mean you! Attempting to silence a reality show star from duck dynasty, Phil for saying what he believes is disgraceful. Certainly some people may find what he is saying offensive, but he is merely stating his religious belief. He did not say he hates gay people, but took the same position as the Catholic Church that the act itself is a sin. Is church philosophy too much for A&E to handle? I am pretty certain if the higher ups at A&E disagreed with what Phil said, they could have just broadcast that the station does not necessarily endorse the views of the persons on the show. This is supposed to be a reality show, if you cannot take the ups and downs that go along with reality television, then perhaps you should not be vested in it. If you want to have a story that you can completely control, the hire actors and screenwriters to make your television series. Otherwise get out of the way and allow reality television to take its course.

  423. Put Phil back on the show or I will no longer support your network. This hypersensitive BS has got to stop. You’re about to kiss goodbye the number one show and a big chunk of your supporters. We need more people like Phil and less like A&E.

  424. Just blocked my tv from having A&E. Don’t agree with Phil but will defend to thre death his right to say what he said. I believe the person who made such a stupid decision should be fired. Not Phil.

  425. So now a&e is the first amendment police? Again, will not watch this network or buy any products that would promote a&e.

  426. I will be boycotting your channel. Thanks for offending me and my family. I stand with Phil and the entire Robison Family!

  427. I think a&e is crazy for firing phil. He used his free speech to make a comment and you took it out of proportion. I hate you. Gays should not be saying anything about phil. They know what they do is wrong. Putting a mans dick in another mans butt is not right. And a woman putting thier vagina on another womans vagina what pleasure do you get from that. And how can you be with the same sex? Its not right. Unnatural. You gays are killing this country. You cant have kids how do you think you keep a people alive. God said go forth and be fruitful. Reproduce how can you do that by putting your peepee in a pooper. You cant unless you wanna make a baby poop. Its not right. You get poop on your peepee. What is wrong with you. It isnt right gross. That is all

  428. Wow, so you are willing to sell the Duck Dynasty devotional bible but you are not willing to defend a man’s first amendment right to quote from said bible or to speak his opinion…hmmm hypocritical maybe???

  429. Incase u have put this whole thing together yet.. In reference to duck dynasty, that show is the best thing to ever happen to A&E.. And, if u think for one second that another network won’t pick them up, and they won’t be even bigger and better, you crazy. Phil’s comments were spoken out of truth.. Not hate! Ignorance is bliss!

  430. A&E the leaders in censorship police. You are not the king of what is right or wrong. Phil and the Robertson’s are completely entitled to their opinion and should be able to express their views freely as so the minorities you are “protecting”. Those of us that value our freedom and rights protected in the Constitution are not taking this any more. We are standing up and standing strong. A&E will suffer from its poor decision making and lack of leadership.

  431. I support Phil Robertson!If Phil isn’t afforded his right to free speech, and expression of his religious beliefs on your network, I will certainly stop watching A&E as a matter of principle, and encourage everyone I know to do the same.

  432. I refuse to watch A&E in till Phil Robertson is but back on the show. A&E, congrats you just lost a view from me and my family.

  433. I have used the parental controls provided by my cable subscriber to block A&E from my household which is too bad because there were many shows I enjoyed. I am not willing to support a Network that discriminates from allowing the Robertson’s to express their wholesome, Biblically principled family values. Were they from another Reglious background, this would not be an issue. It is only because they are Christians that this is. I’m tired of always having to respect everyone else’s reglious and political views but no one respects mine because they are conservative and Christian.

    Merry Christmas!

  434. Let me understand this. A&E keeps Dog the Bounty Hunter on the air after he uses the “N” word but they suspend Phil Robertson for making a comment about his preference for women and then commenting on his religious beliefs. I have a lot of pull in my community and can make a big impact to the A&E audience if a boycot was to be done. Due to the fact that Dog is back on the network and Phil is suspended just says to the world that A&E is ok with hatred towards African Americans but belief in the bible and being heterosexual is wrong. So the Klu Klux Klan is ok in this networks eyes but religious people who believe that marriage is between a man and a women is not ok. So is it fare to say that A&E stockholders and owners are ok with hate speech about skin color but not preference speech about sexuality?
    A&E you have basically commuted suicide by doing what you have done. I will be asking my cable network to delete your channel from my package if you do not end this asinine stance immediately.

  435. All A&E channels have been blocked and as soon as I find the time, I will be contacting my satellite service to discontinue having A&E and it’s other channels as part of my package. I will only change my mind if an apology is forthcoming to the Robertson family and remorse is expressed to us viewers for trying to foist your personal views upon us by disallowing us the opportunity to choose.

  436. This much time has passed and still no apology from your company to the Duck Family? I am dropping all support for your company, From Disney, ESPN, and A&E etc. Support for ALL of Your sponsors is also being dropped. Goodbye.

  437. Why did your simple minded maketing people do what they did,to Phil Robertson? That the most ignorant advertising mistake ever. Now millions like myself are boycotting your network and your advertisers,as well as Disney.

  438. politically correct? what about biblically correct? that would be somthing this great country was founded on. Phil has a right to free speech. we need a million just like him

  439. I think it is ridiculous for you to suspend Phil Robertson.
    Your free speech intolerance is astounding. Apparently, he cannot offer his opinion (a very valid one at that)to a magazine without an over-reaction. Absolutely absurd! Hopefully the entire cast will quit and go to Fox and make them hundreds of millions. What a tragedy to criticize gays! How thin skinned can you be? The lack of your tolerance via “political correctness” is pathetic. I’m sure if Mr. Robertson made an anti-Catholic or anti-Christian remark you would ignore it; undoubtedly. Very sad.

  440. Rather than echo GLBT’s simplistic slogan, “If you don’t endorse us, you hate us,” A&E would have been bettered served by issuing a stern industry rejoinder reminding the audience that the opinions of the cast may not reflect the position of A&E. In a pluralistic society, tolerance must work both ways. To disagree with someone’s lifestyle or perspective is not tantamount to hating the person. Issue the rejoinder; put Phil back in the show and let free speech rule the day.

  441. Yes it is a freedom of speech and religion country still in the USA. You should put Phil back on the show. It is a good idea to block A & E and our other affiliated stations till you put Phil back on.

  442. Wow. You spineless-ass, losers. I’m offended by those that are offended at free speech…. what can you take off the air for me? Oh, wait.. I’m on the wrong side of the issue so it doesn’t matter what offends me, huh? Unlike many others that have raised hell, I’m a Freedom-loving, Gay supporting, drug-legalizing Atheist that finds this absolutely retarded. Ooops.. did I just offend? Guess what happens when you get offended? NOTHING! Get over it. Everyone is entitled to whatever they believe. We’re not ALL sheeple and most of us love an original thought. Such a spineless move on A&E’s part. Just cower to political correctness. I won’t be watching A&E anymore.

  443. SHAME ON YOU A&E….
    We support Phil Robertson and not A&E or your supporters!!!! Are you going to re-think your dismissal of Phil????

  444. I am very disappointed that you would take Mr. Phil Robertson off of your show for stating his opinions. Mr. Robertson does not agree with a lifestyle, and stated so, he never spoke of hatred of said persons. You lost not only my family, but most of my friends as viewers when you kicked Mr. Phil Robertson off of the show.

  445. A&E executives should realize they have made a mistake. They like the gay and lesbian community thought sponsers would leave and the Robertson family would fold on their father and continue without him. That is because A&E only understands money not values. Phil is not fostering hate he is verbalizing his beliefs. Not agreeing with homosexual behavior is not hate. If one group feels strongly about an issue and one feels the other waydo they hate each other? No. I disagree with A&E and will not watch their channels. That is my right and is not based on hate.

  446. If you can’t support differing views than I can’t watch your programming because I don’t support everything that you show. If Phil Robertson is offensive then I need to stop watching all of your family of stations. I will let all advertisers how I feel as well

  447. I have enjoyed a number of programs over the years on A&E as well as the History Channel. As tactfully as I can be, I have watched Duck Dynasty a few times, it’s okay i have laughed and enjoyed some of the programs. The main reason I watch is that they talk about their faith, and pray, to God. But in an interveiw when ask Phil Robertson Gave his opinion and because of that he is suspended, what a bunch of phoneys the management of a&e are. I also recall in the Bible (which obviously you donot beleive) that God destroyed two cities for that SIN. Of course I agree one hundred percent with Phil Robertsonson stand on the subject, its obvious that a&e does not which is fine also. A few years ago sodomy was against the law in many cities in America, and homosexuality was in the closet, because of guilt. I have friends who are gay, I have no problem with that. I love the people not their sexual orientation. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, wheather right, wrong, or in between, without being punished for it. I am doing all I can to cancel my a&e and affiliates programing. Wheather Phil is reinstated or not. it seems everyone is entitled to free speach ( but only if agrees with what you beleive). I would say you are hypocrits, but evidently you don’t know what that means, some day, you can ask God, He will tell you, and everyone will stand before Him, wheather you beleive in Him or not. thank you Ralph Ervin

  448. Finally a show I don’t have to worry about and uyou guys attack it what happened to freedom of speech it was and opinion reinstate Phill Rhobison you sure did not attack Barbara Walters for her Obama Messiah comment put the show back on or you will have lost another family on your viewing list quoting the Bible is not a sin get over it and move on

  449. No need to reply…..Duck Dynasty comment. This will be the first and only contact I will have with A&E. Our freedom of speech has been assulted by your network. I will never watch your network nor will I allow any TV in my house to put on A&E. I vote with my feet…….goodbye.

  450. Recording says your open. But won’t answer the phone! Good move. You didn’t want to hear what I had to say anyway. How many homosexual people ya think watch DD? Cracker Barrel made a wise decision after their clientele spoke! How about you doing the same! Know your clientele. We are from the north south east & west. Why would you want to alienate the people that watch DD the most. Dumb decision folks. Maybe it is a facade what you are doing. Whatever your reason. I along with millions of Americans will not be dropping in on any of your networks! I can assure you that plenty of networks would love to have the Robertsons on a show. Anyway. Good luck with your ratings. You will need it. Like my pappy always said, I’d rather be lucky than good any day.

  451. It’s about time Christians stood up for their freedom of speech and stop cowering to the influences of the left and their militant threats. The left does not believe in freedom of speech, or freedom of anything for that matter, unless it fits their leftist militant agenda. A&E made a fatal mistake and perfectly depicted what is wrong with today’s media. Completely bias and closed to freedom of speech and thought.

  452. I fully support A&E on their decision to kick off Mr. Robertson. If more people actually read the WHOLE comment that he made, it was not a Christian comment. When a person has a contract with a company and they represent that company in what they say and do, that person needs to be careful what they say and do. Maybe they should take their program to the FOX network if they want to spew hate. Loyal view of A&E.

  453. Let me get this straight…. you hire right wing rednecks to do a show that makes millions and are shocked when they make a negative comment toward a minority?
    So let me help you idiots.sell the show to someone who knows what theyre doing and has some balls! That make it easy for you over educated limosine liberals. Youre whats wrong with this country! Youre intolerence and selective morals and values. Sincerely hope you lose the show. You dont deserve people like them who actually have God in their life!

  454. The PUBLIC SMEAR CAMPAIGN designed by those that hold a monopoly on public media, USED as a threat against those who’s beliefs are different from their own – IS a violation of ‘Freedom of Speech’.

    We need ‘laws’ to protect the citizens against the abuse of power by the Public Media Network who use their monopoly of the ‘press and airwaves’ to bait, corner and force people to lie about their beliefs under the threat of public humiliation and persecution. If Christians or anyone you choose to exploit do not bow to your demands to renounce or denounce Christian values, you will ruin their life…Like you are making every attempt to do to Phil Robertson. This is Extortion & Bigotry propagated by the Network of Media Elites.

    This is not the First Time this has been done to someone. It needs to end – Now.

  455. The United States Constitution guarantees everyone the right to freedom of speech, as well as freedom from any religious persecution. However, A&E TV has suspended Phil Robertson from his own reality TV show for speaking openly about his religious beliefs regarding homosexuality, which is clearly guaranteed by the United States Constitution, thus we must conclude that in the contractual agreement between the A&E Network and the Robertson Family, A&E reserves the right to censor any comments they feel will be too controversial for their program. That’s not “Reality” TV, and that makes the point of this show to be rather pointless. I am content in the feeling that the Robertson Family had the foresight to have an attorney review the contract prior to signing any agreement, because these are intelligent individuals, and I don’t believe for a second that any agreement would have been entered by this family that would in any way compromise their beliefs nor their right to speak about them. So, either this is a ploy by the network to draw attention to the show thereby increasing the ratings, or A&E will have to buy he Robertson Family out of their contract and allow them the right to move to another network, such as CMT, if they so choose. This has been constructed for a purpose, making it pointless to follow this any further because the outcome was decided before the “so-called” incident ever occurred. I’m certain that I am not alone in my belief of this ridiculous scheme. I am from a small southern town, and I was born and raised in a “dirt road, one horse town” and I know that people from areas like this are viewed as “ignorant, stupid, toothless, inbred, etc.”, however I assure you we are intelligent and even educated. A&E failed in their attempt to dazzle me with brilliance, and failed in their attempt to baffle me with their “Bulls***”. What does concern me is that A&E thinks people from small southern towns are stupid, because clearly tis would be the target audience for “Duck Dynasty”. Is this the prejudicial beliefs of the A&E Executives? If the network truly has anyone reviewing these comments, respond to that question. *** Notice to anyone holding any preconceived notion regarding Southern people: “Just because we talk slow, doesn’t mean we are slow!!!”

  456. I will BOYCOTT You and your affiliates until you issue a PUBLIC APOLOGY for being such idiots about the Duck Dynasty fiasco that YOU have created!

    Please…most of the young folks in this country and around the world have never even heard of GQ….they USED Phil to try and resurrect their magazine and apparently—the only people who gave a fig about the interview are the very people who are pocketing the profit from the Robertson Family and that again is YOU!

    Ya’ll need to grow up and allow the 1st Amendment to be used as indicated. I noticed you continued to do a marathon on the PROFITS of Duck Dynasty. Ya’ll are phonies and if you actually were irate with Phil’s comments – you would of CANCELED the marathon! Hypocrites at their finest! I am sure with your immoral compass….ALL of you can run for the Senate and probably win!

  457. I have already stopped watching all A&E programs until I find out if they bring back Phil for speaking his opinion. If they allow an idiot like Jesse Jackson to influence their decision over this issue, A&E can forever forget being seen again at my home. I hope the rest of America feels the same way. I have the opinion that most agree with me. A&E better think real hard before they screw up what they have!

  458. I do not object to Mr Robertson saying whatever he believes. This is a free country. I do object to the visible platform he has been provided to promulgate his demonstrably ill informed view of history. For him to use this platform to try to make people believe that blacks had no problems with living under the Jim Crow system when they were generally being oppressed and even tortured and murdered presents a problem to me. I feel that a@E is providing a platform for the continuing presence of such evil and ignorant attitudes by some segments of society so, I will not support such an organization that enables the wide spread broadcast of such messages. You are allowed to believe and state anything you wish regardless of how crass, base, ignorant or venal it may be, but I am also to be allowed to note that your statements are such and refuse to aid in your broadcasting of such attitudes. I will boycott A@E until such time as you distinctly disavow such attitudes as have been broadcast by your erstwhile representative.

  459. My household will not be watching your network any longer. You should ask yourself this…. Are there more gays out there or more christians?????? Furthermore, since you all are sooooooo worried about offending the gay/lesbian population, well I am the christian population that you seem to not give a crap about!!!!!!! I am personally taking offense to this absurd behavior out of you A&E. If you dont need me to keep your ratings, I certainly do NOT need to watch and support your discriminatory network. Have fun going out of business, looks to me like others share my views. Oh, I’m sorry! Was that me practicing my amendment, you know, the freedom of speech one..

  460. I just wanted to tell you how good of a job you have done by selling out. You kicked one show down the road for the N-word but you keep a hate spewing bible thumper just for the money.Once again good job. I have watched the A&E networks for many years but not any more. I refuse to support a network (That is all ten related networks as well)that condones slavery and hate speech. So please enojoy the money for you have’nt any idea what human rights are SELL OUTS!!!!. Hope it is worth it.

  461. by reinstating “good ole boy” Phil, you have caved into all the bigots in this country….they won’t call themselves bigots
    but they will hide behind any Amendment that suits their fancy any given day..It can be said the First Amendment does not prevent idiots from opening their mouth….

  462. A&E, thank you for reinforcing and supporting intolerance, hate and bigotry by allowing the return and support of Mr. Robertson. I support the first amendment and freedom of speech but I won’t be supporting your network or affiliates for the choices you have made by condoning racist and bigot remarks that add to your bottom line, which is obviously the God you worship, the “almighty dollar.”

  463. I’ll no longer watch any A&E network shows. I have the right to be discriminate in my viewing choices and I have decided NOT to support by watching or supporting any sponsor of any A&E show. I disagree with what Mr.Robertson says about gay people &^ African-Americans. But that’s is reflective of where HIS beliefs,ideals,values are. They may be offensive to quite a lot of people. But it is his right to say almost anything he wants. But there is a LIMIT. Slandering and libeling people to espouse your beliefs is WRONG. He claims to be a Christian but he is really a CINO: Christian In Name Only. He’s not even close. Because a TRUE , REAL Christian wouldn’t have any need to believe nor say the things he said.The ironic part is he IS to this day a sinner. We all are sinners if you literally interpret the Bible. It’s very telling how many of you supposed Christians are full of venom and anger over homosexuality. And some of your interpretations of what is disrespectful to God,according to you supposed Christians, is untrue and wrong. But that’s on them… For those who are not Christians you people are getting all bent out of shape and making fools of yourselves. Words hurt and you can’t take back what you say…

  464. Since your network is only interested in the money that you get from duck dynasty
    I have removed your channel from my tv channel programming

  465. A&E was one of my favorite networks. Now that they’ve deemed themselves as the “moral compass”, I will tune in elsewhere.

  466. I am so done with you’re stupid, stupid storage wars , with everybody over pricing pieces of crap. between barry saying whattttttt. and gerad , oh my gosh. dumb, dumb, dumb. just get rid of them. they’re all doneeeeeeeeee. and so is my watching. which I did stop for a while, and have realized they’ve — or your company — don’t know — have gotten even more stupid. I think moonshiners has a tad bit more of truth. Wow. That’s saying a lot. Notttttttt

  467. Glad to know Phil Robertson also thinks men should marry girls at 15 & 16 years old. That is the final straw for me!!! A&E is condoning this pedo by allowing him to remain on the show. So all you DD fans out there, go ahead a support a man and a network that promotes a show with a racist homophob pedo! As for me, no, I will not be watching any show or buying ANY product advertised on A&E!!! Saying goodbye to A&E!

  468. Dear A&E,
    I would like to place a complaint as to why you cancelled The Glades. The Glades was a terrific show with many loyal fans. Cancelling the show on a cliff hanger, especially the way The Glades turned out, is an injustice to all those who watch the show as well as the entire station. I can assure that I will no longer watch shows on your network anymore because I am so upset about the way The Glades ended, and I am sure I am not the only one. I am sure the injustice can be undone if you were to reinstate the show. I can assure you that this show was the best on the network and it can only help business by reinstating it. I know it is unconventional to bring the show back, but as a loyal fan, who knows there are other emails just like this one, I would love to see this show back on the air. Please consider it.
    The Glades Fan

  469. i used to like watching duck dynasty. ever since phil’s stupid comments a month or two ago, i cannot look at it the same way again and have purposely not watched it since. especially after phil’s nonapology for racial naivety and sexual preference comments, i cannot view it the same way. nope. it has been weeks since this failed publicity stunt and i would be ashamed to watch it now. bye bye ignorant phil.

  470. hello I am trying to find out information for my senior project about beyond scared straight. I have some questions and I am not sure how to get them answered I would really appreciate some help please email me back

  471. Tired of all the attention that Duck Dynasty is getting. Sick of seeing all the Duck Dynasty crap in the stores. I don’t watch A & E., and I don’t watch any Reality Shows. People are sick nowadays.
    They wouldn’t know quality television if it bit them in the ass. Religion should be kept in the churches, and not on television. The greed, and violence in this country is unreal. How about telling people how it really is in this country?

  472. I just wanted to say how disappointed I am with your cancelation of Glades. (I just found this out)….You actually dropped it at the worst possible time seeing as it was a cliffhanger. Seeing as this was the only show I watch on your station I guess that means you have lost a viewer. I know just little old me doesn’t hurt you over all but what’s the use of having your channel then if there’s nothing on it. Thanks a lot

  473. Why? did you decide to cancel “The Glades”. Along with Castle, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, Longmire, and many other programs on other channels, I looked forward to The Glades. I am greatly disappointed by your untimely decision to cancel future new programming of “The Glades”. I do feel this is a major mistake as A&E has only reality programming, which I am quite bored with at this time. The Glades and Longmire were the only two series programs I enjoy within your A&E schedule. I am asking you to reconsider your decision to maintain your viewing audience.

  474. What in the world are u thinking canceling The Glades. There are hundreds of thousands of us that love that show. Try a different time for gods sake. Whoever u are listening to, get rid of them

  475. I’m very conserned and have to admit that I feel my culture is being discriminated against because of the lack of follow through by your networks. I understand that duck dynasty is a well liked show. I used to faithfully watch it…until the patriarch of the family’s true views on homosexuality made it to mainstream. I’m confused because when Dog the Bounty Hunter was caught making racially inappropriate things, he was suspended for some time.. Then when things happened again, all of the sudden his show was gone. My question is why are you continuing to support and make a family richer when the patriarch does such preaching. It disheartens me as a lesbian woman that this continues. I feel violated. Where are my rights. I honestly watched your channel partially due to your stance for limiting injustice. But every time I see a commercial for the show or see it coming on, I feel discriminated against. I’m going to have to stop watching all the networks because of this. It breaks my heart. But it breaks my heart more because if you knew the amount of people this affects, you might change your stance. And I hate to state it but if this focus was on race, I believe this network would have done what they have proven to do in the past. Unfortunately, that is discrimination in itself. I expected more from such a network.
    Discriminated Against

  476. I have stopped watching all A&E shows since you know the Duck Dynasty guy has gone on the record spreading his hate, and also advising the marrying children.

  477. Please remove “Duck Dynasty.” I can’t stand watching “Duck Dynasty” on A&E. I hate those people. They are so nasty!! I am hearing impaired. I turned it off forever!!

    Thank you,


  478. Whatever happen to freedom of expression and freedom of speech. It is apparent that there is agrowing persecution of celebrities who have the guts to stand up and express their religious beliefs. Hooray for Phil Robertson!! A man of character in my book!! Let me put it simple to A&E. If you force Duck Dynasty off the air I will vote with my cable TV remote control and block this channel, and will contact as many of this network channel’s sponsors stating my disapproval of their support of A&E’s active programming discrimination. Further, I have contacted 40 family members, and friends who are willing to follow suit. The greatest freedom I have against this form of religious discrimination/persecution is to select the A&E network out of existence along with their sponsors!

  479. I have just learned that “The Glades” has been cancelled!!!! What is wrong with you people? You have a good program that people enjoy watching and you take it off the air after leaving a cliffhanger of a finale last season???? Instead you put on ignorant, idiotic shows like “Duck Dynasty” which is filled w/ a bunch of rednecks who happened to luck into some money because they can make a stupid duck call???? You really are a bunch of ignorant morons!!! BRING BACK THE GLADES!!!!

  480. I am watching episode 5 of bates motel on your website, and there are little twitter messages at the bottom. And before Dylan got shot at there was a post saing omg plz let Dylan be ok…. Thx for the spoiler allert. Only reason I missed it last week is because I was laying in a swamp for 30 training for deployment!

  481. Stop the madness with all these fake shows stage shows how many pawn shows the only show I watch is the first 48 hours . Storage wars so damn stage like pawn stars omg Barry d treasure fake show . Look in the mirror your turning 2 trutv with their stupid boring stage & with a bunch of actors

  482. Duck Dynasty is one of my favorite shows with Family, Faith, and even Redemption of a real life family. However, I recently watched the visit by Phil and Seth to the school where Phil mutilated a Duck in front of children and also his exhibit of taking a harmless grass snake on an outing with his granddaughters and biting it in half. I was disgusted! I realize hunting is their way of life, however, cruelty to animals is not what I want to watch or believe children should be exposed to. A real man doesn’t have to kill an innocent creature to prove he is a man.

  483. Bates Motel: We have been watching since season one and really enjoy the show. It has a great story line that is unpredictable, suspenseful and and different than other shows. Also a good cast, acting.
    Longmire: We are looking forward to the next season. This show is refreshing from so many on tv because of the characters, setting in the west and story lines. Somewhat like shows past set in the old west. Great show!

  484. What is your program directors problem. Is he or she to lazy to do their job? 8 hours of the same show, and the shows are repeated. I like most of the shows, but not hours of the same show. It is my opinion that he or she needs too be fired, or at least demoted.

  485. Thank you for the great show “Longmire”
    It has been a long time since a show has captured our attention. I’m so sick of hearing about who was voted off
    “Dancing With The Stars” big deal, how is that entertainment.
    You will not fall asleep during Longmire.
    Thank you

  486. Stop the CRASS BRUTALISING of animals for entertainment purposes as in History Channel’s The Hunt

    There is a growing trend for the ‘Nature’ or ‘Survival’ based documentary to include graphic portrayals of animal suffering. This more and more increases the idea that such unnecessary perversity is an acceptable part of human interaction with the environment. It has to stop!

    Hunting is a disgusting sport, and televising it should be considered to be the same as snuff films! It’s murder all the same! STOP IT NOW PLEASE.

    Thank you for your attention.

  487. What’s with all the reality shows? You killed THE GLADES after the season climax, with no resolution. Whomever hired your new Chief of Programming hired a dingo to watch your babies. Then that dingo took a couple dumps, and called those feces “shows.” Lone Star Lady? I’m a Texan and I’ve no desire to watch this.

  488. ENOUGH ALREADY! Before I begin I will grant you that at age 62 I am outside anyone’s target demo. However, the continued growth in the number of “reality” shows is upsetting. Watching a promo for Lone Star Mama I heard her say to one of her kids, “I didn’t want you, your dad got me drunk!” This is abusive and you choose not only to air it but to use it in your program promotion. This is not the only example of poor taste but only the most recent example. Please examine your programming and consider a return to quality that I first found on A&E instead of the current “reality”. Thank you.

  489. Hello, I am writing about Dusty on shipping wars. He really could take a chill pill. His potty mouth is really not necessary. He is mean to the customers I really can’t see who would hire him. At least when I watch Duck Dynasty I never hear any of the using such language. It’s a good clean show.

  490. I watch Storage Wars sometimes, to fake to believe every unit has high dollar item left by the owners. I watched anyway but never when Hester was on one. Now that he is apparently coming back, I’m done watching. He kills the show.

  491. Bigsmo…??? WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? Me & 27 of my friends were playing in a card tournament when the bigsmo show came on. Well everyone agreed!!! The show is the most rediculous thing on tv & it sucks!! You have got to take that show off before you ruin a&e any more than you all ready have.. also every one in the place. Said the same thing “WHO THE HECK IS BIGSMO?? No one’s heard of him nor myself.


  492. I find that the info pop-ups that are briefly displayed at opportune moments throughout the shows are almost illegible due to the colors and contrast of the print as displayed over a confusing and distracting background.
    I am an attorney and spend a lot of time speed reading, however I find that there’s seldom enough time to finish reading the briefly displayed pop-ups due to their ill advised kaleidoscopic background.
    Having access to a thousand font styles and a similar number of background graphics requires that the designers judicially exercise some artistic restraint, remembering always that “function follows form” and that relaying information via these pop-ups is their desired function, not demonstrating the artistic abilities of the Graphics Department.
    Case in point, had this letter been printed as are the pop-ups, you would have a headache by now – please do a mock up using the graphics in question, and compare.


  493. I am hearing rumors that A&E is planning to cancel the Longmire TV series. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THAT WONDERFUL PROGRAM. If you can air shows like Duck Dynasty, you can air Longmire for those that enjoy a more intelligent story line. Thank you for your consideration.

  494. Amazing, just frickin’amazing!

    You councilled The Glades and now Longmire! They were the only 2 shows I watched on A&E! And I purchased each episode at Amazon.

    I got rid of my satellite a year ago since programming seems to be for those with below average IQ’s, not to mention 20 minutes of commercials per hour.

    Many years ago I use to watch A&E a lot but it to has gone the way of dumb & dumber TV.

    “BE ORIGINAL”, so why aren’t you?

    I’m so glad that Prime & Netflix are putting out their own shows now. More will follow, just as more are getting rid of the satellite & cable TV & are now streaming good TV.

    Why pay for something that you only enjoy 11% & the other 89% is for morons.

    Ms. Sly

  495. What I and many fans would like to know is why you are NOT renewing “LONGMIRE” for season “4”? It is the only show worth watching on your station. In fact, it use to be a good station until you decided that reality show’s are worth our while to watch, in which they are not!! Not everyone wants to watch a reality show!! We posse like the wholesome, sitting on the edge of your seat, and intriguing, show that Longmire gives us.. Now, you just lost a viewer!!

  496. I think it is deplorable that your network is canceling LONGMIRE. This show is such a good western show. Not only is it entertaining it teaches people about the native American ways. I want to know why you are canceling this show. I am giving everyone I know your email address so they can complain, and there are a lot who watch LONGMIRE. I THOUGHT A&E WAS A GOOD NETWORK, I GUESS I WAS WRONG. I AM SO DISGUSTED WITH YOU. AND WHAT GETS ME THE MOST IS YOU ARE OWNED BY DISNEY…… I DEFINATELY WANT AN EXPLINATION AS TO WHY YOU ARE CANCELING LONGMIRE….

  497. I am disgusted with you. First you cancelled The Glades and now Longmire. What is wrong with you people.

    Shame on you!

    Marsha B. Scherr
    Dayton, OH

  498. WHY did you decide to cancel Longmire????? It is the best show you have on your channel; it is the best show during the summer! I wish you would change your mind and continue to let we viewers watch the best show on your channel!

  499. I am ready to disconnect all stations that have anything to do with A&E you must need to total replacement of staff since the ones doing the jobs in decision making aren’t doing a good job. Cancel Longmire and I will cancel all channels associated with you and your company. You don’t check with your followers do you?

  500. I am ready to disconnect all stations that have anything to do with A&E you must need to total replacement of staff since the ones doing the jobs in decision making aren’t doing a good job. Cancel Longmire and I will cancel all channels associated with you and your company. You don’t check with your followers do you? And I am sure you really care.

  501. I really think you need to replace the people who answer your phones they are rude and I will show my displeasure by boycotting all your stations and anything associated with you. You really should check with your followers before you cancel another show like Longmire.

  502. I just saw that you’ve cancelled Longmire. I can’t believe you would cancel such a quality show. The characters were well written and the scenery was beautiful. I’m so disappointed in the direction that A&E has taken with the abundance of reality tv. I am constantly amazed that the majority of the viewing public would rather watch a reality show than a scripted program. I simply can’t understand the appeal or entertainment found in reality programming. I can only think that you are making a huge mistake that I hope another network will benefit from. I pray that Longmire finds another home. It deserves another chance. If anything else, we would like a resolution to the season finale. Does Branch live or die??

  503. Please, Please don’t cancel Longmire! I am telling you it’s the only decent show on your network in fact it’s right up there with the top rated shows on Prime Time!
    I love this show and wished it would be taken from you by Prime Time. You guys don’t know what you are doing!!!

  504. I hope i read wrong a&e cancelled Longmire one of the best tv shows if this is so that is it for me and a&e channel.

  505. We are no longer going to watch any new A&E programing. We enjoyed the Glades and Longmire and after a short two or three seasons you cancel them and leave us hanging. There are not a lot of good shows on TV and the few that you have keep being cancelled. Would like to sanother ee another network to pick-up Longmire.

    Sincerely an ex-A&E viewer

  506. UNBELIEVABLE that you are cancelling Longmire. I am so tired of reality shows. Finally a GOOD show with great characters, great writers and what do you do, cancel it. This is a show that made you think and always kept you on the edge of your seat and so waiting for the next episode. Not some mindless reality show, that you could be reading, doing bills, etc, and really not miss much. Shame on you A&E, very disappointed. But why should you care. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. I hope another network picks up Longmire, pits it against your top show and blow you out of the water.

  507. I can’t believe you cancelled the Longmire series. Finally a decent show that has interesting characters and story lines. This is a mistake and I question what programming you think should take this program’s slot.
    Please reconsider…

  508. I can NOT believe you have cancelled Longmire and leaving us hanging about who got shot this is why I hate getting invested in a show like this and you take it off the air I watch a lot of your programs it is one of my favorite stations to watch but it is just wrong to take such a good show off the air!!!! I am so sick of all the shipping or storage war shows please rethink this and keep Longmire on and take off some of the other crap you are showing!!!!!

  509. just read you have cancelled Longmier. With all the crap on television, you finally produced a good program and what do you do, cancel it! I dislike having to pay for television because of the bad quality of programing and am so tired of “reality” tv. I will no longer watch A&E until they do return to some programing with creativity and imagination. I will read a book!

  510. You most certainly should renew Longmire for a season 4, its the best show on A&E it combines the best of the west, drama, and mystery. Great series just don’t push the line too far with graphic volince or it becomes just another ABC crime story.

  511. I am totally blown away and disgusted with your decision to drop “Longmire”. You finally had a worthwhile show on your station and then you make this stupid blunder. ” Longmire” is the best tv show to come along in years. It was very well written and has a very devoted following. I sure hope another network will pick it up because I will never watch A&E again! How disappointing you are! Not to mention STUPID!

  512. Why have you cancelled Longmire,the best show on TV? Glades was another winner you inexplicably cancelled? Duck Dynasty is fun but it is given far too much air time. If you can’t resurrect Longmire I hope someone else will.

  513. Canceling Longmire is yet one more reason I will not continue watching or supporting A&E. This use to be a network that provided interesting and thought provoking programing – unfortunately, now all this network is offering uninspired drivel and reality dreck! Respectfully,
    Rev. Jesse McClain


  515. The cancelation of Longmire is a huge disappointment. It is an excellent family show. I’m hoping you will change your mind. TV has becomer so raunchy Longmire was a welcome relief.

  516. What’s wrong with you people, canceling Longmire.
    Longmire was the best show you had, can you sell it to another network. It was the only reason I watched a&e

  517. Why on earth did you take Longmire off. Everything I have read states that you were looking for a younger crowd, that’s DISCRIMINTION. Those reality shows you have been putting on are stupid and have no class, and they are not interesting at all. Longmire has class and lots of it. Taking Glades off was bad enough, but now Longmire? You should be ashamed. You will be losing lots of viewers and one of them will be our home. Shame on A&E.

  518. To AETV:

    I never heard of anything so stupid as dropping Longmire based on audience age (60). You dropped your #2 rated show because of marketing age group? I always thought the people who had “buying power” were your target. Who do you think Baby Boomers are?Guess you don’t know the history of the popular Walker Texas Ranger TV show that got dropped and then went on to be top rated when picked up by another producer. It is still shown on cable TV Land today. Hope you reconsider and pick it up for a new season.

    The point here, I’m one of the the six million 62 year old viewers who will not watch your cable channel any longer, nor buy your marketed items.

    G & M in Texas


  520. News flash-there are viewers outside the 18-49 demographic. I am amazed that you would cancel Longmire, yet continue to insult me with the rest of the mind-numbing garbage that A & E is becoming known for. That was a great program-well scripted and well acted. Longmire was the only thing worth watching-I would rather read the phone book than subject myself to Storage Wars, Big Smo, Wahlburgers, or god forbid the highly evolved crowd in the duck pond. I used to look for a cable package that carried A & E. Those days are over. Please try to understand that thinking adults watch television too, and that quality programming rather than mindless junk for a few more bucks is an insult to viewers.

  521. Please rethink your decision to cancel Longmire. This show alone is the reason my husband and I continued watchng A&E after you developed a love affair with “reality” (really?) shows. Regardless of what you might believe, the people with an I.Q. over 40 are those who actually buy the products the sponsors are advertising. The rest of of the viewing public puts the mute button on commercials, and thinks Duck Dynasty is actually about human beings. Longmire is the best show (apart from Hell on Wheels, on a different network) that has been aired for years. The writers use proper grammar, the actors keep their clothes on, and demonstrate excellent skills. Come on……..try to elevate yourself.

  522. A&E is keeping for next season some down right worthless shows such as duck dopes,storage junkies, and bates something, but drops Longmire? who is the brilliant person that make these decisions? It is like a&e is afraid to produce good shows that might take a little work.The only thing I saw wrong with Longmire is that the series was too short each year which made it difficult to stay attached to the characters. Also the series could use a bit of humor the way Mr.Johnson used it in his books.Come on A&E the lose is yours and you are not the better for it. Maybe you can do a series of junk storage in Mexico to fill the slot.

  523. So very disappointed to read that you are not renewing Longmire! It stated the demographics were not the area you want to attract. Well…therefore we will no longer be watching your channel.I guess we are just too old for the other intelligent programs you carry!

  524. I am very upset at the cancelling of a wonderful, well written, & family friendly show like “Longmire”. You will loose a good, loyal viewer if you do not renew this show. I am appalled at some of the other reality shows you have on the A&E channel. Please re-consider and continue Longmire. I love this show and so do many of my friends here in Oregon.

  525. I think it is horrible that you keep duck dynasty on ..after the horrible, terrible lies phil Robertson says in sermons across the country mis quoting the bible on gay people..original bible never condemned gay people ..that was added in 1869 by a Austrian physicist that later turned out to be a self hating gay keeping the show on it is sending the wrong message and violence against gay and lesbian people is increasing because of the show and intolerance

  526. I think it is horrible that you keep duck dynasty on ..after the horrible, terrible lies phil Robertson says in sermons across the country mis quoting the bible on gay people..original bible never condemned gay people ..that was added in 1869 by a Austrian physicist that later turned out to be a self hating gay keeping the show on it is sending the wrong message and violence against gay and lesbian people is increasing because of the show and intolerance. he is a fundamentalist and they have extreme dangerous views

  527. I love your cable channel, and I especially love watching Criminal Minds. What I do not understand is why you show the same episodes of Criminal Minds on Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning. The show has been on for ten years. Is it really that hard to find other episodes to show on different days?

  528. Cancelling Longmire? Are you nuts? What a great show with wonderful, rich characters. A&E is losing their grip on great programming. When did you get so $ oriented and not quality mandated?

  529. “DOGS OF WAR” This show is BRILLIANT, AMAZING, HEARTBREAKING, HEARTWARMING and a fabulous TRIBUTE to our wounded VETERANS and the wonderful deserving dogs that have no doubt been wounded in their own ways! THANK YOU for the production and enlightenment! This is a “MUST SEE” for every red blooded American. Keep up the great work and I sincerely hope the series continues on for many many years and that hundreds of Veterans get their service dogs.

  530. I have stopped watching your network because you canceled Longmire. And everyone I can I will not to watch your network.

  531. I watch your network so much I am hooked – from Storage Wars to Duck Dynasty, criminal Minds to shipping Wars, etc. Just when I think youcouldn’t top them, you come up with Godfather Pittsburgh which I just love. But you have failed miserably with Country Bucks. It is not interesting. Humor sucks. and plot is mirroring Duck Dynasty. Blowing up the salt block was a repeat of the Robertsons blowing up the Beaver. Sorry but I will have to change the channel on this show. Hope I don’t get interested in another station.

  532. Thought I would express my displeasure with your decision to cancel the Longmire series. I checked our guide and noticed all the reruns of cop type shows and other garbage. About the only show we watched on A&e was longmire, now you have nothing remotely interesting. I sincerely hope
    another network with a little smarter executives will pick it up. We will
    not be watching anything on your channel again and can only pray we could
    remove it from our Dish lineup. May you crash and burn.

  533. Can anyone tell me where I can buy a DVD of the movie—Indiscretion of an American Wife with Anne Archer? I bought a copy of one but it is very blurry and I am not happy with it.


  534. how come you show repeats of the first 48 over and over again I’ve seen the same ones for two years now and I really like the show

  535. A&E has one of the worst running sites on the net. I think everyone that works on it is semi-retarded, and should go back to whatever community college they came from. Is is too much to ask that a channel as large as A&E not hire losers that should be taken behind the building and whipped like the bitches they are.

  536. Have the executives at A & E realized yet what a STUPID mistake they made by cancelling Longmire. I will never get into a series on A&E again.

  537. So disgusted with your new show Country Bucks. With the wild Honey Bee population nearing extinction, the first thing you show are out of control rednecks murdering a hive instead of having a beekeeper in to relocate.

  538. #GiveCovertAffairsASeriesFinale we people at lest that are will stop watchingA&E just like we did with Duck Dynasty

  539. On the show X men I would like see more of the swamp man then the other people . My opinion is get rid of the othiers and make the entire show of the swamp man . So I don’t have fast forward thought the othier

  540. All in all, the show was not too bad. However, PLEASE don’t ever consider Michael Strahan as a host in the future. HE WAS HORRIBLE.

  541. Hello, Is it just me? Does anyone have an interest in watching Donny Loves Jenny? What a total waste of air time. A&E you are so much better than that. Please take this show OFF THE AIR!! I hate IT

  542. I’m a fan, but would like for you to show different versions of Criminal Minds during the week instead of repeating episodes all week long. Be like ION TV and show a variety of shows. They’ve been on long enough to have many. Thank you

  543. I thought you were listening last year when we said get Dave Hester off of Storage wars. It’s not entertainment, it’s annoying. I love all of the other players. He is not funny or intelligent. He is an ignorant embarrassment to the show. You may think he is a controversial addition, sadly you are mistaken. He is simply annoying your audience. I have always recorded your program in case I wasn’t able to watch. That will no longer be the case. If he is on I will not watch. PLEASE, GET RID OF HIM! He is insulting our intelligence. Thank you for your time.

  544. I tried to watch A&E shows through my Roku set up, I am a seasonal firefighter & EMT and can not afford cable nor satellite, so I use internet to watch shows… i tried to “Login” on the Roku and A&E Requires a cable company … I dont have one, I dont mind commercials… I do mind being told I have to let the cable company suck me dry for 100 plus dollars @ month when I have car insurance and health care to pay for, a tad more important… is there another way to login and get NIGHTWATCH

  545. Hello my name is Lemika early and I’m a single mom of 6 with children ages range from 13- 8months ! The twist is I am in a wheelchair due to a car accident that happen in 1996. My highschool sweetheart and I had our 6 children then one day of August 2014 he decides to leave his family for our 12yr old son team mom ! Our 12 yr old played football since a toddler his dad was the coach and was having an affair the past year with this girl and moved on living his life carefree leaving his children and I to fin for ourselves I mean he gives us nothing like we never existed ! I have an idea for a tv show called “Single with Six!” It’s to give hope to all the single parents out there no matter how a much a deadbeat leave you in a messed up situation you can survive and succeed ! Everywhere I go if it’s dr appointments helping with the school to cashier at the grocery store I leave the staff in tears saying how strong of a women I am and I should right a book or have a reality show to show what I do! I already have a little fan base if you google my name I was the little girl who was with 2pac in 1996 ! I’m in a book called I Got your Back and a documentary called Before I Wake both made by my uncle the late Frank Alexander who committed suicide and the bodyguard of the late 2pac shakur I also have unseen footage of time spent with them! I believe I will give the network something to look forward too and they would not be bored my family and my life is very interesting and crazy ! take a chance on something new and fresh. thanks!

  546. I just saw a commercial advertising a new show coming to your station …Its called “Love Thy Neighbour.” why do u have to taint the real meaning of “love thy neighbour” for a show title that is worlds apart from its origin in the bible. I wonder if any of their neighbourly swinging partners would be there for them when the lows of life take hold …. A child diagnosed with cancer-a job loss-an aging parent with Alzheimer’s. Loving thy neighbour would be helping them in pratical ways such as bringing over meals or driving them to appointments,etc. Please change the title to your show as it taints the meaning of really loving your neighbour-really disappointed in the producers.

  547. the new show neighbors with benifits is nothing but the devils trash.against the bible a&e will post comments against good shows but i see none posted against the devils trash.i will be looking for ways to get this trash removed from a&e this show is not fit for tv i pray gods judgment be against a&e

  548. ((((Do you believe in GOD or is it all about money think )))) My family watches duck dynasty all the time and now I got to worry about my 6 year old son and 10 year old daughter seeing this swinger crap on TV A&E has no morals and discuss me. No more A&E for my family blocking all tvs in the house from sick A&E Chanel

  549. I set my DVR some time ago to record the Coma mini-series you aired. I just watched it and the last two minutes are cut off. I have not had this problem with other recordings. VERY ANNOYING!!

  550. As a retired ax man I saw this item on ebay that is impossible to find and if I wasn’t putting both my grand children thru college I would buy it myself.This item is an absolute must have for the shows on air show office.Go to ebay and put the following number in the search box….you will be glad you did and when you buy it for the show maybe you could send me a show coffee mug

  551. I just watched three hours of your new series Married at First Sight, I am sorry but I think it is ridiculous that after THREE hours we did not even see the weddings….I was excited to see this show but if the tempo is going to be like this I suppose we will no longer host Married view parties but will continue with our previous show on the History Channel at the same scheduled time. That is just excessive in my opinion.

  552. I am concerned that your network and its sponsors of Duck Dynasty continues to turn a deaf ear to the recent comments by the patriot of the family regarding raping, and abusing a family because they are atheist. It saddens me that our culture and media does not hold people accountable more for the ignorance and hurtful statements.

  553. How could your network be involved with such a vile, ignorant and hateful person such as Phil Robertson of your show Duck Dynasty? Mr. Robertson is the lowest common denominator that humanity has to offer.

  554. Mr. Roberts of he Duck Dynasty: Are you serious in embracing a man who describes a awful crime as his attack on atheist. What he described is a crime. Statistics show that most criminals consider themselves Christians. I myself am a Christian and find his hypothetical absurd. It is obvious to me that A&E approves these statements as this is not the first time Mr. Roberts has made such a statement. Maybe, I will have to stop watching Storage Wars and The First 48. I will be encouraging my friends to boycott also.

  555. When are you going to suspend Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty for good. If he is the type of people that you want on your network then I will stop watching all of your network

  556. Get rid of Phil Robertson!!! A&E network has sunk to an even lower low. you have given a platform to someone who would actually think of little girls being raped, decapitation and murder. there is no way he should be allowed to excuse these things he spoke let alone while people were eating breakfast. now when a google search is done on A&E Phil’s comments will forever be linked to your network. sever ties with this sick violent man

  557. How far are you people at A&E are willing to allow phil and his white privilege, back woods rhetoric to be spewed on this network. I think it may be smart for us to assume that you share his thoughts because he is given pass after pass after the public show outrage to his remarks. If those comments were made by an atheist about Christians that person would be off the air immediately.

  558. It’s time to get rid of Duck Dynasty. The old man has gone too far in his fantasy of raping and killing and cutting off dicks. Why is A&E promoting this vile person and his offspring? I’ve had enough of his hatred and bigotry.

  559. I used to watch Duck Dynasty until I discovered that the Robertson family is a bunch of loony-tunes led by an old man that buddies up with the likes of Pat Robertson on the 700 Club. Wonder if they are related.
    The old man Phil is actually losing his mind. I’ve had enough. I don’t watch any more and I agree that we should boycott A&E until the program is taken off the air.
    And here’s a quote from the Bible for all those bible thumpers:
    KJV 1 Corinthians 11:14 “Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him”.

  560. I used to love a&e & couple other channels but seriously don’t understand why they keep stupid crappy shows and get rid of an awesome clean and funny one such as the Glades. Then not only end it but leave it with such horrible ending. Other great and funny clean shows have ended such as Lie to me but no tv networks in general keep others. Its as if now a days if it doesn’t have divas & tiaras, cheating and killing, or mindless story lines then they FREAKIN END IT!!!!!! People should boycott networks till these shows are back!!!!!!!!!!! Ridiculous!

  561. We need a e-mail or phone number to reach A&E with our complaints or positive suggestions. All other networks do!

  562. This number doesn’t help at all. The prompts just direct to websites. I wanted to know why Neighbors with Benefits is not on anymore

  563. To Whom It May Concern:

    As a fan of your show, Neighbors with Benefits, I am very dissatisfied with your decision to cancel the remaining seven episodes. This decision has me questioning my loyalty to A & E. I would hope that this is not due to pressure from certain groups against this kind of television.

    If possible, please let me know if there is any chance that these episodes would be available in some other way. I reside in the same area as these “Neighbors with Benefits”, and would want you to know that they have as much support as they do people protesting the show.

    Thank You

  564. I have never been more disgustedwatching a movie as I was tonight watching one of my favorite movies the proposal. Never have I seen more commicericals than movie. You left out so much of the movie it wasn’t even fun to watch. It’s no wonder people are so disgusted with tv channels and networks. I WILLnever another movie on this channel again. It’s pretty sad when you have 2-3 minutes of a movie and 6-8 minutes of commericials. Not my way to watch a movie. You leave probably half of the movie out. I’m not into that MANY commercials. This was the worst I’ve ever seen watching a movie. Next time I’ll just stick in my DVD and watch it and do away with any commercials. I hope it was worth it for you because it certainly wasn’t for me. WHAT A JOKE!!! Never again

  565. I just wasted my time watching one of my favorite movies. However so much of it was missing I was begging to wonder exactly what movie I was watching. This was the worst showing of a movie I have ever seen on TV. When you play 6-8 minutes of commercials and then 3-4 minutes of the movie that is a joke. I will never watch this channel for a movie again. Even my sister texted me to tell me how disgusted she was with it also.
    What a joke. I wonder sometimes why I even pay for TV nothing of worth is ever on it. I don’t want to send my time watching a movie only to see more commercials than the movie. This is terrible. You have lost me as some who will continue with this channel!!!!!

  566. I have been trying to watch The Bates Motel this season on Demand on Time Warner Cable. I contacted Time Warner Cable because all of the episodes are not on demand for this season. It is missing several episodes…I was told that the Network is in charge of all episodes on demand. Why are there missing episodes on demand? I don’t want to watch a few episodes and not be able to watch the other episodes that are missing. The other networks include all episodes for the current season of their shows.

  567. I was wondering if different shows can be shown for first48. Keep watching the same shows. Getting bored. Just saying.

  568. I want to know why you guys has come to Jacksonville, Florida and do a show on The First 48??? We are experiencing a murder almost every day and we need some help with solving these crimes or shedding some light on these murders. So that’s why I am reaching out to you guys we need some help!! Thanks for listening.

  569. American Takedown was so disappointing. The near entire show, particularly the first show was focused on the Coast Guard which I respect what they do but it could have been summoned up shortly. You could have place them last in the line up because after 10pm, millions of us are already tired. Coast Guard part was pretty boring!


  571. After watching Duck Dynasty since it begin, I think it is now time to cancel the show, it has become a “we are better than you ” show.
    They now truly believe their legend. With a great deal of forethought, I now choose not to watch Duck Dynasty.


  572. After watching Duck Dynasty since it begin, I think it is now time to cancel the show, it has become a “we are better than you ” show.
    They now truly believe their legend. With a great deal of forethought, I now choose not to watch Duck Dynasty.


  573. just saw where Longmire is making its debut on netflix in september and thought i’d take the opportunity to reiterate THAT WAS THE ONLY BLEEPING SHOW I WATCHED ON YOUR IMMATURE SCHEDULE designed for those with an IQ of about 60.