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Contacting Adobe Customer Service Center

Adobe is a company that develops tools used for digital media, smartphone applications, video games and more. While many of the programs you use have some form of Adobe digital aspect, it is the paid Adobe products that most people need customer service help with. Adobe offers paid versions of Acrobat, Creative Suite, Digital Marketing Suite, Digital Publishing Suite, Elements, Photoshop and Touch Apps, among many others. Customers seeking contact with the service department will find that Adobe is a bit more open compared to other companies.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need help with Adobe products or services, you can contact customer service directly through the maim customer service number. Customer service is not available to help customers 24 hours a day – like the Software Activation center. Customers need to contact the customer service helpline between the hours of 5 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday to Friday.

  • Adobe Support and Customer Service: 1-800-833-6687
  • Software Activation: 1-866-772-3623
  • TTY: 1-800-685-3573

Mailing Address

If you wish to contact Adobe by mail, you can use one of the many mailing addresses. Each of these mailing addresses are physical locations for offices in the United States and Canada. We’ve listed corporate headquarters and the Canadian address for customers.

Adobe Corporate Headquarters
345 Park Ave.
San Jose, CA 95110-2704


Adobe Systems Canada
343 Preston St.
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1N4

Official Website

If you are interested in an Adobe product, you can visit the official website at There you will find detailed descriptions of each product, free trial downloads for some products and support from Adobe.

Customer Service Email

It doesn’t appear that customer service offers an email address for customers to contact the service department. We found tons of phone numbers for Adobe offices all over the world, but none list email addresses.

Our Experience

When we called the customer support line for Adobe Systems, the call was immediately answered by an automated system. The automated recording told the caller that free support was available online. The online customer support system allows customers to contact Adobe and ask any irrelevant questions. Customers need to search for the product they need help with in order to find support. Customer service and support is also available for a $39 fee per incident.

An email inquiry to Adobe produced a quick response of approximately 30 minutes. Although the response appeared to be automated, the information was helpful as it answered our question regarding a form of contact directly to customer service. The communication also stated we could send private messages with an additional questions and concerns, see below:

Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems Hi Richard! You can find contact information for Adobe Support here: Additionally, feel free to send us a private message with any questions and we’ll see how we can help.

Original Message:

Is there an email address for Adobe customer service?

Have you called Adobe for free support? Have you paid for Adobe support? Tell us your story about Adobe customer service.

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172 Comments on “Contact Adobe Customer Service
  1. I have been waiting for my CS6 upgrade since May 24th when my case was opened. I was approved on june 9th and was suppose to get my download link in 24 to 48 hours and my case was closed. I have since re-opened the case since I never got the link. I have not heard a response. I have tried calling adobe, to be transfered to customer service and BE CUT OFF. Call back, go on hold for 45 minutes to be CUT OFF. Can anyone tell me how to talk to a live person who can help me out???

    • You can talk to a live person, but can the help you? NOOO!!!!! I HATE this company because of their customer service!!!

      If you want to be treated like scum on the bottom of a filthy shoe, call the customer service.

      Ridiculously the worst customer service. Their call center needs to move out of India.

      As I reply to you, I am on hold for adobe…1 hour….just got dropped. PISSED!!!!

      • Absolutely agree! Got through to someone one time with questions regarding minimum system requirements for one of their software solutions. I told the support person that I am looking to buy a new machine and want to make sure I get the right thing. Was told he would need to be provided remote access to my machine to verify it was compatible. I do not own the machine yet and even if I did I am not very likely to allow you to connect to take control of my machine.

        At this point the support person just hung up on me. No explanation, no answers about minimum system requirements, just hung up on me.

    • Agreed. They have no interest in maintaining current customers. I’ve been trying to understand how to upgrade to a plan with premier pro via their website. Fat chance. Might just be easier and in the long run cheaper (due to lost time trying to navigate their totally screwed up system) to buy a Mac and Final Cut. Idiots. I’ve been a customer for over 15 years and their about to loose me. Google will probably kick their ass in the next few years… the business model is much more solid.. I give you my information for access to useful products. OK, deal.. I understand how it works and can make a decision. Adobe??? I give you my information for hassle.

  2. Yours is the same type of service I have been receiving. They take your money and fail to ship. One customer service area bounces me over to another and now I have cut off for the third time. This is all apart from the three (3) live chats lasting over 2+ hours and no resolve. Does anyone know where can we go to formally lodge a complaint?

  3. I need help to install adobe flash player 11.2 –for linux 32-bit ,fire fox i dont get any answers on the 1800-833-6687 and its meant to be your customer service number can some one please call me or email me the correct number .

    • Been away from cpurt world for ten years. Used to have lots of adobe software on G5 dualie. Upgrading to new multi core trash can. That was easy other than close to 6k to apple. But adobe has become a pain in my ass. Taled to I believe a human as I
      In a homo sapien? Could not understand a single word! Worse than India! Have no frighin idea of how to get adobe apps onto my new teas can! What the hell customer service is this? I am now looking to see what other vendors may be out there!

  4. I was currently going to migrate over from PC to Apple and wanted to upgrade my software. I have been a loyal user for years. Customer service was extremely disappointing.
    They kept me waiting on the phone for over 1/2 hour and still did not create a solution for me.
    They need to step it up. You are falling behind.

  5. I want to buy Premier Elements 11 suite however want to clarify whether it will do what I want to achieve before I buy the product which is;
    I have a Sony xacti which records in MP4, a Panasocnic which records in MPEG3 on DV tapes and a Nikon D90 for still which uses Jpeg and RAW NEF files. Can I edit MP4 & MPEG3?
    Which is the better Still file to use Jpeg or RAW.
    however I want it in writing and can’t find an Email address to contact them on.

  6. Downloaded free trial of Elements 11.I normaly use my iMac for editing, but decided to trial Elements 11 on my PC (XP)I currently run Elements 2 and Photoshop 7 0n it, so assumed plenty of available RAM. However Elements 11 constantly froze when using many of the tools, and refused to download finished work. Try to get help fom Adobe- NOT A HOPE – loads of blind alleys on their Help Site, and , despite being registed with them,being blocked as not being authorised ! (a report asking for a title heading, which I entered in upper case, actualy said “too many capital it sounds as if you’re shouting” – YOU BET I WAS ! In the end the site blocked me from sending.

    Appart from this the programme is very poor,no real improvement from previous – just a few “toys and gimmicks” it’s not proper editng software.

    No I won’t be purchasing Elements 11 and would recomend other to avoid it and ADOBE, their back up is “well hidden”

  7. This is like eBay’s customer service, nonexistent. This is what happens when a company gets to big for the business it does….they forget who butters their bread, i.e.; the customer. Apparently, Adobe is not familiar with GIMP, that is an open source product that works as effectively as Elements without the cost and certainly less hassle. Big thumbs down for Adobe.


  9. You have a new commercial where two guys are in the office and one guy slaps the other about 7 times.

    I want to tell you I REALLY REALLY hate that commercial because it contains violence. Your marketing people are *&(&^% idiots.

  10. I AM SICK OF YOUR DAMN CUSTOMER SERVICE , NO RESPECT NO SHAME FOR CUSTOMERS, I STILL WAIT FOR MORE THEN 2 HOUERS and 38 minutes for you to ansuer my phone and nobody ansuer

  11. I purchased Acrobat X at a national chain. It could not be installed on my Hp 6830 Windows 7 notebook. The store professional spent two weeks and gave up. Adobe customer support assured me they could solve the problems and even had direct control of my computer. After nearly 40 days, still not working and progressively getting more complicated I attempted the Refund process. A 3-5 day business day approval was mentioned A “check” was promised. This period has now passed with only EMAIL’s almost daily otlining the Refund process. These keep occurring even though the case history shows all requirements were met. Replies made to each EMAIL are not responded to. Apparently the Customer Care operation is located in India. The whole process has been a nigtmare, hundreds of hours wasted.

  12. I’m an old codger, but I still program using DreamWeaver CS4. I have it on a desktop and a laptop. If one of them dies before I do, can I transfer my license to another machine even though the machine on which my old license is active had died? (E.g., is there any way to deactivate a license from a machine that won’t boot?)

    I’m not trying to rob you, I just want to have a plan B when all goes to hell.

    Thank you

  13. Hey thanks for no info on how to install premiere pro. I spent information on how to install. They take your money and run. Whats wrong with you guys. If you want this program to be the “new industry standard” you could help by simply putting this on you tube at least…..

  14. Adobe’s customer service is worse then Sprints. I have been on hold for 45 minutes and they are telling me its still another 45 minutes to an hour! I don’t understand why my wait is that long when ITS YOUR FAULT THAT IT IS NOT WORKING ONLINE! If you are wanting to be such a great company you need to take care of your customers first and I KNOW YOU HAVE TONS OF EMPLOYEES WHY CANT ONE PICK UP THE PHONE?!?!?! WORST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Adobe customer support sucks. They will not answer any technical questions about their product unless you purchase the product. And after you purchase their product they charge $39.95 per call to answer your technical questions. My problem was that their Premiere Elements 11 did not run the sound correct on either my Canon PowerShot A1100 or A2200 cameras. But instead of helping me make their software work with my equipment, they wouldn’t talk to me until I paid their $39.95 charge.

  16. Worst Customer Service!!! Trying to reach it for the last 5 days. Every time need to be on hold for an hour, even though the automated maschine says that the wait time is 5-10 min. And representatives are not professional and hard to understand.

  17. Once again I have purchased an Adobe product and it is a pain in the ass to try and give you my product number to get a serial number. Why can’t you guys do a better job for your customers. Your website is terrible and difficult to maneuver around. Just takes you in circles and nothing gets accomplished.

  18. I am quite frustrated with Adobe customer service. I am a faculty adviser for a high school literary magazine. We needed help setting up the document in InDesign, but your customer service representative would not help without a registration number. I understand that this is company policy, but you need to realize that teachers do not receive the registration numbers for programs because the programs are installed at the Board of Education office. They keep the registration numbers. So this means that Adobe cannot help any of the teachers in my district. Last year, I pushed very hard for the county to purchase this program, but in the future, I will probably not recommend it to other teachers for school publications if we cannot receive the support we need.

  19. I didn’t want to give it any stars, whatever. All I need was help with something that should be basic for customer service. How to open a PDF email attachment? I’m not a computer expert nor do I use adobe. For two days I searched the website for information to get help. I clicked in one area that appear to link to a chat agent to help but they want like 10 answers about registration and product number, I don’t know. So I click in another area and I was linked with a chat agent, who didn’t help me but stated that i can find the answer in the forums. What? After this experience I’m definitely not using adobe. I don’t understand why people are creating PDF files instead of just simply typing documents, isn’t it the same thing.

  20. All I wanted to know is which suite would run faster on my laptop… cs5 or cs6. I tried the online chat and the 1800 number. In both cases I was transferred several times and still no one could seem to answer the question. I actually feel dumber now that I wasted all this time. I actually thought Adobe might have hired one or two people that knew something but I was wrong. Congratulations adobe. You didn’t feel the need to answer a simple question, so I don’t feel the need to buy anything from you.

  21. I don’t know what’s going on at the customer support center, but I can’t get anyone who will let me pay for a subscription that belonged to someone who left my company. I have been on hold for at least three hours over the past three days. The wait time is rediculous. once they told me the wait would be 8 minutes and I hung up after 38 minutes. Finally they told me they would escaluate the call, and someone would call me. That never happened. So here I am on the phone, the agents wants me to give him all of the informationa all over again. Can these agents not read?

  22. Worst service I ever had!!! We are trying to purchase online, and Adobe twice told us that – our credit card didn’t go through. I called credit card, and they said it was O.K. from their side all the time! – just Adobe screwed up with their service, and lied to us. I called Adobe twice, – and only customer support they have is in India, nothing in US. They were not able to give me any help, and just told to repeat the purchase online again -??? If anybody able to close Adobe as the company? they are not providing any service!

  23. If I could choose 0 starts I would. This is by far the worst customer service that I’ve ever had to contact. I bought a subscription to creative cloud a week ago, and every time I download Illustrator it prompts me for a serial number. Spent 3 hours with customer service and another 40 mins on chat with them and I’m still unable to do anything. I’ve missed a deadline and all they can do is create a case number and say they’ll call me with 3 days. It’s 5 days, and I have yet to receive a call. I will probably call and cancel tomorrow and just buy the suite package. For a company that sells such expensive products, they have really crappy customer service that can never solve your problem!!

  24. I cannot believe an organisation like this has no E Mail contact.

    I needed to contact Adobe after an issue with a Flash-player update not covered in the website.

    Searching through the site, the only useful contact point I could find required a transatlantic telephone call. Searching for E Mail brought up this (hopefully) ironic response: ‘Broken link? Send us an E Mail’, and of course does not include an address.

  25. Wow – I am having the exact same experience regarding declined charge — and I have been on chat for 50 minutes (30 plus minutes of waiting) — get this I started at number 11 then went UP to number 12 then I was number 3 in line for 3 or 4 automated wait messages — this is unreal — it is always amazing how bad service is with companies that have a monopoly in some area… BTW they are saying my charge is declined … Amex says they have not seen a charge except for the $1 initial charge (to validate the card) which they approved … they are a mess

  26. I have a dynamic link bug, called customer service 3 times today…spent HOURS on hold all together. Never got it resolved. Ridiculous. I’m buying FCPX. F’ this.

  27. It’s ridiculous that Adobe doesn’t have an email contact. I’m living abroad, so I don’t want to pay to call customer service. I just have a question about purchasing a Creative Cloud Membership, but it looks like they won’t get my business.

  28. You have to work hard to get such a bad service as adobe have.
    I called on 19th of Sept. 2013 and the consultant promised me an answer within few minutes after waiting over an hour I dropped the line. Called again and another person explained to me that I have to talk with another department which he transferred me to. The third person told me that the issue was escalated to the next level and I will get an answer within 24-48 hours. Until now, I didn’t get any.
    I would like to note that the English those people talk is hard to understand.

  29. did i really see in rant number 13 above some man say that he really really hates violence? OMG!! joel hello???? the world is a violent place. its a commercial and actually its staged!!! lol

  30. I need help with volume licensing. After reading the comments above maybe I need better company. I agree with all the comments. All have made excellent points. I cant believe that there is no email to contact customer service or an online chat. Your products costs are so freaking outrageous for the quality of product you should be class action sued! Not having an adequate customer service with the gobs of money you making is criminal. Not having online customer service chat or even an email is about the worst I have ever experienced. Your an online company, get with the program you money grubbing pain in the ass!

  31. I own recent versions of five Adobe products (Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator). I hate their new policy of selling by subscription only and would love to tell them so but can’t find a contact email. They really make it hard. I guess it’s time to learn how to use Gimp.

  32. Adobe is an absolute nightmare. They take your money but there is no way of contacting them by Email and their website takes you round in circles. Their auto subscriptions cannot be cancelled because there is no way of cancelling them on their website or by Email. Something needs to be done about companies like this. What I cannot understand, is why are they still in business. I hate this company. May God rid the earth of it and the sooner the better!!

  33. You better hope and pray that you don’t have any technical issues or billing problems or you are in for a world of hurt. Adobe will make your life miserable trying to get in touch with their Indian team. They have always been and will always be completely worthless. They have nothing of value to offer anyone. Between our dealings with the Indians and the Chinese we are stuck with low value products and services forever.

  34. I have been trying for over a month to get the same double charge for Adobe Acrobat taken care of. Fourth time around now. I wanted to buy photoshop. Adobe, you have convinced me to never buy another Adobe product again.

  35. Dear Sir/Mdm

    I been trying many time to download Adobe Flash Player but unfortunately when I key my name and password he does not work. can you help me or is there any other password.


  36. This company has the worst customer service ever. I have been trying to reach them for months but to no avail! The phone numbers hang up, no response to emails etc!
    This type of behavior is unacceptable and unprofessional. I have been trying to get assistance in ordering the photoshop cs6 hard copy and now they no longer offer it in hardcopy. I am so upset and disgusted with adobe!

  37. I need support on how to download adobe reader! It keeps saying I have another download in progress. Which I don’t! It would be nice if you would answer my questions on the phone.

  38. Adobe is the WORST company on the planet. I can’t get ANYONE on the phone or anyone to help me with your programs. I will NEVER again purchase from Adobe.

  39. I had help with Adobe technical support last night. We were disrupted several times, but Sanoop Kumar called back and returned the service. He was very persistent until he had every thing right and me a satisfied customer. I tried to fill out the evaluation they sent me, but the page would not open. I just want Adobe to know they have a very dedicated employee that did an excellent job.

  40. Absolutely the worst corporation in the US. Treats customers like $#@%. Desperately need to download one of my purchased products and the Adobe Website comes back with “You are not authorized to use this service”. When I call the Customer Service I get “our office is closed – call back Monday, bye!” Meanwhile my critical documents due Monday will not be there! If you are thinking of buying an Adobe product – DON’T!!

  41. How can we E mail you for help? Your customer service is horrible. How you even stay competitive, I don’t know, except you do seem to have a monopoly. Hopefully someone will come along and knock you off your the pedestal.

  42. I am having trouble watching youtube on my mac compute. It won’t play videos because i have to update the latest adobe flash play but after following the steps and clicking the link i am unable to update the software. Any help would be great

  43. I play Publishers Clearing House and a lot of the commercials you put out on Publishers Clearing House is in Spanish! I may like the product but I know nothing about it because it is in Spanish! Why don’t you do like they do on some of the DVDS and have different tracks in what ever language the listeners needs in order to understand the commercial and make them not feel discriminated against because they can not understand what the commercial is saying it would be a greater benefit to the sponsers as well if more people would be able to understand what they are trying to sell!

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  45. I do not have a bank account, I do not intend to get a bank account. I am having no end of trouble with your and Java’s incessant demands to update my version of the essential software. Which is I believe a ploy by some local busybody, who would rather cause trouble for anyone using it to play loud music or watch sex and violence, than argue with or about the people producing the decadent filth in question. Very antidisestablishmentarianist. If it continues I might have nothing better to do than retaliate,
    (for example.. if 1386/2079 is the difference between the dollar and the pound.. 15780.996/21872.460456=0.72150072150072150072150072150072)
    I might be one hundred and fiftyu percent pro American but I am running out of patience.

  46. Worst service I have ever received. Says to download flash drive, can’t download, no response in calls, wrote on the bottom of a confirmation and no response. A game I played for years says I need to update of Adobe Flash drive and can’t get it to download. Very disgusted.

  47. Your support is VERY hard to get in touch with and when after 2 hours I did get in touch, they did not solve my problem. This is my 3rd day of trying, I am ready to go to a different product even though I liked Adobe Premiere Elements 12, it is no good to me if I can’t download it.

  48. Nightmare indeed. Transferred and STILL on hold going on 4hrs and 3 minutes. If this was personal call, I would have hung up a long time but its business. Redialed on another line and transferred 4 times. Said someone would have to call me back but it will only be 15-20 minutes. Guess what? 1 hr later still no call. Absolutely the worst experience!

  49. I just bought adobe elements 13 and tried to install it,but adobe
    want’s my adobe ID which I can’t remember to install.Adobe does not
    give me a chance to send me my ID to my email or to change it.
    Tried calling phone numbers I got off internet for customer service
    which was automated and no chance to connect me to a live person.
    Did look like I was connected to a page that might allow me to change my password, but again that was worthless. Each ti me I entered a password adobe would tell me that password was already
    connected to my email address. So I just typed in xxxxxxx as a password and got the same respone.

  50. Worst Customer Service ever! Bought New copies of Adobe Master collection CS4, and the Upgrade to CS5, for a gift for a friend, I watched him open the packages, Run the install and during install of CS5 upgrade, it tells him Serial number invalid, and then only installs half of the software, Contacted Adobe online chat and got directed to download the TRIAL software for CS5 upgrade and run install from that, Why when I have the complete disc set in front of me, and how did the Serial number get used and or activated when it was in the package? So I bought 2 Sets of Software at an outrageous price, that Cant Be Used for anything more than a Mobile to Hang as a reminder in My Home Office. Never again Will I spend this kind of money on an Adobe Product!

  51. Wondering how in the hell a person that is hearing impaired can get help? All I want is an email address so I can get through a program err.

  52. I deactivated my PSCS5 bc my computer was rebuilt due to numerous problems. I tried to reactivate it on the rebuilt computer but could not. I called Adobe and was told my software was corrupted, which is impossible bc they were looking at my new computer which did not have PS installed. They then wanted to sell me CS6 for $349. I do not want to purchase CS6 and want to activate my CS5 on my new computer. I went to the adobe online to try and get activation help and the site just sends you in circles. I really need some help on this. Thank you

  53. CANT GET THROUGH TO ANYONE! WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO GET THROUGH! Requested a supervisor through chat and was hung up on. Now trying to contact via phone. This is ridiculous. Have been dealing with this for 3 hours now. All I want is to be able to use the program I purchased! These programs are to expensive to have poor customer service.

  54. Hello,
    As I can only contact you here and not by normal email address here I am.
    Is it possible to have a second trial of Muse as it has been improved since I tried it and made my website. I have been editing my site in web expression 4 but would like to rebuild it. I am retired living in Thailand on a tiny pension and simply can not afford to purchase the CC thing.

  55. Was told a refund was made, but no refund!!! Can not contact anybody by phone! The worst service in the world. Never use them again!!!

  56. I am thankful for the use of Adobe flash play, however, it really irks me that you have to tag onto the download McAfee “garbage.” If you absolutely must to this it would be nice if “after” the download you included an option to install or not install his software. At present it take forever to download the updates (I have a horrid ISP overseas)and once I find this I have to cancel the update and start the “forever” download all over again.

  57. Unable to contact anyone in Adobe customer care. When I re-install Acrobat 9 standard from installation disk, cannot get response when I “accept” license agreement after entering SN. The installation process locks up. Please tell me how to get “accept” to work.

  58. You SUCK !!!!!!!!!! Why can’t I get my money back for a failed download ? You took it fast now give it back !!!!!!!!!!!! You all keep running me to dead ends or starting over ! I want my money ! How do you stay on business ? Get some people that speak good English !

  59. Hello,

    My HD crashed yesterday and I am re-loading my software. When I went to load Adobe Photo Deluxe Business Edition 1.1 it told me my operating system denied the install. Please help.

  60. I purchased Adobe Photoshop Extended CS6
    My computer that I was using this product on crashed and I am trying to reinstall on new computer, but it will not let me.

    Telling me my product code and WIN acct has expired!!


  61. I bought adobe exportpdf annual a year ago with auto renewal. To cancel at anytime, I was to contact the subscription manager on or by calling adobe customer service.
    I have tried in vain to find a “subscription manager” or anyone for the purposes of cancelling the subscription. HOW TO DO IT, please!!

  62. It has taken me over 2 hours to find a phone number only to be told that there is no tech support. All I needed to do was to ask how to install my old CS2P suite on my new computer. This program was on our old computer which we no longer have. Is there not a way to talk to a live person? I don’t want to create a problem with my new computer by not being able to activate my CS2P suite. HELP!!! Very, very frustrated.

  63. Adobe product are overly expensive, and after you’ve paid big money for their product they can’t provide any sort of after sales customer service. Tried contacting them by phone, after about 10 different menus depending on your product you might get a message saying they no longer provide support and terminate the call, you do get told about on line support, I tried chat, over an hour and no response, getting distracted for a phone call I go back to chat and see a message, no response chat has ended. Really PATHETIC SERVICE ADOBE!!!! You make people wait forever and terminate a chat within a minute!! People DONT BUY ADOBE PRODUCTS! There’s plenty more choices and just recently I’m told of a product far better than Acrobat Pro and it half the price… Get lost Adobe I’m done with you and your non existent customer service… Good bye

  64. 0Running windows 7 professional
    tried to load your product: a message appeared on the screen
    The ordinal 459 could not be located in the dynamic link library urlmon dll.
    Regards Richard

  65. I forgot my Adobe password…I filled in the short form,,,email address, and forgot password…second screen pops up, asks same questions…I fill it up…screen pops up saying an email will be sent to me…still waiting after a couple of days, and doing same routine about 15 times…HOW TO I GET MY PASSWORD…or a new PASSWORD.

  66. We have been enjoying the benefits of your excellent service & would appreciate a continuance of
    this privilege.

    Please re: install ” ADOBE FLASH PLAYER ” on our computer @ your earliest convenience!

    Thankyou kindly: Rick

  67. My laptop broke, and I had to get a new one.
    Now my Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro serial number is saying invalid when trying to install it. Customer service is unavailabe to me, dissapointed with the product!!

  68. I am frustrated and annoyed. I have been on the computer help site for 1.5 hours trying to figure out how to sign into my elements account. They are asking for serial numbers, they are slow, I also can’t access adobe illustrator on my other computer. Same issues.

    I am patient but loosing it.

  69. i was upgraded to adobe pdf dc for android. since then i have have lost dozens of pdf files. tried to contact them, went in circles for a hour. i really need to get those files back. i realize it’s free but the should not put out software that does damage. i bet this will not get posted………………

  70. Terrible experience with an online subscription purchase. Website instructed me to go to “contact adobe” to cancel my subscription, but after being re-directed to that page, there is no option to cancel. I went to a page for customer service numbers. The person who answered was not friendly and told me to call the billing department. I asked for the phone number and he said he didn’t have it and that I needed to look it up on the web and then hung up.

  71. i would like to be able to live chat or email someone about cancelling my son’s student membership. We have made at least 3 attempts to call and no one ever picks up the phone…you wait for over one hour and still no one answers to help you. As a customer I feel very manipulated. My son’s membership was supposed to be for a semester at school and then end. The membership won’t stop! It keeps billing me month after month. I have asked the bank to reject or further debits from adobe.

  72. I bought my granddaughter a teachers edition of adobe acrobat X1 and she applied for the download and two weeks later no response. The ad said one day max. We have searched all over the net and can’t find a link to inquire about her program validation and it is impossible to contact adobe. Someone should sue these scam artists. Do not buy any adobe products expecting service. In fact stay away from these products.

  73. Purchased and downloaded Adobe Elements 13 on May 1st. On May 4th I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to install it without technical support help. But, it appears that Adobe has made it impossible to reach anyone for any reason. Adobe used to be a good company but this has changed my mind completely about their integrity. They have my money which now leads me to believe that I may also find it nearly or completely impossible to get refunded. Adobe NEVEFR AGAIN

  74. Adobe’s Customer Service is the worst I have ever encountered, and all the 3rd Party support companies that come up when Adobe Customer Support is searched are crooks and want to get your money and control of your computer. I don’t think real live Adobe help is available via the Adobe website, if at all. No response from your Help Chat Line/


  75. Update update update, We really wish everything we use didn’t force us to use it as the alternative is we get nothing, can’t believe windows doesn’t have a standard video player that works with all the most common services online and we must use Adobe or else, its like a NAZI software invasion on our computers, then to top it off, you try to sneak the google toolbar and browser link with tiny little boxes we always have to uncheck or else google and adobe take over the computers we bought with the software we don’t want, but are smacked in the face every time for not having it and the update to view simple videos etc. Its just crazy, don’t you guys make enough billions ripping people off for your high priced software. anyway that’s our two cents, spend it wisely.

  76. STOP Forcing McAfee On Me! I WILL Report This Violation to the BBB. Opting Out Doesn’t Work!
    I can’t find a page on Adobe to send this. Even their Forum isn’t working.

  77. Tried finding a comment/suggestion link, but here I am. Today I was forced to download the new Acrobat Reader DC when my documents would no longer open. I Do Not like it. And I want to get a normal Reader download where I could tolerate that program. The new DC seems to be attempting to revive the old WYSIWYG interface from the late 80’s or early 90’s = didn’t like it then either, and thought it faded away for good. Can I get a normal Reader download Please. Found the Preferences and tried turning off the True Type, Smoothing, etc. but it still looks pale, sickly & bad on my screen. Did a printout, but those didn’t improve in this version = still looks like a copy of a copy of a copy resolution. Sorry guys, I need the version I had a week ago to return.

  78. Taken directly from Adobe site…

    Our Support Promise

    We want every connection you have with Adobe to be as exceptional as our products. So, if you’re stuck, or something doesn’t work the way you expect it to, our Customer Care promise is to provide you with an easy way to get a quick response that is accurate and complete. When we don’t live up to that promise, please let me know. Your feedback is what helps us learn from our mistakes and allows us to continually improve the experience we deliver.

    — Chris Hall, Head of Adobe Customer Success

    Needless to say this is not our experience Mr. Hall.

    I’m trying to figure out why Audition CS6 won’t launch after the 5.02 update. The forum doesn’t have any answers and after sending feedback your customer service group told me help is only available through the Forums. Adobe is now costing me money because I can’t get timely answers regarding products (Master Suite CS6) that I need to make a living.

  79. I purchased Adobe Export PDF Annual Service (US$23.88) with Master Card, but no Serial # or Redemption Code was e-mailed to me
    at For this reason I am unable to utilize PDF Cloud
    Services . Please trace my Subscription and send me the necessary Code
    that will enable me to Convert PDF to Word .

    Regards ,

    David Eniojukan . (Monday 20 July , 2015)

  80. I cant believe Adobe is such a horrible company.
    The Customer Service is horrible the worst. I hate dealing with them I will never buy another Adobe product

  81. Why do you offer flash player for free it DOES NOT WORK, I am sick of watching that thing spin around and around. Free is over priced, at least I know the name Adobe. I will be sure to never buy any product you make ever, could you do world a favor ,go out of business, so a company that cares if product works can replace you. U people really suck

  82. Your service “SUCKS” typical…grab the customers money and run.
    Would NEVER buy another Adobe product and rest assured I will spread the word about this to all of my outdoor writer friends.

  83. I bought Adobe photoshop elements 9 can I install it on my new computer since the other one crashed I have the disk and serial Number if you need it.

  84. My Lap Top had a virus and the tech who was to repair said Lap Top (Not Adobe Tech) erased my Adobe Pro 8, my cd was stolen in Nebraska and I have no way to repair Adobe or to reinstall. It is possible that you could help with this problem. Thank You for your help.

  85. If I could give negative stars I would. I have NEVER encountered a more inept company. They do not care about their customers. I’ve been experiencing the same issue for over a month without any solace. Numerous times I have pleaded to speak with someone over the phone but I’m perpetually told I can only receive assistance via chat. Obviously, chat is not solving my issue. In addition, every customer service representative I’ve encountered has misinformed me in one way or another. I have paid a considerable amount of money for a product that I cannot use. I will NEVER purchase another product from this company. I will lobby for my school to use another company so no one has to encounter such horrific customer service.

  86. If you don’t like my password, UP/lowercase/two symbols Adobe better forget customer contacts. There are alternatives!
    If ADOBE thinks customers have nothing better to do than inventing/suffring from suppliers’ mania to have customers recording new passwords, then again forget customers contacts!
    How many passwords do these guys recall ? Not everybody is as “smart” as they are…! And I would’nt want to share this kind of “smartness”…!

  87. Every time I have to contact Adobe it (1) takes forever to get a response; (2) rarely solves the issue; (3) and often treated rudely. I’ve started to migrate to other software as I don’t like to be abused, much less pay to be abused. As a business consultant, I doubt Adobe will be relevant in a decade.

  88. Stop the Allow Deny on videos , I have deleted all Adobe programs, and I still get this allow deny crap, how can I stop this interruption ??

  89. I have been trying for hours to cancel my subscription for Adobe PDF Export and request a refund as there are programmes that I can access through my university

    Please would you cancel my account 0687954661 immediately and refund my credit card.

    Many thanks

  90. On Saturday, January 30th 2016, I updated my Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC software through Creative Cloud for Desktop. Both were running fine the day before, and had been running fine for about a year on this computer..

    Now when I try to open Lightroom, I get a message telling me the following:
    “Lightroom will open with reduced functionality. Please go to Help
    ‘Manage My Account’ to purchase a membership to continue using

    When I try to use the Develop module, I get this:
    “Develop module is disabled.
    Please purchase a membership or license to reactivate the Develop module.
    If you have a serial number to enter, please sign out from the Help menu and sign in again, then click License This Software.”

    Yesterday I spent 3 hours on the phone with your customer service department only, only to be told at the end that the software won’t work because I have a home network. That is completely ridiculous!!!!! Everybody has a home network these days and to the best of my knowledge Lightroom CC requires an internet connection to run. If I disconnect from my home network, I will have no internet connection. The ticket number for this “Customer Service” was 187477031. At the end of the call I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they were all busy. The “customer service rep told me he would have a supervisor call me within an hour. That was at 2:00 PM EST yesterday. I have not heard from anyone at Adobe since.

    I have since tried:
    1. Stopping my subscription and starting a new one.
    2. Uninstalling and Reinstalling my software numerous times.

    don’t know what to do next

  91. ADOBE,

    Just received my brand new ADOBE ACROBAT PRO DC, a fellow Instructor showed me the assets of using your program. I receive my software, I then had to authenticate my e-mail address with your customer support person.
    Mike (183553), he had me install a software to the computer, he didn’t tell me it was to take control of my machine. This person snooped everywhere there was in my machine and really cared less about assisting me.
    I finally get a serial number after an e-mail was sent to my school e-mail.

  92. i have tried 3 different phone numbers to talk to a representative about my wife’s account only to be routed to buy more product. how do i contact a living, talking person to discuss her account in person????

  93. Your customer service is grossly inadequate. I just wanted to be able to convert pdf to microsoft, but NO HELP WITH THAT.

    If you care, you can contact me at 949-859-0282

  94. I am sick of Adobe Acrobat Reader demanding and overriding my browser the second I get on the internet to demand an update. I stopped all updates and now it tries to force them. I am going to remove the software and use open ware instead. High handed bunch of cowardly bastards. If their product is so good, why is this approach necessary?
    Sumatra pdf reader is also good. No grief from those guys. What gives over at short dicked Adobe?


  96. It is impossible to contact a real person to solve a problem with my Photoshop which I have legally owned since 1993.With all the people out of work I’d think Adobe could hire some REAL PEOPLE to answer their phone.So far all numbers I’ve called ended up with an inadequate robotic response.Online they claim they will send an e-mail but for over a month I’ve not received any communication from them.I have no filtering that would deny their message.Please contact me with any help.

  97. Adobe Customer service is horrible!!!! If they care about their customers they will have someone from San Francisco/Executive office contact me. You have my email.

  98. I ordered the Adobe reader & was advised that it would be available immediately, so I purchased it. I was trying to print off a Lead Sheet that is required to cross the Canadian border. However, when I tried to use it would not work. I was advised that it takes 24 hours before it could be used. I advise the Customer Service Agent that I did not want it, because I needed it now. She advised me that she would cancel the order & credit my Visa Card charge. My visa card account still does not show a credit to my account. Why not??? This occurred on 5/12/16.

  99. The Customer Service Agent did not do her job, like she said she would. This was done via the chat line. Adobe need a real person to answer the concerns of the customer. I think the chat line is not good way to provide customer service. If real person gives you their name & perhaps a work order #, they will ensure that everything is done correctly.

  100. Terrible business practices and policies!

    I just found out that I’ve been charged for needless monthly subscription fees without my consent or knowledge! I called the Customer Service number and only was given the same monotonous scripts over and over again.

    As a company who claims to be innovative, you really need to re-evaluate your customer service standards policy and procedure.

    I will continue to post on Facebook and Twitter until this matter has been resolved.

    “You know, if you make a customer unhappy they won’t tell five friends, they tell 5000 friends.” -Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon

  101. Hi Adobe,

    I am Rachael Sikes (1st place CD01 Texas) one of the many artists in the Congressional Art Competition you blessed with the 1 year subscription to Adobe software “yay!”, but I haven’t seen it in my inbox.
    I don’t know if I might have accidentally deleted it with a mass of other emails, or if it accidentally got into my junk, which I have a bad habit of deleting automatically before looking, but I was wondering if you could send the link again.
    I would so appreciate it, I love using adobe software for my digital art quite frequently. Your company has the best software for artists everywhere, and any software that comes close probably copied and modified your ideas, because your’s is the best that I know of.

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you,

  102. I need to speak to a person and am referred to the help on the web site which I’ve been trying to work with for an hour. I’m not a dummie and I need help, but no one is available. I’ve been paying my monthly fee and deserve more.

  103. We purchased the Creative Cloud subscription and it’s been a month that we can’t launch it. We first contacted technical support on June 17th and still can’t launch the Illustrator software. I spent 2 hours on the phone on 6/26/17 but they couldn’t fix it so I was promised a call back in 24-48 hours. I called again on 6/27/17 and spent 2 hours on the phone but still no resolution of the problem they escalated it to engineering and promised to call back in 24-48 hours. 48 hours latter no call. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor. He promised a call back in 24 hours.

    My son can’t take on freelance work without access to this software and Adobe thinks this is acceptable? or that this is customer service. We’re paying for a subscription we can’t use. I’m trying to think of an adjective for treating customers this way without using a swear word. Horrible.

  104. 7/26/2017 I’ve just had a notification from Adobe about updating it’s flash player, even though I declined the rubbish add-ons I downloaded the file and began to install the update. It was then that I noticed that it was installing software I had not agreed to, in future all Adobe updates will be aborted, I suggest to users to set ‘notifications’ to ‘inform’ do not set it to ‘automatic’ install then you will avoid rubbish apps from a company that is not contactable, customer support is one big fat ‘ZERO’

  105. Adobe like all American companies, makes it totally impossible to contact them. They have absolutely no interest in assisting customers who have purchased their products, on their website you are sent in circles to end up back you started from. This maybe the American way of treatment of customers, who spend considerable sums of money on their products. But as a European I do not appreciate being treated in such a way, when a company superficially indicates you can contact them and then proceeds to obfuscate…they deserve to go out of business.

  106. I just want to delete programs from my computer, that for whatever reasons will not uninstall, and no matter how I try to contact them I am not getting as far as what this article speaks of. An email or phone number would be much appreciated LOL

  107. Hi
    I thought i would try this email as i am not getting anywhere on the chat or the phone. I have purchased Elements 15 from you when i try to download it the software gets loaded then it makes my computer go nuts. I cant do anything with it it’s working mad and you cant stop it working you cant press any buttons it wont let you do anything the only way is to turn it off and wait then put it back on again.
    The last time i tried to load the software it created 15 malware issues and i go a virus on the computer this i have now sorted.
    I have tried to go through the chat route it takes so long to get anywhere they give me another link to try but that wont load.
    I have tried calling but they dont seem to know what i am talking about so they transfer me over then i am left on hold for at least 30 minuets.
    Do you think i would have more luck if i bought the disc and put it on that way as i am pulling my hair out now i have never had so much trouble to put software on before.
    Hope you can help

  108. Help! I just downloaded an Adobe Flashplayer upgrade and realized too late that the text I thought was ads about reserving hotels and some kind of security thing called Safe finder must have been installed. I did NOT mean to imply agreement to these installations and feel this was deceptive. I want them off. Now my Safari window opens to Safe finder. Please tell me how to get rid of any and all extra things that entered my laptop with this Adobe upgrade.
    I’ve now spent 20 minutes trying to find contact info and then to get through on the phone to someone who can address this quickly.
    I saw no options for downloading the upgrade that gave me a choice about these unwanted extras.

  109. What customer experience. How do you even get to speak to a person when adobe just hangs up on you. MY QUESTION IS THAT NONE OF MY ADOBE IS WORKING. WHY


  111. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. Need to have customer service in the United States. Have someone from India (or at least someone who speaks English.) I will not purchase any more adobe products.

  112. Lightroom’s “error 16” permissions problems continue unabated for me and many others. Please fix the damn software and stop just having people either uninstall, then reinstall the software, then update again, or constantly go into the Adobe library functions to reset r/w permissions. This has been going on for years.

  113. On October 13th there were two debits to my checking account from Adobe for $475.94. I am not a client, I do not have an account, I have no idea how this happened. I called the number that was listed with the company name on my checking account yesterday and spoke with three representatives, none of which could help. I will be filing fraud charges through my bank, with Visa. I could not find an appropriate email and got nowhere on the phone so I am leaving this message here, hoping maybe someone can help me.

  114. I have tried to fix a billing problems for over two weeks and all I get is “it is a problem at my end.” This company farms out the customer service problems and the people try to help but they cannot answer the billing type questions. There is nowhere else to turn

  115. I have a horrible time with Acrobat XI. I should not have to buy another program. Sometimes when I tag a PDF, the text will not tag, or if it is tagged as a P I cant change it to H3 etc.

    There is no recourse of contacting Adobe. I also use AEM, another dog of a program.

    So fed up with adobe, I am off looking for other companies that make good products.

    I have used, LiveCycle, Acrobat XI, Dreamweaver, Photoshop…all are lower shelf, lack luster programs. You cant even make a PDF accessible with just liveCycle, you need acrobat as well, of course sold separately now.

    Adobe would do much better if they focused on Customers instead of Profit first..

  116. I had Photoshop and premiere 2010,and narration stopped working and I thought it was my computer, but it was the program. I upgraded with 2015 and worked fine. but now I export movies to DVD and only sound plays on TV. I use blueray player.What is the problem? do you upgrade the program so certain part go bad so we can buy new program, or it is something else you can help a customer? I would like to get your response. Thanks Ivo

  117. I agree–this is the worst customer support ever. I had signed up for the Creative Cloud Photography @ $10.30 a month on Nov 17, 2017. I couldn’t install it on my computer so I called for support after waiting 50+ minutes, I got a support person who couldn’t help me and then he hung up on me!!!. I called back to cancel the CC and purchased Elements 2018, I asked the person to make sure the CC monthly charge was deleted and he assured me it was——No it wasn’t and today I got my monthly statement and see I was charged for Nov & now Dec. When I called 800-833-6687, it said the call would be 1 minute–57 minutes later I got a representative (Ankica) that after explaining the issue said she needed to connect me to the Billing Dept. I asked her how long would that be and she said, “Oh its an internal number”. I’m still on the phone on hold and its been over 3 hrs and 15 minutes and still no one has picked up. I understand its the New Year and people purchased new products but if they had done it right the first time in Nov. I wouldn’t be going thru this. This is wrong on so many levels. You need to hire either more people or train the ones you have working there, I’m sure I’m not the only person going thru these issues.

  118. Thanks for nothing, Adobe.
    Thanks for “Customer Service” that is a do-loop of insult.
    I will uninstall all your software and use the other options on the market.

  119. I was surprised to learn that you intend to charge me and, in fact, have charged me and additional $60 to cancel my subscription.
    Usually companies prorate unused product in my experience, not try to collect MORE money – in this case the equivalent of 4 months more use.
    What gives?
    I have owned Adobe products for well over a decade probably close to 2 decades or longer. I haven’t gone back to calculate what I have spent for the adobe products but I’m sure it is in the thousands. You eventually priced me out of the market for photoshop. Acrobat also became non competitive. Still I tried the subscription for the past 2 to 3 years. Now I stop and you have charged me for 4 more months after my cancellation????
    I will never do business with you again.

    Very sad,

    • And when I replied to the email you send (PER YOUR INSTRUCTIONS), it was not delivered due to the box being full… ??? World Class??? As an investor I think this is an early warning sign that the stock (and company) is headed for future big trouble…

  120. Not able to contact Adobe over Support email.
    Just dump questions which has nothing to do what the problem is.

    It would be nice when there would be a normal way to contact support.

  121. I have asked via chat to have this service stop billing me.. for four months in a row! because I did not answer as I was waiting for awhile and walked away, the agent said I see you want to cancel. Since you have not answered this in a timely manner I am disconnecting. there IS no email listed for support and I am asking, through here, to have you PLEASE DISCONTINUE whatever it is I have!

  122. I’m using Adobe Creative Suite 5 on my MAC with OS 10.6.8. How far can I upgrade my operating system and still use CS5?

  123. What customer support experience? Twenty minute hold for telephone contact.

    Amazingly, sales telephone contact was instantaneous.

    How about reversing that contact experience?

  124. I have used this company since the late 80’s. What has happened? The person I spoke with in India laughed at me. I wanted flash deleted from my computer. It is used by malware. I could find no way to delete it. They laughed and tried to make me feel that I did not know what I was doing. I was using these programs before this person was born. I am a professional. Cannot believe how unprofessional Adobe has become. I want to talk to a senior person in THIS company that knows what they are doing and represents THIS company in a professional way. I also did not receive a case number after so I could report them. In a way they are a monopoly.

  125. I have a paid for product and right now the service is terrible. I was told approximate wait time would be 25 minutes. We have gone well past approximate, it is at this time 51 minutes and still waiting. This is not service its called getting the SHAFT. Respectfully. Thank you.

  126. I am trying to find a proper email address in order that I can complain about Billing and product Cancellation fees!!
    It is a ‘merry-go-round’ with no satisfactory answer (i.e. an email address)
    It assumes that I can make a phone call or navigate a labyrinth and as I have Throat Cancer, the use of a phone is too hard

  127. This company has already debited my a/c with cancellation fee! not even waiting on monthly license fee due date !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Usury comes to mind

  128. I have cancelled all my payments to Adobe Systems…
    I await the fall-out bet it is quick (any takers)
    Jamie Paterson

  129. Your support sucks. It is abysmal. I cannot reach anyone on the telephone and the forums are not helpful. What more would you like to know? I have been a Photoshop user for more than 15 years.

  130. I’ve been trying to find a way to contact the customer service, but nothing seems to work. I’m trying to purchase the photoshop + lightroom package and my payment won’t go through. I think it’s because I’m currently in Mexico but my credit card is German (I’m only in Mexico for a few months so I don’t have a bank account here). I don’t know what to do and I’d appreciate any help! Thank you.

  131. Contact Customer Care page never loads up. Just the rotating gear symbol and the message “One moment while we gather your account information”

  132. I am a devoted customer for over 25 plus years. I have owned every software platform Macromedia and Adobe products and filters for all these years. My sole source of income is my disability check that pays less than $600 per month, to afford the software, t resorted to setting up my scooter and selling vegetables during the show.
    Now in my sixties, I own the majority of chronic pain domains online, over eighty in total. . With the opioid epidemic, addicts and pain sufferers dying these websites need to be online as soon as possible.
    All my sites info is nonprofit and the medical community has vetted all my information. When I say, it is a matter of life and death, this is as true as thousands think that their only option is suicide.

    Although I own all of the various flavors of Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc., none of the programs work. I don’t want to cheat or steal from your company! Is there a way to access your applications? I am so devoted to your products that to relearn a new free program after all the years of using your well-loved software is not an option. I don’t want to leave the Adobe Community, as each new flavor and upgrade was issued; we all climbed the steep curve aspiring to actualize the vision of a living organism, not just a stagnant dying application. I want to continue to be a team member, and hope there is a way I can afford to continue to do so.
    . Please let me know if you have a system in place for those of us who can’t afford to pay subscriptions and want to continue to weave their dreams. Many Thanks

  133. I am a customer of Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem health insurance. When I go to print a Flexible Spending Account statement to resolve a medical bill/transaction, I’m informed on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website that you can upgrade to necessary Adobe 8.0 or greater for free through website. However, when I go to the website it indicates that the upgrade involves a charge. Please resolve this issue with Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem. It’s at best annoying and at worst insulting that you are told you can get a free Adobe upgrade to view your medical insurance information, then immediately informed on the website that there’s a charge. If there’s a way to get the upgrade for free, I can’t determine that on

  134. I have no interest in your current programmes they have bells and whistles I simply do not wish. Prior to Windows 10 I was using a very simple Adobe photo programme but Windows 10 does not support it.

    Is that programme available for Windows 10 or do you have a very basic programme available. If not, I think you are missing a market. It would be good if you altered the simple programme to run on windows 10.

  135. The Acrobat support webpage is an extremely frustrating exercise in chasing one’s tail. No way I can get to human being or any useful support. Would it be possible ti email someone that could answer a question for me regarding the purchased copy of Acrobat DC I have?




  137. This is been a horrible experience. I want to cancel my account which I keep gettin billed 29.99/mo. Jesse said he was going to help me with my problem but I couldn’t get him to connect with me. This is quite infuriating. I don’t need an Adobe account I don’t have an account number and I keep getting bills. Please help

  138. The worst customer service imaginable – now I am on hold for 1/2 hour to activate my service – was on hold for 3 hours the other day and gave up – Adobe is the worst company I have ever dealt with

  139. Awful! During 3 months or more I cant sign in in apps. I payed 400 dirhams (~150 dollars) for subscription and couldn’t use it. Every time I’m connecting the customer service they can’t help me. One specialist if it’s possible to call him a “specialist” told me to cancel my subscription and to buy a new one. I wasted my money, time and nerves. You can wait in this customer service chat for a “specialist” for 20-30 minutes. If you are in a lack of workers just hire more professional people. If you sell an expensive product just prepare an appropriate service. Never experienced such an awful product and customer service

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