Contact Adidas Customer Service

Contact Adidas Customer Service

Contacting Adidas Customer Service Center

Adidas is a major player in fitness apparel and equipment. While the name Adidas appears on shoes, clothing and other items, the company is also responsible for other popular names like Reebok and Taylor Made. Adidas products are available for sale online, in stores and across numerous countries.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The primary function of the Adidas website is as a sales portal. Customers visit the website to find and order new Adidas merchandise. The customer service information shared on the website is primarily dedicated to serving customers who order online or purchase Adidas products in store. There is no corporate phone number listed, but we were able to locate the corporate phone number on the website for the Adidas group. Website customer service is available 24/7.

  • Customer Support 1-800-982-9337

The consumer relations department is available from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST Monday to Friday.

  • Consumer Relations: 1-800-448-1796
  • Adidas Corporate Office: 1-971-234-2300

Mailing Address

Adidas customer service doesn’t bother with a post office box or indirect mailing address. Customers can write letters directly to the corporate office with complaints, compliments and questions. If the letter is in regards to a faulty product, contacting Adidas customer service by phone may be a more direct route to resolution.

Adidas AmericaAttn: Customer Service5055 N. Greeley Ave.Portland, OR 97217

Official Website

Two important websites for consumers to contact Adidas customer service are located at and The first website is the main Adidas customer service page with tons of information regarding purchases, warranties and contact details. The second is the website for the group responsible for the Adidas, Reebok and Taylor Made names. The consumer website offers an extremely detailed contact page with contact information for many of the brands sold by Adidas. Contact information is available at

Customer Service Email

The consumer relations department is the best contact for Adidas customer service. Customers can email agents about warranty issues, product selection, store issues and other customer service topics.

Adidas Customer Service:

Our Experience

The Adidas customer relations department phone number is operated by an automated system. You can press 1 to place an order, 2 for order questions, 3 for problems locating an Adidas product or 4 retail purchases other than those made on We pressed 0 multiple times but the automated system just restarted and replayed the same list of options. You will hear various options while waiting on hold for customer service. We tried to press 0 to skip these options as well, but we did not have any luck. Option 7 is the best choice when you want to skip the long list of options and head straight to a customer service representative. Our call was answered in two minutes.

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34 Comments on “Contact Adidas Customer Service
  1. dear sir ,
    i am owner of the cuero empresa i am working with many brands my wish working with you for all kind of labling give me a chance i hoppe you are contact with me .



  2. My son has a pair of your shoes. While playing in a high school basketball game, the side of the shoe tore bad enough he couldn’t play in that shoe any longer. This is very frustrating. This is only his 2nd year with this shoe. I was wondering if you do any type of replacement or gift certificate. Please let me know. Thanks! I am happy to send a picture.

  3. I tried getting the yeezys 350 black I waited for a good hr and no connection with the website bc it crashed so it would be nice if you can email me so I can buy the shoes

  4. Hello, I am writing this to you to inform you of a recent situation I had with Adidas. A few days ago I purchased a T-shirt from Adidas and it did not fit well on my son. I’ve purchased other products plenty of times and I consider myself a frequent customer and never had issues prior to today. I went to Menlo Park Mall in New Jersey today to your Adidas store to return the shirt. When I purchased it, I paid $30 in cash. I drove back to the mall today just to return the shirt. When I arrived there this morning at 11 AM, to return the shirt, the sales clerk told me that he was unable to complete my return because he had no money in the cash register. He said if I had purchased it with a credit card, he would be able to complete my transaction but because I paid cash, he was unable to help me at the time. I told him I would walk around the mall and wait and I asked approximately how long it would take for him to get cash in his register. 30 minutes? 1 hour? He was unable to tell me a time. I left the store without being able to return my item. I don’t understand how a store is open for at least half an hour and is unable to have cash in their register. What would happen, I asked him if someone came in to make a purchase and they paid with $100 and he would have to give them change back? He had no answer.
    I’m very disappointed in the customer service that I received, I wasted a trip to the mall for no reason, did not get my money back, and now I have to go back at a better time, hoping that there’s money in the register. Please let me know how you can resolve this issue.

  5. Horible is all I have to say. I bought my son football cleats paid 120.00 and they fell part after 2 weeks. I contacted and was happy to get a 120.00 gift card email. Tried to order 4 diffrent cleats all unavailable. Besides that the gift card code kept getting shut down so I had to keep calling today I was on the phone for the 5th time in 2 weeks. Finally found something son doesn’t really like but has to settle for in his size and they tell me everything is on locked and ready to go. Try to order and the pin code is locked so guess what yup phone call number 6 tommorow. I will never by adidas brand stuff again for this reason and sad to say we bought alot. Very very unhappy

  6. Horrible I’ve been trying to order sneakers for a week now not getting any return phone calls or emails I’m trying to purchase mens s83388 size 8.5 or 9 but can order on your website something wrong wit size bar wont open.

  7. Hi! By a pair of shoes and they charge me twice I fit the probrem because I am still waiting on my shoes they cancel one and they told me that I will receive the other one and I need to know went is going to be deliver to my house thank you.

  8. Hello Iam writing today because I received a 30% off my in store purchases but once I went to pay for my item the lady at the register said it did not work there.

  9. please reply to my e-mail or contact me through my cell, cause we can’t open a foreign website all the time .
    Thank you!

  10. I bought pair of your Clima Cool workout pants. I have worn them at most 12 times in little over year plus. Washed 1 time and the Fabric has snags all over the place. Bought them at Dick’s sporting goods. I mean come on, you pay that much for a product and it looks in this shape after dozen times worn ?? You think the Nike same product would look like this after same # of wearings ? Highly doubt it. Time to stand up behind your Product.

  11. You have to be kidding me, I get bounced around as consumer of your product 6 times on the toll free to get to right department, then #2 and get recording saying Team is in meeting today and not taking calls ? Really that is Customer Service ? The product doesn’t wear, if Climacool workout pants means they fall apart and snag, and this helps me cool down You have a winner. How about someone sends me email back when you can answer the phone ???

  12. Consumer Company for Athletic Products, etc and they must be the hardest company in the world to talk to customer service live ? If you do get through you get bounced around to multiple departments and still never talk to anyone who can help you with “terrible product” I purchased. Hey how about email reply, nope can’t even get that.

  13. Dear Sir,

    I am writing to share a lovely story provided by Adidas. When I was 14 years old, my mother buy a gift to me for celebrating me get a good school results. It’s a watch produced by Adidas. I still remember that my family economy situation is not good as well and it’s the first my mother buy a gift to me, although it costs about 200 something dollars. When my mum give that watch to me, she told me something I never forget. she said “hope you can keep this watch until you get marry and I will buy you a new one” . At that moment, I said “ok, mum, i promise”. That watch have stayed with me for a long long time. I wear that watch to experience every important moment. For example, the first time i get relationship, the first time I pass the public exam, the first time I pass out, the first time I found a company. That watch is like my soul stay with me overcome and experience all the things.

    However, I feel extremely sorry that I lose that watch when celebrating 2016 count down party. Until now 12 day after, I am still finding that watch. I know it’s little chance for me to find back my watch. At the same time, I haven’t told my mum that I lose this valuable gift. I have searched this watch on the Internet. But you know, it’s produced in 2002, it’s not easy for me to find out this. Therefore, I would like to ask would you mind helping me to find out which style produce in 2002. I have bought it in Hong Kong. And I know it’s quite stupid to ask do Adidas still have this watch inventory. Because this watch it’s really really really important for me, which will get marry in next year. (more in the next email)

    Although it’s not an expensive gift to me right now, it bring me a lot of experience. What’s more! It makes me like a man to keep a promise to my mum. My partners and my clients always ask me why you dun change your watch. The only answer to them is “ Coz I am a MAN, promise is a promise. I WONT wear other watch until get marry”

    I would appreciate you if you give me your email. And I can try my best to search any photos of that watch. I do thank your help from the bottom of my heart. Hope I can buy this watch again to keep that promise to my mum. Thank you so much! Btw, it is not a story, it’s really happen to me(The end)

  14. Having a terrible time trying to get through. I am trying to return items but when I type in the same email address that Adidas used to contact me about my order, the site said that my email isn’t recognized. Please solve this issue sooner than possible. Thank you

  15. I just tried sending an email to the email address for customer service provided and it told me send failure?!! It got rejected!

  16. sono un podista, volevo segnalare che da quando calzo le adidas: le “glide boot supernova” avverto un dolore sotto ai talloni e in particolare a quello destro anche se resto in piedi fermo, cosa che non mi capita con scarpe di costo inferiore.
    Prego contattarmi,grazie.
    Distinti saluti

  17. dear mr or mrs ,

    I want to tell you my experience gistex order in Indonesia . I have faced problems in the best quality . especially:
    low hip , puckering , hole , dirty and many threads that make my business loss.
    then if you order to gistex need to be careful and you check again by your hand .
    I do not mean anything and I Greetings from Novi from malaysia .



  18. Dear Officer
    Hi, I tried to check out this morning since I successfully got a pair of Yeezy boost.
    And can’t make the payment, then the basket is empty. I talk with customer service during phone and the only thing they said is sorry, I don’t think sorry means anything and I waste whole morning to wait for it. This is not problem from customers,this is the problem from Adidas! No one should pay for your fault and who going to pay for my time?

  19. Hi I am a big fan of adidas and have purchased shoes and slip on. and would love to buy the adidas women’s zip up black and white jacket as well as the superstars shoes but I can’t afford it if there is any way you can give me some adidas merchandise pleas contact me

  20. To whom it may concern, my name is Kimberly and as an adidas lover and customer I would just like to share my experience with the adidas store in San Francisco, on Market street.

    I called that location to voice my concerns and possibly exchange my adidas ultra boost in still breeze, a size 7 for the shoe display and other pair because the brand new shoes I purchased on 2/1 seems to have a cosmetic defect.

    The ulta boost logo in silver and gold on the black back heal seems to be faded, or fading. I wouldn’t have minded so much, but knowing what these particular shoes cost, it causes me to be picky with the product.

    The girl I spoke with claims she is a visual manager to whom I voiced my concerns to. She relayed them to another manager who clearly didn’t want to talk to me themselves; rather having putting me on hold, telling the visual manager what to tell me.

    I found that to be completely rude and disrespectful. They told her to tell me that I “could not exchange the shoes”, that it’s “not defected”, and that it is something that “just happens”. How can something like that happen when I haven’t worn the shoes?! I called corporate already, which they told me to call the store because it is a store purchase, not an online order. I did, and this is what happened.

    This was a store purchase, well within my Return and Exchange policy, and I wasn’t offered ANY help. To me, felt like I was rejected as a customer.

    The other concern I have is, I just purchased a sweater online this week, and got the sweater today, but seems to have a stain on it.

    I can send photos showing my reasons for this message and my concerns as well.

    Is there something that can be done, I know that in these circumstances it is hard, and I’m trying to be understanding but I would just like some feedback as I am disappointed with the imperfection of both items, especially the shoes because I was looking forward to them for so long. I just expected much more from from adidas.

  21. I purchased a pair of $150 sneakers for my grandson in March. We have only had the shoes 2 and a half months. The shoes are coming apart at the seams. I expected more from the brand.

  22. I have tried placing an order for 3 days from your website. Your website keeps freezing so I have been unable to place an order. I tried calling to place an order and they wouldn’t let me because of limited sizes. I was told I could only do it online, which I have no problem with when it works. I explained that I have been trying and received no help. Guess I’ll be buying my ultra boost from a competitor.

  23. Hi I live in S.A. I bought a pair of adidas Nizza when I was in the UK recently, after one wash the colour has run & ruined the sneakers.

    I would like to get them replaced please assist.

  24. I have been buying the Acupressur slippers from the USA for the last five years. I regret to inform that these don’t last more a few months as the spikes keep falling off. The entire family buys these and it is a shame the quality is so poor. We use these in India. Pl address this issue as this is the third pair I’m using in last couple of years.

  25. Thank you for making the cloudfoam race running shoes. I have struggled for years trying to find shoes that fit my short, wide feet and this model fits PERFECTLY. I have bought three pairs so far and I will purchase these shoes from here on out. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Kevin William Lee

  26. You are brain dead if you think signing on Coln Kaepernick is a good idea. It its beyond stupidity, it is down right corporate suicide. This man is a traitor to America, to the police, to the NFL and to his so-called black brothers. NFL ratings are down 20% because of him and you want to hook up with him? You are just plan stupid and deserve what you get. You job is NOT to be political. Just sell your cheap crap and let the politicians and the public determine who is right. We do not need you to take sides. You are a stupid company.

  27. i bought a pair of adidas samba. I cant wear them as they constantly make a squeking sound which is very annoying. What can I do with them?

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