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Contacting Acura Customer Service Center

Acura is an automotive dealer that specializes in consumer car sales and financing. While consumer car sales are difficult enough, when you add in-house financing to the mix you are bound to have more than a few complaints. Acura offers a number of contact options, but we were surprised by the lack of support in the evening and on weekends.

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Contact Info

Acura customer service is available by phone, mail and email. You can even find the company on various social sites like Twitter and Facebook, but if you have an immediate or urgent question after 5 P.M. PST, you’ll have to wait until the following day. Acura offers some of the shortest customer service hours we’ve seen for a major financing company.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service is available by phone between the hours of 6 A.M. and 5 P.M. Monday to Friday (PST). There do not appear to be customer service hours on the weekend.

  • Client Relations: 1-800-382-2238
  • Document Orders: 1-800-682-2872
  • Acura Canada: 1-888-922-8729
  • Lease Maturity Center: 1-800-708-6555
  • Roadside Assistance (24/7): 1-800-594-8500

Mailing Address

Acura Client Relations
1919 Torrence Blvd.
M/S 500-2N7E
Torrance, CA 90501-2746

Official Website

There is an official website for owners of the Acura located at You can view current models, apply for finance preapproval and contact customer service via this page. There is also an extensive FAQs section with questions from Acura owners. You can also contact the customer service department via the Twitter page or Facebook page.

Customer Service Email

There does not appear to be a customer service email address or contact form on the Acura Client Relations website. We searched the entire site with no luck. If your question is not answered in the FAQs section there is usually a form to submit a new question. The form may be available in the MyAcura account.

Our Experience

We called the Acura customer relations line, but we found it difficult to make it through the automated service. The menu just kept repeating, but none of the options were for general customer service questions or concerns. We tried pressing 0 to get through to customer service, but the menu just kept repeating. We finally chose the option for information on our Acura vehicle and we were placed on hold for a representative. When the call was answered after a couple of minutes on hold, we asked the agent for the email address for customer service. We were placed on hold for just a few seconds before the agent came back and said there was no email address. He directed us to the website if we wanted to email the customer service department.

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25 Comments on “Contact Acura Customer Service
  1. Over 81K miles my acura 2008 TL didn’t have any break noise; until Acura of Columbus replaced the front rotors and pads on all 4 wheels. This break noise started when I pick up the car righr after the break job and is stillgoing on after driving for 7+K miles. I did take the car back to the dealer and got a “Brush-Off.” Was told that the breaks were new and I needed to get the car up to 50-60 MPH and apply the breaks real hard many times. I did that and it hasn’t help. The service department at the Acura of Columbus isn’t doing snything about the break noise. I have been with Acura since 1986 and have got top service until now.

    The service department did say they could replace the rotors and a pads, but st who expense is not answered.

  2. I have always had doubts in my mind about Acura and its products… but now,my concern has solidified. After watching your commercial in which that “pompous ass”… Suze Orman… drives one of your cars like a lunatic, I am convinced that I will never buy or own one… she is not only a looud-mouth egomaniac but a menace on the roads. If the message you are selling is… “even an egomaniac can dive your product, you have convinced me…

  3. Hi I was wondering if I could get some stickers or a lanyard for my tsx thank you.

    My info is

    Maks mosyur
    4042 Suwanee mill dr
    Buford ga 30518

  4. Dear Acura,

    Would you please check out and refine as best as possible the Tech. Package of the 2014 Acura RDX Tech. Package thoroughly. I have done extensive researchs and been advised by some Acura RDX owners that the Tech. package on the RDX 2013 is not quite great.

    I am planning to buy a 2104 RDX w/ Tech. Package this year. Thank you.

    Quinn Doan
    Honda’s loyal customer for 45+ years
    My name is in Honda’s database and have participated in several Honda technical surveys.

  5. 1) I have a 2012 TL with 13,513 miles on it. I left the dealer about 1/2 hour ago (04/07/2013 at 11:30 am). It was there because of the warning light that reads TMPS came on. The warnning light says to take it to a dealer immediatly which I did. It was supposedly fixed. The dealer told me that they found a nail in the right rear tire that was causing the problem. It was explained to me that because it was a very slow leak that after a few miles the pressure would leak down confusing the TMPS system and that the system was trying to compensate. I am confused. Is there something in the main brain that would cause the warning system to come on showing a problem in all four tires? Can this be caused bay a slow leak in one tire? When the system has the warning the dash shows empty tire pressure onall tires on the dashboard. After the car is turned off for a few minutes the warning goes away and after driving it for 30 minutes it come back on.
    2) My second question is about the phone book. How can I change so that I can have the phone list to read the last first and the first name last as it appears in my phone. I usually remember the last name but not always the first name. It makes it hard when I am trying toreach a customer.

  6. Please remove your Acura add from my “words with friends”
    Page. That game has been frozen with your add all day long
    And this is my connection with my best Friwnd in another state
    This could ruin some goodwill toward Acura.


  7. HEY there my name is chad RP and i was hoping you may help me if at all i need to have someone get in touch with me so that i might share with you a idea for model of vehicle i do have a few of few favorites but knowing myself if i ever purchase a.vehicle.again its gona coast more then five.hundred dollars.and be some what like my close and very good.friends he like my dad but he has a.special edition Acura TL 3.2 four door i believe it is not a suv.lioe the mdx.but i wanted to bout a new idea for the tl3.2 but its.just a thoight

  8. Hi. I really like Acura. I owned a legend as my first Acura. Now I am on my third new Acura TL AWD. The only change I would make is the navigation easier to use and phone commands is pretty difficult. My boyfriend has a Sonata and I use his all the time and it is easier. Also more storage space would be nice. I hope they make these changes I hear from a lot of people how they do not like the navigation. Thank you

  9. I own a 04 Acura TL and recently my daughter was in a very bad accident “t-boned”. She is 16 and by the Grace of God she walked away with only some bruising to her bones and some strains to her muscles and tendons. I really believe if she was not driving a car built as safe as the Acura things would have been worse. I can not afford to replace my totaled car with another Acura as a single mom but I would love to let the world know that I believe it was the durability of this car that saved my daughters life.

  10. I was thinking about trading my vehicle for an Acura suv, but after seeing your latest commercial, by watching it I see that the demographics your are trying to reach is not the baby boomer generation. That music is annoying and plan just sucks. I don’t believe your ad company is in touch with my generation. If they wanted an annoying voice they should have used Joe Cocker with You are so beautiful. What do they have there, a bunch of inexperienced wet nose pups? Good luck in the future.

  11. Don’t know if this is where I should voice my opinion but if not please foRward. I HHHAAATTEEE hTe hate that annoying commercial, uh what language R they speaking?

  12. Your My Way ad is so offensive that I cringe and turn my sound down every time it comes on. It would never make me even think of buying an acura. Please take it off the air and give our ears a break.

  13. I have 2009 MDX, I bought it certified pre-owned. I like the car when I got it,but felt after a little something was wrong. So far I have been right, I have the smallest of problems, which all dealers can’t seem to fix the first time. I have now contected consumer relation, and they are the worst. They can’t give any good answers, need to wait for people to call back, which they don’t seem to do in a good fashion. I have replaced the side mirror actuators 3times. Since the last time thought was crazy, I stopped payment on the card, because they did nothing for me.
    I am dealing with the car is shaking and the dealers blame tires, but yet I put new ones on. So I would not buy an Acura again, for one reason customer service is not very good, and I have yet to find a dealer that knows what to do.
    Will keep posted if something changes.

  14. The backup camera has really poor quality at night. It is basically like not having one at all. Otherwise love my 2012 MDX. What is the solution on making the camera work and getting this right?

  15. Worst decision of my life. I bought an Acura MDX and it has failed transmission and failed Catlutic Converter and I have only drivven this car for 88K miles. Acura keeps sending me to the dealer every time some thing happens and then I end up paying the dealer diagnostic fee and then acura rejects my claim by saying that the car is out of warranty. Prior to this I had several instances when my battery died even after getting new bayyery from the dealer. It has numerous issues with Brake and its just been a in and out of dealership and other outside Car mechanics for all the time. Its one of the worst cars that one can think of. The customer service is bad and rhey do not look into any issues accept for teying hard to send the car to a acura dealer and then reject claim once I pay the diagnostic fee

  16. BATTERY DRAIN!!! This is my second Acura. I sold my last 2007 TSX because of the battery drain. I purchased a 2014 Acura and have already gone through 2 batteries. Research on Web states it is your faulty HFL. I would disconnect this feature but it is against the law to use cell phone without handsfree.
    Acura you need to fix this problem many of us across all models have this issue. My car is still under warrenty but all they do is replace the battery and it continues to happen. This is not acceptable!!! FIX IT and replace with a new HFL device!

  17. I have a 2009 TL SHAWD. I bought it new at the Acura dealership in Colorado Springs. I have 51k miles on it. The only thing so far that has gone wrong is the propeller shift needed to be replaced. I only drive the car after the winter months. I took it out of storage and the battery was dead so I replaced it with an Acura battery. Well, somehow the VSA and Abs lights came on right after replacing the battery. I took it to the dealer and they said my vsa module needs to be replaced and they insinuated that a power surge could have taken place when replaceling the battery. They said it’s $2100 to replace the module. Now, why would Acura make a product that when changing the battery, it’s even possible for the VSA and anti lock brakes go out? This is completely unacceptable.

  18. Acura is one of the best cars ever if you take care of it properly it will not cause any problems for you!!!!

    Phone prompts and “Message Link”
    I had an unsuccessful phone call on Sunday Agust 13,2017
    @8:54 eastern standard time.
    Your service department is unhelpful to the point of sending me to a business to get touch up paint.
    I have been a devoted Honda and Acura customer, since the 90’s.
    I’m very disappointed.
    My treatment has made me realized I will NEVER purchase your vehicles ever again.
    And I will champain to the world How aweful your CEO is.
    I’m sure he is overpaid.
    I hold him responsible,
    Not the product.

  20. I own a Acura TL 2004…I love it.I keep it in mint condition. But within a month my dash board has 3 cracks alongside of the passenger airbag. Acura knows this problem. It is a “it will happen to all Acura TL 04-08 ” ones.I called the Customer relations but like everybody else stating is no getting trough.E-mail…yes they answer but not offering any help.They say go to the dealer , dealer says got to Acura Customer relations. I feel like a tennis ball …I need someone more competent to help me. My concearn is the airbag deploying when it should not or not deploying when it should. Acura is a luxury car and this should not happen. Please let me know to whom I can turn too. Someone who will hear and understand .

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  22. I would like to say, “Thanks A Million” to Service Manger Ed Parker of Ed Martin ACURA Dealership in Indianapolis, IN. Ed and his team restored my confidence and my certainty I continue believing in there motto “the only name you need to know!”. The team starting Tyler True, Brent Kern and Jolene Higgins have become the “MVP” of my family. They showed themselves to be true and fair. Ed Parker heard our story and I believe put himself in our shoes to help us in our time of need. I truly believe these individuals are worthy to be commended for going above and beyond.
    Thanks Again For Your KINDNESS & UNDERSTANDING

    DL & Sandra Page

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    Brynn A.

  24. Hi there,

    How are you?

    I happened to be on, and felt the need to say something: I see us working together with you to drive a ton more visotors/inquiries with this site every month.

    Theres some consultants I work with that have extensive tenure, and a strong grip on your industry. They can show you how theyve increased leads to other sites by as much as 140%.

    Would it be OK for them to give you a call this week?

    Griffin A.

  25. My customer service experience started out amazing and ended up horribly, my vehicle was damaged. I regards to the damage, shall clarify at a later time. It has been several weeks and still haven’t heard back from anyone. Service manager is well aware of the situation also.

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