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Contacting Activision Customer Service Center

Activision is the video game company behind huge releases like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty Black Ops and the Call of Duty Elite website. Contacting a video game company of this magnitude can be extremely difficult as the entire industry has a reputation for offering email and online support, but not phone support. We did find one phone number for Activision customer support.

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Contact Info:

Contact information for Activision may appear limited, but there is a good chance the forums lists more detailed information about each game. For instance, we found an email address associated with a particular game fix for Skylander. The email address would not work for customers seeking help for other games, but if this email exists there are bound to be others.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer call center for Activision is only open from 11 AM to 8 PM PST or 8 AM to 5 PM EST.

  • Customer Service: 1-310-255-2050

Mailing Address

Activision is one of the few video game companies that offers phone support, though hours of operation are limited. If yo have an issue that needs to be addressed by customer service you should try calling or emailing before writing a letter. Letters take longer to arrive and answer.

Activision, Inc.
3100 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Official Website

Visit to learn more about the company and the video games available from developers at Activision or visit for video game and website support. The support page breaks up information into specific video games so you won’t have to search through a ton of Call of Duty video game support to find Transformers support.

Customer Service Email

The only contact email we could find for Activision customer service was an email form located on the main Activision site. The page that lists the customer service email form also lists contact information for job seekers, press, media and developers.

Our Experience

The Activision customer service line does not recognize pressing 0 to move past the options, but you only have a few choices, Press 1 for Call of Duty, press 2 for Skylanders, Spiros Adventure or Web World, press 3 for Transformers or press 4 for any other game. We pressed 1 for Call of Duty support and spoke with an agent about the Call of Duty Elite membership. The agent easily described the membership perks and cost.

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236 Comments on “Contact Activision Customer Service
    • I have tried to access your online activision support page but it seems as if you are always off line, it stats that you are on line between the hours of 11am and 7pm. is this UK time ? I purchased Call of Duty Ghost, I have tried to activate :season pass: using the code but it says that this code has already been redeemed, I have not used this code before and this game was purchased new from a shop. PLEAESE can you e-mail me with information of how I can activate my season pass.

  1. i actually want to give you a few facts or opinions about black ops declassified maybe a way to make your fans alot more excited about it. Just email me for the ideas if u have any up coming black ops for the ps vita or if u want are doing a remake.

    • actually that’s a good thing the lower the rank the better because it is based on your death ratio i hope I have helped you.

  2. you really need to fix black ops 2 ranking system in zombie mode because i got to round 55 on solo tranzit and it did not give me nothing for it nothing but my rank i had before i started the match.

  3. you really need to fix black ops 2 ranking system on zombie mode because i got to round 55 solo tranzit and all i got was my rank that i had before i started the match

  4. U should put the moon map back in blackops2 and u should put the thethundergun in the game and u should make a new your zombie map all this for free like when u update the game if u want to email me my email is

  5. Activision is the worst customer service ever. They combined my classes with my wife’s account, couldn’t fix it, then banned me, then reset all classes. All in a month and I did nothing to justify any of that. I am an adult – the people on XBOX Live are vulgar and offensive.

    After talking with them repeatedly they simply said there is nothing they can do. I asked to talk to Treyarch since they say they manage all online development and bans. They said no because there is no number for them. I asked to speak to a supervisor, they simply said no, that isn’t possible.

    I later found out that the possible reason for my ban was because some worthless losers that have nothing better to do than glitch CoD rank up faster by somehow combining classes, but I didn’t do that at actually filed a service ticket for it (which was never resolved). So basically, they screwed up my classes (me losing all classes and prestiges), they banned me (without being able to explain why other than “all bans are final”), and they reset me to Level 1 after the ban. All with no explanation and no solution.

    Activision is crap – they should start acting more like the software powerhouse they are instead of the garage-software company they behave like. Pathetic.

    Oh, that’s right – all this after the total bait and switch on Nuketown. I was a Treyarch fan until now. They and Activision (who literally says they have no number to reach their own trademarked developer company) have totally crapped the bed with me. I’m done, and I won’t buy (for myself or my kids) another Activision product. As a busienss owner (I’m 40 – not some HS kid) I appreciate need for service and delivery. They get a F on both.

    • well hold on there buddy don’t judge them for some freak accident that you probably caused. You are acting like a kid right now don’t give bad reviews they really don’t help anything.

  6. ActIvision needs ro fix the problems on call of duty black ops 2 before they worry about any new expansions or add ons. The one repeating problem both me and my fiancé and many other players we have met online have been having is split screen mode. We can play just fine separate but when we try to play together and sign into our own profile the profile that was just signed in starts to act up. I’ve had enough and I don’t know if ActIvision realizes this or if they’re too caught up in worrying about new things, but if they don’t fix the problems they have now they’re going to lose a lot of buyers and could mess up the main game more than they think. ActIvision, here’s my message to you; fix the problems that are already in the game BEFORE you worry about adding more stuff into the game!!! That way everyone can play and have fun without getting frustrated or upset with this game. Keep players don’t lose them; fix the problems then add new things.

  7. I have recently purchased the newest edition to the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. I spent endless hours playing solo or with friends, and decided to pre-order all of the additional content at one time, the Season Pass. Two days ago, my entire multiplayer profile had been reset for no reason whatsoever. I have never hacked or done anything to get banned, so i thought this was odd.

    Apparently, this is fairly common, although Activision has made no effort to fix it. I’ve gone to their support pages where my problem is listed, but when I try to apply for a restoration to my previous level, I am forced to give them access to my personal profiles on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. However, for some reason my YouTube account will not link, so I can not receive any help. There is no way to get in touch with them, other than posing as a developer, which I refuse to do.

    Activision has overall done a terrible job in solving any customer problems. My account has not been fixed, but I continue to play because I spent a total of $110 on the game and additional content. How am I supposed to know this won’t happen again? What do i do if it does? These are questions that I need to ask Activision itself.

    • it means that someone did something during a match where you were playing nuketown. Or you did something to the console

  8. I redeemed my nuketown code and started playing the map and then 2 weeks later it said the content was damaged what does that mean and what am I supposed to do

  9. For call of duty elite I am not able to access my Clans roster. I have 100 members and every time i click on roster to kick certain members from my clan it pops up “Opps Something went wrong, Error…A Server Error Occurred” Its been this way for MONTHS and hasnt been fixed. Ive tried MANY different ways around it from trying different computer’s, Used my Phone and also used my Ps3, Nothing works. I even transfer’d my stuff over to a new account and that didnt do Anything.
    We’re a Sponsored clan and do many things from Live Streaming to Gaming Montage Videos, Game Battles, Clan Events and more BUT for Months now were at a stand still because Elite isnt working for my clan and I.
    When I talk to support they said an Update was going to come through by Email, That was Months ago. Everytime i talk to any support i get Nowhere. I cant do anything, I cant change my clan elite page emblem because it wont save. Certain Clan Ops it’ll bring up an error, My biggest concern is My clans Roster.
    How are we going to push any further growing as a clan if this never gets fixed and I keep getting Lied to by Support ?
    My clan and I are frustrated. I have done everything in my power to do every step by step action to solve the problem that Support told me, now they just feed me all this talk about Update’s and how they will look into my account and here i am Months later STILL going Nowhere and dealing with the SAME problem.
    EMAIL ME!!!
    To Whoever Really Care’s for their Gamer’s and Product.

    • the lag isnt their fault except the way they grade the lag. Now a laggy game is a three bar. A 2 bar is wow this is stupid. and 1 bar, rage quit bro. The connection is the host lagging or you lagging trying to connect.

  10. You guys really have to fix the lagging in this game.Out of know where a lag comes and people start moving and i somehow die.Sometimes i am on my nuclear streak and i get soo pissed.
    Just stop the lagging!Or i am going to quit CoD because i have anger issues and it makes my blood pressure high.So please help.Email me!

  11. Ok the Ksg in black ops 2 has allot of range and therefore you should cut out the range a little bit im a mile away and it kills me

  12. Hola,llevo 3 semanas sin poder jugar, sale un aviso y me dice que el servidor no esta disponible, que problema hay?todo el mundo juega menos yo, espero que se pongan en contacto conmigo y se solucione.

  13. I am being temporarily banned for my power supply for xbox keeps shutting off when I am gaming. They may want to realize that they hurting players that don’t care to cheat and that certainly don’t care what their stats our. I am on on the phone waiting for customer service and I have had the same 31 minute wait for ten minutes now. Glad to of purchased the add ons so I could be banned from playing due to not finishing games due to a slow internet connection. This is non sense, seriously

  14. I was playing world at war and got hacke, now my classes are messed up and it says that in my class i dont have any default gun unlocked. And to top it all off i got a message that a guy has an active case against me modifying the game. I dont know for sure if I got hacked But my grenades that say they’re colt M1911s don’t lie a lot. on top of that my first and second perk have nothing unlocked. I swear this isn’t the pick 10 class.

  15. Activision i got banned for boosting in black ops 2 and i was not told that boosting could get you banned and my stats were brought down from 8th perstige lv 30 something to no perstige lv 1. Im very upset and i was finnaly about to become a perstige master which was my goal in the game and now its gonna take months if i try to get there soo if you would kindly bring my stats up to 8th perstige any level i will never boost ever and im only 13 years old and im very depressed that my one and only goal is now going straight down the toilet and i prey to god every minuite and every second of the day that you would bring my stats back to the way they were before i boosted my K.D was 1.05 and I was 8th perstige lv 30 something. Can you please help me out by giving me a second chance PLEASE I beg of you. MY xbox Gamer tag is NYxVenomx

    • From all of us who play fair, you don’t deserve another chance boy, you KNEW you were cheating, shut up take your medicine son and take this life lesson with you too. Cheating and short cuts are for the terminally stupid weak and pathetic. If that’s what you wanna be, just keep it up

  16. I got banned for boosting for a week. The only thing I boosted for was to tomahawk an rcxd car. I was master prestige, had logged over 2 weeks of playing time, had reached primary mastery and had only the special weapons to get gold for secondary mastery. I had completed probably 80% of the calling cards. I know what I did was wrong, and I’m paying for it, but some of the assignments are ridiculous and you have to result to such shady ways. I had earned everyone of those gold guns; never boosted for scorestreaks nor headshots. I guess it’s just my luck. Wrong lobby, wrong time. Some whistleblower catches me and claims to have so many subs that would also report me, and they were not bluffing.
    I don’t know what I would get back yet, but I hear rumors of keeping your deaths and losing everything else. Can anyone help me out if they’ve been in the same scenario and what came out of it?
    Also, on the Activision page it says you lose your emblems as well. Can anyone confirm this? If that is true, it just unfair IMO, and I’m willing to fight it, because emblems are an esthetic matter and have absolutely nothing to do with K/D, ScoreStreaks, Calling Cards etc. It does not aide a player nor disadvantage another.
    My question is who to contact concerning this matter?

    • dude, ur whining about cheatin? lol suck it up. how u think it feels when u pull that cheatin crap on other ppl. so u get cheated – and now u gotta live with it. MP is for comparing skills, cheatin is defeating the purpose if you fackin it. u prolly cheated every day. “yeah i only cheated once” lol gemme a break…

  17. We have 5 Skylander Giants that do not work. They are Hotdog, Catapult, Shroomboom, Jet Vac, dragon canon. Of the ten that my son owns 5 work and 5 do not. It seems customer service is difficult to get a hold of. Most of these he received as gifts, without receipts. Is there any options available to resolve this?

  18. Very disappointed with your game “The Walking Dead Survival Instinct”. Poor graphics, lack of ability to drive in the game, overlay of zombies being repeated, a lack of respect to the show and to the gamers who purchased this rubbish. You should be ashamed of yourselves releasing this quality of game in 2013. I will never purchase any of Activision’s content ever again! You had the chance to make a game that built on the popularity of the show could have made you 100’s of millions of dollars, instead you treated your customers with contempt releasing a sub-standard game. Shame on you Activision!

  19. hackers suck, they ruined black ops II, just like campers. youve gotta be able to pinpoint the losers and permanently band them. u should create a perk that locates campers and makes them explode after camping for longer than 5 seconds. please look into that, thx

  20. also, i have a friend on psn and for some reason we cant connect on MP or zombies and he is my main zombie partner but he is the only friend i cant connect with on bo1 and 2. i really need a solution for this cause split screen isnt always an option. lookin foward to you reply.

  21. hi my elite clan has messed up big time i cant add double xp award on mw3 and cant view roster in manage clan and cant invite or kick and cant change eblems and people i know cant leave the clan.everytime i try to contact you on support i cant connect to anyone to chat and i done everything on the computer and still nothing works

  22. My friend Madeline and I are creating a video game called “Apocylypse”. We would like some tips on making this game the best we can.

    It all starts with a cutscene of you and your family in a 1999 Camaro SS. You turn around and speak to your kids, and you veer into a zombie. Your family flies out of the door, which has been blown open. A zombie reaches in and grabs you. You black out. You wake up looking out a window in a small barn. You see your family. They have become zombies. A wise man explains that you are in an apocylypse. He pops a bottle, offers you a gun and gives you a pack of ammo. You take it and go outside. You start your journey.

    Your game leads you downtown, where there is a flickering sign similar to the title screen. It reads “DOWNTOWN” in dim lights. They burn out for good as zombies swarm around you. The object of the game is to get as muck ammo and weapons as possible while still surviving. This is not really a reveiw or question about a game. But we like your games and hope that someday we will be as famous as you.

    Reply before the apocylypse:

    Alexander’s Arcade

    • Are you’ll done creating it if you’ll are I can help you’ll with youlls next game in 12 but I’m smart I’m in 6 th grade pleas comment back and give me your phone number

  23. dear activision. i own 007 legends for the wiiu. nintendo recently made released a software update for the wiiu. after this update was downloaded every person including me who owned the game cant go online anymore. the console freezes every time we try to connect online. many claims can be varified on miiverse. this happens everytime to everyone who tries to play online. please patch this game as soon as possible. if not, me, along with other devoted players, will be forced to sell this game.

    patching is free on nintendo network

  24. That company sucks ass! they don’t care about you after the purchase, they don’t reinvest the enormous profits into dedicated servers (less profitable and less popular games have dedicated servers!) the glitching, cheating, lag switching is out of control.

    Yet everyone continues to support them. I will no longer!

  25. I was looking through a game informer and saw somebody came up with a Lego call of duty and I thought it would make an awesome game that would have something new to your games.I was thinking that it would have a historical campaign with wars since world war 1 to now. and it would have all guns since back than that would be the best game ever!!! so please respond.

  26. Activision has to have the WORST customer service in the world. What a run around I have had to cancel my son’s CofD Elite. I still cannot get an answer. We even clicked on “forgot password” and are still waiting for a reply from that. What a joke. I am telling all my friends not to worry with anything Activision from now on. The first rule of marketing is The Customer comes first. I guess someone forgot to tell them.

  27. How can i get the caterpillar consruction tycoon
    to install and play on my windows 7 machine for my son

    is there a new version comming out or any new caterpillar
    game in the future

    Thanks for your help

  28. I got banned from bo2 after a custom match when my friend tried to but didn’t do a glitch is there any way I can get unbanned or do I have to wait for nothing. Reply as soon as you can please.

  29. I have a suggestion for Activision. Remember on Black Ops 2 when you could have multiple class sets which adds up to fifty class load outs? Could you do the same with CoD: Ghosts with the load outs and Squad Members? Could we also have things like Final Stand, Martyrdom, and Dead man’s Hand back in CoD: Ghosts in a perk or a streak? Thank you so much for reading and Please consider Implementing this into CoD: Ghosts. Happy Gaming and have a great day.

  30. I’M a dual playstation household and bought COD ghost. currently only one system can play ghost with an open status the other is strict . i need a patch to allow both systems to play on an open status . COD needs to open more PORTS to allow this . I feel Ive wasted 60 Dollars on this. Please tell me you have a solution. which does not mean i have to call my ISP and install another internet line. IM also going to post this Problem on all the social media in hopes that Players have a solution faster than the customer service… problems like this really cause me to dislike the whole Call Of Duty genre/ game lines and to actively campaign against / via blogs and social media and letters to video forums such as Game stop Gaming magazines and say just how bad the strict / open problem is as well as the lag/ please send me a link to any help to my email above. i hope there is a patch coming fast a solution even faster/ yest ive done all the online stuff so far… router settings. all of that. please contact me asap. i will be calling you customer service number repeatably in the morning !!!!!!!!!

  31. I’m not sure who I should bring this matter to but I have been banned from Call of Duty and I have absolutely NO IDEA why!!! I would like to know why I have a message on my screen telling me that I cannot play this game that I have paid my hard earned money for!! PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!!

  32. I have a problem with all the hackers in COD Ghost
    no matter how many times you report them they still don’t get banned, I will never buy a game made by Activision again,
    they need punk buster or some kind of anti hack program,I wish I could get my money back for this crappy game.

  33. I am writing to complain about your Call of Duty games. I have seen my nephew play with them and I find these games violent and I believe that this is where kids get ideas on shooting someone, perhaps like the kid that killed the Sandy Cook kids.
    Why do these games have to be so violent, games should be fun, I am appalled and I hope that no one buys your games, I certainly do not spend money on them for my nephew.
    Please think about this seriously, this world is becoming to violent and today’s kids do not need bad influence.
    concerned aunt

    • These games are rated for adults. It is up to parents to decide if their child can play. It is not the game developers fault that children are running around shooting people. I am tired of the blame for juvenile delinquents being put on the wrong sources. The truth is it is bad parenting. So maybe instead of wasting your time here shouting your typical liberal rhetoric maybe you might want to address your issue to someone who should care – YOUR NEPHEWS PARENT.

  34. ActiVision needs to step up to the plate and DO SOMETHiNG about the hackers in GHOST! I did some research and read the hack was out before the game hit the selves! My special needs young adult child spends her own money to purchase the game and now a month or so late her game gets hacked and stats/levels are changed!! Contact customer support, given the run around, finally days later to be told there is nothing they can do at the moment to fix it!! What? You have got to be kidding!! Lousy help and lack of interest in their customers!! Shame on you!! Refund requested!!

  35. I wish y’all would reply back trying to win are first clan war in platinum division and for some reason it says negative 666 we try so hard and say up so late for this for clan wars don’t understand why

  36. Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies sucks because there is only one map and we want to have all the maps like Acsenison, ” Five “, and the moon. Just because they have it for Xbox 360 and PS3 that is wrong they should have it for Wii also because this bull crap I payed $60.00 dollars for that game and it only has like one map that is it. Activision needs to update it for us Wii players. But, no because one day I called them and they said I have to pay for another disc if I want more maps and I said hell no. But, still I payed 60.00 dollars for that game out of my wallet and y’all need to put more maps like I said because it is boring but its always about the 360 or the PS3 not the Wii this pull crap

  37. I call that bogus phone number you give 1-310-255-2050 for call of duty elite that number dont even pass you someone you can talk to that how you guys take care of your costumers. i need to talk with someone not a stupid machine i spend alot of money to your business it’s important please and thank you

  38. I don’t know who to get this to but I challenge Activision to come out with a Godzilla game based on the new 2014 film.

  39. I play cod ghost. I always comment on people who cheat. I hate people who do. So when I tried to get on today I got a message that I was banned, permanently. I am shocked and outraged. When I called customer service they basicly told me there was nothing they can do. poor service.

  40. well as a long time activision customer for the call of duty franchise i can honestly say i will never purchse cod legitimately again.
    Why well since treyarch and activision cannot seem to get a hold of the multiplayer cheats which totally ruins the online game and makes ranking and scoring a pointless exercise.

    i bought the game in good faith with expectation that i would have a reasonable experience playing online instead almost from day one the game is full of hacks and cheats who have no fear of any ban and despite all the crap activision have let me down as a customer on this ……never again
    next cod game i will just follow the pack and download a cracked game and use cheats hopefully this will speed the demise of the game and put the lazy developers out of a job

  41. I have never cheated, boosted, or been banned for anything. I am a straight up honest player. Yet I can not get any sort of help with the issues involving the clan Im in and I cant get into forums because for some reason is says I am restricted and my account is deactivated. Even though I can still sign in and make changes to my profile, it wont let me post to or read the forum items…WTF is all I can really say. I love the games on both platforms that I play on but the customer service with Activision really lacks…

  42. To Activision. From Jack h.Wall

    Dear activision I want you to make the game .The Outbreak.

    What it should have is create a custom character and name hime have him start anywhere in the U.S.A or canada In any state anywhere,it should also have his occupation, age ,home that he lives in and area that he lives in choosing his car starting weapon (you get to choose his starting weapon,and you get to choose the areas…. Big city large urban area medium suburban area Rural area lowly populated farmland.) When it starts in his normal innocent area wether if he is eating,sleeping,watching tv,going shopping,on a road trip,working at work or walking on the sidewalk. ONE LAST THING . Make sure it is a RPG game.

  43. hi

    I am hamid rad . i was bourn in iran . i am 28 years old . i play a lot of games of different componey . i can go to usa work in componey games.i can Training about make games.i like to know ,Do you have classes for making games?& The game is split into several?How to connect your company?
    I have a lot of information and a thesis on the topic of games story.
    tnx a lot please help me,,,.

  44. I acually had ideas for a new skylander game. I was thinking of skylanders Ice Age, where kaos freezes all of skylands. He even freezes at least 1 skylander in every element(like frozen spyro, frozen flashwing, ect.) Maybe you could even add a ice element!

  45. I purchased Call of Duty-Ghosts for PC for my son’s Steam library. The game will not install and there seems to be absolutely no one to contact for assistance. The game was $40.00 and I would like any advice from anyone out there who can tell me what to do and who to contact. Thank you very much

  46. I have an new idea for skylanders.It is called skylanders Kaos Returns.Kaos brings his entire family.

  47. Ok well I wanna start off by saying I love call of duty I have every call of duty game and I would also like to make a suggestion for y’all to make an all zombies game with a campaign and everything like in a regular call of duty. You can keep all the things you have in the black ops series like the perks and the mystery box but make it a campaign and have all the old maps from black ops 1 & 2 and for dlc just make the campaign keep going. You can add guns in with the dlc and maybe add some perks. This is my suggestion for y’all so I hope y’all would email me back and tell me what you think. Thanks

  48. im a prestige 10 in Cod ghosts so i wanna that u can maybe Reset my all level and KD because its boring

  49. I’m am not going to buy your next skylander game which is trap team because you put a time limit on the villians play time either raise the time limit from 30 seconds to 1minute and 30 seconds or lose a customer Activision that is just a bad idea and change the villian broccoli guys name I meen seriously Broccoli Guy wow just wow thats terrible I really wanted the game untill you made these choices I meen seriously do you want to lose a customer because you will lose a lot of customers if you dont change tnat stuff

  50. activision customer support leaves welll everything to be desired your answered by bots with auto responses i’ve wanted to suggest or ask many things on cod and get garbage answers if you ever released cod game for wii u with other systems and same dlc’s you would probably have million customers for one wiiu is free online what stops so many from buying,supporting cod on wii u is we know were not getting dlc or same game other systems do so 75 percent skip it! why don’t you try releasing with xbone and ps4 xith same dlc promised and see how many on wii u buy it once bet you would be surprised and rewarded with result

  51. activision customer support leaves welll everything to be desired your answered by bots with auto responses i’ve wanted to suggest or ask many things on cod and get garbage answers if you ever released cod game for wii u with other systems and same dlc’s you would probably have million customers for one wiiu is free online what stops so many from buying,supporting cod on wii u is we know were not getting dlc or same game other systems do so 75 percent skip it! why don’t you try releasing with xbone and ps4 xith same dlc promised and see how many on wii u buy it once bet you would be surprised and rewarded with result

  52. Activicion you have to have a better way for your customers contact you about any problems that happeing with the games of call of duty been hack afther people spend there money on this games i will be getting petitions from all online gamers we will put a class action law sue agains your company for not help your customers with our complain why ea games donot get hack the new game of call duty have. Been hack and your cmpany it not doing anythin about it.i will tried to contact you again tomorrow it not answer i will go directly to the games makers and complain to them if no answer. The class action law will start getting petitions wrigth away.

  53. im writing this on my 5 year old sons behalf hes begging for me to pls pls ask ur team to add cheese monsters to the new skylander trapteam game

  54. im writing this on my 5 year old sons behalf hes begging for me to pls pls ask ur team to add cheese monsters to the new skylander trapteam game

  55. Dear Sir or Madam

    Are there any plans to bring the above tiles to the Ps3 system, because l do not have Ps2 system and l enjoyed them when l had had Ps2.

    Thank you

    Roger Cole

  56. I called and tried everywhere to find a number but i got nowhere and all i wanted to ask was. I recently pre-ordered call of duty advanced warfare from target and i wanted to know if you get the bonuses like at game stop

  57. How do you start a new game when finished Cabalas Big Game Hunter Hunt With The Pros how do I clear out progress to play a new game

  58. Hey my cod account went back to 1 but I was prestige 4 and I lost my camos that I earned for my honey bager I had all the camos for it so I am mad so can you me please

  59. I’m trying to contact activision by phone I cant get thur with out a ticket # so I went on line as they said to an still cant get any where I cant even start a acc with them because it wont take my e/mail acc password how in the hell do you get this people on the phone my problem is the game my son wants to play he cant because the wii u pro controller wont work when the game say’s it will .some body please tell me how to talk to these people

  60. Activision you people suck a person can’t even get some simple help from you If it’s with in my power I will never spend one more of my hard earn dollar’s on anything with your name on it

  61. Activision you people suck a person can’t even get some simple help from you If it’s with in my power I will never spend one more of my hard earn dollar’s on anything with your name on it

  62. Question? When playing Call of Duty Ghost, and I click on customize appearance and go to special on uniform it will show operation inactive, then several games later it will show active, and then go back to inactive several games after that. Is there a problem? Thank YOU.

  63. Destiny won’t load unless I’m online. I AM ONLINE!!!! I am already bored with this game as is most of the people who bought it, however I would still like to play it. It says I am not online but I am online. Why can’t I play?

  64. I was in a game with an individual that got banned. His in game name was NurFace aka Marv. The Russians we were playing are accusing him of cheating which he wasn’t. 3 of us were in game together and on TeamSpeak but we ended up on separate teams. I myself ended up on the 5 other players side which happen to be all Russians. They were camping and glitching in the ruins in the map so I gave away positions because this is not tolerated. Then blame we lost host…All I heard was the Russian guy say,”I’m going to ban him he is cheating.” Then puff we had no host. We later figure out that NurFace had been banned via unknown reason which is still in affect. My ban seems to have been removed temporarily. This is very unnerving. We all paid 150usd for this game, we don’t cheat, and we don’t tolerate glitching.These folks seem to think their gods at the game and they can do anything. I here to tell activision and steam if you don’t fix this ban. I and numerous others will leave your service. This is not a joke I will pull 3700 of my closet gaming buddies and we will not buy a product of yours. You might think that’s small cash but that’s just me that knows that many folks. We don’t cheat. Make a game where theres no foreign latency, which by the way COD: Ghost was until you updated and let it merge the game has become ridden with lag. And know you’ve given someone in a game I was in GM rights to ban without cause.

  65. People are modeling cheating and get on black ops on Tegas glitching on non-yard you can think of and think I don’t think if you go didn’t think to our servers just bring a pen but then I don’t take care of the old good servers and more of the good games anymore is that you were cheating why I can return is on the corner to game tonight thing happened good Everest the evening. Everybody in the world that Jay tags Modicon trovers and modern Xbox

  66. This company is awful! Runaround on any and all questions. Its really sad that everyone continues to fork over money to them. Im finished with them.. just needed help with one thing, and theyre running me in circles! F U Activision!

  67. I just want to say that this new COD:AW is a little limp in areas. First off, there is no true spawn point. It’s been shown time and time again that when you run from just spawning, the enemy is right there, then you die. OR when your running after no one is there then like magic an enemy just appears behind yoh and shoots you. Secondly, there is not much interactions with the surroundings. You cannot hide really. Therefore if it is going to be like that then you might as well take out the sniper rifles and put better assault power. Don’t get me wrong I’m an avid player of COD of all warfares’ but this one is lacking the essentials. It might have been to early to release this one.


  69. I have been a long running fan of Call of Duty. I am writing in regards of discrediting your newest game. I don’t know if you just like taking peoples money, overpaying employees, actors or what but if you want to stay on top of the game industry with first person shooters, you need to work and focus on what KILLS your games!!!!!!

    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare:

    The Good:

  70. Long Time Fan Still Aggravated as Hell

    I am Writing your company for many reasons today. I have been a long time fan since the first ever Call of Duty. I enjoy playing FPS’s. However don’t get to happy.

    Game: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for PS4
    The Good:

  71. I also bought Destiny as well That game is a little better but is just boring $60 for about a week and a half of worthless missions to not beable to compete with Farming and hacking idiots online so you got me for 120$ so far!!!

  72. Worst customer support and fake lines and account serious to keep us running in circles! Just a dishonest service! This is coming from a combat veteran ACTIVISION!

  73. I can’t even register a cod account without the run around and running into fake lines and account setups! Wasted 1-2 hours of my time dealing with something so petty, my gosh activision is terrible

  74. MY 6 year old grandson has about 80 of the Skylander figures; and all the corresponding starter packs. He so excitedly waited for the new Trap Team game for his birthday. He received the starter pack 8 traps, and 20 trap team figures. Within 1 week of having them they started to break, first Wildfires shield broke off, then Wallops hammer broke off, just a few moments ago Snapshots bow broke off. This is with normal use on the portal. These are far too expensive just to buy and them to be such shoddy materials! I am truly upset by this, and will be writing to all businesses they were purchased from. He considers them his friends and heros, and they break within a week!!? Come on Activision! You could certainly do better than that! We are seeking replacements or a refund for all broken figures! Signed Angry Grandmother

  75. Error 26 on COD Advanced Warfare is a problem when playing two players… More offten on hard core games… anyone else having this problem?

  76. Your cod aw sucks please fix the issues in multiplayer. Lag issues, targetting issues, spawning with the enemy what is up with that? And last but definitely no freaking least quit kicking people off servers its annoying.

  77. For a second time now COD Black Ops reset all of earned rank, stats, weaponry, and perks… all wiped clean and started at zero.

    IMPOSSIBLE to contact customer service. Logging on at Activision “Support” with your password brings up a screen reading, “Sorry, unexpected error occurred. At the bottom of this screen reads, “Visit Support” which just routes you back through the same error message.

    The phone number listed above speaks of getting a ticket number at a certain website. NOT. It just brings you back to the same login screen where you get the same error message. Wish I could get all my time and money back.

  78. my iPad has lost islands and cloud patrol and they are not working could you please reply and help a bro out
    note this is about skylanders

  79. Activision is so dumb when it comes to Bo2 I called them about my controller lagged in theater in barracks and on prestige token and I’m on max prestige and I purchased the extra slots and my controller selected extra slots and I can no longer fresh start and Activision tells me that “fresh start is not part of the game” how stupid are you with your own created game?

  80. The Skylander series is really neat because you put Spyro a hit game character in it. That I thought was cool. I have been playing since 2011 when I was 6 years old. It is one of my favorite games. I thought when skylanders 2 came out, it was a big (get it?) hit. Thanks for all your effort.

  81. was playing cod advanced warfare and servers went down and now my console is banned when I went to try to get back online and now cant get no one at activision to explain why I was banned

  82. Apart from the fact your impossible to get hold of via an email address, I have always been a keen online player of Call Of Duty games on PS3 system, due to personal circumstances I had steered away from playing any gaming console for few years , a few years ago I purchased all COD’s one of my favs being ‘World At War’, recently decided to get back into PS3 gaming and was excited to re purchase COD World at War to my extreme disappointment this game is now sooo infested with hackers its untrue, we have soldiers flying around, soldiers with infinite life (impossible to kill) and so on , I feel extremely cheated out of my money, I feel now this game is soo infested with hackers it should be removed/banned from all sales, why is this game still being sold? I now feel extremely skeptical to purchasing any other COD game from Activision , I cannot get the gameplay out of this game I once did, it is wrong for stores to still be selling this product. I feel extremely let down.

  83. To top it all everyone has complained including myself regarding the fact we cannot get hold of you , we just constantly get redirected or error messages come on the screen , and email is impossible once again errors directs us back to main page, you are a huge company and have no issues creating and selling product nor have issues on your web page when it comes to people creating an account with you , yet you seem to have soo much trouble with a simple email address or contact support whats up with that , how convienient of you.

  84. I believe many of us should be compensated for these outrageous issues , I for one have been cheated out of pocket for a game that is hacked to death during online play, well I am far from glad your company has had its streets lined with our gold whilst your company craps all over us.

  85. I have been playing your new game Advanced Warfare since it came and it has fallen very short of all expectations. I have gone and played Black ops 2 because the game you have given out has already had hacks and has horrible gameplay. This game is like a failed version of Titanfall which I love. Email me back pleas I am very unpleased with this game.

  86. I have a ps3 with cod aw. can you tell me how to unlock. it was purchased 11/30/14 and still showing locked. Called psn and they can see it showing locked. I did what they said and it still isn’t working so they said contact Activision.. what a joke!!!I just think getting back the $90 for the season pass would be the best idea.. are you listed with the Better Business Bureau??

  87. I am still not able to download the maps. What is going on? Can I get a refund if you can’t fix it. I believe you should at least give a partial refund for the months I haven’t been able to use it. Why buy something you can’t use. My nephew can play it for free on my system but when I log on I am still not able to do anything.

  88. i bought an activision pc dvdrom apache air assault ran it on to my computer only to find i cant play it because i cant get an actvation
    code all i want to do is play this game on my computer not the internet
    but i cant stuck with a game i cant play
    how can i run the game with no actvation code it also said i would have to pay anyway which is wrong
    hope you can help

    p tomblin

  89. I had my emblem reset on advanced warfare. I apparently offended people but did not mean to. I am very sorry. I would like to have my emblem making abilities back. I tried to get a phone ticket to talk to customer service but it’s impossible to get one. It’s like they don’t want to deal with people. That’s bad customer service. It shouldn’t be this hard to reach someone about issues. How do I get this problem resolved?

  90. Hello two years ago on black ops 1 I got band for no reason. The band has never been lifted and I was not allowed to play and I payed for map packs etc. I believe I should get un banned because I payed so much for the game plus the additions. I was online then the following day it stated I wasn’t allowed to activate the servers. Although it is an old game still my favorite not fair that got banned for no reason please fix and un band me.

  91. I was playing the game..I lost connection 6 times!! then I was forced into “Probation” because I didn’t finish a game! I couldn’t play until the probation period was over..REALLY!! what am I 6 years old!!..what if something like an emergency came up and I had to leave?..your support number couldn’t be reached..your website couldn’t contact..what do I think? NOT MUCH!

  92. It seems as though Activision only exists to rob kids and their parents of money and not to give any support what so ever once they have their money. Can’t contact by phone without a ticket number and can’t get a ticket number. Try to email and it says it is temporarily out of service. I paid a lot of money for every single Call of Duty game ever made for my grandson and now he has an issue and Activision is just hanging him out to dry. Sounds like maybe we should contact our State Attorney General about these people because this company is a leech of the worst sort and doesn’t truly care about their customers or their concerns or problems at all. I keep begging him to just boycott Activision and maybe now he will listen.

  93. I cannot and do not have the option to access the clan section due to restrictions! I cant even make an emblem or clan tag! What the hell. I cannot get in contact with activision and i somehow cant get a ticket number! I just want to join a clan and compete but i cant even do that!

    ***HELP PLEASE***

  94. I bought the DLC for advanced warfare and it gave me the AE4 but it gliched and it won’t give it to me it gives me MDL so please fix it!!

  95. I am very distraught at the lack of caring activision shows the people who bought and are trying to play COD advanced warfare, it lags, guns don’t respond when trigger is pulled, I have a seasons pass which includes the map packs however I was charged for most recent DLC map pack, tried to contact someone to talk to about this and it’s a series of dead end websites, im turning it over to my legal team and see if we can file a law suit. Activision has become the worst gaming company in history as far as game play and customer service

  96. Bought the season pass just downloaded the new DLC the new Xeo Zombies map doesn’t load or show up after install. Customer Support is disappointing at best. I paid for the software, is it really asking that much to actually get to use it?

  97. I think Activision is a Ripoff there phone no. has no live support just a recorded message and has no way to get to a person and I will not buy another activision game till they get better support the phone no listed in this add DOES NOT GET YOU TO REAL HELP

  98. Can you please fix the Goliath glitch in Call Of Duty AW it’s really unfair, and when I shoot the player that is using it they won’t die and it’s BS. Watch you tube it will show you how the cheaters do the glitch. Thank you

  99. I am wondering how to fix a game xbox 360 I was on level 55 on black ops 2 and I tried to perstige and I started over back to level one and did not prestige it started back where it said I was not prestiged at all so if you can tell me how to fix it to get back to level 55 and prestige please respond if you get this massage

  100. hard enough to find a number then you call and no one there I pre purchased call of duty black ops III went online for beta code it used my game stop code and gave me no beta code and I am not very happy horrible trying to get help

  101. bought another version of call of duty 2: one of greatest games ever. However, can’t play because it’s now on a Polish server called “Cracked,” and will not allow me to play. Any suggestions?

  102. advance warfare, having a lot of trouble with this game.I received the so called patch to fix the freeze ups now I lost the exo zombees.I also lost the royalty camo when the last update was used to correct ae 4 weapon.What a bunch of garbage.

  103. we are not getting all our wins in clan wars we have had issues with one person.. now we are being shorted five wins a game.. its making it very tough in dimond division we came in and dominated… but last few wars we have been hacked or something.

  104. I think your company sucks and your support line sucks. You don’t have a problem taking peoples money to play!! You make it impossible to contact someone by phone!! Your black opsII is getting hacked into every other game but you are yet to fix it. If you cant fix it I want my money back!!!

  105. I was playing offline with my brother on exo zombies on AW and half way through the game it kicks me of and a huge paragraph shows up saying that i have been permanently been banned from AW servers for no reason man I swear to god on my baby brother i didnt do a thing. AN thats my favorite game i paid 60 dollars for it and another 60 for a year of live. jus please fix this this isnt right i know u guys are a good company just plzz make this right

  106. TO whom it may concern…hopefully everyone at TREYARCH and ACTIVISION.
    I think it’s vital that the following FINALLY happens in Black Ops 3. Treyarch/Activision….IT’S TIME TO INCORPORATE THESE VERY SIMPLE IDEAS. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.
    I truly hope someone reads this and actually makes one of the best games of alll time.
    I’m hoping in this new you have realized some people HATE campers. Why not introduce a NO CAMPING HARDCORE mode for us run-n-gunners out there? Something like…if you sit in one place longer than it takes to reload your weapon you DIE…3-5 seconds…and you lose 2 kills and gain 3 deaths. I think this would be a great way to discourage campers who ruin the game for us hardcore run-n-gunners out there.

    Secondly, why are all the cool modes aimed at core? Why not have ALLLL modes open for core and hardcore players?Including clan wars. (ANYTHING core can do…HARDCORE can also).

    Lastly, PLEASE for the love of ALLL that is holy STOP putting a respawn wait time on HARDCORE team death match. PLEASE. I play this game to PLAY this game…not watch some other person play it as I wait 10-15 seconds to respawn.

    I love you guys….I have waited and waited for this BO3….This is the only game I play every single day of every week. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Just please some one actually read this and let someone that games like we do see what they think. Many Hardcore players feel the same as I do about everything I’ve mentioned. Thank you for your time and all the great games. Keep up the phenomenal work guys. Thank you.

    A devoted Treyarch supporter.

  107. If this isn’t the place for this topic PLEASE email me and give me a place to post it..or Activision’s DIRECT email address. THEY NEED TO SEE AND READ THIS. Thank you.

    TO whom it may concern…hopefully everyone at TREYARCH and ACTIVISION.
    I truly hope someone reads this and actually makes one of the best games of alll time.
    I’m hoping in this new you have realized some people HATE campers. Why not introduce a NO CAMPING HARDCORE mode for us run-n-gunners out there? Something like…if you sit in one place longer than it takes to reload your weapon you DIE…3-5 seconds…and you lose 2 kills and gain 3 deaths. I think this would be a great way to discourage campers who ruin the game for us hardcore run-n-gunners out there.

    Secondly, why are all the cool modes aimed at core? Why not have ALLLL modes open for core and hardcore players?Including clan wars. (ANYTHING core can do…HARDCORE can also).

    Lastly, PLEASE for the love of ALLL that is holy STOP putting a respawn wait time on HARDCORE team death match. PLEASE. I play this game to PLAY this game…not watch some other person play it as I wait 10-15 seconds to respawn.

    I love you guys….I have waited and waited for this BO3….This is the only game I play every single day of every week. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Just please some one actually read this and let someone that games like we do see what they think. Many Hardcore players feel the same as I do about everything I’ve mentioned. Thank you for your time and all the great games. Keep up the phenomenal work guys. Thank you.

    A devoted Treyarch supporter.

  108. I forgot my password and do not have access to my old email. I need to change this but your site gives me no options other than sending a reset to my old email address. Any help would be appreciated.

  109. Get these hackers off the game Called Call of Duty Ghost on Playstation 3. I’m offended if these damn muslim ass pussy’s can get their way im going to get mine as well remove all exploiting bitches off the game or i’ll raise hell with America and have these games removed offline if the Muslims can suck up too them I can suck up as well I have my rights if I cannot play my game with hack free issues then screw you activison I will complain until someone does something about it im really offended and im tired of putting my money in a game I cannot get no satisfication how out of it. Get on here and put a stop too it or im going to raise hell about it. And get them to remove these games offline so I then if you cannot satisfy me with my support then I will complain until something is done about it.

  110. hi i pre-ordered black ops 3 and i redeemed the beta on the website but i still haven’t gotten my beta token so please email me

  111. Hello, on my Call of Duty AW it says I have to download things to play Multiplayer! But I have everything downloaded! Can you help with this, please

  112. HEY TREYARCH/ACTIVISION !!!! Thanks for the early BETA release of BLACK OPS 3. BUt how the hell are you going to release a BETA, get everyone excited and not have a hardcore mode of atleast 1 mode. THAT IS CRAP !!!! So basically I got a BETA that I won’t even play. CORE is for P#SS*ES. Do you guys and gals at TRERYARCH even know that their are hardcore ONLY players out there. Hundreds of thousands.

  113. All your games are complete rubbish eg modern warfare 3 constant hitmarkers with stabs also standing next to other players and unloading a full clip into them with hitmarkers to be shot dead by same guy after he does not die and kills you with one bullit and bullits constantly travel theuogh people no hitmarkers YOUR GAMES ARE RUBBISH LIKE YOU

  114. This is constant everyday even with 150mg fibra optic connection and wired straight to reuter sort youre game out people pay for this crap ur basicaly robbing people sad idiots

  115. Its all bs, you can not talk to a live person about call of duty advanced warefare, ive had the game a week and they banned me for nothing its crap I want my money back how you gonna ban someone for not doing anything wrong

  116. Activision this really sucks I want a person to talk too I will never ever buy one of your games again you cheap asses! You too cheap for me to have a person to talk with I’m to cheap to give you any more money.

  117. Hello, I just recently just downloaded three maps packs due to I can’t get the Ps4 until next year sometime. I had already download one DLC awhile ago and I can play using those maps. But the new maps I purchased a couple of days ago.I can’t even gat a game using the new maps I purchased. And when it goes to the new maps, it says that’s no games available for those maps!!Can you put the money back in my wallet? It sucks to buy something that you can’t use. Or let me know what I can do to play those new maps!!

  118. Can’t play hard core cod advance warfare. Will let me play standard teamdeathmatch,but not hardcore. Been thru provider and xbox for hours no results. They told me to contact you.

  119. I Just want to email a comment to your company. I don’t need game help or assistance in any way. I can’t seem to find any way to do so. And it wasn’t even s negative comment. So I give your site a rating of one star. Just because you don’t seem to want contact from your consumers.

  120. Could not find place to email you for my issue!!!! Downloaded Video Poker Jackpot 2 years ago, garnered about 3,300,000 points; my Iphone died, now i have another iphone 4, downloaded this video poker game, and i’m not able to resurrect all my accumulated points from other phone. Can someone help? Thanks.

  121. Hi I just got ban and idk why I was in mod lobby and got my account hack its not my fault and I never got warning or nun I didn’t get 2 week or anything I got lifetime ban ! and I don’t care if you would restart my state but ban me that stupid I bought game $50 and I bought camo weapon and I get life time ban !

  122. I have call of duty disk only used for less than three months, I got deployed and when I came back and started to use it I noticed I started getting errors it was unable to read. I noticed it had a crack from the middle hole extending into the disk, clearly a manufacturer defect and when I contacted Activision I was asked to pay for the disc replacement. I would think a company like Activision would replace this with proof that is your disk without having to pay for another disk.

  123. The call of duty servers crashed for black ops three as usual but this time as I was purchasing my rare package from the black market it took my keys and left me with 3 and nothing to show. As if I didn’t just waste enough time to get the keys it was all for nothing. Thanks call of duty you’re the best!

  124. My customer support experience was horrible. ..notified Activision support of a problem with the transformers FoC game servers for multiplayer on Xbox 360 in August and still no remedies to the situation ..all I get is ..”We are are aware of the situation and we appreciate your patience but there is no time table to fix the problem ” I find this very annoying it is now November and still no fix to the problem …3 months and still unable to play ..frustrating and angry about the whole thing I just want to play my game …I feel like your support team only deals newer game problems …just wish that Transformers FoC game servers would be fixed you guys have done it before …and yet despite some other players having to deal with the same issue your support team has failed to remedy the situation

  125. Hi,
    I just returned from the Target on Garners Ferry in Columbia, SC. I purchased the new Black Ops 3 game there. The game was on display at the store so I asked the cashier if I could open the game (the back of the game case was damaged as well) and she denied my request, saying that everything should be fine. Upon opening the game, I realized that the game disc was not in there, only a blank green disc that has no data on it. I immediately called the Target store and drove back up there. They told me that the only thing that I could do was contact the manufacturer. I was very unhappy with the service I received because they would not exchange the game because there were none left in the store. I tried everything to get a refund or exchange and the only thing I was told I could do is contact you guys. It’s unfortunate that it is so difficult to get in contact with your company. Is there is any phone number that I can Call or email at which I could reach the Activision manufacturer?

  126. Activision is the worst with customer service. All I want to know is why they keep taking my 3 Armory Slots that I paid extra for and if they are going to be doing anymore clan wars.

  127. I’ve called into corporate once already, also tried clearing the cache and reinstalling. Damn you guys need to fix your servers they keep booting players, not finding matches, etc especially with team death match. Most anticipated rollout of the years end and you drop the ball big time. Knowing these were previous issues with black ops 2. Come on!!! Loyal customers the same loyal from the product as well.

  128. activison is a junk company ,I bought black ops three Ive had nothing but problems with the game.Xbox must be aware of the junk being played on their machines.They must not care.Wheres the department of business.

  129. I have recently repurchased my xbox one for reason’s I dont kow but again like the my first experience it is almost impossible to navigate through! I am trying to play Blackops 3 with my son and it willnot allow me to let him play it says guest are restricted from this content when trying to add him at the hit a to add screen on local . Why must it be so difficult and change so dramatic to what xbox 360 was based on ???? Can anybody answer as to how do you play with a guest ?i even went to xbox home and added guest …still wont let me

  130. Customer service stinks. Have to use online chat with them which takes forever. I want to talk to an actual human being to make sure my issue has been handled.

  131. Your cod black ops3 for ps3 is terrible. You can rarely get a full game. There are so many disconnects and if u do start a game 90% of the time it starts ur kicked out 30 secs in. U have no telephone number to call and havent fixed anything in the month its been out. Fix the problem otherwise i will get everyone to boycott you and your games forever and you will go bankrupt which i hope happens cuz ur a terrible game makig company with terrible customer support. Fix your issues its not that hard. Just hire a person to fix the bugs. If u have ppl then make them work!!!! Fix your issues now!!! Otherwise it may be time for a class action lawsuit against YOU!

  132. This is the worst service I have ever received!! I bought my boyfriend and I the new COD 3 game and we can’t play multiplayer and it won’t let us join while one of the is other is playing like you can in call the other CODs I wanted help and called the costumer service line 12 times and they have no real person available and they do not help online either. I will never buy a game from them and am returning this one. You guys are a complete joke.

  133. just bought playstation4 with call of duty came with a map code to activate and the code is expired, cannot use and I contact playstaion4 they told me that activision had put a batch of voucher with those playstation which is not good and I need to get contact with activision to sort it out, need help

  134. If I responded to my 9-1-1 callers the way this support works everyone would die before they could get help. This support site is a joke.

  135. This probably will not help anything but I am so upset with this company. I have been on hold for 50 mins and unable to ask anyone a questions about the skylanders portals.

    Wish there was somewhere to make a formal complaint. I will really pay attention to who is the maker of any new games I will not buy from this company again. My son will just have to get over getting any new skylander games

  136. Re BO3 – on xbox360 – experiencing problems with losing load outs, constant lobby dropouts and intermittent matches on multiplayer. Not happy. Have cleared system cache.

    Have tried numerous times to contact you for support via twitter etc with no response. Feel very let down and that you don’t care.

    My husband, a disabled vet, plays the game but is extremely frustrated with the game’s issues and feels that we’ve been robbed not least because the dlc is not going to be made available to xbox 360. This wasn’t made clear when we bought the game. Money under false pretenses springs to mind.

  137. The Black ops 3 game is the worse play station game I have ever played . I might as well have flush my money down the toilet. I had hoped that you would have fixed the servers by now but it seems to be getting worse. The game takes forever to load and kicks you out of the game by disconnect. I can never reach you by phone so I”m going to contact the Better business bureau. and see if I can Get some help with this issue.

  138. Hi I got to level 50 on black ops 1 I tried to prestige up and it brought me back to level 1 then I turned of the system to give it a break then It brought me to level 24 with my old class setup and all I want to do is stay at level 50 so I don’t have to start all over on the game. If u can help in some sort of way please do it I just want to stay at level 50 so I can use my favorite gun witch is the AK47.
    please help!!!!!

  139. Please for the love of god bring back the original call of duty. Stop trying to go so high tech. All of the old maps in all of the modern warfares, along with the guns, and game play are way better than any of the games put out since. Please go back to them.
    Sincerely, a concerned customer

  140. You have no customer support via phone, and have many issues that can only be corrected by a live person assistance on your end. To not have a way to discuss our personal console or gaming problems is creating a problem between your company and your customers me for one and thousands of others I want you to call me! Or I’ll return all games I’ve purchased and never ever buy any future games if my issues can not be resolved. My call back number is 334-398-8700

  141. your customer support stinks I want to know about my invested 50.00 I have in call of duty ghost that I cant download to my xbox one. would like my money back can not enjoy the game in this manner.

  142. I really think that activison should transfer the moder warfare series and black ops 1&2 to the ps4 because call of duty fans are really missing out on the franchises best games how can you only give us ghost and advanced warfare with black ops 3 but not the other great call of duty games. Please read this message and put call of duty modern warfare 4 modern warfare 2 modern warfare 3 and black ops one and black ops 2 on the ps4 please

    Thank you

  143. I really think that activison should transfer the moder warfare series and black ops 1&2 to the ps4 because call of duty fans are really missing out on the franchises best games how can you only give us ghost and advanced warfare with black ops 3 but not the other great call of duty games. Please read this message and put call of duty modern warfare 4 modern warfare 2 modern warfare 3 and black ops one and black ops 2 on the ps4 please

  144. Yea I’m tired of playing call of duty black ops 3 and seeing everyone on gods green earth have these new weapons and I’ve spent well over 2500 crypto key and got nuthing but ur new gear hell I can care less about new gear if ur gunna bring new weapons in to bo3 the add them to the dlc map packs for real tho this is crap not to mension ur lack of security and hackers and mod users fix right away please and thank u

  145. I was playing black ops 1 on ps3 I got in a lobby with a hacker who glitched my level in the map shangrlia zombies map I have contacted activison about this problem I cant get nothing done my gamer tag is Zombie_Legend_10 Thanks!!

  146. Te game keeps showing a error and won’t let me online also I gained a few weapons out if the black market and the game does not show I have them

  147. The game isn’t allowing me to get online it is giving me a error code an last time I got on I got a couple weapons out of the black market brass knuckles and a sword the mp40 type rifle an the m1 looking rifle thy are not showing I have them

  148. I am playing black ops 2 i am trying to get on public match for some reason i am on probation every time i play a game for a bit i will go on probation for no reason please tell me why its happening

  149. I’ve had that maintenance message for 2days now and they r tellin me to call activision support but the number dont work where should i call

  150. Hello my name is elijah and I love the COD series. My favorite is Black ops 2 and Black ops 3 . I made a essay about why COD Black ops 3 should have Free DLCs. Im only 12 years old and live in DC.

  151. my stats were reset in black ops 3 I don’t know what happened if you can help me get back to my real level please contact me.

  152. Guitar Hero live rivals needs to been an equal termed rival compability……. Activision needs to fix this. It’s unfair as hell to play against a rival that has a way better chance of winning because they get way more notes for being more advanced than the other player. Just in notes played alone….

  153. Why can’t I find a number for customer support? Cause there is none! Horrible! Skylanders trap team, the game will not let me play the game cannot find or connect to the traptannium portal. It keeps saying not connected to usb. It’s connected portal lighting up with power. Can’t find anyone to help me so my son while stop crying. Anyone else have this problem? Please help!

  154. Hi I notice I been banned from making emblems permanently I was wondering if there should be a warning or a temporary ban first because I didn’t know my brother was making inappropriate emblems till my account got banned, I barely get to play call of duty most of the time because I have work, it wasn’t me that made what ever emblem that got my account banned it was my younger brother can you please give my account a second chance I always loved to make emblems since call of duty black ops 1, once again I kicked my brother off my account so now he has no access to it, if you can, can you please un-ban my account from making emblems, I promise you I won’t let this issue happen again if you do, Thank you very much and I would really appreciate it.
    In case you need my username: I have a PlayStation 4 My username is XxSuperDeathxX Thank you for you’re time

  155. I can’t log in to my cod account for my clan and can’t figure out how to reset my password it just keeps saying I’m entering the wrong password or email so when I try making a new one it wont let me do that earthier I need help

  156. Absolutely terrible. I’ve been waiting for 30 minutes to chat with someone online because there is no phone number to call and I don’t have twitter. I’m trying to play the cod beta and cannot due to your website not allowing me to select my console. Terrible.

  157. My name is Nash! I was born in Bagdad and I came to the US IN 1982 when I was only 5. I remember my Atari 2600 and I’m a gamer for life. I have one of the best game concepts that I’m sure will sell all over the world if you give me the opertunity to pitch my idea. I’m willing to work with anyone ambitious like me.

  158. I would like to know why my black ops 3 game wont download the multiplayer option. I can only play zombi mode beacause dhe download for miltiplayer is frozen at 3/4 of seems like Thousand of peapole have the same issue

  159. Good Day,

    I purchased the Skylanders Imaginators Portal, with game and three figures at Toys are Us at the Kolonade Centre in Pretoria South Africa. When we got home the portal would not show the figures and stopped working. The Xbox 360 was brand new and all other games and the other Skylanders Portal worked fine.

    We took it back to Toys are Us and were refused a refund or a replacement. We were told that the Xbox 360 had scratched the game but it is clear that there was a groove (indention) on the game pointing to a factory defect.

    Please could you advise as to how we can get a replacement or a refund.

  160. Activision is the worst company to get support from period. I am ashamed of myself for the amount of money I have given them throughout the years by purchasing their video games. They release a faulty game that does not even let you play it (COD:WW2) and then send you on a loop of misguidance when trying to receive support from them. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with any company, ever. Thank you for being pieces of **** Activision.

  161. No skill in this game as seem every one is using auto focus and getting kills they shouldn’t be

  162. Bullet proof how ??? More glitches going on than anything else mm11 point blank with greese gun to be shot by hand gun after full clip emptied in to them ,really ….think it will be the last Activision game I and many more will buy ,you really have gone above and beyond it this time ,how do I claim my money bk …its a total let down

  163. It is nearly impossible to get ANY support period. Game in issue is mw3. Gives a specific page to visit for support however there is NO support for MW3 there period. I have previously emailed Activision and have had zero response. I keep getting kicked from the servers for no reason. Over and over and over with less than a minute of game play. I have purchased additional content that Can’t even be used in the game so why is it available. I want a refund. I can’t even play the game anymore because of getting kicked off the server so what am I paying for. This game is the ONLY reason I have an xbox and gold member account and it is only wasting my money. Why is it so impossible to even find a link for support. What am I paying for? The other issue is that so many people cheat now when the server does work and reporting them does nothing. I have reported the same people dozens of times. I just want my money back. All of it. Horrible.

  164. I just saw ALL of the comments above that have never been responded to. How about we all make a class action lawsuit against this company. They are quick to take our money and offer ZERO support. It will be very easy for all of us to show the products we have purchased that do not even work. I’ve had it with trying to contact this company who is obviously only concerned with sales. So let’s join together and get our money back plus punitive. Gamer tag is rabidxsquirrell

  165. i have been trying to contact them several times through their website and facebook. they read my messages on facebook and dont reply. their online support is absolutely no help. i can not create classes or select a division. it backs me out to the main lobby or to headquarters!

  166. I cant get to my account don’t get what is up but i cant talk in global and if this is way u r going to treat me i will request every dime I ever spent here

  167. Horrible customer service. And COD WWII is a POS, I can’t even play now because it will only let me spectatee

  168. Your customer service is somehow worse than CZoD WW2, which would seem impossible considering it’s a total POS!

  169. It appears that Activision is concerned about protecting game content with all the hacking consequences if your caught doing it but if you, the individual, has a hacking issue it is impossible to contact “customer Service” or to speak to a live person to file a complaint and possibly get their help in a resolution to your issue. It looks as tho so long as they dont lose a nickel their customer base can just screw off…

  170. They think because they are in California they as a Corporation can not be sued. Very wrong. I class action law suit can be filed outside the states asking for a change of Venue. They take millions and break their contract with us daily by not removing hackers and cheaters from the game. They continue to ignore our reporting of cheaters and hackers. They do not have punk buster as I know of or any other real time management system in place to ensure they live up to their end of the contract. Which is enforceable in court that they are not providing us with timely responses to hackers and cheats, thereby negating their own contract making their contract unenforceable in a court room. Thanks Activision. Glad you think you are untouchable I am reporting them to the BBB,

  171. Read Activision I didn’t receive my Global Conflict Rewards 9/23/2018 after GLOBAL was over! No mail from global conflict! Thank you hope you can help me

  172. I am contacting you about COD WW2 and to lesser degree COD in general. Basically what happened to matchmaking over the years? Just finished a match on shipment and opposing player went 130- 10 give or take on domination. Why are pros in pubs? As a 1.00 k/d player getting maybe 30-40 kills, this pretty far apart. Friends and family I played with for years stopped playing altogether because casual playerbase is having tougher time lately not all from age either:) Just remember casuals spend alot money too. All I have.

  173. This support system is trash I still have not gotten my problem resolved and have no real way to contact anyone at activison

  174. i just bought my call of duty an it cannot connect to the call of duty server what is it that i have to do to play the game plus i had to wait over 4 hours to for it to download now i don’t have the money to buy another one an i still haven’t got the chance to play it

  175. very poor service, do not respond to emails or any problem if individuals live outside EU. Severs been down for weeks but no feed back or acknowledgement nothing. Never seen a company treat clients in such a manner.

  176. my question is is there a later update of ultimate doom game that I can play on windows 10 .

    also, I have downloaded return to castle wolfensein and it is on my oomputer drive , pops up but will not play it , kicks it out , I have windows 10 computer is there anyway to get it to work

  177. I think your new game Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is great with exciting gameplay, but I was disappointed to see after my Playstaton Plus membership ended I was going to have to pay to get the membership before I could play Blackout, I hope you can fix this in an update so you can make the game free for all the people in America. Thank you in advance. Also, here are some game ideas: COD WW1, COD Civil War, COD Revolutionary War, COD Desert Storm, COD Vietnam War, COD FREEDOM IRAQI.

  178. Please make the Transformers games (fall of cybertron and rise of the dark spark) available for download on the xbox one store. Perhaps as a bundle? My boys really love transformers and would like to play these games. Thank you.

  179. i got 23 kills on combat training level 23 famas and the ak 47 gun, it works fine, cool game dont pull the plug please we need to cool off,

  180. Well my current problem is that when it is connecting to online services all it is doing is “Downloading” and “Checking files” and then once that happens the first time the cycle restarts

  181. Ive been waiting for over two months for a response. My first ticket got removed and i was sent an email saying “we think we fixed some problems so we closed your case. If the problem persists reach out again and well be happy to help” after that each and every ticket i submit gets removed without any notification. I’ve contact their twitter and their facebook to ABSOLUTELY ZERO response. I’ve paid 60 quid for this game and i can’t even play singleplayer becuase of some kind of server issue and they literally refuse to even acknowledge my tickets let alone the problem itself. What kind of a support team is this??? OVER TWO MONTHS wait, actively being ignored- no not ignored actively being silenced with my tickets being removed. I dont even care about my issue being fixed anymore i just want someone to respond, give me my money back and take their shitty game and shove it up where the sun dont shine

  182. I spelt my name wrong when I changed it earlier today and have no name change tokens left is there any way you can help

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